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Because you're here

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You opened your eyes to see you were both in a dark alleyway, a chorus of voices echoed far away. You'd never been in XXX district before, so you had no way of telling where the portal had ended up. Dabi let go of your hand to grab things from his pocket, handing them to you.

“Put these on. Luckily they're ‘in style’... or something like that.” Dabi spoke as he gave you black sunglasses and a mask, similar to a surgical mask but it was a thin black cloth with a white ‘X’ over the front. He put his own on his face before you did the same, the mask already incredibly uncomfortable as it was very hot and not a very breathable material.

“I don't mean to complain or anything, but do I have to wear this thing?” You asked, trying very hard not to seem like you were whining. You couldn't see his eyes through the lens, but he turned to look at you before pulling down his mask.

“No one will know who you are, so you can pull it down to breathe if you need to. I don't have that luxury.” He spoke before he sighed, pulling the mask up over his mouth before he began walking down the alley to the source of all the noise.

You remembered that he probably has to wear that hot getup to cover his scars, if anyone sees them, they'll totally know who he is. You wondered if he created the scars as his own type of fashion as your feet moved on their own to follow him. Sunlight threatened to seep through your shades when you both slipped out of the alleyway into the crowd, your eyes widening at the plethora of sights in front of you.

Tons of different colored balloons floated to the sky, concession stands lined the street and it was impossible to see the surface of the concrete from how many bodies littered the entire area. There were hundreds of people dressed fashionably in blacks, grays, and some looked like rainbows. Although the crowd was a mix of all the colors, You and Dabi fit in well. Dabi looked back at you while you stood there gawking at everything in front of you and he grabbed your hand. He led you through the crowd, your bodies weaving through, before he stopped abruptly and you bumped into his back.

It was too loud for you hear him clearly, but with your ear to his back you could feel the bass in his voice vibrating through his body. You peeked your head from behind him to see he was talking with two women in front of him who looked so identical they might have been twins. When one of the girls turned their head and saw you, her expression completely changed before she excitedly waved at you.

“____! I totally forgot you were coming today! You've never seen my Quirk in action yet, have ya?” There was no mistaking it, that was definitely Toga, who was now donning a completely different outfit than her usual attire, and an entirely different body for that matter. She wore a black Lolita dress with white lace trim designs, black tights and black creepers with thick bottoms to make her taller.

“Oh, and this other me is the beautiful work of our lovely Twice~ He's hiding up in a building over there, everyone wave!” Toga said in a voice different than her own before she turned slightly to wave upward at a building to the east, receiving a quick thumbs up out the window from Twice, with another thumbs up coming out of the window next to Twice’s hand.

“Gotcha! I'm really up there, this is a clone, too! Cool, huh?” You blinked at her, actually quite impressed, while Dabi sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose under his glasses. Suddenly, you felt the presence of another person attempting to join the conversation. Your head whipped in their direction, expecting one of the yakuza or some crazy villain to be there, but it was just a woman holding a camera.

“You guys are so cool! Are you a couple? I love couple outfits! Could I take a picture of you guys for my fashion blog?” The woman asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice while she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Your cheeks heated at the question, you were glad the mask completely covered them. You pointed to yourself and all of your nerves came to the surface when she enthusiastically nodded her head. You waved your hand quickly in a dismissive manner while you squeezed Dabi’s hand before the woman pouted to you. Dabi turned his head and noticed the woman talking to you, Toga also looked to regard her as well.

“Oh! Twin Lolitas, that's amazing! Could I get your picture next?” The woman spoke, causing Toga’s eyes to sparkle.

“Of course! Get close, you two~” Toga cooed, her hip bumping against yours and pushing you against Dabi’s side. Your mask hid your red cheeks while you wordlessly waved your hands against the idea. We probably shouldn't be spotted here, right? Why would Toga want us to have our picture taken? You thought, your brows furrowing at her.

It's okay, no one will be able to tell who you are. You know you want to~” Toga whispered into your ear while she moved to pose you, before she moved to the silent Dabi next to you, he didn't say a word while she moved his elbow to rest on your shoulder.

“I don't think there’s any saying ‘no’ to that psycho, so let's just get this over with.” Dabi mumbled through his mask towards you, making you unconsciously purse your lips. ’Just get this over with?’ Hmph.

After you had both been posed expertly by no other than Toga, you with your right hand holding your left arm with your weight leaning to the left and Dabi with his right arm on your left shoulder, his left hand in his pocket and his left ankle crossed over his right, a snap from the woman's camera was heard. The woman bowed before giving you her business card, to which you politely bowed back and accepted it, sticking it into your back pocket.

Toga murmured something to Dabi before she went to engage the photographer, her expression going from business to her usual bubbly self. You eyed the exchange before Dabi grabbed your hand again and you were both walking through the crowd again. It made you feel nervous to see so many people in one place, you felt like everyone had their eyes on you. Your eyes caught on a man in an apron holding a tray, cups of sample sized foods placed on top. You pulled Dabi to a halt, quickly pointing at the man when Dabi looked back at you with what you assumed to probably be an annoyed expression if you could see it. His head turned to follow his eyes from your point to its destination before he sighed.

Dabi allowed you to pull him over to the man, your arm wrapping around his while you unconsciously wiggled at the excitement of food. You ignored the look Dabi was probably giving you through his shades and spoke with the man. He grabbed a sample cup from his tray and extended it to you, explaining that it was his family's century old takoyaki recipe. You hadn't had takoyaki in ages, you thought. Dabi noticed the way you bounced on your feet after you pulled your mask down to try the food, a delighted hum coming from you.

“You have to try this!” You said to him through a bright smile while you looked up at him. You pouted when he brought a hand up to point an index finger at his mask.

“Uh, can I take another one for him, please?” You asked when you turned your head back to the man, receiving a nod before you took another sample. You thanked him and bowed your head before you and Dabi continued walking, your arm still tangled with his and his hands now in his pockets. You cradled the takoyaki close to you so none of the crowding people around you could knock it from your hand.

There were more women in colorful lolita dresses lining the street now, tons of different colored and differently shaped balloons in their hands as they engaged in conversations with the people around them. Your eyes drifted to a blue heart shaped balloon and you could feel a childish desire for it building up, but you're supposed to be on some kind of ‘mission’ right now. Which had you pondering a few things while you glanced up at Dabi. You could tell he was scanning the area, which must have been easy for him as he was significantly taller than most of the crowd.

To me, this kinda feels like a date. But to him, he probably hasn't thought of me at all since we got out here. You found yourself unconsciously pouting as you walked. You thought more about how this could've been a nice date. It was a beautiful day outside, only a cloud or two in the bright blue sky and just a slight breeze in the air that occasionally swayed the balloons in the hands of the vendors. You both already had what would appear to outsiders as being matching couple outfits, too. You sighed to yourself before you eyed an alley near the end of the festival, similar to the one you and Dabi had come from at the other end.

You gently poked Dabi’s arm with your index finger from the hand that was already on his arm, gesturing with your head towards the alley when he turned his attention to you. You both walked together through the crowd, an occasional shoulder bumping into you and pressing you further against Dabi, causing heat to rise to your cheeks.

You slipped through the crowd into the alleyway, luckily avoiding any stray glances from anyone at the festival. When you both had walked far enough in, Dabi lifted an arm to slide his shades on top of his head, his other arm moving away from yours and slipping his mask down before he took a deep inhale and sighed.

“My fuckin’ sweat is sweating.” Dabi groaned as he grabbed the bottom edge of his sweater and brought it up to carefully wipe his face, the rogue rays of sunlight that reached the alley showcasing the sweat glistening on his stomach. You couldn't resist the urge to stare, but you quickly returned your eyes to his face when he let go of the material and it returned to its original position. You looked around to see that you'd gone pretty far into the alley, an opening to a field about 20 feet away, the sun beginning to set. You remembered the cup in your hand and held it out to him, his eyes trailing down to it before he accepted it.

While he chewed the takoyaki, you swore you could see a sparkle creep up in his eyes. You bit your lip to hide your grin, teasingly poking his side with a few repetitions of, ‘It’s good, right?’ to which you received a nod. You looked up to see how his hair was pushed back but his sunglasses, and surprisingly, it really looked good on him. While you were too busy appreciating his temporary new look, you felt a hand on your cheek before Dabi leaned down to press his lips against yours for a moment.

“W-What was that for?” You stuttered up at him, your eyes blinking quicker than usual.

“For saving it for me, it was good, thanks.” Dabi spoke with an appropriate tone, but you could see his eyes shyly avoiding yours, it made you want to laugh.

Your ears perked at the sound of a few male voices coming from the field, they were easier to hear now that the festival seemed to have ended all the way on the other side of the alleyway. You could tell Dabi had heard it too, as he had already positioned himself in front of you.

“Stay here.” Dabi warned quietly, his tone suddenly serious. You wanted to ask if he'd be okay, but you knew better. This was his area of specialty, and it was very apparent in the way he moved with stealth. You knew you shouldn't get in his way, so you settled with studying him carefully, you didn't want to miss an opportunity to watch him. You creeped forward a few steps behind him to see a small group of men, they looked like petty drug dealers. At the discovery of this, Dabi’s stance relaxed while he moved his hands to his pockets before walking out of the alley, your eyes widening.

You could hear the distorted voices of the men, followed by a few lines in exchange with Dabi. Your inexperience was getting to your head, you wracked your brain of ideas. Should you get closer and back him up from the shadows? Is he going to recruit them? Would you just get in his way? How would you become a proper villain if you were going to sit back the whole time? Did you want to become a real villain? You snapped yourself from your thoughts when you saw Dabi pull his hands from his pockets, the men threatening to group up on him, Dabi intending to take them head on.


Your feet intended to move on their own towards him, before you were stopped by an arm wrapping around your shoulder from behind, a cool sharp edge of a blade gently threatening to dig into your neck.

“Say a fuckin’ word and you're dead, miss.” A deep, hoarse voice came from the male behind you. A cold sweat immediately began to form on your forehead, an audible swallow coming from your throat.

“Good girl. Now, we're gonna watch your fancy Villain League, or whatever that stupid thing is called, boyfriend over there die, and then you're next! Doesn't that sound like fun?” The man swung the knife in his hand in articulation with each word in front of your face. You wanted to turn your head and spit in his face. His words, his voice, his disgusting arm, it was all repulsive. These are the villains that should be erased. They're nothing like Dabi, or Toga, or Twice, or even Tomura. They're disgusting, worse than dirt. Classless, power hungry trash. Using a defenseless woman to get a temporary high, what a joke, you thought.

You stayed silent and turned your attention back to Dabi, relieved to see that he was able to hold his own against the group. They engaged in physical contact, Dabi dodged each of their blows and pushing each one to the ground. You knew that Dabi wouldn't lose to these low lives, but the man behind you began to chuckle darkly. You furrowed your brows and sneaked a glance back. Why would he be so amused if his comrades are losing?

That was when you saw it, a man slipped from the shades behind a tree. As Dabi raised his hands in front of him, his dark flames beginning to spill from his hands, the man carefully snuck behind Dabi, a knife in his hand. Your body completely froze, your breath caught in your throat. His name echoed in your head over and over, your voice betraying your desire to scream.


You knew, you had a split second to act. They obviously didn't know what your Quirk was, as the man had taken no effort to restrain your hands, so you'd have to whip your arms up and immediately aim at both the man behind Dabi and the man behind you, and somehow kill both men before either of you get hurt.

Without a sound, you quickly raised your arms while Dabi’s flames engulfed the men in front of him.


Live as a villain or die here, having accomplished nothing in life.


Please, God… This can't miss…