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The next week was a bit… boring, to say the least. Dabi, and even Toga, had some kind of ‘super important mission’ that they were working on, so they made themselves scarce most of the day. You enjoyed the solitude, or rather you would have if you were in your own apartment, but you still weren't used to the big villain hideout yet. You pondered if you should wait until while everyone was gone to check everything out, but you decided that it didn't matter. It was doubtful that anyone would pick a fight with you when you're both on the same ‘side’, and even if they did, well… It was unlikely that you would lose, considering your aim wasn't too bad.

6 floors, 28 rooms, 4 offices, 5 kitchens and living rooms, 5 laundry rooms and 18 bathrooms. Each floor seemed to be its own extravagant flat, each had a kitchen and a common room before a hallway that lead to bedrooms and an office. A few villains, some more scary looking than others, you had never seen before lived on the top floors. You, Dabi, Toga, and a man they referred to as ‘Twice’ all lived on the third floor. Tomura and Kurogiri lived on the second floor.

You attempted to be stealthy by thoroughly observing one floor a day, taking note of who inhabited where at what times before Dabi and Toga would return home and your life could return to ‘normal’ for the night. They always appeared exhausted, but Toga’s annoyed expressions would melt away and she would revert to her usual ‘energy pill’ self as soon as her eyes laid on you, with Dabi close behind her. He was very obviously not one to enjoy Toga insistent chatter, so he would show you his affection by tenderly brushing a hand along your back or briefly grabbing your hand to squeeze it gently while he walked by on his way to escape to his room.

When you reached her room, you would sit on her bed together. Toga would talk about different boys she saw that day while she was disguised as someone else walking down the streets of OOO, she'd talk about how cute they were but that they'd “never compare to her darling Izuku”, but she never once would discuss why she was disguised, why she was walking down those streets, why her and Dabi would be gone 90% of their waking hours. It almost bothered you a little, that you were Rapunzel trapped in a tower while they went out and lived. But you would quickly remember what it was that they were most likely doing, villain things.

It made you wonder how many people Toga could have killed that day, how many Dabi could have killed, and you would’ve never known. They never showed any signs of emotion towards that subject. One day, would you be like that as well? Would you be just as much a villain as anyone else here? You pondered the thought often whenever you were left to your own devices.

But your thoughts, your solitude, your brief moments of loneliness, your late night conversations with Toga, it all washed away when you could finally return to your room and see Dabi there, even though most times he would already be dead asleep. You would shed your clothes and slip under the blanket, and cuddle up at his side before falling asleep yourself. But sometimes, you had either woken him up with the squeaky door or he struggled to stay awake so he could see you.

Anything you had worried about throughout the day, anything another villain had annoyed you about that day, it would all become a disappearing blur as soon as his lips were against yours. After days filled with nothing, each ending with calm skin contact, the feeling of his kiss and his arms finally around you had you thanking every God out there that this man existed. It would never turn hot and heavy, he was much too tired for that, but he used whatever energy that remained in him to make sure his affection poured through his minimal actions. With every swipe of his tongue, every caress of his fingertips against your bare skin, you could feel his sincerity. His utmost desire, his unexpected feelings, his restraint and his insistence on allowing this relationship to blossom naturally at its own course rather than him ripping it open as much as he'd like to, he'd show you it all.

Slowly, you were succumbing to him completely. You would do anything for this man, the thought floated throughout your mind repeatedly as soon as you laid eyes on him lately. Skin contact didn't even make you blush like a mad woman out of nervousness anymore, with him it felt natural now.

Tonight, Dabi had no energy to keep his eyes open any longer, but Toga found it hard to hide her exhaustion today and asked if she could sleep early, so you politely left her room and went back to yours. He nearly gave you a heart attack when his eyes caught in the strip of light from the hallway when you tried to sneak in. You heard a muffled ‘pffft’ from him laughing with his mouth covered when you let out an audible gasp and clutched your chest when you noticed he was awake.

“You scared me half to death, you jerk.” You whined to him from where you leaned against the wall, your hand still over your heart. You hid a smile when you heard him laugh.

“Only half, though.” He teasingly retorted, your eyes squinting at him as you raised yourself from the wall behind you.

“Oh yeah, of course, save the other half for a rainy day.” You huffed with a prominent pout while you lifted your shirt over your head, throwing it into your basket. You kicked off your shorts under his amused gaze, crawling into bed next to him. He cradled you in his arm, a pleased sigh leaving his mouth. You nuzzled his shoulder before carefully resting your head against it, avoiding the stitches near his collarbone.

“Rough day?” You asked, not exactly ready to sleep yet, your index and middle finger ‘walking’ across his chest. You felt him shake his head.

“Boring day. Tomorrow will be better.” Dabi spoke through a yawn, his last statement piquing your interest.

“Tomorrow? Any reason? I never took you to be a ‘just because’ positive person.” You raised an eyebrow while you lifted your head to look at him in the dark, the moonlight casting along the side of his profile. The light slipped from his face when he turned his head to look at you.

“The handman didn't tell you?” He asked with a very… plain sounding tone, like what he meant before should have been common sense. He let out a breath through his newly formed smirk, shaking his head again.

“Tomorrow will definitely be entertaining.” Dabi’s smug voice did not help at all while he moved his other arm to rest his head back on his hand, his eyes closing.

“Wait… what?” You asked. At the lack of a response from the male next to you, to proceeded to prod and poke his side, a continuous broken record of ‘what does that mean!’ ‘what's tomorrow?’ ‘Dabiii, tell me~’ filling the room through Dabi’s extreme attempts to keep a straight face while he pretended to sleep, even throwing in some fake snores.

“I know you don't snore, stop being a jerk.” You pouted, finally earning a response, which consisted of him sneaking one of his eyes open to peek at you.

“Stop studying me while I sleep, you pervert.” He teased while your cheeks heated. You huffed a childish “Fine!” and turned to your other side, a stern “Goodnight.” being the last thing to pierce the air. Dabi chuckled watching you have your ‘fit’ before he scooted closer to you and curled his body along your back, his chest against your skin and his arm wrapped around your waist. He pressed a kiss against the top of your head and you couldn't help but smile, knowing that while you could never bring yourself to be mad at him anyway, you appreciated his wordless gestures. Had you really been upset in any way, his maneuvers totally would have worked at melting your negativity away.


You awoke that morning to a slender finger poking your side. You jerked awake, your eyes suddenly wide awake as you quickly looked around, confused to hear a soft laugh behind you.

“Wake up, pervert. Get dressed in something you can move in.” Dabi spoke before he got up, walking to the closet to collect his clothes. Him and that damn ‘pervert’ thing.. You sighed to yourself before you raised your groggy self from the bed, lazily grabbing a shirt to pull over your head before waddling out of the door to head to the bathroom.

“____-chaaan~ It's a wonderful day!” A familiar voice rang through the hallway, your desire for coffee suddenly intensifying. You turned to face Toga, her smile becoming more amused as she looked at you.

“Are you not a morning person? You forgot your pants.” She asked, her hand covering her mouth as she resisted the urge to burst out laughing. Your cheeks heated up while you puffed them out and pulled down the edge of your shirt to cover your underwear from her view.

“I-I wasn't expecting anyone to be out here, stop looking, you pervert!” You squeaked before you turned and shuffled to the bathroom, quickly closing the door behind you.

“Uh-” A males voice came from behind you, your heart falling straight to the floor as you whipped your head around to see the source.

“Occupado. Nah, he didn't mean that, come sit a spell! No, you should probably get out. Yeah, it smells like shit in here, take me with you!” A man in a mask and a tight suit was sitting on the toilet, a million conversations seeming to come from him at once. You didn't give him the chance of telling you anything else before you screamed and opened the door to run out into the hallway and back into your room.

Dabi was in the middle of putting on a shirt when you flew back into the room, your back pressing against the now closed door. The muscles in his stomach had been flexed from his posture, his shirt stretched along his arms in preparation to go over his head, his surprised expression watching you while his body temporarily froze.

“There was… a man in the bathroom.” You spoke inbetween breaths, your chest no longer heaving. Dabi’s expression switched to amused while he lifted his shirt over his head, revealing it to be a black turtle neck with long sleeves, causing you to raise an eyebrow.

“What is that getup?” You asked, his eyes avoiding yours while he occupied himself with putting on his belt. He was wearing long black pants that covered his ankles. He must've been covering his scars for some reason, was he going out somewhere he couldn't show them?

“Oh yeah, wear black.” He said, like it was just an afterthought. Your eyes followed him as he moved toward you to grab the door handle, he muttered an ‘I'll wait for you downstairs’ before he slipped through the door and closed it behind him. You decided to put on one of your favorite black puffy long sleeve shirt, because you loved the lightweight feel of the material, and tight black jeans to go with it. You thanked the Gods that you owned a pair of black combat boots, you would probably look silly in your pink sneakers, because you obviously couldn't wear heels if he said you'd need to move around a lot today.

A different thought popped into your head with each step you took down the stairs. Were you going on a super cool top secret villain mission today? Would you have to do the matrix through security laser beams in a hallway? You almost laughed to yourself before you reached the bottom floor and saw everyone standing around, an annoyed Tomura clogged the aura of the room.

“Those yakuza fucks…” Tomura growled to himself, one of his legs bent so his foot was resting on his chair, his elbow on his knee while he glared at the surface of the bar. At the realization that you had finally arrived, heads gradually began to turn one by one in your direction. One of which was the crazy man from the bathroom, whom you assumed to be Twice, and your cheeks flared while you avoided eye contact. You shuffled over to Dabi’s side, his arm moving behind you to place his hand against the small of your back, causing your nerves to instantly calm down.

“Toga, Twice, ___, Dabi.” Tomura’s angered, or rather that might just be his default, voice rang through the room, each respective person tuning in to listen.

“There's a fashion festival in XXX district today. A lot of people will be there. Potential recruits and maybe those stupid yakuza assholes if we're lucky. If you come across one of the yakuza by themselves, feel free to kill them.” Tomura spoke nonchalantly before he ended with a yawn. Toga’s eyes seemed to sparkle, probably at the permission to kill, while Dabi must have been looking at Tomura because he yawned himself.

Kurogiri created a portal in the middle of the room, to which Toga immediately skipped towards while she tugged Twice with her. When they disappeared into it, you noticed Dabi hadn't moved yet, so you hesitantly stood still by him.

“Try not to kill too many potential recruits this time, you jackass. That's it, get out. Looking at you is pissing me off.” A teasing smirk formed on Dabi’s features from the harsh words. You would have been at least a little scared had those been directed at you, but Dabi just laughed them off before he grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him into the portal.