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“Where am I?” Yoongi hissed into his cell phone.

“Did you go inside?” Jin asked, his voice muffled like he was probably eating something while talking.

“Yeah, I fucking went inside. Where am I?” Yoongi repeated as he turned in a circle. He seemed to be on some kind of set. There were cameras all around as well as various people with headsets and clipboards. The lighting was dim and Yoongi felt like he melted into the shadows in his all black ensemble. Maybe he did, because no one had noticed him yet.

“Well, I didn’t lie to you,” Jin said. “It is a blind date.”

Yoongi groaned inwardly. “I hate dates, and I hate blind dates even more. I don’t know why I even agreed to this in the first place, and now here I am at some weird location. Is this some kind of set up?”

“I mean, yeah, it’s a set up,” Jin said blatantly.

“Which of your weird television friends did you conspire with? I am not going to be on TV, Jin. No fucking way, like what even is this? Why is it all dark in here?” Yoongi continued to look around and hope that no one noticed him.

“My weird television friends? They’re called actors. Producers. Directors. How would you like it if I called the people you hang out with ‘weird music friends’?”

“I don’t have any friends, especially not any music ones,” Yoongi argued.

“See, that’s why you need this. Just tell someone your name and they’ll explain to you what’s going on, I already signed you up. Also, have fun!” Jin exclaimed.

“What?” Yoongi shouted into the phone. “No! Wait I—” But of course, Jin hung up on him before he could get another word in and his shouting had finally attracted attention to himself. Yoongi inwardly cringed when a woman in a headset approached him cautiously. She, like many of the other people milling around, was holding a clipboard and she looked tired, like she’d been up since dawn.

“Excuse me,” she said sweetly. “Are you supposed to be here? Are you one of the contestants?”

“I don’t fucking know,” Yoongi muttered.

“What’s your name?” He told her and she scanned down an apparent list that was on her clipboard. Her finger moved slowly and when Yoongi was considering bolting, she looked back up at him with a grin. “Here you are! Min Yoongi, yes. Have you already done the pre-date interview?”

“I don’t know what is going on at all,” Yoongi said plainly.

“Of course, follow me,” she said and Yoongi followed dumbly after her.

Three days prior, Yoongi’s insufferable best friend, Seokjin, had told him that he knew of a great person that he thought Yoongi would really like. “You don’t get out enough,” Jin had said. “When was the last time you hung out with someone who wasn’t me, let alone went on a date?”

“I go out,” Yoongi answered, because he did. Although, Jin knew he was right. Yoongi didn’t hang out with friends. He went to ratty clubs where he went on stage and rapped, wearing a mask over his lower face and a hat pulled down over his hair so people wouldn’t recognize him the next day in the day light. He was underground. He didn’t have a solid social life. And he hadn’t been on a date in god knows how long. It had just been one night stands with people who didn’t know what they were doing or what Yoongi liked. The past year had been that way. Bad sex and people who didn’t know him. One night stands in strange apartments or bathroom hookups.

“Would you go out with the person I have in mind?” Jin had asked eagerly.

“I’m not going on a blind date.”

And yet, somehow, Jin had managed to convince him. “Come on!” he’d urged. “You’ll like them!”

“Guy or girl?”

Jin hesitated. “Guy,” he said finally. Yoongi had crossed and uncrossed his legs. He shamelessly supposed he’d given in because he hadn’t been fucked right in forever and that sounded really nice. Not that that was a guarantee. Jin knew weird people. Weird didn’t mean a good fuck…but sometimes it did.

“Have I ever met this person?” Yoongi asked.


And so, Yoongi was at some weird set, being ushered into a room with a white screen set up and a stool sitting in front of the screen. He should have known Jin would pull some shit like this.

Jin, who had been Yoongi’s college roommate freshmen and sophomore year, majored in theater and some other weird things Yoongi didn’t pay enough attention to. And then Yoongi dropped out and Jin got a role on some drama and the next thing Yoongi knew his best friend was pretty much famous and Yoongi was pretty much not. At least, not in the sense that people knew who Min Yoongi was. No, they knew him by something else altogether. The only thing the public knew about Min Yoongi was that he was some guy occasionally seen out with Kim Seokjin.

“What exactly is this? Is this a dating show? It’s a dating show, isn’t it?” Yoongi asked. The woman in the headset smiled at him and gestured for him to sit down on the stool. He did, hesitantly.

“It is. You…did sign up to be on it,” she said, pointing a manicured nail at the list on her clipboard.

“Right, duh,” Yoongi muttered. “So what, I’m going to be set up with someone? This isn’t live, is it?”

“No, no. Just wait here one moment. Someone will come by and check your makeup and the lighting. Unless you don’t want makeup?”

“I don’t care…” Yoongi muttered.

While he waited, he pulled out his cell phone again and texted Jin.


5:16 What the hell have you gotten me into? I don’t want to be on TV. Why am I agreeing to this?

Seokjin Hyung:

5:18 because I am always right. it’s a new show.

5:18 just trust me. pls pls.

5:19 maybe u will find love <3


5:19 I don’t want to find love, gross.

The only thing Jin sent back after that was a winking face. Yoongi sighed and proceeded to open his twitter. He had two accounts, a personal account and an account for his underground rapper persona purposes. On his personal account’s timeline, he saw that Jin had just tweeted. Yoongi used to have notifications turned on for Jin, but then he learned that Jin was a compulsive tweeter. He would literally tweet his mundane activities.

At that moment though, his tweet, like many others, made Yoongi wonder why they were still friends.

how come people always deny they want love? everyone wants love.

Yoongi scrolled though the replies to see if there were any from anyone who might be the person Jin had supposedly set him up with. Although, he figured that Jin had probably been lying about that. It was probably completely random for whatever the mess of a show he was about to be on was.

Still, Yoongi replied to the tweet himself. He and Jin often got into it on twitter and so Jin’s many, many followers were aware of Yoongi’s presence. Lots of people thought he and Jin were dating. They weren’t. Jin thought it was funny to let them think that.

@PrinceJin Not everyone.

rt if u think my friend Yoongi wants love

Yoongi was about to respond with some choice words, damn the consequences and retaliation of Jin’s fan base, but a woman with a makeup brush was in his face, dusting powder over his nose. “You have very good skin, so I won’t put much makeup on you,” she murmured. Then, she was done before he knew it and Yoongi’s eyes met another man sitting across from him from behind a camera. He looked vaguely familiar, like Yoongi had seen him somewhere with Jin once before.

“So what’s going—” Yoongi began, but suddenly, a microphone flew dangerously close to Yoongi’s face and he flinched out of the way.

“Shit, sorry!” a younger boy exclaimed and readjusted his hold on the mic. “My bad, wow that would have been bad if I hit him with that. Could he sue us?”

“Yeah, Kookie, he probably could,” the man behind the camera deadpanned.

“Shit, yeah, sorry,” the microphone boy repeated.

“Anyway,” camera guy said. “I’m just going to ask you a few questions about yourself. Then, you’ll go out into the main studio area and meet your date. I’m the producer, and you are?”

“Min Yoongi.”

The producer’s eyes lit up a little bit. He turned and whispered something to the mic boy, who then blanched and nodded quickly. Yoongi sighed, they probably knew Jin. Yoongi wondered if Jin had told them about who he really was. Jin wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, it was a secret that Yoongi was careful to keep, but Jin sucked at keeping secrets.

“Okay, Min Yoongi, nice to meet you. For the purposes of the show, I’m going to ask if you please keep the cursing to a minimum. We can censor you, but…well you understand.” Yoongi rolled his eyes, but nodded and then they started rolling.

The producer asked him his name again and he repeated it, unable to look into the camera and instead letting his eyes flicker between the producer and the other people milling around in the background.

“So what made you decide to come on the show today?”

“My asshole best friend,” Yoongi answered. “Oh, sorry. My best friend. He signed me up, apparently, and then tricked me into coming here.”

“Okay…what are you hoping to see in your date?”

“Are you asking me my type?” The producer nodded. “I mean, I’m not that picky. I guess for a date I would like them to have a mildly interesting personality. But if they have a working dick that’ll be nice too.”

The mic boy coughed loudly. “Okay, we’re going to have to cut that out, but…noted,” the producer said. “When was your last date?”

“Don’t remember. I’m not the dating type.”

“What ended your last relationship?”

Yoongi looked into the camera for a moment and then back at the producer. “I did, probably,” Yoongi answered and then shifted in his seat. “Also, you don’t have to air this, but I would just like to say a giant ‘fuck you’ to Kim Seokjin. He’s the worst.” Yoongi smiled sweetly at the camera.

The producer seemed to be fighting back a laugh when he stood up. “Alright then, if you’ll follow me, we can go to the main studio. You’ll be waiting for your date to come out on the set. Would you like to change clothes, we have wardrobe, or you can just stay in what you’re wearing?”

Yoongi looked down at his black skinny jeans, the ones that actually made it look like he had an ass, and his black button up shirt and leather jacket. The leather jacket was the most expensive thing he owned. “I’ll stay in these,” he answered, and unbuttoned the first button in his shirt, adjusted the collar, and ran his hands through his dark hair.

“You look great,” the producer said. “Oh, my name is Namjoon by the way. I don’t think I said earlier.”

“No, you didn’t,” Yoongi answered as Namjoon opened a door and gestured for Yoongi to go inside. He did, and was faced with a large dark room. There were cameras in the background, the people behind the cameras hardly visible at all. A spotlight illuminated the middle of the room. There was also a large screen in front of the spotlight, but it was blank white. Nothing was on it yet. On the other side of the spotlight was a large king sized bed. Yoongi felt his stomach churn. “What the fuck?”

“Yeah, um, this isn’t a traditional dating show. It’s not a sit down and have dinner type of thing,” Namjoon said. “Give it a chance?”

“I’m not expected to actually…get in bed with someone am I? I’m pretty sure that would get banned from air.”

“No, no, not in that sense. You won’t be…sleeping with anyone on camera,” Namjoon said with a nervous laugh. “Seokjin didn’t explain anything to you?”

“No, probably because he knew I would bolt.”

Namjoon nodded in agreement. He patted Yoongi on the back and then left him there near the spotlight. Yoongi watched him go talk to someone in the shadows of the room. His voice carried throughout the space, and out of the corner of his eye, Yoongi saw the mic boy come in too. “How’d the last couple go?” Namjoon asked.

“Good, I think,” someone answered. “Who’s up next?”

“Let’s just say that things could get interesting,” Namjoon said. Then, he turned back to Yoongi. “Okay, just stand in the spotlight. On screen, questions and tasks will appear after your date comes out. Your names will also appear when they walk out. You can introduce yourselves and then you’ll follow the directions on the screen and answer the questions. If at any time you are uncomfortable, feel free to say so, but I promise we won’t ask anything that is…too outrageous. The ‘date’ will last for thirty minutes and then you can decide whether or not you want to continue it.”

“Fucking great,” Yoongi muttered and shot them a thumbs up. He stepped under the spotlight. It felt warm and Yoongi hoped he didn’t start sweating or some shit. His phone felt heavy in his back pocket, and he took it out. He had another text from Jin.

Seokjin Hyung:

6:00 have fun :)

“Oh, would you mind handing over your phone while filming?” Namjoon called.

“Might as well. If I’m going to get murdered here, why should I be able to call for help, right?” Yoongi asked and handed Namjoon his phone before Namjoon scurried back out of the shot.

And then someone was yelling action. Yoongi’s palms started to sweat.

Shit, fuck, how did I even get here? What the fuck Jin? What the actual fuck?

There was a loud chiming noise and Yoongi flinched and looked at the screen. Words, big, bold and white, were across it on a pink background. Yoongi blinked against the harsh light and tried to read the words. “Meet Your Date,” it read.

“Okay,” he murmured.

Then, there was the shadowed shape of a person behind the screen. They were distorted, looked taller than any person actually could have been, but Yoongi could make out a lithe frame and long legs. “Wait, which way do I go?” a voice rang out. Yoongi looked back at Namjoon, but caught the mic boy’s eye instead. He was smiling. He probably got off on this shit, Yoongi thought. “Okay, um, I’m going to go this way. Cool, yeah okay. Okay I see where I’m supposed to go.”

Yoongi fought the urge to face palm.

He was slightly glad he didn’t. Because then, someone was rounding the corner from around the big screen. Yoongi was pretty sure his mouth was open and he was catching flies, but he couldn’t help it. Fuck Kim Seokjin.

“Hi!” the other male exclaimed. He held out his hand and Yoongi gulped. “I’m Hoseok…oh look it says it on the screen!”

Yoongi craned his neck and look back at that stupid screen. Sure enough, his own name and the new strangers name were there. “Min Yoongi, meet Jung Hoseok,” it read. Yoongi looked back at the stranger and his outstretched hand. Oh. He was meant to shake it. He did, and prayed his hands weren’t gross and clammy.

“Yoongi,” Yoongi rasped out.

Hoseok looked him up and down. Yoongi wondered what he saw, exactly. Because Yoongi knew what he was seeing. Jung Hoseok was pretty fucking attractive. He had brown hair, somewhere between auburn and brown, and a jawline that rivaled a razor blade. His lips formed a heart when he smiled and his skin was sun kissed.  The orange T-shirt he had on brought out his tan skin and the weird green almost-camouflage shorts he wore showed off his legs. Even his bright blue shoes, which didn’t match anything else he had on, worked somehow. When he shifted slightly, the muscles in his legs moved under his skin and Yoongi felt his throat dry up.

Yoongi didn’t think he had a type, before that moment, but evidentially he did. Jung Hoseok was his type.

“Nice to meet you,” Hoseok said. “How old are you? I’m twenty-three.”

“Twenty-four,” Yoongi said. He was older. He was pretty sure Hoseok was meant to use honorifics, but Yoongi couldn’t really remember how to speak at all and he also kind of lowkey wanted Hoseok to throw him on the bed and fuck him, so. There was that.

“Ah cool, nice, can I call you Hyung?”

“You can call me whatever you want,” Yoongi blurted out. And Hoseok, Hoseok fucking smirked.

“Good to know, so—” Hoseok stopped midsentence and looked at the screen. Yoongi became very aware of the fact that they were still holding hands from the handshake, so he broke the contact. “Oh. Okay, uh…” Hoseok said.


Hoseok pointed at the screen. Yoongi followed his finger and stared, looking at the words. Yoongi laughed out loud. There was no way that was real. No way.

“Undress each other,” the screen read. Plain and simple.

“Are we really supposed to…undress each other?” Hoseok asked, looking beyond the big bed to the cameras.

“Yes. Unless you don’t want. But yes, that’s the premise of the show,” Namjoon called over.

“That would have been important to mention before I got to this point!” Yoongi called back.

“I’m down,” Hoseok said plainly.

Yoongi jerked back to stare at him. “Wait, what? Seriously?” Yoongi was not down. Well…he wanted to undress Hoseok, but…actually maybe he was down.

“Yeah, sure, why not?” Hoseok said. “You’re good looking. I wouldn’t mind taking your clothes off.”

“Fuck, okay, whatever,” Yoongi muttered.

Namjoon was probably cringing at his cursing, but Yoongi didn’t care.

“So, uh, you wanna go first or me?” Hoseok asked, reaching out slightly. Yoongi looked at his hands. He had delicate wrists, but strong looking hands. When he looked back at Hoseok’s face, he realized he was looking at Yoongi’s hands, too. Yoongi and his pianist’s hands. Not that Yoongi minded, he figured his hands were one of his better assets.

“You, I guess,” Yoongi answered. Hoseok smiled and then grabbed at Yoongi’s leather jacket and pushed it off his shoulders in a manner that was way too sexual. How was this show even allowed? Yoongi was fairly certain it wouldn’t be, not after whatever episode he was going to end up on. The look on Hoseok’s face was way too suggestive.

And then the most expensive thing Yoongi owned was hitting the floor with a light thud. Hoseok’s eyes raked up and down his body. The button up shirt Yoongi was wearing showed off his lower arms, since he’d rolled the sleeves up, and the undone buttons at the top showed off his collarbones. But then, Yoongi started slightly panicking because he couldn’t remember what underwear he’d put on that day.

To hide his panic, however, he reached for the hem of Hoseok’s orange shirt and when Hoseok raised his arms over his head, Yoongi pulled it off. With every inch of tan skin that was revealed, Yoongi felt a piece of his soul leave his body. Hoseok was lean, not ripped by any means, but he lad lithe muscles and a toned chest and abs. And his arms. Fuck, his arms.

“Like what you see?” Hoseok asked softy. So softly that Yoongi was pretty sure that the cameras wouldn’t pick it up. He just nodded, his tongue poking out between his lips.

Hoseok proceeded to unbutton Yoongi’s shirt. He was taking way too damn long, so Yoongi decided to take matters into his own hands and pull Hoseok forward by his belt loop and start to get his shorts off. It didn’t take long to yank the belt off and at the same time, Hoseok finished unbuttoning Yoongi’s shirt and was shoving it off his shoulders.

If they weren’t on camera, Yoongi supposed that would be the moment when Hoseok would start kissing him. But, they weren’t hooking up, Yoongi realized. No, they were actually going to have to get to know each other. The excitement faded slightly, then, because Yoongi didn’t do that. He didn’t want to date. If he got to know Hoseok, he didn’t think he’d want to sleep with him anymore.

But he couldn’t back out now, because Hoseok was unbuttoning Yoongi’s pants and Yoongi was unbuttoning Hoseok’s. He noticed, barely, that Hoseok’s hands were shaking. His face, on the other hand, didn’t convey the same nerves. He looked confident. And he was right to be, he was hot.

Hoseok and Yoongi’s pants hit the floor and they were standing there in nothing but their underwear. Yoongi in his black boxers (thank god he hadn’t gone commando) and Hoseok in…tight bright orange boxer briefs.

“Do you always match your shirt with your underwear?” Yoongi asked, momentarily forgetting they were on camera and he was blatantly staring at Hoseok’s crotch.

“No, I didn’t intend on getting naked on camera, though, either,” Hoseok answered.

“Fair,” Yoongi answered and Hoseok smiled, big and wide. Yoongi returned the smile involuntarily and Hoseok’s grin got even bigger.

Then there was another weird chime noise and they looked up at the screen. The screen read, “Get on the bed.”

“Ooh, hot,” Hoseok said and bounded over to the bed without hesitation. Yoongi wasn’t looking at his ass, honest. Hoseok plopped down and bounced slightly before settling back against the pillows.

Yoongi took a deep breath. He glanced down at himself. The worst possible thing he could do was pop a boner. He was fairly certain he wouldn’t, but he’d popped one in weirder scenarios before and he hadn’t even been around a hot naked guy like Hoseok. So, upon further analysis, he might pop a boner. That would suck.

Yoongi slowly walked over to the edge of the bed. Hoseok rolled onto his side and propped one leg up and then rested his head in his hand. He had a knowing smirk on his face, but now it looked a little bit goofy. Like he understood that everything that was going on was completely insane. Yoongi had to admit, he appreciated that.

“Um,” Yoongi said. “It’s cold as balls in here, could someone turn up the heater?”

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll warm you up,” Hoseok said without missing a beat. Yeah, Yoongi was probably going to pop a boner.

“Uh, we’re going to have to cut that, probably,” Namjoon said, off camera.

Yoongi also hear the mic boy mumble, “Hot.”

Yoongi sighed and sat down in the bed, scooting a little bit closer to Hoseok, but not too close. He touched the white sheets under him and then looked up at the screen expectantly. For a moment, nothing changed, but finally a new set of words appeared.

Hoseok read them aloud, “You will now answer a set of questions,” he said. The words changed again. “When was your last serious relationship?”

Yoongi scoffed. Hoseok raised an eyebrow. “Never. Haven’t had one,” Yoongi answered.

“Really?” Hoseok asked, sitting up again on his knees.

“I mean, I don’t really date that much,” Yoongi found himself admitting.

“Oh. Mine was a year ago,” Hoseok said.

“What happened?” That wasn’t a question on the screen, but Yoongi asked anyway.

“We wanted different things. It was an amicable break up,” Hoseok said. “She wanted to get married, all that stuff, and I wasn’t sure I wanted that, with her.”


“Yeah, I’m bisexual.”

“Stop answering questions that haven’t been asked yet!” Namjoon hissed.

Yoongi glared over at him as the question on screen changed again. Actually, though, this time, it wasn’t a question. It was a statement. A direction. It said: “Sit closer, shoulder to shoulder.”

Before Yoongi could complain, Hoseok slid up next to him. His skin was warm against Yoongi. Warm enough for Yoongi to not be repulsed or want to move away. He looked down at their legs next to each other. Hoseok’s, strong and tan and Yoongi’s, a little bit awkward and a little bit pale.

“I know this is super weird,” Hoseok leaned in and whispered. Yoongi could feel his breath against his neck. He shuddered. “But, you’re…kind of really hot. I probably just made it weirder, but you seemed uncomfortable and…you shouldn’t be.” He spoke quickly, too quickly for a camera to get any closer. Yoongi help his breath as the next question appeared on the screen.

He forced himself to read it. “What do you do for a living?”

Hoseok turned to Yoongi eagerly. “I’m a dancer!” he exclaimed. “I teach it during the day, but alas, it’s not the best paying job, so I also work at a department store downtown.” Hoseok stuck his tongue out in mock disgust.

“I work at the bank. Accounting.”



“Huh, you don’t strike me as the desk job type,” Hoseok observed. Hoseok bit his bottom lip and it was very easy to forget they were being filmed. Way too easy.

“I mean it’s not exciting, but it’s fine. But, dance, huh?”

Hoseok nodded. “Yeah, I’ll show you,” he said and stood up on the bed, towering over Yoongi. “Imagine like, sexy music,” Hoseok said.

“You can’t give him a lap dance!” Namjoon shouted.

“What the fuck, that would be great television!” mic boy replied.

“Jungkook, shush!”

“I wasn’t going to give him a lap dance,” Hoseok called back. Still, he winked down at Yoongi and proceeded to start doing some kind of body roll with one hand behind his neck and the other on the waistband of his orange boxer briefs. Yoongi stared shamelessly. Then, Hoseok got down on one knee and continued the body rolls in the same manner. Then he jumped back up and started doing other moves. They were clearly good, if not a little bit distorted considering he was dancing on a bed, but still. When it appeared he was done, he fell back down on the bed next to Yoongi, taking deep breaths.

“Yeah, um, you’re good,” Yoongi croaked.

“I know,” Hoseok said with another big smile. Yoongi turned around and looked right into the camera, because what the fuck. Then, Hoseok was reading the next question on screen. “What kind of things do you value in a relationship?” Hoseok asked, then added, “These questions are super boring.”

“Oh, I value things like trust, honesty…communication…” Yoongi said sarcastically.

“Mmm, good answer,” Hoseok responded with an equal amount of sarcasm. “The sex ought to be good too.”

“Yeah, of course, I—wait, what?” Yoongi looked at Hoseok because he was pretty certain that was what Yoongi himself was about to say. For jokes, of course.

“What’s the weirdest sexual encounter you’ve ever had?” Hoseok asked lowly.

“That’s not a question!” Producer Namjoon shouted. “Dear lord.”

“There was one person who couldn’t get off unless I spoke in an Italian accent. Which, I can’t do,” Yoongi said seriously. Hoseok sputtered. “I left.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty weird,” Hoseok agreed. He looked back up at the screen, evidentially opting not to answer his own question. The question on the screen was asking about hobbies. “Dance is my hobby, too,” Hoseok said simply.

“I like music,” Yoongi said. He shifted around on the sheets and then lay down on his back, staring up the lights above them. Hoseok stayed still for a moment, but then lay next to him. Their thighs touched.

“What kind of music?”

“I used to play the piano,” Yoongi said. “But, less of that now and more…other kinds of music.”

“You’re insanely vague,” Hoseok responded. Then, “Ooh, the screen says we have to face each other.”

Yoongi died a little bit inside, but Hoseok was turning onto his side and Yoongi wasn’t about to look like an asshole, especially not on TV, so he turned to his side too. Their faces were close enough that Yoongi could feel Hoseok’s breath on his face. He smelled like something sweet and Yoongi thanked the powers above that he’d chewed gum before arriving on the set.

Yoongi studied Hoseok’s face. He had a little closed mouthed smile on his face that revealed the tiny baby dimples he had and Yoongi could see a little beauty mark on his upper lip. His brown hair fell slightly off his forehead and he blinked his inquisitive brown eyes.

“How’re we supposed to read the fucking screen like this?” Yoongi asked.

“Maybe they just want fifteen minutes of us laying here saying nothing,” Hoseok answered. However, he did turn his head to look back at the screen. At the same time, he propped himself up slightly be placing a hand on Yoongi’s arm. “The question is, ‘do you believe in one-night stands?’.”

Yoongi scrunched up his nose. “What does that mean? Do I believe in them? Like do I believe in Santa Claus?”

“I think it means do you have them? Do you think it’s a thing people should do?” Hoseok clarified. He settled back in next to Yoongi, but he didn’t take his hand off his arm.

“I have them, so I guess yeah, I believe in them,” Yoongi answered plainly. He was hyperaware of Hoseok’s hand on him. Hyperaware of the cameras. Hyperaware of the fact that they weren’t alone.

“I’ve had them,” Hoseok said. “But, I don’t know, I certainly wouldn’t recommend them to others.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you kind of feel bad afterwards?”

“No,” Yoongi answered. “I feel like I got laid.”

Hoseok smirked. “Okay, fair enough.” The hand on Yoongi’s arm shifted to his waist and then dragged down his stomach until it was flat on the bed again. Yoongi shivered at the contact. “You know, sometimes sex isn’t that great with random people. But I guess if you’re into that, then whatever.”

“What, you think you’re better than a ‘random person’?” Yoongi asked in a snarky tone.

“Technically, I kind of am a random person. Isn’t everyone a random person?”

“You’re contradicting yourself.”

The corner of Hoseok’s lips curled up. There was a chime again, from the screen, and Yoongi looked up at it, only to see that it was a countdown.






Yoongi sat up when the screen went blindingly white. He cringed against it, his arm flying up to cover his eyes, but whacking Hoseok in the face in the process. “Oh, shit, shit, sorry,” Yoongi said, but Hoseok only laughed.

“It’s okay,” he said and touched Yoongi’s shoulder reassuringly.

“So,” a voice boomed. It was clearly Namjoon’s voice, but he seemed to be speaking over some kind of loud speaker. “The thirty minutes is up.”

“What does that mean?” Yoongi asked, scooting to the edge of the bed.

“It means it’s up to you two to decide if you want to continue your date, or not.” Hoseok looked at Yoongi expectantly. “If you choose to continue the date, you can get dressed and go out.”

“Oh bummer, I was hoping we could stay naked,” Hoseok said.

There was a sigh over the loud speakers. “What do you want to do?”

“I’d like to continue the date,” Hoseok said without missing a beat.

Yoongi looked at him. What did Hoseok even see in Yoongi? Hoseok seemed nice, kind, caring. Outgoing. Yoongi wasn’t like that. Still, he liked Hoseok, perhaps not enough to actually date him, but he liked him enough in the sense that he wasn’t repulsed by him. In the sense that he would for sure sleep with him if the opportunity arose. Furthermore, Yoongi didn’t want to look like an absolute dick on TV.

So, “Yeah, um, me too,” he said. Then he smiled and Hoseok smiled back and someone was yelling ‘cut’ and real life came tumbling back.


After Sophomore Year:

It was late, far past midnight and bordering on early. Yoongi was exhausted, sweaty, and his limbs felt like they were going to fall off. His jacket was falling off one shoulder, so he adjusted it, and ran his hands over his face before slipping his key into his tiny apartment that he shared with Seokjin.

When he got inside, he noticed that the television was still on and upon walking farther in, he saw Jin asleep on the couch. Yoongi felt bad. He knew Jin was tired too. He’d finally gotten a role on a drama, but the hours were long and he was often awake when he should be asleep and asleep when he should be awake. When he wasn’t working on set, he was working odd jobs to make their rent.

They shouldn’t have moved into an actual apartment. That had been a bad call on their part, but Yoongi failed out after sophomore year and Jin hadn’t, so, being the great guy Jin was, he suggested they get an apartment together. It had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Yoongi sighed and pulled his cap off his head and set it on the kitchen counter before opening the fridge and getting something to drink. Jin wasn’t a heavy sleeper, so the slight commotion riled him from sleep.

“Yoongi?” he asked wearily. “Is that you?”

“Yeah, Hyung,” Yoongi answered.

“What the fuck? What time is it?” Jin asked. Yoongi looked over at him, sitting up and rubbing his eyes, puffy from lack of sleep. He was wearing a big grey sweater and his brown hair was wild.

“Maybe four in the morning?” Yoongi offered.

“Where have you been?”

“I told you, I was going to a party.”

“No you didn’t,” Jin said, standing up. He looked Yoongi up and down. “You didn’t tell me where you were going. You haven’t been telling me where you’ve been going since halfway through last year.”

Yoongi took a deep breath. “I just have things to do, okay? I don’t want to talk about it.”

“I know you’re sleeping with other people, Yoongi. I’m not a fucking idiot,” Jin said suddenly. Yoongi froze on his way to his bedroom. “Actually, I know a lot more than you think I do.”

“We aren’t together,” Yoongi said softly. “You knew that.”

“I saw on the news,” Jin said, ignoring Yoongi’s comment. “The police broke up some altercation at some club a few nights ago. An underground club, where people go to perform. The altercation started after two performers got into an argument. One of them wasn’t named, but the other was, because he threw a punch. Apparently broke the other guys jaw. Agust D? That name ring any bells?”

Yoongi felt sweat dripping down his forehead. He moved to wipe it away with his palm and watched Jin’s eyes follow his hand. His hand, which was bruised and a tiny bit bloody. Hours earlier flashed in his mind. The rush of adrenaline when he was up on the crappy stage. The other club goers screaming his name. The rasp of his voice into the microphone. Then, a messy backstage hookup, followed by lots of shouting, lots of arguing. Yoongi’s fist flying through the air. The police. Running.

“They showed really shitty quality pictures, but I’m not stupid, I can recognize my own best friend,” Jin continued. “You’re Agust D. Is that why you flunked out of school? Did you really give up everything for this?”

“I like it. Besides, I have a paying job, I’m fine,” Yoongi said solemnly.

“A paying job that you hate,” Jin pointed out. “I know you’re passionate about music, but Agust D? Really? That’s dangerous, Yoongi. You’re out there blatantly rapping about things that no one else does. People talk about you like your some kind of criminal.”

“I’m not a criminal. I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just expressing myself. So, yeah, I’m Agust D. If you don’t want to be my friend anymore, fine, but I’m not stopping,” Yoongi asserted.

“I’m not going to stop being your friend. I’ve suspected for weeks,” Jin muttered. “I mean, I feel kind of betrayed. Considering you are my best friend and you neglected to tell me something like this. Not to mention the fact that you’re out fucking god knows who every night.”

“That’s not your business.”

“Right, because we aren’t together,” Jin muttered and turned around so he wasn’t facing Yoongi anymore.

“Sorry, did you think we were?”

“No, I didn’t. But I care about you and I hate to think that you’re out doing these reckless things,” Jin said.

“I can handle myself.”

“You know, they almost arrested that one guy a couple months ago,” Jin said. “J-hope? Something like that? He fell off the grid because of it.”

“Well, I never met that guy, and they obviously didn’t catch him. I’m not stupid, I know how to lay low. It was just one fight.”

And then Yoongi proceeded to stalk back to his room and slam the door behind him. The next morning, Jin acted like nothing was wrong. They didn’t talk about Agust D much anymore. Not for a long time, at least. And even then, Jin would just make small comments, nothing too extensive. He kept things vague. He let Yoongi do what he wanted.

When Jin’s fame grew, Yoongi managed to get promoted at the bank and was able to get his own apartment. Jin bought a new, bigger, place, too. Somehow, despite everything, they managed to stay friends. Despite the fact that Jin was a hot shot actor and Yoongi was secretly a famous underground rapper.

They didn’t talk about the fact that Yoongi had flunked out of school. They didn’t talk about the fact that once upon a time, they’d almost been more than best friends. They didn’t talk about things that jeopardized their fragile friendship.

They just got into twitter arguments and hung out when they had the chance.



u had fun, didn’t u?

@PrinceJin @minygenius
oh yeah he did ;)

who the fuck are you?

the guy who almost murdered u with a microphone

why am I still on twitter?


Tap, tap, tap.

Yoongi’s leg bounced up and down anxiously as he sat in front of the white wall on the little stool again. There were more people milling around, along with a kid who looked like he might be the next contestant. Or rather, the next victim, Yoongi thought.

He had tan skin and dark brown hair and he was bouncing on the heels of his feet excitedly. After a few moments, he caught Yoongi staring and waved. His wave faltered after a second and he pointed. “Hey!” he exclaimed. “I’ve seen you before!” The kid rushed over. “Why do you look so familiar?”

“I’m friends with Kim Seokjin,” Yoongi offered with a shrug. Where is Namjoon, he thought to himself.

He and Hoseok were getting interviewed individually before they got to leave. But then, when they did leave…what then? They’d gotten dressed in relative silence and then when Namjoon explained to them what was happening next, Hoseok had shot Yoongi a smile and a, “See you in a few.”

Were they going to go get dinner or something? Would they just go back to Hoseok or Yoongi’s place? Would Hoseok be different off camera? They still hardly knew each other when it came down to it. Maybe that was a good thing.

“Wait! Oh my god, yeah, Yoongi right?” the kid asked, snapping Yoongi back to the present.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“I’m Taehyung,” the kid said. “I know Jin-hyung too. I’m also an actor. He told me about this show and I figured, why not? Plus, it’ll get the show more views if someone famous is on it, I guess.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Huh why?”

“For the fact that you know Jin. Do you know what’s going to happen when you go in there?” Yoongi asked, nodding towards the set.

“No! Don’t tell him!” Jungkook, the mic boy said and pushed Taehyung away from Yoongi. “Don’t ruin the surprise!”


“So, you and that guy hit it off, huh?” Jungkook asked. “Seems like you liked him.”

“He was alright,” Yoongi answered.

“Hey, so are you really a rapper? Namjoon said Jin said you were. I’m way into the whole underground scene. Do you know any famous underground rappers?” Jungkook asked eagerly. So, Jin must not have told them who he was. “Do you know J-hope? What happened to him? I was a big fan?”

“That guy who disappeared years ago? No, of course I don’t know him,” Yoongi said. “What kind of name even is that?”

“What about Agust D? Know him?”

Yoongi sighed. “Kid, the only famous person I know is Kim Seokjin. Which is insane because he’s just a giant weirdo and it blows my mind that he’s famous sometimes. Like, why do people even care? He does those weird food shows and I sit there watching them like, ‘what the fuck’. So, no, I don’t know Agust D,” Yoongi snapped. I am Agust D, is what he didn’t say.

“Jin-hyung is hilarious. I would die if I got to be on Eat Jin with him. I’ve met him a few times, but we’re just casual acquaintances. But Agust D is one of those famous people that are going to be legendary, you know? He’s pushing boundaries. I wonder who he really is, you know?” Jungkook continued.

“Okay, Kookie, that’s enough, we have to do the closing interview, now,” Namjoon interrupted and Jungkook nodded, stepping off to the side. Namjoon set things up with the camera crew and then nodded, indicating that they had started rolling. “So,” he began. “What did you think of Hoseok?”

“I think you people wanted me to pop a boner,” Yoongi deadpanned.

“You can’t…you can’t say that.”

“You can’t put me in a bed with a hot guy and expect me not to say that,” Yoongi replied. “In all seriousness…he was…nice? I liked him, I guess. Like, I didn’t want to die after spending two seconds with him, so that was cool.” And it was true. Hoseok was nice. He was bright, where Yoongi thought he himself wasn’t. Hoseok’s smile made Yoongi smile.

“You’re going to see him again, then?”

“It appears so,” Yoongi said.

The rest of the interview went by in a blur. Yoongi answered Namjoon’s questions as best he could and then someone called cut and Yoongi was standing up on shaky legs, shrugging his leather jacket back on, and was being led back out into the front area of the studio.

“We’ll call you in a few weeks, okay? A follow up,” Namjoon explained and Yoongi nodded. “Oh. There’s Hoseok. Have fun, you two.” And then Namjoon was walking away and Hoseok was walking up to Yoongi, wearing his weird shorts and orange shirt again.

“Hey, I didn’t say earlier, but that’s an awesome jacket. It looks good on you,” Hoseok said and shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Thanks, but I don’t think I can beat your orange underwear,” Yoongi replied with a small smile. Hoseok maybe blushed, but it was hard to tell in the dim light.

“That was all pretty crazy. I just came on for the heck of it. It was my sister’s idea, I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of it. Anyway, um, I know that was all kind of weird and stuff, but I do like you, so do you want to go do something? Talk some more?” Hoseok asked.

“What’d you have in mind?”

Hoseok pursed his lips. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “Honestly, though, when they made us lay there I kind of really wanted to kiss you, but I figured that we would get yelled at.”

“You should have,” Yoongi blurted out.

“Noted,” Hoseok said with a small smile. Yoongi licked his bottom lip, but Hoseok didn’t make any move to kiss him in that moment. “You have pretty lips,” Hoseok murmured. Yoongi gaped, unable to respond. “But, uh, want to go get a drink or something?”

“Oh, yeah, sure, that’s fine,” Yoongi agreed. Drinks he could do. Drinks were familiar territory.

“Alright. I know a good place near here, we can walk,” Hoseok said and started for the door. Yoongi followed after him, trying to think optimistically. Maybe by the end of the night, Yoongi would be pleasantly surprised.


After Sophomore Year:

show tonight at Triptych.

Yoongi threw back a shot. Just one. He’d already gone on stage, done three songs. Someone else was on now and Yoongi was standing near the back, readjusting his mask over his mouth and trying to ignore the smell of sweat and alcohol in the club.

“You were amazing,” a girl next to him said. “Planning on getting into any fights tonight?”

Yoongi scoffed and looked over at her. A guy was next to her, his arms slung around her shoulders and both of them were looking at him with something like hunger. “I don’t plan to get into fights,” Yoongi answered.

“Good,” the male said. “You’re too promising to drop off the face of the earth like the other kid. Hope something or another. At least you don’t chicken out at the first sign of flashing lights.”

“I’m not afraid of the cops,” Yoongi said.

The girl laughed, a soft sound that also sounded a little bit tipsy. “You going on again tonight?” she asked.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Yoongi replied, his eyes darting between the two people in front of him. “Why? Have a better option for me?”

The couple smiled between themselves.

Several hours later, Yoongi found himself slipping out of an apartment into the night. His head spun ever so slightly and even though he hadn’t had much at all to drink, he felt like vomiting. He leaned back against the building and took a deep breath before taking out his cell phone and dialing Jin.


“Are you on set?”

“No,” Jin answered. “Where are you?”

“Somewhere near Triptych.”

“Oh, yeah, I saw your tweet,” Jin said. He sounded awake, not at all like Yoongi had woken him from sleep. “How’d it go?”

“Fine, good, I did my new song. The Last?” Yoongi said.

“That one that made me cry?”

“Yeah, that one.”

“Oh, awesome, I guess. Are you heading back to your place, now?” Jin asked. “Or do you need a ride? I can come get you from Triptych.”

Yoongi looked up at the dark sky and then back down to the sidewalk. “I, um, I’m not at Triptych anymore. I left with some people. The usual routine. I can call a cab, I just wanted to let you know that I’m not dead or anything.”

Yoongi heard Jin take a deep breath. “I hope it was worth it,” Jin muttered. “Get home safe.”

“Oh, it was worth it,” Yoongi said. “Threesomes are always worth it.”

“Gross, goodbye.”

And then Yoongi was alone again, trudging down the sidewalk in the dark, wondering if he would be able to get any sleep before he had to be up for work the next morning.


If anything was apparent, it was that Hoseok liked to laugh. That, and he had a really nice laugh. The kind of laugh that was contagious. He was a full-body laugher, and his arms and legs flailed around and he clapped when something was funny. Luckily for Yoongi, Hoseok seemed to think he was very funny.

“Oh my god, my stomach hurts from laughing so much,” Hoseok said. “Why are you so funny?”

“I’m not trying to be,” Yoongi said with a breathy laugh. “You just appreciate dry humor. I like that.”

“Aish, Hyung, you’re gonna kill me,” Hoseok said and took a deep breath. “So, how’d you even end up on that insane show? I can’t imagine that you signed up yourself.”

“My friend signed me up. He’s kind of famous,” Yoongi said and slid his drink back and forth between his hands. He’d hardly even touched it, and Hoseok hadn’t touched his, either. The bar they were at was crowded, and so they were both crammed into a booth on the same side.

Hoseok turned towards Yoongi with interest. “No way, really?”

“Kim Seokjin.”

“Oh, that’s cool. Yeah, I guess your name rings a bell. How do you know him?” Hoseok asked.

“We went to college together,” Yoongi answered. He decided though, that he didn’t want to stay on the subject of Kim Seokjin. “How’d you get into dancing?”

“I’ve always been into it, ever since I was a kid. I do other things, too, but unforeseen circumstances forced me to stop that for a while. I’m thinking about getting back into it though. We’ll see. But dance has always been there, you know?” Hoseok explained. “What about you, what’s there for you when nothing else is?”

“That’s deep,” Yoongi said. He looked up and met Hoseok’s eyes. “I write music.”

Hoseok looked at him thoughtfully. “Really? Do you sing?”

With a scoff, Yoongi shook his head. “Fuck no. Do you?”

Hoseok looked behind them, where there was karaoke set up. “Want me to? I can serenade you,” Hoseok teased, leaning closer.

Yoongi stared at him, eyes darting to Hoseok’s lips. “I’d rather you kiss me, actually,” Yoongi said softly. Hoseok’s breath hitched.

“Are you sure?” he asked. That wasn’t something Yoongi was asked often, if he was being honest.

“Yes,” he replied softly.

Hoseok nodded and then adjusted himself in the seat before pressing forward. His lips were warm and soft against Yoongi’s and he didn’t taste like alcohol, which was a nice change. Yoongi was glad they hadn’t drunk. One of Hoseok’s hands curled around the back of Yoongi’s neck, tangling with the hair at the nape of his neck. Yoongi rested a hand on Hoseok’s hips and then tightened his grip when Hoseok’s tongue brushed against the seam of Yoongi’s mouth.

He let him in, his own tongue coming out to meet Hoseok’s and he felt Hoseok smile slightly into the kiss before his tongue curled against the roof of Yoongi’s mouth.

They were out in plain view, in public, but at least they were near the back, facing away from everything else. The fact that no one was (hopefully) paying them any attention, urged Yoongi on and he tugged on Hoseok’s lower lip with his teeth before placing a chaste kiss to the upper lip. Hoseok made some kind of sound, deep in his throat before deepening the kiss again, sucking Yoongi’s tongue into his mouth.

Yoongi pressed into the kiss harder and his hand drifted to Hoseok’s thigh, while Hoseok’s hand remained on his neck and the other was…on his waist, under his shirt. The kiss didn’t calm down after that, but eventually, Hoseok had to pull back, it seemed, to catch his breath.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” Hoseok said breathlessly. Then he angled Yoongi’s head to the side and started kissing his neck, his jaw, his earlobe, tugging at the piercing there before returning to Yoongi’s lips and then back to his neck again.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Yoongi said, his mouth working before his mind. He hadn’t been kissed like that in ages. The hookups he usually had were devoid of kissing. He normally kept his mask on, because he didn’t need someone recognizing him, especially not someone he’d hooked up with. That meant kissing was out of the question.

He’d been deprived. Starved of kisses and he was hungry. He pulled Hoseok’s mouth back to his again and kissed him harder, more desperately and practically whimpered at the feeling of Hoseok’s tongue and lips moving against his. And then, when Hoseok pulled back completely, he really did whimper.

“What?” Yoongi asked, looking at Hoseok worriedly. His lips were red and slick with spit.

“We’re still at the bar,” Hoseok said. “Not exactly the ideal make out spot.”

“Wanna get out of here then?” Yoongi asked. “We can go to your place or…”

Hoseok hesitated for a long moment, but then he touched Yoongi’s lips with his thumb and nodded. “Yeah, yeah okay,” he agreed and slid out of the booth, dragging Yoongi after him. Hoseok called a cab while they waited on the street.

Meanwhile, Yoongi texted Jin.


11:14 Date went well.

Seokjin Hyung:

11:16 told u so!!


11:17 Text you in the morning.

“Cab’s here,” Hoseok rasped and Yoongi shoved his phone back into his pocket and got in after Hoseok. The ride seemed to take forever and the two of them sat there in relative silence. Yoongi wasn’t about to make out with Hoseok in the back of the cab, but Hoseok did rest his hand on Yoongi’s leg.

They had only known each other for a matter of hours, but it felt like Yoongi had known Hoseok longer. That was scary. All of the times before, for the most part, Yoongi’s sexual encounters were anonymous. He didn’t know things about the other person. But he knew things about Hoseok now. He knew he was nice and funny and interesting and that…he was actually someone Yoongi might want to date, hypothetically.

“You okay?” Hoseok whispered in Yoongi’s ear.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Yoongi responded. “Where’s your place?”

“Almost there,” Hoseok said. And they were. Only a minute or two later, the cab pulled up outside an apartment building and Hoseok paid the driver. They rushed inside and to the elevator, Hoseok giving the doorman a polite wave.

When they got in the elevator, Hoseok pressed the button for the third floor. “My apartment is probably a little bit of a mess. I didn’t…you know, plan for this,” Hoseok said awkwardly. “But the bathroom is clean and I washed my sheets like a day ago?”

“It’s cool. I’m not super neat, either,” Yoongi said.

Hoseok looked ready to say something further, but the elevator doors slid open and he stepped out, taking Yoongi’s hand confidently, and leading them down the hall. His apartment was near the end of the hall and Yoongi stood behind him impatiently as he slid the key into the lock and pushed the door open.

Hoseok stepped inside first and ushered Yoongi in after him, closing the door again with a soft click. Inside, it smelled like coconut, or something, like maybe a candle had been lit not long ago. There was a beige couch and a small TV and the kitchen, from what Yoongi could see of it, was a little bit messy, but not too much.

“Welcome,” Hoseok said, spreading his arms wide. “Um, I have water, if you want something to drink.”

Hoseok wandered into the kitchen and Yoongi padded after him. Usually, in situations like this, Yoongi was either getting thrown against the door or throwing someone else against it and they got right down to it. But Hoseok wasn’t doing that, but not because he seemed nervous. He seemed pretty damn comfortable.

“Can I take off my jacket?” Yoongi asked.

“No, you have to keep it on,” Hoseok said, pointing a stern finger Yoongi’s way. Then he broke and giggled. “Of course you can take it off. Just toss it over the couch or whatever.”

“Do you have a roommate or anything?” Yoongi asked, as he did as Hoseok suggested.

“Nope, just me. I lived with my friend Jimin for some time, but he made it big in a dance company, and so he has his own place now,” Hoseok explained and opened his fridge and got out a bottle of water. Yoongi went into the kitchen and leaned against the counter opposite Hoseok. “Jimin actually signed up to be on the show today, too.”

“Yeah, I have my own place too. Jin-hyung didn’t agree with a lot of the things I was doing, so it was probably for the best that we aren’t roommates anymore. Plus now he lives in some fancy place,” Yoongi explained. “Anyway, where do you teach dance?”

“A community center,” Hoseok said. He took a long gulp of water and then set it down on the counter before walking closer to Yoongi so they were almost chest to chest. “Want me to show you some more routines?”

“Or you could kiss me again, that’d be cool, too,” Yoongi said without breaking eye contact.

Hoseok put his hands on the counter on either side of Yoongi, caging him in. His tongue darted out across his lips and Yoongi shivered under his gaze. Yoongi was starting to think Hoseok would never close the gap, but he finally did, parting Yoongi’s lips with his own and drawing out a moan from the elder.

Yoongi wound his arms around Hoseok’s neck and the gripped the back of his head. His hair was soft and felt like silk between his fingers. Hoseok pressed Yoongi’s ass into the counter behind him and stepped forward so their hips were touching. When Hoseok pushed one of his legs between Yoongi’s, Yoongi gasped into the kiss, giving Hoseok the opportunity to nearly shove his tongue down Yoongi’s throat.

Not that Yoongi minded.

No, Yoongi thoroughly enjoyed Hoseok’s tongue down his throat. To prove it, he moved his hand from Hoseok’s neck to under the back of his orange shirt. He lightly scraped down his back with his nails, not hard enough to leave a mark, but hard enough for Hoseok to feel it.

The kiss broke and Yoongi didn’t hesitate to kiss the curve of Hoseok’s neck roughly while Hoseok grabbed Yoongi’s ass and pressed him forward into his thigh.

“Shit, Yoongi, I wanna—” Hoseok broke off, much to Yoongi’s dissatisfaction.

Luckily, he broke off so that he could grab Yoongi by the hair and pull his mouth off his neck and kiss Yoongi’s neck instead. The room felt incredibly hot suddenly and they were both wearing way too much clothes. Hoseok seemed to read Yoongi’s mind because his kisses trailed lower until Hoseok’s mouth was on Yoongi’s chest and he was undoing the buttons of his shirt for the second time that day.

Yoongi continued to rut against Hoseok’s leg, desperate for friction. There was no way Hoseok couldn’t tell Yoongi was hard. The fact that Hoseok’s hips were moving too, made Yoongi think that he was probably in the same boat.

Once Yoongi’s shirt was completely undone, Hoseok suddenly stepped back. “What’s wrong?” Yoongi asked. “Why’d you stop?”

Hoseok swallowed thickly. “We don’t have to do this, I just…want to make sure it’s okay,” Hoseok said.

“Uh, yeah, it’s fucking okay,” Yoongi said with a slight laugh. He pushed off the counter and came back to Hoseok and lightly touched the hem of his T-shirt. “As long as it’s okay with you.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s okay,” Hoseok said.

“Can I take your shirt off?”

“Yeah, take it off,” Hoseok said firmly, and Yoongi didn’t hesitate to do just that. Next, Hoseok got Yoongi’s shirt the rest of the way off and then, between kisses, led them back through the living room until Yoongi’s back hit a door, which Hoseok pried open before pushing Yoongi into the room.

Yoongi fumbled with Hoseok’s belt, tossing it into the shadows of the bedroom before managing to take his shorts off, revealing those orange boxer briefs again. Orange boxer briefs that left very, very little to the imagination.

“Jesus fuck,” Yoongi breathed as he stared.

Hoseok chuckled and Yoongi kicked off his shoes, Hoseok doing the same, since his shorts had been wide enough to take off with his shoes still on. Then Hoseok came back to Yoongi, lips back on his neck, and lifted him up by the waist. Yoongi yelped slightly in surprise, but wrapped his legs around Hoseok anyway, trying to ignore the obvious bulge in Hoseok’s underwear and the tightening in his own jeans. He didn’t have to ignore it for long (not that he wanted to) because Hoseok stopped moving and dropped Yoongi down onto the bed. He bounced on the mattress and watched Hoseok stand over him.

Yoongi undid the clasps on his own jeans and pushed them down his hips. Hoseok helped, leaned over and yanked them down the rest of the way. Then he just stood there for a moment, looking. The lights were off, but there was a big window that let in the moonlight and Yoongi knew Hoseok could see everything. He could see Yoongi’s pale skin and soft stomach and long fingers. That, and the tent in his boxers.

“Come on,” Yoongi said, but it wasn’t very demanding. It was more of a beg, especially in the way he raised his hips off the bed. “Come on, fuck me.”

“Be patient,” Hoseok said, although he did finally climb onto the bed too. He put his hand on Yoongi’s chest and forced him backwards towards the pillows. Yoongi fell flat on his back and Hoseok smiled in satisfaction. He started kissing Yoongi’s stomach and then worked his way up until he ran the flat of his tongue over one of Yoongi’s nipples, using his hand on the other. With his hand he twisted and with his mouth he pressed down with his tongue and then gave little kitten licks. It wasn’t enough.

“Hoseok,” Yoongi moaned, his hips arching off the bed into Hoseok’s body. Hoseok moaned into Yoongi’s skin, biting down against the sensitive area before moving his hand to Yoongi’s hips and pushing them down, so he couldn’t move.

Fine, if he was going to be like that, Yoongi was going to be difficult, too. While Hoseok continued sucking and licking and kissing, probably leaving plenty of marks, Yoongi danced one hand down his back until he was at the waistband of Hoseok’s underwear. He slipped the hand under and grabbed his butt.

Hoseok groaned and moved up to Yoongi’s neck, biting down before sucking hard enough to draw blood to the surface of Yoongi’s skin. Yoongi squeezed harder and then shifted his hands to Hoseok’s front and grabbed his dick. Hoseok’s hips jerked and Yoongi used his other hand to try to get the underwear off him.

“Hoseok,” Yoongi repeated. Hoseok hummed again against his neck. Yoongi pulled his hand away and pushed Hoseok back, away from his skin. Hoseok looked down at him questioningly and Yoongi smirked before dragging his tongue over his own palm several times. Hoseok didn’t look very surprised, instead, he looked satisfied. Cocky.

Yoongi reached back down between them and wrapped his pianist fingers back around Hoseok’s length, giving it a few pumps for good measure. He used the wetness gathering at the tip for more of an easy glide, the action making Hoseok twitch in his hand. “Yeah, shit, baby, that’s good,” Hoseok mumbled, his eyes fluttering closed just before he kissed Yoongi again.

The kiss wasn’t as rushed or desperate. It was slower, more passionate. So much so that Yoongi easily got lost in it. He didn’t even notice Hoseok getting his underwear the rest of the way off, or Hoseok reaching under Yoongi’s until his hand was there. Even still, Yoongi didn’t want the kiss to end. Hoseok’s lips felt so nice. They were smooth and fluid and he didn’t kiss all sloppy, but it was still arousing. It was Hoseok who broke the kiss, but he did it slow and Yoongi found himself leaning up, chasing his lips. They parted though, leaving Yoongi’s lips pursed and a string of spit between them.

Yoongi breathed heavily and looked down. His boxers were around his ankles and he kicked them the rest of the way off. Hoseok pressed their bodies together and Yoongi moved his hand across Hoseok’s back, over the knobs of his spine, and to his shoulder blades. “I want you, come on,” Yoongi said helplessly.

Hoseok smiled and kissed Yoongi’s jaw once, lightly. “Yeah?” he asked in Yoongi’s ear.

“Yes,” Yoongi said, fighting back any more embarrassing noises when Hoseok started playing with his nipple again and moved his hips so their dicks touching. “Fuck,” Yoongi said instead. “I want your cock, I—” He broke off with another gasp as Hoseok ground his hips down. His skin was hot, sultry against Yoongi’s and it made him feel like he was on fire. “Want you inside me,” Yoongi managed to say.

“I wish you could see yourself,” Hoseok said, giving Yoongi another wet opened mouthed kiss that was somehow dirtier than all the others, even though it lasted only a second. “You’re fucking gorgeous.”

Yoongi writhed on the sheets. He raised his hips another time, doing all but wrapping his legs around Hoseok’s waist. “Hoseok. Hoseok, you’re killing me,” Yoongi whined. “I need it. You’re so hot.” When it came to sex, especially with someone clearly as good as Hoseok, Yoongi didn’t mess around. He broke easily, lost himself in it.

Hoseok took a shuddering breath and pushed Yoongi’s legs apart and up before sitting back on his knees and leaning over to reach the drawer beside his bed. Hoseok’s eyes went back and forth between Yoongi and the drawer and Yoongi looked away.

“Don’t get shy now,” Hoseok said, finding what he needed and returning between Yoongi’s legs.

“Shut the fuck up,” Yoongi said. “Hurry up and fuck me. I like it rough.”

“How rough?” Hoseok challenged, opening the bottle of lube in his hands. Yoongi rolled his eyes and sat up. Hoseok raised an eyebrow and the cocky look on his face faltered ever so slightly when Yoongi moved so he was on all fours, his ass out and waiting.

“Rough as in please shove your cock up my ass so hard that I feel it for days,” Yoongi said. Hoseok cursed under his breath. “Please, please, please.”

One of Hoseok’s hands smoothed over Yoongi’s ass. “So needy,” Hoseok murmured. Then, “You have a really cute butt.”

“Shut up, what the fuck,” Yoongi said between a laugh.

“Sorry,” Hoseok said with a laugh of his own. “Your nose is super cute too. You know what’s not cute? Your hands. Your hands are hot as hell.”

Yoongi groaned in annoyance, although he was smiling, but then his groan turned to one of pleasure when he felt Hoseok run a slick finger between his ass. Then, his middle finger was pressing inside, slow enough for Yoongi to feel every second of it. Yoongi breathed in sharply through his nose. “You can go faster,” he said.

Yoongi felt Hoseok’s lips on his lower back. “Don’t want to hurt you, baby,” Hoseok said.

“You won’t, baby,” Yoongi retorted.

Hoseok huffed, but pressed in farther until his finger was all the way in. Yoongi stared down at Hoseok’s pillows, which he realized, for the first time, were green and yellow. Bright green and yellow. Whatever floated his boat.

“Another?” Hoseok asked after a moment of slowly pushing in and out, in and out.

“Another,” Yoongi confirmed.

“Okay,” Hoseok said softly, his pointer finger joining the other. The squelch of lube and their breathing filled the bedroom. “Fuck, you’re tight,” Hoseok muttered.

“Well if you’d hurry up, you’d get an even better experience of that,” Yoongi said.

“You’re so impatient,” Hoseok said, curling his fingers, once, twice before scissoring them apart. Yoongi moaned and rocked back against Hoseok’s fingers. Yoongi could feel Hoseok’s eyes on him, he didn’t know how or why, but it was evident. Intense. Hoseok was looking at him with more than lust and that was dangerous, too. “Yoongi,” Hoseok whispered. “You’ve gotta breathe.”

“Fuck, I know,” Yoongi said, let his breath out in a long gasp at the same time Hoseok’s finger brushed against the sensitive bundle of nerves inside him and Yoongi arched his back. “You’re too much.”

“I…I can stop?” Hoseok said.

“No! No, I meant it in a good way. Don’t you dare stop,” Yoongi said.

“Oh, good, okay,” Hoseok said. “Another, then?”


Hoseok added his ring finger and more lube and Yoongi went down to his elbows, biting his fist to prevent himself from making too much noise. Hoseok on the other hand, wasn’t holding back. He moaned every few seconds and Yoongi craned his neck to look back at him. His bottom lip was tucked between his teeth and his hand that wasn’t in Yoongi’s ass was around his dick, stroking lazily.

“Who’s impatient now?” Yoongi rasped.

Hoseok chuckled and pushed his fingers in farther, harder. “Are you even real? This whole day is unreal,” Hoseok said.

“I’m ready,” Yoongi said. “Please. Please fuck me now.”

Hoseok thrust in one more time for good measure before pulling his fingers out and wiping them against Yoongi’s leg, which probably would have pissed him off if he weren’t so far gone. He glanced back again to watch Hoseok roll on a condom and slick himself up with lube. Hoseok’s eyes darted up to meet his and he smiled. Not a sexual smirk by any means, just…a smile.

Yoongi looked away.

“Relax,” Hoseok said and Yoongi breathed out, closed his eyes, and gripped tightly on one of the green pillows.

He felt the head against his entrance and he groaned and pushed back while Hoseok pushed forward. Hoseok’s fingers held onto Yoongi’s hips, guiding him, and Yoongi reached a hand back to grab at Hoseok’s leg or hips or something to urge him on. He wasn’t even all the way inside yet and it felt incredible. Like he was being spilt open in the best way possible. Yoongi groaned at the dull ache and finally managed to get a hold on Hoseok’s hip.

Hoseok got the memo and pushed in the rest of the way with a groan and a string of curses. “Shit, oh my god, fuck,” Hoseok said.

Yoongi could feel it all, every twitch, ever breath, it seemed. He imagined Hoseok could too. “Move, you fucker,” Yoongi grunted, toes curling.

“Give me a second I don’t want to bust a nut after two seconds,” Hoseok said.

“You are—” Yoongi began, but Hoseok started to pull back, careful. Yoongi amended his statement. “You feel amazing, shit.” Hoseok wasn’t huge, no, but he certainly wasn’t small either. And anyway, he knew how to work what he had. “Filling me up so good, god.”

Hoseok moaned in response before thrusting back with expert hip movements. It hit Yoongi again that Hoseok was a dancer. Bless his luck.

Yoongi tried to rock back against each thrust, make it harder, but Hoseok was going slower, drawing it out. “Harder, harder,” Yoongi whined. Hoseok curled a hand around Yoongi’s shoulder and gave him a hard thrust, his hips and thighs slapping against Yoongi’s ass, the sound filling the room.

“How bad do you want it?” Hoseok asked, his voice cracking ever so slightly as he continued to move in and out at an agonizingly slow pace. “Convince me.”

Yoongi whined and buried his face down into the pillow. He was so hard. He wanted to get off so bad. Hoseok was making it so much worse. If he thought he couldn’t get any more turned on, Hoseok proved him wrong.

“Come on, baby, tell me,” Hoseok said, moving his hand from Yoongi’s shoulder to his hair, which he proceeded to use to pull Yoongi back up to all fours.

“’Seok,” Yoongi said, his voice embarrassingly high pitched. “Please, fuck, you kissed me better than anyone ever has,” Yoongi admitted. He didn’t know why he admitted it, but he did. “Just, just fuck me the same way. Fuck me better than anyone else.” Hoseok was breathing heavy, and Yoongi continued to talk. He said things that only made only a little bit of sense. Filthy, dirty things that made Hoseok groan and Yoongi’s face flush. He finished his rambling off with another moan, another ‘please’.

“Alright,” Hoseok said. “I’m convinced. You’ve got a hell of a mouth on you.”

“You’ve got a hell of a dick on you, can you please use it?” Yoongi snapped in return, but he laughed a little bit and felt Hoseok lean over him a press a kiss between his shoulder blades. Yoongi closed his eyes and, without thinking, reached to put his hand over Hoseok’s hand that wasn’t in his hair. The softness of the gesture was jarring, especially when for a few, long, seconds Hoseok stayed there, his breath hot against Yoongi’s back.

Finally though, Hoseok sat back and started moving like he meant it. Yoongi pitched forward on the first thrust, his mouth opening in a silent moan. The way Hoseok moved his hips was practiced, perfect. Back a little bit slow but then forward quick and sharp and hard. For several minutes, Yoongi let himself be pummeled because that was exactly what he signed up for. He listened to Hoseok’s grunts and groans and the sound of their skin slapping together, loud and obscene in the quiet bedroom.

When Hoseok tugged his hair, Yoongi arched his back and rocked backwards against Hoseok’s hard thrusts. “Ah, ah, yeah,” Hoseok mumbled. Still rocking back, Yoongi didn’t notice that Hoseok had stopped moving until his hands were back on Yoongi’s hips, guiding him back on each aggressive move. He felt Hoseok’s hands on his ass, kneading the flesh firmly. Yoongi slowed down, glanced back and groaned when Hoseok looked up from the point where their bodies met to meet his eyes. Hoseok looked back down, spreading Yoongi apart to watch the way he disappeared inside him.

“Fuck, fuck,” Yoongi hissed on another rock back when he felt Hoseok brush against his prostate. He almost fell forward completely onto the mattress. Quickly, Hoseok grabbed him by the hair again and pulled him up back on hands and knees and then up farther until Yoongi was grabbing the top of the headboard.

Hoseok started moving again and more harsh smacks rang in Yoongi’s ears. His own little oh’s and hiccupped moans egged Hoseok on.

“Yeah baby,” Hoseok said in his ear when Yoongi tried to spread his legs farther apart on the mattress. “Just like that.”

Yoongi tried to focus on his hands on the headboard. On his white knuckles and veiny hands. His breath drew in sharp and came out in various sounds. Hoseok cursed behind him. “S-so good, more, more,” Yoongi said. His teeth ground together. He didn’t want it to end, but he was close.

Hoseok wrapped one hand around his waist, splayed out flat on his stomach just above Yoongi’s dick, so that with every rough movement of his hips, his hand brushed it. Yoongi stood on his knees the rest of the way and leaned his head back against Hoseok’s shoulder, closed his eyes and breathed heavily through his mouth.

Hoseok slowed down again, just when his thrusts because erratic. Gently, Hoseok tilted Yoongi’s head to the side so they could kiss, although it was messy and awkward from the angle. Yoongi didn’t care. He kissed him back like his life depended on it, all the while wiggling back against Hoseok, still inside him. The younger moaned into his mouth and Yoongi swallowed it up greedily.

“Are you close?” Hoseok asked against Yoongi’s lips.

“Y-yeah, Hoseok, yeah,” Yoongi replied. He pulled back just enough to look at him. His skin was glowing, and Yoongi could feel the damp sweat in his hair. His lips were swollen, as Yoongi’s probably were, and his eyes were blown with lust.

“I can make it really good for you,” Hoseok said. Yoongi looked at him questioningly, and then frowned when Hoseok pulled out. Yoongi whimpered, a whole level more embarrassing than a whine, at the loss. “So cute,” Hoseok breathed, almost to himself. He then grabbed Yoongi by the waist and turned him around so they were facing, before laying Yoongi back down on the bed on his back.

It was too close. Too personal.

Tell him you want it the other way, Yoongi told himself. This is too fucking much.

But he didn’t say anything because Hoseok kissed him again and Yoongi kissed back. He didn’t say anything because Hoseok was entering him again, filling him up, and it felt amazing. It felt even better at the new angle and Yoongi didn’t want to tell him he wanted it the other way. He wanted it this way.

He hooked his legs over Hoseok’s shoulders and threw his head back into the pillows. And then it was hard and brutal and after only a second Hoseok was hitting the perfect spot inside him with every rhythmic push forward. “Ah, ah, shit, right there, holy fucking fuck,” Yoongi said. He tried to reach down to spread himself, but Hoseok snapped forward and Yoongi clenched down and Hoseok looked like he nearly exploded.

“God, Yoongi, you’re amazing, so tight,” Hoseok said. He drove forward again, deeper somehow. “I’m close.”

“Me too,” Yoongi choked out. “Kiss me.”

Hoseok did. He kissed Yoongi like he never wanted to kiss anyone else. Like they were made for each other. Yoongi’s back arched up off the bed and the kiss broke, so they just breathed in each other’s mouths for a moment before Hoseok latched back onto Yoongi’s neck.

The room felt hot, their bodies were slick with sweat and the sounds of everything were lewd and indecent, but real and raw. Yoongi’s body jerked with every undulation of Hoseok’s hips. His breath was starting to become irregular until he was letting out little squeaks and moans.

“Fuck, the sounds you make are so sexy,” Hoseok muttered against Yoongi’s neck. He wanted to bite back with some snappy comment, but he couldn’t. The coil in his abdomen was winding tighter and tighter and he knew it was only a matter of seconds before he snapped.

Hoseok’s hand moved between them, shaky, and he started jerking Yoongi off, quick and hard, in the same way his hips were moving. Yoongi cried out, pushing back against Hoseok inside him, grabbed his ass and pulled him as close as he could.

“Hoseok, make me come, please,” Yoongi begged. “I wanna come.”

“W-when I saw you, when I first walked out, I thought, ‘no way this is who I’m set up with’,” Hoseok said. Yoongi groaned and forced his eyes shut. “You’re so hot. Everyone was looking at you in that bar. Everyone was looking at you on set, too.”

“Were looking at you,” Yoongi corrected. He blinked his eyes opened, tears forming in the corners. He felt one fall down his cheek and slip into the corner of his mouth, hot and salty. Hoseok kissed the corner of his mouth where the tear vanished.  

“Looking at us, baby” Hoseok amended.

Yoongi breathed in sharply, his eyes closed again, and something like a gasp came out when he felt Hoseok thumb over the head of his cock.

“I’m—” Yoongi broke off, felt his body tense. “You’re…”

“Look at me,” Hoseok said. Yoongi’s eyes flew open and he looked right into Hoseok’s and Yoongi came. His mouth fell open and he repeated Hoseok’s name like a prayer, over and over, his throat going raw. His body jerked and spasmed and he clenched around Hoseok who was still pounding into him, harder and faster, chasing his own high. Hoseok’s hand continued to work Yoongi through his orgasm.

Yoongi’s nails dug into Hoseok’s back as his release spilled between their bodies and over Hoseok’s hand. Yoongi pressed his heels into Hoseok’s back while Hoseok breathed filthy nonsense in Yoongi’s ear. The words were jumbled, and they sounded like a song when Hoseok gave one final thrust and let out a stuttered groan, forehead resting against Yoongi’s, face screwed up beautifully, and he came too.

Yoongi felt every second of it and he tilted his lips up and kissed Hoseok while he rode it out. The kiss was languid and Yoongi felt his legs fall to his sides, feet back on the mattress. Hoseok’s tongue licked across Yoongi’s lower lip and Yoongi sucked it into his mouth, but he had to pull away to breathe sooner than he would have liked.

“Dude, what the hell?” Yoongi asked with a low chuckle. “You fucked me so good. I don’t think I’ve come that hard in…ever…” Yoongi trailed off blissfully. Hoseok panted against his mouth and kissed the corner of Yoongi’s kiss-sore lips. One of his hands dragged across Yoongi’s stomach.

“Can I?” he asked. Yoongi stared for a moment and then nodded dumbly before Hoseok dragged his fingers across Yoongi’s lips and watched Yoongi lick them and then take Hoseok’s fingers into his mouth. “That’s hot,” Hoseok said, bringing their lips back together and licking into Yoongi’s mouth.

They went on like that, Hoseok pushing Yoongi’s come back into his mouth and then kissing him for a taste, for so long that Yoongi forgot that Hoseok was still inside him. So when he did pull out, Yoongi whined at the emptiness and let himself go limp on the sheets.

“I’ll be right back, don’t move,” Hoseok said.

“Probably couldn’t if I wanted to,” Yoongi responded in a sluggish voice that made it sound like he was drunk even though he was completely sober.

Hoseok smiled and climbed off the bed before shooting finger guns at Yoongi and disappearing into the hall. Seizing the opportunity, Yoongi looked around the bedroom. It was pretty big, considering the fact that it wasn’t that big of an apartment. Hoseok had a desk in one corner and there were papers scattered across it, along with some kind of thing that looked vaguely like amateur recording equipment, but it was hard to tell in the dark, and that probably wasn’t what it really was.

The closet door was open and Yoongi could see lots of brightly colored clothes inside as well as plenty of sandals and sneakers on the floor. A pair of shiny silver shoes stood out amongst everything else. Craning his neck, Yoongi looked at the bedside table where a few picture frames sat.

In one of them, Hoseok sat outside somewhere with another boy with orange hair and a big smile and full cheeks. There was one of Hoseok and a girl who looked similar to him, maybe his sister, and one with two people who were probably his parents.

Yoongi looked away.

“Hey, sorry, here, you know, to clean up,” Hoseok said and Yoongi looked at him as he strode back into the room and handed Yoongi a damp towel.

“Thanks,” Yoongi whispered and wiped down silently. Hoseok jumped back into the bed and tossed back the covers. He held them open and looked at Yoongi expectantly. Yoongi placed the towel on the table and then crawled under the sheets. It was warm and too inviting for him to deny.

“Can I kiss you again?” Hoseok asked.

No, I should leave now, Yoongi thought. But he nodded instead. “Yeah, you can.” Before Hoseok could lean forward, Yoongi did, and they both curled together under the sheets, their mouths molding and unmolding. Hoseok was smiling into the kisses, his legs brushing against Yoongi. “Be careful, if you touch my dick right now, I’ll die,” Yoongi said calmly.

Hoseok bit his bottom lip. “Aw, unfortunate,” Hoseok said with a pout. Yoongi pinched him in the arm. “You’re so cute, oh my god,” Hoseok continued, “all fucked-out like this.”

“It’s because your cock is fucking mind-blowing. Also, stop calling me cute. You’re cute,” Yoongi said.

“Thanks babe,” Hoseok teased and brushed Yoongi’s dark hair away from his face. Hoseok tilted his head to the side and looked into Yoongi’s eyes. It was like he suddenly saw something he hadn’t before. To prevent Hoseok from asking any questions, Yoongi continued to kiss him. Yoongi started out hovering over Hoseok and then they ended up on their sides, facing each other, whispering nothing’s to each other and kissing and smiling sleepily.

“I like you,” Hoseok said when sleep was threatening to pull Yoongi under. Sleep had good timing, because Yoongi almost said something really stupid like, ‘I like you too’. He didn’t though, and his eyes drifted shut.

He curled up into Hoseok’s chest and let Hoseok hook a leg over Yoongi’s and rest a hand on his waist. He fell asleep in Hoseok’s arms, content and safe. It was different than any other hookup in the past. Never had he allowed himself to sleep in someone else’s bed for the night. Never did he let anyone hold him close and kiss his hair and stroke his back. Never did he let someone like him.

Never had he liked anyone else in return.


After Sophomore Year:

“Did you watch the first episode last night?” Jin asked eagerly.

He and Yoongi were having coffee that morning, but Yoongi hadn’t had enough yet to feel fully awake.

“No, I recorded it, I’ll watch it when I get home,” Yoongi answered. “I’m sure you were amazing.” Yoongi yawned and covered his mouth with his sweater sleeve.

“Yeah, I loved how the episode turned out. This is the second show I’ve been in now, and I’m talking with some people about creating my own show, actually. I think it would be really funny,” Jin said. “You know, you should be on a reality show. You could be on one of those singing competition shows. You’d win.”

“I don’t sing,” Yoongi said in monotone.

“You know what I meant,” Jin said. He pulled his cell phone out. “Take a picture. I’m going to tweet it.”

Yoongi tried to protest, but Jin was turning the camera around and holding the phone out above his head. Yoongi smiled weakly and Jin took the picture. Yoongi knew he looked like crap in it, but Jin looked good and that was what mattered anyway. Jin’s followers didn’t care about Min Yoongi.

Jin smiled and starting typing on his phone. Yoongi’s own phone vibrated with a twitter notification and he took it out.

having breakfast with an old friend [image attached]

“Okay, first of all, saying ‘old friend’ is weird, it’s not like we’ve known each other since childhood,” Yoongi said.

Friendship cancelled.

wasn’t gonna call u out on it, but ur username sounds like MINIgenius bc ur smol

Friendship double cancelled.

@PrinceJin @minygenius
I love twitter feuds

Jin was cackling across from Yoongi on the other side of the table. Yoongi rolled his eyes at him and sipped his coffee some more. He teased Jin about it, but he understood why people were fans of him. He understood why everyone liked him so much. He was charismatic and kind and knew how to draw people in.

There was once a time when Yoongi thought he was in love with Jin. When he thought that maybe Jin would be able to fix everything that was wrong, but it didn’t take long for Yoongi to understand that that wasn’t the way things worked. He wasn’t in love with Jin, he wished, in some ways,  that he was Jin. Jin was a friend, and that was what Yoongi needed him to be. That was why he sabotaged anything they could have had together.

But he was fine with that. He didn’t want a relationship, especially not with Jin. Not really with anyone.

“You know, one of these days I’m going to retweet you from Agust D’s account and ruin you,” Yoongi said.

“Um, that would just make Agust D look better, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jin said. “Retweet one of my funny tweets.”

“I was joking. I’m not retweeting you from Agust D’s account.”

“You need something to break up all the emo stuff you post on there,” Jin said thoughtfully. “Maybe you should start telling your followers more personal things. Relate to them.”

“My rapping talks about personal things. If you came to a show, you’d get it,” Yoongi muttered.

“You know I can’t be seen at a place like that.”

“Yeah, I know,” Yoongi said softly. “I know you can’t be seen with me,” he continued, but so low that Jin wouldn’t be able to hear him. “No one wants to be.”


When Yoongi began to wake up, he became aware of several things that were wrong.

One: He was actually well rested, which rarely happened, and he was not hungover.

Two: The bed he was in was not his own.

Three: There was a warm body next to Yoongi that felt very cozy and that Yoongi wanted to melt into.

What the fuck, Yoongi thought just before his eyes flew open. He gulped and tried to get his bearings without moving around too much or giving away the fact that he was awake. There was a leg intertwined with his and am arm around his waist and someone’s face buried in the back of his neck. Fucking fuck.

The night before came rushing back. The entire day came rushing back. Going to the studio, being on that insane show, meeting Hoseok, going out with Hoseok after, going back to his apartment, having fucking amazing sex, and then kissing until they fell asleep. Yoongi started to breathe fast.

Hoseok shifted around behind him, but didn’t seem to be waking up. His thumb moved back and forth against Yoongi’s stomach soothingly and god, Yoongi didn’t want to leave. He wanted to stay there. He wanted to wake up with Hoseok and exchange morning kisses and eat breakfast and then give Hoseok his number or whatever-the-hell else people do.

And that want terrified him.

So, he carefully removed himself from Hoseok’s embrace and slid out of the bed until his butt hit the carpet. He rubbed his hands over his face and sighed before pushing himself to his feet and looked around the room. In the light, he could see that the room was painted a light blue and everything about it was inviting and sweet and perfect. Sort of a juxtaposition to the way Hoseok behaved in bed, but also not. Sure, he’d been rough, but he’d also made sure Yoongi was okay.

Yoongi picked his underwear up off the floor and stepped into them before jumping into his jeans and then scurrying out of the bedroom. In the hall, he caught a glimpse of his reflection. His chest was covered in purple marks and there was one on his neck that was particularly dark. It would take time to fade. He pressed a finger into it and winced before turning away from the mirror.

He looked around the unfamiliar apartment and rushed into the kitchen where his shirt had been discarded. He put it back on, buttoning it up unevenly. Then, compulsively, he picked Hoseok’s orange T-shirt off the floor too and folded it up before placing it on the kitchen counter.

Yoongi was about to dart out, but he realized he didn’t have shoes so he sighed and went back into the bedroom and grabbed them off the floor. Hoseok was still sound asleep. His heart-shaped lips were slightly parted and his brown hair fell over his forehead. The blankets pooled around his waist so Yoongi could see his tan, toned skin. He didn’t deserve to be ditched that morning, but Yoongi felt he was unable to stay.

So, he left the bedroom again and snatched his leather jacket off the couch. Carefully, Yoongi opened the door and slipped into the hallway. In the elevator, he took out his phone and checked the time. It was almost noon, but luckily it was Saturday and he didn’t have to go to work. He had several twitter notifications and some texts from Jin.

Seokjin Hyung:

10:30 I went to ur apartment and u weren’t there. where r u?

10:45 shit you hooked up with ur date didn’t u

11:00 should’ve known


11:57 I’m on my way back to my place now. Chill out hyung.

Seokjin Hyung:

12:00 I mean no rush. have breakfast with the guy. do all that cute stuff


12:01 Already on my way back. See you then.

Seokjin Hyung:

12:02 u better not have snuck out istg.

Yoongi ignored him after that and walked out of the lobby and outside. It was warm and Yoongi sighed, looking up and down the street. He’d need to call a cab, but the area wasn’t completely unfamiliar, so he started walking, needing to clear his head.

Meanwhile, he checked his notifications from twitter, since he had seen that Club Triptych had tweeted something. That was his favorite place to perform.

open stage nxt weekend, Saturday.

Yoongi smiled to himself. He wished it was that night, but he could wait a week. It would be worth it. He had new stuff and he was dying to get on stage.

@TriptychClb I’ll be there.

The replies blew up pretty quick, and Yoongi smiled, despite the growing pit of dread in his gut. He noticed a reply from a twitter handle he recognized, the boy who had almost hit him with the mic on the show the day before.

@AgustDBoy hell yeah. I mean, I can’t go but I’m pumped as heck for the videos that’ll come out after.

And then, some replies that made Yoongi do a double take.

@AgustDBoy did u hear the rumors that Jhope is back? Heard he was gonna preform at Trip too

@AgustDBoy rumor has it Jhope is back on the radar. if he is and him and agust d are on the same stage: epic.

@loneywhale52 @AgustDBoy does Hope have a twitter?

@makeme_begin @AgustDBoy yeah,
its @HopeVerse he just tweeted again like a week ago after being silent for so long

Yoongi rolled his eyes and closed out of the app. He called a cab and then sat down on the side of the street and waited. He closed his eyes for a moment, but when he did, Hoseok’s face flickered behind his eyelids, as clear as if he were right in front of him.

He could still feel Hoseok’s hands on his body, his lips on Yoongi’s. Maybe he always would. He’d asked Hoseok to fuck him better than anyone else ever had, and he’d delivered. It was probably the best lay Yoongi would ever have and that was super depressing to think about. Whatever, at least he’d have something to jack off too. Which, yeah, was also super depressing.

Yoongi shifted on the sidewalk and became aware that something was crinkling in his pocket. He reached back and pulled out a piece of paper. On it was a phone number.

Just in case, here’s my number. I like you. Please call it. Oh. This is Hoseok,” the paper read after the series of numbers. Yoongi sighed and turned it over.  He wondered when Hoseok had even slipped it in his picket. On the back, Hoseok had written something else. “I really don’t want to have to do that follow up interview and say we didn’t even try to date. :)

The cab pulled up then and Yoongi crushed the piece of paper in his fist. He stood up on sore, shaky legs and dropped the paper on the ground, letting it blow away, before he slipped into the cab and gave the driver his address.

It wasn’t like he’d ever have to see Hoseok again. He’d make sure they didn’t do that follow up interview on the same day. It was whatever. Yoongi would be fine. Hoseok would find someone else. Someone better suited for someone like Hoseok.


A week later:

Needless to say, Jin was not happy with the fact that Yoongi ditched Hoseok after their night together. “You’re going to make the show look bad!” Jin had exclaimed, after chewing Yoongi out for his bad habits.

“Why do you care, it’s not your show,” Yoongi said.

Jin groaned loudly. Yoongi raised an eyebrow. Maybe it was Jin’s show. Yoongi didn’t ask though, he was already irritated enough, if Jin pissed him off further, he might explode.

The week went by slow, slow, slow and every day in the stupid bank Yoongi wondered if he should just quit. But he didn’t. He remained calm and finally Saturday rolled around. Yoongi was eternally grateful, because he’d been building up steam all week. His night with Hoseok wouldn’t get out of his head, so he figured he’d probably get all his frustration on stage and maybe find someone to mindlessly hookup with. Or not. That actually didn’t sound all that appealing.

Hoseok sounded appealing. But more than just sleeping with him. Yoongi wanted to talk to him again. He wanted to tell him about his passion for music and about the reasons he chose that path for himself. He wanted to know more about Hoseok and his dancing and his life.

Yoongi was fucked.

One afternoon when he got off from work, he sat down behind his laptop and worked on a song, but ended up watching porn that did absolutely nothing for him. It wasn’t until he closed his eyes and imagined Hoseok that he was able to get off. But whatever. That didn’t mean anything.

“So,” Jin said, tearing Yoongi into the present. “Going to Triptych tonight?”

“You’re on my twitter,” Yoongi said as he brushed his hair roughly. “You obviously know what I’m doing.”

“I wish I could go, honestly. Me and Taehyung are going to some actor party tonight. He said you guys met at the studio?”

“Yeah, he seemed nice,” Yoongi murmured.

“He is. You should hang sometime. You know, he hit it off with his date. They’re seeing each other. I think his name is Jimin.”

The name vaguely rang a bell, but Yoongi couldn’t place it. His mind was elsewhere. “Maybe, we’ll see. Do I look okay?” Yoongi asked, stepping out of the bathroom. He was wearing light wash torn blue jeans, a white jacket and a grey shirt layered under a white shirt. His shoes were chunky and black and the mask he planned on wearing was white like the shirt. His hair was done a little messy.

“You look good, yeah, like you’re going to kick someone’s ass. I wouldn’t mess with you,” Jin said.


“Oh, some people on twitter are talking about you and some other rapper. It looks like he called you out or something,” Jin said. Yoongi glared and picked his phone up off the table.

“Who the fuck…”

i’m not afraid of a little friendly competition.

“What the hell?” Yoongi said. “Who does he think he is?”

“He seems like he just wants to have a good time, don’t do anything weird,” Jin said. “Isn’t that the guy that almost got arrested a few years back?”

“Fuck him, this is my night,” Yoongi said and started typing furiously. Jin sighed.

Don’t get in my way.

He got a response only seconds later.

i don’t need to get in ur way man. the stage is already mine

We’ll see about that. You’ve been gone for ages, you don’t know shit about how this works.

sounds to me like ur scared. not so confident in ur tongue technology, baby?

“Okay!” Jin exclaimed, taking Yoongi’s phone away. “That’s enough. Please be nice tonight.”

Yoongi snarled at Jin and snatched his phone back. “He can’t talk to me like that!” Yoongi argued.

“He didn’t talk to you like anything. He tweeted it, first of all. Second of all, he was being nice and you started it. So chill out and please don’t strangle the guy. Maybe he’s good? Give it a chance,” Jin said.

“That’s not…that’s not how it works, oh my god. You’re so nice, it’s disgusting.”

Jin smiled and patted Yoongi on the shoulder. “Just have fun.”

“I’m gonna puke,” Yoongi said. “Goodbye, I’m heading out.”

“Fun!” Jin called after Yoongi.

The ride in the cab to the club was slow and gave Yoongi way too much time with his head. That J-Hope guy could go fuck himself. Yoongi was not going to let this night go to waste. He pulled his white ball cap down over his hair and his mask over his mouth. The cab pulled up to Triptych and Yoongi paid before getting out and walking in.

Music pulsed against his eardrums and voices bombarded him from every angle. The performances hadn’t started yet, but as soon as he walked in, people knew who he was. They pointed and whooped, but some people whispered and looked on nervously.

Yoongi smiled under his mask and adjusted his hat as he made his way to the back of the club where he could get a good view of everything. He greeted a few familiar faces and then found himself a chair at the bar. He leaned into it and looked around.

No one seemed to be entranced by anyone else other than himself. Maybe J-Hope was going to back out. Yoongi didn’t know what he looked like, or what he sounded like either. They’d both been around, in the beginning, but J-Hope had sort of gone radio silent after a run in with the law one night. Yoongi didn’t know the exact story, but it must have been pretty close if he decided to quit the game for so long.

Yoongi took out his phone and went through twitter, eventually giving in and going to J-Hope’s page. He didn’t have any photos, which wasn’t surprising, Yoongi didn’t have any either. His tweets were very few and far between and most of them were from several years prior. However, he had tweeted a few minutes ago.

it’s been a while. hope everyone has fun tonight (no pun intended, wow)

Yoongi rolled his eyes.

Still, deciding to be passive aggressive, he hit the follow button. However, about two seconds later, he realized his mistake. He’d followed on his personal account. “Shitting fuck,” Yoongi cursed. Although, he guessed it didn’t matter that much. He could just be some random fan or whatever. It ruined his passive aggressive moment, though.  Another tweet appeared on his timeline.

I have been here in so long, but Trip still looks the same.

Yoongi looked around frantically. He couldn’t see through the sea of heads. He looked back down at his phone.

also if u see me rn and I look like I’m about to freak out its bc of something else. personal thing. Ignore it.

also @AgustDBoy where r u? you talked real big. maybe I can’t see u bc ur short. heard u were short.

Yoongi scowled and switched twitter accounts.

I’m not that short you asshole.

whatever u say baby

“What the fuck,” Yoongi said aloud. “Yeah, I’m gonna kick his ass.”

Before Yoongi could move, though, an MC stepped onto the stage and announced himself and what was going to go down that night. Yoongi stood and walked closer to the stage, pushing through the crowd with purpose. He was going to be the first one on that stage of his life depended on it.

“Rumor has it,” the MC said into his microphone, “That we have both Agust D and J-hope here tonight. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out, especially since J-hope has been gone for so long.”

Yoongi gritted his teeth together. Fuck it, he thought.

“So,” The MC continued. “If there’s anyone that—” He cut off when Yoongi hopped up onto the stage and strode across it confidently. Yoongi wasn’t not confident in himself, but he was most confident up on stage. He snatched the microphone from the MC who smirked knowingly.

“I don’t know jack shit about J-hope,” Yoongi growled into the microphone. “But I know that I’ve been waiting all week for this.” The crowd cheered and it started. The rush of adrenaline. The near blackout that came with spitting into the microphone. The way the crowd cheered and clawed for the stage when he rapped, especially when he said a line that was scandalous. That no one else would say.

Yoongi was so entranced by the end of his first song, that when he started the second, he didn’t notice the guy in the bright red jacket speaking to the MC, asking for a microphone of his own until he was up on the stage too. And even then, he didn’t notice until a loud moan, a fucking moan, echoed across the stage.

Yoongi looked forward, under his cap at a pair of silver shoes that made his stomach nearly drop out his ass. Then he looked up the rest of the way and met the eyes of the other man on the stage. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a black shirt with a bright red jacket and a silver chain around his neck. His tan skin was flushed and a little bit sweaty and he ran his hand through his brown hair, sweeping it off his forehead.



It was Hoseok.

He wasn’t even trying to hide, it was clearly him. No doubt about it. Yoongi had his mask down, just barely, so he could rap, but there was no way it was enough. Hoseok had to know it was him.


Hoseok ‘whooped’ into the mic, his voice reverberating throughout the club. And then he rapped. Only several lines, the name ‘J-Hope’ sliding off his tongue along with the rest of the words. Yoongi stood there, both glaring and astounded. The crowd ate it up.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Hoseok said into his mic, looking right at Yoongi. People screamed at the pet name. “Can’t handle it?”

“I can take it,” Yoongi replied. “Any way you give it.”

Hoseok winked at him, but then his face got hard again, bordering on angry and he started up again. His verses were rough, not refined, but Yoongi liked it that way. He liked Hoseok’s voice, it was different and real. He performed with passion, bending down in the crowd’s faces, the veins in his neck popping out.

Yoongi grabbed his next turn with earnest, and when he rapped lines with sexual innuendos, he looked right into Hoseok’s eyes. He finished off with a low whine, and when he looked back at Hoseok again, he noticed that the look in his eyes was definitely anger. He was pissed.

It showed in his last verse. It showed in the way he got right in Yoongi’s face, let him know that he wasn’t fucking around. And then, when he was done, he did a literal mic drop, the sound loud and shattering. Yoongi breathed deeply when Hoseok jumped off the stage. People grabbed at him, but he shrugged them away. Yoongi rapped another verse too, and then handed the mic off to the MC.

Sweat dripped off his body and he tried to avoid people’s grabbing hands as he navigated the crowd. He was used to it. People knew his reputation. Which meant that Hoseok probably did too.

Someone grabbed his upper arm and Yoongi tried to jerk away, but their grip was strong. He turned and was met with Hoseok’s steely gaze. It should have been scary, it was supposed to be, but Yoongi wasn’t going to lie, he was a little bit turned on by it.

“What the fuck was that?” Hoseok hissed. Most of the people were paying attention to the next performer on stage, but the people around them were watching their conversation. They were watching Hoseok’s hand on Yoongi’s arm. “Did you know who I was?”

“Don’t know what you mean,” Yoongi said.

“I know it’s you,” Hoseok said. He reached out and pulled Yoongi’s mask down off his mouth, under his chin. “Did you know who I was?”

“No?” Yoongi snapped. “Of fucking course I didn’t!”

Hoseok breathed harshly. “I didn’t know either, which is stupid as hell. I mean, I thought…maybe, that night, but I figured that was nearly impossible.”

“Well, it’s not,” Yoongi said.

“You left,” Hoseok said. The anger returned. “That was a low blow.”

“You just blew my stage!” Yoongi shouted, gesturing forward.

“Seemed like you were having a good time,” Hoseok said. “Besides, I didn’t blow anything, I came here to have a good time. So did you.”

“Fuck you,” Yoongi said.

Hoseok ground his teeth together. Yoongi continued to glare, but then, without warning, Hoseok yanked Yoongi forward and clashed their lips together. Yoongi heard the collective gasp of the crowd around them, but mostly, he felt Hoseok’s lips on his and Hoseok’s hand on the back of his neck. His also felt Hoseok’s dick through his skinny jeans, but that wasn’t important.

Yoongi for sure should not be making out with Hoseok so publicly, especially not as Agust D. However, Triptych was a safe place. People didn’t care who made out with who. If anything, they’d probably just talk about the two of them more. Probably make up insane stories about all the hate sex they had.

Which, maybe sounded good?

Regular sex sounded good too.

Yoongi slipped his tongue into Hoseok’s mouth and grabbed into his sweat soaked black shirt. Hoseok tasted salty and the adrenaline from the stage still coursed through both their veins. Hoseok moaned around the kiss and then sucked on Yoongi’s upper lip, then the lower and pulled back.

“Your, uh, hat fell off,” Hoseok said, pointing to the top of Yoongi’s head.

Yoongi looked around. Everyone could see his face. Everyone could see that he’d just made out with Hoseok. Or rather, that Agust D had just made out with J-hope. People had their phones out.

“What’re you all looking at?” Yoongi snapped and bent down to pick up his hat. Then, he took Hoseok’s hand and pulled him behind him until they were back outside in the night air. He pulled Hoseok around the side of the building into a secluded alley and pushed Hoseok’s back up against the wall.

“Yoongi—” Hoseok started, but Yoongi cut him off and dropped to his knees. He tried to undo Hoseok’s belt and button, but Hoseok swatted Yoongi’s hands away. “Yoongi, stop, what’re you doing?”

Yoongi sat back on his heels and looked up. “I was going to blow you,” Yoongi said, as if it were obvious. “I thought…you wanted that? Not to like, call you out, but you’re kinda hard.”

Hoseok rolled his eyes. Those beautiful eyes. “I don’t want to hook up with you, Yoongi,” Hoseok said.

“Oh. Why?”

“Because that night you ditched me before I woke up?” Hoseok said. “You didn’t call.”

“Look, I…freaked out okay? That’s what I do.”

“Stand up, you idiot,” Hoseok said and helped Yoongi get back on his feet. “I want to talk to you. Can we talk?”

Yoongi sighed and looked around, anywhere but at Hoseok. If he looked at Hoseok he would give in. He wanted to give in. Hoseok’s hand went to his cheek and he turned Yoongi’s face back to him. His thumb brushed across Yoongi’s cheekbone.

“Talk about what?” Yoongi asked.

“I mean…I thought we got along?” Hoseok said. “I wanted to take you out; I didn’t sleep with you just to sleep with you. I like you.”

“I like you too, but…I don’t really do this. I don’t date. Not to mention we’re apparently rivals.”

“Thanks to you, you’re the one who was an asshole first on twitter,” Hoseok joked. “Also, I know you followed me, with your personal account. So if you bolt again, I know where to go to get in contact.”

“I hate myself,” Yoongi muttered. Hoseok frowned.


“I hate myself,” Yoongi repeated.

“You shouldn’t,” Hoseok said firmly. “You’re funny, and attractive and clearly insanely talented.” Hoseok paused and held out his hand. “Give me your phone. Please?”

Yoongi sighed and took it out of his pocket and handed it over. Hoseok typed into it and then handed it back to Yoongi before taking his own phone out. A second later, Yoongi got a text.

Hobi (aka the guy u met on a dating show):

1:45 I like you, Min Yoongi.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and typed back a response.


1:46 I like you too.

“Okay,” Hoseok said. “Now that that’s settled. Yoongi, will you please go out on an actual proper date with me? If you hate it, then you never have to see me again. But I like to think that I’m pretty fun, so I think you won’t hate it.”

Yoongi stared at Hoseok and then, slowly, gauging Hoseok’s reaction, he leaned in. Hoseok met him halfway, their lips touching softly. Yoongi pulled away first and nodded. “Okay.”


“Yeah, I’ll go out with you.”

“Fuck yes,” Hoseok said with a grin. He took Yoongi’s hand. “Prepare to have your mind blown.”

“You already blew my mind with sex,” Yoongi deadpanned as they walked out of the alley. Hoseok smiled down at his silver shoes. “Hey, so…you’re seriously J-Hope?”

“Yeah, I seriously am. I bet you’re wondering what happened, right?”

“Just a little bit.”

Hoseok sat down on the sidewalk outside the club. They could both hear the thrum of music inside. Yoongi sat next to him, thigh to thigh.

“My sister helped me, at first. She found my places to preform and all that, and I was in college at the time. Anyway, one night, some other guy was pissed at me and started beating me up, it was pretty bad. He called me a lot of bad names, like…really bad names. I don’t know how he even knew about my sexuality, but he did, apparently. I was all alone there and I didn’t know what to do other than fight back, so that’s what I did. By the time my sister showed up, we were really getting into it and she tried to break it up, but the guy hit her and broke her nose. The cops showed up and my sister ran and I, but they nearly caught us and they did catch the other guy.

“It scared me, I guess. The whole thing was too much. My sister had to go to the hospital. I was lucky not to have broken anything. I had to quit, but…I’ve been wanting to get back into it. I heard a lot about you and how open you were and how everyone was accepting of it. That gave me courage, I guess,” Hoseok explained. “I was an Agust D fan. Still am, maybe more so now.”

Yoongi laughed, then sobered. “That’s a shitty story. I’m sorry,” Yoongi said. “Also sorry about being an asshole on twitter…”

“It’s okay,” Hoseok said.

“I flunked out of school. My parents don’t speak to me anymore. Jin’s my only friend. I’m kind of a wreck too,” Yoongi admitted. “Agust D is my escape. But…you got me? I could tell. When you took me home, I didn’t want to leave that morning. I’m just so used to it. I’m used to leaving before someone kicks me out.”

“I wouldn’t have kicked you out,” Hoseok assured him.

“Good to know,” Yoongi whispered.

Hoseok took his hand and threaded their fingers together. “So, do you want to come back to my place tonight? We can watch a movie?”

Yoongi took a deep breath. “I have movies too,” he said. “And that way, I can’t ditch you because you’ll be at my apartment. If Seokjin shows up I’ll kick him out.”

Hoseok smiled. Yoongi hoped he would be seeing that smile a lot more. “Hell yeah, let’s go.”


Six months later:

“I genuinely don’t think I can watch this,” Yoongi said.

“We’re watching it. I want to know what you said about me,” Hoseok said and plopped down on the couch next to Yoongi with a bowl of popcorn. He offered it out to Yoongi, who took a handful and shoved it in his mouth. He glanced at the clock. The show was going to start any second. They were at Yoongi’s apartment, waiting, because Yoongi couldn’t refuse Hoseok when he’d announced he wanted to watch the show together.

Just then, Yoongi’s phone buzzed with a notification from twitter.

check out the new show Undressed. there are some cute couples, wink wink @minygenius @hobi_hobi

Never @ me again

check out the new show Undressed. there are some cute couples, wink wink @AgustDBoy @HopeVerse

I hope you have your will written.


@minygenius @hobi_hobi
I call you two: yoonseok. rt if u think it’s a good ship name.

Yoongi sighed and Hoseok giggled and took Yoongi’s phone and then hit the retweet button. Yoongi didn’t even bother protesting. Mostly because the show was starting.

The title flashed across the screen in bold letters: “Undressed”. Then, below that it read, “Executive producers Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin”.

“Oh my god, I’m going to kill him,” Yoongi said.

“You didn’t know?”

“No! I thought he was just conspiring. I didn’t realize he actually worked on the show.”

Hoseok chuckled and pulled Yoongi in closer. Yoongi rested his head on Hoseok’s shoulder as the show began. Each episode consisted of two couples. This one could be them, and Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin, Hoseok’s friend. Yoongi already knew that they had stayed together because he and Hoseok had hung out with them several times.

Tae and Jimin’s part went first. They did the before interviews and then the scene changed so Tae was staning in front of that damn screen, waiting for Jimin. On screen, Tae said, “I’m so nervous. I’m shaking.”

And then Jimin rounded the corner, hair bright orange and dressed in leather jeans because, as Hoseok said, he had no shame. Tae’s eyes got big and Jimin introduced himself before looking at the bed. “So, are we going to have to get naked, do you think?” Jimin asked.

“Hell, I’ll get naked if you want,” Tae said and pulled his shirt off. Evidently, for comedy purposes, they decided to keep in Namjoon’s off screen commentary.

“We haven’t even started yet!” Namjoon called.

They did start a few moments later though, and Jimin’s jeans proved to be a not-so-tactical decision, because Tae was clearly straggling to get them off. “You know,” Jimin said, “I think it’s because the audience watching at home can’t handle this ass.” They bleeped the word ‘ass’. Hoseok and Yoongi both snickered.

Jimin and Tae continued on, both of them making Yoongi and Hoseok crack up laughing on several occasions. On screen, Tae and Jimin were laughing too, not afraid to touch each other or make innuendos. By the end of their date, they decided to, as expected, see each other again, to continue their date.

On the after interview, Namjoon asked Tae what he thought of Jimin. “He was really easy to get along with. We had good chemistry,” Tae said.

When Jimin was asked what he thought of Tae, he said, “I liked his smile. I was super nervous, but he made me feel more comfortable. That was nice.”

“Fucking saps,” Yoongi said. “We all know they just wanted to bang.”

“Probably true,” Hoseok said. He kissed Yoongi’s lips, buttery from the popcorn and then checked twitter again.

I know me and @jiminiepabo were super cute but I’m pumped to see the next couple

we were cute, huh? @kimspillthetae_hyung still are.

@jiminiepabo @kimspillthetae_hyung
can’t beat the fact that we had agust d and j hope on together by accident.

you’re chaotic good

ok but what even is ur handle, Namjoon?

Don’t come for me.

Then, the show came back on. Yoongi covered his face with his hands when his face appeared on screen. The before interviews went on for both of them and then there Yoongi was, waiting for Hoseok.

“You look so cute, oh my god!” Hoseok exclaimed, flailing around on the couch.

“I can’t watch.”

Hoseok’s confused ramblings echoed from the speakers. “Whoa you look really taken aback when you saw me,” Hoseok commented.

“Yeah, because you’re hot as fuck.”

“That lighting is so bad,” Hoseok said. He continued to watch and then said, when they started taking each other’s clothes off, “Whoa, I was shaking so bad.”

Eventually, they were on the bed. As it turned out, they didn’t cut as much as Yoongi thought they would, which made the whole thing about ten times more embarrassing. “I can’t believe they didn’t edit out the part where I accidentally whacked you in the face,” Yoongi said with an aggravated sigh.

“I can’t believe they let this show air at all,” Hoseok countered.

Then, the after interview part came on, and Yoongi removed his hands from his eyes. He was up first.

“So,” Namjoon said. “What did you think of Hoseok?”

“I think you people wanted me to pop a boner,” Yoongi answered on screen and Hoseok choked on his popcorn.

“You can’t…you can’t say that.”

“You can’t put me in a bed with a hot guy and expect me not to say that,” Yoongi replied. “In all seriousness…he was…nice? I liked him, I guess. Like, I didn’t want to die after spending two seconds with him, so that was cool.”

“You’re going to see him again, then?”

“It appears so,” Yoongi said on screen.

“Wow, I’m so…I’m so touched,” Hoseok said sarcastically. Yoongi slapped him on the arm. “I mean…those were such beautiful words. I can’t believe you popped a boner, all for me.”

“I’m going to dig a hole and bury myself,” Yoongi said with a laugh.

“Ooh, I’m on,” Hoseok said and leaned forward. Yoongi did too, listening.

Namjoon asked Hoseok what he thought of Yoongi.

“Well,” on-screen Hoseok said carefully. “He seemed really nervous. But, there was something about him that…I don’t know, I liked? He was a little bit distant, but also blunt, but I felt like there was something under all that. I want to get to know him, more.”

“Fuck you,” Yoongi said. “Why do you have to be so perfect?”

“Can’t help it,” Hoseok said with a small smile. “Neither can you.” He kissed Yoongi again softly, the capture of Yoongi’s bottom lip between Hoseok’s.

The picture on the TV changed and then Seokjin and Namjoon were both on screen, in front of a black background. “Of course, just because you hit it off on a first date, doesn’t mean the next dates go smoothly,” Jin said on screen. “So, naturally, we had to check up on our pairings and see how they turned out.”

“There were some interesting revelations in the time span between their first meeting and now,” Namjoon added.

Jin smiled. “You’re right, Namjoon, there were.” Yoongi scoffed. Jin was so ridiculous. “In the weeks following the filming, Min Yoongi, who I am actually very close with in real life, was revealed to be the popular underground rapper Agust D. Similarly, Jung Hoseok was revealed to be a rapper named J-Hope.”

“Pretty crazy, especially when they performed together,” Namjoon said. “Several times.”

“Yes,” Jin agreed. “Anyway, let’s see how the pairs are doing now.”

Hoseok appeared on the screen, running his hands through his hair and pursing his lips. “Oh, we’re starting?” he asked. “Right, okay.”

“So, how are things with Yoongi?”

“We’re together,” Hoseok said. Then he winked off camera and the camera turned to Yoongi, who was sitting and watching the interview. “Come here,” Hoseok said behind the camera. Yoongi took a noticeable breath and stood up.

“I don’t have a chair,” he said, but then Hoseok pulled him down into his lap.

“I thought going on this show would be stupid, to be honest, but I’m so glad I did,” Hoseok said, looking at Yoongi when he spoke. “I’m glad I met you, Yoongi.”

“I’m glad I met you, too,” Yoongi replied with a big gummy smile.

Taehyung and Jimin did their update next, which was just as positive. “Obviously we’re dating. I mean, have you seen him?” Tae said at one point.

Hoseok laughed and texted Jimin about the after interview. By the time the show had ended, the embarrassment had worn off.

“Your twitter follower count has skyrocketed,” Hoseok commented. “Mine too.” Yoongi looked, and sure enough, it had. It was still growing.

“Hey Hobi,” Yoongi said suddenly.


“I love you.”

Hoseok dropped his phone. “Huh?”

“I love you,” Yoongi repeated, his gaze steady and his voice sure. Because he was sure. He’d never been more sure. He loved Jung Hoseok. Jung Hoseok and his heart smile and loud laugh and amazing voice and hips and green and yellow pillows.

“Yoongi!” Hoseok exclaimed. He dove forward and pulled Yoongi into a hug. “I love you too!” Yoongi laughed and hugged him back, burying his face in Hoseok’s neck. “I love you so much,” Hoseok said, softer, more serious. “Thank you, for not bolting the second you saw my orange underwear.”

“Thank you for not hating me after ditching you that night.”

Hoseok leaned back and kissed him, as good as ever. “Hey,” he said between kisses.

“What?” Yoongi asked, nipping at Hoseok’s jaw.

“Let’s get undressed.”

Yoongi nearly died of laughter.


guess what? @minygenius just told me he loves me

don’t tweet in bed

<3 [image attached]

why would u betray me like that? [image attached]


@hobi_hobi @minygenius
I’m such a good matchmaker. #yoonseokforever

I witnessed the start of #yoonseokforever @hobi_hobi @minygenius

so did i… #yoonseokforever also what about #taemin

yeah wut about us, fight me #taeminforever

ur the best babe




My reputation is forever ruined. It’s worth it.