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Daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West

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Once upon a time, long, long ago... Well actually, twenty years ago to be exact. Belle married her beast or Prince Adam in front of six thousand of their closest personal friends.

That is one big cake... Moving on!

So instead of a honeymoon, Adam united all the kingdoms and got himself elected King of the United States of Auradon. He rounded up all the villains and sidekicks basically all the really interesting people and he booted them off to the Isle of the Lost with a magical barrier to keep them there.

This is my hood, no magic, no wi-fi, no way out!

Or so I really thought...

Prince Ben stared out his window looking at the Isle of the Lost. Lumire measured his arm and head while he was in his thoughts. He hoped that his parents will agree to his new proclamation. He mentally sighed, feeling a bit afraid how his father will act. On cue, King Adam, and Queen Belle walked in.

He silently gulped. Well, here goes nothing...

His father looked at him smiling happily, "How is it possible that you're going to be crowned king next month? You´re just a baby!" Adam chuckled

"He´s turning sixteen, dear." Belle corrected.

"Hey pops," Ben greeted. His heartbeat thumped in his chest in nervousness. Gods are with him, he hopes that they would really agree.

"Sixteen? That's far too young to be crowned king, I didn't make a good decision until I was at least fourty-two!"

Belle stared at her husband in confusion, "Um, you decided to marry me at twenty-eight."

"It was either you or the teapot." he commented with a smirk.

The queen rolled her eyes, knowing her husband is joking. The prince chuckled at the sight of his parents' interaction and decided to catch their attention.

"Mom? Dad?"

The two turned to their son, "I´ve chosen my first official proclamation."

Ben sweated a bit, but kept a smile on his face. This is his chance, it's now or never.

"I've decided that the children on the Isle of the Lost be given a chance to live here in Auradon," he slowly said at the end.

His parents stared at him flabbergasted. Are they hearing their son correctly?

"Every time I look out to the island, I feel like they´ve been abandoned."

"The children of our sworn enemies? Living among us?" Adam stared at him, before shaking his head in disbelief.

"We start out with a few at first. Only the ones who need our help the most," Ben assured, "I've already chosen them."

"Have you?"

"I gave you a second chance," Belle told him softly. She remembered clearly the days she had with Adam back then when he was cursed. "Who are their parents?" she asked her son.

"Cruella De Vil, Jafar, Evil Queen... Maleficent and the Wicked Witch of the West."

Lumire yelped at what he said as his parents stared at him in shock; however, his father's look is much worse. Oh man, he knew they would act like this.

"Maleficent?! She is the worst villain in the land! Not to mention the Wicked Witch, who is the also the worst villain in Oz! She's almost at Maleficent's level!" Adam exclaimed.

"Dad, just hear me out here!" he pleaded.

The king shook his head, "I won't hear of it. They are guilty of unspeakable crimes!"

"Dad, their children are innocent! Don't you think they deserve a shot at a normal life? Dad?"

Adam stared at his wife who gave him a believing look. He inwardly sighed and had an understanding look on his face, "I suppose their children are innocent."

Ben smiled as his mother gave him an approving smile and fixed his coat, "Well.. Well done." she whispered as she held her husband's arm.

"Shall we?" she said as the two left the room. The young prince smiled again and almost did an air fist, he stared at the island again and couldn't wait to meet the kids.


A young girl about fifteen, rode on her flying broom enjoying the wind on her face. She has long black-brown hair, bright green eyes, tea green skin, and pink-painted lips.

She wore a black pointy hat, small round glasses, a jacket with navy outlines, a short dress that has a dark green turtleneck top, and a ruffled skirt that has fifteen kinds of dark, colorful fabrics that is stitched and quilted together while having a torn-designed on the ends, black jeans, and brown, leather combat boots that reached to her knees.

She saw a familiar figure spray painting 'LONG LIVE EVIL' on the wall and grinned playfully.

"HEY MAL!" she yelled waving her arm.

Mal turned and smirked at her. They gave each other a high-five before she disappears with her flying broom.

"They say I'm trouble,

They say I'm bad...

They say I'm evil,

And that makes me glad!"

She bumped into two kids purposely and smirked cruelly.

"A dirty no good,

Down to the bone.

Your worst nightmare!

Can't take me home."

Jay climbed down a ladder and opened the warehouse door before walking away.

"So I got some mischief,

In my blood...

Can you blame me?

I never got no love,"

Evie gave a seductive smile at the boy and left the diner table and saw a familiar girl flying with her broom. She waved at her which the girl waved back happily.

"HI EVIE!" she yelled.

"HEY EDNA!" she smiled, before Edna passed her like she did earlier.

"They think I'm callous,

A lowlife hood...

I feel so useless...


Carlos took an apple from the girl and bite a piece off before throwing it back to her.

Mal and Evie met up along with Edna who now held her broom with her dominant hand.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Who's the baddest of them all?

Welcome to my wicked world...

Wicked world!

I'm rotten to the core!

Rotten to the core!

I'm rotten to the core!

Who could ask for more?

I'm nothing like a kid next...

Like the kid next door!

I'm rotten to the...

I'm rotten to the...

I'm rotten to the core!"

The five pushed, kicked the bags at the men, and stepped on the women's laundry before taking the sticks banging on the metal barrels/furniture and the pipes as they yelled and hooted in laughter.

Mal smirked as she and Edna walked in someone's place, "Call me a schemer..."

"Call me a freak!" Edna wickedly smiled at the fortuneteller who looked at her amused.

"How can you say that?

We're just unique,"

Mal sprayed a 'M' on the curtain and pushed it away revealing a guy on the bathtub with his clothes on. Edna laughed loudly at his look and left with Mal holding each other's shoulders.

"What me a traitor?

Ain´t got your back.

Are we not friends?

What´s up with that?"

Jay took the kettle and wiped it with a piece of cloth. He smirked and quickly ran away stealing it from the two guys.

"So I'm a misfit,

So I'm a flirt.

I broke your heart,

I made you hurt..."

Evie left before giving the guy one of her seducing grins making him enthralled to her beauty.

"The past is past.

Forgive, forget!

The truth is...

You ain´t seen nothing yet!"

Carlos jumped on a cart filled with hay and smacked some of it hitting the woman's face making her glare at him.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Who's the baddest of them all?

Welcome to my wicked world...

Wicked world!"

The three girls left the terrace and they followed the two boys to the market. Some people joined them as they begin to sing and dance.

"I'm rotten to the core!

Rotten to the core!

I'm rotten to the core,

Who could ask for more?

I'm nothing like a kid next,

Like the kid next door!

I'm rotten to the...

I'm rotten to the...

I'm rotten to the core!"

Everyone whooped and laughed as Mal took a lollipop from a baby. Suddenly, Maleficent arrives with some large men with her, making everyone avoided her except the five kids.

The purple teen smiled, "Hi, mom!"

Maleficent gave her a look, "Stealing candy now, Mal? I'm so disappointed." she drawled.

"It was from a baby," she waved it at her mother.

She smiled, "That's my nasty little girl!"

Mal gave her the lollipop smiling, but soon disappeared when her mother quickly spit on it and put it under her armpit.

"Give it back to the dreadful creature," she ordered the burly man.


Edna winced at her friend's sad look.

"It´s the deets, Mal, that make the difference between mean and truly evil. When I was your age, I was-"

"Cursing entire kingdoms," Mal said with her mother like she said it a hundred times, "I know.."

"You... Walk with me," Maleficent snapped her fingers as the two walked, "See, I'm just, just trying to teach you the thing that really counts... How to be me."

"I know that and I'll do better," she honestly said.

Edna sighed silently for her friend, "You don't have to do better, Mal..." she thought solemnly.

"Oh, there's news!"

The teens looked at Maleficent curiously, "I buried the lede. All of you have been chosen to go to a different school... In Auradon." she grinned.

Edna gasped as she, Evie, Carlos, and Jay all tried desperately to escape; however, the large men stopped them.

"No! I can't go to that despicable school!" Edna cried feeling horrified, predicting the girly-ness she'll face.

Mal agreed, "She's right, I'm not going to some boarding school filled to the brim with prissy, pink princesses!"

"And perfect princes," Evie smiled dreamily causing Mal and Edna to stare at her, "Ugh!"

"Yeah, and I don't do uniforms. Unless It's leather. You feel me?" Jay smiled at Carlos and raised his hand for a high five.

Carlos ignored him and stepped forward making Jay disappointingly lower his hand. Edna snickered at this and he slapped her shoulder lightly as they both chuckled.

"I read somewhere that they allow dogs in Auradon. Mom said they're rabid pack animals who eat boys who don't behave..." he commented quite terrified.

Edna and Jay sneaked up behind him and did a 'woof'. They laughed as Carlos hit their shoulders for messing with him.

"Yeah, mom, we're not going!"

"Oh, you're thinking small, pumpkin. It's all about world domination... KNUCKLEHEADS!" Maleficent screamed making the knuckleheads follow her, "Mal..."

They followed Maleficent and ended up in their house. She sat on a chair while she manicure her nails.

"You will go. You will find fairy godmother and you will bring back the magic wand. Easy peasy!"

"What's in it for us?" Mal asked.

Her mother smiled, "Matching thrones. Hers-and-hers crowns." she snorted with a chuckle.

Carlos stepped in and gestured them, "Um, I... I think she meant us..." he corrected.

"It's all about you and me, baby! Do you enjoy watching innocent people suffer?" Maleficent asked her daughter.

"Well, yeah... I mean, who doesn't?"

"Well, then get me the wand and you and I can see all that and so much more. And with that wand and my scepter, I will be able to bond both good and evil to my will!" she said menacingly raising both of her hands.

Edna almost snorted a chuckle when Evil Queen spoke up.

"Our will," she corrected as the other villains nodded.

"Our will, our will. " she snapped her fingers turning Mal's attention to her, "And if you refuse, you're grounded for the rest of your life, missy." she smiled nastily.

Mal stared at her in disbelief, "W-What, mom!"

Edna watched amused as the sorceress zipped her daughter's mouth and the two shared a small staring contest. It didn't take long for Mal to lose.

"Fine. Whatever..."

"I win!" she smirked victoriously.

Edna left the room before hearing her friends' parents' conversation with them. She headed to her home by flying with her broomstick and started packing. Her house is kind of small and she likes it that way. When she entered in her room, she opened her chest that has a few clothes inside and a book.

It was the Grimmerie, the book that her mother left.

Edna stared at it sadly and took it out. Eight years has passed since her mother died. Her mother wasn't like the other villains who were neglectful and unloving. No, she was the opposite of them. A tear fell out of her left eye and she wiped it away. Edna put her clothes in her satchel along with the Grimmerie, before slinging the bag over her shoulder and held her broom with her right hand.

"I feel like I'm forgetting something," she muttered.


"Chester!" Edna turned to see her small, Formosan rock macaque monkey, Chester.

He approached her and climbed to her shoulder. Chester gave her a loving hug on the neck making her smile.

"Let's go, bud." she softly said and Chester hid in her bag.

Edna watched her friends slid into the limo. She soon followed and sat beside Mal as the limo began to drive away while her friends' parents screamed for them to bring back a prince, a puppy, and some gold. She mentally scoffed as Chester came out of her satchel and laid on her lap.

"Hey, you brought Chester!" Jay smiled as he scratched the monkey's back.

Edna giggled, "Well, I couldn't leave him behind."

The green girl jumped when Evie and Carlos started screaming, she noticed that the limo is heading to the end of the broken bridge making everyone panic. They held each other for their life and screamed even Chester, but Edna didn't scream and just held onto Mal. She never likes screaming too much these days.

To her relief, they didn't die. The limo kept driving with swirls of golden light before them.

"Agh?" Chester stared in confusion

"What just happened?" Edna and Carlos said in unison

Evie laughed, "It must be magic!"

Edna tapped the driver's seat and asked, "Hey, did that little button opened the barrier?"

"No," he said monotonely, "This one opens the barrier, that one opens my garage, and this one..." he pushed the button and the window between them closed up making Edna smirked along with Mal.

"Nasty," Mal spoke up, ''I like that guy."

"Me too," the green girl mumbled still smirking and took some sweets along with the girls.

While the others are focused on their own business. Edna took out the Grimmerie and flipped through the pages trying to find the spell she's looking for. Her green eyes sparkled when she found it. Silently muttering the spell, she felt her magic crackling through her fingers making a small orange electricity spark out, when it hit the broomstick it turned into a chain necklace with a broom pendant.

She smirked menacingly and wore it around her neck.

Finally they arrived at Auradon, Edna glared at the students who are welcoming them knowing that they are a bunch fakes. Oh, how she'll love to turn them into worms and feed them to Chester.

Mal noticed this immediately and patted her shoulder, "Hey, calm down Edi."

She silently nodded and sat quietly still glaring at the students. When Jay and Carlos came out of the limo fighting over a piece of fabric, her glare softened and began to smile at their childish attitude. She, Evie and Mal stepped out of the car standing with confidence while still feeling a bit embarrassed from the boys except Edna, who was enjoying watching the two fight.

"Guys, chillax." Edna drawled.

Mal hissed, "We have an audience!"

The two boys stopped as Jay stared at Fairy Godmother sheepishly, "Just cleaning up!" he covered up.

"Leave it like you found it," she sang sweetly, "And if I mean it by that just leave it." she changed her tone quickly showing she was serious.

Edna crossed her arms as she chuckled at the disappointed boys. Jay puts back the things he and Carlos stole and closed the limo's door.

"That's what you get," she mumbled to Jay.

Jay scoffed and the two snickered. They always act like this to each other since they're close for a long time along with the others. When he saw the brown girl, he began sauntering up to her with his flirty comments making her laugh nervously.

Edna really wants to crack up at the scene, because the girl really looks uncomfortable and Jay sucks at flirting. She noticed the woman in the blue dress stepped up and smiled at Jay.

"Welcome to Auradon Prep," she said, "I'm Fairy Godmother, headmistress," she introduced and did a small bow.

"The Fairy Godmother? As in Bibbity-bobbity-boo?" Mal asked in fake awe and innocence.

"Bibbity-bobbity-you know it!" she smiled happily.

"Yeah, I always wonder what it felt like for Cinderella when you just appeared out of nowhere!" she laughed holding her hands to her face, "With that sparkly wand, that warm smile, and that sparkly wand."

Edna mentally face-palmed at Mal's comment. She's really been surprised how stupid people are these days to not notice what they are really up to. Mal just said it so obviously and they just stupidly shrugged it off.

"It's really incredible how ignorant people are. That's why you must keep your guard up and observe your enemies closely, my little Edna, or else you'll be the one to be deceived." Her mother's advice voiced through her thoughts causing her to feel a bit sad.

She missed her.

Fairy Godmother giggled, "That was a long time ago and as I always say, 'Don't focus on the past or you'll miss the future!'" she gestured with her hands.

Mal smiled while Edna and Jay stared at her a bit weirdly. Ben walked up and started introducing himself.

"It's finally good to meet you all, I'm Ben!" he gave them a welcoming smile.

Edna saw the brown girl walk up, "Prince Benjamin, soon to be king!"

She almost shivered and gagged in disgust at the girl, she could perfectly tell she is your typical spoiled princess with just one look. Thank goodness that she lived in the Isle or else she wouldn't know how to read someone.

Evie came up, "You had me at 'Prince', my mom is a queen, which makes me a princess." she curtsied.

"The Evil Queen has no royal status here and neither do you," the brown girl snarked.

Evie stepped back and glared daggers at her.

"Oh it's on, princess!" Edna silently growled

When she almost marched up to Audrey to give a piece of her mind. Jay immediately held her back and whispered to her ear.

"Breathe, Edi. She's not worth it, remember? People like her are a waste of time," he reminded her quietly.

Edna breathe in like he said. She slowly nodded and thanked him for stopping her.

"This is Audrey," Ben introduced the brown girl awkwardly.

"Princess Audrey, his girlfriend. Right, Benny-Boo?" she held his arm possessively. Most of the villain teens mentally gagged at this.

"Possessive much?" Edna thought sarcastically.

Fairy Godmother leaned forward, "Ben and Audrey are going to show you all around and I'll see you tomorrow." she said and broke off the couple's hands, "The doors of wisdom are never shut! But the library is from eight to eleven and we do have a little thing about curfews." she explained quite quickly before leaving with the marching band.

Edna glared at them. Oh yes, she'll definitely enjoy turning them into food for Chester once all of this is over.

Ben smiled at them nervously, "It is so, so... So good to finally meet you all!"

When he approached to Jay, the son of Jafar punched his chest cutting off the handshake. After that, when he shook Mal's hand, they immediately let go while the purple clad teen looked a bit creeped out by the long eye contact she had with the prince.

"This is a momentous occasion and hope that will go down in history. Chocolate?" he asked Carlos after shaking his hand and moved to Edna and Evie, "As the day our two peoples began to heal."

"Or the day where you show five peoples where the bathrooms are," Mal said sarcastically.

The prince still smiled, "A little bit over the top?"

Edna shrugged, "Eh, a little more than a little bit." she blankly answered.

He laughed, "Well, so much for my first impression."

Ben and Mal laughed, making Edna's eyes sparkle. Oh... This is just perfect. She silently formulate a plan and couldn't wait to tell Mal.

Audrey stepped in breaking the moment,"Hey, you're Maleficent's daughter aren't you? Yeah, you know what. I really don't blame you for your mother for trying to kill my parents' and stuff. Oh, my mother is-'

"Aurora," Edna cut her off. Slowly giving her menacing smile.

"Sleeping Beauty," Mal spoke causing the witch to be impressed.

"Man, all of those anger management lessons I taught her are paying off." Edna thought feeling proud of her friend.

"Yeah, I heard the name and you know. I do not really blame your grandparents for inviting the whole world, but my mother, to their stupid christening." she said oh-so-sweetly.

Audrey faked her look, "Water under the bridge."


The two laughed before giving each other death glares, seriously, Edna is really impressed by their glares because they really looked like they want to rip out each other's throat.

"Hey, hey guys, who wants to bet if Mal kills her sooner?" she asked her friends quietly only for them to hear.

"I bet tomorrow," Jay whispered.

"A week," Carlos cut in.

"I'll say about three days," Evie smiled.

Unknown to them, Ben overheard.

"Okay! How about a tour?"

The young villains shrugged and followed the prince as he explained the history of the school. They stopped when they arrived at the statue of King Adam.

Edna smirked humorously at Evie, "Woow... Well, look at that. He got some ego to make a statue for himself."

Evie chuckled and the two shared a high-five. Ben clapped his hands and the statue turned into a beast. Carlos yelped and jumped into Edna's arms.

"W-Whoa!" she held him in a bridal style, "Carlos!"

"Carlos, it's okay. My father wants his statue morph into beast to man to remind us that anything is possible," Ben assured him.

"Does he shed that much?" Mal asked.

Edna secretly snorted at her sarcastic question.

"Yeah, my mom won't let him up on the couch." he answered seriously.

Edna and Mal gawked at him. When they arrived in the school, the group marveled the place in awe.

"So you guys have a lot of magic here in Auradon? Like wands and stuff?" the green girl rubbed her broomstick pendant with a curious look.

"Yeah, it exists, of course. But it's pretty much retired. Most of us here are just regular mortals,"

"Who happened to be royalty," she pointed out blankly.

"That's true, our royal blood goes back hundreds of years." Audrey bragged holding onto the prince possessively.

Edna yawned and did a hand puppet motion, "Yadda, yadda, yadda! We get it, you guys are better than us. Who cares? I don't!" she blew a raspberry and smiled lazily.

Audrey glared at her and the others snickered. Ben looked at them a bit nervously before calling a young man with glasses. When he came down from the stairs, the prince introduced him to the villain kids.

"This is Doug, he is going to help you with your class schedules and show you the dorms." he explained and stared at Mal, "If you need anything, feel free to—"

"—Ask Doug," Audrey cut in and walked away with the prince.

Edna smirked darkly, "Good riddance."

"Tell me about it," Mal smirked back.

Doug held the clipboard and introduced himself, "Hey guys, I'm Dopey's son. As in, Dopey, Doc, Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, and—Hi ho..." he gawked at Evie.

She slowly sauntered to him, "Evie, Evil Queen's daughter." she said silvery.

The green witch couldn't stop smiling, it's really entertaining to see Evie flirting.

"W-Well, so about your classes. I put in the requirements already, History, Safety Rules for the Internet," Mal peered over Doug's shoulder, "Remedy of Goodness 101."

"Let me guess,"

"New class?" Edna questioned with her usual bored look.

He nodded sheepishly.

"Come on, guys! Let's go find our dorms," Mal said as the group went to the stairs except Edna.

She slightly hesitated to follow them, do her friends really know where their dorms are? She raised a brow at the thought and fixed her small round glasses.

Doug spoke up, "Uh. Your dorms are that way, guys." He pointed the other direction.

Her friends turned and went to the direction where Doug pointed.

"Dopey, Doc, Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, and..." he struggled remembering his last uncle.

"Sneezy," Edna patted his back softly and followed her friends.