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You start with nothing. You feel nothing, see nothing are nothing, then you begin. Unfortunately for you, your beginning starts right now. You open your eyes and see the faintest traces of light through what looks like black cloth. Awareness drifts back to you slowly at first and then all at once. You can’t breathe. You feel everything all at once. Your lungs are aching, heat burning you from the inside as you drift further down into the abyss below you.

What happened? You can’t seem to recall but you do know one thing for certain now, you are drowning.

You can’t hold onto your air anymore and as your chest pushes the last of your air out, it fills rapidly with sea water. Your life starts flashing before your eyes. Your mother in her favorite kimono. Your little brother and you play sparring, and real sparring. Your father presenting you as his heir.

Your brother again, Genji. Genji’s face again. Again. Again. Over and over until one last one. Bloodshot eyes and large gashes on his cheeks and scalp. You did that to him. You who could only ever follow orders, killed your brother. Now you’re going to die in this hell ocean.

Hanzo’s lungs went from hellfire to an icy brick in seconds. The voice belittling him in his mind was going quiet as well, for that he was thankful. His death would not be anywhere near what he had wanted, but maybe it was one he deserved. Alone in an ocean that he had made for himself. The world got darker and he could feel himself drifting out of existence and for a moment he could feel the force of the ocean pulling him harder, in what seemed like a different direction than just down. He didn’t truly care enough to care, he only hoped he would be dead soon.

Hanzo woke with a start and began sputtering out the last remains of water in his lungs.

Alive, I’m alive. He thought. He didn’t know whether to feel relieved or angry.

Hanzo lifted his head to immediately drop it back down, vertigo hitting him like a damn brick. He lay on what seemed to be the softest sand he's ever felt. The waves brushing softly against the shore and the calm wind on the trees made a quiet song as he stared into the cloudless sky. The serenity of it all was quickly interrupted by what sounded like footsteps, slow at first and then quickening to what sounded like a run. Then, nothing, that is until the maker of the sound leaned right over his face.

“Well, Howdy-do, looks like we’ve got a live one.”. The stranger seemed pleased which made Hanzo’s already dower mood sink as low as he had in the ocean. He tried to growl something like, “Do, you mind?”, or “Can I help you?”, or even “What the fick do you want?”, but all he could manage was another round of coughing up the last of the sea water in his lungs and a glare.

He did eventually manage to sit up without the presence of vertigo, and after a few seconds he felt he could stand. The man before him was taller than him, and quite tanner too. He spoke with a heavy American accent most likely from the south, texas maybe? Hanzo looked him over quickly, deciding whether or not the man wa a threat to him. In the end he decided that based on the tattered clothes he was wearing and the layed back stance that he was in now, that he was definitely from the same crew as him, and he was most likely not going to harm him.

“So”, Hanzo managed to squeak out, “what happened?”. The man in front of him had a quizzical look on his face and after a moment shook his head.

“You musta hit your head hard if’n you can’t remember what all went on back there.”

Hanzo did feel like he had missed something large but he didn’t feel like he had hit his head on anything. His whole body felt like one giant ache, but he was pretty sure that was from drowning. He thought he had drowned .

“I remember drowning.” Hanzo looked at the man, and then down at his hands. He clenched them, feeling the way they ached and he unfurled them.

“Well, I suppose that you didn’t quite drown, seeing as you’re standing here. Unless i’m dead and you’re my angel here to guide me to heaven.” he folded his hands together and fluttered his eyelashes a few times to emphasise how sure he was that it was not the case.

Hanzo let out a chuckle, and immediately regretted it. The man smiled and let out a small “heh’ and he sat down in the sand.

“So, you really don’t remember what all went down?”, Hanzo didn’t say anything but left his expression blank. The man must have got the hint because he turned away and squinted as if remembering all that had happened.

“Pirates.” The man said.

“What?”, he wasn’t sur if he had heard him right.

“Pirates!” The man had said quickly. “We were attacked… heh by Pirates!” He shook his head, whatever he was thinking about still running through his mind.

“Impossible.” There was absolutely no way in this day and age that Pirates could be a threat.

“It’s true!”, the man exclaimed, “It was the most ridiculous thing, and I thought it was hilarious when their ship came rolling up, all the way until we heard an actual cannon.”

Hanzo didn’t know what to say. Pirates? This man must be kidding him, but instead of stopping there, the man went on.

“Yeah, the cannon was quite a shock I have to say. Nothing I’d ever heard before but something I don’t think I’ll ever likely forget. Barreled right into the side of the ship and you could feel the old girl rock from the shot” He looked down at his feet, “The next thing I knew there were hundreds of people running around, ours and theirs I think. I couldn’t tell what was going on.” He stopped again shifted his feet and wrung out his hands. “Saw one of my best men get a sword right through the ribs.” He went silent and did not continue.

Hanzo let him be for the moment and looked out onto the water. He couldn't imagine that something like that had happened anywhere near this kind of place. So serene and beautiful, nothing like that had touched the shores of this place. He knew this wasn't true, the more he looked the more damage he saw. Pieces of driftwood floated on the water's surface, some larger than the others. He could see the damage with his own two eyes.

The man began again, “We were in quite a bad place back there, i’m surprised that I even made it.” he looked over to Hanzo and amended his statement, “Well, we made it that is.”.

Hanzo still wasn’t sure if that was a good thing, the two of them washed up from the wreckage of their ship. Both crewmen, both stranded. Hanzo looked back onto the water and sighed.

“Mccree.” The stranger said.

“What?” Hanzo felt a wave of deja vu as the man spoke.

“The names Jesse Mccree.” He said with a smile. He reached out a hand that was completely metal and hanzo looked at it a moment before taking it. “S’nice to meet you, uh…?”

“Hanzo, Hanzo Shimada.”

“S’nice to meet you Hanzo Shimada.”

“Pleasure.” Hanzo said and he shook The man's hand.