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3 a.m.

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Although he didn’t shoulder the fate of the entire country, nor did he bear the responsibility of have to saving the world, he felt tired. The reason was simple – another “worst day ever” had happened in the life of Teruki Hanazawa. Today ranked second on the list of the worst days ever. First place wasn’t really important right now, and Teru didn’t want to think about it. The third worst day ever was related to a sad childhood event. And the fourth...? Fourth, fifth and later, and he didn't remember those, which meant they were of no consequence, he supposed.

But today, oh God, today will embed in the memory of not only Teruki, but also all of Japan. The abduction of the Prime Minister, the fierce battle with Claw, and even flying buildings. An explosion and a huge stalk of broccoli grown in the middle of Seasoning City – who could forget today? On top of all that, Teru was involved in all of this chaos, or at least he had watched the events closely, so he had extra awful points for his memories. Hurray.

Maybe he should start a blog where he described all his adventures? It wouldn’t be as interesting as Kageyama's experiences, but if Hanazawa tried, he could get a few fangirls (and fanboys). Maybe he could make some money out of it, or even...

Teru leaned his forehead against the wall, clenched his fists, and held his breath. He banged his head against the wall, lightly, only to drown out some stupid ideas, brought to life by fever and fatigue. What the hell? A blog, money, fangirls? No way. The most important thing now was regaining his strength and taking care of problems at hand. A blog, that's a good joke.

With a wandering, shaking hand he found his key lanyard under his t–shirt and took it off. Before reaching the lock, a few seconds passed in Teru’s perception, while a few long, long moments passed for anyone standing nearby and watching him. Teru was slowly losing contact with reality, and only by some miracle did he make it to his apartment. He should have stayed at Reigen’s place; he overestimated himself.

He didn’t remember whether he closed the door behind him or not. Closing doors was so instinctive that he sometimes didn’t even notice. Anyway, even if somebody came and robbed his house or tried to kill him, Teru would let them, because… well, whatever. If something got stolen, it’s just stuff that he can buy again. And if someone killed Teru, at least he won’t be so tired and sick any longer.

He stood beside the bed and looked at the duvet. Glass. He looked at the floor. Glass. He looked at the table. Glass. Glass. Glass. It was everywhere, just not where it should be – the frames of the windows were empty. Yesterday's ambush by the random Claw esper has left his apartment in ruins, with broken windows among them. Teru didn’t have time to take care of it – he had to chase his enemies first, and then only come back to change clothes and take some medicine. “I'll fix it when I get back home,” he said to himself. Good joke, just like the one about writing a blog.

He considered lying down on the glass for a moment, because – once again – whatever. But he didn't want tomorrow’s Teru to hate the present Teru; tomorrow’s Teru certainly wouldn't be so “whatever.”

Just thinking about getting rid of the shards on the bed was overwhelming. Teru would have to use his powers or pick up the duvet and shake them off. Difficult. Unnecessary. Maybe tomorrow’s Teru will be understanding, and he could forgive Teru for sleeping amongst the glass. It would be a good idea to leave him a note. “Sorry, dude, you were too dead to take care of that.”

Teru closed his eyes. His head felt heavy and full of cotton wool, and Teru couldn’t think logically or force himself to do anything. And he still had to take off his clothes and lie down. And it wouldn't hurt to take some more medicine and eat something. Medicine, right.

Loud pulsing in his brain was driving him crazy. Thud, thud, thud. With each pulse, the pain in his throat and lungs rose and rose, and Teru felt more and more heat flooding his face.

But taking medicine without eating anything? Bad idea.

Medicine, food, glass, clothes – for God’s sake, Teru had to take care of all of these. If mom were here, she would at least have made tea and dinner, and she would hug him and say that everything was all right and Teru didn't have to go to school tomorrow, and she already called for new windows and, and, and…

Teru hid his face in his hands. He gave up. Lazily and without bending over, he took off his shoes with his feet. He unzipped the tracksuit jacket and winced at the pain in his torso. Fighting with the nameless esper had left traces in the apartment, but the battle (well, you couldn't call it anything else) with the blind Nostradamus of our time completely ruined Teru's body, especially his bones. At least he didn't have to pay much for the hospital, thank you very much, so tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he will see someone to put him together. Teru could take serious hits during battles, but he didn’t even want to count how many times his barrier was broken during that fight. Tens, hundreds, maybe even a million times. He had never before experienced something like this. Even Kageyama (or the messed up creature inside him) didn’t do as much harm.

A cool gust swept Teruki's body. Hanazawa didn't open his eyes. It was just wind, a draft; there were no windows, so it was understandable.

Glass shards fell on his feet, small and sharp, but fortunately not pricking his skin. They just dropped from somewhere in the apartment, the wind probably swept them from the shelves; glass was everywhere now, maybe even in the containers of soup in the fridge.

Teru flinched when he felt something unpleasant; strange and difficult to describe. For a moment he couldn't associate the feeling with anything. He looked around the room to find its source, but he saw nothing but the darkness. The feeling faded away, but only for a short while. It appeared, disappeared. Once again it appeared and disappeared.

After an eternity that lasted for a minute – it clicked. The noise was a vibrating phone, tucked in his pants pocket. Teru tried to smile at his tiredness and stupidity, but he couldn't find any strength for that either.

Three missed calls from Reigen and four unread messages.


“Are you home yet?”

“Are you home???”

“At home??????///”



“Yeessssdd” – was the only thing Teru managed to write. If he could, he would've added “mom,” but he tapped “send” faster than he thought about calling Reigen “mom”. But one day he’ll do it, yes.

He dropped the phone on the mattress near the pillow and took off his jacket. It caught on his elbows. Almost there. He was almost undressed. C’mon, Teru, you can do it, you believe in yourself.

He snorted impatiently. He snorted? Teru didn't remember snorting. Boy, it was getting worse and worse. It happened literally a second ago. Did you or did you not snort? Or was it only your imagination?

Teru got lost searching for the truth of (not) snorting, so he didn’t even feel anyone grasp the sleeves of his jacket. He only felt a short, light tug on the material. The tracksuit fell softly around the boy's feet and Teru was finally free. And pants… pants… Fuck the pants.

Finally, he lifted the duvet and hurriedly slipped under it. He reached for the phone to make sure it was there. It disappeared! B-but he put it right there...! Uh, okay, never mind, it probably fell somewhere under the pillows. Teru would look for it tomorrow.

Disappearing glass that had previously been scattered on the bed also went unnoticed. Teru forgot about it. It didn't matter that much. The most important thing was that Teru was lying under the duvet, and the pillow was so wonderfully soft, and the mattress was so familiar, and school was probably closed the next day. It was good to be alive.

He fell asleep.