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“Wow!” I exclaim as my sights studied in bewilderment of how wonderful the surrounding is. Seoul is remarkably excellent and I can’t tell how much I prefer to stay here – not that I hate my hometown. However the idea of staying depressed me.

“You alright?” Kris question “ You don’t seem alright” he stated, I glance at him staring at those eyes. “Is there something bothering you, Luhan?”

“I don’t understand, it’s just that my dream abruptly came true yet the thought that I can’t stay here permanently, gives me pessimistic all the time.” Explaining my feels to him makes me comfortable. Kris became like my brother, and holds a special part – I consider him a family.

“However, it doesn’t imply that you can’t go back here again,” he responds. “You just got here Luhan, don’t think that fast and enjoy while you’re here.” Kris comfort. I nodded in agreement, he’s always right, he’s always optimistic every time while I’m always being pessimistic. Totally opposite, but that doesn’t stop our friendship. “So, just give me a smile, Luhan.”

As I slowly flaunt my smile. “Thanks, Kris” I really do appreciate his kindness and his brotherly love. I glance at our baggage, we just came off from the terminal and we’re here outside waiting for his driver to fetch us up. Actually the purpose of staying here in Seoul because I’m an exchange student. I’m actually going to stay here for a couple of months then I have to go back to China to resume my education.

Kris somewhat became my life savior – I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t because of him. He’s the one who convinces my parents of me joining the program. “Are you sure about this? You helped me enough, and I can’t just allow myself to be a burden in your career.” I really despise this perception of being a burden.

“We previously discussed this, Luhan” as he combs his hair back using his hand. “And don't assume on that, remember that you’re an important to me, so, don’t think that again.” Our conversation didn’t last when a black van arrived stopping in front of us.

The driver gets out from the car and he’s towering similar to Kris, however, something unique about this guy and I can’t pinpoint any words but to say that he resembles as a panda. Eyebags that circle in his eyes and that blackish hair he has and his precise tone when he introduces himself as Tao. I could mention that he’s distinct.

Tao assisted us to transfer our baggage to the van, though Kris motions me to get inside. But being stubborn I don't even work – he’s more stubborn. As I notice that they finished, I’m assuming that Kris will have to sit beside me, however, he invades the seat beside the driver, and I could tell that it’s something fishy.


Along the ride, I notice those stares that they are giving from each other – I feel like there is something I missed yet it’s impossible right?

“Are you okay, Luhan?” I transported back to existence when Kris spoke. He’s staring at me right now, so, I look away – I feeling busted. “Is something bothering you?” he questioned again. “Do you want to stop at the mini fast food chain?” and the thought of that, I am hungry right now. “Tao, can you stop at the mini fast food chain?” he said to his driver.

While they are having a conversation, I just watched the surrounding that we’re passing by. People look so busy this day, and I spotted those 3 well-known company: SM, JYP, and YG.


Minutes passed, the car stopped. “SM Restaurant” I mutter under my breath as I read what it said on the placard. I moved out of the car when I notice Kris and the driver traveled outside of the car. “Hey, wait for me,” I said as when they just continued walking not minding that I am still here.

“Sorry, Luhan” Kris apologize as he rubbed his neck. I smirked, now I sense that he and that driver has something going on. “Let’s go, you’re tummy has been grumble for like a minutes or so.” I frowned at what he stated resulting be a laughing stock.

As we enter, we were greeted by a waitress cheerfully greeting ask and question Kris probably because of the table. We were guided through one vacant table around the corner. Kris and Tao seated together as I sit across them – what a lovely date they got here, I felt like a third wheel.

They begin to order as soon as the waiter distributed a menu – why do I feel like they always Kris and his driver always spend their time together here. “Luhan, what do you like to order?” Kris question. I glance at the menu and read every food that is written till I caught something.

“I would like to order dynamite shrimp, honey glaze Chicken wings, clam chowder soup and one chicken Alfredo that comes with a bread,” I replied causing a laughter from the couple. I furrowed my brow to them. “What I am hungry” I monotone.

The waiter begins to write our order on a small pad notebook then proceeds to get the menu as he leaves our table. “Hey, I’m really hungry, Kris” I stated. I am really hungry, I had this angry stomach while we're on the plane and I can’t eat properly resulting in a hungry stomach.

The two stopped laughing but seeing Kris' eyes smile, I frowned. “Sorry, it was just that, it been like an hour since our last supper.” He stated. “Okay, sorry” he apologizes later realizing that I wasn’t even laughing.

Later, our food arrived and was arranged on our table. I look at the food, they look really appetizing and dainty especially the aroma that’s coming from them. “Let’s eat,” Kris said, as I nodded and began tasting it.

Gosh, this is so savory! I really love those flavors of the cheese, those honey that comes from the chicken and the dynamite shrimp is really fantastic. All in all, I give it 10 out of 10.


I rubbed my tummy from being full. Even though we leave the restaurant still I can taste that heaven. Food makes you feel like you’re in a comfort zone. “That food is too delicious, let’s go there again soon” I announce. “And Kris, promise me that we will go there again”

“I promise, now, let’s head to the Academy” I quizzical look at Kris. “your Academy requires the student to stay in their dorm,” he explains. “And they can’t allow student to live outside the campus aside from their dorm, sorry, Luhan if I didn’t tell you.”

I smiled. “I’m fine, Kris, no need to worry. Besides I’m kinda bit excited.” Assuring him.

“Are you really sure that, you can do it alone? We can ask the principal to make you an exception” he said again.

“Kris, I’m fine and besides, I don’t want to ruin your moment with Tao” I tease. I saw those blushes appearing on their faces. “And you thought I won’t notice, well, better luck next time.” I tease again. “Besides, don’t be embarrass if you two are in relationship, I won’t mind – I’m not a homophobic, Kris”

Kris smiled. “I know, Luhan. Thanks” I flaunt my smile on him. I really am sure that the love each other much – that is why I support them, no matter what. It’s the least I can do for Kris.