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Thank you all for commenting, subscribing, bookmarking, and leaving kudos!

When I came back to AO3 again and started looking over them it was humbling and overwhelming for me to see how much love my fics have been getting in spite of my absence.

(Seriously; I almost cried. You guys are amazing!

I'm sorry there haven't been any updates in so long; however I intend to get one posted sometime in January, and continue the story after that. 

(If this seems similar to a reply I left to your comment - sorry about that, too; I only just realised after I started copy-paste-posting this to reply to comments that I could just post it as an update and then all of the story subscribers would get it.) 

I'm really sorry this story has been abandoned for so long; I had some severe health issues that stopped me from writing for a while. I didn't post anything about a hiatus; partly because it was very low on my list of priorities at the time, and partly because I didn't expect it to go on for so long. It ended up being a several-years-long hiatus without warning; making it seem like my stories were all abandoned.

While I've recently started writing again, I haven't been able to locate the USB that had all of my WIPs saved on it; which means that any scenes/partial chapters/etc. that I wrote out ahead of time have been lost. Which is very frustrating and has subsequently made me drag my feet over coming back to all of my HP WIPs.

That said; I DO remember the plot and basic outline I had of each WIP. I remember all of the important details; if not the exact way I planned each scene/bit of dialogue to go. And I've discovered that while I've been dealing with RL problems; a lot of people have left comments complimenting my WIPs and asking me to continue them, or subscribing/bookmarking/leaving kudos. I also know how disappointing it is when a writer discontinues a story you're enjoying and looking forward to reading more of.

SO I WILL DEFINITELY be continuing this story, along with all of my other WIPs.

Since I can remember all of the plot twists, etc. for each of them it's not a hardship in any way other than that HP is no longer my favourite fandom. I still love it; I still love Drarry; I just love other fandoms more right now. But I'm also still very fond of each of the ideas behind my WIPs. However, even more than that, I really, really hate leaving things unfinished.

(I'm also a bit of a praise-whore; and the more kudos and bookmarks and subscriptions and comments I get, the more motivated I am to write more, and write more often.)

Like I said; I intend to update my HP WIPs again starting in January, after my newer WIPs are finished (Some short(3-4 chapters) MDZS/Untamed stories that got me back into writing again); or at least restarted (A long multi-fandom SI-OC series I started earlier this year before a miscarriage derailed me from getting back into writing again for more than a couple of months).

The update schedule for my HP WIPs is this: 

January - 

From A Pauper To A Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter Boot Camp Ficlets
Head Canons
What Is Required
Something To Live For

February -

In The Dark
In The Stacks
In The End

Head Canons and HP Boot Camp Ficlets are two of the earliest updates scheduled by virtue of being two of the fics I have the most saved work for written down on paper. 

Sorry for the form response; I'm trying to let everyone who was looking forward to reading more of these know what's going on with them at once!