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The train home was packed tonight. Your pencil skirt was threatening to ride up from the cascade of bodies pushing together in the train car. You clung to the pole in front of you and sighed, staring out the window that showcased the city. You had a rough day at work, endlessly typing up documents and doing projects that your coworkers continuously slapped on you this week.

Oh, how tired you were of this life.

Day in and day out, you worked. You were in a line of business that was predominately male oriented, and being the only woman in the office left a huge target on your back. And being a woman that didn't back down when it came to expressing her opinions on how things should be done effectively, you quickly climbed the ranks among your peers and earned the hatred of everyone under you. While the bitterness of men didn't phase you, it was exhausting to keep up with the stockpiles of work that everyone put on you with backhanded comments that you ‘could handle it’ because you're ‘oh so much smarter’.

You had zoned out to the point that your eyes weren't focused anymore, but a huge blast in the distance snapped you from your thoughts. The world had been tense lately with the retiring of All Might, things like villains and destruction had become a daily occurrence. It didn't really phase you. As someone with a quirk that was ‘not suited’ to belong to a hero, you had never even hoped of becoming one, and instead dove into full time work out of high school. A mirage of voices began to fill the train, many people squishing others to stare out the window.

“Look at all that fire!”
“Why is the smoke so dark?”
“That's right near OOO district…”
“Everyone, don't get off at the next stop! It could be dangerous!”

That was when you realized that the next stop was your stop to go home. You sighed when the train slowed to a halt. What a day, huh… You weren't going to stay on the crowded train with no destination, so you attempted to exit when the doors opened. Only to be stopped by a man's arm.

“Don't be stupid! There could be villains out there!” You rolled your eyes at his statement, nudging his arm away from you. The villains should be afraid of you today with how annoyed you were.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I'm going home.” You pushed passed him and walked through the doors, your heels clicking under you. You glanced to see that you were the only person leaving the train, which didn't bother you. Less people to crowd the way home. Still, you kept yourself on guard just in case there did happen to be any villains to encounter.

The streets were eerily quiet. They must've already started the evacuations, you thought. You turned a corner onto your street and froze. In front of you was a giant, muscle ripped man, his brain showcasing from his skull. To the left of him was a tall and skinny lithe man with black hair and odd purple scarring on his neck, his back to you. In front of him, you could see a battered hero lying on the ground, begging for his life.

Your breath hitched in your throat and your body should've gone into fight or flight mode. Should've. But for some reason, maybe it was the over-excursion at work this week, you just felt… annoyed. Inconvenienced. Whether a fire of courage was lit inside you, you'd never know-- but you raised your forearm to point your palm in the air, and before the huge man could deliver a final blow to the hero, you shot at the sky.

(Your quirk: Palm Gun!
A perfectly villainous quirk wasted on a regular office worker, ____ can shoot bullets from her palm, the same as a gun! There is no limit to her shooting and there is no need to reload, but because of the need for limitations, she must wait at least 15 seconds inbetween each shot!)

“What the fuck?” The raven haired male turned to face you, the stitching and odd purple scars on his face and neck sending a shiver down your spine.

You mentally beat yourself up for calling attention to yourself, these guys looked scary as hell up close and up front. What do I do now?!

“Y-You're in my way, I want to get home.” You mumbled, feeling extremely insecure under the males now piercing stare. You could swear he was looking you up and down, and it made you uneasy.

“What the hell are you doing?! Get out of he--” The hero on the ground was interrupted by the lithe man stomping his foot on the hero’s back. You flinched at the action, your heart beginning to race. The mans scarred and wrinkled skin stretched and contorted as he burst into laughter, bending over to hold his stomach after a moment.

His laugh was… kind of cute.

You moved your right hand to grip your left arm, shifting your weight awkwardly while your confidence was very quickly diminishing just as fast as it had spurred. The man fell silent again, he let out a sigh and composed himself.

“I can't remember the last time I laughed, that caught me off guard.” His eyes set their gaze on yours, and you blinked back at him. So, is he gonna move, or…

“You're not so bad to look at.” He thought out loud in a rather blunt manner, his eyes trailing down your body. Heat rose to your cheeks, but before you could say anything, the scene was interrupted by voices not so far off.

“The gunshot came from over here!”

Neither of the figures in front of you flinched, in fact the giant man hadn’t moved an inch since you laid eyes on him, it was unsettling. The black haired man turned his head to speak quietly to the giant next to him and within a split second, the giant had leaped into the air and disappeared without a trace. You were left wide eyed as you stared at the sky, meanwhile the man was talking into a radio.

“Well, it's time to go. Are you coming?” The man spoke in your direction, catching you off guard. A dark portal began to appear next to him, but he ignored it and kept his eyes on you.


“You're entertaining, so I'm giving you a split second to choose. Will you stay here and get caught for using your Quirk, or will you come with me?” You swallowed audibly. Your heart was racing, your mind a jumbled mess. Would you stay there and be punished for using your dangerous Quirk unauthorized, and then go back to your mundane schedule of work and sleep?

Or would you go with a complete stranger, a terrifying man that very obviously was a villain, and a high ranked one at that? Well, the parts of him that weren't abnormal definitely didn't look too shabby…

Oh, how tired you were of this life.

He seemed to figure out what your choice was and held out his hand. You stepped forward to take it and he immediately pulled you into the portal, a squeak escaping your lips in the process.


You opened your eyes to find yourself in an old abandoned bar. You scanned the room to see a few other people lounging around, but their eyes were now all on you. A man with wavy gray hair and a hand over his face broke the short silence in the room,

“Who the hell is that?”

“No one you'll need to be worried about, she's a recruit with a good Quirk.” The black haired male responded. It was then that you realized he had still held your hand, because he hadn't even finished his sentence before he was immediately leading you up the stairs with him.

“I didn't say you could recruit random people and bring them here, you asshole!” The man downstairs yelled up at him, making you flinch. It didn't seem like he was going to pursue you both though, so you calmed your nerves. The man holding your hand led you up a few more staircases before walking you down a hallway, turning to the third door on the right and opening it.

You walked into what appeared to be a room. A room that was very evidently lived in. A few pairs of black pants scattered the floor, the bed unmade. The realization that you were in his room had your face turning pink. You were 20 years old, but had never been in a boys room before. Being in an attractive boys room was a dream when you were in high school, but to actually be living it now…

You realized you had probably been standing like an idiot for too long and cautiously inched into the room. He gestured for you to sit on the bed and you were grateful to finally rest your legs.

…But now you were on a hot guys bed. A million thoughts filled your head and more than half led to sin.

The male shed his jacket from his shoulders, unveiling his white t-shirt and revealing his arms to be covered in more of the purple, wrinkled skin. He paused for a moment, almost as if he was remembering your presence in his room.

“Are you afraid of me?” He asked, turning to regard you. You thought about his question for a moment, you shook your head. You mumbled something while nervously locking your gaze on the ground, but he didn't catch it and he rose an eyebrow at you.

“Your name… You never told me.” You said again, this time a little louder so he could hear, your eyes quickly shifting from him to the floor.


“Dabi…” You repeated out loud without thinking. It caught him off guard, his eyes glued to yours.

“Say it again.” Dabi spoke quietly, beginning to step closer to you. You blinked up at him before cautiously obeying his words,

“D-..Dabi.” Your nerves were bubbling in your chest, causing you to stutter. He was directly in front of you now, his legs threatening to touch your knees.

“And your name?” He asked as he looked down at you. You nearly had to crane your neck all the way back to look up at him, heat rushing to your cheeks at his close proximity.

“____.” You replied. Your eyes trailed down his body, taking your chance to observe his lithe but tone frame. His shirt was just barely see-through, probably only noticeable from how close you were, and you could see that his torso was free of scarring. Your gaze drifted to his right arm, seeing the purple wrinkled skin up close was overwhelming for the first time. It left you with a million questions, like how he got them, do they hurt… What do they feel like?

Your hand creeped up towards him unconsciously as you thought. Does it feel weird? Is it rough? You caught yourself halfway there and flinched, quickly looking up at him to see if you'd caused any alarm. Surprisingly, he hadn't moved.

Dabi was studying you carefully, trying to gauge your reactions as to whether they were disgust or fascination, or both. It was secretly nerve wracking for him to allow someone to watch him so closely, a million times more so that it was a woman he found so attractive. What if she was disgusted with him? What if she demanded to leave? He really didn't want to have to kill her. That would be a waste. He was really tired of porn.

You continuously shifted your eyes to his while you inched your hand forward, as if always searching for permission, until he moved his arm closer to you. It took you a minute to realize you were holding your breath when you carefully slid your fingertip along the purple skin. It was relatively smooth, what a relief. He didn't seem phased by your touch, so your courage returned and you felt the skin with your entire hand.

“Does it hurt?” You asked softly, looking up at him. He shook his head and you let out a brief sigh of relief, you could be weird and feel up his oddly satisfying arms without worrying about him hating it. He caught you off guard when he turned his hand so that he could feel your skin in exchange, his fingertips ghosting along your forearm. You could feel goosebumps starting to form under his touch. You couldn't remember the last time you'd been touched at all, your body was beginning to yearn for it from him.

Dabi reluctantly moved his arm from you to take his shirt off, your face immediately going red. Isn't that a little fast!! Your mind was imploding on itself. You nervously looked away from him with your face burning. You flinched when he grabbed your hand, your head spinning to look up at him, avoiding his body at all costs for the sake of your sanity. He pressed your hand against his stomach, your palm resting just above his belt. Your eyes glanced down to your hand, and continuously shifted back and forth between his eyes and your hand.

“I have normal skin, too.” He said simply. You looked down at your hand and cautiously prodded his skin for a moment before your fingertips began to caress his stomach, taking full advantage of the opportunity.

“I like all of it.” The mumbled words slipped from your lips before you could even think, making you flinch and retreat your hand from his skin when you realized your words.

“Sorry, I--”

“I want to feel yours, too.”

Dabi’s eyes felt like they were burning holes into yours. For some reason, no part of you wanted to reject him. He was a villain, he was a complete stranger, and you had a gut feeling that you knew where this could lead if you accepted. But still, you wanted to allow him. You had already chosen him, a stranger, over your boring life, so why not go all the way with his desires? Everything was happening very quickly.

I will… trust Dabi.

You moved your hand to pat the spot on the bed next to you, looking up at him. He understood your cue and sat down, letting out a sigh as he did so. You were relieved you didn't have to break your neck as much to look up at him from here. You attempted to angle your body towards him, but your tight skirt made life difficult and here was no exception. Regardless, you slowly offered your arm out to him, studying his expressions and getting no luck, he was an enigma.

Dabi surprised you when he reached for your hand, holding it in between his hands and occasionally sliding his fingers in between yours. His caresses were mesmerizing. He slid the tip of his index finger down from your middle finger to the base of your palm, keeping it there before he spoke,

“Your Quirk is here?” You nodded, nervously biting the inside of your cheek. You very rarely revealed your Quirk to anyone, it was seen as too dangerous, a villain Quirk. But you supposed it didn't matter here, considering you were surrounded by villains now. And he had let you be here with him so closely and to feel his scars, so you would let him feel yours.

“What is it? Sounded like a real gun.” Dabi was staring intently down at your palm, it made you even more nervous and it had you chewing on your lip before you responded sheepishly,

“I-It kinda is, both of my palms.” His eyebrows raised a little as he looked over at you.

“Mine is in my hands, too.” His eyes returned to your palm, a sudden heat emanating from the tip of his index finger as he dragged it along your hand. Your eyes grew wide.

“Fire?” He nodded.

“How cool, I've never met anyone that could control fire.” He held up an index finger to pause your thought before he held out his palm, dark flames carefully forming from it.

“Mine is cool, because they're dark. Puts other fire to shame.” You nodded in agreement with him as you laughed. It was the first time he heard you laugh, and it fanned the growing fire of desire in his stomach. But it did not distract him from how tired he was.

Dabi moved his hand from yours to his mouth as he yawned. You frowned at the sudden lack of his touch, your gaze locked down at your palm. Dabi got up from the bed before he started taking off his belt and discarding it onto the floor. He walked over to the other side of the bed as he unbuttoned his pants, kicking them off before he lazily fell underneath the covers next to you.

Your face was on fire the entire time you heard him messing with his pants, you refused to look out of pure embarrassment, but God did you want to. You were stiff sitting still at the edge of the bed when you felt his weight on the bed behind you. A sigh of relief left his nose before he turned his head on his pillow to regard you again, his eyes trailing around your back.

“That get up is uncomfortable, isn't it? You can take a shirt from the top drawer over there.” You could see his outstretched arm, his finger pointing, at the corner of your eye.

You hesitantly bent over to take off your heels and set them neatly on the floor before you got up to walk over to the drawer. Inside, there were a few white t-shirts like the one he had been wearing before, but there was also an array of black t-shirts, some doning band logos and brand names. You moved a hand to grab a white T-shirt and closed the drawer, turning around to see him watching you intently.

When you stood there awkwardly for a moment exchanging his stare, he sighed and moved an arm to hold over his eyes. You felt a smile tugging at your lips from the gesture, he really was kinda cute. How you managed to tag along with a ‘terrifying’ villain that didn't act maliciously in any way towards you, you'd have to thank the gods for later.

You quickly turned your back to him to shed your skirt and your long sleeved blouse, slipping the T-shirt over your head, relieved when it covered your backside. You assumed you should probably turn off the lights for him, so you did that before you carefully walked back to the bed, hesitantly slipping under the covers. Your cheeks burned at how close you were to him, you could feel his body warmth. You laid on your right side, facing him, your eyes occasionally getting the courage to look up at him.

“Will I… get to go home?” You whispered over to him before you looked at him, silently hoping he wasn't awake to hear. You saw him blink in the dark, it appeared that he had been staring at the ceiling. Your nerves threatened to bubble over when he turned his head to look directly at you, his blue eyes visible even in the dark.

“You made your choice. You belong to me now.” He said simply, your cheeks puffing out in embarrassment to distract yourself from how hot they were. Luckily, it wasn't like you had anything at home waiting for you. Even though he was right, you had chosen to come here, you'd be the perfect person to kidnap. You had no family left, no one at your workplace favored you in any way to care whether you disappeared or not, and you hadn't talked to anyone outside of work in over a year. You were snapped from your thoughts when you heard him move his head to look at the ceiling again.

“You can go get your stuff tomorrow.” He mumbled before closing his eyes. You blinked in the dark at his statement, confused.

“Will you go with me?”

“I have work to do tomorrow.” You pouted, disappointed that he wouldn't be with you. You wondered what he meant by ‘work’. You knew it definitely didn't mean anything like what you would normally do at work. Your thoughts turned back to the bloody hero that had been on the ground earlier and you cringed. He must've felt it, because he opened his eyes and turned his head to look at you again.

“What if I try to run away?” You asked him quietly, carefully watching his facial expression as best as you could in the limited light from the moon.

“Will you try to run away?” Dabi asked in a very blunt manner, his expression unchanging. To be honest, it had never even crossed your mind. You somewhat enjoyed being around him, and you imagined there wouldn't be any place better for you than here.


“Okay then.” He said before he closed his eyes again. After a while of you not moving and assuming that you were still not satisfied from his answer, he sighed.

“I'll have Toga go with you.” You smiled at his words, appreciating his attempt to compromise with you. It wasn't that you needed someone to watch you, it was more the problem that you had no idea how to get back to this place. He moved his arms up to stretch his limbs as he yawned again. You felt his right arm hit the bed, but his left was still hovering over you, causing you to raise an eyebrow at him.

“Can we sleep now?” Dabi mumbled, his eyes still closed. You chewed the inside of your cheek to keep yourself from smiling at how oddly adorable he could be, your eyes glancing back and forth between him and his arm.

Does he want me to…? Fuck it.

You scooted closer to curl up against his side, letting out a quiet hum when he wrapped his arm around you. You quickly drifted off to sleep, all of your fatigue catching up with you at once.

You slept the best you had in years.

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When you opened your eyes, you expected them to be assaulted with sunlight, but instead you were met with darkness and a body. You looked over Dabi’s shoulder to see that he had black curtains over the only window in the room. It was actually nice not being blinded first thing in the morning. But now you were left to wonder how your body got tangled with Dabi’s while you slept.

He had turned to face you at some point during the night, his arms wrapped around you and his body flush against yours. He was so close that his nose was dangerously close to yours, his lips barely a few centimeters away. Both of your breathing mingled together, his eyes still closed as he slept peacefully.

He really was attractive.

The skin on his face that wasn't scarred was so clear and smooth, his piercings were the only things that could be considered a ‘blemish’ to it. You felt the urge to touch his skin again. It made you think of his torso and you found yourself looking down to see his nearly naked body against your now barely clothed one. Your shirt had ridden up more than half of your stomach, the scarred skin of his arm resting against your bare skin. Your eyes trailed lower to see that one of his legs had made its way inbetween yours, the stitches on his thigh beginning to slightly irritate your skin.

Dabi nearly gave you a heart attack when he suddenly stirred in his sleep, but your face caught on fire when his thigh bumped up against your clothed sex. Your thoughts were racing a mile a second and not a single one of them led to anything pure. Maybe it was just your hormones all building up at once from a life led entirely lacking in that area up until now, or your lady week was coming soon, but god was it hard to keep your composure.

Your guilty eyes landed right on his crotch. His boxers weren't exactly form fitting, but it was very easy to tell that something had grown in there. You had never seen a males entire body in… all its ‘glory’ before, and the curiosity of seeing his was eating away at whatever purity remained in your soul. You felt like you had a sunburn on your face as you removed your glued stare from his crotch and looked back up to his face, only to be met with two cerulean eyes looking back at you. Your life flashed before your eyes when you let out a surprised squeak.

“Like what you see? Pervert.” Dabi was definitely smirking, but you couldn't see it as you had immediately hid your face in his chest out of reflex.

“I could get used to waking up like this.” He thought out loud before he attempted to stretch his limbs, his arms briefly shaking around you as he stretched. His thigh bumped up against you in the process, and your over sensitive core had you nervously squirming. He seemed to catch on to the fact that he was effecting you somehow, but he was caught off guard when you suddenly hissed in pain.

In the process of when his thigh had moved back down to its original position, one of his metal stitches caught on your skin and created a slit wound that was now threatening to ooze blood.

“M-My leg.” You stuttered before you both withdrew from each other and he sat up to access your wound. He gently grabbed your thigh and bent his head down to look at it. Your cheeks were red as a tomato at the realization that the shirt you wore had ridden all the way up to the base of your bra now, your stomach and underwear in full erotic viewing pleasure for the man above you.


To be honest, Dabi hadn't even thought of it like that at first. He was more worried that he'd hurt you without meaning to. Sure, he was quite the sadist at times, but he wasn't planning on that sort of thing so early. He looked at the wound to see it threatening to ooze over, so he had grabbed your thigh to keep it from spilling down onto his bedsheets. But it was when he looked over to you to ask if it hurt that his thoughts took a nose dive straight into the gutter.

He wasn't much of a talker to begin with, but for once in his life he was rendered speechless. He swore you had the most erotic look on your face on purpose. Your cheeks pink, your lips slightly parted while your eyes looked up at him, your legs carefully spread for him and your hands up by your head, your t-shirt nothing but a useless strip of cloth abstracting his view from the color of your bra.

What the hell is this girl?

Did whatever God that could possibly exist send this girl down from heaven created specifically for him, or is she some succubus that had crawled up from the depths of hell come to seduce him back down with her? Heavenly grace sounded like a very unlikely thing for someone like him, so he assumed it must've been the second option. And well… It didn't sound like a bad way to die. If he was fucked anyway, he might as well have fun going down.

And that was when a devilish idea popped in his head.


You were beginning to become painfully self-conscious under his stare, the sting in your thigh starting to numb from the distraction. Maybe I should've worked out more outside of work… Does he think that my body isn’t good? You thought for a moment before he carefully lifted your leg up, his eyes clouded with an emotion you couldn't make out.

“Don't move.”

“O-Okay.” You stuttered, your nerves amplifying throughout your body. You watched him carefully as he moved past your leg and slipped onto his stomach in between your legs. He held himself up on his elbows, his face dangerously positioned in between your inner thighs. You took in a sharp inhale when he moved his hands to grab your thighs, his wrists supported by each side of your pelvis bone. He raised an eyebrow up at you, his gaze shifting between your eyes.

Dabi had hit the jackpot. Wherever this succubus, angel, or whatever the fuck this girl was had come from, he had absolutely hit the jackpot in snagging her first. He hadn't even started with her and she was already so flustered as if he'd fucked her three times already and she was begging for more. Her desperate lidded gaze was really starting to get to him, all he had to do was just take her. But he couldn't do that now. He wasn't a sentimental person, but she was too perfect, he'd wait until the time was right.

Your flushed skin was hot under his fingertips, you were completely at his mercy, and you were terrified of that fact. You couldn't deny that he looked gorgeous down in between your legs, but you wondered if this made you a sleazy person for enjoying something like this with someone you'd just met, and it didn't help that you were a virgin practically in heat.

Dabi kept his eyes on yours while he moved his face closer to your inner thigh, his breath grazing against the skin near the wound, dangerously close to the trim of your underwear. He stuck his tongue out to slide it over the wound as you resisted the urge to squirm under him. You bit down on your lip while you watched him. Why it seemed like such a seductive thing rather than something that should definitely be weird to a normal person, you'd have to throw that question to the wind from now on.

Your breath hitched in your throat for a second before you let out a soft moan when he attached his lips to the wound. He sucked the skin until it left a faint mark, pulling back to lick the wound again before he pulled away from it. He looked up at you as if he was waiting for you to say something, but you couldn't really tell why, so you just said the first thing on your mind,

“That's unsanitary.”

Dabi blinked up at you for a second trying to process what you'd just said before he burst out laughing, his head lolling to the side as he did. You could feel his scarred ear and his piercings against your skin while he laughed. You puffed your cheeks out while you waited for him to compose himself. When he did, he let out a calm sigh before in one swift movement he had moved up so his face was over yours, his elbows now on either side of your face.

“You're something else.” He remarked quietly as he looked down at you, his face way too close to yours for your sanity to remain intact. Your eyes drifted down to his lips and he caught it, a smirk tugging on his lips before he moved in closer. Your heart felt like it had stopped for a moment before you heard him speak again.

“I have to get ready, I'll go get Toga for you.” You could feel the curves of his lips against yours as he spoke each word, his lips ghosting over yours. You couldn't even bring yourself to nod, you were frozen stiff under him. Your soul was trying desperately not to leave your body.

Dabi rose up off of you, your eyes immediately catching on the very obvious… thing in his boxers as he moved to stand up. He caught your stare and it was almost looked like he became visibly bashful. You bit the inside of your cheek to keep from laughing when he rolled his eyes and angled his body away from you.

“Shut up.” He mumbled while he slipped on a clean pair of black pants from his dresser.

“I didn't say anything.”
“Your eyes say enough, you pervert.”

“Oh, yeah, I'm the pervert. Okay.” You could see a faint smile on his face before it was briefly covered by his T-shirt as he put it on, your eyes glued to the way the muscles in his torso moved during the action. You watched him leave the room and you exhaled, it was like you had been holding your breath all morning and finally got a chance to breathe.

That was until the door flung open again a moment later and you nearly had a heart attack.

You instinctively pulled the blanket over your body when Toga burst into the room with what seemed like half of her wardrobe. Her eyes gleamed, and you couldn't tell if it was cute or terrifying.

“I have the perfect outfit for you! Well, outfits… But they're all perfect for you, so I thought you should choose!” She hugged them against her chest, her smile plastered on her face. You exchanged a look with Dabi and he merely shrugged. Toga’s eyes followed your gaze behind her to Dabi and she huffed.

“What are you still doing here?”
“This is my room--”
“Out! You can't watch her change, pervert.”

You laughed at their banter, but suddenly felt a pang in your chest when Toga started pushing Dabi out of the room. Now, he'd really leave you alone and go do God knows what for the day. What if he was supposed to go out on a murder spree or something? Would he get hurt?

“Dabi,” You called out to him. He instantly grabbed the edge of the doorframe to halt Toga’s advances, both of their heads turning back to look at you. Your cheeks flushed at the sudden attention, even though it was your fault in the first place.

“Come back soon.” You mumbled, finding it difficult to return his gaze. His lips curled into a smirk and he nodded his head to you once without a word before letting the door frame go. Toga closed the door and sighed before she turned her attention back to you, her smile returning.

“I only saw a glimpse of you last night, but I think you'd look good in these!” You found her enthusiasm oddly cute. You almost wondered if all villains were secretly like this, but you decided on the fact that you'd definitely just gotten lucky.

Out of the plethora of clothes Toga had brought, you picked out a pink dress that covered your shoulders and went just above your knees, it flowed nicely when you walked. You were surprised at how cute it was on you, maybe you should trust her fashion sense after all.

Toga held your hand the entire way down the stairs. It eased your heart a little, you really should've been terrified being in a villain hangout, but people like Dabi and Toga were too nice for you to be afraid. That was, until you could hear a one sided argument happening on the first floor when you both arrived at the last staircase. Your feet immediately halted, your heart falling into your stomach. Toga looked back to blink at you for a moment. You then realized why she looked so visibly confused at your fear.

They have no idea who you are.

Toga must think that you're a villain too, there's no way that she could immediately figure out that some random office worker with no combat experience was in bed with one of her comrades. You didn't want to think about what would happen if they found out who you really were. So whoever was down there, it was obvious that you couldn't showcase yourself shaking like a leaf. Looks like you'd have to tap into your terrible acting skills.

“I-I thought I left something up in the room for a second, sorry.” You shook your head and laughed nervously. Your words seemed to work, because she laughed it off and nodded, yapping her head off with ‘I do that all the time!’ and a monologue of stories of times she'd done the same thing.

You took a silent, deep breath to prepare yourself when you both left the stairs and we're back in the bar that you had first arrived in. You saw the same shadowy butler man and the man with gray hair, but to your surprise you saw Dabi still around, talking with them. Instantly, everyone's eyes were on you.

Oh, sugar.

You tried your best to appear emotionless, wearing a pathetic attempt at a poker face. Dabi was leaning against a table, his hands in his pockets, his shirt just barely threatening to give you a peek of his stomach…

’My eyes are up here.’ He caught your attention with his index finger in your line of view, mouthing to you across the room as he pointed up to his eyes. Your scrunched up your nose at him for a second before looking at the man that was now addressing you.

“Well, your name? Spit it out.” The gray haired man spoke harshly. Suddenly, the whole ‘acting’ thing became much easier than you'd thought. At work, you were an actress every single day, acting like none of their comments had affected you in the slightest.

“___.” You answered curtly, the hand that wasn't holding Toga’s lifting to rest on your hip.

“And why the hell are you here?”

“Dunno. Ask Dabi that question.” You shifted your weight and raised a brow, eyeing Dabi from the corner of your eye. Dabi seemed to be caught off guard by you passing the baton back to him so soon. He sighed before he answered,

“She's got a useful Quirk, she can kill anyone. Her palms are guns. Those asshole hero kids and the pros would never see it coming. That Yakuza guy, too.” The gray haired man looked visibly pleased as he continued to think about the possibilities with your quirk. After a minute, his eyes shifted between you and Dabi.

“This your girlfriend or something?” Your cheeks threatened to turn pink at the question, Toga looked over at you when you accidentally squeezed her hand. Dabi seemed unphased by the question and answered calmly,

“Yeah, I'll keep her under control.” Dabi sounded completely natural, and you couldn't tell if you were happy at his answer or afraid. You assumed he had answered that way only so you would be spared, and that fact threatened to rub you the wrong way. He looked over at you and held a hand out to you as soon as he had finished his sentence.

You figured you didn't have much time to stand there confused at his actions, so you moved towards him, making Toga reluctantly let go of your hand. It was clear now that you were in this together. As soon as your hand connected to his, it was clear to both of you that the unseen contract that had been started yesterday, had been officially signed. The gray haired man, later identified to you as Shigaraki Tomura, had his eyes trailing you the whole time.

“She'll serve well.” Dabi said to him after he'd pulled you against his side and wrapped an arm around your waist. You tried to keep your poker face intact as Tomura eyed you both, biting the inside of your cheek to keep your heart from exploding.

“Fine. But I'm only letting her stay because she has a nice ass. It's not for your sake, so don't get any ideas, you shithead.” Tomura scoffed before he lifted from his stool, walking towards the stairs and disappearing up them.

The leader is… A tsundere. It took all of your effort not to laugh. You let out an exhale and leaned your head forward in relief, but your head lifted up to look at Dabi when he rubbed your side before patting it gently.

“I have to go now.” He said to you quietly. In the background you could hear Toga talking to the man behind the bar, her high pitched voice taking the attention away from you and Dabi.

“Hey, hey, Butler man! Hi, can you make sure a portal thingy?”
“I have a name…”
“____ said we have to go to OOO district!”
“My name is Kurogiri…”

Dabi had started to gently take his arm away from you when you grabbed his jacket, feeling ashamed that you didn't want him to go yet.

“What are you going to do?” You asked as you looked up at him. On the inside, he was really dying at the puppy eyes you gave him. He sighed.

“Nothing you have to worry about.” He replied, Toga’s banter still doing a great job of distracting everyone from your exchange. He sighed again when he saw you showing full blown pout now, he lowered his head to press his forehead against yours. You briefly nuzzled your head back against his before you pulled away from each other when you let his jacket go.

“Kurogiri.” Dabi said simply before a black portal appeared in front of him. Your eyes never left him as he pushed his hands back into his pockets before he walked into the portal, watching it disappear immediately after. Your attention was brought back to Toga and the butler man, Kurogiri. He had sighed in defeat of trying to hold a conversation with the girl, and brought up a portal.

“Please remember to keep a low profile. We will not be making any official moves for a few days, do not attract unnecessary attention.” You nodded at the mans polite words, your mind once again wondering what a weird bunch of villains there guys are and wondering if secretly all villains really were just like normal people, just… more evil?

You were snapped from your thoughts when Toga grabbed your hand and pulled you into the portal.

You emerged back to the spot where you had met Dabi. Luckily, it was close to your apartment. While Toga was cluelessly looking around, you led her down the street.

“What are we supposed to be doing here again?” Toga asked, looking around at the buildings as you passed them. Your apartment was just up the street now.

“I've gotta get my stuff, I'll be quick.” You replied to her, sending her a brief smile. When you reached your apartment building, Toga still held your hand as you both walked up the stairs. You could tell she had a few screws loose, but you were grateful that she was nice to you. You were pretty sure that was just because you were a girl, though.

“Wooow, is this where you live?” She asked as she looked around around your apartment after you'd both stepped inside, finally letting go of your hand. You felt kind of nervous, you'd never had anyone over before, even though you were sure this didn't really count.

“Not anymore.” You spoke bluntly as you gathered a bag to put your clothes in. She hummed in acknowledgement as she paced around, finally finding purchase on your bed.

“That's right, you'll be living with us now, right? I had no idea Dabi had such a pretty girlfriend, none of us could've guessed that he had a side like that to him.” Your ears perked at her final words, your head turning to look at her from your closet.


“Because he's just… Dabi. He's not cute at all! He's prickly and boring and he's totally not funny and he's nothing like my Izuku!” She blabbed on, but it was interesting. Was that how everyone saw him? You wondered what he was like when you aren't around. Was he a scary person? Was he ruthless? You tuned back into what she was saying.

“...we both joined at the same time though, and he likes Stainy, so I deal with him. I really can't stand men, but the Broker man would be upset if I killed him.” You blinked at her for a minute, trying to process what she said.

“Stainy? Who is that?” You asked, surprised at her sudden shocked facial expression.

“You don't know who Stainy is?! Do you live under a rock? He's the hero killer! Dabi and I joined because of him!” You sighed and nodded, returning your attention back to your closet while you stuffed clothes into your bag. You'd briefly heard of the hero killers capture while people gossiped at the office, but that was it. So… Dabi is that kind of person?

You finished gathering your things to the sound of Toga’s blabbering combating with the endless thoughts circling your mind. Toga stood up when she saw you zipping up your bag. You took one last look of your apartment before you closed the door and locked it. Toga’s trademark smile was back on her face while she held her hand out to you.

On the way back to where the portal would reappear, Toga asked a lot of questions. Questions of how old you were, what your favorite color was, how you liked your quirk. When she started asking more.. ‘personal’ questions like how many people you've killed, you decided that maybe it was time to come clean. Kind of clean. You weren't good at lying, but withholding information didn't necessarily count as lying, did it?

“Toga, are we friends? Like, could I tell you something that I wouldn't tell other people, because you're my friend?” You asked her carefully, your eyes continuously shifting to her as you walked. Her eyes widened so much you thought they'd really pop from her head.

“Of course! Oh, it's so nice to have a friend!” She clung to your arm as she spoke, nearly knocking you over on the street. You almost felt bad for her, but then you remembered you'd never really had friends either.

“I'm kinda… new to this whole ‘villain’ thing.” You mumbled, silently preparing yourself for her reaction. She was silent for a bit, looking at you with her mouth agape, before her eyes gleamed.

“Does that mean you've never killed anyone before?! Oh my god, let's go pop that cherry right now! I know just the place--”

“W-Woah! K-Kurogiri said we had to keep a low profile, remember!” You protested frantically as you resisted her tugging on your arm, mentally thanking the gods that the portal finally showed up.
“Time to go!” You laughed nervously before running into the safety of the portal, Toga following close behind. You had never been so thankful to be back in this bar.

Both Tomura and Kurogiri were at the bar, and to the left sat a man in a full body suit at a table. You tried to hide your nerves at the sight of Tomura’s eyes burning holes into your dress. You politely nodded to him and Kurogiri before racing to the stairs and running up them, speed walking to Dabi’s room. You secretly hoped he would be there waiting for you, but you'd only been gone an hour or two, so you doubted it.

You opened the door cautiously, peeking your head inside to see that it was empty. You sighed and walked inside, closing the door behind you and collapsing onto the bed, this opportunity to have time alone was bittersweet. After a moment of silence, maybe about 10 minutes had passed for you to be alone with your thoughts of the past 24 hours, you heard a soft knock on the door. You immediately sat up, turning your body to the door.

“It's me.” A girls voice answered.
“Oh, come in.” You spoke to her, relaxing your body. Toga carefully opened the door and inched her way in, squinting her eyes as she looked around the room. She must've been too absorbed in showing me her outfits this morning that she never really looked at Dabi’s room. It wouldn't surprise you if he'd never had anyone in here before.

“What's wrong?” You asked, not able to hide the amusement in your voice.
“This place totally smells like a man, I hate it.” She winced. You wrinkled your brows as you thought about her words, unconsciously sniffing the air but not smelling anything different. You burst out laughing, patting a place on the bed.

“I don't smell anything weird, do I smell like a man?” You held out your arm to her while she sat down next to you, the bed slightly dipping you toward her. She moved close to you and paused for a moment. You stared intently at her,genuinely curious if she had some crazy senses going on. All of a sudden, she looked up at you with eyes that almost looked too teasing.

“How far have you gone with him?” Toga asked you, your cheeks immediately exploding with a deep red shade. She nudged you with her elbow a few times before she spoke again,

“You haven't done it yet, have you?” You puffed out your cheeks before you shook your head. You weren't sure if you could tell her that it was because you had just met, so you didn't say anything.

“Good! Don't ever do it! He stinks, stay smelling like you forever! Wait, no, come smell like me, even better!” She attached herself to you and nuzzled her nose against your cheek, you couldn't help but burst into a fit of giggles while you tried to playfully push her away. It was weird, laughing with a girl and talking about a boy like this. You had probably experienced something close to it in high school, but they didn't mean anything now. You were glad to have Toga, you were grateful that she was the villain you ended up with in addition to Dabi.

You both froze at the sound of an explosion downstairs. Toga immediately moved to spring into action, but your hand clutched hers tightly. She looked back at you intensely, bloodlust glazed over clear in her eyes, before she sighed and sat back down next to you.

“Right, you're a newbie.. We really gotta fix that.” She stuck her tongue out at you and you mirrored her expression. Your attention turned to the door when you heard ominous footsteps coming up from what sounded like the staircase to your floor. Toga immediately pulled a knife--(wait, where'd she get that?) and got into position, ready to fight with one hand, yours in her other. You raised a shaky hand towards the door, your palm trembling as you pointed it at the door.

You both jumped at the sound of the doorknob turning, you were glad you didn't immediately shoot out of fear, when you saw a battered looking Dabi walk through the door. The entire aura of the room changed when he entered, like he was carrying a bad omen over his shoulder. Or, that he was the bad omen. A shiver went down your spine when his eyes shifted between you and Toga.

“Out.” Dabi said as he set his eyes on Toga, his words filled to the brim with threat. Toga took a moment to look back at you, her face away from his view, and wiggle her eyebrows at you.

‘Tell me all about it later!’ She mouthed to you before she moved to leave the room, making an effort to scoff at him on the way out. Dabi didn't move after he closed the door behind her, leaving you alone under his stare in a room of silence.

Chapter Text

The room was filled to the brim with tension, you were at the mercy of Dabi’s piercing stare. You couldn't bring yourself to move, or to speak. It made you feel uncomfortable when he didn't either. Despite his glare, his eyes looked exhausted. Your eyes trailed around his body to see the condition of his clothes, the ends of his pants singed and the arms of his jacket burnt and one arm had a large rip in it above his elbow, showing a peek of his scarred skin. Was he the cause of the explosion earlier? Why?

Your lips curled into a frown the longer you stared at him, genuinely beginning to worry about him. You kept your eyes on his face while you cautiously moved to stand up, careful not to possibly set him off. His aura was so threatening, the fact that he wouldn't do anything but stare made you more uneasy, your feet refused to move.

Are you afraid of me? His voice echoed in your head, his question from before. The answer was ‘no’ then, and you'd make sure the answer was still ‘no’ now. If he wanted to hurt you, he would have done it already. ...At least, that's what you'd like to think to convince yourself to move closer to him.

“Are you okay?” You asked quietly as your feet inched you towards him. At closer inspection, his eyes were clouded over, the same way they were this morning. You pouted up at him when he didn't answer, your nerves prickling in the tip of your fingers now, there was maybe a foot of space between his chest and yours now. You hesitantly raised a hand to touch him, but halted when he flinched. When he relaxed, you moved your hand again to gently place it on his cheek, his metal stitches pressing against the center of your palm.

“What happened? Talk to me.” You spoke to him again, almost a little surprised when he finally acknowledged you. A childish, guilty expression spread across his face as he avoided your eyes. You furrowed your brows at him.

“...I'm not good with people.” Dabi mumbled, his eyes exploring parts of the room so he wouldn't have to look at you. He winced when you briefly pinched his skin in between the scarred skin under his eyes and on his jaw.

“Stop brooding, you scared me.” You resisted the urge to laugh and pouted instead, puppy eyes in full effect. You realized that you'd still had your hand touching his face and dared to get a little greedy, your fingertips ghosting up the side of his face before you ran a hand through his raven colored hair. As you thought, it was soft. He leaned his head into your touch for a moment before he craned his neck forward to move his face closer to yours. You unconsciously held your breath as you looked up at him, his nose threatening to touch yours. You both stayed there, a comfortable silence, before your cheeks heated at the feel of his hands sliding down your waist to rest at your hips.

“Sorry, for scaring you.” He whispered, his eyes flickering down to your lips, but he didn't move. It was like he was asking for permission, the big bad villain that was too afraid to move too fast. You used the moment to think about it clearly, as he seemed to be leaving the decision to you. While your relationship had already been set in stone in public, were you ready for it to be the same in private? You'd never been with anyone before, but were you ready to be with this man? This man, that was very clearly a dangerous man that has probably killed people, maybe even killed today? Was this the life you wanted to live?

While there were the obvious ‘negatives’ about Dabi, you thought about how careful and docile he was with you. The ‘big bad’ Dabi that teased you, but was cautious not to rush you, to possibly defile you. He knew you weren't a villain, and still he accepted you. Maybe it was for your looks at first, you thought, but you convinced yourself if it was solely for that fact, he would have ‘used’ you already. You also thought of Toga, whom you wouldn't have met if not for him. Both you and Toga seemed to need each other equally. Neither of you had a real friend to talk to and act natural with before each other, so it must've been fate. In all, Dabi had managed to make a complete 180 on your life. You could smile, you could laugh, you could be free.

Is this the life you want to live? His eyes asked you.

You showed him your answer by moving up to your tiptoes to carefully press your lips to his. You could feel his scarred lip against yours, his metal stitches threaten to bump your chin, his hands tightening on your hips. He kissed you back, pressing his lips back against yours. He wrapped his arms around your waist and closed the distance between your bodies, your feet flat on the ground again. Your cheeks were a light shade of pink when he escalated the kiss, his eager tongue swiping your bottom lip, begging for entrance.

Your mind was exploding, you had no idea what the hell you were doing, this was the kind of thing you saw in a movie, not lived yourself. You hoped that you didn't discourage him with how passive you were being, letting him lead, but he seemed too far gone to care. You parted your lips for him, gasping into the kiss when his tongue immediately slip in to hug yours. You were forced to step back when he started nudging you backwards, leading you back towards the bed. You almost fell backwards when the back of your legs pressed against the edge of the bed, but he caught you so you could sit down.

Dabi pushed you onto your back and crawled over you without breaking the kiss, balancing himself over you with his elbow next to your head, his other hand sliding down your stomach. You had luckily gotten the hang of kissing by now, he was careful so his stitches wouldn't touch you, but now you had to mentally prepare for what was next. His hand roamed down to your thigh, pushing up the bottom of your dress to slide his fingertips up your inner thigh, causing your heart to race.

You gasped against his lips and he bit your bottom lip, tugging on it gently before he let it go to pepper kisses along your jaw. His hand roamed your body under your dress before he became impatient and lifted it up over your bra, with you arching your back to assist him. Your face was red as a tomato when he started placing open mouthed kisses down your neck, making sure to leave a mark on your collarbone for anyone who happened to look at you.

“I'm nervous..” You mumbled before biting your lip to keep yourself from making a sound at his onslaught of kisses along your body.

“Why?” Dabi asked, sliding his tongue up your neck to place a kiss on your jaw, looking up at you.

“I-I've never done this before.”

As soon as the last syllable of your sentence left your lips, Dabi immediately stopped everything he was doing and moved to look down at you. The color seemed to drain from his face the longer he looked at you, his mind silently comprehending your words.

“Fuck. Fuck.” He repeated as he got up off of you, pacing the room for a second before he walked towards the door.


There it was, the catch. Dabi knew there had to be something. She was too perfect. And now she'd just proven it to be true. He had a perfect, gorgeous girl that wasn't afraid of him and let him do whatever he wanted, how could it go wrong? But that was his problem, he'd make it go wrong. He didn't deserve her, and she definitely didn't deserve to have such an intimate moment stolen from her by him.

Dabi was the exact opposite of a knight in shining armor, and he refused to let her find that out the hard way.


“Where are you going?” You asked as you sat up and frowned at his back. He turned his head to glanced back at you for a second before grabbing the door handle to open the door.

“Bathroom.” He murmured before he slipped through the door, leaving you alone to contemplate what just happened.


...Was it something you did? Or rather, because of something you didn't do? Why would he be upset about that? Were you not good enough? You were having a very hard time wrapping your head around what could possibly be going on. You were so frustrated, you almost wanted to cry. He kept taking you up so high and then dropping you right back down, and this one was the worst. Would it always be like this?

No, you wouldn't let him dance you around on his fingertips anymore. ...At least, that's what you'd like to tell yourself.


You stood up from the bed and carefully lifted Toga’s dress over your head, placing it on a chair, hoping it wouldn't wrinkle too much. You decided to not even bother putting on pajamas tonight. He didn't, and you didn't particularly like having them on, so why should you? You held your heated cheeks in your hands as you sighed and sat down on the bed, closing your eyes before you flopped down onto your back, resting your head on a pillow.

You heard the door open and you heard what you assumed to be clothes thrown on the floor, but you didn't open your eyes until you felt the bed dip next to you. You turned your head to see Dabi laying on his side to face you, his hair damp and his chest still wet from where he must've missed wiping with his towel. You blushed at the sight, avoiding his eyes.

“You're… not wearing anything.” He mumbled, you blinked at him in reaction and nodded.
“You're trying to kill me.” Dabi sighed before he moved to turn over, but he was stopped by your hand grabbing his arm.

“Why did you leave?” You asked him, trying very hard not to show the hurt in your eyes from the manner in which he left earlier. His eyes shifted down as he thought of a way to put his feelings into words before he mumbled,

“I can't do it. It's not right.”
“Do what?”
“Take that from you.”
“What, my virginity?” He became visibly flustered at the conversation, his lips frowning.

“Are you really a villain?” You asked him as you laughed, watching him pout at your question. He sighed before his signature expression came back, an evil smirk spread across his face. He pulled you closer and moved his elbow near your head to elevate his head on his hand.

“Why, did you want to do it that bad? You really are a pervert, huh.” Dabi teased, completely turning the tables. You were caught off guard by his statements, your cheeks heating up again. He leaned closer to you, his bare torso against your side and his face directly above yours.

“I'll do it if you beg.” He smirked at your shocked expression, your mind exploding in your head. He gently grabbed your chin with his hand that had previously been resting on your thigh and pressed his lips against yours. While your heart still fluttered from the kiss, it felt different. It wasn't a rushed decision like earlier, it was calm and deliberate. You moved to wrap your arms around his neck while you kissed him back, your chest pressing against his.

“Until then,” Dabi mumbled against your lips before you both pulled away slightly, his gaze never leaving yours.

“We can take it slow.” He finished his statement, his gaze never moving. You couldn't stop the smile from spreading across your face as you nodded to him. Your hands moved to cup his cheeks, ignoring the feeling of the stitches grazing your palms, while you rested your forehead against his. Your bodies tangled together before you both settled in each other's embrace, the room slipping into a comfortable silence for a few moments. All of the adrenaline that had kept you both going was quickly waning.

“...Was that explosion earlier you?” You broke the silence, surprised when he instantly looked like he was trying to hold back laughter.

“I pissed off the handman.” He mumbled, a knowing smirk on his face. You were confused for a moment before you realized who he must've been talking about, Tomura. You burst into laughter, your body vibrating against his before he began to laugh with you. After a moment you both became quiet for a bit, your eyes starting closing against your will, falling asleep in Dabi’s arms.

Chapter Text

The next week was a bit… boring, to say the least. Dabi, and even Toga, had some kind of ‘super important mission’ that they were working on, so they made themselves scarce most of the day. You enjoyed the solitude, or rather you would have if you were in your own apartment, but you still weren't used to the big villain hideout yet. You pondered if you should wait until while everyone was gone to check everything out, but you decided that it didn't matter. It was doubtful that anyone would pick a fight with you when you're both on the same ‘side’, and even if they did, well… It was unlikely that you would lose, considering your aim wasn't too bad.

6 floors, 28 rooms, 4 offices, 5 kitchens and living rooms, 5 laundry rooms and 18 bathrooms. Each floor seemed to be its own extravagant flat, each had a kitchen and a common room before a hallway that lead to bedrooms and an office. A few villains, some more scary looking than others, you had never seen before lived on the top floors. You, Dabi, Toga, and a man they referred to as ‘Twice’ all lived on the third floor. Tomura and Kurogiri lived on the second floor.

You attempted to be stealthy by thoroughly observing one floor a day, taking note of who inhabited where at what times before Dabi and Toga would return home and your life could return to ‘normal’ for the night. They always appeared exhausted, but Toga’s annoyed expressions would melt away and she would revert to her usual ‘energy pill’ self as soon as her eyes laid on you, with Dabi close behind her. He was very obviously not one to enjoy Toga insistent chatter, so he would show you his affection by tenderly brushing a hand along your back or briefly grabbing your hand to squeeze it gently while he walked by on his way to escape to his room.

When you reached her room, you would sit on her bed together. Toga would talk about different boys she saw that day while she was disguised as someone else walking down the streets of OOO, she'd talk about how cute they were but that they'd “never compare to her darling Izuku”, but she never once would discuss why she was disguised, why she was walking down those streets, why her and Dabi would be gone 90% of their waking hours. It almost bothered you a little, that you were Rapunzel trapped in a tower while they went out and lived. But you would quickly remember what it was that they were most likely doing, villain things.

It made you wonder how many people Toga could have killed that day, how many Dabi could have killed, and you would’ve never known. They never showed any signs of emotion towards that subject. One day, would you be like that as well? Would you be just as much a villain as anyone else here? You pondered the thought often whenever you were left to your own devices.

But your thoughts, your solitude, your brief moments of loneliness, your late night conversations with Toga, it all washed away when you could finally return to your room and see Dabi there, even though most times he would already be dead asleep. You would shed your clothes and slip under the blanket, and cuddle up at his side before falling asleep yourself. But sometimes, you had either woken him up with the squeaky door or he struggled to stay awake so he could see you.

Anything you had worried about throughout the day, anything another villain had annoyed you about that day, it would all become a disappearing blur as soon as his lips were against yours. After days filled with nothing, each ending with calm skin contact, the feeling of his kiss and his arms finally around you had you thanking every God out there that this man existed. It would never turn hot and heavy, he was much too tired for that, but he used whatever energy that remained in him to make sure his affection poured through his minimal actions. With every swipe of his tongue, every caress of his fingertips against your bare skin, you could feel his sincerity. His utmost desire, his unexpected feelings, his restraint and his insistence on allowing this relationship to blossom naturally at its own course rather than him ripping it open as much as he'd like to, he'd show you it all.

Slowly, you were succumbing to him completely. You would do anything for this man, the thought floated throughout your mind repeatedly as soon as you laid eyes on him lately. Skin contact didn't even make you blush like a mad woman out of nervousness anymore, with him it felt natural now.

Tonight, Dabi had no energy to keep his eyes open any longer, but Toga found it hard to hide her exhaustion today and asked if she could sleep early, so you politely left her room and went back to yours. He nearly gave you a heart attack when his eyes caught in the strip of light from the hallway when you tried to sneak in. You heard a muffled ‘pffft’ from him laughing with his mouth covered when you let out an audible gasp and clutched your chest when you noticed he was awake.

“You scared me half to death, you jerk.” You whined to him from where you leaned against the wall, your hand still over your heart. You hid a smile when you heard him laugh.

“Only half, though.” He teasingly retorted, your eyes squinting at him as you raised yourself from the wall behind you.

“Oh yeah, of course, save the other half for a rainy day.” You huffed with a prominent pout while you lifted your shirt over your head, throwing it into your basket. You kicked off your shorts under his amused gaze, crawling into bed next to him. He cradled you in his arm, a pleased sigh leaving his mouth. You nuzzled his shoulder before carefully resting your head against it, avoiding the stitches near his collarbone.

“Rough day?” You asked, not exactly ready to sleep yet, your index and middle finger ‘walking’ across his chest. You felt him shake his head.

“Boring day. Tomorrow will be better.” Dabi spoke through a yawn, his last statement piquing your interest.

“Tomorrow? Any reason? I never took you to be a ‘just because’ positive person.” You raised an eyebrow while you lifted your head to look at him in the dark, the moonlight casting along the side of his profile. The light slipped from his face when he turned his head to look at you.

“The handman didn't tell you?” He asked with a very… plain sounding tone, like what he meant before should have been common sense. He let out a breath through his newly formed smirk, shaking his head again.

“Tomorrow will definitely be entertaining.” Dabi’s smug voice did not help at all while he moved his other arm to rest his head back on his hand, his eyes closing.

“Wait… what?” You asked. At the lack of a response from the male next to you, to proceeded to prod and poke his side, a continuous broken record of ‘what does that mean!’ ‘what's tomorrow?’ ‘Dabiii, tell me~’ filling the room through Dabi’s extreme attempts to keep a straight face while he pretended to sleep, even throwing in some fake snores.

“I know you don't snore, stop being a jerk.” You pouted, finally earning a response, which consisted of him sneaking one of his eyes open to peek at you.

“Stop studying me while I sleep, you pervert.” He teased while your cheeks heated. You huffed a childish “Fine!” and turned to your other side, a stern “Goodnight.” being the last thing to pierce the air. Dabi chuckled watching you have your ‘fit’ before he scooted closer to you and curled his body along your back, his chest against your skin and his arm wrapped around your waist. He pressed a kiss against the top of your head and you couldn't help but smile, knowing that while you could never bring yourself to be mad at him anyway, you appreciated his wordless gestures. Had you really been upset in any way, his maneuvers totally would have worked at melting your negativity away.


You awoke that morning to a slender finger poking your side. You jerked awake, your eyes suddenly wide awake as you quickly looked around, confused to hear a soft laugh behind you.

“Wake up, pervert. Get dressed in something you can move in.” Dabi spoke before he got up, walking to the closet to collect his clothes. Him and that damn ‘pervert’ thing.. You sighed to yourself before you raised your groggy self from the bed, lazily grabbing a shirt to pull over your head before waddling out of the door to head to the bathroom.

“____-chaaan~ It's a wonderful day!” A familiar voice rang through the hallway, your desire for coffee suddenly intensifying. You turned to face Toga, her smile becoming more amused as she looked at you.

“Are you not a morning person? You forgot your pants.” She asked, her hand covering her mouth as she resisted the urge to burst out laughing. Your cheeks heated up while you puffed them out and pulled down the edge of your shirt to cover your underwear from her view.

“I-I wasn't expecting anyone to be out here, stop looking, you pervert!” You squeaked before you turned and shuffled to the bathroom, quickly closing the door behind you.

“Uh-” A males voice came from behind you, your heart falling straight to the floor as you whipped your head around to see the source.

“Occupado. Nah, he didn't mean that, come sit a spell! No, you should probably get out. Yeah, it smells like shit in here, take me with you!” A man in a mask and a tight suit was sitting on the toilet, a million conversations seeming to come from him at once. You didn't give him the chance of telling you anything else before you screamed and opened the door to run out into the hallway and back into your room.

Dabi was in the middle of putting on a shirt when you flew back into the room, your back pressing against the now closed door. The muscles in his stomach had been flexed from his posture, his shirt stretched along his arms in preparation to go over his head, his surprised expression watching you while his body temporarily froze.

“There was… a man in the bathroom.” You spoke inbetween breaths, your chest no longer heaving. Dabi’s expression switched to amused while he lifted his shirt over his head, revealing it to be a black turtle neck with long sleeves, causing you to raise an eyebrow.

“What is that getup?” You asked, his eyes avoiding yours while he occupied himself with putting on his belt. He was wearing long black pants that covered his ankles. He must've been covering his scars for some reason, was he going out somewhere he couldn't show them?

“Oh yeah, wear black.” He said, like it was just an afterthought. Your eyes followed him as he moved toward you to grab the door handle, he muttered an ‘I'll wait for you downstairs’ before he slipped through the door and closed it behind him. You decided to put on one of your favorite black puffy long sleeve shirt, because you loved the lightweight feel of the material, and tight black jeans to go with it. You thanked the Gods that you owned a pair of black combat boots, you would probably look silly in your pink sneakers, because you obviously couldn't wear heels if he said you'd need to move around a lot today.

A different thought popped into your head with each step you took down the stairs. Were you going on a super cool top secret villain mission today? Would you have to do the matrix through security laser beams in a hallway? You almost laughed to yourself before you reached the bottom floor and saw everyone standing around, an annoyed Tomura clogged the aura of the room.

“Those yakuza fucks…” Tomura growled to himself, one of his legs bent so his foot was resting on his chair, his elbow on his knee while he glared at the surface of the bar. At the realization that you had finally arrived, heads gradually began to turn one by one in your direction. One of which was the crazy man from the bathroom, whom you assumed to be Twice, and your cheeks flared while you avoided eye contact. You shuffled over to Dabi’s side, his arm moving behind you to place his hand against the small of your back, causing your nerves to instantly calm down.

“Toga, Twice, ___, Dabi.” Tomura’s angered, or rather that might just be his default, voice rang through the room, each respective person tuning in to listen.

“There's a fashion festival in XXX district today. A lot of people will be there. Potential recruits and maybe those stupid yakuza assholes if we're lucky. If you come across one of the yakuza by themselves, feel free to kill them.” Tomura spoke nonchalantly before he ended with a yawn. Toga’s eyes seemed to sparkle, probably at the permission to kill, while Dabi must have been looking at Tomura because he yawned himself.

Kurogiri created a portal in the middle of the room, to which Toga immediately skipped towards while she tugged Twice with her. When they disappeared into it, you noticed Dabi hadn't moved yet, so you hesitantly stood still by him.

“Try not to kill too many potential recruits this time, you jackass. That's it, get out. Looking at you is pissing me off.” A teasing smirk formed on Dabi’s features from the harsh words. You would have been at least a little scared had those been directed at you, but Dabi just laughed them off before he grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him into the portal.

Chapter Text

You opened your eyes to see you were both in a dark alleyway, a chorus of voices echoed far away. You'd never been in XXX district before, so you had no way of telling where the portal had ended up. Dabi let go of your hand to grab things from his pocket, handing them to you.

“Put these on. Luckily they're ‘in style’... or something like that.” Dabi spoke as he gave you black sunglasses and a mask, similar to a surgical mask but it was a thin black cloth with a white ‘X’ over the front. He put his own on his face before you did the same, the mask already incredibly uncomfortable as it was very hot and not a very breathable material.

“I don't mean to complain or anything, but do I have to wear this thing?” You asked, trying very hard not to seem like you were whining. You couldn't see his eyes through the lens, but he turned to look at you before pulling down his mask.

“No one will know who you are, so you can pull it down to breathe if you need to. I don't have that luxury.” He spoke before he sighed, pulling the mask up over his mouth before he began walking down the alley to the source of all the noise.

You remembered that he probably has to wear that hot getup to cover his scars, if anyone sees them, they'll totally know who he is. You wondered if he created the scars as his own type of fashion as your feet moved on their own to follow him. Sunlight threatened to seep through your shades when you both slipped out of the alleyway into the crowd, your eyes widening at the plethora of sights in front of you.

Tons of different colored balloons floated to the sky, concession stands lined the street and it was impossible to see the surface of the concrete from how many bodies littered the entire area. There were hundreds of people dressed fashionably in blacks, grays, and some looked like rainbows. Although the crowd was a mix of all the colors, You and Dabi fit in well. Dabi looked back at you while you stood there gawking at everything in front of you and he grabbed your hand. He led you through the crowd, your bodies weaving through, before he stopped abruptly and you bumped into his back.

It was too loud for you hear him clearly, but with your ear to his back you could feel the bass in his voice vibrating through his body. You peeked your head from behind him to see he was talking with two women in front of him who looked so identical they might have been twins. When one of the girls turned their head and saw you, her expression completely changed before she excitedly waved at you.

“____! I totally forgot you were coming today! You've never seen my Quirk in action yet, have ya?” There was no mistaking it, that was definitely Toga, who was now donning a completely different outfit than her usual attire, and an entirely different body for that matter. She wore a black Lolita dress with white lace trim designs, black tights and black creepers with thick bottoms to make her taller.

“Oh, and this other me is the beautiful work of our lovely Twice~ He's hiding up in a building over there, everyone wave!” Toga said in a voice different than her own before she turned slightly to wave upward at a building to the east, receiving a quick thumbs up out the window from Twice, with another thumbs up coming out of the window next to Twice’s hand.

“Gotcha! I'm really up there, this is a clone, too! Cool, huh?” You blinked at her, actually quite impressed, while Dabi sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose under his glasses. Suddenly, you felt the presence of another person attempting to join the conversation. Your head whipped in their direction, expecting one of the yakuza or some crazy villain to be there, but it was just a woman holding a camera.

“You guys are so cool! Are you a couple? I love couple outfits! Could I take a picture of you guys for my fashion blog?” The woman asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice while she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Your cheeks heated at the question, you were glad the mask completely covered them. You pointed to yourself and all of your nerves came to the surface when she enthusiastically nodded her head. You waved your hand quickly in a dismissive manner while you squeezed Dabi’s hand before the woman pouted to you. Dabi turned his head and noticed the woman talking to you, Toga also looked to regard her as well.

“Oh! Twin Lolitas, that's amazing! Could I get your picture next?” The woman spoke, causing Toga’s eyes to sparkle.

“Of course! Get close, you two~” Toga cooed, her hip bumping against yours and pushing you against Dabi’s side. Your mask hid your red cheeks while you wordlessly waved your hands against the idea. We probably shouldn't be spotted here, right? Why would Toga want us to have our picture taken? You thought, your brows furrowing at her.

It's okay, no one will be able to tell who you are. You know you want to~” Toga whispered into your ear while she moved to pose you, before she moved to the silent Dabi next to you, he didn't say a word while she moved his elbow to rest on your shoulder.

“I don't think there’s any saying ‘no’ to that psycho, so let's just get this over with.” Dabi mumbled through his mask towards you, making you unconsciously purse your lips. ’Just get this over with?’ Hmph.

After you had both been posed expertly by no other than Toga, you with your right hand holding your left arm with your weight leaning to the left and Dabi with his right arm on your left shoulder, his left hand in his pocket and his left ankle crossed over his right, a snap from the woman's camera was heard. The woman bowed before giving you her business card, to which you politely bowed back and accepted it, sticking it into your back pocket.

Toga murmured something to Dabi before she went to engage the photographer, her expression going from business to her usual bubbly self. You eyed the exchange before Dabi grabbed your hand again and you were both walking through the crowd again. It made you feel nervous to see so many people in one place, you felt like everyone had their eyes on you. Your eyes caught on a man in an apron holding a tray, cups of sample sized foods placed on top. You pulled Dabi to a halt, quickly pointing at the man when Dabi looked back at you with what you assumed to probably be an annoyed expression if you could see it. His head turned to follow his eyes from your point to its destination before he sighed.

Dabi allowed you to pull him over to the man, your arm wrapping around his while you unconsciously wiggled at the excitement of food. You ignored the look Dabi was probably giving you through his shades and spoke with the man. He grabbed a sample cup from his tray and extended it to you, explaining that it was his family's century old takoyaki recipe. You hadn't had takoyaki in ages, you thought. Dabi noticed the way you bounced on your feet after you pulled your mask down to try the food, a delighted hum coming from you.

“You have to try this!” You said to him through a bright smile while you looked up at him. You pouted when he brought a hand up to point an index finger at his mask.

“Uh, can I take another one for him, please?” You asked when you turned your head back to the man, receiving a nod before you took another sample. You thanked him and bowed your head before you and Dabi continued walking, your arm still tangled with his and his hands now in his pockets. You cradled the takoyaki close to you so none of the crowding people around you could knock it from your hand.

There were more women in colorful lolita dresses lining the street now, tons of different colored and differently shaped balloons in their hands as they engaged in conversations with the people around them. Your eyes drifted to a blue heart shaped balloon and you could feel a childish desire for it building up, but you're supposed to be on some kind of ‘mission’ right now. Which had you pondering a few things while you glanced up at Dabi. You could tell he was scanning the area, which must have been easy for him as he was significantly taller than most of the crowd.

To me, this kinda feels like a date. But to him, he probably hasn't thought of me at all since we got out here. You found yourself unconsciously pouting as you walked. You thought more about how this could've been a nice date. It was a beautiful day outside, only a cloud or two in the bright blue sky and just a slight breeze in the air that occasionally swayed the balloons in the hands of the vendors. You both already had what would appear to outsiders as being matching couple outfits, too. You sighed to yourself before you eyed an alley near the end of the festival, similar to the one you and Dabi had come from at the other end.

You gently poked Dabi’s arm with your index finger from the hand that was already on his arm, gesturing with your head towards the alley when he turned his attention to you. You both walked together through the crowd, an occasional shoulder bumping into you and pressing you further against Dabi, causing heat to rise to your cheeks.

You slipped through the crowd into the alleyway, luckily avoiding any stray glances from anyone at the festival. When you both had walked far enough in, Dabi lifted an arm to slide his shades on top of his head, his other arm moving away from yours and slipping his mask down before he took a deep inhale and sighed.

“My fuckin’ sweat is sweating.” Dabi groaned as he grabbed the bottom edge of his sweater and brought it up to carefully wipe his face, the rogue rays of sunlight that reached the alley showcasing the sweat glistening on his stomach. You couldn't resist the urge to stare, but you quickly returned your eyes to his face when he let go of the material and it returned to its original position. You looked around to see that you'd gone pretty far into the alley, an opening to a field about 20 feet away, the sun beginning to set. You remembered the cup in your hand and held it out to him, his eyes trailing down to it before he accepted it.

While he chewed the takoyaki, you swore you could see a sparkle creep up in his eyes. You bit your lip to hide your grin, teasingly poking his side with a few repetitions of, ‘It’s good, right?’ to which you received a nod. You looked up to see how his hair was pushed back but his sunglasses, and surprisingly, it really looked good on him. While you were too busy appreciating his temporary new look, you felt a hand on your cheek before Dabi leaned down to press his lips against yours for a moment.

“W-What was that for?” You stuttered up at him, your eyes blinking quicker than usual.

“For saving it for me, it was good, thanks.” Dabi spoke with an appropriate tone, but you could see his eyes shyly avoiding yours, it made you want to laugh.

Your ears perked at the sound of a few male voices coming from the field, they were easier to hear now that the festival seemed to have ended all the way on the other side of the alleyway. You could tell Dabi had heard it too, as he had already positioned himself in front of you.

“Stay here.” Dabi warned quietly, his tone suddenly serious. You wanted to ask if he'd be okay, but you knew better. This was his area of specialty, and it was very apparent in the way he moved with stealth. You knew you shouldn't get in his way, so you settled with studying him carefully, you didn't want to miss an opportunity to watch him. You creeped forward a few steps behind him to see a small group of men, they looked like petty drug dealers. At the discovery of this, Dabi’s stance relaxed while he moved his hands to his pockets before walking out of the alley, your eyes widening.

You could hear the distorted voices of the men, followed by a few lines in exchange with Dabi. Your inexperience was getting to your head, you wracked your brain of ideas. Should you get closer and back him up from the shadows? Is he going to recruit them? Would you just get in his way? How would you become a proper villain if you were going to sit back the whole time? Did you want to become a real villain? You snapped yourself from your thoughts when you saw Dabi pull his hands from his pockets, the men threatening to group up on him, Dabi intending to take them head on.


Your feet intended to move on their own towards him, before you were stopped by an arm wrapping around your shoulder from behind, a cool sharp edge of a blade gently threatening to dig into your neck.

“Say a fuckin’ word and you're dead, miss.” A deep, hoarse voice came from the male behind you. A cold sweat immediately began to form on your forehead, an audible swallow coming from your throat.

“Good girl. Now, we're gonna watch your fancy Villain League, or whatever that stupid thing is called, boyfriend over there die, and then you're next! Doesn't that sound like fun?” The man swung the knife in his hand in articulation with each word in front of your face. You wanted to turn your head and spit in his face. His words, his voice, his disgusting arm, it was all repulsive. These are the villains that should be erased. They're nothing like Dabi, or Toga, or Twice, or even Tomura. They're disgusting, worse than dirt. Classless, power hungry trash. Using a defenseless woman to get a temporary high, what a joke, you thought.

You stayed silent and turned your attention back to Dabi, relieved to see that he was able to hold his own against the group. They engaged in physical contact, Dabi dodged each of their blows and pushing each one to the ground. You knew that Dabi wouldn't lose to these low lives, but the man behind you began to chuckle darkly. You furrowed your brows and sneaked a glance back. Why would he be so amused if his comrades are losing?

That was when you saw it, a man slipped from the shades behind a tree. As Dabi raised his hands in front of him, his dark flames beginning to spill from his hands, the man carefully snuck behind Dabi, a knife in his hand. Your body completely froze, your breath caught in your throat. His name echoed in your head over and over, your voice betraying your desire to scream.


You knew, you had a split second to act. They obviously didn't know what your Quirk was, as the man had taken no effort to restrain your hands, so you'd have to whip your arms up and immediately aim at both the man behind Dabi and the man behind you, and somehow kill both men before either of you get hurt.

Without a sound, you quickly raised your arms while Dabi’s flames engulfed the men in front of him.


Live as a villain or die here, having accomplished nothing in life.


Please, God… This can't miss…



Chapter Text


It all seemed happened in slow motion.

Blood splattered onto your shirt and the side of your face before the man threatening you had fallen to the ground, never to get up again, your arm still in the same position it had been under his chin previously. The man behind Dabi fell to the ground, a hole straight through his skull now gushing red into the previously green grass, his knife fallen from his hand. The gunshot surprised Dabi, as even he had jumped from the noise, the incinerated bodies in front of him all just more accessories to both of your crimes.

You were numb. You didn't feel distraught, shocked, or upset. Temporarily, you were… relieved. Dabi was alive.

Dabi followed his eyes from the man on the ground behind him, to the man on the ground next to you, to your eyes, and he instantly moved to run to you. You didn't even notice your arms fall to your sides, your legs giving up under you before you fell to your knees, a sharp ringing now lingering in your ears.

“Kurogiri, something happened. Bring a portal up, we've gotta go now. Tell Toga and Twice to get out, too.” His voice was muffled and difficult to understand while you felt yourself suddenly floating. Your body barely jerked while Dabi looked around, he cradled you in his arms. You felt your body move with him as he walked into the portal after he checked to make sure no one had been watching.

You could hear his heart banging in his chest. He ignored everyone in the bar, their voices deep and distorted in your ears, and immediately walked to the stairs. He climbed the stairs carefully to not disturb you. He walked over to the bathroom and set you down, quickly turning the tap water on while he searched for a hand towel and waited for the water to reach a warm temperature. You stayed silent as he set the towel on the sink for a moment to help you out of your shirt, a thick patch of blood smearing on your forehead in the process. Your hollow eyes laid an empty gaze on the small mirror in front of you, your emotions not currently around to react to your disheveled appearance while Dabi gently wiped your skin clean.

When you both reached your room, you moved to center and stood still while Dabi closed the door behind him. He didn't bother to turn the light on, so he could only see your profile through the moonlight. You couldn't stop shaking while you looked down at your hands, the blood that had been washed away still appeared vibrantly in your eyes. All the adrenaline came racing back through your body, the shock finally hitting you like a truck. Dabi was safe, but those men were dead. Their lives had slipped from their grasp, and you had mercilessly crushed them without a second thought. For the first time in your life, you used your Quirk on a person. And now, you were a murderer, multiplied by two.

“Are you okay?” Dabi asked carefully, but you didn't hear him. Your stare was locked on the wall in front of you as you trembled, tears beginning to well up in your eyes and threatened to fall.

“Hey, look at me. Look at me.” Dabi quickly moved in front of you and cupped your cheeks in his hands, your tears spilling to the sides onto his fingers when he tilted your head up to look at him. He could feel the tremors of your body as it shook.

“They’re dead because of me.” Your voice cracked while you spoke at a quiet volume, your eyes previously void of emotion now overcome with guilt as they finally lifted their gaze to look at him clearly.

“I'm alive because of you.” He said without skipping a beat. It felt like your heart was tightening in your chest. You closed your eyes tightly and nodded while he wiped your tears with his thumbs. He was right. You knew the consequences, the risk, and you did it anyway. You both were alive to show for it. You just wished it didn't have to feel so terrible.

He craned his neck forward to press his lips against yours for a moment, as if he knew it would soothe your heart. You sighed when he pulled away, insistently willing away your fears, but everything came bubbling back up again when he slid his arms down to his sides before he quietly spoke,

“You should stay here now, it was my fault for taking you with me. I'm sorry.”

“No, I want to stay with you! I want to…” Your features wrinkled as you succumbed to your tears, your voice shaking audibly as hot, fat tears rolled down your cheeks. Your hands moved to gently grip his shirt. Your eyes glued to the floor as tears blurred your vision, your sniffles the only thing breaking the silence. You felt like you should be distraught at what you've become, what you will continue to become, but the thought of staying home all day waiting around for him wasn't a life you wanted to live. You wished you wouldn't act like a stubborn child, but you couldn't help it.

“I can't..” Your ears strained to hear his weak voice, your head quickly lifted to look up at him. His stare was down on your arms that were held connected to his shirt, his eyes refusing to look any higher.

“It's a risk to care about someone, it's seen as a weakness. If anyone outside finds out about you, they'll…” He continued at the same low volume before you interrupted him,

“I'm a weakness to you?”

“Do you understand what I do? I’m not some purse snatcher, I kill people, ____. Just like we both did today, that's my normal. It's kill or be killed in my world, and I win. But today, I would've lost. And that's not okay for either of us.” He responded to your suddenly angered tone quickly, his uncharacteristic uncertainty starting to leak into his mix of rushed and articulated words.

“I don't care, I want you!” Your words came out in a single sob, your grip tightening on his shirt. He let out a shaken breath, his eyes drifting around the room.

“It was my fault. I'm the weak one. I was distracted. I was so caught up in the fact that you were there with me, that I was able to spend time with you, that I lost my focus.” Had there been any lights on in the room, you definitely would've seen the rare blush that dusted his cheeks.

“I was so happy, too. I can't stand sitting around here when you're gone, so please… Let me be your strength, not your weakness.” You immediately sensed his composure return at your pleading words, his expression was once more calm and collected, his voice gentle and low while he spoke,

“Be honest, then. Can I trust you?” He asked with his hand now moving to grab your chin, tilting your head to exchange his gaze, your tears subsiding.

“Trust me? Of course, what kind of question--”

“Can I trust you to kill for me again? To kill for yourself?” Dabi interrupted, your eyes widening. Before, you hadn't had a second thought about the lives of those men. But now that you knew the effects, would you still do it again? If it was for his sake, you knew there still wouldn't be a doubt in your mind. There it was again, his eyes always asking you that same question.

Is this the life you want to live?

You looked up at him while you nodded, your grip on his shirt releasing so you could place your hands flat on his chest. “I'll do it. I'll do it all, whatever you need me to. I belong to you.” Dabi smirked to mask the pounding in his chest. He moved in closer until his forehead rested against yours, your gazes never faltering.

“Prove it.” Was all he said before his lips crashed against yours, his hands finding their way to your jaw and neck. It caught you off guard and nearly knocked the sense out of you, but you quickly recovered and tangled your fingers in his hair.

Clothes were torn off and discarded, you were relieved it was so dark because your body was completely flushed from embarrassment. His hands roamed to worship your body, his tongue causing moans to slip from your lips. He led back to the bed, crawling on top of you with his lips never leaving yours.

When he made his descent in between your legs, he tenderly slid his hands up the back of your thighs to push your knees toward your stomach, your entire body heating up at the realization that you were fully and utterly exposed to him. Your body and your heart was on fire. You didn't know what you wanted, but you know it probably was along the lines of this. And once his tongue flattened as it slid from the bottom of your slit to the top, your mind was erased of anything but the fact that you knew you needed this.

The near-death experience, the blood on your hands, the tears… Dabi would take it all. He couldn't assure that you'd never have to suffer again, because in fact, you most definitely would as a villain. But with you insisting so greatly to be his strength, his driving force, and his support, he'd accept it. He'd accept you as a villain, as his equal and his comrade, and despite every risk imaginable, as a lover.

Even still, with his walls breaking down one by one with every smile you made, it was still too difficult for him to properly word what he felt. He was by no means used to an emotional connection, as it was always deemed nothing but a risk for villains, especially to have one with an average civilian like you. But, he was sure you wouldn't be just an ‘average civilian’ anymore, not after today. Whether he liked it or not, you'd saved his life. And he'd make you feel his emotions in the only method he knew.

Dabi made sure he carefully avoided touching you with his metal stitches, and was rewarded with a soft mewl while your hands curled to fists in the sheets. You bit down on your bottom lip as you looked down to watch him. He massaged the inside of your thighs with his thumbs while he continued to slowly drag his tongue over your slit, his saliva mixing with your essence. Your lips parted in a silent sigh when his tongue slipped through your folds into your entrance, your legs instinctively spreading with his hands still on the back of your thighs. With every gentle thrust of his tongue, your head became more foggy. When he hooked his arm around your leg to rest it on your stomach and use two fingers to stimulate your clit, you were a whimpering mess under him.

Dabi could feel your walls threatening to tighten over his tongue, and he slowly slipped it out while he stopped moving his fingers, earning an annoyed whine from you. You let out a squeak when he gave your clit a final suck before he crawled over you, laying on his side next to you. He lifted a hand and brought up to your face, presenting to you two fingers. Your glance shifted from his face to his hand before you hesitantly opened your mouth, your tongue shyly creeping over your bottom lip.

Dabi couldn't handle the lewd expression you made as you accepted his fingers into your mouth. He was in a trance as he watched them disappear into the hot cavern, your saliva coating them as you ran your tongue along them. The action, so foreign to you, was getting you as hot and bothered as he was. A small trail of saliva was left when he removed his fingers, his mouth immediately reconnecting with yours before you could catch your breath. You flinched against him when you felt his hand slide down your body, lingering near your core.

“It'll be okay, just relax.” He sighed against your ear while the tip of his finger pressed against your entrance. You hesitantly nodded before you shut your eyes, your brows wrinkling and a whimper escaping when he slowly slid a finger into you. He paused and waited until your walls stopped clenching around him before he carefully began moving, your eyes opening while you gripped his arm, the texture of his wrinkled skin under your fingers distracting you from the weird feeling in between your legs.

You began to wonder what the big deal about sex was, porn certainly was misleading. With just one finger in porn and in books, girls would be crying in pleasure by now, was something wrong with you? Dabi brought your mind back to the subject at hand when he slipped in another finger, his mouth on your neck while he stretched you. You winced the first few times he moved them in, but he knew better than to go faster than his dangerously slow pace. And after a few moments, you felt your body catch on fire, you wanted more.

Your face felt like a gigantic sunburn when Dabi returned between your legs, this time the sides of your knees resting against either side of his hips. He gripped himself with one hand, the other holding onto the sheets next to your waist to balance himself, his eyes carefully scanning your expression in the scarce available moonlight.

“Is it really okay? It might be painful.” He asked, not really wanting to hear the answer in fear of you backing out. While he had the utmost care for your feelings and didn't want to rush you, he couldn't lie to himself how much it would fucking suck to stop now. He really couldn't take ending another day with you in the bathroom by himself.

“I-I want it, I want you.” You stuttered in a quiet, shy voice. He sighed through his newly formed smile before he lined himself up with your entrance, pushing the tip in painfully slow as he leaned forward to press his forehead against yours. He felt your body stiffen as electricity shot through every nerve under your skin, your walls painfully stretching. You gripped onto his arms tightly out of reflex, your eyes snapping shut while you hissed each time he slowly inched further.

“Can I keep going?” Dabi asked through a strained voice. He was going insane, his mind on the verge of no return. Your heat was swallowing him in so intensely, it was taking everything he had to not just allow it to take him all at once. The sweat that had silently formed on his forehead was mingling with yours. He waited, quite impatiently but still obedient, until he felt you nod. He let out a shudder when you sucked him in to the hilt, your bodies connection completed, your forehead wrinkling in pain under him.

Your groin was screaming for the moment, you tried everything to relax your body. Dabi moved to lean on his elbows positioned on either side of your head, his shakey pants mixing with yours. He continued to wait politely until you had finally adjusted, your grip loosening on his arms and your head tilting up slightly to press a soft kiss on his lips. He immediately reciprocated, his lips moving down to reconnect with yours as he slowly pulled out of you before inching back in. Your nerves were extremely sensitive now, each careful movement he made had your body responding eagerly now.

The muscles in his body flexed and strained with every slow thrust, your arms moving to carefully wrap around his neck without hitting his stitches, your bodies already glistening with sweat. He swallowed all of your sighs and your moans as he quickened his pace, one of your hands tangling in his hair while you mewled against his lips. The room was filled with the lewd sounds of skin slapping and muffled moans, with occasional sounds of the bed quietly squeaking under you.

You were in ecstasy while he pounded into you, this feeling of being so full making you mentally take back any previous statements you made about sex. To be connected body and soul with this man was a dream, and you never wanted to wake up. You were so overwhelmed you couldn't breathe, Dabi’s lips trailing down to your neck when you separated to gasp for air, your whines of pleasure released into the room. You were already feeling heat pool in the pit of your stomach, but when he moved a hand between your bodies to rub your clit in time with his now erratic thrusts, a loud moan escaped your lips.

“Shh, I don't know how thin these walls are, we don't want everyone to know how much of a pervert you are.” Dabi cooed breathlessly into your ear through his smirk, your head too fuzzy to think of a retort.

“It-- It feels too good, I'm gonna explode.” You mewled in between each of his rough thrusts, your throat raw from all your panting and moaning. Your nails scraped down his back while he whispered sweet nothings in your ear, mercilessly pushing you over the edge.

Dabi could've kissed you to muffle your cries of his name while you came, but he found way more joy in lingering back to watch your eyes roll back while you momentarily convulsed under him, the most beautifully lewd expression he'd ever seen plastered on your face as your walls fluttered around him and sucked him dry while he himself came right after you.

You both stayed still for a moment to catch your breath, your foreheads joined once more for a moment before he carefully pulled out. You felt uncomfortably empty as he flopped down next to you, his energy completely spent. And that was when you felt it, the suddenly extremely uncomfortable feeling of leaking. Your body immediately stiffened, bringing Dabi’s attention back to you.

“What is it?” He asked in a sleepy, exhausted voice. You looked over at him with your nose wrinkled.

“You came inside, you… you idiot! What if I get pregnant! This feels terrible, I'm leaking! You stupid pervert!” Your outburst had the blood draining from his already pale face. He was so caught up in getting in that he hadn't even considered the fact that he didn't have a condom. He laid there as still as a stone while you carefully got up from the bed, a hand over your leaking entrance while you went outside the room to sprint to the bathroom, not even caring if anyone had been up to see your naked body.

When you returned back to the room after luckily avoiding an awkward situation of someone waking up to see you naked in the hallway, Dabi quickly sat up on the bed to regard you. You walked over and collapsed on top of him with a soft whine, the earlier burst of adrenaline completely gone and the pain between your legs now in full force.

“Will you be okay?” Dabi cautiously inquired, his arms wrapping around your small equally exhausted form. You nodded against his chest, a deep sigh of relief leaving his lips. you moved your body to get comfortable on him, your limbs tangled together while you nuzzled your nose against his cheek.

“I like you a lot.” You whispered to him, his head turning so he could look at you through the moonlight.

“I like you, too.” He responded before he moved to press his lips against yours briefly, your heart nearly skipping a beat. Your body was completely drained from the day's events, your eyes refused to stay open any longer and you both drifted off quickly.


The next morning, you awoke to feel your body aching everywhere. Dabi was still fast asleep, so you carefully got up on your own, wincing every time your groin hot pain through your entire body. You put on underwear and wore one of his shirts with a pair of shorts before you made your way to the bathroom to straighten your hair. Your eyes caught on a dark purple mark on your neck and moved your hair aside to see that there were actually a few marks scattered along your skin, your cheeks red as a tomato while you quickly got band aids to cover them with. You'd definitely have to yell at him later for his monstrosity on now two different things last night.

You joined Toga for breakfast in the kitchen, trying your best to act like a normal person, but sitting down was so painful it made your head foggy.

“Nee, ____-chan,” Toga hummed in your direction, causing you to look up from your rice, her face showcasing an uncharacteristic genuine curiosity.

“What's it like with Dabi?” You stared at her in silence, blinking a few times before letting out the only word in your mind,


“You know, like… Is it terrible to kiss him? With all that weird skin he's got, it must be weird, right? Even if the man I loved were beautifully bloody and battered, if he had weird stuff like that, I'd never be able to do it.” She spoke very casually, as if you were having a sleepover together and it was time for ‘girl talk’.

You stayed silent for a bit, the process of you mentally computing her question beginning to show in your features. You remembered her weird sixth sense, the fact that she probably knew what you'd been up to. Your face blew up with heat and a bright red stained your cheeks, but before you could let out a bewildered reply, a deep voice emerged behind you,

“She seems to enjoy what I do to her, ‘weird skin’ or not. Not all of my body has it.” A cool and confident Dabi had just arrived, walking to the fridge and grabbing out a bottle of water. Your face probably looked like you had a sunburn by now, you retreated into the palms of your hands to hide your embarrassment.

“Waaah, so you guys have really already gone that far? I'm jealous… My dear Izuku wouldn't even speak to me properly.” Toga pouted with puffed out cheeks as she glanced between you and Dabi, earning a defeated whine in response from you.

“Can't say I blame the guy.” Dabi remarked bluntly out loud before walking out of the kitchen, earning you a playful glare from Toga when you visibly resisted the urge to burst out laughing, your shoulders shaking in silence.

Chapter Text

It's been almost a month since that day. Autumn is beginning to send its winds across Japan. Everything seemed to have settled itself that night, but much to your protest, Dabi has seen to it that you lay low for a few weeks while you collect yourself and take time to truly consider what actions you would take from here. To compromise, Twice and Toga have been taking more days off lately to train with you in an underground warehouse near the hideout. With clones, you could safely use your Quirk without having to worry about hurting your new comrades. But while it was expected to be physically draining, your mentality was beginning to reach its limit as well.


You had no idea that every day would be a battle within yourself. After the glow of being so happy with Dabi that night after being so distressed that day, the sugar high had given you a terrible crash.


Dabi had begun to notice that you were eating less, the bones in your face and neck becoming more prominent, but as a person who had also gone through hardships he knew it would be useless to interfere. He was also once a “normal” person, he knew what it meant to kill for the first time and be stripped of any remaining innocence you had, to be stripped of whatever previous life you had known. Not everyone was eternally bloodthirsty with nerves of steel like Toga. He understood that things can take time.


But to feign a comforting tone and promise everything would be okay wasn't something villains did. You either got your shit together or you died trying. Of course, he wouldn't allow you to die over such a thing, but he knew babying you would only make the transition worse. Maybe his thinking was outdated, but he believed ripping it off quickly like a bandaid would be best.


For about a week and a half, Dabi went out of town for a mission, leaving you victim to the onslaught of your innermost thoughts. The first week was excruciating. You wished Dabi hadn't left. You wished you could've gone with him. You wished your thoughts weren't so loud and erratic. Part of you wished that Dabi had said something like, “We’ll get through this together” like many movies you had seen in the past. You wondered when you had become so selfish. Dabi was right, you were a weakness. As you are now, you're a liability that he can't afford. And that was not what you had promised him, so you cried out all your tears, your frustration, and forced yourself to stand back up on your own.


Every day, whether you were training alone or with your friends, you pushed yourself to be better than the previous day. During the day, you worked your body. At night, solitude worked your mind. It took two weeks to fully get the vision of blood out of your mind. You knew you wouldn't be allowed back on the field if you didn't rid yourself of your fears, so you tried day by day to quell them.

“They're dead because of me.”

“I'm alive because of you.” 

You took Dabi’s words to heart, and over the weeks taught yourself to think of the positives for each of your actions rather than the negatives. If you had to repeat them over and over each time to brainwash yourself into ignoring the terrible effects of your deeds, so be it. If it meant becoming stronger to protect those you care about, enemies and negatives be damned.


It's been over a month now since that day. Dabi’s been back at the hideout for a week and has even started helping you train. While Toga helped you learn close combat with the assistance of her favorite knives, Dabi preferred standard hand-to-hand combat. While it sucked losing to him, you couldn't lie to yourself and say that you didn't enjoy him being so close whenever he flipped you over and pinned you to the ground after you had whiffed a punch. What really sucked was the fact that he always knew the effect he had on you. The way his fingers would linger on your skin, the way he'd teasingly blow on your ear whenever he had your arm twisted behind your back, he always had a way to melt the rest of the world away from your mind.


Dabi could tell that you had spoken with your inner demons enough to think rationally again. While he wasn't exactly in tune with human emotions anymore, he knew it was his time to assume the role he had never received during his own awakening, Support. You were still at the bottom steps, but you were no longer struggling. Your eyes were now looking upward and you were ready to grasp his outstretched hand.


You were smiling again, you were doing that stupid little dance you did whenever you ate good food again, things were starting to look normal again. Dabi was slow to agree to you going out on missions again, mostly due to the fact that there was little way to predict how you'd act in the event of a death again, but Tomura himself had called you up to his office, and Dabi knew what that meant.

You were almost nervous when you walked up to the door to Shigaraki’s office. Had you not known how much of a prickly tsundere he was, you would have surely been shaken by his sudden request for you to meet him at his office on the third floor.


The previous afternoon, you were alone eating in the kitchen while Toga and Dabi were out on separate missions for the day. As soon as you had gotten up from the table after finishing your meal, Tomura peeked his head into the kitchen, his dangerous and gloomy aura threatening to seep into the room. You had just managed to catch sight of him from the corner of your eye, and your entire body jumped at the sudden discovery, your hand clutching your chest.


“For the love of… Shigaraki-san, can you please refrain from sneaking up on me like that?” You glared over at him, his unreadable expression unchanging. His fingers tapped one by one in the rhythm of a chaotic wave on the surface of the wall while he spoke,


“Meet me in my office tomorrow. I’m sure you know where it is by now.” Was all he said before he disappeared somewhere throughout the building from wherever it was that he had come from. You hadn’t felt any malice from his words, despite his… otherworldly actions.


You heaved a sigh before cleaning your dishes and making your way back to your room. You had spoken to Dabi about the event in the kitchen that night, but he didn’t really seem to have much he’d like to say out loud about it. He simply stared up at the ceiling with his hands behind his head, his only words on the matter being,


“I hope you’ll be alright moving forward from now on.”

You patted your cheeks and took a deep breath before you moved your hand to the doorknob, gently turning it to reveal Shigaraki’s office. It was a dark, small room with nothing but a few computer screens on a desk against the wall to dimly illuminate the space other than the light of the hallway behind you. You saw what looked like a dark figure sitting on a chair in front of the desk, his face briefly lighting up in sections from the screens as he turned the chair to face you, the front of his figure now cast in darkness.


“Have you ever been a bodyguard?” His voice broke the silence. You narrowed your eyes at the question, your head moving side to side as an answer. His eyes glowed mischievously in the dark before he spoke again,


“You are now.” He left you a moment to consider his words, his amusement in your rapidly blinking eyes too much for him to cut it short.


“Are you su--”

“You’re perfect. Your quirk is hidden and uncommon, and no one knows who you are.” You bit the inside of your cheek at his interruption, choosing to stay silent as you waited for more of his explanation.


“I’m supposed to meet some asshole leader of a yakuza group.” His fingernails dug into the arm of his chair as he spoke. “They hurt a few of our members, so I couldn’t give less of a shit if we hurt any of theirs. Luckily, we had you to kill a few of theirs so it made those shitheads learn a lesson.” You froze at his statement, sweat starting to form at your brow. You inwardly inhaled, willing all of your emotion to turn off.


“I need you to come with me to meet that dickhead leader, he wants to come to terms. He wanted me to come alone, but I told him you would be coming with me as a ‘mediator’. Seems like he really is stupid enough to let his guard down for a woman. Fuckin’ fool.” Shigaraki’s triumphant chuckles made his shoulders shake.


You thought for a moment as you considered your words and your actions. Shigaraki was giving you a chance to not only become a viable part of the villains, but to work directly with him. This was your chance to stop being nothing but a sticky note in Dabi’s story. You were going to help him write the pages, and Shigaraki was offering you the pen right in front of your eyes.


“If you think I will be an advantage for you, I will go.” You stood up straight as you spoke, your chest swelling with pride to be useful to those around you that had taken you in, his smirk widening at your words.


“Good. Take tomorrow off, we’re leaving the next day.”