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Arizona Sun; Washington Moon

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Jimin didn’t ponder dying very often, despite being a pretty lonely kid in Arizona he just thought about lighter things like music. Thinking of dying would only make the isolation that much worse. This isolation caused by being the only Korean kid in his high school, not the only Asian because there was one other but Minghao was Chinese. Sure, Jimin and Minghao sat together and talked because why not when you’re the only Asians in the school but they weren’t all that close.

The fact that Jimin was lonely didn’t really factor into why he decided to move to Washington to live with his dad. The reason was because his mother married some lawyer from Florida and Jimin wasn’t all that interested in being around the guy, even if he was mostly nice and treated his mother well. Jimin would just stay out of the way. He kind of missed his dad anyway, sort of… a little. Despite his summers as a child being dreadfully dull.

The loneliness possibly being alleviated was a bonus. The small town his father lived in had a high Asian population, at least higher than Phoenix.

The drawback was that Washington was dark, cold, and rainy 10 out of the 12 months in a year.

He got off the plane from Arizona in an optimistic mood, because it wasn’t raining just yet in Washington. He felt this was a sign from above that he was on the right path. It also helped he didn’t have to hunt for his luggage and he didn’t have to hunt for his father.

He was smiling and waving him over.

“Hello, Jimin,” His father greeted. “How was the flight?”

“Hi, Dad, it was good but I’m glad to be off.” Jimin responded with a smile. He knew conversation would not be easy between the two, since Jimin had not seen the man in at least a year. Not to mention he didn’t really have a lot in common with his father. When his father suggested baseball, Jimin had already taken his dance class. While Jimin did in fact enjoy the sun, his father liked the rain.

Jimin followed his father out to the car, the ever inconspicuous police cruiser. His father had been promoted to police chief about two years ago, Jimin remembered that detail of the weekly phone call.

They were buckled in and cruising down the highway in silence, and the rain started. Jimin pouted briefly before shaking the disappointment off.

“I see you dyed your hair… again. Why grey?” Jimin was wont to dye his hair, the last time his father saw him his hair had been blond. His father also noted at the time that the time before that his hair had been red. He didn’t say anything about not liking the constant changes just liked to note them.

“I asked a friend what color would look nice for Washington.” Jimin combed a hand through the grey locks, “He suggested grey.”

Minghao looked at him with an inquisitive gaze before giving the answer, though he specifically said silver. Jimin half hoped his father wouldn't read into it, like realizing that his friend had said such a color because of Washington’s pleasant atmosphere.

“Oh, well, how’s dance?”

“Good, though I guess I’ll have to give that up now. Or practice on my own.” Jimin didn’t want to talk about that part. He very much loved dance, he was in love with dance. He had to reason with himself that moving would be a good thing, that it was okay that Forks High School didn’t have a dance program. Deep down he didn’t actually think it was okay, that he only thought of teaching pre-schoolers if dance fell out.

His father must have caught onto the dark emotion from the topic, as he didn’t add anything and the two were quiet for the remainder of the one hour car ride.

Jimin was more than shocked and grateful for the truck his father had gifted him with, he promptly named it Hank because it looked like one.

The truck, however, seemed to stick out like a sore thumb in the parking lot. He didn’t want to stand out, but he was also too fond of his truck. It wasn’t even the only old truck in the lot, in fact the 90s took over most of the parking lot. He wasn’t too bothered, the real fun was when he walked into the school and saw people.

As he was locking his truck, Jimin looked over the parking lot again and noticed a very expensive looking car. He didn’t know anything about cars, but the title said Volvo and he knew the brand wasn’t for the lower middle class. He wondered exactly who could own the car in a town like Forks but shrugged it off in favor of finding the office and then his classes.

Finding said office wasn’t as difficult as he thought. The front desk lady seemed all too pleased to give him his schedule, a map, and a slip to give all of his teachers he was supposed to bring back at the end of the day. He thanked the woman and quickly made his out of the office and on his way to his first class, English.

When he got there, most of the class was there and he handed his slip to the teacher. He quickly sat in the last row next to a girl with cropped brown hair and a baggy baseball tee. She grinned up at him in greeting and he returned the gesture.

“Hi, I’m Amber,” She introduced herself brightly.

“I’m Jimin,” He supplied and she nodded.

“Yeah my dad works with your father on the force. He mentioned you’d be coming to live with your dad, sorry if that makes me sound super nosy though.” She scratched her head in embarrassment. Jimin giggled, she seemed too nice to be someone to worry about. If she were a stalker at least she was a nice one. He’s aware that could make him naive.

“No, it’s fine, it is a small town after all.” She smiled gratefully, before she could say anything else the teacher called the classes attention and the lesson began.

Jimin was led to his next class by Amber, but she informed him that she wasn’t in the class but a friend of her’s was. She pointed to a blonde boy with big smile on his face, “That’s Kevin.” She informed.

She left and Jimin sat next to Kevin, how was just as kind and welcoming. Jimin was beginning to really like his new life in Forks, despite the ever looming idea of a life without a dance program.

Jimin enjoyed most of his morning classes and unlike his first week of high school in Arizona, he actually made friends the first day. Kevin and Amber walked with him to lunch and invited him to sit with their friends. He agreed right away because why wouldn’t he?

At the table there were two others, they introduced themselves as Jessica and Simon. Jessica had long hair and doe eyes, she also asks a lot of questions. Simon wasn’t one for questions but was still excited to see a new face. Jimin liked them enough, he was still biased towards Amber and Kevin though.

“So, you’re from Arizona. That’s a long move, do you have any friends you’ll miss?” Jessica inquired, eyes wide with curiosity.

“Um, I had one friend, but I doubt he’ll miss me too much.” He laughed nervously and poked at his pizza.

“Aw, well, you’ve got us to keep you company now.” She assured and patted his hand. Something about the gesture felt condescending rather than kind. Jimin smiled and looked around the cafeteria to avoid eye contact with the brunette. He noticed them then.

At the other end of the cafeteria sat a group of five boys. It would seem pretty normal usually, but these boys were gorgeous in an ethereal sense. Jimin wasn’t one to drool over anyone with above average looks, but these people were not just above average. They were passing the class with flying colors. To top it off, he was positive that one of them was a couple. He had no issues with such a relationship, that would be hypocritical, but it was odd that the couple was so open about it considering they were in a small town high school. The smaller, lankier boy had a sweet face and a boxy grin. His soft-looking hair was a caramel color. He sat in the lap of another handsome boy with creamy orange hair and a slightly muscular build. In fact the boy’s build reminded Jimin of a dancer. The first boy sat comfortably in the other’s lap with his arms wrapped around his neck. Jimin wanted to smile at the sweet display.

“Oh, so you’ve noticed the Kims.” Kevin interrupted Jimin’s train of thought. Jimin blushed and ran a hand through his hair, a nervous habit of his.

“The very gay couple, at least the obvious one, is Taehyung and Hoseok.” Jessica piped up helpfully.

“You sound very rude, Jess.” Amber admonished.

“Well, they are and I’m not being rude if it’s true. I don’t judge or anything,” She flicked a strand of hair aside, “Taehyung’s the one sitting on Hoseok, by the way. The other couple is Taekwoon and Wonsik, the shy one’s Taekwoon.” The shy one, as Jessica pointed out, had evenly trimmed black hair and a cat-like stoicism about him. His back was rigid and his gaze aimed at the table glaring at a piece of pizza. The other was starkly different, his back slouched and relaxed. His hair was fluffed up and bright red, his face open and smiling. “The pissed off one is Yoongi. He doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, though what I would give to just have a conversation with that angry piece of ass.”

“Jessica! The hell, that is so creepy.” Kevin almost shouted. “I don’t want to know what the poor guy would do if he heard you.”

The “angry piece of ass,” as Jessica so eloquently put, had a head of fluffy black hair and a soft pale face. He did seem kind of angry, but his lips were pouty and Jimin felt like he was more petulant than pissed off. He reminded Jimin of a mad kitten to be honest.

He smiled at the thought and then noticed that one of them was now looking at him. It wasn’t the grumpy kitten, but the one with the boxy grin. Taehyung was staring at him and when their eyes met he smiled brightly. Jimin looked away and back to Jessica.

“So, get this,” She began, “Their uncle, one of them, is the lead doctor at the hospital.”

“Yeah, it is kind of funny, their guardians are gay too and young.” Simon chuckled.

“Is that a problem?” Amber challenged. Simon shook his head vigorously.

“No, just kind of funny. You can’t tell me it isn’t.” He defended. Amber sighed, but shrugged it off anyway.

After that, they changed the subject and chatted about something Jimin didn’t find interesting. His mind still lingered on the Kims. The family eventually got up and threw away what looked like full trays and walked out. They were all graceful, Taehyung practically skipped with his hand in Hoseok’s. Yoongi, though weirdly graceful, shuffled along with the other four. Oddly enough, the ebony-haired male spared a single glance towards Jimin’s table and promptly looked away.

In that gaze though, Jimin felt like he would have to get to know this grumpy kitten.