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Dan was 25 years old when he had officially completed his life long goal. Yes he’s very young to be completing what he has spent his whole life on but he must just be lucky. His life goal was to become a marine biologist and live in a quite house on the edge of the ocean with his closest neighbors being a 45 minute drive away. And that is exactly what he has just accomplished, if he can get this last box unpacked that is.

Dan is a genius to say the lest; he graduated high school at the age of 16 and got a full scholarship into marine biology which he passed with flying colors and didn’t stop until he had finished his doctorate 3 weeks ago. He immediately got hired by the government and now work on his own at his new house.

Many people would find this arrangement to be lonely and boring but Dan was ecstatic. He hated having to socialize and communicate with people when he could be watching the way some fish migrate or watch a shark hunt its pray. He could do his research without having to tell people what he was going to do and why. He could stay up till endless hours doing what ever he please and no one could say anything to him.

He was currently sat outside on the little patch of sand, that wasn’t covered with boulders, right outside his back door. He watched as the waves lapped at the sand and the birds soared above calling out to nothing. He sat for a couple hours before the sun started to set. When the sky started to turn orange and red Dan got up and started to walk to the ocean; he had always loved swimming when the sun was going to sleep and the stars were waking.

When he got out far enough that he couldn’t touch the soft sand, he started to swim. He dived under the waves and watched the fish dart away, watching the coral sway to the silent music. He was at peace.

After about 20 minutes of swimming Dan started to get an uneasy feeling in his gut. He decided it was probably just a bit of paranoia about sharks or something else silly when he was suddenly pulled under the water. He kicked at the slimy things wrapped around his legs as he tried to swim up for air. His legs weren’t budging and the fear of drowning settled in as he fought with renewed vigor. He couldn’t see what was holding him because of the amount of bubbles that were floating around him. This made his kicks hit nothing and his flailing arms useless.

His lunges were burning as he started to feel faint. The slimy things started to crawl up his body to restrain his arms as well. He then started to feel the thing bringing him to the surface. When his head broke the surface he gulped in air and coughed out the water that he accidentally swallowed. Once he’d regained his breathing he started to look around; he was near a tinny little island with a couple of trees in the sand but not much else. He hadn’t even realized the thing had been taking him somewhere in his panic.

Dan was scared to look down and see what had kidnapped him but he knew he had to do it in order to find a way out. He took a deep breath and slowly brought his eyes down to what was holding him. It was a mass of tentacles. They were a sea foam green and at lest a couple meters in length each. Dan tried not to panic as he assumed it was an octopus. But octopuses don’t normally go for such large pray, normally they aren’t this big either- at lest not this close to the surface. Dans brain starts to freak out as his breathing picks up. He starts to struggle again which only causes the tentacles to tighten around him.

“Oh god I’m going to die. This is how I die, being eaten by a giant ass octopus that shouldn’t even be here.” Dan continues to struggle as the words flow out of his mouth. Tears start to cloud his eyes and his muscles begin to burn.

“Humans don’t taste good, at lest that’s what I’ve been told,” says a deep voice from behind him. The voice sends ice through Dans body, freezing his body and his mind. This isn’t possible, octopuses can’t speak, or breath air. “Do you actually think I’m an octopus? Wow I’m taking offence to that.”

“What-t h-how did you-u know-w what I was thin-nking-g..” Dans voice is panicked and not any louder then a whisper. He starts to tremble as he feels the thing behind him move it’s head closer, breathing on his neck.

“Well lets just say I must be magic,” The creature breaths over his sensitive neck. Dan shivers at the feeling of too warm of breath cascading over him, making him feel skirmish. “Wow, didn’t know humans were so sensitive and squishy.” It emphasizes it’s statement with one tentacle tightening around his right thigh which produces a squeak from Dan.

The tentacles start to move over Dans body, feeling his delicate skin. “What ar-re you-u do-ing?” Stutters Dan as the tentacles start to wander higher. Dans cock starts to harden as he feels the warm breath come faster and harder onto his neck and shoulder, along with the feeling of smooth tentacles running over his bare skin.

He freezes as he thinks of what the monster could do to him. He will never admit how turned on he is from the thought of the tentacles wrapping around his cock, how slick and smooth their’d be. How well their slip into his tight hole, filling him up perfectly.

He’s jerked from his thoughts with a gasp as a tentacle flicks over his perky nipple. This sends shock waves though his body, making him convulse. His head falls back onto the monsters shoulder as the same tentacle starts to rub harder and faster over his nipple.

“I love those thoughts in your head. It’s perfect that you want me because that’s what I got you for. I need a mate but I’m too far away from any others of my kind so I guess you’ll do.” The tentacles on his thighs start so wander higher and higher. When the wrap around Dans hard cock he moans loudly and arches his back.

The tentacles start to move. They move slowly at first, getting a feel for what gets him going. They start to move faster jerking him at a fast and hard pace. Another tentacle soon makes it’s way to his other nipple. He’s moaning and groaning loud and shamelessly. He already feels close to the edge because of the wrongness of this situation.

All at once the creature stops all stimulation and wraps his tentacles around Dans arms and legs. Dan lets out a frustrated groan and pulls on his restraints. “I can’t have to cumming too soon now can I?”

Dan freezes as he realizes exactly what the creature wants to do with him. His brain is flooded with images and thoughts of how the creatures tentacles would feel like filling him up. He shakes his head as his cock pulses. He knows that these thoughts aren’t his own.

“Wow you must be a smart one to figure that out so fast. But, I do know that I am stronger then you, therefore you aren’t going anywhere,” Dans cock pulses again, showing how interested he truly is.

“By the way I have an actual name, its Phil, I’m not just some weird creature.” Phils voice is breathy and sensual, teasing Dan even more.

Phils tentacles start to wander again but instead of going to his cock they go straight for Dans hole. They tease around the rim, pushing and sliding but never giving any real pleasure. Whines and whimpers flow loud and freely from Dans open mouth. He pushes back into Phil, trying to get the tentacles where he wants them.

After a while the tentacles finally push in. The smallest tentacle goes first pushing in slightly before pulling out again. It repeats this process many times before a second bigger tentacle joins in. They push in together but while the smaller tentacle pulls back out, the bigger tentacles keeps pushing.

Dan can hear how pathetic he sounds but he can’t care less when hes being stretched wider then he has ever been before. The tentacle is then joined again by the smaller tentacle. They twist together and keep pushing farther and farther into the withering warm body of a boy that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dan starts to scream as a third tentacle starts to make its way into him as well. The pain of being stretched open this far is burning though his veins, but also it’s making his cock pulse and a screaming moan come out his mouth. He feels on fire in the best way possible.

A different tentacle makes it’s way up his chest and flicks over his nipples. The tentacles in his ass start to pump in and out at a fast hard pace. Moans and screams of pleasure don't stop flowing from his mouth while the pain starts to turn more to pleasure.

Once his body has adapted to the three tentacles a fourth one starts to push in. Dan starts to jerk around and struggle against his bonds as muted no’s stream out his mouth. He starts to shake his head against Phil shoulder trying to convince himself that none of this is actually happening.

“Shh, it’ll be okay, just let it happen and stop resisting. The more you resist the more its going to hurt,” comes a hushed voice beside him. Dan stops his flailing to look over at the intense blue eyes staring at him. The creature that currently has Dan captive is actually quite good looking. Dan furls his eye brows at the thought of how attractive this beast actually is. He had high check bones with black hair and pale, almost white, skin. He looks quite human other then the slitted gills on his neck and no ears.

While Dan’s distracted with looking at Phil, the tentacles holding his arms releases and both heads down to help stretch his hole wider. Phils hands then grab Dans arms and crosses them across his chest, restraining Dan closer to himself.

Dan is roughly pulled out of his thoughts as a fifth tentacle pushes in. He screams so loudly that his voice cracks and he goes limp with tiredness. Dan has given up fighting against the inevitable and goes pliant for Phil to use.

Phil grins manically as he feels Dan go pliant. Once all five tentacles are in him snugly they all pull out, leaving Dans ass gaping and ready to be breed.

Slowly one of Phils tentacles gets bigger and bigger, growing wider in order to lay eggs. The tentacle, once it’s reached it’s maximum size, slips easily into Dans twitching hole. The tentacle keep pushing farther and farther in, going deeper then any of the other tentacles. After what seems like forever to Dan the tentacle stops and Dan releases any tensed muscles, petrified of what is to come next.

“Now little human this is going to hurt a little. Or maybe a lot,” He chuckles. He then moans loudly right into Dans ear as he releases an egg. The egg slowly travels though his tentacle and pushes into Dan.

Dan’s mouth drops open at the indescribable full feeling he gets when the egg breeches his body. He is past caring about anything at this point so when his cock spurts pre-cum, he doesn’t care.

After the egg is fully in Dan, he slowly looks down, not really wanting to see how big the thing in him actually is. When his eyes finally see his stomach he gasps loudly. The egg in him must be the size of a small watermelon.

“Aww look how good you look with my egg filling you up. So pretty. But I think you’ll look even better with more eggs in you, don’t you think?” Phil just laughs as Dan lets out a pathetic sob. He turns his head towards Phil and buries his head in his neck.

Phil moans again as he releases another egg into Dans awaiting hole. After Five eggs were released into Dan, Phil finally pulls his tentacle out. Dans stomach ached and cramped with how much was stuffed into him.

“There see it wasn’t so bad now was it?” Phil asked as he rubbed his hand over Dans swollen stomach. Dan tried to arch away from Phils hand, not wanting any pressure to be put on his sore body.

Dan wrapped his arms around himself and let his eyes shut. Exhaustion soon took over him from the tiring days events, so he let the waves lull him to sleep. Phil then gently maneuvered Dan so that he was holding him bridal style and carried him slowly all the way back to where he had first found him. Phil laid him carefully on the beach and kissed his forehead goodnight.