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How Things Change

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The school bell rang out through beacon hills high school, signalling the end of class for Alexandria Savage and the end of school, she was part of Scott Mccall's pack. Today had been a relatively good day, that was until Alexandria spotted Theo Raken smirking at her from across the class room, next to the door to the classroom.

Alex quickly looked over at her Alpha Scott on the other side of the room to Theo, he was currently in a conversation with Stiles and Lydia. Malia was currently backing her bag up in the seat behind Alex, that's when she realised that the colossal mental case was one hundred percent smirking at her. Sighing to herself, she quickly got up from her seat picking up her things and quickly tossing them in her bag, she chucked her backpack over her shoulder and walked passed Theo, rolling her usually blue sparkling eyes in utter irritation as she practically had to push past him.

Theo followed her from the classroom that much she knew, but she just kept walking, hoping that the rest of the pack wouldn't be that far behind her in leaving, Alex kept her pace heading for the school parking lot. Until she was stopped in her tracks suddenly and dragged into an empty classroom, by someone much stronger than she was.

Alex let out an irritated sigh as she turned around to face the person who had dragged her in this classroom, but where she had expected to see Theo she was momentarily taken a back at who was standing there instead. "Of course he sent you, his faithful little lap dog," Alex said with a smirk on her lips.

Alex took a step towards the chimera who was currently growling at her, Alex raised her eyebrows with the smirk still firmly on her lips as she spoke, "Well, are we just gonna stand here all day while you growl at me like a rabid dog? Or are you going to tell me why you dragged me in here?" Alex sassed with a cocky tone of voice.

Until all of a sudden Tracy had her against the wall by her throat, Tracy now smirking at Alex, not that it shook the teen's confidence at all. Alex wheezed a little at the tight grip on her throat, "Theo wants you to go on a date with him and join our pack" Tracy started but stopped as Alex attempted to cut her off but Tracy squeezed her neck tighter effectively cutting her off before she could even utter a single word.

"As I was saying, if you don't agree to what Theo's terms he will kill everyone you love and care about, including your little defenceless Stiles and he promises to make you watch as he slowly and painfully kills him" Tracy scowled at Alex the entire time she had spoken, right up until she mentioned Stiles, she had seen the twitch of worry in Alex's eyes at the mention of him making her smile a little menacingly.

"Not that I see why Theo would want you, what the hell is so special about you, you're just a pathetic little human" Tracy snarled.

Alex smirked at her as she looked her dead in the eye and said just one word, "Jealous" she wheezed, Tracy growled deep in the back of her throat, as her claws popped out just grazing Alex's neck before Scott came burst through the door.

Suprised Tracy dropped Alex to the floor and stepped back away from the Alpha, Scott immediately jumped on Tracy and pinned her to the floor with the help of Malia, While Stiles and Lydia came rushing in Lydia closed the door carefully and quietly behind them, Stiles dropped to his knees at Alex's side soon followed by Lydia, they were all nervous about their best friend being okay.

Stiles was quick to roll Alex over, Lydia helped to make sure they kept her on her side, Alex smiled up at the both of them Stiles sighed in relief taking her hand in his, "She's okay" Lydia smiled in relief looking over at Malia and Scott, who shoulders visibly relaxed somewhat, both now standing with a tight grip on Tracy.

All of them realised pretty quickly that luckily Alex had just been subjected to Tracy's chimera venom, "You're coming with us" Scott growled, surprised when Malia was the one holding him back, when she grabbed the back of the girls head and bounced it off one of the nearest tables, "Malia!" Scott exclaimed at the coyote.

"What? She was being difficult, now she's not" the brunette shrugged.

"You can't do that Malia! We're in the middle of school what if somebody saw you?!" Scott asked a look of shock and almost disbelief on his face.

Malia looked a little confused for a minute before she spoke, "Look, we can get her back easier now, plus nobody saw Scott, don't worry so much" Malia reasoned.

Scott scooped Tracy up into his arms just as Alex started to sit up with the help of Lydia and Stiles, an obvious smile on Alex's lips which she directed at the coyote. "We seriously need a pack meeting" Scott sighed, looking mainly at his best friend.

"Right I'll call Derek," Stiles said regretfully, as he released Alex and her hand and handed her over to Malia, Stiles quickly took his phone from his jean's pocket and dialled Derek's number. "It's Stiles, we have a bit of a problem" Stiles pauses to listen to Derek, his eyes darting around his friend's faces, "Yeah okay, yeah, see you there" Stiles sighs as he hangs up the phone, he puts it back in his pocket, "We're meeting at Derek's place, in half an hour, for those of you who didn't hear already" Stiles explained.

Scott nodded in reply, Stiles turned and slowly opened the door so they could leave, he held his other hand back so the others knew to wait back until he moved it to say the coast was clear, he carefully and slowly stepped out into the seemingly deserted corridors, he looked around as much as he could without losing sight of the classroom, but there was nobody in sight, which was just never a good sign in this school.

Stiles stepped back into the classroom this time leaving the door open behind him, inclining his head at Scott to tell him to listen and see if he could hear anything, Scott nodded at Stiles as he shut out all the heartbeats and heavy breathing around him, but he couldn't hear anything, well nothing close enough to them to be considered a threat.

Scott gave Stiles the go ahead, quickly stepping behind him so that if anything did happen, that he hadn't expected then he could protect his best friend and get him out of the way plus he could protect the rest of his pack. Stiles cautiously walked out into the hallway, Scott was close behind him followed by Malia, Alex and Lydia.

Luckily it looked like Alex was walking on her own now without much help from the girls, but they were close by just in case she did need their help and so they could keep a close eye on her. The entire pack almost jumped out of their skins as coach rounded the corner, "What the hell is going on!" he asked loudly a bewildered look on his face, as he looked around at all of them sceptically, his captain holding an unconscious girl in his arms.

"Bilinski! Maccall! What the hell is going on!?" Coach demanded again as he began to make his way toward the group of shifty looking teens.

Scott and Stiles opened their mouths to reply with any excuse they could muster, no matter how ridiculous or unbelievable. Until Coach was just a few metres away from them and simply raised his hands in the air, beginning to back away, "You know what, don't need to know, don't want to know, it's time to go home and that's where I'm going, home!" he exclaimed as he turned to leave, causing the entire pack to release the breath they had been holding.

They all jumped as coach shouted back at them from nowhere, "Maccall you and Bilinski better be in good shape Monday, we've got a big match!" he chuckled as he walked away shaking his head, with Scott and Stiles shouting back a quick yes coach at the mans retreating back, he waved his hand in recognition not bothering to turn around, as he shouted back, "That's my boys" then he was gone, disappeared around the corner at the end of the hall.

The pack were quick in leaving once they were sure that Coach had gone, "That was way too close guys" Alex breathed still a little nervously as they finally arrived at Stiles' jeep, the jeep was alone in the parking lot, "We better get moving" Scott said with a sigh.

"Yeah, before the bitch wakes up," Alex said nodding her head at the girl still out cold in Scott's arms, she grunted a little rubbing her throat, feeling the area that was sure to bruise quite soon.

"Besides that, Derek's probably home by now, so we better hurry, we need to get this sorted sooner rather than later," Scott said looking around at his pack, a chorus of agreement rang out.

Stiles and Scott walked to the rear of the jeep, leaving Alex, Malia and Lydia to climb into the backseats of the jeep, Scott laid Tracy down in the boot of the jeep, he and Stiles tying her wrists and ankles with the chain Stiles kept in his boot from when Scott was a newbie. After the incident in the changing room with Coach, the entire locker room watching as it fell from his locker, he thought it best to keep it out of sight but still reachable when needed.

Stiles shut the back of the jeep up and he and Scott walked to their sides, Stiles jumped in the drivers seat and Scott looked in the back of the jeep at Alex, "No Alex, I want you up front, just in case she wakes up, if that's okay, I just can't risk her threatening you again" Scott said his eyes and voice soft and caring as ever.

"Okay, Mr protective" Alex smiled at her Alpha, hopping out the back of the jeep and jumping in the front seat beside Stiles after Scott got into the back.

"You okay," Stiles asked, looking over at you as you shut the door behind you and he turned the key in the ignition, the jeeps usual and unmistakable hum running on the inside and the outside, Alex glanced over at Stiles to reply and she couldn't help but notice that he still looked as worried as when they had first found her.

"I'm fine Stiles, honestly, I promise I'm not about to keel over, I'm just so sick of feeling weak" Alex sighed, watching his form in the driver's seat as he slightly stiffened at her last statement.

"Alex you're not weak, you're human, you just really need to be more careful and stop being so reckless" Stiles sighed an undertone of irritation in his voice.

"Stiles don't, please don't go there again" Alex warned, feeling the irritation begin to almost itch at her skin.

"No for once I won't stop Alex! You do this all the damn time! You know what!? One day it will get you killed and you don't even seem to give a shit!" Stiles said, his voice louder now and getting slowly more irritated his tone matching hers.

"Please Stiles explain something to me! How in the holy hell was this my fault!" Alex fumed raising her hands in the air, the expiration evident in her voice, but as usual neither of them were even showing signs of backing down, they were like this with one another more than anyone else either of them spoke to.

They hadn't even registered the other three in the back trying to calm the pair of them down, "Don't twist it, Alex! I never said it was your fault, but I bet you couldn't help..." Stiles was cut off in shock as Alex flung her door open and jumped out, the jeep still slightly moving.

"Really Stiles!" Lydia sighed raising her eyebrows at him, as she waited for him to stop climbing over Alex's seat and quickly going after her, quickly followed by Malia who just shook her head at him as she too jumped out after her friends.

"Did you even ask her what Tracy said, Dude?" Scott asked Stiles calmly, laying a gentle hand on his best friends shoulder as he spoke.

"No I didn't, but come on Scott you know how she gets" Stiles sighed, beginning to feel a little guilty at his outburst now.

"Yeah well, something's telling me that if you did know, that you wouldn't be acting like this right now," Scott said softly, clapping Stiles on the shoulder as he too jumped out of the jeep.

"Wait, Scott! What did Tracy say?" Stiles asked following Scott to the back of his jeep.

Scott sighed looking his best friend in the eye, "Well basically Theo wants her to leave our pack and join his, but he also wants her to go on a date with him. Naturally, Tracy didn't appreciate her answer, or the way she said it" Scott explained, chuckling after the last part, imagine just how and what she would have said.

Scott bent down and scooped Tracy back up into his arms again, turning to face Stiles, not exactly surprised by the look on his face. "Yeah that was pretty much the look I was expecting" Scott chuckled, "Talk to her man," Scott said seriously, as he walked after the girls, who were just about to walk inside as Scott caught up to them.

"Idiot" Stiles muttered to himself, wiping his hands down his face, as he jogged after Scott and the girls.

Walking into Derek's Stiles noticed Alex sitting on a chair by herself with space next to her, he started to head over to the seat beside her, giving her a small smile, she immediately turned away from him. He sighed to himself as Lydia evidently took his seat, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't expecting it, instead he opted for sitting beside Scott.

Before anyone could utter a word Derek walked into the room, followed by Peter, much to Stiles disgust, he couldn't help himself not after the day that he'd had, seeing the former Alpha always sent him off on a rant and today there was no way he could control his temper, or stop the words that were basically spat from his mouth, even if he'd wanted to.

"What in the hell is he doing here exactly!?" Stiles fumed, the anger almost visibly rolling off of him, the anger from Alex and the car only fueling him, combined with his obvious and well know hatred for this particular Hale.

"Stiles come on, leave it" Scott tried, hoping at some point today that Stiles would calm the hell down.

"No Scott come on! Really, Peter why the hell are you even here!? We all know you only help us to help your self!" Stiles continued nothing in his voice different than before.

"Stiles why don't you shut the hell up for five minutes! Or at least until you actually know the situation for once!" Alex all but growled, shifting in her seat to turn her anger filled look back at the wall, Stiles cleared his throat and looked at the floor, feeling like a complete dick, for not asking her what had happened sooner, he hated her being mad at him, but even then she had never looked at him like she had done today.

"Well, I couldn't have said that better myself," Peter said, making sure that he was smirking at Stiles, sensing the obvious tension between the two filling the room.

"Peter, really shut up" Lydia sighed, rolling her eyes at him before looking over at Scott, who told Derek everything that happened at the school and what he wanted to do about it.

"Okay, so you want to hand Tracy back to Theo, with the promise that he leaves Alex alone and leaves town?" Derek asked, confirming with Scott.

"Yeah, we just need your help," Scott said, keeping his eyes on Derek as he spoke.

"Okay, so what..." Derek started but was cut off by Peter.

"Well, that's a stupid plan!" Peter sighed shaking his head, looking at Alex he continued, "What you should do Alex is meet him for this 'date', keep him busy until I can get there and when I do I'll kill him" Peter said simply, with a smile on his lips at the angry teen before him, clearly quite pleased with himself.

Alex looked up at him as he was now standing right beside her, "I like the plan, but why would you help me?" Alex asked a little confused, but her voice a little less angry than before. Everyone was looking at Alex, completely shocked at the conversation these two were having in front of them, all of their mouths hung open, hardly believing that Alex was talking to Peter let alone agreeing with him and being so calm about it.

"I'm helping Alex because you don't completely make me want to rip my skin off like the rest of this lot, but Theo needs teaching a lesson, he's a spoilt little shit and be put in his place if you will, not forgetting how much fun it will be" Peter smirked wiggling his eyebrows at her, patting her shoulder he backed away from her.

"Anyway I'm leaving, because I can, I'll see you later Alexandria, you have my number," Peter said leaving Derek's home. A chorus of no's and disapproval rang out as Peter left.

"Enough guys! Come on! We all know when Theo wants something he doesn't give up! I'm pretty sure that he doesn't give a single shit about her either!" Alex said nodding her head towards Tracy's body laying on the floor. "Scott I don't want you thinking I'm taking this lightly, but I'm pretty sure that killing him is the only option at this point" Alex sighed, watching her Alpha's reaction.

"We'll think of something Alex we always do come on! think about this please!" Scott pleaded with her.

"There isn't anything we can do Scotty" Alex sighed with a sad smile.

"Just think this over tonight okay? Please" Scott asked a little sadly.

Lydia just smiled at Alex a similar look on her face to the one on Scott's, "If you do it just be careful and if you need anything call us okay, I've got your back, always" Malia said a little more concerned than usual.

"I will Mal" Alex smiled at the coyote in reply.

"If anything happens please call okay! I really don't want to be predicting your death anytime soon" Lydia said sadly, pretty sure she and Malia knew you well enough to know that your mind was already past made up.

"As long as I know you guys won't get hurt too, I promise Lydia, I will call you," Alex said hugging both girls tightly.

"You've all got to be kidding me right!? Please tell me you're joking!" Stiles shouted angrily, standing from his chair. "This is not happening! You can't trust Peter, especially not to have your back! And you sure as hell can't risk double crossing Theo and him living to just come back for you! Stiles fumed, starting to step toward where you were standing.

Alex released Malia and Lydia, meeting Stiles in the middle fire in their eyes, "I will be fine Stilinski! Now back the fuck off!" Alex growled.

"We're gonna go, leave you guys to it, call if you need anything, Stiles I'm taking the jeep," Scott said, shooting the girls a look as he picked Tracy up again, Lydia grabbed Stiles keys from the side and they all quickly left.

Derek hearing this tossed his house keys on the side, "Think I'm gonna head off to guys, I'm gonna be anywhere but here, keys are on the side lock up when you're done, I won't be back until tomorrow" Derek said slipping out his door.

The moment Derek left Stiles started up again, "You're being ridiculous Alex! Come on! This is gonna get you killed! Stiles tried to reason, but he just ended up shouting it, completely defeating his objective, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

Stiles stepped closer to her, causing Alex to step back, they continued this until her back was pressed against one of the windowed walls of Derek's loft. Getting no response from her was only serving to wind Stiles up more, "Alex! Talk to me! You're being an idiot! At least try Scott's plan first, stop being so damn stubborn!" Stiles growled.

Their noses were almost touching as he stepped closer still, both breathing heavily against each other's lips, Alex raised a hand to slap Stiles but he caught her wrist in his tight grip slamming it back against the window behind her. "Get the fuck off of me!" Alex growled.

"There she is! No not until you do as your told! talk to me and stop this ridiculous idea of yours! Stiles growled back pushing his body tighter against hers.

Alex raised her other hand to smack him again, this time it met his cheek with a sound that echoed around the room. "Alex just stop!" Stiles shouted, pushing her other hand above her head too.

"You gonna make me Stilinski!" Alex shouted back, struggling in his grip, only causing it to tighten.

"Oh I'll make you alright" Stiles grunted.