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i missed you, my princess

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i know you're home

sent 11:30 p.m.

get here princess

sent 11:30 p.m.

hoseok peeked at her phone, her brows furrowed. yoongi texting her so late was nothing new. working in mafias meant staying up and watching the sun rise just so you can hit the bed and let the sheets engulf you.

hoseok didn't give it any thought, rushing to put on clothes and go see her boyfriend. she knew what he was about and what his messages were asking her for. it had been weeks and hoseok wasn't allowed to see yoongi because of how busy he was this past month, dealing with his business and putting off other lords. or so he had said.

when hoseok got into the cab, the driver asked if she was heading to a club with her friends, taking in her velvet slip dress. she merely nodded to end the questions as she pulled the hem of her dress in impatience.

soon the foyer of his apartment was staring her down, high ceilings and plain white, marble walls urging her further into the place. she unlocked the door with her key and closing it with her foot behind her. the room in front of her was drapped in darkness with light coming from one single room in the hallway. with curious steps, hoseok stepped into yoongi's office to find it empty when she heard his voice.


hoseok voice croaked. "yeah? where are you?"


so hoseok followed and entered the equally dark bedroom. the bathroom door was to the left and when she stepped inside her breath hitched in her throat.

the bathroom was illuminated by soft lights coming from the candles around the bathtub and it smelled like-

"cinnamon?" hoseok smiled at yoongi who was sat in the bathtub as he leaned against the edge.

yoongi motioned his two fingers to make her come forward. hoseok had a constant smile on her face when she approached him and knelt outside the tub in front of yoongi. he stretched his hand out and cupped hoseok's face, rubbing her cheek with his thumb.

"hello, i missed you," yoongi gave her his gummy smile as hoseok leaned further into his touch. "come on, undress for me."

hoseok didn't need to be told twice. she stood up to let the straps of her dress fall from her shoulders as the material pooled around her feet. yoongi's eyes darkened at the sight in front of him; hoseok in red lace panties. panties he got her because god damn it, he knew she'd look great in them.

and she does.

"like them? i wore them for you,"

"you look beautiful," yoongi sighed, his cock twitching under the water.

hoseok smirked at the visible effect she was making on her lover. she put one foot after the other inside the water and sat down between yoongi's spread legs, sliding forward to feel his cock on her knee. "i missed you, too."

yoongi stroked her arms, watching goosebumps rise on her smooth skin. "i finished my work earlier," his arms traveled up her shoulders, rubbing circles there, "and i thought of taking a bath," his fingers danced on her collarbones, thumbs pressing under her chin to make her arch her neck, "but enjoying a good, relaxing time felt useless without you."

he leaned forward to press his lips on her skin and kiss. he made his way upto her ear, biting on her lobe. "i am sorry for abandoning you, i know how fond you are of this dick,"

hoseok rolled her eyes. out there, underground and around the dangerous clans and gangs, min yoongi is a dark and cold blooded bastard with a knife tucked in the waistband of his pants 24/7. he will lash out at anything minutely inconvenient, some times causing problems for the men guarding and working for him. he was precise and short with conversations when dealing, not dragging out anything and not saying an atom more than needed. one time some leader of a gang sent yoongi a girl as a "gift" so he could unwind and relax. yoongi sent her back via one of his trusted man, a large 'y' carved with a knife on the skin of her forearm.

hoseok had been horrified, not because some prostitute was sent to her lover but because yoongi had to send her back like that, with such disrespect. yoongi tried to explain how it was to sabotage him and spy on him so the girl could report back to the leader with information that could be used against yoongi.

"and besides," yoongi had said, hugging hoseok close as they stood under the large, crystal chandelier. "you're my only girl, my only slut. when i own you i need no one else."

yoongi brushed hoseok's hair to the side, biting her neck and licking at the spot. he sucked hard there, coercing a small moan from her.

hoseok squirmed under yoongi's hands, his hands pressing firmly on her hips. "yoongi, oppa, please."

"why'd you wear these in here? take them off. right now." yoongi hooked his thumb in the front of the lace panties, moving his finger to the crotch.

hoseok hastily stood up to pull the garment off and throw them on the tiled floor. she sat back down, this time in yoongi's lap. her hands curled around his neck just like yoongi had done to her before, leaning down to attach her lips to his. their kiss was wet, mixed with cinnamon and licks to their tongues. yoongi groaned when hoseok grinded down on his cock, moving her hips to and fro, in circles, any way to feel his cock.

"your cunt is that thirsty for me, huh?" yoongi smirked.

"do you blame me? you put me away like a doll for a month only to bring me out so you can play, have your fun,"

"get on then, you know what to do,"

hoseok scoffed, this time sitting down harder in his lap. "it's like," hoseok went to grab yoongi's cock under the water. "three out of five times we've had sex, i have rode your dick. and we've had a lot of sex. that's saying something."

yoongi hissed when hoseok stroked his cock, palm sliding easily thanks to the lubrication provided by the water. "saying what, princess?"

"that you're lazy," hoseok twisted her wrist, her thumb swiping over the head of his cock, pre cum bubbling there. "you're so lazy, i hate it. god,"

"well, two out of those five times, i've had you pressed between me and the mattress. actually, the bed hasn't been the only surface i have pushed you against."

hoseok mewled at the vivid memory of yoongi fucking her in the backseat of his car. his cum had been such a contrast with the sleek, black leather of the seats. hoseok also remembers licking off his release from the car seat.

if they weren't in the bathtub full with water right now, hoseok's cunt would be dripping wet with how turned on she was. so easily and in such short time.

yoongi looked up at her with pleading eyes, rubbing her sides with gentle fingers. hoseok sighed, lining herself with yoongi's cock and looking at him with hooded eyes as his member teased her folds. "you owe me A-plus aftercare, i demand it,"

yoongi grinned, his expressions looking as if he was drunk on multiple glasses of wine and vodka. "yes, princess," and with that he forced hoseok down.

hoseok gasped at the feeling of yoongi inside her, stretching her, filling her. her eyes fluttered when yoongi slid underneath her causing him to inch further inside her. it really had been a long time.

"gosh, oppa, some foreplay would've been nice," hoseok grumbled which earned her a harsh slap on her ass.

placing her weight on her legs, hoseok lifted herself only to drop back onto yoongi's cock, watching yoongi groan, the sound rumbling within her. hoseok decided to enjoy the feeling of being so full, staying put and moving to kiss hoseok. yoongi never said no to kisses, they were the best part for him and no matter the kind of reputation he may have, he was going to serve his everything for his princess.

yoongi sucked on her tongue, biting at her lip and tugging it. hoseok surged forward the moment yoongi tried to break the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. "fuck me, it's been so long. i need you, pounding in me, god, just,"

hoseok's next whine got stuck in her throat as yoongi thrusted up in her, hard as he held her hips tight enough to leave bruises. hoseok rolled down with every thrust yoongi delivered, the pleasure increasing. she whimpered, seeking her orgasm, yoongi relentless with his movements.

and that's when hoseok felt something probe her stomach under the water. the water was white with some soap and oil so she couldn't see but a smooth slide of the object and she was moaning.

"i thought since you haven't seen me in so long, you'd have missed my friend too," yoongi smirked as he brought up his gun from the water, the weapon gliding up from between her tits and angling at her throat. "sing for me, my princess."

"oppa, i-i need to cum. oppa, harder," hoseok screwed her eyes shut, her nails digging into yoongi's shoulders, marking his skin.

"you cum when i say you can, and i say not right now,"

hoseok voices her impatience, moaning at yoongi hard and still inside her. she squirmed, to feel him move inside her but yoongi hissed, pushing the gun against her neck. "disrespecting gets you nowhere,"

but hoseok still stood until the head of yoongi's cock was pressing at her walls and rolled down to feel it pulsing in her cunt.

yoongi growled, sitting up in the bathtub. "that's it, out. i need to fuck you properly, it's been long and you've forgotten who the boss is."

hoseok smirked, somehow her plan to getting yoongi to fuck her rough worked and she couldn't be more delighted as she immediately stood up and stepped out to grab a towel. yoongi came to stand behind her, pressing his front to her back. hoseok turned to dry yoongi's hair and body, cheekily rubbing lower and lower on his abdomen as she grabbed his cock, giving it a few pumps, the rough material of the towel over his hard cock making him whince.

"stop it or else,"

but hoseok only smiled, leaning forward to bite at yoongi's shoulder, neck, earlobe. she licked a wet stripe up his ear as she purred in his ear. "i would like to see what happens, oppa,"

yoongi grabbed her arm and pushed her towards the door, the towel dropping in the way. once they reached his bed, yoongi tipped hoseok back watching her tits bounce as she fell backwards on the mattress, her brunette hair fanning out around her.

"i liked it better when you had your mouth shut," yoongi commented, flipping hoseok on her front as slapping her ass hard. hoseok mewled, trying to muffle her noises by biting the bedsheets. "i missed you so much, princess. i missed the noises my slut makes as i fuck her rough. just like she deserves."

yoongi hit her again before pulling her ass up in the air, bending down to place his mouth on her hole. his tongue deliberately poked out to lick, teasingly probing the entrance. the warm and slick feeling at hoseok's hole made her cry out for yoongi.

"please, o-ppa, please,"

"please what? scream for me, tell me what you want,"

hoseok swallowed. "your gun, oppa, i need it in me,"

yoongi chuckled, watching her ass jiggle as he slaps it. "you are so kinky, so needy. oh, god."

"only for you,"

yoongi retrieved his gun from the bedside table where he put it before pressing it against hoseok's folds. "what if the gun fires? what then?"

"i trust you. you wouldn't have brought it up if you knew it wasn't safe."

and god, yoongi is whipped. hoseok is right and yoongi is fucking whipped for her. he would never put her in danger, never play with her life like that. never risk her. the safety was on on the gun and nothing could happen unless yoongi wanted it to.

"i can't stop thinking about how the next time i hold this weapon and all i will remember is your dripping cunt," yoongi presses the gun further inside her, careful to not have it in her at the point of displeasure. "how much you wanted me,"

"needed," hoseok tried to correct but yoongi didn't give her the chance to speak as he slipped the gun more in her.

hoseok screamed out, tears brimming her eyes as she fisted the sheets. "just fuck me already, fucking give it to me."

yoongi didn't need to be told twice as he threw his gun behind him and replaced the weapon with his cock. he sighed at the feeling of him entering hoseok, the slide made easier with how loose and wet she was right now.

"oppa," hoseok gasped with every thrust, the bed shaking with the force at which yoongi pounded in her.

"say my name, let the world know who you belong to, whose slut you are."

hoseok cried out, yoongi, yoongi, yoongi, over and over. with one last harsh thrust hoseok came with nothing but profanities and his name slipping from her lips.

yoongi pulled out, flopping down on the bed besides her exhausted body. he tried to regain his breathing, to calm his nerves with his eyes closed but he felt hoseok's hands on his cock and he bucked up into the warmth.

he opened his eyes to find hoseok spitting on her hand before wrapping her hand back on his cock. she smiled down at him, her wrist working up and down, slow and smooth. yoongi couldn't help but moan at the feeling, at the view above him of his princess jerking him off.

his hand came up to push back her hair behind her ear, rubbing her cheek affectionately before reaching to kiss her. their mouths worked together in sync, like a practiced dance routine, playful nips and purposeful licks before yoongi was coming with a shudder in her hand and all over his stomach. his gasps were swallowed by the kiss, hoseok milking him through his orgasm.

hoseok collapsed on top of yoongi's body, both recovering from their high. hoseok traced the scars on his shoulder that her nails had left, her fingers drawing small circles on his skin.

"i saw my mafia boss got a new desk," hoseok said her voice covered in faux innocence, mischievous, sinful. "up for round two?"

yoongi didn't wait another beat before carrying hoseok in his arms and to his office.