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Thank the Angel for Werewolves

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Simon isn’t exactly sure when he started hanging out at the Hunter’s Moon every minute of his free time, especially considering he and Maia were no longer dating, but the blood is easy and he doesn’t have to pretend to be something he wasn’t. No matter where he was he ran into Maia-- it didn’t help that the boathouse was across from the Jade Wolf-- so they had decided on staying friends. Weeks had passed and now she almost seemed like she had forgotten about his lies about the Seelie Queen. The other night she had even given him some blood on the house with the same “you’re pathetic but cute” smile she used to flash at him before.


Tonight the bar is quieter than usual. The fairy lights around the liquor shelves still gleam and there’s actually the sound of radio music toward the back, almost loud enough that Simon can pretend he doesn’t hear the sounds of Jace talking with Alec quite a few seats back. Simon has to admit he’s almost shocked that the two brothers are alone but doesn’t think much more about it other than it’s good they finally have time outside of the Institute. Maia doesn’t seem to feel the same, shooting glares at Jace’s back the entire time she’s not serving the few customers. Maybe she hadn’t quite gotten over the Seelie Court and how Jace had kept the knowledge of Simon’s promise from her for over a week until the shadowhunters figured out how to rescue him…


He’s decided he’s about done with his drink and is pulling out his wallet when he’s interrupted by the sound of shattering glass and a huge intake of breath. His eyes dart up to see Maia’s wide with her hand on her mouth and a more vulnerable expression than he’s ever seen her have in front of him. Swiftly turning around to see who came in that she’s staring at, he sees a tall guy with tattooed arms-- definitely not runes, but instead swirling script-- and hazel eyes standing there looking just as shocked. When the guy’s expression turns to regret it clicks who this is, and before Maia can do anything Simon’s jumped up and crossed the room with speed only to block Jordan’s way into the bar.


“You’re not welcome here,” he says firmly, anger seeping through. Maia wasn’t his girlfriend anymore and he had never been in love  with her but he still cared about her enough to despise anyone who could have abused and then attacked her like that. “Leave.”


In the corner of his eye he can see that both Alec and Jace have tensed, watching the situation extremely closely. After everything they know better than to just jump into downworlder affairs, but Simon knows it’s only a few words away from them getting involved. Sometimes shadowhunters were a little too like their mundane police counterparts.


“You can’t tell me what to do vamp,” Jordan replies angrily, all signs of conflict he had looking at Maia gone now that he was watching Simon with contempt. “Get out of my way.”


Jordan glances behind Simon who turns to see that Jace had gotten out of his seat and folded his runed and muscled arms across his chest. Alec was watching both Jace and Jordan carefully but was still on the edge of his seat. Jordan scoffs and takes a quick look at Maia who hasn’t moved but is now watching him with a desperate sort of anger. Simon knew she was more than able to kick Jordan’s ass if she wanted, but he had seen from watching Jace with Valentine the first time how impossible it looked to fight your abuser.


“Everyone here is tight,” Simon reaffirms, not about to disclose Maia’s history but also wanting Jordan to know he wasn’t getting any support here. “So believe me when I say you’re better off walking back out that door.”


“Or what? You’ll have your shadowhunter buddies make me?” Jordan asks with a glare. Simon could feel the werewolf’s heartbeat starting to race and found himself tensing as well. “I just need to talk to her--,”


“You’ve done enough!” Simon yells, right before he is dealt a resounding punch in the face.


While he had expected something, he hadn’t quite expected that or at least the timing, and he’s taken back a few steps. Jordan decides to keep attacking despite Maia yelling. Before Simon could even get in a punch back Jace has launched over and thrown Jordan across the bar in the opposite direction by his jacket. Wooden chairs all but explode on impact and one of the tables topples as Jordan slams into it. Simon heard Alec groan loudly behind him, but as Simon stands up Jace is still pummeling Jordan.


Maia had come out from behind the bar now that her yelling had no effect on Jordan and pushed past Simon’s shoulder to yell, “Jace! Stop! Simon’s fine!”


Surprisingly, given Jace’s best efforts otherwise, it works. He pauses for only a moment to send Maia a rather dangerous glare, but in that moment Jordan had gotten up to have another go this time as a werewolf. Before he can change Jace whips around with a seraph blade that seems to appear out of thin air. Jordan doesn’t move now, the blade pointed at his neck.


“Didn’t you hear Simon?” Jace asked Jordan edgily, his temper tightly controlled. “You’re not welcome here. And if you ever touch him --,” there’s a brief flicker of Jace’s eyelashes and a purse of his lips in the second that he pauses, “--or anyone else in this bar again this fight will go differently.”


Jordan’s breath is still uneven and the look that he’s giving Jace is more menacing than Simon thinks he’s ever seen-- other than maybe the look Jace is giving in return. But he nods minutely and Jace withdraws the blade and with a violent slam of the door on his way out Jordan leaves.


“Are you okay?” Simon asks Maia worriedly, at the same time hearing Alec ask Jace, “Was that really necessary?”


With a small inhale and a nod, she manages a smile and jokes, “Yeah. It’s cool having friends with superpowers this time. Even if I could have handled it myself.”


“I know, and I’m sorry,” Simon rushes to say. “If I overstepped I really didn’t mean to, I just--,”


“No, it’s okay,” Maia interrupts and she looks serious. “As much as I’m a stronger person now, being caught off guard like that-- I wasn’t prepared. Having friends back me up meant a lot. Thank you.”


“Not all of your pack are werewolves,” Simon jokes back with a grin, and Maia laughs with a shake of her head as she replies, “You know Luke might just make you an honorary wolf one day Mr. Vampire.”


Simon smiles back, glad that things are okay and that they’re friends again. It isn’t for a minute till he hears chairs scraping that he looks behind and sees that Jace is grudgingly pulling together the mess he made by throwing Jordan. Alec is back at their original table talking on the phone with an exasperated tone retelling what just happened to what sounds like Magnus. Simon got in a fight with some werewolf and Jace had to jump in and be his hero again .


Making a face at the way Alec worded it, he stops listening and walks over to Jace. Maia’s walking back to the bar but she still calls out, “Just because you’re cleaning up doesn’t mean free drinks Shadowhunter!”


“She’s really still mad at you, huh?” Simon chuckles as he helped Jace turn over one of the knocked down tables.


“Yeah,” Jace agrees. He looks up from the table to Simon, looking a little awkward. “You okay?”


“Of course, I’m a big vampire now,” Simon replies, trying to move past the weirdness of Jace acting concerned about him. “Along with the disadvantages come perks like healing. You’re not going to tell Clary about this right? She’ll never let me live getting into a bar fight down. I mean I know she’s your girlfriend, but--,”


“She’s not.”


“Thanks, man,” Simon replies. Maybe keeping Jace’s blood a secret actually had paid off.


Jace huffs with annoyance. “No, Simon, not ‘she’s not going to find out’, I mean she’s not my girlfriend.”


“What are you talking about?” Simon asks, more than surprised but also confused as hell. “As of tonight? Clary would have told me if you guys broke up and I haven’t gotten a call or text or anything.”


Now Jace looks more uncomfortable than the time that he caught Simon and Clary about to have sex in the boathouse. “I asked her not to tell anyone.”




“Because I didn’t want anyone asking why we broke up, okay?” Jace replies gruffly. He then seems to decide that now is a good time to move on to picking up the broken pieces of wood from shattered chairs.


Grabbing one of the trash cans by the door, he offers it to Jace who put his growing collection into it without a word. Simon put the container down by them so he could start picking up the smaller pieces that Jace had missed, but pauses when Jace had stopped to begin staring at him.


“Aren’t you going to ask why we broke up?”


Simon isn’t sure how that’s not a rhetorical question. “Well ignoring the fact I can probably get it out of Clary later anyway, you literally just told me you didn’t want people asking why. I’ve learned not to push you if I don’t want some witty retort flung back at me. We’re not close enough for you to tell me.”


He might have a concussion, because for a second Jace looks hurt. Simon quickly adds, “I mean you could tell me, I would listen, but you’ve never once shown interest in opening up to me. The longest conversation we’ve ever had was you trying to tell me how to flirt and pick up girls.”


“You mean him trying to sabotage your date with me,” Maia says from behind them. She has two shots in her hands, one of blood and one of whiskey and she hands them out to the boys. Jace took his a little slowly, glaring rather hard at Maia who was smiling back with that sweet but possibly evil expression she sometimes got.


“I was bored,” Jace says neutrally with a cool smile, but his tone was off.


Maia scoffs and walks back to the bar to serve her other customers who didn’t seem to care that there was a brawl not more than twenty minutes earlier. That was one of the nice things about Hunter’s Moon, Simon thought.


“See?” Simon says, downing his shot. Jace gave him a questioning look. “You’d rather mess around with me than open up.”


“Did you actually tell him finally?”


They turn around yet again this time to see Alec looking at them, no longer on the phone with Magnus on the other side of the room. Jace’s expression completely changes and the shadowhunters then have a very long nonverbal conversation. Stupid parabatai bond. Annoyed that they’re ignoring him like old times, Simon tells Alec, “If you’re talking about his break up with Clary, yeah I know.”


Alec takes a moment to look at Simon with the same incredulity as always, but he doesn’t insult Simon this time or pretend that it’s Simon’s fault for not knowing. Instead he turns back to Jace with the same look, huffs, and announces, “I’m all for moral support but this is getting ridiculous. I’m going back home to Magnus, Jace.”


“Alec!” Jace calls out as his brother leaves, chasing after him.


Simon stares, confused and not knowing if he really wants to understand or not, and goes back to the bar.