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The Heather Rose

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"Where are you going, Mitsu?" asked the boy that had the same voice as Kasuga Jin. Soma Mitsuya had been thinking about him so much that hearing Ubukata speak almost made him think Jin was there with him.


"I'll go meet with an old friend," he said for all answer, looking like his mind was already with that 'old friend' and only his body remained there with the 'new' friend, that slept over at his place last night.


To be honest, Mitsuya only approached him (at first) to feel that somehow he was with Jin. With Aiko, with Yuriko... Because after all, how could he not? How could he possibly get over that beautiful memories when there was someone that looked like a mix of his beloved ones right in front of him?


Memories... yes, they were memories now. He could never be able to meet them again because he had had the misfortune of being born in a different era than them.


Besides they were all already dead, it was too late...


"Are you going to play the violin for that old friend?" Ubukata asked, ignoring the tears that had beginning to appear on the other's eyes. It didn't happen a lot, Mitsuya starting at him and crying for no reason while seemingly lost in thought.


"Yes." He smiled, wiping his tears away. "He were always fond of it. I'll also see if I can reach..." He stopped there, smiling at his violin case with distant eyes.


Ubukata certainty did not understand Mitsuya, not a little bit, but even though it seemed like he had given up on ever reaching that misterious place where he often travelled in his daydream, he had not. He always watched his face as he talked, watched his body language, watched for any sign there were for him to recognize what his friend was thinking. And this was one of those times, he thought as the conversation faded and Mitsuya closed the door behind him letting him know that he could eat there if he wanted before returning to his home.


They were really good friends. They knew eachother for almost a whole year now, and had been hanging out most of it when they discovered they were in the same school (Ubukata seemed just as surprised as the other friends of Mitsuya when he found out he was the best kid in class. "What happened to you, man?" was the clue he was given to guess that it not always had been that way), and for both of them the time spend together was precious.


Not only out of an old memory, or a growing curiosity, but of a pure affection that seemed pour ever since they met. Like they were destined to meet and love each other since long ago but the encounter had been delayed and now they just couldn't help the strong feelings that grew in their chests.


Mitsuya had the theory that they did not meet sooner because of the mission he had to accomplish before it happened, and was still thinking about that when he finally reached his destination: Atago Shrine.


The last place where he had seen him, now with no one in sight because it was too cold outside. Today was the anniversary of the time he had returned to his era, he wouldn't miss going there.


He slowly took out the violin from the case and began playing a happy song that, for some reason, looked as if played nostalgically.


«I want to hear "The Heather Rose"!»


«That's a children's song...»


He smiled at the memories that were still clear as day, as if he were staring at them from a crystal water lake.


"Can you hear me, Jin?" he asked to the wind. "Yuriko, Aiko..." He then thought of something that made him laugh and consequently mess up a note, but he didn't mind. "Dear king, dear queen, dear bishop, this is your loyal knight speaking."


As the music reached its end, a bigger smile seemed to defy the cold.


"I will not forget you as long as I live." He continued. "As you did not forget me either."


The last chord, as bad as always, made him laugh a little more.


«When I first learnt it, I made a mistake memorizing that note, so it's become a habit now


«Mitsuya! You're a mistery to me!»


A warm hug...


"But I will not cry for you anymore.» He stated as wiping his tears away for the second time that day.


Then he sat on the floor, a shiver running down his spine, and looked at the scenery that unfolded before his eyes.


"Do you remember, Jin...?" he whispered, absorbed. "You said you'd take me to a place that wouldn't change for 100 years. I guess you were kinda right that time."


The city was very different, yes, but somehow it still felt the same.


"I'm grateful that you loved me as long as you lived, but I think I may have a person I love right now." He let out a sigh. "At first I thought it was because they looked like you, but you don't know how different from you that person ended up being!" He chuckled. "I don't think I'll ever stop loving you, nor will I ever forget you, but..."


«It's fine, I just have to wait for another life to meet with you again.»


Mitsuya jumped in his spot, stood and looked everywhere, trying to figure out if he had not imagined it. There was no one there, because the person that had followed him to try to know more about him had left a while ago. Not that he was aware of that, though.


A silent cry was stuck in his throat as he smiled while frowning his eyebrows. He had never thought of meeting him again, but it seemed even plausible now.


"Yes, please, wait for me. We will definitely meet again, so..."


«I will.»


He closed his eyes, happiness and peace filling up his chest.