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Infinite Earths

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It was dusk. Kara was sitting near an opened window in her apartment. Everything was golden as the sun hung lower and lower in the sky above National City, the city Kara had sworn to protect.

She shifted on her perch, resting her elbow on the window sill, head on her fist. She listened to the quiet sounds of the city. Usually at this time of day, things started to get louder. People prepared to go out for a night on the town, children screamed as they rushed home from a long day of school and lessons. The hum would grow, music would flare as the sky was painted deep blues, purples, and blacks.

Yet, tonight was different. The sunset mimicked sunrise; bright yellow, gold, and orange light danced over every building, every face, in every voice. The city was hushed as though bowed in some communal silent prayer.

Kara smiled to herself. It didn’t reach her eyes, the corners of her mouth barely turning upwards. The weight of the past few weeks were pressing down on her shoulders. So many things had changed, had drained her. She could hardly believe that she was the same person from then, she was so out of sorts. How could she let herself stray so far from her path? How could she lose sight of what was truly important?

She sighed and folded her arms on the sill, resting her head. She thought back on everything that had happened. Somehow she’d become a background player in her own life. She shook these thoughts from her head. She needed to focus on the future, but everything in this world was hard. She didn’t know how anyone could look at her the same way again. She could barely look at herself.

She knew the trouble started when she pushed James away. He had been her best friend, wishing to be her equal, but she knew that he wasn’t. It hurt her heart that he couldn’t be her match. Even now, she couldn’t put her finger on why. He just wasn’t the one.

Things got worse when she thought she’d found someone who could be on her level, understand her struggles as the fellow lone survivor of the sister planet to Krypton. She should’ve known better, but she was desperate for connection. On paper, they were similar enough: similar powers, similar customs, their planets’ people even believed in the same greater being. Rao, had she been wrong.

Kara had gotten herself in almost too deep before she could see things for what they were: superficial, forced, not meant to be. She was glad she was able to recognize she deserved better. She deserved her true equal, whoever that was.

She remembered how she would daydream for hours about who could possibly be her partner since she’d crash landed on Earth. She had hoped that someone else from her planet would find her. But, even at 14 years old, she knew that would never happen. So she would spend hours crafting imaginary people that could be her match: always deeply intelligent, always incredibly strong and brave. Gender didn’t really matter to her, nor did planet of origin, just the qualities, the essence of this imaginary match.

Kara thought about all the people she’d gotten to know since being Supergirl, secretly hoping someone would fit those imagined qualities she’d dreamt up so many years before.

She thought of Winn; her best friend of nearly four years, her fellow Catco peer. He held some of those things she believes would make someone perfect to her, but ultimately he didn’t excite her. She knew it was painful for him at first that they weren’t together, but now they could at least be happy.

The image of a certain dark-haired CEO that she had become fast friends with blossomed in her mind as well. Striking and intelligent, Kara often felt like she was an outsider compared to Lena, but Lena had accepted her and held her up as one of her closest friends.

She recalled the last time she’d seen Lena. They finally tried that hipster kombucha joint. Kara wrinkled her nose remembering Lena examining different jars that held “The Mother” of a number of brews.

“That’s what we’re trying today?” Kara said, her voice filled with apprehension.

Lena laughed lightly. “Yes and no.” Seeing Kara’s confused and somewhat disgusted look, Lena pressed on. “It’s just the juice we’re having. “The Mother” stays in the jars.”

Lena asked the person behind the counter to give her a taste of the hibiscus draft. A moment later, she held the small glass of ruby colored fizzing liquid up to Kara. “See? It’s safe.” She gulped down the drink.

Kara watched Lena’s neck as the liquid slide smoothly down her throat. Kara stared at the freckle on Lena’s neck and her eyes went hazy. She thought about what it might be like to kiss right there before Lena’s voice caught her attention again.

“Ready to try some?” she said with glint in her eyes.

With a heavy sigh, Kara straightened up and snapped herself back to the present where she was home alone. She’d learned that whatever her feelings had been for James, they no longer existed. She knew that she trundled head first into a relationship with a person she’d barely known because she was lonely. She also knew that as much as she might be at the very least confused by her feelings for Lena, she was worried best case scenario that connection would end up like the one she had with James, or worse, it’d end up like her connection with Winn.

“I might just be alone forever,” she pouted, pulling the hood of her sweatshirt up.

She stood and padded to the fridge with her hands plunged into the front pocket of her sweatshirt to search for something to distract her. She found nothing that she wanted. She closed the fridge with a small snap, hoping to find something in her cupboards. Again, nothing perked her interest. She stared down at the counter and her eyes fell on the tall bottle of Blue Label she’d mainly kept around for when Alex would come over. She snorted at the shimmering, half-full contents of the bottle.

“Well,” she mumbled to herself as she grabbed the neck of the bottle. “It’s not like Alex comes over as much as she used to, anyways.” She unscrewed the cap glaring at the liquid within. She was about to pull the entire bottle to her lips when the glint of something silver caught her eye.

She slid the bottle aside, capping it in the process, not taking her eyes off the almost twinkling piece of tech she’d long forgotten about. She cupped Cisco’s creation in her hands. Suddenly she was struck with an idea; a reckless idea, a potentially stupid idea, but an idea nonetheless.

She ran to her bedroom at super speed, changed into jeans, a blue, v-neck t-shirt, with a red and gold flannel tied around her waist, and a small backpack slung over her right shoulder, her Supergirl costume tucked neatly inside. She shoved her glasses in the side pocket, just in case. She skidded back into her kitchen clutching the Jumper in her right hand within seconds.

Barry was someone who usually put a smile on her face. He understood what it was like to be different, and alone in his difference. They worked well as a team, and quite honestly, she needed a break from being the person this Earth thought she was.

She wasn’t entirely sure what she was doing, but thought she’d get the hang of it. She was a rather intelligent alien after all.

She clicked what looked like the only button on the tech, which sprung open a pulsing blueish, silver portal in front of her. She quickly whipped out her phone to send Alex a text that she’d be gone to help Barry with something for a while. She stowed the tech in her bag, her cell in her pocket, and geared up for a inter-verse travel rush.

The last thing she thought before she darted through the portal was how much she longed for peace, for someone to understand her, for a distraction from her lapse in sense of self. She wanted the clear view she once had of her path back.

The portal closed as the ends of her flannel flicked through the space mixing red brilliantly with blue and silver. She flew forward in what could only be described as a vibrant thunderstorm where the clouds were glimpses of other Earths and the lightning was the thin barriers between them.

She saw a flash of red, the exact shade she knew Barry’s suit to be, and plunged into that Earth after him. Once she broke into the atmosphere on Earth 1, she faltered slightly, losing altitude. She wobbled her way down to the ground, her powers working half-heartedly. Something was wrong.

She landed in a field. She could see a squat farm house about an acre away from her. This was the only thing that stuck out against the amber sky. She tried to use her super vision to see if anyone was there. She zoomed in, seeing an older family sitting down to dinner together before Kara’s vision zoomed out, back to average.

“What the heck,” she whispered to herself.

She tried to take flight again, but bobbed in the air like a bee. She resigned to landing with a dusty thud and making her way to the house on foot.

As she got closer she heard a man with a booming voice exclaim, “Clark!” He laughed. “One of these days we’re going to have to learn to cook a meal without your heat vision!” The group laughed loudly with the man.

Kara’s heart leapt. “Clark,” she exhaled and took off to the front door of the house.

She knocked frantically, not caring who she’d meet on the other side. She knew her cousin Kal-El was there and would help make everything right. Her heart pounded when she heard powerful footsteps make their way to her.

The door swung open revealing, not Clark, but a woman that was Kara’s height, her build, with her exact face staring back at her.

“Kara, who is it?” Clark called from within the house.

“I don’t know,” both Karas answered.

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Kara took a step back on the porch, not taking her eyes off the woman wearing her face.  

“Who are you?” Kara Danvers asked.  She was registering all the similarities and differences between herself and the woman standing in the doorway.  The other Kara’s eyes were hazel, where Kara’s were blue, she had a short bob haircut where Kara’s curling ponytail reached her shoulders, the other Kara had a thicker frame than Kara as well, with practically masculine shoulders and arms.

“I am Kara Zor-L,” the short haired woman said, a look of confusion to match Kara’s etched across her face.  

“I’m Kara Zor-El, too,” the reporter quipped.  “Uh, well, Kara Danvers on Earth...Earth 38!” A look of comprehension dawned on her face, her eyes bulging.  “Oh, that’s what happened! You’re Earth 1 me! I’m Earth 38 you!” She reached out her hand in an attempted handshake.  “It’s nice to meet you,” she said through a thick grin.

Clark had come up behind the other Kara while our hero gave up on shaking hands with her other Earth self.  

“Kal!”  Kara couldn’t help squealing seeing her cousin.  Though, again, this Kal was different. He had grey hair sprouting at his temples, tanned skin and weathered hands from working on his parents farm for years.  His greyish hazel eyes smiled behind thick, black plastic frames.

“Kara,” both women’s eyes snapped to the elder Clark’s.  “Let’s discuss this inside.”


Kara, Earth 38 Kara, sat with her backpack in her lap on an old, mustard yellow armchair that dated back to the 70s.  She picked at the zipper, unsure of how to answer the same questions over and over again.

“Like I said,” she sighed, sitting up in the sinking chair.  “I used the Jumper a friend of mine gave me so I could travel to his Earth, Earth 1.  I thought I was getting off at the right portal, but I guess I didn’t. So, now I’m here.”  

This wasn’t fun like Kara had hoped.  She didn’t seem to have much in common with this Earth’s Kara Zor-L.  She didn’t seem to relax, for one. She sat on rigid as a board on the long couch as Kal-L, Clark, questioned Kara.

“I see,” Clark hummed, Kara’s explanation finally sinking in.  “What made you think this was the right Earth? We don’t have anybody called The Flesh--”

“The Flash,” Kara corrected.

“Right, The Flash, on this Earth.  And I know about all other heroes ‘round here.”  He sat back on the couch, scratching the grey prickles of a five o’clock shadow sprouting from his chin.  “So there's a version of all of us on every Earth?”

“Maybe?” Kara said with a shrug.  “There’s no other me on The Flash’s Earth, so I guess it just depends on how close certain Earths vibrate to each other?”  Kara was really guessing at how this multiverse theory worked.

“Interesting,” Clark murmured.  “So,” he took his glasses off to polish them on the corner of his untucked shirt.  “I’m gonna assume you need yourself a way home?”

“Yes,” Kara answered, somewhat embarrassed.  The other Kara had not said a word while Clark questioned Kara.  

“I just need someone that understands tech enough to help me go in the right direction.”

At this, Kara Zor-L snapped her head to give her full attention to Clark, her eyes blazing.

“Kara,” Clark squinted as he made eye contact with Kara Zor-L.  “You know who we have to go to about this, right?”

“Zha ( No ),” Kara growled in Kryptonese.  

“Zhed non tiv chahvia chahv iovis khehshohk vokia chao rraop raozh gehd ( She is the only one that can help and you know it ),” Clark fired back, the shadow of a smile behind his eyes.

“Fine,” she responded through grit teeth.  “Kara, get your things.” They all stood at once.  “We’re going to the city.”


Suggest Listening: Where I Come From by Montgomery Gentry

They were barreling down a dirt road that seemed to stretch for light-years.  Kara was squished in between Clark and Kara Zor-L on the bench seat of Clark’s ancient pickup.  Country music mixed with static creeped from the speakers. Clark hummed along, his one hand slung over the steering wheel while he rested the other out the open window.  Kara Zor-L sat rigid, her hands pressed neatly into her lap.

“Must’ve been kinda nice growing up out here, huh?” Kara asked slightly in awe of the vast expanse of land that surrounded them.  

Clark merely smiled, taking his eyes off the road just for a moment to look at both Karas next to him.  

“I would not know,” Kara Zor-L said flatly.  She kept her gaze on the horizon without blinking.

“What do you mean?” Kara chirped, turning to look at her Earth 2 counter.  “I thought you got sent down as a baby from Krypton and Clark was sent as a teenager to protect you? Opposite of me and my Kal, uh, Clark.”

“Well,” Clark cleared his throat.  “You’re half right. We were both sent as babies from Krypton at nearly the same moment in time.”  

Kara creased her brow at the puzzle this created.  Clark was notably older than Kara, appearing like a man in his sixties; albeit good for his age, he did not look like a thirty-something like this Earth’s Kara.  She had also begun to notice Clark’s slight southern accent slipping in the ends of his words whereas Kara Zor-L’s deep timbre reminded Kara of her Aunt Astra.

“My parents were the last of the Great House of L. Kal-L’s parents were killed before mine.  Both were on the front lines in the war against Daxam.”

Kara cringed at the mention of Krypton’s sister planet.

“It seemed apparent in those final days, that Daxam would succeed in destroying our planet, our home.  My mother died shortly before the end.” Kara Zor-L maintained the same glossed over look, like she was simply reciting a memorized passage for English class.  

“My father swore to save both myself and my cousin, Kal-L from the fate of Krypton.  He created pods that would care for us on our journey to the planet Earth. Kal-L’s pod was swift.  Mine was not.”

Clark shifted slightly in his seat.  

“Mine landed out here,” Clark gestured out the window to the endless land.  “The Kents found me and took me in. They took care of me when I was young, and now I take care of them.”  

Kara recalled Clark’s gentleness with his mother, who seemed confused between her crochet hooks and her fork at the dinner table.  

“When did you land on Earth?” Kara asked the last of the Zor-L’s.  

“Five years ago.”  Reading Kara’s silence as confusion, Kara Zor-L pressed on.  “It took sixty years for my pod to reach Earth. My Symbioship was designed to have me age at half speed, making my body thirty years in age when I landed.  Kal-L was notified of my arrival, landing a short distance from where his pod initially struck sixty years ago.

“I was taught so much about Earth while in my Symbioship, but not about the world.  Kal-L has helped me acclimate to the ways of his people. Superman taught me how to be a hero.  He has shown me love in living, breathing flesh and blood.” Kara Zor-L swallowed hard. “I am forever grateful.”    

The dirt crunched beneath the thick tires as they continued their journey to the nearby city.

Once the city skyline was well within view, Kara thought she should start asking some questions.  

“So, who are we seeing?”  she implored earnestly.

That similar glint Clark had about his eyes shone through again.  “She’s old friend of Kara’s.”

“Oh, an old friend, how did you--” Kara stopped abruptly when she met Kara Zor-L’s eyes nearly burning into hers.  “Uh,” Kara gulped nervously. “But, uh, she can help me, right?” She turned her gaze back to Clark, but she felt the heat of Kara Zor-L’s gaze on her neck.  

“Yeah, she sure can.  She’s a genius. Shame that Kara and her aren’t too friendly anymore though,” he winked at the Kara next to him.  “They were pretty cute toget--”

“Ewuhsh ghu ( Shut up ),” Kara Zor-L snarled.  

Clark laughed.

“We’ll be there in about two minutes.”

Before Kara could ask exactly where “there” is, they pulled up the a large gate on the edge of the small city.  “LuthorCorp” shone in bright steel letters across the gate.

Clark used a swipe card he had hidden in his breast pocket to open the gate.  

“She’s really nice, just try and help her stay on track,” Clark muttered with Kara.  “Lena’s got a lot going on up there.” He tapped his temple with his forefinger.

Kara’s eyes widened, nervous and excited to see the Earth 2-version of her best friend.


“Fascinating,” the Earth 2 version of Lena Luthor whispered, her eyes wide behind particularly thick lenses.  “Truly astounding. You are both so different,” she looked from Kara Danvers to Kara Zor-L, “yet the same.”

She rolled her wheelchair back a foot, to take in both Karas full stature. “I wonder how much of you is similar,” Lena whispered mainly to herself, her eyes sliding down Kara’s body in a way that made her blush.  

Kara Zor-L cleared her throat loudly.  

“Right! Right,” Lena took off her glasses, resting them in her lap.  “That’s not what you’re here for.” She rolled back behind her desk. “What exactly do you need my help with?”  

Lena’s ernest question relaxed Kara.  She felt like this Lena was like the one from her world, but the version only she got to see.  Lena Luthor of Earth 38 was guarded, brooding, with a penchant for darkness and dramatics. Lena Luthor of Earth 2 seemed like a Lena that didn’t need to keep up defences around every person she knew.  

The true differences were obvious: this Lena had dirty blond hair, a voice that sounded caught between a giggle and a gasp, and was paralyzed from the waist down since she was five years old.  Being around this Lena made Kara miss her Lena. Erm, well, the Lena from her Earth.

“I need your help directing my way to the Earth I was aiming for, Earth 1.”

“It would appear that this Kara got a little lost using her Jumper to go between Earths,” Clark added.

“I did not get lost,” Kara interjected.  “I just thought I saw my friend, but I guess I was wrong.”

“Your friends with someone from a different Earth?” Lena asked, half exasperated, half captivated.

“Yes, he is a hero on his Earth.  We have that in common.” Kara looked down at her shoes.  “I just needed a friend who understood me.”

Lena’s eyes softened with concern and sympathy.  “I’ll help you best I can, Kara Danvers.” Kara nodded a silent thank you.  

“So, time to get tinkering, I suppose!” Lena rubbed her hands together.  “Can I see the, what did you call it? The Leaper?”

“Jumper,” Kara Zor-L growled, speaking for the first time besides the hurried hello she offered when they entered the lab.

“Let me get it out of my bag,” Kara said to cut the tension in the room.  She really had no idea how she could be anything like this Kara. She seemed so cold, so distant, and kinda mean.  

Kara dug the Jumper out of her bag, her Supergirl gear sticking out of the open backpack.

“You wear the arms of the House of L,” Kara Zor-L asked, masking her surprise slightly.

“Yeah,” Kara responded, shoving the outfit deeper into her pack. “Don't you?”

“When I was young, when I was Clark’s companion-”

“Sidekick,” Lena mouthed.

“I did.”  She glared at Lena. “But now I am Powergirl,” she made a pointed look to Lena. “And I fight alone.”

Clark cleared his throat. “There's not much space for the Super Symbol on Powergirl’s outfit anyway.”

Kara pictured the women drawn in old comic books, unearthly poses and inhuman sized everything . She shook her head and handed the Jumper to Lena.

“Hmm,” Lena hummed, using a pair of pliers to crack open the back of the Jumper.  Her glasses were back on, eyes bugging behind them. “This is some next level tech.”  She fiddled with the inner pieces, careful not to break anything.

“I think I found the reason why you got flung into this world instead of the one you wanted.”  Lena chewed on her bottom lip, her brow furrowed in concentration. “I’ll need to replace this one clip, and then you’ll be set.

“Kara,” both Kara’s snapped their attention to Lena.  

“My Kara,” Lena specified.  Kara Zor-L huffed.

“My Earth Kara.”  Lena rolled her eyes to hide the hurt etched across them.  “Can you go get my generator kit in the maintenance lab? You know, the lab we used to--”

“I know where it is,” Kara’s curt answer cut through the room.  

“Of course,” Lena conceded softly.   She took off her glasses and rubbed her forehead with the back of her hand still holding the pliers.

Earth 2 Kara must have read Lena’s exhaustion.  If it weren’t for Kara’s super hearing, she might have missed Kara Zor-L mumble that she would collect the kit.  

“I’ll, uh, I’ll just go ahead and go with ya, Kara,” Clark fumbled, slipping out the lab door just behind his cousin.  

“I’m sorry you had to witness that,” Lena offered.  “She’s been a little off since things changed between us.”

“Is this her being nicer?” Kara wondered aloud.  

Lena laughed.  “My Kara always came off a bit cold, a bit domineering.”  She shoved her glasses back on and held the Jumper closer to her eyes, fiddling some more with the pliers.  “That’s the problem though isn’t?” She dropped the pliers lightly on her desk. “She’s not my Kara anymore.”  

Comprehension dawned on Kara’s face in miraculous slow motion.

“Oh!” she exclaimed.  “You and me, I mean,” Kara swallowed thickly.  “Earth 2 me--Kara--the two of you were together?”

Lena smiled without showing her teeth.  “I take it your Earth’s Lena is not exactly in your life that way?”

“Well, we’re friends,” Kara suggested lamely, as if being friends and lovers were the same and simultaneously completely different things.

“Hmm,” mused Lena.  “Kara and I were friends, too. We were everything.”  

“Why did things change?”

“Powergirl,” Lena said with a snarl.  “She didn’t like that I started to get too involved with her heroing.  I wanted us to be a team, but I guess she just never saw me that way truly.”

Kara didn’t need any superpower to tell how hurt Lena was by this.  “I’m sure she is just trying to protect you. I know I couldn’t bare it if I lost Lena from my Earth.”  

Lena sniffed at this. “I couldn’t bare to lose her, either.”

The two remained silent until Clark and Kara returned with the kit in hand.  

“Ahh,” Lena hissed with excitement.  She pulled out a minute silver case containing a number of glittering, nearly microscopic pieces of tech.  

After a bit of pomp and circumstance with Lena replacing the clip and handing the Jumper to Kara with her head slightly bowed, it was suddenly time to say goodbye.  

“Thank you for helping me,” Kara said as she bent down to hug Lena.  

“Of course,” she mumbled into Kara’s shoulder.  “It was an honor to meet you.” The pair smiled at each other for a moment before Kara turned to her other earth cousin.

“Clark,” Kara giggled, arms outstretched to meet this older, slightly southern version of her cousin.  “Kal-El will never believe me when I tell him about you.”

Clark’s laugh boomed loudly in the lab.  “Well, the two of you are welcome anytime.”  He slapped Kara heavily on the back like a little league coach congratulating the first baseman.  

“Kara Danvers of Earth 38,” Kara Zor-L said, her arm outstretched.  

Kara met her palm with her own, grasping a bit firmer than she normally would.  “Kara Zor-L of Earth 2. Vav voiehd ehrosh chao tiv votx ( United in this journey of life ).”  Kara Zor-L’s shocked expression met her own.  

“Kryptonian isn’t that different from Kryptonese,” she said with a wink.  “But in all seriousness, thank you.”

With a curt nod, Kara Zor-L stepped back from her Earth 38 counterpart.  

“Well, here goes nothing,” Kara whispered, pressing the button on the Jumper.  The same silver-blue portal throbbed before her. With one last glance around the room at the life she could have had, Kara dove head first into the portal.  

Other Earths swirled around her like before, but this time at a much faster pace.  Kara kept moving forward, remembering that Lena said the tech will strike the correct path for her.  

After dozens of Earths flitted past her left and right, she saw a portal to home, Earth 38, straight ahead.  She wasn’t sure this was the right one until she saw Alex. Relief washed over her in waves and she used a burst of super speed to crash through the vibrating barrier into her world.  

The lightning that Kara thought was only a part of the portal shot through the sky as she sped through it on this Earth.  Where the bright blue and silver that burned in her eyes, now was only black sky above and her small world below. Rain crashed in thick sheets from every direction, soaking Kara in seconds.  

Her only thought was to get to the ground and find Alex, find home.  

As she sped to the ground, a large bolt of lightning hit her back and she was knocked unconscious.  She fell to the ground hard, landing in the street, making a crater out front of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe our interns have interns ,” Dr. Yang scoffed, watching the newest group of wannabe doctors eat their lunch at a nearby table.

“We’re basically grandparents,” Dr. Grey agreed. “Or am I an Aunt?”  Meredith thought this out loud as she watched her previously estranged, half sister Lexie talk animatedly to her fellow residents.

“Either way we’re old ,” Christina conceded.  

“Would you both shut up,” Dr. Karev mumbled.  

“Jesus Christ, relax, Karev.  Mad you can’t sleep with an intern this time around?” Christina jabbed, shoveling salad into her mouth at the same time.

“Screw you both,” he growled.  He grabbed his tray and beeper and left without looking at the only two friends he had left from his intern group.  He bumped into another resident, Jackson, in the process of his angry huff.

“What is his problem?” Jackson asked, sitting down next to his now ex-girlfriend Lexie Grey.  The younger Grey sister rolled her eyes.

“It could literally be anything.”  

Lexie groaned.

“What is it?”

“I forgot I'm paired with Morticia this week,” she whined trying and failing to not stare at the intern sitting alone at the table across from hers.

Suggested listening: Loco by Coal Chamber

Harriet Lehane always sat alone with her bulky 1990s headphones on her ears, non-regulation black scrubs, and a book propped open in front of her.  The other interns called her Morticia either because of her dark hair and clothing or her penchant for deadly diseases; quite possibly both.

“That sucks,” Jackson said. “What's your rotation?”

“Trauma.” Lexie laid her head down on the table.

“Oh, no!” Kempner squealed. Everyone stared at her incredulously. She rolled her eyes. “That means she's with me, too.”  She slouched lower in her seat.

The group slyly looked back over at Harriet.  She had her large textbook open in front of her and a sandwich stacked high with every meat imaginable in one hand.  She turned the page in her book and looked up for a fraction of a second making eye contact with the group of residents staring at her with a mix of confusion and fear.

Lexie jumped.  “I, I gotta go,” she stammered.  

The group cleared their table swiftly, heading in all different directions for the day.  Lexie passed Meredith’s table, offering a small smile.

“What’s your rotation, Lexie?” Meredith asked, trying to make small talk with her still-newish sibling.

“Trauma,” Lexie looked over her shoulder at Harriet, who’s attention returned to her thick book.  “With Morticia,” she whispered. The pair could hear the thick crunch of the drop C tuning of death metal pouring from Harriet’s out of date headphones.

“Oof.  My condolences,” Meredith said in a hush.

“I like her,” Christina interjected, without looking up from her salad.  She was met with two incredulous looks from the Grey’s. “What?” Christina put down her fork.  “She doesn’t give a shit about attachment. She gets shit done, and she’s smart as hell. What’s not to like?” She crossed her arms daring the sisters to contradict her.

“She’s just,” Lexie looked nervously over her shoulder.  “She’s just hard to talk to. Everything is so morbid with her.”

“We’re doctors!”

A low growl of thunder bubbled in the distance seemingly at Christina’s words.  

“It’s going to storm later today,” someone with an Irish drawl murmured behind Lexie.  She jumped, turning to see Harriet the intern standing behind her. Her headphones were now around her neck, still blaring some unrecognizable 90s metal; her thick, black frames stood out against her pale skin. “Lucky us, we’ve got the night shift,” Harriet added with a flirtatious twinkle in her eye.

“Well, aren’t you a walking omen,” Meredith said coolly.  

“Time for rounds, right, Sexy Lexie ?” Harriet asked Lexie, ignoring her sassy older sister.  She smirked at the way Lexie squirmed under her pet name.

“Yes,” Lexie exhaled.  She fixed her gaze on the floor, getting redder by the minute.

“Better get a move then,” Harriet said with an arch of her eyebrow.  “Don’t want to miss out on the fun.”

She winked at Meredith and Lexie, which made the latter blush more, and turned toward the east wing entrance of Seattle Grace.   

“I’m doomed.”


2200 hours, 18 September

Lightening cracked outside, with its sister, thunder, snapping close behind. The pagers of all doctors in trauma went off to add more noise to the building pandemonium.  Just above the din, Kempner called out orders to her team.

“We gotta move people, there's a pile up on 37th, a tree was knocked down in the road,” Kempner yelled, assuming her natural position as the guard dog for Trauma. The interns grouped together somewhat unsure of themselves.  

“Let’s go, people!”  

They scattered like rats, each pairing off with a resident.  Harriet’s short legs were a poor match to Lexie’s long strides into the thick of the organized chaos.

“Grey, Lehane, you’re with me outside.  We have to move patients quickly so paramedics can get back out there,” Dr. Hunt commanded over the noise and bustle of the trauma foyer.  Lexie and Harriet wordlessly followed his lead.

The downpour was incredible; Harriet’s glasses were coated with thick rain.  A bolt of lightning lit the sky and illuminated the scene that surrounded them: strangers on stretchers, paramedics in slick blue jackets with gold lettering, and what looked like a woman falling from the sky.

The ground suddenly shook as this creature landed like a comet and cracked open the earth in front of Seattle Grace.

Lexie ran toward the danger, not listening to or hearing Dr. Hunt’s cries to follow safety procedures.   

“What are you doing,” Harriet yelled above the rain.

“There’s a person in there,” Lexie snarled over her shoulder as she kept moving toward the newly formed crater.

Kara Danvers laid soaking wet in the center of her Earthly cocoon.  Lexia jumped in the hole next to her and immediately began reading her vital signs.  

“She’s breathing!”  Lexie yelled to Harriet who stood anxiously at the edge of the pit.  “Breathing is normal. She’s unresponsive with no visible signs of trauma.  Body temp appears normal, but running slightly warm. BP is 115/75, wow,” Lexie whispered to herself, “that’s like, perfect blood pressure.”

“Can we transport her?” Harriet called down to Lexie.

“Yeah,” she called back.  “Grab a board and we’ll hoist her up and out.”


1015 hours, 20 September

“I can’t believe your kid sister--”

“Half sister,” Meredith interrupted.

Half sister,” Christina rolled her eyes, “and Morticia get this case.”

The pair of doctor’s were staring through the glass window into the hospital room that held an unconscious woman, our hero, Kara Danvers of Earth 38.  The room was silent compared to most of the other in-use hospital rooms.

“They literally carried her to this bed.  I think it’s fair they got dibs.” She tilted her head to the side.  “I wish I knew why she couldn’t be hooked up to any of the monitors.”

“I know!” Christina yelped.  “I was thinking maybe it’s a skin condition, a fungal infection that hardens the epidermis.”

“If that were the case, they’d be able to cut her open with something.”  Meredith pointed to a pile of bent scalpels and one of Dr. Torres’s bone-knives split in two.

“I think they’re lying,” Christina said quickly.  “What say you and I experiment?”

Before Meredith could answer, Christina opened the door to Kara’s room.  Meredith somewhat reluctantly followed her.

“What are you going to try?”

“I think,” Christina mumbled between her teeth, concentrating on which device to pull from the tray of fresh supplies.  “I think, the trick could be to go small; gain entrance through a pore in her skin.”

She took out the smallest needle she had access to, a 36 gauge, and prepped a small area on the back of the unconscious woman’s hand.  

“What the fuck,” Christina murmured.  The needle she tried to insert carefully into the unconscious woman’s hand not only bent, but split into several pieces, resembling a tassel.  

“I already tried that approach,” a cold, Irish voice cut through the room causing Meredith to jump and Christina to glare.  “Along with more than a dozen others, and nothing seems to work.” Harriet stepped fully into the room, standing on the opposite side of Kara’s bed.  “You would’ve known that if you trusted the reports I submitted to Dr. Hunt.” She folded her arms, narrowing her eyes at the two women, daring them to challenge her more.

“Relax, Morticia, I couldn’t help myself,” Christina repsonded coolly.  “When’s the last time you’ve heard of anything like this happening? Never, that’s when.”  

“Didn’t this happen in that shitty Superman movie from two years ago?” Meredith interjected.  She was met with glares from both sides of the room.


1830 hours, 22 September

“Any developments on Super Doe?” Jackson asked walking down the plastics hall with Lexie Grey.

“I wish people would stop calling her that,” Lexie retorted.  She was never in a good mood when she skipped breakfast.

“Sorry,” Jackson said slowly, his lisp peeking out ever so slightly.

“Dr. Grey, “ Dr. Hunt said, walking towards the pair.  “We have an update on your Jane Doe.”

Lexie gulped nervously. “What is it?”

“I’m afraid it’s nothing riveting,” he announced, flipping through the chart in his hands.  “She is being moved to a new room on the other side of the hospital.”


“Well, we no longer need her in the fish bowl, seeing as her condition hasn’t changed in three days, and we need the space.”

Lexie fixed her gaze on the ground.

“Now she’ll have a view,” Dr. Hunt offered up as one last consolation prize before continuing down the hall.

“I should go check on her, see if the move triggered any response in her.”


“What would even cause this in a person,” Harriet wondered aloud.  The only person in the room was the unconscious, blond-haired woman known as Super Doe among the residents and interns, and she wasn’t exactly a captive audience.

“It’s hard to pinpoint because we don’t know anything about you.  You could be some freakdog for all we know.” She curled her feet underneath her in the chair beside Super Doe’s bed.  “Oh, fucking man, what if you’re into body mods I haven’t even seen before.” She scanned the woman’s body, lying still on the bed.  “Nah,” she leaned back in her chair. “You don’t seem like the type.

“Still, I want to know your deal.  How did you get from wherever you were in that storm into a pit in the ground completely unmarked?  What were you doing?” Her eyes bulged, “Your boyfriend?” Harriet said this like a laugh, leering with one pierced eyebrow arched in excitement.  She sobered up, staring at Kara’s soft face. “Your girlfriend?”

“Talking to yourself?”

Harriet jumped to her feet, wondering how long Lexie Grey had been standing in the doorway to Super Doe’s room.  

“Just seeing if my attractive accent would wake the girl up,” she answered coolly.  

“Sure,” Lexie rolled her eyes, crossing to the closed window blinds.  “Do you have to insist on a dark room wherever you go?”

Harriet smirked at this.  “No,” she stood next to Lexie.  “But I don’t see what a difference some sunlight would make to the girl with skin of steel.”  

Lexie ignored her, pulling up the blinds and washing the room in deep golden sunlight.  She stared at the sunset, feeling the slight warmth of its rays creep over her.

“I’ll take what I can get at this point,” Lexie sighed.  “We’re no closer to finding out what’s wrong with her than we discovering if god is real.”  

Harriet laughed, “Don’t say that too loudly, wouldn’t want the other interns to think Super Doe is a goddess now, would we?”  

Lexie smiled at this.  “Super Doe,” she turned to face Kara, still lying unconscious in her bed now with sunlight kissing her from head to toe.  “I wish we knew what to actually call her.” Lexie brushed a strand of Kara’s hair behind her ear.

“Yeah,” Harriet agreed.  

The pair stood solemnly in the room for a moment, letting the outside world wash everything away.  

Lexie’s beeper rang shrilly, bringing them both back to reality.  

“I gotta go,” she mumbled and left without a second thought.


1645 hours, 24 September

Suggested listening - Going Under by Evanescence

“Just you and me, again,” Harriet sighed.  Her headphones around her neck blasted rhythmic heavy rock music while she painted her nails black.

She had perfected her ability to stay in the shadows of the room as sunlight poured in, coating Kara in gold from sunrise to sunset.  

Harriet had grown bored of guessing what this mystery woman’s life was like.  She’d be lying if she said it didn’t hurt her heart that still, after nearly a week, no one had come looking for this woman.  Where was her family, her partner, her coworkers?

Kara’s bag sat on the table next to her bed, offering no answers for the young intern.  They had searched her belongings after bringing her in and found nothing but a women’s superman costume, a pair of glasses, and some electronic device the doctors had assumed was a game.  The group were even so unsure what to do with Kara, that they kept her in her flannel and jeans instead of the usual dressing gown duds.

“Why has no one come for you, Steel Girl?” Harriet wondered aloud.  “Are you a runaway?” Harriet scanned Kara’s face for what was easily the millionth time that day.  “No, you don’t seem that young. But it’d be easier if we at least knew your age.”

She shut off her cd player and inched her chair closer to Kara’s bed, her eyes filled with concern.

“I don’t even know your name,” she whispered.  

As if her words were a magick spell, she saw Kara’s eyes start to flutter open.  

“Oh, my god,” Harriet whispered, not daring to look anywhere but Kara’s eyes.

Kara opened her eyes fully.  She felt like she’d been in a wrestling match with Kal for a week.  It took a moment for her to piece together where she was; and where she was she did not recognize.  

She sat up suddenly, seeing Lena in the corner of the room spring to her feet.

“Hi, I’m here to help you,” she said, moving quickly to her side.

“Lena,” Kara breathed.  “What happened? Are you okay?”  

Harriet was puzzled by the patient’s reaction, but redirected quickly, “My name is Dr. Harriet Lehane, and you’re in Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.”

Kara shook her head, not understanding what was being said to her in the moment.

“How’s the watchdog going--Oh my god!” Lexie rushed into the room, seeing her patient sitting up right in her bed.  

“Alex!” Kara exclaimed and rushed out of her bed to hug her sister, but stopped herself before reaching her.  Reality crashed into Kara’s brain: again, this wasn’t her world and these weren’t her people.


Kara listened patiently as the two doctors explained where she was and what brought her here.  Apparently after flying into this earth, she was in a monstrous storm and was found unconscious in the street.  She remained unconscious for six days.

They asked Kara repeatedly why nothing was able to penetrate her skin to which Kara simply shrugged.  She was intrigued by this earth’s version of her sister and her best friend, but could tell she couldn’t stay here long without becoming part of a mad science experiment.  She planned to use the Jumper to get out of here the first chance she had alone.

This didn’t happen for hours between interrogations, tests, and Alex’s, Lexie’s older doctor sister named Meredith squinting at her, clearly seeing through Kara’s flimsy excuses.  It was just after midnight when Kara was finally left alone.

She grabbed her bag, searched the room for anything missing, and pulled out the Jumper.  

“Where are you going?” Harriet’s accusatory words cut through the room.  

“Uh, I just don’t belong here,” Kara began, unsure of what really to say.   Well, I’m an alien with super powers who’s been traveling to different earths in what began as a way to take a break from my life and is quickly becoming a soul searching quest.     

“You were unconscious for a week, and we don’t know how you’re standing right now,” Harriet responded.  “You’re not the least bit curious as to why that is?”

Kara shifted her weight, deciding against her better judgement to throw caution to the winds. She was leaving this earth shortly, after all.

“My name is Kara Zor-El.  I’m one of the last survivors of my planet, Krypton.  Because of my alien heritage, and earth’s yellow sun, I have gained special abilities.”  She floated lightly above the ground, and used her heat vision to warm the coffee in Harriet’s mug on the table.  She landed on the ground, and took a deep breath, wanting to finish her explanation before Harriet could ask any questions.

“Not only am I not from your planet, I am not from your earth.  I used this,” she held up the Jumper, “to travel between my earth and other earths, trying to visit a friend of mine. But,” she took a step closer to Harriet, “it seems that I keep ending up in worlds where the people that mean the most to me are different.”

Unable to think of anything else to ask, Harriet said the first that popped into her head, “Who do you keep seeing?”  

Kara’s eyes jerked up to meet Harriet’s.  “You,” she says simply. “Or rather you’re this earth’s version of my best--a person I care about very much.”   Kara shook her head. “It’s all very confusing.”

Harriet took a half step closer to Kara, not really understanding why she needed her to stay in Seattle for just a little while longer.  “Stay,” she murmured. “At least through the night. You can tell me about these different worlds, get some rest, and then head on your journey.”  

Kara squinted suspiciously at Harriet.  Something was tugging at her to believe this woman she had known for only a few hours.   Her eyes are so honest, no matter what earth I'm on,  Kara thought.  

“Okay,” she exhaled.  “I’ll stay until sunrise.”  She sat herself down on the bed.  “But if you try and keep me here past then,” she trailed off lamely, never being good at vaguely threatening phrases.  That was Alex’s domain.

“I promise I won’t stop you, Ms. Zor-El,” Harriet offered sincerely.  She wasn’t sure how she knew this, but she was certain the other woman felt the same connection she did.  

“Thank you, Dr. Lehane,” Kara smiled.

“Please,” Harriet blushed, looking above her glasses at Kara, “call me Harriet.”

The Super’s smile widened, the scene reminding her of her earth’s version of the woman before her.  “Well, if I’m calling you Harriet-”

“Kara it is.”  

The pair smiled.


0530 hours, 25 September

Kara’s nose wrinkled, Harriet’s headphones pressed over her ears.  

“It’s so angry,” she said, pulling the headphones off and handing them back to Harriet.  

Harriet laughed.  “I take it your earth’s version of me doesn’t listen to this?”  

“Uh, she might? But she prefers softer music, folk, piano, that kind of stuff.”

“You know so much about her,” Harriet observed.  She’d learned so much about this woman, Lena, in the past few hours.  It was down right cute how excited Kara had been to talk about Lena.

“I,” Kara stared at her fingers as they twisted in her lap.  “I just care a lot about her.”

“Does she care this much about you, too?”  

Kara sighed.  “I don’t know.”  

Harriet scooted closer to Kara on the bed; they were nearly shoulder to shoulder.  “I think she does, and,” she made eye contact with Kara, “if she doesn’t, she’s a moron.”

Kara blushed.  “You look so much like her,” she said searching Harriet’s face for more similarities between her and Lena.  “The last earth I was on, their Lena didn’t look like her as much.”

Harriet saw the sun creeping up in the distance through the open window.  She knew Kara would be leaving soon, and it made her sad. She’d grown to like the Kryptonian quite a bit, and damn was she attractive.  

“If you could say anything to her, to Lena, what would you say?”  

Kara dipped her head down again, laughing nervously.  “I, I don’t know,” she stammered.

“Sure you do,” Harriet urged.  “Go ahead,” she took off her glasses.  “Just pretend I’m her. What do you want to say?”  

“I,” Kara swallowed, staring at Harriet seeing more of Lena then she had even a moment before.  “I,” she tried again, her mouth dry. For a fraction of a moment she saw the other woman’s eyes drop to her lips; she did the same.  Harriet’s lips looked so much like Lena’s.

Before Kara could stop herself, she was kissing Harriet, and Harriet was kissing her back.  They broke apart, feeling the sun’s rays on their faces.

“I should go,” Kara whispered, not daring to open her eyes and throw herself back to reality.  

“Yeah, sun’s calling, I guess,” Harriet murmured, far more smitten with the Kryptonian than she thought she would be.  

Kara blinked her eyes open, planting herself firmly in the present: she was on a different Earth, she needed to leave to the next, and she had just kissed this Earth’s version of Lena Luthor.  

Within seconds she was standing in the center of the small hospital room, backpack on, and Jumper in hand.

“It was really great getting to know you, Harriet.”

“Same to you, Kara.”

Before Harriet realized what was happening, Kara had pulled her into a tight hug.  “Look me up if you’re ever on Earth 38,” she said, letting go of the doctor.

Harriet smiled and watched as Kara clicked a button on the device in her hand.  

A pulsing blue portal appeared in the middle of the room, and Kara flew through it with one last glance at Harriet before disappearing along with the portal entrance into nothingness.

“What the hell was that?” Lexie exclaimed from the doorway flanked by Meredith and Christina.

“I can totally explain,” Harriet responded quickly, wondering how long the trio had been standing in the doorway.

“Oh, this is gonna be good,” Christina whispered to Meredith, jumping in the chair near the door like a kid waiting for storytime.


Suggested listening - In the Sun by Joseph Arthur

There’s a reason I’m going to these Earths , Kara thought.   There’s a reason why we do the things we do, say the things we say, love the ones we love.

Do we do this out of necessity?  Is it some human thing I’ve picked up on during my time on this planet?

“What the hell do you mean she’s from another planet, Harriet?” Lexie yelled exasperated.  Christina laughed hysterically.

Or do we do it because we have to try?  We have to find the person, our person, who makes doing all of this craziness in our lives worth it.

“She was telling the truth,” Harriet snarled, fiercely determined to defend the woman she grew to care deeply about in the short time of a week.

Kara had more than a sneaking suspicion who that person was for her, but she still wasn’t completely ready to admit it.  There were still so many obstacles on her Earth to keep them apart. A Luthor and Super together...

“I wish it wasn’t so freaking windy between Earths,” Kara yelled to herself over the howling winds of passing Earths.  

In the distance, Kara heard someone calling out, “Supergirl!”

“Here we go again,” Kara whispered, and sped toward the call, hoping she got closer to what she was looking for in this new world.

Chapter Text

“Supergirl!” Batwoman yelled again as she aimed her bat-turned-shotgun at a tenebrae soldier. “I need you to flank the left side! We are here to rescue the prisoners and leave!”

“At your service,” Kara Starikov yelled back, speeding toward a group of people in rags. She helped herd them toward the open street where two women ushered the first of the prisoners down into the sewers under Berlin.

“Take some of zat, tu es sale, chose morte ( you filthy, dead thing) ! ” Poison Ivy shrieked, magicking gorgeously thick vines to sprout from the earth between cobblestone, engulfing more of the tenebrae army.

One of the soldiers broke loose from the twisting plant, and tore after Ivy.

“Don't you DARE touch my girl!” Harley Quinn yelled with a sickening smack of her mallet on tenebrae skull.

“We've got almost all of them out!” Maggie Sawyer called from her position near the sewer opening. “How many we got, BatWoman?”

“Not much more! Hold the line!”

Lightening cracked over head, spitting Kara Danvers out in the middle of the sky. She waited to hear who called for her, hovering above the scene, only to be met with a cacophony of screams from the battle below.

Before her brain could process the scene, her heart jumped to her throat as she saw some man, no, some thing throw a grenade at two women near the sewer’s entrance.

“Maggie! Lena!” She yelled, zooming toward the grenade. She reached it just in time to shield the blast beneath her, leaving a flaming hole in her shirt.

She turned frantic to Maggie and Lena, making sure they were okay.

“Where's everyone else?” She couldn't find Alex or J’onn anywhere in the fight.

Neither Maggie nor Lena had anytime to respond before a tall woman with striking red hair came up behind Kara, pushing her down the sewer steps.

“No time for chatter, hero girl. We gotta make like a banana and get the hell out of here,” BatWoman announced, cocking her batgun and aiming a bullet at a pack of tenebrae nearest the group.

Poison Ivy, Harley, Maggie, Lena, and Kara Starikov rushed in, pulling Kara with them.

Batwoman followed with a loud thud of the steel reinforced doors to the sewer vault.

Kara was lead around a winding hallway for what felt like ten full minutes before it opened to a staircase landing above a large cavern filled with hundreds of people at several long tables. The candlelight and brick forcibly reminded Kara of the Great Hall from Harry Potter.

“Please,” a voice rang out from a small stage at the north end of the hall. “If I could have all of your attention briefly.”

It was Lena. She was standing on the stage wearing loose fitting, army-green coveralls, with large, black, upturned triangles on both sleeves and matching steel-toed boots. Her eyes blazed as she looked over the crowd. Kara could see heartbreak in her look of vicious triumph.

“I know you must be frightened,” she continued, her Austrian accent weaving through her words. “I was frightened.” She looked down at her hands, “but we must not live in fear.” She looked up at the crowd of families clutching their young, of strangers holding each other crying, of people translating Lena’s English words into their native tongue.

“Tonight, as the sun sets, we stay here in this hall. You will be safe. We will share bread and drink, and rest.”  Her eyes scanned the crowd, catching Kara’s eye momentarily where she stood overseeing the cavern. “Tomorrow, we, the Bombshells, will help move you out of Berlin, out of the country, and hopefully out of danger.”

Small murmurs broke out all over the space. Some were crying, relieved to finally be free from the home they have now long lost. Others cried out, “Das ist mein Zuhause (This is my home) !” Some remained silent, not sure what to say or feel.

Lena held up her hand, waiting for the talk to die down. “Those who do not wish to leave, can stay.”

A sigh of relief fell over the crowd.

“And fight,” Lena declared, her nostrils flaring slightly, her lips curled showing her teeth.

“I'm tired of fighting,” a man called out from the back of the hall. “I just want to be home!”

Lena bowed her head.

“I'm sorry,” she began, softly. “I'm sorry that this is happening. That we've been reduced to such manipulative choices: stay and fight, or leave. But we cannot pretend that this isn't happening all around us. We cannot pretend that those who are different from what that, that nazi-müll (nazi trash) are, are safe to just go home. They brand us like cattle,” she pointed to the triangle on her sleeve. “And they expect us to go quietly because this is our home.  But we are not home anymore. We are not safe anymore. They are trying to take our world and make it theirs. I will not let them.”

She scanned the crowd again, meeting each and every eye. “Tomorrow,” she took a deep breath. “We must talk of war. Tonight, let us remember ourselves before they tried to make us forget.”

She bowed off the stage, making her way to Maggie and the BatWoman. Kara followed the steps down to the floor to meet them.

“What can I do to help?” she offered, still in awe of Lena’s words.

“Sternschnuppe (shooting star) , why have you changed from your uniform to a burned shirt?” Lena asked, affection in her words.

“Yeah, Kara, if I'da known any better-”

Kara Starikov touched down next to Kara Danvers.

“I’da thought you had a twin…”

Both Karas looked each other up and down for a moment, before the other spoke.

“What is the meaning of this самозванец (samozvanets: pretender) ?” Kara Starikov demanded, squaring her shoulders toward Kara as if challenging her.

“Oh, I,” Kara began, completely forgetting this wasn't her world and this wasn't her time.

“Save it, hero girl,” BatWoman cut her off. “We can settle this quickly and quietly. Come with me.”  

Kara nodded silently and followed the tall woman to the back of the hall. BatWoman ushered her to a corner and told her to stay put while she twisted through the crowd to grab a striking woman wearing high waisted, star-studded shorts, and a red shirt with such a deep plunge into her chest, it made Kara blush.

“This is the woman?”

“Yes,” Batwoman answered. Kara felt short next to both of them.

“My name is Diana of Themyscira,” the woman in short-shorts said to Kara. “In this world, most call me Wonder Woman.”

Kara stood dumbstruck.

“I have gifts from the gods to compel you to tell the truth.” Diana unclipped a coil of golden rope from her hip. “This will only hurt you if you are not truthful,” she added, pulling both of Kara's hands forward to wrap her Lasso of Truth around her wrists.

“Who are you?”

“I am Kara Zor-El, last daughter of Krypton. I was sent to care for my cousin Kal-El when my planet died. I landed on Earth 38 and lived as Kara Danvers and Supergirl.”

“We already have a Supergirl here, and she sure ain't American. How do you explain this, hero girl?” BatWoman asked.

“I come from Earth 38. I have been traveling through the multiverse to other Earths, searching for my way to love.”

This last bit caught Kara off guard. Searching for my way to love. She nodded her head, agreeing with herself internally.

“What do you want from us, here, in Berlin?”

“I want to help. I won’t be in this world long, but I want to do what I can.  I want to stand by Lena’s side and help,” Kara finished, not breaking eye contact with Diana.

“It seems that no matter what Earth, Supergirl will always fall for Lena, huh?” BatWoman laughed, nudging Diana with her elbow.  

Diana merely smiled, untying the lasso from Kara’s wrists. She rubbed where the ties had been though she felt no pain.

“What do you mean?” Kara asked, curious.

BatWoman simply pointed at the other Supergirl, flying above the crowd handing out knotted bread.  When she ran out of loaves, she flew over to where Lena was standing guard over an opened vault door filled with bread, food, and drink.  She landed next to Lena and gave her a small kiss on her cheek before grabbing more loaves and flying above the crowd again.

“Oh,” Kara whispered, a slight pink tinge visible on her cheeks.

BatWoman laughed, clapping Kara on the back.  “Let’s have you help them set up so we can start the kiddush.”

Kara nodded her head in agreement, ready for anything that was needed.  

“Oh, uh, and you can call me Kate,” the BatWoman said with a grin.


BatWoman stood on the stage, her head bowed like most others in the h all, reciting a prayer lead by a man from the group.  “Baruch atah, Adonai, Eloheinu, Melech Haolam, borei p'ri hagafen ( ריבונו של היקום, בורא פרי הגפן. : Praise to You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the universe, Creator or the fruit of the vine) .”

Kara closed her eyes as she stood at the back of the hall near the vault of food.  The rhythm of Kate’s Hebrew reminded her so much of Kryptonian.

Suggested listening: Hine Mah Tov (Behold How Good)

The crowd finished the blessing, and conversation bubbled throughout the space.  Kara opened her eyes to find Lena leaning against the wall next to her.

“Please tell me,”  she began with a deep breath.  “That in the world you are from, our people do not have to live like this.”  

Kara scanned the room, seeing smiling faces with the ghost of horror across them.  

“We do not have this war, but my world is not completed healed.” She fixed her gaze on the floor.  “I fight to protect and help people,” she met Lena’s eyes that were a deeper green than her Lena’s.  “Same as you.”

Sternschnuppe (my shooting star)  and I were not given much choice,” Lena joked darkly.  

“You always are,” Kara responded, feeling the familiar urge to have Lena see the strength in herself.  “You are always a hero, every world I’ve been.”

Lena blushed.

“держитесь того, что принадлежит вам (Hold on to what belongs to you) ” Kara Starikov muttered, slinging her arm around Lena.  

“Sei nett mein, Sternschnuppe (Be nice, my darling star) ,” Lena purred, leaning into her arms, kissing her cheek.

“Sie sieht dich an, wie du bist ihres (She looks at you like you are hers) .”

“Aber ich bin dein (But I am yours). ”  

Kara made a face as if this settled the matter, a faced her Earth 38 counterpart.  “You will stay the night and help.” It wasn’t a question. “Tomorrow we move these people to the next safe house. After that, you may want to continue on your journey.”

Kara was ready to let this Earth’s version of her know that she will stay and help as long as she needs, but lost the opportunity as Kara Starikov flew over to Diana and Kate to continue planning.

“Forgive her,” Lena said with a sad smile. “This war has hardened her.”  

“How old is she?”


“I can't imagine what her life must be like,” Kara said, shaking her head.

“Surely you have some idea,” Lena offered. “Your lives can't be that different.”

Kara smiled weakly. “If I'm being honest,” she said, catching the glint of Diana’s lasso across the room. “I am jealous of your Kara.”

Lena chuckled. “Why?”

“Because she's your Kara.”

Lena didn't say anything, understanding that sometimes words get in the way of what we truly mean. She placed firm, reassuring hands on Kara’s shoulders. She felt warmth flood her body from Lena's touch.

“Thank you,” she whispered, keeping her eyes closed, imagining it was Lena, the Lena she wished to be hers , holding her.

“We made up a cot for you with the rest of ours,” Kate said, draping her arm around Kara’s neck causing Lena to let go. “Come on, I'll show you.”


“We need to all get some sleep,” Kate announced, eyeing Harley and Ivy giggling in the corner. “No funny business tonight.”

That night Kara dreamt of coming home, of Lena meeting her in the house they shared together. It was another one of her coma dreams. She had so many, almost all of Lena, while she laid unconscious on Earth 5.

The next day moved quickly. Kate and Diana gave the hall their instructions for the move. Harley, Ivy, and a new woman named Mera stayed behind to assist with the few people joining the fight.

The large crowd drudged through the sewer tunnels that cut deeper and deeper under Berlin, under the Baltic Sea and into Sweden. Kara and Kara would float above the mass of people, checking ahead and behind for beings that did not belong.

Before exiting the tunnels to be divided into groups throughout Sweden, Kate and Diana stopped the group to eat. The Bombshells passed out food like the night before. They gave leftover challah, water, and Beaufort cheese Poison Ivy smuggled from France. Kara ate with the crew of super heroines, listening intently to their words.

“How much longer you plan on sticking with us, hero girl?” Kate asked, ripping a piece of challah off of Maggie’s loaf for herself.

“I think once the group splits, it'll be time to move on to wherever this thing takes me,” she replied, pulling out the Jumper from her bag. It was pulsing the blue color of the portals dully. It had done this since before she left Earth 5. Kara was sure it meant something, but had no idea what just yet.

This seemed to peak Kara Starikov’s interest.

“That looks like something my father would have created,” she whispered.

Kara smiled, rolling the Jumper around in her hand.  “I know what you mean.”

Kara Starikov cleared her throat, ending her trance on the piece of tech in her doppelgänger’s hand.  “You fight on your world?” she asked conversationally, sipping her water.

“Yeah,” Kara answered, playing with the ball of challah in her hands.  “I just started nearly two years ago.”

“What war made you begin?” Starikov questioned, narrowing her eyes at the elder Super.

“Uh,” Kara began, unsure of how to talk about her call to the fight.  “I kind of, uh, “came out” when I saved my sister in a plane crash.”

Kara Starikov’s eyes deadened, obviously seeing something Kara could not.  

“It is hard to think about the way things were before,” Kara Starikov stated in a hoarse whisper.

“How do you do it?” Kara asked, turning to face only Kara.  “How have you managed to be happy?”

Kara Starikov searched the wall opposite her for the words she needed.  

“I thought I was lost after a year of fighting this war.  I have lost so much: my home, my heritage, my family.” Kara nodded solemnly with this.

“But I know who I am,” Kara Starikov said, looking Kara full in the face.  “I know my purpose. I know how to help and,” Kara and Kara looked over to Lena who was deep in conversation with Diana.  “I have the love of my life.”

“How did you know? How did you finally take the plunge to be with her?” Kara asked, trying to keep the desperate tone of her voice masked by curiosity.

“Она увидела мое сердце,” she answered easily.

“What does that mean?”

“She saw my soul.”

Kara let this sink in.  Lena had definitely seen her soul since they first met, and continued to do every second they were together.  Suddenly, the Jumper glowed a solid, vibrant blue. The pair of Supergirls stared at it, mesmerized for a moment.

How do you say “thanks for the new shirt?”” Kara asked, still staring at the glowing tech in her hands.

“Спасибо вам за вашу жалость (Thank you for your pity), ” the Super smirked.  

Diana announced to the crowd that they would move to the surface soon, and split them into several groups.  Some were staying in Sweden, others were moving on to Norway to travel west toward Ireland, Iceland, and Canada.  

Friends huddled in tight hugs saying their goodbyes.  Kara knew it was time for her to move on to the next world the Jumper had in store.  

“Is this goodbye, zweiter stern gefallen (second falling star) ?” Lena asked as she sidled up next to Kara.

“I think so,” Kara murmured, keeping her eyes on the glowing Jumper.

“Be safe on your travels,” Kara Starikov said, grabbing Kara with both hands by the shoulders and shaking her slightly.  

“You, too,” Kara replied, feeling her brain shake in the Super’s grip.

“Don’t be a stranger, hero girl,” Kate added, punching Kara affectionately on the shoulder.

“We are glad to have you with us,” Diana seconded, bringing Kara in for a warm hug.  

The familiar pulsing blue, silver portal opened behind Kara, brilliant against the rolling hills beyond.  

“Thank you,” Kara said to the group of strong women before her.  “For everything,” she added, turning toward Lena and Kara Starikov, holding each other loosely as the wind whipped through their hair.  

Kara ran at half speed into the portal, allowing the wind to pull her to where she needed to go next.  In the din of lightning and thunder, Kara could hear a woman’s voice singing.

Slán, téigh agus cuimhnigh orm. Tá a fhios agam conas a thugamar cúram orainn. (Farewell, go and remember me. You know how we care for you.)”

She sped faster toward the sound of the song.  She knew in her heart, it was where she’s meant to go.  

“Mura ndéanfainn, cuirfimid i gcuimhne duit ár n-amanna iontacha.  Ar mo thaobh a chuir tú ar aghaidh go leor bláthanna de rósanna (If not, I would remind you of our wonderful times. For by my side you put on wreaths of roses) . ”  

Kara burst into the new world seeing rolling mountains and forests at dusk.  It was almost as if in this world you can see everything alive.  

“Agus garlands bláthanna timpeall ort muineál bog. Agus le cumhrán lómhara agus ríoga tú anointed tú féin (And garlands of flowers around your soft neck And with precious and royal perfume you anointed yourself).”

“Lena,” Kara breathed, and sped toward her singing voice, longing to be near it, to be near her.

“Ar leapacha bog shásaigh tú do paisean (On soft beds you satisfied your passion),” Morgana sang out, remembering the poem from her lessons as a child.  “My sweet Aithusa,” she sang. “It has been nearly two years in our prison.”  

Aithusa nuzzled closer to Morgana, whose hands were chained above her head.  This gave Morgana another bout of conviction; maybe this time she could free herself and her beloved Aithusa.  

“Morrígan, éisteacht liom, scaoil ón gcrann seo (Morrigan, hear me, release us from this coil) ,” she hissed.

Nothing came of her words. She pulled herself up slightly, yanking on the chains that had been cutting into her wrists for months.  

“Socraigh linn saor in aisce ag an am céanna (Set us free at once) ,” she screamed just as Kara was flying toward the well that was her tomb.  Kara was hit with the spell, and fell to Morgana in a deep sleep.

Chapter Text

“Kara, it’s time to get up.”

“Mmm,” Kara groaned, pulling her pillow over her eyes.  “Five more minutes,” she mumbled into the bed.

“That’s what you said ten minutes ago,” Lena quipped.  She sat on the edge of the bed next to Kara, rubbing her back slowly.  

Kara plopped her hand on Lena’s thigh that was exposed through the slit in her thin robe.  She began tracing small shapes along Lena’s skin, feeling goosebumps erupt in her fingertip’s wake.

“Mmm,” Lena hummed appreciatively.  “Now, you know this isn’t at all fair.”

Kara smiled against the bed as Lena lifted the pillow from her face.  “All’s fair in love,” Kara sang.

“And war,” Lena chuckled, shifting her leg slightly closer to Kara causing the blond’s hand to slip higher up Lena’s pale thigh.  

“No war here,” Kara purred, turning on her side smiling up at Lena.  

“Just the internal war in my mind of whether I should have you stop and finish getting ready,” the dark haired woman joked, closing her eyes as Kara’s hand continued to slowly move farther up her leg.   

“Or?” Kara asked slowly, relishing in how easy it was to tease the CEO.

“Or,” Lena took a deep, rattling breath, “Straddle my incredibly sexy girlfriend until she screams my name.”

Lena gasped as Kara lifted her easily from the edge of the bed and settled her on top on herself lying flat in the middle of their bed.  The sudden change in position caused Lena’s robe to open more. Kara followed the slit from Lena’s neck slowly to her navel, her eyes darkening with hungry.  

Lena laughed, thoroughly enjoying Kara’s appreciative gaze.  “We are going to be so late for work.”

Kara smiled widely, sitting up to cup Lena’s face in her hands, pulling her in for a passionate kiss.  “Worth it,” Kara breathed against Lena’s lips.

Lena’s breathing quickened and the pair crashed the lips against each others, filled with nothing but desire and love.

Suggested Listening - J.S. Bach Fugue in G minor, BWV 1000

The shining sun peeked through Kara’s eyelids.  She felt warm, her body cradled against a steadily beating heart, one that she recognized.  

“Lena,” she whispered, stirring lightly, not yet ready to open her eyes to the harsh morning light.

Mo aingeal milis, an bhfuil tú ag dúscailt ar deireadh (My sweet angel, are you finally awaking) ?” Morgana cooed softly, moving to caress her beautiful stranger’s face.  The chains that held her arms above her head rattled, cutting into the sores that perpetually oozed on her forearms.

Kara opened her eyes at the sound, squinting through the white sunlight pouring through a small circle several hundred feet above her. She jumped, slamming backwards into the decrepit brick wall, causing several rocks and other debris to fall in the well.  

Kara moved quickly to shield herself and her companions in this hole from the rock fall she created.

“Bí fós (Be still). ” Morgana breathed.  The rocks froze mid-air before they reached Kara’s protective arms.  She looked up astonished, breathing heavily before turning her shocked eyes on Morgana.

“There is no need to be afraid, my dear angel,” Morgana sang sweetly.  

Kara stared at her.  A woman wearing Lena’s face, but paler than she had ever seen it sat chained to the wall.  Dark tangles of hair fell in knots far past this woman’s shoulders, and Kara couldn’t place the language she had spoken earlier.  

“Who are you?” Kara asked, hesitantly.  Her eyes roamed over the pale woman’s figure, taking in her tattered, black gown, and arms stretched upwards.  Kara held her gaze on the shackles that caged Morgana’s bleeding arms and wrists to the well’s wall. She instinctively moved to free her, blinded by her familiarity to this woman, but froze half way, letting her hands fall suddenly to her sides.  

Morgana’s hopeful breath hitched in her chest.  “Please,” she nearly whimpered. “I mean you no harm, sweet angel.”  She tried to straighten herself up, pulling on the cuffs above her head.  “I am the Lady Morgana. I have been held prisoner here for nearly seven hundred turns of the sun.”  Morgana’s eyes pleaded with Kara’s. “Please, help me.”

Kara was inclined to believe her, but something niggled at the back of her brain.  “How did you stop the rocks?”

“I have power,” Morgana explained cautiously.  

“If you have power, why can’t you break from these chains?”  

Kara could hear Morgana’s heart thundering nervously in her chest.  “These shackles are a mix of tarnished airgead from the three coasts of this kingdom.  My power cannot be used against them.”

Kara used her super vision to scan the cuffs.  She winced at Morgana’s sores. This was all she needed to know.

“I believe you,” Kara said, placing her hand gently on Morgana’s knee.  “Please stay still. I’m going to get you out of here.” Kara’s eyes glowed red for a moment, and Morgana showed nothing but relief in her own.  She gasped when Kara’s heat vision made a direct beam of red light from her eyes to the metal cuffs around her wrists. The cuffs shattered into pieces, and Morgana fell forward for the first time in nearly two years.  

“Thank you,” she cried, holding her wrists, leaning on Kara’s lap.  “Thank you.”

“Shh, shh,” Kara rubbed Morgana’s shoulder in an attempt to sooth her.  “I’ve got you. I’ll get us out of here.”

Morgana allowed Kara to gently scoop her up off the ground of the well, holding her close to her chest in her strong arms.  

“Once we are in the sky, tell me where I can take you,” Kara whispered against Morgana’s ear.  

“There’s a castle that once held my people.  It will be forgotten now,” Kara could hear the sorrow in Morgana’s voice.  “You can take me there, dear angel. Aithusa will show you the way.”

Kara recognized for the first time that what she thought was a misshapen white boulder on the far side of the well was actually a small dragon.  Hearing it’s name, it lifted its spiked head morosely.

“Téigh ar aghaidh, Aithusa. Tóg linn go mbeidh muid sábháilte (Go on, Aithusa. Take us to where we will be safe) ,” Morgana commanded of her prized companion.

Aithusa chirped excitedly; she half flew, half climbed out of the well taking full flight once in the sky far above them.

“You will have to follow on land, while Aithusa guides us from the sky,” Morgana shared, holding onto Kara around her shoulders.  “I do not know how many days it may take us to get there.”

“We’ll be able follow in the sky,” Kara said, lifting off from the ground lightly and slowly floating up and out of the well.  

Morgana gasped again, and held onto Kara tightly, brushing her cuts too roughly against Kara’s clothes.  She let out a breath of pain, loosening her grip.

“It’s okay,” Kara murmured into Morgana’s cheek.  ‘I’ve got powers of my own.”

The pair floated easily over the vast forest that surrounded the well, the sun keeping them warm, even with the cool autumn wind whipping around them as Kara followed Aithusa’s path.  

Shortly after their flight began, it ended in front of a tall castle that appeared to be left to ruin. Morgana had drifted to sleep in Kara’s arms along the flight.  She stirred awake after feeling Kara touch down on the soft earth across from the broken bridge into the ancient castle.

“Home sweet, home,” Kara muttered, being careful to put Morgana down steady on her feet.  

Morgana smiled at the ruin before her, limping toward Aithusa.  “Come dear,” she cooed, her voice high and soft. “We will be safe here until we can regain what we’ve lost.”

Kara was unsure what to do.  She thought about moving on to the next world, thinking her purpose here may be finished, but her heart broke when she heard the thread of fear that laced its way through Morgana’s voice.

“Let me stay with you,” Kara asked, coming to stand next to Morgana offering her arm for support.  “I can help you until you are healed.”

Morgana turned, surprise etched across her face.  “You must truly not know who I am to offer me such kindness.”

Kara’s heart squeezed in her chest.  “I don’t know about you, Morgana, but there is one thing I’ve learned on my journey, is that I certainly know you and would care for you no matter where I am.”

The raven-haired high priestess contemplated this, hating herself for not wanting to trust the woman who just saved her.  

“My sweet angel,” Morgana trilled, petting Kara’s cheek lightly with her fingertips.  “You are welcome wherever I go.”

The pair slowly made their way into the castle, longing for rest.


Kara had been with Morgana for an entire week. A week filled with careful attention to Morgana to nurse the weakened sorceress back to full health.  A week filled with nothing by time to talk to each other about their lives.

Kara had learned that this version of her best friend seemed most like her Earth’s Lena.  Morgana, like Lena, was adopted into a powerful, wealthy, and antagonistic family filled with anger toward people that were “other”.  Morgana, like Lena, had recently discovered her true heritage, being an actual Pendragon and heir to the throne. And Morgana, like Lena, got along with Kara very easily.

“How did you learn your power in your world,” Morgana asked, sitting next to Kara leaning up against a massive tree not far from the castle.  

“Well, my power isn’t magick like yours,” Kara said scrunching her face while she thought of way to explain alien life to someone in medieval times. “I’m from another planet called Krypton. My body is built differently than yours, or any other humans.  So I absorb energy from the sun differently, which gives me special abilities like flight or enhanced vision.”

Morgana cut the apple in her hand, mulling this over before asking her next question.  She offered Kara a slice of the apple on her knife that Kara happily took.

“This is different than the existence of other earths, as you called it?”

“Yes,” Kara answered between bites.

“So, your people are still remind on Krypton, though you live on your Earth?”

“No,” Kara exhaled sadly.  “My planet died. I’m the last of my people.”

Morgana’s eyes filled with sympathy.  “As am I,” she muttered, offering Kara another piece of apple.

They sat in silence for a long while afterwards, listening to the breeze and distant sounds of Aithusa fetching their dinner.

That night was like any other.  Kara made a fire with her heat vision in the quarters she shared with Morgana while the sorceress changed behind a threadbare curtain hung in the corner of the room.  

Kara had originally chosen to stay close to Morgana in case she had needed her in the middle of the night.  She started each night on the floor, but inevitably ended up in bed with Morgana after the first of her nightmares.   Kara would leave her space on the floor, and come hold Morgana in her arms reminding her she was no longer in that pit until she fell back asleep.  

“You know, Kara,” Morgana began softly, “you don’t have to start your night on the floor.”  Kara looked up, her mouth slightly agape. “You could,” Morgana inched bravely toward the Kryptonian.  “Start your night in bed,” she swallowed, “with me.”

“Okay,” Kara whispered, her mouth suddenly very dry.  No matter how many Earths she had been on, and how many versions of Lena she had met, Kara wasn’t sure she would ever not be astounded by the dark haired woman noticing her.

The pair climbed into the bed, pulling the covers up to their chins.  Morgana looked Kara somewhat expectantly, urging the blond to open her arms for Morgana to cuddle against Kara’s chest.  Kara sighed as that fit together so easily.  I wonder if Lena and I would fit so well…

Morgana’s voice brought Kara back to where she was in the present: a medieval time set in the myth of Morgana le Fay with her arms wrapped around the woman in question who was a carbon copy of her best friend that she happened to be realizing she was very much in love with.

“Goodnight, Kara.”

“Goodnight, Morgana.”


Kara awoke with a start.

“Morgana Pendragon!” she heard a man yell.  “Last High Priestess of the Old Religion! You have been found by the army of Camelot.  You will return to Camelot for your hearing before King Arthur.”

Kara shot Morgana a panicked look.  

“Or die!”

Morgana sprang to action, moving much faster than Kara’s legs could at the moment.  Aithusa barreled toward Morgana, who whispered something Kara did not think to use super hearing to hear.  

Next, she stood next to the open window, holding a black candle in her hands.  Her eyes lit up with magick as a flame sprouted to life at the wick. She held the candle out the open window and yelled, “Diabhia, éisteacht le mo phléadáil. Cosain iad siúd atá ag glaoch ar do theach féin (Goddess, hear my plea. Protect those who still call your home their own) !”

Kara yelled, speeding forward to capture three flaming arrows as they flit through the window, barely missing Morgana’s hand.  Kara held her hand over the flames, putting them out effectively. She threw them on the floor.

“Who are they?” Kara inquired, holding Morgana back from the window now with her whole body as a shield.

“They,” she spat, “are what’s left of my wretched father, King Uther’s men.  They dare to cast blame on me for the tyrant’s death. Tabhair neart dom mo am atá caite agus mo thodhchaí (Grant me the strength of my past and my future). ”  

Morgana eyes glowed gold once more.  Kara felt the air in the room turbine momentarily around Morgana’s figure.  

“Morgana, where can I take you? We need to leave this place, these men want you dead, and,” Kara looked out the window seeing dozens upon dozens of knights in scarlet cloaks aiming arrows at the castle walls.  “They seem pretty prepared to make that a reality.”

“I’d like to see them try,” Morgana hissed.  She muttered another incantation creating a pulsing orb of fire in the palm of her hand.  “ Faigh an ciontach (Find the guilt), ” she whispered, and the orb bounced out the window, growing as it reached its target.  

Morgana’s eyes blazed as the ball of fire hit the ground, setting fire to the grass and brush at the feet of the knights and their steeds.

“Morgana!” Kara yelled, grabbing her arm.  She was scared. She didn’t know what to do.  Lena, no Morgana seemed set on killing.  There didn’t seem to be anyway to reason with her.  

“Unhand me,” Morgana snarled, her eyes pulsing with gold.  

“No,” Kara retorted, her own eyes glowing red.

“You mean to tell me Kara of Krypton does not have casualties in her battles of good and evil?” she hiss snarkily, not breaking eye contact with the Kryptonian.

“Not with humans,” Kara pleaded, keeping a firm grip on Morgana’s arm.  “We’re better than that. You are better than that.”

“I know I am,” Morgana spat.  Before Kara could respond, a series of flaming arrows flew through the window catching the bed on fire.

“We have to get out of here,” Kara pleaded.  “Do you trust me?”

Morgana looked at Kara with a mixture of hurt and determination.  Catching Kara’s eyes back to their beautiful blue, Morgana softened behind her stone exterior. “With my life,” she breathed in the sweet voice Kara had grown to admire.

Kara clenched her jaw, holding a smile that still reached her eyes.  “We need to go to the roof to see their full formation, get Aithusa and get far away from here, do you understand?”

Before Morgana could answer to tell Kara that she was absolutely not going to run from this fight, another series of arrows showered the room in flames.  

“Let’s go!”

They reached the rooftop in no time, seeing that the castle was steadily becoming surrounded.  

“There’s too many of them,” Kara worried, the straps of her backpack tightening as she anxiously pulled on them.  “Call for Aithusa, Morgana. You need to get somewhere safe. I can hold them off while you run.”

Morgana nodded, her jaw set.  “Aithusa!” she called out. The dragon halted their fight against a group of knights and sped toward Morgana.  “Cosain duit féin. Buailimid le chéile arís (Protect yourself. We will meet again). ”  

Aithusa did not budge from her spot.  “I said go!” Morgana shrieked, her shrill yell caused the knights to bend over in agony clutching their ears.

Aithusa angrily took off into the sky, breathing fire around the castle before flying toward the sun.  

“Morgana what are you doing?” Kara questioned, her worry etched across her face.  

“What I must,” Morgana answered coolly.  She raised both hands and sang, “Seol mo aingeal ar a thuras (Send my angel on her journey) .”  

Behind Kara, the familiar pulsing blue and silver portal tore open from thin air.  Kara felt the Jumper vibrate in her bag against her back. She didn’t need to look over her shoulder to know what this meant, what spell Morgana had just cast.

“Morgana,” Kara pleaded, her eyes reddened from tears this time.  

Morgana said nothing.  She grasped Kara’s hands in her own firmly, clenching her jaw.  “You can’t save everyone.”

Kara looked away from Morgana’s face just in time to see another rain of arrows reach their rooftop sanctuary.  “Morgana!” Kara yelled, moving to pull Morgana to the floor, but again, Morgana was quicker.

“Bí fós (Be still)! ” Morgana yelled, freezing the arrows around them in a strange spiked cocoon.  The Jumper in Kara’s bag vibrated angrily, reminding her of her time limit before the portal closed.  

“Go,” Morgana urged, turning away from Kara, murmuring other spells of protection and attack.  

“Morgana,” Kara whispered once more, pulling gently on the other woman’s arm.  Their eyes met, and before either could protest, they pulled each other in a tight hug.  

“Stay safe,” Kara said, inhaling deeply through her nose to keep the tears at bay.  Kara cupped Morgana’s face in her hands, searching for her Lena in this woman’s face.  She finally wrenched herself from the moment, and with a burst of super speed disappeared into the portal, gone from this world forever, but not before she heard Morgana’s scream once more picturing death and destruction in the scorned woman’s wake.

Suggest listening - Palace by Hayley Kiyoko

She let the tears fall as she sped past world after world.  She yelled into the nothingness of her existence between worlds, between homes.  

She thought bitterly of how Morgana had been failed by everyone in her life and dealt choices that backed her into a corner.  Kara shook at the thought that this could have just as easily been Lena making those choices, with that same hurt, that same hatred.

Kara felt her own anger rattle in her chest as she thought of Lena’s family.  She had felt the same anger rip through her as she saw Lillian Luthor kidnap her own daughter to use her and discard her like her broken pieces of tech.  Kara vowed she would find Lillian and bring her to justice once and for all.

She pulled herself from her thoughts, remembering where she was flying, between earths on some quest that confused her by the day.  As if the portal itself could read Kara’s mind, one Earth’s entrance pulsed bright silver before her, showing her the face of Lillian Luthor adorned with a diadem of bones, and a smug look on her face.  

Chapter Text

Kara kept her eyes trained on what she knew to be the doppelganger of Lillian Luthor for this Earth.  She broke through the portal, ending up hundreds of feet in the air above a crowded town square. People bustled, yelled, and cheered.  Lillian kept her sneer while she watched two people dressed in mismatched armor fight.

The pressure of the wind pushed into Kara’s ears like cotton, blanketing the sounds of the crowd.  She felt the familiar burn of her heat vision building as she neared this Earth’s Lillian.

The longer she was in the air, the harder it became to push toward her target.  It was as if she was in another wind turbine created by Red Tornado. Hot tears burning her face kept her going, urging her way forward, closer and closer to Lillian Luthor of this Earth.  

As she broke into the space above duel Not-Lillian was watching over, Kara heard the woman warrior’s faint whisper, “Jus drein, jus daun.”  Kara now was just several dozen feet from Not-Lillian when the spear the woman warrior had just been brandishing flew through the chest of Kara’s target who wore a crown of bones.

“No!” Kara screamed, landing heavily cracking the earth beneath her.  She let her heat vision burst from her eyes, burning a hole in the stage just below where the now dead, Not-Lillian sat, blood dribbling from her mouth.

“Teik em (Take them) !” a man in robes yelled.  Within seconds, several people grabbed onto Kara and pulled her to the woman warrior they called heda.

“Chon yu bilaik (Who are you) ?” heda asked carefully.

“You killed Lillian,” Kara spat, feeling weak in the hands of her captors. “Why?”

“Kom Skaikru (from Sky Crew) ,” heda murmured.  Immediately the people holding Kara shifted, standing her upright and releasing her.

The warrior turned to a woman in the ground, her demeanor completely changed, “Clarke,” she asked softly.  “Do you know this person?”

Kara stood, finally letting rational thinking take over again. It had been such a whirl wild traveling to different earths and experiencing everyone in a brand new light. She was still reeling from losing Morgana.  If she was honest with herself, it felt like almost losing Lena.

“No,” the woman called Clarke answered, eyeing Kara suspiciously. “But,” she stopped herself, furrowing her brow with uncertainty.  

“What is it?” the dark haired woman questioned, stepping closer to Clarke.

Clarke shook her head, not taking her eyes off Kara.  Her eyes flitted around as if she was trying to remember something from when she was young.  Finally they bulged, making such fierce eye contact with Kara, that the super involuntarily took a step back.  

“Supergirl,” Clarke whispered.  

Kara panicked, not sure how this earth saw Supergirl.  “No, I, I’m just,” but her words failed her.

Seeing the awestruck look in Clarke’s eyes, the woman called heda made a decision.

“Titus,” she commanded.  The man dressed like a monk hurried forward, bowing slightly.  “Take our new guest up to the tower. Clarke and I will follow shortly.”

“Heda,” Titus glared at Clarke.  “Please forgive me, but you should be escorted by your own flank up to your quarters.  Let Clarke-”

“Clarke will come with me,” she barked.

Sensing tension, Clarke stepped in.  “Lexa,” Kara noted the overly familiar way the two women spoke to each other.  “If she is who I think, we should go with her.” Clarke looked up to the almost orange sun.  “I doubt she can get away now.”

Lexa nodded.  “Let’s go.”


It took them nearly an hour to walk to the tower and climb it’s many steps to the top floors. The sun was setting in the sky above them. Kara was pushed somewhat roughly into what looked like an apartment that had been abandoned followed by Clarke and Lexa.  Titus attempted to stay, to attend to Lexa after her “solo gonplei (hand to hand combat) ”, but he was quickly dismissed.

Once only the three women were in the room, Kara decided it was her duty to break the ice.

“How do you know about Supergirl?” she questioned, the crinkle in her forehead deepening.

“So, it’s true,” Clarke responded, rushing forward like the eager teenager she was.

Lexa said nothing, eyeing Kara and Clarke suspiciously.

“I used to read about you on the Ark,” Clarke explained, turning to include Lexa in her exposition.  “There were so many stories about a girl who seeked refuge from the sky on Earth decades ago. Her planet had died, but she found a family on Earth. She had special powers because of the way her alien biology absorbed radiation from the sun.”  Clarke turned back to Kara. “I thought you were just a children’s tale they told on the Ark, to give us hope about the way Earth used to be. I had no idea you were real.”

Kara was reeling. They taught about me on this Earth? It makes it sound like I’m from the past here .  “What year is it?”

“2150,” Lexa supplied easily, still wary of the this unearthly visitor.

“2150,” Kara repeated to herself. “Ran non zed, Rao (Where is home, Rao) ?”

“Yu chich op sleng gon hedas (You speak the language of the commanders) ,” Lexa said to Kara, astonished.  Kara merely returned Lexa’s look with a sideways glance.

“What?” Clarke interjected.  “How?” She stared at Kara, accusation in her eyes.  “How is any of this possible?”

Lexa ignored Clarke’s questions, her eyes fixed on the Kryptonian.  “Rr ao p raozh tuv kheth iwahzrham (You know the sacred language ).”  It wasn’t a question.

Kara was shocked to hear Kryptonian pour from this strangers mouth.  “Rr ao p raozh tuv iwahzrham khuhtov shehd (You know the language of my people) ?” she questioned, almost afraid of what she might find out about the future.

“Lexa,” Clarke whispered harshly, bringing the dark haired woman’s attention away from Kara.   

“She,” Lexa began.  “What is your name?”

“Kara,” Clarke and Kara replied in unison.

“Kara,” Lexa continued.  “Knows the sacred language of the commanders.”

“No,” Kara interrupted, the anger that filled her merely an hour earlier suddenly pulsing throughout her body, ready to fight.  “ You know the language of my people from Krypton.”  

“Lexa,” Clarke jumped in immediately in her familiar role as mediator. “How would the commanders language be the same as what people on Kara’s origin planet speak?” The sky girl desperately wanted something logical to come of this, but knowing her luck, the chances were slim.

“It dates back to before the first commander, my namesake, Lena Xor Al.”

“Lena,” Kara whispered, and suddenly she felt like she was out of breath. She swayed on her feet, grabbing onto the dilapidated armchair beside her for support.  

“Supergirl,” Clarke exclaimed, rushing to Kara’s aide.  She helped lower Kara into the armchair, checking her pulse and other vital signs in the process.

“Thank you,” Kara breathed, inhaling and exhaling deeply.  “I think I burnt out some of my powers earlier when I used my heat vision,” she recalled, thinking about on her very long day. “I just couldn’t believe I saw Lillian Luthor die.” She shook her head, fighting the tears threatening to fall again thinking of Lena, of Morgana.  “Or whatever that woman’s name is here, the one you killed.”

“The queen of Azgeda,” Lexa growled.  “She deserved her pain; blood must have blood.”  

“Zehd stun kryp chahv (Blood binds us all) ,” Kara replied, with a faint smile just before inhaling sharply.  She doubled over, grabbing her head in pain.

“You need to heal, Supergirl,” Clarke told Kara, concern laced in her voice. “The radiation from praimfaya has changed our sun, you need the yellow sun to be strong.”  Clarke marveled at her ability to accept her childhood storybook hero as fact. “How did you even end up here?”

Without answering, Kara pulled the Jumper from the depths of her backpack.  For the first time, she noticed a blinking blue, silver infinity symbol near the only button on its surface.  “This has taken me to different Earths,” Kara explained, running her fingers over the device. “Although, lately, it’s gotten a mind of its own.”

“You probably need to move on to a world with a sun that can heal you, Supergirl.”

Kara nodded in agreement, standing as steadily as she could, preparing herself for another inter-verse flight.  She was unsure she was ready to end up anywhere but home.

Lexa had remained silent, watching Clarke and Kara discuss things she only knew partially. Seeing Kara finally stand, and ready herself to leave, holding the device in her hands so the infinity symbol, the sign of the commander, glinted in Lexa’s direction, pulled her back in.

“Allow me,” Lexa offered, her hand outstretched. Kara slowly handed the Jumper to Lexa, clearly hesitant.  “The commander of commanders, Lena Xor Al, was brilliant. She created the first flame, the way to connect us all, bind us all, to find her other half she’d lost.  She taught the first commander the cost of love, blinded by her own. She tried everything to recover the memories of the woman she had planned to spend her life with, but instead was only able to pass along her own memories.”  Lexa held the Jumper out on her flat palm. “Teik em fis op (Let her heal) .”

The Jumper glowed once more, and a portal tore through the room in front Kara, separating  the Commander of the Blood and Commander of Death.

“Ste yuj, Kara Xor Al, kom juskru hodnes gon Lena Xor Al (Stay strong, Kara Xor Al, of the blood crew, love of Lena Xor Al) ,” Lexa murmured to Kara, handing back the tech.

Without a word, her jaw clenched as she swallowed back tears, knowing enough of what Lexa had said to her to have it grip her heart with hope and sadness, Kara walked into the portal.

It closed with a zip, and the room felt much darker than it had been before.

“Is that really what happened to the commander of the commanders?” Clarke asked slowly.  “She lost the love of her life? That’s why you’ve been taught that love is weakness?”

Lexa merely nodded, unsure of what to say.

“Lexa,” Clarke exhaled.  “We just met the living, breathing, evidence of this person Lena’s first and true love, the one she lost, now on what is undoubtedly a quest to find her, and,” she shook her head. “Do you really still believe that?”

Lexa took a step forward, entering Clarke’s personal space for the first time since Clarke had threatened her weeks before. “No,” she said quietly.  “Not anymore.”

Clarke’s eyes widened, not believing what she heard. Lexa met her eyes, her heart beating loudly in her chest.

Before she could prepare herself, she felt Clarke’s lips on hers.  She softly kissed her back, praying this would never stop.

They broke apart much sooner than Lexa would have liked, breathing heavily.  Clarke leaned her forehead against, her eyes closed tightly.

“Reshop, heda,” she breathed, ducking her head to place a small kiss on Lexa’s cheek. She turned and left the room, with a lingering glance just before closing the door.

Lexa ghosted her fingers over her cheek, still feeling Clarke’s lips.  “Goodnight, Ambassador.”

Chapter Text

“Alex, it’s been three weeks. Why would Kara just leave and not even tell me about it?” Lena shouted into her phone on speaker while she shuffled papers on her desk at L Corp.

Kara had been gone from Earth 38 for three weeks and two days. Lena bought the “family emergency” that Alex fed her for just the first three days. After continued lack of word from Kara, Lena started to get worried, which made her angry, and Alex was her latest recipient.

Alex held her cell away from her face.  She rubbed her forehead with her free hand.

“Is that Lena calling you again ?” Winn asked from his usual computer at the DEO.

“Yes,” Alex sighed. “And, of course, I have nothing new to tell her.”  

“I mean, we all know how close Kara and Lena are, maybe she just needs someone to be mad at?”

“I think we underestimated just how close they are, Winn.”  

Winn simply shrugged.

Alex sighed and pulled her cell back to her ear.

“With all due respect, Agent Danvers, I think there’s something you’re not telling me. At least Kara makes me feel better about not knowing what she’s really doing.”

This struck a chord with Alex. “Can you meet me?  We should really talk in person.”

“Um,” Lena was taken aback. After the past two weeks of her unloading her worry on Alex, the last thing she expected was Alex to help her. “Sure. Do you want to come to L Corp?”

“No,” Alex smirked, an idea in mind. “I’ll text you the address to come to, we need to talk about a lot. Come dressed for a bit of a work out. None of those rich CEO duds you’re usually in.”

“Oh, okay.  See you soon, then.”

Suggested listening- Truth Hurts by Lizzo

Alex and Lena were sparring in one of the training rooms at the DEO.

“So,” Lena huffed between punches.  “Why did you bring me to this government facility,” she blocked Alex’s right hook easily.  “To have us spar,” she ducked another jab from Alex, and swept her leg under Alex’s, but didn’t catch her.  “And listen to loud, excellent music?”

Alex didn’t answer right away, instead choosing to charge forward aiming to simply tackle the snarky CEO who clearly had taken many lessons in Krav Maga.  Lena sidestepped her easily, and knocked Alex to the ground with one blow to her back.

Alex tapped the mat three times and rolled onto her back.  Lena walked over to help her up.

“Do you feel better?” Alex asked.  

“That depends,” Lena walked with Alex to the corner to fetch their water bottles.  “Are you going to tell me where Kara is?”

Again, Alex didn’t answer right away. She sipped her water, eyeing the Luthor. She hoped she was making the right choice bringing her down here.

“Come on, Alex,” Lena pleaded. “Where is she? Does she just not want to see me? Did I do something wrong?”

Alex capped her water bottle and dropped it on the bench behind her.

“Why bring me down to the FBI--”

“This isn’t the FBI.”

“What?” Lena blinked, caught off guard.

“This isn’t the FBI,” Alex repeated.  “I’m not an FBI agent. I’m agent for the Department of Extranormal Operations.”  She pressed on. “My job is to keep the United States safe from alien attack. I’ve been with the DEO for over three years.”

“Oh,” Lena said flatly. Silence fell between them like a blanket of snow.

“You don’t have any questions about that?” Alex furrowed her brow, confused.

“I mean, I suspected you had to do something with aliens and worked for the government. Otherwise, you’d just be very lucky to work with your sister all the time.”

“So, you do know about--”

“About Kara?” Lena took a thick swig from her water.  “About Supergirl ? Yeah, I know. Does my worrying make more sense to you now?”

If Alex was honest with herself, she didn’t expect Lena to know Kara was Supergirl.  She laughed at herself, not really thinking her little plan through. All she thought was that she could fill in most of the inter-earth travel dots, but not cop to Kara being Supergirl. Well, at least she still wasn’t the one who told her, she thought with a shrug.

“Alex,” Lena took half a step closer to the agent, lost in thought. “Where is she?”


Over on Earth 77, Wynonna Earp raised her fancy tea cup filled with whiskey toward her sister, Waverly.

“Congrats, baby girl.” She clinked her cup with Waverly’s. “You are officially part of Black Badge now.”

Waverly put her cup down without drinking it and clapped her hands excitedly. “Do I get a badge? A codename? Oh, my god, a flamethrower?”

“You will be a Black Badge consultant ,” Wynonna responded slowly in an attempt to calm her sister. “You remember our deal?”

Waverly nodded, her smile stretched across her face. “I move back to the homestead with you. And I get to pick the new color scheme. I’m thinking lots of pink!”

Wynonna scoffed, about to make a snarky reply when the sky tore open just outside their property line. A woman floated slowly toward the ground from the blue-silver tear that was already sealing itself in the black night’s sky.

“Wynonna,” Waverly whispered slowly, not daring to take her eyes off their intruder. “Please tell me you have Peacemaker on you.”

“Always, baby girl,” she murmured, pulling the long gun from her boot.


“She’s not only on another Earth, but she’s there helping out her friends that are also superheroes?” Lena asked, astonished at how fantastical her best friend really was.

“Yep,” Alex replied, leaning her head against the wall.  The pair had moved their conversation from standing to sitting on the floor after talking for nearly an hour about Kara’s whereabouts.

“Oh, my god,” Lena whispered.  

They sat in silence for a beat, both feeling as though they had said all they really could on the subject.  


Suggested listening - Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore

Wynonna slowly pulled PeaceMaker from her boot, aiming toward the still floating woman.

Kara opened her eyes to scan her surroundings, already knowing that yet again she wasn’t back home. She landed on the hard earth, picking up on the sounds of humans behind her.

Kara raised her hands in the air to show she meant no harm. As she spun, she crossed over the Earp’s landline. She received a jolt of energy, like she’d just sat under a sun lamp for two hours, and burst into the sky once more. This was all Wynonna needed to see to prove this newcomer wasn’t meant to be on Earp land, making Kara a-

“Rev’nant!” Waverly screamed, her brow furrowed angrily. Both sisters had jumped to their feet. Wynonna pulled the trigger, aiming at shot at Kara between the eyes that bounced off her forehead like it was a children’s eraser.

“What the-,” Wynonna murmured to herself before firing off the remaining rounds PeaceMaker held at the Kryptonian.

“Stop!” Kara called over the din of bullets. “I mean you no harm!”

“Like hell you don’t,” John Henry growled behind Kara. He pulled both his pistols out, firing them simultaneously at Kara. The bent bullets showered the ground below Kara’s feet, her arms still stretched towards the heavens.

“Please stop shooting me!” Kara called out again.

“Not likely,” Wynonna whispered to herself, reloading PeaceMaker.

“I promise I can explain if you just let me-“

Out of nowhere, a heavy black cloth shot across the sky towards Kara. It wrapped around her like a net and brought her to the ground.

Though she could’ve untangled herself from the weighted blanket, it was still quite heavy even for her. She decided to allow capture. She was exhausted from her travels and closed her eyes to sleep.


“What the hell is this shit you threw at her, Dolls?” Wynonna asked, peering closely at the heavy black fabric that was wrapped around Kara neck to toe like an alien burrito. The Kryptonian was laying flat in the ground next to the Earp sisters’ fire.

“Government- grade osmium, laced with a neutron star, wrapped in fabric made from the webbing of Darwin’s Black Spider,” Dolls rattles off, not taking his eyes off Kara who was still fast asleep. “Something this dense would crush a human.”

“If this would crush a human, why does she just look like a swaddled newborn?” Waverly questioned even though she knew the answer.

“Because,” Dolls knelt down in front Kara while he reached for something in his waistband. “She’s not human.” He pulled out a taser and thrust it into Kara’s neck. The loud clacking on the device stirred her from her slumber.

“Ahh,” she groaned. “If you wanted me to wake up you could’ve just asked.”

“What are you doing on my land, rev’nant?” Wynonna questioned coolly. She raised PeaceMaker to Kara’s forehead. Behind Wynonna, John Henry did the same with both his pistols.

“Uh,” Kara swallowed. Why can’t I just be back home? “Well, I’m not a rev’nant.”

"What? No. You’re not human so you’re a rev’nant." Wynonna looked around at her companions briefly for backup on her point.

“Wynonna, if she was a revenant, why would the bullets just bounce off of her like a blow up castle at a kid’s birthday party.”  

“She also wouldn’t be able to stay on your land with the ammolite re-activated beneath the homestead,” Dolls added.

Wynonna lowered Peacemaker, “Mmm,” she grunted, eyeing Kara suspiciously. “I’ve guess you’ve got a point.”

“So, then what pray tell are you?” John Henry drawled, still aiming his guns at the Kryptonian.

Kara took a deep breath, “When I was a child, my planet, Krypton was dying. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin. Until recently, I hid my powers, but an accident forced me to come out to the world. I am Supergirl.” She finished her monologue quickly. “You can call me Kara.”

“You’re an alien?” Dolls interrogated.

“You go by Supergirl?” Wynonna questioned.

“You came out?” Waverly wondered aloud. All eyes fell on Waverly. “Uh, as what exactly?” She rushed to cover her pondering.

“As a superhero,” Kara answered simply. “But I wish I had the courage to come out as more.” She mumbled mostly to herself.

“Why are you here?” Dolls continued to question.

“I don’t know,” Kara sighed. She had grown long tired of this routine of her tech taking her wherever its heart desired. She stood, carefully shrugging the osmium blanket off her to the ground.

Wynonna and John Henry instinctively raised their respective firearms. Dolls eyes bulged quickly before he stood and pointed his own weapon at Kara.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Kara reassured. “But that blanket weighed like almost nothing on me.” She pulled her backpack off, and dug for the Jumper. “This,” she held it up for the group to see. “Is what brought me here. I’ve been traveling between Earths. There’s many of them that vibrate at different speeds. I’m just trying to get home but I have no idea how to now.”

“That must be so hard for you,” Waverly sympathized. She stepped forward to talk with Kara. The rest of the group lowered their weapons. “Why are you going between Earths in the first place?”

Waverly’s understanding eyes met Kara’s and Kara bowed her head, unexpectant tears springing from her eyes.

“Hey, hey,” Waverly hushed, rushing to Kara’s side. “Why don’t we go inside and you can tell us what’s going on?”

Kara nodded and let Waverly lead her into the house. Wynonna, Dolls, and John Henry followed silently.


Lena and Alex had moved their conversation from the DEO to the alien bar Alex frequented.

“I can’t believe they let a Luthor in,” Lena muttered before taking a swig of her beer.

“Yeah, well, you’re with me.” After Alex caught Lena’s subtle downtrodden look, she added, “and anyone with eyes can see how much good you’re doing.” She made eye contact with the Luthor. “Especially Kara.”

Lena smiled at this.

“I’m serious,” Alex raised her eyebrows for emphasis. “She felt it from the beginning. Always defends you,” she took a sip of her beer. “We can all see how much she cares about you.”

“Well, I care about her a lot, too.”

They let silence fall over them, both listening to the hum of the bar.

“Have you heard from her?” Lena asked, hopeful.

“No, kinda the deal about being on a different Earth, bad cell reception.” Alex smirked at her own joke.

“Aren’t you worried?” Lena’s brows knit together.

“Yeah,” Alex took another drink. “She’s never been gone this long.”

“Well,” Lena began, sitting up in her seat and leaning her arms across the table. “I’m sure it’s just about breaking through the barrier between our Earth and the next, right? We just need to find the right frequency vibration to get a signal out.”

“You’re right,” Alex replied, half shocked, half impressed. “And we know what Earth she’s on, so it should be easy to reach her.”

Lena smiled in the way she does when she’s excited by a problem she can solve. “I’m sure with the materials between L-Corp and the DEO we could make it in no time at all.”

Alex downed what was left of her beer. “Let’s go.”

Lena eagerly followed suit, happy to be working to get Kara back.


“Here,” Wynonna mumbled, shoving a tea cup filled with whiskey into Kara’s hand. “Don’t break that with your super strength.”

Kara laughed thickly, tears still rolling down her face. “Thank you,” she murmured, thinking better of mentioning that alcohol had no effect on her.  “Thank you for listening to everything I’ve been through the past few weeks. It’s been a little lonely.”

“Of course,” Waverly offered, rubbing Kara’s leg reassuringly. “I’m sure you’ll find your way back home. It might just take some time, and it sounds like that thing has a mind of its own.” She smiled at Kara who rolled the Jumper in her hand while sipping her whiskey from the cup in the other.

“I think,” Kara took a breath and closed her eyes. “I think it’s been wanting me to see how much I love my friend on every Earth.” The Jumper vibrated excitedly in her hand, creating a portal above her in the ceiling.

“What the fuck is that?” Wynonna exclaimed staring at the ceiling. She pulled Waverly away from Kara who had begun floating slowly up to the portal.

“It’s my sign to go,” Kara answered calmly, continuing her steady ascent. “Thank you for letting me say that out loud.”

“Sure,” Waverly called after Kara as she slipped through the portal. It closed with a snap, making the room look darker than it did before.

“Well,” John Henry drawled, putting his pistol in its holster. “There is never a dull moment with the Earp clan.”


Alex and Lena had been working for over six hours. Maggie had come and gone, dropping off Chinese take out for her girlfriend and the CEO, and leaving before her head exploded with their science talk. They were both bent over what looked like an old, 1950s television box, tinkering with a series of brightly colored wires going in all directions.

“Just one more connection, and I think we’ve got it,” Lena mumbled more to herself than to Alex. Sweat was dripping down her forehead into her protective goggles, her mouth in a tight line as she carefully manipulated the minute circuit she held in her pliers.

The line sparked just as she connected it, and the screen lit up in a blue-silver tint.

“We did it!” Alex cried out, her eyes bulging behind her own goggles.

“Quick! Put in the destination code!” Lena beamed. She was going to talk to Kara soon. Her work had been worth it.

Moments after Alex input a series of codes via the television’s dial (a very time consuming process), the image of a man with long hair filled the screen.

“Cisco!” Alex yelped, almost unable to believe her eyes. “Oh, my god, we got this to work! Cisco, is my sister there?”

Cisco blinked multiple times before he registered what he was seeing on his laptop. “Alex? Supergirl’s sister?”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s me! Oh, and this is Lena,” Alex added, pointing at Lena, who waved at Cisco’s image. “She helped me build this thing to reach Kara on your Earth. Can we talk to her please?”

“Very impressive!” Cisco said, astonished at the clear connection he held with people severals Earths over from him. “But you’re sister’s not here.”

“Oh, is she out helping Barry?” Alex offered, excitement buzzing through her.

“No,” Cisco answered slowly. “Your sister’s not on our Earth.”

Chapter Text

Suggested listening- Love Will Have Its Sacrifices by Soles

“Hello, and welcome to my complete absence of gentle viewers!” Laura Hollis boomed from her usual seat in the sentient library that had become her home. “Today, on Life with Laura we have the fun of-“ she dragged the last word out while she dug under the desk to grab her craft, “making crocheted daleks!”

Laura danced the plush dalek in front of her webcam for a moment before groaning and flopping her arms down at her sides.

“Okay, not exactly fighting evil here like I used to.” She threw her tiny, yarn creation on the table in front of her. “But we are making it work!” She pointed her forefinger toward the ceiling with gusto. “LaF is hitting the books, as usual. Carm is actually joining in on the strategizing, and I,” Laura looked away from the camera, “am wallowing.” She tapped her fingers distractly on the her laptop’s keyboard. “And it’s time to move on!”

Laura stood, wheeling her large corkboard out of the way. “Here we have what we, well, I mean LaF and Carm discovered. I’m not getting involved,” Laura whispered the last bit, as if the library couldn’t hear her. She cleared her throat. “LaF And Carm have discovered that, even though it may seem like we are sequestered to the bleak basement of an all-knowing library, we are actually pretty connected.

“See, near as LaF’s been able to figure, the library contains well...everything.” She gestured her hands around the room. “So any one space, like this room, can connect to anywhere else. Which means when you open this door,” she brandished her arms like a game show host to the tall, mahogany door next to her, “maybe you get a hallway or maybe you get an undersea world filled with really angry shrimp!” She made claws out of her hands for emphasis. “Or maybe even a world just like our own but without any shrimp!”

Laura sighed, dropping her usual upbeat energy, shrugging. “The good news is, LaF’s been able to crack the code for the moving library. Well, at least some of it.” Laura walked over to her computer and hit pause.  

“That’s enough for now,” she groaned. “I’ll ask LaF to show off their know-how later,” she mumbled to herself as she pulled up her tumblr page and bit into the doughnut the library had magicked next to her.


“What the hell do you mean she’s not on your Earth?” Lena snarled, ready to fight anyone that stood between her and Kara.

“Whoa, hey, first off, who even are you? And secondly, calm down I’ll vibe for her, no big.” Cisco shrugged his shoulders as if sensing the essence of a Kryptonian across several earths was actually nothing big.

“You’ll what?” Lena asked at a complete loss, turning her head to see if Alex understood.

“You can track for my sister’s essence across Earths?” Alex asked, impressed. “Are you sure you don’t want to join the DEO on Earth 38?”

“Stop, you’re making me blush!” Cisco joked. “Okay,” he held out his hands, rolling his shoulders into position. “Come out, come out wherever you are Supergirl.”


“Still doing your recording, creampuff?” Carmilla questioned with her usual bored, vampiric drawl.

“Just finished for now,” Laura answered. “You can come out of hiding.”

Carmilla sauntered in the main space of the library, her latest book swinging in her left hand. “Here, I thought I’d never been able to come out.” Carmilla smirked, feeling Laura’s eyes follow her to her usual arm chair.

“You didn’t just fall out of the closet once you fell out of the coffin?” Laura quipped.

“It was an armoire,” Carmilla deadpanned, opening her book.

Laura grunted, returning to scrolling through the same ten gifs of her favorite kissing characters.

“We used to have fun when that was us,” the vampire purred from her seat. Laura blushed, quickly scrolling away from her otp to a long post about proper wand care.

“Hey,” LaF called to the room as they hurried in, their arms filled with vending machine goodness. “Wanna try to make that beef jerky casserole thing?”

“Sure!” Laura chirped, a bit higher pitched than she normally would have, her cheeks still flush. She jumped from her seat to help LaF with their haul.

“Oh, before we make this hardy, completely-lacking-greens meal, can you show me how you cracked the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Linen Closet door?”

“Of course!” LaF dropped the beef treats enthusiastically and ran to the door.


Suggested listening - Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Huh,” Cisco mused, his arms outstretched searching for Kara. “She’s been around a lot lately.”

Lena furrowed her brow thinking about all the people she imagined Kara was charming across the galaxy. Across the multi-verse, she thought bitterly.  I knew she was...Super, but I had no idea what that meant. Until now, I suppose.

She tried her best to pay attention to the conversation between Alex and the tech wizard from a completely separate Earth, but her mind was only on Kara.

Lena thought back on the last time she had seen Kara. She shook her head. The last time she’d seen Kara she was Supergirl, saving her as she fell from her balcony at L Corp.

By then she’d known Kara was Supergirl for a while. She was suspicious since she tipped Kara about the alien fight club, but she’d truly known since Supergirl, Kara , showed her who her mother really is.

“You’re lying,” Lena replied, gripping her arms protectively around herself. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“My mother is no saint, but you come in here and accuse her of being the devil incarnate?” She inhaled deeply through her nose, practically snarling. “How long before you come after me?”

Supergirl’s eyes filled with pain. “You are not like your mother,” she shuddered, begging Lena to listen to reason.

“She is cold and dangerous, and you are too good and too smart to follow in her path.” Supergirl took several daring steps closer to Lena who did not recoil. If anything, Lena saw something she wasn’t ready to see in Supergirl’s eyes, and it was her friend Kara.

“Be your own hero,” Kara pleaded. This broke Lena’s heart, but she didn’t know why.

“You can leave the same way you came in,” Lena let out in a jumble of words. She didn’t dare look up from the tablet she clutched in her hands. She couldn’t bare the look of hurt, of worry on her friend’s face.

After Lena helped trick Lillian and saved the alien population from being killed off, she tried to hide from the world, from Kara, and Kara wouldn’t let her. Their connection grew deeper, more meaningful. Even though Lena had limited experience with friendship, she knew what was between Kara and herself was something more.

“Kara Danvers believes in you.”

Lena shook her head, trying to focus on Cisco’s explanation of all the different Earths Kara had been to instead of replaying the moment she realized she’d fallen in love with Kara.

“So, she’s basically been Earth hopping?” Alex questioned, trying to wrap her head around all of this. Her voice dragging Lena from her own memories and daydreams.

“Basically, yeah,” Cisco responded with a shrug. “But something’s telling me it’s not on purpose.”

“What do you mean?” Lena asked, pushing the fantasies of what she wished she and Kara could be doing on her couch at L Corp.

“Well, something’s blocking me from using some of my powers to reach Supergirl directly.  I can see where she is, but I can’t get there myself. We’d have to use some tech to get there.”

“I’ll go,” both Lena and Alex said in unison. Lena met Alex’s slightly confused, yet impressed look with fierce determination.

“Uh, sure,” Cisco offered, cutting the tension. “I can walk you both through making your own Jumper. Should be pretty easy since you sorted this communication device out.”

The next hour was spent was all three minds pressed together converting Lena’s telecommunication device into a one time Jumper.

“You’ll only need it one way,” Cisco reassured. “If anything happens, you can,” his eyes glowed the same blue, silver light the television did earlier. “Talk to these people” Cisco typed out a short list of names with some basic information about them and sent it to Alex’s phone.  

His eyes flashed back to their usual brown. “Okay, you’re all set. Just be sure to put in the correct destination code I taught you. You want Earth 19.”

“You’re positive this will work?” Alex questioned, determined to figure out what was going on with her sister.  

“Absolutely,” he beamed.  “Call me if you need anything!” With a small snap, he ended the connection between Earth 1 and Earth 38.

“You don’t have to come,” Alex offered only to be met with Lena’s resolute glare.

“I’m going with you,” she stated simply. “You know I won’t take no for an answer.”

Alex recalled their conversation from what felt like ages ago.  Lena finally, finally admitted to Alex that she had feelings for her sister.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Lena joked, tears prickling in her the corners of her eyes.

“Yes, it is,” Alex agreed, taking a swing of her drink with a smirk.  “But I’m glad you finally said it.”

They smiled at each other then like they were now.  

“Well, let’s go get Kara,” Alex said with a laugh.

Lena’s grin widened, as she carefully put in the sequence Cisco had supplied them to fetch their Supergirl.


“Three to the left for the central fountain,” LaF explained, demonstrating for Laura’s viewers, or lack there of, on the thick door before them. Even Carmilla was impressed.

“Two right for Snowy Uberwald.” Again, they tapped the door per their own instruction. “Uh, five to the right?” LaF knocked and opened the door to see what this experimental knocking would yield. “Is a live volcano! Five to the right is a live volcano.”

LaF shut the door and shook out their hands, as if that would keep the volcano from entering their world again.

“Oh! I do have a really cool one,” they announced, turning to the door again. “Two up. Two down,” they knocked along with their instructions. They opened the door with a flourish, “Cyberpunk dystopia.”  

LaF closed the door with an accomplished smile on their face. “It’s pretty simple. You just need to record the different codes you try so you know what you’re going to get.”

“Okay,” Laura began slowly. “So, I can just kind of try whatever and see what happens?”

“I mean, yeah?” LaF responded, nervous about where this was going. “Just be on your best reflexes. We’ve seen some pretty bizarro world stuff, even for us.”

Carmilla grunted from her chair, recalling the time she opened the door to have a large fish thrown at her like she was back on the set of Real World: Seattle.

“Well, alright, let’s see what this baby can do!” Laura jumped up excitedly.  “Uh, six to the right,” she called out to LaF, who had their notebook at the ready to record their findings.

Laura pulled open the door to find a sprawling corn field. “Kara! Come help me with this haul a’corn!” Clark Kent of Earth 2 called out in the distance.

“Old school Americana, who woulda thought,” Laura said mostly to herself. She shut the door, wanting to try a new code.

“One to the left, one to the right?” she attempted with a shrug, pulling open the door post knock to a towering hospital. “Okay,” she muttered, shutting the door again.

Laura tried several more combinations that led to an alternative of LaF’s cyberpunk dystopia where everyone seemed to be fighting each other, a medieval castle, what looked like a scene cut out of ‘How the West was Won’, and a small town square that was, according to Carmilla, Berlin circa 1941.

“Okay, last one,” Laura announced, her brow furrowed as she thought up a combination they had yet to try. “Ah! Six of one,” she knocked to the right six times. “And half a dozen of the other,” she knocked to the left six times and pulled open the door.

“Whoa,” she whispered more to herself than to the group. “Come look at this.”

Carmilla and LaFountaine stood on either side of Laura, peering into the expanse of blue and silver pulsing energy.  

“What in the name of Dumbledore’s pensieve is this?” Laura asked. She must have blinked, because suddenly there was a striking blond haired woman before her.

“Who the hell are you?” Carmilla questioned, immediately falling into a protective position to the side of Laura.

“I’m Kara,” our heroine practically asked. “I’m just trying to get back home.”


Alex and Lena stared at the door in front of them. Their travel through time and space was shorter and less climactic than expected.

“Do we knock?” Lena questioned, unsure of how inter-earth travel really worked. ‘

“I guess,” Alex whispered. “This is weird,” she added, raising her fist to give two sharp knocks on the door.

The door swung open revealing an exhausted looking LaFountaine.

“Are you LaFountaine?” Alex questioned, eyeing the person in the doorway with caution.

“Why?” LaF responded, nervous of who these mystery women worked for.

“Is this the Silas University Library?”

“Who wants to know?” LaF questioned defensively.

“We are looking for a woman named Kara. We were told she would be here with you and someone name Laura Hollis.” Lena offered matter-of-factly.

“Oh,” LaF’s eyes went wide. “Laura’s dead.”

Chapter Text

“Okay,” Laura began as she paced the length of the library. “You’re an alien from another dimension.”

“Earth,” Kara sighed. “Another Earth .”

“Right,” Laura continued. “An alien, not originally from Earth, but lives on an Earth that’s different from our own.” She took a breath and plowed on, “And you don’t know why you’re here, because this is yet another Earth you’ve ended up on when trying to get back to yours.”

“Yes. And you have no connection to a Lena Luthor?” Kara asked again, her voice hopeful.

“No,” Carmilla sighed, answering this uppity alien’s question for the twentieth time.

“And none of you are connected to an Irish, vaguely goth looking woman?”

“Nope,” Laura responded, her eyes fixed on the floor.

“You don’t even have some connection to a broody gal with dark hair?”

“Just Carm,” LaF supplied, the left side of their mouth twitching with what looked like the beginning of a smile.  “But I doubt that’s who you’re looking for.”

“Ugh,” Kara growled. She bowed her head in her lap, balling up her fists.

“Hey,” Laura started softly. “We can try and help you.”

Kara snapped her head up, her eyes glowing with heat vision.  The library’s group jumped up and away from the newcomer.

“Sorry,” Kara sniffed. She shook her head, switching her eyes back to blue. “That happens when I get upset.”  She offered a shrug with her apology. “You really could help me? Get back home, I mean?” Kara wasn’t sure if after nearly a month of traveling through the multiverse she had any hope of returning home.

“Of course!” Laura exclaimed enthusiastically. “LaF here was just showing us that this ordinary looking door is closer to a Choose Your Own Adventure book mixed with the Room of Requirement.”  

“So, what, that door’s like a portkey?”

Laura beamed at Kara’s reference. She just knew they would get each other.

“Sort of, but not really,” Laura got up, planning-pacing was needed to fully explain.  “It seems like this door is our portal and the entire library is our very own Jumper.”

Kara rolled the Jumper in her hand as she listened.  

“Based on the details of what you told us, I think that each time you use the Jumper, you are invoking a very specific piece of science or magick that requires you to make some grand understanding about yourself or this Lena person.”

Kara looked up at Laura’s mention of Lena.

“I’m sure there’s a reason you were sent to this dimension, or Earth, rather, but maybe it’s time for you to speed up the process of your journey home?”

Laura was met with shrugs from the room.

“Or maybe!” she proclaimed, her pointer finger back in the air.  “When I was testing out the knock combinations on the door, our paths somehow crossed and ended up tangled together, hence you being here?”

“I’ll accept anything just to get back home,” Kara nearly whined. She missed her house. She missed her bed. She missed her sister, the DEO, she missed being Supergirl. But most importantly, and she’d be lying if she didn’t finally admit it, she missed Lena.

“Alright!” Laura boomed, clapping her hands together excitedly. “Let this inter-Earth-tic journey begin!”


“Dead?” Alex and Lena repeated in unison.

“Yeah,” Sad!LaF replied. They gestured for Alex and Lena to enter the cobweb filled library.  “She got thrown into the pit on campus by a Zeta after we found out her roommate was a vampire.”

“Carmilla?” Lena asked, remembering the information Cisco had given her.

“Yeah,” Sad!LaF answered again. “She was thrown into the pit, too.”

“This is so weird,” Alex whispered to Lena. “It’s like some alternative universe of where we should have been sent.”

A light bulb clicked on in Lena’s brain.  “Like an alternative Earth ?” she murmured, one of her eyebrows raised.

Several chapters of multiple Earth explanation later…

“Why would your device send you to an alternate universe? Seems pretty drastic to me. Cool, but drastic,” Sad!LaF mused after hearing Alex and Lena’s story.

“Yeah,” Alex sighed. “Especially since we have no idea how to we’re supposed to get back home.”

“Or find Kara,” Lena added. They shared a look of concern.

The group jumped as the ancient, dusty laptop chimed loudly. It’s screen lit up, nearly blinding them from the sudden flash of white light in the dark library.  A man’s face, no, a man’s head filled the bright screen.

“I think I might be able to answer that,” the man said.

“Creepy library dude, we talked about this,” Sad!LaF began grumpily. “You don’t bother me and I don’t program a virus to delete you, J.P..”

“Hey,” Alex called out defensively. “No deleting someone who could help us.” Alex nodded at Lena, who was already sitting in front of the screen, to talk to the man seemingly inside the computer.

“It’s fairly simple, really,” J.P. explained. “The Library and I calculated all possible outcomes of the timing between your arrival on our plain of existence, and Kara’s departure from the alternative Library.”

“You know about Kara?” Lena questioned, hanging on this being’s every word.

“Of course,” J.P. answered. “You and Agent Danvers would have arrived to an empty Library, leaving you trapped with no way to move on. We foresaw that through our statistical analysis, and posited this alternate version of the Library was the best outcome for your travels.”

“What’s to stop us from being stuck here, now?” Alex growled, angry at the confusion she felt in understanding the multitude of universes.

“We found you a reality with this version of LaFountaine,” J.P. nodded to Sad!LaF standing behind Lena. “They are the best option to be your travel guide as you navigate the Door of Knock.” J.P. nodded to the door that Alex and Lena just came in through. “This dimension is a temporary pocket to aide you on your journey.”

After seeing none of the people in the Library move, he added, “Best get a move on to find what you’re looking for.”

The screen made a slight plip sound as it went blank.  

“You heard the sentient being,” Lena commanded to the room. “Let’s get started on this earth searching and get Kara back.”


Laura pulled open the library door after making a new combination of knocks around the door frame. LaF recorded the combination and results dutifully in their notebook. Kara waited anxiously half a step behind Laura, ready to jump in if necessary. Carmilla stood sulkily behind the group.

“We’re just going to open this thing at random and hope for the best,” Carmilla questioned while Laura cautiously pulled open the door to what looked like a club. Fake by Alexander O’Neal pulsed through the speakers as a group of young-looking people danced in a choreographed group together.

“Is this 80s-tastic world yours?” Laura asked over her shoulder to Kara, not taking her eyes off the sea of shoulder pads and perms before her.

“No,” Kara answered, scanning the scene with her senses searching for any sign of Lena. She heard the woman in a purple blazer at the bar ask her bashful, bespectacled companion to dance.

“We have to dance to this,” the woman in the blazer shouted over the music, her shoulders already shimmying rhythmically to the beat.

“She’s not here,” Kara added a little louder, breaking her concentration on the club.

“Okay,” Laura said, and shut the door with a soft thud. “Operation Love Connection, Take Two.” She rapped her knuckles in a new pattern on the door and pulled it open.

A lush island filled their view through the doorway. LaF and Carmilla craned their necks trying to take in the beauty before them. Kara heard the clanking of metal on metal, swords on shields, and the grunts of women sparing.

“Where in the name of feminism is this?” Laura whispered to herself. She jumped, not expecting to be heard by her new alien companion.

“Not home,” Kara supplied as she looked longingly at the landscape ahead of her.  

“I supposed we should try again?” Carmilla asked, her eyes glued to the paradise within arms reach.

Reluctantly, Laura closed the door again to bang a new combination out. This was likely to be a lengthier process than they all had anticipated.


“Before we just dive in, don’t you think it would be most beneficial if we take into account the statistical analysis J.P. supplied to narrow our search from one needle in a potential infinite pieces of hay?” Sad!LaF suggested in the same monotone they had delivered all their suggestions.

“We could do some quick conditional probability equations to slim the possible Earths Kara is actually on,” Alex conceded, looking at Lena for approval of the plan.

Lena was torn between her scientist’s mind and her determined heart. She sighed, conceding that science and math will be a better approach then charging ahead blindly to find Kara. “Does this old thing actually work?” Lena questioned, patting the top of the laptop causing a plume of dust to rise around her palm.

“For the most part,” Sad!LaF responded, a slight thread of excitement in their voice now. “I’ve been adding some upgrades to it to help with my antidepressant formulas and sequences.” They reached over Lena’s shoulder and tapped out a nonbinary code on the keyboard. The computer slowly revved, glowing green and black in the dark library.

“We’re going to need some more fire power, though,” they mumbled as they pulled up a message board that appeared to be stuck in 2001. “But I know just who to call for backup.”


Suggested listening - Supergirl by Krystal Harris

Kara was becoming exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster she went through each time Laura ripped open the door to a new, but incorrect world. Her heart throbbed in her chest the handful of times she managed to see some other Earth’s version of Lena.

So far, she had managed to see non-Lena as a ruthless fur trader delivering a man’s head in a hat box to some unknowing soul.

“Lena,” Kara breathed, but she knew it wasn’t really her.

“That’s her?” Laura questioned, transfixed by the dark haired woman with alabaster skin Kara stared longingly at.

“Not the real Lena, but that’s her.”

“She’s--” Laura took a deep breath. “Wow.”

Carmilla shifted closer to Laura like a territorial panther. “You have a thing for women who lived in the 1800s with dark hair.”

Laura gulped and shut the door. “Time to try again!”

A world where Lena was a blonde vampire feeding on a woman.

“The good old days,” Carmilla mused. She was met with glares from Laura and Kara that she shrugged off as Laura shut the door again.

They found non-Lena on a date with a pretty woman in a club.

“This isn’t my Earth,” Kara mumbled blushing furiously as she watched this Earth’s non-Lena lightly caress the woman who was clearly her date’s arm. Laura was fairly certain she also heard Kara grumble “She should be touching me like that” before she snapped the door shut as non-Lena went in for a kiss with her date.

They even happened upon a universe that included non-Lena, non-Laura, and non-Carmilla all together in an art gallery.

“We’ll take anything you’ve painted. Money’s no object,” a clearly flirty non-Carmilla purred stepping closer to non-Lena.

“Since when?” non-Laura questioned with an edge to her voice.

“Elise, you know I make six-figures drinking blood on the net.”

“Is that supposed to be us?” Carmilla questioned her brow furrowed as she judged this Earth’s version of herself.

“Well, this clearly isn’t right,” Kara announced, closing the door for Laura who seemed rooted to the spot. “Let’s try again.”

They even found a series of worlds that included the other Earth counterparts of Kara’s family and friends.

Non-Alex sat on a chair opposite of a woman in a steller maroon suit apparently in an interview of some sort.  

“Haha!” non-Alex cackled into her microphone as someone ran a beer up to her on stage. “Can we just take a second to say thank you to everyone who is working so hard here at Clexacon?” The crowd cheered wildly as non-Alex raised her drink to the audience.

Her interviewer feigned indignant disappointment, “Once again, I was left off the drinks train.” Non-Alex offered her her beer. “Oh no, I’m good!” Both women laughed along with the crowd.

Much to Kara’s embarrassment, they even found some worlds with alternative versions of herself.

Non-Kara was dressed like an 80s Wonder Woman dancing around singing “I need a hero,” with a woman dressed like a cat.

“This is definitely not my Earth,” Kara proclaimed loudly, running to the door to shut it.

“I wish I could speed this up,” Kara said with a frown, munching on a cupcake the library had magicked next to her.


Sad!LaF typed a message directed to xRedWitchx asking if they were online. “This gal is awesome,” Sad!LaF explained while they typed, “She’s super smart, into computers and other tech stuff, but also performs magicks. She’s just the person we need to help us with the right mathematically and magickally enhanced algorithm to find this Kara girl.”

The laptop made a small chiming sound and a message popped on the screen.

xRedWitchx: Ready Freddy.

xRedWitchx: Did you finish that article on internet born demons? Fascinating, right?

“She’s on!” Sad!LaF proclaimed, typing back furiously.

TxRustxKnoX1: I did! I have some notes to discuss later.

TxRustxKnoX1: But right now I have bigger fish to fry.

xRedWitchx: Poor fish.

TxRustxKnoX1: Safe to vid?

Video Request from xRedWitchx Sent. Accept? Flashed on the screen before them. Sad!LaF clicked accept before Lena or Alex could ask any questions about the person they were about to see on the screen.

The image of a beaming woman in her early twenties with vibrant red hair and pale skin filled the laptop’s screen.  

Suggested listening - Patient Zero by Aimee Mann

“Hey LaFountaine!” the woman on the screen called out cheerily, waving her right hand. “Oh and you have friends with you this time.” She flashed a genuine smile at Lena and Alex.

“Hi there,” Lena offered hesitantly. Alex remained silent waiting for the stoic redhead on their end of the computer to make introductions.

“Will, these two need help traveling to a different earth,” Sad!LaF said bluntly. “Apparently they’re looking for an alien superhero chick that’s sisters with this one,” Sad!LaF flicked their thumb in the direction of Alex, “and this one,” they jabbed their thumb in Lena’s direction now, “is in love with the alien.”

Lena blushed while Alex fidgeted slightly as they mumbled their names.

“Oh,” Willow murmured, her eyes bulging. “You two come from a different Earth?”

“Yup,” Alex stoically responded, but Willow didn’t hear her. The door to their dorm room swung open announcing Tara, Willow’s girlfriend, was back from class.

“Hey, Willow,” Tara sang, bending down to give her a quick kiss on the lips. She looked to the screen to see what Willow was working on to be met with the averted gaze of Alex, Lena, and Sad!LaF. “Oh, sorry!” Tara blushed. “I didn’t realize you were talking with LaF. Hey.” Tara gave a small wave to the one person she recognized on the video call.

“Hey, Tara,” Sad!LaF replied. “I just called Willow up because these two are trying to get to another earth to find someone they know.”

“Another earth,” Tara repeated, rolling the idea around in her brain. “Like an alternative dimension?” Tara turned to Willow, “That would take some pretty powerful magicks to move them, even if we just create a tear between the dimensions they need.”

“If it’s a battery we need, I’ve got it,” Sad!LaF stated proudly. “Apparently that library door has more mojo in it than the Ocarina of Time.”

“A powerful door?” Willow repeated to herself. “That’s a pretty literal interpretation of a portal between worlds.”

“I’ve read about this,” Tara exclaimed, she rushed off screen to search their book shelves for a text on mythical objects. She slammed the book down in front of Willow’s keyboard, making a loud thud. “This has something on portals or doors, magickal connections between sections of the world.” She flipped through the book hastily, scanning the pages for what she was looking for. “Here it is!” She ran her finger through the passage, mumbling what was written to herself as the group waited expectantly.

“This claims that there are a series of interdimensional portals throughout the world that are linked to one other. Their linkage makes them different from incorporeal keys, portal stones, and other devices that harness the magick of dimension-to-dimension travel.”

“So, those are like the device that got Lena and me to this earth, or the Jumper Kara’s been using for the past few weeks,” Alex added thoughtfully.

“I imagine so,” Willow agreed. “What makes the doors, apart from being linked, so special?”

“They all have a sliver of Mount Killarus stone in them, linking them to the archways originally constructed by Merlin several hundred years ago.”

“That door is connected to Stonehenge?” Lena questioned. The group in the library all turned to stare at the door with a new found reverence.

“I think it’s safe to say it is,” Tara conceded. “And I bet Kara is close to a similar one as well. We just need to come up with a spell to make sure the doors’ link to each other are stronger than their links to the other doors that exist.”  

“So, we just need a spell to act as an anchor between the two doors!” Willow exclaimed and rushed to grab another book.


“Oodbye-gay,” a woman named Ashly yelled after her neighbor.

“This is getting painful,” Carmilla mumbled as Laura closed the door.  “How many different, increasingly embarrassing worlds have we peaked into by now?”

“Twenty-six,” LaFountaine supplied. “Each slightly more embarrassing than the last.”

“Well this certainly counts as my work out for the day,” Laura announced, flexing and stretching her arm out. “How about you take over with the opening and closing, Supergirl?”

Kara nodded, stepping up to the surprisingly heavy door and pulling it open.

“Do you wanna split that cookie?” a nervous Syd asks Elena who is staring off in the distance.

Kara shuts the door and pulls it open again.


“How did you meet a witch across two countries?” Alex questioned, amused by both of the ginger haired geniuses in her presence.

“Doogie Howser fanfiction,” Sad!LaF and Willow answered in unison.

“How about you two?” Tara asked, drawing an adjusted sketch of the wiccan symbol in front of her.

“Supergirl,” Lena and Alex both responded. “But now we’re friends,” Alex added, smiling in Lena’s direction.

“Here we go!” Tara called out, lifting her drawing to the camera. It looked like a shield bearing a vertical infinity symbol, a small square, and a lowercase i. “Lena should paint this image on the door using the serum Willow helped you create, and recite this incantation.” Tara typed into messager what looked like something in latin.

Alex and Lena nodded along to their instructions, both of them silently wondering the significance of Lena performing the magicks over Alex.

“If you don’t see Kara, close the door and we will try a different approach,” Tara cautioned. “And be careful not to let anything else into this world that shouldn’t be here.”

“If anything other-wordly comes,” Alex thought aloud, pulling two guns from hidden holsters in her jacket, “we’ve got it covered.”

“Gosh, look at those,” Willow murmured, tightening her grip on Tara’s hand. She shook her head to stay focused.  “LaF, you call back in if anything goes wrong, okay?”

“Noted,” Sad!LaF said with a sarcastic salute. They turned to Lena, “Better get started.”


“I just said I think you two need to bone.”

The man that was clearly this world’s police captain looked like he was about to explode.  “How dare you, Detective Diaz.”

Kara slammed the door shut. Again.

“This is taking forever,” Kara practically whined. She closed her eyes tightly out of frustration, hot tears spilled down her face. She hastily wiped them away.

“Hey,” Laura said softly.  “We can take a break, come back to it later?”

“No,” Kara inhaled deeply smelling the salt of her tears on her palms. “No, I’m okay. I want to keep going.” Kara grabbed the door handle and it vibrated. “What?” she whispered to herself.

Kara watched as an ornate symbol painted itself across the door. “ Ehrosh (journey of life),” she said under her breath, awestruck from the sudden appearance of an old Kryptonian symbol. She studied it, and noticed the symbol was modified slightly so that the letters inside the crest mimicked the letter K and the letter L in Kryptonian.

Kara’s heart began to race, thumping so loudly in her chest she could not longer hear the questions of the group behind her. She shook, pulling the door open as if in slow motion.


Lena admired her work on the door and pulled the small piece of paper she wrote the incantation down on out of her pocket. She made eye contact with Alex, who merely nodded as if to say, “Go on!”

She cleared her throat and read out the spell, “ Noli instare mihi, ut relinquam te et abeam retro a vobis (Do not urge me to leave you or to turn back from you).”

The symbol started to glow a mix of silver and blue. Lena pressed on, her heart racing.   Quocumque perrexeris pergam ubi morata fueris et ego pariter morabor. Eritis mihi populus tuus populus meus (Wherever thou goest, I will go: and where thou shalt dwell, I also will dwell. Your people will be my people) .

The symbol seemed to vibrate on the door, slowly embedding itself into the ancient wood. Lena breathed in deeply through her nose before finishing the last line of the incantation. “ Tav shesur ehrosh zehdh (two souls’ journey home).” She took two slow steps forward to pull open the door. She closed her eyes as she yanked on the handle.


Kara heard Lena before she saw her. She recognized the steady thump thump of Lena’s heart, even with it beating twice it’s normal rate. She ripped the door the rest of the way, and ran through it before anyone could register what was happening.

Kara used a small burst of super speed as she darted to Lena, pulling her up in her arms. “Lena,” she breathed before she pulled Lena into a searing kiss filled with every emotion she’d felt over the past month.

Lena pulled back slightly to exhale Kara’s name before joining their lips together again, deepening the kiss. Kara lifted them both into the air, floating inches above the floor. Little did they know the familiar silver-blue light surrounded them, taking them home.