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Vibrators, Garters and Lace, oh my!

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It was all Gabriel’s fault.  All of it.  Sam stared at the computer screen for a long moment, the word 'Delivered' flashing in front of him, mocking him.  He slammed the lid shut, hiding his face in his hands.  It was all his fault.  

~A Week Earlier~

Sam adjusted the bag over his shoulder and slipped behind the counter at Angelic Delights to head into the bakery.  Based on the loud humming he could hear, Gabriel was still inside.  He leaned in the doorway and admired the sight of Gabriel moving quickly from oven to counter, carrying large trays filled with stuff he would be demanding to try later.  


A flash of pink caught his eye.  He blinked and looked again.  Pink?  Gabriel was wearing nothing more than jeans and a green henley.  Where had pink come from?  Sam stared closer, looking slowly up Gabriel’s body, taking a long moment to admire his ass in those jeans.  Mmm.  Yum.  


Sam realized what the pink was when Gabriel leaned up to grab something off a higher shelf, his shirt riding up to reveal his lower back.  Something that looked suspiciously like pink lace was peeking out from under the jeans.  His mouth went dry.  Was Gabriel…?  Were those…?  


“Heya Sam-a-lam!  Give me another ten minutes and I can get out of here!  Shall I meet you upstairs?  Did you have anything in mind you wanted for dinner?”  Gabriel turned more fully to look at Sam when he didn’t receive a response.  “Sam?”  


“Huh?”  Sam blinked and looked at Gabriel.  Golden eyes grinned at him.  


“As glad as I am that my mere presence can reduce you to a wordless Sasquatch, did you have plans for dinner?”  Gabriel asked, turning again to place a pie on the cooling rack.  


Another brief moment to catch sight of the pink lace peeking over the edge of Gabriel’s jeans had Sam near shaking with lust.  Gabriel was wearing PANTIES.  Pink.  Lacey.  Panties.  Sam forced himself to focus before he ripped off Gabriel’s clothing right then and there.  “Uh.  No.”  He managed to get out.  


Gabriel laughed.  “I think school has melted your brain.  Get upstairs.  I’ll be there shortly.”  


“Okay.”  Sam said faintly, turning around, making sure that his laptop back was in front of him, securely hiding his reaction to just how much he liked that pale pink lace on Gabriel.  He took the stairs three at a time and leaned back against the door, trying to breathe.  Fuck!  Fucking fuck!  


“Damnit Gabriel.”  He breathed, looking around the apartment.  There had to be something that they could eat easily, quickly, and then he could spend the rest of the night fucking Gabriel into oblivion.  

Twenty minutes, Gabriel made his way upstairs.  Sam had been acting odd.  “Hey Sam!  Do you have homework tonight?”  He was hoping not.  It’d make revealing his little…”surprise” much easier.  He squirmed a little, his cock trapped by the pink lace.  He could see the appeal.  


Sam sucked in another deep breath and left the bedroom.  He padded across the carpet and over to Gabriel.  “Nope.  It can wait.  I was hoping that you wouldn’t mind doing a lazy night.  Sandwiches and TV?”  And wild fucking.  Must not forget that.  Sam leaned down and gave Gabriel a slow kiss, resisting the urge to trail his finger along the edge of pink lace he knew was hiding just under the edge of those jeans.  


As Sam broke away from the kiss Gabriel smiled.  “I suppose.”  He stretched his arms over his head and cracked his back.  “You going to make me make the sandwiches as usual?”  He sauntered past Sam and towards the kitchen.  


Sam was certain the noise he made wasn’t human.  Gabriel’s shirt had ridden up again.  There it was.  Blatant and obvious.  Beautiful lace, resting against Gabriel’s skin.  The pink was nice, but there were so many other colors that would suit Gabriel better.  Royal blue, red, black, white….Sam let out another whimper as the thought of Gabriel in white panties and stockings had him so hard his head was spinning.  


Gabriel looked over his shoulder at Sam.  Kid wasn’t acting normal.  “Sam?”  


Sam opened his mouth, but all he managed was a groan.  “Fucking HELL Gabriel!”  He stomped over to Gabriel and pinned the shorter man against the counter, his fingertips diving just under the seam of Gabriel’s jeans to rub against the lace there.  He whimpered again at how soft and delicate the material felt.  


Gabriel huffed out a laugh.  “So you noticed, huh?”  


Sam whined again and bit the lobe of Gabriel’s ear, rocking his hips forward to grind against him.  “Fuck, Gabriel.  Panties?”  


“Panties, garter belt and stockings.  Wanna see?”  Gabriel asked, wrapping his arms around Sam’s waist to pull him closer.  


“FUCK.”  Sam swore, pulling away from Gabriel just enough to grab his jeans and yank them down.  He stared as Gabriel kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans.  Sheer white stockings, going up to mid thigh, lace at the top with small white bows tying the stockings to the garter belt.  Even the garter belt had lace.  He shuddered as Gabriel spread his legs slowly, giving him an incredible view of his cock hardening through the lace, a wet spot already appearing at the tip.  “Fuck.  Gabriel.”  


Gabriel licked his lips, his eyes dark as he stared at Sam.  This was a better reaction than he could have hoped for.  He yanked his henley off and tossed it to the floor next to his jeans.  “See something you like kiddo?”  


Sam continued to stare.  There were little bows on the garter belt.  And on the panties.  Small, little white bows.  He raised his eyes slowly to Gabriel’s and licked his lips.  “Yeah.”  He said, his voice gruff.  “You.”  He watched Gabriel shudder, and the wet patch on the panties grow larger.  


He dropped his hand to Gabriel’s thigh and slowly trailed his fingers up and over the beautiful white fabric.  “As gorgeous as this is…”  Sam let his finger trail along the bare skin of Gabriel’s thigh to the curve of his ass, the change in fabric texture making him shiver as his fingers worked their way up to the garter belt, teasing at the skin just above it.  “It’s you wearing it.  Damnit Gabriel, you are so unbelievably fucking gorgeous.”  


“Sam…”  Gabriel choked and grabbed at Sam’s shoulders, yanking him forward into a kiss.  He devoured Sam, his kiss hard and desperate.  Sam was still fully fucking dressed.  Damnit!  He needed skin and he needed it fucking NOW.  He pulled at Sam’s shirt, trying to yank it off and over his head.  


Sam grabbed Gabriel’s hands and pinned them to the counter, cradling them gently.  “No.”  He looked down the length of Gabriel again, the sight of his cock stretching the pink lace fucking obscene.  Obscene, perfect and all his.  “I’ll fuck you good and proper in the bedroom.  Right now, you’re going to make a pretty mess of those panties for me.”  


Gabriel whined and tried to press against Sam, but he was standing just far enough away.  “Sam…”  


“I saw it in the fucking bakery Gabriel.”  Sam growled.  He dropped his head to Gabriel’s neck and nibbled at the tense muscle there, licking at his skin.  “Just a hint of pink, right above your jeans.  I wanted to rip your pants off and fuck you right there.”  


Gabriel moaned and stared at Sam, licking his lips, straining against the hold Sam had on him.  “Guess I shouldn’t have worried about whether you’d like them or not.”  


“Fuck no.”  Sam growled, pulling back to stare at Gabriel.  A slow smirk curled his lips.  He leaned closer until his lips were pressed to Gabriel’s ear.  “I’m going to fuck you with those stockings on.  I want to feel them on your legs when they’re wrapped around my waist.”  


“Fuck!”  Gabriel panted, squirming in Sam’s hold.  “Sam, fucking touch me!”  


Sam gave a low chuckle.  “No.  But don’t worry.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to keep my hands off you all night.  But I told you.  I want you to make a mess of those panties first.”  


Gabriel shuddered.  “Right.  Well.  Been a few years since I was a teenager.  Pretty sure I can’t come on command.”  


“Oh I don’t know about that.”  Sam bit down on Gabriel’s earlobe and savored the sound of the gasp it got him.  “But I suppose I can take it easy on you.”  He shifted and pressed his thigh between Gabriel’s legs, watching him immediately buck against him.  


“Fuck!”  Gabriel cursed, his hips rocking against Sam’s thigh.  The denim was rough, but with the lace rubbing against his dick it was sensory overload and fuck if he wasn’t loving every second of it.  


Sam hummed, pleased when Gabriel began rocking against his leg, desperate for friction.  “Did you only buy the pink and white?  Or do you have other colors hidden away somewhere?”  


His rhythm stuttered, and Gabriel pulled away enough to stare at Sam with wide eyes.  “Fuck you -really- like this, don’t you kiddo?”  


“What, you think you’re the only one with a naughty school girl kink?”  Sam said, raising an eyebrow.  


“Well, we both know I’m the kinky one in this relationship.”  Gabriel teased, grinning up at Sam.  He was the sappiest motherfucker.  “Now go back to being all caveman.  I still want to get thrown on the bed and be fucked senseless you know.”  


Sam laughed and leaned close to Gabriel’s ear again.  “Oh, I’ll fuck you senseless, don’t worry.  But not before I get what I want.”  He smirked when Gabriel rocked against him again.  “God Gabriel.  When I realized what you were wearing...I almost didn’t make it upstairs.  Fuck.”  Sam flexed his fingers around Gabriel’s wrists.  “I imagined you wearing different colors.  These are hot as fuck, but not what I would pick for you.”  


Gabriel whimpered, wishing he could pull Sam closer as he rocked against Sam’s thigh.  Fuck.  “What color?  Tell me Sam.”  


“I want you in every single color.”  Sam felt Gabriel stutter in his rhythm and smirked.  “Royal blue, especially against those black sheets of yours.  Red.  Emerald green to bring out your eyes…”  Sam gave a low groan.  “White.  I want you in all white.  Pretending to be innocent when that’s the last thing you are, your cock hard and desperate and straining against the fabric.”  


“Sam…”  Gabriel’s voice came out in a desperate whine.  He wasn’t going to last much longer like this.  “Fuck, kiddo…”  He panted, rolling his hips harder, so close.  


“Do you know what I want to do?  Suck your dick through the fabric.  Watch it cling to you even more, I bet the sensation would be maddening.  Tie you to the bed, wearing all white and tease you, suck you, lick you until you are begging for me to do more.”


“Sam, fuck, fucking, fuck!”  Gabriel rolled his hips forward once more before he lost it, his whole body shaking as he came, soaking the delicate fabric.  He fell forward against Sam, glad when Sam released his wrists and cradled him.  “Well.  This was a good experiment.”  


Sam laughed.  “You sure you’re going to be up for the caveman fucking?”  


Gabriel held up a finger, reluctant to move from his pillow of Sam’s chest just yet.  “Give me twenty minutes.  Christ kiddo.”  


“Come on.  I’ll give your twenty minutes and I’m pretty sure we still have chocolate syrup in the fridge by the bed.  If that doesn’t get you going, nothing will.”  


Gabriel wobbled for a moment as he got back on his feet and stared at Sam.  “Did you take ANY of your clothes off?”  


Sam looked down at himself and chuckled.  “Apparently not.”  


“Fuck that’s hot.  Bedroom now please Mr. Caveman.  Someone owes me a good fucking.”