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my hands down your pants (no homo)

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Hoseok was a very open-minded, tolerant person.


It just happened that before going to college, he had never hung out with a lot of queer people (not to say none). So he knew close to nothing about… males being intimate with other males.


It started when Hoseok met his roommate and platonic lifepartner Kim Namjoon. They had nothing in common and everything to share. They got along like Hoseok hadn’t thought he would get along with anyone. Sure, Hoseok knew he was an easy-going person, but Namjoon had something fascinating about him, about the way he thought. Hoseok felt like he always had something to learn from him.


Namjoon was also quite understanding of Hoseok's numerous one night stands. Every time Hoseok brought a girl there, he sent a text to Namjoon, who always left the dorm empty without any complaint.


One particular morning, Namjoon came back just when Hoseok's tryst was leaving (a dark haired beauty he had met at the club, Sunghee? Sooyoung?) and after she had awkwardly greeted Namjoon (who had greeted her in an equally awkward fashion) and left, Hoseok felt a pang of guilt for everything he was making Namjoon go through.


Hoseok got up and glanced in the mirror, he looked okay except for that wild birdnest on his head (that lady was a grabber). Hoseok took a seat at their tiny table in nothing but his underwear (Namjoon had seen him in worse states) while Namjoon was brewing coffee in his fancy Italian coffee maker. He didn't know where to start the conversation but Namjoon saved him the trouble.


"So, you had a good evening?"


Hoseok could hear the smile in Namjoon's voice and it was confirmed when Namjoon faced him with a dimpled grin, holding a cup of coffee in each hand. He put one in front of Hoseok and sat next to him.


Hoseok snorted. "Yeah, she was nice." Even if he couldn't remember her name (Soonjung? Soo-ahn? Ugh.). "Hey, dude, uh..."


Namjoon looked at him from above his coffee mug, encouraging him to continue.


"You don't mind leaving the dorm?"


Namjoon blinked and put his cup down. "What, now? You're an animal."


He was about to get up when Hoseok grabbed his wrist. "No, no. I meant like, all those time I bring a girl here..."


"Oh, don't sweat it bro, it's fine."


Hoseok bit his inner cheek. "I mean. If you ever wanna bring a girl home one night, you know you can tell me.That’s the least I can do for my bro."


Namjoon looked flustered. "Nah, uh. Like I said, it's fine. I'm fine." He had a small smile. "I don't really do that."


Hoseok frowned. There were still a lot of things he didn't know about Namjoon, but he didn’t mind that Namjoon wasn’t into one night stands. A lot of people weren’t.


Namjoon must have seen his confusion because he opened his mouth, but hesitated. Hoseok put his hand on his arm. "Hey, if you don't wanna talk about it, it's fine my dude. I won't pry."


Namjoon shook his head. "It's not that I don't wanna talk about it." He sighed. "I have a crush on someone so... I'm not really interested in anyone else."


Hoseok's mouth opened in a little 'o' of surprise. Well, he usually dealt with his crushes with more one night stands, admittedly not the healthiest solution but, eh. Back to the main topic. "Bro, nice! What's her name? Do I know her?"


Namjoon cleared his throat. "Him. You do actually, he’s i one of your Friday classes..." Namjoon ended his sentence in a barely audible grumble.


Hoseok's brain activity came to a halt. Him? Oh.


Oh. Namjoon liked 'hims'. Namjoon liked boys. Men. As in gay.


Okay. Woah, his first gay friend.


Hoseok's brain kicked back to life and thought, 'okay, this is no different than if it was a girl, what would I say in the same situation?' And so, he said it, "Why didn't you say it earlier bro? Want me to introduce you to him? What's his name?"


Hoseok was resolutely not physically attracted to men, but he wasn't one of those jerks who disrespected others because they were gay. He was sufficiently confident in his sexuality to admit when he thought a boy was attractive, that didn't make him gay. No big deal.


Namjoon blinked, as if he had not expected that reaction from Hoseok. "Mh. You don't have to--"


"I want to! Come on, who is it?"


Namjoon pinched his lips and a faint blush painted his cheekbones. "Jimin?" He cleared his throat again and said with more certainty, "Park Jimin."


Hoseok opened his eyes wide and whistled in understanding. "Man. I gotchu."


Hoseok knew Jimin; he actually hung out with him regularly, as they shared some dance classes. If Jimin had been a girl, with those lips, eyes, and that goddamn ass, Hoseok would have jumped her already. Maybe he would have broken his rule of never sleeping twice with the same person too, just for the sake of having those godsent  thighs pressed around his face or waist.


While Hoseok was thinking about Jimin's physical smartness, Namjoon's blush had intensified a few shades. "I hadn't planned to act on it. I mean, he's--" He moved his hands in a reverent way, "and I'm. Well."


Hoseok hit Namjoon's arm, outraged. "You're a fucking catch. Legs for days, dimples so deep I could picnic there, and you do that thing with your eyebrows, I swear if I was a girl..."


"Shut up."


"I'm serious." Hoseok tapped his naked legs then remembered he only had his boxers on. He got up to grab his phone and open his messages. "I'm texting him. We should grab drinks together next week."


Hoseok had already gone out with Jimin and Taehyung a good number of times, and he suddenly realised Namjoon and Jimin had already met a few times too. It's just that Namjoon was too shy to talk to Jimin for more than a minute.


But this time, when Hoseok had organized a meet-up, Namjoon had brought a friend with him ("so that it doesn't look weird, dude!"), someone to apparently motivate him, push him beyond his comfort zone.


That was also the beginning of troubles for Hoseok.



If Yoongi had to describe himself in three words, it would be 'out and proud'. He loved dicks and wasn't shy about saying so.


When he wasn't lusting for cocks, Yoongi spent most of his time pushing Namjoon to talk to his long time crush Park Jimin. He was sick of listening to Namjoon talk about him with dreamy eyes and hopeless sighs without even planning to make any move on him (and Namjoon talked about that boy every time they met, which meant at least every time his roommate brought a girl to their dorm. Which was really fucking often.).


Let's be real, Yoongi expected Namjoon's roommate to be a top contestant in the douchy fuckboy race, even if Namjoon talked about the guy in very nice terms. Namjoon was too soft for his own good anyway.


However, the first time Yoongi met Jung Hoseok, he couldn't say the guy gave him a strong fuckboy vibe, except for the way he dressed. Supreme, Champion, Bape and Anti social social club, the perfect fuckboy outfit (Yoongi saw the glimpse of Supreme boxers on Hoseok once and felt personally offended).


Apart from that, he didn't seem to be an asshole. He had an easy rapport with everyone and was good company. Also, he was really fucking hot; Yoongi could understand why he'd have a different girl in his bed twice a week minimum.


But Yoongi wouldn't try to bring Hoseok on the prostate path. He knew a hopelessly straight case when he saw one.


Their first evening at the bar with Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin and Taehyung (and a few outsiders he hadn't remembered the names of) was one of the best Yoongi had spent in a god damn long time. It seemed that most of the others shared the sentiment because outings at that bar became a bi-weekly occasion, sometimes more.


"There's not enough oestrogen in that group!" Hoseok whined, around two weeks after their first evening.


Namjoon raised an eyebrow. "You would have sex with her and she'd never come back and we'd be back to square one."


Hoseok groaned.


"You should try dicks sometimes hyung."


Hoseok stared at Taehyung. "No thanks."


"You'd be surprised," Yoongi piped in, "what a finger in the ass does during a blowjob."


Namjoon put his face in his hand. "I really didn't need to know that."


"Maybe someone should show you." Taehyung said, and Yoongi saw him nudge at Jimin. Ah, he knew it, Park Jimin had the hots for Namjoon. Of fucking course.


Yoongi looked at Hoseok who was making a weird face at him. He rolled his eyes. "It's not gonna make you gay to have a finger up your ass and like it, Hoseok."


"What? No, huh, I know! I mean, I don't think any girl would be willing to anyway--"


"You'd be surprised." Taehyung mused.


Jimin smiled excitedly. "Oh my god, tell them about that girl who wanted to peg you!"


"Best night of my life, twelve strap-ons out of ten, would recommend."


Yoongi felt a bit bad for him, but he had to admit Hoseok's face was deeply entertaining. It was like he was limited to only the straight sex experience. A whole baby.


Starting from that evening, Yoongi would take perverse pleasure in making innuendos and crass remarks about queer sexuality, just to see what face Hoseok would make.


It was fun to hang out with them all, especially when they would all let loose with cocktails and shots and jokes. Yoongi saw Taehyung make out with a cute twink in the bathrooms more than once, he saw Hoseok leave with a cute girl more than once. Yoongi didn't forgo commenting on some nicely built guys that he would likely bang in the location of their choice.


One evening, he was taking a pee in the bathrooms of the bar when Hoseok came in. It was a sacred rule that you wouldn't take a peek at your neighbour's package in public bathrooms, so Yoongi reigned himself in, despite his intense curiosity to know what Jung Hoseok junior was made of.


Intoxicated with sweet cocktails, Yoongi giggled a little as he put his dick back into his pants and went to wash his hands. Hoseok joined him a few seconds after. Yoongi could feel he was a bit tense, and it was amusing.


"Hey, hyung."




"Can I ask you something?"


"It doesn't hurt if you do it well."


Hoseok blinked. "W-what?"


Yoongi had a mischievous smile. "Taking a dick up the ass. If you're used to it, easy peasy, finger in the nose. Well the ass. Wasn't that your question?"


Hoseok's skin darkened and he spluttered. "W-what-- no, I didn't-- it was-- I just--"


Yoongi chuckled, smiling without reservation as the alcohol buzzed in his veins. "You're cute, Hoseok-ah." He didn't push it as far as touching Hoseok though; he had flustered him enough for tonight.


Yoongi went out of the bathroom, thinking how he would have loved to fluster Hoseok in bed.


Maybe in another life.




Hoseok had never hung out with a lot of queer people, which was obviously the reason why he was paying so much attention to Yoongi. Because Yoongi was gay and open about it and he talked about it all the time in a sultry baritone while smiling like the devil himself with burning promises in his eyes.


Hoseok may be straight but he was not above admitting that Yoongi was very, very attractive.


He was still straight. Definitely straight, pussy eater, boobs lover, and all that jazz.


Although one night, Yoongi had smiled a lot and laughed a lot and it made something twist in Hoseok's chest. He had been looking for Yoongi's company, because it felt nice to laugh with Yoongi. Nothing more, a bro enjoying a bro's company.


At some point, Yoongi went to the bathroom and Hoseok went dancing. Hoseok kept looking for him, like he was always on the back of his mind. Because he was nice company.


He was still looking for Yoongi when he went to the bathrooms, and that's where he finally found him. In the corridor leaving to the bathrooms, his mouth glued on Taehyung as if he could suck oxygen right out of him.


And Hoseok didn't care. He really didn't care, he was totally chill with his friends being gay and having a good time. Namjoon and Jimin would make out in front of him one day maybe, and... And it wouldn't be the same. The more Hoseok thought about it, the more he realised there was something weird.


It was... probably misplaced curiosity. Because he didn't know much about gay sex and that's why he kept thinking about it. He had tried to ask Yoongi before and he would lie if he said he had not thought about Yoongi being fucked by some faceless guy. Wearing Supreme tshirts, not because he did but because that's what he liked!


Hoseok realised he was staring at Taehyung and Yoongi when Yoongi let go of Taehyung's mouth, giving him access to his neck. Hoseok could almost hear the gasp that escaped Yoongi's parted lips, could almost feel the grind when Yoongi rocked his hips against Taehyung's thigh.


Hoseok felt too hot, too big for his own body, his pants too tight for his groin and his skin tingling everywhere, and it wasn't even a bad feeling. He knew it very well, since he experienced it at least twice a week with a different girl every time.


Before Hoseok could give it too much thought, Yoongi took Taehyung's hand and led them out of the corridor. He spotted Hoseok and winked at him before he and Taehyung left the bar.

"Hey, dude."


"Yes, dude?"


Hoseok wasn't sure what he wanted to ask Namjoon when he had started that conversation. But he didn't know who to ask if not him. "How uh..."


Namjoon was patient and kind. He would never judge Hoseok, simply raising his eyebrows and encouraging him with a gentle smile.


Hoseok still chickened out. "How are things with Jimin?"


"It's uh. It's going. He asked me to go to the movies with him next Wednesday. But, like, it's probably just as a friend..."


Hoseok rolled his eyes. "Don't assume that. You have to keep all those doors open, man."


"But I don't wanna force my feelings on him."


"I know you don't. Just consider that he may like you more than you think he does, kay?"


Namjoon smiled. "Thanks bro. That's some wise words for a fuckboy."


Hoseok faked outrage. "Hey, we, fuckboys, have feelings too!"


Namjoon laughed and Hoseok laughed and that was that. He had missed his opportunity to talk to Namjoon now.


Or so he thought.


"What was it you wanted to ask me, though?"


Hoseok blinked. "What do you mean?"


"It's nice of you to ask how things are going with Jimin, but I have a feeling that's not what you wanted to say in the first place."


"Ah..." Busted as he was, Hoseok thought he might as well say what he wanted to say. "You know me well." He smiled sheepishly.


"You hesitated a lot just to ask that. It wasn't rocket science."


"Right, makes sense." Hoseok scratched his nape. "If it's too personal, you don't have to answer."


Namjoon nodded. "Shoot me."


Hoseok bit the corner of his lips for a few seconds a finally managed to open his mouth. "How did you know... you were gay?"


Namjoon stared at him for a time that made Hoseok feel uncomfortable. He took a deep breath. "I never really... didn't know."


Hoseok frowned. "What do you mean?"


Namjoon just shrugged. "I never really considered gender in the equation of attraction and love, you feel?"


No, Hoseok didn't feel. He was even more confused than before.


"Why are you asking me that, by the way?"


"Oh huh. A friend. A friend of mine, he's straight but he's had weird thoughts about a friend who is also a guy and so he's wondering if it's because his friend's gay or just..." Hoseok's shoulders slumped. "I don't know."


Namjoon hummed, as if he could make sense of Hoseok's thoughts when he couldn't himself. "Your friend seems to overthink a lot."


Hoseok looked up. "You think?"


"Not to be rude to your friend or anything, but that sounds like your typical fuckboy who's afraid to admit he might like dicks. It doesn't change who he is though."


Hoseok opened his eyes wide. "It's a huge change!" He had never ever considered he might be gay. It wasn't nothing .


Namjoon put both his hands in front of himself. "Okay, I admit it can be a lot to take for some people, but when you think about it, it's not a big deal. Being straight or gay or bi, or whatever... Sexuality is a spectrum, it’s not black or white. Everyone's different. Maybe he's still straight and a little bit interested in dicks." Namjoon sighed. "Does that make you feel better?"


Hoseok frowned and slowly nodded. Strangely enough, it did.


Namjoon had a smile that looked like he knew more than he was letting Hoseok see. "I mean. You'll say that to your friend. Right?"


Oops. "R-right. Definitely. I'm sure it'll help him, thanks bro."