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Smile - Malec

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Not knowing where to go, Alec made his way to Magnus Bane. He hoped to get help from him. After his sister Isabelle got ill he had tried everything except two things. One of them could kill her which was a risk Alec wouldn't take. So his last hope was Magnus' magic.

There he stood, in front of the warlock's door. Just as he wanted to knock the door opened.

Magnus was surprised. The young man looked exhausted. He was really handsome and unlocked something in him. The warlock hasn't felt something like that in centuries.

"I'm Magnus. I don't think we've been formally introduced." The shadowhunter needed to take a minute to breathe.

"Alec. I know who you are. I'm here because I need your help." He was very serious.

"With what? You look tired. Do you want something to drink?"

Alec just shook his head. "It's about my sister. She's in a really bad shape. You're my last hope. I'll pay you anything! My bow. My stele. Just help her, please."

"Woah. Calm down, pretty boy. I'll help her and then we'll talk about the payment okay? Where is she?" Magnus was touched by how much his opponent cared about his sister. He really wanted to help him.

"In the Institute. We can't portal her to Idris. She's too weak to do that right now." The warlock could hear the anxiety in his voice. "Okay let's get to work." He smiled at his client and portaled them there.

After a while, Magnus came out of the room where they cared for Isabelle. "And?" Alec jumped off his chair. "She'll be fine. If you had come a few hours later she would be dead." The shadowhunter smiled relieved. "Thank you so much. What should I pay you?"

Magnus felt bad. He was glad he could help him. Something about him was interesting. "You know what Alec? I want to go on a date with you. That would be enough."

The shadowhunter was startled. "Wh- What? You aren't serious, right? I mean you don't even know me." He just laughed awkwardly.

"I'm serious you said you'll pay me anything. I would like to get to know you better. I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8 pm. See you, pretty boy." Leaving Alec startled the warlock left. After that, the shadowhunter rushed into the room his sister was. Isabelle stood up and smiled. Her brother hugged her tightly. "Don't you ever do that again!" The sister laughed but then looked at him seriously. "What did you pay him?"

"He wants me to go on a date with him."

"Aww, that's cute. I ship you two. No, I really mean it you deserve to be happy. Just give him a chance. I'll help you get ready!" Izzy seemed more excited for her brother's date than he was.

"You're kidding, right?" Alec looked at his sister. He wanted to argue but their parents came in.

Maryse hugged Isabelle. "Oh thank the angels you're alright!" Their father got there shortly after their mother and smiled freed from the fear for his daughter. After they happily talked to each other. Their mother took her son out to talk with him alone.

"What did you pay that warlock for saving her?"

"I can manage it it's nothing. You don't need to worry."

"If you say so. I hope you didn't do anything stupid."

At the next day, Izzy was running around in Alec's room. Trying to find him something to wear. "We really need to go and buy you some clothes!"

"Can't I go like this? I don't even know him so why would I care?"

"Because maybe he's your true love."

"Sure, Izzy. Emotions are just a distraction, nothing more."

"Oh come on! This will be fun."

Alec stood up and walked to pick up some clothes. "I will just wear this." His sister didn't seem to happy that he chose that outfit and threw him some other clothes in his face. "Okay, I'll wear that."

His sister waited until he got ready. "You look really handsome. Just be yourself and say something nice."

"What do you want? You can't have both."

"Don't be so grumpy Alec. I know you and you'll enjoy this if not I'll take full responsibility."

"Well, I better get out and wait outside. I don't want our parents to know about all this. Or Jace." Just as Alec walked outside he ran into Magnus.

"You look cute." The warlock smiled at him.

Izzy came out and grinned. "Doesn't he? Be nice Alec and have fun."

"Can we go now before my parents come."

"Of course, pretty boy." Magnus grabbed Alec's hand, who blushed a bit, which made his sister laugh. She shipped it.

As they walked out and started heading to the club, Alec started to enjoy the date. It was quiet and his company wasn't that bad either. They started to have a bit small talk but after a while, the shadowhunter started getting more comfortable. They started talking about more and more stuff.

When they arrived at the club, they were heading to, Magnus bought them some drinks. "So are you enjoying yourself? I sure hope so."

"Yeah. It's not that bad." Alec looked at Magnus and smiled a bit.

"You know you look even better with a smile." The warlock's comment made him blush a bit.

At the club, they quite enjoyed each others company and laughed a lot. But as the night went on Magnus took his date to the park where they sat on a bench.

After a while, Alec sat there resting his head on the other's shoulder which had his arms wrapped around him. "You know what? It's kind of sad that you can't see the stars out here because of the lights. Don't you think? They're so pretty."

The warlock put his finger under his chin and smirked. He snapped his other fingers and all the lights went off. Just as they died, Magnus revealed his real eyes. His cat eyes. "You're right they're pretty but you're a way better view, Alexander."

A smile spread across the shadowhunter's face. He loved looking at the stars but all of the sudden he couldn't stop looking at his opponent's eyes. "They're beautiful. You're beautiful."

Magnus laughed a bit. "You're cute. You must have a lot of Exes."

Just as he said that his date looked away. "Actually I've never been in a relationship. I've never been kissed. God, now you're weirded out." But instead of judging him, as Alec thought he would, he turned his face to him.

"Never been kissed huh?" Before he could do or say anything their lips locked. Alec was frozen in place. His heart started pounding faster. Magnus' lips felt so soft on his. Slowly the shadowhunter relaxed. He felt the others' hands fondling his hair. His own hands started to wander to Magnus' waist. It felt so natural. So sweet. So good. Just sitting in the Park at night. Under the stars. Just the two of them. It was quiet and nobody would interrupt them.

Magnus' one hand started to wander under Alec's shirt and on his bare skin. With the other, he started stroking the back of the other's hand. After a while, they had to stop for air. As Alec was still trying to get his thoughts back together Magnus started kissing his fingers.

"You're alright?" The warlock laughed a bit at how startled the other was. As an answer, his date went in for another kiss which surprised him. Not that he was complaining. They kissed for a long time until Alec eventually stopped.

As it was getting later and later the warlock looked up. "It's pretty late already. We should probably go." Just as he wanted to stand up he noticed that his date was asleep. "Cute." He couldn't help but smile.

The warlock opened a portal and picked him up. He got through it and placed his love on his couch. After that, he got to get a blanket and covered his body with it. "Good night, pretty boy." Magnus kissed him on his forehead. He fell in love something he hadn't done for centuries.

Just as Magnus realized that fact and wanted to go to his bedroom a hand grabbed his. It was Alec's. "Don't go." The shadowhunter whispered drowsily. How cute he looked as he was half asleep. So the young mans love decided to stay with him.