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Opera High

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It all started in Don Basilio's music class; Papageno, the one who played the silver bells seemed deconcentrated and sad. Don Basilio multiple times told him to pay attention, the pianist, Olga Larina did the same and also gave him light touches with her elbow for him to play accordingly to the music.

Tamino, his best friend eyed him worried, his feathery friend was always happy and joyful, and now he seemed like a totally different person. Even so, he tried to concentrate on his music sheet, but his classmate Gilda wasn't helping him much, because she was always laughing softly and blushing by the flirting attitude of the violinist Gualtier Maldé, or how everyone called him: Duke or Duca.

Gilda was a sixteen years old shy girl, she had light blonde hair and it was so curly that it seemed crispy. She was naive, and that was the reason why Tamino was worried, Gualtier was a brazen womanizer, but not at the level of Giovanni. Well, if he notices that things are getting out of hand, he would help her.

However that wasn't really necessary, Sparafucile, a tranquil but problematic youngster always spied on Gilda, she didn't even notice, but everyone else did; he always trade deadly glares with Gualtier, who also tries to win the heart of his sister Maddalena.

-Hey Papageno, come on, can you please concentrate, you are the one that carry the tempo- Olga told Papageno who only nodded in response.

-Olga, ¿Can I borrow your pencil?- Sounded the soft voice of Vladimir Lenski who played the oboe. Olga smiled and gave him the pencil.

-Concentrate Olga- Papageno replied sarcastically. Olga gave him a death glare.

The class was over and Papageno left downhearted. Gilda was followed by the Duke and Sparafucile, Olga walked in the direction of her sister, Tatyana, while Lenski tried to think in a way of getting close to her.

-¿What's wrong Papageno?- Tamino asked his friend, as they walked down the hall.

-¿Tamino, do you think I'm ugly?- Papageno asked directly.

-¿What?- Tamino asked confused.

-Tamino, no girl gives me attention... Carmen laughed in my face, Violetta ignored me pretending she didn't listen, and Mimí, well at least she declined me politely...- the reddish haired youngster said sadly.

-Come on Papageno, those girls are simply... eh... they aren't your type. Someone will appear, don't worry- Tamino told him patting his shoulder lightly to encourage him.

Before Papageno could say something, Fígaro appeared running with his clothes ragged and his brown hair messy.

-Fígaro! ¿what happened to you?- Tamino asked worried for his classmate who was out of breath and all tattered.

-Dressing rooms... Fight... Pinkerton...- Fígaro said trying to catch his breath.

Tamino shooked his head disapprovingly as he crossed his arms, what his classmate told him wasn't new, Pinkerton was the captain of the football team and he was a really obnoxious bully, it wasn't the first time that he beated Fígaro, or other classmates that weren't part of the team.

-That's typical...- Papageno said. He was also a victim of Pinkerton's treatments.

-Well, anyway, there is not much I can do really, I think I just need to live with it- Fígaro said placing his hair back in a ponytail.

-¡Are you insane! You can't let that idiot beat your whenever he wants ¿Don't you have dignity?- Tamino shouted surprised by the little willpower his classmate had.

Fígaro thought about it for a bit. -Not really- he admitted.

-I know what we can do, ¿Why don't we talk with Sparafucile?- Suggested Papageno, whom quickly received a disapproving glare from his best friend.

-¡Hey! That's a great idea- Said Fígaro with a smile. -Oh no, of course not, Sparafucile, ¿Really? You will pay another brute to punch Pinkerton?- Tamino commented surprised by his friend's idea.

-Sure, since it doesn't affect you, since Pinkerton won't beat you ¡Rich boy!- Fígaro said sarcastically to the blue eyed youngster.

-Oh Fígaro, Fígaro, Fígaro!- Sounded the unmistakable tenor voice of the blonde team captain.

-Well gentlemen, it was a pleasure, but I'm getting out of here- Said the barber wannabe respectfully, before leaving as quickly as possible.

-¡I will talk with Sparafucile!- Papageno shouted. But his friend was already gone.


In the other side of the school, Gilda, the shy girl that
shared the music stand with Tamino, walked relaxed with her books in hand towards her classroom.

-¡Hey, beauty!- Sounded another unmistakable tenor voice, this time it wasn't Pinkerton's, it was Gualtier's. Gilda turned around slowly to see the teen that tormented her dreams.

-G-Gualtier, hi- She said softly.

-Hey Gilda, the prettiest of them all- The youngster with caramel locks said cheesily. Gilda blushed furiously and before she could say something the Duke interrupted her.

-I wanted to know if you wanted to go for ice cream after school- Gualtier said confidently.

-Oh, I really appreciate it Gualtier, but I don't know if I can, I need to study- Said Gilda ashamed, she wanted to go out with the gallant, but she knew that her father wouldn't allow it.

-Well, tell me if you change your mind- Gualtier said walking in the direction of his other target, Maddalena.

-Okay, bye- Gilda answered, but it was almost inaudible, besides Duca was already gone.

Sparafucile watched her behind a pillar, he knew that everything the "Duke" told her was a lie, since he told the same things to his sister, who was falling in his game. Sparafucile was sure that Maddalena was smarter, but apparently he was wrong.

But Gilda, a young girl so pure and innocent, he was disgusted by the Duke's actions, but it wasn't his business, so he needed to forget it, however he would still a spy her up close, but just because of her safety.

At least that's what Sparafucile told himself.

He was a youngster of medium height, tan skin for spending many days working under the burning sun, since he and his sister were orphans. His hair was dark and it was longer on the back that on the rest of his head, golden earrings adorned his ears and he always carried on his pocket a rusty penknife.

-¿Are you again spying on Gilda, huh?- Sparafucile almost jumps scared for the surprise of hearing a voice too close to his ear. He relaxed when he saw who it was.

-¿What do you want Papageno?- he growled with his bass voice.

-Well, the thing is that Figaro and I want to hire your services- Papageno said with his sweet baritone voice and a smile on his face. Sparafucile shrugged by how horrible the sentence sounded.

-¿Who do you want me to beat?- He asked directly.

-Pinkerton- Papageno whispered in Sparafucile's ear. The youngster of deep voice laughed.

-You must be kidding, ¿You want me to punch Pinkerton?- Sparafucile asked incredulous. His feathery classmate nodded.

-Let me tell you something Papageno- Sparafucile said placing his arm around the neck of the reddish haired youngster as they walked. -Everyone can be beated by me, everyone, the thing is that everybody has a different price, or ¿Do you think that Cherubino would cost you the same as Escamillo?- The young orphan
asked. Papageno denied it with his head. .

-Pinkerton, Belcore, Dancaire, those are priciest to be beaten, since they are more difficult to knock out, but if you and the hairdresser pay me enough, then it will be done- Sparafucile said patting his classmate's back harshly.

-Okay, I will talk to Figaro and I will give you an answer tomorrow- Papageno said turning around to leave, but he hesitated. -¿Sparafucile?- he said facing him again.

-¿Hmm?- said the young mercenary disinterested. -¿Would they pay you a lot of money to beat me?- asked Papageno curious.

Sparafucile let out a loud laugh, the feathery youngster simply looked at him waiting for an answer.

-Of course Papageno, of course- Sparafucile said sarcastically between chuckles.


It was the end of the day and everyone left after the bell ran to go to their homes, it was a normal day, everyone knew that new students would arrive in the next few weeks; it was thrilling, although some people thought it was irrelevant, others couldn't wait for the anxiousness.

Vladimir Lenski looked nervous and he walked quickly towards his best friend that didn't study in his school... Yet.

When he arrived to the encounter point where he and his friend would meet, he noticed he was already there waiting for him.

-¡Eugene!- He shouted to get his attention.

The tall youngster, with dark blond wavy hair turned around to face his friend with his typical serious expression.

-Vladimir, you are two minutes late,- He said arrogantly.

-I came as quickly as possible Onegin- Lenski whined because of his friend cold manners.

-Whatever, ¿Why did you want me to come?- Onegin asked sitting on a bench, Lenski did the same.

-I need to ask you a favor,- Said the poet wannabe with a smile, Eugene rolled his eyes.

-Explain yourself- he answered simply.

-¿Do you remember Olga? The girl I've been talking you about- Lenski said, Onegin nodded.

-Well, there have been many weeks that I wanted to confess my feelings, and I want to go today to her house to ask her to be my girlfriend- Vladimir explained nervously.

Onegin seemed disinterested in his best friend's business, but even so he wanted to know why he was needed there.

-I still don't understand what do you need from me- he said with his dry baritone voice.

-Well, the thing is that I want you to go with me- Admitted Lenski.

It took some seconds to Eugene to process what his friend said, and he let out a chuckle that didn't match his personality. Vladimir eyed him worried.

-¿Are you trying to say that you want me to go with you to the house of a girl I don't know, so you can ask her to be your girlfriend?- he asked incredulous.

-Well, I need you there to distract her sister- Vladimir said laughing nervously. The smile that Onegin had disappeared instantly from his face.

-¿¡What?!- He asked confused.

-Olga has a sister, Tatyana she is a year older, she is pretty I think; and well, I don't want her to feel alone, besides I think you will like here- Vladimir said trying to convince his friend to accompany him.

-No- Onegin answered dryly.

-Come on Eugene, you need friends, remember that you will go to my school in like two days, do it for me, you know I never ask you to do anything-

Onegin considerated it. It was true his only friend was Lenski, and it was also true that he never asked for favors, he couldn't be so inconsiderate with his only friend.

Onegin sighed -All right Lenski, I will go with you, but don't expect much from me-

-Thanks Eugene you are a good friend- Both of them got up and started their journey to the Larina sisters's house.

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Not everyone left after school. Rodolfo, one of the most creative students was in a classroom that belonged to a grade that was below his. He asked Rigoletto, the janitor for the keys. The only thing that he wanted was for a little bit of peace so he could write serenely. His friends: Marcello, Colline and Schaunard were on "Momus" a kind of restaurant/coffee shop that was near, he would catch them there lately. He sat on a desk in the middle of the classroom, he got his notebook, a pen and started to think in something to write. As per usual, he couldn't think of a verse to write. His mind lately has been busy thinkin in a girl of the school, which he hadn't had the pleasure of meeting yet.

-I can't think of anything!- He said frustrated to the wall. He heard someone knocking on the door. He frowned. ¿Who could be at this time of the day? Everyone already left, and he was sure that Mr. Rigoletto wouldn't bother him.

-¿Who is it?- He asked intrigued. It seemed that the person who was on the other side of the door hesitated, 'cause they didn't answer immediately.

-I'm sorry, I forgot my keys...- He heard a soft femenine voice.

-¡A girl!- Rodolfo muttered as he fixed his hair and clothes. He stood up to open the door. He was left stunned on the door frame when he noticed who it was. It seemed that destiny was on his favor today, since the girl that was standing in front of him was nothing more or nothing less than the girl that tormented his dreams, Mimí.

-Excuse me, I don't want to bother you, I will leave as soon as I find my keys- Said the girl of chocolate colored locks and sparkling blue eyes. Rodolfo swallowed harshly since he felt his throat dry.

-You are not bothering, come in, in fact, I will help you find your keys- He said gentlemanly moving to the side so she could get into the room. Mimí entered slowly, but after a couple of steps, she started to cough violently, her cough seemed wet as if she was sick. She tried to grip a table to prevet her for falling, Rodolfo quickly got her grabbing her arm and placing his hand delicately on her waist.

-¿Are you okay?- he asked worriedly. -The stairs... Too many...- She tried to articulate as she started to faint. Rodolfo guided her towards a chair where he placed her to prevent her for falling. -What do I do now?- He asked himself as he started to panic. He took his water bottle and poured some of it on his hand, then he placed it on Mimí's neck, who finally reacted.

-¿Are you feeling better?- He asked sitting next to her. -Yes, thank you, now I will find my keys, if you allow me...- She got up softly. Rodolfo seeing her got up immediately, she couldn't let her go so quickly.

-¿Are you looking for it?- Mimí asked blushing noticing how Rodolfo was looking at her. -I'm looking for it- Rodolfo answered lowering his gaze. He found a rose shaped key chain and quickly hide it on his pocket.

-¿Did you find them?- Asked Mimí for the abrupt attitude change Rodolfo had. -No- He answered trying to sound as sincere as possible. -I think you d- Said Mimí, but Rodolfo interrupted her. -Honestly, I haven't found them- He said smiling.

Mimí kneeled letting out a sigh, Rodolfo got closer and took her delicate hand in his. The sick girl gasped looking at him surprised and flushed.

-Your hand is really cold, come here, let's stop searching for your keys, I'm sure that can wait, I always see you in the halls and I haven't had the pleasure of knowing you, so we can't waste this time- Confessed Rodolfo giving her a sweet and sincere smile. Mimí just nodded and sat with him on the chairs they were previously using.


-Come on Lenski, What are you waiting for?- Onegin asked exasperated. They had been standing in front of the door for five minutes now and his friend hadn't even dare to knock yet.

-This is not easy for me Eugene...- Confessed Lenski. Onegin sighed frustrated and knocked on the door before Vladimir could stop him, however he still received a death glare from his friend.

A medium aged lady opened the door and smile when he recognized who they were. -Vladimir Lenski, what are you doing here young man? Come in, and your friend is...?- Asked Mrs. Larina looking at Onegin. -Eugene Onegin, he is my best friend and he will study in our school. I came here to see Olga...- Lenski said as he walked in. Onegin saluted Mrs. Larina and asked for permission before entering.

-¡Olga! Someone came here to see you, come downstairs with your sister- Shouted Mrs. Larina towards the staircase. -Who is it mama? I'm somewhat tire- ¿¡Vladimir!?- Shouted Olga as she walked down the stairs, she was surprised to find Lenski with other guy in her livingroom.

-Hello Olga, this is my friend Eugene, he will study with us in the school, I brought him to meet someone before starting his school year, and I thought of you and Tatyana, besides... I wanted to see you- Lenski said lowering more and more the tone of his voice.

Olga blushed furiously lowering her gaze too. Onegin watched the scene of his friend and his "Girl-Friend".

-Pathetic- he thought rolling his eyes mentally.

-I'm glad you came here Vladimir, but we saw each other a while ago- Said Olga eeying the poet wannabe with a smile.

-I know, but for me that's an eternity- Lenski said sincerely, Eugene looked at him in awe. -I knew Lenski was dramatic, but this is another level- he thought to himself.

Olga was going to say something but in that moment her sister Tatyana came downstairs. When she saw Vladimir she smiled, but she was thunderstruck when she saw his friend, probably the handsomest youngster she had ever seen in her life. Tall, wavy hair, serious features and a manly countenance; she lowered her gaze as soon as she saw him.

-¡Tatyana! Hey, I present you my friend Eugene Onegin, Onegin, this is Tatyana, Tatyana this is Onegin- Both of them looked at each other but Tatyana didn't have the courage to hold his gaze. Eugene bowed his head respectfully.

Mrs. Larina noticed the discomfort on the environment and besides she didn’t born yesterday, she knew the reason the young Vladimir Lenski came to her house.

-Olga, Tatyana, why don’t you show our guests our charming garden?- She turned around to face the guys. –I suppose you are staying for dinner- Vladimir smiled. -It would be a pleasure, we will stay if you invite us- Said Lenski, Eugene gave him a surprised look.

-Since when you need an invitation Vladimir- Mrs. Larina said pinching his cheek.

-Lenski I did not agree on this- His friend whispered. Vladimir squeezed his arm. -You will stay Onegin- he muttered harshly.

-We will stay for dinner Mrs. Larina- He finally said to the mother of the girls. Eugene just nodded. -Terrific! Now go- Eugene walked next to Tatyana so he could leave his friend with his girl. He didn’t understand what Lenski saw in Olga, she didn’t have much personality in his opinion, if he were a poet he would have chosen Tatyana, she had an expressive and dreamy countenance, but well, as Vladimir always said. The two of them were like fire and ice.


Papageno arrived to his house and he quickly went to his room, he was received by different bird noises.

-Hey my little ones- he said leaving his bag pack on the edge of his bed. The birds seemed to understand him as they sang even louder now. Papageno jumped into his bed and pulled out his cellphone, he needed to send an important message before he forgets about it.

TheBirdMan: I talked with Sparafucile today, answer me as soon as possible please.

He left his phone on the nightstand, but after 30 seconds it vibrated.

TheBarberOfSeville: Cool, What did he say? Please don’t tell your friend the little prince about our plan, I mean he already knows, but he can’t know that we will do it.

TheBirdMan: I warn you that it won’t be cheap to conclude our plan, Sparafucile said that Pinkerton is worth a lot of money.

TheBarberOfSeville: How much are we talking about? I’m tired of that idiot beating me, I will pay any price.

TheBirdMan: He said it will cost 20 dollars.

TheBarberOfSeville: Hey it’s expensive!

TheBirdMan: Are we doing it or not?

TheBarberOfSeville: Yeah, I will get the money somehow, I’m gonna start charging money for my barber services.

TheBirdMan: Cool! I will contribute you!

TheBarberOfSeville: Don’t be dumb, it won’t worth nothing if you give me the money, remember we will pay it half each.

TheBirdMan: Whatever, tomorrow we will talk about the details of our plan.

TheBarberOfSeville: Okay, see you tomorrow Papageno, remember don’t tell a thing to your rich friend.

TheBirdMan: Okay, bye Figaro!

Papageno left again his cellphone on the nightstand, he dressed with his pajamas, that surprisingly it didn’t have feathers. It wasn’t even bedtime, but he wanted to be comfortable. He started to think in which girl would be the fortunate to receive his charming pick-up lines. He got his notebook and started to see which names were still available:







Ci o-Cio San

















It was his worst nightmare, there was no girl left to woo, every single one of them has rejected him. No one even showed interest in him, girls wanted men like Tamino, handsome and strong, although he didn’t see what girls saw in his friend, he almost fainted when they saw a snake in biology class, well the truth is that he almost fainted too.

The point was that there was no one left to show him attention, he begged the heaven to send him a girl that understands him and is similar to him, he only needed to wait…


Mimí and Rodolfo were still chatting in the classroom, it was the time to close the school, but for them the time fled.

Rodolfo told Mimí his dreams of being a poet, to write about dreams and chimeras, but that his ideas have been stuck by someone that has appeared on his life. He read her some of his poems that were about a young girl with blue eyes and dark hair. Mimí blushed furiously wishing to be the one that caused too much thrill in the young poet.

Mimí confessed that her real name was Lucia, and that everyone called her Mimí for some reason. She also commented her passion of cultivate flowers and sewing, Rodolfo seemed really interest in Mimí’s life.

The sweet moment was interrupted by Rodolfo’s cellphone.

ThePicturesque: ¿Where the hell are you Rodolfo?

PhilosophyIsLove: ¿What are you doing there alone?

TheMusicianOfYourLife: We have been waiting you for more than an hour!

Marcello, Colline and Schaunard were pressuring him to go to “Momus” but the truth was that he didn’t want to go, he preferred staying talking with Mimí, but he also knew that he couldn’t leave his friends waiting for him; so he decided to tell them the truth.

TheParisianPoet: I’m not alone, we are two here, wait a little more I will go soon.

PhilosophyIsLove: ¡The poet found his poetry!

-Mimí I know this sounds crazy, but I really like you and well… I have to go, I promised my friends that I will go grab a snack with them- Rodolfo said somewhat sad for leaving.

The young girl seemed disappointed, but an idea crossed her mind. -¿A-And if I go with you?...- She asked shyly.

Rodolfo’s eyes shone. It was true that she wanted to join him? -Sure, I would love you to come, then I will walk you home, don’t worry- He said standing up, she did the same. -Could you give me my keys now, please?- Mimí looked at him with an astute smile.

Rodolfo eyed her surprised. -How did you know?- He asked.

Mimí chuckled. –It was impossible for me to not notice, I knew you had them since the beginning- She said.

-And even so, you stayed?- Rodolfo asked hopefully. –And even so, I stayed- Answered Mimí. Both of them got up and walked out the school to go to “Momus”. His friends would be surprised, but he didn’t care now.


Olga, Tatyana, Lenski and Onegin went to the garden. It was a big backyard full of flowers and different plants, the four of them stopped at the place where there was a chair and a small table. Onegin looked at his friend and noticed that in his eyes he asked him nicely to leave with Tatyana somewhere else.

Olga did the same with Tatyana whom seemed more indecisive in leave or not with Onegin to the water fountain that was some feet away.

-Tania why don’t you show Eugene the water fountain?- Asked her sister anxiously. Eugene walked next to her so she could show him the path. Tatyana didn’t feel brave enough to talk to him, so they walked in silence.

When they disappeared, Vladimir gained confidence to tell Olga his feelings.

-I love you- He said abruptly. Olga turned around surprised by Vladimir’s confession.

-I love you Olga, as just a poet’s soul could love, and I must confess that since we were children, old neighbors, you have always captivated me. Being part of your childish antics was always funny; you are my sorrow and my happiness, I love you- Lenski said directly taking her hands in his.

Olga smiled sweetly, Vladimir was an exceptional young man and his words enthralled her heart.

-Remember when we were children and we played in the woods, and our parents believed that we were going to be together when we were old enough? Do you remember?- Olga asked squeezing his hands.

-Do you want to be my girlfriend?- Olga chuckled. -¿Do you even have to ask Vladimir Lenski?- She asked playfully. Lenski tried to gain the courage to kiss her as a normal boy would, but it wasn’t necessary since Olga did it for him.


-Don’t you get bored in here? Your house is really away from the town, it must be boring since is so quiet- Eugene said as they walked.

-I’m happy with my books- She said trying to sound casual.

-Reading is entertaining, but you can’t always be with a book in your hands, do you like anything else?- He asked trying to think how much time he needed to be there.

-Dreaming has always been my favorite hobby- Tatyana confessed pressing her book against her chest.

Onegin seemed intrigued about it. –And what do you dream of?- He asked interested.

Tatyana was going to answer, but she was interrupted by Mrs. Larina’s voice.

-Here you are, ¿Where is Tania?- She asked Vladimir and Olga.

Tatyana composed herself and gained the courage to talk to Onegin.

-We should come inside, dinner must be ready- Eugene just nodded.

Finally! This favor would not be free for Lenski, ¡Oh no it won’t!

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Gilda was in her house studying. Her maid, that actually was the woman that took her of her, had prepared her dinner, but Gilda was not hungry and she also felt down.

Gilda's mother died when she was just a child, but she had a locket with her picture, she always used around her neck. It was a gift from her father.

She was going upstairs to her bedroom tokeep studying, when she heard the front door opening. It was her father no doubt, she was happy he was home, so she could finally talk to him.

-¡Dad!- She shouted running towards him. Her father was tall but hunchback, he borned like that and that caused a lot of people making fun of him as he grew up. His hair was a mixture of blonde and gray, and he always looked sad and tired. Except when he was with Gilda, who was the only relative he had left.

-¡Daughter!- he said hugging her.

-¿How was your day at work?- Gilda asked her father as she sat next to him on the couch.

-As always, dear- He answered simply.

-I didn't see you at school today...- She said lowering her gaze, her father eeyed her knowing where the conversation was going.

-No, I try to do all my work when you guys are in class-

-Dad, I'm tired of hiding the truth to everyone, ¿Why can't I tell them that you are my father?-

-¡I already told you not to! Dear, you can't do that, I don't want kids making fun of you- Her father answered disturbed.

-I don't care about that dad, I'm not comfortable lying, teeling everybody my father workds somewhere else, having to ignore you at school, and hearing what students say about you at your backs- Gilda confessed on the verge of tears. Her father seemed sad now, and hugged his daughter to comfort her. 

-I just do to protect you dear, I don't want to embarrass you- He admited as Gilda cried softly.

-You could never embarrass me dad, but I will stop pushing you- Gilda said not wanting to discuss with her father.

He got up the couch to talk with Giovanna, the maid in the kitchen. As routine he asked if someone saw Gilda entering the house, or if the door was locked. Giovanna as always answered that no one saw anything.

-I need to go to the supermarket to buy some provisions dear, I will be back soon- The father said to his daughter.

-All right dad, see you then- her father said bye by kissing his daugther's forehead.

Gilda said bye at the door frame. -Don't be up so late dear- He said before leaving.

They didn't notice that someone was watching them behind a tree.

-¡Rigoletto is Gilda's father!- laughed the youngster that was spying on them.


-¡Rodolfo! You are finally here- Shouted Marcello as he stood up from his chair to greet his friend. His longing faded when he noticed he wasn't alone, then a grin adorned his features.

-¿Who is your companion?- He asked grining.

-Mimí, a... friend- Rodolfo said as he scratched the back of his neck.

-It's a pleasure, I'm Marcello, I'm Rodolfo's best friend- He said reaching out his hand, Mimí took it weakly.

In that moment Colline and Schaunard also appeared.

-We are also Rodolfo's best friends- Schaunard said annoyed to Marcello.

-Technically, I do not know if it is possible to have more than one best friend, however, I can say that we all are good friends of Rodolfo- intervened Colline.

-I'm Schaunard, this attempt of philosopher, is Colline- said the young musician pointing at his friend.

-Hi, I'm Mimí- the girl said softly.

-I'm not an attempt of philospher, Schaunard- Colline said calmly.

-Whatever, lets go eat, I'm starving- Schaunard said walking quickly back to the table.


Gualtier Maldé came out of his hiding, and approached the house of his "dear" Gilda, he got out of his pocket some tiny stones he picked up on the way to throw them at Gilda's window.

After trying it a few times, Gilda finally opened the window. She looked at him bewildered and surprised for long seconds, she wanted to go back in 'cause she didn't know what to say.

-¡Don't go! ¿Are you not letting me in?- Gualtier whispered loud enough for Gilda to hear.

-I can't Gualtier, please...- Gilda begged, but the Duke didn't waste time and he started to climb the tree that was next to the window.

-¡What are you doing!- She souted worried.

-I came to see you, and that is what I'm going to do- Gualtier said trying to climb. Gilda already disappeared from the window, ashamed for what the youngster did.

Gualtier was so concentrated on his task that he didn't notice that someone on a bike was watching him from th street.

It was no one else than Marullo, one of his best friends. The young Marullo was kind of... weird. He loved gossips and making fun of his classmates, that's why he didn't loose any time to take a picture of the scene that was happening in front of his eyes.


Sparafucile and Maddalena were in their little house hidden in the woods, both of them escaped the orphanage to live alone, and this was the best place to hide, it seemed that the people at the orphanage didn't care that much since the two of them were problematic and bullies.

They were poor, but with money that the state gave them, and the money they gained by beating the students of their school, they could buy some decents cellphones.

Maddalena's phone vibrated, and she was pissed by the message she received from one of her schoolmates.

MarullitoTheBest : Look at what your boyfriend does when you are not near, you should have chosen me. XOXO

(Attached photo)

The photo was Gualtier climbing the tree to go up to Gilda's room. Maddalena was furious, she knew how Gualtier was, at the beggining she didn't believe any of his words, but they were so sweet... Now she realized how he really was... But still, she loved him.

She went downstairs obstreperously and addressed her brother who was sharpening his old pocketknife.

-Tell your friend Marullo to stop being such an asshole- Maddalena shouted. Before her brother could even respond, she locked herself in the bathroom.

-¿What the hell is wrong with her? Marullo is not even my friend, in fact, I despise him- Sparafucile thought until his cellphone vibrated. 

MarullitoTheBest : Look at who's going to see your Gildita, I bet you are whising for someone to pay you to beat the Duke hahaha LOL.

(Attached photo)

Now he understood why his sister was so upset, but now he was more worried about Gilda, the Duke was climbing a tree to reach her room... What a twisted sick mind. He frowned and started typing wrathful.

SayByeToYourRival: Read this well Marullo, leave my sister alone or I'm going to beat the crap out of you I've been paid or not. Also don't send me stuff that don't concern me. 

MarullitoTheBest : How exaggerated are you Fucilito, besides your sister can take care of herself, also, I thought it concerned you since you spy on Gilda everyday, ¿Or I'm mistaken? 

SayByeToYourRival:  Don't mess with my sister Marullo, or I'm actually going to beat you, and this time because I want to, so watch your back. And tell your friend Maldé to be more discreet. 

MarullitoTheBest : I'll send the message for you budy, and follow your own advice, can't you see that everyone knows you are after Gilda like a lap dog, hahaha ¡Pathetic!

At this point Sparafucile left his phone on the couch, he was furious, Marullo was a complete idiot and he knew he didn't have anything else to do besides annoy him. Marullo talked much but did little.

Maddalena came out of the bathroom mad, Sparafucile noticed that she had been crying.

-Marullo, sent me a picture of Gualtier going up Gilda's room- Maddalena addmited sitting nex tto her brother who stoped sharpening his knife.

-I know, he sent it to me too- Sparafucile regreted it just as the words left his mouth. Maddalena looked at him puzzled.

-¿Why Marullo would send you that picture?- She asked intrigued. Sparafucile didn't know what to say, his sister knew when he lied.

-You know how that idiot is...- Her brother tried to explain.

But that didn't fool Maddalena, who could read her brother like an open book. Suddenly everything made sense, and she loudly smacked Sparafucile's arm.

-¡YOU LIKE GILDA!- Maddalena shouted surprised.

-Of course not- her brother said rubbing his sore arm.

-¿Then why would Marullo would send you that?- the youngster asked crossing her arms.

-I already told you that he...- Sparafucile said but he noticed that his sister was going to take his phone.

-Don't even try it- He warned her, and after a little tussle, Maddalena was able to take his phone and read the message.

-¿Your Gildita, huh? You don't waste your time big bro, don't deny it, even I've seen you spying on her- Maddalena said leaving the phone on the side.

-I already told you that I don't like Gilda, I'm just worried of the Duke's intentions on her- Sparafucile said, already tired of the subject.

-It must be painful seeing another dude trying to win her heart, besides I've never seen you talking to her, you should ask her o...- Maddalena said ignoring what her brother just told her.

-¡I TOLD YOU I DON'T LIKE HER!- He shouted furiously, her sister seemed stunned by his attitude.

-Whatever, I'm going to my room- She said standing up from the couch to go upstairs.

The young mercenary didn't say anything else, he was already pretty worried in what Gualtier was going to do to Gilda, he knew that he could barely sleep this night, but, ¿What else could he do? He wasn't Gilda's boyfriend, he was not even her friend; he didn't even think she knew his name. Something was needed in this situation, maybe getting rid of Gualtier somehow, at night he would ask the pillow.

Marcello, Colline, Shaunard, Rodolfo and Mimí laughed as they drank sodas and ate chips, Mimí loved the guys, and they received her as one of the group, the enviroment was joyful and homorous... Until a girl with a really loud highpitched laughed, and a youngster that looked like he didn't want to be there walked in.

-Musetta...- Marcello growled wrathful.

-¿Who is she?- Mimí whispered Rodolfo.

-Marcello's ex girlfriend- he answered watching the scene in front of him.

The two youngsters sat at the table that was near theirs.

-I see why you brought me here Musetta, you know I'm not in the mood to make your ex jealous- Said the light-haired youngster.

-Listen up Escamillo, I brought you here to help me, or ¿Don't you want me to help you with Carmen?- Musetta threatened him.

Escamillo hesitated some seconds before answering. -All right, but this plan better works-

Marcello didn't even turn around to look at Musetta, he was furious, especially by seeing her with Escamillo, the bullfighter wannabe.

-¿Why do you always break up with Marcello, if then you want to get back with him?- Escamillo asked confused.

-That keeps the relationship alive and misterious- Confessed Musetta.

-The man will get bored, I tell you- Musetta laughed at her friend's comment.

-Yeah sure, ¿you give me that advice? How many times Carmen has left with other boys, especially now that new students are arriving and you keep trying?- The strawberry blond girl asked the matador aspirant.

-That's entirely different, I've never been Carmen's boyfriend, ¿How many times have you been the painter's girlfriend? ¿4, 5 times?- Escamillo asked.

-It is the same, and for your information it weren't 5 times, it were 8- She answered unscrupulous

The young matador eyed her incredolous. -You are crazy Musetta, definitely crazy- 

-You don't understand, the other boys are different verses, but Marcello... Marcello is my "ritornello" The young singer said dreamily looking at Marcello with "in love" eyes.

-Even so you make the poor man suffer, some day he will grow bored and you are going to regret it- Her friend warned her. 

-Ugh, just shut up bushleague bullfighter- shouted annoyed Musetta.

-Don't insult my future profession ¿You hear me? I will be Escamillo the greatest Bullfigther and Matador of all history- the youngster uttered. His friend rolled her eyes.

-Whatever,- The waiter brought Musetta and Escamillo's order and she got mad at seeing her plate.

-I asked you for a salad without tomatoes- And without thinking it twice she took the plate and crashed it on the floor breaking it in a thousand pieces.

-Holy bulls...- Escamillo said covering his face embarrassed.

The rest of the youngsters watched in awe at Musetta, Marcello eyed her confused by her childish attitde, he knew that his ex girlfriend was like that, but this time she was making a scandal.

She needed to get Marcello's attention in a good way so she decided to use her infallible weapon, her voice.


-As I walk alone through the streets, the people stop to look and inspect my beauty, examining me from head to toe- Musetta sang with her beautiful soprano voice.

 -Tie me to the chair!- Marcello exclaimed mad.

 -And then I savour the subtle longing in their eyes when, from my visible charms, they guess at the beauty concealed. This onrush of desire surrounds me. It delights me, it delights me- She kept singing her song that hurt Marcello, he wanted the earth to swallow him.

 -And you who know, who remember and suffer, how can you escape? I know: you won't admit that you're in torment, but it's killing you- She got closer to Marcello and placed her hands on his shoulders. He quickly got up wanting to leave, but he couldn't resist Musetta's voice.

-Ah, Marcello's going mad! Marcello is vanquished!- Musetta sang to him mockingly.

-Ah! Marcello will give in!...- Schaunard told the rest of his friends.

-Gods above! I'd never land myself in such a situation! She's beautiful, I'm not blind, but I'm much happier with a Greek text- Colline said watching the scene.

-I'm gonna quote you one of Maldé's phrases "Yet one never feels fully happy who on a woman does not drink love!"- Said the young musician to his friend.

-Gualtier does not know what he says, I've lived fully without the nuisance of a girlfriend- Colline confessed.

-We will see...- Schaunard commented.

 Marcello already fell on Musetta's game, but she knew that wasn't enough, besides she wanted to get rid of Escamillo.

-¡Ahhhhhh!- she shrieked dramatically.

Everyone turned their eyes on her surprised and worried, especially the young painter.

-¿What the heck is wrong with you now?- Escamillo asked as he chewed his hamburger.

-My foot, it hurts- She said raising it quickly, she hit Escamillo on the face.

- -¿What do you want?- He whispered irked.

 -I want you to leave- She whispered back.

 -The kick was really necessary?- He said rubbing his cheek.

 -Just take my shoe and go- She said raising her foot again.

-You owe me big Musetta- He said pointing his finger at her face.

 -I will get you another pair- Escamillo shouted cheerless leaving the place with Musetta's shoe in hand.

-Marcello!- Musetta exclaimed standing up from her chair and raising her hands.

 -Siren!- He exclaimed lifting her in the air.

Then they kissed passionately in front of their friends.

 -This happens everytime they break up and then get back together, right?- Schaunard asked.

-Surprisingly, almost everytime has been like this- Rodolfo answered.


 -Gualtier, please leave before someone sees us- Gilda said resting her back on her bedroom door. The Duke was some meters away from her, but still, she felt uncomfortable.

 -I just came here to see you Gilda, ¿What's the problem?- He said sitting on his "admirer's" bed.

-You didn't even tell me you were going to come Gualtier... I told you I was busy- Gilda said softly.

 -I wanted to surprise you, I've missed you, and I wish to see you in and outside the school- The youngster said.

-I don't think that is possible...- She answered.

 -But Gilda, I like you, you make me happy ¿Why do you want me to get away?- The Duke asked madly.

 The young girl was shocked by her "dear" Gualtier's confession.

 -I like you too...- She confessed but it was almost inaudible.

 -See, we are destined to be together- Gualtier said getting closer to Gilda to hug her. She seemed more relaxed, but not completely. 

 -Maybe...- She said hugging him back.

- -Gilda I'm home- Shouted her father Rigoletto from downstairs.

-Leave now Gualtier, if my father sees you he will kill you!- Gilda said pushing him to the window.

 -Alright I will leave, but this is not the end- Gualtier said pointing at her with his index finger.

 -Bye, leave, go!- Gilda said afraid, she didn't want her father to enter her room to see a boy in there.

 -Bye!- Gualtier said getting close to her to kiss her, Gilda kissed his cheek but he got the chance to brush his lips with hers softly.

The Duke got down the window quickly and ran towards his house, he was in a really good mood, since Gilda admited her feelings for him. Her innocence and delicacy had touched his heart, but his flirty attitude still got the best of him.

 Gilda on the other hand couldn't stop thinking about him, he always tormented her day and night, and his abrupt confession surprised her pleasantly, Gualtier was an exceptional young man, and sadly she knew her father wouldn't allow her being near him, however that didn't affect Gilda, since she would do anyhing for Gualtier.