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Strobe: An Adventure Time Fanfic

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Hidden deep inside the anatomy of a certain amphibian in the Land of Ooo is a portal to a world of secrets, gossips, trends, and espionage.

The Lumpy Space is the purple paradise for those with talents in gathering all kinds of information. The citizens worked as if they were in a surveying firm. They would accept even the most absurd espionage requests from any client across all of Ooo. They could handle cases like secretly following around a person to see if they were cheating on a client, or those that involved the stealing of recipes from a client's competitor, or even those situations where a client would just want to know whoever had a crush on them. Nothing is too immature, too impossible, or too immoral for anyone who could afford the services of the gossip birds, or "goshawks" as they call it, in the Lumpy Space.

The three reigning rulers of what everyone dubbed as the "Spy Kingdom" are Princess Melissa, Prince Brad, and the supreme leader, Lumpy Space Princess. For centuries, they've never had problems that were too serious between the three of them. Some arguments about their silly love triangle only led to weak and overly dramatic slaps and eventually, one of the two princesses temporarily winning over the prince's heart before another confrontation broke out.

During the past few days and eventful trainwrecks, things only got worse for the three. Not only did the two princesses go from harmless hits to bruising punches, but the three of them also bickered about choosing sides over the war that slowly brewed in Ooo.

One fine day over the course of normal business in Lumpy Space, the princesses decided to lash out against each other inside one of the conference-party rooms in the Bumpy Palace. The scene wasn't like a typical fight before the new war. Princess Melissa and Lumpy Space Princess only used to throw sharp insults with each other until one of them walked out without a good comeback. Now they're starting to throw sharp knives at each other. Some of the goshawks with high positions began to worry and tried to stop the two from genuinely hurting each other. Prince Brad even stepped in and suggested something that made everyone hold their breaths.

"Okay, dang Glob! You two stop it this instant! If we can't all just get together then let's just do that dumb enchantment and separate this space into three!", Brad lost his usually bored expression and replaced it with a truly hateful one. He had enough of all the fights that hindered the operations of their intel business.

"We don't do threesomes, Brad. I really lumpin' hate you for thinking that I'll be fine over you staying with that trash bump over there! Why didn't you just stay with me?!", LSP's nasally voice pounded through everyone's eardrums.

"Hah! You just can't take how better I am than you. You're jealous that you can't even make him as happy as I can. Ain't that right, Brad?", Melissa's high pitch tore the space and almost made everyone bleed out of their ears.

"I wasn't even talking to you! Stop lumpin' interrupting me with my Brad moments!"

"JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!", Brad's deep sound echoed in the scene. "Let's just get this over with! I'm already done with both of you! All you do is use me in your stupid little fights! Come on and start reciting the spell already! I'm not gonna let the two of you ruin the lives of everyone in my part of space!"

"Ugh, fine! We're bumping done you smooth-smoocher!", LSP screamed at the prince but added yet another insult to the other princess.

"You did not just call me smooth, no-good smoothie!", Melissa ran out of clever comebacks and began squinting her eyes to stop her tears from welling up.

"Yeah, that's right! Go cry like the flippin' lumpless little baby you are! And go live with that sore burning loser that you've always rooted for! C'mon, Melissa! You're so dumb for even thinking that your team stands a chance against my globbin' royal babes!", LSP insisted on bringing up the topic about the incoming war.

"Arrghhhh! You're not even making a good point, LSP! Don't you remember how your prized Bubbledumb started this lame flumpin' war?! I'm gonna make your dumb-butt friend pay for the war that's gonna begin in Ooo...", the prince's teal shade almost turned into a bitter red.

"Brad's right, dummy! I'm gonna take you down with my team, LSP. You're gonna regret everything. Oh, and this time, the Fire Kingdom will win! Begone you!", Melissa's face blushed all the way into a deep crimson.

"Fine! Have it your stupid ways! I'm gonna prove the true ruler's innocence!", the purple princess' grumble almost made the room quake.





"SHUT UP!!!", the prince snapped once again and broke up the two's volume competition before they ended up screaming the same word for an entire day.

Eventually the three started to chant in an old forgotten language, raising their arms as if calling for an invisible force. After a few seconds, the space began to vibrate and white cracks began appearing out of nowhere. The Lumpy Space had been split into three and each dominion, now resembling the same color as its ruler. Each new world now began to drift off to the place they wish to serve.

LSP's Purple Space floated towards the Ice Kingdom where she knew that her friends from the Candy Kingdom currently stayed. Melissa's Pink Space drifted over the actual Candy Kingdom. Her plan was simply to serve the kingdom that was directly against LSP's chosen alliance. Brad's Teal Space however, moved into the Nightosphere territory. He wanted to prevent the impending catastrophe that would soon fall into Ooo by offering the citizens of the Nightosphere help in finding information about the Lost Lord of the Night.