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Beauty and the Clown

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[pirate crew name] pirates....

This pirate crew wasn't exactly popular. It wasn't that they were weak. Although not as strong as the straw hat pirates or white beard pirates or other headline maker pirate groups, some of the members could actually hold themselves on a fight.

The group's captain, captain [y/n] was actually feared by those who had unfortunately crossed swords with her. Rumor among the crew members of the ship was she even crossed swords with Gold D. Roger once when she was a teen. It was just a rumor though. Captain [y/n] neither confirmed or denied it.

With 80 people on the ship and a baddass captain, why not much people knows them?


"Captain! We found the Big Top!" the lookout shouted from the crow nest.

"Finally!!! We found the love of my life!!! My prince charming!!!" the [h/c] haired woman excitedly jumped as her heart shaped pupils scanned the sea.

That's right. Ladies and gentlemen, the reason why this pirate crew wasn't making a name for themselves because the very captain was not interested in popularity or gold. She was only interested in one thing. Or should we say, one person.

"Buggy my love! I'm here!" the lovesick captain shouted as she ran to the ship's figurehead.

Near her, her first mate Viggo shook his head. "I don't really see what she have seen in him."

[y/n] was pretty. She also has a body that could make men's head turn. Whenever they landed on the docks, everyone tends to turn to her as she passed by. That's why Viggo couldn't understand why does his captain were so focused on the clown. The clown doesn't have any interest in her (again, Viggo can't understand why, he just hit a jackpot just by being the source of [y/n]'s affection after all) and tends to avoid her like a plague. Yet the female captain still keep going.

"Haha! Love is blind." the ship's doctor, Marqueza commented as she watched the other woman go crazy as the Big Top sped away probably trying to escape [ship name].


"Buggy!!! I missed you, my love!" [y/n] cooed as she hugged the annoyed clown. She rubbed her cheek on his cheek as if a kitten asking for attention.

Behind them were Buggy's crew and some of her crew, watching them. No matter how many times they have seen the very same scene, they still find it amusing.

"What are you doing on my ship, again?!" Buggy questioned her as he tried to push her face away. "I thought you're going somewhere far?!"

"Yes. But I suddenly missed you so we sailed halfway there." [y/n] explained as she continued her 'harassment' at the clown.

"You flashy idiot! Can you just go somewhere far away?!" Buggy shouted, pushing the lady more forcefully.

Just then, a door opened. "What's with all this noise?" a beautiful woman with black hair stepped out.

[y/n] froze as her eyes widened. Her eyes locked on to the woman and then...

"Uh-oh..." Viggo muttered while the other [pirate crew name] pirates stepped back in fear.


"Bu-Buggy. I'm sorry." [y/n] apologized remorsefully as the foul mood Buggy nursed the bump on his head.

Upon seeing Alvida, [y/n] suddenly jumped into the conclusion that she was Buggy's woman. She have gone into a rampage and almost killed half of Buggy's crew. Buggy also failed to escape her wrath and ended up with a large bump on his head from when [y/n] picked up a barrel full of rum and smashed it to his head.

Viggo who took pity on the Buggy pirates later restrained her and that was when Buggy explained her relation to Alvida. [y/n] then calmed down after hearing that Alvida was just an ally.

"I can't believe you! You just flashily injured me and my men and almost flashily sunk my ship!" Buggy glared at her.

"Sorry." [y/n] bit her lip as she bowed her head.

Seeing that she was feeling sorry, Buggy decided to let it go. He was already used at her outbursts. It wasn't new. He have known her since he was young and even though they were from different pirate groups, they frequently see each other thanks to their captains friendly rivalry.

"You better make up to me for this." Buggy grumbled as he drank his beer.

Around them were their men, drinking and having a party. The uninjured once were. The unfortunate once on the other hand were suffering at the infirmary.

"Ah! Right!" [y/n]'s eyes widened as she remembered something. She turned to her first mate who was talking with Marqueza and Alvida about something. "Viggo! Where's the maps?"

Viggo silently stood up to retrieve the maps from their ship.

Those maps were treasure maps that [y/n] had hunted before. 

"Maps?" Buggy raised an eyebrow.

[y/n] smiled. "You'll be happy seeing them."

Viggo later returned with a box and put them on the table in front of the two captains. He opened it revealing rolled papers.

"Th-this..." Buggy's hand shook as he reached for the papers.

"Maps." [y/n] proudly stated. "I knew you liked treasures so I hunted these for you."

Teary eyed, Buggy looked up to her. "[y/n]... All of this? For me?"

[y/n] smiled and nodded. Her cheeks taintei in red. "You know, I'll do anything for you..." she whispered.

"[y/n]-chan!!!" Totally forgetting his anger at her, he jumped as he hugged her in happiness.

Behind them, Viggo, Marqueza and Alvida watched. Viggo looked fedup while Marqueza and Alvida were amused.

"They're a strange couple." Alvida commented, making Marqueza's chuckle.

Viggo sighed. "Strange Indeed."

Buggy chuckled as he stared at one of the map that [y/n] left him a few days ago.

The Buggy pirates were currently on their way to a remote island where the treasure was located. The map was pointing them there and Buggy was excited. He really need to thank [y/n] again the next time he see her. The girl might be flashily annoying but she has her use.

"You really strike lucky with those maps." Alvida commented as she looked down to him from where she was standing.

Buggy looked up with a please grin. "Yeah. And [y/n] promised to bring me more of these next time."

Alvida looked up. Her eyes locked on a small island in the distance. "It seems that she'll do anything for you. Probably even die on your place if necessary."

"Psh. No way. I don't think she'll go that far. She's just strange. Whatever she was doing was just for fun."

Alvida glanced at him with a raised eyebrow. "Giving you a box full of rare treasure map was just for fun?"

Buggy grinned. "Yeah."

"Did it even occur to you that she was madly in love? I mean, she basically go ballistic when she thought I'm your woman."

"Nah! She's just being an idiot." the clown captain denied.

Alvida stared at him. Was he really that dense? Or he was just uninterested, he failed to notice the woman's feelings.

Shaking her head, she couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl.

On [ship name] ship, [y/n] busied herself looking at the map. She heard a rumor that on the next island where they were going, there was a man selling rare maps.

Those maps were extensive and so, [y/n] decide that she would just forcefully take the maps from him. I mean, come on! What's the point of buying a map that was probably more expensive than what you're supposed to get. Besides, there was no guarantee that the treasure would still be there.

"Hey, captain. Is the next map a gift for captain Buggy too?" Viggo asked as he stepped beside her.

[y/n] glanced at her first mate before looking back to the map. "Yeah."

"May I remind you that we also need supplies and rations for our ship?" Viggo said.

[y/n] smiled and looked up to her first mate. "Don't worry. The next map after this will be ours."

Viggo groaned. "That's what you said the last time."