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Avatar: Strife and Harmony

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AVATAR AANG is seen with glider flying over earth kingdom territory. He appears to be searching for something amongst the cliffs and trees. He is dusty from much travel.


AANG lands with glider compacting on touch down. He appears weary and tired. Aang approaches APPA who is content in a stable stall but ROARS when he sees Aang approaching.

AANG: (smiling) I know buddy, I'm hungry too.

Aang floats Appa some hay with his airbending. MOMO appears from Appa's stall and glides to Aang's shoulder, CHATTERING.

AANG: (sighing) No Momo, still no sign of them. Katara was right, trying to find any remaining Air Nomads is a lot harder than I thought, even with the war finally over.

Momo's continued CHATTER uplifts him.

AANG: You're right, food should be much easier to find.

Aang and Momo walk down a village street with vendors on either side CRYING OUT prices and what they have to sell. It is a bustling place but due to it being evening things are winding down. Aang buys a watermelon hybrid that is large enough for him to fit his whole head into. He eats the melon as he walks and spits out the seeds for Momo to crack and eat. They pass by VENDOR.

VENDOR: (to Aang) You are an odd young man. A guy like you would love the unique artifacts I have to sell!

AANG: (with melon in his mouth) Tanks buth'-

Vendor cuts Aang off and walks him to his tables which are full of junk and oddities.

VENDOR: (animated) -Take a look at this! This is none other than an original fire nation helmet! And this! This bottle contains hundreds of beautiful snowflakes from the northern water tribe! No two snowflakes are alike!

AANG: (looking at bottle) But there is just water in here.

VENDOR: Now they are water, but believe me each drop was once as unique as you! I can see you are fond of it so I'll give you a deal!

AANG: Sorry, but I'm really not interested. Come on Momo. 

Aang turns to leave when the sound of LIGHT TAPPING stops him cold. Momo, who is seen on one of the back tables, is playing with a traditional hand drum.

AANG: (enchanted) Momo, let me see that!

Momo drops the drum and pounces down the table. Aang lunges for it as if not believing his eyes. He holds the drum reverent in his hands.

AANG: (whispering) Can it be?

VENDOR: I can see you fancy the hand drum. You know, with that drum and these tiny symbols you and your flying monkey could have a real act together!

AANG: (matter-of-fact) Do you also have a clay turtle, a pull-string propeller, and a wooden hog monkey?

VENDOR: (shocked) Why yes. Wait, how did you know that?

Aang starts diving through the piles of junk, finding the turtle and holding it up to his face in triumph.

AANG: I could never forget these toys. They have a way of reminding me who I am.