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Strobe: An Adventure Time Fanfic

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Some things just don't add up. For a couple of instances, there was the folly with the miscalculations of the G.U.N, then the false equation she formulated upon thinking that she had only lived for a few centuries yet someone threatened her with a millennium's worth of remorse, and now, her newfound conundrum with the science of acoustics. She wondered how in Glob's miracles could an angelic voice blend so well with a demonic threat.

"Tell me what the fuck you did with him!", the princess heard the growl of a fallen angel yet again. Despite the fear in her heart, she felt fascination well up in the corners of her brain. She really had to read up on acoustics.

A deafening roar blasted in her ears now, the previous turmoil of a storm now on the peak of rage. "Useless bitch! Why won't you talk? Tell me the truth about Hunson!", another cold slap, this time on the right side of her face.

The princess snapped, "How dare you lay a hand upon me?! What sort of courage do you muster in your spirit for speaking this foul language to me? I am the ruler of Ooo! Don't you know that? If not, then i'll have you know that I willl call upon The Noble Sky and The Noble Sun to rip your guts away from your body and lay it out in the center of my kingdom for all to see! Then I swear to Grod, I will spit on your carcass and harvest your larynx for my research!", she tried blasting away empty threats to her assailant, hoping that she's all talk and will falter in surprise of the princess' tough side.

Her thoughts played out like a modified true or false exam. If her last statement were a question in the test, the answer would be an "FT", short for False-True. True, surprise did fill out the air around the room, but it came from the princess, not the assailant; and False, the unknown being was not all talk, and in an instant, "FT" took on a whole new meaning. A forceful tug pulled on the princess' hair and made her lean in. Hot breath over her ear contrasted chilled flesh grasping her waist.

"My carcass? How 'bout I spit on your ass? Save yourself princess! None of your fabled heroes will save you from here! Listen, I just fucking want the truth and maybe spare you of the worse to come but if you choose to be stubborn, i'll just force what I need out of you!", a fist lunged on the princess' abdomen. She howled in pain and wanted to curl into a ball, but her restraints stopped her from what little comfort she could get. In effect, she simply coughed and cried out the sensation from her gut. She knew she had to speak soon before her attacker could throw another blow to her body.

"I'm s-sorry! Puh-please don't hurt me. I...I really don't know..."

"WRONG. FUCKING. ANSWER. PRINCESS!", with every word, the tone of the voice tardily descended the stairs from heaven to hell. "Bullshit! You pulled the trigger on your superweapon! Everyone from Ooo saw you did it! It was all over the news and now you're telling me that you're not to blame for this?! You're not going to make a fool out of me!", the attacker sent a brutal kick to the princess' sides causing syrupy blood to drip on one corner of the princess' lip.

She felt an icy hand brush lazily over the fresh bruise on her side. A shriek escaped her throat as the hand painfully squeezed the darkened flesh. She heard a grunt while she felt her attacker's nails morphing into something sharper. Then the claws swiped down on the princess' pajamas, shredding it to mere pieces of pink silk. As if bracing herself for the incoming and unwanted advances, she bit her lip and weeped. Unexpecting to her, the holy voice came back and whispered gently to her ear, "Last warning. Tell me what I need to know."

She had no alibis running in her head so she could only reiterate the truth she spoke earlier. She fully accepted her fate and whispered with the little strength she had left, "I-ugh...b-believe me...p-please...I don't know..."

She bit her lip for the second time, a futile gesture. Out of reflex, she turned her chin up and yelled her anguish out as three fingers thrust inside her, thankful, that these weren't the same dagger-like fingers that tore through her garments. The pushing and pulling motions were savage, to say the least. Crimson dripping from the princess' sex down to the aggressor's wrist. Pain was not the best way to describe what she felt. Disgust, a likelier word, as the princess revolted at the thought of her body betraying her mind.

She bit her lip for the third and last time tonight, muffling her alluring noises, trying her best not to convey to her assailant that a feeling of pleasure was building up inside her. Her body shivered as the fingers kept moving in and out of her cunt, this time a thumb teasing the pink pearl above her wet slit.

Bubblegum kept repeating her mistakes; apparently lip-biting was never an effective move. Uncontrolled shocks of pleasure trailed every nerve in her body as she reached her climax, causing her to open her mouth and let out an impregnably seductive moan. Though she could not see it, she felt the aggressor's fluttering breaths brush her own lips. Was this an attempted kiss? She moaned again as the fingers slipped out of her entrance. She heard the other woman groan quietly, lustful in tone. The back of the three drenched digits ghosted the side of the princess' face, leaving fluids behind. At the sensation, Bubblegum darted her head to the side but a rough clump of muscle followed and cleaned her cheek off the clear and crimson syrup.

"You asked for that, princess. If you were as smart as the people say, you would've told me what I wanted to hear. This isn't the last of your nightmare. I'll come back from time to time to fuck with you until you change your mind", it was a surprisingly emotionless statement. Only this devil's vocals could pull off seeming hateful and lustful for a second, before speaking up again in monotone as if nothing had happened.

Bubblegum heard a hinge close; a door, presumably. No other sounds echoed through the room until the princess once again broke down with tears rolling on her face.