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They meet during the afternoon lull of an otherwise busy day.


Jimin’s crouched behind the counter, making sure they’re not missing any preorders or reserved bundles. It’s not that he doesn’t trust Namjoon but things sometimes get misplaced when they’re both rushing around. He’d rather not have any potential confrontations with the customers. Most of them were nice people, really, he just hated the look of disappointment on their faces whenever they had to wait even longer for a game they were clearly excited for due to an error on the store’s behalf.


He’s just about finished making sure they have the right amount of Battlefield 1 copies ready to go, peeking above the counter to check the number scribbled on the post-it currently stuck to the register, when he hears the door open. It only takes him two seconds to carefully push the game’s case back in with the others and stand up, offering his best smile.


“Good afternoon!”


“Good afternoon”, the new customer says.


Or that’s what Jimin thinks he says, because it was barely more than a mumble. It seemed polite, at least, so he shrugs and moves over to the register, tapping at the screen with his thumb. Thankfully, the system seems to be handling everything pretty well that day. There aren’t a lot of releases this week which he supposes makes sense. No one wants to compete with Battlefield. It really isn’t his kind of game but the franchise is huge so it’s the kind of thing he has to know about.


Briefly, Jimin glances away from the upcoming releases list to look at the customer currently browsing the left side of the store. It’s hard to see much all the way back here but clothes he’s wearing are fairly nondescript: white converse, black jeans, grey hoodie and a snapback resting backwards on top of black hair. It takes the guy looking up to the top of the PS4 section to glimpse the soft lines of his jaw and nose. Jimin finds himself momentarily distracted by the three star-shaped earrings gracing his ear.


He might not be a new customer, actually. Jimin would have to ask Namjoon to be sure of that but he’s definitively not one of the regulars. It’s not like getting new clients is a bad thing, though, so just as he’s decided to get on with counting their remaining amiibos, the guy walks up to the counter. The case he’s holding is carefully placed near the register, long fingers still clutching the left corner.




“Hi,” Jimin replies automatically, smiling brightly. The guy stares at him for a few awkward moments, during which Jimin forces himself not shift, before answering with his own hesitant smile, as if he’s not sure whether he’s supposed to do that or not. “Found what you were looking for?”


“Yeah,” he pushes the case towards him a little and Jimin picks it up, scanning it quickly. Gears of War 4. Huh. “But I’m also… picking up a preorder?”


“Sure thing,” Jimin answers, taking a step to the right in order to tap at the screen again. “What’s your name?”




“Yoongi, Yoongi, Yoongi,” he mutters to himself absentmindedly, locating the name on the preorder list after a few moments. “Here it is. Battlefield 1? Oh but you have something else, too…”


“Titanfall 2,” Yoongi replies quickly with another small, hesitant smile. “Doesn’t come out until next week.”


“Ah,” Jimin says as he reaches for the post-its block. It takes a couple of flips before he finds the name and crosses it out with a nearby pen. “Sorry, you’re gonna have to come back to pick it up. I’d hand it over but I actually like my job, so.”


A small, quiet chuckle reaches his ears, making him glance up. The smile that greets him is a little wider and happier, a lot less awkward. Satisfied that his joke seemed to have put the new customer at ease, Jimin goes through the motions of ringing him up properly, fetching the correct copy of the game and placing both cases in a bag. Just to be sure, he checks that there’s no physical preorder bonus that he needs to hand over but as with most games nowadays, everything included in Yoongi’s copy is digital.


They don’t speak much except when making sure the payment went through. It doesn’t take very long and a couple of minutes later, Yoongi’s left standing in front of him, plastic bag in his hand. His torso turns slightly towards the left, as if he wants to leave, but he doesn’t step away or make any attempt to actually go to the door. Jimin stares, a little confused, but just as he’s about to ask if there’s anything else he can help with, a loud crash comes from the back of the store.


Yoongi starts, eyes growing comically wide, gaze fixating on the staff door at the corner of the shop. Biting down on his lip to stifle a laugh, Jimin waves a hand to reassure him.


“That’s just my co-worker. It’s fine, I promise.”


Yoongi glances at him, back at the door, then back at him again.


“You sure?” he asks, sounding a little apprehensive.


Jimin gives him his best smile and what he hopes is a reassuring nod.




After a few moments of staring, Yoongi seems to decide he’s telling the truth and nods back. “I’ll uhm… see you next week…?”


“Probably,” Jimin replies, chuckling a little. It’s not like there’s anyone else staffing the place, although they really could use one or two extra people. The holidays are going to be a nightmare. “Thanks for the order. I hope you enjoy the game!”


Yoongi offers him another quick smile, eyes crinkling at the corners, before turning around and actually heading towards the door. He slouches a little as he walks but seems to notice it halfway through crossing the small store and straightens his back. Jimin’s treated to the sight of his profile again as Yoongi exits and heads somewhere to the right.


Cute, he decides, before walking over to the backroom door and peeking inside.


“Namjoon? Are you still alive?”






The problem with the 3DS is that it’s a hassle to stream.


Sure, it used to be a lot harder. Just a few months ago, you needed to send your 3DS to someone in order to install a hardmod that would let you record anything. They’d have to literally open the console up and mess around. It was time consuming, it was risky and it was expensive. The NTR homebrew allows him to stream without all of that, at least, but setting it up is still a hassle.


Some days, that’s okay. He’ll go through the motions of setting everything up and checking that it’s working before starting the stream because he wants to play something exclusive to the 3DS like Tomodachi Life or Professor Layton. Sometimes he does it just because he promised his viewers that he would and Jimin doesn’t like going back on his word.


Some days, though, he’s just too tired to bother with it. Some days, like today, he ends up scrolling through Steam instead, hoping to catch sight of an indie game or some hidden gem he can play instead. The games don’t have to be cute, although he’s the first to admit he loves cute games, but his taste for interesting art styles means he spends a lot of time looking up indie titles.


Sometimes they end up tricking him. Limbo turned creepy very quickly and that spider chasing sequence is probably going to haunt him until he’s fifty years old. Little Inferno had never been exactly cute, since the art gave him a Tim Burton vibe straight off the bat, but it had turned disturbing rapidly, too. Although the final part was nice.


In the end, he’s stuck between Oxenfree and Slime Rancher but decides to go with the latter. He makes a mental note to check out the first one because the female protagonist and story rich tags definitively picked his interest. It’s just that he’s not really itching to play a “supernatural thriller” at the end of a really busy workday, indie game or not.


It takes him about hour and a half to get ready due to needing to have dinner, sort out his laundry and tweet out a reminder of his usual streaming time for the sake of any new followers. Both the camera and the microphone need a few slight adjustments but everything else seems okay once he starts the stream.


At the beginning, he toyed with the idea of going to youtube rather than twitch but ended up deciding against it because it was too time consuming. It wasn’t just dealing with the set-up and any issues that might interrupt the recording, there was also the hassle of editing, rendering and uploading involved. Jimin was usually too tired to deal with that even on days where he did have the time to do it.


“Hi everyone!” he greets brightly, waving a hand. “How are you all doing tonight?”


The chat lags a bit as the replies start coming in. His following really isn’t very big but Jimin is plenty happy with that. It feels comforting, like chatting with old friends, especially when he sees familiar usernames popping up. It also allows him to greet new people as best as he can whenever someone introduces themselves.


He spends a few minutes replying whilst checking the image and audio output. No, Jin isn’t joining them today because he has a recording session for an upcoming video game in the morning. Taehyung, or rather GucciV, can’t stay awake tonight so Hoseok, or rather JHOPE, is the only mod on duty. He smiles brightly as the chat promises to be on their best behavior tonight and thanks them. A pop-up alerting him that Namjoon has started streaming catches his attention just as he’s firing the game up.


“Do you guys know what he’s streaming- oh this is too loud, isn’t it?”


After a few seconds of fiddling with the volume settings, the chat lets him know they can hear him fine, so he leans back on the chair.


“Pillars of Eternity, huh?” he can’t help but laugh, because it’s so typical of his friend. “We’ll leave the disturbing stories to him. Who’s ready to go catch some slimes?”


Starting a new game always makes him happy. Jimin clutches the edges of his sleeves in his fingers and raises them up, shaking them back and forth in excitement whilst winking directly at the camera. Instantly, the chat is spammed with the robot winking emote, making him laugh loudly. It’s their starting ritual and it’s a little silly but it makes him happy. It means that his viewers are looking forward to this as much as he is. A single name in bright mint green catches his attention in the midst of all the spamming.



9:30 AgustD: cute.



The name seems familiar, causing him to pause. It’s not one of the admins, that’s for sure. There’s a slight delay but after a few moments the emoji spam changes to a bunch of different ones as his viewers excitedly start typing much too quickly for him to follow properly.



9:31 chimmychinchin: AGUSTD????!!!

9:31 mochienthusiast: is that REALLY AGUSTSD

9:31 theroyaljams: HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE WHAT

9:32 justhappytobehere: holyyyyy shit really



He tilts his head, a little confused, but before long JHOPE is telling everyone to tone it down and telling him that the cute slimes are waiting. At the reminder, Jimin smiles again and turns back to the game, making a mental note to ask Taehyung who AgustD was later. His friend seems to have an infinite amount of knowledge about every single gaming celebrity out there, if that was even the term, and never failed to gush about them whenever he’s on his break from working at the coffee shop next door.


“Okay, so. Let’s see how many different slimes we can catch. I’m counting on you guys to help me name them!”






“Be thankful it’s not Tae’s break yet,” is what Hoseok greets him with, planting a latte on top of the counter.


Jimin blinks at him.




“Agust D?” Hoseok says, as if that’s supposed to explain it all. Jimin picks up his coffee and takes a sip, mulling it over. Okay, so by the sounds of it, Taehyung is going to either hug him or choke him to death the moment he sees him. Either way, they must be an ever bigger deal than Jimin assumed. What were they doing on his channel?


“They seemed nice?” he offers, at a loss for what to say. It’s not like they had spoken much. After that initial comment, AgustD had only made the occasional, useful remark like pointing out whenever Jimin got turned around or lost. Other than that, there had only been a single this was really nice, good job as a parting comment. It’s not like they had spoken directly or anything. “Who are they?”


“One of the biggest Let’s Players out there? His youtube channel’s huge, Jimmy.”


Oh. That probably explains his earlier comment about Tae. Jimin glances down at his coffee for a moment, then at Hoseok. His friend’s leaning with both forearms on the counter, a wide grin on his face that’s only serving to confuse him even further.


“Why was he watching me, then?”


“No idea,” Hoseok answers with a shrug. “Your tastes are totally different. He usually plays competitive, both FPSes and MOBAs. Or both, you know, like Overwatch?”


“I work at a game store, Hobi. I know what Overwatch is.”


Jimin sends him a flat look over the rim of his coffee cup but it’s very hard to stay serious when Hoseok’s grinning like that and after a few seconds he gives up, giggling a little.


“Even if you didn’t, you know, Tae…”


“And his obsession with that Kookie guy, yeah,” Jimin finishes for him, going to place the latte somewhere he wouldn’t accidentally knock it over. Technically, he shouldn’t even be drinking anything whilst on shift but Namjoon doesn’t really mind as long as it doesn’t distract him from the customers.


“He’s actually really good,” Hoseok offers with a smile before straightening up. “Okay, I gotta go. Are you streaming tomorrow?”


“Yep,” Jimin replies, waving cheerfully at him. “Thanks for the coffee, Hobi.”


Hoseok leaving means the store is empty, as it usually is during lunch hour, so he opens one of the drawers, intending on organizing the gift cards left over from a campaign two weeks ago. The door opens before he can get to it, making him close the drawer and look up, smile at the ready.  It takes him a second to recognize the customer that just walked in, since he’s dressed differently, but his smile widens as the memory comes to him.


“Oh, hello!”


Jimin isn’t sure why he remembers him out of all the people that came to pick up Battlefield 1 last week. Maybe because it had been right about this time, when everyone else was too busy eating?


“Hi,” the guys says, coming directly to the counter this time rather than peruse the store. Yoongi, he recalls after a moment. His name is Yoongi.


“What can I help you with today?” suddenly, he remembers the list of preorders. “Oh, if you’re coming in for Titanfall 2, it’s only releasing on Thursday.”


“I know, I… that’s uhm, not…” Yoongi replies, glancing away from him for a moment. Jimin blinks, a little confused at the strange behavior, but waits. His patient is rewarded a few seconds later, when Yoongi looks back at him. “I want to try something new?”




It comes out as more of a question than a statement but it’s definitively something Jimin can work with. His nod, or maybe his smile, seems to put Yoongi a little more at ease. There’s no one else in the store, so he can take his time trying to figure out what to recommend him.


“You picked up Battlefield, so I’m going to guess that’s the sort of games you like?”




“Uhm,” Jimin wonders, glancing around at the shelves. There are so many different genres that not-an-FPS doesn’t narrow it down much. “Do you have any idea what you’d like to try? Or something we can focus on, like strategy, puzzles, narrative…”


For a moment, Yoongi doesn’t answer. His gaze never really wanders from Jimin, not even to glance around at all the titles on display. Eventually, he shrugs:


“What kind of games do you play?”


“Me?” he asks, surprised.


“Yeah. You work here, so…”


The question makes perfect sense but it still makes him feel a little defensive. Most of their clients are perfectly nice but he’s had more than one unpleasant encounter with jerks that don’t consider what he plays to be real games, whatever that means. Jimin honestly doesn’t understand the point of that sort of elitism. He likes games because they make him and other people happy. Even if there’s little to no combat or story, you’re still stepping inside another universe and exploring it. The only thing that that kind of elitism does is make people feel bad for something that brings them joy.


“Uhm… I’m not sure you’d like the type of games I play,” he answers, a little hesitant despite telling himself he shouldn’t be.


“Trying can’t hurt, yeah?”


Yoongi tilts his head at him, smirking just a little. Rather than cocky, it just comes across as reassuring and Jimin catches himself nodding. Okay. Something he likes playing, then. Still, he’s not entirely sure he should recommend something like Stardew Valley or Thomas Was Alone. Maybe something with combat would make the transition easier? There’s always Bastion, if Yoongi hasn’t played it. He’s half tempted to recommend Slime Rancher, if only because he’s become a little bit obsessed with it since the stream.


Jimin stops that train of thought, suddenly realizing that he’s doing to Yoongi the exact same thing he hates other people doing to him: stereotyping. So what if the guy likes modern shooters? That doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy other types of games, too. Just as he’s about to revisit his earlier thoughts about Stardew Valley, an idea comes to him.


“Hey, what consoles do you have?”


“All of them.”


The reply stuns him for a brief second. The reason why Jimin sticks to his PC and handhelds is because video games aren’t exactly a cheap hobby. Owning every console sounds like a lot of money. It isn’t any of his business, though, so he quickly moves on from that thought.


“You’ve played Pokemon before, right?”




That reply is actually shocking, stopping him just as he’s about to leave his place behind the counter. Slowly, he looks at Yoongi, as if to check that he’s not making a joke or something. There’s nothing on his face to indicate that he is.


“What, never?” he can’t help the surprised way it comes out or the raising of his brow. Has he ever met someone close to his age who didn’t play a single game of that franchise? It was practically his childhood. And Tae’s and Hobi’s and Namjoon’s. Even Seokjin’s.


“Not really,” Yoongi pinches his own ear in an awkward gesture, making him snap out of his surprise. The last thing he wants to do is to make him self-conscious over a game of all things.


Jimin immediately walks over to the 3DS section and picks up the usual two versions of the most recent Pokémon game. Yoongi looks back and forth between the covers once they’re placed on the counter, brow furrowed in slight confusion.


“What’s the difference?”


“Some of the Pokémon are exclusive to each version,” Jimin replies easily, tapping at the covers to make his point. “And in this generation, the day-night cycle. It doesn’t really matter that much.”


After glancing between the two boxes a few more times, Yoongi shrugs and ends up picking the Moon version. Jimin clasps his hand with a grin that grows a little wider at the smile he gets in returns, babbling just a little as he goes over the process of ringing him up. It’s not until he’s handing him his credit card back, rambling excitedly about the game having trials rather than the typical gyms, that he realizes Yoongi hasn’t said a word.


“I’m… rambling, aren’t I? I’m sorry.”


Yoongi blinks at him, smile faltering for a second before he shakes his head.


“No, don’t. It’s uhm… it’s good. Seeing y- seeing the excitement. Makes me wanna play it.”


The words sound sincere, so Jimin decides to believe him. There’s an awkward pause after he hands the plastic bag over, just like the previous week, but this time Jimin breaks it with a grin and a little victory sign.


“I hope you like it. Let me know what you think, okay?”


Yoongi licks his lips in what seems like a nervous gesture but nods. The glance he throws Jimin’s way just before heading towards the door absolutely sparkles with amusement, which is probably what makes him jokingly blurt out:


“I’m serious, be honest! Tell me if you hate it, too!”


The sound of Yoongi’s laughter as he exits the shop stays with him all day.






“Hello everyone!”


Jimin smiles as the chat greets him as enthusiastically as ever. It seems to move a little quicker than normal and a quick glance at the viewer count shows that there’s couple more people around. Almost one hundred over the usual number, actually. It’s a bit of a jump but before he can wonder where they all came from, he spies someone typing out the intro lyrics of the Lion King in the chat window. Which only makes him sigh fondly, as usual.


“Hi, Taetae,” he greets, raising a finger and waggling it at the camera. “You’re a mod. Behave, please.”




9:15 JHOPE: please take it back Jimin he just started signing it OUT LOUD

9:15 JHOPE: the neighbors are gonna kill us



A giggle escapes him at that particular mental image, but Jimin tries to compose himself, going for his sternest and most serious look as he glances at the camera again and raises a finger to his lips.


“Shhhh. Save it for the morning. Isn’t that a good song for waking people up?”


There’s a string of angry robot emotes from Hoseok and an absolute cascade of grinning ones from everyone else after his comment. Jimin lets out an actual laugh, a little louder than he means to, throwing his head back against the chair. Everyone is still teasing each other as he manages to calm down and checks that everything is working okay, answering a few questions as he does so.


“I set my 3DS up today. We can switch to Slime Rancher later, if you guys want I just… uhm…” Jimin adjusts the camera overlay on the screen, trying to decide where to place it. “I had this customer yesterday. He asked for game recs and had never played Pokémon before, so… I don’t think it’s the kind of thing he usually plays but he was really cool about it. Said he’d try anyway.”


He’s a little dubious on the position of the overlay but decides to let it be for the time being. It can be adjusted in real time anyway, so it’s not much of an issue. Briefly, he scrolls through the menu of his 3DS whilst glancing at the chat.



9:17 mochienthusiast: that’s okay jimmy!!!

9:17 slimeshine: play wtv you want we’re still here dude

9:18 GucciV: BUT WAS HE CUTE




Jimin feels his cheeks flush a little at the question, predictable as it is coming from Taehyung, and rubs a clothed wrist over his nose.


“Tae! Hobi, help me out here.”



9:18 JHOPE: … … … I’m kinda with Tae actually. Was he cute?


9:18 chimmychinchin: answer~! answer~!

9:18 slimeshine: lol the guy was totally cute or jimmy wouldn’t be so embarrassed about it



He rubs at his face a little harder before dropping his arm and shaking his head. Both his friends and his viewers are nice people, he knows they’d drop the subject if he asked them to, but what’s the harm in answering? He had thought Yoongi was cute, after all, and it’s not like admitting it matters. Not unless Taehyung or Hoseok manage to find out who he is and tell him, but they wouldn’t do that. Tease Jimin mercilessly, yeah, but they’re not jerks.


“Okay, okay. Yes, he was very cute,” despite rolling his eyes at the replies that suddenly spam the chat window, he can’t help but smile at all the good-natured cheers and well-wishes. “Now let’s catch some Pokémon, okay?”


His fingers clutch the edges of his sleeves as Jimin raises his arms and shakes them back and forth excitedly with a wink, his signature move, before starting a gaming session. The chat follows suit with waves of the robot winking emote that cause the window to lag a little bit. It’s only due to that lag that he manages to catch the bright mint AgustD spamming the emote along with everyone else.


It’s so quick that for a moment he thinks he imagined it. He’s not about to scroll up and try to see if it really was him or not, though, so Jimin focuses on starting Pokémon Sun instead, immediately adjusting the sound again as soon as the game launches. He’s seen the intro enough times that he doesn’t have to pay attention to it but he keeps quiet for the sake of his viewers, only speaking once the opening is over:


“Which starter should we go with? Hobi, can you make a poll?”


Thankfully, Hoseok readily agrees and a few moments later there’s a link to streampoll in the chat. Jimin’s just about done naming the character JimmyJams like he usually does when a piano rendition of the Super Mario Bros theme rings out in the otherwise quiet room. It’s the sound he’s using for his subscription notifications, so he quickly glances at his second computer screen.



AgustD has just subscribed!





Jimin blinks. He barely remembers that his OBS overlay means everyone who’s watching also knows who his newest subscriber is, too busy blinking in confusion. The chat starting to freak out snaps him out of it and Jimin notices that the subscription came with a note. Since he doesn’t have a lot of subscribers, he makes a point of thanking each one individually and reading their messages out loud. His smile is a little shyer than usual as he speaks, but still bright and sincere.


“Thank you for the subscription, AgustD! I see you’ve left a note, let’s check it,” he says, quickly reading it over once. And then twice. It takes him a few seconds to start reciting it. “Hey. Just wanna say I like your streams. It’s just really cool that you play the games you like. Please keep doing it. Thanks.”


Jimin can feel his face growing hot and the tip of his ears getting red. Maybe it’s because he’s tired at this hour or maybe it’s because it comes from someone much more well-known than he is but the words get to him just a little. From what his friends say, AgustD is a competitive player on top of all the youtube stuff he does and none of their gaming interests overlap. Hearing encouragement from someone like that is almost… validating, which is a little ridiculous because Jimin never felt like he needed validation for his hobby.


It’s still nice. AgustD’s nice.


“Thank you,” he manages after staying silent for a few moments too long. “I… I think games can be a lot of things, you know? They can be art, they can be a competition but… they can also bring people together? I just want… I just want to give people some place where they can hangout together and talk. Where we can hang out together and talk and just… relax. Like friends do, you know?”


His eyes prickle and Jimin rubs at them quickly, mentally berating himself for getting this emotional about it. When he had first moved here, Jimin didn’t really have a lot of friends. Namjoon, technically his boss, had been the first. He’d also been the person who had encouraged Jimin to stream and showed him how to use twitch and OBS and all kinds of software. Games had also brought him his first friends outside of work through the chatroom. Even his friendship with Hoseok and Taehyung only truly blossomed once they overhead him talking about his streams.


“So uhm, thank you,” he repeats, smiling as brightly as he could muster and firmly ignoring how choked up his voice sounds. “I hope you have a good time with us! Everyone here is nice, I promise. We’re all friends.”


A quick glance at the chat is all he can muster as all the cheers and encouragement that flash through the window almost threaten to make him actually cry, so Jimin turns towards the game again. Mentally, he makes a note to check out AgustD’s twitch and youtube channels at some point, when he’s not too tired from work or streaming. Although with the holidays quickly approaching, it might be best to do it soon.


The chat ends up picking Popplio for being under appreciated and Jimin rolls with it, more than happy to oblige. If AgustD says anything else that night, he doesn’t manage to catch it.






“Be thankful it’s my break!” is what Taehyung greets him with, planting a latte on top of the counter.


Jimin shakes away the sense of dejá vù that washes over him, not taking his eyes away from the register. The system isn’t changing the status of any of the preorders that have been handed over today which has been giving him a headache since the store opened that morning. Namjoon had already called teach support, they were meant to have arrived about an hour ago but there’s still no signs of them.


“Thanks for the coffee, Tae,” he mutters, trying to keep an irritated sigh from escaping. It’s hardly Taehyung’s fault that the system decided to mess up today.


“We need to talk.”


Jimin hums distractedly, reaching for the coffee and taking a sip. Maybe it’ll help his headache.


“What about? Did that Kookie guy win the tournament?”


“No, that’s not until next month Chim - but he did amazing in comp yesterday!” He doesn’t really mean to tune ou Taet but the problem with the store’s computer is frustrating him enough that it ends up happening anyway. When his attention snaps back to the conversation, Taehyung’s face is about five centimeters away from his own and he’s clearly waiting for him to speak.






Jimin blinks. How had they jumped from GoldenKook to him in the span of about twenty seconds?




“He subscribed, Chimz! Subscribed!” Taehyung practically shouts, dragging out the last word.


His mouth opens and closes twice before he gives up on verbally replying and just shrugs. Jimin doesn’t know how to answer because there isn’t much to say. Taehyung inches closer and he turns his attention back to the register, pretending he’s not flushing a little. Okay, maybe he’s still embarrassed about getting emotional during that particular stream.


“Fine,” Tae huffs, moving back to sprawl over the edge of the counter. “Tell me about the cute customer, then.”


Now he knows he’s blushing but thankfully Namjoon chooses that precise moment to come out of the backroom.


“Jimmy, can you- oh hey Taehyung.”


“Hi Namjoon!” Tae greets with a wave and a wide grin, not at all bothered by the fact the owner of the store just caught him sprawling on the counter.


“Sorry, I’m gonna have to steal Jimmy for a bit,” Namjoon says, flashing Taehyung a quick smile as he grabs Jimin’s shoulder. “Can you check how many of those Switch bundles we have? I just got a call from the tech guys, they’re five minutes away.”


“Oh sure,” Jimin replies, heading straight to the back, far quicker than strictly necessary - not in order to avoid Taehyung’s questions and pouting, no sir, not at all.


He does end up spending most of the day in the back, counting bundles and figures and collectibles and accessories and if he never sees another amiibo again, it will be too soon. It’s not until they’re closing up that he remembers Titanfall 2 came out today which means Yoongi must have come to pick it up at some point.


“Joon?” he asks, picking up his messenger back.




“Did… did someone named Yoongi drop by today?”


Namjoon looks away from the screen to stare at him for a moment. Then he reaches over to where they usually keep the post-its block and flips through a couple of pages.


“Oh yeah. Titanfall 2. I think I remember him. Quiet guy, just picked it up and left.”




Jimin fiddles with his bag’s strap for a moment, fingers curling around the fabric. For whatever reason, he feels a little… disappointed. Maybe because he had actually been looking forward to talking with him again? He wants to know if Yoongi asked about him but doesn’t want to embarrass himself. Not that Namjoon would tease him, at most he’d give him a knowing smile, but still.


“Right. Okay.”


“Something wrong?” Namjoon looks genuinely concerned, so Jimin smiles brightly at him and shakes his head. By now, he knows his boss is going to shoo him off even if he insists on staying behind until everything’s shut down, so there’s little point in arguing about it.


Jimin just wishes him a good night and promises he’ll catch his Civ stream later before walking out. It’s cold when he steps outside and he wishes he’d brought a hoodie but he had left the house in a bit of a rush that morning. It doesn’t help that the store is always warm, as much as he’s thankful for it during the winter, because the abrupt change in temperature makes him shiver immediately.




He looks towards the left at the unexpected sound of his name, squinting a little at the stranger leaning against the wall. They’re wearing all black which makes him a little apprehensive at this hour but his wariness quickly fades as he recognizes the snapback of all things. It’s not a stranger. It’s Yoongi.


What’s he doing here at this hour? Namjoon said he picked up the game earlier. Jimin had never introduced himself properly, how does he even know his - oh, right, his nametag. Yoongi probably got his name from it. That’s one mystery down but it doesn’t explain what he’s doing here. It’s not until Yoongi takes a tentative step towards him and calls out his name again that Jimin realizes he’s been staring.


“Oh. Hi Yoongi!” he greets, belatedly, waving. “Sorry, I wasn’t… expecting to see you this late. Did you forget something? Joon’s still inside.”


“No, I uhm…” Yoongi glances away for a moment before focusing back on him, licking his lips. “I wanted to ask you something?”


Jimin blinks. Is this about Pokémon? Maybe he wants some more game recs? He doesn’t know but takes a couple of steps closer anyway so that they’re standing in front of one another. It makes it easier to talk, or so he thinks, but Yoongi seems to become more nervous the closer he gets.


“Ask away,” he replies with a smile, trying to sound gentle, but Yoongi ends up looking down at his feet anyway.


“I kinda… I wanted to ask if you wanted to get some coffee… maybe? But like, I didn’t want to ask while you were at work because that’d be shitty, right?” Yoongi glances up at him, looking a little hesitant even as his words come out faster and faster. “Cause you were working and you have to be nice to clients and shit so I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable or like you had to agree, yeah? Like I wanted you to be able to say no if you didn’t want to - and you can! You can say no, promise I won’t take it the hard way.”


Jimin blinks and opens his mouth to reply but Yoongi isn’t done talking and barrels on. His face is flushed, the tips of his ears are bright red and he kind of looks like he wants to run away from Jimin as fast as humanly possible.


“I just - I liked Pokémon and you know a lot about games I never played and you’re kind of cute and uh, cool, and I thought we could speak more ‘bout the kind of things you like to play and uhm, everything else? Maybe? But again if you’re not up for it, it’s fine, it’s cool, I won’t-”


Yoongi,” Jimin interrupts. Yoongi promptly shuts up, looking beyond mortified. He tries really hard not to giggle at the look, has to bite down on his lip to avoid doing so, and offers him a smile. Something warm flutters inside his chest. “It’s a bit late for coffee but… maybe ice cream?”


“You’re shivering,” Yoongi points out after a moment of silence. “Uh… there’s a waffle place nearby?”


“Waffles sound perfect,” he replies. “Lead the way?”


Yoongi nods and starts walking after a second. Jimin keeps up easily, trying to eye him discreetly. All that rambling was actually kind of endearing. Cute, really. And he’d be lying if he said he isn’t a little bit giddy about Yoongi inviting him out somewhere. They don’t really talk on the way but Jimin doesn’t mind so much, content to look around until they get there.


He ends up picking a bunch of sweet toppings while Yoongi just goes for the basic one with a cup of coffee on the side. Jimin tries not to judge him but ends up wondering if he’s planning on sleeping tonight because it is kind of too late for that amount of caffeine. At least they didn’t go inside the coffee shop where Tae and Hobi work, though. They would probably tease him to death.


“So… you liked Pokémon?” he asks once they’re seated, cutting off the bottom right edge of his waffle.


“Yeah,” Yoongi replies, momentarily ignoring the food to focus on his coffee instead. “It’s actually really fun.”


“Which starter did you pick?” getting his fork to hold a bit of everything is harder than he thought but he manages after a moment.




“Did you name it?”


“I did, yeah.”


“What did you name it?”


Yoongi mumbles something into his coffee. Jimin glances at him as he’s raising his fork.


“Sorry, I didn’t catch that?”


There’s a flush spreading across Yoongi’s nose as he busies himself with his own waffle, coffee set to the side.




Jimin pauses, fork halfway up to his mouth, and just blinks at him for several silent moments.


“You…” he starts, lowering the fork, paying zero attention as the marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles fall off. “You named it Suga?”


“It looked cute? Kinda sweet?” is what Yoongi ends up offering as a reply, though it comes out as more of a question than an answer.


Jimin keeps staring, lowering the fork all the way down to rest on his plate. A giggle escapes him, then another, then one more and before he knows it, he’s laughing into his sleeve, leaning to the side and raising one of his legs. It’s involuntary but he can’t help it. Noticing the contrast between the sweet name, the clothes Yoongi’s wearing and his penchant for modern shooters only makes it funnier and it takes Jimin several moments to stop laughing.


Yoongi doesn’t look upset, though. When Jimin finally manages to compose himself, he’s staring at him with a smile on his face, wide enough to show his gums and make his eyes almost disappear. Jimin promptly picks his fork back up and eats up the piece of waffle, ignoring his own blossoming blush.


“That’s a good name.”


“Uhm,” Yoongi replies, slowly cutting his entire waffle into pieces. “What have you been playing?”


“Oh, uh…” Jimin takes a moment to think the question over once he’s done swallowing his food. Should he talk about the games he’s been streaming? That’s pretty much all he’s been playing. Or almost, he thinks, glancing down at the messenger bag resting against his chair. “Have you heard of Animal Crossing?”


“I think so?”


“There’s this spin-off they have uh… Happy Home Designer? It’s for the 3DS. I’ve been playing it during my commute.”


“Happy Home Designer?” Yoongi asks, raising a brow. The plastic utensils look ridiculously flimsy under his long fingers, Jimin notices. “Haven’t heard of it. Can you show me?”


“Oh sure!” he replies, immediately reaching for his bag.


“I didn’t mean right now, it’s okay, we’re eating-”


“No no, it’s fine,” Jimin insists, a little too giddy about showing off the game because he’s been enjoying it a lot. A part of him is still a little reluctant to do it, wondering if Yoongi won’t find it terribly boring, but he pushes that thought aside as soon as he grabs his 3DS.


 It doesn’t take very long to turn it on, load up the game and reach a point where he can show it off. Jimin drags his chair, plate and bag over to Yoongi’s side of the table so that they can both see the screen’s handheld at the same time before starting to explain things, pointing with the stylus as he does so.


“Okay, so you’re a designer. You have clients and they usually request a theme or vibe and you have to build their houses accordingly. They also give you furniture and stuff. This little guy wants a… uhm… journey through space? Okay,” he furrows a brow but shrugs as he starts selecting things at random, just to show how it’s done. “It’s not just the furniture, you can customize their gardens and the outside of their houses and even the windows!”


He doesn’t even realize he’s started rambling excitedly but the smile on his face dims down when he glances over at Yoongi and finds him frowning at the screen. Oh. Maybe this really isn’t the sort of thing he likes playing. He did try Pokémon and said he likes it but that’s a little different.


“You going with that?”


“What?” Jimin asks, started out of his thoughts.


Yoongi points a finger at the screen, still frowning.


“That chicken guy asked you for a space theme and you give him a flowery wallpaper?”


Slowly, Jimin looks at the game again. He hadn’t been paying attention to the items themselves, he had just wanted to demonstrate how the game worked. Dutifully, he changes the wallpaper to something more closely resembling space. When he goes to pick the wardrobe, though, Yoongi interrupts him.


“No, no, no. That’s gonna clash.”


“What?” Jimin asks, raising a brow at him. Yoongi points at the table in the middle of the room and shakes his head.


“That’s gonna clash, Jimin. Don’t mix woods like that.”


For a moment, he doesn’t answer, just glances between Yoongi and his 3DS. Then, he wordlessly hands it over, watching curiously as Yoongi immediately picks it up and starts selecting things, brows furrowed in concentration, expression serious and weirdly intense. Jimin keeps staring even as he starts eating again, unable to help himself.


Yoongi, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten the food entirely, too preoccupied with ranting about woods and fabrics and the poor selection of furniture and seriously, Jimin, I don’t care if that’s his favorite bed it’s fucking tacky and I’m not using it. He can’t help the occasional snort or giggle, especially after Yoongi spends ten entire minutes ranting about how every single option for curtains is absolutely terrible.


Jimin only attempts to pry the 3DS away from him once the house is finished and even then, Yoongi keeps grumbling about the damned roof tiles. There’s a smile tugging at the corners of his lips and it makes Jimin really want to laugh, though he manages to keep it in for the most part. Gently, he nods towards their food and they both start eating again.


“I promise you can pick up a copy of it tomorrow, Yoongi, to play whenever you’re not… uhm…” he trails off for a moment. “What do you do? If you don’t mind me asking, of course!”


“I got a degree in Sound Engineering,” Yoongi answers with a shrug, plopping another piece of the waffle into his mouth. “But I kinda work from home now.”


“Oh. I wanted to be a vet,” Jimin offers without prompting but Yoongi smiles at him before he has time to feel embarrassed about blurting it out.




“Yeah. I started working with Joon so I could save up for the tuition fees but… I don’t know. I really like working there now,” and there’s the streaming which became an unexpectedly big part of his life. He just… doesn’t know if he wants to bring that up yet.


“As long as you’re happy, yeah?”


Jimin glances up from his food. Yoongi’s still smiling at him, a little gentler than before, and he feels unexpectedly shy. It’s nice, though. This is nice. He twirls the fork around his fingers and smiles back, flushing a little.








There’s two thousand more viewers than usual the next time he streams.


It’s not like he hadn’t expected an increase after announcing Jin’s guest appearance on twitter. His roommate’s voice acting skills are starting to get recognition and he just finished recording his lines for an NPC in a major triple A title, so Jimin had expected more people than usual. Just not two thousand more.


“Hello, everyone!” he greets as Seokjin waves happily next to him.


It’s a bit of a tight fit to get them both in the fram, but they manage. He glances at the chat to see plenty of people greeting them back. Hoseok and Taehyung aren’t having any trouble managing the extra viewers thus far but he still feels a little nervous. It’ll probably be fine, though. Briefly, he wonders if AgustD is around but spotting him is even more difficult than usual.


“For those who don’t know me, I’m Jimin, or JimmyJams and this is my friend and roommate, Seokjin.”


Jin waves again, looking straight at the camera and winking exaggeratedly, making him giggle.


“He’s a voice actor and he’s been away recording for a bit now. He’s playing a character in a new upcoming game from Naughty Dog.”


“No, it’s not Uncharted,” Seokjin cheekily adds. “I can’t tell you guys what it is yet but you’ll know as soon as I can!”


“And you’ll check it out, right everyone?” Jimin grins over at his friend. “Or you’ll make him sad!”


The chat, friendly as always, promptly agrees that they’ll check it out, even if they don’t even know what it is yet. Taehyung links everyone to streampoll as Jimin hadn’t decided on what to play beforehand. The selection isn’t as wide as usual because a lot of the games he likes to play don’t have a multiplayer feature so Jin wouldn’t be able to join in.


Secretly, he’s kind of hoping that Animal Crossing: New Leaf will win, if only because it reminds him of Yoongi. He’s a little distracted by the memory and doesn’t notice when the conversation starts shifting from what games to play to what everyone has been up to until Jin gently elbows him, a teasing grin on his face.




“What’s this I hear about a really cute customer, Jimin?”


Immediately, Jimin feels himself blushing. He glances at the camera with a pout, going for his best betrayed and wounded look.


“Nothing. It’s nothing.”


“When are you going to ask them out?”


“Jin!” he protests, swatting at his laughing roommate. The chat, of course, is only egging Jin on. Even Tae and Hobi are in on it and so is Joon, whom Jimin hadn’t noticed is watching today. Although he can guess why. “Come on, what do you guys wanna play?”


In the end, they do decide on Animal Crossing. He spends most of his time trying to gather fruit whilst Jin spends most of his time digging up holes for Jimin’s avatar to fall into. Taehyung joins them at one point with the intent of going fishing but ends up catching butterflies instead which they somehow all end up doing by the end. The teasing about the cute customer ends up lasting the entire stream but that’s to be expected.


What isn’t expected is Jimin getting a private DM on twitter from AgustD during breakfast. He squints at the screen, briefly wondering if he’s still asleep. The memory of following him is a bit hazy, he’d done it after the subscription incident whilst half-asleep. He reads it once, a little confused, and then twice just to make sure he’s not imagining things.


It’s an apology. To be specific, it’s an apology for promoting him without his permission the previous night and oh, that’s where all the extra viewers had come from. Jimin brushes his bangs back before reaching for his keys with one hand, phone held in the other. AgustD should have asked him, sure, but it’s not that big a deal to him.


There’s a joke about falling into holes at the end of the message, so he probably did watch the stream after all. Quickly, Jimin types out a reply assuring him that it’s okay and he appreciates it. Then, after thinking about it for a moment, he goes to AgustD’s actual twitter page. It’s something he meant to do before but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.


The first thing he notices is that the icon is of some sort of cartoon character. A black bear with a wide smile and blushing cheeks. It contrasts a little with the icon Jimin himself uses, a round and white and smiley little mochi. Most of the tweets seem to be links to either youtube videos or streaming sessions. He doesn’t get to click any of them before his phone’s alarm is ringing and Jimin realizes he’s going to be late.


Swiftly, Jimin pockets his phone and practically runs out. It’s not until he’s already on the bus that he realizes he left his hoodie back home. Again.






Yoongi starts coming to the store later than usual.


Not that he had been going early before, unless one in the afternoon can be classified as “early”, but he starts showing up just before the store closes. Jimin is confused the first time until Yoongi shyly asks him if he’d like to spend some time together again. It quickly becomes part of his weekly routine.


He streams every other day and rests on the days he doesn’t, except for Thursdays, when Yoongi picks up whatever he’s ordered or whatever Jimin’s recommended to him that week and then patiently waits for his shift to be over. Namjoon catches on easily, and if Jimin thought his boss was quick in shooing him off before, it’s nothing compared to the way he starts almost shoving him out the door on Thursday evenings with a smile and a wink, unfailingly causing him to greet Yoongi with a flushing face.


It’s only happened about three times now which means Tae and Hobi haven’t caught on quite yet. They probably will soon, it’s not like he can avoid the coffee shop forever, it’s right next door. His friends not noticing them by now is practically a miracle, he thinks, as he walks pass the aforementioned store.


It’s his day off but Jimin isn’t visiting them at work today. No, he’s actually heading to the salon on the next block, all because of Taehyung. His number of viewers and subscribers just keeps getting higher, especially after AgustD started hosting his streams. The guy’s fairly quiet in the chat, only pipping up with the occasional helpful comment or compliment but seems to show an appreciation for his content in other ways. Why, Jimin still isn’t sure, but he figures it’s not worth worrying about.


Still, the idea of celebrating subscriber milestones is something a lot of streamers do, so after Tae and Hobi ganged up on him, he ended up agreeing to do it last week. 24 hour streams isn’t something he’s capable of doing or even willing to do, considering he has a day job. After a bouncing around a couple of ideas, he had settled on dying his hair, with the exact color being decided by the chat.


Tae wanted to add all manner of weird colors as options but Jimin managed to make him stick with normal ones for the time being, since he could always go with crazier ones after reaching future milestones. Although he’s regretting adding Jin’s suggestion of platinum blond because that was the color that ended up with the most votes. The chat had seemed really keen on it, saying a lot of complimentary things about him looking like an angel, so Jimin can’t complain too much.


It doesn’t take him long to reach the salon. He takes his jacket off once he’s inside, making sure to keep his phone, wallet and keys with him. The hairdresser directs him towards one of the chairs ten minutes later and Jimin settles in for what’s bound to be at least one hour. She’s nice enough to make small talk with him but has to tend to other clients when the bleach is working its magic, leaving him utterly bored.


Jimin takes his phone out and scrolls through his texts. There’s one from Taehyung, who should be at work, two from Namjoon just reminding him of things they need to do tomorrow and three from Jin asking about groceries. Replying to all of them doesn’t take more than a few seconds, so he checks twitter next. There’s quite a few notifications waiting for him there and the name AgustD pops up again.


It’s not like he’s either too busy or too tired, for once, so now it’s a good time to check the youtuber out as any. His headphones aren’t with him and Jimin doesn’t want to bother the other clients there, so he settles for just watching the shorter videos on youtube. His choice is random, since none of them seem to be the sort of thing he likes. What greets him once he turns his phone over is a menu of some sort, with a bunch of options on the left side… and Yoongi’s face on the upper right corner.


Jimin stares. Then blinks. Then stares a little more. Yoongi’s speaking but his phone is on silent, so it’s not like he can hear. Even if he could, it kind of feels like his head’s been submerged in water and the words probably wouldn’t make any sense to him. He brings a hand to rub at his eyes before stopping himself, remembering that it’s probably not wise to do it whilst his hair is being dyed. Just to be safe. Briefly, he pauses the video. Then, he unpauses it. Yoongi is still there.


It’s not difficult to recognize him, although he’s not used to seeing him without a jacket or without his snapback. He looks slimmer, a little smaller, and his hair looks shiny and smooth. Jimin glances around before raising the volume on his phone just a little. Yoongi’s voice sounds a little odd too, deep but slightly different in pitch, maybe due to the fact it’s a recording. There’s no shyness to him, though, no slightly awkward mumbling, just straight-up confidence bordering on cockiness that makes him bite his lip.


Okay. He already thinks Yoongi’s cute but this is a little… different. A little attractive in a different way and he can admit that to himself. Jimin still doesn’t know what to make of the fact that his favorite new regular is AgustD and the mere reminder brings him up short again. Why hadn’t Yoongi said anything? He had plenty of opportunities to do so. But then, so had Jimin, who had never spoken about his own streams either. Maybe Yoongi had been waiting for him to bring it up first?


The hairdresser comes back to check on him and Jimin lowers his phone so abruptly that he almost drops it. She apologizes for having to tend to other people, saying that Wednesdays are always very busy, and his stomach seems to drop at the reminder. Wednesday. Which means tomorrow is Thursday which means he’ll see Yoongi then. Should he talk about it? Should he bring it up? Should he wait for Yoongi to do it?


Jimin knows that this whole AgustD thing isn’t a big deal… or that it shouldn’t be. It’s not like the guy has been disrespectful either online or in real life. He’s just having difficulty putting the two together inside his head. ugustD is a gaming celebrity by all accounts and Yoongi is… Yoongi. Yoongi who doesn’t like worrying about his hair, who seems to live in hoodies, who always preorders things physically despite being able to do it online, who loves coffee and never shows up before one in the afternoon… which actually makes sense if he’s streaming or recording all night.


It shouldn’t be a big deal. It shouldn’t make him nervous. But it is and it does and Jimin spends his entire day off and the following night worrying about it. Namjoon notices that something’s off almost immediately but he brushes off the offer to go home and rest. He’s not overly tired, despite the lack of sleep. In fact, he’s having the opposite problem, being too alert and over thinking everything. He ends up asking Joon to switch, sorting out the back for the rest of the day.


As far as distractions go, it works fairly well, even if he ends up missing Hobi stopping by. He doesn’t even leave the back by the time he knows Yoongi is stopping by. Instead, he uses the last half an hour to mentally psych himself up. It’s ridiculous honestly but Jimin takes deep breaths and reminds himself that everything is fine and nothing has changed, not really. AgustD had never asked a thing of him and Yoongi had never brought their aliases up.


By the time he does make it out of the store, his nerves have settled somewhat and he starts feeling more curious than anything. Yoongi is waiting for him in his usual manner, leaning against the wall. Large jacket, snapback, scruffy sneakers. Check, check, check. He turns as Jimin exits but pauses at the sight of him, eyes growing wide, lips slightly parted.


Oh. Right. The hair. Jimin runs a hand through it self-consciously, that fluttering feeling blossoming in his chest again, even as he steps closer with a tentative smile. AgustD had watched the stream where they announced the milestone and the celebration, so Yoongi had to know. Is he just pretending to be shocked or is it genuine surprise at how Jimin looks with blond hair?




Yoongi blinks and swallows before smiling back at him.


“Jimin. Hi. You… your hair.”


“Do… do you like it?”


Yoongi stares fixedly at the strands for a few moments before nodding, smile growing wider.


“Yeah. Suits you. I really like it.”


Jimin takes a deep breath and straightens up just a little, watching him intently.


“Do you think AgustD would like it, too?”


Silence. Yoongi stares at him and he stares back, willing himself not to look away even as he flushes. Slowly, a look of realization dawns on Yoongi’s face. He raises a hand and reaches out to Jimin but stops. Awkwardly, he then uses it to take off his snapback instead, twirling it around in an obviously anxious gesture.


“Yeah, I uhm… I promised myself I’d get around to telling you before I asked you out but I kept…” Yoongi smiles at him, a little pained. He grabs the snapback with both hands, twisting it rather than twirling it now. Jimin opens his mouth to reply but Yoongi keeps talking, quicker by the second. “Look, I didn’t- I didn’t want you to think that I only followed and subscribed ‘cause I- enjoyed spendin’ time with you and shit. I genuinely think your streams are good. And I didn’t want you to think that I only played the games you rec’ed me ‘cause I wanted you to subscribe back or-”


Yoongi,” he interrupts, managing to get him to shush for the moment. The scene is so very familiar. It only takes him a second to realize that it’s incredibly similar to the way Yoongi had asked him if he wanted to go somewhere. Except this time, he’s doing a little more than that. “You… did you just say you wanted to ask me out?”


His long fingers clutch the snapback like it’s some sort of lifeline but Yoongi doesn’t take it back. Instead, he nods. Slowly but without a hint of hesitation.


“Yeah. I uh… yeah. Still want to.”


Jimin stares at him. As soon as the words sink in properly, he can feel his face absolutely burning. Reflexively, he brings up a hand to hide his face but stops. Consciously, he lowers it down even as he fails to stop himself from worrying at his bottom lip.




“Okay?” Yoongi asks, looking so stunned and confused that Jimin can’t help the giggle that escapes him.


“Yeah. Okay.”


“You’re… not mad?”


Jimin tilts his head and shrugs. It’s cold out, despite his warm face, so he takes a moment to pull his grey hoodie over his head.


“No, not really. I’m a little… confused, I guess? But I’m not mad,” a small pause. “I’m a little curious about your set-up, though.”


“Wanna see it?”


It’s offered so promptly, so quickly, that it takes Jimin by surprise. He raises a brow.


“You’ll let me see it?”


“Sure,” Yoongi seems to abruptly realize he’s been torturing the poor snapback and promptly places it back on his head, obscuring most of his glossy black hair. “My house isn’t far from here but it’s kinda late. Does next week work for you?”


“I think so but can we do it on Wednesday? It’s my day off and it’s…” abruptly, a thought occurs to him. “Wait. Is that our first date?”


“Nah,” Yoongi replies, tugging at his own ear lobe and glancing away briefly. The bridge of his nose and his cheeks are a little flushes too which is gratifying to see. “I was kinda thinkin’… maybe the park? You like catching butterflies in Animal Crossing so maybe we could go see some…”


“Yoongi,” it’s a sweet idea, really it is, but Jimin can’t help the snort that escapes him. “It’s winter.”


“I know,” Yoongi replies with a grimace. “That’s why I said thinking about it…”


“We can still go,” he reassures him. “The park’s still nice.”


“When it’s not raining,” Yoongi grumbles but nods regardless. After a moment, he points to the right. Jimin realizes they’ve been standing around for a little while and starts walking.


“Can I just ask something, Yoongi?” he tries, after their pace matches up and they’re walking side by side, shoulders brushing lightly.


“Sure. Whatever you want.”


“How did you even find the stream? I mean… it just… doesn’t seem likely?”


Next to him, Yoongi chuckles, tugging a little at his ear again.




Jimin turns to him at that reply, taken entirely by surprise. Jin? What does Jin have to do with any of this? Do they even know each other? Apparently yes, although he’s failing to see how they’d even met. Jin isn’t a streamer or a youtuber despite appearing as his guest on the channel fairly frequently.


“Remember last year’s PAX East?”


Oh. Okay. Yes, he does remember Jin going to that con, it isn’t unusual. Although it was the first one he had attended as a VA rather than as a normal guest. Yoongi himself attending isn’t surprising at all, the biggest gamer celebrities always go. At least, Jimin thinks they do. He’s not entirely sure, he’s never paid it much attention. That’s Taehyung’s area.


“I ran into him after one of the let’s play panels. He kinda mentioned his roommate who streams games…”


“Did he mention the lack of shooting?”


Yoongi pauses, causing him to stop too, before turning to him with a wide smile, eyes almost disappearing with the strength of it, save for a playful sparkle. Jimin licks his lips, only belatedly realizing he’s not paying attention to the answer.


“- but thought I’d check it out anyway. Not regretting it, you were adorable.”


Jimin parts his lips to reply but what comes out is a series of stuttered noises. Yoongi smiles even wider at his reaction, immediately causing his face to heat up. He does manage a small “shut up, Yoongi” and relishes in seeing him turn red, too, before hesitantly curling two fingers into the sleeves of Yoongi’s hoodie and tugging him forward.


He learns three very important things during their evening walk. One, Yoongi absolutely preens when someone compliments his gaming skills, be they in Battlefield or Happy Home Designer, even if he insists it’s not preening. Two, Yoongi absolutely blushes when someone compliments him as a person rather than as a gamer, even if he tries to act nonchalant about it.


Three, and this is the most important one, next Wednesday can’t come soon enough, because Yoongi is one of the cutest, smartest and most interesting people he’s ever met and if Jimin gets caught staring at his lips one more time he might just end up spontaneously combusting before any kissing actually happens.






The downside of knowing about the AgustD thing is that he has to pretend that he doesn’t.


Okay, fine, Jimin doesn’t really have to pretend but he wants to keep it quiet until he decides what to do about it. If it even matters. Aren’t youtubers and streamers friends a lot of the time? Jimin himself has mentioned Namjoon plenty of times and vice versa. He’s sure that once Taehyung and Hoseok finally make their own gaming youtube channel, once they actually decide on what to call it, he’ll be referencing them a lot too.


Friends isn’t the same thing as dating, though, and they do have a date next week, at the park. Because apparently today doesn’t count as a date. At least it gives him more time to think about this. Yoongi had made it clear that he didn’t mind either way and he’d be okay with whatever decision Jimin ends up making. It’s not Yoongi he’s concerned about, though, it’s his viewers. They might be lovely people, they might not be. Jimin’s fairly sure he can handle whatever ends up being tossed his way but he doesn’t want anyone turning on AgustD.


He’s so deep in thought that he ends up passing right by Yoongi’s building and having to backtrack. The address is right there on his phone but he checks it three times, hesitates on whether ringing the bell twice and ends up just texting him that he’s there. The door buzzes open quickly and Jimin quietly steps inside, making sure it doesn’t slam shut behind him or anything like that.


The building seems to be more recent than the one Jimin and Jin live in but he’s not exactly surprised. This area of town only started being built about three years ago from what Hoseok tells him. There’s an abundance of sleek, shiny surfaces and straight lines which he kind of likes. He definitively likes the elevator being extremely quick and silent, too, even if it means he’s doesn’t have a lot of time to calm his nerves.


Yoongi’s already holding the door to his apartment open when Jimin steps out, leaning on the frame. If he didn’t know him very well, it would seem casual enough. Unfortunately for Yoongi, Jimin does know him well-enough to see that he’s nervous, too, and overcompensating for it. The hesitant smile sent his way grows as he steps closer and chuckles a little.


“Hey Yoongi.”


“Jiminnie. Hey. Come in.”


The little nickname makes him raise a brow but he doesn’t comment until he’s inside the apartment proper and Yoongi has closed the door behind them.


Jiminnie? That’s a new one.”


“You don’t like it? I can switch to Jimmy like the chat calls you,” Yoongi gestures for him to walk inside the living room. “Drop your things wherever. If you want.”


Jimin considers his words for a moment as he carefully hangs his bag and coat over the back of a chair. Jimmy is familiar, as are Chim, Chimmy, Jimbles, Jimothy and every possible combination thereof thanks to Taehyung, but Jiminnie is actually kind of new. The idea of having a nickname that only Yoongi uses is strangely pleasant and it makes him flush a little bit.


“No, it’s… it’s nice. You don’t have to change it.”


Yoongi tilts his head, smirking in amusement as if he can hear Jimin’s thoughts. Thankfully, though, he doesn’t comment, merely gesturing for him to follow. Jimin isn’t entirely sure where they’re going but he’s not expecting to step inside an office of sorts. Although it actually makes sense when he thinks about it. Yoongi is a professional youtuber, it stands to reason that he’d have a space specifically dedicated to recording his sessions.


“Go on,” Yoongi encourages him gently, nodding with his chin towards the computer.


Stepping closer rather carefully, Jimin tries to take a good look at his set-up. Some of the equipment he recognizes, some he doesn’t. The mountain of console peripherals inside a dresser, of all things, makes him laugh. He keeps his hands to himself not for fear of breaking anything but rather to avoid making Yoongi have to readjust his equipment later. The two umbrella like things in front of the desk keep catching his attention and he leans over to take a closer look.


“Lightning kits?” he asks, a little hesitantly.


“Yeah. Limostudio. It’s a photography thing but it keep the lighting consistent for recordings too, so…” Yoongi replies easily.


The nonchalant answer makes him a little more at ease. Still a little hesitant, he asks a couple more questions but Yoongi doesn’t show any signs of being annoyed. Rather, he takes the time to go through whatever it is Jimin isn’t familiar with, even demonstrating how some of the equipment works.


“This is really cool, Yoongi,” he says, smiling fondly. And it is rather cool but what makes him smile is the mental picture of Yoongi sitting there and going through the motions to set everything up and recording. Mildly, he wonders what it would be like to stream something with him like he does with Seokjin every once in a while.


“You wanna play something? I got everything set up in the living room too.”


Jimin glances at him in amusement, raising a brow even as they both head towards the door.


How many consoles do you have?”


“Too many,” Yoongi replies without an once of shame. Jimin ducks his head to hide his chuckles on their way back to the living room.


He sits on the couch without being prompted and crosses his legs. Maybe it’s the angle, maybe it’s the shirt he’s wearing or the fact Jimin is seeing him without a jacket in person for the first time, but Yoongi’s shoulders seem a lot wider than before. He’s crouching before the TV, mumbling something about cables, and Jimin only realizes he’s staring and worrying at his bottom lip once Yoongi stands up again.


“What do you wanna play?” he asks. There’s a remote in his left hand and two controllers held awkwardly in his right hand. Jimin shifts his weight forward carefully, raising himself up a little to grab one of them.


“What about Battlefield?”


Yoongi’s barely sat down on the couch before raising a disbelieving brow at him.


“You wanna play Battlefield?”


“I thought I could try?” it comes out as a hesitant question rather than the statement he meant it to be. “You tried all those other games for me.”


“Uhm,” Yoongi glances back at the TV and licks his lips. “What about Battlefront?”


“Star Wars?” Jimin replies automatically. Just thinking back to that particular launch has him feeling tired. It had been one of the busiest weeks in the entire year. Still, he had wanted to check the game out before all the overexposure made him change his mind. “Okay. But isn’t that… uhm…”


“We’ll do Skirmish mode,” Yoongi explains. After not receiving an answer, he glances at Jimin and grins toothily at the look of confusion on his face. “The bots?”


“Oh, right, yeah,” Jimin turns back to the TV. “You could have just said that.”


“You sell games. Shouldn’t you know about this?”


Jimin throws him the most unimpressed glance he can muster which only makes Yoongi snicker to himself. Yes, alright, he sells games, but there’s so many of them these days. He can’t memorize every single mode of every single game from every single year.


“Hush, Yoongi. Now show me how to play this thing.”


“Bossy,” Yoongi comments, raising a brow, but obligingly shifts closer to tap at Jimin’s controller. “You move with the left analog stick and aim with the right. X is jump, O is crouch, square is use. Left trigger button is aim assist, right trigger button is fire. The shoulder buttons and the A button are all for your skills. You got all that?”


Jimin looks down at the controller in his hands rather blankly, then at Yoongi sitting next to him. He’s not entirely sure what expression he’s making, but whatever it is makes Yoongi smile fondly for some reason, eyes almost disappearing. It’s not that he didn’t get it, exactly, but what few shooters Jimin has tried thus far have always been on PC. Getting used to entirely new controls isn’t easy.


“You’ll get it. Let me set up Skirmish. Us against the bots, alright?”


He replies with a hum, watching Yoongi navigate through the menus. Setting up the match is fairly quick and before long Jimin is making whichever Rebel he’s playing as look around and shoot random things to get used to the controls. His character is shot about one minute in which really isn’t surprising. What is surprising, though, is Yoongi taking the time to track down the bot responsible for it and kill them in record time. Jimin raises a brow at him.


“Couldn’t let him do that,” Yoongi replies, voice completely serious, staring at him intensely enough to make him blush. “Your honor’s on the line, Jiminnie.”


“My honor?” he blurts out. They hold each other’s gazes for a long moment before bursting into laughter simultaneously. Which really isn’t helpful because their characters get killed again. Jimin swats at Yoongi when it happens, pointing at the screen. “That’s your fault! Look!”


My fault?”


Jimin ignores him and grips the controller tighter. He shifts leaning forward a little bit further. This calls for concentration, he thinks, furrowing a brow and sticking his tongue out of the corner of his mouth. It takes him a couple of tries and a couple of deaths, but eventually he manages to react without needing to remember which button does what, even if he sometimes jumps when he means to crouch. They’re only a few minutes in when his character stops just in front of some odd symbol, a blue circle with a line through it.


“What’s that?”


“Pick it up.”


Jimin chances a glance at Yoongi, only to see him smirking. His question goes unanswered but he does as told and picks up. Suddenly, just like that, he’s playing as another character entirely. His mouth opens, ready to ask what on earth is going on, before he notices the lightsaber. Oh. Oh.


“Skywalker? Luke Skywalker?”




Jimin grips his controller tighter for a moment, oblivious to the way Yoongi stops to look at him. Then he grins widely and promptly jumps straight in, trying out every new skill with an almost manic sort of glee, giggling whenever he manages to Force Push someone. He’s just figuring out that Saber Rush makes Luke move extremely quickly, which is all kinds of fun, when a random bot manages to kill him.


And then he’s back playing a random Rebel. Jimin lowers his controller, suddenly noticing that he shifted onto a kneeling position at some point… and that Yoongi’s staring at him. He turns to look, blinking, arms resting on his thighs. There’s a comment about how fun it is to play a Hero at the tip of his tongue but it doesn’t come out.


Yoongi’s just… staring at him, eyes slightly wide, looking a little dazed. His lips part slowly but nothing seems to be coming out for him either. Jimin turns to face him properly, albeit still on his knees, growing a little concerned. Did he do something wrong? Yoongi isn’t saying anything so it’s hard to tell. He picks up the controller and moves to put it aside. They’re still playing, technically, but he can’t focus on the game with the weird atmosphere surrounding them.


“Yoongi? Are you okay? Did-”


“I really wanna to kiss you.”


The controller falls to the ground. Jimin would normally feel mortified, would normally pick it up immediately and apologize profusely, but this time the sound barely even registers with the blood rushing to his head and his own heartbeat thundering in his ears. His gaze locks onto Yoongi, wide and shocked, his mind blank. The first thought that manages to break through, after several seconds, is wondering if he misheard.


The somewhat dazed look on Yoongi’s face fades a little, only to be replaced by a slowly creeping expression of horrified realization. Oh, Jimin thinks. Oh, that is the look of someone who didn’t mean to say that. That is the look of someone who’s going to either start backtracking or clam up once the situation catches up with him. But no. That’s not happening.


Before Yoongi has time to feel embarrassed, Jimin leans closer, clutching his face with both hands and pulling him into a kiss. It’s abrupt and awkward and their noses bump painfully but all he can focus on is how smooth and soft Yoongi’s lips are, smaller and thinner than his own. Jimin pulls back slightly, then kisses him again, then once more, one last time.


A little reluctantly, he pulls back. Yoongi’s still staring at him, blinking now, chest heaving a little bit. Jimin worries at his bottom lip and goes to move back, to give him space, because maybe this wasn’t such a good idea - except Yoongi’s hands clutching at his arms stop him from moving away. Yet, he’s still saying nothing.


“Uhm… Yoongi…?” he doesn’t want to push, really he doesn’t, but this is starting to feel a little ridiculous. His face is red and hot, he’s pretty sure he’s flushing up to his ears, he itches with the need to move or play with his fingers and he doesn’t know whether he wants to kiss Yoongi again or run away and never speak to him again.


“You kissed me,” Yoongi says, slowly coming out of whatever trance he’s been in. “Why did…”


“Because I like you?” he replies, unable to hide his surprise. Why else?


Jimin isn’t sure when he started liking him exactly but now that he’s admitted it, the signs are obvious. He’s friendly with everyone really, from customers to friends, but that little fluttery feeling he gets whenever he and Yoongi hand out together makes a lot more sense now. The guy’s been winning him over slowly but surely.


As AgustD, from what Jimin has been - and he may or may not have taken to watching one video of his before falling asleep - he’s sure and confident. He can trash talk with the best of them when in the mood for it and just quickly yet silently wipe the floor with everyone else when not in the mood. Jimin would be lying if he said that wasn’t a little bit attractive… but that’s a bonus. The guy that’s been winning him over is all Yoongi.


Yoongi with his quiet consideration and his nervous habit of licking his lips. Yoongi with his willingness to try things outside of his comfort zone, especially if Jimin recommends them. Yoongi with his incredibly strong opinions on both load outs in competitive multiplayer games and wallpaper options in home designing games. Yoongi with his appreciation and his support of other streamers and youtubes who do their own thing and do it well. Yoongi with his sharp comebacks and his sometimes endless patience. Yoongi with-


His lips pressed against Jimin’s, long fingers curling into his shirt, gently tugging him closer. His eyes flutter shut, hands fumbling a little before resting on Yoongi’s hips. It’s slower, softer, tentative. Their noses don’t clash this time, they pull apart slightly before diving in again, small and warm kisses broken by wide grins and a few giggles. Jimin very gently catches Yoongi’s bottom lip with his teeth, smiling at the sharp inhale, before pulling back with a bright, flushing smile.


“I like you.”


“I like you too, Jimin,” Yoongi sounds a little breathless as he raises a hand, palm cupping Jimin’s entire cheek, but it’s the wide, gummy smile that makes something in his chest stutter.


They lean closer, foreheads resting against one another, eyes closed. Jimin breathes, lets the soothing peace of the moment wash over him. Before long, though, an absurd thought pops up, making him laugh suddenly. Yoongi leans away a little and raises a brow in a silent question, looking a little amused.


“I know we said the park next week but… this is so our first date.”


Yoongi stares at him for a moment, then lets his hand drop away with a groan.


“I was gonna try and be romantic! Was even thinking of asking Seokjin for help on how to ask you out properly.”


“You seem to think about a lot of things, Yoongi,” Jimin cheekily replies. Yoongi grumbles under his breath but flushes at the quick kiss that’s pressed to his cheek. “We have time to be romantic, okay?”


“Guess it’s kinda fitting,” Yoongi admits. They met in a game shop so their first date consisting of playing a game together is pretty fitting. Jimin chuckles and leans in to kiss him again, only to be surprised when Yoongi moves back.


“Nope. You only got like three Stormtroopers.”


Three… Jimin glances briefly at the TV before looking back at him, trying to determine if he’s being serious. Yoongi merely raises a brow in a clearly challenging manner, so he leans away, sitting back down on the couch before reaching down to grab the controller. Okay. He can do this. No, he will do this. There are kisses on the line.


Yoongi shifts closer to him, much closer than necessary as they start playing again. Jimin leans against him without realizing it, tongue sticking out again as he keeps his full focus on the game. His fingers feel clumsy, as if he’s just immediately forgotten the controls as soon as they stopped playing. It takes him longer than he’d like to get back in the groove but he manges about ten minutes later.


One kill, two kills, three kills and Jimin immediately turns his head left, his chin brushing Yoongi’s shoulder. Only then does he realize how close they’re sitting but he doesn’t move back, even if the proximity makes him flush. Yoongi chuckles, smiling fondly before quickly pecking him on the lips.


He waits for a moment but when nothing else seems forthcoming, Jimin purposefully juts his bottom lip out, putting his best pout forward. Yoongi chuckles again but nods towards the TV with his chin, so Jimin sighs and turns back to the game. Getting that hero drop again shouldn’t be too difficult, right?


It’s no surprise that Yoongi is much better at the game than he is. He waits until the third kill before grinning slyly to himself and leaning over to kiss the corner of Yoongi’s mouth, causing his fingers to go lax in surprise and almost drop the controller. Jimin turns his head away but can’t muffle his laughter, ignoring his own Rebel dying on the screen. The match is over before Yoongi can get him back for that one. By silent agreement, they set up another round.


“Are we…” he ventures, looking away from the screen. “Are we dating now?”


“I’d… like to be, yeah,” Yoongi replies, mumbling, a little flushed but staring right at him. Jimin can’t help but grin and peck him again. Twice, one kiss on the corner of his mouth and the other on his nose, making him scrunch it up.


“I thought you were gonna say we’d have to win the match or something,” Jimin jokes.


“Don’t be ridiculous, Jiminnie,” Yoongi replies and there’s no joking or teasing undertone to his words. “You agreed to date me. I already won.”


The match starts and Jimin misses it completely, too busy staring at Yoongi. At least until his character gets killed, bringing his attention back to the screen. More specifically, bringing his attention to the fact it wasn’t a bot that killed him. It was another player.


You- Yoongi!”


His indignant sputtering is interrupted by the sound of Yoongi’s laughter. Jimin wasn’t angry in the first place but he certainly can’t be when his… well, his boyfriend is laughing like that. Still, he pretends, harrumphing and turning back to the game with a determined look on his face.


It doesn’t even come close to resembling an even match but Jimin is stubborn and insists they keep going until he manages to play Darth Vader and track down Yoongi’s Rebel character. His few kills may or may not involve him suddenly and without warning kissing his boyfriend-slash-current-enemy on the cheek without warning, nosing at his shoulder or brushing a hand over his arm. In his defense, Yoongi has a lot more experience and practice and Jimin is just leveling the playing field.


They decide to play together again after another round. Jimin still distracts him and Yoongi still grumps about it half-heartedly, his facade betrayed entirely by the fond smile on his face. And if they end up losing the majority of the matches because they keep sneaking kisses and getting distracted, well, they’re not streaming and nobody has to know.