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Matchmaking: A guide by Marlene Mckinnon (A Marauders Chat fic)

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12:43 PM

-perfectprefect™ created a chat-

-perfectprefect™ added gingergenious, backinblack, swearwolf and neverrefusefreefood to the chat-

-perfectprefect™ named the chat ‘2 couples and a freeloader’-

neverrefusefreefood: hey!

-neverrefusefreefood named chat ‘marauders’-

swearwolf: We aren’t even dating!

perfectprefect™: who said i was talking about you, moony

swearwolf: Well, you named the chat ‘2 couples and a freeloader’ and there’s five people in the chat. Now taking into account that you and Lily are an item, I hardly think you were suggesting Wormtail was cheating on Penny with Padfoot.

neverrefusefreefood: wait what!?

backinblack: Why? Are you jealous Moony?

swearwolf: Oh shut up, you prat!

gingergenius: If it makes any difference Remus, Marlene says and I quote ‘Remmy and Black suit each other, my wee werewolf son needs a good stronk boyf riend’

backinblack: Thanks for your blessing Marls! ;)

-gingergenius added thequeenofgryffindor™ to the chat-

swearwolf: Marls, why? And Sirius?

backinblack: Yes?

swearwolf: Shut up.

thequeenofgryffindor™ : Hey! If you’re my wingman, I’m your wingwoman! (PS. Peter, Penny wants me to remind you about your date!)

neverrefusefreefood: tell her I’m on my way now!

thequeenofgryffindor™: Sure Petey, no worries!

neverrefusefreefood: thank Marls, you’re the best!

thequeenofgryffindor™: I know, Pete, I know.

-neverrefusefreefood has logged off-

perfectprefect™: he just took running! :)

thequeenofgryffindor™: Ah, straight people.

swearwolf: Pretty much. Sigh.

perfectprefect™: hey! i take offense to that!

gingergenius: They’re just teasing James! You have to admit Pete and Penny are pretty cute though.

thequeenofgryffindor™: True. As would Wolfstar be. :D

swearwolf: I swear to god. Marlene Ann Mckinnon.

perfectprefect™: wolfstar? what’s that?

thequeenofgryffindor™: Yeah! Wolfstar! Sirius x Remus! You know! Their ship name!

Perfectprefect™: what’s a ‘ship’? why are you talking about boats? sirius x remus? im so confused help

swearwolf: JAMES! NO!

gingergenius: Oh good lord! Now you’ve done it, James! ^^’

perfectprefect™: done what?

backinblack: We’re all screwed! Nice knowing you guys!


thequeenofgryffindor™: Come, you have much to learn, my child.

-gingergenius, backinblack and swearwolf have logged off-

perfectprefect™: GUYS???

thequeenofgryffindor™: Ignore those peasants. Let’s take this to a private chat.

03:34 PM

-neverrefusefreefood has logged on-

neverrefusefreefood: hey guys! me and Pen went to Hogsmeade! it was great!
neverrefusefreefood: guys?