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An Eternal Love Story

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She grunted, lifting her club over her head, glaring at the intruder in her tent. It was the stupid black/redhead. How she had two different hair colors was beyond her, but it made her want to hit her.

Actually, a lot of things made her want to hit everything. It was odd, the white haired girl thought. Whenever she saw the stupid blonde one grunt and grumble a terrible grumble about a tree, it made her want to hit her. Whenever she saw the other stupid blonde one eat a banana, it made her want to take that banana, throw it on the ground and smash it, and then hit the stupid blonde one for good measure.

And then there was the stupid blonde one that always tried to mate with her. He received many smacks by her trusty club. Whenever he would grunt and grumble pervertedly at her she would make sure to hurt him most severely. It was the closest thing she had to fun.

...There were a lot of stupid blonde ones in this tribe. Perhaps she needed to change that. At least the black haired kitty person was sensible. Whenever she grumbled and grunted it was the kind of grumble and grunt that made sense. Truly, she was the only one she could grumble and grunt with in peace.

“Grr, bada bada bada, ooh ooh oh,” the black/redhead grumbled and grunted, causing Weiss to grumble and grunt. The stupid black/redhead was right, it was very cold, cold enough to make her grumble and grunt. To share body heat would be the best bet at surviving the night. And so, with a grumble and grunt, she let the stupid black/redhead into her deerskin blanket, cuddling next to her, but making sure the stupid black/redhead could clearly hear her grumbles and grunts.

...She smelled nice.