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Jimin dashed around the corner. He was gaining on him. The cold wind whipped through his hair as he chased the boy through the park. The autumn leaves crunched under his boots. He had to fucking catch him.

He had to grab him...he had to get the was his fault...he had fucked it all up...he had to catch him...he had to…

He bit his lip and lowered his head, running as fast as he could. The boy suddenly tripped. Jimin grabbed his hoodie and turned him around, swinging his fist hard and fast against his jaw.

“Ahhh!” yelled out the boy as the punch landed. Jimin flung him against the wall of the school and rushed him, landing another punch into his stomach. He’d fucking beat the shit out of him!

“Who told you to fucking run!’ yelled Jimin. He punched him again in the face. The boy leaned over grabbing his stomach and Park Jimin grabbed his hoodie and dragged him down onto the floor. He slammed him against the wall and straddled him suddenly, pushing the boy’s head hard against the brick so that the boy couldn’t move.

“Where the fuck is the money!’ yelled Jimin. He was scowling at him as he straddled him, holding his shirt tightly in his fists as the boy stared back at him, a scared look on his face. He had to fucking have it somewhere on him. He had to fucking have it...

“Tell me you fuck.” said Jimin. He started to search the boy’s pockets as held him. He had to fucking have it. He had to!

“I dropped it I swear!’ said the boy. He started to cry as Jimin looked at him angrily.

“Don’t fucking lie to me!’ yelled Jimin. He couldn’t leave without that fucking money. The Boss would kill him...kill him if he didn’t come back with it.

“I’m not...I’m...not” sobbed the boy. Jimin held onto his shirt tightly as he used his other hand to pat him down.


He didn’t fucking have it.

“GOD!” yelled Jimin. He was so fucking angry! He punched him again in the face.

“Ahhh...ahhh.” sobbed the boy. “Shut the fuck up! Just shut up!” yelled Jimin. He wanted to break his damn jaw….he was supposed to have it...the fucking money...he was supposed to have it on him.

“Mmm..mmm.” sobbed the boy as he tried to stop crying while Jimin held him.

Jimin stopped suddenly.

He heard him. Taehyung was there.

He was standing somewhere behind him. He was waiting...waiting to see if he had fixed it. See if he had gotten the money or not. He didn’t want to tell him...not yet...he didn’t want to tell him he had failed.

“Damn you.” whispered Jimin to the boy. The boy whimpered again from fear and the night breeze rushed through the park, whipping up some of the leaves that were scattered here and there on the ground.

Jimin searched him again…


Taehyung was still silent. The boy was still crying.

They were waiting...waiting for what he would do.

Jimin leaned his head back and looked up at the night sky. It was dark, black. There wasn’t a single star...There were never any stars in New York City...too many damn lights...

He had seen them once time when he had went upstate to visit his mom at the hospital. He had almost cried when he saw them...the starry night...his mom...they were both so beautiful he had almost cried…

“Mochi. Hurry the fuck up.” said Taehyung. His voice was low and deep. Jimin closed his eyes at the sound of it. He knew in his heart the boy was telling the truth. He didn’t have the fucking money.

Jimin looked at the boy. He looked scared, he was trembling, snot running down his nose, his eyes were all red and teary and he could see his face was already starting to swell from where he had hit him.

“This fucking guy.” said Jimin underneath his breath. He couldn’t stand the sight of him.

The boy looked back at him nervously and Jimin felt a burning feeling in his chest suddenly. He was lying. The boy had to be fucking lying! He had to have the fucking money. He needed him to have it. He was dead if he didn’t. He looked back at the boy, his eyes full of rage.

“Where the fuck is it! Stop fucking around!’ yelled Jimin and he banged the boy’s head against the wall.

“I don’t have it...I dropped” cried the boy.

“Where...where the fuck did you drop it? Huh?!” yelled Jimin. He had to come back with it...he was dead...a dead man if he didn’t.

“The...train tracks...I think.” sobbed the boy. His eyes closed tightly as he cried against the wall.

“You stupid fuck!” yelled Jimin. He would beat the shit out of him!

He raised his hand to punch him again but suddenly a shadow loomed over him. Jimin didn’t need to look up to know who it was. He already knew it was Tae.

He lowered his hand, gripping the boy’s shirt again.

“We gotta tell him. We gotta tell The Boss he doesn’t have it.” said Tae.

Jimin’s heart rose in his chest. He didn’t want to tell The Boss. He hadn't meant to fuck up. It was all his fault. He had gotten there late. Fucked up the robbery.

“No...I got this...if he says it’s at the tracks we just have to find it.” said Jimin. He looked up into Taehyung’s eyes. Would he spare him? Let him fix it?

Jimin searched his eyes and he knew by Taehyung’s cold hard stare that he wouldn’t. He would tell on him. He would tell The Boss he had fucked up. Taehyung was loyal to The Boss. The job always came first with him. He knew by his eyes he would fucking tell him.

“Mmm...what if it’s not though. What if he’s lying and it’s not at the tracks.” said Tae.

Jimin looked back at the boy again. He wanted to fucking kill him. Kill him for running...making him chase him...dropping the fucking money...he wanted to choke his damn neck.

“Goddamn you.” said Jimin under his breath as he looked back at the boy. The boy closed his eyes and shivered from the cold night air and Jimin’s piercing stare.

“Go him.” said Jimin suddenly. He would accept his fate...whatever it was he would accept it.

He hung his head down, still holding the boy’s shirt tightly in his hands as he sighed. He saw Tae’s shadow still looming over was eerie kind his shadow and his fate were one in the same...

He closed his eyes as he heard Tae start to talk on the phone.

“It’s Joker...let me talk to the got fucked up...he doesn’t have it...said he dropped it...mmmm...okay...yes...yes...we have him...Mochi has him now...mmm...the train tracks...whoa really?...yes...I understand...okay...I understand...I’ll call Jay right after...okay...bye.” said Tae.

Jimin gulped. He was so fucking scared....He felt Tae’s foot nudge him in his side. He was telling him to look up from where he sat straddling the boy on the ground.

Jimin couldn’t do it though. He couldn’t look up.

He didn’t dare look up at him. He was so fucking scared...His heart beat wildly in his chest...He gripped the boy’s shirt tighter, his knuckles turning red from the tightness of his grip...he was so fucking scared as Taehyung stood there over him...waiting to tell him his fate…

He didn’t want him to see the fear that was in his heart...he didn’t want Taehyung to see how very afraid he was…He would accept it though...his matter how scared he was he would accept it...

Tae nudged him again. Harder this time.

Jimin still clung to the boy...almost for dear life it seemed.

He felt Tae lean down, he was right there next to him. He closed his eyes tighter...gripping the boy's shirt tighter...he was so fucking scared...the boy started to cry harder again...he felt like he was crying through him just then...he was so scared of Taehyung...the bringer of fate...he was so fucking scared all of a sudden.

“Mochi.” said Tae. His voice was low and deep. Jimin shivered from the sound of it.

“Yes.” said Jimin.

“Don’t you want to know what The Boss said?” asked Taehyung and he slid his arm slowly around Jimin’s shoulders. Jimin still clung to the boy...his hand was burning from how hard he was holding him.

He felt Tae’s finger. His long finger was underneath his chin. He was lifting it...lifting his head...Jimin was so fucking scared...he raised his head obediently...he turned and faced him...the bringer of his fate...the boy that had followed him...Joker...Taehyung...he stared in his eyes...they looked happy...he was smiling at him...and in that moment Jimin wanted to fucking scream.

“Mochi you okay?” asked Tae. He smoothed down Jimin’s hair, tucking it neatly behind his ears. He was cool, casual, as if everything was fucking okay.

Jimin stared into his eyes. Taehyung had these pretty dark eyes. He had an aristocratic face really. He looked like one of those Italian models. He had a perfect nose, his mouth was full and sexy. He had a full head of hair but it was hidden now underneath the hood of his sweatshirt. There was a shadow across his face but Jimin could still see his eyes anyway. He bit his lip as he looked back at the boy who was smiling at him and smoothing down his hair.

He was beautiful really...absolutely beautiful thought Jimin just then. He was elegant and he didn’t really fit in like the rest of them...he seemed like he came from another world sometimes... and yet, he wasn’t from another world...he was from Jimin’s world...and he was looking at him fondly...and Jimin knew...everybody knew...that it didn’t matter how he looked at you…

He would kill you anyway.

He could look at you and smile...and kill you anyway...and that was why they called him Joker.

“Mochi. You really don’t want to know?” said Taehyung and he smiled again.

Jimin gulped. Taehyung took his finger and slid it slowly across Jimin’s forehead, pushing his hair away. It sent a chill through Jimin’s spine. He held the tight as possible.

Taehyung looked at the boy. Then he looked back at Jimin.

He leaned over into Jimin’s ear..his mouth was at his ear. Jimin closed his eyes. The breeze rushed through again, fall leaves swirled around them...Taehyung was so close...he was so fucking scared of how close he was just then…

He could stab him..shoot them both...choke him..anything...anything…

“What did he say?” asked Jimin. His voice was barely a whisper.

“Kill him.” whispered Tae.

Jimin whipped his head around to look at him.

He was no longer smiling...

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He was watching him. He was watching him again from across the street. The tall one. The one that was always laughing. The one that everyone called Joker.

Jungkook put his head down slightly as he walked briskly down the street. It was more chilly than usual in Brooklyn that day and Jungkook pushed his hands into the pockets of his blazer to bear the cold. Just then a crisp breeze blew down the street suddenly and whipped back his chocolate brown hair. When the wind finally stopped he moved his hands up nervously to push his hair back down again. He should have worn a beanie, he thought to himself.

He turned his head ever so slightly to the left as he kept walking. He wanted to see if he was still watching him.

Yes. He was.

Joker was leaned against the glass pane window of the corner store, one foot resting against it, the other one on the ground, and he was staring at him as he swirled a lollipop in his mouth. Jungkook gulped and looked ahead. He could feel him still staring as he walked faster. He was always there...almost everyday it seemed. Jungkook would walk home from the University and the boy would be there, in front of the corner store...watching him.

He hated this street. Fulton Street was the scariest, yet the quickest route home. There were always bums and crackheads and vagrants. Guys crowded in front of the corner stores. They were drug dealers mostly. They were always yelling and being loud. Always starting shit with the store owners.

Jungkook would walk past it all. Ignoring it all. His head down, his hands clasped tightly to his bookbag handles as he made his way home from the college. He would ignore them all...all except for the one...the one that was always staring at him...the one that was staring now…

He turned the corner. His back was to him now. He sighed as he looked down the street. This street was so much better. Hardly any bums. Nice, big, tall oak trees aligned the sidewalk and the houses were big and majestic and old. New York City was funny like that. One street could be in the ghetto and the other one could look like Madison Avenue. Like night and fucking day.

He lived on one of the nicest blocks in the neighborhood. Washington Avenue it was called. His parents didn’t have much money but they had still managed to secure the apartment inside the brownstone when he was just a baby. He had lived in this neighborhood his whole life.

He had lived there, amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, amongst the rich neighbors and the drug dealers. He had lived there amongst the crackheads and real estate brokers, amongst the street kids and rich kids. He had lived there amongst them all and had ignored every single last one of them it seemed. He was a loner. He didn’t have many friends. He stuck to himself mostly except for the occasional “Hi” and “Bye” that he would bestow upon his neighbors. He told himself it was because he was busy...he didn’t have time to socialize with all his school work and obsessive video gaming. He told himself he was happy being alone.

He was lying to himself though. Jeon Jungkook knew deep down inside he was probably one of the loneliest boys in the world.

A lady and her dog were coming up the street in front of him. The dog was cute..he had always wanted one. He smiled at the dog as it got closer to him. He figured it was a beagle mix maybe. The lady spotted him smiling and he smiled back. He nodded back at the lady and he noticed she was kind of pretty. He turned his head slightly to look at her ass as she walked by and just then he spotted him.

It was him. Joker. He was walking down the street behind him.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide at the sight of him and he turned his head quickly. He was shook as fuck. His heart started to beat faster. Why the fuck was he following him? Was he even following him? He didn’t know. He didn’t want to know either so he picked up the pace. He only had a few more houses to go till he made it to the steps that led to his apartment.

He didn’t know why but suddenly he wanted to run.

His gut told him he should. It told him he should run...but he didn’t. He didn’t want to look like a fucking pussy.

He started to walk faster. Just a few more houses...only a few more...he said over and over inside his head. Just a few more houses till he was home...

“Hey!” yelled someone from behind him. “Wait up!” yelled the deep, baritone voice again.

Should he? Should he stop and see what he wanted?

He knew it was him that had called out to him. He knew that it was Joker.

He saw his house. The nice pretty brick brownstone was just a couple of feet away. Only three more houses and he was home. He could make it. The boy was far enough away. He could run quickly and make it.

He looked back again. The boy was starting to jog toward him.

Fuck it, thought Jungkook. He was too afraid. He was so very afraid him. He turned back quickly and ran.

He got to the gate, and bounded quickly up the stairs, his heart beating faster inside his chest. He turned just then as he hit the last steps and he saw that the boy had stopped jogging and was staring at him as he ascended. He felt stupid maybe he shouldn't have ran.

Fuck it. He didn’t want to know what he wanted. He quickly grabbed the key from out of his pocket and opened the door, rushing inside and slamming it behind him.

He was still fucking scared. He rushed down the hall and ran quickly up the stairs. His heart was in his throat as he held on to the book bag tightly, turning the corner, and making his way up the second flight of stairs to his apartment. When he reached his door he quickly jammed the key in the lock and hurried inside, slamming the door behind him. He turned and locked each lock.

He didn’t want to take any chances.

He had heard all the rumours about him. Everyone knew who he was. They all knew Joker and the other one he was always hanging out with. The one named Agust D. He had heard about him too and he didn't want to have anything to do with them.

“Mom!’ he called out as he got inside. He listened but the house was quiet and all the rooms were dark. She must not have been home from work yet. She worked at the elementary school across the street.

He threw his bookbag down and rushed to the window. He pulled up the blinds and looked out nervously. Was he still there? Was he out there still?

He didn’t see him on the sidewalk. He looked out toward the park across the street. The one that lied adjacent to the elementary school and there he spotted him suddenly.

He was there. He was sitting on one of the benches. His head was hung low and Jungkook could only see the top of his black hood that was pulled up tightly around his face. What was he pulling out from his pocket? Jungkook giggled to himself when he saw what it was. Another fucking lollipop.

Jungkook stared on as he watched him unwrap the paper. He pushed the wrapper back in his pocket and it was this single gesture that made Jungkook even more curious about him then before. He had expected him to throw the trash on the ground like all the rest of these assholes did. They were always littering up the streets and Jungkook despised them for it. He liked his neighborhood despite of the drug dealers and bums and he wanted it to be clean. He liked things to be neat and orderly and clean.

The boy put the lollipop in his mouth and untied the string of his hoodie slightly. Jungkook could see his face better. He sat back, holding the stick of the lollipop just then and started to twirl it in his mouth. He was staring at his building. Staring at the door. Jungkook kept peering at him from the the second floor window. He was curious. Deep down he wanted to know what he wanted...why he was always staring...

He looked cool, casual, not like a killer at all really, thought Jungkook. What did killers really look like though? He wasn’t really sure but he didn't think they looked like him. Joker looked like sort of sophisticated despite his clothes and the rumours that flooded the neighborhood about him. His face looked like a rich kid’s. He wasn’t dirty in the slightest. Whenever Jungkook saw him in the neighborhood he was always doing one of two things. He was either staring at him or he was laughing with his friends...he really didn’t seem like a killer at all, thought Jungkook just then. He looked a guy that maybe would be fun to hang out with.

Jungkook bit his lip. Maybe he shouldn’t have ran...

Why was he sitting there though? Was he waiting for him? Why had he called out to him all of a sudden?

He watched Joker look down the street. He was waving to someone. Jungkook looked to the right to see who it was. He knew that one pretty well too. They called him Jay. He sported a dark green fitted hat, a black tank top and some blue jeans. Wasn’t he fucking cold in just a tank top?, thought Jungkook. It had been so damn chilly today yet he seemed dressed for the summer.

Jungkook knew all about Jay...well he had heard all about Jay. He had only had one real encounter with him although he had went to school with him back in the day. Jungkook had watched him beat the shit out of this kid in the basketball court one time back in middle school.

He had beat him with a baseball bat. The boy was never seen again after that. Some said Jay had put him in a coma and he had died because of it. When Jungkook told his mom she said it was bullshit. The boy had just moved to Queens.

Jay sat down next to Joker and he watched them curiously as they started laughing and talking. They looked like they were having fun. Jay was holding his hand over his mouth...he appeared to be beat boxing and Joker was bopping his head up and down, moving his arms as if he was rapping to the tune that Jay was producing.

Jungkook felt sort of lonely as he watched them. He sort of wished he had some friends. He had always stuck to himself like his mom had told him. “Don’t make any friends in this neighborhood...they’re dangerous.” she had said over and over to him.

Joker got up and started doing some silly dance and Jay was slapping his leg and laughing at him. Jungkook giggled too. Jay’s mouth was open so wide and he could hear the muffled sound of his laugh all the way across the street and through the window. He was laughing that damn loudly.

Jungkook watched on. Suddenly he saw Joker sit back down and lean into Jay’s ear. They both then looked toward Jungkook’s building...they raised their heads...and just then looked directly at his window...

Oh fuck did they see him?!

Jungkook quickly moved back away from the window. “Oh fuck.” he said out loud to no one. He was embarrassed. He was scared. He was shaken. He prayed to god they hadn’t seen him watching them just then. They’d think he was some damn weirdo or something.

Fuck he was so nervous. Had they fucking seen him? Why did they look toward the window just now? What they hell did that damn Joker want?

He knew he shouldn’t worry about it but he did. He suddenly really wanted to know.

Fuck it, he thought. He went into his room quickly and changed out of his clothes. He grabbed a stussy hoodie and some jeans. He pushed his feet into his white Pumas and pulled a black beanie over his head. He stared into the tall mirror that hung on the back of his bedroom door. He looked good...he looked cool...he looked kind of like one of them...

He bit his lip and pushed out his chest.

He couldn’t help it...he wanted to know why Joker was always staring...he wouldn’t ask him though...he’d just walk outside...walk outside and down the block to the Chinese store.

He would see what would happen...see where fate led him today.

Should he? Should he go outside?

Fuck he didn’t know!

He dashed back to the window. When he looked out again his heart sunk sorrowfully in his chest.

The bench was empty….Joker and Jay were gone…


Taehyung walked his friend Hobi to the train station. Hobi was chatting him up a storm about this new girlfriend Mili. Ever since they had started talking Hobi was hardly on the block anymore. He had seen him by chance just now when he was waiting on the boy to come back out of the building. He knew the boy’s routine almost by heart by now.

The boy would walk home from the University at around 1:30pm every weekday like clockwork. He would walk down the block, holding his bookbag tightly, not paying attention to anyone. He would turn and go down the street to his house, go upstairs to his apartment, come back out about 15 minutes later dressed in regular street gear and walk down to the either the pizza shop or Chinese store.

If he went to the Chinese store he got a large Beef and Broccoli and Beef Fried Rice. If he went to the pizza shop he got two slices of Pepperoni and an order of wings. He always would eat the pizza before he got back to the house. Taehyung liked to guess which one he would go to. Most of the times he actually got it right.

Taehyung kept thinking about him as they walked on. Hobi didn’t notice. He was too in love with Mili to notice that no one ever listened too closely when he talked about her to his friends. Taehyung shook his head up and down to say yes automatically as they walked on with the “Wow really?” and “Mmm.” sprinkled in here and there to make it look like he was paying attention...but he wasn’t. He was thinking about the boy.

It was bothering him.

It was bothering him that he had fucking ran. He had ran away from him like he was some rabid dog or something and it was really fucking bothering him that he had done it.

Why the fuck had he run?

He kept thinking about him. He knew a lot about him really. He was curious about him. Fascinated even. He had found out his name in the oddest way. Jeon Jungkook was what it was.

Jeon Jungkook. The Artist.

Why the fuck had he ran? He had never even said “Hi” to him before. It didn’t make any sense. He must have known something about him...maybe his dad was a cop...he’d get a background check done on him later. See what the fuck his parents did. See if they were cops.

He wanted him. He wanted to know everything about him. He was so very curious...

“Alright Joker. I’ll catch you later.” said Hobi, or Jay as they called him on the streets. Taehyung gave him a hug goodbye and he turned from the train station and started to walk toward his best friend’s Min Yoongi’s house. He wasn’t home but his sister Min Yoonji was. She went to Jungkook’s school. He wanted to ask her about him. See if he could figure out why the fuck he had ran. He was so very curious.

It was more than that. He was more than curious…

The first time he saw Jungkook he had been down by the bridge. Brooklyn Bridge to be exact. He had been down there a few months ago and he had stumbled upon this mural that was painted on the wall of one of the buildings near the bridge. It was of a boy standing in front of a painting…

The painting was of another kind of looked like the boy’s mirror image but not exactly. The boy was staring at the painting of what looked to be himself and he was crying in front of it.

The painting of the boy was all covered with splashes of different color paint. The way the paint fell down his face made it look like the boy in the painting was crying too. It had done something to had struck a deep chord inside him…

He had felt so very sad as he looked upon the mural and he felt like he was looking at himself just then. He felt like the painting was the very picture of his soul...that he was that boy in the painting...all stained and covered with colorful memories...colorful, painful and sometimes horrible memories... and he himself was staring at his soul and he was crying...crying about all the horrible things he had done...

He loved it. He loved the mural. He absolutely loved it. He had gone back late at night to take a photograph of it. He had wanted to capture had spoken to him.

Taehyung loved art and photography. It was his guilty pleasure. He would wander the museums, ride the train down to the waterfront, take his photographs. He loved the idea of capturing a moment and keeping it. A single moment of beauty would be captured in time for one to view forever. He had tried to draw but he was just okay. He had tried to paint but was even worse...but photography...he had a gift. He was a natural at it. In a way you could say that he was an artist too.

After seeing the mural he couldn't stop thinking about it. He had gone back to take the picture and he had saw him standing there in front of it. He had seen him before. He was a boy from his neighborhood. He didn’t know him really but he had seen him a few times in the pizza shop or here and there. He recognized him by his fluffy brown hair, his muscular physique, his green camo bookbag that he always carried with him…

He was standing there looking at the mural and Taehyung slowly came to realize that it was him. The boy in the painting was the boy standing there looking at it. The boy from the neighborhood.

Taehyung had stayed back...he had watched him from a distance staring at the mural and he had been so very curious about him and why he was there so late at night...staring at the mural...staring at himself...staring at the painting that Taehyung had seen himself inside of too…

Taehyung watched him take out something from his bookbag. He grabbed his camera quickly and used it to zoom in to get a better look. It was a tube of paint and a paintbrush. He watched him curiously as he kneeled down to paint something in the bottom right hand corner...he had painted...Jeon Jungkook.

It was then he realized that the boy and the artist were one in the same. The boy in the painting was him...the artist had painted himself...and the artist was Jeon Jungkook.

Taehyung had been obsessed with him ever since.

He wanted him. Taehyung wanted him in the gang. He would be perfect. No one would ever suspect a guy like him to be in a gang. He knew The Boss would approve.

He was lying to himself. Taehyung didn’t want him in the gang for those reasons. He wanted to get to know him. He wanted him for himself. He wanted to know what had made him paint that damn mural.

He wanted to know what had made him paint the perfect representation of Taehyung’s wretched soul.


Jimin looked to his left and then his right. The block was pretty quiet. He didn’t see anyone except a mother walking down the street with a baby carriage. Her back was to him thank god.

He bit his lip and pulled out the shimmy bar, pushing it slowly into the space between the car window and the door and he heard the familiar click of the lock as the car door opened. He shoved the shimmy bar back into his green bomber jacket quickly and opened the door, slamming it shut behind him as he sat in the driver’s seat of whoever’s car he was about to steal.

He took out the shimmy bar and threw it on the seat next to him. He then reached into his pocket and grabbed the screwdriver and started to work on the screws of the panel underneath the driving wheel. He had to hurry up. He was supposed to go meet The Boss at 6pm and the ride to Harlem was long as fuck. It was already 2pm. He had to worst fucking luck. He hadn’t been able to grab a car all day. Everytime he was about to open the door some asshole walked by or he spotted a fucking cop car.

Finally he had gotten this one. if he didn’t hurry the fuck up he’d be late.

“Goddammit come on!” yelled Jimin as the last screw stayed securely fastened in it’s place. He bit his lip hard and used all his strength to turn it.

Finally after a few tries it gave way. He opened the panel and threw it on the seat next to him. He grabbed the two wires and sparked them quickly. He was a fucking pro. He could steal a car in less than 10 minutes. Especially a fucking Honda. Honda’s were the easiest.

He hadn’t wanted to steal a Honda but this was all he could find. He hoped PDogg would give him at least 6k for it. He owed his payment today…


“Yes you fucking bitch.” said Jimin as the car started. He quickly spun the car out of the parking space and started to drive his way to PDogg’s. He looked at the time on the was 2:22pm...if all went well he would make it up there in time…

He was worried though. Something in his gut told him that not being able to snatch a car all day had just been a sign for things to come...that some bullshit was about to go down…

He turned the corner to the street where the Chop Shop was located and slammed on his brakes before colliding into the Toyota in front him.

Oh fuck he was right.

Fucking Cops. Fucking cops everywhere!

“Oh fuck...Oh fuck me!’ yelled Jimin in a panic. He leaned over the dashboard and looked at the Chop Shop where he had planned to sell the car. There was a row of cop cars in front of it...some of the workers were being arrested..coming out of the building with their hands behind their heads.

He had to get the fuck out of here now!

Jimin snapped his head around towards the back window. Thank god no one was behind him. He shifted into reverse quickly, and backed up then made a sloppy K turn going down the street driving the wrong way down the one way street. He didn’t care….he had to get the fuck out of there quick!

He sped down the next street. Where the fuck could he park the hot car? “Fuck...fuck.” he whispered as he pulled into traffic. He slammed his gloved hand against the steering wheel in frustration as he waited for the traffic to move again.

The car was stolen...the spot had gotten busted. He looked out the window suspiciously. No cops. Just taxis and regular cars. He didn’t like riding in a stolen car long. The car’s owner could have called the cops already...he looked at the time again. 2:47pm.

“Fuck!’ he yelled. Always some goddamn bullshit!

The traffic finally started moving and Jimin decided he’d just park the damn thing anywhere. He’d just have to pray no one paid any attention to him.

New York City was weird like that, he thought to himself. You would think that in a city of 8 million people no one would ever pay you any attention but it reality it was quite the opposite. Although everyone was minding their own business...they were all still watching each other out of the corner of their eyes. They were all suspicious of each one trusted anyone in this city... so although they appeared to be not looking, on the contrary they all really were.

New Yorkers walked down the streets sizing up everyone that passed them You had to be aware of your surroundings because if you didn’t...someone might fucking rob you, or stab you, or fuck with you...You had to watch everyone around you...even though you appeared like you weren’t. Everyone in the streets of New York were really watching everyone else the entire fucking time.

“Yo can’t park there.” yelled the shop owner who had just now exited the Bodega.

“It’s my ex’s car...let that shit get towed.” said Jimin as he started to walk away from where he had finally parked the damn thing.

He knew it...he had fucking knew it.! Someone had fucking seen him. That little exchange might cost him. He kept walking down the block anyways but his gut told him not to...the fucking store owner would remember him.

He turned and walked back and started to get back into the car. “What did I tell you huh?” said the shopkeeper.

“Fucking asshole.” Jimin muttered under his breath as he slammed the car door shut. 3:03pm. Now he had been in this thing for an hour. When he first started Yoongi...or Agust as they called him, had given him a piece of advice in regards to stealing cars. He had told him, “Never stay in a stolen car longer than an hour. If you do...your ass is gonna get caught.”

Jimin swerved out of the parking space quickly. Fuck where could he go? He had to ditch this shit quick. He turned the corner and suddenly remembered. The Navy Yard. That shit was perfect. No one walked down that block really. He’d ditch the car down there.

He drove the car nervously, peering into the rear view mirror every second it seemed. He was looking for cops...praying none pulled up behind him and that the car hadn’t been reported yet.

His brow was starting to sweat and his face mask felt hot against his face. He reached up and pushed the sleeve of his shirt against his brow to wipe the sweat from his forehead. “You knew Jimin.”, he said to himself as he approached the street with the Navy Yard. He had known that today would go all wrong.

He parked the car, got out, and started to jog away from it quickly. He felt better when he turned the corner. He tore off his face mask, pulled off his gloves and stuffed them in the pockets of his jeans. He pushed back his hoodie, running his hands through his hair, a nervous habit of his.

“This fucking day.” he mumbled to himself. Everything had gone wrong…

Just then a crisp breeze shot down the street and he closed his eyes and sighed a breath of relief as the cool air rushed over him. It felt It felt like it was carrying all his worries away with it just then.

The money though…

He pulled out his phone to text Agust.

Mochi: I got a problem
Agust: So wtf is new lol
Mochi: For real...PDogg’s got busted
Agust: WTF
Mochi: I had to ditch the fucking car
Agust: Goddammit!
Mochi: I know :-(
Agust: What about PDogg...did they catch him?

Jimin looked up from his phone and thought about the people he had seen coming out in handcuffs...he hadn’t seen him. PDogg wasn’t one of them.

Mochi: Idk..I didn’t see him get busted tho
Agust: Mmm
Mochi: I need work
Agust: Wtf you telling me for

Jimin pierced his lip as the sinking feeling began to grow inside his chest. He needed him. He needed Min Yoongi to help him. He owed that money...he didn't have a car. He only had about 2k on him. He didn’t know who else to turn to...Yoongi always helped him when he needed it...always...but this time maybe he wouldn’t.

Jimin texted back:

Mochi: I

He pushed his phone back in his pocket angrily as he crossed the street. Fucking Yoongi was being a bitch. He felt suddenly like he was punishing him for not saying yes. He had asked him last join up with him officially. To officially work for him but Jimin had said no.

He just couldn’t...not after what had happened...with Taehyung and him...and the boy…

He couldn’t join. He still went on jobs with them and hung out with them and stuff but no fucking way would he officially join. Once you did that you’d have to do whatever The Boss told you...whenever he told you too.

He had learned his lesson. He had fucked up so bad and now look at him...he owed that fuck. He owed him 60k still...all because he had been fucking late...had overslept...had failed to give him that money…

No way would he fucking join. He liked his freedom. He did jobs only when he wanted. As long as he paid the money every month he was to do as he pleased.

No fucking way would he join.

He bit his nails nervously as he made his way down the street. He had almost reached Fulton Street and Min Yoongi still hadn’t texted him back yet. What the fuck was he going to do if he didn’t?

There would be hell to pay if he didn’t…or worse...he would owe him even more.

He spotted himself in the store window as he passed it. His hair looked a fucking mess. He pulled his hoodie back up over his head and pushed his hands into the front pocket. It was so fucking chilly today. More chilly than normal. He should have worn his beanie, he thought to himself.

Even though it was chilly and he had, up until now, one of the worst days ever he still loved it. He absolutely loved the Fall. All the trees were splashed with pretty colors and there was a coolness to the sound of the leaves that had made there way softly to the ground. He loved how they sounded when they were crunching beneath his shoes...they were crunching just now...and he walked in such a way to make sure he was stepping on as many as he could without bumping into anyone.

He looked at the city around him and he loved it all. He loved the Fall the best. He loved the crisp feeling in the air, the gentle breezes and light jackets, the warm sweaters and hints of brown and orange that started to adorn the streets here and there...all the kids running back and forth to school...pumpkin lattes and the sky would grow dark just a little way to night...where he knew, although he couldn’t see them...there was a whole big sky above him...a whole big sky full of stars…

He would draw them often. The leaves..the stars. He loved to draw. He had notepads and notebooks full of his sketches...all black and whites though...he sucked at coloring. He had gotten in. He had gotten into the Art University. He couldn’t afford it though but he had wanted to know...wanted to know was he good enough to get in...and he had. He had actually gotten in.

He bit his lip, looking down at the leaves as he walked up them while thinking about it. He was lying to himself. With the jobs he did he could well afford it. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford it. He had been afraid...afraid to join that world that he didn’t know...the world of strangers...of regular people...that world outside the streets...

Suddenly someone bumped his shoulder throwing him back slightly. “What the fuck!” cried out Jimin angrily as he turned to see who the hell had bumped him just then.

“Oh shit. Sorry.” said the boy. Jimin lowered his eyes at him then changed his expression quickly when he realised who it was.

“Oh no. It’s okay. I should have been looking where I was going.” said Jimin sweetly and he eye smiled at him.

It was that kid. That kid that went to the Art University. The one that lived in his building. The cute boy that he always said hello too. His name was Jungkook. The one that always looked shook as fuck like he did just now. Jimin giggled. He looked sort of like a scared rabbit as he stood there awkwardly looking back at him.

“No it was me.” said Jungkook softly.

“Hey..have a nice day okay...I’ll see you around.” said Jimin and he smiled at him again. The boy smiled sheepishly back and did a small bow to him and turned to keep walking. Jimin’s eyes rose to the clock tower that was in view far off behind him. 3:41pm.

Fuck he needed that money. He only had a few hours left. What the fuck was he going to do? He turned quickly and started toward Fulton Street again.

On the way he thought maybe of asking Jay. Maybe he had something he could do real quick for the money. He pulled out his phone to text him when suddenly Yoongi texted back.

Agust: Come to my place...I got something

“Yes!” cried out Jimin in the street suddenly. He was so fucking happy. He giggled as he saw a few people laugh at his sudden outburst. He had jumped up and down for joy just then.

He smiled happily as he texted back:

Mochi: I owe you Yoongi!
Agust: you don’t

Min the end he always came through for him. He didn’t know why but he did. It was why he always went to him first. He had never in his life needed to go to anyone else it seemed. Jimin smiled softly and put the phone back in his pocket.

Min Yoongi. He always came through in the end. Why though? Jimin didn’t really know nor did he care. It had been that way since 3rd grade. If Jimin needed something...Yoongi was there.

He started to jog when he hit Fulton Street. He had to hurry up. It was almost 4pm already and he knew if the job took a lot of time he’d be late.

Goddammit, he thought to himself. No matter how hard he tried, he was always fucking late.

Chapter Text

12 years ago...

“Yo grab the shit” whispered Yoongi. This was it. They would get in if they fucking managed to get the dope for The Boss.

He said they were too young. “Come back when you’re 14.” he had said.

Fuck that. He didn’t want to stay in that fucking group home...that guy...that fucking man that ran it kept looking at Yoonji...he knew any day now it was going to happen...he tried to keep her close but he knew...any day now and he’d do it....he’d fucking touch her or rape her or some shit.

He wanted in. He needed in. Hobi needed in too. Everyone knew if you got in with The Boss you got a fucking apartment. He hooked you up. Gave you jobs. You could make a ton of money.

They were only 12 years old he had said when they asked him if they could join. He had laughed at them. He had fucking laughed….

He didn’t know them though...he didn't know they were desperate...he didn’t know that Yoongi was dead serious when he had asked him. When he said “If we get it can we join?”

He had just laughed again. The other guy he was with had laughed too. “Yeah..sure...if you fucking get it I’ll let you join.” he had said and he had ruffled his hair and walked away..laughing with the the other guy.

“Too young. Yeah fucking right.” Yoongi had said to Hobi as they watched them leave.

The Boss was young too he had noticed. He wasn’t that old. Maybe 18 or something at the most. He worked for someone else. Some old guy that would pull up on the street and talk to him and shit.

Hobi and Yoongi would watch them. They hung close all the time...listened to The Boss and his friends talk about girls and robberies and shit...they never noticed them standing there near the store a few feet away...they never noticed them...they were just a couple of kids.

They were listening though...learning. They had learned all sorts of shit sitting there after school listening to them while Yoonji rode her bike back and forth up the block.

They had learned you needed a kilo of dope to get in. They had learned the old guy would hook you up with an apartment if you joined. They had learned that the store they were in just now sold dope and weed out the back. They had learned The Boss wanted to rob it but he couldn’t...he had a warrant...he had to wait...but he really wanted to rob it...the shit was better than the stuff they sold...he wanted to rob it so that he could move up in the gang and shit.

They had learned where to buy a ChinaTown. This old dude would sell them to you if you brought him a kung-fu flick and a pound of the money for the gun. They learned where to get the weed too...The lady down the block sold it to anyone as long as you had the money.

They had grabbed purses all summer until they had gotten enough...they had bought the weed...they had given it to the Chinese guy and Yoonji had picked the best kung-fu flick ever to give him. The 5 Deadly Venoms. He had laughed and gave them some extra and even had taught them how to roll a joint. He had smoked the shit with them too.

They had been so fucking high...they had ate a ton of ice cream on the way home…

This was the last thing they needed to do...Get the dope for The Boss and then they were in.

They had snuck in the back...they had crept down into the basement...they had found the dope in some boxes that said Rice...they were stuffing it in their bags…

“We gonna be fucking rich!’ said Hobi. Yoongi laughed. He was so fucking happy. “Yep...we gonna be fucking kings.” said Yoongi.

They giggled as they stuffed the last package of drugs into their bookbags. They each had two.

“What if he just takes it...doesn’t let us in?” said Hobi as they made their way up the stairs.

Yoongi stopped. He thought about it. “Nah..he’s he’s a fair dude.” said Yoongi.

“ probably right.” said Hobi.

They got to the door and Yoongi pressed his ear to listen...he heard some people talking...that was it.

Yoongi looked back at Hobi. “Your face mask stupid.” he said. Hobi had pulled it down when he was packing up the drugs.

“Oh shit.” said Hobi. Yoongi laughed at him. He was so fucking funny.

“Okay let’s go...just look regular.” said Yoongi. He knew Hobi was more nervous. He was nervous too...but he had the fucking gun...just in case.

They opened the door and closed it quietly behind them...they started to walk down the aisle. Yoongi eyed the candy and chips. He was so fucking hungry...the damn group home barely fed them anything...fucking peanut butter and jelly all the damn time.

He grabbed a bag of chips. He had 2 dollars. He would share the shit with Yoonji. She was waiting for them at the train yard. They would stash the drugs there until they saw The Boss later.

They walked to the counter. Yoongi wasn’t nervous at all...he was just a one ever suspected kids of anything.

“2.18” said the guy at the counter.

Yoongi frowned at him. “What? It’s fucking 2 dollars.” he said. Asshole was trying to cheat him.

“Yo let’s just go.” said Hobi.

“No..I want my fucking chips.” said Yoongi and his eyes lowered at the man behind the counter.

“Look little boy. It’s 2.18...fucking tax.” said the owner.

Yoongi leaned his head back and laughed. “You here this fuck?” he said to Hobi. Hobi shook his head. It was bullshit. Bodegas never charged tax.

“Since when we gotta pay tax? You’re a fucking cheat.” said Yoongi.

“You know what? Get the fuck out of my store!’ yelled the owner and he pointed to the door.

“You know what?” said Yoongi back. “Give me all the fucking chips. How about that!” said Yoongi and suddenly he reached in his pocket and pulled out the gun...pointing it at him. Fucking asshole.

The shop owner’s eyes grew wide and he raised his hands. “Just take it...take what you want and fucking leave.” he said. Yoongi stared at him, his eyes were low. He fucking hated him.

He hated all these fucking assholes trying to cheat them and fuck with them because they were kids. The group home lady feeding them bullshit when he knew the fucking state gave them enough money to eat better. The fucking pervert wanted to fuck his sister. The fucking sandwich guy down the block that gave you less meat if you were a kid. He’d show them...he’d show all of them...he’d fucking rob these fucks blind.

“Go get the fucking CHIPS!” yelled Yoongi. He’d shoot him in the fucking face. The guy ran down the aisle and around the counter and started to grab the chips. Yoongi wanted to laugh. He wanted to laugh his ass off as he watched him panicking while he grabbed the chips.

He looked at Hobi..his eyes were wide with fear. “What?” said Yoongi. The fuck was he afraid of? He wouldn’t shoot him or anything. He was his best fucking friend.

“Here...Here.” said the guy and he threw the chips on the counter.

“Are you a fucking idiot?...Bag em.” said Yoongi. Asshole was trying to cheat him out of a bag too. The guy nervously started shoving the chips in the bag.

Suddenly the little bell above the shop door rang.

Yoongi turned quickly to see who it was...the gun was still pointed in his was a lady...a beautiful lady…

His heart froze with fear as he saw her coming in...she looked at him and he was still standing there frozen...pointing the gun at her...not knowing what to do when suddenly Hobi yelled from behind him.

“Run!” He cried out and pushed him forward to run. Yoongi squeezed it by accident...the trigger...he fucking squeezed it…

He didn’t meant to...he didn’t…

He didn’t mean to shoot the fucking lady.

The gun sounded off loudly and the shop owner yelled out something in Arabic as he hit the floor.

Yoongi just stared as he watched everything in slow motion. Hobi was pulling his arm..he was yelling...yelling something...maybe “come on.”, he didn’t know...He just watched the lady as she fell down to the floor...the blood...the blood was spilling from the front of her head...he had shot her in the head…

Hobi was pulling him...he kept looking at her as they reached the door...she was saying something...blood was spewing out of her mouth...Yoongi wanted to know...he had to know what the fuck she was saying….

He had killed her...killed her...he had to know what the fuck she was saying…


Jimin jammed his finger into the buzzer of Yoongi’s apartment building. He shook up and down as he waited for him to answer. It was getting colder and the wind was picking up more and more.

“Mochi” said Jimin.

He swung open the door when the loud buzzing sound went off and ran down the hallway, turning toward the stairwell and he made his way up to the 3rd floor quickly. When he got the door he pounded on it. Yoongi’s bell never worked and he never bothered to fix it.

He waited. He could hear an argument down the hall. Some guys were yelling. There was a baby crying and just then he heard the stairwell door slam and two teenagers laughed and ran down the hall in the opposite direction.

He hated these fucking apartment buildings. They always smelled like piss and weed. He banged again. What the fuck? He had just rang the damn bell. Yoongi was so damn slow sometimes.

Jimin looked toward the left wall as he waited. The wall was all tagged up and he spotted where he and Yoongi had tagged it long ago. “Agust D” and “Murder Mochi” it said. There were other names there too but he didn’t know any of them.

“Murder Mochi.” mumbled Jimin under his breath...he hated his fucking name...

The door swung open abruptly startling him and he whipped his head toward the open doorway. Jimin’s eyes grew wide at the sight of her. It was Yoonji. Yoongi’s twin sister.

She was standing there looking at him with her usual blank cold stare. He looked her up and down. She was wearing a short pleated green skirt, a matching blazer, white knee highs and black oxfords. The blazer was open and underneath was a white shirt that exposed a portion of her pale neck.

She looked sexy as fuck to him as she suddenly turned her head slightly, her dark ebony hair falling softly to the side, her cute bow mouth turning into a frown as she looked him up and down as well.

“ again.” she said in a bored fashion and she opened the door to allow Jimin to enter.

“Hey.” said Jimin and he started to move past her but when he did she pushed up against him suddenly, pinning him to the wall of the doorway. “Mmm...Mochi.” she whispered sexily to him as she leaned into his ear.

Jimin bit his lip. His dick jumped when she did it. Goddamn her for being such a fucking tease.

He looked into the living room. Yoongi wasn’t there. He turned back and bit his lip. Fuck she was so damn hot to him. He leaned back against her, she moved back, still holding the door as she allowed him to push her back against it. He looked her up and down as he pushed his hand against the door, his arm stretched out over her shoulder. He looked into her slanty eyes, his eyes moving down to her sexy mouth, her pale neck, her chest, her tiny fucking waist...fuck he wanted her so fucking bad.

“Why are you so bad huh?” he whispered. She grabbed his neck suddenly and pushed her mouth against his ear. He closed his eyes as the smell of her invaded his nose. Fuck she smelled like a bed of goddamn roses.

“Because you like it.” she said seductively and she dared to lick his ear just then.

His eyes widened. His bulge started to become slightly hard. Damn Yoonji was always teasing him. He pushed both hands against the door suddenly and it hit the wall. Her eyes widened for a second at his aggressiveness.

He smirked. He had made her blush just then. He held back the urge to throw his damn tongue in her mouth. Yoongi would kill him though...he’d kill him now if he saw what they were doing...

She ducked underneath his arm suddenly and escaped. She was such a fucking tease. She smirked at him and flipped her hair telling him to fuck off and Jimin leaned his head back, covering his mouth and laughed as she walked back to her room.

“Ahhhh…” he sighed as his laughing died down. Agust’s sister was so wild....she was such a fucking tease!

“Mochi what the fuck!” yelled Yoongi.

Jimin jumped at the sound of the harsh scratchy voice shouting at him from the kitchen. “Coming!” yelled Jimin. He closed the door and locked it, and then made his way down the short hallway to the kitchen.

His eyes grew wide when he entered it and saw him. Min Yoongi was sitting there frowning at him, his blond hair lying every which way, his eyes squinting at him as if to say “what the fuck took you so long” and he looked rather he had just woken up.

He had an unlit cigarette hanging from his mouth and the entire kitchen table that he sat in front of was covered with money. Some of the bills were stacked and some laid in piles on top of the table. It was a lot of money. Easily 50k...

“Whoa.” said Jimin softly as he walked further into the room. It wasn’t because of all the money that Jimin said this. It was because he had just noticed the white kitten sitting on Min Yoongi’s lap.

Yoongi was a cold hearted bastard. He was a thief, a murderer, a fucking boss. He didn’t fuck around and everyone in the neighborhood was terrified of him. Other neighborhoods were terrified of him too. He was also a fucking snake. Min Yoongi snaked people all the time. Would pretend to be their friend, set them up, rob them, sometimes beat the shit out of them for no reason at all. It could be a little you looked at him the wrong way or something.

Jimin had known him most of his life. He knew him and he also knew the kitten didn’t fucking make sense. Min Yoongi holding a kitten? It was the was the most bizarre thing.

“A kitten?” said Jimin suspiciously. He started to smile as saw the kitten reach up onto Yoongi and stretch it’s tiny paws against his chest, it’s little claws gripping the fabric of the white tank top Yoongi was wearing.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi and he looked down at it just then.

Jimin walked over slowly to them. He didn’t want to scare it. “Awww it’s so cute.” said Jimin softly. He loved fucking kittens...anything soft and furry really. He loved all animals but kittens...he was a sucker for fucking kittens.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi in response. Jimin giggled. Min Yoongi was always saying “Mmm.” but no one ever knew what the hell it meant. You always had to guess. His sister did it too...sometimes they had “Mmm.” conversations between them. You could tell they each knew what the other was saying. Jimin thought it must be a twin thing.

Jimin kneeled down in front of Yoongi. His eyes were all lit up and he took his hand and gently started to pet the kitten’s cute little head. It closed it’s eyes and mewed. Jimin giggled. It was so fucking cute! He felt all warm and tingly inside as he stroked it.

“Aww” said Jimin softly, when he heard it start to purr. Jimin looked up and when he did he saw Min Yoongi was looking down at him. His eyes were slanty and low and he looked full of he wanted something from he was longing for something just then.

Jimin suddenly felt shy beneath his gaze. He looked back down again quickly.

“You like her?” asked Yoongi. His voice was deep and raspy and it sent a chill through Jimin’s spine all of a sudden.

“Yeah..I like her.” said Jimin softly. He felt so fucking shy! He didn't know why...something about Yoongi looking down at him...his made him all so very shy all of a sudden.

“What’s her name?” asked Jimin softly and he leaned forward and pushed his nose against the kitten’s face. Min Yoongi suddenly moved back in the chair and the kitten fell in between his legs.

“Mew.” it said. Jimin looked up and started to giggle. What the hell had just happened?

“I thought you were in a fucking rush?” said Yoongi abruptly. Jimin gulped and got up quickly. He felt stupid suddenly. Yoongi was right. He had to get uptown. He had to do whatever the job was and pay The Boss. He had forgotten just then. Fucking kittens were his weakness.

“Fuck’re right.” said Jimin and he grabbed a chair and sat down. He eyed the money in front of him. There was so much...and he needed some so badly…

Yoongi smirked at him as he saw him eye the money. “How much you owe again?” he asked and he grabbed a lighter off the table and lit his cigarette. Jimin looked at the kitten. He was worried. Yoongi shouldn’t be fucking smoking around it.

“6 thousand.” said Jimin. Yoongi shook his head up and down to say yes. He took a puff of the cigarette and Jimin watched the smoke swirl around and then down in the kitten’s face.

Fucking Yoongi, thought Jimin. The fucking cat shouldn’t be breathing that shit in. He bit his lip. Fuck it, he’d say something to him.

“The kitten Yoongi.” he said softly, his eyes pleading with him.

Yoongi chuckled. “You fucking hold it then.” said Yoongi. Jimin giggled and reached over and grabbed the kitten. He held it up and pushed his nose against it. Fuck it was so cute! He giggled and smiled. He felt so warm and fuzzy inside. He wanted to take the damn thing home with him.

He looked over at Yoongi as he heard the sound of the money counter machine start. Yoongi was pushing a stack of bills inside.

“Hey Yoongi...thanks..for helping me out...I mean it.” said Jimin softly. He looked at Min Yoongi and bit his lip. He felt like a fucking loser...asking him for help...for not joining when he knew Yoongi really needed him. He wouldn’t have asked him if he didn’t. He had known Yoongi for a long time. They had done tons of jobs together and never once had Yoongi asked him...until last week...

“’s nothing.” said Yoongi and he pushed another stack of bills into the counter. He hadn't looked at Jimin again yet.

Jimin eyed him curiously. Waiting to see what he would say...what the job was. They sat in silence and Jimin eyed his bare arms that were all veiny, his pale neck, his handsome face, his stringy blond hair that had fallen in front of his face just then as he leaned over to grab more bills.

He was sort of sexy to him. He had this swagger even though he wasn’t really doing anything at all just was like an aura that he had around him. He had a “don’t fuck with me” aura too.

Jimin felt hot inside suddenly as he watched him. Sort of when Min Yoonji had leaned into his was like a haze almost. He looked back down at the kitten. It was going to sleep in his lap. He petted it softly, lightly, as he waited for his instructions.

After a few minutes Min Yoongi broke the silence. “’s the deal.” said Yoongi and he took a long drag of the cigarette. Jimin raised his eyes at him curiously.

“You come with me uptown to The Boss’s. I gotta pick up this fucking package of dope. We go up give him the money...and then you work the package with Joker.” said Yoongi.

Jimin couldn't believe it. He was really gonna give him the money! He had saved his fucking ass just then. He’d have the money..on time...and all he had to do was sell a little dope for it. He had thought he’d make him do a robbery or some shit.

“Yoongi...I..” started Jimin but just then but Yoongi waved his hand at him to shut up. Yoongi didn’t want to hear it. Him thanking him. He had his fucking reasons.

Jimin bit his lip. Why wouldn’t he let him thank him? Yoongi started to count out the money. Jimin just sat there...a lump building in his throat. He wanted to cry suddenly...he didn’t though..he didn’t want to be a goddamn pussy in front of him.

He looked down quickly at the kitten so that Yoongi wouldn’t see that he had teared up a little. Fucking Yoongi...he always came through for him...he thought back to the first time they had met...these kids were picking on him...pushing him against the gate and teasing him...he had been so fucking scared. He was only in 3rd grade and the kids were so much bigger than him. They had taken his money...called him fat...they kept yelling “Mochi...Mochi”...back then he his cheeks were so fucking chubby…

Yoongi had came up and grabbed one and slammed him against the wall. “He fucking works for me.” he had said and he started beating the shit out of the kid. All the other kids had ran off...Yoongi had kept punching him and punching him and punching him...the kid had spat blood even...Yoongi had fucked him up real good.

No one ever messed with Jimin after that. He started gaining friends at school. Everyone still called him Mochi..but it was like a cool name all of sudden...Mochi was the badass elementary school kid that worked for Yoongi.

“That’s not all you gotta do though..” said Yoongi suddenly. Jimin looked up again. “Oh.” he said. He knew it...nothing came easy in this fucking neighborhood. Yoongi or not.

Yoongi looked at him and smirked. “You gotta suck my dick too.” he said calmly and he raised his eyebrows seductively at Jimin as he held out the money in his hand. The whole fucking 6 thousand.

Jimin’s eyes grew wide as fuck and he gulped. Was he fucking for real?!

“Umm..” Fuck he didn’t know what to say...Yoongi’s tongue peeked out of the corner of his mouth. Jimin felt nervous as fuck. He was still holding the money...eyeing him up and down all of sudden. He felt so fucking hot fucking hot.

Jimin’s thoughts raced in those few seconds. Should he do it? He really needed the fucking money. He had fucked guys before...he really needed the money...fuck was he for real?

“ thought I was serious?!” cackled Yoongi suddenly. He leaned over and started laughing his ass off.

Jimin just stared at him in shock for a moment and then he started to giggle too. He leaned his head back and laughed and laughed with Yoongi. He really had him. He thought he was dead fucking serious just then.

“You did! You did!’ Yoongi cackled. Min Yoonji walked in suddenly and went to the table. “Come here baby.” she said to the kitten and she picked it up and cuddled it leaving the room. Jimin looked back at her, staring at her ass as she left.

“Hey. Fuck you looking at?” said Yoongi. Jimin whipped his head around. “Nothing.” he said suddenly.

“Better be fucking nothing.” said Yoongi and he lowered his eyes at Jimin. He didn’t play that shit. Jimin or not he’d fucking kill him if he fucked with his sister.

“Really Yoongi?...Come on I was just looking at the kitten.” said Jimin in the most innocent voice he could muster.

Yoongi eyed him suspiciously. “Mmm.” he said.

Jimin gulped. He knew he didn’t fucking believe him.

“Let’s fucking go before I change my damn mind.” said Yoongi. He got up and grabbed a bag on the counter and stuffed the rest of the bills that weren’t stacked inside. “Wait here.” said Yoongi.

Jimin didn’t say anything back. He knew he had pissed him off just then. He hadn’t meant to look at her ass. He had done it automatically. Fuck he was so fucking stupid.

Yoongi came back dressed in all black. “You got your mask and shit?” asked Yoongi.

“Yeah.” said Jimin as he stood up to leave. “Come on then. We’ll take a fucking cab.” said Yoongi. He grabbed the bills that were stacked and pushed them into the black messenger bag he was carrying. “That all for The Boss?” asked Jimin.

“Yeah.” said Yoongi. “How much?” asked Jimin as they exited and made their way down the staircase.

“Just 20 grand.” said Yoongi. “Shit slow huh?” said Jimin. Yoongi shook his head yes.

“Could be better if you fucking joined.” said Yoongi as they walked out of the building. Jimin didn’t say anything. He felt too fucking guilty. He was asking him again. Asking him to join.

They got the the corner and Yoongi held up his hand to signal for a cab.

Yoongi turned to look at him. “I need help Mochi...I wouldn’t ask you again if I didn’t.” said Yoongi.

Jimin looked down. He couldn't stand him staring at him...asking him again….he felt bad for letting him down...but he couldn't...he just fucking couldn’t.

“I can’t Yoongi...I just can’t.” said Jimin softly.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi. A cab finally stopped in front of them and they climbed in. It smelled like incense and the cab driver was signing Despacito to the radio.

“134th Street.” said Yoongi.

Jimin looked out of the window as they made their way uptown and Yoongi was doing the same. They didn’t talk the entire time. Jimin felt too guilty. He wanted to help him back...there had to be some other way to pay Yoongi back. Some other way then joining them. He kept thinking about it. He decided after a while that he’d do anything he asked from now on...any job...any robbery...he’d do anything for him. Anything but that.

“Hey Yoongi.” said Jimin when they hit 110th street.

“Mmm?’ said Yoongi as he turned to look at him.

Jimin stared at him. He owed him so damn much. The Boss could have fucking killed him today...had someone beat him up...he could have owed more money...but none of that would go down now. None of that would happen and it was all because of Yoongi.

“Yoongi...I’ll pay you back...for today...for everything...I’ll do whatever you ask. Anything but whatever you need...I’ll fucking do it okay?” said Jimin. “I owe I owe you my life hyung.”

Jimin watched Yoongi study his face. His eyes were low and they seemed to pierce his damn soul just then. He had the look...the sad look...the regretful look...the look that he had earlier when Jimin had been petting the kitten on his lap...the look that was begging Jimin for something...but Jimin didn’t know what it was.

He couldn't stand it. He couldn't stand the look...and he couldn’t stand not knowing what it meant. That made him made him tingly and all hot inside of his chest. Jimin looked away and bit his lip. That was too much just then...too much to bear...and he was too shy to ask shy to ask him what it meant.

“You don’t owe me’ll never...fucking owe me.” said Yoongi and he turned his head and looked away back out of the window.

Jimin sighed and closed his eyes, leaning his head against the glass of the other car door again. Yoongi kept saying he didn’t owe him but he wanted to though. He wanted to owe Yoongi. He wanted him to need him back for a change.

He hated it. He hated the wretched feeling. The guilty feeling of never paying Min Yoongi back.

They rode on. Each leaned against the opposite car doors, their heads against the glass, staring out at the city as it slowly passed by them.

The silence was so loud between them as they rode on. It was so damn loud that Jimin wanted to fucking ask him suddenly. He wanted to know what the fuck was he thinking...what did he fucking want when his eyes were begging him like that...pleading with him like that. Goddammit he wanted to fucking know already.

He turned and opened his mouth to finally ask him but he stopped. Yoongi’s head was rested against the window and his eyes were closed. He looked like he had fallen asleep. Jimin giggled softly. He was always doing that. He would always just fall asleep suddenly. He worked too much...he never got enough sleep.

Jimin slid over closer to him. He leaned over to see if he was really asleep or just resting his eyes. “Yoongi?.” said Jimin softly. He wanted to wake him up...ask him while he finally had the nerve to.

“Mmm?” asked Yoongi and he opened his eyes and turned his head towards Jimin.

“When you look like that...what does-” said Jimin but he froze mid-sentence as Yoongi interrupted him.

“Shhh.” said Yoongi softly. His hand moved up and he suddenly began to slowly push back Jimin’s hair. Jimin held in his breath and he gulped as Yoongi looked at him again with the look..the look that was begging him...pleading with him...longing for something…

His rough fingers grazed Jimin’s ear as he pushed his hair back softly behind it and the tingly feeling flowed through Jimin again. He closed his eyes as Yoongi’s hand moved ever so slowly in front of his face, as he fingers lightly touched his forehead, slowly pushing his hair back...slowly looping it around his other ear. Jimin still wasn’t breathing...It felt so tingly…

“Don’t ask me.” whispered Yoongi softly and he moved his hand down Jimin’s face...his fingers were barely touching his face and then he took his thumb and he dared to rub it softly, slowly across Jimin’s plush bottom lip…

Jimin opened his eyes slowly as he watched Min Yoongi staring softly at he stared at his lip...the lip he was rubbing his thumb softly across...back and forth...back and forth…

Jimin’s heart started to beat faster...he felt so was so erotic to him...the roughness of his thumb...the softness of his touch...the unexpected gesture...he was so very nervous and shy from it all.

Yoongi started to circle them...he was moving his thumb around and around Jimin’s a soft, slow circle and Jimin felt butterflies suddenly swirl inside of his stomach...he could barely breath as he watched Min Yoongi sit there, leaned against the car door, staring at his lips, running his finger softly across them.

“Never Jimin...never fucking ask me.” he said softly and then suddenly he stopped and he turned away, looking back out of the window.

Jimin ran his tongue across his lip...he wanted to taste him. Just then he wanted to taste Min Yoongi…

Jimin moved over to him and he hesitated for a moment when Min Yoongi didn’t turn back again...he bit his lip nervously...fuck it. He wanted to just then. He wanted to be closer to him.

Jimin slowly laid his head on his shoulder. He waited. He thought maybe Yoongi would object. Tell him to move...but he didn’t.

“Yoongi?” he said softly after a few minutes.

“Mmm?” asked Yoongi.

“I won’t day...I...I hope you tell me..okay?...I won’t mind...whatever it is...I know I won’t mind.” said Jimin. He bit his lip again to see what he would say.

“Shhhh.” said Yoongi. “Just shhhh.” he said softly.

Jimin sighed and closed his eyes. He wanted to know so very bady what his eyes were always saying...He wanted to ask him so badly anyways.

He couldn’t though. Now he could never, ever ask him about the look again. He had made that promise earlier. He had promised to do whatever Min Yoongi asked…

And just now he had told never ask him again.


Jungkook looked toward the store as he made his way back from the Chinese store. He was kind of nervous. He had ordered something different. He usually got a Beef and Broccoli and Beef Fried Rice but this time he had gotten Sweet and Sour Chicken instead. He had still gotten the fried rice though...just in case he didn’t like the chicken.

He wasn’t there. Joker wasn’t there. Jungkook shook his head and giggled quietly to himself. Why the fuck did he all of a sudden want him to be there? He had just ran from him earlier for fuck’s sake.

Jungkook sighed at his own stupidity. He reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out the new game he had bought. Destiny 2 had just been released today. He was so fucking ready to play this shit!

He stared at the game, reading the back, as he walked casually down the street. The wind was picking up more and more as the day had wore on and he held his head down low so the damn leaves wouldn’t swirl in his face. He wished he had the other version of the game. The one that came with the Expansion Pass Bundle...but he was too broke to get it. He had to just settle for the regular version. No Legendary Sword for fucking sucked big time being broke.

All his friends online would have it...all of them except him.

He crossed the street, looking both ways and he thought about him again. About Joker. He felt like a fucking idiot for running. Maybe it wasn’t true what they said about him. Maybe he hadn’t killed anyone..I mean he was walking around everyday like he hadn’t. Wouldn’t you be like hiding or some shit from the cops?

Jungkook thought about it some more. fucking way he had killed 5 people and was just walking around. No fucking had to be that boy Jay beat up..he was just in Queens. Maybe all those people that everyone claimed he had killed had just moved to Queens...or Staten Island even….

Stranded Island they called it. No one ever went the fuck there. There was nothing cool about Stranded Island except for the fact that the Wu Tang Clan had grown up there. Other than was a dead fucking island. Well...except for the pool. In the summer you could take the Ferry and go to the pool...that was pretty cool...but that was about it.

Maybe all the rumours about all of them weren’t true, thought Jungkook. He thought about the boy that he had bumped into earlier. Jimin...Murder Mochi….they said he had murdered people too...he seemed real nice though. He always smiled at him and waved whenever they ran into each other in their building...he looked like less of a murderer then Joker even..

He figured his name was bullshit. “Murder Mochi.” Jungkook mumbled. No way could he kill anyone. He looked like the nicest guy. He was always smiling, always dressed real nice, always giggling and talking to girls around the neighborhood. He always had them in the building too. Jungkook figured he got a lot of pussy...unlike him...he was still a goddamn virgin. 21 one years old and still a goddamn virgin. He hadn’t even gotten his dick sucked yet.

Jungkook sighed in frustration as he walked on. He was so pathetic...a fucking nerd. He was such a fucking nerd.

“Jungkook!” yelled someone from behind him. Jungkook stopped dead in his tracks.

It was him. It was Joker.

His heart started to beat fast again in his chest. Should he run again? He looked down the block...he was further away than last time. Fuck he didn’t know...fuck he would look like such a pussy if he ran again.

Fuck it. He wanted to know. He had to know. He had to know what the hell he wanted.

He turned around slowly and stood there...holding the game in one hand and his Sweet and Sour Chicken in the other...the white plastic bag gripped tightly in his hand and he clung to it for dear life it seemed while he watched the boy approach him…

He was jogging up to him...he was smiling..his face looked all lit up and Jungkook smiled sheepishly back because of how happy he looked as he jogged up to him…

He didn’t look like a killer at all...he looked like a regular a cool fucking dude…

His heart was in his throat as the boy stopped in front of him. “Jungkook right?’ he said, his voice low and deep and it sent a chill up Jungkook’s spine.

“Yeah?” asked Jungkook softly. “I thought so...I’m Taehyung.” said Joker.

They were the same height. Jungkook was frozen as he looked him in the eyes. Joker’s eyes looked curious, kind of happy, kind of skeptical. They were a pretty dark brown. He had a really handsome face...he was smiling brightly at him and just then his tongue darted out and he licked his lips quickly before it darted back in.

He looked nice...he looked friendly...he looked cool in his black hoodie, his jeans and his Gucci sneakers...he had a really cool deep voice that was asking Jungkook just now if he could walk with him….he had the loveliest...loveliest smile…

Jungkook shook his head up and down to tell Joker yes...Yes he could walk with him...Of course he could walk with him….Why did he run before?...He was so stupid for running before...Just look at him, thought Jungkook…

No way was it true...all those stupid rumours…

He was probably the coolest fucking dude...No way had he killed people…

No fucking way…

Chapter Text

“You live here long?” asked Joker and he looked at Jungkook as they walked toward his house.

“Um..yeah..since I was little.” said Jungkook. “ too.” said Joker.

Jungkook looked at him from the corner of his eye. He was smiling at him. His smile was childlike and warm even. He didn’t look the type...he didn’t look the type at all...

“It’s funny how you can live here and not notice someone and then all of sudden notice know what I mean?” said Joker.

Jungkook shook his head up and down to say yes. It was true. He had lived here his whole life and no one had noticed him at all...well no one...except Joker.

“So I wanted to ask you..” started Joker but then he looked down and saw the game in the Jungkook’s hand.

“Oh shit you play?!” he said excitedly. No fucking way he was a gamer too.

Jungkook looked down at the game. “Oh yeah..I play.” he looked back at up at him again and Jungkook felt a little less nervous as he saw Joker’s face light up. He was smiling this huge smile at him. It was a great smile...all teeth. Jungkook giggled when he saw it.

“Dude! Like I fucking love Destiny...Fuck! I forgot that shit was out today. I gotta get it. Oh shit the Legendary Sword! Fuck I can’t wait!” yelled Joker excitedly.

Jungkook giggled. “I know right! It’s gonna be so sick. I had wanted to pre-order it but I couldn’t.” He felt excited all of a sudden. He gamed...he gamed like him.

“You played the Beta though right?” asked Joker as they approached Jungkook’s house.

“Hell was lit.” said Jungkook. “I know right!” said Joker. He smiled at Jungkook and Jungkook smiled back.

“What you doing right now? Can you hang out a bit? I wanted to ask you some stuff...” said Joker.

What in the world could he possible want to ask him? Him of all people?, thought Jungkook.

He studied his face and Joker was looking him deeply in the eyes just then as they stood there in front of his house. Jungkook’s eyes moved down to his mouth as he saw Joker’s tongue dart out and lick his lips before going back in. He looked cute, sort of innocent when he did it. Like a kid who couldn’t wait to ask a question in class.

“Uhhh...yeah...I have time...wait here...I just want to get a drink first.” said Jungkook.

“Okay cool.” said Joker. He couldn’t believe it. The boy had finally said yes.

They walked into the gate and Taehyung sat down on the steps while Jungkook went to grab a soda to go with his food. He figured he’d just eat it on the steps with Joker while he found out what the fuck he wanted.

He wanted to giggle. He was so fucking curious! He was about to hang out with Joker...the boy that was always staring at him...following him...the drug dealer...and he played video games too...and he was actually about to hang out with what the fuck!

He looked back at him as he turned his key in the door. He was sitting there, his back to him, humming some song, but Jungkook couldn’t quite place it. He knew he had heard it before though.

Jungkook pushed the door open slowly as he watched Taehyung push his hoodie back and run his fingers through his hair. He reached in his pocket and Jungkook already knew what he was going to get.

He was right. It was a fucking lollipop. He waited to see if he would do it again...put the trash in his pocket...He thought if he did then it was a sign that he wasn’t a bad person. A bad person would definitely throw that shit on the ground….

Joker pushed the wrapper into his pocket.

Jungkook smiled and opened the door and quickly dashed up the stairs. He was excited, he was nervous, he could barely fucking breathe his heart was beating so fast. He couldn’t wait to get back downstairs and learn all about the boy...see what he to him about video games and other cool shit.

Maybe they would become friends...maybe he would meet his other friends..have friends for a change…

They sold drugs though..robbed people…but it didn’t was wasn’t like killing someone was just New York City thug shit...

Taehyung sat on the steps and swirled the lollipop in his mouth. He fucking loved lollipops. They were so damn delicious.

He was sort of nervous as he sat there. He was nervous Jungkook might have lied and wouldn’t come back down stairs. He couldn’t wait to ask him about the painting...ask him all sorts of shit…

He wanted to see more of his work too. He wanted him. He wanted him in the fucking gang. He wanted him so desperately for himself.

He looked down the block. It was starting to grow dark. Agust had went to get the fucking package. He already had a few buyers waiting for him when he got the shit. He pulled out his phone, the lollipop hanging in his mouth. He sucked on it as he texted Min Yoongi:

Joker: You uptown?
Agust: Yeah
Joker: How much?
Agust: 5
Joker: *dabs*
Agust: Mochi will help
Joker: He joined??
Agust: No

Taehyung lowered eyes. He knew that bitch wouldn’t join...probably because of him.

Joker: Is it because of me you think?
Agust: What?
Joker: Mochi not joining…
Agust: Idk
Joker: I’m with him...the college kid. Jungkook.
Agust: The Boss said yes so it’s cool
Joker: YES! I don’t know an angle though…
Agust: $$
Joker: Haha true
Agust: Or you can always suck his dick. He sent an eggplant emoji.
Joker: LMFAO
Agust: Haha you didn’t say no tho
Joker: lol He sent him a devil emoji
Agust: lol i gotta go
Joker: Haha Cool

Taehyung bit his lip. Yes! The Boss said he could recruit him. He could get Jungkook to join...he knew he wouldn’t though. He doubted he would just join. He had to get him another way...Yoongi had said money…

“Hey.” said Jungkook as he opened the door.

“What you get?” asked Tae and he pushed his phone back into his pocket. Jungkook sat down next to him and Taehyung watched him open up his bag. The smell of the food rose in the air.

“Smells good.” said Tae. “Yeah..I don’t know though..I never had it before.” said Jungkook. Joker raised his eyebrows “Something new?”

“Yeah. Sweet and Sour Chicken.” said Jungkook. “Mmm.” said Joker. Jungkook opened the box and grabbed a piece of the red chicken with his chopsticks. He shoved it into his mouth.

“How is it?” asked Joker. He had never had it before either. The red chicken stuff he was eating.

“It's..good.” said Jungkook. “You want some?” he asked and offered the box of chicken to Tae just then.

Taehyung smiled at him. He was so fucking nice...just like he knew he would be. “Yeah let me try.” he said. Jungkook passed him the other set of chopsticks and he opened them and grabbed a piece. “Mmm...this shit tastes like fucking candy!’ he cried out. Jungkook laughed. It kind of did.

“I fucking love candy.” said Joker. “Yeah me too...and snacks and shit.” said Jungkook.

“Dude...what’s your favorite snack?” asked Joker and he grabbed another piece of chicken. He was so hungry all of a sudden.

“Mmm…” Jungkook thought about it. There were so many he liked…”Maybe Cream Puffs...or Choco Pies.” he said.

“Cream Puffs?! No shit that’s mine too.” said Tae. He beamed his boxy smile at Jungkook and Jungkook smiled back. He was liking him more and more.

They kept eating in silence for a minute.

“You ever get high and eat snacks?” asked Tae. Jungkook’s eyes grew wide. “ drugs?” he asked innocently.

Taehyung looked at him and smirked. How could he be so fucking innocent in this damn neighborhood? It was unreal. “Haha dude you never smoked fucking weed before?” Jungkook’s eyes grew wider...he shook his head no.

Taehyung looked at him and burst out laughing. He suddenly shoved him away playfully and Jungkook giggled and turned away shyly. He had hit him just now like they were old friends and he was embarrassed he had never done it before.

“What kind of New Yorker are you? Huh?” teased Joker. It was so fucking funny to him. The kid was an what artist in New York doesn’t smoke weed?

“Hahah...I’m such a dork..I never drank before either.” confessed Jungkook. He looked down shyly and finished the last piece of chicken. He felt nervous...stupid all of sudden for being such a loser.

Taehyung raised his eyebrows at him. “No fucking way.” he said slowly. He was too fucking cute. He suddenly wanted to corrupt him.

Jungkook nodded yes and then he giggled again. “My mom...she’s like real strict and shit...and I live here so…” he trailed off.

“’s cool. I get it. My parents are least you have a mom you know?” said Joker. Jungkook looked at him suddenly and his mouth dropped open slightly. He watched Taehyung look away toward the park...he looked he was remembering.

“Wow...I’m...I’m sorry..” said Jungkook softly.

Joker didn’t respond for a minute. Jungkook kept watching him...he felt wonder he sold drugs and shit. He probably had to pay a lot of rent, especially in this neighborhood.

“’s was a long time ago.” said Tae. He sighed and pushed his hands into the pocket of his hoodie.

“So..I was said you never drank or smoked or you want to try it? At least get’s fucking Friday...everyone drinks on Friday.” said Taehyung. He raised his eyebrows at him when he asked.

“Like now? Like today?” asked Jungkook. He didn’t know...he had homework...he wanted to play his game...he was scared to go...scared to get drunk...what if he robbed him...well he didn't have any money anyways but still…

“Dude come on! Live a little what the fuck?” teased Taehyung and he pushed him away jokingly again.

Jungkook bit his lip. He was giggling at him...he looked so fucking nice and friendly. He was thinking maybe he’d say yes when suddenly the gate swung open.

It was his mom. She stopped as she eyed Jungkook sitting there with one of those thugs.

“Upstairs. Let’s go.” said said sternly.

“Okay mom.” said Jungkook. He was so fucking embarrassed. “Hi mam.” said Joker and he got up quickly and bowed to her. She ignored him and opened the door and stood there looking angrily at Jungkook.

Jungkook grabbed his stuff quickly. “Hey I gotta go.” he said nervously. He was so goddamn embarrassed!

“Oh it’s okay...I’m gonna get the game...Hey look me up online. My name’s GucciBoy.” said Joker. He looked up at Jungkook’s mom who was still standing there. He fought back the urge to scowl at her. She had ruined everything. He wanted to hang out with him so badly.

“Okay cool. I’m IronManJK.” said Jungkook. “Haha.” laughed Joker. He loved Iron Man too.

“Kookie. Come on.” said his mom. “Sorry.” whispered Jungkook to Joker and he grabbed his things quickly and ran up the stairs to follow her. Joker walked slowly to the gate. He turned around as he watched the door close behind them.

He pouted. He hadn’t even gotten to ask the fucking question...He hadn’t even figured out an angle...what if he didn’t talk to him after this…

“Pssss.” Joker looked up at the window where the sound came from. It was him. Jungkook. He was leaning out the window.

“Yo..catch.” he said and he threw a video game out the window.

What the fuck! Was he fucking crazy?! Joker hauled ass to catch it but he didn’t make it in time. Shit was probably broken. He looked up but Jungkook was closing the window again. He picked up the game curiously. He could tell by the weight the box was empty.

He frowned and looked back up again. Jungkook wasn’t there. He opened the box. There was a note inside. He read it:

“Wait for me. At the store. The one you watch me at - JK”

Joker smiled. How cute was he signing his name and he wouldn’t know it was him. He pushed the game box in his hoodie and jogged down the street. He was practically skipping...he was so fucking happy just then. He texted Yoongi again when he got to the store to wait on him.

Joker: I was thinking to give him $500. You think that’s enough??
Agust: Yeah
Joker: Idk
Agust: I said yeah wtf
Joker: lol okay
Agust: We need him as a runner next week
Joker: Hah for real?
Agust: Make sure he can run first tho
Joker: Kekekeke
Agust: lol
Joker: He looks shook tho...
Agust: I already told The Boss so he has to now

Joker bit his lip. He didn’t know...What if Jungkook freaked out? Ran to the cops or some shit? He’d have a week. A week to get to know him real well. Get close to him so he would fucking do the job.

He texted again:

Joker: Who else is going??
Agust: Me you Mochi & Spider
Joker: ??
Agust: You’ll meet him. Mochi knows him.
Joker: I’ll need a piece
Agust: Don’t worry I got you
Joker: What The Boss say?
Agust: Get more people. Sell more shit
Joker: lmao what’s new
Agust: Exactly

“Hey.” said Jungkook as he ran up to Joker. “Hey.” said Joker and he put his phone in his pocket and threw his arm around him as if they were old friends. “Let’s get you fucked up!” he yelled.

Jungkook giggled as they made their way to wherever Joker was taking him. He didn’t care where...he just wanted to go with him.


“So this your house?” asked Jungkook. “Yep. This is my fucking house.” said Taehyung. He opened the door and they walked inside. Jungkook was surprised. The shit was really nice considering the building it was in. He had a leather couch, a huge flat screen T.V. on the wall and all the game consoles in the bookcase underneath it.

He noticed he had black and white photographs hung and framed all over the walls. Jungkook stopped to stare at some of them while Joker went into the kitchen to make the drinks.

“Wow...these are really cool.” said Jungkook. “Thanks. Their mine. All of them. I take photos and shit.” said Tae.

Jungkook looked at him surprisingly. “No shit...I thought you were a just a drug dealer.” he said.

Oh fuck! He hadn't meant to say that! Jungkook gulped. He prayed he would want to fight him or something.

Taehyung turned just then and saw him. He laughed. “What? A drug dealer can’t have a fucking hobby?” he teased.

Jungkook giggled. “Nah. I’m sorry...I was just surprised that’s all.” He walked into the kitchen. “So what are we drinking?” He was nervous. The glasses Joker was pouring the drink in looked pretty big.

“It’s just Soju.” said Tae. “Oh.” said Jungkook. He felt better he knew what the fuck it was. His parents drank it too.

“Well if we never hang out again at least you’ll always remember me. I’m your first fucking drinking buddy.” said Tae and he passed Jungkook the glass and raised his eyebrows at him in a meme-like way. Jungkook giggled at him. He made the funniest faces.

“Haha true.” he giggled. Joker touched his glass and he started to drink. Jungkook did too. Taehyung kept drinking...and drinking and drinking. Jungkook didn’t want to look like a pussy so he kept drinking it too. They both downed the whole fucking glass.

“Ahhh...this shit is good right?!” cried out Tae. Jungkook nodded yes. Taehyung poured more. He wanted him drunk. He wanted him drunk as fuck. No one his age should not be drunk on a Friday, he thought to himself.

Jungkook looked down sheepishly as Joker had stared at him just then. He bent down to tie his shoe that had come undone and when he did the game fell out of his pocket.

When he placed it on the counter Tae noticed it was the regular version of Destiny. He frowned and picked it up. He wouldn’t get the Legendary Sword.

“Why didn’t you get the Deluxe Edition with the Expansion Pass?” asked Tae. This was it, he thought. The fucking angle.

“Oh..I couldn't afford it.” said Jungkook. He felt kind of embarrassed. He took extra long to tie the shoe.

“ won’t get the sword then.” said Joker. Jungkook got up and looked away.

“Yeah...I know...” he said sadly and he turned so he wouldn’t have to face Joker for that quick second. He noticed his glass was full again. He grabbed it and drank some and then looked down on the floor. He hated not having money. He fucking hated it.

Taehyung looked at him and he felt his dick start to grow slightly in his pants. He looked sexy to him. His head held down, his mouth in a sad pout, his strong physique yet bashful innocence. He wanted him. He wanted him for himself.

“Here.” said Joker. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his stack of money. He undid the rubberband and Jungkook gulped as he saw how fat it was. It was the most money he had ever seen in his whole fucking life.

“Oh no...I can't.” said Jungkook. Taehyung looked up at him and frowned. “Yeah you can.” he said and he passed him $500 dollars.

“500 bucks!’ said Jungkook suddenly. He couldn't fucking believe it! Joker laughed at him.

“Dude it’s buy that shit. How we gonna do raids if you don’t have the fucking sword.” he said.

Jungkook just stared at him as he poured more in both of their glasses and walked out into the living room to set up the playstation. He looked back down at the money in his hand. The game wasn't that much. 80 bucks at the most.

Should he? Take it?

He looked back at Joker. “Dude! Let’s play this’s gonna be..” he said and suddenly he dabbed. Jungkook giggled. He was so fucking funny and animated. He was really a cool dude. He put the money in his pocket. He’d pay him back. He had a job interview coming up at the school. Financial Aid had set it up for him. He’d pay him back with that.

“Coming.” he said and walked into the room with the game.

They drank and drank and played Destiny. Jungkook was having so much fun. Joker had showed him his photography and Jungkook liked it a lot. He was really good. He had told him about his friends and the gang. Places he had robbed, cool stories about almost getting busted by the cops. Jungkook sat there with his eyes wide and the biggest smile pasted across his face as Joker would get up and act out all of the stories. He felt like he was in some goddamn movie...everything felt dreamy, exciting...unreal.

He agreed to smoke weed with him too. His phone kept blowing up. He knew it was his parents calling but he didn’t give a fuck just then. He was living life for a change...experiencing something instead of just painting about it.

He really didn’t want to leave…

“So why do they call you Joker?” asked Jungkook. He passed the weed back to Taehyung. They were laying down on Joker’s roof looking at the sky. It was dark and the breeze felt good on their faces.

Taehyung turned his head to look at him. He looked so fucking cute lying there next to him. His eyes were all sleepy and low and he had this cute smile on his face. Tae liked his fluffy hair...his innocent expressions, his big two front teeth that made him look sort of like a rabbit. Rabbit. He decided if he joined that would be his fucking name.

“Mmm..I guess cause I joke around and shit.” lied Tae and he pulled in the weed and blew it out slowly into the air.

“Ohhhhh.” said Jungkook. He started giggling for no reason.

“’re so fucking high.” said Joker and he took another pull and passed it back. Jungkook laughed again. “No I’m not.” he lied. Tae smirked at him. He so fucking was. He reached over and ruffled his hair.

“Haha...hahaha.” giggled Jungkook. For some reason Joker touching his hair had tickled him. He took another pull of the weed but it was too much and he stared coughing and hacking. Tae laughed his ass off which caused Jungkook to laugh harder. He turned over on his side facing Joker, still laughing, and the joint fell out of his hand and started to roll away.

Taehyung laughed eve harder as he reached down to pick it up quickly before it rolled off the damn roof. The shit was uneven.

“Kookie...what the can’t have anymore you bitch.” laughed Joker.

“Nah fuck that...I’m...I’m living!” said Kookie. “Hahaha!” laughed Joker. He sounded so funny to him. His voice got lower the higher he got.

“I’m good anyways.” said Tae, when their laughing died down. He put out the joint and laid back down facing Kookie. Jungkook was still laying there facing him. Still giggling a little every now and then and Tae dared to move closer to him. He was high too..sleepy even...he wanted to play in his hair all of a sudden.

He reached over and started to slowly run his fingers through his hair. It was so soft…

“Mmm...I like your hair.” said Tae. Jungkook closed his eyes when he did it. He was so drunk and high and Joker’s voice was so deep and a low hum...the breeze was cool and gentle...he felt so fucking light and warm and good.

“That...feels...good.” said Jungkook softly. Any minute and he would pass the fuck out right there on the roof.

“I know.” whispered Tae. He moved closer to him. He was right in front of his face almost. He kept massaging his head...he loved his hair now. Now he loved his hair.

“What...were you gonna ask?...Ask me…” said Kookie sleepily. Taehyung frowned. What the fuck was he talking about?....”Oh shit…” he said when he suddenly remembered.

“I saw your painting...the mural.” said Tae and he moved his hand down to Kookie’s ear...he started to gently play with it...rubbing his fingers softly up and down it. He like his ear now too.

“Mmm?” asked Kookie. “What...what mural?” he said softly. “The one at the bridge.” said Tae, just as softly.

“Ohhhh..” said Kookie. He giggled. Joker the drug dealer was asking him about a fucking painting. “Haha it’s mine.” he said, his eyes still closed. Tae giggled. He knew that already.

“What’s it mean...I mean like why’d you draw it?” Tae asked. He stopped rubbing his ear suddenly and stared at him. Jungkook slowly opened his eyes.

Joker. Taehyung. He was staring at him….He was always staring at him, Jungkook thought to himself.

He stared back.

He looked into Taehyung’s eyes. They were wide and curious and sort of red from smoking the weed. The tongue darted out again and in that moment Jungkook felt incredibly shy as he laid there beside the mysterious boy who followed him and stared at him as if he had so many questions...Joker was so interested in was fascinating how interested in him he was…

Jungkook wanted to ask him “Why me?.”... but now maybe he knew...maybe he wanted to know him all because of the painting. It was the most bizarre thing…

“So why’d you draw it?” asked Taehyung again when Jungkook didn’t answer.

“I didn’t draw it...I painted it.” teased Jungkook. Joker giggled. “Haha sorry.” he said. Jungkook didn’t know if he wanted to tell him. What if he didn’t hang out with him after he knew?

“Why do you want to know?” asked Jungkook. He bit his lip as he watched Taehyung continue to stare at him. Tae licked his lip he was staring at Jungkook’s lips instead of his eyes and Jungkook felt tingly very warm and tingly….

“Because I love it.” said Taehyung without a second thought. “Me too.” Jungkook said sleepily. He wanted to go to sleep all of a sudden. He started to close his eyes again...the felt so good...

“Jungkookie…” whispered Joker when he waited a few minutes. He thought maybe he had fallen asleep.

“Mmm?.” said Jungkook. He had almost fallen asleep.

“Tell me...tell me why you painted it.” whispered Taehyung and he started to play with his ear again.

Jungkook loved how it felt when he played with his ear. It felt so fucking good...He didn’t want to leave...he didn't want his fun time with him to end...he was very lonely… He didn't want to tell him...he wanted to hold back...what if he told him and he never saw him again?

“It’s fine. Forget it.” said Joker suddenly and he moved his hand from Jungkook’s ear and turned on his back and looked back up at the sky. He could tell...he didn’t want to fucking tell him.

Jungkook opened his eyes suddenly from the change in his tone. He bit his lip as he watched Joker reach into his pocket and pull out a lollipop and open it and push it into his mouth, putting the wrapper back into his pocket.

He watched him swirling it in his mouth...looking up at the sky…his sandy brown hair, his sad expression, the thoughtfulness of his profile as he casually swirled the lollipop in his mouth….his mouth...his full mouth that was pushed out around was all beautiful to Jungkook...he suddenly wanted to paint him...he was so beautiful he wanted to paint him…

“I’ll tell you.” Jungkook said suddenly. Suddenly he wanted to tell him. Who else could he tell?...He had no fucking friends. He might never see him again anyways. Fuck it.

Tae turned quickly and looked at him, popped the lollipop out of his mouth. He had been dying to know for months. His heart started to beat quickly. He didn’t know why but this one thing was so goddamn important to him...he had to know if he was right.

Jungkook giggled again nervously. It seemed like he was dying to know...but why?

It was kind of hard for him to explain...the had been so very personal to him.

“So...I’m kind of like a loner right…” he said softly. Taehyung nodded as he finished the lollipop.

Jungkook gulped. He didn't realize it would be this hard to say. Joker was staring so damn intently...hanging on his every word...he felt warm inside...nervous...he turned to look up at the sky. It would be easier this way. He couldn't stand his deep staring just then.

“Yeah..” said Tae to edge him on to keep going. He had to fucking know...he had to know what it meant.

“So the boy in the that’s on the inside...I’m all fucked up...because I have all these things...these things I want to say or do and…” he stopped. He felt a heaviness in his heart as he tried to continue...his heart...he felt all choked up all of sudden.

He was bearing his inner dark secrets to a complete stranger...he didn’t want him to judge it..not like him...think he was weird.

“Jungkookie.” whispered Joker. He had said it softly...Jungkook blushed.

“Yeah?” said Jungkook.

“I felt that way when I saw it. I saw it and I felt like it was me in the my fucking soul...and my’s all fucked up.” whispered Tae.

Jungkook turned to look at him again. The breeze was softly blowing Taehyung’s hair and when Jungkook looked at him he appeared to have tears in his eyes. Did he? Did he have tears in his eyes?

The boy Joker had tears in his eyes and Jungkook felt a connection...a deep connection to him because he felt the same his soul was all fucked up...all fucked up because it had never really lived life had never experienced any of the colors that were painted across it...he had ran from everything...and that’s why he was crying...because he couldn’t in color...he was all black and white...he was nothing really...just an image of a boy that was scared to live his life…

“I’m all fucked up’s all fucked up too..” said Jungkook softly.

Taehyung pushed Jungkook’s hair back. He was so fucking beautiful and innocent and pure...there was nothing fucked up about him. He painted beautiful things. He went to school. He didn’t drink or smoke or do anything bad. He was nice and he hadn’t wanted to take the money.

How could his soul be fucked up? He hadn’t murdered anyone...

“No.” said Taehyung. “It’s not...your soul’s so’s good and pure...and mine...not so much.” said Tae. Suddenly a tear fell down his face. It fell so fast, betraying him, and Taehyung brushed it away quickly, hoping Jungkook hadn’t seen it.

He had seen it though. Jungkook had seen it and he felt so connected to him when he did. He dared to push the strand of hair that had fallen in front of Joker’s face away. He held his breath when he did it.

“Joker...can..I ask you something?” asked Jungkook.

“Yeah.” whispered Tae and he started to play with Jungkook’s hair again. He loved his hair so very much now.

“Why did you say your soul isn’t what do you mean?” asked Jungkook.

Joker just looked at him for a minute. He would never tell him. He would run if he told him...told him all those horrible things...

“It’s nothing.” he said suddenly and he cleared his throat and sighed and grabbed his phone to look at the time. No fucking way would he tell him.

Taehyung looked back at him and he knew he had to have him. His big curious doe-shaped eyes, his fluffy brown hair, his uneven lips, the sexiness of his bow shaped mouth that was parted just now, exposing his cute teeth.

He had to have him. He wanted him all to himself. He was so very precious to him for no reason at all other than the incredible feeling that he felt in the pit of his stomach that he would be the one person in the world that just might understand him...he just might understand who he really fucking was...understand who he was...and not leave him because of it...

Jungkook bit his lip again. Joker seemed so hurt...sad.

“I like you.” whispered Taehyung slowly, softly, and he pushed his hands deeply into Jungkook’s hair.

Jungkook gulped. His voice was so deep and low and his eyes...his eyes were so fucking dark and he licked his lips just then and Jungkook could feel his hands start to grip his hair at the back of his head and he felt so fucking nervous suddenly. He bit his lip...he was so shy and nervous as Joker’s dark stare seemed to pierce his damn soul.

“I like you..” whispered Tae again and his eyes moved down to Jungkook's mouth and he licked his lips again and Jungkook gulped as the nervous feeling surged through him.

He was so drunk, so high, so fucking weak...his heart raced...he licked his lips back suddenly and he felt his dick starting to grow in his jeans as Taehyung moved closer to him...still holding him...still staring at him hungrily…he was so damn nervous...Joker looked like he wanted to kiss him...

“I...I like you too.” whispered Jungkook softly. Taehyung moved closer and imagined sucking on his cute bottom lip.

“You do?” said Joker. His voice was so fucking deep that Jungkook trembled slightly. He nodded yes. He did like him. He was cool. He had fun with him...but he was afraid of what he would do to him…

“Mm”, said Joker and the sound of his voice vibrated through Jungkook as Joker moved in closer...his nose barely touching Jungkook’s. Tae’s eyes moved down Jungkook’s face, down to his lips and then back up slowly again. He looked so seductive, so serious, so dark. Jungkook held his breath. He could barely stand it!

He could barely stand it....he was staring so fucking deeply...his eyes dark and full of longing...his face nothing but a blank canvas…

“Jungkookie.” Taehyung whispered and he leaned closer and softly pushed his lips against Jungkook’s.

Jungkook’s heart beat so fast as Joker held him there, his lips pressed against his, his tongue moving softly against his bottom lip. He was felt so good...he was scared...nervous..he just sat there frozen.

“Jungkookie...kiss me back.” whispered Tae and he pressed his sexy mouth against Jungkook’s again.

Jungkook closed his eyes slowly and he opened his mouth and allowed Taehyung to kiss him softly, sensually, opening his mouth wider as Taehyung pushed his tongue inside of it. He tasted so fucking good...Jungkook moaned without meaning to as he tasted Taehyung’s sweet tongue that was just like a delicious cherry lollipop.

“Kiss me...Kiss me Jungkookie” whispered Tae seductively and Jungkook felt butterflies swirling madly inside of his stomach. His heart was racing, his dick started to get hard as the boy moved his tongue deeply inside his mouth. So fucking deep that he snatched his breath away.

Oh god he tasted so good..and his was gripping his hair, pulling him closer into the kiss and suddenly Jungkook felt as if he was burning inside. He had never felt like this before...he suddenly wrapped his arm around Taehyung’s neck and he started to kiss him back, moving his tongue fast and hard against Tae’s.

“Mmm.” moaned Tae as he felt Jungkook’s tongue lashing back and forth quickly against his own.

Jungkook pushed his hand against Joker’s back and he kissed him harder, more passionately. His cock was growing harder and harder until it was pressing forcefully against his jeans. He pushed himself as close as possible to Joker. He could feel Joker’s hard bulge against him and it was thrilling to him. Everything felt exciting and good

“” Kookie moaned. It felt so fucking good, so tingly. He kissed him wildly. He was inexperienced, eager. He wanted more. He wanted more of the boy...the boy that followed him...stared at him...that cried in front of him...he wanted so much more of him all of a sudden.

Jungkook pulled back from the kiss and grabbed onto Joker’s shirt tightly. He looked him in the eyes. “Keep doing it...please.” whispered Kookie and Taehyung nearly came in his fucking pants when Jungkook begged him.

He nodded quickly to say yes and he grabbed Jungkook to him and pushed his tongue deeply into his mouth. Their kissing grew more and more passionate. Tae’s dick was so fucking hard as he heard Jungkook sighing and moaning while he explored his cute mouth. He felt the bunny teeth grazing against his lip. He felt his hands holding tightly to his shirt. He moved his hand down his back and then up his shirt and he rubbed up and down his body and Jungkook kept pressing up against him eagerly, wanting him to do more.

“You’re so beautiful.” whispered Tae. “Just kiss me..please.” begged Jungkook. He loved kissing the boy. He was so fucking hard his dick was throbbing. “” he moaned softly as Tae kissed him again. He was floating, falling, it felt so good.

Taehyung moved down to his neck...he hesitated...he wanted him so bad...he wanted him to stay...he wanted him to never leave really...he wanted him for himself.

“I want you.” whispered Tae and he planted soft kisses on Jungkook’s neck. Jungkook held his head back, the wind rushed over them suddenly and Jungkook trembled and sighed as the light kisses sent electric waves through his body. Oh fuck, thought Jungkook as he felt Joker’s hand moved down his back to grab his ass and push him against his body, grinding his dick against him.

He held his shirt even tighter, his eyes closed and he sighed and moaned as Taehyung suddenly licked his tongue in a circular motion on his collarbone. “Ahh...ohh...ahhh.” he sighed.

Joker started to lick up his neck...up to his ear and then back down again, lashing his tongue against his sweet neck. He was fighting the urge to bite and suck on it harshly. Jungkook kept sighing and holding him close and Tae wanted to leave bruises he was so sweet and good and pure...he wanted to devour him he was so fucking sweet.

“Ahh...ahh.” sighed Jungkook as Taehyung licked and kissed and sucked on his neck. He squeezed his eyes as tight as possible as Joker sucked and sucked, lashing his tongue all over his neck, sending chills up his spine.

“Mm..ahh.” he moaned. His dick was so hard he pushed it up against Taehyung...he wanted more..more..

“Jungkookie...stay with me...stay.” said Tae and he moved back up to his mouth and started to kiss him and kiss him and Jungkook pushed back against him.

He wanted to...he wanted to stay...but his parents...he would be in so much was more than that...He was afraid to stay. He wanted more but he was so afraid of what more meant. He had never kissed a boy...he have never kissed anyone before.

Taehyung paused and moved up and licked his cute bottom lip again. He wanted to leave the roof. He wanted to take him downstairs and devour him...put his damn dick in him.

He pulled back and looked deeply into Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook was so shy suddenly. He had let Joker kiss him...he was drunk..still a little high...he was so very shy as Joker looked at him lustily.

“Jungkookie...stay with me.” whispered Taehyung. “I...I don’t know..I...I can’t.” said Jungkook softly. He bit his lip nervously as he saw Taehyung press his lips together in disappointment.

Joker massaged his hair and head and Jungkook’s eyes closed again. He was melting...drowning in the feeling of his hands as they moved through his hair...

Suddenly Joker’s hand grabbed a fist full of Jungkook’s hair tightly and Jungkook opened his eyes wide from the shock of it. What the fuck was he doing?

“Stay.” said Joker. His voice was deep, authoritative and he looked at Jungkook sternly.

Jungkook gulped. He felt the follicles of his hair start to pull as Joker’s grip tightened while he stared at him waiting for an answer. His face was so stern. Jungkook began to grow nervous.

“I...I don’t think I can.” said Jungkook softly. He didn’t know why but suddenly he was afraid of him. Something in his eyes...they looked so fucking serious just then.

“Stay.” said Joker again and he squeezed his hand around his hair even tighter.

It hurt. He was practically pulling it out just now but Jungkook didn’t dare tell him to let his hair go.

He gulped as the fear grew inside him. He was afraid. Afraid and yet at the same time it was thrilling to him. Erotic somehow. There was an energy between them...pulsating around them it seemed and Jungkook felt his dick grow even harder inside his jeans.

“I don’t think I can...I...I..can’’s like 2am...I...I have to go.” stammered Jungkook.

Joker’s eyes grow even darker...his face now completely was as if all the feeling drained from it all of a sudden. Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut as Joker’s grip on his hair became almost too much to bear...he felt the burning feeling of his scalp being pulled.

“No. Stay.” said Joker and he pulled his head back a little to make him obey.

Jungkook felt his heart race...suddenly he wanted to cry...He felt like maybe he shouldn’t have come. Maybe he should have last time. What if he was a murderer? What if he got mad that he wanted to leave and he killed him on the damn roof? He looked down quickly, away from his eyes and fought back the urge to cry.

“What do you want to do? Not your parents. You.” said Taehyung sternly. He pulled Jungkook’s head back further so that he could fully see his face.

Jungkook didn’t answer him. Instead his bit his lip hard to fight back the tears. It hurt so fucking badly...him pulling his hair...him asking him to decide for himself.

“Mm.” said Joker when he didn’t respond. He didn’t want him to leave. He wanted him for himself.

Jungkook couldn’t bear it anymore. He started to cry shamefully in front of him. He was scared of Joker. He was scared of how he felt about him. He was scared of wanting to kiss him again. He was scared that he would kill him. He was scared of what his parents would say when he went back home again. He was scared...he was scared of everything in his whole world it seemed just then. He was so fucking scared of everything and he cried his eyes out in front of him.

He was so very scared that he had opened a door to something that he may not want…

He was even more scared though that maybe...just maybe he actually did.

He cried and cried and Joker let his hair go and softly wiped away his tears.

He said nothing as Jungkook cried in front of him.

He didn’t ask him to stay again.

Joker knew he didn't have to. He could tell by Jungkook’s face as he wept...

He wasn’t going anywhere.


Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang.

Jimin woke up suddenly and grabbed his gun quickly from under his bed. He cocked it. Who the fuck was banging on his door. His eyes grew wide. It sounded like the fucking police. He grabbed his phone and looked at the time. It was 2am.

Bang Bang Bang

Jimin threw off the covers and kneeled down low, gun in hand and he made his way quickly to the window. He looked out at the street. He felt a sense of relief when he saw there were no fucking cops outside.

Who the fuck was it?

No one had buzzed the intercom. He would have heard it. That shit was loud. It would always wake him up out of his sleep.

He walked slowly to the door. It was dark in the apartment, only the moonlight from the window streamed softly through the room. He approached the door as quietly as possible. He didn’t want whoever it was to hear him and know he was home.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

His heart leaped in his chest as the loud banging occurred so suddenly again as he moved toward the door. He held the gun tightly. Who the hell was it?!’

He peered through the peep hole.

He sighed when he saw him. Thank god, he thought.

It was Yoongi.

“Yoongi?” he said suddenly. He shoved the gun behind his back, his boxer band holding it in place and he slide the chain and unbolted the door quickly. His heart was in his throat. Yoongi hardly ever came to his house...something must have happened….something bad...

“Yoongi.” said Jimin breathlessly as he opened the door. He was so afraid something awful had happened to him.

“Yeah it’s Agust D.” slurred Yoongi. Jimin giggled. He could tell he was drunk.

Yoongi looked at him. He leaned his hand against the archway of the door and Jimin stepped back before he fell into him. Suddenly Jimin saw the cute little head poke out of his jacket. “Meow.”

It was the fucking kitten. The white kitten he had seen earlier.

“Oh my god Yoongi!” said Jimin in shock. The poor thing must have been so scared in there! He grabbed it quickly from the drunk fool that was hanging in front of his door.

“Aww” said Jimin. The kitten was shivering slightly and she kept meowing. Jimin pushed her into his neck so that she could get warmer. He scowled at Yoongi just then without meaning too. He would never normally scowl at him, but him mistreating the cat was pissing him the fuck off.

“You liked” said Yoongi and he turned around and grabbed a bag from beside the door. He stumbled as he picked it up. Jimin giggled but then his eyes grew wide when he saw what it was. It was a huge bag full of kitten food and toys and bowls and everything you could ever want for a fucking cat.

“What the fuck Yoongi?” asked Jimin in surprise. It was the craziest fucking thing.

Yoongi walked in and Jimin just watched him as he swayed over to the table and put the bag on top of it. He couldn't believe it. Fucking Yoongi had came to his house at 2am in the morning to give him a fucking kitten. He couldn't fucking believe it. He thought maybe he was dreaming just then.

Jimin shut the door and took the kitten into his room. He placed it on the bed and gave it a quick kiss and went to leave but he stopped.

He was worried maybe Yoongi would suddenly sober up and realize he had just given away his sister’s cat. He didn’t want him to take it back. He wanted to keep the damn thing.

He had even already given her a name. Baby was what it was naturally. She was his dear, sweet baby. He ran back and kissed her again and then left out the room, shutting the door behind him.

Yoongi was standing there. He was standing there in the dark and he was looking at Jimin. Jimin felt naked all of a sudden as he stood there even though he had on his tank top and boxers.

“Yoongi what the hell-” he started but Yoongi put his finger to his own lips to tell him to be quiet.

Jimin walked up to him slowly. He thought just then maybe the cat was some fucking decoy...maybe he was hiding out...using him as an alibi or something. Jimin’s eyes grew wide and he raised his eyebrows to ask him what the fuck was up.

Yoongi watched him walk over to him. The window curtain was open a crack and the light from the outside streetlamps cast a gold stream of light through the room. Jimin stepped into it and stopped and just then in Yoongi’s drunkenness it appeared as if Jimin was an angel. A blond angel with a golden halo upon his head. Yoongi gulped. He couldn’t bare his times he could never bare the incredible beauty of his beloved Park Jimin.

“Yoongi?” asked Jimin softly.

Yoongi didn’t answer him. He couldn’t talk...he couldn't talk to the angel standing there in front of him...instead he just stared on…

Jimin stepped out of the light and into the dark..closer to Yoongi. He must need to whisper it, thought Jimin. He was so worried. What the hell was he doing here at 2am?

Jimin stepped forward again and he watched Yoongi’s eyes move up and down his body slowly. He felt more naked and he nervously bit his lip as he waited for him to speak.

Yoongi eyed Jimin’s muscular thighs, his tiny waist, his chest that was rising and falling as he breathed, his pale inviting neck, the little mole that was there...the mole that he wanted to kiss...his plump, pouty lips, his perfect nose, his soft pretty eyes...his eyes that were full of worry...full of worry for him...something that Jimin should never, ever be...

“ okay?” asked Jimin softly. He felt nervous. He still hadn’t said anything.

“Mmm” said Yoongi. That was all he said.

Yoongi stepped forward and Jimin stepped back. Yoongi started to walk toward him again, crossing the stream of light and back into the dark and Jimin kept stepping back as Yoongi kept approaching him in the dark. Yoongi kept moving silently toward him, swaying toward him in the dark..with the look in his eyes. He had the look again and Jimin could barely stand it…

It was more this time, thought Jimin as he backed away from him. The look was was sad...more painful and Jimin wished he had never made that damn promise. He was here at 2am and he wanted something and Jimin was afraid suddenly...afraid that maybe he might ask him for it and maybe he couldn't give it to him...and maybe Yoongi...Yoongi whom he owed his life to...would simple take it anyway….

Jimin kept stepping back. He didn't know why but he was so very afraid of him all of a sudden as he approached him in the dark. His tongue now peeking out of his mouth, his eyes lowered and full of what appeared to be...lust?

Jimin’s back hit the wall. There was no where else to go now...Yoongi placed his hand against the wall, his arm stretched out over Jimin’s shoulder and he looked Jimin up and down again. Jimin saw his tongue peeking out of the corner of his mouth and Jimin bit his lip harder, a lump forming in his throat as his fear of Yoongi rose inside of him.

“Yoongi?” quivered Jimin. He felt the gun between his back and the wall suddenly. He still had the gun. He had forgotten...forgotten he had the gun…

What if Yoongi had seen the gun and thought he wanted to shoot him? What if he had come to kill him? What if The Boss had ordered him to kill him? He still owed all that money...he grabbed onto the gun behind his back suddenly and held it just in case…

“Shhhh.” said Yoongi…”Just shhh.”

Jimin nodded to say yes. Suddenly Yoongi reached out, grabbing Jimin by the tank top and he pulled him roughly against him.

Jimin’s eyes grew wide with fear. Yoongi was drunk...he smelled like mint and liquor. He was staring at him and Jimin’s heart started to beat wildly in his chest as he clenched the gun behind his back. He was so fucking scared Agust had come to kill him.

Yoongi kept staring at him...staring at him with the look and Jimin gulped as Yoongi’s hand rose to Jimin’s mouth and Yoongi took his thumb again and rubbed it across Jimin’s lips as he stared upon them.

“Shhh.” he said. Jimin almost trembled as he started to lean into his neck...he pushed him back against the wall again and he was leaning into his neck, his hands grazing his arms as his head lowered onto Jimin’s shoulders and Jimin trembled as he rough fingers moved down slowly, barely touching his skin...sending chills all through his body….

He shivered again as Yoongi’s hand moved slowly up his shirt...up the sides of his shirt...causing him to grow weak...causing him to close his eyes as the hazy feeling floated around him again. He became so very weak from Min Yoongi’s touch…

“Shhhh.” said Yoongi although Jimin hadn’t breathed a word or uttered a single sound. He moved his hand down Jimin’s side again. His fingers were lightly grazing, causing Jimin to tremble again, as Yoongi’s other hand pushed up into his hair while he pressed his body against him.

“You said..” whispered Yoongi. His voice soft and raspy and deep in Jimin’s ear…”You would do anything...anything I asked..” said Yoongi and he massaged Jimin’s head as he moved his other hand down to the one that held the gun behind Jimin’s back.

“Yes...Yes Yoongi.” whispered Jimin and he closed his eyes as he felt his heart beat faster from Yoongi’s body pressed against him, his hands in his hair, his minty smell engulfing him…”Mm” he moaned as he felt Yoongi massaging his head so very softly…

Yoongi tapped his hand that held the gun. Jimin dropped it obediently and it hit the floor behind him.

Jimin was so frightened...he was so weak...he felt so lightheaded all at once.

“Say “I don’t hate you Yoongi.…” said Yoongi and he turned his head, his breath tickling Jimin's neck. ”Say it...please.” whispered Yoongi and he started to lightly push his lips against Jimin’s neck. The soft sound of his kisses was the only sound in the room.

Jimin sucked in his teeth. The feeling of Yoongi kissing him, wanting him felt so good. “I...I don’t hate you.” whispered Jimin. He didn’t understand...he didn’t understand why Yoongi wanted him to say such a thing...he could never hate him...never.

“Mmm” growled Yoongi and he pushed his bulge against Jimin and Jimin started to become hard as Yoongi pressed up against him.

“Say…’Yoongi...I forgive you.’” whispered Yoongi. He opened his mouth slowly and his tongue grazed Jimin’s neck softly...barely licking him...barely touching Jimin's neck and Jimin sucked in his teeth and pushed back against electric feeling shooting through him every time Yoongi’s lips or tongue touched his skin.

“I...I forgive you Yoongi.” whispered Jimin. “Yes….forgive me” whispered Yoongi.

Jimin closed his eyes and leaned his head back slowly to expose more of his neck. He sighed softly as Yoongi began to kiss and lick and now suck upon his neck. Oh god it felt so good, so sensual, so fucking scary...

He hooked his finger into the belt loop of Yoongi’s jeans and pulled him against him, his hand moving into Yoongi’s jacket, pushing him against his body...Oh god he could barely stand his tongue against his throat...He got more aroused...his dick growing harder and harder as Yoongi sucked and licked and pushed up against him.

“” Jimin moaned. He suddenly wanted him so badly….he wanted to take all his pain away...he wanted to owe him...serve anything he asked...he owed him so very very much.

“Mmm…” moaned Jimin as Yoongi suddenly moved his hand down and palmed Jimin’s hard cock, rubbing his hand up and down against it through his boxers. Jimin bit his lip and wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s neck, pulling him closer. Oh fuck it felt so good! “” moaned Jimin softly. His dick was throbbing...oh god he it felt so erotic to him.

“Forgive Jimin...forgive me for everything.” whispered Yoongi, his hair tickling Jimin’s face as he moved up to kiss him...but he stopped...

Jimin’s eyes were low and sexy and Yoongi moved his hand down and palmed up his dick again. He watched Jimin’s close his eyes and sigh from the pleasure of his hand and he wanted in that moment to fuck him so bad. He was so goddamn sexy...he was always so fucking sexy.

Jimin couldn't stand it. Him staring and palming his hard cock.

“Oh god Yoongi kiss me.” whispered Jimin. He threw his arms around his neck suddenly and started kissing him and kissing him. He kissed him feverishly, his heart aching, beating wildly in his chest. Oh god he wanted him. He wanted Yoongi so fucking bad!

Yoongi fell into the kiss...The kiss that was supposed to be forbidden to him. He couldn't help it. He wanted him...his heart broke as Jimin said his name over and over. He kissed Jimin passionately, lashing his tongue against Jimin's. He sucked on his lips, he tasted so sweet, he grabbed his beautiful face in his hands and he kissed him and kissed him as if it was the last fucking kiss on earth. Goddamn him for being drunk. Goddamn him for wanting him so badly. His angel...he kissed his angel and his angel was sighing and moaning against the wall and he lost his breath as he kissed him, pouring all his love and devotion out of him and into the kiss.

Yoongi had to touch him. He had to touch him just once. He threw his hands into Jimin's boxers and grabbed his thick cock. Oh fuck it felt so good in his hands. He started to jerk it up and down roughly, pumping and pumping causing Jimin to moan and sigh and he nearly cried because he knew better...He knew he had no right to want him the way he did...

“Mmm.” Jimin moaned. He pushed his thick tongue deep into Yoongi's mouth. “Mmm..ahhh..ahhh.” sighed Jimin as Yoongi jerked him faster, more roughly. His firm grip and rough pumping sending waves of pleasure through Jimin's body.

Jimin wanted to kiss him, fuck him, suck his damn dick. He would give him anything and everything he ever wanted. Yoongi did everything for him...he was his savior...his goddamn everything it seemed. Oh god his heart would burst if he didn’t let him pay him him how much he loved him...appreciated him...wanted to help him.

“Yoongi...Yoongi” he moaned “I want you..I want you Yoongi.” whispered Jimin between the feverish kisses. “Ahh...ahh.” he sighed as Yoongi jerked him harder and faster. He gripped Yoongi's jacket to brace himself as Yoongi' jerked his throbbing cock roughly in his shorts. He pulled back from the kiss to gasp for air. He could barely stand it. "Oh god..oh god." he sighed.

Yoongi's heart broke in two as he watched Jimin sigh with pleasure in front of him. He was so fucking sexy and beautiful he would die from it all. He grabbed Jimin to him again and threw his tongue back in his mouth, his mouth that tasted like a fucking wild strawberry. He drowned himself into Jimin's mouth...he was drunk, overcome with passion. He wanted to kiss his angel forever...but he knew better...he knew he was wretched to do it.

Yoongi moved away from the kiss and pushed his head into Jimin’s neck and he pumped and pumped and jerked his cock hard and fast. He felt Jimin tremble against him and the wall. Jimin kept saying his name and tears welled up in his eyes as he took advantage of him. He was horrible...wretched...he wanted to stop...he should stop...stop before it was too late...before he took him right there on the goddamn wall...

“Goddamn you...goddamn you for being so fucking beautiful.” Yoongi whispered, choking on the words and the damn tears started to fall onto Jimin’s shirt betraying everything he felt.

“Yoongi...Yoongi..Mmm..ahhh..ahhh..” sighed Jimin. He would fucking cum any minute….waves of pleasure crashed through his body. it felt so damn good that Yoongi wanted him...he finally wanted him.

“Goddamn you Jimin...Goddamn you.” said Yoongi, his voice was raspy and deep and he attacked Jimin’s mouth again so fucking passionately that Jimin could barely fucking breathe! “Mmm..mmm” moaned Jimin and he kissed him back as hard as he could. Jimin would give him any and everything for him.

“Goddamn you.” whispered Yoongi. He started to pull away letting his dick go suddenly. He had to stop...he had to stop himself. Jimin was only doing it because he felt he owed him...because he had made him...he had to fucking stop. He tried to pull back but Jimin threw his arms around him and pulled him back into the kiss.

“Kiss me...please kiss me" begged Jimin. "Jimin...Jimin stop.” said Yoongi as Jimin kept kissing him.

“No Yoongi..please..please.” Jimin begged breathlessly. He held onto him tightly as Yoongi kept trying to pull away his heart aching inside his chest. “I want you..I want you please” he whined. Why wouldn't he kiss him back? Why didn't he want him all of as sudden?

“Don’t Jimin...Don’t want me.” said Yoongi and he pulled back again from Jimin’s wild kisses. Jimin tried to kiss him again and Yoongi pushed him back hard against the wall.

"Stop!" yelled Yoongi suddenly. He had to fucking stop.

Jimin gasped from the shock of it. He stared at Yoongi and he felt so stupid all of a sudden. His lip started to tremble. He couldn't bear his sudden rejection.

“I said..stop.” said Yoongi breathlessly. He stood there catching his breath. He felt guity. So guilty for starting the whole damn thing when he had no fucking right to...he hadn't meant to yell, push him, but he had to fucking stop.

They stared at each other. Each breathing heavily. Jimin felt tears well up in his eyes. Why didn’t he want him dammit!

“No.’ said Jimin suddenly. He would suck his dick. Make him want him. He grabbed Yoongi’s shirt and pulled him to him again but Yoongi grabbed his throat suddenly and slammed him against the wall, holding him there. His eyes grew wide when Yoongi slammed him so forcefully.

“I fucking said stop.” said Yoongi, his voice was stern. His eyes saying otherwise.

Jimin’s closed his eyes, his mouth turning down in the saddest pout. A tear fell down his face. He wanted to cry as he opened them again and he saw Yoongi look back at him sorrowfully. He didn't understand...he didn't fucking understand.

He couldn't bear it...he couldn’t bear him not wanting him...Jimin’s shut his eyes and he covered his face and cried into it. He felt ashamed... and rejected...Yoongi was always rejecting him....

“Shhhh...shhh.” said Yoongi. He let his neck go and he bit his lip and looked sadly upon Jimin. He pulled down Jimin's hands and Jimin's chest kept heaving in deep breaths as he cried while Yoongi kept wiping his tears, looking at him with the goddamn look...the look Jimin hated suddenly. “I’m...I’m sorry.” whispered Yoongi. Jimin whimpered and wiped his face with his arm but the damn tears kept coming anyway.

Yoongi hung his head down at the sight of him. He couldn’t take it. He couldn't take the sound of Jimin’s quiet sobbing. He should have never come...never took advantage of him. He had just wanted to bring him the kitten...just make him happy...that's’ all…

“Why...why don’t you want” Jimin sobbed. He wiped his face and covered it with his hands again. He felt so ugly, so rejected….so useless to Yoongi...he didn’t want him...never wanted anything from him...ever...

“I’m...sorry...sorry Jimin...I was drunk..I’m...I’m...sorry.” said Yoongi softly. He sighed. He was such an asshole. He turned slowly and started to leave. He had to get the fuck out of there...before he went back..before it was too late...he didn’t want to leave really...he wanted so badly to stay.

Yoongi grabbed the doorknob and turned it. He opened the door and stopped. He wanted to go back. He closed his eyes as he heard Jimin started to cry harder. The sound of it breaking his damn heart. His wretched heart that didn’t deserve him.

Jimin slid down the wall. He couldn’t take it. The rejection of Yoongi was so big. It hurt so bad. He wrapped his arms around his knees and he cried big tears as he hugged them tightly against his chest, his head buried into them….his body jolted suddenly when he heard the door slam shut. He cried harder just then...his beautiful Min Yoongi was gone...

“Fuuuuuckkkk!” he heard Yoongi yell suddenly from somewhere outside in the street. Jimin crawled quickly to the window and threw open the curtain and looked outside.

Yoongi was kicking the garbage can across the street. Tears streamed down his face as he saw Yoongi pick up the trash can suddenly and throw it hard against the iron gate of the park across the street. “FUUUUCK!!!!” yelled Yoongi.

“Yoongi...Yoongiii.” Jimin cried. Yoongi was in so much pain. He wanted to help him. Take all his pain away...whatever it was. He just wanted to pay him back. Do something for him. Do anything for him. He wanted him to come back so badly. He desperately wanted him to come back.

“Come back”, whispered Jimin as he watched Yoongi walk away…”Please Yoongi….please come back...”


Joker led Jungkook down the stairs from the roof and they walked back to the apartment not saying a word. Jungkook held his hand, his head hung low, his thoughts racing, a big lump in his throat, as he followed him down the hall to his door.

He sniffled every now and then as they walked along the corridor. He was embarrassed. He was still scared. He was angry he had cried in front of him so shamelessly. He wanted to go home. He wanted to stay.

Taehyung opened the door and led him inside. It was dark inside the apartment. Jungkook still held his hand as he walked him into the bedroom. He sniffled again and wiped his face roughly with his arm as more tears had fallen again. He felt so weak and vulnerable yet he submitted to Joker and clung to his hand tightly.

He didn't know why but somehow holding his hand comforted him even though a few moments ago he had practically pulled his damn hair out. His hand was soft and just then his thumb rubbed against Jungkook’s and Jungkook felt tingly inside when he felt it.

Tae closed the door behind them. He led Jungkook to the bed. Jungkook sat down, sniffling again and Tae stood there quietly in the room and took off his shirt and pants. Jungkook raised his eyes slightly to see him undress in the dark.

“You need clothes?” asked Tae. “I just sleep in my boxers.”

Jungkook shook his head no. He actually slept naked but given the circumstance he decided he’d just sleep in his boxers too.

Taehyung suddenly grabbed his hand and pulled him up on his feet.

“Here.” said Tae and he started to undress Kookie. He pulled off his shirt and Jungkook shivered slightly from the cold air hitting his chest and back. His nipples got hard as Taehyung stared at his chest and Jungkook felt very, very shy.

Tae started to undo his belt and unbutton his jeans. He didn't know why but Jungkook allowed him to do it. He watched him as he struggled to undo his zipper. “It gets stuck.” said Jungkook.

“Yeah mine too.” said Tae and he unzipped it and Jungkook pulled down his pants and stepped out of them. Tae then grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the bed.

They got under the covers, each not saying a word. Jungkook laid down upon the pillow and faced Joker, his heart beating wildly in his chest at the thought of what he might want to do to him now that they were in his bed.

Taehyung was lying on his back, staring at the ceiling. “Your parents. You gotta text them. They might call the cops.” he said. He didn’t want any bullshit. His damn mom had seen him. He had suddenly remembered.

“’re right.” said Jungkook. He was nervous but he did as he told him. He had 9 missed calls and 5 missed texts. His mom had texted in all caps...he could hear her screaming out the words in his head.

He texted her. “I'm fine. Be back tomorrow.” and he put the phone on the table near the bed and got back under the covers. He didn’t want to think about what would happen when he got back home.

“You cold? I got an extra blanket.” said Tae He was worried maybe he was cold.

“No. I’m okay.” said Jungkook softly. “Okay cool.” said Tae and he closed his eyes to go to sleep.

He would sleep, thought Tae. He didn't want to but he would. He wanted to grab Jungkook to him. He wanted to kiss him and lick him and make him moan but he didn’t. He knew that he had scared him up on the roof. He didn't want him to leave...not see him he decided he’d just go to sleep.

Jungkook watched him curiously. Was that it? Was he just gonna go to sleep? He thought something big would happen next. Joker had pretty much forced him to stay...he had kissed him...he had undressed him...and now he was just going to sleep? It didn’t make any sense. He didn't want him to sleep. He wanted him to do more..

He looked at the beautiful, mysterious boy beside him and he felt a longing in his chest. He wanted him to kiss him more...he stared at him and he looked so beautiful and elegant and strong to Jungkook just then. He looked like a greek a sculptured work of art.

Jungkook wanted him to want him. When he had kissed him he had felt how much he wanted him and it felt so good. It had felt better than the weed or the Soju...the feeling of being wanted. It was the first time in his life he had felt the feeling of being wanted and it was the best high ever. He wanted to keep feeling it...He didn’t want it to go away.

He suddenly came to realize that he loved how Joker had followed him, stared at him, wondered about him. He loved that he had wanted to kiss him...that he had wanted him to stay. No one had ever wanted him before. No one had ever paid him so much attention before. No one had ever been so curious about his art...his thoughts...whether he had tried something or not...had the better game or one had really cared what he wanted before ever.

Now that that someone did care he craved it...needed it. He craved the feeling of Joker wanting him...caring about him….It made him want him too.

In the end it was Jungkook that walked through the door of Joker’s world. In the end it was him that made the choice to follow him blindly, to submit to him, to stay with him. In the end it was all his decision...all Jungkook’s.

“Joker?” asked Jungkook softly once he got up the nerve to do so. “Mm?” asked Tae. He was almost asleep. Jungkook moved toward him and Taehyung turned to see what he wanted.

“You going to sleep?” Kookie asked softly, innocently, and Tae turned his body to face him. “I was...why?” he asked and he licked his lip at him. He knew what he wanted. He could see it in gorgeous doe-shaped eyes. He wanted him to kiss him again, touch him again, but Tae would make him ask him for it.

“I don’t know...I don’t want you to I guess.” said Jungkook and he looked down from Joker’s gaze.

“Jungkookie.” whispered Tae. Jungkook looked up again. “Huh?” he asked and Tae bit his lip and took his hand and slowly pushed his palm against Jungkook’s bulge. Jungkook’s eyes grew wide and his dick jumped from his touch.

“Why...why don’t you want me to sleep?” asked Taehyung softly and he moved his hand up to the waistband of Jungkook’s boxers and slowly ran his finger in between the waistband and Jungkook’s waist.

Jungkook sucked in his teeth from the light touch of his hand and he closed his eyes, his mouth parting, his dick growing hard as he felt Joker’s finger grazing against his skin. His finger was moving slowly up his was now his thumb circling his nipple...fuck it felt so good.

“Why Jungkookie...tell me.” whispered Tae. He bit his lip again as he watched Jungkook’s breathing become more heavy from his touch.

“I..I want you to...kiss me...Kiss me Joker.” whispered Jungkook. He wanted him to kiss him so badly.

“I always want to kiss you.” said Tae and he pushed his hand into Jungkook's’ boxers and grabbed his hard cock firmly sliding closer to him. “Ohhh.” said Jungkook when he felt Joker’s hand around his cock. “Ohhh god.” he sighed as Joker stroked his dick firmly upward and then back down again.

Taehyung pushed his mouth against Jungkook’s and Jungkook kissed him back so eagerly, so hungrily, so sloppily. He loved kissing Joker. He had never kissed anyone before him and now all he wanted to do was kiss him and kiss him.

Taehyung kissed him sensually, slowly, teaching Jungkook to slow down his pace. He stroked his dick up and down, applying perfect pressure, jerking him firmly and slowly and Jungkook moaned into his mouth and he wrapped his arms around Taehyung as waves of pleasure crashed through him with each stroke.

“Oh god...ahhh...ahh.” he sighed as Tae started to pump his cock harder and more lustily.

“Mmm..” growled Tae. He pumped him more roughly. Jungkook sucked in his teeth and leaned back against the pillow and he gripped onto Joker’s arm to brace himself. Joker was jerking his dick so good and hard he felt the precum escaping his member. Fuck it felt too fucking good. Jungkook sucked his teeth in again as Joker jerked it harder and faster while he licked and sucked on his neck.

“Oh fuck..ahhh..ahh.” sighed Kookie. “I want you...I want you to stay.’ said Taehyung.

Jungkook pushed his hands into Joker’s hair. His dick was so fucking hard. He arched his back suddenly when he felt Joker moved down to his chest. Licking and sucking on his nipples and Jungkook moaned loudly. It felt so fucking good to him. He wanted more. He loved the electric feeling that waved through him as Joker jerked his cock so expertly.

“Ahhh..ahh….oh fuck...mmm.” Jungkook sighed.

Tae was so hard as he pumped him. He suddenly couldn't stand how fucking cute and sexy he sounded as he moaned and sighed. He wanted to make him cum. He wanted to make him feel so fucking good that he would never want to leave. He wanted him all for himself.

Joker no longer held back. He climbed on top of Jungkook and he grabbed his ass and pushed him up against him, grinding on top of him as he threw his tongue deep into his mouth. He kissed him passionately. Inside he was burning. He was full of passion and lust for him.

He had him now. He had the artist now in his grasp. He had Jungkook moaning and sighing and pushing back up against him. Tae pushed his hands into his lovely hair and he kissed him so fucking deeply that Jungkook could barely breathe as Joker engulfed his body.

“Mmm..mmm.’ Jungkook moaned. “Oh god...keep doing it to me.” he begged. Jungkook wanted him to do more. He wanted him to never stop it felt so fucking good.

“You’re mine’re mine Kookie.” whispered Tae and he lashed his tongue wildly against his neck.

“Ahh...oh fuck...ahh...ahh.” sighed Kookie.

“Say it. Say you’re mine.” Tae commanded and he sucked and licked on Jungkook’s nipples, pulling them into his mouth and letting them escape through his teeth. “Say it Kookie...say it.” said Tae he moved to the other nipple, sucking and licking him savagely.

Jungkook trembled and sighed and arched his back. “Oh fuck...I’m yours...I’m...ahhh..ahh.” he moaned. Yes he was Joker’s. No one else had ever wanted him but Joker. Jungkook suddenly wanted to be his. He loved the fact that Joker, of all people, wanted him to be his.

“Oh fuck you’re so sexy Kookie...fuck you’re so sexy.” whispered Tae and he moved down and pulled off Jungkook’s boxers, flinging them off the bed. He grabbed his dick and Jungkook opened his legs some to allow Joker in between and he trembled again at the fear of what he was about to do to him.

Tae pushed his legs open wider. He kissed and licked his inner thighs and Jungkook's’ dick was throbbing, his legs shaking. He was so scared and nervous. It felt so fucking good! He covered his face with his arms and he bit his lip as he felt Joker’s mouth and tongue moving closer and closer to his cock.

“Ahhh...ahhh..mmmm’ moaned Kookie.

“My dick is so hard Kookie fuck.” said Joker and he grabbed Jungkook’s dick and suddenly lay his tongue flat against the vein and he licked up his big, hard cock, reaching the head and then he sucked and licked it like a fucking lollipop.

Jungkook couldn’t stand it. It felt so fucking good he would cum. “AHH...AHH.” he moaned loudly, waves of immense pleasure coursing through him, making him weak, making him tremble.

Taehyung licked up and down, making his dick super wet. Jungkook gripped onto the sheet with one hand. He wanted to cry it felt so fucking good. He wanted more...more..he wanted him to do whatever the fuck he wanted to him.

Taehyung pushed his dick in his mouth. He wanted to make him cum. Make him his. He was so pure and good. He had to fucking have him.

“Tell me. Say it. Tell me to do it Kookie.” said Tae and he teased him by moving back to his thigh all of a sudden. He wanted him to beg him for it.

“Ahhh..oh fuck…” moaned Kookie. He was shy...too damn shy to say it.

Tae sucked hard on his thigh, ignoring his aching cock, making bruises, marking him as his.

“Tell me Kookie...tell me what you want you’re so sexy.” said Joker.
Fuck he was so damn shy! Fuck he wanted him to suck it so bad. Jungkook whispered the words...he was so nervous to ask him to suck his dick...but he wanted it...he needed more.

“Suck it...suck it please” whispered Jungkook. “Mmm” growled Taehyung and he grabbed his cock and pushed his mouth around it. Jungkook arched his back some as Joker started bobbing up and down, up and down roughly causing Jungkook to squirm.

“Oh fuck...oh fuck...ahhh...oh fuck.” sighed Kookie. Fuck Tae’s mouth was so wet, his tongue so wild as he lashed it around his dick. Joker was deep throating him, sucking him roughly, licking down to this balls and back up. Kookie squeezed his eyes as tightly as possible. Fuck it felt so fucking good!

“Yes...oh fuck..I can’t...can’t take it...Ahhha...ahhhh...oh’ moaned Kookie. The pleasure of Joker sucking his dick was too much..too goddamn much.

“Take it. Cum baby...cum for me.” said Tae and he pumped his dick forcefully into his wet mouth. He licked and sucked and deep throated his cock and Jungkook felt the pleasure of it shooting through his whole body. His orgasm got closer and closer.

“AHHH….AHH.” he moaned. Tae licked down his cock. He loved how he sounded. His dick was so fucking hard as he heard Kookie moaning for him. He sounded so cute and sexy that Tae thought he might fucking cum just from the sound of it.

Taehyung looked up suddenly as he licked up his cock, he licked the precum off the top and he watched Jungkook sighing and moaning and arching his back, his arm covering his face. He looked so wrecked. He had to watch him. He flicked his tongue across the head and Jungkook sucked in his teeth again. He was so beautiful to Taehyung as he watched him. He was so fucking beautiful.

Tae started to jerk him hard and fast into his mouth. He wanted to make him cum he was so fucking sexy.

“Oh fuck...ahhh..ahh.” sighed Kookie. He couldn’t take it...fuck he would cum any second. He couldn't fucking take his wet mouth sliding up and down his cock so perfectly.

“Cum baby...cum for Tae.” said Tae and he jerked faster and faster. His large hand pumping the fuck out of Jungkook. Jungkook arched his back and grabbed the sheets hard in his fist. He sucked in his teeth.

“Oh fuck...oh fuck.” he moaned as Joker went back down, deep throating his dick again. Oh fuck he couldn’t take it!

“MMM...ahhh….ahh..I’m gonna cum...mmm.” he moaned. Tae bobbed up and down, his dick was so wet and tasted so good in his fucking mouth. He sucked on it hard and Jungkook trembled and the pleasure shot through him, making him hot inside and he moaned loudly.

“Ahhh..I’m gonna cum...mmm.’ he moaned. Tae popped his dick out of his mouth. He wet his finger and started flicking it against Jungkook’s hole as he jerked his cock fast and hard. Jungkook thrust upward suddenly from the shock of it and Tae threw his cock back in his mouth and kept jerking him faster and faster.

“Ahhh...ahhh...ahhh...ahh.” Kookie sighed as his orgasm surged through him. “Oh fuck...oh fuck.” he whined. Tae jerked and jerked and sucked and sucked. Kookie squeezed his eyes tight...he felt a warm rush flow through him and shoot down to his dick. “Mmmm..mmm.” he moaned and his legs trembled as the cum shot out of his throbbing cock.

Tae raised up and he looked at him. He giggled. He looked so cute and wrecked as he lay there catching his breath.

“Oh god...oh...fuck.” sighed Jungkook. It had felt so good. Fuck that shit felt so good. He giggled suddenly as he heard Joker laughing at him. He raised his head and he felt so shy and naked suddenly. He went to grab the cover and he beamed a shy smile at Taehyung.

“Stop laughing at me.” he giggled “That shit was good right? Tell me.’ asked Tae and he rested his hands on either side of Jungkook, staring down at him as he lay there. Jungkook was so shy. He moved his arm back over his face again. Tae kept staring at him as he watched his him nod his head yes.

“Jungkookie.” whispered Tae. “Let me see your face.” he asked. He wanted to see him...see his beautiful face.

“I’m...I’m too shy.” said Jungkook and he bit his lip. He could feel it. Feel Joker staring at him. He felt overwhelmed suddenly. He had came in his mouth, let him suck his dick...he was so embarrassed. Tears started to fall and he didn’t want Joker to know he was crying again.

Tae leaned his forehead down on Jungkook’s chest. He was really there with him...he had stayed. The boy he had wanted for so long...he was there..beneath him..It felt unreal. Like a dream or something.

“You're mine now.’ said Tae and he moved up and wrapped his arms around him.

“Right? You’re mine now right?’ whispered Tae. Jungkook nodded, his arms still over his face.

Teahyung smiled at him. He pulled down his arms. Jungkook shut his eyes quickly so he wouldn’t see him crying. Tae smiled again. He was so very cute to him. He kissed his adorable nose.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?’ asked Tae softly.

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know...I feel embarrassed.” he said. He had let him see him naked, he had been so loud..he was fucking embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed’re perfect.” said Tae and he reached down and grabbed the rest of the covers and pulled it over them.

“I...I never did any of this before.’ confessed Jungkook. He was such a damn loser.

“So? Now you have.” said Tae. Jungkook looked at him and giggled. It was true. Now he had drank and smoked weed and kissed and got his dick sucked by a boy.

Jungkook beamed a big smile at the thought of it all and he started to laugh. He had just got his dick sucked! “Hahahaha!’ he laughed. What the fuck?!

Joker giggled too and he ruffled his hair. Jungkook giggled again. It was so fucking funny. “You want me to do it again? Mmmm?” teased Tae and he raised his eyebrows up and down at him. Jungkook laughed harder. He loved when his funny faces.

“ should be in the gang with me.’ said Joker after a few minutes and he started to play with Jungkook’s ear as he looked at him to see what he would say.

“The..gang?” said Kookie. Was he serious? He couldn't fathom it. Him in a gang. No fucking way.

“Yeah. Everyone would love you and you’d make a whole bunch of money like me. I’d help you and shit. Me and Agust would teach you. ” said Tae

“’s illegal.” said Kookie. Joker stopped playing with his ear. Jungkook stared at him. He was afraid he’d grab his hair again or worse.

“Ha!” laughed Tae suddenly. “So is smoking weed dumbass.’ he said and he shoved him away playfully. Jungkook laughed too. “Haha you’re right.” he laughed.

“For real should.” said Taehyung. He started playing with his ear again.

Jungkook thought about it. It’d be like a fucking cool movie..him in a gang.

“But I couldn’t like rob people and shit I never even had a fucking fight.” he said. He didn’t want to let him down. He couldn't even imagine him robbing someone.

Tae giggled. “ don’t have to rob you could be a runner...that's it.” he said. “What’s a runner?” asked Jungkook. It sounded easy...kind of cool.

“I pass you a package of drugs or money and you run with the shit to a certain block and pass it to someone else. That’s it.” said Tae.

“That’s it? a relay race.” said Kookie. Tae giggled. “Yeah like a fucking relay race.”

Tae continued. “You can sell dope your school. I bet a lot of fucks in there would rather buy from you than us because you go there and shit.” He turned and reached into his drawer and grabbed on of his joints. He lit it and laid on his back and smoked a little and passed it to Jungkook.

“That would be easy...selling in the school...this girl there does it. Yoonji.” said Kookie. “Oh shit you know Yoonji?!” said Tae. He couldn't believe it.

Jungkook giggled and passed the weed back as he started to cough. “Yeah everyone knows Yoonji.” he said.

Taehyung laughed. “She hot as fuck.” he said. Jungkook giggled. It was true. “That’s Agust twin. She’s a badass...but don’t fuck her. He’d kill you.” said Tae.

“Nah I wouldn’t do that dude.” said Jungkook. Even if he wanted to no way would a girl like that would ever fuck a guy like him. He thought about it as he took the weed again. She was sexy as fuck anyone would want to fuck her really.

Taehyung giggled. “You say that now but Yoonji is always fucking with us when Yoongi isn't around..she’s a fucking tease...I’m just warning you now.”. “Oh.” said Jungkook.

Taehyung thought about it suddenly. He thought about all the times he had fucked Agust twin Min Yoonji.

“You don’t have to decide today..about the gang” said Tae and he offered Kookie the weed but he was already high and falling asleep. “Okay.” he said softly closing his eyes to go to sleep.

Taehyung put out the weed and spooned him. He watched Jungkook sleeping beside him and he played lightly in his hair. He kissed his nose softly. He was the most beautiful boy he had ever seen.

“You’re mine now Kookie.” he whispered softly.

“Mm...hmm.” said Kookie and he pushed his face into Joker’s neck. He felt so warm and good.

“Stay forever Kookie.” whispered Tae as he closed his eyes, the heaviness of sleep falling upon him.

He wanted him to stay forever...he wanted him to never leave...

Chapter Text

Jimin walked down the block to Fort Greene Park in a hurry. He didn't want to be late. He had overslept and then had to make sure Baby had enough food and water. He had lingered a little playing with her. She was so fucking cute he couldn't help it.

He smiled to himself thinking about her as he strolled into the park. He walked up the steps, taking notice of the kids playing on the swings, the parents gossiping on the park benches, the boys that were playing catch in the field. It was a nice fall day. A good a day as any to set up some new buyers and rob them for their drugs which is what they were about to do.

He walked across the field to where he was to meet Agust. A little girl was walking with her mother and as she passed him he heard her mom ask her what she wanted to eat when she got home. “Cinnamon Toast Crunch!” she yelled out and Jimin giggled at her answer.

“Cinnamon Toast Crunch.” Jimin chuckled. It had been his favorite too when he was in highschool…

He sat down on the bench where he was to meet the others and looked around. So far he was the first to show up. He was relieved. Yoongi hadn’t gotten there yet thank god. He hated being late and this time luckily he was first.

“Mmm..Cinnamon Toast Crunch...” he said again softly as he pushed his feet against the ground and as he did so the memory suddenly came back...the memory of how he had met him...his first love…

He had only been 19...

He let out a deep sigh as he started to remember. He was only 19 when it had all happened.... He had met his first love...he had been late for the job...Joker had showed up in the park…

The boy...the boy that had said he had dropped the money...the money that Jimin was supposed to give The Boss…the money that he still owed...with much fucking interest...

It had all started then...3 years ago it had been...and it strangely seemed to start...with Cinnamon Toast Crunch…


3 years ago...

Jimin pushed the delicious spoonful of cereal in his mouth and closed his eyes as he ate it. Goddamn was it good. Cinnamon Toast Crunch was so fucking good.

He heard the door slam shut. Fuck he was back already? He usually tried to leave before he got home. He didn’t feel like any bullshit this morning. His portfolio project was due at school...he didn’t want to be late.

“What the fuck are you doing?” slurred his dad. He was drunk again. He was always drunk. Jimin could barely remember the times that he used to be sober. It had been way back when he was little...when his mom had still lived with them.

“I’m eating.” said Jimin in an annoyed tone.

“Always fucking eating but you don’t buy shit….that’s my damn Cinnamon Toast Crunch.” said his dad grumpily and he flung himself down on the couch. Jimin turned and looked at him with disgust. He bought all the food in the house and paid the light bill too.

He scowled. His dad looked like a fucking bum. He could practically smell the stench of liquor all the way across the room. “Fucking bum.” Jimin muttered.

He shoved the rest of the cereal in his mouth quickly. He wanted to get the fuck out of there quick...before he started his bullshit. He finished, put his bowl in the sink, ran some water in it, and quickly grabbed his bookbag off the chair, flinging it over his shoulder. He threw his hoodie over his head roughly and walked quickly past him toward the door.

“Hey!’ yelled his dad. He leaned over quickly and grabbed Jimin by his shorts. “Stop.” said Jimin as he dad pulled him roughly over to him, making him almost trip as he pulled him to where he lay on the couch.

“Shut the fuck up.” said he dad roughly. Jimin started to huff and puff as he patted him down, looking for money. That fuck was always trying to take his money. He wouldn’t find anything. Jimin kept all his money at Yoongi’s house.

“You don’t got any huh? Fucking worthless piece of shit.” said his dad when he didn’t find any. He kicked Jimin back away from him.

A single tear fell down Jimin’s face as he watched his dad then throw his arm over his eyes to go to sleep. He hated him. He wanted to beat the shit out of him.

“The fuck you staring at?” said his dad in a low voice after a few minutes. “Get the fuck out.” he said.

“I fucking hate you.” said Jimin. He turned to leave when suddenly he felt the rough pull of his hoodie. He was thrown suddenly against his dad’s chest and he felt his dad’s arm suddenly arm wrap around his neck, throwing him off his feet as his dad put him in a chokehold.

“What the fuck did you say! Huh?! What the fuck did you say to me!’ yelled his dad.

“Arggkkk.” gagged Jimin as his dad started to choke him. Jimin reached up and grabbed his dad’s arm and tried to pull himself free. He pulled in vain. His dad was so fucking strong.

“I should fucking kill you. It would be better for the whole fucking world if I just fucking just killed you. Worthless piece of shit.”, said his dad.

Jimin strained to breathe as his dad pulled his arm back harder against his throat, tears streaming down his face. He would kill him, Jimn thought. He’d fucking kill him finally...

Suddenly his dad let go.

Jimin leaned over gasping for air, his hand on his throat. It hurt like a bitch. He started to cough as the air filled his lungs.

“Next time you say some shit like that I won’t stop.” said his dad and he got back on the couch and turned into it to go to sleep.

Jimin fought back the urge to cry. “I wish...I wish it was you that got sick...and...and not mom.” he sobbed suddenly.

“Mom?” said he dad. He started to chuckle. “She wouldn’t even recognize you.” said his dad.

Jimin bit his lip hard to stop it from trembling. It was true...she wouldn't recognize him. That’s why he had stopped going to see her. It hurt to much. Her not knowing who he was…

He ran to the door and opened it quickly. He had to get the fuck out of there before he cried, beat the shit out him, choked him back. He slammed the door and bolted down the stairwell, wiping his face roughly with the sleeve of his arm. Fuck he was always crying...always a goddamn pussy!

He bolted out of the door and leaped down the steps...he just wanted to run. He would run and run and run. He would would run all the way to school.
He threw the gate open and turned to quickly run down the streets when he slammed into him. Some guy. He had slammed into some asshole.

His bookbag flew off of him and fell open...his papers and artwork scattering to the ground...

“Fuck!’ yelled Jimin. “Oh gosh...I’m so sorry.” said the man who had bumped into him.

“It’s nothing.” said Jimin harshly and he kneeled down to pick up the papers. The man kneeled down too and started helping and for the first time Jimin raised his eyes to look at him.

It wasn’t a man. It was a boy...

A guy around his age. 18 or so. He had big expressive eyes and the coolest lavender hair. He was slender in frame and dressed in all black and he smiled as he helped him pick up the papers. Jimin stopped and just stared at him.

He was absolutely beautiful.

“Uhh...thanks.” said Jimin. What the hell was wrong with him? He had never felt all shaken up over a boy felt weird.

“Wow are these yours?” asked the boy as he grabbed the stack of artwork and pushed it together in a neat pile.

“Yeah. For my project.” said Jimin, picking up the last ones. He pushed them carefully into his folder and reached out to grab the stack that the boy was holding out to him. “They’re really good.” said the boy. Jimin smiled shly. “Thanks.” he said, and he started to pull the stack from his hand.

“I’m Taemin.” said the boy. Jimin felt his heart skip as he looked into his beautiful eyes, his perfectly pink lips that were smiling at him just then.

“I’m..I’m Jimin..Park Jimin.” said Jimin softly.

“Nice to meet you….Park Jimin.” said the boy just as softly.

They just stared at each other. It felt like the longest time but it had only been a few seconds. A few seconds was all it took...

Jimin suddenly giggled and bit his lip and shyly looked down away from him. The boy giggled and looked down too.

Jimin peeked up to see him. He saw that Taemin was peeking too.

“Sorry to keep you.” said the boy suddenly and they both got up nervously. Just then a wind swept down the street and the leaves swirled around them and Jimin’s heart started to beat fast as he stared on at the boy, the leaves swirling around him wildly...wildly like his heart was beating inside him just then.

“Have a nice day.” said the boy...Taemin. He started to turn but Jimin didn’t want him to leave yet. He was curious. He liked him.

“Hey! Where do you go to school?” asked Jimin and he jogged to catch up to him. The boy looked down at him. “Prospect Heights.”

“No shit. Me too!” said Jimin. “Wow really? You wanna walk together then?’ asked Taemin. He smiled at Jimin again and Jimin blushed.

“Yeah…” said Jimin. “Let's walk together.”


It became a routine. Taemin and Jimin walked together every day to and from high school Jimin’s senior year.

He found out he was a dancer. He was going to apply to the Dance Academy in Manhattan and was planning on being a teacher when he graduated. He only lived a few blocks away but he was from a whole different world.

He lived on Clinton Avenue. The street with all the mansions. He was rich, but his parents didn't put him in private school because they didn’t want him to turn into some Yuppie asshole, he had said. Jimin loved his parents for it. If they had allowed him to be a Yuppie, he never would have meet him.

Jimin fell in love with him quickly. It was the best time of his life. They would make out all over the city...but when he got to the block he played it cool. His dad would kill him if he found out. He didn't want his son to be a “faggot” he had told him all throughout his childhood years.

He started to hang out with him more and more. He met his friends, his parents, he learned about all the best restaurants and shops in the city. They went to concerts in Central Park and he went to all of Taemin’s dance rehearsals to support him.

Taemin supported him too. He told him to apply to the the Art University. He had finally convinced him after weeks and weeks of pestering him about and Jimin began to work on his portfolio.

Jimin had told Yoongi all about it and Yoongi said he would help him pay for the school if he got in. Jimin had been surprised, but then again not really. Yoongi had always looked out for him like an older brother. He had helped him earn a living too.

Yoongi was teaching him to steal cars but he had said if he got into college he wouldn’t let him do jobs anymore….just focus on school he had said. “Don’t worry about the money...I’ll take care of it for you.” he had said. Jimin had tried to hug him to say thanks but Yoongi had pushed him away.

Taemin knew. Taemin knew that he sold drugs and stole cars. He had tried to get him a job but Jimin had bailed on the interview. He just couldn't do around all those regular people...he felt like they’d know. Know he was a fucking fraud...know he had a sick mom he never saw...a drunk dad...know he was just a hood rat…a thief...a criminal...

He started to get excited about college though. He had always done good in school regardless of what was going on after it got out...he had never missed a day. He got good grades and all the teachers loved him. He was great at school...he didn't mind it at all.

He would do it. He would apply to the Art University...He wanted to see...just see if maybe...maybe...just maybe he was good enough to get in….


“You nervous?” asked Jimin softly and he pushed his hands back into Taemin’s hair. He looked sort of nervous. He was nervous too but he didn’t let him know. He didn’t want him to know he had knots in his stomach...what if he wasn’t any good? He had never fucked a boy before…

“Nah. I’m not nervous.” said Taemin. He leaned over and softly kissed Jimin’s lips. Jimin sighed and fell into the kiss...he loved kissing him...his lips were so soft..he was his beautiful dancer...his lovely, beautiful dancer…

Jimin rolled on top of him and they kissed and kissed. They kissed softly, tenderly, rubbing up and down each other’s bodies...falling into the kiss until they seemed to be floating. Jimin forgot everything when he kissed him. He forgot his dad...he forgot all the beatings...the times he had no money for food and had not bothered Yoongi about it...the times he had ran his heart out to escape the cops...the times he had gotten jumped in the park by those assholes in Fort Greene and had broken two ribs…

He forgot everything when he kissed Taemin. He was from another world and he wanted Jimin to be apart of it with him and Jimin was slowly wanting it too...he just wanted him..however he could have him. He just wanted Taemin forever...

Jimin hung his head down low as he placed his hard cock at his entrance. He was shy...too shy to look at him just then. “Tell me...if it hurts okay?” said Jimin softly. Taemin shook his head to say yes.

Fuck he was so damn nervous! He trembled a little as he started to push his dick inside. Oh god it was so fucking tight...He moaned and bit down harder and he pushed in further and he felt Taemin’s wet hole expanding to allow him inside and he fucking nearly died at how good it felt.

“Oh fuck...ohhhh...mmm.” moaned Jimin. He moved up and Taemin wrapped his legs around him and Jimin leaned down into his neck and he pushed in further, the warm feeling of pleasure flowing through him..making him lightheaded and weak and he pushed back and forth, back and forth, his dick stretching Taemin’s walls, pushing further and further into Taemin who sighed and moaned underneath him.

“” sighed Taemin. “.I love you...I fucking love you.” whispered Jimin. He pushed his full dick inside of Taemin slowly just then and it felt so fucking good. Oh god it felt so good.

Taemin moaned loudly, as Jimin fell into a rhythm, thrusting and thrusting slow and deep inside him. “I love you too..oh love you too.” he moaned.

Jimin fucked him and fucked him. He wanted to fuck him forever. He grabbed his ass and pushed him against him and he started to thrust hard and deep and it felt so fucking good he wanted to cry. He loved him...he loved him so fucking much.

“Mmm..mmm..oh fuck..mmm.” moaned Jimin as he started to fuck him faster and faster.

“Oh god..mmm..” moaned Taemin. Jimin thrust harder...he thrust and thrust and he grinded deep inside him. He moaned and sighed and he pushed in slow and deep and Taemin was trembling underneath him.

Jimin raised up and started to kiss him passionately, throwing his thick tongue in his mouth and he fucked him for as long as possible. He wanted to stay inside him...stay inside him forever...he was so fucking beautiful...he was so fucking beautiful….


Jimin held in his breath. He had the application...the application to the Art University in his hand. This was it. He was going to mail it. He held open the mailbox. All he had to do was push it in...just push it in and it would be done. His life...his life might actually change if he just pushed it in...

Why the fuck was this so hard?

He looked around. He felt like the whole world was watching him but of course no one was. Everyone was going about their business. The wind was picking up. It was almost Halloween and it was super fucking cold and he pulled his beanie down over his ears.

“You can do this Jimin.” he said out loud to himself. He opened the mailbox, closed his eyes and shoved it in quick before he changed his goddamn mind. He slammed the mailbox shut and then he finally breathed again…

There. He had done it.

“Yes!” he called out and twirled around suddenly. He had done it! Taemin would be so fucking happy! He couldn't wait to tell him.

He jogged down the block a little and he pulled out his phone to text him, his face beaming with excitement. He couldn't wait to tell him!

He’d take him out tonight. They’d go to dinner. Some fancy shit in Brooklyn Heights. He’d wear a blazer too. They’d dress up and he’d take his baby out and then they’d walk down to the boardwalk and hold hands and stare at the water and Jimin would kiss him and kiss him under the few stars that you could see there….

Mochi: Baby guess what?
Baby: What?

Jimin squealed. Oh fuck he was so excited!

Mochi: I did it…
Baby: The Art School?! He sent a meme of a guy looking shocked.
Mochi: YESSS!!!!!!
Baby: OMG I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!! He sent three heart emojiis
Mochi: Me too! He sent 2 hearts and 3 laughing emojiis
Baby: I love you so much xoxoxoxo
Mochi: I love you too xoxoxo
Mochi: I want to take you out...some fancy shit so wear a tie.
Baby: You mean after right?

Jimin frowned. After what?

Mochi: Huh?
Baby: Omg babe you forgot :-( Today is my audition. For the Dance school
Mochi: Haha no I didn’t I was just teasing xoxo
Baby: LOL okay cool. See you at 6pm.
Mochi: I wouldn’t miss it for the world baby
Baby: Thanks babe. I need you there...I’m so fucking nervous
Mochi: Don’t be. You’re perfect.
Baby: :-)

Jimin blushed. Everything was so fucking perfect….

He ran down the street quickly. He had lied. He had totally forgotten that shit. He had been working on the portfolio all day in the library and then had sold some dope in the park before mailing the application. He didn’t have much time to get ready.

He heard his phone vibrate when he hit his street. It was Agust:

Agust: Yo you busy? I got a job.
Mochi: Yeah. I got this thing with Taemin
Agust: Fuck!
Mochi: :-( I’m sorry...what is it?
Agust: I need someone to snake this runner. He’s dirty

Jimin bit his lip. He felt guilty. He hated saying no to Agust.

Mochi: What time? Maybe I can make it after?
Agust: 1am is the job. You gotta come now tho to meet me first so I can tell you what’s up

Jimin frowned. No fucking way could he come now. He had to meet Taemin in 20 mins.

Mochi: Fuck I can’t
Agust: U sure? I’d give you 3k.

Jimin’s eyes grew wide. 3 fucking thousand! It was the most Yoongi had ever offered him for a job. But Taemin...he couldn’t let him down...he needed him...needed him to be there.

Mochi: Damn I can’t...I’m sorry :-(
Agust: Don’t be sorry. I’ts cool.
Mochi: :-(
Agust: I’m leaving here at 7 so come thru if you change your mind
Mochi: Okay. Yoongi..I’ll make it up to you if I can’t
Agust: No. It’s cool
Mochi: I still will
Agust: I said no

Jimin frowned. He never fucking let him pay him back..ever. “Fucking bitch.” said Jimin. He looked at the time. Fuck he had 15mins. He ran his ass off the rest of the way home and ran up the stairs quickly, skipping two at a time. He had to fucking shower and get ready!

He stopped short when he got to his door. There was a notice. A fucking red notice on the door…

He snatched it off angrily and read it:

Notice to Vacate Premises for Failure to Pay Rent in Accordance with Lease Agreement Section…

He had read enough. He opened the door and slammed it angrily. That fuck! He was always fucking drinking the damn money away. He’d beat the shit out of him!

“How much you fuck! HOW MUCH!” yelled Jimin and he angrily shook his father to wake him from where he slept on the couch.

“What? What?” said his dad. He started to cough and hack and Jimin wanted to punch him in the fucking face.

“This! This you fuck!’ he yelled and he held up the paper. His dad opened his eyes. He read it. He started laughing. He stared to laugh and laugh.

“Hahahaha! Guess you don’t have a fucking home you fucking freeloader.’ he said and he turned to go back to sleep.

Jimin stared at him angrily. He started to huff and puff, the anger building and building inside him. They had been homeless before...a few times..back when he was little...they had slept in the shelter...he had cried and cried he was so fucking scared. All those crackheads and bums...he wouldn’t fucking go back there. He’d beg someone to let him for Yoongi full time. No fucking way would he go back there.

“How...much.” said Jimin angrily. Yoongi had that job...maybe he could do it still...tell Taemin he couldn't go.

“I don’t fucking know...a lot.” said his dad. Jimin looked at the paper and read the notice. “6 fucking thousand!’ he yelled. How? How the fuck had he not paid rent for so damn long. He’d kill him!

Suddenly Jimin grabbed him roughly by the shirt and he started to shake him, banging his head against the arm of the couch. “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” he yelled.

HIs dad grabbed Jimin quickly by the neck and flung him down on the floor. Jimin fought him back. He’d fucking beat the fuck out of him! He swung his fist and hit him square in the fucking jaw. His dad came back quick and landed a hard punch right into Jimin’s mouth. He saw fucking stars. He had hit him so fucking hard.

“YOU UNGRATEFUL FUCK!” yelled his dad. He started punching him and punching him. He landed body shot after body shot, then another to Jimin’s face. Then another to his stomach. Jimin flung his arms to shield his face as he dad laid into him hard and fast.

“Ahhh...ahhh..Get off me! Get off meee!.” he cried. His dad rose up suddenly and kicked him where he lay on the ground.

“GET THE FUCK OUT! GET THE FUCK OUT!” he yelled. Jimin tried to get up and he grabbed his ribs suddenly from where his dad had kicked him. Fuck it hurt like a bitch. He hoped it wasn’t broken.

“Ahhh...mmmm’ he cried. He hated him. He wanted to fucking kill him. He wanted his mom. He wanted his mom so bad.

“Mom...Moooom” he cried, tears streaming down his face as his dad landed another kick into his leg. Jimin curled up into a ball on the floor...He started to cry. He didn’t want to get up ...he just wanted his fucking mom to come and save him. Hold him again like she used to..before she got sick...before she had gone to that hospital that was so fucking far away.

“You better figure it out because I got a place to go. Your dad hit the jackpot. Sarah has a whole fucking townhouse and she said I can stay with her so you’re fucking on your own Jimin….Time you grew the fuck up anyways.” said his dad and he grabbed a beer out of the fridge and slammed the door behind him.


Taemin...Taemin was pressing the intercom. He just laid there for a minute. His dad was leaving...he’d have nowhere to go...he was glad he was leaving...fucker was probably lying though…


Taemin….Jimin got up and wiped his face. He ran to the bathroom. His eyes were all red. His lip had a little blood on it from the cut where his dad had hit him. He ran his tongue over his teeth. They hurt like a bitch. He was so glad he hadn’t lost one from when he hit him.

He ran cold water on his face and pushed it back into his hair to slick it down. He puffed out his cheeks. The rib wasn’t broke. He could tell. He had broken a few before.

He reached under his bed and grabbed the gun that Yoongi had given him a few months ago. He had never needed it...but maybe tonight he would.

He ran down the stairs. Taemin was there...his lovely Taemin.

“Babe. You’re not ready.” said Taemin when he saw him.

“I can’t fucking go.” said JImin and he tried to walk past him so he wouldn’t see he was crying.

“What? What the fuck?” said Taemin and he grabbed him and turned him around. Jimin looked away. He still was angry at his dad...the money...his fucked up life. He didn’t want to face him.

“What happened?” said Taemin softly and he tried to touch the place where Jimin was cut. Jimin threw his head back away from him.

“Look. I can’t fucking go. Some shit happened. I’m sorry...I’m...I’m fucking sorry.” he said and the damn tears welled up when he suddenly looked into Taemin’s eyes.

“But...I need you.” said Taemin softly.

“Dont...don’t need me.” said Jimin. He couldn’t bear it. Taemin looking at him with a face full of pain and pity. He didn’t want his pity...He damn sure didn’t want him in pain. Not because of him. Because of someone worthless like him.

“Just go!’ yelled Jimin suddenly and he flung Taemin’s arms off of him roughly and ran down the street toward Yoongi’s.

He ran. He ran his fucking heart out.

He had to run. He had to run away from Taemin...his lover...his dreams...his stupid dreams that would never was just a stupid fucking dream….him being in college...him being in love with a rich boy….he had been so fucking stupid to even dare to dream such a thing….

He needed the money...He needed a place to stay...He needed to do that damn job….

He needed help...He desperately needed help...the money was due tomorrow…

He needed who he always when he needed fucking help.

He needed him..his savior...he needed fucking Yoongi…


It was dark when he left Yoongi’s to walk back to his house. Yoongi had went over the plan. He was to wait for the boy on the corner of Lafayette and Clairmont. He had shown him a photo of the boy. He had seen him around. Some kid named Lazy Eyes.

It was pretty simple. All he had to do was stand there looking casual and wait. When he passed him he was supposed to grab him from behind and pull him into the alley and put the gun to his head and grab the fucking money. It would be in 3 envelopes. 3 envelopes totalling 60 grand.

Jimin’s gun wasn’t loaded. Yoongi said he didn’t want any mistakes. Jimin had agreed. Jimin knew that Yoongi could tell he was nervous. He hadn’t robbed anyone before. But Yoongi said it would be easy…a piece of cake.

The boy would be unarmed. Runners were never armed in case they got picked up by the cops. Better to take the loss then explain a fucking weapon. A weapon could have a body on it. It was hard to get clean guns these days.

The boy Lazy Eyes worked for Yoongi but he had let Yoongi’s spot get robbed three times by the Fort Greene crew. He was a snake. He was working for them too. Jimin had laughed at how excited Yoongi was to rob their asses back. The boy was running for them tonight...he didn’t know that Yoongi knew.

He had to meet him there at 1am. The boy was young, Yoongi had said. Only 16. He was pussy too, said Yoongi. He wasn’t a fighter..He was just a fucking snake.

Jimin had told Yoongi about the rent. Yoongi said the job was only worth 3k but he would give him the rest of the money. Once he robbed the kid he was supposed to go down to the train station and get on the G train and bring that shit to Jay who would then give it to The Boss.

Jimin had gotten nervous when he said it was for The Boss. Jimin didn’t do jobs for The Boss...only Yoongi. He was scared of The Boss...if you fucked up..he have you beaten up or worse...he might kill you…

He might send Joker to kill you...

“Don’t worry.” said Yoongi. “It would be simple, easy...a piece of cake.” Yoongi had said.

Jimin stopped in front of his house and his heart sank. It was him. It was Taemin.

“Oh god I was so worried about you.” said Taemin and he ran up to Jimin and hugged him. Jimin closed his eyes as he breathed in his beautiful scent. He loved him so fucking much. He was so fucking beautiful and worth so much more than him. Why was he here? Why wasn’t he at the fucking audition?

“Why are you here?” asked Jimin. Taemin pulled back and looked at him. “I couldn't go Jimin. You were hurt and had ran off...I knew something was wrong...How could I go?” he said softly and he started to rub Jimin’s back up and down, soothing him, comforting felt so warm and good…

“How could I concentrate when the person I love is hurting?” Taemin said softly and he kissed Jimin sweetly on the cheek.

Goddamn him, thought Jimin. Goddamn him for being so perfect, so wonderful, so fucking beautiful. Jimin pulled Taemin back suddenly and threw his arms around him. He kissed him and kissed him and he sighed and he moaned and he fell into the kiss and he didn't care if his dad came back and saw him. He didn’t care if anyone saw him. He just wanted to kiss him...and love him...and drown his sorrows into him...and dream a little more with him...just dream...just a little more…

“I...I’m sorry...I’m sorry I’m so fucked up. I’ll fuck you up baby. I’ll fuck you up so bad.” said Jimin, his lips trembling as he spoke the words...the truth. He pulled back and laid his head on Taemin’s chest as the damn tears fell down his face...He would ruin him...fuck him up...stop him from being something great like he already he was meant to be.

“Shut the fuck up Jimin. Just shut the fuck up.” said Taemin. Jimin didn’t say anything else. He didn't object as Taemin grabbed his hand and walked him silently to his house.

When they got there Taemin had cleaned his cut and he had listened empathetically as Jimin told him about his dad and the money. Taemin had offered to help but Jimin had said no. He had lied and said he had worked it out with the landlord and was on a payment plan. He knew by his face that Taemin knew he was lying...but he hadn’t pressed so the lie just hung there between them.

Jimin felt it though. As he laid there next to Taemin kissing him and finally making love to him he had felt it deep inside his chest. He knew he would lose him one day he would be day like maybe today…

He had held him so closely and Jimin had wanted to stay. He wished he was someone else from some other place, so that he could just stay with him...stay with him forever…

He wished he didn’t have to go...he wished he didn’t need the fucking money...he wished his pride would let Taemin help him...but it wouldn’t.

Instead he buried his head into his neck and he drifted off to sleep...It was a sad, somber sleep where he watched Taemin dancing from across a huge chasm...and he had no way to reach way to cross it...

He woke up sleepily and kissed Taemin softly on the cheek. He snuggled back in to go back to sleep when suddenly the thought of where he was supposed to be sounded off like an alarm in his head.

“Oh fuck...oh fuck me!” cried out Jimin suddenly. His alarm. His fucking alarm hadn’t gone off!

“No. No. NO!” he cried out. Taemin jumped up at the sound of Jimin panicking. “Babe...what is it?” he asked as he watched Jimin hurriedly throwing on his pants and shirt.

“I’m fucked. I’m FUCKED!” he yelled. It was 12:48am. He only had 12 fucking minutes! He couldn't let Yoongi down. He couldn't! The Boss! The fucking Boss! This was a fucking boss job...not a Yoongi job. A fucking boss job!

He had to fucking get there! “I gotta go or it’s my ass!” yelled Jimin and he shoved his feet into his shoes quickly, his heart pounding in his chest. “12 fucking minutes…” he said over and over.

Taemin looked so fucking scared when Jimin got up to leave. Jimin leaned over and grabbed him quickly and gave him a hurried kiss on the lips.

“Baby I’ll be back.” he said quickly and he got the fuck out of there.

He ran.

He ran his fucking ass off….If he could just fucking make it...the kid might be past Clairmont...but only a block or two…

He had to fucking make it. He had to!

He ran his fucking ass off...The wind blowing through his hair, his feet seeming to lift off the fucking ground, the leaves crunching beneath his boots, his heart beating loudly inside his chest, his legs burning as they gained momentum... He ran across the streets not even looking for cars...fuck it, he had thought...he’d just pray to god he’d make it..

He ran and ran and get to the get to the boy...

“GODDAMITT!” yelled Jimin and he turned the corner to Lafayette street...he was almost there...almost fucking there…

The clock tower...1:04am it said..

He was almost fucking there…


“How’s the kitten?” asked Yoongi. Jimin was suddenly jolted from his memories at the sound of his raspy voice. He pushed his hands back through his hair, as if pushing away the memories along with it.

“Hey Yoongi.” said Jimin and he blushed as he looked up at Yoongi who was staring down at him while he pushed his hands nervously over and over through his hair.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi and he nodded hello and walked over and sat down beside Jimin and frowned when he realized they were the only two. Where the fuck was everyone? They were all at least 30 minutes late.

“They still not here yet?” asked Yoongi.

Jimin shook his head no. Jay, Taehyung and the college kid that lived in his building still hadn’t shown up yet.

“Fucking bullshit.” said Yoongi, checking the time. He hated when people were late. He turned slightly towards Jimin who was looking down at the ground, his hair hanging over his face. His perfect, lovely face was hidden and Yoongi wanted to see it again.

“’s the kitten?” asked Yoongi. He knew it would make him smile if he talked about it. He had fucked up so badly that night he had given it to him. He desperately wanted to see his Jimin smile.

Jimin raised his head and looked over at Yoongi and smiled. “Oh Baby? Ha! She’s perfect. I got her this dope ass scratching post with these toys hanging off it and shit. She loves that thing.” He smiled again thinking of Baby. His precious, sweet baby.

“That’s good.” said Yoongi as he heart swelled inside him while he watched Jimin’s eyes light up as he talked about the kitten. Yoongi smiled softly back.

Jimin giggled and look back at the ground. He felt tingly inside again and he didn’t want to give himself away. He still felt it. The tingly feeling around Min Yoongi. Maybe more than before did he feel it and he didn’t want him to know he had made him blush. He kept his eyes to the ground, pretending he didn’t feel Yoongi still staring at him. He felt shy just then.

Jimin bit his lip as he started to push his feet against the ground, pushing the leaves around that lay in front of them again. He still felt weird after what had happened. He hadn’t seen Yoongi since that day.

“ know this kid? The one Tae’s all fucking excited about?’ asked Yoongi.

“Mmm...a little..he lives in my building. He’s real quiet..doesn’t look the type so I don't know.” said Jimin as he thought about Jungkook. He was really shy. He was shocked as fuck when Agust had told him he was going to be a runner for them.

Yoongi chuckled. “And you do?” he teased. Jimin looked at him and giggled, his eyes fully closing. “Shut up Yoongi.” he giggled and he pushed him away playfully.

Yoongi chuckled and Jimin blushed and looked away. As he did, he spotted Jay walking up to them.

“Jay!’ yelled out Jimin and he jumped up and jogged over to him. “I missed you!’ he cried out happily and he gave him a big hug. “Awww Jiminnie.” said Hobi and he picked up Jimin in a big hug. Jimin started to laugh. Jay was always babying him. It was there thing.

“Yo.” said Yoongi. “Hey what’s up.” said Jay and him and Jimin went back to the bench and sat down next to Yoongi.

“Nothing. Just waiting on fucking Joker.” said Yoongi. He pulled out his phone. They still had about a little over an hour till the drop.

“So tell me this shit again. Dude I was so fucking high when we spoke I forgot.” laughed Hobi.

Jimin and Yoongi laughed at him. “Really yo. I was fucking blazed!” laughed Hobi. They laughed again as he acted out how high he was.

“So we wait in the ball court right. Me, Mochi and Joker. Joker will hang back. Act likes he’s looking out and shit. The dudes will come. Joker will pat them down first to make sure they don’t have no fucking guns before they get over to us.” said Yoongi. Hobi nodded as he continued.

“So they’ll show us the fucking sample..blah blah blah...we gonna tell them no. We don’t want the shit. Fine...they fucking leave. Then Mochi’s boy Spider, and his crew, are gonna rob their asses near those racquet ball courts. Spider will pass the shit to the college kid. He’ll be over there...then he passes it off at the 4 corners.”, said Yoongi.

“Ohhh..good plan, good plan.” said Hobi. Jimin giggled. Hobi was always repeating shit he said.

“Whose College passing it off to though?” he asked.

“That fuck Jumin. He’s waiting already at the 4 corners.” said Yoongi and he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

“Yoongi you sure? Jumin is a fuck up.” said Jimin. He didn't like him. He was always getting busted for dumb shit.

“Yeah...but I couldn't get anyone else so it’s fucking Jumin.” said Yoongi. “Damn.” said Hobi. Jimin had a point.

“Jumin will meet you at the fucking tracks.” said Yoongi. “Okay cool.” said Hobi. He got up and stretched and looked toward the park. It was growing dark. He shivered from the coldness of the air.

“Okay let me split. I’ll see you guys at the tracks.” said Hobi. He leaned over and did him and Yoongi’s handshake then ruffled Jimin’s hair.

“You should join Mochi.” he said and he smiled at him. Jimin looked down on the floor guiltily. “I can’t dude.” said Jimin. He felt them both staring at him...asking him silently to join.

“Okay. Just wanted to check.” said Hobi. “Alright. See ya.” He started to walk away and Jimin watched him till he could no longer see him.

“I miss Hobi.” said Jimin. “Me too.” said Yoongi. “But...he has a girlfriend now and you know how that goes.” said Yoongi and he leaned back and took a drag of his cigarette.

“Yeah.” said Jimin.

They sat there for a few moments and Jimin looked down at the park bench and saw a pair of initials carved into the wood. “J & T.” it said. He shut his legs together quickly. He didn’t want to see it. He didn’t want to remember. He had written it years ago when him and Taemin were together.

He shut his eyes tightly, the lump rising in his throat at the thought of him. He didn’t want to remember. He didn’t want to be reminded of it ever again...not of Taemin or that night or the boy...or Joker...

Goddamn Joker. He hated him. He didn’t want to see him just now. He didn’t want to see him ever again really…

“Yoongi?” said Jimin and he turned to look at him.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi and he looked back, his face frowning as his eyes laid upon the sadness that had fallen upon Jimin so suddenly.

“I...I don’t want to go on any more jobs with Joker.” said Jimin.

“Jimin Joker didn’t…” started Yoongi. He paused as he saw the look on Jimin’s face. He sighed knowing that what he was about to say wouldn’t matter anyways. “Nevermind.” said Yoongi.

“I know what you were going to say Yoongi...I know...and I don’t fucking care.” said Jimin.

Yoongi nodded. Jimin watched him as he sat there putting out the cigarette...not looking at him.

“I just can’t Yoongi. I can’t.” said Jimin softly.

Yoongi nodded again. “Okay Jimin...okay.” he sighed and he looked away.

Jimin bit his lip and looked the other away. He knew Yoongi. He knew he didn’t agree. It didn’t matter though. He wanted to be as far away from Taehyung as possible. This was the last job. The last job he would ever do with him. He felt better...relieved.

The sky was turning orange and pink...the wind rustled in the trees. They sat there in silence and Jimin closed his eyes tightly trying to hard to avoid the memories that had crept back up to haunt him...


Jungkook was nervous as fuck. He had 30 minutes. 30 minutes or so until Spider would come with the fucking package. The fucking package of dope.

He wanted to run away suddenly. Forget the whole damn thing. What the hell had he been thinking?!

He knew what he had been thinking. He had been thinking he wanted to be cool. Cool like Joker and all his other friends. He had wanted to impress him. He had wanted to show him he was right about him. He had wanted to make some damn money. He had wanted to buy the fucking Overwatch edition Playstation and a flat screen T.V and some new art supplies and the better PS4 headset and some Stussy hoodies and a shit ton of snacks and a fucking pinball machine...a badass Iron Man pinball machine…

He wouldn’t be able to take it home because how could he explain the money?...but Joker had said he could keep the pinball machine at his house and he went there practically every day anyways. He even had gave him a key…

Yes. That had what he had been thinking...and he was thinking about whether all that he had been thinking about back then was a good fucking idea or not. He was thinking this because in the pit of his stomach there was a knot. A big fucking knot and the knot was telling him…”’re fucking’re gonna fuck up and that mean guy named Agust D is going to fucking kill you.”

It was half a kilo. That’s how much cocaine the guy Spider would pass him. Half a fucking kilo.

He must have been out of his damn mind when he said yes. He was though. He had been out of his damn mind when he had said yes.

He had been getting his damn dick sucked. He had been getting his dick sucked by Joker and he had been high as a kite and drunk as fuck and Joker had asked him and he had said yes...He would have said yes to anything just then...Joker gave him the best head he had ever gotten in his life...literally.

“Fuck...Fuck.” he whispered into his black face mask. He had worn all black. He felt that was the most appropriate thing to wear when doing criminal shit like this. He had ran the route. He had timed it. He could reach 4 corners in 9 minutes. 9 fucking minutes. How easy was that?

“It’ll be a piece of cake.” Joker had said. It sounded so easy. “This guy is just gonna run up to you and pass you the bag. You fling it over your shoulder and run your ass off to 4 corners. Jumin will be there leaned against the train station entrance. The G train. All you gotta do is walk up to him and hand him the bag. A fucking piece of cake.” Joker had said so convincingly.

It had sounded easy. It had sounded easy before he had met them. Once he had heard that Spider and his crew were robbing someone for the package and that Joker, Agust and Mochi were all going to be way across the other side of the park...only then had it had become the scariest thing in the fucking world.

What if the fucking guy Jumin wasn’t there? “Get on the Hobi at the tracks.” Joker had said.

It was one stop. Only one stop.

He shook his legs up and down nervously as he sat on the park bench waiting, his face turned toward the direction of where Spider would run from. He had met him yesterday. He had seemed pretty cool.

Jungkook had came to the park by himself. He couldn't be seen with any of them just in case the guys were watching them. That had scared the fuck out of him too...that the guys they were about to rob might be somewhere watching...knowing they were planning to snake them for the drugs.

“Fuck...Fuck.” he said again. He wished they would hurry the fuck up already. He turned to see the clocktower but some damn tree was in the way. He wanted to know how much longer but he was worried. What if he pulled out his phone and the damn boy ran up just then and he fucked up and dropped the phone or...or anything...

Should he? Should he check the time?

Fuck it. He had to know. He reached into his pocket quickly and looked at the time on his phone. 8pm. He had 15 minutes. 15 more minutes until Spider would run up...Run up and give him a whole fucking package of drugs….

What the hell was he thinking….

Oh shit! Was that him? Early?!

Jungkook’s rubbed his hands nervously against his black jeans. A guy was running, running toward him in the dark...he kind of looked like him...he kind of looked like Spider...he stood up nervously.

Yes. This was it. The guy had a messenger bag...he looked calm as a fucking cat.. He wasn’t running fast like Jungkook thought he would be..he was jogging…

“Hey can you pass that shit?” said the guy. “What?” said Jungkook. Oh fuck. It wasn’t Spider Jungkook realized and he sighed in relief. He looked around. It was a fuckng ball the dude was talking about. The ball must have rolled over and in Jungkook’s nervous state he hadn’t noticed.

“Yeah sure.” said Jungkook and he bent down and grabbed the ball and turned back and tossed it to the guy. “Thanks!’ the guy yelled back, smiling at him as he did so, and then he turned and jogged away.

Jungkook sat down. He breathed deeply again. Okay. That was like a trial run. He was ready now...ready for Spider to come.

The wind shot through the park and Jungkook shivered. Fuck it was so damn cold! It had felt like fucking winter just then. He leaned over to get little to get more warmth from his body.

He pulled his beanie down further and pulled the hood down as low as possible. All you could see was his eyes between the hat and the face mask. Jungkook giggled. He probably looked like a goddamn ninja...

Just then he heard it.

He heard it and his heart leaped in his fucking throat. He heard it and he shut his eyes tightly and prayed to god it wasn’t what he thought it was.

The sounds of people screaming told him he was right...he was so very right.

He heard it again….


Gunshots. Fucking gunshots!

Jungkook eyes shot open in a panic. People were running. Kids and moms and dads and teenagers and people...all these fucking people were running...running out of the goddamn park.

Should he fucking run too?! Oh god what if Joker got shot?!!! Or Mochi or the other one? Oh fuck!

He sat there frozen unable to move. He didn’t know what to do as his heart pounded in his chest while he watched the people running and yelling.

Should he stay? Run? He didn’t know what the fuck to do!!!!

He shot up off the bench and looked as far as he could to see anything...ANYTHING! What if the goddamn shooter was running this fucking way!

Just then someone grabbed his arm and swung him around.

“OH FUCK!” yelled out Jungkook from the shock of it.

Spider was in front of him, panting and out of breathe. He flung the bag over Jungkook’s head and shoved something quickly into his jeans pocket.

“Run.” said Spider and he fucking took off, jumping over the park bench and down the fucking street like he was the goddamn Flash.

Jungkook took off. He ran top fucking speed, hooking his arm into the messenger bag and jumping down off of the ledge, onto the concrete of the street and into the traffic, dodging the cars and cabs that were sitting there and he hit the curb and he ran down the street as fast as he fucking could!

He ran. He ran his fucking ass off.

He heard sirens. He saw some people running the same way as him. He lowered his head to pick up speed.

He ran.

He ran and ran, his feet moving swiftly underneath him, his hands holding onto the fucking bag for dear life, his heart pounding, the knot growing, the lump in his throat getting bigger and bigger.

He ran for his fucking life.

The damn thing in his pocket was heavy. It kept banging against his leg.

He knew what the fuck it was.

He knew without even looking. He knew by the weight of the damn thing.

It was a fucking gun…

That bastard Spider had gave him a fucking gun.

He hit the corner and swerved out of the way before he ran dead smack into a fucking lady just then. He jumped to gain his footing.

“Watch it!” she yelled.

He just kept running.

He was almost there. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe he had been so fucking stupid! A fucking gun! Did they kill someone and give him the fucking murder weapon?!!!

“Oh fuck….oh fuck.” he cried out as he ran across the street.

The train station was in sight. He could see the kid there. Thank fucking god the kid was there.

Oh shit….oh fuck! Cops! Fucking cops!

The cop cars screeched as the hit the corner where the train station was. The kid Jumin took off..

Jungkook stopped dead in his tracks. The boy...Jumin. He was running toward him. Oh fuck!, thought Jungkook. Don’t run towards me!!!

Jungkook was frozen as he watched the cops jump out of the car and start to chase the boy.

Fuck should he run too?!!

Fuck they might suspect him. What the fuck should he do?”!

“AHHH!” yelled the kid as the cops grabbed him and threw him on the ground. They straddled him and started to cuff him. “Fuck you guys!” he yelled.

Jungkook was panicking inside. He had the gun...he had the fucking gun on him. He had the fucking gun on him...and drugs...fucking drugs….

Sweat poured down his face and into the mask..

The cops were right fucking there and he had a half a kilo of cocaine on him...and a fucking gun....

What the fuck was he supposed to do?!

Suddenly a car swung up to him. He turned and watched as the man got out and ran over to him. He saw the flash. The flash of the gold badge...

“Fuck. Fuck,’ said Jungkook. He pivoted to run...

He stopped as he heard the man yell out, “Don’t fucking move!”

Chapter Text

Jungkook threw up his hands as the man approached him from behind. He felt the cop grab one of his arms down and then the other, the cold metal handcuffs clasping his wrists tightly, his large hand on his walking him to the vehicle, now pushing his head into the white car...the door closing behind him...locking him in.

Jungkook adjusted in the seat. He almost pissed his pants as he watched the man run back around to the driver side and get in.

This was it, thought Jungkook as the car pulled off quickly. This was it. His miserable fucking life was now over. He had gotten arrested. He’d go to jail...for a fucking murder he didn’t do. He’d go to jail a goddamn virgin...that had gotten his dick sucked 3 times by the guy that had set him up. This was his life. His miserable fucking life.

As the car sped down the road, with the sirens blaring and lights flashing, the lump in Jungkook’s throat was so big now he could barely fucking swallow. He sat there panicking, sweat pouring down his face. The sound of the siren wailed in his ears as if screaming to the world that he was a fucking criminal.

He was a goddamn criminal now.

He slid over to the window and looked out. He didn’t know what he was looking for but he looked out anyway. He wanted a sign. Some fucking sign that Joker hadn’t betrayed him. Hadn’t set him up...hadn’t planned this shit all along.

There was no sign of course. Just the streets of Brooklyn flashing by as he stared out. He watched the cars move out of their way. People were staring at the car as it sped by. They kept hitting speed bumps every now and then, and every time the car bounced on top of one of them, a jolt of panic would shoot through Jungkook’s heart. He couldn’t make sense of it so it frightened him. Why the fuck were they going so fast?

He whimpered. He wanted to fucking cry but he sucked that shit up. He had been so stupid. So fucking stupid to trust them. To trust fucking Joker…

It hurt so bad that Joker had possibly set him up...had tricked him...had used him for a scapegoat...for a maybe even a murder….

He had only known him a week. He should have goddamn known better.

He heard the radio just then and his eyes grew wider with fear…

Kshhhh...Shots fired. Fort Greene Park. Two suspects. One last seen running down Dekalb and St. James place....Suspect name is Jung Lee...Last known Alias...Kshhh...Spider...Suspect is an Asian male. 5 ft. 9... 165 lbs....Last seen wearing a red bomber jacket...Kshhh...and blue jeans...Known to be armed and dangerous...running south...APB...all cars report location in route...over...Kshhh..

Fucking Spider. It was Spider they were talking about...and Spider had planted the fucking gun in his pocket...and Jungkook still had the damn thing on him...

Just then the cop grabbed something and Jungkook saw him put the radio to his mouth to speak.

"This is Detective 9976 calling in on the suspect Spider over."

Go ahead officer..over

"Suspect was last seen heading toward Green Avenue and Lafayette Street ...please dispatch all available units...unable to apprehend over."

Copy Detective..Kshhh.

Kshhh...All available units to Green Avenue and Lafayette Street...suspect last spotted in that vicinity..over.

Jungkook bit his lip. It didn’t make any sense...Lafayette was the other way...the other way from where Spider had ran….

His phone started to ring in his pocket. He knew...knew it was Taehyung by the ringtone. The fucking Batman ringtone…

They hit another speed bump and Jungkook felt the gun slap against his leg.

The gun. He still had the fucking gun! What the fuck?! It had just occurred to him. The detective...he had never patted him down...hadn’t checked him for anything...he still had everything on him...even the bag...

Suddenly the realization came to Jungkook that the cop was dirty. He was a dirty fucking cop. No way a regular cop would have just pushed him into the car without patting him down and checking him for weapons.

No fucking way…

Maybe he wasn’t a cop at all...

“Oh fuck.” whispered Jungkook silently. What if he worked for them! What if he worked for the guys they had tried to rob!

“Oh god!” quivered Jungkook when he saw that they had turned onto a dark street...he looked out...nothing but warehouses…

"No witnesses..." whispered Jungkook.

The knot in his stomach grew as the car turned suddenly into a huge bumping suddenly over a gravel road. The siren shut off and so did the lights. He saw the man reach more radio...

The road was looked like they were near the water.

The Waterfront. That’s where they were. Jungkook recognized it. He used to come down here sometimes late at night and look at the graffiti that was tagged on the walls. He used to practice his murals too back in highschool. The Waterfront. He knew it well.

It had been a place of fond memories...but was the scariest place imaginable. No one was around. The area was industrial...not a soul could be seen walking on the streets and definitely not on the gravel road...the road that they were driving down now.

Why the fuck was he taking him down here?! “Oh god...oh god.” whispered Jungkook as he looked out onto the dark expansive field that passed him by, the black trees that swept by them as they rode on.

He didn’t cry. He wanted to but he didn’t. He sucked that shit up and stared out the window in terror as the road got darker...and darker...and darker…

The silence. The silence was deafening to Jungkook as they bumped and swerved down the uneven road…the dark road that Jungkook knew led to nowhere.

To nowhere but down by the water...


When Taehyung heard the gunshots go off in the park he only thought of one thing and one thing only.

Jeon Jungkook.

He didn’t hesitate. Jimin and Yoongi dashed off at the sound of it. Each running in opposite directions. That was the normal protocol during times like these. When shit got hot you split up and relocated at the train tracks. You met everyone there..well..if it made sense to go there. Sometimes it didn’t, but this time it did.

Taehyung hadn’t followed the protocol of course. He had to make sure Jungkook was okay. He had to make sure that nothing had happened to him...that he had made it to the fucking train station with the package...if he even had the package...

It was partly his fault. He hadn’t prepped him. He hadn’t told him what to do if something like this had went down. He would take all the blame...the beating...whatever punishment The Boss would give…Whatever the fuck it was...if Jungkook didn’t have that package or had ran off afraid, he would take the fucking blame.

He ran quickly. His eyes scanning for danger, scanning for the guys they had planned to rob, scanning for Spider and his crew, scanning for cops, scanning for anything...anything suspicious.

He spotted them. Some of the boys in Spider’s crew. They were all running, climbing and leaping over the basketball court fence. He looked for him but he wasn’t red fucking Spider was among them. This was good. Maybe he had passed Jungkook the package after all...but then again...maybe he hadn’t.

Joker pulled out his gun and cocked it as he approached the racquetball courts. He didn’t know...maybe those dudes from the drop were still there. He held it flat against his leg as he ran on so no one in the park would notice. He doubted they would anyway. Everyone was running away in all directions, all panicking because of the recent gunshots.

He eyed the bench. The bench where Jungkook was supposed to be when Spider passed him the package. He wasn’t Taehyung kept running...

He put the gun away. No need for it now. He ran down the block, scanning, looking back every now and then to make sure he wasn’t being followed. He was quick and precise, just like a cat. They had almost called him Tiger because of the way he could move so quietly and swiftly when he had his eye on a target.

Joker was a hunter... and this was his jungle. He ran swiftly towards the train station and he was aware...aware of everything. Each and every little thing that was around him. He had to be. He was trained to be. He was aware of the people, the streets, the detectives that were lurking...searching...They were looking for the gunman...probably someone in Spider’s crew, thought Joker as he ran on…

He hit the corner and stopped. He heart ached when saw he wasn’t there. He was supposed to wait for him at the train station...maybe something had happened. Maybe he had to go to the tracks instead himself. Yoongi was crazy to have used Jumin, thought Joker, as he pulled out his phone to dial his number. Just like he thought. Jumin’s phone went to voicemail.

He tried Jungkook...same fucking result.

“Fuck!” he said out loud. He had no idea what happened and he hated not knowing what the fuck was going on.

He had to keep moving. Too many damn cops around the place. He ran to the station and pulled out his phone to text Agust on the way down the stairs before he lost signal.

Joker: You heard from Jumin? Spider?

He waited but Agust didn’t reply back. He thought of calling The Boss but decided against it. He would ask questions and he didn’t have any answers. You never called The Boss when you didn’t have answers.

He swiped his metro card and walked down the steps quickly to wait for the train. He was worried about Kookie...he was worried about the package...he was worried about Yoongi...but at this very moment...he suddenly became worried about Mochi most of all…

With everything thing that had happened, Joker was suddenly worried about Mochi and it was due to the simple fact that Mochi had ignored him.

He had ignored him again and Taehyung hated to be ignored. It fucked with him, bothered him...he couldn't fucking stand it. He would lay up at night sometimes and suddenly think about how Jimin would ignore him...ignore him when in his eyes he had done absolutely nothing wrong.

Jimin had just done it again recently at the park. He had ignored him when he had met them at the bench..he had acted like he wasn’t even there…

“Fucking Mochi.” he muttered under his breath. Agust had told him. Told him he didn’t want to work with him anymore. “This is his last job with you.” Yoongi had said. Taehyung had played it cool. He had acted as if it didn’t fuck with him. He had acted like he didn’t care but in reality, it was boiling inside of him...the rage...the anger... the pain of the fact that Mochi wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

He had blamed him. Blamed him for what had happened and he wasn’t right to blame him. He was dead fucking wrong, thought Joker.

“Fucking Jimin.” said Tae and his eyes lowered as the train blew into the station, the wind shooting past him, the blur of people in the windows coming into focus as the train slowed down to a halt.

“Stand clear of closing doors please.” said the voice over the intercom as they opened.

He got in and grabbed a seat and closed his eyes. He was remembering...remembering that fucking night that had started the whole damn thing...that night when he had been told by The Boss to follow him...that night when Jimin had fucked up...the night that had set the wheels in motion to where they were now...not speaking..not talking...calling each other Joker and Mochi as if they barely knew each other at all….when on the contrary they did.

They knew so much about each other...maybe the most intimate parts of each other even. In actuality, out of everyone in the gang...they knew each other the most…

Taehyung sat there growing angrier and angrier by the second. Jimin not wanting to work with him, always ignoring...blaming it was his damn fault when it wasn’t...He had just thrown him out of his life all of a sudden...just like that.

Jimin had cast him aside like he was nothing. Like he had never meant anything to him at all....Like he hadn’t saved him back then...Like he hadn’t saved him again 3 months ago…Like he hadn’t been there for him when he needed him most...Like they had never been best friends...Like they had never done all those jobs together and hung out together...everyday practically, for years and years and years.

That bastard Jimin had called him a monster...All of a sudden he was a fucking monster...

“Grrrr!” Joker growled suddenly in frustration and he slammed his foot down on the floor. The lady sitting next to him got up quickly and moved away. Taehyung giggled suddenly. Good, he thought. Now he had more room. He slid over to her seat so that he could stretch out his legs.

Fucking Jimin. Joker didn’t want to think about Jimin anymore. He knew himself all too well. He’d blow something stupid if he kept thinking about that damn Jimin. That damn Mochi who kept ignoring him when he had done nothing wrong.

He didn’t need Jimin anymore anyways. He had Jungkookie now...and he had him all to himself.

Jungkook. The thought of him brought Taehyung back to the present. He thought back to what had happened in the park earlier. Everything had went according to plan...everything except the sudden gunshots. The fucking gunshots. He didn’t know what the hell had happened. Who the fuck had shot that gun?, Taehyung wondered as the train approached the station. Was it Mochi’s guys? Was it the dudes they had wanted to rob?

He walked out of the doors quickly when they opened and jogged up the stairs. He wanted to get there as fast as possible. He had to find out what the hell had happened.

The wind swept down the stairwell as Taehyung ran up them swiftly. He pulled his hoodie string to tighten the hood around his face. He got out and checked his phone. No answer from Yoongi.

He thought of trying Mochi...Nah fuck him, thought Joker. He knew he wouldn’t answer anyways, failed job or not.

He jogged quickly towards the street that led down to the tracks. He hoped Jungkook was safe. He hoped he had the package. He hoped he was there waiting for him at the tracks...or that he had went home instead and would call him...he hoped for anything...anything to let him know he was okay.

He slowed down when he hit the street that led to the tracks. He saw him there in front of him...walking the very same way as him...maybe half a block ahead at most.

He saw him and his eyes lowered.

It was him. Fucking Mochi.

Joker started to walk faster. He wanted to catch up to him.

He couldn’t help it. He was tired of being ignored...


“Mochi!” yelled Taehyung suddenly down the street. Jimin pierced his lips at the sound of his voice. It was him. That damn Joker.

Jimin whipped his head back to look at him with a scowl on his face. Why wouldn’t he just leave him the fuck alone! He turned back and pushed his hands in the pocket of his hoodie angrily and started to walk faster. Hoping he’d just leave him alone.

“MOCHI!” yelled Joker again. He was fucking furious! He had done it again. Fucking ignored him. Who the fuck did he think he was? He’d beat the fucking shit out of him.

“Leave me alone Joker. I don’t want any bullshit!” yelled Jimin as he kept on walking. He felt it though. He felt it like a fucking lazer on his back. He felt the anger of Taehyung from all the way behind him.

He whipped his head around again, his eyes low and the scowl still present on his face. Joker was walking toward him, his head lowered, his eyebrows wrinkled into a scowl, the blank stare on his face. Fucking asshole. He didn’t want to be fucking bothered! He turned his head back again and picked up the pace.

Jimin jogged across the street. No cars or people were around. It was dark as always here. Nothing but empty lots and warehouses. He walked quickly along side the metal gate that enclosed the park. The train tracks weren’t far ahead. Just a few more blocks. He walked even faster and prayed to god that Joker would just leave him the fuck alone.

Taehyung was furious as he ran across the street. That fuck was still ignoring him?! The anger raging inside of him as he watched Jimin walking away from him. He would grab him and beat the fuck out of him. Who the fuck did he think he was?!

“MOCHI!’ yelled Tae. Jimin shot around quickly and stood there, his fists bawled, his face in an angry scowl as Taehyung stopped in front him.

“What the fuck do you want!” yelled Jimin back. He had enough of Joker’s bullshit.

“When I fucking call you. You fucking answer.” said Joker authoritatively. He fought back the urge to grab Jimin just then and slam him into the goddamn gate.

Jimin open his eyes as if he was surprised and then leaned his head back and laughed. He couldn’t believe this asshole. Who did he think he was telling him what to do?

“What? What did you say?” said Jimin and he laughed mockingly at Taehyung before his scowl returned again.

“You fucking heard me.” said Joker. His eyes lowered. Any minute and he’d roar at him.

“Answer you? You? You’re fucking dead to me Joker! DEAD!” yelled Jimin and he turned around and started to walk away angrily before he punched that fucking asshole in the face.

Taehyung huffed angrily as he watched Jimin start to walk away from him again. The pain of his words stabbed him so fucking deeply just then. He’d fucking kill him for ever making him care about him all those damn years. He’d fucking kill him!

Tae ran up and grabbed Jimin suddenly by the shirt flinging him around. “NO YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD!’ he roared and he grabbed his hoodie and slammed Jimin hard as fuck against the metal gate.

“FUCK YOU TAE GET OFF!” yelled Jimin. He’d fucking kill him! Jimin shoved Taehyung back with all his fucking might. Tae still had his shirt and they both started to wrestle and fight each other each trying to slam the other one onto the ground.

“YOU FUCK! YOU FUCKER!’ yelled Jimin. All his rage and anger at Taehyung poured out of him and he landed a hard punch into Taehyung's face. He was a fucking monster. The worst monster imaginable. He had killed him. He had fucking killed him! He would kill him too goddammit. He would fucking kill him too!

Tae swung back and the punch landed hard into Jimin’s mouth. Jimin’s face flew back and he grabbed Tae by the neck and tried to throw him into a choke hold but Taehyung grabbed him suddenly by his jeans and picked him up by them slamming him to the ground.

“Fuck you Jimin! Fuck you!” yelled Tae. Fucking bitch! Who the fuck did he think he was!

“I hate you! I fucking hate you! You’re dead to me! Dead to me!’ yelled Jimin. He struggled against Tae who was trying to get on top of him. He kicked the fuck out of Joker’s chest, his boot smashing against it causing Tae to fall back. Fucking asshole! Jimin scrambled to get onto his feet quickly but Joker grabbed his leg and pulled him roughly underneath him in one quick gesture.

“You think you’re better than me? Huh? You’re fucking better? Is that it Mochi?” said Tae as he fought to get on top of Jimin, grabbing his hands and struggling as Jimin fought to get from underneath him. “Get off! Get off you fuck.” yelled Jimin as they struggled.

Jimin started to lose as Taehyung grabbed his hands forcefully, slamming them above his head suddenly and pinning him down on the ground as he straddled him.

Jimin struggled with all his might to get him off him. Tears streaming down his face as Taehyung overpowered him. That fuck could always overpower him and he hated him for it.

“URGGGGHHH!’ yelled Jimin as he fought to push him off with his body. “GET OFF! GET OFF ME DAMN YOU!!” yelled Jimin.

“NO!” yelled Joker and squeezed Jimin’s wrists tightly, pushing them into the ground. He’d make him submit. He’d make him fucking listen!

“HEY!!” yelled Agust suddenly from across the street. Jimin and Taehyung’s heads both whipped around at the sound of his voice.
“Get the fuck off of him now!’ yelled Yoongi as he ran towards them. He’d beat the shit out of them both.

Taehyung moved back quickly and Jimin sat up wiping the tears from his face. He shot an angry look at Tae as Yoongi approached.

“I hate you. I fucking hate you.” hissed Jimin under his breath as they both rose to their feet.

“What the fuck is this bullshit huh?!’ yelled Yoongi as he approached. He shot an angry look at Jimin then back at Tae. He walked up to each one of them, his face ridden with rage and he grabbed them both suddenly by the neck and pushed them back against the gate.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” he yelled. Jimin and Taehyung stood there, their backs against the wall, their heads hung down facing the ground. They didn't dare speak. They stood there as Yoongi paced back and forth in front of them, his tongue hanging out like it always did when he was ready to fuck somebody up. They knew not to dare speak.

“You mutherfuckers. You MUTHERFUCKERS!’ yelled Yoongi. He walked over to Tae and grabbed his hair suddenly, pulling his head down to eye level. He had to get him under fucking control.

“Who...the fuck...are touch him? Huh? HUH?” yelled Yoongi. Taehyung trembled as Yoongi’s grip tightened on his hair. “Im...Im sorry.” said Joker softly. “Owww. Oww.” he cried out as Yoongi gripped his hair tighter. It hurt like a bitch.

“You do what you’re fucking told.” spit Yoongi through clenched teeth and he shook Joker’s head to make him obey.

Joker nodded and closed his eyes tightly as Yoongi pulled his head to the side forcefully. He was so fucking afraid he’d break his damn neck. The pain shot though Joker’s neck. It was sharp. It hurt like a bitch. He bit his lip and and his heart ached in his chest from the humiliation and shame he felt.

Yoongi watched Joker wince in pain but he didn’t care. He had to make him fucking obey.

“Did could touch him?” asked Yoongi, his voice low and raspy and he pushed his face into Joker’s. Joker shook his head no fearfully. He was so very afraid of Agust. Of what he might do. He had pissed him off a year ago and Yoongi had hit him with a pistol. He still had the scar from where he had gotten the stitches. Three to be exact. Three stitches in his head.

“I didn’t did I...Did I!?” yelled Yoongi and he raised his hand and smacked Joker hard across the face. Jimin jumped at the sound of it. He shut his eyes tightly, praying to god he wouldn’t smack him too.

“ Hyung.” said Joker. He was so fucking scared that Yoongi would beat the fuck out of him. He bit his lip and Yoongi shook Joker’s head again, pulling him roughly toward him so that he was staring directly into his eyes.

Taehyung gulped. His eyes were so cold just then. He was afraid of them. So very afraid.

“You touch him again I’ll fucking break your damn neck.” said Yoongi. The seriousness of his tone made Joker shudder.

He nodded that he understood. Agust let him go and a tear fell down Joker’s face. He wiped it quickly and stood there obediently, his face forward, his back pressed against the gate like a soldier awaiting his next command. He kept his eyes frontward although he was dying to look over and see what the hell would happen to Jimin.

Jimin was practically shaking as Yoongi walked over to him. He was so fucking embarrassed! He couldn’t stand it. He wanted to scream knowing that Yoongi...his precious Yoongi was angry at him. His Yoongi that he loved so much damn much was angry at him and it was too much to bear.

Jimin sniffled and wiped his eyes quickly as Yoongi walked in front of him, a huge lump in his throat as he saw the anger in Yoongi’s eyes.

Suddenly Yoongi grabbed him by the neck and slammed him against the wall. He had slammed him against the gate just like that night when he had rejected him and slammed him into the wall…..

“Mmm.” sobbed Jimin as he stood there, his heart breaking inside his chest. He shut his eyes and his lip pushed out into a pout as the memory of Yoongi rejecting him resurfaced suddenly and painfully. Oh god he was so embarrassed! His heart ached so badly. He’d never want him now...he would never come to him again...never kiss him again…and it was all Joker’s fault...all his damn fault. He hated him even more now...His precious Yoongi would never want him again and it was all that Joker’s fault...

“And you…” started Yoongi. “You’re fucking wrong Jimin! WRONG!” he yelled and pushed his face angrily into Jimin’s so that he would get the goddamn point.

Jimin whimpered and cowered in front of him as Yoongi’s harsh words stabbed him like a stake through the heart. “Joker did a fucking job Mochi. A necessary job!...He didn’t fucking know! He didn't fucking know who the hell he was Jimin!” Yoongi yelled.

Jimin shut his eyes tightly and nodded yes quickly…”Do you fucking understand! Do you understand Jimin?...He doesn't fucking know!” yelled Yoongi.

He pushed his face close to Jimin’s and Jimin whimpered and shut his eyes tightly.

“NO WITNESSES!” he yelled.

"Mmm." whimpered Jimin as Yoongi looked at him harshly. Yoongi's heart ached but he had to fucking do it. He had to make him understand...make him see he was wrong to blame Joker...dead fucking wrong. "Do you fucking understand Jimin?" said Yoongi..his voice was soft suddenly.

“I...I understand Yoongi..” stuttered Jimin. He lied to him...He had no choice...He didn’t care if it had been a job...he didn't care if he didn't know who he was...had still done it...still done it when he had begged him not too...He had done it and that made him a monster....he was nothing but a fucking monster!

Oh god he had done it! They pain of what Joker had done struck him so fucking deeply he began to cry his eyes out in front of Yoongi...

“Mmmm...mmmm.” cried Jimin as he thought of the horrible thing that monster had done. Oh god he couldn’t bear it just then...knowing he had killed him...that his own best friend had killed him. He started to tremble from the overwhelming feeling and Min Yoongi let him go and his heart burst as he saw his angel crying in front of him.

“Joker. Leave.” said Yoongi. He wanted to be alone with him.

Joker walked away quickly, pausing only for a second to look back at Jimin and Yoongi and he bit his lip sorrowfully as he saw Yoongi pull Jimin into a hug. He used to be that person...the person Jimin hugged when he was sad. Now he wasn’t. Now he was nothing to him. Dead to him to he had said…

He had said he was dead to him….His own best friend was now dead to him….It hurt so fucking bad….

Fuck him, he thought suddenly as he turned around. Fuck him forever. He was tired of trying to reason with him...Jimin wouldn’t even tell him why he was so fucking angry about it all...Why he had called him a monster for doing what he had to do...for doing that damn job…

Fuck him, he thought. He didn’t need him anymore anyways…

He had Jungkook now...god he hoped he was okay...

He pulled out his phone in the hopes of reaching him as he made his way down the block to the tracks.

No fucking answer.

He pushed the phone back into his pocket and turned onto the path, jogging quickly to where Hobi was supposed to be waiting.

He had to get to Jungkook...he had to make sure he was safe...if Jungkook was even there…


Jungkook looked out of the window as the car came to an eerie stop. They had reached it finally. They had reached the water.

Jungkook gulped nervously as he watched the man open the car door and get out. The man approached his door and opened it, suddenly grabbing Jungkook out roughly.

The man pulled him along, leaving the car door open and Jungkook looked around in a panic as he was being pulled to the back of the car where the trunk was. There was no one around. The field was all shadows and the trees appeared to be swaying sadly as the wind rustled through them.

The man suddenly pushed Jungkook against the trunk and he pulled Jungkook’s face mask down. Jungkook stared at the man, his eyes wide with fear and he gulped nervously as he took in the figure before him.

The man was tall and raven haired. He had an attractive and surprisingly pleasant face. His shoulders were broad and his eyes looked rather playful although his face was stern and unfeeling at the moment. Jungkook looked down at the cop badge to see his name. He figured he wanted to know the name of the man that was about to murder him and stick him in the trunk of his car...Kim Seokjin was what it said.

“Why...why are we here?” asked Jungkook softly as he looked back into the man’s eyes.

The mad laughed suddenly and he took the messenger bag off of Jungkook’s neck and opened it. “Good.” he said. Then he reached into Jungkook’s pocket and pulled out the gun.

“Spider pass you this?” he asked. Jungkook nodded yes. “Good.” he said. Jungkook frowned. What the fuck was going on?

“Well. Now that we have everything we need I guess no need for you anymore huh?” said the man. Jungkook’s eyes grew wider. Oh god he was right. Oh god he was going to kill him!

“Wh...what?” asked Jungkook softly. He could barely speak he was so fucking afraid. He started to panic at the thought the man killing him and dumping his body in the goddamn trunk or the river. “Oh god please no...I...please.” begged Kookie softly.

“Mmmm...let me think about it.” said the man and he raised his face up to the sky, his finger under his chin, as if he were questioning whether or not he would go through with it.

Oh god, thought Jungkook. This was it. He was going to fucking die. Die by the hands of some dirty fucking cop and Joker and his friends would all laugh at the stupid college boy that they had set up and used. After his death his parents would curse him forever for being so stupid and not listening to them. God he was so fucking stupid! He deserved to die...he deserved to die for being so damn naive and stupid. He started to tremble as he watched the man stand their calmly deciding his fate.


“OH FUCK!” yelled out Jungkook.

The man looked at Jungkook and burst out laughing. It was a finger gun. He had pointed a goddamn finger gun at him. Jungkook just stood there frozen as he watched the man laugh. He shut his eyes and sighed deeply. Thank god he hadn't killed him just then but he may still do it, thought Jungkook. Maybe he was just fucking with him first and would shoot him anyway...

“Ahhh...hahahaha.” laughed the man. “I love fucking with people god!” he laughed.

“Oh it’s College.” said another voice and Jungkook turned suddenly and say Jay approach from the right side of the car. “Jay.” he said softly. Thank god. Someone he knew...well knew of at least. The relief quickly changed to fear again when he realized Jay knew the cop and was friendly with him which couldn't be a good thing.

“Did he have the stuff?’ asked Jay. The detective nodded to him yes and they started whispering to each other. Jungkook stood there, sweat pouring down his face, his eyes wide with fear.

“So what should we do with him?’ asked Jay suddenly and he lowered his eyes at Jungkook.

“Mmmm...I say let him drown with the cuffs on.” said the cop.

“Aww. Jin...that’s just fucked up.” said Jay and he shot Jin a disapproving look. Jin started to giggle and Jay did too. Jungkook had the urge to laugh suddenly as Jin’s laugh sounded like a damn witch just then. He didn’t of course. He was too fucking scared to give into the random feeling.

“Mmm...I don’t want to shoot him. College kids aren’t worth any fucking bullets.” said Jin and he dashed a handsome smile at Jungkook. Jungkook gulped. Oh god they were really gone to kill him!

“Ohhhh..I know. We’ll choke him!’ said Jay. He started to laugh when he saw Jungkook eyes grow even wider. “Ha! Yes.” said Jin. “Is that alright with you?” he asked Jungkook.

What? Choke him? Oh god no!, he thought. Suddenly his phone when off. It was Joker. The goddamn batman ringtone went off and Jin and Jay looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Hahaha...who’s that? Joker?!” laughed Jay. Jungkook shook his head yes.

“Oh shit! Hahahahahaha!’ Jay laughed. Fucking College had given Joker a batman ringtone. That shit was hilarious! Jin laughed too and he walked over to Jungkook and turned him around facing him toward the trunk.

Jungkook closed his eyes tightly. Oh god, he thought. This is it. He’d kill him and put him in the damn trunk.

“Please. Please don’t kill me.” he begged suddenly. He knew he was a pussy to beg for his life but he didn't want to die. He didn’t!

Jin turned him around again suddenly. “Hey you like jokes?” he asked.

Jungkook just stared at him his heart in his damn throat. “Oh my fucking god.” said Jay. “If you’re gonna kill him just do it. Don’t torture him!” he teased.

Jin shot him a dirty look. “Hey!” he yelled. “My jokes are fucking funny!’ he yelled. Jay laughed. “Ha! Lame ass dad jokes” said Jay.

Jungkook watched Jin start yelling at Jay and Jay kept laughing and laughing. It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. They were having so much fun and they were about to kill him.

Jay looked over at Jungkook. He frowned. “Fuck it. Tell him one.” he said.

Jin looked at Jungkook. “Okay. What’s a hamburger’s favorite color?” he asked. He had already started to laugh as he waited for Jungkook’s response.

“What?’ said Jungkook. His mind was racing. What the fuck was he saying? Hamburgers?

“Hey!’ yelled Jin and he snapped his fingers at Jungkook. “What is a hamburger’s favorite color?!” he yelled.

“Umm...I...I don’t know.” said Jungkook. He was so afraid it was a goddamn test and he’d fail and they’d kill him.

“Burgandy! Burgandy!” yelled Jin and he slapped his leg and burst out laughing.

“Burgandy?” said Kookie. He couldn’t process it..he was too fucking scared.

“Burgandy!” yelled Jin again and him and Jay starting laughing their asses off.

Burgandy...Burger…, thought Jungkook...

“Hahahaha! Burgandy!” laughed Kookie all of sudden. "I get it!" he called out as he laughed. They all started to laugh hysterically and Jungkook laughed even harder at the thought that he would die like this. He would die at the fucking waterfront, listening to dumb dad jokes, that were being told to him by a dirty cop and a street thug. It was the funniest shit in the world.

“Ahhh...that shit is funny.” said Jin and he turned Jungkook around again. Jungkook stopped laughing as he felt the cop grab his wrists...oh god this was it he thought...the suddenly the cuffs were off his wrists...

Oh shit. He was free. The cop had taken off the cuffs and was turning him back around.

“You’re letting me go?” asked Jungkook's he rubbed his hands on his wrists. They hurt from how tight the cuffs had been. He couldn’t believe it... It was too fucking good to be true..

“What? You can’t go anywhere...we gotta wait for Joker.” said Jay. He frowned at Jungkook like he was crazy.

Jungkook just stared on. He didn’t know how to react. Joker was coming? They weren’t going to kill him?

“Awwww...sorry sorry.” said Jay and he walked up to Jungkook and threw his arm around him and started to lead him toward a huge abandoned train car. He felt bad suddenly as he saw the kid’s shook face. They were just fucking with him...they had kind of went overboard and he felt bad about it.

“We were just fucking with you. Right Jin?” said Jay. “Oh yeah.” said Jin as he caught up to them.

“Oh...thank god.” said Kookie. He finally could fully breath again. “I really thought you were going to kill me.” he said softly. He was still scared as fuck. He looked around as they approached the train car.

“ brought the drugs and the gun...why would we kill you? You did good.” said Jay and he ruffled Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook smiled sheepishly. He was still scared and in shock that they had just been fucking with him.

“So this is the train tracks.” said Hobi and he opened his arm wide to show off the place. "This used to be a track but they closed it down years ago...we all meet here and I make the delivery to The Boss after you give me the packages.” he said.

“Ohhh.” said Kookie. “So I’ll see you a’ll run to me down here sometimes.” said Jay.

Jungkook nodded to show he understood as Jay moved his arm off of him and pulled the train car door open. He jumped up and sat down, his legs swinging over the ledge and Jungkook walked over, jumping up to sit next to him. He trusted him more than the damn cop so he figured he’d stay close to him just in case.

“Well I gotta go. Gotta make sure they didn’t catch Spider.” said Jin.

“Spider? What the fuck?” asked Jay. What the hell was he talking about?

“Ohhhh you don’t fucking know!’ yelled out Jin. “One of those guys had a gun. One of the guys from the drop so Spider had to shoot at him but he missed. He called The Boss for help after and we told him to pass the fucking gun off to College here but that idiot Jumin got bagged for stealing clothes from Macy’s. Fucking Macy’s.” said Jin and he giggled at how pathetic he thought Jumin was.

“What the fuck!” yelled out Jay. He started to laugh. “Ahahaha are you fucking serious!’ he yelled.

“Asshole almost cost us everything. I heard the fucking call to pick him up so I grabbed College here so he wouldn’t get arrested.” said Jin.

“Oh shit.” said Kookie as he realized everything. “Yeah...oh shit is right.” said Hobi. “Fucking Jumin. We should have never used that asshole.” he said and he frowned in disgust.

“You did a good job though kid.” said Jin suddenly and he leaned over and patted Jungkook’s leg. Jungkook smiled sheepishly. “Uh..thanks.” he said.

“You fucking kept the gun and didn’t run when that asshole got tagged. Joker did a good job picking you. I’ll tell The Boss.” said Jin. He liked the kid. He had laughed at his joke.

“” said Jungkook. He didn’t know what else to say. “So what’s your name? Or are we gonna just call you College?” asked Hobi.

“Jungkook.” said Kookie turning to face him. Jin and Jay laughed. “No your street name.” said Jin.

“Oh...uh I don’t really know.” said Jungkook. He hadn't really thought about it.

“Rabbit.” said Joker.

The three of them turned to the direction of his voice and Jungkook’s heart swelled in his chest as he saw him. He wanted to jump down and run and hug him he was so happy to see him but that would have been pussy as all hell.

“Yeah Rabbit.” agreed Jungkook and he smiled a big goofy grin at him. He loved the new name and he was so very happy to see him.

Joker smiled at him. He was glad that he liked the name and he was glad he was there and safe. He walked over and jumped up and sat next to Kookie on the other side. “Oh god I was so worried about you.” said Joker and he pulled Jungkook into a hug.

“Oh I’m okay.” said Jungkook. He tried to act cool but Taehyung was rubbing his hands up and down his back and he fell into the hug and closed his eyes. He smelled absolutely wonderful to him just then…

“Mmmm.” said Joker. He loved hugging him. Jin and Jay raised their eyebrows at each other and giggled quietly as they watched Joker fawn over the new guy Rabbit. He was so damn whipped. Jay made a hand movement like he was whipping something and Taehyung’s eyes opened at the moment.

“I saw that.” he said suddenly. Jay and Jin bust out laughing. Jungkook pulled back. He wanted to know what was funny but they didn’t share. They just kept laughing and soon Joker was laughing too.

“What?” he asked innocently. “Oh it’s nothing.” said Joker quickly.

“Rabbit. That’s a good name….cause you run and shit.” said Jay and he got up and went into the train car coming back with a six pack of beer. He passed it to them and they all took one except Jin who shook his head no.

“I gotta split. See you guys later.” he said and he gave Jay and Joker a wave and turned to leave.

“Yeah I like it.” said Hobi as he thought Jungkook’s new name further. “You kind of look like a damn rabbit.” Taehyung looked at Jungkook and they both giggled. “You bitch. Is that why you picked it?” asked Jungkook.

Taehyung laughed harder and pushed him away playfully. Jay laughed too. “No.” Tae lied. Jungkook squinted his eyes at him. “Sure it isn’t.” he teased.

“No I swear!’ said Tae. Jay laughed. He was such a damn liar.

“But Jay. What the fuck happened with Spider?” asked Tae. Jay started to fill him in and Jungkook sat there listening, marveling in the fact he had a street name when they saw Jimin and Yoongi approach.

“Everything cool? College deliver?” asked Yoongi. Jay jumped down and they did their handshake. Yoongi listened as Jay filled him in and Jimin stood there uncomfortably, his hands pushed into his pocket of his hoodie. Joker was staring at him. He kept staring and he wanted to fucking leave already. He hated that fuck.

“You want a beer?” yelled out Tae and he picked up one and held it out to Mochi. He was fucking with him.

Mochi shook his head no. He didn’t say a damn word. “Bitch.” said Joker under his breath. Jungkook heard it and looked at him surprisingly. Tae shook his head to let him know he’d tell him later.

“So we cool? Can we all go now?” asked Jimin. He couldn’t bear to be in that damn Joker’s presence.

“No you fucking wait.” said Yoongi and he shot a disapproving look at Jimin. Jimin sighed and looked down, pushing his foot against the floor out of frustration. Hobi frowned. The fuck was wrong with him?

“Okay here’s the fucking deal.” said Yoongi after Jay had caught him up on what happened. They all turned to look at him.

“Fucking College…” he stared but Tae interrupted him. “Rabbit. His name’s Rabbit now.” said Joker.

“Rabbit?” asked Yoongi. The fuck name was that? He stared at Jungkook and he saw that his eyes were wide, his mouth parted, the bunny teeth showing.

“Ha! Oh shit! He does look like a fucking rabbit!’ yelled out Yoongi and he leaned onto Jay’s shoulder and started to cackle hysterically.

Jimin looked at Jungkook and he saw what he meant. He stared to giggle too. Jay laughed and so did Joker. Jungkook hit Tae on the arm. Fucking bitch. He started to laugh too though. It was true. He did look like a rabbit.

“Joker’s fucked up!’ laughed Agust. “It’s not that. It’s because he’s a runner!’ yelled Joker in his defense. They all kept laughing. Sure it was they thought.

“It was.” said Joker to Jungkook. Jungkook giggled. “I don’t care. I like it.” he said softly. Taehyung beamed his boxy smile at him and threw his arm around him.

“Okay. Okay. Okay...what’s the deal.” said Hobi. He had to get uptown to deliver the shit.

“Rabbit. It’s official. You’re in the gang now for not fucking up shit. We’ll initiate you tomorrow.” said Agust and he nodded yes to make his point. Jungkook’s eyes grew wide. “Initiate?” he said softly. Joker patted his leg and leaned into his ear. “Don’t worry. It’s easy.” he lied.

“Oh okay.” said Jungkook. He gulped. He was nervous as fuck.

“Mochi. I’ll give you your money tomorrow.” said Agust to Jimin. He nodded yes. He just wanted to leave.

“Jay. I’ll take the shit with you uptown. I gotta talk to The Boss too.” said Agust. Jay nodded okay.

“Joker. Call The Boss. Let him know Rabbit is in. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” said Agust. Tae nodded okay and raised his beer at him.
“And Rabbit. Tomorrow you be at my house at 1pm. I got another job for you.” said Agust and he looked at him to watch his reaction.

“Okay.” said Jungkook quickly. Fuck he had school. He didn’t dare say it though. He had just gotten in. He didn’t want to fuck it up.

“Good.” said Agust. He looked at Jimin and Jimin looked back. “You can fucking go now.” he said. Jimin pierced his lips. “Bye Jay.” he said softly. Jay frowned. He wanted to ask him what the fuck was wrong but he could tell it wasn’t the time.

“Bye Rabbit. Nice meeting you!” called out Jimin. Jungkook waved back at him and Joker pulled his hand down. He didn’t want him waving at that fuck.

“Fuck him.” said Joker quietly. Jungkook bit his lip as he watched Jimin turn to leave. He couldn't wait to find out why Joker didn’t like him. He had seen them together all the time on the corner throughout the years. What the hell had changed?

“Mochi!’ yelled out Yoongi suddenly. Jimin turned around. “Remember what I said.”

Jimin shook his head yes. He did it sadly and Yoongi’s heart burst as he watched him walk away. He didn't’ mean to be so rough on him but he had to be...He was their boss...and they had to stay under fucking control….


Jimin got to his apartment and opened the door. “Baby?” he called out. He knew the door was closed to his bedroom with the kitten inside but he liked to call her name out when he got home just the same.

He locked the door and went into his bedroom. He smiled when he saw her. She was curled up in the cat bed fast asleep. “Aww baby.” he said softly. He pulled off his hoodie and shoved off his boots, then stripped down to his boxers. He walked over and grabbed her up and carried her to the bed. He giggled as he saw her tiny mouth open to yawn. She was so damn cute!

“So cute!’ he said and he nuzzled his nose against her little face. “Mew.” she said back. He laid her down on the pillow and climbed into the covers, turning to pet her softly as she started to fall back asleep.

His mind wandered….he kept thinking about him. Thinking about Joker. He hated him. He hated that fuck so much. He sighed and turned on his back and put his arm over his head in an attempt to block out the thought of him but the opposite happened.

Instead he remembered everything....

He laid there and the painful memory welled up inside inside him and he suddenly was back there to that night, 3 years ago, when he had caught the boy...that night he had been late...that night he had ran from Taemin’s to catch the boy and rob him for the 60k...that night when he was about to lose his house...that night when he had needed the fucking money….

He was late but he had to catch him….he saw him...he saw the boy Lazy Eyes walking casually ahead...he ran fast as fuck...he was just a few blocks ahead...goddamn Taemin. Goddamn alarm clock!

He sped up although he didn't know how because he had run for so damn long….He was catching up to him...he was on the same block now...just a few more feet and he could grab that fuck…

Suddenly the boy looked back and saw him...Oh fuck!….Lazy Eyes took off and Jimin ran top speed after him…”Goddammit!’ he yelled. He had to fucking catch him!

The boy whipped around the corner and started to run across the field toward the tracks. Oh fuck he knew...knew Jimin was coming to rob him. He reached in the pocket of his jeans to grab the gun...he’d yell out some bullshit and point it at him...make that bitch stop…

Oh fuck...the gun...where the fuck was the gun?!!!

Jimin panicked as he searched desperately for the gun. Oh god he must have left it at Taemin’s! Oh god he was dead...a dead man!

He had to grab him...he had to get the was his fault...he had fucked it all up...he had to catch him...he had to…

He was gaining on him as they ran into the school park...Jimin bit his lip and lowered his head, running as fast as he could. The boy suddenly tripped. Jimin grabbed his hoodie and turned him around, swinging his fist hard and fast against his jaw….

He had caught him finally...he had beat him and searched him but the boy didn’t have the money…and Joker was there now…

Jimin was so scared…he was so scared as Joker leaned down into his ear...pushing back his hair...smiling at him…

He was so very scared as he clung to the boy for dear life...his eyes closed...his head down and Joker in his ear...ready to tell him what The Boss had said….ready to tell him his fate...

He was so fucking scared...but he would accept it...he would accept his fate…..

“What did he say?” asked Jimin. His voice was barely a whisper.

“Kill him.” whispered Joker.

Jimin whipped his head around to look at him.

He was no longer smiling…

Jimin’s lip started to tremble. He would kill him..Joker would kill him. He wanted to fucking scream!

“ it...quick.” whispered Jimin. He could barely say the words his lip was trembling so badly. Taehyung stared at him. His face emotionless...dark...unfeeling it seemed.

“No. You have to do it.” said Joker. “The Boss said it has to be you.” Taehyung reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife.

Jimin stared down in horror...he looked back up at Joker. He looked at the boy and the boy looked down at the knife in Joker’s hand and he suddenly started to scream.

“Don’t kill me...please...please don’t kill me!...I’ll find it..HELP!! HELP!!!’ he screamed and he started to fight with Jimin.

Jimin slammed him against the wall again and fought to keep him down. Joker grabbed the boy by the throat suddenly and squeezed as hard as possible.

“Aghhh..akkkggg” the boy gurgled as Taehyung started to choke him to make him shut the fuck up.

Jimin started to cry. He couldn't hold it in any longer. The boy was wiggling beneath him like a fucking fish out of water.

Taehyung still looked blank. Jimin wanted to run.

He wanted to run from it wasn’t him that he had meant...The Boss wasn’t going to kill him...he wanted him to kill the boy...Taehyung was there...he was helping him…

He barely knew Joker yet he he was helping him...oh god he was helping him but he didn’t care!...God help him he didn’t want to kill anyone!

“Joker..please...pleeease.” Jimin begged. Huge tears fell down his face and he was losing his grip. Losing his grip as the boy struggled against him, clawing his hands against his shirt.

“Do it. Fucking do it or The Boss will kill you.” said Tae and he suddenly stopped choking the boy and he punched him. The boy’s face flew to the right.

Jimin was frozen. He couldn't fucking move.

The boy yelled out like a wild animal suddenly and he grabbed Jimin by the jacket and pushed him back hard. Joker crawled to grab him as he tried to get on his feet.

HELP!” HELP!” he yelled. Taehyung leaped on top of him. He pulled him back against his chest and he threw him in a choke hold…The boy was fighting him...he was pulling Taehyung arms down with all his strength and Taehyung was holding his arm around his neck as hard as he could.

The boy’s legs were kicking Jimin as Jimin watched them in horror. He was frozen...he couldn't fucking move...

“Goddammit Mochi….do it!’’ yelled Tae. He pulled his arm tight as possible...the boy was flailing...fighting...fighting for his damn life...

“Ahhhh...ahhh.” cried Jimin as he slowly picked up the knife...he looked down at it...tears were streaming so hard down his face..everything was all blurry as he trembled and shook while he cried holding the knife…

He couldn't breathe...He was crying so hard that he couldn't fucking breathe!...He had just been late a few minutes...just a few fucking minutes…

He looked up at Joker and the boy....the boy was starting to pull Taehyung’s arm down...he was slowly winning against him…

“MOCHI FUCKING DO IT!”, yelled Taehyung. Any minute and he would get away from him.

“I CAN'T! I CAN'T!” cried Jimin. He couldn't fucking do it! He couldn't fucking kill him!

Jimin shook violently as he cried while he watched them struggle…”Ahhhh...ahhh.” he cried, his hands shaking, his heart trembling…”I..caaaaan’t” he cried.

“Goddammit you have to!’ growled Joker suddenly and he lunged forward quickly and grabbed Jimin’s hand that held the knife. Jimn’s eyes grew wide as Joker raised his hand in the air and he slammed it down into the boy’s stomach.

“Ahhhhh!” yelled out the boy. “Oh god! Oh god!’ yelled out Jimin as he stared down at his hand that was holding the knife...his hand that Joker was gripping tightly..holding it down as the boy wriggled and cried out in pain.

“NOOOOO!” yelled Jimin. “NOOOO!” he cried. Joker gripped the boy's’ neck again. He pulled tight as fuck to choke him...make him fucking die. He had to kill him...they had to fucking kill him….

“”Ahhhhh….Arhhhkkk” cried out the boy and he started to loosen his grip as Joker kept choking him...the knife in his stomach...the blood...the blood was pouring out of his stomach and turning his jacket red and Jimin was frozen as he sat there while he watched the boy’s eyes roll back in his head...while he watched Joker strangle him….while he watched the boy struggling for his life right in front of his very eyes..and the boy kept yelling and kicking...and screaming...and screaming…

Jimin put his hands over his ears...he tried to drown out the sound but it was still there in his fucking head. “Don’t kill me...Help!..Ahhhhh!!” Oh god he kept hearing it in his fucking head!

Goddammit he couldn't take it anymore! He had to end it before he went mad from it all!

Jimin suddenly pulled the knife out of the boy’s body and slammed it back into his stomach. “JUST STOP!” he screamed. Oh god he couldn't take his fucking screaming!!!

Silence….nothing but the wind rustling through the trees….

It was done. Finally it was done.

The boy was dead.

Joker let him go. He pushed him off of him and Jimin just sat there...still gripping the knife as he watched the boy’s head slump down while Taehyung got from behind him.

He just sat there, knife in hand...his eyes shut...his lip trembling..his body shaking....

“Let go...Mochi let go.” said Joker and he took Jimin’s hand and pulled it off the knife.

Jimin turned quickly and looked into Taehyung’s eyes. “I…I…” sobbed Jimin but he couldn’t say the was too awful...too damn awful…

He closed his eyes tightly and held his head back and he wailed. His heart seemed to shatter in two and he cried and cried in front of Joker. Oh god he had killed him...killed him….

“Shhhh.” said Joker and he grabbed Jimin to him and he started to wipe Jimin’s tears. “Shhh.” he said softly. Jimin opened his eyes slowly and he looked at Joker.

He was looking fondly at fondly at him…

“Mochi.” said Joker and he shook him a little. “We have to move him. We have to fucking move him.” Jimin watched Joker look around...look for a place to put the body...

Jimin just stared at him in horror...he had killed him...killed the boy….he was a murderer….a murderer….

“Oh god...oh….no.” whispered Jimin as he started to shake again in front of Joker.

Taehyung’s head snapped back to look at him. Jimin saw that Joker was smiling at him...he took his hands just then...Joker was picking him up by his hands...Jimin was limp...he was dead inside except for the shaking...he was numb inside but he couldn't stop shaking as he listened to Joker tell him what to do.

“There...the bathroom...we need to drag him in there...grab his fucking legs.” said Joker and he leaned down and pushed the boy over and grabbed his two arms. “Go on.” he said to Jimin.

Jimin leaned down...his hands shook so badly as he grabbed the boy’s legs. “On three..” said Joker. “Hana Dul Set!’ he said and Jimin obeyed him and picked up the boy...he was fucking heavy…

They carried him...carried him over to the bathroom...Jimin struggled as he carried him and he looked down at the boy the whole the knife was still in him…

“Okay wait.” said Joker and Jimin and him put the boy down. Joker went to walk over to pick the lock of the bathroom door and just then Jimin couldn't take it anymore. He felt it rise from the pit of his stomach...the awful disgusting feeling that he had killed someone and he suddenly had to throw up he was so fucking disgusted at it all.

“Whaaagh..” he gagged and he turned and ran toward the gate that was a few feet away. He grabbed onto it and he leaned down and threw up on the ground...He couldn’t stop...he kept wretching and wretching...throwing up everything inside him…

“Whaaagh..whaaaghh” he wretched.

“Mochi…” said Joker and Jimin felt his hand on his back but it only made Jimin want to throw up even more…

He looked up just then, out into the street, and as he did his heart leaped into his goddamn throat!

“Oh god!” he whispered in shock at the awful sight across the street. It was him! He was standing there...standing there watching! Oh god! NO! NO! NO!

It was him! Oh god it was Taemin!!!!

Jimin eyes shot open wide in terror. He gripped the iron gate for dear life as he watched him start to run away…

“Oh god! Oh god!’ he cried out. It was too fucking horrible to be true!

“What?” asked Joker. “Uhhh…” said Jimin. He couldn't speak. He hung his head down suddenly and his body shook at the horrible revelation that Taemin had seen him....he had been there...oh god...oh god…

Taehyung stood up. “Who the fuck it that?” Jimin heard him ask.

“NO!” cried out Jimin suddenly. Goddammit he would kill him if he knew! Jimin grabbed Taehyung’s Jacket and pulled him to him suddenly. Oh god he had to make him leave Taemin the fuck alone!

“He didn’t was just a guy running...I just freaked out...please.” begged Jimin. Oh god he would kill him...oh god he would kill Taemin!

“You fucking sure! Are you?” asked Joker and he pulled Jimin up roughly and stared into his eyes.

Jimin nodded his head yes as hard as he could. “Yes I’m sure. I fucking positive!” he cried out as he gripped Joker’s jacket. He had to fucking believe him!

Joker looked past him at the boy and Jimin turned to see him just as he dashed around the corner...the flash of lavendar hair as he whipped from view…

“Please...we have to move the body…” begged Jimin. He had to make him stay...not go after him...oh god he would kill him...oh god Taemin had seen him!

“Mmm.” said Joker as he searched Jimin’s face. Jimin pleaded with him with his eyes...he had to fucking believe him….

“Come on.” Joker said after a few seconds and he let Jimin go.

Jimin shut his eyes tightly….he had saved least for now…

He jogged over quickly to help Joker...he would do whatever he asked...anything to keep his mind off Taemin…

He grabbed the boy’s legs quickly. He had to get rid of the body. He had to end this shit and go to Taemin. Explain...oh god how much had he seen?!

They dragged the body into the bathroom. Jimin obeyed Joker and they stood there silently as they washed their hands...Joker wiped down everything...he was so calm, thought very calm…

Joker was calling Jay as Jimin sat there in the corner of the bathroom staring at the dead boy. His body shaking...his heart racing as he bit his nails...he had killed him...and Taemin had seen him...possibly seen everything…oh god had he? Had he seen the whole fuckign thing?!

He kept seeing his hand stab the boy in the stomach...he kept seeing him fight against Joker...he kept seeing flashes of what had happened over and over in his mind…

“Mmmmm….mmmm..” he sobbed as he started to cry uncontrollably. Joker kneeled down and pulled him to him...He pulled him in his arms and he hugged him and Jimin gripped his jacket and he wailed into his chest. “Mmmm...Ahhhh..ahhhhh..” he cried.

“I know...I know..” said Joker softly and he hugged Jimin, rubbing his hand up and down his back.

“I ki..i..lled him...I...I…” sobbed Jimin. He wanted to die. Oh god why didn't they kill him instead!

Oh god why had Taemin come...why had he fucking followed him!!!

Jimin felt Joker’s hand on his chin...he was lifting his face...lifting his head back slowly…

Jimin opened his eyes and stared into his face as he trembled in front of him…

“I know...I was just like you the first time...just like you.” whispered Joker softly and he pushed Jimin’s hair back slowly as Jimin wept in front of him…

“I was...just like you.” Taehyung whispered and Jimin sobbed harder when he saw it...when he saw the single tear fall down Joker’s face…

He shut his eyes tightly and buried his head into Joker’s chest...He didn't know why but he hugged him as close as possible as he cried and cried into his chest…

He kept seeing the boy as he cried....he kept hearing him scream for his life...he kept seeing him fight and kick and struggle...he kept seeing his hand stab him in the stomach...he kept seeing the blood...he kept seeing Taemin...Taemin running away from him….

Oh god somehow he had followed him and seen him...Taemin knew what he was now…

Taemin knew he was a murderer….Oh god he was a murderer!

They would kill him, thought Jimin...He was so very scared Joker would tell The Boss that someone had been there…

“No witnesses.” he had heard Yoongi say once. “No witnesses…” he had said...


Chapter Text

“Were you scared?” asked Joker as he lay next to Jungkook, his hand softly rubbing up and down his ear. He had gotten him to stay again.

“Yeah..first I thought I was going to get arrested...then I thought he was going to kill me.” confessed Kookie, his eyes growing wide at the thought of how scared he was when Detective Jin had drove him down to the water.

“It’s my fault. I should have told you what to do if something like that happened.” said Joker and he frowned thinking back as to how worried he had been when Jungkook wasn’t at the train station.

“’s okay Joker.” said Jungkook. Taehyung sighed. It really wasn’t okay and here was Jungkook saying that it was. “’s not okay. I should have trained you better. I'm sorry.” said Tae and he pierced his lips hating himself for not doing things correctly like The Boss would have wanted.

Jungkook searched Joker’s eyes. He didn’t think he would have cared so much. Secretly he was loving the fact that Joker cared so much about him.

“Really’s okay.” said Kookie softly. Joker nodded yes and continued to rub his ear.

“Jin’s an asshole. Fucking with you like that.” said Tae. Jungkook nodded yes. “Burgandy.” said Tae and they looked at each other and suddenly started to giggle. Jungkook had told him the joke. That shit was funny as hell.

“You got any more?” asked Jungkook when their giggling died down. They had smoked a joint earlier at the tracks but it had worn off already.

“Yeah. Hold up.” said Tae and he raised up and turned over and grabbed a joint from the night stand. They both sat up, their backs to the the headboard, and Tae lit the joint, inhaling a few times before passing it to Jungkook.

Jungkook loved smoking now. It was the best thing ever. He loved laying in bed with Joker, smoking weed while they talked softly and shared stories. Well, in actuality, Joker shared the stories while Jungkook listened, and in Jungkook’s eyes, it was the best thing ever.

“Oh fuck.” said Jungkook suddenly and he started to cough. He had dragged it in too deeply. Tae giggled and shoved him away playfully.

“Shut up Joker.” said Kookie as he giggled from embarrassment. “Baby.” teased Joker. Jungkook giggled again and pulled in some more.

“So what’s initiation like?” asked Kookie and he passed him back the joint. He turned his head to watch Joker as he smoked, his eyes growing wider in anticipation of what he’d say. “Initiation.” It sounded so serious.

“Mmm...I don’t we all got different things.” said Joker. He had a feeling Yoongi would go soft on him being a college kid and all but he wasn’t sure. You could never be sure what Yoongi would do.

“So you have no idea what they’ll do to me?” asked Kookie, his fears starting to grow. Joker passed back the joint.

“Well yes and no. See one really knows what he’ll he’s unpredictable as fuck. You see this?” said Joker and he leaned over and parted his hair to show Kookie his scar.

“Whoa.” said Kookie as he saw the scar in Joker’s head. “He did that shit to me last year. Hit me with a fucking pistol..right on the head.” He looked at Jungkook and he smiled as he saw his eyes grow wider. He liked having the scar. He felt like it made him more of a bad ass.

Jungkook gulped. Oh god. They were friends too, he thought. He became even more scared of Yoongi and the “Initiation” just then.

“Like I didn’t even see that shit coming...He thought I was flirting with Yoonji, his sister, and then Bam! He hit me on the fucking head.” said Tae and he nodded to make his point.

“Oh fuck.” sighed Jungkook and he looked away, a lump starting to grow in this throat.

“Oh fuck is Yoongi...don’t ever fuck with him. He’s a never know what he’ll fucking do.” said Joker. Jungkook nodded that he understood.

“So..were you? Like flirting with her?” asked Kookie and he passed the joint back...he had just been holding it staring into space picturing what Yoongi looked like pistol whipping someone.

“Ha...fuck yeah I was.” said Joker and he leaned over and started to laugh. Jungkook giggled. “Oh my god really!” he said. Joker laughed. “Hahah she’s hot as fuck!’ yelled Joker and they both started laughing hysterically.

“She really is though.” agreed Kookie. “Mmm.hmm.” said Joker. “I stopped though. After that shit I never flirted with her again.” said Joker. He was telling a half truth. He had been fucking Yoonji for years but had stopped once Yoongi had caught him flirting with her.

“That used to be his name you know. Wildcard...cause you don’t know what to expect...but he changed it a few years ago to Agust...after some rapper he likes...” said Joker and he coughed a little as he passed back the weed.

“Oh I know that dude...yeah kind of looks like him.” said Kookie. He started to giggle suddenly for no reason. He was high.

“Anyways...that being said..I have no idea what he’ll have you do.” said Joker.

“Well what did he have everyone else do?” asked Kookie and he took the joint.

“Mmm..” thought Joker and he looked up trying to remember. “Well that kid Jumin, he had to rob a store.” said Joker. Jungkook gulped. Oh god would he have him do that too?!

Joker saw his face and laughed. “Don’t worry. He won’t make you do that.” said Joker.

“ do you know he won’t.”

“Cause you’ve never done shit like that before. Like you’d fuck it up and get point in that now is there.” said Joker. Jungkook nodded slowly. He was still scared as fuck though.

“See back in the day to get in you had to get a kilo of coke and give it to The Boss. That’s how Agust and Jay got in...Mochi..he’s not in the gang..he just does jobs for Yoongi..” said Joker.

“Ohhh..I thought he was.” said Kookie. Joker frowned. “No that bitch isn’t in the gang...he thinks he’s too fucking good to join. Fucking bitch.” said Joker and he looked ahead harshly for a moment.

Jungkook just stared at him. He wanted to ask him why he hated Mochi so much but something in the way Joker looked told him not to. He decided to change the subject instead.

“What about you? What did you have to do?” asked Jungkook and he passed the joint to Joker.

Taehyung blinked and turned to Jungkook grabbing the joint. “Oh he didn’t have me do anything...I was already in the gang when I met him.” He pulled in the weed and blew it out slowly, watching it swirl above them.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide. “Really? How?” he asked.

Joker searched his face. Should he? Tell him?

He wanted to. He wanted to bare his soul and tell Jungkook everything just then. It came naturally to him...his wish to tell Jungkook every horrible thing about came so very naturally...yet he wouldn’t of course.
He really wanted to though...because of the feeling in the pit of his stomach. The feeling that Jungkook could know everything and accept him anyways. He licked his lips as he stared at him.

He wanted to tell someone...someone who would understand...who wouldn’t blame him...someone who cared about him so much that they would never blame him...someone who loved him so much that they would forgive him...understand why he had to do the horrible things he did…

No one did though. No one loved him that much to understand him...forgive him for it, he thought. He once believed Mochi loved him, but now he knew it was all fake. He had blamed him...called him a monster...He had abandoned him...thrown him out of his life just like that.

No he wouldn’t tell. He wouldn’t tell Jungkook those was just a feeling that Jungkook wouldn’t judge him..just a feeling...because of the painting he had that feeling, yet he still needed to be sure first...he didn’t want to lose him too..

He hadn’t told Mochi all of it either, for exactly that reason...he hadn’t wanted to lose Mochi and look..he had lost him anyways…

He had left him for the few things that he did know...He had left him after he had killed that guy….that fucking witness...He had blamed him and left him and called him a monster...just because he had done that job...

“What Joker? Tell me?” said Kookie softly and he put his hand over Joker’s hand that was lying on the bed.

He could tell...Joker had the look again. Like when he had talked about his when he had talked about his soul on the roof...that sad, blank stare...that sad, far away look was back again.

“Huh?’ said Taehyung. He had forgotten what they were talking about as he remembered all the the awful things in his past...and how Mochi had left him so suddenly.

“How’d you get into the gang? Before meeting Agust?” asked Kookie. Joker felt his hand on his just then and he looked down and smiled. He was so nice. Just like he had known he would be. So fucking nice…

“Oh that.” said Joker. “Oh I was brought in by The Boss. He picked me and trained me. Took me into the gang when I was a teenager.” lied Joker. He had been much younger though... only 11 years old...

“I met Yoongi later...I was 17 when I met him.” said Tae and he pulled in some more of the weed.

“Ohhh.” said Kookie softly. He was so fucking high he felt like he was floating. He leaned his head against the headboard and looked lazily upon Joker...He was so very lovely to look at...His cinnamon brown hair...his sexy mouth...his dark eyes that could pierce your very soul sometimes...He was so very lovely to look a painting almost...Jungkook really wanted to paint him but he was too damn shy to ask.

“Ha you’re high.” said Joker and he giggled. Kookie had been staring at him with his eyes half open for the longest time. “Haha yep.” said Kookie. He giggled and Taehyung leaned over and kissed his adorable nose.

Taehyung put out the joint and moved closer to Jungkook, pulling him to lay down next to him on the pillows. They turned to each other, staring into each other’s eyes and Joker started to play with Jungkook’s ear again...softly rubbing his fingers up and down it.

Jungkook closed his eyes and sighed as he felt the light caressing of Taehyung’s fingers on his ear...It felt so good…

“Joker?’ asked Jungkook softly after a few moments.

“Mmm?” asked Joker and he licked his lips as he stared at Jungkook. He wanted to kiss him so badly just then.

“Why...why did you look sad earlier when I asked you about joining the gang?” whispered Kookie, the softness of Joker’s fingers making him lightheaded as he waited for an answer.

“Mmm...mainly Mochi...I’m sad about Mochi.” confessed Tae.

Jungkook opened his eyes. “What happened...with you and Mochi?”

Joker sighed and looked at Kookie sadly. His heart hurt to talk about it. He looked at Jungkook who was staring at him and he decided in that moment that he would tell him anyways.

“’s a long story...but mainly he was my best for years. We met when I was 17...on a job for The Boss...and I saved him...and I stayed by his side when he had nobody. Well nobody except for me and Yoongi.

See his dad is this fucking drunk and he had left him all alone...and his mom...she’s in this hospital upstate...she’s like paralyzed and stuff...She had this accident and after it she wasn’t able to she can’t talk or move around a lot...she can’t do anything really…She just sits there by the window...I went there once. With Mochi. He had me go with him and he cried the whole way back because she didn't recognize him...she just ignored him was so sad..he was all fucked up…” said Joker.

“Wow...that’ sad..” said Kookie. He felt so bad for Mochi just then. “Yeah.” said Tae and he moved his hand up Jungkook’s shirt and started to softly stroke his side with his fingers.

“ what else?’ whispered Kookie as he fell into the soft feeling of Joker caressing his body.

“See I was his best friend...I loved him...I would have done anything for him Kookie. Anything...and he...he fucking left me because I had to do this job for The Boss a few months ago…said I was dead to him..”

Jungkook eyes opened wider with wonder. What kind of job was it? It sounded so important.

“So fuck he’s fucking dead to me too...fucking dead” said Joker.

He thought about Mochi...about the fight..”You’re dead to me Joker..dead.” he had yelled. The memory of it caused Joker’s face to become blank and suddenly he stopped rubbing Jungkook’s ear and stared at more past him really...his eyes growing dark and unfeeling. Jungkook looked in his eyes and the sudden shift in his gaze made him nervous.

“I’m...I’m sorry must have been hard to lose your friend.” said Jungkook softly, hoping to bring Joker back from the dark place he seemed to have gone.

Joker didn’t respond. He just turned and looked up at the ceiling. The cold stare still present on his face.

Jungkook bit his lip and waited patiently...He wanted to know what the job was. He wanted to ask so must have been something bad to make Mochi not be his friend must have been really bad…

The thought came back suddenly. The thought that maybe the rumours were true...What if he had killed someone...and that’s why Mochi was mad…

Jungkook pushed the thought quickly from his mind. No way were those rumours true. He had met all of them and they had been all cool...sure Jay and the cop had joked about killing him but that’s all it had been...a fucking joke...

“Anyways fuck him..” said Joker suddenly and he turned his head back to look at Kookie again.

Jungkook looked into Joker’s eyes and he looked so utterly sad. “You okay?” he whispered softly and he dared to push back the few strands of hair that had fallen in Joker’s face.

Taehyung bit his lip and looked at him sorrowfully. It hurt so fucking bad. I hurt so bad that Jimin didn’t care about him anymore...that he thought he was some horrible monster…his soul...his soul was all fucked up...

Jungkook searched his eyes and he saw them...just like he had on the roof that day. He saw the tears. They were starting to well up and Kookie felt a connection to him because he knew exactly what Joker was feeling. He was feeling that awful feeling that Jungkook had felt his whole life…

Loneliness. That was the feeling...and to Jungkook it was the worst feeling in the world.

He had been lonely too...lonely his whole life it seemed and now, because of Joker, he wasn’t.

“I know how you feel Joker...I was lonely too...” said Kookie. “You were?.” asked Tae and he moved closer to him as he watched him nod his head yes.

“Yes..but...but you don’t have to worry anymore...because you’re..not alone now Joker.” said Jungkook quietly and he moved over closer to him, moving his hand up Joker’s shirt, caressing him softly like he had done to him a few minutes ago.

“I’m not?” whispered Joker and he bit his lip harder to fight back his tears. He hated to fucking cry. He wasn’t weak...he should never cry.

Jungkook shook his head no slowly. ”No Joker..we’re not lonely anymore.” whispered Kookie and his lips parted slowly as Joker moved close to him..inviting him for a kiss...

“I don’t ever want you to feel lonely.” whispered Joker and moved his hand up to Jungkook’s neck rubbing his finger softly inside the collar of Jungkook’s shirt...rubbing it slowly back and forth...his fingers grazing across the skin...causing Jungkook to close his eyes and suck in his teeth from the feeling of his touch.

“I don’t...want you lonely either..” sighed Kookie. He loved how he touched him...he wanted more….he always wanted more…His dick starting to grow hard inside his boxers as Joker caressed him so felt so good and tingly and electric and good…

“Stay with me Kookie...Stay forever.” whispered Joker and he leaned into Jungkook’s neck slowly ...planting soft kisses all over his sweet neck…

“Ohhh.’ sighed Kookie as Joker kissed him so lightly on his neck. He pushed his hand into Joker’ hair...gripping it softly and he sucked in his teeth again when he felt Joker’s tongue pressing against his collarbone, swirling his tongue around and up his neck and back down again... sending a chill up Jungkook’s spine…

“Stay with me Kookie...promise you’ll stay.” whispered Joker. He never wanted him to leave. He wanted to keep him for himself so that he would never be lonely again.

“Yes Joker...I’ll stay.” sighed Kookie softly. Of course he would stay...Joker wanted and needed him and he wanted and needed him back.

Joker choked up suddenly as he heard the words. Would he? Would he stay?

He moved up quickly and rolling his body on top of Jungkook’s and he suddenly pushed his hands into his hair, gripping it into his hands, as he stared down upon him.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide from the sudden gesture and he grabbed Joker’s arms automatically as Joker held onto him.

“Stay with me Kookie...Don’t go back home..I want you to stay with me.’ said Joker. He gripped a little tighter and his deep voice sent a chill through Jungkook’s spine.

He gulped as he looked up into Joker’s face. He was staring at him so deeply that Jungkook could barely stand it. He blinked. He didn't know what to fucking say. He was telling him to leave home...telling him to leave his parents and move in with him. He had just known him a week…

“Will you? Will you stay?’ asked Joker and his tongue dashed out quickly before going back inside his mouth.

Jungkook was nervous. He didn't know what to say. It was such a huge suddenly decide to leave his parents...what if they never saw him again. What if they disowned him...what if he left and then wanted to go back all of a sudden? He just kept staring up at him, a shook look on his face as his thought raced. He didn't want Joker to get angry...He didn’t want him to pull his hair again...or worse…

Jungkook kept thinking about it as Joker stared down at him not saying a word. He hated living with his parents really...he was tired of his mom’s complaining...of her yelling...or his dad always telling him he had disgraced him for wanting to be an a way he had disowned him already...they barely talked anymore...ever since he had started school…

Deep down inside him he wanted to stay....He loved being with Joker. He felt free when he was with Joker...he wasn’t lonely with him...Joker was interested in everything he had to say... Could he? Could he do it? Just leave them and move out?

Did he even have a choice?...

Jungkook blinked again and he saw Joker's eyes well up with tears. Joker bit his lip and a single tear escaped and it fell onto Kookie’s cheek, splashing upon his face...

The tear was all it took.

That single tear was all it took to make Jungkook decide to stay.

He looked up at Joker and he felt as if he was he was staring back at his own damn self just then...His own damn self that was crying inside because he felt the very same way. He also wanted so desperately to be loved and wanted and needed...and to never feel lonely again.

“I’ll stay Joker. I won’t leave.” said Kookie and he grabbed Joker’s face suddenly and pulled him to his mouth, kissing him as hard as he could.

Taehyung’s heart seemed to be on fire just then as he felt Jungkookie’s mouth crashing against his own. He kiss him back. He kissed him back so passionately, his heart racing as he felt Jungkook’s hands holding his face, his body pressing against his, his warm tongue darting around feverishly to find his own.

“You’ll stay?” whispered Tae between the sloppy kisses that Jungkook kept producing.

Jungkook nodded yes. He nodded yes over and over, and his heart ached inside him as he kissed and kissed the boy that wanted him so badly...the boy that he wanted more and more and more of.

“Tell me. Say it.” said Tae and he sucked on Jungkook’s bottom lip sending the tingly sensation throughout Jungkook’s body.

“Ahhh..yes...I’l stay...I’l stay.” sighed Kookie as he shut his eyes tightly, kissing Joker more and more frantically as his passion built up inside him. Oh fuck he never wanted to leave.

Joker went crazy for him when he heard him say yes. He grabbed Jungkook’s into his arms suddenly and he pushed his hard dick against him. He wanted him. He wanted all of him. He tasted so fucking good. He was so fucking beautiful. He went wild as he attacked his mouth, throwing his tongue inside, his dick growing hard as he felt Jungkook’s tongue lashing sweetly against his own.

“Oh god Kookie I want you so fucking bad.” said Joker as he kissed him wildly, sloppily.

“I want you too...I want you too.” whispered Jungkook between the feverish kissing and he pushed his body against him. His dick growing harder and harder as Joker kissed him back so perfectly…

“I want you forever.” said Tae and he practically fucked his mouth with his tongue he wanted him so fucking badly.

“Ahh...ahh.” sighed Kookie. “Oh fuck me too.” Joker’s tongue felt so good. His dick yearned for more friction and he rubbed his hands up and down Joker’s back, loving everything he felt as Joker’s tongue kept moving deeply inside his mouth, his delicious tongue, his warm mouth that sucked on his lips before devouring them again. Oh god he wanted to feel like this forever and ever. He never wanted to fucking leave. He just wanted more...he just wanted more and more…

Jungkook sighed and moaned as the tingly feeling surged him. He kissed him and kissed him. Kissing him as hard as he could, holding Joker tightly, falling into the embrace as Joker began grinding on top of him.

Oh fuck he loved how Joker made him feel. He wanted more...more...he always wanted more. He wanted whatever Joker would give him...He wanted to feel like this every day...every minute...every second...he was addicted to how Joker made him feel.

“Touch me Joker..please...please touch me.” begged Kookie.

“I always want to touch you.” said Joker and he moved his head down into Jungkook’s neck and started to kiss and lick and suck on it harshly like he always wanted to do, but this time,he didn’t hold anything back.

“Ahhh..ahhh...ahh.” sighed Kookie and he held onto Taehyung tightly as he felt him sucking his skin into his escaping from his teeth.

Jungkook shivered underneath him. Oh fuck it felt so good. He leaned his head back further and sucked in his teeth. Oh god he loved Joker. He loved every fucking thing about him…

“Never go back Kookie. Stay.” said Joker and he pushed up Jungkook’s shirt roughly and started to attack his nipples, sucking and licking and biting them.

“Ahhh..ahhh….ahh..oh fuck…”sighed Kookie. It felt so fucking good!

“Never leave Kookie. Promise me.” said Joker. He wanted him to stay...never go back to those fucking parents...he didn't need them anymore...

He moved back up and Jungkook threw his arms around his neck. “I’ll stay...I’ll never leave you...just kiss me...keep kissing me.” said Kookie. He wanted him so fucking bad his dick was throbbing in his boxers.

Joker moved back up and crashed his mouth against Kookie’s, pushing his tongue in so deeply that Jungkook could barely breathe.

“Ahhh..ahh.’ sighed Kookie. “I’ll never leave...mmm..ahh..I’ll never leave.” sighed Kookie and he lashed his tongue back and forth harshly against Joker’s.

Joker held him so fucking tight. His heart swelling inside of him as he knew now he finally had him. “Oh god you’re so sexy.” growled Tae and he pushed his hand into Jungkook’s boxers, grabbing his dick and stroking it upward causing Jungkook to moan in his mouth.

“Ahhh..ahhh..mmm” moaned Kookie. Joker moved down to his neck, licking up to his ear, Jungkook kept sighing and moaning and Joker jerked his dick up and down inside of his boxers.

Jungkook wanted to feel everything. He grabbed Joker’s shirt and pulled it over his head. He wanted to feel him..feel his damn body.

Joker raised up and Jungkook pulled off his shirt and quickly grabbed him back to him.

“Keep touching me..” begged Kookie. Joker shoved his hand back into his boxers and started pumping him roughly, making Kookie hold him tighter as he sighed into his neck.

“Oh fuck..ahh..ahh.” sighed Kookie. Oh fuck it felt so damn good he would cum.

“Fuck I’m so hard.” sighed Tae. His dick was throbbing as Jungkook kept moaning while he jerked his cock roughly.

Joker stopped suddenly and he started to attack his neck again, then moving down to his nipples, licking and sucking and biting them and he pulled his skin his mouth and left bruises on him...he was his...he wanted to mark him as his...

“Oh more..more.” sighed Kookie. He wanted him to do any and everything to him.

Joker nodded yes and licked his way down to his stomach, his tongue swirling around and then down to this boxers. He pulled them off of Kookie and Kookie was so eager for him to suck it that he spread his legs instantly. Joker smirked when he did it. He was so fucking cute and horny for him.

Joker started to kiss his thighs as he moved back in between them. He kissed him lightly, tenderly and Jungkook sighed and sucked in his teeth as he felt each wet kiss upon his skin. “Ohhh.” he sighed as Joker moved closer and closer to his cock. He was lightheaded and everything felt so fucking good.

Joker moved up and lay his tongue flat against Kookie’s dick, licking up it slowly, grabbing it with his hand and licking up to the head as he watched him react to him. “Ahhhh...ohh.” sighed Kookie. It felt so fucking good!

“Mmm” growled Tae and he lashed his wet tongue all over his cock making it super wet.

Jungkook shut his eyes tightly as he felt Joker’s large hands start to jerk his dick up and down. “Mmmm..ahhh..ahh.” moaned Kookie as Joker stared to push his wet mouth down his shaft, lashing his tongue hard against it.

“Oh god...oh fuck...ahhh..ahh.” he sighed. Tae started to jerk his dick roughly into his mouth, saliva dripping down it.. He wanted to make Jungkook weak for him...he wanted to fuck him...put his damn dick him finally. He wanted him so fucking bad.

Tae pushed Jungkook’s legs more open and Jungkook shivered as Taehyung kept sucking on his cock, his dick leaking precum, waves of pleasure crashing through his body. “Oh fuck...ahhh...fuck.” he sighed. Oh god he’d fucking cum he was sucking it so good.

“Let me fuck you Kookie. I want to fuck you.” whispered Joker. Jungkook nodded yes. He was too shy to say it. He wanted more...he would let Joker do whatever he wanted.

“You’re mine Kookie.” whispered Tae and moved down, licking Jungkook’s balls and then down further and he started to lash his tongue against Jungkook’s virgin hole.

“Oh fuck!’ cried out Kookie. He shot his head up to see suddenly and Taehyung pushed his tongue deep inside of him just then and Jungkook could barely stand the incredible feeling of being eaten out.

“Mmm.” he whined and he slammed his head back against the pillow, his back arching as he felt Taehyung’s tongue push deeply inside of him. Oh god it felt so fucking good his goddamn dick would explode.

“Ahhh...ahhh..oh fuck!..MMMMM” moaned Kookie. He clenched and sighed and moaned and Joker held his legs open, fucking him and fucking him with his tongue and Jungkook started to tremble as he gripped the sheet in his fist.

“Oh god...MMM...ahhh...ahh.’ sighed Kookie. Joker wet his fingers with his mouth and then he slowly pushed his middle finger inside Kookie, stretching him slightly with both his finger and his tongue.

“Oh fuck!..MMMM...ahhh...ahh.” sighed Kookie. He could barely fucking take it!

Joker grabbed his dick suddenly and pushed it into his wet mouth, bobbing up and down his hard cock as he fucking him with his finger, making Kookie squirm and moan as he stimulated him.

“Ahhh..ahhh...Joker..oh fuck..I..I can’t...” he moaned as Joker pushed in deeper, sliding his wet finger back and forth. Holy fuck it felt so good, waves of pleasure pulsated through him. His dick was so fucking hard as Taehyung sucked and sucked.

Joker then pushed in another finger and Jungkook legs started to shake as Joker fucked him, stretching him and sucking his dick simultaneously and Jungkook felt like he would faint from it all. It was too damn much to take.

Once Taehyung thought he stretched him enough he stopped. “Wait.” he said and he got up quickly and went to the nightstand to grab the condom and lube.

Jungkook was so shy and scared. He didn’t know if he could go through with it. Was he really about to let Joker fuck him? He was so fucking scared all of sudden.

He took his arm and crossed it over his face so that he wouldn’t see Joker staring at his body. He knew he was...he felt it. Joker was always staring at him...even when he thought he was asleep sometimes.

“Stop staring.” said Kookie after a minute and he giggled. Taehyung giggled too...he had been staring as he put on the condom and lubed up his dick. .

Taehyung crawled into the bed, moving in between Kookie’s legs and pushing them upward as he positioned himself on top of him. “Jungkookie.” whispered Tae and he pulled down Jungkook’s arms so that he could look him in his eyes.

“Mm?” asked Kookie and he bit his lip. He was so fucking shy! Joker was smiling at him softly and he smiled back bashfully. He wanted to cover his face again. He was so fucking shy and nervous.

“Don’t be shy...I’ll be really gentle okay?” said Joker and Jungkook shook his head yes even though his heart was pounding inside of his chest, his legs shaking at the idea he was about to have Joker’s huge ass dick inside of him.

“How....mmm nevermind.” said Kookie. He felt it was a dumb thing to ask. Taehyung kissed his lip softly. “No tell me.” he whispered and he moved down and stared to softly kiss and suck on Jungkook’s neck.

“ do you know it will fit?” he finally asked and he opened his eyes wide as Taehyung raised his head to look at him. Taehyung smiled his boxy smile at him and started to giggled. He was so fucking cute and all his.

“It won’t fit all the way...but it’ll feel good I promise.” said Joker and he started to kiss Jungkookie softly...he knew he was so fucking nervous his damn dick would never get in.

They kissed for a while and Jungkook kept sighing and hugging Joker tightly as he kissed him tenderly and sensually. He loved all the different ways he kissed him and his dick was so hard as he pressed up against him.

“You ready?” asked Joker after they had kissed for a few minutes. Jungkook nodded yes and bit his lip nervously. He was shy as fuck. He covered his eyes quickly with his arm as Taehyung moved over him, reaching to grab the lube, sitting up on his knees as he lubed up again.

Joker bit his lip and he lifted Kookie’s leg and looked down, placing his dick at the entrance.

“I’ll go slow okay?” he said softly. Jungkook nodded yes. Oh fuck this was it. That big ass dick was about to go inside him, he thought. He wished he had gotten drunk too. He was so damn nervous!

Taehyung took his dick and started to push his head inside his tight hole. Oh fuck it was so fucking tight. Taehyung bit his lip, his body shaking slightly as he pushed further in...afraid he’d give way to his lust and push the whole fucking thing in felt so tight and good.

“Oh’s so fucking tight.” he sighed.

Jungkook held in his breath as he felt Joker’s dick pushing past the rim, stretching open his walls.

“Mm..mmm.” he moaned. It hurt like a bitch. He winced as more pushed inside of him.

Joker sucked in his teeth as the full head went in. He started to push it back and forth slowly, gripping his dick tightly, pushing it back and forth, stretching Jungkook’s walls as Jungkook sighed and moaned while he moved deeper and deeper inside him.

“Ahhh...oh fuck...mmm” sighed Kookie as more of Joker’s dick slid in just then. He suddenly hit the sweet spot and Jungkook moaned and started to tremble as he felt Joker’s cock go deeper, rubbing against his prostate and it felt so fucking good all of a sudden.

“Oh fuck..oh fuck.” moaned Kookie. Oh god it felt so fucking good.

“Mmm” moaned Joker and he moved up, wrapping Kookie’s legs around him and he leaned into his neck and pushed his hands in his hair and he pushed his dick deeper inside of him.

“Oh fuck..MMMMM” moaned Kookie, and he shut his eyes tightly and he wrapped his arms around Joker’s neck as he trembled from his big dick inside of him.

“Oh fuck..ahhh..ahh.’ he moaned. Joker started to fuck him. He thrust in and out, in and out, pushing his mouth to Jungkook’s ear and he started grinding inside of him. Fucking and fucking his tight, wet hole.

“Kookie..oh fuck you feel so good....” sighed Joker as he fucked him faster.

“Ahhh..ahhh..ahh.” sighed Kookie. It felt so good, so fucking good.

“Fuck's so tight MMM” growled Joker. He pushed his hands underneath Jungkook and he grabbed his ass and started to fuck him hard and good.

“Ahhh..ahhh..oh god..ahhh.oh fuck..oh fuck!” moaned Kookie...waves of pleasure crashed through his body, his dick so hard as Joker into him.

“You’re mine now’ll always be mine.” he pushed his dick in deeper. It felt so fucking good.

“MMMMM...ahhh...ahh.” moaned Kookie as he trembled and shook.

Joker thrust inside him and then moved slowly back out. He thrust in again and then moved slowly out...He kept fucking him this way and Jungkook felt his orgasm rising inside him as Joker fucked him and fucked him.

“Oh fuck! Ahhh..ahhh.” sighed Kookie. Oh god he would cum.

“Cum baby...cum for Tae.” sighed Tae and he pushed in deep again, grinding inside him.

“Ahhh...ahh...ahh.:” sighed Kookie. Oh fuck he could barely take it.

“Cum...Kookie. you’re mine.” whispered Joker, his deep voice in Kookie’s ear, as he fucked him faster and faster.

“Ahhh..ahh..oh god...oh fuck..mmm” he whined. His dick was so hard and leaking precum.

Joker leaned up onto his knees suddenly and he grabbed onto Kookie’s dick and he started to jerk it as he pumped into him. He wanted to make his baby cum.

Jungkook writhed and panted as he felt the wave of pleasure surging through his body.

“Ahhh..AHHH...oh fuckk..AHHH!” he cried out as Joker jerked his dick fast as fuck while he grinded deep inside him. Oh god he couldn't take it!

“Cum baby...cum” said Joker and he jerked him hard as fuck and Jungkook arched his back and shut his eyes tightly, gripping the sheet and Joker thrust into him over and over.

“Oh fuck..I’m gonna cum..oh god...ahhh...ahh.” he moaned.

“Yes baby...cum...cum for Tae.” said Taehyung he jerked his cock hard as fuck just then.

“AHHHH...Ahhh...oh fuckk...MMM” Kookie squeezed the sheet tightly. Oh fuck he would cum. He moaned loudly. Joker’s hand felt so fucking good as he pumped the life out him.

“Oh fuck..I’m cummming...ahhh..ahhh” moaned Kookie and Joker jerked him hard and fast as the cum shot out of him.

Jungkook felt tears fall from his eyes. He had never came so hard in his life. He sobbed as Joker moved back up, engulfing his body, his large cock pushing deeply inside him. Making him tremble again as he senstive dick felt Joker’s stomach laying upon on it.

“Oh god....Ahhhh..mmm” he whined. It was too much. Too damn much.

“Fuck Kookie...I love you..I fucking love you.” sighed Joker and he thrust slowly inside of him.

Jungkook felt so overwhelmed from it all. He flung his arms around Joker and he kissed him passionately, wincing and moaning as Joker fucked into him, the pain and pleasure of it making him sob as he kissed him and kissed him…

“Fuck me Joker...fuck me.” whispered Kookie. He knew he was holding back...He wanted more and more...he wanted Joker to cum do whatever he wanted to him.

“” moaned Joker and he started to fuck Kookie faster as he gripped his hair, leaning down into his neck while Kookie held his neck tightly. “Ahhh..ahhh..ahhh..ahh.” sighed Kookie.

Joker pumped faster and faster. He bit his lip and started to pump and pump, as he chased his orgasm. He loved fucking Kookie. It felt so good any minute his damn dick would explode.

“Oh fuck...fuck me...ahhh..ahh.’ sighed Kookie. It felt so goddamn good.

“Oh god I'm gonna cum..fuck” sighed Tae and he started to fuck him deeper and faster.

“Ahhh..ahhh..ahh...ahh.” sighed Kookie as he held on tightly.

“Fuck it’s so wet...fuck I'm gonna cum” sighed Joker. Kookie grabbed him tightly and Joker grabbed his ass again and started to pound away inside his tight hole. Any minute he would cum.

“Mmmm..ahhh..ahahh...ahhh..yes...fuck..” moaned Kookie, his dick growing hard and Joker fucked him and fucked him.

Taehyung pumped and pumped, his orgasm rising. Jungkook kept moaning and sighing and holding him tight and he pushed his head deep into his neck and he fucked him harder and harder, his chest pressed against his and he growled into Kookie’s ear as he felt the warm rush flow through is body and down to his dick.

“Oh god I fucking love you fuck!” moaned Joker. He thrust and thrust hard and deep. He was almost fucking there.

“Oh fuck! Ahhh...AHHH!” sighed Jungkook. He could barely fucking take it.

“Oh fuck..oh fuck Kookie...I’m..I’m cumming MMM” cried out Joker and he thrust and thrust and suddenly he felt the warm wave of pleasure crash through him and he came hard as fuck inside of Jungkook.

“Ohhhh...mmm.” sighed Taehyung and he panted into Kookie’s neck as he caught his damn breathe.

“Ahh..ahh.’ sighed Kookie. He kept holding Taehyung tightly to him. He wanted to cry suddenly. He was such a damn baby, he thought. He sniffled as he tried to suck it up.

“You okay?...was I too rough?” asked Joker. He thought maybe he got carried away. Jungkook shook his head no. He kind of liked it that way once he got used to it...he didn’t know why he felt like crying he just did.

Joker pulled out of him slowly and he raised up, pulling off the condom and he chucked it into the waste basket near the bed. He went to crawl beside Kookie but Jungkook grabbed him suddenly on top of him and buried his head into his neck, wrapping his arms around him.

“Stay on top of me please?’ he asked. He wanted to feel Joker all around him. “Okay Kookie...whatever you want.” said Joker and he pulled the cover up, leaning into Jungkook’s neck as he laid on top of him, twirling his fingers through his hair.

“Did you like it?’ asked Joker. Jungkook shook his head yes. Joker raised up and looked down at him. He was so beautiful to him he wanted to look at him again.

“You’re mine Kookie...all mine.” whispered Joker. “You’re mine too Joker..” said Kookie and he giggled as he saw Joker smiling his boxy smile at him.

“Mmm” growled Joker and he buried his face in Kookie’s neck again. Soon he started to sigh heavily as he drifted off to sleep.

“Joker?’ asked Kookie.


“I’m kind of nervous...about meeting Agust tomorrow.” he confessed once he had finally gotten the nerve to do so.

“Don’t be nervous.” said Tae. “He’s just gonna teach you about drugs.” he said and he shifted to the side a little so that he could throw his leg over him.

“Ohhhh.’ said Kookie. “So why did he call it a job?”

“He calls everything a job...even simple shit like that.” said Tae and he yawned and started to play with Kookie’s ear again.

“Ohh gotcha.” said Kookie. He frowned as he thought about it.

“Kookieee.” whispered Joker as he stared to fall asleep.

“Mmm?” asked Kookie and he nuzzled further into his neck. “I need you Kookie.” whispered Joker. Jungkook smiled softly. “I need you too Joker...I...I need you too.”

Jungkook lay there as Joker drifted off to sleep, and his he lay there, his nervousness grew and grew inside him.

Soon his heart racing in his chest and he was biting his nails nervously. He was scared to go meet Agust alone...he was scared to leave his parents...he was very afraid he was getting in too deep too fast…

He was worried about school...He had missed two day already...What if he kept on missing...What if he got kicked out...What if he got caught for selling drugs in there like they wanted him to?

He moved back some and he stared at Joker’s face while he slept. He ran his finger across his lip...he ran it across his brow, pushing his hair back ever so lightly.

As he stared at him his heart stopped he stared longer his nerves began to calm...Joker would take care of him...he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him...he knew that somehow deep down in the pit of his stomach...that Joker wouldn’t let anything happen to him...he would prepare him...teach him all there was to know...

He kept staring at him and he was so very beautiful to him...He loved everything about him really...even the unknown parts about him...He was just like jigsaw puzzle...He wouldn’t know the full picture of Joker till he got all the pieces and put them together….

He got up suddenly and pulled on his boxers and went into the closet to grab his bag. He pulled out his pencil and sharpened it, and grabbed one of his sketchbooks and climbed back into the bed.

He looked over at Joker and began to draw.

He had finally decided how to paint him just then...he’d paint him like a jigsaw puzzle…

He’d paint him piece by piece…


Jimin shut one eye as he swayed slightly while trying to see the intercom more clearly. He was drunk. Wasted. He had been drinking vodka straight all night and now it was 5am in the morning and he had come to get his money from that bastard Yoongi. He wanted his goddamn money.

“Hey!” he yelled as he heard someone say answer the speaker. “Who the fuck is this?” said the harsh voice through the intercom. Jimin leaned his head back and laughed. “Oh shit.’ he laughed. It was some lady...with a Jamaican accent...he had pressed the wrong goddamn bell. “Sorry lady.” he yelled back as he pressed the speaker button.

“Fuck you!” she called out. Jimin laughed his fucking ass off. ‘I love New York!” he yelled out suddenly and a woman walking by picked up the pace. “Ahhh..haha.” he laughed. She must have thought he was some damn drunk.

He rested his arm against the panel trying to see the numbers clearly again when suddenly the door buzzed open and an elderly gentleman and his dog walked out. “Thank you.” said Jimin and he bowed slightly as he grabbed the open door. The man just ignored him and walked on.

Jimin approached the elevator, humming one of his favorite songs to himself as he pressed the elevator to open. He got in and started to dance inside of it...He was feeling good...light on his feet...He had drank an entire bottle of vodka straight with no chaser and he had finally drowned out all of the memories he had earlier that night about Taemin and Joker.

“Baby, Baby can’t you see..da da da da...” he sang as the elevator door opened on Yoongi’s floor.

He got to Yoongi’s door and leaned his ear against it. He didn’t know what he thought he would hear. He did it automatically in his drunken state. “Mmm.” he said when he didn’t hear anything...maybe those bastards were asleep…

Fuck them, he thought. He wanted his goddamn money. He raised his fist and pounded on the door.

After banging a few times and getting mean looks from a lady down the hall, Yoonji swung the door open and yawned, looking him up and down, before walking away.

“Yoongi!’ she yelled. “One of those assholes is here to see you.” she said and he heard her bedroom door slam.

Jimin giggled as he leaned into the archway. Half the time she acted like she wanted to suck his he was an asshole...yeah fucking right, he thought to himself.

“Yoongi!” he yelled into the room. The fuck was taking him so long?

He waited. But no one came. “Fuck.” he mumbled and he went inside and closed the door. Goddamn Yoongi. He didn’t want to go inside...he just wanted his damn money.

Jimin looked around. The house was still dark and he could barely see in the damn place. He walked slowly to Yoongi’s room door, swaying slightly every now and then, and he stopped in front of the door and pulled out his flask from his pocket, taking another drink. Goddamn this shit tasted good, he thought. He pushed it back into his coat pocket and slowly turned the doorknob to Yoongi’s room.

He poked his head in. He was sleep. The great Agust D was knocked the fuck out under the covers, one leg hanging out, and Jimin covered his mouth and giggled quietly at the sight of him...He couldn’t fucking believe it. He had on teddy bear pajama pants.

“What the fuck?” he laughed, his eyes full closing. Agust D had teddy bear pajama pants! It was crazier then the fucking kitten!

Jimin leaned his head back into the hallway and laughed his ass off. He started to shush himself suddenly as he thought he might be too loud. He finally stopped laughing and took another sip of his vodka before calling out to him.

“Yoongi.” he whispered. He waited as he peered into the dark...Yoongi didn’t move.

“Yoongiiii.” he whispered louder but he got the same result. Jimin rolled his eyes. Fuck he just wanted his money so he could leave! He had big plans...he would go to Coney Island and ride the Cyclone until he threw up.

He moved into the room, closing the door behind him, and he walked slowly toward the bed...on his tippy toes...his eyes bright with laughter. It was all so very funny to him and Jimin was drunk as hell.

He sat on the bed and put his hand on top of the covers. “Hyung...wake up.” he said and he rustled the blanket to shake him.

He didn’t wake. Jimin frowned and leaned closer...he scrunched his nose suddenly...he was so drunk and full of mischief. He crawled on his knees and he leaned over him, one hand on each side of him, one leg on each side of him, and he stared down at Min Yoongi as he slept.

He giggled at the fact that Yoongi had no idea he was there. He had no fucking idea! It was so fucking funny to Jimin that he leaned his head to the side and giggling silently into the darkness. Fucking Yoongi. He could rob him just now if he wanted. He could rob that bastard blind...take all his money and would be so damn funny.

He turned back again and Jimin’s eyes roamed over his face in the darkness. He was so handsome to very handsome. His mouth was slightly parted...his blond hair all messy on top of his head...His face was so pale that Jimin could make out his features despite the darkness of the room and he sighed as he looked upon him...the feeling of butterflies softly awakening in the pit of his stomach as he hovered there above him...above Yoongi, his savior, who slept so peacefully beneath him…

He wanted him...and he wanted him so very badly…

He wanted Yoongi to want him back...He wanted Yoongi to love him….he knew that he must love him because of the way he took care of him but he wanted a different love...not the older brother kind...he wanted Yoongi to be madly in love with him…

To be so in love with him that whatever Jimin wanted to offer him he would take...not reject him...not tell him no and turn he always did...

He always was there when he needed him...but Jimin had come to realize, that night when Yoongi had came to bring the kitten, that him always being there wasn’t enough…

He wanted all of Yoongi...and maybe it had always been that way...He had always adored him really...He had always looked up to him..respected him...he had always felt shy around him, especially when Yoongi looked at him...even before Taemin...during Taemin too…

He had always felt that feeling he was feeling now as he looked down upon him….That overwhelming feeling of adoration that caused his heart to start fluttering...that caused the hazy sensation to buzz all around him…

He pouted as he kept watching him...He could hear his soft breathing...Jimin’s eyes became more adjusted to the dark room and his eyes lowered down to Yoongi’s chest, his neck, and now his collarbone...he looked over his shoulders and over to his one exposed arm that laid on top of the back up to his neck..He eyed his lips...god how he wanted to kiss his lips...feel his kiss again...

“Yoongi.” whispered Jimin...and he smirked when he didn’t answer. He was drunk..he would do it he decided...he would wickedly steal the kiss…

Jimin leaned down, closing his eyes to steal his kiss...and right before he was able to...he felt the barrel of a gun hit his temple…

“Got you.” said Yoongi and he clicked the gun to load the bullet, ready to shoot the shadowy figure that was leaned down over him.

Jimin gasped at the sound of the gun and he shut his eyes tightly, his heart flying into his throat as he felt the cold steel pressed against his head.

“I’m...I’m sorry.” Jimin whispered. Oh god he was such a fool!

“Jimin?” questioned Yoongi, the raspiness of his voice sending a chill through Jimin’s body.

Jimin slowly nodded yes, acknowledging who he was. He was so goddamn embarrassed and afraid that Yoongi might kill him anyways...What if he thought he had come to rob him...or get him back for what happened earlier?

“Oh fuck Jimin. I thought you were one of those Fort Green assholes coming to kill me.” said Yoongi suddenly and he pulled the gun away and put it on top of the nightstand. He then leaned over and grabbed the blind cord of the window next to his bed, pulling it up slightly to allow more light from the street come into the room.

Jimin lowered his head down as Yoongi moved back in front of him. He had his eyes still shut tightly. He didn’t want to see him. He swayed a little as he was so very drunk and he plopped down on Yoongi’s lap, sitting there with one knee on each side of him, his head hung down in shame…

Yoongi frowned at him, but he also wanted to laugh. He looked like an adorable kid...who had just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Mochi,” said Yoongi but Jimin didn’t say a word. He just wanted to disappear...He was so goddamn embarrassed that he had snuck into Yoongi’s room and tried to kiss him while he was sleeping. What a goddamn fool he was!

“ okay? I didn’t mean to scare you.” said Yoongi softly, and he pushed his hand against Jimin’s face, his fingers into his hair.

Jimin raised his head slowly and his soul seemed to catch on fire as saw Yoongi looking up at him, his warm hand against his cheek. The look wasn’t there like he had thought it would be. His eyes. Min Yoongi’s eyes were so fucking soft...and the tongue was peeking out again and Yoongi’s brow was turned down, questioning him as to why he had come...and Jimin’s heart burst in that moment for him.

Yoongi stared back into Jimin’s angelic face and he could barely stand to do so. His eyes were sad and full of longing. “Did I? Scare you?” said Yoongi and without meaning to he started to caress his face.

Jimin didn’t answer him...he was too damn drunk and embarrassed just now to answer him.

Yoongi sighed. Why was he there...sitting on his lap...not saying anything?

“Well did I?” asked Yoongi again. Jimin finally shook his head no. He had scared him...had scared the fuck out of him..but right now he was too damn drunk to say anything.

“What happened? Why are you here?” asked Yoongi. He started to worry that he was in trouble again...maybe too afraid to tell him why...

Jimin just bit his lip, his eyes lowering into a seductive glance as he stared on at Yoongi who he wanted so bad.

Yoongi gulped at the sight of Jimin’s look, his heart beat wildly inside of his chest. His lovely angel was staring so seductively at him...His plush lips, his soft was almost too much for Agust to bear...

“I...I wanted something.” whispered Jimin. He had wanted something when he came. What was it though? All of a sudden he had forgotten what it was...

“ wanted something?’ asked Yoongi and he gulped as Jimin kept eyeing him lustily…

“Mm..hmmm...I wanted something Yoongi.” whispered Jimin, his eyes moving up and down Yoongi’s body... “I needed something…” he whispered, seductively it seemed, and Yoongi’s dick jumped at the sound of his voice, his heart starting to race inside his chest while he watched Jimin’s eyes travel slowly back up to meet his.

“What. What did you need?” asked Yoongi quietly and he tried to fight the urge but he failed.

He moved his thumb down...down to Jimin’s lip...and he grazed across it softly...slowly moving his thumb back and forth, across his angel’s lip.

Jimin sighed suddenly and closed his eyes when he felt the touch he’d been craving...He fell into the feeling of the slow spinning of the room, the haziness that buzzed around him, Yoongi’s finger across his lip…Oh god it felt so good...he was so drunk and enamoured by Yoongi that he dared to run his tongue softly against his thumb…

Yoongi’s dick started to grow hard when he did it and his tongue peeked out of his mouth lustily, betraying in that moment all he felt.

He had to fight it though...he didn’t deserve him. He had to figure out what he needed and get him to leave before he threw him down on the goddamn bed.

“Tell me Jimin...tell me what you need.” whispered Yoongi.

Jimin’s breath became more heavy, his dick growing hard as Yoongi’s thumb started to circle his mouth…

”Mmm...I...I came money.” whispered Jimin...suddenly he remembered why he came.

Yoongi nodded yes and yet he couldn't stop...he couldn’t stop tracing his thumb around his mouth…his goddamn mouth was so sexy...

Jimin licked his thumb again and Yoongi’s eyes lowered, his lust overpowering him. He pushed Jimin’s bottom lip down more, moving his hand down to his down to his neck...and he gripped his neck Jimin seemed to melt right there in front of him…

Jimin’s breathing became more heavy, and he closed his eyes and leaned his head back some...his sexy mouth parting from Yoongi’s caress…

“What money?” whispered Yoongi as he moved his hand down further to grasp the zipper of Jimin’s jacket...he grabbed it and pulled it down slowly...all the way down until it opened…

Jimin held in his breath and stared back down at Yoongi as he bit his lip lustily again..His eyes were begging him...pleading with him to do so much more then just open his coat...

“Is that what you need Jimin...the money that I owe you?’ whispered Yoongi, and he eyed Jimin’s chest through the thin white shirt that was now exposed from the open jacket.

Jimin sighed breathlessly, “No Yoongi...I need you.”

Goddamn him, thought Yoongi. He lost all control when he heard those words.

Yoongi swept his hand up into the back of Jimin’s hair suddenly, pulling him down on top of him as he crashed his mouth against his. He felt his plush, pouty lips kissing him back and he threw his other hand around him, pushing him down hard on top of him, as he opened his sweet mouth with his own.

“Mmmm’ moaned Jimin as he fell into the kiss...Oh god he would go crazy...He tasted so good. He kissed and kissed Yoongi passionately, his heart racing as he doubted that it even was happening...He was just drunk...just drunk and dreaming on his couch...

Yoongi wrapped his arms around him quickly, pressing his angel’s body against his. He kissed him hungrily, throwing his tongue deeply into his mouth, and Jimin kept sighing so sweetly as he breathed him in.

His heart burned inside his chest as he kissed him. He kissed him so if was the last kiss on earth. He unleashed all of his passion, all of his pain and all his heartache...The sweetness of Jimin’s tongue pushing inside his mouth was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. He sucked on his bottom lip and he moaned as he pushed his hand’s into Jimin’s hair...His angel’s soft blonde hair, that fell all around him as they kissed…

“Mmm” moaned Jimin. Oh god Yoongi wanted him still. He thought he was dreaming. He must be drunk and dreaming!….He kissed Yoongi back wildly, kissing and kissing him as he soul burned inside of him. His body yearned for him to touch him, it ached as it pressed against him...Oh god he wanted to melt inside him it seemed. He wanted to be closer to him...he couldn't get close enough as he held him tightly...

“Oh god...Oh god I need you..I need you.” breathed Jimin. He need him so fucking badly. He always needed him...He needed him even more now than ever before...Jimin felt so fragile...He knew he was about to break... and Min Yoongi, his saviour, would stop him from himself…

“Goddamn you...goddamn you Jimin don't ever need me.” said Yoongi and he grabbed Jimin’s jacket and pulled it off him quickly, moving his hands underneath Jimin’s shirt. He had to feel his skin, he had to feel as much as possible. He pushed his hands in deep, rubbing up his back as he craved to touch all over his body.

Yoongi rolled on top of Jimin and he pushed away the pillows. Jimin pushed his hand into his hair, gripping it tightly and he kept sighing and moaning as Yoongi sucked on his plush, pouty lips. Oh god yes…”I need you...Oh god I need you.” sighed Jimin as he leaned his head back, exposing his neck while Yoongi devoured him.

“Damn you Jimin..You’re so fucking beautiful.” said Yoongi and he pushed his hands into his hair and started to plant kisses all over his sweet face...Yoongi’s heart was pounding inside his chest...He so afraid he couldn't stop it...that he’d go too goddamn far...that he was turning into some horrible monster as he lavished Jimin with all the love that he had inside of him.

He hated himself more and more each second that he kissed him…. He fell in love with him more and more each second that he kissed him...

“Ahhhh..mmm...Yoongi...Yoongi..” sighed Jimin as he clung to Yoongi tightly. It felt so good. Yoongi wanting him, adoring him, it felt so fucking good he’d go insane! Yoongi kept kissing him wildly and he sighed and moaned as he held him tightly. Oh god he wanted to cry, laugh, his damn clothes off!

“Oh god touch me. Touch me before I go crazy.” sighed Jimin.

Yoongi sat up suddenly, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He grabbed Jimin’s arms and he pulled him up against him. He grabbed Jimin’s shirt and pulled it off of him roughly, and he hated himself more as he stared upon his beautiful chest that he wanted to suck and lick all over. He fell back down on top of him...He couldn't stop..he had to kiss him...He had to have him...he had to devour him…

“Mmmm...ahhh..oh god...I want you..I want you.’ sighed Jimin. Yoongi grabbed his wrists suddenly and pinned them on top of Jimin’s head.

“Goddam you.” he said and he pushed his head into Jimin’s neck and started to lick and suck on it savagely, causing Jimin to bite his lip and moan, his back arching as Yoongi attacked him.

“Oh god...mmmm...MMM’ moaned Jimin. His dick was so hard and aching for Yoongi. He pushed up against him, wanting more friction, and Yoongi grinded his hard dick down on top of him.

He raised up some and he moved down, licking around Jimin’s perfect tan nipples, sucking them into his teeth, hating himself more and more...

“You’re so sexy...damn you Jimin. Damn you for being so sexy.” whispered Yoongi as he ravaged his angel’s body.

“Ahhh..MMM” moaned Jimin. His cock was throbbing so badly as he pushed up against him. It felt so fucking good he would die from it all...

Yoongi wanted to stop...He desperately needed to stop and yet he couldn’t. He was powerless against Jimin suddenly. He tasted so fucking sweet and he was so fucking beautiful, sighing and moaning beneath him, that Yoongi’s heart burst over and over every time he heard him moan.

He selfishly kept doing it to him...he was so fucking horrible to do it...and yet he kept going...The monster inside him selfishly just kept on going...

He grabbed Jimin’s jogger’s and pulled them down and Jimin sat up quickly to help him take them off. He watched him do it and as Jimin exposed his naked body to him, a tear fell down his fucking face, because his raw beauty seemed to choke him.

“God..I..” he started but he didn’t dare finish what he was about to say...Who was he to love him?...When he had wronged him so horribly and greatly…

He was about to stop himself but his angel was pulling him back down on top of him. He stared into his gorgeous eyes and he thought he might die in that very moment because it felt as if his heart had stopped beating suddenly…

“Yoongi.” said Jimin softly...”Say you need me.” whispered Jimin...He closed his eyes and pulled Yoongi’s head into his neck...Oh god he wanted him to need him so badly...just need him..please need him finally...

Yoongi face winced in pain as Jimin held him close and he suddenly started to cry. He loved him so much that he started to cry and Jimin’s eyes grew wide as he felt his precious Yoongi sobbing suddenly on top of him.

“Yoongi..what’s wrong?” said Jimin quickly...Why was Yoongi in so much pain?

He tried to push Yoongi back up to look him in the eyes, but instead Yoongi suddenly grabbed onto his Jimin’s hard cock.

Jimin gasped from the feeling of Yoongi’s hand around his dick. Yoongi stroked him upward and then back down, slowly stroking him, sending waves of pleasure though Jimin’s body and he started to moan and sigh from the pleasure of it.

“Ohhhh..mmm..oh god Yoongi” sighed Jimin as he pushed him further into his neck.

“I need you...I do...I need you so much.” sobbed Yoongi, his voice raspy and deep, and Jimin sighed and moaned and trembled as Yoongi started to jerk his cock harder and faster…

“Ahhh...ahhh.” sighed Jimin, his heart bursting as Yoongi told him he needed him. He arched his back again and moaned loudly as Yoongi’s rough pumping sent waves of pleasure throughout his body.

Yoongi raised his head and he stared down at him as he jerked his dick. Tears kept falling down his face as he watched Jimin sucking in his teeth, his eyes closed tightly, his gorgeous hair spanned out across the pillow...

He hated himself more and more as he watched him moaning with pleasure while he took advantage...Goddamn him...Goddamn him to hell for making him love him...He was so goddamn beautiful to Yoongi that he in that moment he could barely fucking breathe.

“I need you...God help me I want you...Forgive me...Please angel...forgive me.” sobbed Yoongi. He leaned back into Jimin’s neck and he kissed and sucked and licked upon it savagely again. Jimin gripped his arms, bracing himself, as Yoongi jerked his hard, aching cock so perfectly.

“Oh god...MMMM...fuck me...goddamn you fuck me.” whispered Jimin. He wanted to give Yoongi everything...he’d give him anything he wanted.

“Ahh.” sobbed Yoongi and he grabbed his dick harder and he yanked it upward and Jimin moaned and grabbed onto his arms tightly. He couldn’t help it...Yoongi had to see him cum...He was so fucking beautiful he would make him cum...just once he had to do it…

Yoongi crashed his mouth against Jimin’s again. Oh god his tongue was like a wild fucking strawberry. He sucked on his tongue and he let his cock go and he pushed his hands underneath him, gripping his ass, moaning into his mouth and his ass felt amazing in his hands.

“I need you...forgive me. I need you.” said Yoongi as he pushed against him, grinding his dick against him.

“MMM...Yoongi...Yoongi.” sighed Jimin between the wet kisses. “Fuck me...take everything from me.” he begged. He wanted to give him everything...he owed him everything...he was his savior...his goddamn savior.

“You're so fucking fucking pretty.” sighed Yoongi and he pushed his fingers into Jimin’s mouth, rubbing his sexy mouth, and Jimin licked and sucked on his fingers. Yoongi watched him do it and he nearly came in his goddamn pants as Jimin looked so fucking sexy to him just then.

He pushed up Jimin’s legs, spreading them open and he took his two fingers and suddenly pushed them inside of Jimin’s tight hole.

“MMMMM” moaned Jimin. “Oh god...Mmm...mmm.” he moaned as Yoongi pushed deeply inside of him, finding his prostate and fucking him with his fingers.

Yoongi watched him writhe with pleasure...his cock dripping precum as he saw Jimin moaning underneath him. He buried his head into his neck and he breathed in him deeply as he fucked him and fucked him with his fingers. As he fought the incredible urge to put his goddamn dick in him…

“Oh god..Mmmm..mmm..ahhh...ahh.” moaned Jimin. Oh god he would scream! It felt so fucking good...Oh god he would fucking cum…

“Oh fuck...MMM” moaned Jimin as Yoongi pushed inside of him deep as fuck. He couldn't stand it. It felt like a damn dick was inside him and Yoongi’s tongue lashed against his neck simultaneously, making him tremble and moan and lose his damn breathe.

“MMM...ahhh...ahh...Yoongi...Yoongiiii” moaned Jimin. Oh god it felt so good!

Yoongi pushed back and forth, back and forth, abusing his prostate. He kept weeping into Jimin’s neck while he sucked on it savagely and he wanted to leave bruises but he knew had no right to...He could never be his…he would never, ever deserve him...

“I want you angel...I want you.” he sobbed in spite of himself. He stretched...He kept stretching him and he knew he shouldn’t stretch him….he should just stop...just stop already...

“Oh god fuck me...oh god Yoongi fuck me.” whined Jimin and he arched his back again as Yoongi abused the fuck out of his prostate. “MMM...AHHH...fuck me Yoongi...oh god please” Jimin begged. Oh god he wanted him to fuck him so bad.

There was no turning back...the monster inside him had full control...He was so greedy...he gave way to his greed and his selfishness and he shoved his tongue deep into Jimin’s mouth, pushing his fingers as far inside of him as he could go, feeling him tremble beneath him, hearing him moan into his mouth and he knew there was no turning back...he knew he was going to fuck him…

“Angel...let me go...please let me go…” begged Yoongi in a last attempt to stop himself from the awful thing he wanted to do.

“No Yoongi...give it to me..give it to me” breathed Jimin...He wanted him so fucking badly he would never let him go.

Jimin reached down, searching for Yoongi’s dick. He pushed his hand into Yoongi’s pajama pants and he wrapped his small hand around it. Oh god it felt so big and good. He started to stroke him. He wanted to make him feel good. His mouth got wet as he imagined sucking on it. Oh god he wanted to suck him, ride him, do anything for him.

“Mmmm” growled Yoongi in Jimin’s ear as he felt his cute, soft hand jerking his cock.

“Angel stop...please.” he whispered. “No Yoongi...give it to me” whispered Jimin back and he lashed his tongue against his neck, making Yoongi weaker...

Yoongi couldn’t stand it. He went wild for him...there was no stopping him as he gave in to his mad desire for Jimin. He attacked his wet mouth savagely, as he reached into the nightstand drawer for the lube. He grabbed it, his tongue lashing against Jimin’s hard and fast.

Jimin pulled Yoongi’s pants down quickly, holding him close...afraid to lose him like last time...

“Give it to me...give it to me.” Jimin sighed and he kissed and kissed his precious Yoongi as Yoongi lubed up his dick to get ready to fuck him.

Yoongi looked down and bit his lip as he felt Jimin grab onto his wet dick. Jimin was insatiable. He didn’t trust his eyes...he felt any minute he would stop...try to push him away again. He had that damn look...the goddamn look was back again..but this time Jimin was determined to make sure that the goddamn look wouldn’t win.

“I want you dammit.” said Jimin and he attacked Yoongi’s neck like a wild thing while he grabbed onto his cock.

“Mmmm.” growled Yoongi as Jimin’s thick tongue licked passionately upon him.

His dick was so fucking hard as he felt Jimin wrap his legs around him, putting his dick at his entrance, now starting to push it in. He didn’t fight him...He wanted to but he didn’t...He would give his angel what he wanted...what he himself so desperately wanted.

He bit his lip as he felt Jimin push his hard dick inside his tight hole. “Mmmm” moaned Jimin as Yoongi’s dick pushed past the rim, stretching his walls, the full head now moving inside of him.

”Mmmmmm...ahhh..ahhh.” he moaned as Yoongi grabbed onto his own cock, his hand above Jimin’s. Jimin let go, wrapping his arm around Yoongi’s neck as he felt Yoongi move back and forth, pushing his hard cock further and further inside him.

“Oh god..yes...yes...give it to me...give it to me” moaned Jimin. His dick felt so damn good.

Yoongi’s heart broke as he pushed his dick inside Jimin. He was so fucking wet and pretty and his hole clenched around his hard cock and he trembled as he pushed further and further inside of him. Oh god he would cum right there it felt so fucking good to be inside of his angel...his perfect, perfect angel.

“Ahhh...ahhh..oh god..Yoongi..mmmm...mmm.” moaned Jimin as Yoongi’s dick suddenly hit the sweet spot.

Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s hands, he looped his fingers into them, and he looked down at Jimin’s beautiful, perfect sillouhette, his sexy face that was staring at him so seductively that he would cum at the sight of him it seemed. Yoongi held down Jimin’s his hands against the bed and he bit his lip as he pushed his whole dick slowly into Jimin.

“MMMMM” cried out Jimin, his back arching, his mouth opening as he moaned loud for Yoongi.

Yoongi’s eyes were so low, he felt drunk, high, as he watched Jimin go crazy underneath him, him pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside.

“ so goddamn good.” sighed Yoongi and he pulled back and pushed it in again, grinding into Jimin as he held him down hard against the mattress.

“Mmmmm...MMMMM...oh god...oh god” moaned Jimin, losing himself to the pleasure of Yoongi’s dick that kept pushing so fucking deep inside his tight hole. He panted, his cock throbbing and leaking precum. Goddammit he would cum...It felt so fucking good.

“Fuck me..oh god fuck me” whispered Jimin. He loved how he felt inside him.

Yoongi did it again, pushing his whole dick slowly inside Jimin. He kept doing it until Jimin was shaking beneath him...He kept doing it until Jimin was trembling and panting with pleasure. He died inside every time that he did it. He looked so goddamn pretty and this was the only time he would ever get to experience the wonderful feeling of it all. He had to see it all..Yoongi had to feel every inch of his angel.

“Mmmm...mmm.” moaned Jimin. Goddamn he would cum any second. Yoongi leaned down on top of him after a while. He grabbed the headboard, his head resting on Jimin’s chest and he started to pull himself inside him, fucking him and fucking him this way, his hips grinding as he pushed his cock back and forth deeply inside of Jimin.

“Ahh...ahh..mmmm..mmm” moaned Jimin as Yoongi switched the pace and started fucking him faster and harder.

“Goddamn you...goddamn you.” sighed Yoongi as sweat poured off his brow and down onto Jimin's chest. He started pounding away inside him and Jimin moaned and sighed, waves of pleasure crashing through him. Yoongi grabbed onto his plump ass and he pushed it up against him and he closed his eyes tightly and he fucked and fucked his sweet angel.

“MMMM...oh god...Yoongiii..I want you..I want you....” Jimin moaned. Any minute and he’d fucking cum.

“” moaned Yoongi as he fucked him and fucked him...He would fuck him all damn day.

“Oh god...oh fuck...MMM” moaned Jimin as Yoongi thrust hard and deep inside him.

After a while, Yoongi pulled out suddenly and turned Jimin over on his stomach. He laid down on top of him, laying on his back and he spread Jimin’s legs, and he grabbed onto his dick and pushed it back inside him.

“MMMM...oh fuck..oh fuck..MMMM.” whined Jimin as Yoongi pushed his big cock back into him. Yoongi wrapped his arms around Jimin, holding him close as he laid down on top of him and he thrust and thrust, fucking him hard and good, making Jimin bite into the pillow as he kept fucking him and fucking him.

“Oh god...mmm..mmm” moaned Jimin into the pillow as tears fell down his face from the insane pleasure of Yoongi’s thrusts.

“Fuck me back angel..take it and fuck me back” whispered Yoongi and Jimin obeyed him and he pushed back against Yoongi, fucking him back.

Jimin could barely take it. Waves of pleasure kept crashing through him and down to his hard dick that was stimulated beneath him as the bed pushed against it.

“Oh god..I’m gonna cum..MMM...Yoongiii…I’m about cummmm.” moaned Jimin.

He started panting heavily as Yoongi slapped up against him, thrusting and thrusting into him. Oh god he loved his dick. Oh god he was about to cum.

“Cum Angel...Cum all day.” whispered Yoongi, and he pushed deeply into his tight hole again making Jimin shake beneath him.

“Ahh...ahh..AHH...AHH...fuck...MMMM” , Jimin moaned and he felt the warm rush as the cum shot out of him onto the bed.

“Oh god...ahhh..oh god.” sighed Jimin and he turned his head to the side to catch his breath better as he recovered from his orgasm.

“Goddamn you're so pretty when you cum…” sighed Yoongi. He wanted to make him cum over and over.

He leaned into Jimin's ear and he fucked him and fucked him as he whispered everything he felt inside him...everything he felt except the words that he promised he would never say as long as he had some good left in him.

“You’re so beautiful...I need you...I fucking adore you.” he whispered and he thrust and thrust into Jimin’s wet hole.

Jimin was dying as he trembled while he fucked him...while he said everything he always wanted to hear him say.

“I...I..need you Yoongi...I need you...” sobbed Jimin..and he pushed his face into the pillow and cried into it as his love for Yoongi overflowed.

“Don’t need me angel...I’m no good.” said Yoongi, and his heart broke in pieces as he heard his sweet angel saying he needed him when in reality he should just stay far away from him.

Yoongi hated himself so badly. He pulled out again and he turned Jimin around so that he could look into his beautiful face. Yoongi looked at him him the damn look and Jimin didn’t want to see it anymore. He wrapped his arms around him and buried his head into his neck as Yoongi began to push his hard cock back inside him.

“Mmm..mmm.” Jimin moaned as he sobbed into Yoongi’s neck.

“Don’t cry...Angel please don’t cry...don’t ever cry..promise me.” whispered Yoongi and he planted soft kisses on Jimin's face.

Jimin sighed and moaned as he hugged Yoongi closely while he kissed him all over his face. It felt so good...Yoongi wanting him felt so good…

He fell into the hazy feeling, the warm feeling of being surrounded by Yoongi. He breathed in the minty smell of him, he sighed softly as he felt Yoongi’s hair tickle his face and he sniffled to stop his tears.

Yoongi pushed slowly, ever so slowly, over and over inside of his angel. He just wanted to feel him...he just wanted to make his angel feel good...he was so pretty and perfect..he make him cum over and over….he’d fuck him all goddamn day…

“Mmm...oh god...Yoongiii...ahhh..ahhh..I’m...gonna cum...oh fuck” moaned Jimin. Oh god he could cum again.

Yoongi pushed his hands in his hair and fucked him harder and deeper. “Oh fuck..MMMM” moaned Jimin and he came hard as fuck as he trembled while he held Yoongi tightly as he orgasmed.

“Mmm...keep cumming’re so pretty when you cum” whispered Yoongi and he slowed up again, pumping slowly and he planted kisses all over Jimin’s face again...he would kiss him all fucking day...

“Mmm...mmm...ohhhhh” sighed Jimin. Oh god it felt so good...

“My angel...I adore’re so beautiful.” whispered Yoongi softly and he pushed back in slowly, filling Jimin’s walls.

“Ohhh...ohhhh” sighed Jimin..”Like that Yoongi.’ he sighed breathlessly...He was so in love with him...He wanted Yoongi to stay inside him forever...

“Mmm” said Yoongi, his voice like a low growl in Jimin’s ear. He obeyed him...he would do whatever his sweet angel desired…

He pushed inside him slowly, deeply, kissing him so very softly, falling into the dream, the fantasy of being with Jimin. He lavished affection on him...He adored him and worshiped him as Jimin lay sighing and panting beneath him.

He didn’t care if he came...he just wanted to stay inside him…

He'd stay inside his precious angel. He'd stay inside him all goddamn day.



Chapter Text

Once he had finally given into the desire of wanting Jimin...Min Yoongi now didn’t know how to stop it...

He was asleep...his angel was finally asleep.

He lay there next to him, watching him, adoring him while he slept. He had watched him for hours it seemed...he didn’t really know how long...Time seemed to have stopped...the only way he knew that time was even passing was the fact that it was daylight now.

He rolled over to check his phone. It was almost 11am.

He turned and moved back closer to him. “Mmm” said Yoongi as he laid back down upon the pillow, watching his angel sleep.

He looped his fingers into his soft hair. He leaned over to listen to his soft breathing...His angel’s mouth was parted as he slept there beside him, his nose was making this cute whistling sound. Yoongi smiled softly as he watched him...He was so goddamn beautiful.

He pulled the cover down some and he ran his fingers softly against his shoulder, casually stroking his gorgeous shoulder...He leaned over and kissed it. He smelled so good...just like a goddamn rose…

“Yoongi.” whispered Jimin..he felt him kissing his shoulder just then.

“Mm?’ asked Yoongi and he moved closer, wrapping his arm around him, playing softly with his hair.

Jimin opened his eyes slowly and he blinked. He still felt a little drunk...the room was still spinning slightly. As soon as his eyes fell upon Yoongi’s face, he felt the hazy feeling come back quickly and hover all around him.

“Yoongi...Is this real?...I’m not dreaming?” whispered Jimin. He thought maybe he was really home on his couch drunk...Whenever he got drunk he slept on the couch.

Yoongi chuckled. “It’s real...I’m here...with you.” said Yoongi, his low, raspy voice sending the familiar chill up Jimin’s spine.

Jimin giggled and moved his hand up to his mouth, his fingers pulling down his bottom lip some, as he stared at his precious Yoongi. So it was real...Yoongi finally wanted him.

“I don’t want to go home yet.” whispered Jimin, and he opened his eyes wider...afraid of what Yoongi might say...afraid that he’d tell him to leave.

Yoongi chuckled again. “Mmm” he said, and he leaned over and softly kissed Jimin’s forehead. Jimin didn’t ask him what the “mmm” meant. He just assumed it meant that he could stay.

“You hungry angel?” asked Yoongi after a few minutes. He was hungry all of a sudden.

“Yeah.” whispered Jimin. He wasn’t really hungry but he felt if he ate something then he’d know for sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“What about you? Are you hungry Yoongi?” asked Jimin sweetly, his whispery voice causing Yoongi’s dick to twitch. His voice was so sexy to him.

“Mmm...I’d rather just eat you.” teased Yoongi, and he leaned into Jimin’s neck, pretending he would bite him.

“Hahah..stop!’ yelled out Jimin as Yoongi growled at him playfully and tried to bite his neck.

“Mmm” said Yoongi when he stopped. Jimin was so fucking cute...even cuter then that damn kitten he had given him. He smiled at him adoringly just then.

“What do you want to eat? You can have anything you want.” said Yoongi and he pulled Jimin closer.

Jimin wanted to squeal as he felt Yoongi pulling him closer, stroking his hair again, looking affectionately into his eyes. He could barely stand it. He blushed and looked down shyly, avoiding his gaze.

Yoongi was so different loving to him. He was pulling him close now instead of pushing him away like he had always done. Jimin felt shy because of it.

“Tell me angel..what do you want?” asked Yoongi. They had to hurry up if he wanted breakfast...soon everyone would be selling lunch...well except if he wanted a Bagel, thought Yoongi.

“Mmm..” said Jimin and he bit his lip as he thought hard about what he wanted. He was hungry now.

Yoongi chuckled as he looked down at him...He was so fucking cute...everything about him was so goddamn cute and pretty.

“Pancakes.” whispered Jimin. “Pancakes?” said Yoongi. He raised his eyebrows at him...Yoongi was a waffle guy.

“Yeah...pancakes and sausages...lots of sausages.” said Jimin. “I thought you had enough sausage.” teased Yoongi, and he started to laugh as he saw Jimin’s eyes grow wide when he realized what he meant.

“Shut up Yoongi!” giggled Jimin and he hit him playfully on the chest. Yoongi’s tongue peeked out at him...his dick was already getting hard again knowing that Jimin was naked in his bed.

“Mmm” he growled and he rolled on top of Jimin suddenly and started to plant kisses on his neck…”Mmm” he growled again...he smelled so fucking good.

Jimin giggled hysterically. Everything Yoongi did tickled.

Yoongi started to lick his neck suddenly. He started to tongue kiss his neck softly, pulling the skin into his mouth...Goddamn his angel tasted so fucking good...

“Ohhh...mmmm.”moaned Jimin softly. Oh god he felt so good.

“Yoongi...Yoongi” Jimin sighed as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back so his Yoongi could go wild for him again.

“Goddamn you...Goddamn you.” whispered Yoongi and he moved up and kissed Jimin deeply...sensually, pushing Jimin’s body against his as he felt his angel’s hands gripping his hair...

“God I want you.” whispered Yoongi and he fell deeper into the kiss....He was so fucking hungry for Jimin…


Yoongi closed the door to his room and he ruffled his hair as he yawned. He walked down the hall and into the kitchen, sleepily opening the fridge to grab him and Jimin two bottles of water.
He opened his and drank it thirstily as he heard his sister Yoonji walk into the room.

“You not at school?” he questioned, as he saw her standing there in her robe. He frowned at her. She looked angry at him, pissed off.

He kept frowning as he watched her walk up to him. She stopped in front of him, her lips pierced and then suddenly she raised her hand and smacked him hard across the face.

“What the fuck!” yelled Yoongi and his head snapped back as he scowled at her. Was she fucking crazy?!

“Are you fucking crazy!!” yelled Yoongi. He was ready to grab her goddamn throat!

“That’s for giving him my fucking cat!’ she yelled. She fucking loved that damn kitten and this bastard had given it to Mochi.

“A cat? Are you fucking kidding me!” yelled Yoongi. She lowered her eyes at him as she watched her brother’s breath quicken with anger.

“And this..” she said quickly and she smacked him hard across the face again. “That’s for fucking him!!!” she screamed and she whipped around quickly and angrily left the room.


Yoongi just stood there as he heard her door slam...his face stinging from the hard smack he had just received…

He suddenly leaned his hand against the fridge and started to cackle harshly. He laughed and fucking laughed. His sister was goddamn crazy! She was lucky he didn’t grab her goddamn throat.

“Hahahahahaha!” he cackled. He would have grabbed her damn throat...

“Mmm” he sighed when his harsh laughing died down…It started to sink in...what she had she was angry at him...for fucking Mochi...for giving Mochi her damn kitten...

He sighed and held his head down as he leaned against the fridge...He thought about it more and more...and his fist started to bawl.

He suddenly was so fucking angry at her for being right...He shouldn’t have fucked him...He shouldn’t have bothered with Mochi at all…

The kitten...his crazy sister was right about that too...Him giving Mochi the kitten was what had started the whole damn thing…and he couldn’t stop it…

He was powerless...He was greedy for him...He wanted Jimin...He had always wanted Jimin…

Yoongi had wanted Jimin ever since he was old enough to want someone...He didn’t even remember when it had started...all he knew was that it started when they were teenagers….At first Jimin was just this cute kid that he looked out for...and then the one day, he became this gorgeous boy that he was in love with…

It had happened so very naturally, and uneventfully, that Yoongi never questioned it...he just knew that he felt it...and that he was wrong to feel it….

He had tried to fight it...and he had done a good job until now. He had fought the feeling for as long as possible...for years and years...and until recently...he had actually thought he had won…

And then Yoonji brought that damn kitten in the house...and Jimin had looked up at him with his soft, pretty eyes as he petted the damn thing, and Yoongi couldn't take that damn picture out of his head…

The picture of Jimin looking up at him...his gorgeous face peering up at him...The rosiness of his cheeks, the shy look that he had in his eyes...the sense of wonderment, the deep adoration that was there in his eyes... that was written all over his angelic face….

Jimin looking up at him like that was the most beautiful thing in the goddamn world to Yoongi and Jimin was in his bed right now...looking up at him the same damn way…

Yoongi didn’t know how to go backwards now that he had given into the the feeling...the incredible love that he felt for Jimin...the desire that he had felt for him for so long.

Yoongi didn’t know how to go back now….Now that Yoongi had felt the taste of heaven, the taste of his sweet, precious angel adoring him and wanting him and needing him...He craved the feeling even more…

He had to fucking have it...He couldn't fight it anymore…

He would stay with him all goddamn day....

He would stay with him maybe even longer too...maybe all week...maybe all month...maybe all of his fucking life…

He’d stay with Jimin until he told him to leave...or until he himself couldn’t stand the guilt of what he had done maybe...Maybe the guilt would make him leave one day...but then again...maybe it wouldn’t…

Maybe he could actually stay with him forever…

Maybe he’d never find out what he had done and he could stay with his angel forever…

Yoonji knew...she was the only person in the whole fucking world that knew how Yoongi had wronged Jimin and she was right...he should never have fucked him...He didn’t deserve him…

Yoonji was right...she was so fucking right...but then again...she was full of shit too. If Jimin had came to her instead of him, Yoongi knew deep down she would have fucked him too…

She was right...but she was also jealous, thought Yoongi. He walked to her room suddenly and pounded on the door.

“What.” said Yoonji, through clenched teeth as she flung open the door. Yoongi smirked at her. It was written all over her...all over her jealous fucking face.

“You would have fucked him too...and guess what?...He’s staying ALL GODDAMN DAY!” roared Yoongi.

“URGHHH!” yelled Yoonji and she slammed the door in his face.

Yoongi chuckled and turned, walking back down the hallway..

“All goddamn day Yoonji...all goddamn day.” said Yoongi cockily to himself, as he approached the bedroom where his angel was waiting for him...the bedroom where they would kiss and fuck and laugh and sleep and eat and kiss and fuck again…

Yoongi chuckled suddenly at the craziness of it all and he opened the door to his room and passed Jimin the water. He was looking up at him again...the adoring look was there and Yoongi’s heart swelled at the sight of it.

He fell down on top of Jimin suddenly and attacked his adorable face, planting swift, fast kisses all over it and Jimin kept giggling and squealing underneath him. He was so goddamn cute…he loved him so much...he would take care of him...make up for anything he wanted…

Yoongi got up and got dressed and he watched Jimin staring at him...his eyes all lit up with adoration and he knew there was no fucking way he would turn back now.

He wanted Jimin to look at him like that until he sighed his last breath...Until some asshole had finally figured out how to catch him and had put a well-deserved bullet in his fucking head...Until he was shot down dead and free from this hell that they called life...from this hell hole he lived in called New York City.

He wanted Jimin to look at him like that until was buried in his grave and Yoongi was going to give his angel whatever he fucking wanted for looking at him like that...he would give his angel whatever was in his power to give….

And right now he was fucking dressed...and right now he was giving his angel a kiss goodbye...and right now he was going outside to get what his precious angel wanted most right now...

Some goddamn pancakes...


Jungkook looked around nervously. He had asked Joker to come with him but he couldn’t. He had to go make a few sales. Jungkook tried his hardest to swallow the lump in his throat that kept growing as he walked up Fulton Street to Agust D’s building, but it was no use. The lump was almost as big as when he had ran with that damn gun in his pocket.

He puffed out his cheeks as his eyes laid rest upon the building. No. 234. This was it.

He approached the door and just then a light breeze passed down the street, scattering the fall leaves all around and Jungkook dusted off his jacket before peering at the intercom. He pressed the bell and waited...he was nervous as fuck.

“Who!’ a female’s voice yelled out through the intercom. It must be her. Min Yoonji. Jungkook gulped. “Uhh...It’s Rabbit.”


“Rabbit” he said again, a little louder this time. He waited. Nothing. He looked up at the building to make sure he had the right one. Yes this was it.

He waited and waited...but no one buzzed him in...

Should he ring it again? He didn’t know. Maybe Agust didn’t want to see him or wasn't there.

He started turn to walk away when suddenly he heard the loud buzzing noise of the door. He reached for the door quickly before it stopped, and hurried inside, escaping the fall chill and entering the hallway. The building smelled horrible upon piss and weed.

He didn't feel like waiting for the elevator. He was too damn nervous. He didn’t trust himself. He might turn around and leave. Instead he jogged up the few flights to the Yoongi’s floor and he walked slowly, checking out the numbers on the doors until he got the right one. He turned and looked down the was pretty quiet. All he could hear was someone’s TV.

He pressed the bell and waited there patiently. As he did so, he turned and saw some tags on one of the walls…”Murder Mochi.” it said right next to Agust name.

He smiled at it. Whoever tagged it was pretty good. He always had liked graffiti art...he had never really tried it though. He thought now that he was in a gang maybe he would be cool to see his name tagged somewhere like that. He started to imagine how he would do that tag. Red would definitely be the color he picked...Mochi’s was red too. It looked really cool...there was blood dripping down from a few of the letters…

Jungkook frowned. Maybe the bell didn't work. He knocked on the door.

Suddenly it swung open and Jungkook’s eyes grew wide at the sight of her. It was her. Yoonji. Agust’ twin sister.

She was standing there in a red, silk robe. It had a huge gold dragon on it. She looked like one of those bad ass Japanese girls in the manga books he liked to read...the mafia ones...the ones where the girls were all assassins. He saw her leg just then peek out of the robe and he gulped. He had seen her before at school but for some reason she was even hotter to him the red fucking robe…

“Who the fuck are you?’ asked Yoonji and she flipped her hair back, her eyes closed as she waited for the scared boy in front of her door to answer.

“Oh..uh..I’m Rabbit. Joker’s friend.” he said. Maybe Yoongi forgot he was coming, he thought, as he seemed to be unexpected.

He saw her eyes light up when he said Joker’s name. “’re Joker’s guy.” she said, and she looked him up and down. Suddenly now he was interesting to her.

“Yeah. I’m supposed to meet your brother.” said Jungkook. “Oh I know’re go to my school right?” she asked and she opened the door to let him inside. “Yeah.” he said and he smiled at her as he passed.

Yoonji led him to the couch in the living room and she sat down with him. She didn’t want Yoongi to come out yet. She was interested in Rabbit boy all of a sudden.

“What’s your major.” she asked and she crossed her leg, letting her thigh become exposed to him. She loved to flirt will all of Yoongi’s was her most guilty pleasure.

Jungkook looked down at her thigh and gulped. Fuck was she sexy. He remembered Joker’s words…”She’s a fucking tease.” he had said. Jungkook thought just then that Joker was so very right.

Yoonji giggled. Rabbit boy was sitting there staring at her leg looking shook as fuck. “Rabbit...answer me.” she said.

“Oh..Fine Arts.” he answered and he looked up at her face, trying his damndest not to look back down at her leg.

“I hate it there...don’t you?” said Yoonji and she raised her arms to pull her hair into a ponytail. She kept flipping it as she did so...she knew guys liked it when she flipped her hair.

“’’s not so bad..but it’s not Pratt.” said Jungkook. Pratt University was one of the best art schools in the city. He had gotten in but he didn’t get the scholarship so he hadn’t be able to go.

“I didn’t get in.” said Yoonji…”Did you?” she asked and she leaned over to him to study his face more. “Yeah..I got in...but..I couldn’t afford it.” said Kookie and he gulped as her gorgeous face peered into his.

“Mmm.” she said and she leaned back again.
“Yeah.” said Kookie...even though he wasn’t sure what the “mmm” meant.

“Well’ll be able can transfer...just save all the money you make with Agust.’ said Yoonji and she leaned over Jungkook suddenly to grab a hair clip that was lying on the table.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide and he held in his breath as Yoonji’s body pressed against his, her neck right there in front of his damn face, while she leaned over him to grab something...She smelled so fucking that stuff his mom wore from Victoria’s Secret.

“You’re know that?” said Yoonji as she sat back and clipped her hair. Jungkook looked down shyly. “Uhh...thanks.” he said. He giggled when he heard her laugh at him.

“I’ll get Yoongi. One sec.” she said and she got up and walked down the hall. Jungkook raised his head and eyed her ass until he couldn't see it anymore. Goddamn was she fucking hot.

Yoonji walked back into the room after a while. “He’s being a dick so you might have to wait awhile.” she said and she went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer.

She came back and passed it to him. “Here. Drink this. You look so damn nervous.” she said.

“Oh thanks...I am.” confessed Jungkook. Yoonji smirked at him. He was getting cuter to her by the second...No wonder Joker had kept asking her about him...She should have fucking paid more attention, she thought to herself.

“Don’t be nervous...he’s..he’s a dick but at the same time...Joker brought you in and he’s like a brother to Yoongi so you’re automatically like family to him see?” said Yoonji.

“Ohhh.” said Kookie. She was really nice, he thought. It was nice that she had cared that he was nervous to meet her brother. He wouldn’t have thought a girl like her would give a damn.

“Like there’s two gangs really…” explained Yoonji. “There’s everyone that works for The hundreds of people...nobody knows for sure how many...but there’s all those people...and that’s one gang...and then there’s the people that work for Yoongi. Like Yoongi’s gang. You’re apart of that.” said Yoonji.

“Ohhh..I didn't realize.” said Jungkook. Yoonji nodded her head at him to make her point.

“See there’s The Boss but then there are Mini Bosses. Yoongi is the biggest Mini Boss...then there is this kid Spider...and this one kid Zen...Mmm..I can’t remember the rest but they work with The they run everything for him see?” said Yoonji as she tried to explain it to the new boy that was cutely sipping his beer like he never had one before.

“So Joker works for Agust right?’ asked Kookie. He thought so but he wanted to make sure.

“Yes..and no. Joker works for he’s under him but Joker and Jay, they also work for The Boss directly. So in a way they’re Mini Bosses too...They just don’t have anyone working for them...mmm I guess you would call them Specialists.” said Yoonji.

“Oh cool.” said Jungkook. It sounded like a video game to him...where you had to pick what sect your avatar would be from.

“Yeah...Joker...He’s fucking cool...Everyone is scared of everyone..”, said Yoonji and she spread out her hands to make her point. Jungkook’s eyes grew wide as he took in what she said.

“Yeah...everyone...well except for Yoongi and Mochi...and me...I’m not scared of him...I think he’s a sweetheart.” said Yoonji. She absolutely adored Joker. She loved his big ass dick too..She bit her lip as she thought about it...all the times she had fucked Joker...

Jungkook’s eyes widened. “Really?..I mean, I was scared of him too...but even the gang people are scared of him?”

Yoonji nodded her head yes. “Who wouldn’t be scared of him..he’s the Boss’s...”

“Shut the fuck up.” said Yoongi suddenly, cutting Yoonji off. She frowned at him. Fucking asshole.

“Always running your fucking mouth.” said Yoongi and he waved his hand to signal Rabbit to follow him into the bedroom.

Jungkook gulped as he watched the exchange. “Fuck you Yoongi.” said Yoonji, and she crossed her arms angrily as she sat back on the couch. She wanted to smack his damn face again.

“Thanks for the beer.” said Jungkook politely, and he got up, and followed Yoongi down the hall...The hallway was dark and the nervousness grew inside him as they approached the door.

“Mochi’s here too..I figured he can help you out later with the job.” said Yoongi, and he opened the door and walked in, sitting down on the bed, as Jungkook followed him in.

Jungkook looked around the room. It looked normal, clean, there wasn’t too much too it other than the fact that the bed was covered in bags of weed.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide at the sight of it...he had never seen so much weed..or any drug for that matter in his life...He felt like he was in a goddamn movie .

“Hey Rabbit.” said Jimin as he saw the boy walk in. He giggled at him and Yoongi chuckled too. He looked so fucking scared of them. They both thought it was funny.

“Hey.” said Kookie. Jimin patted the bed next to him so that he would sit down.

“You ready to learn about your product?” said Yoongi as Jungkook sat down. Jungkook nodded yes as he sat there next to Mochi...his eyes fixated on all the weed that lay there in front of him.

“’re new to all this right?...Like you never fucking sold drugs, or robbed anyone or anything right?” asked Yoongi and he lit a cigarette as he waited for Jungkook to respond.

“Nah..never.” said Kookie softly. Jimin giggled and he put his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder when he did it. Jungkook giggled too. He liked Mochi regardless of what Joker said. He had always seemed so nice.

“I remember when I first sold weed...I fucked up so bad..I was selling people dime bags and charging them the price of a nickel bag.” laughed Jimin.

“Haha really!” laughed Kookie. Jimin nodded yes. Yoongi smirked. “Yeah...don’t be like Mochi...he always fucks shit up.”

Jimin shot him an evil look. “Hey! I do not!” he yelled. He suddenly got nervous, he hadn’t meant to yell at Yoongi, especially in front of a worker, but Yoongi just laughed at him. Jimin giggled again, relieved that he hadn’t pissed him off.

“Mmm” said Yoongi and he smirked again at Jimin, causing him to blush before he turned his attention back to Rabbit.

“Sooo basically...we only sell 10s and 20s on the street. Fuck nickle bags...we don’t sell those anymore.” said Yoongi. “You’ll sell weed first...then coke...after you get good at selling weed, I’ll let you sell coke...but that’s after everyone in the school trusts you and shit.”

Jungkook just nodded his head. He couldn’t believe it. Like he was actually gonna be a drug dealer.

Yoongi went on to explain everything to him. He explained the sizes, the prices, where they got it from...what different strands they sold.

He explained that some customers would want to buy larger quantities than what Jungkook would have on him. He explained that in those cases, he would get their number and text it to Yoongi. Later Yoongi would set up a delivery and have a delivery boy bring that shit to them later. He didn’t let his workers carry a lot on them in case they got caught by the cops.

He told him that he would have to stash the supply somewhere in the school and only to have $50 of weed on him at a time. Anymore than that would be “intent to distribute”.

If he got caught by the cops for some reason, which he doubted he would...Jungkook was to say that it was his own weed...that he smoked the shit for his anxiety and ADHD. Yoongi had told him the cops would probably just let him go with a warning, because he was in college, and had anxiety and all.

“Yeah...I got caught once when I was in highschool and I told them that shit...and they let me fucking go.” laughed Jimin. Jungkook giggled with him as they laughed at the fact he had gotten away with the lie. Yoongi continued once they stopped their damn giggling.

“Yoonji will introduce you to her buyers first...As they get to know you and shit...word will spread that people can go to you too...Once they all start going to you...she’ll stop selling weed and only sell cocaine.” said Yoongi.

“Ohh.” said Kookie, as he took in every word that Agust said.

“See...we have competition there...those fucks...the Fort Greene crew sell in there too...Cocaine only though...see The Boss knows more kids smoke weed then sniff cocaine so we make more money selling both...and why go to two people when you can just go to one?” said Yoongi.

“Yeah that makes perfect sense.” agreed Jungkook. Jimin nodded also.

“See you’ll eventually sell’ll run that fucking school.” said Yoongi, and he took a drag of his cigarette, nodding his head to make his point.

Jungkook’s eyes widened. He would run the school? Him? No fucking way.

“I think you’ll do it fast too.” said Yoongi as he eyed Jungkook closely. He looked a chill dude. Anyone would want to buy drugs from him really. “

“You have a face that people can trust.” said Yoongi as he thought about it more.

Jimin peered into his face to see what Yoongi meant. “Yeah..he does.” said Jimin. He looked like the sweetest guy ever.

“I do?” said Kookie. They both nodded yes. “Mochi does one would ever think Mochi was a goddamn criminal.” said Yoongi. Jimin laughed and Jungkook giggled as he looked at Mochi. It was so true.

“ Yoonji...we look like fucking snakes...You guys guys look like fucking one would ever suspect you of anything.” said Yoongi.

“I thought I was your only angel.” teased Jimin. Yoongi patted his leg. “You are.” he said and Jimin held his head back, covering his mouth as he giggled. Yoongi made him so damn shy!

Jungkook smiled at him as he laughed. He could tell just then that they were messing around.

“So you good?” asked Yoongi. Jungkook nodded yes. He liked Agust now...he was professional and knew his shit. He was still scared of him though...he looked like he’d fuck you up in a second.

“You got any questions?” asked Yoongi and he pulled in the last drag of his cigarette.

Jungkook didn’t want to ask..he felt it might be rude. Jimin noticed and he put his hand on his shoulder, giving him a look that it was okay to ask his question.

“ how much do I make?” asked Kookie. Jimin laughed and Yoongi nodded his head.

“See..I like that you’re not a dumbass.” said Yoongi. Jungkook beamed inside knowing that Agust didn’t think he was a dumbass.

“You’ll make 20% of whatever the fuck you sell. So...let’s say you sell five 20s. That’s 20 bucks.” said Yoongi. Jungkook frowned. It seemed pretty low.

“ much would I make if I sold it all.” said Kookie. Yoongi and Jimin giggled at him. “He’s a fucking beast...I’m telling you...he’s hungry...he’s gonna run that fucking school.” Yoongi said to Jimin. Jimin looked at Jungkook...he thought Yoongi was right.

Jungkook giggled. “I just...I like to get shit done..and I’m broke as fuck.” said Kookie. “Well this right here..this whole shit is worth 5k so if you sold all this you’d get a thousand bucks.” said Yoongi.

Jungkook’s eyes opened and he shot a look at Jimin. Jimin giggled at him as he nodded his head yes.

“How fast would it take me to sell?” asked Kookie. “ depends on how many people you can can’t advertise that shit though...just deal with Yoonji’s buyers first...maybe go to a few parties that your school has...laid back shit like that. Don’t go around telling everyone that you have weed or you’ll get fucking busted.” said Yoongi.

Jungkook nodded that he understood. “Basically you’ll make $100 to $300 a day.” said Mochi. “Yeah you’ll start off light...the real money is in cocaine..not weed...but you gotta start your way might not want to do this shit after a there’s other jobs…”

“Yeah like cars..” said Jimin. “Cars?’ asked Kookie. “Yeah I steal cars...selling them to shops for the make way more doing that.” Jungkook’s eyes grew wide again…$300 dollars a day seemed great...and Mochi made more!

“Cars is high risk but high reward..and you don’t have to do it that often.” said Yoongi. “Mm..True.” said Mochi. He really wanted to teach Rabbit how to steal cars. Ever since Spider became a boss he didn't have anyone to steal with him.

“Gotcha.’ said Kookie. No fucking way would he steal cars. It sounded risky as hell. He was impressed though that Mochi did though. He didn’t look the type at all.

“Yoongi!” yelled out Jimin suddenly. “I forgot about Baby! She has to eat!” He stared at Yoongi wide-eyed as he panicked at the revelation that he hadn’t fed his kitten all day.

Yoongi chuckled. “Give me your keys.” he said. He wasn’t about to let Jimin leave. He would stay with him all goddamn day. “I’ll go get her.” he said.

Jimin frowned. “But Yoonji...won’t she get mad?” asked Jimin. He didn’t want her to know he had her kitten. What if she wanted it back? He wanted to keep the damn thing.

Yoongi waved his hand at the door. “She’s already fucking mad about that...I’m getting her another one next week she’ll shut the hell up about it.” he said.

“Who’s Baby?” asked Jungkook.

Jimin looked at him and giggled. “She’s my kitten! She’s so cute!’ he cried out and he sighed and fell back on the bed as if he had fainted. Jungkook looked down at him and giggled.

“I gave it to him...but it was my sister’s.” said Yoongi. Jungkook looked at him in shock.

Jimin started to laugh. “Savage!” he yelled out. “Ha! You kept it!” laughed Yoongi.

Soon they all started to laugh at how fucked up it really was. Jungkook shook his head at them.

“Yo.” said Yoongi as he felt his phone vibrate. He pulled it out. It was Jay.

Jay: Hey Jumin got bail. 50k

“Yo that fuck got a 50k bail.” said Yoongi. Jimin sat up. “Who Jumin?” he asked. Yoongi shook his head yes.

“Wow.” said Jungkook. “That’s so much.” He was shocked. He felt that was a lot for just stealing some clothes from Macy’s. “That idiot had priors I bet.” said Yoongi as he frowned down at his phone.

“You only have to give the bondsman 10% so it’s only 5k to bail him out.” said Jimin. “Oh.” said Kookie. 5k seemed like a lot to him still.

“Fuck him. I’m not bailing him out. Rabbit could have fucking went to jail because of his dumb ass.” said Yoongi. He liked the new kid. He was smart and listened and didn’t talk too damn much.

He texted back:

Agust: I’m not paying it. Fuck him.
Jay: Okay cool.
Agust: In my eyes he fucking owes me for fucking up
Jay: True

Yoongi stuffed his phone back in his pocket. “That fuck owes me...stupid fuck.” he mumbled.

Jungkook shot Jimin a worried glance. Agust looked angry as hell just then. Jimin waved his hand at Jungkook telling him not to worry. They watched as Agust started to separate the weed into piles. One for Jimin and one for Jungkook.

Jimin leaned over and whispered into Jungkook’s ear. “He’s mad about Jumin...he won’t pay it...he feels he owes him for fucking up the robbery.”

“Oh.’ said Kookie softly. Jimin whispered in his ear again. “When Agust gets mad...don’t bother him mmm?” he said. Jungkook nodded yes.

“He’ll snap at you or something.” whispered Jimin. He looked over at Yoongi as he saw him frowning while he counted out the bags.

“We’re gonna go get Baby okay?” said Jimin to Yoongi and he signaled for Jungkook to come with him as he got off the bed.

“Mmm” said Yoongi. He didn't look up. He was so fucking pissed at Jumin just then.

Jimin and Jungkook left out of the room and Jimin stopped into the kitchen to grab two beers for them. “We’ll pour the shit in here.” said Jimin and he emptied two coke bottles that Yoongi had in the fridge, passing one to Jungkook. They poured the beer into it.

“Ha cool.’ said Jungkook. Jimin eye smiled at him.

“ like pancakes or waffles?” asked Jimin. Yoongi had said Jimin was the only guy he knew that liked pancakes better than waffles.

“Pancakes.” said Kookie. He liked waffles too but if he had to pick, it’s be pancakes.

“Ha! Me too! Stupid ass Yoongi said no one would pick pancakes over waffles except for me.” said Jimin. Jungkook and him laughed and they started talking about how good pancakes were after smoking weed as and they left Yoongi’s apartment to go get the fucking cat.

Jungkook liked him. He liked Mochi a lot. He was really nice and somehow they seemed like friends already even though he barely knew him. He wondered as they jogged down the stairs of Yoongi’s apartment building what the hell was the job that Joker had done to make Jimin not be his friend anymore.

Jimin seemed like the nicest guy...he couldn’t imagine what it could be that would make Mochi say his best friend for years was “dead” to him...and then Yoonji had said everyone was afraid of Joker...she was about to tell him more but Yoongi cut her off.

He tried to ignore the feeling as they walked down Washington Avenue toward him and Jimin’s building...he tried to push it away but it kept gnawing at him...he kept feeling that maybe the rumours were true...that maybe Joker really was an actual murderer…

He would ask him, thought Kookie as they walked up the steps to their building. He would ask Joker tonight...and see what he would say...


When Jimin and Jungkook got back to Yoongi’s they heard yelling coming from his room. They both looked at each other, their eyes wide. They didn’t know what the fuck was up.

“Hey Yoonji...can you keep the kitten in your room?” asked Jimin. Yoonji smirked at him. “So you’re asking me to watch the cat that you and my brother fucking stole…” she said.

Jimin sighed. He felt like such a jerk just then. “Yoonji...I…” he started but Yoonji grabbed the kitten carrier from him quickly. “It’s okay...just go do whatever it is you assholes do.” said Yoonji and she walked into her room and closed the door.

“Damn.” said Kookie. “Fuck I know.” said Jimin. He felt like such an asshole just then.

“Mutherfucker!” they heard Yoongi yell suddenly. Jimin nodded his head toward the door telling Kookie to come on.

They opened it and Yoongi was pacing back and forth, his tongue out of his mouth, an angry look on his face as Spider sat there on the bed.

“What up.” said Spider. “ didn’t get caught!’ said Jimin and he went over and gave Spider a hug. “Nah..Jin looked out.” he said. “Hey College.” said Spider. “Hey.” said Kookie. “It’s Rabbit now...Rabbit.” said Jimin.

“Oh cool..good name.” said Spider. Jungkook smiled at him.

“When did that shit happen?” asked Yoongi angrily. He wanted to break someone’s neck. Jimin and Jungkook sat down on the other side of the bed as they watched Yoongi pace the floor.

“Yesterday. Those fucks beat him so goddamn bad they said he might never look the same.” said Spider. “What happened?” asked Jimin.

“The Fort Greene was all a set up. Those fucking guys...the ones at the drop that were supposed to sell the dope to you....they worked for them...Those bastards were supposed to fucking kill me...I had a snitch in my crew...this fucking dude I had just let in...he was a snitch for them...told them the whole goddamn plan..and then the other day...after I found out the shit...they attacked my fucking spot on Myrtle Avenue. Trashed it and fucked up one of my workers. Beat him with a fucking baseball bat...he nearly fucking died.” said Spider.

Jimin and Jungkook’s eyes grew wide as fuck. “Oh god.” said Jimin. “God I’m sorry.” said Kookie.

Spider nodded his head yeah.

“I knew it! I fucking KNEW IT!” yelled Yoongi. “Something was off about those fucking guys...I knew it.”

“What are we going to do?’ asked Jimin. He was angry as fuck all of a sudden. Spider was one of his closest friends.

“I’m getting them back. I found out they have a huge stash in this fucking dry cleaning place. I’m fucking robbing their asses blind...them offer then a deal...they get their shit back...if I get the dudes that beat up my fucking boy” said Spider.

“No dude. You have a warrant out don’t you?” asked Jimin. Spider shook his head no. “Nah..Jin cleared me...I’m not a suspect now.” “Ohhh.” said Jungkook and Jimin at the same time.

“You fucking do that shit...I’m not letting this go...I’ll tell The Boss...they tried to kill you...they won’t get away with that shit.” said Yoongi and his eyes lowered and his fists bawled up.

“Nah..leave The Boss out of it.” said Spider. He’d handle his own shit. “What? No.” said Yoongi. “They fucking robbed your spot...that’s The Boss’s money.” and he lowered his eyes at Spider to make his point.

“Ahhh..fuck.” said Spider. He didn’t want to get in trouble. The Boss might blame him...say it was his fault that he let a snitch into his crew.

Yoongi looked at him. “Mmm.” he said as he caught onto what Spider was thinking. “Okay..but you fucking come back here immediately after you hit that fucking place.”

Spider shook his head yes. “When you going? I’m gonna go with you.” said Jimin. He would have his friend’s damn back.

Yoongi shot a look at him. “No. You can’t go.” said Yoongi. It was too fucking dangerous.

Jimin looked back at him and frowned. “Why not? Spider can’t trust anyone right now.”

Yoongi frowned. His angel was right but he would kick his ass before he let him go rob a Fort Greene crew spot. It was too fucking dangerous.

“I’ll send Joker with him.” said Yoongi.

“Joker? Fuck no!” yelled Jimin suddenly. “I don’t fucking trust JOKER!” he yelled. He couldn’t believe Yoongi. Joker was a monster...there was no telling what he would do if shit went wrong...

Jungkook just sat there watching the exchange. He could tell by looking at Yoongi’s face that Mochi was not going on that fucking job...he was also scared as fuck for Mochi...Yoongi looked like he was about to fuck him up.

“I want to go Yoongi. What can’t I fucking go?” asked Jimin again when Yoongi didn't say anything back.

“Cause I FUCKING SAID!.” yelled Yoongi and his fist bawled up. He’d beat the shit out of Jimin before he would let him go.

Jimin shot him an angry look. Just because he was fucking him didn’t mean he couldn’t do what he wanted. He wasn’t in the gang. It was bullshit.

“I’m fucking going Yoongi.” said Jimin, his voice low, his face turning into an angry scowl.

Yoongi stared back at him, his head turned to the side, a frown on his face as if to ask “What the fuck did you just say?”

Spider and Jungkook looked at each other. “Yo...let’s go get a beer’, said Spider suddenly. Jungkook shook his head yes and they got up to leave as they saw Yoongi and Jimin staring at each other angrily. Yoongi was huffing and puffing and Jimin looked like he wasn’t backing down...


Jimin stared back at Yoongi. He wasn’t about to let Spider do that damn job alone or with someone who could possibly be a snake...not if he could help it. He was one of his best friends. No way would he let him go alone, and there was no fucking way in hell he would let Joker go instead of him...No fucking way.

“Joker will go might not trust him but I do.” said Yoongi and he jammed his thumb into his chest to make his goddamn point. Mochi was trying his fucking patience.

Jimin scowled at Yoongi. “He’s a fucking monster Yoongi...and a fucking snitch. He’ll tell the fucking boss. He always tells the fucking Boss!” yelled Jimin.

“ fucking calm down before you regret it.” said Yoongi sternly. He didn’t want to but he’d get him to listen one way or the other.

Jimin felt tears welling up in his eyes as Yoongi kept staring at him harshly. It wasn’t fair. He was trying to control him because they fucked. It wasn’t fucking fair!

“I’m going...I work for myself.” said Jimin, he tried to say it sternly but his damn lip started trembling as Yoongi kept staring at him angrily. He didn’t care if he was scared of Yoongi. He would was his goddamn friend. His fucking choice!

“” said Yoongi, his voice low and deep, his eyes piercing into Jimin’s very soul.

“Why? Why? Because we fucked!” yelled out Jimin suddenly.

Yoongi’s eyes grew wide and suddenly he leaned back and started to laugh hysterically at Jimin. Jimin bit his lip, his was so fucking angry and suddenly he felt so small and vulnerable as Yoongi stood there laughing at him.

Yoongi stopped laughing just then and looked at him. He had laughed because Jimin was right. It was because they fucked. It was because he loved him and he didn’t want him to get hurt or get arrested, or worse. It was because he would let nothing harm him. It was because he wanted to protect him and never let anything happen to him...ever.

Yoongi walked over to Jimin and as he did so Jimin felt like he did that night when Yoongi had walked toward him in the dark. He must have been crazy, insane to yell at fucking Yoongi...he feared he’d grab him by the goddamn throat again...or worse...

“Yoongi..” said Jimin softly as Yoongi towered over him, a lump in his throat rising as Yoongi stood there over him, looking angrily down at him...

“Shhh...just shhhh.” said Yoongi and he kneeled down suddenly and put his head on Jimin’s lap.

Jimin just stared down at him in shock.

“You can’t go...because...I won’t let anything happen to you Jimin...I won’t.” said Yoongi softly and he pushed his head into Jimin’s bulge suddenly, rubbing his face back and forth across it, making Jimin’s dick start to become aroused inside of his jogger's from the sudden, aggressive, sensual gesture.

Jimin sucked in his teeth suddenly and held his head back, pushing his hands into Yoongi’s hair. ‘Oh god.” he whispered, it felt so fucking good. Yoongi pushed his face back and forth, feeling Jimin’s cock get harder and harder. He would make him submit. He would make him stay in this goddamn room.

Yoongi suddenly raised up and started to climb on top of him. “You can’t go...I won’t let you fucking’ll stay in this goddamn room.” said Yoongi and he suddenly pushed his body on top of Jimin’s, grabbing his wrists, holding him down tightly as he went for his neck.

“Mmmm” moaned Jimin as Yoongi started to suck and lick and kiss on his neck, his tongue lashing around, his mouth pulling his skin into his teeth. “Oh” he moaned.

“Yoongi please...please…” begged Jimin. Oh god he couldn’t stand his tongue...oh fuck he couldn’t stand his hard cock grinding against him.

“ can’t go...I need can’t get hurt.” whispered Yoongi and Jimin shivered as his deep voice vibrated in his ear.

“” moaned Jimin, his dick getting harder and harder. Oh fuck he would go insane from the way Yoongi made him feel.

Yoongi leaned up and looked down at him. Jimin’s eyes were so low and he was biting his lip as he stared lustily up at Yoongi. “Promise me angel..promise.” said Yoongi softly.

Jimin grabbed his shirt suddenly and pulled him down on top of him, throwing his tongue in his mouth. “Oh god..I want you..make them leave and fuck me.” whispered Jimin and he kissed Yoongi passionately, his dick throbbing, aching for Yoongi to touch him, fuck him, suck his damn dick.

Yoongi nodded yes. He fell into the kiss, pushing his hand into Jimin’s jogger’s and he grabbed his ass and pushed Jimin up against him as he grinding down on top of him.

“” moaned Jimin. Goddamn he was so sexy. Goddamn it felt so good!

Jimin kept kissing him...He loved the way Yoongi was worried about Yoongi cared about him so damn much that he wanted to protect him...that he wanted to keep him locked up in his goddamn room..he was crazy...he loved how crazy he was for him.

“Yoongi...Yoongi..I need you..I want you.” whispered Jimin. He loved Yoongi so fucking much he would scream...He loved him so much his heart would burst, his soul would shatter inside him…

He loved him...but he never promised Yoongi not to go...and he wouldn’t...Spider needed someone to do that damn job...someone that he trusted...and Jimin was determined to be the one to fucking go...

Chapter Text

3 Months ago…

“Yes.” said Taehyung as he eyed his chicken sandwich hungrily. He fucking loved Burger King’s chicken sandwich. He had ordered two of them.

He bit into it and closed his eyes and the delicious flavor filled his mouth. “Mmmm.” he moaned. Goddamn this shit was good.

He chewed his food and looked casually around. He had to get back soon...he had came into the city to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. He was his favorite artist. He had even gotten a poster to go in his room.

He had to get back though. He still had a couple of 8 balls to sell and Agust would be doing the count tonight and bringing the money to The Boss.

As he looked around he noticed a man standing at the counter. He was dressed in all black and he had this really cool lavender hair. Taehyung kept staring at him while the man’s back was turned to him as he ordered his food. He was staring in no reason in particular except he thought he had a cool look.

The man turned around and smiled at a woman behind him in line and Taehyung gulped his food down suddenly as he saw his face. Oh shit. It was him. It was the fucking guy...the fucking witness…

He grabbed his phone quickly out of his pocket and discreetly snapped a picture of him. He watched him leave with his food. Taehyung grabbed his sandwich quickly and got up, leaving the other one on the table.

Why did this shit always happen to him? Everytime he wanted to eat some damn job thing would come up. He jogged quickly out of the doors and scanned the street. Thank god he had that damn lavender hair. He was so easy to spot.

He followed him.

He finished his sandwich and threw out the wrapper in the garbage can, hanging back as the man crossed the busy Manhattan street. He watched him walk into a huge building. Dance Academy it said.

Taehyung crossed the street a few minutes after he entered. He walked in and looked around. It was a pretty fancy school...made since though. He knew that the guy had lived on Clinton Avenue back then when he had seen Jimin and him kill that boy. He had moved though. The family had moved a week after the murder.

And being that they had moved...meant he had told...He must have told his parents he saw something...Why else would just suddenly move a week after?...

Jin had tracked him down initially...had found out where he lived and what his name was. Taehyung couldn't do the hit though...he had been hiding out with Jimin at the Pink Houses..they had to lay low there for a month after the murder.

The Boss had called another guy to do the job...but he never found the kid that week and then he had reported the For Sale sign...Jin had tried to find him but there wasn’t a trace of him anywhere...they all figured the family must have had their names changed…

“Um excuse me..yes hi.” said Tae and he smiled his handsome smile at the young women behind the information counter. I’m looking for this you know him by chance?, Taehyung asked and he showed her the picture in his phone.

The woman blushed as she looked up at him and Taehyung smiled back at her. He used all his charms to get her to tell him the information. He leaned over closer to her as he peered at her computer.

“Oh..he’s a student here. His name is Taemin Rhee.” she said and she swiveled the computer around so that Taehyung could get a better look. Taehyung scanned the info quickly. He was a dance major. He lived in the Huntington Hall Campus…

“Okay Thank you!” said Taehyung brightly and he turned and exited the building. He was sure it was him...but the last name was different…

He texted Jin the photo:

Joker: This guy. Is he the witness? The one that saw me and Mochi with Lazy Eyes?

Jin sent him a photo back

DTJ: Yes. That’s him. You saw him?
Joker: his address too lol
DTJ: Call The Boss
Joker: Okay

Taehyung called The was official. They had changed their names...the kid must have seen them...told the parents...Joker remembered Mochi asking him to leave the guy alone...but Mochi didn’t know how much danger they were in...3 people knowing that him and Joker murdered someone? It was too fucking risky….Now that The Boss had confirmation that they had changed their names their fate was sealed...They had to have known...They were protecting Taemin from what he had seen.

“It's been 3 years though...they never sure we should cancel them?” said Joker to The Boss.

The Boss sighed into the phone…”A guilty conscience Taehyung is a dangerous thing...Guilt doesn’t go grows...years from now Taemin or his parents might suddenly not be able to handle the guilt..Suddenly they may want to become heroes..Do “what’s right”...Guilt doesn’t go grows...and you and’ll get life...that boy was a minor as I recall.”

“Mmm.” said Tae. The Boss was always right…

Joker followed him for the next few days...learning his route..patiently deciding when and where he would strike. He was glad to kill the man now. Mochi was in danger of getting caught….Joker didn't care about himself...but Mochi...he’d do anything to make sure that Mochi was safe…

He waited...any minute and he would come out...Come onto the roof and smoke a cigarette.

Joker was standing there in all black, his facemask pulled up, his black hood hanging down low. His long black, wool coat hung down on him like a cloak, and in that moment as he stood there, waiting for Taemin, he appeared to be the Grim Reaper himself, as he held the gun against his side, standing there silently in the shadows.

He heard the creak...the creak of the door opening.

He was there. The man was there and he was laughing...laughing into his cellphone. Joker watched him...He watched him light his cigarette, he watched his eyes grow wide and he watched him lean his head back as he fell into his happy giggling.

He was pretty...he was graceful...Joker felt bad for him. He felt like he was almost too beautiful to Mochi had been...Mochi had been too beautiful to kill too…

That night when Mochi and Joker had caught Lazy Eyes in the park...The Boss had ordered Joker to kill Mochi too...He was supposed to have killed Mochi after he had Mochi kill the boy...He was to make it look like they killed each other...but he couldn’t...Joker couldnt do it…

Mochi had looked into Joker’s eyes that night and he had looked so goddamn beautiful to him that Joker decided to save him...Something in the way he looked made Joker feel suddenly drawn to that moment he had decided to help him…

He had looked like a goddamn angel to him...

The Boss forgave Taehyung for disobeying him...He had agreed to Joker’s proposal...that Mochi pay him back 3 times what the money was worth. 180k total...Joker knew The Boss would agree...The Boss always agreed to a good deal…

And now that he had Mochi...nothing would take him away from him...especially not this man...or his fucking parents...He would kill them. He would kill them all before he lost another person that he loved…

The man hung up the phone...he blew the cigarette smoke in the air…

Joker walked up to him swiftly...the blank stare on his face. He put the gun to the back of his head...but he wouldn’t kill him that way...He wanted to look him in the eyes...He wanted him to know why he had come...He should have kept his damn mouth shut...he should never have told…

“Turn around.” said Joker, his voice eerily low and deep.

The man turned around quickly, panic in his eyes as he stared down the barrel of the gun that Joker was pointing at him...the cold silencer pressed to his forehead…

“You’re him. The one that saw me and Mochi.” said Joker. He wanted him to know why he was about to die.

He always made sure they knew...they had a right to know why they were about to die...

“No...I...I don’t what you’re talking about.” stuttered the man, his face stricken with fear.

Joker lowered his eyes at him. “You’re lying.” he said.

“Please..I swear...I don’t know anything…” stuttered the man as he closed his eyes, a tear falling down his face…

“Then why’d you move? Change your name? Don’t fucking lie.” said Joker and he pressed the gun harder into this forehead...he wanted him to admit it. Admit he had told.

The man sighed. He started to tremble…”I..I was scared...I was scared of...of you.” said the man.

Joker smirked at him…he should have been more scared, he thought. He should have been scared enough not to tell his damn parents.

”You shouldn’t have fucking told…” said Joker and he pushed the gun deeper into his forehead.

“I’m...I’m sorry...they won’t tell...none of us will tell..” the man whispered.

“You say that now....but I won’t risk it. I won’t risk Mochi...He didn't want to kill that boy...and fucking told...and now he’s at risk...and I won’t let him be at risk any longer…”

“I would never tell. Please believe me...I would never tell on Jimin. I swear!” cried out the man suddenly and he opened his eyes...his eyes pleading with Joker to believe him…

Joker smirked at him…”But you already did…” he said and before the man could answer...Joker shot him in the head….

Taehyung shot up from the couch suddenly and gasped for air. He had been dreaming...dreaming about that damn murder...that damn witness.

He leaned over to catch his breath as he panted heavily. It was pitch black in the room. He must have fallen asleep on the couch…

“You’re a monster! A monster!!!”

Taehyung shook his head to get rid of the awful memory of Jimin yelling at him...screaming at him when he found out he had killed that damn witness…

“I’m not a monster...I’m..I’m not.” sobbed Taehyung suddenly into the dark. He had done his job...he had protected them...made sure that family never told…

The parents...they never found the parents...Later Jin had found out they had flown back to Korea a little after Taemin’s death. The Boss had celebrated it...No more loose ends…

Taehyung wiped his brow again. He was sweaty...he could barely fucking breathe…

His heart ached inside his chest...He had saved Jimin..saved him..and that bastard didn’t even care…

He didn’t need him though…He had Jungkook now…

“Kookie?” said Tae suddenly. Where the fuck was he? He reached for his cell phone and looked at the time. It was 10:30pm. He should have been home hours ago...Oh fuck..did Yoongi send him on a damn job?

He checked his messages...nothing from Kookie. Taehyung frowned. He didn’t like it. He didn't like not knowing where he was.

He got up quickly and threw on the lights. He went into the bathroom and quickly took a shower and got dressed, grabbing a pair of grey sweats and a blue hoodie. He didn’t care how he looked...He just had to get to Yoongi’s and see where the fuck was Jungkook.


Jungkook, Jimin and Yoongi all sat on Yoongi’s bed, smoking weed and drinking Soju while Spider and Yoongi went back and forth telling stories.

Jungkook had hung out there all day, except for the few hours that him and Mochi had sat in the park to make his first few sales. He had done good. He had made $60 bucks. Yoongi said it was real good considering he wasn’t out there too long and it was his first time.

“I told you. A face they can trust.” he had said. Jungkook giggled but he was starting to believe him. It had been easy. Jimin and Yoongi were good teachers. It didn’t even feel like work to Jungkook...It just felt like hanging out.

“Okay...let me finish.” said Spider and he started to continue his story. “So this fucking guy right...He has us in this fucking building and it’s all dark and shit...Cobwebs and shit were everywhere..and he’s like how we gotta crawl into the fucking vents...The air conditioning vents to get to the fucking backdoor that we’re supposed to break into in order to rob the jewelry store...”

“Ha! The fuck?!” yelled out Yoongi. Jimin giggled. Spider stories were funny as hell and they were all true.

“You could fit in there?” asked Kookie.

Spider started giggling. “Dude barely….So anyways...We start crawling along...fucking crawling along...I’m freaking out because of the fucking dust and cobwebs and shit...It was all in my eyes...and we finally get to where he says the door is...We open the fucking vent...and drop down onto the floor...into another dark ass hallway and there’s no fucking door. There’s just a brick fucking wall!” yelled out Spider.

“What?” yelled out Mochi. Yoongi cackled again.

“Dude I was so fucking pissed!’ yelled out Spider. “So what did you do!’ yelled Kookie. He loved the got better and better.

“So the dude is like. ‘It’s right there...right there son.’” said Spider and he made a nasally voice, mocking the guy.

“I’m like right where? Behind that fucking brick wall?!...This fucker shakes his head yes...I couldn't believe it….So PDogg...He grabs the dude up...He was tired of his shit...He’s like..”How the fuck we supposed to get past the wall you fucking idiot.”

“The guy got all scared..” continued Spider…”He’s like ..I got tools...burglary tools!”...So PDogg...he let’s him go...and he’s like “So give me the fucking tools...I don’t have all day.” ...and this dude...this dude...he pulls out...A fucking HAMMER!”

“A hammer!” yelled Jungkook and Jimin simultaneously.

“Hahahaah..a fucking hammer!” yells out Spider and he goes over to the door and starts to hit it as if he had a tiny hammer in his hand. “How the fuck we gonna break through a brick wall with a fucking hammer?!” he yelled. .

“AHHH..hahaha!” laughed Yoongi. They all burst out laughing hysterically. It was so fucking funny. Jimin was leaned onto Jungkook’s shoulder and he laughed till he cried as they all watched Spider laugh and hammer at the fake brick wall.

“Needless to say...we didn't rob anything that day.” finished Spider.

“I would have kicked his ass.” laughed Jimin. “A fucking hammer…”

“Dude we did.” laughed Spider.

“Here.” said Yoongi and he reached over and poured Jungkook more of the Soju into his glass.

Jungkook started to gulp and gulp, determined to drink the entire thing down in one shot. As he did so, Spider, Agust and Mochi all stared at him with amazement while they watched him finish the large glass.

“Whoa.” said Jimin. “My fucking boy!’ yelled Yoongi. He was liking Rabbit more and more.

“Let me try.” said Jimin and he started, but he started giggling half way through, and suddenly the liquor spilled down his chin.

“Hahaha!” he giggled. Jungkook grabbed a napkin from the bag that had their leftover Chinese food and passed it to Jimin.

“Thanks Rabbit.” said Mochi as he wiped his face while Yoongi eyed him lustily, wanting to lick the damn Soju off of him instead.

“Stop!’ yelled out Jimin. He couldn’t stand his damn staring. Yoongi giggled at him and affectionately patted his leg.

Yoongi started to talk to them about the time he had broken his leg, jumping over a fence, to get away from the cops, and as Jungkook listened to the story, he smiled a huge grin.

He was in. He was officially in the gang. He had friends now. For the first time in his fucking life he had friends and they thought he was cool and they shared stuff with him and trusted them with their stories, and drugs and money.

Yoongi had even said he didn’t even have to go through initiation. He had said he was just in for being cool as fuck, and for being able to down a whole glass of Soju in one breath, and for not being a dumbass.

Yes he was officially in...and it felt so good to be one of them...

He was beaming as he sat there listening to Yoongi and Spider’s stories. Mochi kept leaning on his shoulder ever time he laughed and Jungkook wished that Joker and him got along again, because out of everyone he had met, Mochi was his favorite.

He had found out they had a lot in common too. They both were artists, for one thing, and they both loved pancakes, and Mochi had told him that next week they would go down to the tracks so that Jungkook could practice tagging his name...without Joker knowing of course.

Mochi had said he didn’t think Joker would want them hanging out together and Jungkook had agreed.

“Rabbit is an artist...let him see your tattoo.” said Yoongi to Spider. Spider nodded and pulled off his shirt and walked over to Jungkook, holding out his arm so that Jungkook could inspect his tattoo.

“Whoa.” said Kookie. It was a huge spider web...a full sleeve, and he had different things caught inside the web.

”Whenever I see something cool...that I want to look at forever...I have it tattooed in my web.” said Spider.

“Wow..that’s dope.” said Kookie. “It is right?” said Mochi.

“Can you do that? Tattoos and shit?” Asked Yoongi. Jungkook shook his head no.

“Well you should...You and Mochi could do that shit…” said Yoongi and he nodded his head to make his point as he lit a cigarette.

Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other...It wasn’t a bad idea…not a bad idea at all...

The door swung open and Taehyung stared at Yoonji as she stood there, holding a white kitten in her arms. Her face lit up when she saw him. “” she said sweetly and she leaned out for Joker to plant a kiss on her cheek.

He kissed it obediently and he smiled at her, raising his eyebrows up and down at her playfully. She started to giggle. “I missed you.” she said. ‘I missed you too.” said Tae and he walked in as she held the door open for him.

He looked around. “Jungkookie here?” he asked.

Yoonji nodded yes. ”He’s a cutie.” she said. Taehyung looked at her a laughed. “He’s stay away.”

“Mmmm...maybe.” said Yoonji. Joker suddenly smacked her on the ass. “Be good.” he said.

Yoonji giggled. “Only for you Joker.”

“Mmm.” said Tae. He looked down at the kitten she was petting. “He yours?’ he asked and he started to pet it.

“She was...those bastards stole her from me.” said Yoonji and she looked up at Joker and pouted.

Taehyung looked down at her and he smiled at her softly. She was so soft and pretty...and her nose was scrunching up at him as she pouted over the kitten.

“Who Princess?...Who stole her?’ he asked. What the fuck was she talking about?...She was holding the damn thing right now.

“Fucking Yoongi. He gave her away to Mochi...and now that bastard and him are fucking and Mochi had the nerve to ask me to babysit her….My own damn cat!’ she cried out and she suddenly grabbed Joker’s shirt and buried her head into it. She hated them. She hated them both!

“Awww what the fuck…” said Tae. He rubbed his hand up and down her back to make her feel better. “I’ll get you a new one..a better one...a fucking Siamese.” said Tae.

Yoongi looked up at him suddenly, her eyes wide. “You will!’ she said.

Tae giggled. “Of course Princess...I’ll take you can even pick her out.” said Tae. He adored Yoonji...He would give her anything...She was the prettiest girl in the whole world.

“Ohh Joker you’re the best!’ said Yoonji and she wrapped her arm around his neck and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Mmm..hmmm” said Tae, agreeing that he was the best.

His eyes suddenly shot open as he realized what else she had told him. “Wait...Yoongi and Jimin are fucking!” he yelled out astonished.

Yoonji looked up at him and burst out laughing.

“Haha yep. Kept me up all night. Fucking Mochi was so damn loud.” she whispered.

Taehyung just stared ahead blinking...He couldn't see it...He couldn't picture it...Yoongi and Jimin was the most bizarre thing…

“It’s horrible right?” said Yoonji. Joker nodded. It was things would change...

“They’re in Yoongi’s room...all high and drunk and being assholes.” she said.

Tae looked toward the door...a shocked look still on his face. He couldn't process it...process Jimin and Yoongi together...

He’d think about it later...right now he had to see Kookie..he desperately had to see him.

“I'll be back.’ said Tae and he started to walk down the hall to Yoongi’s door.

He could hear Yoongi cackling loudly as he approached. The door was ajar and Tae stopped in front of it and leaned over to peek inside and see what the fuck was going on.

They were all laughing...Yoongi...Jimin...and Kookie...They were all laughing as Spider acted out some funny ass story...They were smoking weed...the room was filled with smoke...Yoongi was leaned over cackling hysterically and Jimin and Jungkook were sitting against the headboard laughing their asses off too…

Jimin was leaning his head on Jungkook’s shoulder….laughing his fucking ass off…

Taehyung felt it instantly...The jealousy...They were all having fun without him...hadn't even invited him...and Jimin was leaning on Jungkook’s shoulder...and Jungkook was his...all his…

Taehyung opened the door suddenly to make his presence known.

“Joker.” said Jungkook. His eyes growing wide at the sight of him. He suddenly beamed his full bunny smile at him. His was drunk and high and so happy to see him.

“Hey.” said Joker back. Jimin immediately started frowning as he saw that bastard standing there.

Yoongi called out to him. “Tae!” he yelled and he opened his arms for Tae to come over and give him a hug. Yoongi only hugged Jay ,but when he was drunk, he hugged everybody.

“What up Joker.” said Spider. Joker nodded to him as he went to hug Yoongi. “Hey Hyung.” he said, never keeping his eyes off Jimin and Jungkook. Jungkook felt it….Joker was upset…

Tae stood up. “Why didn’t you call?” he asked Jungkook. His face was stern. Yoongi shot a look at Jungkook, then back at Taehyung and he burst out laughing again.

“Oh shut the fuck up. He was having fun with his new boss you whiny bitch.” said Yoongi and he grabbed Taehyung’s hand to sit him down.

Jimin just scowled at Joker as he watched him sit down and take the weed that Yoongi was passing him. If he was staying he would leave.

“I...I didn’t think about it...I was fucked up.” said Kookie. Spider started laughing at him and Jungkook giggled.

Spider started telling another story and Taehyung moved up on to the bed, sitting next to Jimin to watch Spider tell the story better.

“Switch with me Kookie.” whispered Jimin. He wasn’t going to sit next him. He wanted him to leave..if he didn’t soon he would go instead.

Jungkook nodded and they switched places. Yoongi watched what happened and he frowned at Jimin.

They all started to pay attention to the story and as they burst out into laughter again, Taehyung noticed Jimin leaning on Kookie’s shoulder. He didn’t like it one bit. He grabbed Kookie’s arm and pulled him away from Jimin.

He put his hands into Jungkook’s hair, stroking it as Jungkook sat there giggling at Spider. Joker turned his head to look at Jimin, his eyes lowered and Jimin looked back, the angry scowl back on his face.

“Yoongi. I gotta go.’ said Jimin suddenly and he got up to get the fuck out of there before he lost it.

“What? No.” said Yoongi and he grabbed Jimin and pulled him down on his lap. “Yes Yoongi.” said Jimin.

“It’s okay Hyung. We'll go.” said Taehyung. “Come on.” he said to Kookie.
“We really gotta leave?” whined Jungkook. Joker didn’t respond. He just looked at him and Kookie knew it was time to go.

“Bye Hyung...Spider.” said Tae. “Bye guys.” said Kookie reluctantly.

“Oh here.” said Yoongi and he threw Kookie a black book bag. “That’s your stash to start with tomorrow.” he said. Jungkook nodded yes.

He smiled at him and Jimin before leaving. They were really fucking cool.

“Bye Rabbit!’ called out Jimin as they left. Jungkook waved bye to him but Tae grabbed his hand that was waving and held it as they left out of the door.


The wind had picked up quite a bit and Taehyung pulled Jungkook along quickly down the street. The dark stare was back on his face and he was practically huffing and puffing as they walked quickly down the block to get back to Taehyung’s house.

“Joker…” said Jungkook. He was squeezing his hand so hard it was starting to go numb.

Taehyung didn’t respond...He was so fucking pissed off. That fuck. That ungrateful fuck!

“Joker!” yelled Kookie suddenly. He couldn't take it anymore. He’d break his goddamn fingers or something.

“What?!’ yelled back Taehyung and he swiveled around suddenly, his face fuming with anger as he stared back at Kookie.

Jungkook gulped. “’re hurting my hand.” he said softly.

“Huh?” said Tae and he looked down and instantly let go...He hadn’t even noticed he was holding his hand just then…

“I’m sorry.” said Tae and he shoved his hands roughly into the front pocket of his hoodie, his head low as he bared the harsh wind that threatened to blow his hood back any second now.

He walked quickly...Jungkook was struggling to catch up. The combination of weed and liquor was making it impossible to walk as fast as him.

“Joker...wait…” said Kookie but Joker just kept walking.

“Joker stop!” yelled out Jungkook as he jogged to catch him. He was tired of this shit. What the fuck had happened?

He grabbed Taehyung’s arm and swung him around. “Dude. Stop.” he said as he peered into his face. Silently pleading with him to talk to slow stop this angry march…

Taehyung bit his lip and looked away. “I fucking hate him...I fucking hate him!” he yelled.

“Why? What the fuck was the job Joker? Why do you guys hate each other so damn much?”

Taehyung kept looking away...He didn’t want to lie...He wouldn’t answer. “Its..nothing.” said Tae.

Jungkook stuck his tongue hard against the inside of his right cheek and shook his head. He couldn't believe Joker just then. He wanted him to leave his home...his family...sell in a fucking gang...never leave him and he wouldn’t tell him shit?

Fuck that…

He wanted Joker. He needed him an all, but in his drunken state, one thing became very clear to Jungkook suddenly...Joker would keep secrets from him...and if he was going to change his damn life to be with him, he’d have to fucking tell him everything.

“Fine then….Keep your fucking secrets.” said Kookie and he turned suddenly and started to walk the other way.

He’d go back to Yoongi’s...ask Jimin could he crash at his place..or Yoongi’s place...then go the fuck home tomorrow...He wanted the puzzle piece...He wanted to finish the goddamn puzzle...

Jungkook suddenly felt a hand grip his hoodie and fling him around. Joker grabbed Jungkook suddenly by the jacket and practically lifted him in the air as he slammed him against the schoolyard gate. It swayed backwards as Jungkook’s body fell into it.

Jungkook’s eyes opened wide. First he felt fear as he saw Joker standing there, holding him tightly, huffing and puffing at him...but then his fear quickly turned to anger.

He was tired of it. He was tired of Joker trying to bully him around.

“Get the fuck off me Joker.” said Jungkook. He was too drunk to be afraid of him...He’d fight him back...Fuck it if he lost...He was tired of his shit.

“No. You’re coming home with me.” said Joker and he yanked Jungkook roughly off of the gate in attempt to pull him along.

“No! Not till you fucking tell me what the fuck is going on!’ yelled Jungkook, and he pulled Tae roughly back against him.

Joker wanted to roar at him. He’d make him fucking obey. He tried to pick up Jungkook to slam him into the gate again, but what Joker didn’t realize was that Jungkook was much stronger than him...Physically, Jungkook was stronger than all of them…

He got the upper-hand quickly and instead managed to slam Joker into the gate instead. He was so fucking pissed off!

“How do you fucking like it! Huh?!” he yelled. “You fucking tell me what that job was or I’m fucking leaving you!” yelled Jungkook and he let Joker go and stared at him angrily as he tried to catch his damn breath.

Taehyung stared at him...He wanted to grab him...He wanted to pull his damn hair...make him fucking submit…

But he couldn't…

For some reason he didn't have it in him to fight Jungkook...He knew...He saw it in his eyes...Jungkook would leave him if he did….

Taehyung’s face turned cold suddenly. All the feeling drained from it as he stared back at Jungkook. The cold dark stare was back again, but this time it was colder...darker….and he looked so unfeeling and so uncaring in that moment that Jungkook suddenly trembled as the cold air blew fast and hard between them….

Suddenly he didn't want to know...Suddenly he didn't want Joker to tell him….He knew it was bad...He knew what he was about to tell him would be so very very awful...and Jungkook in that moment...didn't want to know…

But it was too late….

“I killed a man….I killed a guy for The Boss. He was a witness...He saw me and Mochi kill someone and he told….and Mochi blames me for it. That was the job. That’s what I do. I’m a hitman...A hitman for The Boss.” said Joker.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide and Taehyung just stared at him blankly…

Silence fell between them...even the wind stopped just then...there was nothing but silence.

Joker looked down and reached into his pocket and pulled out a lollipop. He casually opened it as Jungkook stood there, tears falling down his face….

He couldn’t bear the fact that it was true...That all the horrible rumors were true...that Joker...the boy he so desperately wanted and needed, was a murderer...He killed people...took their lives…

Joker put the lollipop in his mouth and he looked at Jungkook as he stood there crying silently in front of him and to Joker he looked just like Jimin did that day…

He knew what he was thinking in his head...He was thinking that he was a monster...a horrible fucking monster…

Well he was...He was a monster...and no one would ever love him because of it...and now Jungkook would leave...and there was nothing he could do about it…

Taehyung didn’t say a word to him. He leaned off of the fence and he started to walk down the street…He walked away from him and his soul burned inside him and he cried a thousand tears, but only on the inside...on the outside...Joker was like a stone…He was like a brick fucking wall...

Jungkook cried as he watched him walking away. Oh god it was true. It was fucking true!!!

Now he realized it was all true...There were all murderers...even Mochi….What kind of person would he be if he stayed with him?...If he stayed in the gang…

He’d eventually have to kill someone too wouldn’t he?….People had shot at Spider...had beaten up his friend….The Fort Greene Crew was snaking them all the time...It was just a matter of time before he would be in a situation where he needed a gun...needed to defend himself…

It was so naive of him to think that it was all just a movie...A cool movie that he had become a part of...It wasn’t a movie...It was real...

The Boss was real...Joker was real...The need to kill someone eventually was real...It was all so very real…

It was a game...but not just any game...It was the Dope game...It was life or death….

Kill...or be killed...

He couldn’t see Joker anymore...He was too far to see now…

Jungkook turned around and trembled, wiping his tears, and as he did so he noticed it suddenly...

He noticed that he was all alone…

Not a soul was on the streets...No one was there but him...Just him and his fears..Just him and his heartbreak…

It was much worse...The feeling of being alone again was so much worse than Joker being a murderer...It was a thousand times worse….a million times worse....

Jungkook had friends now...He had love now...Joker loved him...He knew that he did...He could feel it...His love was scary and overwhelming...but it was real…

Jungkook had real love now and in that moment Jungkook felt that it was worth killing for...He would kill to keep it if he had to...He would kill to keep feeling the love that Joker felt for him..He needed it...He craved it...He was addicted to it…

Jungkook ran.

He sobbed loudly as he ran to Joker...As he ran to the one person in the whole goddamn world that would keep him out of that dark pit that he called Hell…

The dark pit that he called Loneliness…

He ran to catch up to him...He ran until his legs burned…

He ran swiftly away from his innocence...He ran quickly away from his naivety…

He ran fiercely away from his fears...his callousness…his cowardice…

He ran away from everything that he had known before Joker…as he ran toward Joker...

He ran to him willingly...He ran to him hungrily…

Yoongi was right about him...Jungkook was hungry…

He was more than hungry...he was starving...and Joker would be the one to feed him…


Jimin sat in the corner of Yoongi’s room, his knees pushed up against his chest, one arm leaning across them as the other one pushed the liquor bottle to his lips.

He sniffled and leaned back his head and poured the hot liquor down his throat. He gulped it down, the feeling of it burning inside of his chest. Somehow the burning helped...somehow it seemed to burn some of the pain away…

He hadn’t noticed last night...He hadn’t noticed that Yoongi’s ceiling was covered with stars...Those stars that glowed when you turned the lights out...He had been too drunk last night to notice...or maybe they had stopped glowing by then….but either way he hadn’t seen them until tonight and now he was full of memories…

Full of memories of his mom…Full of memories of Taemin…

His mom...she was so pretty...She was the prettiest woman in the world. Jimin remembered...He remembered how men would stare at her as they walked in Manhattan, shopping for this or that. Her holding his hand...she had the nicest hands…they were so soft...

He had always loved the stars, even before he had seen them with her at the hospital...There was this painting that Taehyung had show him once called Starry Night...It was their absolute favorite one. They each had a copy of it...Jimin had taken his down though...after Taehyung killed Taemin, Jimin had gotten rid of anything that reminded him of Joker....

He thought of maybe going to see her soon...maybe take her out to look at the stars with him again...maybe not...He couldn't stand it the older he hurt so bad...her not knowing who he was…

But maybe he would go anyways...You never know...maybe she did know who he was and just couldn't show it…

He wiped his face. He was such a damn cry baby and he hated it...He had gotten out of the bed so that Yoongi wouldn’t hear his sobbing...Taehyung brought back the worst memories...He didn't’ want to ever see him again…

Then he wouldn't have to think about it...think about Taemin...think about Taemin dying some horrible death…

Why the fuck had he followed him? Jimin always thought it was the gun...He had left that gun..probably at his house..maybe Taemin had followed him to give it him…

It didn’t matter..It didn’t matter that he had followed him..all that matter was that he did, and now he was dead, and it was Taehyung’s fault.

Jimin had done everything in his power to keep him safe…

Jimin never saw Taemin again after that night...He had hid out with Joker as instructed...He had thrown away his cell phone as instructed...Yoongi had told him not to look for Taemin or try to contact him...He had told Jimin never tell anyone he knew him or they would make him tell them all about him... and Jimin had obeyed as instructed….He had stayed in the hideout in Queens for a whole instructed…

He had pushed him out of his mind slowly...painfully…and oddly enough it was Joker who had nurtured him through the whole thing…

Jimin had lied to him...He had said he was sad about his mom...and the fact that he had killed someone...that part was true though...Jimin couldn't handle it...It still haunted him that he had killed someone…

Joker had been so very nice. He had even cried with him...Telling him about the first time he had to kill someone one...He had thrown up too he had said...

They became friends...oddly enough they became the best of friends and Jimin had asked him not to worry about the guy that had ran down the block that night...He had asked him to forget him…

”Please promise me you won’t tell Taehyungie...I don’t want you to have to kill anyone else unless you have to...please do it for me.” Jimin had asked him...and Taehyung had agreed…

Joker had said yes...he had agreed...Jimin had become his damn friend because of that agreement...because he had believed him...believed that somewhere inside him there must be something good...

And then 3 months ago Jimin had saw it on the news...and the news reported that Taemin had been found dead on the roof...and Jimin didn’t even question it...He knew...He knew that bastard had killed him…

He knew that Taehyung had told The Boss about the boy who had been running that night even though he had promised not to. He must have been hunting him down….That monster must have been hunting him down the whole fucking three years, even though he had promised not to…

That monster had hunted him down and killed him…

He had killed his beautiful dancer...

“What did he kill you with…” Jimin whispered and a tear streamed down his face. He shut his eyes just then and buried his head into his knees...Oh god he had really done it...that bastard had killed him!

He looked down at the gun at his feet. It would be perfect if he went through with it...

It was his very favorite gun of all the guns he had ever owned. Yoongi had given it to him about a year ago...
He ran his finger against the words that were etched on the side of the barrel and he pushed his head down further onto his knees. “I wonder...what did he kill you with huh?’ he said quietly to himself…

He sniffled and grabbed the bottle, flinging his head back to let the hot liquor drown out his pain…

He needed more...the damn bottle was empty…

Jimin got up. He was so drunk he fell back down again...he could barely fucking see...

He got up again and as he did so the pain of it all welled up inside him and he hurried quickly out of the room before it all poured out him and woke up Yoongi…

He ran out of that damn room full of stars and he flung himself onto the couch and he wailed into the pillow…

Why? Why? Oh god why?! Why did he fucking tell them! Why didn’t he keep his damn promise! Why did Taemin have to die...all because Joker was a fucking rat who always told The Boss everything..all because he was a monster.. A monster! He liked to kill...He did it with a goddamn smile on his face!

Jimin hated him...He hated him so much. He cursed him and cursed him into the pillow...He screamed into it. He wanted to kill him..He wanted to kill that fucker...He wanted Joker dead! He wanted to kill him and kill him and kill him again!!!

“Mochi?” said Yoonji.

Jimin shot up and looked at her. She was standing there in the darkness of the room, a willowy shadow she seemed and nothing more, and in his drunken, sorrowful rage, Jimin thought she was his goddamn mother.

“Mom!” he yelled out and he suddenly grabbed her to him and he buried his head into her waist. “Mom...Mmmmm...Mom...” he cried and he wrapped his arms around her tightly and he cried and cried as he held her close.

“Mom...He’s dead...Taemin’s dead mom... He’s dead...and I...I can’t fix it...and I...I hate myself for not fixing it and I didn’t mean to kill that boy...and I need you Mom...please..please forgive me...please save me Mom...” he cried as he held onto her….the room around him started to spin swiftly and he held on to her tightly to make it all go away...

Yoonji’s heart broke in two at the sight of Mochi weeping for his mother. She kneeled down and grabbed Jimin, as he leaned over and hugged her. He held her so tightly, his face sobbing into her neck and she fought back her own tears as she held Jimin closely to her.

”Mom...Mom...Why can’t you get better?...Why can’t you save me Mom?” he sobbed.

“’s alright...It’s alright Jimin...You’re strong...You’re so strong Jimin...shhhh...just shhh.” said Yoonji softly as she rubbed Jimin’s back, soothing him, comforting him... She didn’t know what else to do...He was holding her so very tightly...

“Mom...He killed him mom...he kill..ed him...Mmmm...mmm.” sobbed Jimin. He hugged her even tighter…

“No didn’t kill him Jimin...He did what The Boss told him to do...The Boss killed him Mochi...The Boss kills everyone...It’s his fault...everything is always his fault.” whispered Yoonji…

Jimin nodded as he cried into her shoulder...his lovely mother’s silken shoulder…

“Forgive Joker baby...He needs saving too…He loves you..” whispered Yoonji and she took her hands and slowly rubbed them through Jimin’s hair...his lovely hair...

“ me mom...forgive meeee.” Jimin whispered.

“There’s nothing to forgive baby...You did nothing wrong...The Boss Jimin..He did this to you...He did this to all of us…” whispered Yoonji…

Jimin nodded yes and buried his head deeper into her shoulder…

He had missed her so much...She was so pretty and soft...She kept massaging his head and rubbing his back softly and she felt so warm and good….She laid him down on the couch and she covered him with a blanket...and she kept rubbing his head softly...just like she used to do when he was little…

“Mom...I love you mom...” Jimin whispered as he drifted off to sleep…

“I love you too Mochi...I’ve always loved you.’ whispered Yoonji...and she wiped away her lonely tears…

Jungkook tore down the hallway, and stopped in front of Taehyung’s door, jamming his key into the lock. He flung open the door, slamming it behind him, and ran into the living room...It was dark...not a single light was on…

“Joker!” he called out. He ran into the bedroom..”Joker!” he yelled and he threw on the light.

No one.

Oh fuck where was he? Where could he have gone?!

Jungkook flung the bookbag down on the bed and ran back into the living room and suddenly he saw him there. He was sitting in the corner of the room...sitting there with his head hung low, his hood over his face, his legs crossed...holding a gun in his hand…

“Joker?” said Jungkook softly. Taehyung didn’t move...He just sat there in the dark corner, his head down, the gun resting on his leg as he held it.

Jungkook walked over to him slowly, his nervousness growing, as he stared at his hand that held the gun…

“Joker..” whispered Jungkook and he leaned down ever so slowly in front of him…

Taehyung sniffled…”I’m...I’m... a monster...a monster..” he whispered and suddenly his shoulders started to shake as he began to cry....

“No’re not..” said Jungkook softly and he pushed his hands into Taehyung’s hood, slowly pushing it back as he cupped his Joker’s face…

He lifted his face slowly and Taehyung closed his eyes tightly as he sobbed in front of him…

“Why...why don’t you ever call me by my name….” sobbed Joker and he wiped his face roughly with his sleeve, the gun in hand…

“I...I don’t know...I like calling you Joker that’s all..” said Jungkook and he bit his lip as he stared down at the gun that was still in Joker’s hand..

“ came back?” asked Joker. Jungkook nodded yes. “I told you...I’m not leaving…” whispered Jungkook and he leaned forward slowly and rested his head softly onto Taehyung’s shoulder…

“They died….they died when I was 11 years old...and The Boss..he took care of me...I have to do what he says Kookieee.” cried Joker and he squeezed the gun tightly as he remembered his he remembered how the blood had spattered onto the brick wall…

Jungkook hugged him tighter...He knew there was much more to the puzzle of Taehyung... and the more pieces he got, the sadder the picture became…

“It’s okay Joker...You’re not alone anymore...You have me now..” said Jungkook softly.

“Mmm..” cried Tae and he buried his head into Jungkook’s neck, wrapping his arm around him tightly, the gun pressing onto Jungkook’s back.

Jungkook pushed his hand into his hair and slowly rubbed soft circles into it as Joker wept into his shoulder.

“I’m sorry Kookiee...I’m so sorry.” he whispered. He was sorry sorry that he was all fucked up…”My’s all fucked up.” he sobbed.

“Mine too Joker...Mine too.” said Kookie softly.

“I thought you would leave me...Everyone leaves me..” whispered Joker.

“I’ll never leave you Tae...I’ll never leave matter what you do.’ said Kookie.

Taehyung heart burst as he heard Jungkook's soft words and he dropped the gun, holding onto Jungkook tightly...He held him so tightly as he sobbed into his chest…

“I need you Kookie...please stay.” sobbed Joker and he pushed his hands up Jungkook’s shirt, rubbing his hands deeply into his back.

”I’ll never leave you Joker...never.” Kookie whispered and he pushed his mouth against Taehyung's, and he took what he had been craving...lashing his tongue against Joker’s...tasting the saltiness of his tears...pushing his hands into his pants...sucking on Joker’s sweet neck...feeding their lonely hearts...feeding their lonely souls...


Chapter Text

Yoongi was right about Jungkook. Jungkook was hungry. Hungrier than anyone else in the gang...

After the night that he had ran away from his old life and into his new one with Joker, Jungkook changed. Well he didn’t change actually...he just wasn’t afraid anymore of being who he actually was.

He was a perfectionist, he was competitive, he liked to be number one. He had always gamed that way and now he applied his way of thinking to the new game that he was playing. The Dope game. He strategized and studied. He even set goals for himself. He was organized, meticulous. Jungkook gave Yoongi his money every week on time...sometimes even early.

He was a fast learner and his desire to be the best drove him to learn any and everything he could about being a criminal. It was more than a job to him...It was a way to prove to himself that he wasn’t a loser...that he was someone that the gang needed...someone that the gang would grow to respect…

And within a little over two month’s time...everyone in the neighborhood respected Rabbit.

He was the best at what he did. He was the best seller in the gang. Yoongi was right about him. He took over the school in less than a month. Everyone went to him. Yoongi didn’t even need Yoonji to sell there anymore...Now, she just did it for pocket money which was how he liked it. He never wanted her involved in the first fucking place...but she had insisted...she was his sister...she would help him when needed.

Soon Yoongi had to hire some more people to handle the supply that Jungkook had brought in. Everyone at the school knew that if you wanted to get went to the chill dude name Rabbit...The one that gave you a little extra now and then for being such a good customer.

He was insatiable. Jungkook wanted to learn everything. Joker took him to the shooting range...He was a natural. He had even been more accurate than him a few times. They liked to compete...See who got the most headshots from the longest distance. They were both gamers. The urge to compete came naturally to them.

Mochi taught him to fight...He had told Jungkook it was crazy that he had all those damn muscles and didn’t know how to fight. Sometimes he teased him and called him Muscle Bunny when they practiced down at PDogg’s Chop Shop.

PDogg ran a small illegal fight ring in the basement on weekends. Jungkook didn’t compete, but he would practice down there with Mochi and he got real good at that too...PDogg had watched them once and asked Jungkook to fight a match but Jungkook had said no...He didn’t want his face fucked up he had said. Mochi and PDogg had laughed at him, but agreed that it was a good reason not to.

“We’re too pretty to be boxers.” said Mochi. Jungkook had laughed, yet agreed.

Agust adored Rabbit. He taught him everything there was to know about drugs. He started paying him more than his other workers. Now he gave Rabbit 40% of whatever he sold because he brought in so much money.

Jungkook went to all the parties at the school...Him and Joker would hang out and get the whole party high...They even went to other schools. Agust had laughed when he found out Jungkook was selling at the other schools. He had said they should have kept his name as suited him better. He wouldn’t change it though. Joker had named him Rabbit...He adored his name for that reason alone.

Agust took him under his wing like a pupil almost...He taught him everything just like he had done with Mochi...but with Rabbit, Agust observed it was different...Mochi had learned because he had too...because he needed the money...He didn’t love it like the rest of them did...He only loved stealing cars...Jungkook on the other hand...he loved it all.

Agust eventually started taking him along with Joker and Jay when they did the big sales to the guys down in Marcy. Yoongi was their supplier. Word got around that he was one of Agust top guys and now when Rabbit walked down the street, eating his two slices of Pepperoni pizza, the other thugs in the neighborhood would nod their heads at him with respect. Everyone just assumed he was a muscle for the The Boss because of the way he looked...They didn’t know that besides selling drugs, he was only a runner...but that was about to change…



“I love it Kookie!’ yelled Mochi when he saw Jungkook finally finish his tag. They were down at the tracks, hanging out with Jay, and Jungkook had finally come up with a tag for his name. He had turned the “R” in his name into an anime looking bunny, with ears and blood dripping from it’s fangs...Jay had clapped when he saw it. “That’s fucking cool.” he said.

“Yeah...I’ve been practicing for weeks.” said Jungkook and he smiled as he stepped back to look at his work.

“Fuck it’s so damn cold!” yelled out Mochi. He took his scarf and pulled it up around his face. It was winter now. The last week of November to be exact, and they were already calling for snow. Jimin couldn’t wait...he loved the snow. He hated the cold, but he loved the fucking snow.

“What you guys getting into now?” asked Jay. “Nothing much...I just have a few people to sell to down at my school.” said Jungkook. One of the frat houses were throwing a party.

“I gotta go meet PDogg and get the list for this month.” said Jimin. “Ya’ll wanna come?”

“Sure.” said Jay. “What’s the list for?” asked Kookie as they made their way to the train station.

“Oh see...PDogg has a list every month of the cars we need to for which parts...or requests from guys that want to buy the stolen cars as is...shit like that…You thought we just steal anything?” asked Mochi.

“Yeah I did.” said Jungkook. “’s all organized...I mean..if you just steal some random car he’ll buy it off you of course, but it mainly goes by what his customers need. Like right now BMWs are really hot. We’ve been stealing a lot of those lately.” said Mochi.

He looked at Rabbit just then as they slid their metrocards into the slot to enter the train station...He had been slowing working on Jungkook to steal cars with him.

“Don’t look at me like that.” teased Jungkook. He knew what he was doing...trying to get him to steal cars.

“Aww Kookie come on.” whined Jimin and he linked his arm into Jungkook’s as they walked down the stairs. Jungkook giggled at him. Jimin was so hard to resist when he begged you for shit like that.

“Mochi’s gonna get you to crack one day Rabbit. I can see it.” laughed Jay. “Nah..fuck that...that shit is too risky.” said Kookie. It was cool and all, but he felt like selling drugs was way easier.

“Fucking pussy.” teased Jimin.

They walked out of the station and up the block, pulling down their beanies as they complained about the cold. Jungkook adjusted his backpack just then. He still had the stash on him that he was giving to the workers later at the party.

It was growing dark as they approached the Chop Shop. The sky was fading from blue to orange and Jay started telling them about some guy he had to ruff up the other day for The Boss.

Jungkook thought maybe he’d do that one day...Be a muscle..It sounded like fun...Fucking up people and shaking them down for Grand Theft Auto...that shit would be beast, he thought to himself.

“A fucking M8!” yelled out Jimin when he saw the list. He loved that car...He had always wanted one for himself.

“Yeah..this fucking guy has been hounding me for one...they’re hard to find though.” said PDogg.

“Dude..if I find one I’m keeping that shit for myself.” said Jimin. PDogg laughed at him. “Your choice.” he said.

“What the fuck is an M8?” said Kookie. He didn’t know shit about cars really.

Jay got out his phone and pulled up a picture. ‘This...this is a fucking M8.” said Jay.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide…”Wow..that’s fucking nice.”

“That shit makes my dick hard.” said Jimin as he looked at the picture. They all started laughing at him.

They left PDogg’s and walked back to the train to go with Jungkook to meet his dudes. Joker was on a job for The Boss so Kookie wouldn’t see him till later.

Jungkook had decided now that him and Mochi were becoming real close he’d ask him about what happened with Tae and the witness soon. It still didn’t make a lot of sense to him. Why was Jimin so angry about the one hit? Jimin knew Tae killed people for The Boss...there had to be more to the story. He hated it. He hated how they didn’t talk...he wanted them all to hang out so badly.

As they exited the station, Jimin hung back to answer his phone while Jay and Jungkook delivered the drugs. Spider had called him.

“Yo.” said Mochi.

“Hey...where you at?”

“With Rabbit and Jay doing a drop..why what’s up?”

“Yo...I got all the info..about the job...the dry cleaning job.” said Spider. Mochi’s eyes grew wide and he covered his ear with his glove so that he could hear better as a harsh wind suddenly blew down the street.

“So your guy can do it now?" asked Jimin. Spider's boy, the one that had gotten beat up, had begged Spider to wait till he could go on the job with them. He must have finally healed.

"Yeah. He's fucking ready." said Spider.

"Oh when you want to meet up?”

“Can you meet me tonight?” asked Spider.

“Yeah..I’ll come by after this.” said Jimin. He bit his lip. He felt bad about lying to Yoongi, but no way would he let Spider do that shit alone.

Yoongi still wanted Joker to do the job, but Spider had lied to him and told him he would have one of his guys do it instead. He had lied to him on account of Mochi telling him to do so. He trusted Mochi the most of all his friends. He wanted Mochi to do the job with him. He knew he could trust him ,and ever since the snitch incident, he worried someone else in his crew might also be a snake. He’d need more then just Jimin though. Pdogg had agreed to do the job too...

“ me at my house. I’ll be there in an hour.” said Spider. “Okay cool.” said Jimin and he hung up the phone.

He texted Yoongi:

Mochi: Hey babe..where are you?
Agust: I’m waiting for Jay’s dumbass...he’s fucking late again and we gotta meet The Boss

Jimin laughed. Jay was with him. He was always forgetting shit.

Mochi: I’m with him lol
Agust: WTF!
Mochi: LMAO
Agust: Tell that asshole get down here now
Mochi: Okay baby xoxoxo

Jimin bit his lip as he stared down at his phone, waiting for him to respond. He knew he was mad...He knew Yoongi was too mad to text back something soft just now...but he would anyways.

Agust: xo

Jimin leaned his head back and giggled. Yoongi was so funny and predictable! He wanted to make him text more.

Mochi: I can’t wait to see you...I want to fuck you so bad. He sent him a tongue emoji.
Agust: Mmmm
Mochi: LOL
Agust: Come home now
Mochi: LOL I can’t...I’m helping Rabbit with something.
Agust: Damn you I want some
Mochi: I’ll be there when you get back
Agust: Good
Mochi: xoxoxo
Agust: xoxoxo

Jimin giggled as he put the phone in his pocket. He felt all tingly inside from Yoongi’s texts.

He watched Jay and Jungkook come back out of the building and he frowned a little as he waited for them to cross the street. He hated lying to Yoongi...He loved him so much and he was right. The job would be dangerous...but he had to do it...Spider was his boy…

“Yo...Agust is pissed at you. You were supposed to meet him...go with him to meet The Boss.” said Jimin to Jay when they got across the street.

“Oh fuck!’ yelled out Hobi. Jungkook and Jimin laughed their asses off as they saw the surprised look on his face. He looked like a damn meme.

“Damn. I gotta go. I’ll see ya’ll.” he called out and he started to jog toward the corner to catch a cab.

“Haha. Hobi always forgets about Yoongi. That shit is so funny.” said Jimin. Jungkook giggled.

“You got rid of it all?’ asked Jimin as they walked down the street. They decided to cut through the park before they split up.

“Nah...fucking dudes only bought half of it.” said Kookie.”Said some asshole that was supposed to chip in and didn’t.”

“Damn...I hate that shit.” said Mochi. Jungkook nodded his head to agree with him.

“ really gonna do that job? Even though Agust said not to?” asked Rabbit. Jimin sighed and linked his arm into Jungkook’s.

“Yeah...I have to Kookie...I have to.” he said sadly. Jungkook looked down at him. He didn’t want him to do it either...He didn’t know why...He just had a feeling something would go wrong.

“I don’t want you to go either.” confessed Kookie. Him and Jimin were like best friends now. He didn't want him to get arrested or shot or worse...

“Aww Kookie. You’re so sweet.” said Jimin and he hugged Jungkook’s arm. He loved Rabbit...He was so sweet and cute. Jungkook beamed a smile at him affectionately.

Jimin tripped just then and Jungkook laughed at him.

“Fuck!’ yelled out Jimin, as he bent down to tie his shoe.

Kookie stood there still laughing at him when suddenly he felt someone yank his fucking bookbag…

“Oh fuck!’ yelled out Jungkook as a guy in a gray hoodie and red striped beanie, pulled him forward roughly, attempting to pull the bookbag off of Jungkook’s arm. Some asshole was trying to rob him!

“Oh shit.” said Jimin as he swiveled around from where he was on the ground to see why Kookie had yelled out so suddenly.

Jungkook held tight to the bag as they guy yanked it again. Jimin jumped up, running forward and he quickly landed a right hook into the guy’s fucking face.

The guy stumbled back. Jungkook snatched the book bag from his grasp, hooking it quickly back onto his arms, as the kid turned around and started to run away from them.

“You fucker!” yelled out Jimin and he took off after him. Jungkook followed catching up to Jimin and they ran their asses off to catch the kid that had tried to rob them.

“Wait till I catch you!” yelled Jimin. He’d beat the fuck out of him.

The guy swiftly shot a glance back at them, before turning to dart across the street.

They followed him, their breath quickening, Jimin’s hood flew back as he picked up speed and lowered his head to run faster. They had to catch that fuck!

They crossed the street after him, dodging cars and people as they chased him. Jungkook smashed into a man suddenly as he ran onto the curb.

“HEY!” yelled out the man.

“Sorry.” said Kookie breathlessly as he gained back his footing.

He saw Jimin ahead. He was gaining on the guy. The kid turned suddenly and ran into the courtyard of the huge apartment complex. Jimin stopped as soon as he ran into it.

“You fucking pussy!’ yelled Jimin angrily. He wanted to break his fucking face!

Jungkook ran past Jimin. He was mad as fuck...He’d beat the shit out of him! Jimin grabbed Kookie suddenly by the jacket though and pulled him back before entering.

“What?” said Kookie breathlessly as he stopped suddenly when Jimin grabbed him. Why the fuck weren’t they going after him?

“Can’t...go in there.” said Jimin as he caught his breath. “Huh?” said Kookie and Jimin pointed to the sign that was in front of the apartment complex.

Jungkook frowned as he looked up at it. “Fort Greene Projects.” it said.

“Fort Greene Crew...this is where they live...He..He must been one of them...We can’t go in there...We’d fucking get killed.” said Jimin and he patted Jungkook’s shoulder, telling him to come on. He didn't want to be there any longer than they had to be.

“Oh...fuck I didn't know.” said Kookie as he caught his breath.

“Don’t ever fucking go in might not come back out.” said Jimin.

“So that’s where they all live? In there?” said Kookie as him and Jimin walked back across the street towards the park that was directly across from the projects.

Jimin nodded yes. “Yeah...that’s their territory...This block too the park...The park is neutral...They’ll be in there but so are our guys...anyone can be in the fucking park...but in there..If you go in there it means you want a fucking war..” said Jimin.

“Oh shit.” said Kookie, a shook look on his face as he watched Jimin nod his head at him. He looked back as they approached the park steps. He saw a few guys standing at the entrance of the apartment complex the boy had ran into. The boy was there now with a few other guys...they were pointing at him and Jimin.

“Yo look.” said Kookie and Jimin stopped and turned around to see what Kookie was talking about.

Mochi lowered his eyes as he saw them. He recognized one...He had fought him before a few years ago. He was one of their bosses.

“That’s one of their fucking bosses. That guy with the white hat. Blitz is his name…”

“Blitz?” said Kookie, trying to make sure he remembered it. He wished it wasn’t so damn dark. He couldn’t make out their faces.

“Yeah Blitz. He’s like how Agust is to us...” said Jimin. “Oh.” said Kookie.

“They call him Blitz because of the way he fights. He has this one move...He’ll grab your fucking pants..and then lift you up..slam you to the ground. Then he straddles you...starts punching your face fast as fuck. Like a fucking blitzkrieg.” said Mochi and he used his hands to show Kookie how the kid fought.

Jungkook looked at him with a surprised look. He had to admit. The dude sounded like someone you didn’t want to fuck with.

They watched them a little longer. The Fort Greene Crew guys were still there talking...looking at at Jimin and Kookie as they stood there at the entrance to the park.

“You think they’ll follow us?” asked Kookie.

Jimin shook his head no..”Nah...but let’s go just in case...Once we cross the park and hit Dekalb Avenue, we’ll be on our territory...They can’t go there.” he said.

Jungkook nodded and they started to make their way into the park and Jungkook got more nervous as they walked along. Jimin was nervous too. They had no idea if any of the Fort Greene Crew guys were in the park. They both kept looking back to make sure they weren’t being followed. They pulled their hoods over their heads as they walked...eyeing anyone they saw suspiciously.

Mochi felt naked...He didn’t have his gun...He hadn’t been carrying one recently and now suddenly he regretted it.

It was dark now. The wind was howling in their ears, the cold making their faces numb, and their eyes were stinging from the winter's harsh chill.

“Why do you think he tried to rob me?” asked Kookie as they exited the park safely, and began walking down the street toward their neighborhood.

Jimin shrugged. “I don’t know...They must know you’re in the gang now I guess.”

“Yeah.” said Kookie. He hooked his hands into his bookbag, holding it tightly to him as they walked along.

“I’ll walk you to Joker’s...I don’t want you to walk alone.” said Jimin, looking back again, still making sure they weren’t being followed.

Jungkook nodded as a lump started to rise in his throat. He suddenly felt like it was obvious to anyone they passed that he had a bookbag full of drugs on his back.

“You need a fucking piece...just in case.” said Jimin. He’d tell Agust when he got back. Jungkook needed a fucking gun.

“’re right.” said Kookie. He didn’t say anything else as they walked to his house.

Jungkook felt anxious. He was anxious about the Fort Greene Crew knowing who he was. He was nervous that they had tried to rob him...He was even more nervous that the guy had pointed them out to the one called Blitz.

He was nervous, but he had known this time would come eventually…

He was nervous, but at the same time he was excited…

He had reached it finally…

He had finally reached the next level of the game…


“Joker?” called out Jungkook as he closed the door to the apartment.

“Yeah.” said Tae, his eyes still locked on the video game he was playing as he sat on the couch.

“Dude...someone tried to rob me just now.” said Kookie and he walked over and sat down, pulling off his bookbag.

“What?!” said Joker. He turned his head quickly to look at Kookie.

“Yeah...they tried to grab my bag.”

Joker’s face turned immediately into a harsh frown.“Who? When? Where were you?” he asked.

Jungkook sighed and looked away. He knew he’d get mad...mad that he had been with Mochi.

“I was walking down Myrtle...I was on my way home and this dude...he grabbed my fucking bag...I managed to keep it and he ran off so I followed him but he ran into Fort Greene..” said Jungkook.

Taehyung’s eyes lowered. Those fucks! He’d beat the fuck out of them. “You were alone?” he questioned.

Jungkook looked down and bit his lip. He shook his head no.

“Who? Mochi?” asked Tae. He could tell by his damn face that’s who he was with.

Jungkook nodded yes.

Taehyung sighed angrily as he stared at him. Jungkook kept looking down at the floor.

Taehyung got up and left out of the room. He was too fucking pissed. He had to get the fuck away from him just then.
Jungkook gulped as he watched him leave. He sighed. He wanted to follow Joker and apologize but at the same time he didn’t. He liked Mochi...He was his friend...He had a right to hang out with who he wanted.

Taehyung angrily entered the room and grabbed his jeans, pulling them on. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like him with Mochi. He was his goddammit. His!

“Fucking Mochi.” he mumbled...the jealousy boiling inside of him. He was so fucking angry but he pushed his feelings aside as he thought about the attempted robbery. He couldn’t believe those fucks...They had actually had the audacity to rob Kookie...Didn’t they know who the fuck Jungkook was? Didn’t they fucking know he was his? Who the fuck did they think they were fucking with? Well if they didn’t know they’d fucking know now, he thought as he face turned into an angry scowl.

He grabbed his hoodie, pulling it roughly over his head and then grabbed his Gucci jacket with the Tiger on the back and pulled the hood down low over his brow.

“Kookie!” he called out. “Get in here.” he said harshly.

Jungkook got up and slowly walked in the room...his eyes growing wide as he saw Joker getting dressed. Oh fuck was he leaving? Was he that pissed about Mochi?

“Where...where are you going?” he stuttered softly.

“We’re going to get that fuck that tried to rob you.” said Joker. “Here.” he said and he threw Jungkook his mask.

Jungkook caught it and obediently put it on as he watched Joker do the same.

“Mochi said we couldn’t go in there though...He said it meant war if we did.” objected Kookie.

Joker shot him an angry look. “You listen to Mochi now?” he asked. Jungkook bit his lip and looked down at the floor. “ but…” he started.

Tae sighed and looked away. Jungkook paused. He didn’t finish as the guilty feeling grew inside him. He looked back down at the floor.

“Come here.” said Tae after a few moments of silence passed between them.

Jungkook walked up to him slowly, his head still down. He felt too guilty to meet his eyes. He couldn’t bear Joker looking at him like that...that look that seemed to say he had betrayed him.

“Jungkookie.” said Tae. “Look at me.”

“I don’t want to.” said Kookie softly. He felt so fucking guilty.

Joker bit his lip. He loved him so fucking much...He could never stay mad it seemed no matter what…

Taehyung walked over and wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck and pressed his cheek against Jungkook’s as his eyes closed while he sighed deeply...sighing away all of his anger toward him as he held him closely.

Jungkook hugged him back instantly. He felt so warm and good. He didn’t want him to be angry at him...He loved him so very much.

“Kookie...I’m jealous. You’re mine and I’m...I’m so jealous.” said Tae softly.

“I know...but you don't have to be...I promise.” said Kookie softly. He gulped again, as he felt Joker sigh deeply into his ear.

“ smell so good Kookie.” whispered Tae. Jungkook closed his eyes, falling into the embrace. The soft fabric of Taehyung’s hoodie felt so smooth against his face, his cheek was so warm, his arms felt so good around all felt so fucking good.

“You too too.” said Kookie softly and he turned his head and pressed his lips against Joker’s neck to give him a kiss.

“Mmm.” said Tae...He pulled back and looked deeply into Jungkook’s eyes. “Listen.” said Tae. Jungkook nodded yes and he felt so tingly as Joker held him closely around the neck, his face inches away from his.

“You’re mine Kookie. Mine. You’re part of The Boss’s gang so you’re his too. It has to be corrected....Those fucks have to know who they hell you are. They need to know you belong to me. If not...You’ll be a fucking target. They’ll think you’re just some new kid that joined up and they’ll try to make you scared to sell. They have to know...they have to know by now you’re the one who’s taking their business at the school...This is a fucking test...they’re trying to see what you’re made of...” said Joker.

Jungkook nodded yes. He sighed nervously but he tried to hide it. He didn’t want Joker to know the fear he felt. He didn’t want Joker to think he was a goddamn pussy.

“I will fucking kill someone...I will...If someone fucks with you..I’ll kill them.” said Tae and his dark stared seemed to pierce into Jungkook’s very soul when he said the words.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide. He looked into Taehyung’s eyes and he knew...He knew he was dead fucking serious.

“I..I know.” said Kookie softly. “Mmm.” said Tae and he nodded once to show that there was now this understanding between them.

“I...I love you...I don’t mean to make you jealous.” said Kookie suddenly.

“Don’t worry about that...I know you don’t mean it.” said Tae and he let Jungkook go, walking over to the dresser to grab his gun.

Jungkook watched him. He knew they wouldn't talk about Mochi anymore.

Joker grabbed his gun and checked to make sure it was loaded before pushing it into the back of his jeans. “Let’s go.” he said and he grabbed Jungkook’s hand and led him out the door.

They didn’t talk on the way to the park. Jungkook knew not to say anything. He could tell as he looked at Joker’s face. He was on high alert, watching everyone suspiciously. Tae’s head would follow people as the walked by them….Anyone who looked like they might be in the Fort Greene crew his eyes would linger on as they walked on...

“You tell me if you see him.” said Joker when they hit Myrtle Avenue. Taehyung had taken him to the street but not by the park. They were a few blocks down from it. Jungkook thought it was smart of him to come this way versus the park...For all they knew the guys were still at the entrance where him and Mochi had last seen them.

“Okay.” Kookie replied and he shivered slightly from the coldness in the air as the snow started to fall just now on the ground.

He looked up at the sky. There were so tiny, he thought to himself.....The snowflakes looked so tiny as they fell and Jungkook smiled underneath his face mask, as the artist inside of him became suddenly aware of the picturesque scene before him.

It was pretty….the streets just now were so pretty....The same streets that seemed so dirty and dangerous before had suddenly turned so beautiful. New York could do that...It could suddenly become this magical place at any given moment....All of sudden it would hit you...It would suddenly hit you how beautiful it was...It would suddenly hit you that the streets looked absolutely lovely and dreamlike beneath the saffron yellow glow of those tall streetlamps that stood regally along the your way to wherever is was you had to get to…

He watched the people as they walked by him. They were all hurrying to this place or that. Some of them carrying umbrellas to avoid the snowfall and Jungkook noticed for the first time that some of the shops were lit with Christmas lights. Pretty lights of red and green and silver were strewn here and there across the windows and doorways...They brought that feeling back...the old nostalgic feeling that Winter always produced and this feeling welled up inside him....Holidays would be coming soon...Thanksgiving and Christmas...and then New Years...and this year it would be different...This year he’d celebrate them all with Joker...

“That him?” asked Joker as he eyed a boy that seemed familiar to him walk out of the small sandwich shop on the corner.

Jungkook squinted his eyes. “Nah...he had a red beanie..grey hoodie.”

“Mmm” said Joker and he squeezed Jungkook’s hand a little as they crossed the street.

Jungkook liked it. He loved how Joker would always hold his hand whenever they walked to this place or that. He liked it because he knew it meant that Joker wasn’t ashamed of him. He knew it meant that Joker wanted the world to know they were together and that he was his. Jungkook loved him all the more because of it.

“We’ll cut down here...I know a way in.” said Joker. Jungkook nodded as they turned right and walked down a somewhat vacant street.

“You can cut in this way...and get in without those fucks noticing.” said Joker. Jungkook gulped as they approached. He didn’t expect them to actually go into the damn place where the other crew lived...Mochi had said you weren’t allowed to...He had said they’d get killed if they did...

Jungkook said nothing as they approached the open walkway and turned inside. It was dark. Much darker than the street. A few people were in the courtyard and Jungkook heard some children laughing as he turned his head toward their direction. They were holding out their tongues to catch the snow that was falling and he watched them...remembering how he used to do that too.

He saw a few guys huddled in front of one of the buildings. His nervousness started to grow again as Taehyung kept walking….Now they were much closer to them...It had been too dark...too dark for him to know whether or not that they were the same ones that had watched him and Mochi...

“Here.” said Tae quietly and he pulled Jungkook to sit beside him on one of the benches.

Jungkook sat down and rubbed his hands against his jeans anxiously as he looked around. The guys that were to their far left in front of the building didn’t pay them any attention thank god. He felt a little better that they weren't. Maybe they weren’t apart of the rival gang…

“We’ll wait...see if he comes out or walks by.” said Joker and he reached into his pocket and pulled out two of his lollipops. He passed one to Jungkook but Jungkook shook his hand to say he didn’t want one. He was too fucking nervous to eat one just now. Taehyung put it back in his pocket and opened his, pushing it into his mouth, as he leaned back against the bench.

“Mmm..I like the cherry ones the best.” he said.

Jungkook turned to looked at him. He looked so a regular guy just chillin’ there in the courtyard without a care in the world. How could he be so fucking calm? There were literally inside their rival gang’s territory and he was so fucking calm it was eerie almost.

Jungkook just looked at him with wonder. He wished he had it. He wished he had his courage, his bravery, his calmness in a situation like this. He was in awe of Taehyung because of it. It was one of the things he loved about Taehyung Joker seemed to have no fear.

“What if they realize we’re here?” whispered Kookie.

Taehyung raised an eyebrow at him as he smiled underneath his face mask. He giggled. Jungkook looked so fucking scared it was funny to him.

“Nah...they won’t...too fucking dark...and if they do…” he said and he leaned over and tapped the gun behind his back.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wider. Would he really shoot someone in here?!

Taehyung looked at Kookie and suddenly burst out laughing. He couldn’t help it. His loud deep, laugh boomed across the courtyard and the guys to the left suddenly looked over at them.

Oh fuck, thought Jungkook. He knew Joker was crazy as hell just then. He had to be crazy to be laughing so damn loudly when the fucking enemy could be right there a few feet away from them.

“Don’t be scared Kookie….fuck these guys. I’ll come in here everyday if I want. Fuck them.” said Tae. He bit into the lollipop just then. He was fucking starving all of a sudden.

Jungkook shook his head at him and leaned over, his eyes peering nervously at the guys that now started talking again. Deep down he wished he hadn't told him about the robbery. He felt so fucking on edge! He didn’t have a gun...They were in the enemy’s territory..Mochi had said they would be killed going in here...What if something went wrong?!

Just then a door squeaked at the adjacent building to their right. The door opened and Jungkook’s eyes grew wide as fuck as he spotted him exit. It was him. The kid that robbed him. The bastard was right fucking there...

Jungkook tapped Taehyung’s knee to let him know it was the kid. Taehyung raised his eyebrow at Kookie and Kookie nodded yes to confirm it was him.

They sat there and watched him as he walked by...He didn’t even look their way...

“Yo!” called out the kid to the guys that were in front of the other building. Jungkook and Tae watched the guys raise their hands to say hello to him.

Jungkook’s heart was racing as he watched him turn and walk toward the exit. He was so fucking scared the kid would turn around and notice them...recognize that it was him and call all his friends...Blitz or whatever his name was.

Taehyung tapped Kookie’s leg and stood up. Jungkook got up too and he gulped as he saw Taehyung grab the gun from behind him and push it into the pocket of his coat.

Oh fuck, Jungkook thought. He was so fucking scared that his heart started to pound in his chest as they followed. The fear inside him growing and growing as his thoughts raced...Fuck they might get caught...Fuck Joker had a gun...What if he killed him?! Oh god...would he? Would he kill him? Fuck his clothes...He didn’t change them...If they kid turned around he’d recognize him...Goddammit he might recognize him..Why didn’t he change his clothes? He was so fucking stupid!

The kid turned and went down another walkway inside of the courtyard. They followed and suddenly Taehyung pushed his hand against Jungkook’s stomach telling him to stop. They watched the kid stop in front of a building and buzz the intercom. The buzzing noise sounded and the kid opened the door and walked inside.

As soon as he entered Taehyung suddenly took off running. He had to catch the fucking door before it shut!

Jungkook ran after him. What the fuck were they running for? Taehyung grabbed the door quickly, making it just in time before it closed and he flung it open with Jungkook at his heels.

They ran in and immediately spotted the boy down the hallway in front of them. He was standing in front of the elevator. They kept running toward him and the kid turned just then and saw them. His eyes widened suddenly as he recognized Jungkook.

“Oh fuck!” the kid yelled out, a panicked look on his face. He turned swiftly and bolted down the hallway. Taehyung ran faster. They had to fucking catch him before he got to his friends.

The boy shot them a fearful look as he flung open the door to the staircase. Taehyung and Jungkook grabbed the door and they rushed into the stairwell after him.

“Oh fuck!” the kid yelled out. He ran up the stairs quickly, using the walls as leverage.

Taehyung rushed up the steps, gaining on him with Jungkook behind. The squeaky sound of their wet boots echoed through the stairwell as they ran fast as fuck. They had to hurry up and grab him. Taehyung leaped two steps at a time...They almost fucking had him.

“YO! YO! AY YO!” called out the boy to someone as he ran for his fucking life.

He slipped on the top of one of the stairs suddenly and Joker lunged at him with his left hand catching his fucking pants leg.

“Grab him Kookie!” he yelled. That fuck was almost lose!

Jungkook ran up the stairs and grabbed the fucking boy.

“YO!!!! Get the fuck off!” yelled out the boy and he started to kick the fuck out of Taehyung.

Jungkook pulled him up roughly by the hoodie and slammed him into the fucking wall.

The boy’s eyes lowered as he stared at Jungkook. Jungkook gulped...Oh fuck what should he do?!


The kid suddenly smashed his forehead against Jungkook’s face. Jungkook flew back. He had hit his nose hard as fuck!

“Ahhhh fuck!” cried out Jungkook. It hurt like a bitch! He lost his grip as the boy pushed him back to get away.

The kid attempted to run but Tae was too quick. He landed a hard punch fast into his jaw.

“Ahhh!” yelled out the boy. He turned and swung to hit Joker but Joker grabbed his hand as it flew toward his face. He swung it around the boy’s back, slamming his chest quickly into the wall of the stairwell.

“YO! YO BLITZ! QUINCY! HELP!” called out the boy.

“Shut the fuck up.” said Taehyung, his voice low and deep. He’d make him shut the fuck up. He grabbed his gun from his pocket and pushed it roughly against the boy’s head.

“Yo..Yo..Yo...Alright...don’t kill me. Fuck don’t kill me.” begged the boy. His eyes squeezed tightly as Taehyung held him hard against the wall, the gun pressed to his head.

Jungkook held his nose as he watched them. “Fuck!” he cried out in pain. He could taste it. The blood that was streaming out of his nose and down into the face mask. He tore off his mask and leaned over. Fuck it hurt like a bitch!

“Do you know who the fuck I am?” said Joker.

“Nah...I don’t know.”

Joker sighed angrily. “I’m going to ask you again. DO YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM!” yelled Taehyung, his loud voice booming through the stairwell. Jungkook jumped at the sound of it.

Taehyung slammed the boy’s head against the wall. He’d fucking kill him if he lied again.

“Oh shit...Joker...I know now...You’re fucking Joker..ahh fuck don’t kill me!” yelled out the boy.

Taehyung spun him around as Jungkook stared on in shock, his hand over his nose. Joker looked so fucking angry. Jungkook’s eyes grew wide with fear. He was deathly afraid in that moment that Taehyung would lose it and fucking kill the kid right there in the stairwell.

“So if you know who the fuck I am...Why the fuck did you try to rob me? Huh?!” said Tae.

The boy started to panic as he looked into Taehyung’s dark eyes. He shot a fearful look at Jungkook and then back at Tae.

“Yo..I swear son...I didn’t know that was your boy...I just knew he sold that’s it!’ cried out the kid, his hands up in the air to show he wanted peace.

“Mmm...don’t fucking lie.” said Joker and he pushed the gun hard against his head.

“I’m not! Dude please..I swear I’m not!’ cried out the kid and he shut his eyes tightly.

“You see him? Open your eyes you fucking pussy.” said Joker. The kid obeyed him and opened his eyes. He looked over at Jungkook.

“Yeah.” he said.

“That’s fucking Rabbit...You fuck with him you’re fucking with me and I will fucking kill you.” said Joker through clenched teeth.

The boy shook his head quickly to show he understood. “I’ll come in here whenever I fucking want.” said Joker. The boy nodded yes.

Joker looked at Jungkook. He saw it. He saw the fear in his face. He lowered his eyes at him. He had to get rid of it. That fear. Jungkook had to get rid of it, he thought to himself. No way would he survive if he didn’t...

He grabbed the boy and pulled his arms roughly around his back. “Ow.” said the kid. Joker held him close against him as he stood behind him, exposing his chest and face to Jungkook.

“Yo stop..I swear I won’t bother him anymore. Let me go dude please!” The kid begged, his feet shuffling to escape Joker.

“Shut the fuck up.” said Tae. He looked at Jungkook. “Go ahead. Fuck him up.”

Jungkook bit his lip. This was it. His test. He had to fucking pass.

The boy’s eyes grew wider as he saw Jungkook’s eyes lower into a scowl. “Nah...chill...chill.” he begged.

This was it, thought Jungkook. This was his moment to prove himself...Show Joker what he was made of.

He wiped his nose roughly with his sleeve. The blood smeared across his face and the boy’s eyes grew even wider as he started to fight against Taehyung, his feet shuffling as Taehyung held him tightly against his chest.

"Nah..Chill! Chill!" yelled the kid.

“Fuck him up Rabbit.” ordered Taehyung. They wouldn’t leave till he fucking did it.

Jungkook was scared...He had never hit anyone in his fucking life. He was scared but he was determined...He was determined to show Joker that he wasn't a pussy. He was determined to show the kid that he wasn't a loser...The kid had robbed him because he thought he was a nobody...he thought he was a loser like his goddamn parent’s did. He’d show him though, he thought to himself. He wasn't some scared loser that he could just rob. Jungkook’s breathing got heavier as he bawled his fist. He would pass the fucking test. He'd fucking show that kid who the loser really was.

Jungkook walked up to him swiftly. He looked the kid dead in the eyes and he swung his fist hard into the kid’s stomach.

”Ahhhhh fuck!” yelled out the boy. Jungkook started to lay into him hard and fast like Mochi had trained him. He’d show him. He’d show this fuck who he was goddammit. He started to punch him and punch him. He hit him over and over. He hit his stomach, his chest, his face, his body...

“Who's the loser now you fucking bitch.’ yelled out Jungkook as he unleashed his rage upon him.

“Ahhh..huhggh...ahh.” cried out the boy as he stared to cough from the hard stomach punch that Jungkook had just landed. Taehyung let the kid go and Jungkook slammed his fist into the kid’s eye.

“Ahhh!! Stop!!!” he cried out as he threw up his arms to cover his face.

“No.” said Joker. That fuck had to pay. He grabbed the kid's arms down and Jungkook leaned back and threw a hard punch and he hit the kid square in the fucking jaw. The boy’s face flew to the left and he hit the wall of the stairwell. He slid down against it...Jungkook had knocked him out cold.

“Oh shit.” said Kookie suddenly. He had knocked him out? He couldn't fucking believe it! Jungkook stood there panting, his breath heavy as he wiped his face again while he stared down at the boy in shock.

Taehyung looked down at the kid and then back at Jungkook. Rabbit looked like a fucking maniac to him just then. Jungkook’s face was all bloody as he stood there, his fists still bawled at his side.

“Hahahaha!” Tae laughed. “You knocked him out you crazy fuck!”

“Fuck I did.” said Jungkook breathlessly. He was still winded and he leaned over to catch his breathe as he watched Taehyung kneel down and go through the boy’s clothes. He had money on him and a few bags of weed...he stuffed the wallet into his pocket and passed the money to Jungkook.

“Yo.” said Tae and he smacked the kid’s face to wake him. “Whaa...ah.” said the boy as he came to.

Tae gripped his hoodie as he leaned over him. “No war you hear me? You got fucked up in the park...didn’t you?” said Tae and he shook him once to make him understand.

The kid shook his head yes. “I got your wallet...I know where you live...don’t fuck around.” said Joker.

The boy nodded yes quickly. “Mmm.” said Tae. He searched his face...He had to make sure the fear was there...He had to make sure he wouldn’t fucking tell that him and Rabbit had came into their territory.

“I promise..please.” whispered the boy.

Joker nodded. “What the fuck is your name?” said Tae.

“Ali.” said the kid.
“And what the fuck is his name?” asked Joker. “Rabbit...fuck.” said the kid and he winced as Joker pushed his head against the wall.

Joker raised up, letting the kid go as he was now satisfied he wouldn’t tell. “Let’s go.” he said to Jungkook. Jungkook nodded yes as he followed Joker, jogging quickly down the stairs. He looked back up at the kid as he hit the turn in the stairwell...Their eyes locked and Rabbit kept the glare till he couldn't see him anymore...


“ okay?” asked Tae when they finally reached home.

“ nose hurts like a bitch though.” said Kookie and he pulled off his jacket and threw it down on the couch. “Fuck.” he said as the throbbing pain seemed to surge through his whole face.

Taehyung sat down next to him and frowned. “Let me see.”

Jungkook took his hand and pulled off the face mask. “See.” he said softly as he turned his face toward Tae. He gulped as his eyes met his. Taehyung looked so handsome to him just then...His blushed a little as he peered into Taehyung's dark eyes that were full of worry as he inspected his face.

“Mmm.” said Tae softly and then he smiled at him. Jungkook smiled back. Tae then reached up suddenly and pinched Jungkook’s nose.

“AHHH FUCK!” yelled out Kookie and he backed away from him. “Fuck Joker that hurt!”

Taehyung giggled. “It’s not broke though...Haha I had to check.” he laughed.

“Bitch.” said Kookie, his face in a scowl as he winced from the pain.

“What?” said Joker and he suddenly pushed Jungkook back against the couch and started to tickle him.

“Ahh...Stop!” yelled out Kookie as Taehyung tickled him mercilessly.

“You’re my bitch you hear me!” Tae yelled out as he laughed.

“Hahaha! Stop you bitch!” teased Kookie. He grabbed Joker’s hand suddenly and he started to tickle his side. “Hahahaaha….okay...okay!” begged Joker.

“No..fuck you.” laughed Kookie. He got on top of Joker and straddled him as he tickled and tickled his ribs.

“Stop...Hahahaha! I give up! Stop!” Joker yelled. Any minute and he’d have to pee.

“Haha...okay.” sighed Kookie and he giggled as he climbed off of Joker.

“You want a drink?” said Tae as he sat up and pulled off his shirt. Jungkook nodded yes. “I’m gonna go wash my face.” said Kookie as Joker got up to go to the kitchen.

He walked into the bedroom and inside of the bathroom...He approached the sink and he suddenly gasped in shock when he saw his face.

There was blood smeared across it...all the way to the side of his cheek…”Fuck.” he whispered softly....He looked different...scary...He gulped at the sight of himself...He thought he looked like a goddamn killer...

He bent down and turned on the water, cupping his hands underneath it. He sucked in his teeth every now and then from the pain he felt as his hands grazed his nose while he washed the blood off of his face. He kept doing it though even after the blood was gone...The warm water felt good...It seemed to help.

When he finished he stood back up, patting his face dry with a towel.

He leaned forward and looked into the mirror again...He peered into his eyes…

He thought back to when he had punched the boy. It had felt good...It had felt good as fuck to beat the shit out of him...He liked the feeling...Maybe a little too much even, he thought to himself...But he had liked it so very much...The feeling of having all the power…

It was a feeling he had never felt before...His whole life he had never felt like that...He had always felt powerless...The only thing he had managed to keep for himself was his art it seemed...Everything else had been in his damn mother’s control...She had kept him isolated...She had kept him afraid...She had kept him lonely…

His eyes lowered as he thought about her...He hadn't seen her ever since he left....He hated her...He fucking hated her for it...He hated how she had kept that fear inside him all those years…

“It’s gone now.” said Taehyung from behind him. Jungkook turned around and Tae walked up and and passed him his drink.

“What? What’s gone now?” asked Jungkook. He didn’t know what Taehyung meant.

Taehyung searched his face. “Your fear...It’s gone now isn’t it?” he asked.

Jungkook turned back, looking into the mirror again. Was it really gone?

Taehyung moved closer beside him and leaned in to look too.

They stared into the mirror...both searching Jungkook’s eyes...both searching for the fear…

“’s gone now.” said Kookie softly. His eyes seemed different to him now...something was no longer there...

“Good.” said Joker.

Jungkook nodded yes.


Jimin closed the door quietly as he walked into Yoongi’s apartment. It was late. 2am to be exact and he was still a little tipsy from drinking at Spider’s all night. He squinted his eyes as he peered into the dark living room. Yoongi was there...He was passed out on the couch with the TV still on. He smiled at him softly as he pulled off his coat and scarf. Yoongi was always falling asleep somewhere. He worked too damn much, Jimin thought to himself.

He practically lived at Yoongi’s now. Baby did too. After that first night of them being together Yoongi had told Jimin to get all of this stuff to stay for the week…”You’ll stay all goddamn week.” he had said to him.

Jimin had stayed longer though. Jimin had stayed all goddamn month...and he had even stayed the next month too.

“Baby.” Jimin whispered as he looked around for his kitten. He walked into kitchen and turned the light on. Sometimes she would sleep in the cat bed that Yoonji kept in the corner but when he looked she wasn’t there.

He turned the light back off...maybe she was in their room...He doubted it though...She probably was curled up with Yoonji and her new kitten, Mochi. Joker had gotten her a Siamese and she had named the damn thing Mochi like him. He shook his head as he thought about...Who names a cat that, he thought to himself. Secretly he liked it of course. He had liked that she had named the damn thing after him.

Jimin gave up on finding the cat and left Yoongi asleep in the living room as he made his way down the hall. He’d get him after he got out of his slightly damp clothes, he thought to himself.

It had been snowing when he walked back to the house...He had walked the whole way home so that he could enjoy it….He loved the fucking snow…It had felt so good that Jimin had barely noticed the cold.

He sat on the bed and pulled off his wet boots quietly, pushing them underneath it. He got up and pulled off his hoodie, laying it on the chair, and he reached for his gun from where it was placed inside his back jeans pocket. He had picked it up on his way to Spider’s...Those guys trying to rob Kookie had made him decide to bring it with him before he went there.

Two days, he thought to himself as he walked into Yoongi’s closet to put his gun away. Two more fucking days and they’d rob the spot. He wasn’t nervous in the slightest about it. Spider had done a good job. He had paid some worker to draw out a layout of the place. PDogg would be the driver. Jimin, Spider and the other guy, Carlos, would rob the spot while PDogg waited outside. They’d go midnight...Spider said the worker told him no one would be there around that time...He’d let them in so that they could rob the place he had said. Spider was paying him good...A whole 10 grand...

Jimin walked into the walk-in closet and pushed back the hangers that held their clothes to reveal the small safe that Yoongi kept their guns and money in. He knelt down and twisted the lock to each number in the combination, then popped open the door.

He smiled as he placed his gun neatly next to the few that Yoongi had there on the bottom shelf. He loved it...He absolutely loved his fucking gun. It was a Smith and Wesson M&P22 and he had just gotten this nice silencer to go with it in ChinaTown about a week ago. He shut the safe, turning the wheel to make sure it was locked. He rose up to pull off his pants when his shoulder accidently bumped a pile of clothes that were folded on the shelves to his right.

“Fuck.” said Jimin as the pile of clothes dropped to the floor. He pulled off his pants, folding them and putting them in the hamper and he sighed as he kneeled down to pick up Yoongi’s fallen clothes. As he did so, he spotted a wallet lying beneath the pile on the floor. Jimin frowned at it as he raised up to put the clothes back.

It was strange to him….the wallet...It wasn't just any wallet...It seemed like a woman’s wallet...Why did Yoongi have a woman’s wallet hidden amongst his clothes?...It was the most bizarre thing...

Jimin bent down to pick it up and as he did so, he grew more curious about it. It was brown...The leather was worn and cracked in some places...It felt heavy...There was definitely something inside...It looked old...outdated...As he inspected it more closely he decided it could very well be a man’s wallet too...Either way though it was strange to him....Why was it hidden there amongst his clothes?...Had Yoongi robbed someone long ago and forgotten it?...He bit his lip as his curiosity peaked inside of him…It really was the most bizarre thing….

Jimin shot a look back behind him at the door to the closet before looking back down at the wallet in his hand...He knew he shouldn’t but he couldn't help it. He was nosy by nature...He wanted to know so very badly what was inside the damn thing.

He slowly started to unzip the wallet...His mind imagining just what might be inside...

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Oh shit!” said Jimin and he jumped, dropping the wallet, at the unexpected harsh voice of Yoongi came from somewhere behind him.

“Oh uhhhh...I was putting away my gun and this shit fell..” stuttered Jimin. He stood up quickly and held out the wallet for Yoongi to take.

Yoongi walked up to him, his face turned into a questioning frown, and Jimin averted his eyes quickly, looking down to avoid his gaze. He felt so fucking guilty. He knew he shouldn’t have been snooping.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi and he stood in front of Jimin and he snatched the wallet out of his hand.

Jimin bit his lip, raising his guilty eyes to meet Yoongi’s. He prayed he wasn’t angry with him. He had just been curious that’s all...nothing more...

“Don’t go in my shit.” said Yoongi harshly, his brow low, his voice stern.

Jimin opened his mouth to say “I wasn’t.” , as the lie came quickly to him, but as soon as his eyes met Yoongi’s, he shut his mouth again. Something in Yoongi’s eyes told him that lying would just make it worse...

“Sorry.” he said instead. Yoongi nodded at him, letting him know silently that had accepted Jimin’s apology. He tilted his head toward the door, telling Jimin to leave.

Jimin bit his lip. He felt so damn guilty. He walked out of the closet slowly, his head hung down in shame. Why had he done that? He was so fucking stupid! Yoongi had always trusted him and here he was snooping in his things. Fuck he was such an idiot!

He stood there waiting for Yoongi to exit, a guilty look on his face, while he stood there in his tank top and boxers, his head hung low in shame.

After a few minutes, Yoongi came out, closing the closet door behind him. He walked over to Jimin and he took his finger and lifted Jimin’s chin….peering into his angel’s face...

“I’m...I’m really sorry Yoongi...I..” started Jimin but Yoongi cut him off.

“Shhhh...Just shhhh.” he said softly. Jimin bit his lip again. He raised his eyes to finally meet Yoongi’s...He knew it would be there before he even saw it. Yes it was there...It was there and it was the worst thing imaginable….

The look...The damn look was back...The fucking look that Jimin hated with every fiber of his being was back now in Yoongi’s eyes...The goddamn look that he hadn’t seen in over a fucking month...The sad, regretful look that was begging….pleading for something like it always fucking did and for some reason Jimin going through Yoongi’s things had brought the fucking thing back.

Jimin felt a huge lump start to rise in his throat because he knew...He knew that although he didn’t know what the look always caused Yoongi to pull away from him…

“I’m sorry Yoongi...please.” he begged softly...begging him to forgive him for going through his things..begging him to not give him the fucking look anymore.

Yoongi searched his face. He felt the fear rise inside of him at the thought of what would have happened if he hadn’t suddenly woke up...If that damn cat hadn’t jumped on his lap…

“There’s things...Things you can’t know Jimin...Things that I can never tell you…” said Yoongi and he nodded his head yes to make his point as he looked sadly into Jimin’s soft, frightened eyes.

“Okay Yoongi.” said Jimin softly. He was so scared Yoongi would pull away...He was so frightened that Yoongi might tell him to leave…

Yoongi sighed just then and he looked away. Jimin knew...He knew he was thinking about it. Thinking about asking him to leave again.

He had done it once...A month ago Yoongi had told Jimin to leave...He had looked at him suddenly with the goddamn look and he had told Jimin to leave...He had said he needed time...He had to think things through...All of sudden, just like that, he had looked at him with the goddamn look and had said he needed to think things through…

Jimin had embarrassed himself the day he had asked him to leave. He had kept begging him to stay...He had fought with him, cursed him, cried to him, pleaded with him...but Yoongi had made him go just the same…

Three days. It had taken Yoongi three days to let Jimin come back...To finally answer his damn phone.

Jimin had drank the whole three days without him...He had laid on his couch and drank and drank...He had felt like it was the end of the goddamn world...Jimin couldn’t bare to be without him...Now that he had finally gotten Yoongi...He couldn’t stand to be without him...

“It’s okay Yoongi...I won’t ask you about them...I promise please...” whispered Jimin as he grabbed Yoongi’s had suddenly…Oh god please don’t send him away...

“I’m sorry angel...I love you so much I just can’t…I can’t tell you.” said Yoongi softly and he sighed as he looked back at Jimin...begging him with his eyes to understand.

“Okay Yoongi.” whispered Jimin. The lump was so big in his chest he could barely speak. Oh god, just let him forget the whole damn thing ,he thought to himself. Why had he been so fucking stupid to go through his things...

“Mmm.” said Yoongi and he pulled his hand away from Jimin. Jimin watched him nervously as Yoongi walked toward the bed, sitting down upon it.

Yoongi reached over to grab the joint that was in the ashtray...He felt so goddamn guilty...He couldn’t bare to look at Jimin just then...

Jimin just stood there watching him. The awkward silence growing between them. Yoongi looked so sad as he sat there....He looked so disappointed. Jimin crawled onto the bed slowly...He was fearful to approach...He moved up behind Yoongi and he slowly wrapped his arms around him.

“You forgive me?” Jimin asked softly as he rested his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders, his hands interlocking onto Yoongi’s chest as he laid his chin upon his shoulder.

“No Jimin...Forgive me.” said Yoongi softly and he took his hand and slowly stroked Jimin’s hand.

Jimin closed his eyes as the hazy feeling fell all around him from Yoongi’s touch...The warm feeling of his chest pressed against Yoongi’s back.

“I forgive you Yoongi.” he whispered and he closed his eyes, burying his head into his neck. Yoongi nodded to say okay as he took another drag of the weed.

Jimin’s chest felt so heavy, his heart even heavier....He would forgive Yoongi for anything...but Jimin didn’t understand why he kept asking him...He didn't have anything to forgive Yoongi for…

“You want some?” asked Yoongi after a few moments and he held up the joint. Jimin nodded yes and he raised up a little and pulled the smoke into his mouth as Yoongi held the joint to his lips. He blew it out slowly, watching the smoke float into the air of the softly lit room.

Jimin pulled in some more and then laid back on Yoongi’s shoulder. He decided he’d change the subject...Get Yoongi to stop thinking about those things that he said he couldn’t tell him.

“It snowed today.” said Jimin suddenly.

“I know...I didn’t get here till after it started.” replied Yoongi.

“Do you like it? The snow?” asked Jimin and he rubbed his face against Yoongi’s neck...Fuck he smelled so good...He always smelled so good…

“Mmm...sometimes.” said Yoongi. “I love it.” whispered Jimin and he pushed his mouth softly against Yoongi’s neck.

“Mmm…” said Yoongi. He closed his eyes, his head lowering slightly...Jimin was kissing him softly...fuck it felt so good…“I love it too now...I love what you love.” said Yoongi.

Jimin giggled softly. It was so not true. They barely liked any of the same things he had come to learn.

“Mmm...liar.” teased Jimin. Yoongi chuckled and leaned over to put out the joint while Jimin crawled into the bed. He smiled to himself, knowing he had succeeded in getting Yoongi to forget and let him stay.

Yoongi turned around. “Yes I one thing you love that I don’t.” teased Yoongi and he leaned down over Jimin. He loved him so goddamn much. “Lots of things.” said Jimin and he blushed beneath Yoongi’s gaze.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi and he leaned down into Jimin’s neck, pulling him close as he wrapped his arms around him while he began to softly kiss his neck.

“Mmm.” moaned Jimin. Oh fuck it felt so good…”Tell me…” whispered Yoongi and he started to tongue kiss Jimin’s neck...his tongue pushing against his skin…

Jimin wrapped his arms around him. “Mmm..pancakes.” whispered Jimin.

Yoongi giggled. “Nope I love those now.” he teased and Jimin giggled as his voice tickled his ear.

“Mmm...kittens.” Jimin said and then he giggled again as Yoongi pushed his hand up his shirt.

“Nope...I love them now too.” whispered Yoongi. Jimin eyes fully closed as he giggled harder. He was such a damn liar. Yoongi complained about the cats all the time.

“Liar.” said Jimin. He suddenly sucked in his teeth as Yoongi stared to play with his nipple. “Ohh.” he sighed.

“Mmmm…You’re so fucking sexy.” said Yoongi and he raised up to look down at Jimin as he plucked his nipple just then.

“Mmm..Yoongi...I want you.” whined Jimin. “You want me?” whispered Yoongi and he plucked his nipple again.

“Mmm..yes.” whispered Jimin, his dick growing harder as Yoongi’s hands moved up and down his chest...He could barely stand it...Yoongi looked so fucking sexy and the stars were glowing on the ceiling and he felt so high and tingly from Yoongi’s touch.

“Mmm…” moaned Jimin and he closed his eyes as Yoongi hand moved down to his boxers as he started to palm him.

Yoongi’s tongue peeked out of his mouth as he watched Jimin react to him. He wanted him so fucking bad. He couldn’t...He couldn’t lose his angel no matter how much he didn’t deserve him. Goddammit he’d keep him forever...He had to keep him forever…

He pushed his hand into Jimin’s boxers and grabbed onto his semi-hard cock. “Ohhh...mmm.” moaned Jimin as Yoongi started to stroke him. Oh fuck it felt so good.

“Mmm.” moaned Yoongi and he leaned down and started to kiss him. He tasted so fucking good. He sighed as Jimin pushed his hands into his hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

“Mmm..mmm.” moaned Jimin softly as Yoongi kept jerking his cock so perfectly.

“Goddamn you.” whispered Yoongi and he pushed his tongue deep into Jimin’s mouth, jerking him harder, making Jimin moan and sigh as he sucked on his delicious tongue.

“Ahhh..mmm.” moaned Jimin. Oh fuck it felt so good!

“Goddamn you Jimin. Goddamn you.” said Yoongi suddenly and he let Jimin’s dick go as he grabbed him up tightly, shoving his tongue deeply into his mouth. He kissed him passionately..the fear of losing him growing inside him.

“Mmm...oh god...I want you..I want you.” sighed Jimin between the feverish kisses...Oh god he wanted him forever and ever…

Yoongi pulled off Jimin’s tank top and fell back on top of him. He moaned as he kissed him roughly, throwing his tongue deep into his angel’s sweet mouth and he pushed his hard dick up against him. He loved him...He loved him so fucking much. Goddamn him to hell for loving him...Goddamn him to hell and back he wouldn’t lose him!

“Oh god..Yoongi...I need you...I want you forever.” sighed Jimin. Oh god let him say it back..please let him say it back, thought Jimin as he kissed and kissed his Yoongi.

“I need you angel...Fuck I want you forever.” said Yoongi. His heart burst as the fear of losing Jimin kept burning within him….He would keep him. He would keep him forever...Do whatever he had to in order to keep his angel with him….He loved Jimin so fucking much that he knew he’d do whatever it took to keep him with him always…

That fucking wallet, he thought to himself, as he leaned down into Jimin’s sweet neck.

He had to get rid of it...That fucking wallet...Yoongi knew he had to fucking get rid of it…

Chapter Text

Jimin opened his eyes. He could smell it. It was the best smell in the world…

He turned over and looked at Yoongi. He was still asleep. His mouth started to water as the smell invaded his nose again. Goddamn it smelled good.

He crept out of the bed as noiselessly as possible and he went over to the dresser to grab a tank top and joggers. He walked slowly out of the room, careful not to wake Yoongi, shutting the door behind him. Jimin threw on his clothes in the dark hallway. It was still early. Probably no later than 6am...She must have had an early class this morning, he thought as he walked down the hall to where the delicious smell was coming from.

He walked past the living room and peeked around the corner into the kitchen. As soon as he did he closed his eyes and breathed in as much as possible…

God how he loved them. God how he loved pancakes.

Min Yoonji turned and spotted him there. She giggled silently to herself as she saw him peeking around the corner, a blissful expression on his face. His blond hair was all wavy and flying in a thousand directions at once and she giggled again as he opened his eyes and gave her a cute little wink.

God how she loved him. God how she loved Park Jimin.

“You’re up early.” said Yoonji and she turned her head to look back down at the food she was preparing. She flipped over the pancakes and she bit her lip as she saw him walk into the kitchen. She felt shy suddenly...nervous. He was the only one that did that to her...Jimin was the only person in the world that could make Min Yoonji shy.

“I wasn’t up...and then I smelled them.” said Jimin and he walked up next to her and leaned over and peered down at what she was making. Pancakes and sausages. His favorite.

She eyed him out of the corner of her eyes. He was so fucking handsome to her. Jimin leaned over to sniff the pancakes again and Min Yoonji took her hip and bumped him sideways away from them.

“Haha.” he laughed and bumped her back.

“Stop stupid. You’ll make me burn them.” she said. Jimin bit his lip and looked down at her. “You made me some too right?” he asked.

Min Yoonji looked up at him and scrunched her nose. “Nope.” she said teasingly.

“Yes you did.” said Jimin. She always made him breakfast. If he wasn’t up she’d leave him a plate in the microwave before going to school.

“What makes you think that?” said Yoonji and she flipped over the pancakes.

“Cause you always make me some.” said Jimin and he dashed his eye smile at her as he leaned over onto the counter to watch her finish making them.

“Mmm..I shouldn’t though. You don’t deserve it.” said Yoonji.

Jimin leaned down on his arm and giggled. It was so true. Yoonji was always doing nice things for him and he really hadn’t reciprocated. He would have but he didn’t want Yoongi to feel weird about it...He could tell...Yoongi felt uncomfortable when they were around each other.

“You’re right...I don’t deserve it.” said Jimin cutely and he rested his chin on his hands, his elbows on the counter.

“How many sausages you want?” asked Yoonji as she turned off the stove. Everything was ready.

Jimin looked up at her and held his three fingers over his eyes. Yoonji giggled at him. Why the fuck did he do cute things like that? She hated him for it.

“Okay.” she said softly. Jimin smiled at her again and reached up to grab the plates.

“You gonna wake up Yoongi?” asked Yoonji as she took the plate from Jimin and started to dish out his portion of the food.

“Nah...he likes waffles.” said Jimin.

“True...should I make him some?” she asked. “Nah..let him sleep...he never gets enough sleep.” Said Jimin as he took his plate and passed her the empty one so that she could make hers.

“Mmm.” said Yoonji.

Jimin grabbed a fork and sat down. “Oh...can you pass me -” he stopped as Yoonji passed him the butter and the syrup. He giggled. “Thanks.”

Yoonji pulled out the chair and sat down next to him. She didn’t eat just yet. She watched him. He was stuffing practically the whole pancake in his mouth and his already rounded cheeks got rounder which caused him to look absolutely adorable to her just then.

“What?” said Jimin, his voice muffled from being full of food. He had noticed her watching him.

“You eat like a pig that’s what.” said Yoonji and she bit into a sausage.

Jimin struggled to keep the food in his mouth as he started to laugh. “Shut up.” he said.

Yoonji scrunched her nose at him and suddenly took her fork and grabbed one of his sausages, biting it quickly to fuck with him for telling her to shut up.

“Hey!’ said Jimin. He grabbed his fork and tried to do it back but she grabbed her plate and held it away.

“Haha noooo!” she squealed. Jimin leaned over her as he tried to get the sausage and Min Yoonji felt tingly as they played around.

“ always win.” said Jimin when he failed in getting her sausage. “ remember that Mochi.” she said.

He smirked at her and Yoonji blushed.

“Aww Baby!” said Jimin when he noticed his kitten walk into the room. Yoonji’s cat Mochi entered soon after it.

Jimin kneeled down and picked up the kitten. He had missed her so much. “Aww Baby..Daddy missed you.” said Jimin. Yoonji picked up her kitten too and she pushed him up against her face.

“Mmm..they’re so soft.” said Yoonji. “Yeah...I love how soft they are.” said Jimin as he nuzzled his nose against the kitten’s face.

She peeked at him as he petted the kitten. His slender, yet muscular arms were exposed and her tongue peeked out of her mouth as she looked upon him. Goddamn her brother. Goddamn him for being with Mochi.

“How’s Mochi? He good?” asked Jimin. Yoonji shook her head yes. “Yeah Baby doesn’t kick his ass anymore...they’re friends now.”

Jimin giggled. Baby couldn’t stand the new kitten when it first came.

“You ever have one before? A kitten?” asked Yoonji. She figured he did...He seemed to know all about them.

Jimin looked up at her suddenly and his eyes got sad. “ my mom…” he said softly. His dad had made him get rid of it after her accident…When he had started drinking he had kicked the damn thing and told him to get rid of it.

“Oh Mochi I’m sorry...I didn’t mean..” said Yoonji. Fuck she felt so bad..She hadn’t meant to bring up his mom.

Jimin looked down and petted the kitten softly on his lap. “It’s okay...You didn’t know…” he said quietly.

Silence passed between them. Yoonji just watched him and her heart hurt...She knew he was remembering her. She gulped as the uneasiness settled inside of the pit of her stomach...

Jimin stopped petting Baby after a while and ran his fingers through his hair...pushing away the memories. He shoved another pancake in his mouth and as he ate it he watched Yoonji pet her kitten with her head down...not eating her food.

“Why don’t you ever eat?” he asked suddenly. He realized just then that they were always having breakfast together but she barely ever ate any of it.

Yoonji shrugged. “I don’t know…” she said softly.

Jimin leaned over closer and searched her face. “You’re not one of those girls who thinks their fat are you?” He was suddenly worried about her...she looked rather pale to him just now.

“What? No.” said Yoonji and she looked up and scowled at him. She wanted to say, “I don’t eat because of you dumbass...because you make me all fucking shy and nervous and I can’t fucking eat because of it stupid.” but instead she just looked away from him.

“Mm...that’s good because you’re perfect. Like girls would kill to look like you.” said Jimin and he poked another sausage with his fork and bit into it, chewing it as he eyed her suspiciously.

Yoonji leaned her head back and laughed. “Mochi shut up!” she cried out. He was such a damn flirt!

“What? It’s true...I don’t want you worrying about stuff like that.” said Jimin. She was like a sister to him. He wanted to protect her.

“Don’t worry...I know how hot I look.” teased Yoonji and she smirked at him. Jimin bit his lip, his eyes growing wide and he giggled. Yoonji was such a damn tease.

“I bet you do.” said Jimin. Yoonji giggled and bit into her sausage and Jimin looked away. She looked kind of sexy to him just then when she did it.

“Hey take a cab to school today.” said Jimin after a few moments. He suddenly remembered the robbery.

“What? Why?” asked Yoonji.

“Because someone tried to rob Rabbit last night...It’s probably nothing but still...I want you to be safe.” said Jimin and he looked at her seriously so that she would understand. He knew Yoonji. She was stubborn like her brother.

“Who tried to rob Rabbit?” asked Yoonji, her eyes growing wider.

“Some fuck from Fort Greene...we tried to catch him but he ran in there...If I see him I’m beating the shit out of him.” said Jimin and his eyes lowered as he thought about it.

“Fuck...that’s the second person this week.” said Yoonji. “What? Who?” asked Jimin. He hadn’t heard of anyone else getting robbed.

“Some kid in Zen’s crew...He was in front of his mother’s house and some kid robbed him. Luckily he didn’t have anything on him but Zen said it was some guy named Quincy that was apart of the Fort Greene crew...didn’t Yoongi tell you?” asked Yoonji.

Jimin shook his head no. “Huh..” he said…”That’s not good...they must think The Boss’s gang is weak or something...something..” said Jimin as he trailed off...trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.

“Yeah...maybe.” said Yoonji. She started to grow nervous as she watched Mochi’s face. He looked worried…

“Mmm..maybe I shouldn’t go to school..” She sold there...they all knew her…

Jimin looked back at her. ”Nah don’t miss school...I’ll take you...They won’t do anything to you in there...Just take a cab home...or better yet go home with Rabbit.” said Jimin.

“Okay.” said Yoonji.

“Carry something got something to carry right?” asked Jimin.

Yoongi nodded. “I can bring my gun.”

“Yeah..bring that shit in case...fuck bring a knife too...just in case..” said Jimin. They had to be more careful now...more prepared until they figured out what the fuck was going on with those Fort Greene assholes.

Yoonji nodded that she would.

“I’ll go get ready.” said Jimin. He didn't want her to be late. “Okay me too.” said Yoonji.

“You eat though first...finish for me okay?” said Jimin. He was worried about her...He used to do that..not eat when he was sad...He thought maybe she might be sad about something.

“Okay Mochi.” said Yoonji softly. He ruffled her hair absentmindedly as he stood up to put his plate away. She closed her eyes when he did it...He had made the hairs on her neck stand up just then…

She loved the feeling...the feeling of Mochi being worried about her...She’d take it all in...Even if that was all she would ever get…


Where you going…” grumbled Yoongi as he woke up to the sound of rustling clothes. He opened one eye sleepily to see Jimin getting dressed in the dark.

“Yoonji...I’m taking her to school...It might not be safe.” said Jimin. He went into the closet to get his gun and sweater.

“The fuck you mean not safe.” said Yoongi and he raised up on his elbow, his face in a harsh frown. The fuck was Jimin carrying on about.

“I forgot to tell you last night...Rabbit….this Fort Greene asshole tried to rob him...We chased him but he ran into the projects.” said Jimin. Fuck where was that damn sweater?

“What? How the fuck could you forget something like that?” asked Yoongi and he sat up fully and reached over to grab one of his cigarettes. Damn Jimin should have told him earlier.

“I don’t know...I forgot...we argued sort of...and I don’t know..” said Jimin. He looked at Yoongi, a heaviness building inside of him from the guilt that he had forgotten.

Yoongi suddenly remembered the wallet. “Don’t worry. It’s okay..I’m just being an asshole.” said Yoongi and he lit his cigarette. Jimin looked at him and giggled. He was so fucking cute and grumpy in the morning.

“I love you Yoongi.” he giggled as he finally found the sweater he had been looking for.

“Mmm.” grumbled Yoongi. It was too early for all this soft stuff.

“Mmm.” mocked Jimin, making fun of him.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi. Jimin held his head back and laughed and Yoongi chuckled. “Why can’t she just take a damn cab? Why do you have to take her?” asked Yoongi...He didn’t like it. He didn’t want them getting to close...Yoonji liked him...She liked him and she knew things and had a big fucking mouth.

Jimin turned and looked at Yoongi and frowned. He felt like he was being petty as fuck right now.

“Okay...fine.” said Yoongi when he saw Jimin’s look. He was right...He was being petty.

“Well...Tell her to bring something with her.” said Yoongi as Jimin threw on his coat and boots. He frowned..maybe she shouldn’t go till he knew what the fuck was going on...

“I did...I told her to bring a gun and a knife...just in case.” said Jimin as he laced up his boots.

“Good.” said Yoongi.

Jimin walked over to him to give him a kiss goodbye. He waved the smoke away as he scrunched up his nose. He hated cigarette smoke. “Oh stop.” said Yoongi.

“Haha you stop smoking.” teased Jimin. He leaned over and kissed his grumpy Yoongi on the forehead. Yoongi grabbed him though and pulled him down onto him.

“Mmmm.” he moaned as Yoongi started to tongue kiss him deeply. “Fuck you make my dick hard.” said Yoongi. Jimin giggled into his mouth. “Stop...she’ll be late.” he laughed.

“Mmm..I want some when you get back.” said Yoongi and he smacked Jimin's ass. Jimin nodded as he fully eye smiled. He felt so fucking shy!

“When you come back tell me about Rabbit.”

“I will baby.” said Jimin. He paused...he had never called him that before...he stared at him to see what he would say about it.

“Okay angel.” said Yoongi and he put out the cigarette and hit the pillow hard to make it flat like he liked it. He was going the fuck back to sleep.

Jimin smiled at him and threw him and finger heart and left out of the room.

Yoongi smiled softly as he watched him leave and then he thought about it again...How he wouldn’t lose him…

He waited...he waited until he heard the door slam. This was the best time...the best time to get rid of the goddamn wallet….

He’d take a few blocks down...chuck it into a garbage can...get rid of the damn thing...get rid of the damn evidence...

“Hey...Kookie...You’re gonna be late.” whispered Tae. It was 8am and Kookie was still in bed. He had class in less than an hour. He shook his shoulder to wake him.

Jungkook turned into the pillow. “I’m not going.” he moaned.

Tae frowned. “Why? Why not?” he asked. Agust had told him not to miss school...He couldn’t fuck up in case he ever got bagged by the cops. He had to look like a good student who had just had some recent trouble.

“I look ugly.” whined Jungkook, his voice muffled by the pillow.

Taehyung laughed. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“My’s fucking huge.” said Kookie. He had gotten up to get ready and the damn thing was swollen. He looked like a fucking idiot.

“Hahaha...let me see.” said Tae. Kookie shook his head no. He was so fucking embarrassed!

“Let me see! Stop being a damn baby.” said Tae and he pulled Jungkook roughly over to him but Jungkook threw his hand over his face quickly to hide his hideous nose.

Taehyung beamed his boxy smile at him. He was so fucking cute and all his. “Kookie...please...I love you anyway.” he said softly with as much sweetness as he could muster. He was dying to see it...He held in his laugh as he imagined what it looked like.

Jungkook shook his head no. “ has nothing to do with it. It’s fucking ugly.” he said.

Tae started to poke him in his ribs to tickle him. “Stop!” said Kookie behind his hands, his body jerking away. “Let me see dammit.” said Tae and he started tickling him harder…

“Fuck stop!” yelled Kookie...He started to laugh hard as fuck. Taehyung got on top of him suddenly and he fought Kookie to pry his hands away from his face.

Kookie kept laughing. “Stop Joker! Stop!” he yelled between the giggling.

“Hahaha! No!” yelled Joker. He finally succeeded and Kookie frowned as Joker looked down at his face. Tae’s eyes grew wide. “Oh shit!” he said as if it was super horrible..He was fucking with him.

“See!’ said Kookie and he went to throw his hands back over his face but Tae grabbed them and held them down. “Haha I was fucking with you..It’s not that bad.”

“Nah it is.”

“Just wear a facemask then. Stop being a pussy and go to school.” said Tae and he got up to get into the shower. He had to cover one of Yoongi’s spots today.

“Mmmm...I guess.” said Kookie. He really didn't want to go. It was so embarrassing.

He laid there as Joker took a shower and got ready, staring at his face through his phone’s camera app. Fuck he looked like a damn monster.

“Kookie...go to school.” said Joker as he put his gun in his pocket and flung his bag on his back.

“Mmm..maybe.” said Kookie. He wasn’t going. He had made up his mind.

“Alright well look I gotta go. If you go out take this.” said Joker and he put a 9 millimeter on the table.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide. He was giving him a gun?!

“Why the fuck you look all shook for? You know how to use it.’ said Joker. He giggled at him.

“Yeah I know...I just...didn’t expect to get one I guess...well…” he trailed off. Mochi had said he needed one. He had always wanted to carry one...but now it was a lot more real to him suddenly...What if he had to use it?

“Just stay in our neighborhood...You’ll be fine.” said Joker and he ruffled Kookie’s hair and pecked him on the cheek before leaving.

“Bye.” called out Kookie as Joker left out of the room.

He kept staring at the gun...He thought back to what had happened...The kid...What if he told?

He opened up his phone to text Mochi:

Rabbit: Hey you busy? I gotta tell you some shit
Mochi: Nah..I’m on my way back now...You want to chill at the park?
Rabbit: Yeah
Mochi: Okay I’ll pick you up...give me like an hour..I gotta go give Agust something
Rabbit: Okay cool

Jungkook opened up his camera phone app again…”Mmmm.” he whined as he looked at his nose that was swollen and red. “That fuck really got me.” he said to himself...He’d definitely would wear a face mask for the next few days...


“So what the fuck happened?” asked Jimin as him and Jungkook sat in the park. Just then a few guys came up to them to buy some dope. Kookie passed them the drugs through a Dorito bag and Jimin raised his eyebrows at him. He was impressed. You’d never know he had just given them some drugs.

“You’re real good at this shit.” said Jimin.

“It’s all the videogames...I learn shit from them.” said Kookie. “Haha cool.” said Jimin.

He looked around. It was cold but there was barely any breeze. Some guys were playing basketball nearby and Jimin suddenly had the urge to play. He pushed his hands deeper into the pocket of his coat...Maybe tomorrow, he thought. Maybe he’d get up early and come play...They weren’t doing the dry cleaning job until so late...he’d have plenty of time.

He turned and looked at Rabbit who was pulling on his gloves. “Fuck it’s cold.” he heard him mumble.

Jimin smiled at him affectionately. He was so damn cute as he peered back at him with his big brown eyes, the little crinkle forming on either side as he smiled back. “So what the fuck happened?” pressed Jimin.

Jungkook sighed and shuffled his Timberlands against the ground. He felt sort of guilty....He knew he really shouldn’t tell...Joker didn’t want anyone to know that they had went into Fort Greene...but he wanted Mochi’s opinion on it. Joker was wild...He didn’t follow the damn rules.

“You can’t tell...You can’t tell Yoongi.” said Kookie and he turned and looked at Jimin just then to show him how serious it was.

Jimin looked at him surprisingly. Inside he was slightly elated though. He loved secrets and gossip...He was so very nosy. “Of course not...I promise.” he said and he put his hand on Kookie’s leg to show him that he was sincere as he moved closer to him.

Jungkook looked around. He knew that no one was in earshot of them but he was nervous just the same. Of course he saw no one….The only people around really were in the basketball court and it was pretty far away from them. He turned back and began to confess his story.

“Okay...So...we went in there...after you dropped me and Joker.” said Kookie and he watched intently for Jimin’s reaction.

Jimin’s eyes grew wide and he leaned in further. “Went in where? Fucking Fort Greene?!” he whispered harshly.

Jungkook bit his lip and nodded yes.

“Whoaaa.” said Jimin in shock. He looked away toward the park as he processed what he just told him. He bit his lip as he looked back...He was so fucking scared…. “Oh fuck Rabbit...what happened?” he said softly. This was bad he thought...really fucking bad….

Jungkook gulped and shot a quick look around the park again. “Joker had us go find that kid...the one that robbed me. We followed him into one of the buildings and he had me beat the shit out of him.” whispered Kookie.

Jimin looked at him in shock. “What the fuck?!...Are you serious!” he yelled. Fucking Joker was crazy as hell to go in there like that. They could have gotten killed!

Jungkook nodded yes, he was nervous..nervous Jimin might tell Yoongi anyway... given the seriousness of what they had done.

“Wow...Kookie...What if that kid tells?...What if you guys just started a damn war…” said Jimin as he stared into space.

“I know...but...I don’t know..The kid looked scared...I don’t think he’ll tell.” said Jungkook.

Jimin pierced his lips. He felt Yoongi should know...know what might be coming. He looked back at Kookie...He wouldn’t tell though...He was his friend. He’d keep his damn secret regardless.

“Damn should tell...tell Yoongi.” he said just then. Jungkook looked down at the ground. He knew that Jimin was right. “I can’t...Joker...He’d be so fucking pissed.”

Jimin frowned. Fucking Joker, he thought to himself. He was always the damn problem in the end. “Joker...He’s a fucking problem..He has no fucking control.” he said angrily.

Jungkook turned his head back to Jimin and watched an angry scowl grow on his face. “What happened...Like..What really happened with you guys?…” He bit his lip...Jungkook hoped he would finally tell him...He needed to get the next piece to Joker’s past...

Jimin looked at Kookie. He didn’t know if could tell..Yoongi had told him to never tell anyone that he had known Taemin...He was so very afraid to tell Rabbit just then...

“Mmm...I’m scared to tell you Kookie.” whispered Jimin and he bit his lip as he looked back into Jungkook’s face. Jungkook nodded. “I..understand.” he said softly. He felt bad as he looked back down to the ground. He trusted Jimin. He wanted Jimin to trust him back.

Jimin sighed. He put his hand on Jungkook’s thigh again and squeezed it slightly. “I...I’ve never told anyone...well except Yoongi...I couldn’t..The Boss...He might kill me if he knew...and Joker..He’s so close to The Boss...He does anything he tells him Kookie...anything.” whispered Jimin. Just then a harsh breeze blew through the park and they both shuddered from it.

Jungkook raised his head and peered into Jimin’s eyes as he leaned over to avoid the cold wind. He didn't like what he saw there...Jimin looked so afraid…

“Why though?...Why does Joker do whatever The Boss tells him..Is it because he raised him?...When he was little I mean?” asked Kookie softly. He knew that you were always supposed to obey The Boss, but the way Jimin had said it just now, implied that maybe you shouldn’t...

Jimin frowned at Kookie “He what?...Who told you that?” he asked suddenly.

Jungkook bit his lip. Fuck, maybe Jimin had never known. “Joker...Joker did.” he said softly.

Jimin looked away in shock. “What?...How?...He...He never told me that…” he trailed. Taehyung was raised by The Boss?...How could no one know that?...Was it true? What the fuck...Was that why he was so fucking loyal to him?

“Oh god...Kookie...Nobody knows that...Don’t tell anyone else...ever.” said Jimin suddenly and he squeezed Kookie’s leg again as he looked deeply into his eyes. People might be jealous...not trust Taehyung...they might try to use him to get to The Boss...He’d be a huge target if they knew something like that.

Jungkook felt a lump rise in his throat. “I won’t...I thought you knew..being you were his best friend and all….before I mean..”

Jimin shook his head no. He felt sad suddenly. A deep sadness rose in the pit of his stomach as he thought about it…Taehyung had no family...and to find out he was raised by The Boss was so sad….so very sad…

”Wow...Poor Tae….I...I knew his parents died...They got murdered...Right in front of him...They owned this store and it had gotten robbed...but he said he went to a group home after that...How did he end up with The Boss?” questioned Jimin.

“Damn...I don’t know...but god...seeing your parents get killed...fuck.” said Jungkook softly. Jimin nodded yes. It was sad...Joker’s life was just as sad as his, Jimin thought just then.


“I don’t know how he ended up with The Boss...but I’m going to find out...I’m going to find out everything…” said Kookie.

“Yoongi...he has stuff too...stuff he won’t tell me.” said Jimin and he looked at Jungkook sadly. They were the same...They both loved people that had dark secrets…

“ you have idea what it might be?” asked Kookie. Jimin sadly shook his head no.

“All I know is...He desperately doesn’t want me to know...He thinks I’ll judge him for it or something.” whispered Jimin. “He’s always asking me to forgive him...not hate him...I don’t know why..”

“ he thinks you’ll judge him for Joker.” observed Jungkook as he looked away to the park just then.

Jimin bit his lip and looked down...It had never occurred to him...that maybe Yoongi wouldn’t tell him things because he wouldn’t forgive Joker…

“I’m going to find out though about Tae...I gotta find out everything Jimin. Joker’s all fucked up because of it…” said Kookie.

“Yeah...I hope you find out Kookie…” said Jimin.

“I hope you find out too...about Yoongi I mean.”

Jimin nodded but he doubted it...He could never ask Yoongi about his past...He had promised to never ask...

Jimin leaned his head onto Jungkook shoulder...He wanted to know...Why was Yoongi in so much pain...Why wouldn’t he trust him...Help him get through whatever it was?

Jungkook looked down at Jimin. He wanted him to trust him so badly...give him the next piece of the puzzle...tell him what the hell had happened between him and Joker.

“I don’t know what happened between you and Joker, Jimin...but I know that Joker...He’s really sorry about it and he might not act like it...but he misses you...He….He needs you I think.” said Kookie softly.

Jimin raised up his head and looked at Kookie. His face was hard and angry almost. Jungkook gulped when he saw the look on his face just then.

“I’ll never talk to him again...He...He’s a fucking monster Kookie...I know you love him but you love a monster...He...He kills people and doesn’t even regret it or care.” said Jimin harshly.

Jungkook shook his head no. Jimin had it wrong. “That’s not true Jimin...He does care...He hurts a lot because of it…”said Kookie as he eyes pleaded for Jimin to believe him. Joker wasn’t a monster...He was just all fucked up...maybe because of The Boss…

“I don’t know about that...He hurt me so bad that I...I can’t see him as anything else Kookie…” whispered Jimin.

Jungkook put his arm around Jimin just then...He could see it...His eyes were tearing up and not from the cold.

“I wish you would...I wish you guys would talk about it.” said Kookie.

Jimin shook his head no. “I just want to forget everything and if I stay away from him I can forget everything I don’t want to remember...It’s better like that..I can bear it that way.”

Jungkook nodded yes as he stared into Jimin’s eyes that looked so regretful.

“But stay with him Kookie...He won’t ever be a monster to you..” said Jimin softly and he leaned his head back down on Jungkook’s shoulder.

He knew...somehow Jimin knew that Kookie was good for Joker...maybe he could change him..Something in a dream he had about his mom...She had told him Joker needed saving…

“I love him Jimin...Even though he’s done bad things...I...I love him...I’m going to figure him out and help him...and he’ll do the same for me...he’ll help me too.” said Kookie softly as he started to rub Jimin’s arm subconsciously.

“Good Kookie...He’s like your Yoongi then...You’re savior.” whispered Jimin. “Yeah.” agreed Kookie

“He saved me you know...Yoongi...He saved me over and over...My whole life...I owe him everything...everything.”

“If you ever want to tell me...about Joker and you...I won't judge you Jimin..and I promise..I’ll never tell. You’re my best friend.” said Kookie and he continued to rub Jimin’s arm, the swishy sound of Jimin's coat fabric soothing them somehow, as they sat there thinking about the ones they loved…

Jimin closed his eyes. Rabbit was so very dear to him now...He’d tell him...some of it. “I’ll tell you Kookie...but please never tell…” Jungkook squeezed his arm. “You know I won’t.” he said.

Jimin nodded as he closed his eyes. “He killed someone Kookie...someone I knew...someone I loved.” he whispered.

Jungkook stopped rubbing his shoulder.

Jimin looked up suddenly and he saw Jungkook looking back at him with a scared look on his face. He didn’t want him thinking the wrong thing...Joker hadn’t known about Taemin.

“He doesn’t know though...Joker doesn't know who he was to me see?...So don’t be angry with him for that...He didn’t know he was someone I loved...It was just a job to him.” Jungkook shook his head yes...He felt a little better...It was awful though still...It was horrible and awful just the same.

“He promised me though...Joker had promised me he wouldn’t kill him...and then years later...he went and did it anyway.” whispered Jimin and just then a tear fell down his face.

“Ohh.” said Kookie. He gulped. He felt so bad for Jimin when he saw the tear that had fallen. He knew the person must have meant a lot to him.

“Joker didn’t know what he did to me...but if he would have kept that wouldn’t have happened...So he betrayed me...and I’ll never forgive him for that...ever.” said Jimin and his lip trembled as he thought back to the past. Goddamn Joker...even talking about him brought up everything he just wanted to fucking forget already.

Jungkook bit his lip. “Oh Jimin...I’ sorry.” He didn’t know what else to say. Jimin nodded okay and rested his head back on his shoulder. “It’s okay least you know now why I hate him...Why I’ll never forgive him.”

Jungkook nodded yes. He felt so bad for bad for bad for himself. They were all fucked up...their souls were all fucked up…

They sat there for a few moments in silence...thinking about the past...thinking about the things that they didn’t want to think about…

“I love him so much...Joker saved me...I was so afraid to live...I feel like somehow maybe I can help him...I don’t know make him happy..” said Kookie softly as he thought about Joker.

“You try Kookie...You try like I’ll try with Yoongi...but remember Kookie...He always does what that damn Boss says...always..” warned Jimin.

Jungkook nodded yes...He wanted to ask him...He wanted to ask him what The Boss was like...He opened his mouth to ask but then closed it again….He was too afraid to ask...He was too afraid of what he might say…

Jimin sat back up and wiped his face from a few tears that had fallen. He looked at Kookie but Jungkook was looking down at the ground. They were so similar, Jimin thought...Him and Rabbit were more similar than he had known...He was worried about him...He was so sweet and good...He worried about him with Joker...He didn’t want Jungkook to get hurt…

“You be careful Kookie...You hear me?...You be careful.” said Jimin quietly and he looked out toward the park.

“You too too.” said Kookie softly and he pushed his hands into his pockets so he could feel the gun that was inside it.

They sat there, in silence, and a darkness seemed to pass over them.

Everything felt so very still in the park just then…

Everything seemed much darker...

Everything seemed frozen…


Yoongi took a drag of his cigarette as he heard the door slam. “Jimin?” he called out.

“No it’s me.” said Yoonji. She walked into the kitchen and looked at her brother as he sat there bagging up the dope he was about to drop off to one of his spots.

“Why do you always make him breakfast?” asked Yoongi, never raising his eyes to meet hers.

Yoonji opened the fridge and grabbed a Soju. She sighed. Her asshole brother was jealous again.

“Because if it was up to you he’d be eaten pop tarts and fucking Ramen everyday.”

“Mmm” said Yoongi.

“Mmm” said Yoonji. She smirked from behind the open fridge door reveling in the fact that he had agreed with her.

“That’s not the only reason though.” said Yoongi. He took another drag of his cigarette.

Fucking asshole. Yoonji slammed the fridge door and scowled at him. “Okay Yoongi. You know I fucking like him so the fuck what? Why do you have to throw it in my damn face every chance you get?” she was tired of his fucking bragging.

Yoongi chuckled softly. “Because I don’t want you making him fucking breakfast that’s why.”

“You’re fucking ridiculous.” said Yoonji.

“Where’d you go last night? You came in late.” said Yoongi. Yoonji shifted her eyes away...she didn’t know that he had noticed she wasn’t home.

“Nowhere...just Mili’s house.” she said softly. Yoongi lowered his eyes at her...he could tell..she was fucking lying.

“Don’t fucking lie...where did you go?” he said his tone hardening. He hated how his twin sister was always lying to him as if he wouldn't know.

“I’m not stupid. Call her and ask her.” she said and she flipped her hair to silently tell him to fuck off. He watched her as she grabbed a glass.

“Mmm...I will.” he said. Yoonji rolled her eyes. She was nervous though...she had been somewhere else…

She looked at him as he sat there smugly putting the drugs into the little baggies. She hated him just then. She hated how Yoongi was always questioning he kept throwing Mochi in her damn face. She hated how he never showed her any appreciation for all she fucking did for him...for all the secrets she kept for him…

“He’s going to find out one day you know.” she said. She wanted to make him feel like she felt just then. Afraid.

Yoongi shot her a dirty look and put out the cigarette. “Oh yeah...and how is that going to happen?” he said egging her own. She better not fucking say it, he thought to himself as his anger started to rise.

“I don’t know...he just will..” she said and she smirked at him to fuck with him some more.

“Mmm..I gonna tell that what’s you’re saying?” he said casually when he was anything but inside.

She knew she shouldn’t push him...but she was so fucking mad at him she did anyway.

“Who knows...maybe I will..” she said.

Yoongi shot up from the table and reached over and grabbed her suddenly by the collar and pulled her down close to him over the table

“Let me go!” she yelled out suddenly and she tried to pull away from him.

“You fucking tell him and you’re dead to me...FUCKING DEAD!” yelled Yoongi and he threw her back away from him roughly.

“I HATE YOU!” she yelled out, the hot tears falling down her face suddenly. She ran into the room and slammed the door.

God she hated him! Hated him! “I hate you..hate you.” she cried as she flung herself down onto her bed, her face buried into the pillow.

He didn’t care about her at all!..He just used her...used her to do his stupid work. She could never date anyone...go anywhere. He kept her in a goddamn cage!!

He knew she liked Mochi. He knew that he was a fucking bastard to go and be with him after what he had done. Mochi deserved way better than him. Way better than her! Oh god Jimin deserved the goddamn world and he had to fall in love with her stupid lying brother!!! He was a fucking liar. A goddamn selfish, greedy liar!!!

“I hate you!!!!” she cried into her pillow. She hated him so badly. He didn’t know...He didn’t know how she sacrificed for him over and over! All the fucking things she did...all the goddamn things The Boss had her do and she did it because she loved Yoongi and she never told him because she loved Yoongi so fucking much. He was her father, her mother, her brother, her everything... but he was a selfish, greedy, goddamn liar!!!

“You’re a fucking monster!!!” she cried into the pillow. She wanted to leave. Just finish school and leave this goddamn place! Leave Yoongi. Leave Mochi. Leave The Boss. He wouldn’t even let her have Joker...That bastard had found out and hit him with a fucking pistol...Maybe they would have been happy...Maybe she could have started to like him like she did Mochi...but no...he had to take that too...Why..Why could she never fucking have anything at all!!!

“I hate you! I fucking hate you!!!!” she screamed.

“You don’t fucking hate me.” said Yoongi suddenly. She turned around startled as she saw him standing there with the door open.

“Yes I fucking do!’ she cried.

“No you don’ just...hate that I fucking won’t let any of these assholes take advantage of you.” said Yoongi and he walked over and sat on the bed.

“No...they just don’t know it.” sobbed Yoonji. Yoongi looked down at his sister's face that was wet with tears, her ebony hair cascading over her brow, her small pouty lip trembling as she looked angrily up at him. He loved her so goddamn much. He’d kill someone if they fucked with her.

“Who Joker?” said Yoongi. She better not have fucked anyone else…

Yoonji shook her head no...She couldn’t tell him though..She meant The Boss but she wouldn’t tell him...He’d do something crazy like go up there and get his damn self killed if he knew that she was doing jobs for him.

“Who then?” asked Yoongi and he pierced his lip as he looked as his sister’s sorrowful face. He hated himself just then. He was jealous...Jealous of her and Jimin. There was a softness about Yoonji that he knew Jimin liked...he himself...He could never be that soft...never as nice as he should be...he didn’t have it in him to be like that…

“Who?” Yoongi pressed when she didn’t answer.

“Nobody.” said Yoonji softly as she looked up at her brother who she knew was sorry for being such an asshole just then. She’d never tell him...She loved him to much..He’d get his dumbass killed.

Yoongi sighed. He didn’t want her to hate him. “Come here...forgive old Yoongi...Make Jimin all the pancakes you want.” said Yoongi and he held out his arm to her. Yoonji pouted and she crawled over and laid her head on his chest as her brother put his open arm around her.

She sniffled, wiping away her tears while he softly stroked her hair.

“I know you want to go with people...just finish school...then you can be free from this horrible place...go live in a bunch of cats and marry some rich guy named...I don’t know..Blake or something.” said Yoongi.

“Blake?” Yoonji looked up at his face and he looked down at her and they both started to chuckle.

“Aren't rich guys named Blake?” teased Yoongi. “No stupid....Christopher.” said Yoonji and she put her head back down again this time on his lap.

“Okay Christopher.” said Yoongi. Yoonji giggled. No way would she marry some guy named Christopher. She only like Korean boys.

“Mmmm...JiYoung maybe..I like that name.” said Yoonji and she played with the fabric of Yoongi's pajama pants.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi.

“Mmm” said Yoonji and she laid there imagining what her cool Manhattan apartment would look like as Min Yoongi curled his fingers through her hair.

“Why...why don’t you trust me?” said Yoonji after a few moments had passed.

“I do..I don’t know what’s wrong with me...I’m...I’m scared to lose him Yoonji..” said Yoongi as he confessed to his sister the real reason behind his hurtful words.

“ should be.” said Yoonji.

Yoongi nodded. “He found the wallet...I had kept it..stupidly.’

Yoonji’s eyes grew wide…”He did? When?” she asked. She bit her lip as she thought about she thought about what she had taken from it…

Yoongi nodded yes. “Last night….he was about to open it...That damn cat woke me up and I caught him...I got rid of it...Threw it away.’

“Mmm.” said Yoonji...Maybe she should get rid of it too..What she had kept…

“Since that’s gone now...I don’t think I have to worry anymore.” said Yoongi.

“No Yoongi...One day...One day you’ll grow a heart...and then you’ll tell him...and then he’ll leave...He’ll leave us forever...Like he left Joker..” said Yoonji.

“Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad having a heart.”

“You have a heart...I was teasing...kind of.” said Yoonji.

“No you weren’t.” said Yoongi. Yoonji giggled. She really wasn’t.

“Would you tell him...If you were me?” asked Yoongi and he looked down at her.

Yoonji bit her lip as she thought back to that night that Mochi had thought she was his mother...He had held her close..He had needed her...It had felt so good to have Jimin need her...Even if it wasn’t real...

“No...I wouldn’t tell him Yoongi...I would never tell him.” she whispered…

“Cause you love him too much?” asked Yoongi softly.

Yoonji closed her eyes...and nodded her head yes...


Chapter Text

Yoonji waved bye to her friends and pulled the hoodie of her parka over her head as she squinted her eyes from the harsh wind that was blowing just then. They were calling for snow again and she hoped it didn’t start before she got home.

She turned to leave and felt her phone notification buzz in her pocket. She tried to reach in to grab it but her damn mittens were too big. She took one off, holding it in her teeth as she reached for the phone. She read the text message that had just came in:

DTJ: Down the block to your right. I’m here.

Yoonji scowled. He was here again. That bastard.

She put the phone back in her pocket and pulled the mitten back on. She turned towards the other direction and walked down the block along gate of the school towards the white car that was parked on the corner. The heels of her oxfords clicking softly upon the cement as she hurried to meet him.

She shot a look behind her, instinctively checking to see if anyone was following her. As she got closer to the vehicle, she felt a nervousness start to grow inside of her chest. She knew it was going to be a big job that The Boss was giving her. The Boss only sent Detective Jin when the job was really important.

She threw open the car door and looked around before getting inside. Rabbit had already left the school but she wanted to make sure no one saw her...she had to be careful...Yoongi would have a fit if he found out…

She leaned over to climb into the backseat and suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. She gasped when she saw him sitting there. It was him...The fucking boss…

She watched him smile at her and pat the seat next to him telling her to get in. Yoonji gulped. She was so fucking nervous but she wouldn’t show it. Goddammit she wouldn’t let him know how fucking scared she was just then.

She climbed in and sat down, a blank look on her face.

“Hey!” said Jin as Yoonji sat in the back seat of the car. “Hi.” said Yoonji, her expression blank, her voice emotionless.

“ smile for me?” teased Jin. Yoonji stuck her tongue out at him. She hated fucking cops whether they worked with her brother or not. They were all snakes in her opinion..even Detective Jin. Every last one of them was a fucking snake.

The Boss looked at Jin and he looked back at him and they started to laugh. Yoonji flipped her hair as they laughed at her. She hated them both. Fucking assholes.

“So. How have you been?” asked The Boss. Yoongi turned to look at him.

You’d never know he was The Boss. You’d never fucking know that it was him who ran the whole damn thing. He looked like a fucking kid almost. He was young...not even 30 yet. He had a charming way about him...nice eyes...a pleasant voice...these cute dimples that showed whenever he’d never know that this fucker was as cutthroat as they come.

“I’m good.” said Yoonji and she scrunched her nose at him to hide her scowl.

“Just good? Come on...You should be great! You’re almost done with school...I hear the new boy Rabbit is doing so well you don’t have to sell anymore...and I heard Yoongi has a that should mean he’s too busy to be worried about what you’re up to in your free time.”

She couldn’t help it. She scowled just then. She hated how he was mocking her. Mocking her as if she was free to do what she wanted when here he was giving her another fucking job.

The Boss laughed at her again.

“I see...well...hopefully you’ll see things differently and find some happiness in your current situation Yoonji. That’s all life is really...perspective.” he said.

“Yeah..I guess.” said Yoonji. He was always doing that. Saying philosophical things. She knew he was smart. Like genius level smart. He was good at reading people couldn’t fool way could you ever fool him…

The Boss chuckled again and he nodded to Jin to show her the photo.

Jin reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. Yoonji leaned forward in between the seats so that she could see what he about to show her.

“You know him?” asked Jin.

Yoonji squinted her eyes at the photo that he had pulled up. Of course she knew him. Who didn’t know that fuck?

“That’s Blitz.” she said. Jin nodded yes. Yoonji gulped and moved back in her seat and she shot The Boss a curious look...What the hell could the job be that involved him?

“Yes...Blitz...Yi Jung...that’s the job. You’re going to get to know him.” said The Boss.

Yoonji’s eyes grew wide as the nervousness grew inside her. No fucking way could she get to him. He was a huge mini boss for the other gang...Blitz knew who she was...He was practically her brother's arch enemy...No fucking way could she get to know him...get him to trust her…

“See here’s the deal..” said The Boss and he turned to face her and pulled his hoodie down from over his head so that he could see Yoonji better as he rested his arm over the backseat, leaning toward her slightly.

“He’s becoming a big problem for me...He robbed a few of the guys...and he’s making too much money...I need to know who his supplier is...I need to find out so that I can get them to stop selling to him...make a fucking deal with them...and the only way for me to figure that you.” said The Boss and he pointed at her just then.

Yoonji just sat there and stared at him in shock...He had made her snake plenty of people in the past but they were all small time dealers...nothing like this...What if Blitz didn’t trust her?...What if he found out she was snaking him and killed her...What if she failed and The Boss killed her instead?

She felt it...she felt it deep in her gut...she’d fail...Her gut was screaming inside of her...She’d fail...get herself killed...

“What? You don’t have faith you can do it?” questioned The Boss as he read Yoonji’s expression.

She shook her head no. She shot a quick glance at Jin. He gave her a silly expression while giving her a thumbs up.

“No...I...I don’t think I can do it.” said Yoonji softly as she turned back. She gulped as The Boss chuckled while he shook his head in disbelief.

“How can you not? You’re the best Yoonji. You’re the best informant I have. You’re smart...You’re pretty...I’d bet all my money on you...Don’t sell yourself so short.”

Yoonji looked down away from his gaze. She knew there was no way out of it. He’d make her do it whether she thought she could or not.

“What are you afraid of?” asked The Boss and he leaned over and took his finger and pulled up her chin to meet his eyes.

She stared back into his eyes and she felt so incredibly nervous. They were smiling at her and in that moment he reminded her of Joker...How he could smile at you and still fucking kill you anyways...

“I’m scared I’ll fail...that he’ll kill me.” confessed Yoonji. Her gut said so...she’d fucking get killed.

“I see.” said The Boss, still searching her face. “You know what a snake’s greatest weapon is Yoonji?”

Yoonji slowly shook her head no.

The Boss took his hand down from her chin and rested it between them. “It’s two things really...One is the ability to camouflage itself. Blend into it’s surroundings...their victims don’t even know they’re there..”

Yoonji shook her head yes obediently.

“And the second thing...They know how to trick their prey by luring them in unexpectedly. They use their tongues, their tails to lure them in...Their tricksters...They trick their prey and lure them in by pretending to be something else.”

Yoonji nodded yes. She understood him. She knew what he was saying. She was the snake. She’d lure Blitz in...camouflage herself to be something she wasn’t...a fucking rat.

“So how would you go about it? How would you camouflage yourself Yoonji? Lure him in?” asked The Boss.

Yoonji bit her lip as she thought about it. The answer came to her quickly. The Boss was right about her. She was one of the smartest and brightest in his crew.

“My brother. I want to get back at my brother...fuck him over.” she said. The Boss nodded yes. “See...see how smart you are?”

Yoonji smirked at him and Jin started to laugh in the front seat. She didn’t mean to show it but inside her pride had swelled just then. She was smart. Way smarter than all those assholes her brother worked with, she thought to herself.

“So that’s the lure..what’s the camouflage?” he asked.

“I’m lonely...I want to get back at him...before I leave the gang.” she said. The Boss smiled at her. “Yes want to hurt him...hurt him and leave...but why? What did he do to you to make you want revenge...want yout to leave all of a sudden?” asked The Boss.

Yoonji looked down and bit her lip. “Well that part’s easy…” she said softly.

The Boss shot a look at Jin and they both raised their eyebrows at each other before looking back at her.

“What...tell me what you’ll use to get Blitz to believe has to be a good lie.” said The Boss.

“That’s why it’s easy…” said Yoonji and she looked back at The Boss a serious look on her face. “It wouldn’t be a lie.” she said softly.

“I see.” said The Boss. “So what is it...what would be the reason you’d want revenge on him...if you did I mean..?”

Yoonji bit her lip and stared into his eyes....“Because he’s with the one I love.” she said and her lip trembled just then slightly, giving her away.

The Boss nodded sympathetically as he watched Yoonji pierce her lips to stop the trembling.

“Perfect Yoonji...See...just now...that look on your face...It would convince me too...You’d have me absolutely convinced that you wanted revenge on your brother.” said The Boss. He looked at Jin. “Right Jin? Wouldn’t you believe her just now?” he asked.

“Hell yeah...I almost did..” said Jin.

Yoonji turned and looked away toward the window. She couldn’t bare to look at them just now. It wasn’t true...she didn’t want revenge on Yoongi...but it hurt just the same...him being with Mochi hurt so badly just the same.

“So you’ll meet him...tell him your story...and we’ll go from there…” said The Boss.

Yoonji sighed and nodded her head yes.

“Jin...give it to her. It’s supposed to snow and I don’t want our dear Yoonji to get caught in it.”

Yoonji looked back at him and he dashed the dimples at her again. She gave him a fake smile back. He knew it was fake and he giggled slightly as he looked back at her.

“You know, you’re just like Yoongi...really you are.” said Jin as he passed Yoonji her envelope with her money inside it.

“ so?” asked Yoonji.

“He’s a fucking snake too.” laughed Jin. Yoonji snatched the envelope from his hand and Jin bust out laughing.

The Boss chuckled and then shook his head. “Yoonji. Nevermind Jin. You know he jokes too damn much.”

“Mmm.” said Yoonji. She didn’t give a damn what they thought. Fucking assholes. She opened the envelope and counted the money.

“Thought I cheated you?”

“No...but I had to make sure just the same.” said Yoonji. ‘

“I’m hurt Yoonji. Where’s the trust?” teased The Boss as he placed his hand over his heart.

Yoonji flipped her hair at him to silently tell him to fuck off. “With Yoongi.” she said with a defiant tone and she swiveled her bookbag around to the side of her so that she could put away the envelope.

The Boss smiled at her. She was so smart. Maybe the smartest one...

“Good. Don’t trust anyone Yoonji...only trust your brother.”

She shot The Boss an angry look. She didn’t mean to but she did. “I know.” she said. The Boss dashed his dimples at her again.

“Before you go...a little advice.” said The Boss. Yoonji raised her eyebrows at him curiously.

“Don’t get too close to Mochi...It’ll only hurt more.” He said sympathetically and he patted her leg, like a father almost, and Yoonji felt a tinge of pain in her heart when he said the words.

She didn’t want it. She didn’t want his damn empathy. She didn’t want to hear it...him telling her to stay away from Mochi. She didn’t want to hear any of it.

“We’ll talk soon Yoonji...don’t do anything till Jin sends you the rest of the plan.” he said and The Boss leaned back and looked toward Jin giving him the signal he was ready to leave.

Yoonji nodded yes to him and opened the car door...slamming it shut behind her.

She walked away from the car quickly...She walked as fast as she could...bearing the harshness of the cold wind as it whipped around her...wiping the tears that kept streaming down her face...

She hated that bastard. She hated the fucking boss...Fucking Kim Namjoon…

She knew deep down he was right...The Boss was right and she wanted to his head off...make him bleed because of it…

She hated that he was right about Mochi…

It would hurt more...the closer she got to Mochi the more it would hurt…

Goddamn him to hell!

Goddamn that bastard for being right…

That bastard was always right…

She sniffled again as more tears fell down her face...The wind blew harshly and it seemed to blow through her just then…

She hurried up the block toward home...Ignoring the feeling...That feeling that she never had ignored in the past and yet this time she had to. That bastard would make her do it anyway…

Her gut was gnawing at her...Telling her that this job was no good.

She always followed her gut and right now her gut was screaming at her…

Everything inside her was screaming at her that she was right…

The job was no good her gut told her...This job…

This job would get her killed…


Jimin walked out of the bathroom, holding the towel that was wrapped around his waist, his hair dripping water all over the floor from just being washed and he walked into the bedroom.

“Oh shit.” he said, a shocked expression on his face, as he saw Yoongi sitting back on the bed, packing a joint full of weed.

“ didn’t expect to see me?” said Yoongi. Jimin giggled and shook his head no. He hadn’t been home when he got back from the basketball court.

“ I am.” said Yoongi.

Jimin bit his lip. He was so fucking sexy to him as he sat there, his stringy blond hair falling over his brow, his tongue peeking out the left side of his mouth as he focused on making the joint.

“I’m glad you’re here stupid.” said Jimin. He had to meet Spider and PDogg soon to go over the plans again before doing the dry cleaning job. He was glad he’d have time with him before leaving.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi. He licked the ends of the paper and rolled the joint perfectly before putting it into his mouth to light it.

Jimin walked over in front of him to the dresser to get his boxers, but as he did so Yoongi raised his eyes and looked at his ass. He licked his lips. He was so fucking sexy to Yoongi as he stood there in his towel, his hair all wet and dripping magnificently onto his shoulders and neck. He suddenly wanted to lick all the water off of him just then.

“Come here.” said Yoongi and he reached over and grabbed the lighter from the table.

Jimin giggled and bit his lip. He felt so shy suddenly.

“Yoongi...I have to get ready.” he teased.

“No you don’t. You have to come here...Do as I tell you.” said Yoongi. Jimin giggled and turned around, his eye smile showing fully, as he went to sat down on the bed beside Yoongi.

Yoongi patted the empty space beside him. He wanted his angel to lay down with him instead.

Jimin giggled again. “You like ordering me around don’t you?”

“Mm..hmmm.” said Yoongi. He smirked as Jimin crawled up beside him and he opened his arm so that Jimin could lay down on his chest.

“Fuck you’re all cold and wet.” grumbled Yoongi when Jimin’s hair touched his bare chest and shoulder. Jimin giggled. “What did you expect stupid.”

“I don’t know….for you to dry your damn hair I guess.” said Yoongi.
Jimin leaned face down onto Yoongi’s chest and laughed. “Shut the fuck up!”.

Yoongi started to laugh too. “It’s true. Why the hell do you never dry your hair?”

“I don’t know...I like it to dry on it’s own.” said Jimin, raising his face to stare back at Yoongi. He had always done it that way. There really wasn’t a reason for it.

“Mmm.” said Yoongi and he felt all warm inside as he saw Jimin peering up at him, a look of excitement and adoration in his eyes as he bit down on his cute bottom lip.

Fuck he was so damn pretty. He sighed and took his hand, pushing back Jimin’s wet locks away from his face. Jimin giggled again and Yoongi chuckled as he watched him blush in front of him.

Jimin felt all tingly. It felt nice...everything always felt nice with Yoongi. He felt sort of bad suddenly and laid his head down on Yoongi’s chest to avoid his gaze. He felt fucked up for lying to him...for going on the job when he had asked him not to.

He raised his head again and watched Yoongi take a long drag of the weed, holding his head back as he blew the smoke in the air. He wanted to tell him just then. Suddenly he wanted to tell him...what if something went wrong?...

“You want some?” asked Yoongi. Jimin nodded yes and Yoongi held it to Jimin’s lips so that he could smoke.

Jimin pulled the smoke into his lungs and he started to cough as he exhaled. “Fuck...that’s strong.” he said. His throat had burned a little.

Yoongi chuckled. He was so cute to him. “Yeah...some new shit I got off the Arabs.”

“Really? I thought you didn’t go to them anymore?” asked Jimin, as he lazily circled his fingers across Yoongi’s side, his chin rested on Yoongi’s chest as he watched him.

“Mmm...I didn’t...but then yesterday the dude went to the spot where Joker was and they talked and I said fuck it...I’d give him another chance.”

“Ohh.” said Jimin. He frowned as he thought about it. It was strange...Yoongi didn’t do shit like that...give people second was the most bizarre thing...

“What?” said Yoongi, when he saw Jimin’s expression.

“You don’t do that...You don’t give people second chances.” said Jimin.

Yoongi laughed. “How do you know?”

“I know you that’s why.” said Jimin and he stuck his tongue out at him mischievously.

Yoongi’s heart swelled. He loved how he knew him...watched him...adored him. “ know know me so very well Jimin.” said Yoongi softly, and he twirled Jimin’s wet locks with his fingers.

“So why then? What made you give him another chance all of a sudden?” asked Jimin. He was curious to know.

“Be...Because...I think sometimes you should...Now I think sometimes people deserve second chances…”

Jimin frowned at him. He thought maybe he was hinting at Joker. “Yeah...why? Why do they deserve it?”

Just then Yoongi took his thumb and softly rubbed it back and forth against Jimin’s lip...Would he? he thought….Would Jimin give him a second chance if he found out his secret?

“Because Jimin…because everyone makes can’t be helped.” said Yoongi, his voice almost whispering as he said the words, his thumb softly circling Jimin’s mouth just then.

Jimin closed his eyes...He loved how Yoongi would do his lips...he felt the hazy feeling again...the tingly, hazy feeling and he sighed as he fell into the sensuous moment.

“Mmm...maybe they do.” he whispered. Jimin opened his eyes. They were low and seductive and Yoongi gulped at the sight of his lusty stare. Yoongi leaned over and put out the joint. He didn’t want to smoke anymore...Now he just wanted Jimin.

“Yes angel..they deserve them...they do.” said Yoongi softly as he sat back against the bed. Jimin heard the small hint of sadness in his voice and his heart burst for him because he knew he was feeling the pain of whatever that goddamn secret was just then...Why wouldn’t he trust him?...tell him finally...

“Yoongi..” whispered Jimin and he moved up suddenly and pushed his lips softly against Yoongi’s.

“Mmm?” asked Yoongi as he pushed his lips back.

“Yoongi...I would give it to you..” whispered Jimin and he moved up and straddled Yoongi, the towel pushing up to expose his muscular thighs as he climbed on top of him.

“What angel...what would you give me?” said Yoongi, and pushed his hands up Jimin’s thighs, his dick becoming aroused as he felt Jimin’s plush, sweet mouth kissing him over and over…

“Anything Yoongi….I’d give you all the chances...everything…” whispered Jimin. He give him anything in the world. His precious Yoongi. His heartbroken saviour who adored so goddamn much. He had to believe him, trust him...whatever he did..not matter what it was...he would never judge him...he’d always give him another chance…

“Goddamn you Jimin.” sighed Yoongi and he grabbed Jimin’s ass just then and grinded him on top of his hard cock as his lust took over him. Goddamn him for saying these perfect things. These perfect things that he would never say if he knew the ugly truth.

“Yoongi…” whispered Jimin and he opened Yoongi’s mouth with his own, he pushed his tongue slowly inside of him and his heart seemed to burn in his chest as he kissed him. He loved him so fucking much. He wanted to help him...heal him...take his away his damn pain…

”Yoongi...I would forgive you...for anything Yoongi…anything.” whispered Jimin between the kisses. He wanted to make him believe him...he wouldn’t judge him...not Yoongi. He wanted to know his dark secret. He wanted him to know that whatever it was he would never, ever judge him for it...

Yoongi’s heart hurt. His angel didn't know what he was saying but it was beautiful just the same. It was so beautiful to him that he hoped he died hearing those damn words.

“Mmm.” moaned Yoongi as he breathed in Jimin deeply while he pushed his hands into his wet hair...pulling him deeper into the kiss. His tongue tasted so fucking good. He sucked it into his mouth and grabbed the towel and pulled it off Jimin, exposing his naked body. “Mmm….forgive me angel...please forgive me.” he begged.

Jimin nodded yes. “I...forgive you...I forgive you Yoongi’ whispered Jimin, his dick starting to become aroused as he explored Yoongi’s mouth with his tongue. “Mmm.” he moaned as Yoongi’s tongue rubbed back against his own...oh god it felt so fucking good.

“Mmm...I want you...I need you.” whispered Jimin and he leaned into Yoongi’s neck, pushing his thick tongue against it, sucking it into his wet plump mouth.

Yoongi sucked in his teeth. “Fuck you make my dick hard.” he whispered and he pushed his pants down, exposing his already semi-hard cock, grabbing it into his hand and stroking it upward as Jimin licked and sucked on his neck.

“Mmm...I want to suck it...oh fuck...let me suck it.” whispered Jimin. Yoongi tasted so good. He wanted to do everything to him, please anything he wanted. He loved him so fucking much.

He moved down and pulled Yoongi’s pants down further. He started to plants soft wet kisses on Yoongi’s collarbone, his chest, he hovered over his nipple, licking it before pulling it into his mouth.

“Goddamn you...fuck.” sighed Yoongi as Jimin kissed him all over his chest. He loved the feeling of the soft kisses .He loved the feeling of his damp hair as it brushed against his skin making him shiver...he loved everything about him..everything.

“Yoongi…” whispered Jimin seductively as he moved down and Yoongi raised his legs so that Jimin could pull his pants off fully. Jimin eyed him lustily and he leaned down and grabbed Yoongi’s hard cock.

“I want you Yoongi.” said Jimin and he leaned down and took his thick, wet tongue and licked up the shaft, lashing his tongue around the head of it and the going back down, pushing his thick lips against it, making it super wet.

“Mmm.” moaned Yoongi. Fuck it felt so good. He raised up and gripped Jimin’s hair, his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he watched Jimin lick all over his dick. “Oh that..mmm.” he sighed.

Jimin opened his mouth and pushed Yoongi’s dick inside it. Yoongi eyes got lower as the pleasure shot through him. “Fuck...mmm.” he moaned. He bit his lip and Jimin started to bob up and down, up and down as he jerked Yoongi’s hard cock into his mouth.

“Mmm.” moaned Jimin and he went down as far as possible. He started to jerk his dick harder and faster into his mouth. He wanted him to feel good. He wanted to make Yoongi cum.

“Oh fuck.” sighed Yoongi. Goddamn it felt good.

Jimin moaned as he licked up his shaft. He started to lash his tongue up and down and all around it, making it super wet before tongue kissing the head of it again.

“You like that Yoongi...mmm?” he asked sweetly and then he pushed his cock back in his mouth again sucking it roughly.

“Fuck yes…mmm...yes..” sighed Yoongi. Fuck it felt so good. His mouth was super wet and Jimin began jerking Yoongi harder and faster as he sucked and sucked on his cock.

“Oh that angel..fuck..” he sighed. Fuck he couldn’t take this shit.

“Mmm...fuck my mouth” moaned Jimin. He wanted him to cum so badly.

“Mmm...fuck...ahh.” sighed Yoongi as he started to thrust back into Jimin’s mouth like he asked him. He bit down hard on his lip. Fuck it felt so good. Jimin’s mouth was so wet and he trembled slightly as he felt the saliva dripping down on his dick.

Jimin sucked and sucked, he went down as far as possible. His dick got super hard as he felt Yoongi thrusting back and forth in his mouth.

“” Jimin moaned as he took as much of his cock as possible. He wanted to suck him till he came. He was so fucking sexy.

Yoongi sucked in his teeth again. Fuck it felt so good! Jimin looked so sexy he was already leaking precum. “ that...fuck like that.” he said as he pumped and pumped.

“Goddamn fuck.” sighed Yoongi and he shut his eyes, his head hitting the headboard as he held back his urge to fucking cum. Jimin started to deepthroat his dick and Yoongi could barely take it. He moaned as he felt the hot rush flow through. Goddamn he’d cum!

He shot up quickly and he pulled Jimin up by the shoulders suddenly. Jimin gasped from the shock of it.

“Goddamn you..” growled Yoongi and he slammed his mouth against Jimin’s. He didn’t deserve him. Goddamn him he’d make his angel cum over and over again for being so goddamn sweet to him when he didn’t deserve.

“Mmmm!” moaned Jimin as Yoongi slammed him down on the bed. “Ahh...ahh..” he moaned as Yoongi attacked him so savagely all of a sudden. He was pushing his tongue back and forth deeply into Jimin’s mouth and Jimin wanted to die it felt so fucking good. He was practically fucking his mouth with his tongue.

“Oh god..oh god.” sighed Jimin and he flung his arms around Yoongi’s neck as he kissed him back as hard as he could. He wanted to take it from him. His sadness..his fear...he wanted to take all out of him..making him forget all those damn dark secrets that kept haunting him…

“Give it to me...Give it to me..” sighed Jimin as he gripped Yoongi’s hair with his hand.

“Goddamn you...goddamn you Jimin.” sighed Yoongi and he moved down and sucked and licked on his angel’s neck. He’d make him tremble. He’d make him feel so fucking good.

“Mmm..ahh...ahh.” moaned Jimin, his back arching as Yoongi attacked his neck. “Oh god yes...give it to meee..” he whined. Oh fuck it felt so good!

Yoongi sucked his skin into his mouth. His dick was so fucking hard. He grinded down on top of Jimin and he moved back up, his tongue sticking out of his mouth like a wild dog. He grabbed Jimin’s hard cock and started to stroke it up and down harshly.

“Fuck baby...fuck…” he sighed. He wanted to make him cum, make him blush, make him feel as good as possible.

“Mmm..ahhh...ahh...Yoongi..” moaned Jimin. Goddamn he couldn’t stand it. He arched his back again and Yoongi fell down on top of him and Jimin grabbed him quickly to him. “Kiss me...give it to me.” sighed Jimin. He wanted all of him..everything.

“Mmm.” growled Yoongi and he kissed and kissed his precious angel.

Yoongi pumped and pumped and Jimin started to tremble from his rough hands as they jerked his cock so perfectly. “Ahh..oh god..mmm..ahh..ahh.” he sighed into Yoongi’s mouth, his hands holding onto Yoongi’s shoulders to brace himself.

“Fuck angel...goddamn you.” said Yoongi, the raspiness of his voice sending chills through Jimin’s spine. He leaned down into Jimin’s neck and Jimin held him tightly by the hair and he sucked and licked on his neck. He’d make him cum. He’d make him tremble.

“Mmmmm...oh god..ahh...ahh.” sighed Jimin. Waves of pleasure crashing through him. He could barely take it. Any second and he’d cum. He started to tremble as he bit his lip. He didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted to fuck Yoongi...take everything from him.

“Mmm..fuck me baby...give it to me.” whispered Jimin seductively and he pulled Yoongi away from his neck by the hair and he looked up at him with bedroom eyes, his tongue licking around his sexy plump mouth, begging him to fuck him.

Yoongi nearly came right there at the sight of him. He was so fucking sexy his heart would explode in his goddamn chest.

“Mmm...fuck me baby...fuck me…” Jimin whispered as he bit down on his lip. HIs dick was so hard he was aching for Yoongi to fuck him.

Yoongi couldn’t speak. He could only nod his head yes. He was so choked up by Jimin’s beauty he couldn’t speak.

He reached over and got the lube and Jimin moved back up to his mouth and he kissed and kissed Yoongi passionately as he prepared to fuck him.

“Yoongi...Yoongi.” he whispered. He adored him, worshipped him, he wanted to take all his pain away.

“ good to me...even...even though I don’t deserve it.” whispered Yoongi softly, and Jimin nodded his head yes. Yoongi sat back against the headboard, stroking his dick as he watched Jimin straddled him.

Yoongi’s heart was aching as he watched him lean down to kiss him again. His beautiful hair fell all around him, creating some secret space where there were only the two of them and the heavenly scent of Jimin...the rosy scent was all around him…

”I….I…” Yoongi started...He had only slipped up once...He had slipped up once and said he loved him but Jimin didn’t notice it that one time when he had done it...

“Shhhh..Just shhhh.” said Jimin and he grabbed onto Yoongi’s dick and started to sensually stroke him as he planted soft, wet kisses upon his lips.

“Shhh..” he said softly. Yoongi nodded and Jimin raised up just then, looking down as he moved into position to fuck Yoongi like he had asked him to. He’d be good for him. He do whatever he asked. He’d take everything from him...all his love...all his pain.

Yoongi’s heart beat wildly inside of him as he watched Jimin looking down, his damp hair hanging down in pretty waves as it hid his face. He loved him so goddamn much. He wanted to tell him how much just then...He wanted to tell him over and over how much he loved him, worshipped him, adored him…How horrible...How horrible was he to want to tell him..

It would only make Jimin love him more...

Jimin put Yoongi’s dick at the entrance, he trembled slightly as he started to push down on his cock, pushing it into his tight hole. He winced from the slight pain he felt as the head finally went in...but he would take it...he’d take all of Yoongi no matter how much it hurt...

“Ohhh...mmm...mmm...ahh...ahhh.” sighed Jimin. Fuck it it was too big...fuck it hurt...fuck it felt so good at the same time. He bit his lip hard and flipped his hair back as he bounced up and down taking more and more of Yoongi’s cock. “Give it to me...mmmm...give it to me Yoongi..ahhh.” he moaned.

Yoongi looked up at him lustily and he couldn’t stand it any longer. He wanted to be inside him. He wanted to feel every inch of him. He wanted to give him everything like he kept fucking asking him. Goddamn him for asking him. Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin’s ass and thrust up into him suddenly. He couldn't wait to get in. He couldn’t wait to give him what he kept begging for.

“Mmmm!” moaned Jimin. He gasped as Yoongi’s dick thrust into him hard and fast. “Oh god..fuck...MMMM” he moaned as Yoongi started to pump roughly up into him. He grabbed onto Yoongi’s shoulder to brace himself and he shut his eyes tightly. Oh fuck he would scream.

“Take it angel...let me in.” said Yoongi. “Mmmmm...ahhh...ahh.” moaned Jimin. Oh was too fucking big...goddamn his dick was too big.

“MMMM” he moaned again as Yoongi pushed upward, pushing in further and further till he hit the sweet spot. He grabbed on Jimin’s hips and he pulled him back and forth on his dick and Jimin trembled and moaned and Yoongi closed his eyes tightly as he fucked him and fucked him.

“Mmm..ahhh...ahh...oh fuck...oh fuck..MMMMMM” moaned Jimin. Goddamn he wanted to scream.

“Take it angel...Take it for me...Take it.” whispered Yoongi. He pushed in deep just then, grinding into Jimin. Fuck it felt so fucking good.

JImin nodded yes. He’d take it. He’d do whatever he wanted. Jimin suddenly flung his head back and he started to ride the fuck out of Yoongi. He rolled his hips back and forth and Yoongi’s dick went further and further into him. He bounced up and down faster and faster until his dick was slapping against his stomach. “Ahhh...ahhh...give it to me...oh fuck yes...yes…” he moaned.

“Yes angel fuck me...mmmm...fuck me.” growled Yoongi and he thrust deep and hard into Jimn.

“Oh god...oh fuck MMM” moaned Jimin. Holy fuck it felt so good. “Oh fuck...Mmm..ahhh..ahh.” he moaned as the pleasure shot through him.

“You want it….You want it angel?” asked Yoongi, his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he watched Jimin fuck him.

Jimin nodded yes. “ me….ahh..ahh...give me...Yoongiii..” he moaned as bounced hard and fast on top of Yoongi.

Yoongi raised up suddenly and he grabbed Jimin by the neck and he pushed his tongue into his mouth, his other hand grabbing his plump ass and he started to pound into Jimin hard and fast.

“MMMMMM!” moaned Jimin. Oh god he couldn’t take it!

“AHHH..AHH...oh fuck...oh fuck.” he whined as the immense pleasure of Yoongi fucking him shot through his body.

“Take it...take good.” sighed Yoongi and he thrust and thrust as he held Jimin’s neck.

“Mmm..ahhh..ahh.” moaned Jimin. Any minute and he’d cum

“Mmmm..ahhh..ahhh...Yoongiii...ahh.” moaned Jimin. Oh god it was too much...It was too much! “MMMMM” he moaned loudly. Goddamn it felt so fucking good.

“Cum angel..cum” moaned Yoongi. He grabbed onto Jimin’s cock suddenly and started to jerk it hard and fast. “Oh fuck! Ahhh..ahhh..MMM...AHHHH...MMM” moaned Jimin, a tear falling from his face. Goddamn he couldn’t take it!

“Cum angel...fuck you’re so pretty and sexy...Do what I say...cum.” said Yoongi. He’d make him cum..he’d make him stay..stay in this goddamn room.

Jimin wanted to scream. He could barely fucking take it Yoongi was fucking him so hard and jerking him so good. He squeezed his eyes as tightly as possible and grabbed Yoongi by the shoulder’s and he bounced hard and fast on his dick.

“Oh god! Yoongiiii...ahhh..MMMM...I’m cummming...MMMM” moaned Jimin. He would go insane it felt to so fucking good. Yoongi squeezed harder on his neck just then and Jimin started to pant loudly, the warm rush flowing through him as his orgasm rode inside him.

“Cum angel..Cum” whispered Yoongi and he jerked him fast as fuck just then.

“Mmmm..Yoongiii..MMMMM! Oh god!’ cried out Jimin and he squeezed his eyes tightly as he came hard as fuck on top of Yoongi.

“Mmm..ahhh” he sighed. It was too much he could barely breathe.

Yoongi let his dick go and he grabbed Jimin by the waist and rolled on top of him. He pushed his hands into Jimin’s hair and Jimin looked so goddamn pretty to him his eyes welled up with tears all of a sudden.

“ to me...ahhh...ahhh.” sighed Jimin. He couldn't take it..but he would. He’d take all of Yoongi..he’d take everything.

Yoongi felt all the pain wash through him as he watched Jimin beg him to do more...give more...when he knew couldn’t take more. Goddamn him to hell he didn’t deserve him! Goddamn him he wanted to tell him...He had to tell him even though he knew he shouldn’t.

“Angel…” sighed Yoongi and he pushed his dick back into Jimin slowly as he said the words. “I love you Jimin...I fucking love you.” he said...He was such a bastard...a bastard to say it.

Jimin’s heart burst as Yoongi pushed his head into his neck, pushing his cock deep inside him. “Mmmm..ahhh...Yoongi...oh fuck Yoongiii.” he moaned. He started trembling as Yoongi cock pushed inside him slow and deep.

“I love you angel...goddamn you...Goddamn you I fucking love you.” panted Yoongi and he started to pump faster and faster, chasing his orgasm as he held Jimin tightly by the hair. “Mmmm. he growled and he pumped and pumped. He grabbed Jimin’s ass suddenly and pounded hard as fuck inside of him. He felt so fucking good. He wanted to feel everything.

Oh god Jimin could barely take it as he fucked him and told him he loved him. “I you...Ahhh..AHHHH..” he moaned, barely able to speak as Yoongi fucked him so hard and deeply.

Yoongi thrust and thrust, waves of pleasure crashing through him. “Mmm” he growled. His angel was so wet and felt so fucking good he held back from cumming just then.

“MMMM..ahhh..ahh.” moaned Jimin. “Oh fuck..MMM” he whined as he held Yoongi tightly around the neck, his eyes shut tightly. He would take it...fuck he would take it..

Yoongi thrust and thrust, his heart bursting, his love overflowing, his cock aching with pleasure. He held Jimin tightly under him and he suddenly started to pound into him with all his strength.

“MMMMM….Yoongiii..AHHH...MMMM!’ moaned Jimin. He was fucking him so hard he would fucking scream!

“Oh fuck...I love you fuck” sobbed Yoongi, barely catching his breath. He raised up and looked down at Jimin as he fucked into him. He had to see him...He wanted to see him when he came. He was so goddamn pretty.

He thrust hard and deep and Jimin's was shaking, his beautiful face was flushed pink. He biting down on his lip as he held onto Yoongi’s arms tightly and Yoongi’s heart was swelling. He was so fucking beautiful to him.

“Fuckk….I love you fuck” he said breathlessly and he pumped and pumped.

“Mmmm..ahhh..AHHH..AHHH.” moaned Jimin. “Oh god! MMMM!” he moaned, arching his back suddenly as Yoongi thrust deep as fuck just then.

“I’m cumming...goddamn you I’m cumming..” sighed Yoongi and his orgasm surged through him and he pushed in deep as fuck as the cum shot out of him and into Jimin.

“Fuck...ahhh...I love you...fuck.” he sighed, collapsing on top of Jimin just then. He panted heavily into his neck. Fuck it had felt so good.

“Ahhh...mmm...oh god...oh god.” sighed Jimin. Fuck he couldn’t breathe. They laid there, panting and sighing as they waited for their harsh breathing to calm.

“God I love you fuck.” sighed Yoongi. Now that he had said it he couldn’t stop. He wanted to keep saying it. He moved down and laid his head on Jimin’s chest. Fuck he was so winded...He laid there on his angel and caught his breath, his eyes closed, his body warm and tingly.

“Goddamn you Jimin..I fucking love you dammit.” sighed Yoongi as he closed his eyes.

Jimin giggled. “I love you too Yoongi.” whispered Jimin softly. He loved him so fucking much it ached…

Jimin pushed his hands over and over through Yoongi’s hair and he stared up at the stars that were now glowing on the ceiling. He laid there quietly, his breath slowly calming down and he thought about things in the quietness of the room.

Yoongi loved him. He finally had said it...He had all of it finally. Finally he had all of Yoongi’s love…

He closed his eyes and sighed deeply. It felt so fucking good that a tear fell down his cheek. Jimin loved the feeling. He loved the feeling of Yoongi loving him...It felt so good he wanted to bask in it like a warm sun...Just lay there and feel it all around him..

He opened his eyes again and looked down at Yoongi. He was facing away from him, and all that Jimin could see was the top of his head on his chest. His hair was so funny. It was stringy and scratchy but still soft somehow...He ran his fingers through it and Yoongi wrapped his arm around Jimin’s waist just then.

“Mm.” said Jimin softly. It had felt so good when Yoongi hugged him closer just then. Jimin felt so many things inside him all at once. He wanted to take everything from Yoongi...He wanted Yoongi to trust him...He wanted Yoongi to tell him what was hurting him. He wanted Yoongi to believe him…

He wanted Yoongi to believe that he’d love him no matter what...He wouldn't judge him like Joker..It wasn’t the same as him and Joker. Yoongi had made no promises...Yoongi was his savior...he owed him his whole life...He’d give him his life if he had to...Yes he would die for Yoongi if he had to...Jimin suddenly knew in that moment that he loved Yoongi so much he would take a damn bullet for him...

“I would Yoongi...I would die for you…” whispered Jimin...too softly for Yoongi to hear.

Jimin looked back up at the stars...He would die for him but he would also lie to him, thought Jimin just then. How strange a thing it was. That he could love him so much yet lie to him just the the same...lie to him easily even...

He was lying to Yoongi right now...lying about that damn job he was about to go on. He was lying to Yoongi on the same damn night that Yoongi had expressed his love to him. He raised his hand to his mouth and bit his nail as he thought about it.

What if he got mad?...What if Yoongi found out he had done the job and got mad at him...sent him away again...What if it made him trust him even less?...Jimin was nervous...He had to help Spider but suddenly he didn’t want to lie to Yoongi anymore…

Yoongi wouldn't let him go though...He was too overprotective...He’d make him stay in the goddamn room if he told him he was going on the job…

Yoongi was always doing that...always making Jimin stay in the goddamn room if he thought something wasn’t safe...

Jimin bit his lip and looked back down at Yoongi. He kind of wanted him to though. He kind of wanted to all of a sudden just stay in the goddamn room…

Jimin felt nervous about the job...It was weird...Everything had been planned and they would meet and plan again...all this time he had been fine about it...and yet...this morning he had felt it...He had felt it in his gut…

He had felt it again on the basketball court...The feeling...the one he was feeling now...The feeling in his gut...the one that was telling him that something would go wrong….

Jimin always trusted his gut. It’s what kept him safe..It’s how he had survived for so long...All of them trusted it...Everyone in the gang knew that you trusted your gut no matter or silly or weird it may seem when it told you something. The Boss had taught them all that and Yoongi had taught it to Mochi.

“That gut...that instinct you have inside you...Don’t ignore it...The streets are a jungle...and’re an animal out animal trying to survive...and your gut..your gut is all you got.”

If your gut told you something you trusted it...It was a criminal’s best friend.

This time was different though...This time his friend was depending on him...This time he had to ignore it...he’d have to ignore his gut and hope it was wrong….

“Yoongi?” said Jimin. He’d put his fate into Yoongi’s hands. It made sense to Jimin to do so. To leave his fate in Yoongi’s hands…

He decided just then that if Yoongi asked him to stay in the goddamn room he would do it...He’d have to anyway...that was how it worked.

Jimin raised up and shook Yoongi slightly. He was knocking on fate’s door just then, hoping it would answer him ...Just wake up Yoongi...He wanted Yoongi to just wake up and tell him to stay in the goddamn room...

“ you want me to stay...not go to Spider’s?” asked Jimin. He bit his lip as he waited to see what his fate would be…

He waited….and waited...He waited until he heard his phone ring...He knew it was Spider..Spider was calling him to tell him they were there at PDogg’s and to hurry the fuck up.

“Yoongi..” whispered Jimin and he moved from underneath Yoongi, rolling him over onto his back.

He pierced his lips at him. The bastard was still asleep.

Jimin’s phone rang again and the nervousness grew inside of him. He shook Yoongi again. “Yoongi dammit...say it.” he said, rather loudly. Goddamn why wouldn’t he wake up!

He wanted him to say it so badly. He wanted Yoongi to save him again. He wanted him to wake up...tell him what he needed to hear...The one thing that could make him not go on the job…

“You’re not leaving...You’ll stay in this goddamn room.”

If Yoongi said those words, always, not matter what, Jimin would have to stay. Yoongi would fight him before he’d let him leave...He had even done it before...a few times actually. He had fought Jimin and made him stay in the goddamn room…

When Yoongi said that...Jimin would stay in the goddamn room whether he wanted to or not.

He usually didn’t want Yoongi to say it...but this time it was different. This time he wanted Yoongi to say it so goddamn badly!

He shook him again, harder this time…His gut told him...Something was going to happen...something bad...something would go wrong...

”Yoongi goddamn say it.” he begged…”Goddammit get up and make me stay.” he pleaded.

He shook him and shook him...he even cursed him. “Goddamn you asshole..say it!”

Fate had already decided though...and Jimin always accepted his fate…

Yoongi was high from the weed...the Arab guy had hooked him up...You would have thought a prize fighter had knocked him out just then…you’d have thought that fucker was dead...

Jimin shook him one last time, begging him to wake up..begging him to make him stay..

He shook him and shook him...but it was no use…

Jimin wouldn’t hear the words he wanted to hear...he’d end up going on the job...he’d end up leaving the goddamn room...

Unfortunately for one could save him this time…

Unfortunately for Jimin...his savior...was sleep...


Chapter Text

Jimin climbed into the back of the moving truck with Carlos, as Spider and PDogg got into the front. Carlos was Spider’s boy...the one that had gotten beat up by the Fort Greene crew when they had robbed Spider’s spot a few months ago. Jimin and PDogg had never met him before but so far he had seemed pretty cool.

PDogg started the truck and they all sat in silence as they rocked along the now empty streets. It was almost 12am and they were meeting the worker at the back entrance of the store. He’d let them in and wait while they robbed the place so that he could lock it back up afterwards. The funny thing about it was that his name was Carlos too.

Mochi leaned back against the seat and unzipped his coat. It was new and it perfect for the snow that had fallen during the night. It was a large black Puma parka, complete with a hood full of fur.

The damn thing was huge and puffy...Mochi seemed to disappear inside of it when he sat down just then. Yoonji had gotten it for him. She had gotten Yoongi and herself one too. She knew this girl that stole out of the store she worked at in Manhattan and had given it to Yooni for half the price.

“These coats are so thick you can barely feel any cold at all!” Yoonji had exclaimed. Jimin had agreed with her. He had one before...maybe a year or so ago...It was a good coat but just now as he sat in the truck he wanted the damn thing off of him. It was so fucking hot.

He unzipped the coat and looked around. The back of the truck was empty...well except for him and Carlos. They were all dressed in mostly black, as they should be, black clothes and black face masks...all except for Spider.

He had refused to change out of his “lucky” red Vans. Mochi had told him he was crazy as hell to wear some damn sneakers when there was all that snow on the ground, but Spider had insisted.

“These shoes are lucky. The one time when I wasn’t wearing them I got this fucking slash on my neck…” Spider had said, as he showed him the scar. “This dude thought I was talking to his girl...slashed my neck with a damn razor...Ever since then..I always wear these shoes when I go on a fucking job.”

PDogg and Mochi had laughed at him. “How old are those fucking shoes?!” they had teased.

“Dumb fucks...I take ‘em to the shoe new soles and everything.” he had said. They all just laughed again.

“So you’re Murder Mochi right?” asked Carlos as he pulled down his mask. Jimin pulled his down too and nodded at him. He noticed his face just then for the first time. It was scarred really badly from where he had gotten beat.

“ it true? You killed some dude in the park for fucking your girlfriend?” Carlos asked.

Mochi giggled. The stories about him were always different and none of them were ever the truth.

“Nah...that’s not true.” he said. “Ahh.” said Carlos.

Jimin suddenly thought back to when he had killed Lazy Eyes in park. He looked away. He didn’t want to talk about it. All these fucks thought it was cool. There was nothing cool about killing was the worst thing that had ever happened to him...

He flipped back his hood suddenly and brushed his hair back...brushing away the memories along with it before putting it back on.

“But you did kill someone…that’s why you’re Murder Mochi right?” pressed Carlos.

Jimin shot him an angry look and Carlos looked down to the floor. The hard look Jimin had just given him had told Carlos not to ask him any more questions about his name.

“Yo...It’s on Classon right?” yelled PDogg before the turn. “Yeah..Classon.” said Spider.

Jimin rocked in his seat slightly as the truck skidded a little when it made the turn. “Fucking snow.” mumbled PDogg.

“What you carrying? asked Carlos. Jimin sighed before looking at him. Fuck he asked a lot of questions. He kind of wanted to be left alone...He still had the feeling. The feeling in his gut. He wanted to sharp..have his wits about him just in case.

“I got my Wesson and a Glock.” said Mochi. “ gotta a Glock too.”

“Just one?” asked Jimin, as he raised his eyebrows at him. This was a big job. He should have more than one piece just in case they ended up in some damn shoot out or something, Jimin thought to himself.

Carlos nodded. “Why is that bad?” he asked nervously.

Jimin could tell. He probably had never done a least not one of this scale. Maybe that’s why something would go wrong..maybe it’d be because of this fuck…

“Yo Spider.” Mochi called out to the front.


“Yo why didn’t you give your boy another piece?”

“Nah I got him...I got it up here with me.” said Spider. “Oh okay just checking.” said Mochi.

“Spider got you..don’t worry.” said Jimin back to Carlos. Carlos shook his head.

“You ever do this before? Rob a place?” asked Jimin. He wanted to know what level of experience he had.

Carlos nodded yes. “Like the Bodega stores..never for drugs though..just money.”

Jimin giggled. “Dude all the Bodegas sell time go to the basement...shits always down there.”

“Ha really?” said Carlos, his eyes lighting up at the new info. “Yeah really.” chuckled Jimin.

“Cool.” said Carlos. “It’ll say like Rice or some shit.” said Jimin. Carlos laughed a little. “Rice?”

“’s always in something that would be white.” Jimin told him.

“Alright...we’re here.” said PDogg, and the truck started to slow down as they approached the dry cleaners.

Mochi signaled to Carlos to pull up his mask as he did the same. He zipped up his coat and they waited while PDogg pulled the truck in backwards. The damn thing beeped loudly as he backed up to the gate. Jimin sighed in frustration and shook his head. He hated how trucks always did that...How they always made that damn beeping sound when going in reverse.

“Alright...right there..right there.” said Spider. He didn’t want PDogg to back up too far and hit the gate.

“Yo he out there?” asked PDogg. Spider opened the door and jumped out. They waited for him to one said a word.

Suddenly there was a knocking sound on the glass of PDogg’s window. PDogg turned around to them. “Okay he’s there..let’s go.”

Carlos and Jimin got up and made their way to the back of the truck. When they opened it Spider and PDogg were standing there helping the other Carlos pull up the gate to the cleaners.

“ Mochi..and Little C.” said Spider. The worker Carlos nodded at them and they nodded back.

Jimin jumped down onto the fresh fallen snow. He looked around him and down the sidewalk. It was dark, not a sole was in the alley, the streets were covered in white and Brooklyn seemed to sparkle just then from where the snow had fallen on the ground. He felt better as he gazed upon it...He had always loved it...He had always loved the snow.

He turned his head back as he heard the gate open. Spider walked up to them, shaking slightly up and down from the cold. He had on a rather thin jacket.

“Okay...look.. We’ll go in...check the shit out...make sure none of those fucks are inside...Ya’ll stay here. Then when we know it’s clear...I’ll come get ya’ll and we’ll start carrying the shit out and into the truck.”

“Who the fuck is looking out then?” questioned Mochi. Agust had taught him. You always needed a lookout.

“Fuck you mean? The worker Carlos?’ said Spider as his frowned at him from under the mask.

Jimin shook his head. Yoongi would never let some worker watch out for them. No fucking way.

“ gotta be one of our guys...How you know he won’t fucking run off.”

Spider sighed in frustration. Fucking Mochi was always worried about shit. “Dude...I’m fucking paying him...he’s cool.” Spider argued.

Mochi lowered his eyes and shook his head no. They stared at each for a few moments.

“Fuck Mochi..fine I’ll keep watch fuck!” yelled Spider. Fucking asshole was getting on his nerves.

“Good.” said Jimin. Spider stared at him and Jimin stared back. Carlos shifted his feet nervously in the snow as he watched the exchange.

“Bitch.” said Spider suddenly and he hit Jimin against his shoulder making him fall off of the curb.

“Haha you’re the bitch!” teased Jimin and he pretended to punch him in the arm as he stepped back up. They laughed suddenly.

“Okay okay...I’ll be back honey. Keep that ass tight for me while I’m gone.” teased Spider and he nudged his fist at Jimin’s chin.

“Shut the fuck up!” Jimin laughed. Spider raised his eyebrows at him and turned, jogging up to PDogg and the other Carlos.

Jimin looked at Carlos and they both started laughing. “He’s such an asshole.” laughed Jimin. “Dude I know.” agreed Carlos.

After a few minutes they all came back out. Jimin could tell they were about to tell them something good. Even with their face masks on their eyes were all lit up just then as they jogged up to them.

“Yoooo...I already counted like 15 boxes in there!” said PDogg.

“Are you kidding me?!” exclaimed Jimin. His eyes opened wide with astonishment. That was a lot of fucking drugs.

Spider started to giggle. “Yoooo this gonna hurt their asses good!” he yelled out. They all started laughing and then Jimin hushed them to shut the fuck up.

“Alright let’s do this shit. We only got an hour. ” said Jimin. Spider nodded in agreement and he rubbed his hands together.

Dumb fuck, thought Jimin. Spider didn’t have any gloves either. He felt bad for him since he’d be the one out in the cold the whole damn time. He took off his gloves and passed them to him.

“Here stupid.” Mochi said. Spider nodded thanks and put them on. He laughed...they were too small to fit his hands.

Jimin giggled at him when he showed him. “You’ll be half warm I guess.” he said. “Shit better than nothing.” said Spider. He appreciated the gesture just the same.

The other Carlos led the way and they all went inside. It was dark and he told them they’d keep it that way. “The boxes with the drugs say “Whites.” he told them. Jimin looked at Carlos. “See told you.” he said. Carlos laughed at him.

They walked up the stairs to the back of the store. It was quiet and sort of eerie as they passed the rows and rows of clothes all covered in plastic.

“This place would make a good fucking horror movie.” whispered PDogg. Jimin nodded his head yes. The only light that was on came from the cash register screen saver. It gave the next room a spooky blue glow.

The other Carlos led them to a storage closet and he pushed open the door. Jimin squinted his eyes as he approached the stacks of boxes against the wall. Him and PDogg kneeled down and they read the writing on the sides.

“Ah here.” said Jimin when he spotted one that said “Whites.” He pulled it out and passed it to Carlos. “This shit is sort of heavy.” he observed.

“Good.” said PDogg. If it was heavy it could possibly be all drugs.

“I’ll pick them out. You carry them to the truck with PDogg.” whispered Jimin. It would speed things up, he thought to himself. They all agreed and he started to take out the boxes one by one as he spotted the correct ones.

“ that shit fast...just in case.” whispered the other Carlos and he looked around nervously as PDogg and Carlos walked away, each with a box in their hand.

“Yeah. I got you.” whispered Mochi. He wanted to get the fuck out here too.

Jimin still felt it in his chest...the nervous feeling...the feeling that something would go wrong.

He continued to move boxes around, finding the ones marked “Whites”, and he shoved them out of the closet and into the other room.

Everything was going smoothly...It seemed like the robbery would be a success…

They were almost finished just now...and Jimin started to feel better as he pushed the last boxes out of the room…

Yet the feeling that something would go wrong...was still fucking there…


Jungkook jogged up the steps and out of the train station. He was slightly pissed off. He had just gotten some new Timberlands that day and the damn slush inside the train station had made them all gross and dirty. He stepped out and stood there for a moment, picking up his foot to inspect them.

“Fuck.” he said in a thoroughly annoyed tone. He should have listened to that lady when he bought them. He should have bought the damn boot cleaner.

“Hey nice boots.” said someone from a few feet away. Jungkook looked up and spotted him standing in front of the store. It was Jumin.

“Hey I didn’t know you were out.” said Kookie and he walked over to him and they did the gang handshake.

“Yeah...would have been out sooner if that fuck Agust would have paid my bond.” Jumin said saltily. Jungkook nodded. He didn’t want to say anything else. He felt uncomfortable. He didn’t like talking shit about Agust behind his back.

“I was gonna get me a pair...of the Beef and Broccolis.” said Jumin as he looked down at Jungkook’s boots.

“Beef and Broccolis?” asked Jungkook. He didn’t know what the fuck he meant.

“Those you idiot. The ones you got. We call them Beef and Broccolis. Because they’re brown with the green mesh on the sides. You didn’t know that dumbass?” asked Jumin.

Jungkook giggled and shook his head no. He giggled again shyly. He was still learning all of the street slang. He loved it though. They had nicknames for practically everything.

“What you up to now?” asked Jumin.

“Nothing. I was on my way home.” said Kookie. He pulled out his phone to check the time. It was 12am. He thought about Mochi just then...Mochi was on that damn job...

He texted him quickly:

Rabbit: Don’t go

He pushed his phone back into his pocket. He knew he wouldn’t get a text back. Fucker was probably already there…

“Yo I’ll walk with you.” said Jumin. “I’m bored as shit and no customers are out here now because of the snow. Hell even druggies know it’s too cold for this shit.” said Jumin. Jungkook giggled and they started to make their way down Myrtle avenue towards the park.

“What’s it jail?” asked Rabbit. He had never known anyone who had went.

“I wasn’t in real jail..just the bookings.” said Jumin. “The bookings?” asked Kookie.

“’s like where they hold you till you see the judge. Shit is downtown. You know that big building...the tall one near that Jamaican spot with the good ass chicken?” asked Jumin.

Jungkook frowned as he tried to remember. “Oh yeah..that one with the picture of the goat out front?” Jumin nodded. “Yeah that shit. That big building across the street. That’s the bookings.”

“Ohhh.” said Kookie. Funny how he had never noticed.

“So what you do still running and shit?” asked Jumin. “Nah..not really..I mean Agust hasn’t had me do it in a while. I think I want to be a Jay.”

“No shit!” said Jumin. “You could totally do that all buff and shit.”

Kookie laughed. “Nah I’m not really.” he said shyly.

“I would work out too but I’m too lazy for that shit.” said Jumin. Jungkook nodded that he understood. He used to work out a lot, but now he was too damn busy with sales.

They cut through the park and Jungkook felt slightly nervous. He remembered the boy those Fort Greene guys could be in here.

“Hey you know a kid named Blitz?” asked Kookie. He’d see what he knew about them.

Jumin laughed at him as he shook his head. “Who the fuck doesn’t know Blitz...That dude crazy man. I saw him fuck up someone the other day.” said Jumin.

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide.”Really? Where?” he asked.

“Over here actually. I was selling and shit and he came out and grabbed up some dude and just started pounding on him. Fucking Blitzkrieg man.” said Jumin.

Jungkook gulped. He pushed his hands into his coat and ran his thumb against the gun.

“Why’d you ask about him?” asked Jumin. Jungkook almost told him about the robbery just then but then he decided against it...better to just say nothing at all then leave out the part where him and Joker had went into Fort Greene.

“No reason. Just want to know my enemies that’s all.” said Kookie. “Yeah...he won’t fuck with you though...They don’t want any problems with Agust or Joker. Pussy ass fucks.” said Jumin.

Jungkook felt better knowing that Jumin felt this way. Jumin had been in the gang a long time he had learned. Fuck up or not.

They walked in silence for a few moments and Jungkook looked out at the park. It was incredibly cold and the wind was whistling through his ears. He could hear the light crunching of the snow beneath their boots and he suddenly thought of his mom’s cooking. She cooked the best shit during the holidays. It was the one drawback of living with Joker. Neither of them knew how to cook.

His stomach rumbled...fuck he was so hungry just then. Jumin laughed at him and Jungkook laughed back knowing he had heard it.

They approached the basketball court and Jungkook noticed a guy and girl standing near the benches. He eyed them curiously. They seemed to be having an argument. As they got closer they could suddenly make out what they were saying.

“Bitch. Shut the fuck up!” yelled out the guy suddenly and Jungkook and Jumin’s eyes grew wide as they saw the guy raise his hand up in the air and smack the girl hard in the face.

“Ohhh shit!” yelled out Jumin. Jungkook’s stopped suddenly, a shook look on his face. The guy grabbed the girl up roughly and he raised his hand and smacked her again.

“Stop!” she yelled out as she started to cry uncontrollably. He started yelling at her in Korean and Jungkook gulped. Jumin started to pull his sleeve.

“Yo..come one..let’s go...none of our business.” Jumin said. Jungkook looked back at him.

“Nah...I can’t..I gotta help her.” he said to Jumin. He couldn't just leave her like that...No fucking way could he just let her get beat like that.

“Son..nah.” objected Jumin and he shook his head no as he looked at Kookie with scared eyes.

Jungkook pierced his lips at him. He was going to help her whether Jumin thought it was right or not. Jungkook turned away from him and started to walk over to basketball court. His breath was already quickening as he watched the guy yell at her again while she cowered in front of him, begging for him to let her go.

“Fucking coward.” Jungkook mumbled. He’d beat the shit out of him. Fucking pussy.

Jungkook’s fist started to ball as he walked faster toward them. He had no fear...Joker was right. All of Jungkook’s fear was gone. All he felt inside him was rage toward the man and sympathy for the girl.

Jumin didn’t go with him. He stopped at the entrance and just looked on.

Suddenly as Jungkook stepped into the lights of the basketball court, ready to yell out to that fuck to let her go, a boy flew past him swiftly and ran up to the couple.

“Yo Quincy! Get the fuck off my sister man!” yelled out the boy.

He was wearing a white jacket and blue jeans but Jungkook knew in an instant who he was by his red beanie that was on his head.

It was him...The boy who he had beat up in the projects...The boy named Ali.

“Shut the fuck up!” yelled out the guy named Quincy. Jungkook tried to remember...where the fuck had heard that name?

“Nah..stop...let her go I’m telling you!” yelled Ali, and he went to grab his sister, but the guy flung her roughly to the side away from him.

“Who the fuck are you to tell me shit? You under me you fucking pussy. I’ll do what I want to your fucking sister. I’ll beat this bitch in front of you.” said the guy angrily and he turned around suddenly and smacked the girl again.

“Ahhhhhh...stop!.” cried out the girl as she fell back hard against the ground.

“Nah Fuck you yo!” yelled out Ali and he swung his fist hard into Quincy’s face.

Jungkook couldn’t help it. He was so fucking angry and the guy was too big. He knew he was too fucking big for the kid Ali to handle. The girl kept crying and screaming for Quincy to stop and Ali just then took a hard hit to the face.

“RABBIT NO!” yelled out Jumin from somewhere behind the fence.

It was too late though. Rabbit was determined. Rabbit was going to knock Quincy the fuck out.

Jungkook ran up to the guy suddenly and slammed his fist hard and fast into Quincy’s jaw. The guy swung back and Ali looked at Rabbit in disbelief as he watched him dodge the hit and go for the second punch.

“Come on. Come on!” yelled out Quincy as he gained his ground. Jungkook dodged him again. He leaned in and landed another one, this time into his side like Mochi had taught him. The dude grunted and swung back and landed his fist into Jungkook’s cheek.

“Fuck!” yelled out Jungkook.

Ali jumped in and he swung his fist into the Quincy’s face. Quincy fell back against the bleachers and Ali and Jungkook leaned down and started to beat the fuck out of him. The landed punch after punch. They’d beat the fuck out of him!

“How do you like it you fucking bitch!” yelled out Jungkook. He’d beat the fuck out of him.

“Touch my sister again you fucking pussy!” yelled Ali and he kicked him hard making Quincy moan out loud in pain.

Quincy flung his hands over his face to protect himself as they stared to kick him where he lay on the ground. “I’m gonna kill you! Kill YOU!’ he yelled as they beat the fuck out of him.

Jungkook stopped and looked at Ali. “Go ahead. Take it.” he said. Ali nodded and swung his foot back and kicked Quincy hard as fuck into the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

“MMM!” he moaned as he hunched over, holding his stomach. “Ahhh..” he cried out. They had fucked him up real good.

“Yo..le’ts go.” said Ali and he grabbed his sister’s hand and they ran out of the court with Jungkook beside them.

Jungkook noticed Jumin was gone when he got to the exit. Fucking pussy, he thought and he looked back at Quincy as he caught his breathe. He was still hunched over, still moaning in pain and cursing them.

“ work for him?” asked Rabbit as they started to walk away while they panted, catching their breathe.

Ali nodded. “Yeah...he’s Blitz brother...fucking bastard...We all work for him...except for Blitz.”

The girl was shivering as she kept crying on Ali’s shoulder. Jungkook nodded that he understood. He felt anxious about it...He was a boss then...a fucking mini boss...

“Yo..let’s go before more of them come.” said Ali. “We’ll walk you to the safe zone.”

Jungkook looked at Ali’s sister. “Nah..take her home dude. Be safe.” he said.

Ali smiled at Jungkook. “Nah Rabbit. You helped us...I owe you man.” he said and they started to walk Rabbit out of the park toward his side where Dekalb avenue was.

They walked in silence for a few moments..Them all trying to play out what would happen next in their heads. They were all nervous. They knew this wasn’t the end of what had just happened but they dare didn’t speak these thoughts out loud.

“This is my sister...Rhea.” said Ali suddenly. He wanted Rabbit to know who he had helped.

“Hey Rhea...sorry that happened to you.” said Kookie and he smiled at her sorrowfully.

“Thank you.” said Rhea as she made a tiny smile back at Jungkook.

“ didn't have to help I feel so fucking bad for trying to rob you and shit. You a real ass dude.” said Ali.

Jungkook smiled at him. “Nah...I just...I can’t let a girl get hurt like that...gang or not that shit’s not right. Like that could be my daughter one day.” said Kookie. Ali nodded yes.

“I’m fucked now man. Like I don’t know what the fuck they’ll do to me….Like now I got beef with one of the bosses and shit.” he said and he looked back nervously as he hugged his sister more closely to him.

Jungkook nodded. He didn’t know what to say. He was worried...He might be fucked too. He had just beat up a boss in the Fort Greene crew for another Fort Greene crew guy. No way was he not fucked because of he had beef too..

They hit the exit. Jungkook turned to him. The kid was cool. He had a nice way about him. He wanted to help something…

“ you want I can tell Joker...I mean..maybe you can come to our in our crew.” said Kookie. He liked Ali. Something about fighting side to side with a guy...They had this unspoken bond now.

“ my number.” said Ali. Jungkook pulled out his phone and Ali did the same. They exchanged numbers.

“Yo I’ll think about it and hit you up.” said Ali and he gave Jungkook a slight nod.

“Cool...Be too.” said Rabbit to Rhea. “I too dude.” said Ali and he nodded again to say thanks.

Jungkook waved to them and turned to leave. As he walked down the block he stopped and looked back as they walked the other way. He assumed they would go around the park instead...that fuck was probably still inside..

Jungkook shook his head and began walking briskly down the street. Everything was white and everything looked different to him now. These were his streets now. It was Brooklyn just the same but it was more to him now...It was home...A home that he felt like protecting for the first time in his life...

He was proud of himself. He hadn't been afraid. The old Jungkook would have held his head down and walked by...maybe called the cops but that was about it. He would have cursed himself later about it...been mad that he hadn't done something….

But not anymore...Now he would do something about it. He would defend what he felt was right. He had done the right thing despite the rules of the gang...despite what might happen later. Jungkook felt good about it...He felt free...He felt like a man...
He thought about Joker...He would tell him of course. He didn’t know how he would react but something told him deep down the Joker would say it was okay what he had done.

Jungkook felt like he suddenly understood why they had went into the projects...into Fort Greene. It was the right thing to do...You had to demand respect...Stand up for the things you believed in...Even when it may be dangerous to do so…

Jungkook understood now. Suddenly he understood Joker a little more. He didn’t always follow the rules because he was following something else. A code that he had inside him. He was following what he believed to be right. It was honorable to do that. To do what you thought was right regardless of the rules.

He smiled to himself as he turned down Clinton Avenue. He was hungry again. Hungrier than before.

He loved these streets. He had always liked his neighborhood and wanted it to be clean and all that but he felt different about them now...He felt a sense of pride…

He wanted to celebrate it...this new pride..this new love of where he lived...of who he was..

His stomach rumbled again and he giggled to himself. He knew just how to celebrate...That bastard Jumin had even given him the idea.

He would celebrate it with food...One of the best meals in Brooklyn...that’s what he’d get.

It was what he always got...but he knew somehow, tonight, it would taste better than ever…

Beef and Broccoli...that’s what he’d get…

He’d get the largest order...of some good ass Beef and Broccoli.


Spider was right. His shoes were lucky. The robbery couldn’t have gone more perfectly. They had loaded all the boxes into the truck with no problem at all...they had even finished 15 minutes early.

Spider had paid the other Carlos and they had pulled away as he locked up the gate. The ride toward home was a little more scary, as the snow had started to ice in patches, but they were all happy as fuck inside of the truck.

They had ended up with 22 boxes...They knew even without opening them that they had hit the fucking motherload of Cocaine robberies.

“Yo! This could be their whole fucking stash!” yelled out Spider and he pounded his hands against the dashboard like he was playing the drums. He was fucking excited!

Jimin and Carlos laughed in the back. “We should just keep the shit...find someone to buy it!” Carlos yelled out.

PDogg giggled. “No way you gonna do that without letting The Boss know.”

“True.” said Mochi. It was too much weight. It would be hard as hell to get rid’d have to know someone uptown...only The Boss knew the big buyers that bought weight in bulk like that.

“Ahhh but fuck it...we got a way to blackmail their asses now!” yelled out Spider. “I could be like..I want this many guns...those fucks that beat up my boy here and I'm keeping three boxes off principle for you trying to rob me.” yelled out Spider.

Mochi laughed at him. He was so full of himself just then. “Seriously though! Like seriously!” Spider yelled.

“I don’t know...I think you should tell the fucking Boss.” said PDogg. He was worried...he hadn’t known they’d score this was a big decision...what to do with all that cocaine.

“Well either way I’m keeping some to sell..Fuck that.” said Spider. Mochi giggled. “I don’t care what you do with it as long as you pay me.”

“Mochi...I fucking love you like I’ll give you whatever you want!” yelled out Spider. Jimin held his head back and laughed. Spider was so funny!

“You better stop flirting with Mochi before Agust whip your ass.” teased PDogg.

Spider burst out laughing and Mochi leaned his head down on his knees as he giggled from embarrassment. He had been with Agust for awhile now but it was still weird when they all talked about them as a couple.

“Oh you date Agust?” said Carlos a shocked look on his face. Jimin looked up and nodded yes as he bit his lip. He was so shy suddenly!

“Yo Murder Mochi is the most gangsta dude I know...hands down.” said Carlos.

PDogg laughed. “Dude...he’s not even in the he just does this shit for fun.” he teased.

Carlos eyes grew wider. “You’re not in the fucking gang?” he said a shocked look on his face.

Jimin shook his head no. He was still laughing his ass off as they teased him. “My boy Mochi he said “Fuck The Boss.” laughed Spider.

“Shut the fuck up!” laughed Jimin. Carlos just stared at him in shock. He was so cute and could he be so fucking tough?

“Carlos don’t listen to’s not like that...I just don’t want someone telling me what to I steal cars mainly that’s it.” said Jimin. He didn't want Carlos going around saying to people that Mochi was like “Fuck The Boss.” ...these idiots would get him killed saying shit like that.

Spider and PDogg laughed again.

“Where you want us to drop you off at? Agust house?” asked PDogg as they reached Clinton Avenue.

“Mmm...nah...the Chinese store...the one on Fulton.” said Mochi. He was hungry suddenly.

“Okay.” said PDogg. Spider started telling stories as usual as they rode on and Jimin leaned back and pulled out his phone. He wanted to see if Agust was up. He was so glad his gut had been wrong...that everything had turned out okay.

As he did he saw a message from Rabbit. He smiled when he saw it. He had told him not to go on the job. He loved that his friend had worried about him...had remembered…

Mochi: I’m on my way back. Everything is cool :-)
Rabbit: Yay! Oh shit..I gotta tell you something
Mochi: What??
Rabbit: I’ll tell you tomorrow...I’m on my way home..I just picked up some Beef and Broccoli
Mochi: Oh good idea..I’m gonna get that shit too
Rabbit: That shit is the best
Mochi: Nope pancakes
Rabbit: LOL you and fucking pancakes.
Mochi: LOL...Call me when you wake up...or come by I’ll be home
Rabbit: Okay cool :-)
Mochi: :-)

He smiled and bit his lip as he wondered what Rabbit would have to tell him. Maybe something about Joker...Joker’s past with The Boss…

He texted Yoongi:

Mochi: awake? I’m on my way back

He waited. No answer. He smiled again. His Yoongi was probably still passed out.

He texted Yoonji:

Mochi: I’m going to the Chinese want anything?
Yoonji: Yeah...get me a Beef and Broccoli
Mochi: okay cool
Yoonji: She sent him a heart emoji

Jimin giggled as he put his phone back in his pocket. It was funny. Everyone wanted Beef and Broccoli tonight for some reason.

They pulled up to the store. “Yo...I’ll hit you up tomorrow with your money.” said Spider and Jimin leaned over to give him a hug goodbye.

“Okay.” he said. “Yo thanks friend...I owe you.” said Spider. He appreciated him so much for helping him with the job.

Jimin giggled. “No you don’t silly.” he said and he ruffled his hair affectionately.

“Okay PDogg...see you tomorrow. I found that 330i you had on the list. I’m gonna try to get it tomorrow.” said Mochi.

PDogg nodded at him and they did the handshake. “Bye Carlos...nice meeting you.” said Mochi and they did that handshake too.

“Yeah nice meeting you. Thanks for coming. You’re really cool.” he said.

Jimin eye smiled at him and pulled up the hood of his parka as he walked to the back to get out of the truck.

“Okay bye guys!” he called out as he jumped down into the snow

“Peace!...Bye!...See ya!” they yelled out. He waved bye again as Carlos waved back while he pulled down the door.

Jimin stood there for a minute as he watched PDogg struggle to pull out of the spot because of the snow. He laughed his ass off as he saw him make funny faces. He knew he was pissed off and yelling inside of the truck.

“Ahhh..fucking assholes.” he mumbled to himself. He looked around him. It was so quiet suddenly as the truck pulled away. The streets were all white and there was hardly anyone around. He saw a lady walking her dog, but other than that, he was the only one on the street….not even a single car.

He looked at the Chinese store and his stomach rumbled. He couldn’t wait to eat. He was so fucking hungry.

He walked in and the little bell rang as he pushed open the door. He stomped his feet on the rug at the entrance, stomping off the snow from his boots, so that he wouldn’t bust his ass on the slippery floor when he walked in.

He got to the counter and leaned over on it. “Hey...Mrs. Lau! You here?” he called out.

Everyone in the neighborhood knew Mrs. Lau. Her husband owned the store and they had worked there Mochi’s whole life. They were really sweet and knew all the kids. She even would give you some free donuts sometimes if you told her a funny story...sometimes for no reason at all...just because she knew you…

“I’m here...who’s that...Mochi?” she called from the back. Jimin giggled. “Yeah it’s me.”

Mrs. Lau walked up and opened her arms. “Ohhh my little Mochiii.” she smiled. “So cute and handsome...why you not married yet mm?” she teased.

Jimin leaned his head on his arm and giggled. Mrs. Lau was always teasing him that he was too handsome not to be married.

“Nobody wants me.” he teased back and he pouted at her.

Mrs. Lau shook her finger at him and made a face of disbelief. ‘Noooo...not true...listen..” she said and she held her hand up like she was telling him a secret. Jimin giggled and leaned over a little to hear what she’d say.

“You marry me and I kill my and you make good money with the store.” she teased.

Jimin leaned his head back, covering his hand and burst out laughing. “Hahaha...Mrs. Lau!” he laughed.

“Yeah...I’m a good wife. Cook for you everyday.” she laughed. Her husband came out just then. “I heard leave me for Mochi and I’ll marry your sister!” he teased back. They all started laughing.

“Baby what you want? I’ll make my new husband whatever he wants.” she teased again.

Jimin giggled. “Mmm...Two Beef and Broccolis. Large.” he said.

Mrs. Lau frowned at him. “Two orders? Who else? You cheating on me?” she asked. Jimin giggled. “No it’s for my friend.” he said. “Mmm..hmm..girlfriend.” she said as she rang up the order.

Jimin laughed again. He loved her so much. She told him the price and he paid it. “15 minutes.” she told him. Jimin nodded and he turned around and looked out at the street. He wanted to go back around in the snow as he waited for his food.

“I’ll be right outside!” he yelled out to them.

He opened the door and walked out and stared up at the sky. He watched his breath turn into white smoke as it hit the cold air. He slid around...not doing anything in particular...just enjoying the snow...thinking of how cool it would be this year to celebrate Christmas with Yoongi.

He sighed as he thought about him. What the hell was he hiding?...He wanted to know so badly.

He looked across the the empty school park. He had the dumbest idea...suddenly he wanted to just run over there and make damn snow angels.

He giggled to himself at his childish thoughts. He stared down at the snow and made circles with his foot as he leaned against the glass...He thought about the kid Carlos...How he had heard about him...How he had known he was a murderer...He didn’t like it. He didn’t want to be called “Murder Mochi.” He wished he could get rid of it...but you never picked your name in the streets...the streets picked it for you…

Just then a boy dressed in all black with a white facemask turned the corner and walked down the sidewalk that Jimin was standing on. He watched him as he walked by...the boy glanced at him just then and as he made eye contact, Jimin looked back.

It was second...just a split second...but in that second for no reason at all Jimin felt that feeling again...that feeling in his gut…

The boy turned his head toward the street again and kept walking.

Jimin eyed him and then looked back down at the snow. It was weird...why did he feel like that all of a sudden...He tried to think about it...He didn’t know that kid...well he couldn’t tell really..He had on that damn mask…

Suddenly Jimin heard the sound of footsteps approaching him. He looked up quickly and as he did so the same boy was now standing directly in front of him. He was taller than Jimin by a few inches and Jimin peered into his eyes and he saw it there...the boy was angry at him...the boy looked like he had some sort of beef…

“You...You’re name Murder Mochi?” asked the boy. His voice muffled from behind the mask.

Jimin’s eyes got lower as his adrenaline picked up. He leaned off of the glass and he went to push his gloved hand in his pocket where he had his gun…

“Why? Who wants to know?” asked Jimin sternly and he lowered his eyes at him to show him he wasn’t a pussy. He’d fuck him up.

The boy searched his face….Jimin was struggling to get into the pocket of his coat...The goddamn gloves were preventing him...The goddamn pocket was too tight!

“You’re him...You’re that fuck that killed my brother.” said the boy harshly and he started to reach into his pocket...

Jimin’s looked down and he knew...He knew he was fucked. He had something in his goddamn pocket...a knife...a gun...the fucker had something in his pocket and Jimin couldn't get to the damn gun to save himself...

He looked back up into the boys’ face and he saw it...His eyes...Him and that boy he had killed...They both had the same damn eyes…

“Nah...that’s not me...I don’t know what you’re talking about.” said Jimin. He pulled his hand out quickly and tried to take off his glove...He had to get to his goddamn gun!

“No it is you. It’s you and you’re fucking dead.” said the boy…

Jimin knew he was fucked as soon as he saw the flash of silver dart out of the boy’s pocket from whatever he was carrying.

He couldn't get the that single moment he had to go with his gut. He suddenly grabbed the boy’s arm as he lunged into him…

The boy jammed the knife swift and fast into Jimin’s stomach...He felt the sharp sting of the blade hit his skin and go into him...Jimin doubled over slightly to stop him from pushing the damn thing in further…

Oh fuck he’d kill him...He’d fucking kill him!

They started struggling...Jimin was fighting him for the knife...fighting him to not stab him again…

“URGGGGGH” he cried out as that boy leaned his arm back and attempted to slam the knife hard into his stomach again...

“Take this you fuck.” said the boy and he broke free from Jimin’s grip, lunging into him hard and fast…

Jimin eyes shot open in fear as the boy jammed the knife at him again...He slipped suddenly on the snow and the boy did too as Jimin’s foot shot out from under him and into the boy’s leg.

Jimin slammed down on the ground...his ass hit the floor...his back against the glass of the store...
The knife slammed down hard...hard into Jimin’s leg…

AHHH!” he yelled out as the pain shot through him…

The boy was over him...leaning over him with the knife in his hand...His eyes were filled with rage and Jimin knew he would fucking kill him...Oh god he would fucking kill him!!

Jimin grabbed onto the boy’s hand that held that knife in his leg quickly and they stared into each other’s eyes as the boy suddenly twisted the fucking knife into his leg...

“AHHHH FUCK!!!!”” Jimin screamed as the incredible pain shot through his leg. “GET OFF!!!” he screamed.

The goddamn gloves...He couldn't keep his grip on his hand because of the goddamn gloves!!

The boy jerked the knife out of Jimin’s thigh and Jimin winced and cried out as he looked up in horror...Oh fuck he would kill him...He would stab him to death...Oh fuck he was going to do it again and Jimin had no way to stop him!!!

“MRS LAU!!!! HELP!!!” he called out again….Please come...Please!!!!

The boy slammed the knife into his thigh again. “AHHHH” Jimin cried out...oh fuck...oh fuck!!!

Suddenly a police car siren sounded off and the boy shot a look at it’s direction. He jerked the knife out of Jimin’s leg and Jimin cried out in pain again, falling down sideways, his face slamming into the snow…

He watched the boy’s boots run past him as he ran away….

“Ahhh...ahhhh!” cried out Jimin. His muscle tightened as he tried to slide...slide himself to the door….They couldn’t hear him...Oh god they couldn’t hear him...Damn bulletproof glass!

“Mrs..Lau!!! Help me...please!” he cried...tears streaming down his face as he took his arm and attempted to drag himself again…

….the blood was spilling out...spilling out quickly from where the boy had twisted a hole into his leg…

“Ahhh...ahhh.” he cried as he tried to drag himself closer to the door again...Oh god the pain...the fucking pain!!!...”Help me...please…” he cried out again as the incredible pain kept shooting through his leg…

“Help me please!!!’ he called out into the dark street where no one could hear him...

He looked down and saw it pooling around him into the snow…the blood...there was too much fucking blood...

His face was so numb as he laid there upon the tears streaming down his face…

“Mrs. me...please....”

There was too much fucking blood…too much fucking blood...

Chapter Text

Taehyung walked up the block towards home, shivering from the cold harsh wind that was stinging his eyes and face. He sniffled slightly. He was catching a damn cold. Yoongi needed to fix that window at the spot, he thought to himself. It had been broken for months and now he had a damn cold because of it. It had been freezing inside...It had been so cold he kept his coat on the whole damn time he was in the place.

It was dark. The snow was crunching under his boots and he couldn’t wait to get home and make some fucking hot chocolate. He paused at the street corner before turning onto Lafayette where he lived.

Did he have any? Did he have any hot chocolate?

He pulled out his phone to text Jungkook to check, and as he turned the corner, he felt someone slam into his shoulder.

“Fuck!” yelled out Joker angrily. “Sorry.” said the muffled voice as it speed past him.

Tae whipped his head around and watched the fucker that had bumped him run full speed down the block. He was dressed in all black and the guy shot a look back at him just then as he kept running. He saw the flash of a white facemask…

“Dumb fuck.” said Tae...He almost ran after him just then...He had almost made him drop his damn phone…

He paused on the corner. He didn't want to go home and find out no hot chocolate was there. He looked down at the phone and texted Jungkook.

Joker: Hey do we have any hot chocolate there? I’m omw home
Rabbit: Lemme check

Joker waited. He looked around. It was kind of eerie. The streets were all covered in a snow and not a single car had one was was like a ghost town…

..and then he heard it…

“Help me please!!!’

Joker looked up and shot his head to the right in the direction of the voice.

“Jimin?” he said softly.

It was far off...he wasn’t sure...he didn’t know if he had even heard it correctly…

That was fucking way was that Jimin…

Joker kept walking...He kept walking across the street...but he stopped again…

His gut...He felt it in his gut...

He didn’t know for sure but that didn’t matter...his gut told him...something inside him told him that it was Jimin…

Joker didn’t hesitate.

He didn’t even think…

He turned around suddenly and ran his ass off toward the sound of the voice that had called out for help...


Jimin lay there in the snow and the world was growing darker...He blinked his eyes slowly...His smoky white breath circling around him as he breathed sporadically...tears falling down from the throbbing pain that seemed to shoot through his whole body now….

“Mm.” he moaned softly...He was too weak weak to get to the door...Too much blood...Too much fucking blood…

The world had grown dark now….so very dark...all he could feel was the incredible pain throughout his body….

He was floating suddenly...His head being lifted up slightly....He shivered...His teeth chattering...Fuck it was so cold…

He was shaking...shaking as he was turned over on his back…

“Chim!” ….”Chim!” ….someone….someone...calling his name…

He shivered again….only one person had ever called him that name...He must be here now..Here to kill him…

Joker had come to kill him...finish him off…


“CHIMMM!!” Yelled out Joker as he slammed down on his knees in front of him. Oh fuck was he dead?! Oh fuck was he DEAD?!!!

He was panicking inside but Joker knew this was no time to panic. His heart was beating wildly in his chest at the sight of him laying there on the ground...a pool of bright red blood forming around his thigh and waist…

“Oh fuck...Jimin...wake up...wake up.” said Tae and he turned Jimin onto his back. His eyes were closed and he was starting to shake...Jimin was suddenly shaking so badly as he lay there in front of him….He teeth chattering...a small moan escaping his lips.

Thank god. He wasn’t dead. He was going into shock...shock from losing so much goddamn blood.

Joker shot his head up and looked into the glass. No one was visible inside the store.

He looked back down at Jimin and he grabbed his jacket and unzipped it to see how much damage was done.

“Oh god.” he said in shock. He had blood on his shirt near his stomach, a hole in his two...he had been stabbed twice in his thigh...

Joker leaned down quickly and pulled him up, and he leaned Jimin’s back against the wall of the store.

“Chim...Chim.” he called out as he peered into his face in an attempt to wake him. It was what he used to call him...back when they were friends...It came naturally to him just call him Chim…

He reached down and grabbed some of the snow. It was the only thing he could think of. He had to get that fuck to wake up! Get him out of shock...He grabbed it and he pushed it against his cheek...

“UHHH!!!” Jimin gasped as the cold snow shocked him awake suddenly. He panted heavily, attempting to catch his breath and his eyes shot open and he stared into the face of the one that was there in front of him….

Joker. Fucking Taehyung was there in front of him….His face...His eyes...He looked like a fucking statue as he sat there in front of him...His aristocratic face full of worry and pain and heartache and beauty all at once…

Jimin felt the pain shoot through him with so much fucking force that he leaned his head back against the glass of the store and he opened his mouth and wailed loudly into the cold night air.

“NOOOOO!!!!” he yelled out. He wanted anyone! Anyone there but Joker. Anyone else but him!!! He was a fucking monster. He killed people... he didn’t save them. He’d rather die than owe that bastard his life. He’d rather fucking die!!!

Joker started to cry. Big tears streaming down his face and he leaned over and grabbed up Jimin.

“MMMM!!!” Jimin moaned as he was lifted into the air. Taehyung had to get him inside to Mrs. Lau...Stop the fucking bleeding before he bled to death...He had lost too much damn blood...

Tae’s heart ached as he felt Jimin’s hands beat weakly upon his back while he lifted him up from the ground. He knew that Jimin was trying to stop him from saving him. He was about to bleed to death and he was trying to stop him from saving him...He hated him that damn much that he’d rather die than let Tae save him….

“Not you!” cried out Jimin as he hit Taehyung’s back while he flung him suddenly over his shoulder. Not him. Anyone but him!!!!!

“You don’t save people!!! You kill them!” Jimin screamed. Oh god he’d rather die than owe Taehyung a single fucking thing in his miserable life!

Joker bit his lip as his heart broke in two from Jimin’s angry words. “Fuck you Jimin.” he said harshly and he walked over to the door and kicked it open. He’d save this asshole whether he liked it or not.

“I’m not doing it for you, you fuck. I’m doing it for me...Me and Yoongi..” Tae said.

He walked Jimin up to the door that led to the back and pounded his fist on it while he held Jimin over his shoulder.

“Mrs. Lau! Help me!” he yelled inside. He saw Mrs. Lau and her husband suddenly run up to the door. She looked at him. A frightened look on her face as she stared at TaeTae’s tear stricken eyes that were begging her for help and what looked like Mochi in his arms.

“TaeTae!” she yelled back at him and she quickly opened the door. Tae rushed inside and Mrs. Lau’s husband yelled out to him something in Chinese as he signaled for Tae to follow him toward the back of the kitchen.

“ it’s’s okay.” yelled out Mrs. Lau as she followed closely behind Tae, her eyes staring down at the blood that was trailing down behind him...

Jimin felt weak again...he moaned and closed his eyes...he felt so very hot...

“Here!” yelled of Mr. Lau and he pointed to the table. It was filled with dry noodles and packages of Ramen and rice and other things. Mrs. Lau pushed everything off of the table, the sound of it crashed loudly through the kitchen as the things fell down onto the floor. Taehyung walked over and laid down Jimin on the table.

“Mmmm!!!!” moaned Jimin loudly as his back hit the hard table. His stomach was tightening and sharp pains were shooting through it.

Taehyung looked up at Mrs. Lau. “We have to stop the bleeding.” he said to her. Mrs. Lau yelled out something in Chinese and her husband rushed back to the front of the kitchen.

“My son in gang...I know what you need to do.” she yelled to Tae. She passed him a pair of scissors that you would use to cut chicken and pointed at Jimin's leg. Tae nodded to her and he pulled off Jimin’s boot while Mrs. Lau hurriedly lifted up Jimin to take off his coat.

“Mmmm...ahhh!” Jimin cried out as the pain shot through his stomach and thigh again.

“It’s okay baby. Mrs. Lau and TaeTae will fix you baby it’s okay.” she said to Jimin and she grabbed a small pillow that was on one of the chairs and she pushed it under Jimin’s head as she laid him back down. Taehyung cut up Jimin's pants leg so that they could get to the wounds.

Mr. Lau ran back in with the towels and he passed them to Tae. Tae tore open the jean’s leg and he grabbed the towel and Mr. Lau yelled at him in Chinese but Tae didn’t understand. He shot a look at Mrs. Lau as he placed the folded towel over Jimin’s opened wounds.

“Press down hard!” yelled out Mrs. Lau. She yelled at her husband in Chinese to stop yelling at Tae without using English. “You so stupid he doesn’t know what you’re saying!” she yelled.

Mr. Lau yelled back at her and she waved her hand at him to shut up. Mr. Lau pushed down with Tae just then, helping him to apply pressure to his wound to stop the bleeding.

“Ahhh..MMM!” yelled out Jimin, his eyes rolling in the back of his head from the pain as they pressed down on his thigh.

“Aorta...need to stop bleeding.” said Mrs. Lau. Jimin started to shake again. It hurt like a bitch!!

“Ahhh...ahh..MMM” he moaned as he shook hard against the table. Mrs. Lau leaned over him., pushing his hair back and she took her hand and pressed it over his heart. She looked down at him as she pressed on the pressure point that would stop the blood from flowing.

“It’s okay baby...Mrs. Lau and TaeTae take care of you. It’s okay.” she said. ‘Mmm..mmm.” Jimin moaned, his face wincing in pain, sweat pouring down his face...He was so fucking hot inside...

Mr. Lau took the bloody towel and he ran back to the front and came back with a picture of water.

“You clean it now….Mochi will scream.” she instructed. Taehyung shot a worried look at Jimin. He was sweating so much and his stomach was still bleeding too. He pointed to the spot to make sure they were aware of the other wound.

Mr. Lau nodded that he understood and he lifted Jimin’s shirt and he took a towel and pressed down onto it. “Small...umm..puncture don't worry..umm..jacket save him maybe.” he said to Tae. Tae nodded that he understood...the stomach wound wasn’t that deep.

Mrs. Lau told her husband to pass her another towel and he did it quickly...They were running out of time...Jimin was pale and moaning and getting a fever…

“Bite baby..bite down.” she told Mochi and she pushed the towel into his mouth.

“Mmm.” he moaned, as he weakly bit down onto the soft cloth. He closed his eyes tightly as his leg muscle spasmed.….Oh god he would faint. His body hurt so fucking bad that he would faint…

Mr. Lau nodded to Taehyung to pour the water into Jimin’s open wound. They needed to clean it so that it wouldn’t be infected.

Taehyung bit his lip. He was afraid. For the first time in such a long time he was so very afraid...He didn't scare easily….He was brave...One of the bravest people you’d ever know...But right now as Taehyung saw Jimin moaning on the table...and as he saw all the blood on the table and he saw Jimin’s thigh with two big open gashes there in front of him...knowing that in a few seconds he was about to pour a salt solution directly into Jimin’s open wounds...All of this terrified him suddenly and he was so fucking afraid that he started to tremble...his hand shaking as he held the pitcher of water over him…

He loved Jimin...and that’s what made him so very afraid.

He loved him. No matter how much Jimin hated him and called him a monster and wished that he was dead...he loved him. He was his dear friend...He had stayed by his side for years...He loved him and he was afraid for him and he didn’t trust himself to do it..and Jimin didn’t want him to do it...but there was no one else to do one else but him…

“Do it’s okay.” said Mrs. Lau as if she had read his mind just then.

Tae nodded and he bit his lip, his hand trembled and he held in his breath as he turned the pitcher and slowly poured the solution into Jimin’s open wounds….

“MMMMM!!!!...OH GOD!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!” yelled out Jimin, the towel dropping out of his mouth as he screamed with everything inside him. The shock of the warm liquid going into his wounds burned through his body like a wildfire.

His back arched suddenly and his face and neck turned red as his body clenched up tightly from the incredible pain that surged through him. His teeth clenched, his neck veins were stretched out as he turned, moaning into Mrs. Lau’s chest. “AHHH!!! AHHHH!!!’ he screamed. Oh god! Fuck it hurt so fucking bad!

“Ahh...ahhh!” he cried and he weakly held her arm as she hovered over him making sure he didn't look down and see what Tae was doing to him.

“Ahhhh...ahhh.” he cried. It hurt so fucking bad he started to see fucking stars.

“’s okay’s okay. You so strong Mochi. You’re strong baby.” soothed Mrs. Lau.

“Mmm..mmm.” he cried and she put the towel back into his mouth as Tae moved up to clean the wound in his stomach...

The worst part was over.
Mr. Lau passed Tae some tape and he pushed another towel on top of Jimin’s wounds and Mrs. Lau instructed him not to wrap it too tight or he would stop the circulation. “Keep his leg up high.” said Mrs. Lau. Tae nodded and lifted Jimin’s leg over his shoulder as he taped it up.

Mr. Lau turned to the doorway and signaled for their daughter to bring him the bandages. Taehyung’s eyes grew wide as the little girl walked in. She looked to be about 8 years old. He turned to the door and he saw that one of their sons was standing there too...they had watched the whole thing…

He smiled at them softly and the little boy waved...The boy reminded him of himself when he was around that age...The age that his parents had been murdered and The Boss had took him in…It was around that age that he started to see things like this...things that kids shouldn’t have to see...

Mr. Lau patched up Jimin’s stomach and Tae started to clean around Jimin’s thigh like Mr. Lau instructed. “Thank you...Thank you so much.” said Tae. He was so grateful they had helped him...Jimin might have bled to death if it wasn’t for their help…

“You drink this Mochi.” said Mrs. Lau and she lifted Jimin’s head up and poured some hot rice wine into it. He drank it obediently. He felt so weak and the pain was throbbing everywhere just then...It was so present inside him that he had started to grow numb…

“He needs a hospital.” said Mrs. Lau. She knew these fucking kids. They wouldn’t take him.

“I have a doctor...He’ll stitch him.” said Tae. Mrs. Lau shook her head at him as she put her hands on her hips. He looked down on the floor to avoid her disapproving gaze. He felt guilty. He knew she was right but no fucking way could Jimin go to the hospital...they’d call the cops…

“You just like my son! Always in trouble and never listen!” she yelled at TaeTae. Taehyung bowed to her to apologize for being like her son.

“Mm.” she huffed. She mumbled curses at him in Chinese.

“You go now...take him to the doctor. The bleeding is better but still..” said Mr. Lau. He then helped Tae prop up Jimin’s thigh with some of the extra towels.

“I’ll call the cab.” said Mr. Lau. Taehyung nodded and moved over and looked down at Jimin.

He was passed out. His eyes were closed and his blond hair was stringy from all the sweating he had done...His face was flushed pink and lips were parted as he breathed softly and Taehyung thought he looked like a goddamn angel...a fallen angel that he desperately wished would forgive him…

He suddenly felt the pain of it all well up inside him. Jimin hated him...Jimin could have died...If he hadn’t wanted hot chocolate or if he hadn’t followed his gut and ran to the voice...he would have died…Taehyung loved him so much and he’d never forgive him...No matter what he did...Jimin would never forgive him and he missed his friend so fucking badly…

He wanted his forgiveness so badly.

Tae closed his eyes and he started to shake silently as he cried in front of him. Mrs. Lau reached up and pulled Tae down to her and he gladly leaned onto her tiny shoulder, his large hands grabbing onto her thin shirt and he cried his heart out as he hugged her.

“He won’t forgive me...I’m so sorry...I’m not a monster...I’m not.” he cried.

“No baby you’re not a monster who told you that.? You’re a good boy. You save your friend. You help Mrs. Lau clean the store when you were little you remember?” Taehyung nodded yes as he sobbed into her shoulder.

“You cry to Mrs. Lau...You’re so strong baby...You’re so strong that you forget to cry..” she said.

Taehyung shook his head yes and he hugged her tightly as he released all his sadness and tears...She rubbed his back up and down to sooth him and she wiped the sweat from his brow and hugged him back.

“It’s okay baby...Mochi will be alright...” she soothed.

Tae opened his eyes just then and seeing all of Jimin’s blood on the floor made him cry even harder…”Mmmm...Mmmm.” he cried.

“Aww baby it’s okay...You cry to old Mrs. Lau...You can cry baby...Mrs. Lau will never tell anyone.” she said softly.

She rubbed his back until the cab came. She loved them all...They were her babies...Stupid troublemakers. She wished they all would just listen.


Taehyung banged on Yoongi’s door as he held Jimin bridle style, praying to god he didn’t slip down, as Jimin was holding him so weakly around the neck.

“Open the fucking door!” he yelled out.

“Hey! Do you know what time it is?” yelled a woman who had just stuck her head out to complain at Taehyung.

“My friend’s hurt.” he said.

“I don’t give a fuck. Stop banging on the door!” she yelled and she slammed her door shut.

Fucking New Yorkers, thought Tae. They never gave a fuck about anyone. He banged loudly on Yoongi’s door again just to piss her off.

“Goddamn!” yelled Yoonji as she swung the door open angrily. Her eyes widened with shock as Taehyung shoved past her carrying Mochi.

“Oh my god what happened!” she cried out.

“Go get Yoongi...Jimin was stabbed.” said Tae and he laid Jimin down onto the couch. Yoonji’s hands flew up to her mouth. “Oh god.” she said breathlessly and she ran down the hall to Yoongi’s room.

“Mmmm.” moaned Jimin as Tae laid him down. “It’s okay..Yoongi’s coming.” he said to Jimin softly.

“Yoongi” said Jimin and he suddenly started to cry. Yoongi would be so angry at him for not listening….for going on that damn job...Oh god he’d leave him….

Tae quickly texted the doctor that they needed him to come stich an emergency stabwound. He then unzipped Jimin’s coat and he raised him up, his heart aching as he watched Jimin moan and wince as he took the coat off of him. He grabbed a pillow, pushing it under his head and he looked around for something to elevate his thigh with.

Just then Yoonji and Yoongi ran into the room. Yoongi kneeled down in front of Jimin and his eyes searched his body...His eyes welling up in tears at the sight of his angel laying there, his jeans and shirt ripped open, the bandages around where he had been stabbed, his pale face twisted in pain…

“Angel….who fucking did this..” said Yoongi, choking up on the words as he said them. He laid down his head into Jimin’s neck and Jimin raised his arms and he started to cry loudly as he hugged Yoongi back.

“Yoongi...Yoongi..I’m so sorry...I'm sorry I didn’t stay home…” he sobbed.

“Shhh...Just shhhh...It’s okay angel..You’re home now.” soothed Yoongi. “Mmm...mmm.” sobbed Jimin. He was so fucking scared...He felt so weak...He was so scared he would have died without seeing Yoongi ever again…

Yoongi started to breathe heavily, the rage building and building inside of him as he thought about what had happened. How some fuck had tried to take his angel from him. He would fucking kill them. He’d stab them a thousand times. He’d rip their heart out. He'd shoot them in the fucking head!!

He started to growl into Jimin’s neck. “I'll fucking kill them.” he whispered, his teeth clenching. I’ll kill them Jimin. I’ll fucking kill them.’ he said.

“Noooo...No please no more killing!” cried Jimin and he held Yoongi as tight as possible. “Please Yoongi noooo..’ he cried.

Yoongi could go to jail...get killed too...No more...No more killing people...Just stay with him...Just stay with him in the goddamn room!

“Shhh.” said Yoongi and he kissed Jimin’s face to make him stop crying. He didn’t give a damn what Jimin was saying. He would kill whoever did this to him. He’d break their damn neck.

“Here...he has to keep his thigh elevated.” said Tae. Yoongi raised up and he helped Tae push the blankets under Jimin’s thigh to elevate it. “Yoonji!” he called out.

“I’m here Yoongi.’ she sobbed. She was sitting on the floor a few feet away from him crying as she watched everything. “Get Jimin some fucking pain pills.” said Yoongi. He was so fucking angry...He was trying to contain it but it was slowly taking over.

“Jimin...angel..who did this?” said Yoongi and he moved back to Jimin, pushing his wet hair back. Oh god he loved him so much he’d fucking destroy them.

Yoonji came back in with water and two pain pills. She lifted Jimin’s head and he swallowed the pills, his body starting to shake from the pain of the puncture wound in his stomach that felt pressure as he raised up.

Yoongi gulped as he watched him. He felt tears welling up as he saw Jimin’s head slam back down on the pillow. He grabbed Tae’s arm suddenly as he watched Jimin twist and moan and he squeezed it hard.

“I know hyung. We’ll do it.” said Tae softly, letting Yoongi know they would kill whoever had done this to Jimin.

Just then the buzzer rang. Yoongi turned his head at Tae. “Who’s that the doctor?” he questioned.

“Them or Rabbit. I told him to come over here.” Yoongi nodded. “It’s Rabbit.” said Yoonji as she buzzed him in.

Yoongi nodded and turned back to Jimin. “Help me Tae. Help me move him in the room.” he said. Tae nodded and they lifted Jimin. Yoongi’s felt the urge to cry come quickly as Jimin moaned and trembled as they carried him into the room. They laid him down on the bed.

“We should cut these clothes off of him.” said Yoongi. “Yoonji! Bring us some scissors!’ yelled out Tae. Yoonji brought the scissors and Rabbit came into the room behind her.

“Oh god Jimin!” he cried out in shock when he saw him. “Mmm..Kookie.” he moaned. Kookie kneeled down on the side of the bed and he grabbed his hand. “Oh god I’m so sorry.” he said softly. Jimin couldn’t say anything back. Tae and Yoongi were cutting his clothes off of him and as they pulled off the clothes he was feeling the shooting pains again.

“Mmm..ahhh.” he moaned. When would the fucking doctor get here?!

They finally got his clothes off and Jimin shook as the cold air hit his body. Yoongi grabbed the blanket and put it over him. “Fuck! Call that doctor back.” he said to Tae. Tae nodded and texted again. “5 minutes.” he said. Yoongi felt a little better.

Yoongi looked down at him. He was so fucking scared. He was so scared and worried and wanting revenge. He kneeled down beside Jimin and grabbed his hand.

“Jimin...Jimin...who did this...who did this to you?” he asked.

“Mmm...the brother...his brother.” moaned Jimin. Yoongi frowned at him. “Who’s brother?” he questioned. He looked at Tae and Kookie but they shrugged their shoulders.

Jimin looked at Yoongi and suddenly he didn’t want to tell him. He had deserved it. He had killed that boy. He deserved to die.

“Leave him Yoongi...I deserve it.” whispered Jimin and he trembled again from the pain.

Yoongi looked at Jimin laying there refusing to tell him...saying he deserved to be fucking stabbed and there was no holding back his anger any longer. He shot up on his feet quickly and he leaned over Jimin, his fists bawled up as he stared angrily down at him.

“Jimin. Who? You fucking tell me.” he said angrily.

Jimin looked up at him and he felt the fear of losing Yoongi rise inside of him and he choked up.

“You could go to jail..get killed...just leave it please.” he said, his voice trembling as he stared up at his precious Yoongi who he wanted to protect. Oh god just for once let me protect you!, thought Jimin. Let him do something for him for a goddamn change! He owed him...He worshiped him!

Tae, Yoonji and Kookie all shot fearful looks at each other. “Hyung.” said Tae in an attempt to calm Yoongi down but Yoongi ignored him. Jimin would stop this victim bullshit and tell him who the fuck had tried to kill him.

“Who Jimin?” he asked again. Jimin fearfully shook his head no.

Yoongi was so fucking angry at Jimin just then he could have punched him in the fucking face if it weren’t for the fact that he was injured. Hot tears fell down his face and he leaned over Jimin and roared, “JIMIN YOU FUCKING TELL ME NOW!!!”

Yoonji gasped from the unexpected harshness of his voice as it boomed so loudly through the room. Tae and Jungkook looked at Yoongi, their eyes opening widely from the shock of it. No one said a fucking word...they all knew Yoongi had lost his goddamn mind just then.

Jimin looked up at Yoongi as he stood there over him, his fists bawled, his face twisted with rage, his harsh eyes glaring down at him while he huffed and puffed, and Jimin’s lips trembled at the sight of him.

“Yoongiiiii...Pleaseeee.” he cried. He didn’t want him to go!...He didn't want Yoongi to kill the boy...He didn't want him to do something so horrible for him when it was all his fault and he could hurt...killed…

“Pleeaseeee! Yooongiiii...Please!” he cried as he closed his eyes, covering his face with his hands as he shook and cried into them. “Just leave it. Just let it be please!’ he begged.

“Everybody get the fuck out of this room.” said Yoongi angrily. Jimin would fucking tell him goddammit.

“Stop yelling at him you fucking monster!!” yelled out Yoonji and she started to cry uncontrollable as she flung open the door and ran down the hall.

Jungkook gulped as he watched everything that was happening. He pierced his lips sorrowfully at Jimin who was crying so loudly that his heart broke in two. He left to go comfort Yoonji.

Yoongi was still standing there huffing and puffing. Tae walked up to him and put his hand on his shoulder softly. “Hyung...he’s been through too much...wait hyung.” said Joker. He could go into shock again..It was too much fucking stress on Mochi.

“Joker...leave.” said Yoongi. He didn’t look at Joker when he said it. Joker’s face went blank and he turned, walking out of the room and he slammed the door behind him.

Jimin kept crying into his hands. “Please..Yoongi please.” he sobbed.

Yoongi sighed as his anger died down. He felt like such an asshole! Jimin was hurt and he was yelling at him...Goddammit he couldn’t fucking breathe...He wanted to kill that fucker who stabbed Jimin so bad he couldn’t breathe.

He walked over to the other side of the bed and he laid down next to Jimin. He leaned over him and pulled his hands away from his face.

Jimin looked up at him and he cried even harder as he saw him looking down at him with the goddamn look again.

Yoongi took Jimin’s face into his hands and Jimin’s chest was heaving up and down as he sobbed loudly. “’ll go to jail...get hurt!” Jimin cried. He was so fucking scared. He just wanted him safe..He just wanted to stop all this. “Please..just stop all this.” cried Jimin.

Yoongi bit his lip and a few tears fell down his face onto Jimin’s neck as he watched his precious angel weeping in front of him. He’d kill everyone in the goddamn world before he let them hurt him...take Jimin away from him.

“Angel...I’ll stop...When that fuck is dead. I’ll stop...but you have to tell me...Angel...he could hurt you again..hurt me...Yoonji...Tae...Kookie...any of us...we have to find him...we have to...angel...listen to me..I love you.. I fucking love you Jimin.” said Yoongi and he gripped Jimin’s hair tightly.

“Yoongiii” cried Jimin.”I don’t want you to go to jail..get hurt...I just want it all to stop.” he wailed.

Yoongi looked at him sorrowfully and he wiped away his tears softly with his thumb. He was so damn precious...he was so naive. It could never stop...There was The Boss...No way would he let you leave...Then there were others...There was always someone out there trying to get you, rob you, snake you, kill you...They all had done too much now to too many people...revenge...revenge was inevitable...

“Look...just tell me Jimin. I promise. I fucking promise you that after I get him...I’ll stop...We’ll stop...we’ll go live in Queens or some shit. I promise.” whispered Yoongi.

Yoongi would lie to him. Say anything to get him to tell him who had hurt him like this.

“You promise?” asked Jimin as he sniffled to stop from crying. He wanted to believe him but he didn’t. Would they really stop? Could they just go live in Queens...Leave all this shit behind? He didn’t believe him. He wouldn’t stop would he?

“Once everyone is safe...I’ll stop.” said Yoongi. Jimin bit his lip and he cried again. He knew Yoongi was tricking him. No one would ever be really safe would they?

“You’re lying Yoongi.” sobbed Jimin and he closed his eyes as he wept again...He kept seeing the guy that had tried to kill him...Seeing him with knife raised over him..the rage in his eyes...

Yoongi sighed. “I can’t...promise you Jimin that I won’t kill him...I have to get him Jimin...I’ll go mad if I don’t.” said Yoongi. He was already going mad inside because of it...He had to get that fucker back.

Jimin bit his lip and sniffled again as Yoongi wiped away his fresh tears. He knew it was no use. Yoongi wouldn’t leave it alone. He would have to tell him...He would never be able to save him back..He’d always owe him...forever and ever...

“His brother...Yoongi..” whispered Jimin as he peered into Yoongi’s eyes. “Who angel? Who’s brother?” Jimin raised his arms to pull Yoongi closer. “Lazy Eyes...his brother...he did it...see?” said Jimin. Didn’t he understand? He deserved it...He had killed his brother.

“Don’t you see Yoongi...I deserve this.” he sobbed as the tears welled up so much just then he could barely see Yoongi’s face in front of him.

“No angel. You’ll never deserve this...You never will deserve any of this do you hear me?” said Yoongi.

Yoongi’s eyes lowered for quick second and Jimin saw it. He knew...He’d knew he’d find him and kill him anyways..even though he had deserved for this to happen to him...Him and Joker...they deserved death...they had killed that boy and deserved whatever would come to them because of it, thought Jimin. Why didn’t Yoongi understand?

Yoongi leaned forward and kissed Jimin softly on the lips. He saw the fear in Jimin’s eyes and he didn’t want him to worry anymore.

“You rest angel..don’t worry about it anymore...I’m not going to do anything...okay?” said Yoongi softly.

“Yes Yoongi please...Just leave it alone..Just stay in the room with me Yoongi.” cried Jimin. Why couldn’t they just stay in the damn room where it was safe?

Yoongi hugged him. He was so pretty and scared and hurt. He would protect him. He would die for him if he had to. This would be the only time, thought Yoongi, as he planted soft kisses over and over on Jimin’s cheeks, his forehead, his eyes, his lips...This would be the only time that someone would ever hurt his precious angel…

“Please Yoongi...Just stay in the room with me…” whispered Jimin.

“Of course angel...I love you...I'll stay here with you forever and ever.” said Yoongi softly.

Jimin nodded and he started to drift off to sleep...He was so tired...He had been through so much...He sniffled as he felt Yoongi’s love all around him...The soft kisses felt so good...He felt the hazy feeling...He was safe...Yoongi loved him...and he was home in the goddamn room where it was safe…

The doctor finally came and stitched up Jimin. Tae and Jungkook had to hold Yoongi back from going into the bedroom and fighting him. Jimin had yelled out so loudly when he cleaned his wound again that Yoongi had tried to run in there and punch the poor doctor in the face.

The doctor had said he would be fine. He’d have to use crutches for at least 6 weeks..maybe longer depending. He’d do all the check ups in house of course. He had given Jimin enough pain pills to last him till the next visit and had just given him a sleeping pill so that he could sleep through the pain.

Yoongi didn’t trust it. He wanted to make sure Jimin was safe and away from any harm. Jungkook had told him that Jimin had went on the robbery job. He hadn’t meant to tell, but he had assumed that’s who had stabbed Jimin, and in telling them he had known something would go wrong, it had slipped out. He felt guilty as hell but Yoongi seemed more mad at PDogg and Spider than anyone else. He didn’t like the fact that they had lied to him about Jimin going.

Joker had texted Jin so that he could find out who the brother was. What his name was and where he lived. Yoongi had told Jungkook he could come if he wanted and Jungkook had said yes. He wanted that fucker dead too. Jimin was his best friend. He felt the same as them...that fucker had to pay.

They’d know by tomorrow...the next day at the latest. Kookie had said it was odd that the guy had shown up now after all these years. They all had agreed...It had happened so long ago...Did he just find out that it was Jimin? If so, how? There were a lot of questions...Questions that needed answering and this was why Yoongi didn’t trust it.

Yoongi had a safe house. He had this house in Queens. He had bought it in case he had to get out of Brooklyn suddenly and hide out for a few days. He had it for situations like these. After the doctor left he had packed up some clothes and other things for him and Jimin to stay there for awhile. They had gotten in a cab when Jungkook and Tae finally left. It was almost morning when they got there. 5am to be exact.

Jimin was so exhausted that Yoongi had to carry him up the stairs and into the bedroom. He had gotten him out of his clothes and under the covers. He had cursed and complained the whole damn time because Jimin was asleep and it had been a bitch to get him undressed without rubbing against his wounds. He had to be extra careful though...He had wanted to make sure he didn’t accidently pull out any of the stitches.

Yoongi had finally gotten their stuff unpacked. He had taken a shower and had now finally climbed into bed. He laid there beside Jimin watching him sleep.

He had been so scared to lose him. The fact that Jimin had almost died...The fact that he had been asleep and not known where he was..The fact that he hadn't been there to protect was eating him up inside.

Yoongi laid there and he was so much in love with him that he was desperate to keep him with him always. He loved him so much that he was desperate to keep him safe. So desperate that he had decided in that moment that this was it…

This was it...Jimin wouldn't do jobs anymore...He wouldn’t steal cars anymore...or sell drugs...or anything…

Jimin was out.

He was never really in the gang anyways but now Yoongi was taking him out completely. It was all his fault anyways. He should have never taught Jimin any of this shit. He should have helped him go to school. Get the hell out...have a better life. If he was a decent person he would have done that all those years ago...but he wasn’t decent back then…

Now though. Now he would do right by Jimin. He didn’t deserve him and he would make up for his wretched behavior and give Jimin the best life possible. He’d keep him with him always. He’d take care of him...He’d keep him up here where it was safe...He’d stay with him in the house as much as possible...He’d make him stupid ass pancakes and watch dumb movies with him and all that other soft stuff that Jimin always wanted him to do…

He’d love him and adore him and cherish him...He’d work less...Let Joker and Jay and Kookie run more things for him so he’d have more time with Jimin up here in Queens.

“Jimin.” said Yoongi and he leaned over and pressed his lips softly against his. Jimin couldn’t hear him though...the sleeping pill had him knocked out completely.

“I love you Jimin. I fucking love you...You’ll stay in this goddamn room...forever Jimin...forever.” said Yoongi. He pushed his arm under Jimin’s head and pulled him into his chest. “I won’t lose you Jimin...I won’t.” he said into the darkness of the room.

He wouldn’t lose him. He’d give his blood, his sweat, his tears to keep him safe…

He’d do whatever he had to…

Kill whoever he had to…

Chapter Text

Taehyung hadn’t said a word after him and Jungkook had left Yoongi’s. The events of that night kept playing over and over in his head...

Jimin on the ground...the pool of blood around him...his screams when he had poured the solution into this wounds...him telling him how he killed people and didn’t save Jimin would have rather died then let him save him...Mrs. Lau saying he was a good boy...when he knew that he wasn’t…

“Joker?”, said Jungkook softly and he put his hand on Tae’s shoulder just then. He had been standing there in front of the door from when they had walked in for a good 10 minutes now...just standing there...staring into the space...the sad, blank look on his face…

Taehyung turned his head slowly to meet Jungkook’s eyes. “Huh?” he said.

“Did you want to lay down?...You must be tired...with all that happened…” said Kookie softly. He felt so bad...he knew Joker was hurting inside and he wasn’t sure if it was Jimin or something else...maybe a new puzzle piece that he’d have to find…

Taehyung looked around him as he realized that he was standing there in the apartment suddenly...He looked down and for the first time he noticed that his knees were all covered in Jimin’s must have gotten on him when he kneeled down in the snow…

He looked back at Kookie and shook his head no. “I….I can’t sleep...not now at least.” he said rather softly. Jungkook pierced his lips and nodded at him to show he understood. He didn’t really know what to do or say...He just wanted Joker to stop feeling all fucked up inside. He could tell by his face that’s how he was feeling just then.

He looked down and noticed his jeans were all bloody...his hands in some spots too.

“Here.” said Kookie and he took Joker’s hand and led him into the bedroom. He turned Joker in front of the dresser and his heart burst for him as he saw the deep sadness in his eyes. He loved him so fucking much. He had to figure him out...fix him somehow.

“You need to get out of these bloody clothes okay?” he said softly. Taehyung nodded. Jungkook unzipped his jacket and took it off him. He pulled up Joker’s shirt and Taehyung obediently raised his arms, letting Jungkook undress him. Jungkook leaned down and he stuck out his tongue as he struggled to get the zipper of Tae’s jeans undone just then.

“It gets stuck sometimes.” Tae said softly into the quietness of the room.

“Yeah..mine too.” said Kookie.

He finally got it and he pulled down his pants and Tae stepped out of them. Jungkook walked him to the bathroom. He went to the shower and turned it on, checking to see if the temperature was right and when he turned around he saw Tae was looking at himself in the mirror.

Jungkook sighed. “Come over here and take a shower.”

Taehyung didn’t move. He just kept staring in the mirror at himself.

Jungkook started to take off his shirt and pants. If he wouldn’t get in himself he’d get in with him, wash him up...take care of him...get all of that damn blood off of him…

Jungkook stripped down naked and walked up to Joker, turning him around to face him. He pulled down his boxers and as he did so, kneeling down to pull them off of Tae, his eyes traveled down his body. He gulped as he rose back up.

Jungkook eyed his gorgeous face, his thick eyebrows, his dark brown eyes that looked so distant. He eyed his bare shoulders, his neck, his slender and slightly muscular chest, his stomach muscles that would peek out for a second before hiding again as he breathed. His tan nipples that were now erect from the cold, his adam’s apple...his sexy mouth that seemed to tremble..just slightly...exposing the fear he felt inside...

“Don’t look at me Kookie…” Joker whispered when he noticed Jungkook’s eyes traveling his body... He felt so some damn monster just then.

Jungkook bit his lip as his eyes rose back to meet with Taehyung’s. He was so in love with him. He was so fucking in love with Joker that there was no way he could do what he was asking. In that moment all he saw was the most beautiful boy he had ever laid eyes on and he couldn’t bare to not look at him...not wonder about him...not desire him.

“I can’t Joker...I have to look at you.” said Kookie.

“But Kookie...I don’t want you to see me right now...I don’t want you to see who I really am...see how ugly I am inside...” whispered Joker.

“You’ll never be ugly to me Joker...You’ll always be beautiful...You’ll always be fucking beautiful to me.” whispered Kookie and he leaned forward and pushed his lips against Joker’s.

“Mm.” said Joker. It felt so good inside that Jungkook wanted spite of his wretched self...

“Come on...we’ll wash up...and then I'll make you some hot chocolate.” said Kookie.

“Okay Kookie.” whispered Joker.

Jungkook pulled him into the shower and he put him under the water. He grabbed the sponge and he lathered it up and he began washing Joker and Taehyung stood there obediently, doing whatever Kookie made him do. It was as if he were a puppet almost, and Jungkook was holding his strings.

“So what happened? How’d you know Jimin got stabbed?” asked Kookie. He wanted to know the whole story.

“I heard him...right after I texted you..He was calling for help..I ran toward him and I saw him there lying in the snow...all this blood was around him.” said Joker. Jungkook eyes grew wide. “Whoa...thank god you found him on time.” said Kookie as he pushed the sponge back and forth in circles on Joker’s chest.

Joker bit his lip as he stared at Kookie. The warm water felt good and Jungkook taking care of him felt even better. He was so fucking nice….just like he knew he would be.

“He didn’t want me to save him Kookie...I got there and there was so much blood...he would have died...bleeded out...and he was unconscious and when I woke him up...Jimin...Chim...He screamed and he said “Not you.”...Kookie he would have rather died than have me save him...That’s how much he hates me for that job…” whispered Joker.

Jungkook pierced his lips and he saw all the pain in Taehyung’s heart. God he wanted to tell him so very badly the source of Jimin’s pain. That he knew the person...had loved the person...and that’s what made it wasn’t only that he had done a hit for The was that he knew the witness...but he couldn't tell Joker...he had promised not too...Jimin would be in danger if he did...Joker might tell The Boss…

Jimin had said…”He always tells The Boss...He always does what that damn Boss says..”

Jungkook put the sponge down and wrapped his arms around Taehyung, pulling him close. He rubbed Joker’s back up and down to soothe him...take his pain away as the warm water rushed over them.

“Don’t worry about that Joker...Jimin...he might be angry at you...and Joker, maybe he’ll never forgive you for his whole fucking life...but listen to me…” said Kookie and he pulled back and held Taehyung’s face in his hands. “If he never...ever forgives you Joker...that doesn’t define you...that doesn’t make you who you least not to me.” said Kookie.

Taehyung closed his eyes and he pushed his head into Jungkook’s neck. “It doesn’t?” he asked, his deep voice sending a chill up Jungkook’s spine. He pushed back against him.

“Joker...I fucking love you. I love you so fucking know that don’t you?” Jungkook asked. For the first time he realized that maybe Joker didn’t know.

Taehyung bit his lip and shook his head no.

He didn’t really know...Sometimes Tae thought that Jungkook just stayed with him because he had made him too….Sometimes he thought he stayed with him because he liked being in the gang...Sometimes he thought he stayed with him because he thought he was cool to hang out with and gave good head...All this time..Joker didn't really believe that Jungkook loved him...I mean how could he? Who could love someone like him?

Jungkook’s heart felt so heavy when Taehyung told him no. “Joker...I do...I love you so fucking much I left everything I’ve ever known for you.” said Jungkook and he took his face into his hands again, searching Taehyung’s eyes to see if he believed him.

“Don’t you see that?...I put my whole life in your hands Joker...because I love you...I love you that much.” said Jungkook. Didn’t he realize he had loved him that much that he had trusted him with his very life? His very future?

Taehyung just blinked at him and his tongue dashed out to lick his lips before going back in as he tried to believe the words that his precious Jungkook was saying to him.

“You do?...You love me...even though I’ve killed all those people?” asked Tae softly as he thought about he saw the faces of the people that he had killed for The Boss.

Jungkook nodded a tear falling down his face. “I told you..I’ll never leave you no matter what you do Joker...I’ll love you no matter matter what you fucking do.”

“Why...why do you love me even though you know how fucked up my soul is Kookie?” whispered Joker...He desperately wanted it to be true...what he was saying...that he loved him regardless…

“Because Joker...I know that you’re a good person...You saved my life Joker...I love my life for the first time ever and it’s all because of you...that’s why stupid...that’s why I love you.” whispered Kookie and more tears fell down his face. He couldn't explain everything that he felt inside. He couldn’t explain all of it and it hurt him just then that he didn’t have to words to express all that he felt inside for Joker.

“I love you Kookie...never leave me please?” begged Tae and he grabbed Jungkook close to him and buried his face into his neck. He’d needed him...He need Jungkook so badly to stay with him forever and ever.

“I’ll never leave...never.” promised Kookie. He wanted Joker so badly. He wanted more...he always wanted more of him. He took Joker’s hand and pushed it against his cock that was already started to become aroused from being pressed up against Taehyung’s gorgeous body.

“Touch me Joker...please.” he begged softly. Taehyung nodded and he started to plant wet, kisses on Jungkook’s neck, the water tasted so good in his mouth as he sucked on Jungkook’s skin. He moaned as he fell into the sensuous feeling and he allowed his love for Jungkook wash over him and make him forget all the things that hurt his soul.

“I love you Kookie... you're so sexy.” whispered Tae and he started to stroked his cock up and down sensually.

“ it everything to me...please...please.” begged Kookie as he hugged Joker tightly to him, loving every touch, every kiss, every feeling that was realized as Joker kissed him sensually.

Joker got harder and harder as Jungkook kept begging him. He was so fucking beautiful and he loved him and he was all his.

“Oh god Kookie...I fucking want you so bad.” said Tae. His voice, low and deep and he raised up as he jerking Jungkook faster and he pushed his sexy mouth against Kookie’s. Jungkook wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

“ it..please.” he begged. “Mmm.” growled Joker as their kissing grew most passionate. Joker started to jerk him harder and faster and Jungkook moaned and sighed into Joker’s mouth. Fuck it felt so good to him.

“Mm..ahh..ahh.” he moaned.

Joker kneeled down suddenly and grabbed Kookie’s hard cock and threw it into his mouth. He wanted to make him feel good for being so goddamn perfect and sweet to him.

“Oh god...oh fuck.” sighed Kookie and he pushed his hand against the wall of the shower suddenly to brace himself as Joker started to suck and lick up and down his cock so goddamn aggressively.
“You’re so sexy Kookie...fuck I love you.” said Joker. “Ahhh..oh fuck...oh fuck.” sighed Jungkook, his eyes closed tightly as the pleasurable feeling shot through his body.

“Mmm..fuck...ahhh.ahh.” he sighed. Joker stroked his dick hard and fast in his mouth. He made it super wet and Jungkook trembled when Joker grabbed onto his ass and started pushing him back and forth, making him fuck his mouth.

“Ohh...oh fuck!..Mmmm...ahh...fuck Joker..I can’t…” he sighed. Oh fuck he couldn’t take it. Fuck he would cum it felt so damn good.

Joker sucked and sucked until Kookies leg started to tremble. He looked up and he saw Jungkook standing there with his eyes closed tightly his mouth parted as he sighed with pleasure and he looked so goddamn beautiful to Joker that he knew in that moment he'd never let him go for the rest of his life.

“I want you Kookie.” said Joker and he popped his dick out of his mouth and he grabbed Jungkook’s hand and pulled him down to him.

“I want you too ..oh fuck I want you too.” sighed Kookie. He wanted more and more of him. He wanted him all the fucking time.

Jungkook kissed him and kissed him. His eager tongue, darting back and forth quickly inside of Joker’s mouth.

“I want to keep you forever Kookie.” said Taehyung as he kissed him back and he pinched his nipple before leaning down and sucking onto his sweet neck as the water splashed around them.

“Mmmm..Kookie.” he sighed, his deep voice sending an electric wave through Jungkook’s body.

Jungkook closed his eyes and leaned his head back, pushing his hands into Taehyung’s soaking wet hair. “Oh god..mmm...ahh.” sighed Kookie. God it felt so good. He loved everything Joker did to him.

“Turn around Kookie.” whispered Joker and he moved back up, kissing Jungkook a little longer before Jungkook obeyed him and turned around on his hands and knees.

Jungkook closed his eyes, his head hanging down, the water splashing all around him dripping down on his face and neck from his wet hair. He bit his lip as his nervousness started to grow. He was still so nervous whenever Tae was about to fuck him.

Taehyung’s dick was so hard as he stared at Jungkook’s naked body. He took his two fingers and he licked them and he pushed them slowly into Jungkook. “Ahhh...ohhh..mmm.” moaned Kookie, his eyes shutting tightly as Joker began to fuck him slowly with his fingers.

Joker leaned down onto his back, kissing him and kissing him on his back. He moved in and out, abusing Jungkook’s prostate and Jungkook moaned and shook slightly while he fucked him with his fingers.

“Mmmm….fuck..oh fuck...mmm.” moaned Kookie. Oh fuck it felt so fucking good. Joker was abusing his prostate, pushing his long fingers back and forth inside him and it felt like a damn dick.

“Ahhh...ahhh...oh god..ahh.” Kookie moaned. He suddenly grabbed the side of the tub so that he could take it better. Fuck it felt so good! “Ahhh..ahhh..Ahhh.” He moaned.

“You’ll like it” asked Joker and he pushed his fingers deeply inside Jungkook’s tight hole.

“Oh fuck..yes...ahhh..ahh.” Kookie sighed. “Mmm.” growled Joker. His dick was so hard watching Jungkook react to him, the water dripping all over his sexy body making his dick leak all over the place.

He kept finger fucking him and stretching him till he felt that he was ready. He raised up and positioned himself at the entrance and he rubbed his dick up and down against Jungkook’s hole.

Jungkook sucked in his teeth and his body trembled. He was so fucking nervous and his cock was throbbing. Taehyung bit his lip and he started to push his hard dick into Jungkook.

“Mmmm...oh fuck..AHHH...AHH.” sighed Kookie. He clenched...fuck it felt good.

Joker leaned over and grabbed Jungkook’s dick and stroked him, pumping slowly back and forth, pushing his dick further and further into Jungkook.

“Ohhhh...yeah Joker...oh fuck like that...ahhh...ahhh…” moaned Kookie. He kept sighing and moaning as he held onto the side of the tub. Joker’s hand on his cock felt so fucking good he was leaking precum already.

“’re so tight Kookie..fuck.” sighed Joker. It felt so fucking good he knew he’d come fast as hell.

Joker thrust into him just then and Jungkook moaned loudly. Joker jerked him harder, his big hand gripping his dick firmly and Jungkook panted and moaned as Joker started to fuck him faster and faster.

“Oh fuck...MMM..ahhh..ahhh..ahh.” he panted. Oh fuck...fuck..he’d cum any second.

“Cum Kookie...mmm you like it?” said Tae and he grinded into him. Fuck his ass felt amazing.

Jungkook nodded yes as waves of pleasure crashed through him. He couldn’t talk. Any minute and he’d cum.

“Ahhh..ahhh..ahhh..oh fuck...ahhh..ahhh.” Kookie sighed. “ it har..der.” he begged.

Joker got so fucking turned on. He started to thrust harder and faster into Jungkook’s hole and he gripped his dick and jerked and jerked and Jungkook trembled from it.

“Ahh.ahhh...Ahhhh..ahhh..” sighed Kookie. Oh fuck it felt so good!

“Mmm...cum baby...fuck it’s so wet..mmm.” growled Joker as he fucked him and fucked him.

“AHHH….AHHH..fuck I’m cumming...Holy shit.” said Kookie and he moaned loudly as the cum shot out of him.

Joker raised up and grabbed his ass and started fucking him and fucking him. “Mmmm.” he growled. He grinded into Kookie and his hips started to smack up against him. The water splashing onto his back and he felt his own orgasm rising inside of him as he fucked Kookie.

“Yes Kookie..oh fuck you’re shit is tight.” sighed Joker.

“ it Joker..fuck me.” he sighed. He wanted him to fuck him and fuck him...just give him more. It felt so fucking good.

“Mmm.” moaned Joker. He fucked him harder, thrusting and thrusting.

“Oh fuck..yes...Ahhh.ahhh..ahhh..ahh.” sighed Kookie..Fuck it felt so fucking good!

“Mmm..Kookie….I’m gonna cum...fuck me back..” sighed Joker. He held his head back and fucked and fucked into Jungkook. Jungkook started fucking him back and Joker growled and he grabbed his ass and started pounding into him.

“Ahhhh..ahhh..Oh fuck...mmm.” whined Kookie. He was fucking him so hard just then.

“I love you Kookie..Mmm.” sighed Joker and he thrust and thrust and Jungkook moaned and Joker closed his eyes tightly and he grabbed Kookie’s ass just then and pushed his dick deep into him.

“OH FUCK MMM” moaned Kookie. He started shaking as he fucked Joker back.
Joker pumped and pumped. He loved fucking Kookie. He leaned down, and he grabbed Jungkook’s hair and he started to pump and pump as he held his hair in his hands.

“Ahhh..ahhh..oh fuck...ahhh...ahhh.mmmm” moaned Kookie. He felt his dick growing hard again as Joker fucked him and held his hair.

“Mmm….it’s so tight...mmm.” sighed Joker and he pounded hard and fast into Kookie just then, his orgasm rising, Kookie’s wet ass slapping up against him.

“AHHHH..Mmmmm….oh god….oh god.” sighed Kookie. He clenched tightly just then and Joker could barely stand it! He let Jungkook’s hair go and he fucked him faster.

“Ohhhh...mmm...MMM” he moaned.

“Ahhh..ahh..ohh god..ahhh.ahhh.” sighed Kookie and he bit down hard on his lip as Joker pounded into him.

“Mm...fuck Kookie...I”m cuming fuck.” moaned Joker and he grabbed Jungkook’s ass and thrusted deeply, pumping hard and fast and he moaned loudly as he came suddenly inside of him.

Jungkook was trembling when Tae pulled out of him. He turned around and laid down his legs spread open as he breathed heavily. “Oh” he sighed. He could barely breathe Tae had fucked him so good.

Taehyung rested his fists against the floor of the tub, leaning over Kookie as he caught his breath too.

“Fuck Kookie...Fuck.” sighed Joker and he coughed just then.

“I know right...fuck.” sighed Kookie as he panted heavily. That shit was amazing, he thought to himself just then.

Taehyung giggled at him. He looked so cute lying there underneath him. His cute mouth parted as he breathed heavily, the cute bunny teeth showing.

“Stop laughing at me.” giggled Kookie shyly and he felt super naked all of sudden as Tae leaned over him.

Taehyung leaned down and nuzzled his nose against his. He loved Jungkook’s nose...and his ears...his hair...well all of him really but he loved those parts the best.

“Did I go too hard?” asked Tae. He always seemed to get carried away at the end.

Jungkook giggled. “I like it like just fuck me I don't care.” he said.

Tae looked down at him and Jungkook looked back at Tae and they suddenly burst out laughing. “Haha you fucking freak!’ teased Tae and he started to tickle him. “Just fuck me”...haha!” he teased.

“Am not!’ yelled Kookie and he squirmed to get away from Tae as he tickled him.

“Mmm...are too.” teased Joker when he stopped tickling him. He shook his head just then to make the water splash all over Kookie. Jungkook giggled and shut his eyes. He thought Tae looked like some cute puppy just then. “Stop you bitch.” he teased.

“Tell the liked it when I grabbed your hair right?” asked Tae. Jungkook giggled and shook his head yes. Fuck he was so shy! He giggled again. He was so embarrassed that Joker had called him out for liking rough stuff.

Tae giggled. “We should do more freaky stuff then.” He raised his eyebrows up and down again mischievously.

“Hahaha!” laughed Kookie and he shoved Tae back playfully.

Tae giggled and he laid down on him. “Fuck...Kookie the water’s getting cold.” he said as he noticed. Jungkook looked at his hands. “Look...I’m all wrinkled.” he observed.

Tae looked at him and showed him his hands. “Look me too.” he said.

“Let’s get out.” said Tae. Jungkook nodded and they got out and dried off and grabbed their robes. Taehyung had gotten them these dope ass matching robes from Gucci.

“Dude...where’s my slippers at?” asked Tae and he leaned down to look under the bed.

“I put them in the closet..where they belong.” said Kookie in an annoyed tone. Tae giggled. Jungkook was always cleaning up and organizing and shit.

He passed the slippers to Tae and grabbed some socks. Jungkook was a socks guy. He hated slippers really.

Jungkook went into the kitchen to make the hot chocolate while Tae turned on the TV. “Let’s watch something.” he called out. “Okay!” said Kookie. Just then he remembered. He still hadn't told him about Quincy and Ali and the fight he had.

He grabbed the two cups and poured the hot chocolate into them and sat down next to Tae. He passed Joker his mug and he waited. He was waiting to see his reaction. See if he had made it right. Hot chocolate was a big deal to Joker.

“Mmm!” said Joker and he closed his eyes and stomped his feet. “This shit is good!” he growled. Jungkook giggled. He was so glad he had made it right for him.

Fuck it, he thought. Better tell him now. “Joker...I gotta tell you something. I didn't want to tell you at Yoongi’s with everything going on.” he said.

“What?” asked Joker, his eyebrows raising as he sipped more of the most delicious hot chocolate in the whole wide world.

“So...some shit happened. In the park…” started Kookie. Tae’s eyes got wider.

“So..I was walking with Jumin...and this big dude was in the basketball court..smacking this girl around…”

Joker’s eyes lowered. “Yeah.” he said, he was already pissed off...he hated stuff like that.

Jungkook continued...”...and Jumin didn’t want to help her, but I couldn't let that happen to her I went to fight him and then that kid..the one we beat up, he ran up too. It was his sister that the guy was beating up. I jumped in and we beat the fuck out of him.” said Kookie and he watched Joker’s face, praying to god he wouldn’t be mad at him.

“Get the fuck out! Ali? The Fort Greene dude?!!” said Joker, a shocked looked on his face. Jungkook nodded yes. He gulped...he hadn’t gotten to the bad part yet.

Tae looked at him and smiled. “Did you knock him out you crazy fuck!” he laughed and he shoved Jungkook away playfully. Crazy fuck, he thought to himself.

Jungkook giggled. “Nah...but we beat him up real good.” he said proudly.

“Good. Fuck that asshole.” said Tae. He was proud of Jungkook just then.

“There’s a problem though.” said Kookie. “What?” asked Tae. He eyed Jungkook suspiciously as he watched him look down and pick at his robe.

“See I didn’t know who the guy was...the guy that we beat up..not until till after I mean...Ali told me as he walked me out of the park....the dude..his name is Quincy...he’s the guy Blitz brother…”

Jungkook looked up at Joker and a big lump started to form in his throat as he watched Joker’s expression change to one of sheer shock.

“Fucking Quincy?” he said. Jungkook nodded yes. Fuck he was so scared just then as he watched Taehyung’s eyes grow wide and his head turn away toward the TV.

“Mmm.” said Joker as he stared into space. Jungkook waited patiently.

“Mm...we have to tell Agust. Fuck!” he yelled out. Jungkook gulped.

Joker turned back to him. “Shit’s already starting, but this...They’re going to want to come after you big time Kookie.” said Joker, his voice low and deep and Jungkook nodded, the lump now fully formed .

Joker looked back at him he put his hand on his thigh. The blank, hard stare was on his face.

“Don’t worry about them. Don’t worry Kookie. I’ll fucking kill that fuck before he does anything to you….you know that.” Jungkook nodded yes. “Mmm.” said Joker to make sure Jungkook understood and he nodded at him once to show he was serious. He’d kill that fuck...all those fucks if he had to...

“We gotta tell Agust now.” said Joker. He got up and went into the bedroom to text Agust.

Jungkook sat there in the living room, his knees bouncing up and down nervously as he held the hot cocoa in his hands. Fuck, would Agust get mad? He had seen Agust angry a few times with Jimin and Agust loved Jimin. Imagine what he would do to him...the fucking new guy...

Jungkook started to bite his nails the more he thought about it as he waited for Joker to come back. Fuck, maybe he should have just minded his damn business….Fuck what if Joker got hurt...or Agust...or him...what if those fucks caught him at school...what if they killed him….

What if Joker did kill Quincy and got caught and ended up in jail….

What if his actions had just started a goddamn war…

“Fuck.” he said softly in the quietness of the room.

He had been so proud of himself earlier...and now he wasn’t so he felt like maybe he had really fucked things up…

“He didn’t answer.” said Tae as he walked back to the room.

“Ohhh” said Kookie, a shook look on his face.

“I’ll call him back in a little bit. We can’t wait….we need a plan..He’ll be looking for you Kookie.” said Joker and he drank down the rest of the hot chocolate.
“Oh fuck.” said Kookie and he stared off into space.

“ don’t want yours?” asked Joker when he noticed Jungkook hadn’t drank his hot chocolate.

Jungkook shook his head no and passed it to him.

“Yes! This shit is so good. How can you not want this?” asked Joker and he took a big gulp of the warm hot chocolate.

Jungkook just stared at him...He was so damn calm…One of the bosses of the Fort Greene gang was about to come after him and Joker was so damn calm…

“What Kookie?” asked Tae when he noticed him staring at him.

“I’m just…I’m scared Joker.” said Kookie softly and he bit his lip as he looked back at Taehyung.

Tae giggled and put the cup down on the floor and grabbed him to his chest.

“Don’t be scared Kookie. I’ll kill all those fucks. Don’t be scared...I won’t let anything happen to you.” said Joker as he started to play with Kookie’s ear while Jungkook curled up between his legs, laying his head onto his chest.

“Did I start a war?” he asked nervously.

Taehyung shrugged. “Nah..Jimin and Spider did that already stealing all that cocaine from them..dumb fucks...”

“Ohhh.” said Kookie. Joker was so fucking calm about it all. Jungkook couldn’t believe how calm he was just then.

“Those idiots should have never done that without telling The Boss. Who knows what he’ll do for them doing that shit behind his back.” said Joker and he frowned at how dumb they were.

“Ohhh.” said Kookie softly and he bit his lip again. He was so fucking scared suddenly.

“Well...what if you get hurt Joker...or go to jail...what if someone gets shot?” said Kookie and he buried his face into Joker’s chest. He was so scared something would happen to him.

“Kookie..I’ve been doing this shit my whole life...Nothing’s going to happen to me...Don’t worry about that okay?” said Joker.

“Okay.” said Kookie softly. Tae started to play with his ear again and he yawned. “’s like 6am in the morning Kookie we should sleep before I call Agust.”

“Okay.” said Kookie. Joker kept playing with his ear as he drifted off to sleep...but Jungkook couldn’t sleep just then….no way could he sleep…

That guy Quincy wanted to get him...Joker had said there would be a war…Jimin had just gotten stabbed and the guy that stabbed him was still out there too…

Suddenly there were all these enemies out there...all these people out there that wanted to rob them...hurt them...kill them...

Suddenly there were all these people out there...all these people that wanted revenge…


“Mmm.” moaned Jimin as the pain throbbed inside his thigh. He winced in his sleep, and beads of sweat started to form on his forehead as he began to awake. “Mmm..” he moaned and he tried to turn a little to take off the pressure from his stomach muscles.

Yoongi awoke suddenly to the sound of Jimin moaning in the bed. He looked over and an anxiousness rose in his chest as he saw Jimin twisting, his face flushed pink, his forehead all sweaty.

“Oh fuck need your medicine.” he said and he got up and went into the bathroom to get Jimin’s pills and a glass of water.

He walked back over and his heart hurt as he watched his angel laying there moaning in pain. He’d kill that fucker a hundred times for doing this to him.

“Here..Jimin..can you sit up?” he said softly and he leaned down over Jimin to help him raise his head.

“Yoongi..” whined Jimin. He sat up on his elbow and he took the pain as he opened his mouth to take the pills Yoongi fed him. He drank them down with the water and he laid back down quickly. His stomach hurt so bad whenever he sat up.

“Thank you...Yoongi.” he breathed. “Shhh...just shhh.” said Yoongi. He didn’t need to thank him for anything.

Yoongi put the glass down and he got a wet towel and came back, laying beside Jimin. He rested his head on his hand and he started to pat Jimin’s face with the towel to cool him off.

“I’m sorry..I should have set my alarm.” said Yoongi. Jimin turned his head to look at him and as he did so he bit his lip as he blushed in front him. He felt so shy as he watched Yoongi staring down at him lovingly while he patted his head with the cool towel.

“What angel...why are you blushing?” said Yoongi and he chuckled a little as he watched Jimin’s look modestly up at him.

“I don’t know Yoongi. I’m shy.” whispered Jimin and he giggled a little despite the pain he was feeling. Yoongi looked so cute and sleepy and he was taking care of him and for whatever reason he was shy because of it.

“Goddamn you Jimin. You’re so fucking cute.” said Yoongi and he nodded to make his point. Jimin blushed harder and his eyes fully closed as he giggled.

Yoongi chuckled and leaned down and he kissed his cute little face. “Mm.” moaned Jimin. He hoped it would stay like this forever. Just him and Yoongi in the goddamn room.

“You okay though? How bad does it hurt?” asked Yoongi and lifted the covers, wondering whether he should change Jimin’s bandages yet or not.

“It hurts but I’m okay. The medicine works pretty fast.” said Jimin. He was starting to feel it already actually...the foggy, euphoric feeling that the pain meds produced. Soon he’d be high from it.

“Mm..that’s good.” said Yoongi. “Yoongi where are we?” asked Jimin. He suddenly noticed they weren't in their room. He couldn’t remember anything after the doctor had come.

“My Queens.” said Yoongi. He chuckled as he watched Jimin’s eyes grow wide with amazement. “Yoongi. You have a house in Queens!” he whispered in shock.

“I never told you that? I thought you knew that.” said Yoongi. Jimin shook his head no.

“Yes..I have a house and you’ll stay in here and get better.” said Yoongi and he leaned down and buried his head into Jimin’s neck. He breathed him in. Goddamn he smelled so fucking good….the fucking roses…

Jimin began to push his hands softly through Yoongi’s hair. He was all lit up inside with the possibility that Yoongi had actually told the truth and they would just live in Queens and leave everything.

“So like...we’ll live here?” asked Jimin and he bit his lip.

Yoongi nodded. “If you want angel. Whatever you want.” he said softly. He kissed him on his neck just then and Jimin sighed. He felt so good...everything Yoongi did felt so good.

“Yes Yoongi. I want to.” said Jimin. He didn’t care if he ever saw Brooklyn long as he had Yoongi with him.

“Okay. It’s done then. We live in Queens now.” said Yoongi and he raised his head. Jimin’s eyes grew wider. “Really?” he whispered. He didn't believe it. It was too damn good to be true.

“Yep. We’re officially whatever the fuck you call people from Queens.” said Yoongi. Jimin giggled and then he winced slightly as it hurt to laugh too hard.

“I’m so fucking tired Jimin. I got barely any sleep.” said Yoongi and he yawned as he laid back down into Jimin’s neck. He would go the fuck back to sleep.

“I’m not...I’m too excited.” said Jimin. He wished he could get the hell up and see Yoongi’s house. He looked around. The room was really nice and cozy. It had this soft pale green paint and the furniture was all wood. It looked like someone else's house. Like some really nice lady lived there...definitely not Agust D.

“You picked out this furniture?” he asked suspiciously. Yoongi shook his head no. “It came with it.” he said.

“Ohh.” said Jimin. He looked around. “I like that it has a bathroom in the room.” said Jimin. “Mmm..hmmm.” said Yoongi.

Jimin wanted to see it so badly! “How many bedrooms does it have?” asked Jimin. Yoongi growled. Goddamn Jimin was asking all these fucking questions and he just wanted to sleep.

He held up his fingers to show that it had two.

“Oh that’s good. Baby can have her own room then.” said Jimin. Oh god he missed his kitten so much just then. Oh fuck. His kitten! Where was she?!

“Yoongi!’ cried out Jimin suddenly.

Yoongi’s head shot up. “What!?” said Yoongi back, his heart leaping into his damn throat, a worried expression on his face. He thought maybe something had happened to Jimins wounds.

“Baby! Where is she?” asked Jimin in a panic.

Yoongi closed his eyes and sighed. “Oh fuck Jimin I thought something happened to your damn leg.” he said grumpily and he slammed his head back down on the pillow.

“Yoongi where is she?” asked Jimin. Oh god he was so worried about her!

“She’s fine Jimin...she’s with Yoonji at the house.” said Yoongi in an annoyed tone. He just wanted to fucking sleep already.

Jimin felt tears well up in his eyes. His poor, sweet baby was all the way in Brooklyn without him! “Yoongi.” sobbed Jimin and he turned his head and he started to shake him. “I want Baby Yoongi...can you get her please?” he sobbed. He missed her so much.

“Mmmm.” growled Yoongi. Goddamn cat! He should have never gotten the fucking was nothing but trouble from the start.

“Let me sleep angel...then I’ll get her..I promise.” he said into the pillow, holding back his frustration that Jimin was crying over a damn cat.

“Okay..Yoon...giii.” sobbed Jimin and he sniffled just then to try not to cry harder. He could have died last night and now all he wanted more than anything in the world was to hold his precious Baby and pet her and love her.

Yoongi sighed angrily as he heard Jimin sniffle beside him. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” he yelled into the pillow.

He raised up his head and looked down at Jimin. Jimin’s mouth was poked out into the biggest pout imaginable and tears were streaming down his face. Yoongi’s heart swelled as he saw him. He loved him so fucking much just then.

“Oh angel don’t cry...don’t ever cry...” he said softly and he leaned over and he planted kisses all over his cute, wet face.
“I miss her Yoongi..can you get her please?” Jimin sobbed as he pouted while Yoongi kissed him.

“Of course I will angel. I’ll get you whatever you want. I love you so much.” said Yoongi softly. He get him whatever he goddamn wanted.

“Can you get her...and...the stars Yoongi...Can you get the stars and put them on the ceiling please?” sobbed Jimin as he wrapped his arms around Yoongi...This room felt all weird without the stars.

“Of course angel...anything else?” said Yoongi. “Mmm...and some pancake mix...and sausages.” sobbed Jimin. Yoongi nodded. “Yes baby...don’t cry...promise me.”

Jimin nodded and sniffled. “I love you Yoongi..come back fast okay?” he asked. He had to come back quickly. His wonderful savior who was kissing him so softly..making all his pain go away…

“Of course angel...I’ll come right back.” whispered Yoongi. He loved him so very much. He’d stay with him all goddamn day…


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” yelled Yoongi. The cab driver jumped in his seat as Agust cursed and mumbled in the back as they rode towards Brooklyn.

“A fucking cat. A fucking cat and stars and goddamn pancake mix…” grumbled Yoongi. He just wanted some damn sleep already fuck!

He leaned his head against the window so that he could try to nap a little before they got there. Fucking Jimin and all this soft bullshit, he thought angrily as he closed his eyes.

He started to fall asleep finally when his phone started to ring. He huffed. Probably Jimin wanting more bullshit, he thought to himself. He picked up the phone. It was Joker though.

Yoongi sat there and he got even more pissed off as he heard Joker tell him that Rabbit had gotten in a fight with fucking Quincy. “What is wrong with you fucks? HUH!” yelled Yoongi into the phone. He wanted to punch the shit out of someone just then.

“I’m on my goddamn way.” said Yoongi, his voice low and deep and he hung up on Joker and shoved his phone roughly into his pocket.

“Fucking assholes.” he muttered. He wanted to beat the shit out of all of them. Spider and PDogg for lying to him, Jimin for his fucking cat, Rabbit for fighting Quincy, Joker...well not Joker. But the rest of them had it fucking coming. He growled as he thought about it.

“Bad day?” asked the cab driver just then.

“Yeah...the worst fucking day.” said Yoongi.

“Well maybe it will get has only just started.” laughed the cabbie.

Yoongi looked at the time on his phone and cackled just then. It was only 9am. “Hahaha!” he cackled as the cab driver laughed with him.

Yoongi laughed and laughed until his ribs hurt. That shit was so damn funny. He sighed to himself as his laughing died down...

“Ahhh…” he said as he shook his head to himself. “It has only just started..”


By the time Yoongi got to his house on Fulton Street he was even more pissed than before.

Spider had called him and told him that he had tried to set up a deal with the Fort Greene crew to exchange the cocaine for the guys that had beat up Carlos and they had told him to go fuck himself….there was that but there was also a bigger wasn’t all cocaine..half of the boxes had heroin in them...heroin and guns…

Yoongi had yelled at Spider so loudly when he had told him that shit that Yoongi’s voice was almost completely gone.

The fact that they didn’t check the fucking boxes made him furious. The fact that Jimin had been on the damn job and hadn't made sure that they had checked them made him even more furious. What the fuck were they going to do with all that weight? Why the fuck didn’t the Fort Greene crew guys want their stash back? Had they stole the shit from someone else?

Agust was about to lose it...They hadn't told The Boss about that damn job in the first they might have to tell’d be all their fucking asses…

“Yoonji!” yelled out Yoongi as he slammed the door behind him.

Yoonji opened the door to her bedroom slowly and peeked out. She had been asleep and she yawned as she stood there watching her brother scowl at her from the hallway.

“Get dressed. You’re taking Jimin that goddamn cat.” he said harshly and he went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

Yoonji raised an eyebrow as she watched him walk back out with a big ass knife in his hand. He was cursing and mumbling as he went down the hall to his room... “Fucking stars….fucking stars…” was all she had gathered from his mumbling.

Yoonji shut the door and leaned her back against it. She bit her lip. Yes! She’d get to see Mochi! She was so fucking excited!

She had practically cried all night...Knowing that Mochi had almost died and that he was in all that pain...Knowing that he had to stay up there in Queens with her horrible brother...Knowing that up there she wouldn't see him for days and days...not eat breakfast with him…

All of it had made her cry her eyes out for hours and hours...but now she was beaming...

She ran over to the mirror and inspected her face. “Goddamn.” she said. She looked like hell. She rummaged through her clothes to find something cute to wear and then dashed down the hall to get into the shower. When she slammed the door behind her, she heard Yoongi yelling at her from his room.

“Did I say take a shower?! I need help with these fucking stars!’ he yelled out angrily.

“I’ll be five minutes asshole!” yelled Yoonji back. She giggled as she started the water. Mochi wanted the stars...How fucking cute!...They were hers actually. The stars were hers. Her and Yoongi had switched rooms a long time ago and they both had been too lazy to take them down…

“Don’t forget the pancake mix.” said Yoongi as he passed Yoonji a wad of money to go food shopping for the house.

“Mmm.” said Yoonji, telling him she understood, as he wrapped her scarf tighter around her face while they stood on the corner to wait for the cab. It was cold as hell and he didn't want her to catch a goddamn cold.

“And...make sure he takes that damn medicine on time...every 4 hours I think..just read the shit...and get me some fucking Soju...and him some sausages..and some pop tarts...and other shit I like to eat…” said Yoongi.

Yoonji giggled at him telling her what to get Jimin and him as if she didn't already know. He never did any of the damn shopping. “Shut up.” said Yoongi and he chuckled at her for laughing at him just then.

“What am I telling him about you not coming back right away?” asked Yoonji as the cab pulled up.

“Tell him Rabbit got into some shit and I’m going to take care of it. I’ll be there soon...a few hours tops.” said Yoongi and he yawned as he put the bags in the trunk of the cab...the bags that were filled with cat stuff and a few guns.

Yoonji giggled again as she watched him. She knew how tired he was. “I love you Yoongi.” she said affectionately and she leaned over and kissed her brother on the cheek.

“I love you too Sis.” said Yoongi and he helped her put the kitten carrier into the backseat.

Yoonji waved to him as the cab pulled off and she bit her lip again. She hoped it wasn’t a few hours. She hoped she’d get the whole damn day with Mochi. He’d be all cute and whiney...

She held her head back and laughed at how wonderful it would be...playing nurse to Mochi...Taking care of him and watching movies with him so he wouldn't be bored...She couldn't wait to take care of him...just pretend for a little while that he was hers…

Her phone notif went off and she pulled it out and looked at the text...Her happiness melted away as the feeling in her gut came back when she saw who it was...Detective Jin.

DTJ: There’s a party on Friday. You’ll go to him there.
Me: Okay...what’s the address?
DTJ: It’s at LIU.

Yoonji bit her lip. That was the university down the block from Fort Greene.

Me: How do you know he’ll be there?
DTJ: Don’t worry about that. He’ll be there.
Me: Okay
DTJ: 8pm it starts...get there like 9
Me: Okay
DTJ: Look pretty. Get him to like you...want to know you. Don’t fuck up.
Me: I won’t

Yoonji frowned as she pushed the phone back into her pocket and leaned her ahead against the glass.

Two days. Two days until the fucking job was about to start...the job that she desperately didn’t want to do…

Two days and she’d meet up with Blitz and try to get him to trust her…

In two fucking days she’d have to start pretending to be a rat. A rat who hated her brother and wanted revenge…


“You were supposed to come right to my goddamn house after the robbery! MY GODDAMN HOUSE!” yelled Agust.

Spider nodded yes as he stood there against the wall, his hands in his pockets, his head hung down in shame and embarrassment as Agust berated him in front of Joker, Rabbit and PDogg.

Agust had told them all to meet at Spider’s spot so he could see what the fuck was in the boxes and decide what they should do about the huge fuck up him and PDogg had caused.

“Well if you knew that Spider why the fuck didn’t you do it?!!” yelled Agust. He was pacing back and forth, his tongue hanging out of his mouth and Spider flinched. He had already punched him in the stomach and had banged his head against the wall once….He could tell though that he wasn’t finished...he hadn’t brought up Mochi yet…

“I don’t know hyung...I don’t know.” Spider said as he looked away, avoiding Agust's piercing stare.

“Cause you’re fucking greedy and you thought you were some bad ass.” said Agust. Spider didn’t say anything.

“Rabbit!” yelled Agust just then and he shot a look at Jungkook’s direction. “Umm..yeah?” said Kookie nervously. He was sitting next to Joker and he was so fucking scared that he was next.

“Don’t be like this fuck you hear me? You fucking learn from this shit.” said Yoongi and he nodded at Rabbit to make his goddamn point. Jungkook nodded yes quickly that he understood.

“He thought he was a bad ass…” said Agust. Joker didn’t mean to but he giggled just then as he swirled his lollipop in his mouth and Yoongi looked at him and started to chuckle too.

“Shit is funny right?” he laughed. He looked back at Spider.

“You know why it’s funny Spider?” said Agust. Spider shook his head no. “Nah hyung.” he said and he looked down again.

“Because I’M THE ONLY BAD ASS!” yelled Agust and he jammed his thumb into his chest to make his goddamn point.

He suddenly rushed Spider and grabbed him by the throat.

“You fucking took Mochi. If something would have happened to him I would have fucking killed you. I would have killed you!,” yelled Agust. Spider nodded as he quivered in front of Yoongi. “Don’t EVER fucking betray me like that again. You fucking here me? DO YOU!” yelled Agust. He’d beat the fuck out of him.

“Yeah..I promise...I got you.” said Spider, his eyes full of fear and he gulped while he felt Agust squeezing his neck tighter just then.

“Good.” said Agust and he let him go and suddenly let him go as he walked away from him and sat next to Joker. He had gone easy on him...he was Mochi’s friend and he knew his angel would be upset if he had beat the fuck out of Spider like he wanted to.

“You fucks...I didn’t even sleep and you fucks have me doing all this shit.” he said and he grabbed a cigarette and put in into his mouth to light it.

Spider coughed as he walked away from the wall and he went and sat down next to Rabbit. Jungkook shot him a sorrowful look. “’s cool...he’s right.” Spider whispered. His greediness had gotten them into this mess.

“So I was thinking...about Rabbit.” said Agust casually as he blew the smoke out of his mouth. “I think maybe we can get that fuck Quincy to have a fair one with him.” He leaned over, his arms resting on his knees as he looked at his crew.

“You think Quincy would just do that shit and end it?” asked PDogg and he turned one of the chairs around and sat down in front of them, leaning over it.

“Mmm..” said Joker as he twirled his lollipop in his mouth, contemplating if he would.

Jungkook didn’t want to, but he had no idea what they were talking about. Fuck it, he thought. “Um..what’s a fair one?” he questioned sheepishly.

Joker popped the lollipop out of his mouth. “It’s when you have a fair fight. One-on-one and after that the beef is over with.”

“Ohhh.” said Kookie. That seemed like a cool idea and one that wouldn’t get him killed. He kept thinking about how Quincy had yelled “I’ll kill you.” when they were stomping him out.

“But what if Rabbit knocks him the fuck out or way Quincy just gonna let that happen and let it ride in front of his damn boys.” said Spider.

“Mmm..” said Joker. Spider had a point.

“What the fuck you assholes talking about?” said Jay as he walked into the spot just then. They all looked up at him, big smiles on their faces as they saw him.

“Jay!” yelled out Yoongi and he held open his arms. Jay hugged him and he went down the row giving them all the handshake. “Hey Rabbit!” he said. “The Boss said he’s really happy with you...wants to meet you soon.” said Jay just then as he pulled up a seat.

“Really?” said Jungkook. Joker turned to him and they all giggled. He looked so shook just then it was funny to them.

“Yeah.” said Jay. “Don’t worry Kookie I’ll be there.” said Joker and he put his arm around Kookie and kissed him on the head.

“Okay cool.” said Jungkook. He was scared as fuck though just the same.

“We were talking about Rabbit actually...if Quincy would have a fair one with him. He fucked him up the other day...didn’t know who he was.” said Agust.

Jay’s eyes grew wide and he suddenly burst out laughing. Agust leaned over and cackled with him and soon they were all laughing at the fact Jungkook had fucked up a boss and didn't know it.

“It wasn’t just..” started Jungkook but he stopped short. Joker had pinched his thigh just then. Jungkook shot a look at him and he could tell by his face that he didn’t want the others to know Ali had been there

“Yo your boy is crazy!’” laughed PDogg. “Told ya’ll.” said Joker proudly and he grinned his boxy smile at them.

“Anyways Jay..what do you think? We can’t have him looking for him and shit and I already got a problem with these fucking drugs.” said Agust.

“Mmm.” said Jay and he thought about. “I think you should ask him...but Rabbit should lose.” he said.

“Why’s that? Fuck no.” said Joker. He’d have a fair fight and knock that fucker out.

“We don’t need more heat...he’s not gonna just let a new kid from our gang whip his ass and let it ride.” said Jay.

Agust growled and ruffled his hair. “Ahhh...fuck...let’s just take him out then. If he loses and says any shit behind go take him out...beat his fucking ass so that he can’t retaliate.” said Agust. He agreed with Joker. If Rabbit won the fight, he won the fight. He didn't want his guys looking like fucking pussies.

“Okay cool.” said Jay. “Kick his fucking ass!” said Spider and he nudged Jungkook. Jungkook grinned at him. “Yeah Rabbit. Fuck him up.” said Yoongi. Jungkook giggled at him as he shook his head yes.

“You can come practice at my you usually do.” added PDogg. Jungkook nodded. He felt a little better about the situation because they had his back but he was still worried just the same.

“’s Mochi?” asked Jay a worried look on his face. Agust sighed. “He’s okay...but it’s bad...his fucking thigh...that bastard just missed his bone.”

They all sighed and said sorry to Yoongi. “I’ll go see him tomorrow.” said Jay. “I’ll come.” said Spider. “Yeah me too.” said Rabbit. Joker bit his lip. He wanted to go too but he knew Mochi wouldn’t want to see him.

“All you bastards can too fucking saved him...come.” said Agust.

Joker looked back at Yoongi. “Nah..I’m okay.” he said and he sucked back on his lollipop. Jungkook leaned his head on his shoulder. He knew how he felt just then.

“Okay. Jay you set this shit up with Quincy. We’ll do it in two days.” said Agust. Jay nodded.

“What about this shit?” said Jay as he turned around and looked at the boxes.

They all started to give their opinions on what to do and as Agust listened his phone went off. He looked down to check the text and he saw it was from Detective Jin.

DTJ: I found him. The brother
Agust: And?
DTJ: I’ll send you the address

Agust nodded to Joker to walk with him away from the crew. Joker got up and followed him outside. The wind was howling just then and Joker crossed his arms to bare the cold. “What’s up?” he said.

“This.” said Yoongi. Joker’s eyes grew wide as he read the texts.

Agust nodded at him.

“Tonight.” he said to Joker. Joker nodded yes and his face grew blank as Agust looked back at him with a stern look on his face. Agust nodded again as he knew him and Joker were thinking the same thing just then.


Tonight they would have their revenge…


Chapter Text

They had him. Joker and Jay had him and they were bringing the boy to him. He couldn't wait till they got there...He couldn’t wait to kill that fuck that had hurt his angel…

Agust held his head back as he took a few more gulps of the Soju in his hand. He put it down on the floor of the train car where he sat and he pulled his leather gloves down tighter on his hands. It was cold...below freezing...outside he saw that large snowflakes were starting to fall onto the ground.

He didn’t feel it though. He didn't feel the cold at all.

He was all hot inside. He was burning inside and ready to destroy that fucker. He had imagined all the different ways he would do it as he sat there...He had imagined them all and none of them satisfied his hunger...His insatiable desire to cause pain to the one who had stabbed Jimin…

He heard it. The sound of a car approaching. Agust leaped down off the side of the train car from where he had been sitting and his boots made a soft thud as he landed on the ground. He pushed his hands in his pockets and stood there, his eyes low, the rage building and building inside him as the headlights of the van got brighter and brighter as it approached.

Yes. He had him. He was finally about to have his goddamn revenge.

It would be so sweet. It would be so fucking sweet he could almost taste it...

The van pulled to a stop and Agust watched Joker open the door and hop down. He signaled to him to come over and Jay got out of the driver’s side and circled around, following Joker to the back.

None of them spoke a word to each other. They had no words to say. The just had a job to do…

“Is he tied up?” asked Agust as Joker pushed the key into the lock to open the back door of the van where Lazy Eyes brother waited inside, a black bag over his head.

Joker nodded at him and turned the key and opened the doors wide.

They all stood there. The guy was sitting there on his knees, his head down, the bag over his head.

Agust saw him and in that moment his goddamn heart exploded with rage and fury. “You fuck!” he yelled out suddenly and he climbed into the van and walked over to the boy swiftly, pulling the bag off of his head.

The guy looked up at Yoongi and before he could even speak to say a “Fuck you.” or a “Please let me go.” Agust grabbed the knife out of his pocket and he leaned down and jammed it swiftly into his leg.

“URGGGHHHH!!!!” yelled out the boy. Agust didn’t say a fucking word. He just twisted it and twisted the knife into his thigh...


“MMMM!...MMMMMM!!..URGHHAAAAAAA!” screamed the boy.

He kept howling and screaming as Yoongi unleashed all his anger and rage and vengeance upon him. Agust grabbed the knife out of his leg suddenly and he stabbed him again.

He stabbed him in his stomach, his chest, his neck, his thigh...He kept on stabbing him...He kept on yelling and cursing as he stabbed him over and over…


Joker and Jay had closed the doors as soon as he started….

Joker and Jay had closed the doors and walked away…

They walked away until they couldn't hear it anymore…

They couldn't bear it…

They couldn’t bear the sound of the boy’s screams…


They dumped the body in the river. Agust had went back with Jay and Joker to PDogg’s and Agust cleaned up while Joker and Jay cleaned up the van.

“The Boss can’t know about this.” said Yoongi, his voice low and deep as he sat down to smoke a cigarette while Jay grabbed the remaining bloody rags from out of the van.

“I know hyung.” said Joker. They all understood that The Boss would not have approved of them doing a murder for Mochi who wasn’t a part of the gang.

“I think we’re good.” said Jay and he pushed the trash can that held all the dirty rags and Agust clothes toward the back so that he could burn them outside.

Joker sat down next to Agust and he reached into his pocket and grabbed a lollipop and pushed it into his mouth. “ okay?” he asked and he eyed Yoongi curiously as he watched him lean over and push his hands into his hair, a huge sigh escaping his mouth as he hung his head down wearily.

“No...No Joker...I’m not okay.” said Yoongi and he nodded to make his point.

“Why?” asked Tae and he leaned down on his knees to so that he could see Yoongi’s face.

“Jimin...I...I can’t lose him..let anything happen to him..I can’t...I can’t deal with it.” said Yoongi.

“Mmm.” said Joker. “I’m the same..about Kookie.” said Tae. “I need him.”

Yoongi nodded. He looked at Taehyung and started to chuckle. “How’d they fuck us up like this?” he asked. Tae smiled at him. “I don’t know...but I feel less fucked up inside you know what I mean?”

“Yeah Joker...I do.” said Yoongi.

They sat there for a moment thinking about them...about the ones they loved.

“You know if Quincy tries some shit I’ll kill him right?” said Joker. Yoongi nodded. “He won’t though...I’ve decided...I’m having Jay take him out anyway. After that fight is over..Jay is gonna take him the fuck out...make it so we don’t have to worry about him anymore.” said Yoongi. “...not kill him...but take him out permanently just the same…”

Joker raised an eyebrow at him. “What made you decide?” he asked.

“Jimin made me decide. I told him I’d stop when everyone was safe…”

“Stop what? The fucking gang?” asked Tae and his eyes widened as he watched Yoongi.

Yoongi took the last drag of his cigarette and put it out on the floor of the Chop Shop. “Nah..I’ll never stop the fucking gang...It’s all I know...It’s who the fuck I am.” said Yoongi.

Joker nodded. He felt the same way.

“I’m gonna to make it safe though...We’re going to war Joker...and we’re going to make sure the Fort Greene crew doesn’t fuck with us anymore...The Boss is tired of them. I’m tired of them. You’re tired of them. Spider’s tired of them. They need to get handled...We need to get rid of them….Take over that shit for ourselves…” said Yoongi.

“No more enemies…” said Joker and he turned to Yoongi. Yoongi looked back at him and nodded.

“Exactly Joker...We take that shit over….and then it’ll be fucking safe..”

Joker nodded. “Yeah...then we’ll have peace...”


Yoongi was exhausted when he finally reached Queens. The cab driver had to shake his leg to wake him up once they pulled up to the house. He had fallen asleep on the ride home.

He got into the house and locked the door, walking up the stairs slowly, his head hanging down as he yawned. It was almost 4 in the morning.

He opened the bedroom door and he stopped short as he gazed upon the scene in front of him. Jimin and Yoonji were sleeping on top of the blankets. The TV light was glowing upon the bed they lay upon and Mochi and Baby were snuggled up in between them.

They looked peaceful. They looked pure. They looked like a goddamn family...

Yoongi felt so dirty suddenly as he walked quietly into the room. He looked down at his boots. They were covered in dirt and slush. He noticed suddenly that he had blood on his jacket. He had thought he had gotten it all off of him…

He gazed back up at them and he hesitated before entering further. He felt like an maybe he shouldn’t wake up his sister...just sleep in the other room himself…

He loved them so much. He’d do anything for them...He’d rip his heart out and gladly give it to either one of them if there was a need to do so…

Yoonji was right about him. He was a monster. He was a vengeful, violent monster who would never stop...never be satisfied...not until everyone he loved was safe...was taken care of…

That’s how he had gotten into this whole thing...taking care of Yoonji...keeping her safe…

Now he had two of them to take care of...maybe four really...whether he liked it or not the goddamn cats were in the family too now…

He turned to leave. To go sleep in the other room when he heard Yoonji’s voice call out to him in a hushed whisper. “Yoongi.” she whispered.

“Mmm?” he said softly. “Where are you going?” she asked.

He looked at her and shrugged his shoulders. “I was going to sleep in the other room..I...I didn’t want to wake you up.”

Yoonji frowned at him. “Don’t be I’ll go. Come lay down with Mochi. He’ll be mad if he doesn’t see you when he gets up stupid.” said Yoonji. As much as she would have loved to stay there sleeping next to Jimin she would rather him be happy and see Yoongi there then wake up with worry in his heart.

Yoongi nodded to her okay and he walked back in and went into the bathroom to wash his face and hands again. He would have taken a shower but he didn’t want to wake Jimin and the other bathroom didn’t work. He had never fixed it since he never stayed up here.

He heard the door close as he sat down on the toilet seat to take off his dirty boots and coat. He rolled up the coat and pushed it way down in the hamper so that Jimin wouldn't see the blood on it. He didn’t want him to know what he had done…

He turned off the light to the bathroom as he exited and got into the bed. Yoonji and her kitten were gone.

He laid down next to Jimin and he stared at him for a few minutes as his eyes grew heavy with sleep. He was so fucking beautiful to Yoongi. He was perfect to him. His sexy mouth was parted as he breathed quietly and Yoongi took his thumb and rubbed it softly around his lips.

“I love you Jimin. I love you so fucking much...I’ll make it safe so that you never had to worry ever again.” whispered Yoongi and he closed his eyes and was almost fast asleep when he heard Jimin’s angelic voice whispering his name softly.


“Mm?” asked Yoongi. His eyes felt so heavy he couldn’t even open them.

“What was his name?” whispered Jimin. He wanted to know the name of the boy that had died tonight because of him.

Yoongi opened his eyes and looked at him in shock..”Who...who Jimin?” he asked and he gulped at the thought of it. That Jimin might know what he had done. How the fuck did he know?...Did he know?

Jimin bit his lip, his eyes sadly gazing upon Yoongi and just then he pushed his hand softly through Yoongi’s hair. “The brother Yoongi...the one you killed.” whispered Jimin and he closed his eyes. Goddamn him for doing it. Goddamn Yoongi for not listening and just letting it be.

“Uhh...I don’t know Jimin...I just had a picture from Jin...that’s it.” said Yoongi softly, his voice trailing off as he said the horrible truth out loud to Jimin.

Jimin looked at Yoongi in shock...His eyes grew wider at the revelation that Yoongi didn’t know his name...He had killed a man tonight...taken his life...and he didn’t he even know his fucking name…

Yoongi looked back at him regretfully and he gulped. He didn't see it there just then. The wasn’t there in Jimin’s eyes like it usually was…

Yoongi was suddenly afraid...Did Jimin hate him now?..Think he was some horrible monster...did he see him the way he saw Joker?

Jimin moved closer to Yoongi and he stared deeply in his eyes. “Tomorrow Yoongi...You find out his name tomorrow.” said Jimin and the words had a finality to them that made Yoongi understand he would do as he asked.

Yoongi nodded yes to Jimin and Jimin closed his eyes again, sighing heavily. and he leaned his head forward and pushed his mouth against Yoongi’s...his tongue softly rubbing against Yoongi’s bottom lip as he breathed him in...

Yoongi closed his eyes and he sighed as Jimin kissed him so sweetly. He wrapped his arm around him and pulled him closer to him as he fell into the soft, sad kiss.

“I’m sorry Jimin...I had to...I love you..I want you safe.” whispered Yoongi.

“Shhh...Just shhhh..” whispered Jimin, as he kissed him softly, sweetly, forgiving him for what he had done...for the awful thing that he had begged his precious Yoongi not to do…

He kept kissing him so very lightly, so very softly, and he envied Yoongi as he pulled back slowly to watch him fall asleep. In that moment, he envied Yoongi so very much.
He wasn’t so very different from him really. In fact deep down Jimin knew he was the same and that was why he could forgive him so easily, love him so completely, in spite of the wretched things he did.

Deep down Jimin wanted revenge too…

He wanted revenge for Taemin...He wanted it and he would never, ever have it...Joker was safe from it...The Boss and Yoongi kept Joker safe…

Jimin moved closer to Yoongi and he took his finger and lightly pushed his blond locks away from his forehead. He looked so peaceful...He was in a deep sleep. The most peaceful, restful sleep that one could possibly imagine and Jimin knew why he was at peace. Yoongi had gotten his revenge and that brought him so much peace and Jimin knew that he would never know that kind of peace, no matter how badly he wanted to know it.

The desire for revenge against Joker would always be inside of him...always be there gnawing away at him…

He could push it deep down...He could try to drink it away...He could pretend he didn’t feel it... but it would always be there and Jimin envied Yoongi for being able to kill the boy...He envied him for being able to obtain that feeling of peace that he so desperately wanted…

Oh god how he wished he could have his peace too...have his goddamn revenge against Joker…

“But you owe him now.” said Jimin softly. He bit his lip and sighed as he thought about it. He felt sick...sick to his stomach...knowing that he now owed Taehyung his life...owed him his life yet again..

Jimin sighed again and continued to push his hand slowly through Yoongi’s hair. He kept seeing Joker in front of him...seeing him crying there in front of him when he had found him in front of Mrs. Lau’s store and inside it made Jimin want to scream.

Why him? Of all the goddamn people in the world, why was Taehyung the one that had came to save him?

It wasn’t fair...It should never have been him…It wasn’t fair that Yoongi could have his revenge and he couldn’t. It was so fucking unfair, thought Jimin.

“It’s not fair Yoongi...I want my peace too...I badly Yoongi...I wish I could feel it like you do...I’d give anything Yoongi...anything to be at peace like you.” whispered Jimin.

Jimin hand began to fall to the side, resting gently on Yoongi’s shoulder as he drifted off to sleep. Shivering now and then as if a cold wind was passing over him...Shivering now and again, from the dark memories that flashed through his mind as he faded into slumber…

Memories of his mom...Memories of Taemin...Memories of the boy he had killed….Memories of the boy that had tried to kill him...


“Are you nervous?” asked Tae as he rubbed the vaseline onto Jungkook’s face while he sat there on the edge of the tub getting prepared for his fight. His fair one with Quincy.

“Mmm...a little.” confessed Jungkook. “That’s fucker’s kind of big.”

Tae stopped and looked at him and they both started to giggle. “You swing first. Hit that fuck as soon as you see him. Hit him as hard as you can. If you can get him to stumble back you can grab him...get on top of him.” said Joker and nodded once to make sure Jungkook understood.

“Okay.” said Kookie. Tae finished rubbed the last bit of vaseline on his chin. “Alright. Let’s fucking go. We said 8pm and I don’t want to be late.”

Jungkook nodded. He stood up and looked in the mirror. He was checking to see if it was there. The fear. Had it come back? No. It hadn’t but he was nervous just the same.

“I’m not scared...just nervous.” said Kookie. “Mmm.” said Joker as he bent down to tie his boots. “You’ll be alright. Jay will be there too. If anything goes wrong we’ll fuck him up so don’t worry.”

“Okay.” said Jungkook.

They left out of the bathroom and Tae passed Kookie a pair of fingerless gloves. “Here. I always used to wear these.” he said.

“Okay cool.” said Kookie as he put them on. They exited the building and Taehyung and Jungkook squinted their eyes suddenly as the biting cold stung their faces.

“Fuck!” yelled out Tae. He couldn’t wait for this winter shit to be over. “Is it gonna snow again?” asked Kookie. He hoped not because he wanted to go see Jimin tomorrow and see how he was doing.

Tae shrugged his shoulders and he grabbed Kookie’s hand as they walked briskly down the block toward the park where the fight would take place.

Jungkook still felt the nervous feeling. It was gnawing at him. Gnawing at him inside of his gut.

“Fuck I”m really nervous.” confessed Kookie. He turned and looked at Tae.

“Don’t be. If you lose you lose. It’s okay.” said Tae. Honestly it would probably be better if he did. But no way would he let Jungkook throw the fight. Quincy had it coming. He hoped he knocked him the fuck out.

Just then Jungkook felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. “Hold up.” he said and they paused their walking as Jungkook reached in the pocket for his phone. He thought it might be one of his buyers.

“Oh shit!” he cried out when he saw who it was. “What?” asked Joker. “It’s fucking Ali.” said Kookie and Joker suddenly snatched the phone from him to look. Jungkook moved next to him and the huddled there staring down at the phone.

Ali: Yo. I gotta tell you smth about the fight

Tae looked at Kookie. “I’ll answer him. See what’s up.” he said. He didn’t trust that fuck for a second. He was still apart of the Fort Greene crew. He could be snaking them for all they knew.

Joker texted back:

Rabbit: ??
Ali: Yo he’s gonna have a knife on him. Told my boy he was gonna stick you if you won.
Rabbit: Good looking out
Ali: No prob
Rabbit: Where are you? You coming?
Ali: Nah. Those fucks want me dead. I’ve been in Queens the whole time. At my grandmas
Rabbit: Damn. Sorry son
Ali: Nah it’s cool. Fuck them
Rabbit: Let’s meet up tomorrow.
Ali: Aight cool hit me up

“He’s gonna try and stab me...” said Jungkook, his voice trailing as he looked up from the phone. He suddenly saw the image of Jimin all stabbed up and laying on Yoongi’s couch. He gulped.

“He’s not going to do shit.” said Joker and his eyes lowered. “Fucking goddamn pussy. It’s supposed to be fair fight and this fuck thinks he’ll stick you? No way. He’ll get stuck instead.” He bawled his other hand into a fist suddenly as he held Kookie’s with the other one. He’d kill him...kill him if he tried to hurt Jungkook...He’d kill that fucker.

“Joker. Let’s just not go.” said Kookie and he turned to Joker looking at him. The fear back in his eyes suddenly.

Joker looked at him. He had to get rid of it for once and for all. “You gotta face shit Kookie. You’re a warrior now. You gotta face him. Make him respect you. Make him respect the goddamn code.” said Joker.

Jungkook nodded and he bit his lip underneath his face mask as he looked down. He felt guilty suddenly that he had suggested to back out. He was such a fucking pussy.

“Kookie listen to me. You’ll be alright. Nothing is going to happen.” said Tae and he searched Jungkook’s eyes to see if he trusted him.

Jungkook looked back into Joker’s piercing brown eyes and he felt suddenly small beneath their gaze. He felt small but he also felt better, more secure. He knew Joker wouldn’t let anything happen to him. He trusted Joker more than he trusted his own self.

Jungkook nodded at him. “Okay Joker. I trust you.” he said, his voice muffled from the mask.

Joker nodded at him once to show him he understood. “We’ll meet Jay near our side. Let him know what’s up.” said Joker. He texted Jay to meet them.

When they got to the park it was dark and the wind was howling through the trees. Jungkook shook slightly as he looked around. His hands in his pocket and his hood pulled tightly around his face. It was so fucking cold all of sudden.

“Jay.” said Tae, his voice was low and deep. He did the handshake with him and he scanned the park searching to see if any of those fucks were nearby. He was on high alert again.

“Yo what up.” said Jay. “We got word this fuck has a knife on him. Said he’d stab Rabbit if he lost.” said Tae.

Jays eyes grew wide and he suddenly leaned over and started to laugh. “Hahaha. He’s so fucked!” he yelled out. Joker giggled. He so was.

Jungkook giggled too but he didn’t get what was so damn funny.

“I got two guys that will be there in the crowd. We’ll do a pat down before the fight starts. Take the knife.” said Jay. Joker nodded and so did Kookie. He felt better now knowing that knife wouldn’t be on the guy.

“What happens after?” asked Tae. He hadn’t talked to The Boss about it.

“The Boss said don’t take him out. He said we’re going to wait because he has someone snaking his brother tonight, Blitz.” said Jay. Joker nodded.

They started to walk toward the fight, Jay walking beside Tae, swinging his bat lazily back and forth. “ you told him?” asked Joker. He didn’t know The Boss knew about Jungkook’s fight.

“Yeah. Of course I told him.” said Jay and he frowned at Joker just then. Joker’s eyes got lower. He was worried about that. “What you tell him?” he asked.

“I told him the truth. Rabbit was walking in the park and this fuck tried to rough him up for his drugs.” said Jay. He looked back at Joker and Joker turned to him and Jay winked.

“Haha you bitch.” laughed Joker and he pushed Jay away from him just then. “Ahhh...what you think I’d say the real truth?” laughed Jay.

“For a second yeah.” said Joker. Jay shook his head. “Ohhh..I’m hurt. So hurt.” he teased. Joker giggled and Jungkook giggled too. He was still nervous though that The Boss knew about it.

“So you ready?” asked Jay and he started walking backwards as he eyed Jungkook.

“Yeah.” said Kookie. He was ready. He’d fuck him up. Now that he knew they’d get rid of the knife the feeling in his gut was gone….


They approached the basketball court and a big crowd of dudes were already there. Joker told Kookie some were theirs and some were from the Fort Greene crew. Jungkook walked in and he stared at Quincy immediately as he saw him. He was sitting on the benches, looking chill as fuck. Like he wasn’t about to have a fight at all.

Joker, Jay and Kookie went around, giving all their guys the handshake and Rabbit did too. They were all nodding at him and saying things like “Fuck him up.” and “We got you son.” as he went up to them.

Quincy finally got up from the benches and walked over. The crowd formed a circle around them, and someone yelled out “Yo Quincy! Fuck his bitchass up!”

Quincy looked toward the guy who had yelled it and laughed. The other Fort Greene crew guys started laughing too.

That was it. That was all it took. Jungkook started to feel the anger rising inside of him. He stood there and took off his jacket and passed it to one of the guys he had met earlier to hold.

“Yo. We’re doing a pat down. Make sure you don't have any weapons.” said Jay. Quincy shook his head. “Nah. Nobody’s touching me.” he said as he looked Jay up and down.

Jay giggled, his smile spreading wide across his face. He took the bat and lifted it up over his head. “ sure about that?” he threatened.

Joker’s face had the blank stare again. “We’re patting you down...or you worried we’ll find something. What do you have to hide? It’s a fair fight right?” said Tae.

Jungkook just stood there eyeing Quincy, his fists bawled at his side.

Quincy looked at Jay and Joker and then whispered something to one of his guys. “Who said it wasn't a fair fight?” he said and he took a knife from his pocket and passed it to the guy he had whispered too.

“Pick a guy to pat down Rabbit. I got you.” said Jay and he cracked his neck like he was bored or something.

Quincy laughed but he nodded to one of the guys in his crew. They walked up to Jungkook as Jay walked up to Quincy and they both started to pat them down.

“Nothing.” said the boy that had patted down Jungkook. Jungkook looked deep in his eyes as he stood there in front of him. The fear was gone and he huffed a little as he saw the guy stare firmly back at him.

“Ohhhh...what’s this?” said Jay and he pulled a small knife out of Quincy’s sock.

“I forgot that’s all.” said Quincy and he chuckled.

“Fucking pussy.” said Joker. He wanted to fight him now instead of Rabbit for trying to keep another knife. He was so pissed off!

“Alright. Fight starts. Whoever knocks who out first or calls it a loss.” said Jay. Quincy and Jungkook both nodded. Quincy eyed Jungkook and chuckled at him as if he was sure he would win. Joker couldn't stand it anymore. His brashness and nonchalant attitude was making him furious inside.

“Now.” Joker said, his voice low and deep at Jungkook’s side. Jungkook nodded and suddenly he rushed Quincy without a second to loose and slammed his fist hard and fast into his jaw.

“OHHHH!” yelled out the crowd as Quincy stumbled back. “Again!” yelled out Joker.

Jungkook obeyed. Quincy was still stumbling to gain his ground and Jungkook swung again with the his other fist toward his face. Quincy dodged the punch though and he swung his huge fist hard into Jungkook’s side.

Jungkook fell forward slightly. It hurt like a fucking bitch! He went to raise up his upper body that had lunged forward from the punch but before he could do so the hard slam of Quincy’s right hook hit him smack in the fucking eye.

“Fuck!” yelled out Jungkook. He saw stars and he heard the crowd all around him cheering and “ohh”ing and “aah”ing as he took another hard hit to the face. Jungkook fell back against Joker and Joker pushed him back into the fight.

“HIT HIM!” he yelled out angrily. It took everything in Joker not to jump in and destroy that fuck who was getting the best of Rabbit just then.

Jungkook gained his ground and he remembered suddenly something Mochi had told him. Something about this move that the Blitz had done.

He looked at Quincy and Quincy had his hands up, moving around as if to circle him, to get in a quick jab. Jungkook took in a deep breath and went for it.

He rushed Quincy suddenly. “ARGHH!” he yelled out as he lowered his head and ran full speed at Quincy, throwing his arms around his body suddenly as he slammed into him.

“Ohhf” called out Quincy and he fell back onto the ground like Jungkook had planned.

Jungkook straddled him suddenly. “You fuck!” he yelled out and he started to punch him hard and fast over and over and over, his fists raining down on his face like a goddamn Street Fighter combo.

“Oh shit!” Ahhh!’ Damn boy!” yelled out people in the crowd as Quincy tried to moved his arms to grab onto to Jungkook and stop him for pounding into this face.

“Yes! Fuck him up!” Jungkook heard Jay call out as he hit him again and again.

Suddenly Quincy threw up his upper body and Jungkook toppled off of him backwards.

Their eyes locked and Quincy swing his fist and landed it again into Jungkook’s eye. Jungkook swung back, slamming his fist into his and as he did so Quincy grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him on the ground.

“Fucking pussy.” yelled out Quincy. He tried to hit him but Jungkook was so fucking angry that he had gotten the better of him that Jungkook went for the dirty move and he kneed Quincy in the fucking balls.

“AHHH!” yelled out Quincy. He groaned and hunched over and Jungkook managed to get on top of him. He grabbed him by the jacket and held his fist high in the air.

“Take this you Bitchass.” he said suddenly and he slammed his fist hard into Quincy’s jaw.

“OHHHHHH!” yelled out the crowd…

Jungkook breathed heavily up and down and he looked around at the crowd that circled them. He could barely see their faces. He left eye was almost fully closed from the swelling.

They were laughing and cheering at him. His crew was yelling “Rabbit! Rabbit!”

He looked down again at the blurred figure beneath him.

He wasn’t moving and a peacefulness fell upon Jungkook as he realized he had won.

Yes, he thought. Victory was his.

He had done it...He had actually done it and he was so proud because of it.

He had done when he came to do…

He had knocked Quincy the fuck out.


“I’m not going to get killed for letting you in here right?” asked Blitz as he opened the doorway to his apartment.

Yoonji smirked at him beneath her face mask. “Mmm..maybe.” she teased and he chuckled as he held the door open for her to walk in.

Yoonji looked around. The apartment was laid out pretty similar to hers. It had a large living room, attached kitchen and a long hallway that led to the right and left were the bedrooms were located.

“So just you live here?” she questioned as she walked in and took a seat on the black leather couch.

Blitz stood there and looked at her, his eyes scanning down to her legs that peeked out from her coat as she crossed them.

“ brother lives here with me.” he said and he licked his lip.

“Mm.” said Yoonji. She unzipped her coat just then and took it off. She did it slowly...seductively almost...The Boss was right about her of course. She was the best snake in his crew...She knew all the moves...had lured Blitz into her trap within a mere couple of hours...

“Well don’t worry. I won’t be here long.” she said and she laid the coat down and pulled down her face mask to reveal her pretty face as she looked up at him. Her eyes playfully mocked the boy that stood in front of her. And he was stuck there as if frozen in a trance as he watched her slanty eyes peer up at him.

“ i’ll go get the stuff.” he said softly and he turned and went down the hall to grab the drugs that Yoonji was buying from him. She didn’t need them of course. That was just her excuse to get in...

Yoonji took out her phone quickly and texted Jin while he was gone.

YJ: I’m at his house.
DTJ: Good. Let him know a little about Yoongi but not too much
YJ: Alright
DTJ: The Boss said he’s proud of you
YJ: The Boss can go to hell
DTJ: LOL I won’t tell him you said that
YJ: whatever

Yoonji deleted the texts and put her phone back into her pocket. She sat there and looked around as she waited for Blitz to come back.

The house was quiet except for the faint ticking of a clock from somewhere in the kitchen. She noticed there was some weed dust on top of the magazine that laid on the coffee table in front of her. She leaned over and sniffed it, immediately scrunching her nose.

“Dirt.” she said to herself. Yoongi smoked way better stuff then that.

She sat back and played lazily in her hair. She had been nervous before, but as soon as she had stepped into the party and saw Blitz there ,the nervousness vanished almost instantly.

She was slightly attracted to him. He had a cute face, nice smile. He was tall and although his hair was hidden under a fitted cap she could tell it was soft. She knew that he was a sucker for her the moment she walked up to him. In that moment as she casually sipped her drink, dancing in front of him she knew in an instant she could snake him…

She had know she could gain his trust...get him to do whatever she wanted. He looked hungry...He looked infatuated by her...He was the easiest prey imaginable...

Just then the door opened and Yoonji jumped slightly as it slammed behind the large boy that had entered. The nervousness surfaced again quickly as the boy stood there looking at her with a swollen, bloody face, his hands balled into a fist at his sides...

“The fuck are you doing here?” he snarled, his voice was harsh and he walked toward her swiftly, his fists still bawled as he glared angrily down upon her with a ragefull look in his eyes.

Yoonji looked up at him and she recognized him suddenly regardless of the swollen cheeks and left eye. It was the goddamn brother Quincy. She gulped trying to figure out what to say.

She opened her mouth to speak but she heard Blitz's voice suddenly.

“Chill. She’s with me...what the fuck.” said Blitz. Quincy turned his head and looked at him angrily.

“You see what those fucks did to me?! And you got this bitch in here? Really?!” he yelled.

“Maybe I should go.” said Yoonji and she grabbed her coat. She was scared suddenly. What if they tried to hold her there against her will to get back at whoever had done that to his face. He had implied it was someone in Yoongi’s crew…

Blitz locked eyes with Quincy. “Nah. I said she’s with me.” His voice was stern and Quincy huffed back at him in disbelief.

“Yo fuck you then.” he said after a few moments had passed in between them. Quincy stormed out of the room, shoving Blitz back with his shoulder as he pushed past him to go down the hallway.

Blitz looked at Yoonji and he chuckled just then. “Ahh..let me see what the fuck happened. I’ll be right back Princess one sec.” he said without a care in the world it seemed.

“Mm..okay.” said Yoonji. She bit her lip as she watched him go down the hall.

Fuck. Why the hell didn’t Jin tell her their was a fight with someone! She sighed and raised her hands, flipping her hair up nervously. She should leave...just in case that damn brother wanted revenge…

“Yo. I want that bitch gone! This fucker embarrassed me in front of the WHOLE CREW!” yelled Quincy from the back room.

Yoonji’s eyes grew wide. Who was he talking about? Joker? She got up and tiptoed closer to the corner of the hallway to hear better.

“ shouldn’t have been doing that dumb shit anyways. Hitting that girl in the park. You could have gotten arrested for that shit you dumb fuck.”

“So the fuck what?! I want him stuck. I’m not letting this shit go. He made me look like a fucking pussy!” Quincy yelled back at his brother.

“You’re not doing shit! You hear me! It’s my fucking say and you agreed to a fair one and that’s it. Shit is done. I got bigger things to deal with like fucking Spider and that goddamn heroin.”

“Heroin?” whispered Yoonji, frowning as she heard them argue about some robbery. What was Spider doing with that? The Boss didn’t sell heroin…

“We supposed to be blood man and all you care about is your dumb bitches...Like that one in there. You know what would happen if Agust knew you had his sister in here?! He’d have that fuck Joker spray this fucking place.” yelled Quincy.

“Haha! That boy must have knocked the sense out of you too.” laughed Blitz. “I'll kill fucking Agust before he walk up in here. Joker too. Fuck outta here son!”

“Yeah...that’s what you fucking think.” argued Quincy.

“Yo, I’m not arguing with you anymore. You let this shit go or I’ll send your ass to PA. You always starting shit when I all I want is some FUCKING PEACE!”

“Fuck Philly. I hate that place.” said Quincy saltily.

“Then I suggest you shut the fuck up and leave that Rabbit dude alone.” snarled Blitz.

Yoonji’s eyes opened widely as she realized Rabbit was the one that had fucked up Quincy. “Oh shit.” she whispered. Rabbit had done that?!

Just then then she heard the door open and she dashed back to the couch and sat down before he came back into the room.

“Yo. brother...that new kid Rabbit fucked him up and he doesn’t know how to take a loss.” he said and he chuckled, shaking his head as he sat down next to her.

“Damn.” said Yoonji. Blitz laughed again. “You see his eye yo!” he laughed. Yoonji started to giggle too. He had looked like a damn monster with his face so swollen like that.

“So anyways. Here you go Princess.” said Blitz and he passed her the coke. “Thanks.” she said and she pushed in into her pocket and pulled out the wad of money to pay him.

Blitz looked at the money and then he bit his lip and looked back at her. Yoonji stared at him and she saw it there in his eyes. The “I want to fuck you” look.

“Nah..keep it. You’re too pretty to pay me.” he said and he leaned back and pulled a joint out of his pocket.

“You sure?” she said smirking at him as she put the money back. Blitz nodded. “Hell yeah I’m sure. Everyone knows you’re the prettiest girl in Brooklyn...You didn’t know?” he teased.

Yoonji laughed at him. “You’re stupid.” she said. “True...but only for girls like you.” said Blitz and he lit the joint.

Yoonji agreed with him. He was stupid. He had stupidly let her in his house and was stupidly going to let her know his secrets so that she could tell The Boss.

“You want?” he asked. Yoonji shook her head no. “You don’t smoke?” he questioned and he pulled in some more.

“Not really...sometimes..but only the good stuff.” said Yoonji.

Blitz chuckled and she noticed suddenly why she liked him. He had a boyishness about him despite his height and slightly muscular physique. He had a nice smile and his eyes were soft like Mochi’s. That’s what it was...whenever he smiled...he reminded her of Mochi...

“You saying my stuff isn't good?” he egged on...and he leaned over on his knees looking up at her as he smoked again.

“Mmm..maybe...haven’t had it yet.” she said wickedly.

“Maybe you should.” said Blitz.

“Mm...maybe I will.” said Yoonji.

Silence fell between them and Yoonji smirked as she caught him looking at her legs again.

“ play too much Princess.” said Blitz and he leaned back against the sofa again.

“I like to play.” said Yoonji. She was so good. She was so very good at the game.

“Yeah...what you wanna play?” asked Blitz and he leaned over, his arm resting on the couch behind her and he looked her up and down as his face moved closer to hers.

Yoonji looked back at him…This was it...the time to give him the bait. “It’s a secret.” Yoonji whispered.

Blitz raised his eyebrows at her. “A secret?” he said softly. Yoonji nodded and bit her lip seductively at him.

“You can’t tell anyone...not even your brother.” she whispered. “Tell me.” said Blitz and he leaned in closer.

Yoonji moved in, hovering there at his ear. He smelled good and she wickedly pressed her lips just barely against his ear as she whispered. “I want to play a game...a game of revenge.” she whispered.

Blitz’s eyes grew wide. “Against who?” he said back.

“Mmm.” Yoonji moaned. “Against my brother.” she whispered and she licked his earlobe into her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” said Blitz, breathlessly as the tingly feeling of Yoonji’s advances caused his dick to jump.

“You in?” she whispered and she dared to suck his earlobe into her mouth slowly before releasing it...

“I’m...I’m in.” he said weakly.

“Good…” whispered Yoonji and she went to sit back but suddenly Blitz grabbed her by the throat.

“Why? Why do you want to get revenge against Agust...Don’t play with me Yoonji I swear to god.” he said, his voice serious again as he stared at her harshly, searching her face to see if she was a fucking snake.

Yoonji looked back at him. She stared deeply into his eyes and she didn’t falter for a second as she answered his question.

“Because I love him and he took him from me.” she said.

She knew he’d believe her because it wasn’t a lie at all. It was the truth. Agust had taken Mochi and she couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t breathe...she had no peace inside because of it...

Blitz eyes lowered and he frowned. “Who? Mochi?” he questioned. Yoonji nodded. “Yes. Mochi.”

He saw it just then. Blitz saw the sadness slowly grow upon her face as he held her there in front of him.

He squeezed her neck tighter. “Fuck Mochi. I want you now.” he replied and he suddenly pulled her to him and started to kiss her mouth.

“Mmm.’ she moaned as she kissed him back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he let her neck go and wrapped his hands around her waist.

“Fuck you’re so pretty fuck.” he sighed as he kept kissing her.

She fell into the kiss and suddenly she wasn’t playing anymore. He was cute, he had Mochi’s smile...She’d use him..Get what she wanted...maybe even get a little more for herself…

“Will you give me what I want?” sighed Yoonji and she moved down and started to lick and suck on his neck as Blitz fell back against the couch.

He nodded yes as she coiled herself around him. He had always liked her. He had always wanted Agust sister...hell everyone did.

“Yes Princess...I’ll give you...fuck...whatever you want.” he sighed as Yoonji licked up to his ear and back down again, twirling her tongue back and forth against his skin like the snake she was.

“Good.” whispered Yoonji…”Give me what I want…”


Chapter Text

“You want to come with me Princess? Or you wanna stay here?” asked Blitz as he leaned back against the headboard lighting his joint.

“Mmm.” said Yoonji. She wasn’t going anywhere. She’d stay in his goddamn room.

Blitz chuckled. “I know what all those mean now. All the "mmms.” he said proudly. Yoonji raised her head from the pillow she had been laying on and raised an eyebrow at him. “Mmm..” she said as she pondered over whether he was right or not.

Blitz laughed. “I do! You don’t fucking want to admit that shit.” he teased.

Yoonji put her head back down. He was getting on her fucking nerves. She giggled though anyways. She giggled and he laughed harder at her for knowing he was right.

“Not all of them asshole.” said Yoonji. “Maybe...but most.” said Blitz and he leaned over and pushed her hair back. “ up.” he said and he held the joint to her lips. Yoonji pulled it in and as she did so she looked up into his smiling face that was close to hers and she felt sort of warm inside.

He really did. He really did look like Mochi.

Blitz sat back and started to talk about all the business he had going on for that day and Yoonji laid there, resting her head on his lap, listening to all of it and filing it away to tell The Boss.

He told her everything. His dumbass told her everything. She was close now. Close on finding out who the supplier was. It had been a month since they had met and in that time they had been together practically everyday...well except the days she stayed up in Queens at her brother’s house. The days that she babysat Mochi…

That’s what she was. She was Mochi’s babysitter.

That’s it. Just his goddamn babysitter. Yoongi only asked her up there when he had to work all night. Other than that she was on her she was always here instead...with Blitz.

She liked it. She liked being with Blitz. He was actually really sweet and he had a good size dick and could eat pussy really good too. He bought her whatever she wanted because she was his “Princess” and she honestly would make him her real boyfriend if it wasn’t for the fact she was snaking him.

Yoonji raised her head and looked up at him. He was still talking and she felt so sad just then as she watched him laughing about some dude he had robbed the other day.

She liked him so very much. He was all hers and he looked like Mochi when he laughed. They liked almost all the same stuff and he gave her whatever she wanted. She wasn’t lonely with felt nice…

“Princess. What’s wrong?” said Blitz and he frowned at Yoonji.

Yoonji laid back down to avoid his gaze. “Nothing...I just...I’m feeling guilty that’s all..”

“About what? Agust?” asked Blitz. Yoonji bit her lip and nodded yes. It was a lie though. She felt guilty about him.

“Well...fuck him. Fuck him for using you and shit and taking Mochi bitchass and leaving you and shit. Fuck him yo.” said Blitz.

Yoonji nodded okay. She nodded and she bit her lip harder because she thought Blitz was right. Fuck them both for leaving her all alone.

“Aww fuck.” said Blitz and he grabbed Yoonji and pulled her up on his chest. “Dont be sad babe...It's just me and you now okay? I won’t do it if you don’t want. Like I won’t do that shit.” said Blitz.

“Mmm..” said Yoonji and he wrapped her arm around him. Goddammit any minute and she’d cry like a fucking girl.

“ think about that shit okay? Just tell me. I won’t do shit to Agust till you tell me.” said Blitz and he kissed her on the head.

“Okay.” said Yoonji. “Okay.” said Blitz.

Just then Blitz’s phone rang. “Babe..I gotta get that.” he said. Yoonji rolled over and grabbed the pillow as she listened to his conversation, holding back her tears.

“Yeah...we need another shipment. And hit that fuck Spider tonight too. Like I’m tired of this shit. I want my fucking guns back….Yeah...Rodrigo is his name...Rodrigo from Brownsville…”

Yoonji’s eyes grew a little wider. Was that him? The supplier?

“...yeah...don’t kill him dumbass just hit the spot...yeah...yeah...aight...yeah...bye.”

“Babe I’m sorry. These fucks...I gotta always repeat myself.” said Blitz and he got up to get dressed.

“Baby. Who’s Rodrigo?” asked Yoonji and she flipped her hair and smirked as she saw Blitz look weak from how sexy she looked just then.

“Um...he’s my supplier main dude.” he said as he gulped while Yoonji pulled him back down on the bed.

“Mmm...Daddy give me some before you go.” she whispered. He was so fucking cute and had told her the big secret so easily...and she liked him. She fucking liked him. She liked him so goddamn much….Goddammit why couldn't she keep something for herself? Just once in her miserable life!

Yoonji grabbed him suddenly and rolled on top of him. “I want you. I want you all for me.” she said hungrily and she crashed her mouth against his. They were always taking everything from her. The Boss and Yoongi. They had taken Joker. Mochi. Her goddamn cat. Her goddamn time. Her whole life it seemed...Now Blitz. They’d take him too. Why why did that damn Boss make her do this fucking job!

She knew...knew it would kill her somehow. Oh god she didn’t want it to be a job anymore. She wanted it to be real and she wanted to just stay in his goddamn room and never see that damn brother and that stupid Mochi ever again!

It hurt so bad to see those fucks together. She didn’t want to see them ever again. Yoonji kissed him and kissed him. She pushed against Blitz’s hard cock and she loved the feeling and she wanted to keep him so fucking bad.

“Mm...ahh..make me cum...make me cum. I want it.” she whispered.

“I’ll always give you whatever you want...cum Princess...cum..” sighed Blitz, and he pushed his mouth against hers, pulling down his pants...pushing her panties aside...thrusting his hard cock inside her like she wanted….


Princess: I got it. His name is Rodrigo
DTJ: Good. We know him
Princess: They’re gonna rob Spider’s spot tonight
DTJ: Okay thanks. That it?
Princess: Yeah….So am I done now?
DTJ: No. Not till The Boss says

Yoonji pierced her lip. Goddamn how long?!!

Princess: Fuck you guys
DTJ: kekeke good work

Yoonji slammed the phone down on her bed. “Fucking asshole.” She grabbed her phone again and deleted the texts. She pulled up the covers and laid there listening to the quietness of the room.

Blitz was gone and Quincy had been sent to PA so it was always just the two of them in the house. Well them and Mochi. She always brought her kitten with her of course...

Her phone vibrated again. “Goddamn fuck.” said Yoonji and she looked at the text. As soon as she saw it her heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t Jin it was Mochi.

Mochi: Yoonji? Do you know where he is?
Princess: Sorry baby I don’t
Mochi: I got a call. My mom :-(

“Oh god.” said Yoonji as her heart rose to her throat. His mom?!

Princess: What happened?
Mochi: I don’t know. They said I have to come. Like now
Princes. OMG okay I’ll find him
Mochi: Please find him. I gotta go there and I need help and I don’t have a lot of time they said :-(
Princess: Oh baby. Don’t worry we’ll be there
Mochi: Okay :-(((

Yoonji felt a tear fall down her face as she saw the string of crying emojis he sent after.

“Oh god...oh fuck.” gasped Yoonji. She texted Agust quickly. Damn monster had probably ignored Jimin. Fucking snake.

Princess: Where are you?
Twin: I’m doing some shit with Jay why?

Yoonj almost didn’t tell him. She almost didn’t but then she decided to anyways.

Princess: It’s Mochi’s mom...he has to go

Yoonji bit her lip as she waited for him to respond.

Twin: You go. I can’t
Princess: You don’t fucking deserve him!!
Twin: I know
Twin: I hate me too

Yoonji stared at her phone and fought back the urge to throw the fucking thing across the room.

“Not as much as me you don’t.” she said angrily. She hated him with everything inside her soul just then.

She got up and started to get dressed. She got dressed and she cursed and cursed because no matter how much she tried, they wouldn't’ stop.

The stupid tears...her hands that were shaking as she fumbled to button her blouse..they just wouldn’t stop.

She stared in the mirror and she hated her dumb brother. She hated him and she also hated herself for how afraid she was just now. How very afraid she was to tell Mochi he wasn't coming. How very afraid she was to be the one to go with him...

Princess: I'm on my way...Agust...he can't's just me and you...


12 years ago…

“Mom!” yelled out Taehyung as he burst into his parents store after school. He huffed slightly, annoyed at the fact that he hadn’t beat the crowd today. He fought back his urge to shove the other school kids roughly, as he made his way to the counter. The counter where his parents would be ringing all these little bastards up.

Some of the kids were his friends and some of them he didn’t know. It was always this way after school. Always crowds and crowds of kids flocking inside of his parent’s store, and although the Kim family store was just like any other Bodega in Brooklyn, there was one thing that made it the best store in the world for a kid his age.


The Kim family store sold the best fucking candy in Brooklyn….The type where you could grab one of the plastic shovels, and dig into the large bins, and dump as much as you wanted into your white plastic bag.

The kids would run into the store laughing and screaming, shoving and hitting each other as they all piled as much candy as they could afford into their bags. His parent’s store had it all too. They had Sour Patch Kids, and Nerds, and Gumballs, and Swedish Fish, and Hershey's Kisses, and Peach Rings, and Warheads, and Twizzlers, and Candy Rings, and Licorice, and Fruit Roll Ups...They even had Star Candy from Korea...

It was the best thing ever and Taehyung would have eaten all of it if he could. But he wasn’t allowed to. He always had to do his homework first...and he would come into the store, pushing past all the kids and run down into the basement. Down in the storage basement, amongst all the boxes of Rice and Noodles and other things.

He would do his homework that he could run back up and get his prize...


“TaeTae! You have fun in school?!” shouted his mom as Taehyung pushed his way into the store.

Taehyung beamed his boxy smile at his mom and dad. He ran past all the other screaming kids, and hurried around the counter to give them a hug hello.

“Mom”! he called out as he flung his arms around her. “Aww TaeTae! You’re such a good boy.” she said affectionately, and she hugged him, kissing him on the forehead. Tae smiled and just then, his dad turned around from ringing up a customer. He patted him lovingly on the head.

“Go on now. Go finish and come back.” said his dad. “Okay...but…” said Tae and he looked out at the crowd of kids that were all making noise and shoving each other in front of the counter.

“Can..I have just one...please?” he begged.

Taehyung normally didn’t ask but he had such a shitty day. Well shitty for an eleven year old. He had lost a race against one of his friends and some older kid had made fun of his clothes. He needed something. Something to make him feel better. Something like candy.

He turned back towards his parents and he made the cutest pout as he looked up at them, hoping to con them into giving him what he wanted.

“Nope. Homework first.” said his dad. “Okay.” said Tae softly.

He hung his head low, and turned around, making the trip down the aisle to the basement door as slowly as possible...So that he’d look all cute and pitiful...So that they’d have time to change their minds…

“TaeTae..” said his mom. Tae turned around and she tossed it at him.

He caught it and beamed the biggest smile ever as he looked back at her. She smiled back and his dad laughed because they both had the same boxy smile...It was one of the best smiles ever...their smile was all teeth....

He opened it, and put the wrapper in his pocket and he flung open the door and bounded down the stairs to do his stupid homework. He kneeled down on the cold hard floor and took off his backpack. Then he closed his eyes and he was so happy when the flavor hit his mouth just then…

It was his favorite his mom had thrown him. His favorite candy of all.

He loved them the best. He loved the lollipops the best…

He was almost finished. He was almost finished with his homework when he suddenly heard the sound.

He heard the sound all of a sudden and his ears perked up immediately as he heard it. It was the strangest sound in the world to him. It was a sound that he wasn’t used to hearing in his parent’s store….and he was so unaccustomed to it, that he sat fully up, cocking his head to the he sat there and listened some more…


It was silence that Taehyung heard.

It was so very quiet suddenly. It was so very quiet and it was only 4:30 in the afternoon. His parent’s store was never quiet…and especially not at 4:30 in the afternoon.

“Mom!” he called out. He called out but not too loudly...Something about the silence of the store frightened him. Something told him in his gut that maybe he should be quiet too…

She didn’t answer and the feeling grew. The feeling that there was something wrong.

He closed his notebook and his tongue dashed out of his mouth quickly from the nervousness that rose inside of him. “Mom?” he whispered rather softly. He got up off his knees and crept cautiously up the stairs. For no reason at all his heart started to beat faster...It was too quiet...It was too damn quiet…

He grabbed the doorknob and turned it slowly….He pushed the door open and he peeked through the crack of the open door….

His parents were standing there. Standing there behind the counter with their hands raised above their heads. Standing there facing the two strangers...The two strangers who had guns pointing at them…

“Mom...Dad..” said Taehyung fearfully...but he said this only inside of his head.

“Where is it? I’m not asking you again!” yelled one of the guys who was closest to Taehyung.

“There’s no drugs here.” said his dad in Korean. Taehyung frowned. His parents spoke perfect English. Why were they only speaking in Korean just now?

“What? Answer me in English you dumb fuck!” yelled the man. He grabbed Taehyung’s dad suddenly buy his shirt and pulled him roughly toward him. His mom gasped and Taehyung small heart beat ferociously inside of his chest as he watched the man slam the gun against his father's temple. “You want to die old fuck. Where’s the drugs!”

Oh god!, thought Kim Taehyung. They’d kill them. They’d kill his parents!

Taehyung was so fucking scared. He was so fucking scared, and in that moment as the man started to yell again at his dad, his mom’s eyes suddenly fell upon him. Their eyes locked and hers grew as big as saucers when she saw him.

Taehyung just gulped as he stared on….as he stared on with tears welling into his he stared on reading her face...her face that was telling him to get the fuck out of there….telling him to run back down into the basement and out the back door…

“Mom…” Tae mouthed without making a sound. Tears flooded his eyes quickly and streamed down his face. She shook her head, trying to silently tell him again to go the fuck back downstairs...but Taehyung was frozen where he stood…

He couldn’t move. He was frozen. Frozen with fear. All he could do was grip the doorknob tighter and sob silently as he looked on.

“The drugs. I know you fucking have it! Don’t fuck with me or I’ll shoot your wife. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND!” yelled the man and the other one, the shorter one, cocked the gun that was pointed at Tae’s mom.

“No please no..” mouthed Tae silently as he watched on in horror.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! We sell candy, chips, soda. No drugs!” pleaded his dad.

Taehyung began to shake. He let the door handle go as he shook there crying, utterly helpless...utterly afraid for his parent’s life...He was so fucking afraid that he didn’t even hear the sound of the back door down in the basement opening...

He was so scared to death that he didn’t even hear the soft footsteps walking slowly up behind him…

Suddenly a gloved hand covered Taehyung’s mouth and he was pulled back against someone’s chest.

“Mmm!” he moaned as the fear shot through this body. The person held him tightly, the leather glove muffling his frightened moan.

“Don’t say shit.” whispered the man close to Taehyung’s ear...Taehyung nodded yes and he closed his eyes tightly. He was so fucking relieved when he heard the man’s voice.

He knew him. It was the nice kid with the dimples. The one that helped his parents move all the Rice boxes into the basement. The one that would ruffle his hair and give him a few bucks every now and then so that he could go down to the arcade and whip the other kids asses.

He was a cool dude. Tae kind of wanted to be like him. He was about 18 or so and wore nice clothes and could freestyle. His parents always called him Joonie...

“How many are there? How many guys robbing the store?” whispered Joonie, and he spun Tae around as he kneeled down in front of him.
Tae looked him back in the eyes and then he shot a look at his friend. The guy called Jin. He looked back at Joonie-hyung and he was frozen again. He was in awe just then. In awe of how calm Joonie looked when there were two men only a few feet away with guns.

“TaeTae. How many?” whispered Joonie rather sternly. Taehyung raised his fingers to show him two.

“You sure?” whispered Jin. Taehyung shook his head no. He wasn't sure of anything. All he knew was what he had seen.

“Fuck.” said Joonie and he let Tae go. “You stay here Tae...don’t worry.” he said and he dashed his dimples at Tae before pulling up his face mask.

Taehyung nodded yes as more tears streamed down his face. He was so glad they had come. He was so glad him and Jin-hyung were pulling guns out of their pockets just now. He was so fucking glad that they would get those bastards who were trying to rob his mom and dad.

“Shhh..” said Joonie and he smiled at Taehyung with his eyes as he held his finger to his lips...and in that moment, for whatever reason, Taehyung smiled back. He smiled back at his savior.

“Wait quiet.” whispered Joonie. Taehyung nodded yes as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

Joonie signaled for Jin to follow and they opened the door slowly, noiselessly, creeping out, hunched low, with the guns in their hands as they approached the two robbers…

Taehyung watched. He watched out the small crack in the door and it seemed almost like a movie to him. Like none of it was real. The men were yelling at his parents that if they didn’t tell them where the drugs were they would kill them. His parent’s kept saying they had no drugs...and Joonie and Jin kept moving closer...and closer...and closer...and Taehyung was praying over and over inside his head that they’d save them.

“Please save them...please save them.” whispered Tae.

There were too late though. Too late to save them.

Bang! Bang!

The sound of the gunshots blared throughout the store and Taehyung cried out as he watched his parents fall backward and hit the floor, their blood splattering all over the brick wall.

“You fuck!” shouted Jin.


The tall one fell down instantly from Jin’s shot to the back of the head. Joonie rushed the other guy quickly, turning him around, smacking him hard across the head with the pistol.

“Grab Tae!” he yelled out as he hit him again.

Taehyung was still frozen. He just stood there, his heart in his throat, his eyes wide with shock as he stared at his parent’s...his now dead parents…

“Tae. Come.” said Jin and he grabbed his small hand and pulled him down the aisle towards Joonie hyung who was holding the man against the counter, a gun to his head.

Joonie pulled the man up roughly and Jin grabbed him, throwing his hands behind his head.

“Fuck you!” yelled out the man and he tried to fight Jin as Joonie kneeled down in front of Tae.

“Here. You do it.” said Joonie and he placed the gun inside of Taehyung’s hand. Taehyung looked down at the gun. It was heavy. It was so much more heavy than he had ever imagined a gun to feel like.

He looked over at the counter but he couldn’t see them from where he stood. All he could see was their blood splattered all over the brick wall...

Joonie walked behind Taehyung and he placed his hands on his shoulders and Taehyung stared at the man who Jin just then pushed down roughly on his knees in front of him.

“I can pay you! I can pay you! Don’t kill me please...I was just doing what my boss told me to do please!” pleaded the man. Jin kicked him hard in the back to tell him to shut the fuck up.

Taehyung glared at him and he felt no pity for the man at all. He felt no pity and to his surprise he felt no fear at all.

It was gone now. The fear. The fear he felt earlier was gone now and all he felt inside of him was this new feeling. This hot feeling that seemed to burn deeply, unequivocally.

It was the feeling of wanting revenge.

All Taehyung wanted in that moment was revenge.

He wanted his revenge. This man who was kneeled down in front of him had taken his parents away from him. His family. His love. The only two people that loved him in this whole wide world were gone and it was this man’s fault that they were no longer with him.

This man. This man who was now begging for forgiveness had taken his whole fucking world! He had stolen love from him. He had stolen family from him. This fuck who was kneeling there in front of him, begging him not to kill him...had taken his dear, sweet, parents away from him...

“He killed your fucking parents. You know what you have to do.” said Joonie sternly as Jin moved to the other side of him.

Tae nodded. He nodded and he pointed the gun at the man …he didn’t even hesitate.


The man’s head flew back from the shot and he fell down hard against the floor.

“Whoa!” exclaimed Jin. The kid had taken a nice shot.

Taehyung walked over to the man slowly. He walked over to him and he wiped the tears that had started to fall down his face.

He wasn’t crying over what he had done. He was crying because he wanted to do it again. He wanted to kill that bastard again and again and again…

He stood over him and as he looked upon his dead body, he saw the blood trail down his forehead and onto the floor....suddenly a feeling of peace washed over him….

There was suddenly this feeling of perfect, perfect peace.

Taehyung turned toward Joonie and as he looked into his eyes the big boxy grin spread slowly across his face.

He smiled at him. He smiled at his savior and it was his most biggest smile...and Joonie couldnt help but smile back at the little boy who had just obeyed him so perfectly. Who had just taken his revenge so swiftly.

How could you not smile back just then...Taehyung’s smile it was so was all teeth…

Joonie kept smiling and he walked closer and he kneeled down and patted Taehyung on the head...

“Good job….” he said. “Good job Joker…” he said.


He had thrown up though. Later on the way to Joonie and Jin’s apartment Taehyung had thrown up. They had laughed at him. They had thought that shit was funny.

Tae didn’t think it was funny though. He just wanted to go home. He just wanted to go home and see his parents again.

But that was impossible wasn’t it? For the first time in his whole life, as he sat on the train, tasting the vomit in his mouth, seeing flashes of the blood on the wall, his parents dead eyes staring back at his...he realized in this moment...that he was completely alone in the world. No one loved him anymore. No one was his family anymore.

He was completely alone...

He was an orphan now and he had overheard Joonie telling Jin that they needed to keep him with them till their boss told them what to do about Taehyung being a witness to the murder. He might rat and he was just a kid, Jin had said. He was just a kid Joonie had agreed. Kids were snitches normally.

He wouldn’t though. Taehyung wouldn't rat. Nothing in the world would make him rat on Joonie hyung. He had tried to help him. He had let him shoot that man. He had let him have his revenge and Taehyung adored him and worshipped him for it. He followed all his instructions.

He only had to stay one night. Joonie had promised that he only had to stay one night in the group home and then he was to run away to his apartment. Joonie said he would work for him now. He didn’t need to go to school anymore. He’d teach him way better than any dumb school.

Taehyung had been so happy. He didn’t want to leave his side ever. He owed him everything and he would do anything for him.

Joonie made boss soon after the murder and Taehyung called him The Boss like everyone else did...and Joonie called him Joker. Taehyung liked the name. Joonie had given it to him because of his smile and Tae thought it was the coolest name ever. He loved Batman like any other kid of course, but his name was extra special, because The Boss had given it to him.

The Boss taught him well. He taught him just like school. The Boss was real smart and he even took Taehyung on field trips to the city. He taught him about art and philosophy, politics, religion, math, chemistry, science….he taught Taehyung all of it.

Taehyung soaked everything up like a sponge. He was eager to please. He obeyed him always. He was his most loyal pupil.

The Boss had him start early. His first official hit was at 13. He was to kill one of his workers. The guy had snitched on Jin.

Taehyung had done the murder rather easily. He felt no pity for the man and he felt no fear.

They were all rats. The people he killed were all rats or all snakes. They had all betrayed The Boss so in Taehyung’s eyes, they all deserved to die anyways.

You should never betray a guy like that. A guy like The Boss who gave you a job and taught you how to survive and who took care of you like his own goddamn family. If you betrayed a person like that. You deserved to die. You were ungrateful. You were an ungrateful fuck.

Even so sometimes he would cry about it. He would cry about his parents...cry about all the horrible things he had to do...the bodies...the blood...the blood that had splattered all over the brick wall..

The Boss had told him though that he didn’t need people. All he needed was his gut. All he needed was him. He would teach him everything. He would always lookout for him. “The world fucked you over Joker...and we’ll fuck the world back.” was how he put it.

It started to wear on him though. The jobs.

As he got older they started to eat away at his soul. He started wanting to do them less and less.

It was because of Jimin. It was because of Jimin and his ideas of “being a good person”. Jimin and his ideas of how they would burn in hell for killing that boy. His ideas of how The Boss just used Taehyung, and how Jimin loved Taehyung, and how he didn’t want him to have to do those things anymore.

“The Boss should do them his goddamn self.” Jimin had said.

It was because of Jimin that Taehyung started to question things. Taehyung thought deep down that maybe Jimin was right. Why didn't The Boss do the hits himself? He didn’t even know if the Boss had killed anyone before. He always had someone else to do it. Mainly Tae, but sometimes he would hire a mob guy instead. Taehyung never knew why he did some jobs and not others. He didn’t question The Boss really. He just did as he was told.

He never even knew why The Boss had taken him in.

The Boss was true to his word. He was there for him. He paid him well. Made sure he had what he needed...but he didn’t love him. He didn’t blame The Boss though...I mean...who could ever love a murderer like him?

Jimin was different though. He was always saying how he needed him and Yoongi and he “couldn’t live without them”. He was always saying how he hated The Boss. How he’d never work for him. How he couldn't wait to pay him off and be free from him forever.

Taehyung didn’t feel this way at all though. He adored The Boss. He worshipped him. He did any and everything he asked. The Boss was his savior.

The Boss didn’t like it. He didn't like Joker being with Mochi. He didn’t like Joker being with anyone really but him. He let him work with Yoongi but he was more of a spy really. He had Taehyung give him reports on all his crew. The Boss got all his information from Taehyung.

“In the end Joker, it will always be just me and you. You’re the only one that won’t betray me.” The Boss had said. “You’re the only one I can trust.”

“Not even Jin?” Taehyung had asked him.

“Jin’s different. Jin’s my family.” The Boss had said.

And that was all that was said between them for Taehyung to know that The Boss didn’t see him as family at all. He was just a loyal worker. He was just a hitman to him.

He had cried about it later. He had wanted to be his family too...

Jimin was so much different from The Boss though. Jimin gave him affection. He laughed with him and talked to him for all hours and he would take care of him if he got sick. He would watch movies with him and he would say the sweetest things to him like “I love you Taehyungie. You’re my best friend in the whole world.”

Jimin cared about him and Taehyung grew to need Jimin more and more as their friendship grew. He began to need Jimin like the very air he breathed. He needed him so badly because he felt for the first time in so very long that feeling that he felt when his parents were alive.

That feeling of being loved. Of not being all alone in the world.

He hadn’t thought that anyone could ever love him again after his parents died. He felt that when his parents died that was it. No one would ever love him because he was a murderer. His soul was all fucked up. He was this person all alone in the world and he was a person that no one would ever, ever want.

Jimin had came along though and he started to feel that feeling again. That feeling of having someone who loved you. Someone who cared about you just because you were you. That feeling of family...

He was starting to believe it. The more he spent time with Jimin the more Taehyung started to believe that he did love him despite the horrible things he did for The Boss.

Jimin was the same as him. He had no one. He had no family. His dad was a drunk. His mom was sick and in a hospital far away...she couldn’t even recognize Jimin anymore.

They had no one but each other really. Yes Yoongi was their friend but he was their boss too. There was a limit to how much he would ever care about you observed Taehyung. In the end, he’d kill you just like anyone else if The Boss told him to.

But him and Jimin were different.

They were best friends. They were what Jimin called “soulmates”.

They were their very own family…

And then The Boss made him do that job. He killed that dancer and Jimin found out and he told him that he was dead to him.

“He wont’ talk to me anymore…” Taehyung had told The Boss.

“See Joker. In the’s just me and you…”


“’re hurting my hand.”

“Oh...sorry.” said Tae as he came back from his thoughts about the past. He let Jungkook’s hand go and gave him a weak smile as they rode the elevator up to the top floor.

“You okay?” asked Kookie. He was already nervous but seeing the way Joker was acting was making him more nervous. In actuality it was making him scared as fuck.

“Yeah..I’m just tired.” lied Tae. He grabbed Jungkook by the coat and pulled him into a hug. “Are you nervous?” he asked as he started to lazily stroke Kookie’s hair.

“Yeah..I’m pissing my pants.” said Jungkook. Tae stopped and they both started giggling.

The elevator slowed to a stop and Taehyung pulled Jungkook back from his chest to look him over quickly. He fixed his hair as the doors opened. He had to look just right when he met him.

“Don’t be nervous. He’s wants to meet you. He’s pleased with you and I told him all about you.” smiled Joker.

Jungkook’s eyes opened as Tae grabbed his hand. “You did?” he asked surprisingly. He knew they talked but he didn’t think he’d told him like “all about him.”

“Of course I did. I tell him everything.” said Tae blankly.

Jungkook gulped again. The shook look on his face fully forming. Tae looked at him just then and laughed. He grabbed his hand again, pulling Rabbit out of the elevator and into the dark, ornate hallway.

Jungkook didn’t say anything. He held Tae’s hand tight as fuck as the lump in his throat grew and grew from the fear he felt inside as they approached.

He had so many questions but he didn’t dare ask them. Why did he want to meet him now? How much did he know about him already. Did he know like “everything” everything? Did he know about Ali? Did he know about Spider’s robbery? Did he know that they all knew about the robbery? Did he know Joker and him were together? Why did Joker tell him about his puzzle piece painting? Why did he want him to bring the painting? It wasn’t even finished...

Tae didn’t say anything else either. They just walked along silently to where Taehyung was taking him.

He was taking Jungkook there now. He was taking him to meet The Boss...