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Oswald's Concern

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(in Wasteland)

Today was the Anniversary of the Blot's defeat and Wasteland was full of energy and excitement. The king and queen were decorating Dark Beauty Castle's courtyard for the reenactment of Mickey and Oswald's final battle with the Blot while Prescott worked on lighting, Gus and Jamface worked on props and the bunny children worked on special effects. While this was going on in wasteland something similar was going on back in the real world.

(In the Real world)

It was a cooler day at Disney studios. Mickey and the crew were preparing for the release of their new cartoon that they hoped would get the folks from Wasteland recognized so they could travel between the real world and wasteland whenever they want without limitation. The cartoon was also created so people became aware of Mickey's half brother that was lost back in time due to a conflict that separated them for A very long time and now was back. All of Mickey's friends and family knew about Oswald after Mickey explained were he disappeared to for nearly two months. It was after this that they went to the studio to request a cartoon that stared their original style and to include some of the older characters of the past. At first the creators questioned this sudden request but, when mickey explained and shown proof of his travels they said yes and got to work.

The only downfall was that it took the creators quite a bit to go back through the archives to locate the older characters like Mickey's half brother Oswald, Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle, Ian and many others but after that it was all business. drawing storyboards, plotting, planning, production and voice acting and finally after a year the cartoon was done and to celebrate a small party was planned in honor of Walt's creations and to turn a new leaf to hopefully get the old characters recognized again. After the party and the showing of the cartoon mickey and the gang went back to their homes and wished everyone a good day as it was only around noon. When mickey went inside he was greeted by his best pal Pluto who instantly jumped up and pinned mickey to the ground. Pluto gave mickey dog kisses and nudges to play and pet him which mickey did until he heard a tap from his mirror. Mickey instantly knew who it was and ran excitedly to his mirror were his new found brother was waiting looking happier then ever before.


"Hey Oswald, how are you"

"I'm good mickey, just coming here to pick you up. You remember what day it is?

" Of course, how could I forget! Today Is the anniversary of us defeated the Blot together and becoming brothers!

"I knew you wouldn't forget, I was just messing with ya! Are you ready to go?

"just give me a few moments I got to go feed Pluto."

"No problem Mickey I will be here just don't take too long I got a surprise for you at Dark Beauty castle"

"K!" (two minutes later)

"Alright I'm ready

(conversation end)

With that Mickey's hand went through the mirror and got pulled to the other side by oswald but, Oswald had pulled a little too hard and both fell back and hit their foreheads together which made them both groan in pain. After a bit Oswald looked at mickey and asked if he was ok and mickey responded with a yes. They both got up and dusted off their pants unaware that someone in the shadows had watched the exchange of words between the brother's and knew their plan would most likely work and would cause grief to the Rabbit king once again.