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Burnouts, Booze, and Babes

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Taehyung shows up with a crash and a bang. Jeongguk knows it's him. He knows because there's only one person outside of his family that has a key to the house and Jeongguk's regretted handing over a copy since the fifth grade when Taehyung came barreling into his life with poorly bleached hair and a missing tooth.

Now, months before Taehyung's high school graduation, Jeongguk is sitting upside down on the couch with a half-eaten box of Pocky while far too immersed in an episode of Cake Boss.

"Jeon." Taehyung comes stumbling down into the basement, brushing the snow out of his hair. Jeongguk didn't even know it had been snowing. Fuck, when was the last time he left the house? "Dude, weren't you sitting there yesterday?"

Jeongguk shoves three Pocky sticks between his teeth. "Point?"

"Whatever." Taehyung sits on the back of the couch, knocks his knees against Jeongguk's to send him sprawling off the couch. He ignores the insults Jeongguk spits his way and waves a small bundle of cash near Jeongguk's face. "New bar downtown doesn't card and I need a few drinks tonight. Physics ate my ass today."

"Glad one of us is getting some." Jeongguk snatches the remote from Taehyung's hands, knows he's just gonna switch the channel to football or some other hetero shit just to ask if Jeongguk would rather be watching grown men smack asses rather than bake cakes. No, he wouldn't, thank you very much. Last week they built an Iron Man cake. "Who'd you fuck to get the cash?"

"Your mom."

"I'm going to kick your ass-"

"Yeah, yeah, save it for after we get the burgers."

Taehyung's car is shit but it gets the job done. He insists that Jeongguk showers before they leave, says he can't have anyone in his car who smells like four day old cum when his car always smells like sex even when Taehyung is single as hell, but Jeongguk does shower. Mostly it’s because his hair was greasy and he doesn’t feel like dealing with that. Taehyung's car is small with barely enough room in the back seat to comfortably pass out in after Taehyung gives him one too many beers, but it gets them to the burger shop downtown.

It's packed this Friday afternoon, high school kids standing around and couples sharing milkshakes. Jeongguk tries to angle himself between Taehyung and those couples; he's way too sober to entertain Taehyung's milkshake innuendos today.

"What do you want?" Taehyung asks, stands behind Jeongguk in line and rests his chin on Jeongguk's shoulder. "I'm buying."

"Jesus, did you suck rich dick for that cash?"

"Fucker. I've got a job, you know."

"Sucking dick is a job now?"

"You can starve." Taehyung pauses and shoves his hands into the pockets of Jeongguk's letterman. Jeongguk's mom had offered to buy one for Taehyung just for kicks, but Taehyung said he didn't want one when he had Jeongguk's to share. "Speaking of dry spells, how'd you do with that girl last weekend? Use what I taught you?"

Jeongguk has fucking war flashbacks to two weeks ago, when Taehyung had stayed over for the entire weekend and decided, that as the older friend, it was his responsibility to teach Jeongguk about the ins and outs of pleasuring girls. The proper way, Taehyung insisted, as if Jeongguk's still a fucking virgin and hadn't called Taehyung almost immediately after he bumbled his way through his first time. He's been with girls, sure, but Taehyung declared it wasn't good enough, and had sat on Jeongguk's back and proceeded to describe, in horrifying detail, the best way to prep a girl for sex. He'd tried to hide, covering his face and ears with a pillow, but Taehyung was wickedly determined when he wanted to be, and in that moment, he really wanted to be.

"No, you ass. Because I know how to have sex."

"Aw, do you? Really?" Taehyung presses himself closer to Jeongguk's back as the line moves forward. "Baby Gukie's finally grown up?"

"Don't call me that."

"Oh, but there is something I forgot to mention," Taehyung says, his grin wet against Jeongguk's neck. His voice takes on that tone, that smarmy voice that Jeongguk associates with that morning he woke up naked behind the kindergarten. "Something that really gets girls going."

Jeongguk sighs. "You're gonna tell me anyway."

"Right you are. You gotta do this, man, get close to them with your lips almost touching their cheek." Taehyung demonstrates as he speaks, lips hovering dangerously close to Jeongguk's ear. "Then you just-" He nips gently at Jeongguk's ear, biting at the piercing near the top of the lobe and Jeongguk falters, sagging back into Taehyung's hold with a confused little noise of pleasure. "And the chicks will love you, dude."

"Don't- don't fucking do that, Tae." Jeongguk mutters, taking a few seconds to catch his breath. He feels his cheeks burn, eyes closed against the satisfied grin that Taehyung presses to the back of Jeongguk's neck.

"Sorry." He's not sorry. "We're up, what do you want?"

"Fuck-" Jeongguk hadn't even read the damn menu with Taehyung biting at his ear and the way his head spins afterwards. What the actual fuck.

"Dumbass. We'll have three number eight combos, please."

Jeongguk glares at Taehyung over his burger, still reeling a little from having his fucking ear bitten in the middle of the burger shop- and liking it, apparently. Taehyung doesn't seem to notice, bowling through two burgers and half of Jeongguk's fries before remembering the pact he made in middle school to always give Jeongguk half of his food, which results in Taehyung trying to feed Jeongguk his bitten french fries.

"Still up for the bar tonight, Jeon?"

"I need someone better than you in my life, so sure."

"Joke's on you, babe. I'm the best you're ever gonna get."

Taehyung ditches his own birthday party. It's like a ritual by now, after all the years Taehyung's walked out of his parties to sit on the roof with Jeongguk. They start at the party, sometimes swiping a few cans of beers if Taehyung's dad isn't in the room, but after a few hours they always end up on the roof.

This time, Taehyung has enough foresight to bring a blanket. Says they can share like, "a fucking couples goals on Instagram, Jeon."

"Fuck off, Kim. And give me my half, it's cold out."

The moon is full tonight, shining bright over the water tower. The water tower Taehyung fell off of three years ago trying to vandalize it like the damn hoodlum he was. Taehyung looks back on the night fondly.

"Hey, wanna drink? Managed to swipe one beer."

Jeongguk shakes his head, scooting a little closer to Taehyung to share body heat. "I'm good tonight."

"Feeling okay?"

"Went too hard fucking your mom last night."

"Good one." Taehyung takes a long swig of beer and reclines so he's laying on the roof, forcing Jeongguk to follow suit less he lose his part of the blanket. He props his arm behind his head, grumbling a little when Jeongguk jostles his arm enough to rest his own head on. "The moon is so fucking- pretty, dude."

Jeongguk snorts. "You drunk, man?"

"Tipsy. Not tipsy enough to want your mom, though."

"Thank God for that."

Taehyung tries to crush the beer can in his hand, but he's not strong enough, so Jeongguk takes the can and crushes it himself, ignoring the way Taehyung mutters something about his dumbass muscle pic headass of a best friend. The roof is cold but Taehyung's arm is warm beneath Jeongguk's head, and he could fall asleep like that. But he can feel Taehyung's lips near his cheek, near his ear, and he's too aware to try and sleep.


"I don't like the sound of that."

"I didn't even say anything!" Taehyung chucks the can off the roof to join the ever-growing pile behind the house. Taehyung's dad keeps telling him to clean them up, he swears he will, and then Saturday morning comes along and there's ten more cans from the drinking game they come up with. "Real question. Do you think your dad is a top or a bottom?"

Jeongguk chokes on his breath, sitting up to aim a punch at Taehyung's stomach. Taehyung laughs through his groan of pain, curling in on himself. "That is disgusting, why would you ask me that? And definitely a top."

"Really? I get the feeling my dad's a bottom."

"Can we- can we not talk about this? Stick to talking about your mom? 'Cause now I'm imagining your dad with fingers up his ass. And I'm staying over tonight."

"It's not that bad."


"Fingers in your ass."

Jeongguk is silent, staring at the swing in the backyard and contemplating if he'd survive throwing himself off of this roof. This is not the conversation he wants. He can handle Taehyung giving him unwanted advice on how to properly sleep with girls, or Taehyung coming up with jokes about his mom that would send anyone running, or even Taehyung getting a little too drunk at the bar and trying to convince Jeongguk to kiss him, but now Jeongguk's thinking about fingers up asses and up his dad's ass in particular and he's not drunk or gay enough to keep that line of thought.

"You'd know, right?" Jeongguk says, voice a little tight.

"Yeah. Could show you, if you want."

Jeongguk props his weight on his elbow, leans over Taehyung's body to shove his face into Taehyung's chest. "You know what I really want, hyung?"

Taehyung's voice goes a little breathy. "What?"

"Some of your mom's brownies. Think she'll make me some if I eat her out?"

"Get the fuck off my roof, Jeon-"

But Jeongguk's faster, swinging himself over Taehyung's body to get to the ladder tucked at the side of the house and skipping down the rungs as Taehyung chases him, a little wobbly from his few beers and laughing too loudly for the hour, but it's drowned out by how loud Jeongguk's laughing himself.

Jeongguk's drunk. He's drunk and it's cold out and he hadn't been planning on getting drunk, hence why he's sitting behind the bleachers with a few girls from his math class. He'd finished in the gym a few hours ago but Taehyung was still busy, out doing stupid senior shit like taking his school pictures or sucking dick to pass a class, and Jeongguk's too drunk to properly read the text that says, making up a test I missed bc of your needy ass u dumbass.

"Jeongguk?" One of the girls slides smoothly onto Jeongguk's lap, linking her fingers together behind his neck. She's pretty, lithe and small in Jeongguk's lap, and he thinks he can remember her mentioning that she's a gymnast. She runs her fingers through Jeongguk's hair, and it's nice, he thinks, as he passes his bottle of beer to the girl next to him. "Your hair is so nice, have you ever thought of dyeing it?"

Jeongguk hums, tilts his head back so the girl- he believes her name is Seolhyun- can leave soft kisses at the base of his throat. "What color should I do?"

"Purple. You'd look really sexy with purple hair."



Jeongguk squeezes her thigh, can feel another girl's hand on his knee as Seolhyun moves her kisses to the corner of his mouth. It's way too fucking cold to be entertaining sex behind the bleachers tonight, but Jeongguk's bored and Seolhyun's skin is soft, so who knows? He's thinking now, letting his mind wander to the most recent of Taehyung's advice, wonders if he should be biting her ear right now or if it would be weird if he asked her to do it to him-

"Guk, you ready to go?" Taehyung's voice breaks through the haze of beer and kisses and Jeongguk breaks away from a kiss to look over his shoulder, at Taehyung leaning against a bleacher with his arms crossed and that stupid look in his eye he gets whenever he's extra proud of Jeongguk. "Aw, am I interrupting something, kiddos? About to get down and dirty behind the bleachers? Been there, done that, and believe me it is not worth the dirt in the unmentionables."

"Tae," Jeongguk lets his head loll against the bleachers, smiling up at his friend. "Taehyung. Taehyung hyung. Dudebro. Done sucking dick for grades?"

"You shithead, I'm going to leave you here."

"No, no- please-" Jeongguk reaches around Seolhyun's body to reach for Taehyung. His stomach is spinning and he wants a burrito. Specifically, he wants Taehyung to feed him a burrito. "Hyung, it's cold."

Taehyung helps Seolhyun off his lap and guides Jeongguk's arm over his shoulders. "Idiot. How'd you even get beer, anyway? We always use my fake."

"Seolhyun brought it. Hyung, the beer tasted like piss." Jeongguk's slurring, his cheek nestled comfortably against Taehyung's shoulder and he likes it. He likes that Taehyung is warm and solid beneath his body, but he'd like it a little more if Taehyung were feeding him some goddam food.

Taehyung snorts. "Don't insult the drinks until you've left, Jeon. Thought I taught you that already."

Taehyung leads them away from the bleachers toward the parking lot, the sun hanging low in the sky behind them. Jeongguk hates winter. He likes Taehyung's birthday because his mom will sometimes buy Jeongguk a gift, too, but he still hates winter. He tells this to Taehyung, tripping on his own feet in the lot.

"You ass," Taehyung reaches into Jeongguk's jacket's pocket for his keys. When the fuck did he put them in there. "You only like me for the things my parents give you."

"Your mom gave me her virginity."

"Doesn't even make any sense-"

Taehyung helps Jeongguk into the car with a hand on the top of his head, fights with Jeongguk when he tries to crawl right back out of the car. It takes a good few minutes to get Jeongguk's seatbelt buckled before he's crossing to the other side of the car. "Night's still young, Jeon. Whaddaya want to do?"


"Only if you take shots."

"But hyuuuuuuung."

Jeongguk swats weakly at Taehyung's arm as he drives to one of the bars in town that doesn't know them very well. Taehyung got him a fake made early last year, but they always order with Taehyung's since, in Jeongguk's words, he looks like an old fuck anyway.

They don't stop for burritos but they do stop for McDonald's, Taehyung threatening to throw Jeongguk out of the car if he doesn't stop throwing fries at Taehyung's face while he drives. And the bar is pretty busy tonight, Taehyung taking a few minutes to find them an empty spot right at the end of the bar. Jeongguk's head isn't spinning anymore, and he eagerly downs the first round of shots that Taehyung orders.

"It was my night to drink, by the way," Taehyung says, sipping on his only drink. He ordered Jeongguk a Sex On The Beach because he's a goddam riot, apparently. "Which means you're driving the next two Fridays."

"I can't drive."

"Yes you can, idiot."

Jeongguk gets loose-lipped as hell when he drinks, something that he absolutely despises but amuses the hell out of Taehyung. One too many times Jeongguk has woken up in Taehyung's bathroom or in the back of his car to Taehyung giggling at the videos he recorded the night before. Taehyung's personal favorite? The one where Jeongguk tries to pick up his first year literature teacher by offering to eat her ass. They can't go back to that bar, but Taehyung says it was absolutely worth it.

Tonight, Jeongguk's head is clearing from the beers but now he's got vodka and rum settling in his stomach and he's leaning across the bar top to get the bartender's attention- or anyone's attention, really. Except for Taehyung's. He hasn't gotten laid in a while and the last thing he needs is Taehyung being a cockblock. Jeongguk likes attention a lot, especially when it leads to getting his dick sucked.

"Bartender- dude, my pal," Jeongguk's slurring, trying very hard to hold his weight up. He can't even tell if he's got the bartender's attention, but Jeongguk's pretty and he's young- he's got to have everyone's attention by now. "You- you've got some nice fingers, man. Can I put them in my mouth, like? Can I suck on them-?"

"And, you're done for the night, Guk." Taehyung curls his fingers into the back of Jeongguk's jacket, brushing against his sweaty nape and making Jeongguk shiver. Damn. Taehyung has nice fingers, too. "Time to take you back to your mom."

Jeongguk trips getting out of his seat, and it's so fucking hilarious to him that they don't even get out of the building for another ten minutes, within that time the full depth of Taehyung's threat hits him. "Don't- don't fucking take me home, you prick. Mom'll, my mom will kill me if I come home like this. And then you, since you got me like this." Jeongguk's slurring bad as shit, but at least it seems like Taehyung can understand him.

"Relax, you big baby. We're going back to my place. My parents are out of town for the weekend, so we can nurse your dumb ass self back to health."

"Hyung?" Jeongguk is quiet until he gets into the car. He wonders if he's going to puke. Taehyung makes a sound of acknowledgement as he starts up the engine. "Hyung, can we watch Cupcake Wars?"

"Fuck yeah, we can. Want anything to eat?"

"No, fuck off. M'gonna be sick."

"Not in my car, you dickhole. Puke and you're cleaning it with your toothbrush."

"Shut up, your voice is making everything worse."

Jeongguk's a goddam mess to get into Taehyung's house, giggling at every word he slurs and every sound he hears. He hides his face in Taehyung's neck, might bite at Taehyung's collarbones a few times just because Taehyung flicks him for it every time. Getting up the steps to Taehyung's bedroom is a miracle, taking a quick pitstop to the bathroom so Jeongguk can vomit. He feels better after this, asks Taehyung if they can go pick up girls at a club, and Taehyung promises that they can do that in the morning.

"You sleeping naked tonight?" Taehyung asks, all but shoving Jeongguk onto his bed. "Or do you want pants, because I swear Guk next time you wake up hard I will touch your dick."

"That a promise?" Still, Jeongguk yanks on the sweatpants that Taehyung offers, whining high in his throat until Taehyung remembers to turn on the TV. Fuck, now Jeongguk wants cupcakes. "Hyung, can I suck your dick?"

"When your mouth doesn't taste like vomit and Crest, sure."


"Yeah, why not?"

Jeongguk makes an unhappy noise when Taehyung settles himself on the other side of the bed, scooting along under the covers until he can fit his chest against Taehyung's back and wrap his arms tight around Taehyung's frame with a content little sigh. "G'night, hyung."

Taehyung tugs the blankets over their bodies. "Why the hell do you always get to be big spoon? You can't even see the stupid cupcakes."

"I'm big spoon because I'm always big spoon."

"Why, because you've got more muscles than me? You and your dumb heteronormative bullshit-"

"Because your room's a damn icebox."

Taehyung yanks his pillow closer, dislodging Jeongguk's face. Jeongguk doesn't care, his nose smushed into the mattress. "Told you the heat was broken in here, but you never listen."

It's quiet for a few minutes, in which Jeongguk almost falls asleep but there's something nagging at the corner of his mind, a question and a request that his sober mind runs from everyday. Stupid Taehyung and his stupid face and his stupid affinity for getting Jeongguk into trouble with his own stupid emotions.


"Go to sleep, Gukie."

"Hyung, can you- can you maybe, bite. My ear. Again?"

Taehyung tenses in his hold, but Jeongguk can hear the smile in his voice when he speaks again. "You liked that? Damn, caught myself a kinky one. I'll remember this."

"Fuck off."

"Can't reach your ear at this angle, babe. Could if you let me be big spoon-"

"No, fuck off. I'm warm."

He doesn't say anything, laughing quietly and snuggling even deeper into Jeongguk's embrace. Taehyung goes so far as to link his fingers with Jeongguk's against his stomach, and Jeongguk passes out before he can see who wins Cupcake Wars.

"Hey, dude. Answer a question for me." Taehyung sits himself on Jeongguk's bed with a yearbook in his lap, opened to a page from his year. He points to one of the boys, a very serious wrinkle to his forehead. "Would you suck this guy's dick?"

Jeongguk gives him a wounded look. "Hyung. Why."

"Because I sucked his dick and I'm trying to decide if it was a mistake."

"Uh." Jeongguk really looks at the guy. Nice face, strong jaw, good hair. "Yeah, I guess? Why'd you suck him off if you weren't sure?"

"He offered to buy me weed."

"Isn't that prostitution? And you don't even smoke, hyung."

Taehyung grins, salacious. "I don't, but the middle school kids across town don't know the proper prices of drugs yet."



Taehyung flips through the pages of the yearbook, snorting at every picture of Jeongguk- which are all just of him trying to avoid the camera. There's a shot of his ass from when Taehyung got him drunk before a soccer game and convinced him to moon the field, but other than that the only full picture of Jeongguk is his official class one, with his hair done up all nice at his mom's insistence.

Taehyung said he looked like a mama's boy. Jeongguk had punched him so hard the bruise stayed on his stomach for an entire day.

Jeongguk's working on his pre-calculus homework, scowling at all of the letters that have replaced numbers. You never truly appreciate numbers until there aren't any in math.

Except now he can't focus. He can't focus because he's thinking about what Taehyung said, about just sucking some guy's dick just because, not thinking it through beforehand. Jeongguk's been with girls without a second thought, but staring at the veins on the back of Taehyung's palm, he's starting to wonder just how different it is with boys.



"What's it like to be fucked?"

Taehyung chokes on his drink, stares at Jeongguk with wide eyes. Jeongguk breaks eye contact first, looking away with flushed cheeks and furiously finishing a math problem. He gets it wrong. God dammit.

"You really wanna know?" Taehyung asks, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Like- what makes you think I've even-"

"You texted me after, hyung. Your exact words were, 'guess which bad bitch just got dicked down that's right this dude.'"

"Got me there." Taehyung leans back, resting his weight on his propped elbows. "Well, it's different. From fucking someone, obviously. Like, gives you a good perspective on how to fuck, y'know? You realize what feels good and wonder why a girl ever let you inside of her."

Jeongguk giggles. "Really, hyung?"

"Not kidding, Jeon. There's- there's a lot you wouldn't understand without feeling it yourself, you know?" Taehyung's staring at the ceiling, his cheeks a little red, and Jeongguk's wondering if he should have left this conversation for when they're both four beers in. "I could- I could show you, if you want?"

Jeongguk falters, glancing up from his homework. "You sure?"

"If it's what you want, Guk."

Taehyung carefully takes Jeongguk's books from him and then throws them on the floor, grinning wickedly at the glare Jeongguk sends his way. He sits cross-legged in front of Jeongguk, who mirrors the pose.

He feels squirmy and a little giddy and exponentially glad that his parents are out to dinner for a couple of hours. "Do we kiss?"

Taehyung shrugs. "We could kiss. We've kissed before."

"We were drunk."

"Doesn't change anything."

"Is it weird if we kiss?"

"It'll be weird no matter what, Jeon."

"Hm." Jeongguk shrugs off his hoodie, just for something to do. He's heard it's supposed to hurt, and now that the offer's sitting on the table he just wants to get this over with, wants to see if there's anything to this or not. "You can kiss me."

Taehyung snorts. "Thanks for the permission. Now take your pants off."

Jeongguk does, watches from the corner of his eye as Taehyung strips as well. It's weird, he decides, falling onto his back so Taehyung can hover over him. It's weird, but then Taehyung's leaning down to drag his lips across Jeongguk's throat and Jeongguk's forgetting to feel weird. He doesn't know what to do with his hands, settles for placing them on Taehyung's hips as Taehyung bites down softly on Jeongguk's ear, his hips kicking up.


"Damn, you really do like that. Bet I can get you to come just from that someday."

"God- shut up."

Taehyung kisses him, then, pressing his lips gently against Jeongguk's and then with a little more purpose. One of his hands leaves the bed to grip Jeongguk's waist, feeling small beneath Taehyung's wide palm, and then strokes down to Jeongguk's thighs, spread to accommodate Taehyung's body.

"You done anything before?" Taehyung asks, breaking the kiss to look at Jeongguk. "Like, fingers or anything?"



"Fuck off."

"What? I said it's cute." Taehyung leans over his body to rifle through the bedside table and grab the lube and some condoms, grinning at the way Jeongguk flushes. "You're so predictable."

Jeongguk doesn't say anything, holding his weight up as Taehyung kisses down his body, sucking a violent hickey into the skin of his thigh and Jeongguk's fucking embarrassed to say he's already getting hard just from anticipation and from having Taehyung's mouth so fucking close to his dick.

Then, Taehyung licks up the underside of Jeongguk's cock and Jeongguk bites his fist to hold back the desperate little moan that threatens to spill from his lips. It's not his fault, really it isn't, but Taehyung's so fucking good with his mouth, taking Jeongguk's cock between his lips with little effort like he was made for sucking dick. If his head weren't spinning something fierce Jeongguk would make a comment about finding Taehyung's calling in life, but as it is Taehyung's trying to suck his soul out of his dick and Jeongguk can't do anything but hang on for the ride.

Taehyung keeps going until Jeongguk's dick is painfully hard and leaking red at the tip and he's muttering about being close, keeps a hand on Jeongguk's dick when he pulls off.

"I'm not gonna lie, Guk. This might feel kinda weird, so I won't be offended if you go soft on me." Taehyung says, stroking his fingers along Jeongguk's length. "Just try to relax for me."

Jeongguk tries, but his entire body tenses at the first press of Taehyung's slick finger to his hole. Taehyung hushes his confused whimper with a kiss to his hip, pushing his finger into Jeongguk's ass with care. He waits until Jeongguk thinks he's good to add another, moving both fingers slowly so the stretch doesn't hurt Jeongguk.

"Damn," Taehyung says, watching his fingers scissor inside of Jeongguk. "You this quiet with all your partners?"

"Fuck- fuck off. M'not moaning for you."

"No?" Taehyung looks genuinely disappointed. "It's fine, you know. Submission. Really fucking hot, actually. I bet submission looks gorgeous on you."

Jeongguk snorts, flopping onto his back and letting his sweaty hair fall into his eyes. "Sure. Whatever. You can add another."

Taehyung does, taking this one much slower than the last two. "Would now be a good time to mention that it'd probably be easier if you were on your hands and knees?"

"You're such a piece of shit, Kim-"

"Yeah, yeah you rue the day you ever met me even though I'm about to blow your tiny mind. Heard it all before." Taehyung crooks his fingers, hitting a spot inside of Jeongguk that has his back bowing and his eyes screwing shut in pleasure. "Prostate. Good to play with, super fun to cum by. Kinda similar to the g-spot in girls, play with 'em, Jeon. Makes your partners super happy. Moan for me, dumbass."

"Can you just-" Taehyung presses his fingers back into his prostate and Jeongguk shivers, mind going blank for a hot minute. "Get on with it. Hyung. Tae."

"God, so impatient." But he listens, dragging his fingers out and making Jeongguk squirm at the odd emptiness as he wipes his fingers on Jeongguk's sheets. Taehyung reaches for a condom, rolling it over his length with practiced ease. He strokes lube onto his cock, watching Jeongguk carefully. "Probably feel better if you're on your knees, if I'm being honest. But then you won't get to see my beautiful face."

Jeongguk snorts, rolling onto his front without a word. "Don't wanna see you anyway, Kim. That's fucking gay."

"Real fucking gay."

Taehyung lines himself at Jeongguk's back, squeezing reassuringly at his hip. "I won't be offended if you don't cum, but believe me when I say I'll haunt your stupid ass if you don't moan for me."

Arousal and anticipation sit heavily in Jeongguk's stomach, the lube cooling uncomfortably on his inner thighs as he rests his weight on his forearms. "Whatever, hyung. Just- go."

Taehyung pushes in too slowly, Jeongguk's back arching in an odd mix of pain and pleasure as he's filled for the first time. It's entirely different from his fingers, and yeah, he'll admit that Taehyung was right. It's so, completely different from fucking someone and Jeongguk almost feels like he's being sliced in half as Taehyung finally fucking bottoms out- there's no fucking way Taehyung is this big. Jeongguk's seen him naked and it was nothing like this. Granted, it was years ago and Jeongguk ran out of the bathroom with his hands over his eyes, but still.

"Sh-shit," Taehyung hisses, rests his forehead against Jeongguk's spine. "You're so fucking tight, Jeon, holy fuck."

Jeongguk shifts, unsure whether the discomfort has bled into pleasure yet, but he waits until his body gets used to the intrusion to say, "You can move, Tae."

Taehyung takes it slow, pulling out almost entirely before thrusting back into Jeongguk, and soon Jeongguk's meeting his thrusts, and Taehyung lets himself go just a little bit, his pace increasing and his breaths heavy against Jeongguk's ear.

"Fucking- moan, Jeon." Taehyung groans, not quite a moan of his own and Jeongguk shakes his head. He wants Taehyung to break first, to be the one to moan first, because Jeongguk doesn't fucking submit. At least not before his shithead of a best friend. "Come on, baby, doesn't it feel good?"

"Yeah," Jeongguk breathes, body shaking. "Feels real good, hyung."

Taehyung leans even closer, draping his body over Jeongguk’s to kiss along his neck, press a quick peck to Jeongguk's cheek before he bites at Jeongguk's ear, toying his piercings with his tongue and Jeongguk breaks, a loud, high pitched moan slipping from between his lips before he can think to stop it.

Taehyung pauses from behind him, and Jeongguk knows he's fucking blown it now. "Yeah?" Taehyung whispers, too deep and too good against Jeongguk's ear. "Sound so sexy, babe." The guy fucking does it again, tugging Jeongguk's ear between his lips to play with and Jeongguk can't hold back his desperate noises, crying out against the pillow with his entire body shaking. "M'not gonna last, Jeon."

"I-I'm really close, Tae," Jeongguk whines, throwing his abandon out the window. He doesn't fucking care right now; he just wants to come. "T-touch me?"

Taehyung does, jerking Jeongguk's cock with his fist until Jeongguk tenses and cums all over the sheets with a strangled groan of Taehyung's name. Taehyung's not far behind, thrusting a few more times into Jeongguk before he stills, buried deep within Jeongguk's ass and cumming hard into the condom.

Jeongguk immediately slumps but Taehyung catches him before he can fall into the wet spot, laying him onto his back. He watches as Taehyung ties off the condom and tosses it in the trash, cringing when he thinks about explaining that to his parents if he forgers to take out the trash later. Then, Taehyung grabs a shirt from the floor to wipe the come off his hand and off Jeongguk's belly, humming a little as he goes.

"Sleepy?" Taehyung asks, tapping Jeongguk's hip to get him to move out of the way so he can turn down the sheets. "You'll probably be sore in the morning, but you did good."

Something in Jeongguk's belly lights up at that. "Thanks. You were right, though. Feels way different."

"Yeah, but you did really good bottoming. Most people bitch more, but not you. Should practice, though. I bet you'd look hot riding someone."


Taehyung grabs one of Jeongguk's hoodies and tugs it on, slipping into bed behind Jeongguk. Jeongguk immediately goes to snuggle against Taehyung's back, but he's stopped with a hand on his shoulder and with Taehyung trying to wrap him in his arms. But Jeongguk's nothing if he's not stubborn, and he fights to be the bigger spoon, cursing and threatening to shove his foot up Taehyung's ass.

"Dude- fuck, quit trying to kick me! You're little spoon tonight, you fucker-"

"Why?" Jeongguk squirms back out of Taehyung's hold, thinking he's got the upper hand, and then Taehyung punches him in the stomach. "Because I bottomed? Who's a heteronormative piece of shit now-?"

"No, shut up-"

Taehyung finally wrestles Jeongguk back onto the bed, throws his leg over both of Jeongguk's and both arms around Jeongguk's body to hold him down. Jeongguk tries to throw him off for another minute before giving up, letting his entire body relax as that first wave of soreness hits him and he realizes, in that very second, that he's never felt more comfortable in bed before.

"What the fuck-" Jeongguk mumbles to himself, curving his body to better fit against Taehyung's chest. "This is fucking- wonderful. Why doesn't everyone be little spoon all of the time?"

Taehyung laughs quietly and loosens his hold a little to stroke his fingers along Jeongguk's arm. Then he goes right back to trying to strangle Jeongguk to death, nosing at the nape of his neck. "Even number of people. Someone's got to make the sacrifice."

"You're holding me like this every night."

"What the fuck- no. I want to be held sometimes."

"So find yourself a girl."

"You're insufferable." Taehyung leans close to nip at Jeongguk's ear and laughs at the way Jeongguk's body jerks in his hold. "I am so, so, happy that I know to do that. You've no idea how hot it is to have someone's pleasure depends entirely on you."

Jeongguk yawns, reaching onto the floor for the remote to turn on the TV. It's some old movie, but the noise is nice in the dim lights of his bedroom. That's all of the mobility Jeongguk gets before Taehyung's holding him tight again- for what reason Jeongguk doesn't know. He's not trying to get away anymore. "I'll use this knowledge wisely, hyung. Maybe on Seolhyun. She's been calling."

"Yeah? She tried to use teeth when she blew me, so be careful."

Jeongguk frowns. "Really? She didn't use any teeth when she blew me outside the school."

"Hm. Must've learned from her mistake with me."

"Because we all know sex with you is a mistake."

Taehyung grins his infuriating grin against Jeongguk's neck. "That's not what you were saying when you moaned my name."

"I fucking hate you-"

"I'm serious, though, Jeon. If you want to get better at this, you know where to find me."

"I appreciate that. Now shut the fuck up, I'm trying to sleep."

Jeongguk avoids Taehyung for an entire week after they fuck, ducking away from him in the hallways and pretending he isn't home even though Taehyung can see into his room from across the street. Only if he uses binoculars, though, which he uses sometimes because, "You look hot when you get naked how the fuck is that my problem?"

Jeongguk doesn't regret fucking Taehyung, even uses the new knowledge it gives him with a boy in his physical education class a few days later- a conquest he goes to tell Taehyung about before remembering he's being a fucking dumbass.

He doesn't regret fucking Taehyung, but he's hiding because he kind of wants to do it again. Taehyung's dick is fucking huge and knows how to use his body, and Jeongguk liked being taken care of that evening, liked that he was... good for Taehyung.

So he hides and avoids the situation, naturally.

That is, until Taehyung shows up at his door with special brownies and a case of beer, walking right passed Jeongguk and into the basement and declaring, "This is stupid. So I've had my dick in your ass. Doesn't change anything, Jeon. Now get down here and get high as a fucking kite with me."

With the warming of the weather comes an unpleasant reminder that Taehyung's graduating soon, and that for all of the shit Jeongguk talks, he really is dreading the day Taehyung gets his diploma and leaves this shitty town. So instead of dealing with his problems rationally, he sneaks a six-pack from the garage and climbs onto the old water tower. It's illegal. Jeongguk doesn't care.

His phone's been ringing for the last few hours, Taehyung texting him asking to meet up, asking why he's not in his house, threatening to jerk it in Jeongguk's bed if he doesn't answer. The usual.

But Jeongguk can't bring himself to answer. Because they haven't talked about what happens after high school, and Taehyung can be scarily serious when he wants to be, but he never really wants to be. And Jeongguk doesn't want to put a damper on their long weekend. So he'll get drunk alone and maybe call up someone to fuck if he gets lonely enough, and try his damnedest not to fall off the water tower.

"There you are, you dickhole."

Jeongguk doesn't lower the can he's drinking from, watching from the corner of his eye as Taehyung climbs to join him, sitting at his side in the fading light. He takes one of the beers without asking and pops the cap with practiced ease.

"How'd you find me?"

"You always talk about jumping from here when you're hammered." Taehyung rolls the can between his palms. "Not in like, the dying kind of way. But in the wishing you could fly kind of way."


"Plus we hang out here all the time, idiot. At least pick a better hiding spot next time." At Jeongguk's noncommittal grunt Taehyung frowns, facing him properly. "Why are you hiding, anyway?"

"Walked out after fucking your mom last night. Thought it would be awkward."

"Oh, thank God. I walked out on your mom last night."

"We need new jokes."

"No, we need new moms to fuck."

"Stay away from my mom, Kim."

Taehyung laughs, quietly, and knocks his shoulder against Jeongguk's. "What's got you down in the dumps, buttercup?" But Jeongguk doesn't answer. Because he doesn't like fucking with his feelings and he especially doesn't like fucking with them with Taehyung around, not when their latest fuck is still fresh in his mind. Taehyung taught him to eat ass, and Jeongguk's still fucking embarrassed as shit.

Not to mention the spanking thing that Jeongguk still adamantly refuses to talk about.




"Is it graduation?" Taehyung asks very softly.

Jeongguk curls his shoulders, wishing he could disappear within himself so he doesn't have to have this conversation. Taehyung stares at him, his expression fond and knowing and Jeongguk nods carefully. "I just- you're going to be leaving me and I haven't been without you since we were kids. I know it's stupid. It's only a couple of years and technology is amazing and can keep us close but who am I supposed to go to if my hookup sucks? It's too late to find someone else to jerk me off in the bathroom of the diner when my date sucks at giving head-"

"Woah, woah, Gukie. Slow down." Taehyung wraps his arm around Jeongguk's shoulder, drawing him into Taehyung's space. Jeongguk immediately shuts the hell up. This is why he doesn't fucking talk about it, because as soon as he starts everything comes rushing up. "Graduation is still months away, Jeon. And I'm- I'm not planning on leaving right away."

Jeongguk jerks out of Taehyung's hold, nearly sends himself toppling off the tower if not for Taehyung's grip on his bicep. "You're not?"

"Nah. Not really interested in college, anyway. Figured I'll go to a small school nearby and stay in town, at least until you're done with high school. Or we get run out of town." Taehyung takes another long drink of his beer before throwing the can off the tower. "Whichever comes first."

"You think we'll get run out?"

"Hopefully with pitchforks."

"Fuckin' weirdo."

Taehyung nuzzles his nose against Jeongguk's hair and Jeongguk finds himself smiling in content. Call him clingy and stupid but he likes having Taehyung with him. And if Taehyung does leave town before him, Jeongguk doesn't think it's far off to assume they'll end up at each other's sides again soon after.

"Your weirdo," Taehyung says, kissing lightly at Jeongguk's ear.

"Stop- fucking doing that, Tae."

"Aw," Taehyung whines, pouting. "But you like it."

"Doesn't mean you have to keep doing it."

"Whatever, you bitch. What do you say we head to the bar? It's ladies night, and if you're still sad in a few hours I'll touch your dick as much as you want."

Jeongguk snorts, indulging himself for a minute to nose along the hollow of Taehyung's throat. "So considerate, hyung."

"You know it." Taehyung stands, reaching for the blanket he'd left here years ago and tosses it over the last few beers. They'll probably be back here tomorrow, anyway. Couple of small town burnouts like them, they don't have much else to do. "Come on, Gukie."

Jeongguk smiles as he climbs down the ladder, hiding it from Taehyung. They have time together, which means he can still learn a bunch of shit from Taehyung, can still climb into Taehyung's bedroom through the window when his own room is a little too lonely. Maybe they'll fuckin' run away to the other side of the country after Jeongguk graduates or some shit, get lost in the big city where no one knows their names. But they don't have to think about that now.

Now, their only concern is which one of them gets to get hammered tonight and who's sorry ass has to drive home.

It's always funny when Taehyung gets drunk. Because if Jeongguk spits words like rain, Taehyung makes friends and spills more secrets than anyone can count. It's his turn tonight to get drunk after his last final for the year. Jeongguk still has two more before the end of the year, and had suggested sex as a celebration so he wouldn't have to work very hard, but Taehyung shot that idea down by blowing him outside the bar before he could even realize he was hard.

"Jeon," Taehyung leans most of his weight on Jeongguk, who's sitting at one of the small tables at the bar with him, drinking idly at his Coke. "Jeon. My favorite bitch in the world. A sexy bitch."

Jeongguk feels himself blush, hates it when Taehyung calls him sexy or hot because he really doesn't hate it at all. He likes it. Especially when Taehyung's got his fingers crooked against Jeongguk's prostate and is whispering that Jeongguk looks so good all strung out for me. Another thing he refuses to talk about- the praise.

"What, Taehyung?"

"See that girl? With the blonde hair by the bar?"

There are a lot of blonde girls by the bar. "Yeah. What about her?"

"Greatest tits to fuck. Like. Ever."

"Jesus." Taehyung wobbles in his seat. Jeongguk settles him with a finger curled in his belt loop. He's not trying very hard. It's always funny when Taehyung falls out of his chair. "Didn't need to know that, dude."

"I'm saying it for your advantage. Go get her. She likes younger dudes."

"Shut up before she hears you."

But Taehyung doesn't fucking shut up when he's drunk. He's naturally loud and energetic, has gotten in a lot of trouble more than a few times for screaming to get Jeongguk's attention in the middle of school assemblies, but it's even worse after he's had a few rum and cokes. He loses his filter, then, and his sober filter is shitty enough already. "I want to suck your dick."

Jeongguk doesn't even flinch. "Already did that, dumbass."

"So? You're young, your libido has to be better than this."

"You're one to talk. I made you come twice and you fucking passed out in my bathroom."

"Your floor is fucking comfortable, you dick warmer."

Taehyung manages to stand up, hobbling over to the bar to order another drink. A girl Jeongguk recognizes from school catches his eye, grins as she looks Jeongguk over from head to toe. He has to drive Taehyung home from the bar tonight, but there's nothing in the bro code that says Taehyung has to be the one he cuddles to sleep tonight.

Jeongguk waves the girl over just as Taehyung gets his next drink and slams his fist onto the top of the bar. "See that boy over there," Taehyung's saying, pointing at Jeongguk with a shaky finger. He's captured the attention of both bartenders and everyone who's sitting nearby, enraptured because Taehyung's fucking gorgeous with a flush sitting high on his cheeks and his long body leaning elegantly against the bar. "That boy- he's so good at eating ass. Says he won't but holy shit he's got a magical tongue. Eats ass like- like the last fucking supper, my dude. My good boy Gukie."

It's not news to Jeongguk. Since he fucking moaned for Taehyung the first time Taehyung's gotten even more vocal, spitting occasional praise that only makes Jeongguk work harder. But only sometimes, because Taehyung wants Jeongguk to beg to be called a good boy and Jeongguk still has his pride, thank you very much.

That doesn't mean he wants Taehyung announcing this fact to everyone in this very packed bar.

Jeongguk jumps out of his seat and slaps his hand over Taehyung's mouth. He tries to look stern but Taehyung's giggling and swaying, grasping at Jeongguk's hips to pull him close and then he's kissing at Jeongguk's neck, wet and sloppy and full of giggles.

"Quit it," Jeongguk mutters, reaching around Taehyung's body to pay the tab. He thinks the car keys are in his pocket. "You're the reason we're running out of bars to go to."

"Wanna fuck you, Gukie," Taehyung's saying against his skin. It's a bitch to get Taehyung out of the bar and they forget Taehyung's jacket inside but it's fucking summer anyway. Taehyung only wore the ugly thing for the aesthetic because he's a piece of shit. "Fuck you 'till you're screaming."

"No drunk sex, remember?"

Taehyung makes unhappy noises while Jeongguk shoves him into the passenger seat, whining, "But why?"

"Your rule. Plus I'm not sure you'll stay awake and I don't do blackout hookups."

"Lower your standards, babe." Taehyung keeps swatting at Jeongguk's face while he drives, slumped against the window and reaching with his long arms to try and poke Jeongguk's eye out. "This is why I get more dick."

"You're also gayer."

"Whatever helps you sleep at night."

Taehyung's quiet for a while, fiddling with the radio and giggling every damn time he changes a channel. Jeongguk contemplates leaving him propped against his front door to be dealt with in the morning but Taehyung doesn't give him a chance, latching onto Jeongguk's back the second Jeongguk gets him out of the car. He snuggles against Jeongguk's neck and doesn't let go even as they hobble down the stairs to the basement.

"Dude." Jeongguk's in the process of getting Taehyung's shoes off when Taehyung sits straight up, staring at him very seriously with rum darkened eyes. "You've got a nice fucking dick. Like. Real nice. For a kinda straight dude."

"Thanks." Jeongguk tries to hide his grin, knows it's unnecessary anyway because Taehyung won't remember any of this in the morning, anyway. But there's something really nice about complements from Taehyung, about being told his thighs look extra firm today or that his ass has never looked nicer. Or when Taehyung calls him sexy in the locker room before physical education just to see him blush surrounded by the other guys they both know can't hold a candle to the sex they get from each other. "Now go the fuck to sleep."

"Cuddle me."

"No, fuck you. Cuddle me."

"I'll fucking jerk off in your sock, Jeon, don't test me."

Jeongguk gives in, of course. He's so fucking bad at saying no to Taehyung and Taehyung knows it, grins all victoriously when Jeongguk climbs petulantly into bed behind him and draws him against his chest. One day he'll stop entertaining Taehyung's weird cuddling addiction, but today is not that day.

Graduation comes and goes and like real tried and true bums, Taehyung and Jeongguk sit in Jeongguk's basement with a few friends from school. The obligatory graduation dinners are finally over, and there are too many pictures on their mother's cameras of Jeongguk wearing Taehyung's cap while they pose but the food was good and the beer and Pizza Rolls are even better.

Taehyung's the one who suggests spin the bottle, sitting between a boy from Jeongguk's class named Yugyeom and a girl he graduated with. There's a girl on Jeongguk's lap and he can't remember how she got there, so when the bottle lands on Jeongguk he presses a quick kiss to her mouth.

The beer is warm and the music is good. Someone brings Soju and pulls out a yearbook to laugh at and Taehyung's got his tongue down Seulgi's throat after another round of spinning a bottle.

"Okay, okay," Kihyun's laughing after the game slows down a little bit. It takes another minute for Taehyung to break away from Seulgi's neck, but that's okay too. "New game. Taehyung. Fondest high school memory?"

Taehyung answers without pause, "First time Jeon let me fuck him in the locker room."

Jeongguk throws his bottle at Taehyung's head, misses because he's a little tipsy. "Dickhole. He's kidding."

"So that rumor was true?" Seulgi asks and Jeongguk could cry because now that Taehyung's done he has to deal with these rumors on his own. His way of dealing has worked out pretty well, though. He just fucking ignores them.

"Don't fucking say anything, Kim."

"Or what? Suck my dick, Jeon."

"Give me a time and place, asshole."

"Jesus," Yugyeom says, leaning back with a brownie hanging out of his teeth. "You two really are somethin'."

The music's still good and the beer's still being passed around but Taehyung's grinning at Jeongguk over Seulgi's shoulder as she recalls her favorite high school memory, something about cheering for the basketball team and now Jeongguk's feeling a little guilty because he plays basketball and he never noticed her there.

And it goes like that, talking about fond high school memories and Taehyung interrupting almost every story to add a Jeongguk anecdote- which usually only occurs because Taehyung gets him drunk in the first place. A lot of Jeongguk's misfortune can be credited to taking beers from Taehyung. It goes like that until it gets to be Jeongguk's turn and he snaps, "Quit fucking looking at me like that, Taehyung."

"Or what, Jeon? You're all bark and no bite."

Jeongguk will fucking show him bite. "Bathroom. Five minutes."

Everyone's laughing, used to Jeongguk and Taehyung trying to one-up each other in the hallways and always threatening each other with hollow insults. Everyone's laughing until Jeongguk all but knocks the girl off his lap to go to the bathroom and five minutes later Taehyung is whispering something to Seulgi and following Jeongguk into the bathroom, and then no one's laughing anymore when someone's moans are bouncing through the room.

If someone were to ask, they'd say Jeongguk was an idiot. Not for any real reason, mostly just because everyone's a fucking idiot and Jeongguk's no exception. But now he's an idiot because he fucked up during his practice, couldn't focus on the plays and missed a lot of easy passes. He's in the running for captain of the basketball team next year but if he keeps slipping up like the last couple of days the he can kiss that position goodbye.

Jeongguk walks home in the hot summer afternoon, basketball bag slung over his shoulders and stares at his shoes as he walks. He usually calls Taehyung for a ride, knows his friend has nothing better to do while he's preparing to move into an apartment across town, but Jeongguk doesn't fucking want to feel even more like a bother.

Still. He's a creature of habit and even as his head hangs he still walks right through Taehyung's front door instead of his own. Taehyung's mom isn't home but there's fresh brownies cooling in the kitchen and Jeongguk eats three before he heads upstairs where he knows Taehyung will be.

"Guk?" Taehyung looks up in surprise when Jeongguk comes barreling into his room, tossing his backpack to the corner and kicking off his Timberlands. Taehyung’s lying across his bed, flipping through a book, and something in Jeongguk seems to break in that very moment. "Done with practice? Why didn't you call?"

Jeongguk doesn't answer because he doesn't have an answer. He crawls quickly into bed and kisses Taehyung hard enough to bruise, biting Taehyung’s lips to get to his tongue. Taehyung makes an affronted noise but takes it in stride, kissing Jeongguk back just as hard as Jeongguk lowers his weight onto Taehyung’s lap on the bed.

"What," Taehyung gasps, hissing at the sting of Jeongguk's teeth on the hollow of his throat. "What happened?"

"Don't wanna talk." Jeongguk mutters, grabbing one of Taehyung's hands from his thigh and pressing it against his crotch. "Fuck me, hyung."

And if Jeongguk's weak for Taehyung then it's the exact same for Taehyung. Taehyung grips him hard at his thighs and flips their positions, grinding down against Jeongguk's length as he licks into Jeongguk's mouth. Jeongguk wraps his legs around Taehyung's waist and it's good, enough pleasure for Jeongguk to get lost in, throwing his head back and letting Taehyung have access to all of him, but it isn't enough.

Taehyung can read him like a book by this point, knows when Jeongguk's whine is one of impatience. He pulls back to tug Jeongguk's damp, sweaty shirt off, follows it with his own clothes until they're both naked and a little desperate, Taehyung sucking violent hickeys in a row along Jeongguk's throat. Taehyung keeps his lube in the side dresser because he's just as predictable and annoying as Jeongguk is, his finger slick when he rubs around Jeongguk's hole.

"Fuck, you sound so pretty, Guk." And maybe it's the circumstance, but Taehyung seems to know exactly what Jeongguk needs, whispering little complements and praises to the skin of Jeongguk's cheek.

There's an unrestrained frustration to this round, Jeongguk realizes. His nails scrape harshly down Taehyung's back and Taehyung doesn't wait as long as he usually does between one and two fingers. Jeongguk doesn't mind. He wants more.

"Harder, Tae." Jeongguk spits, grinding down onto Taehyung's fingers. Taehyung crooks them against Jeongguk's prostate in retaliation, grinning wickedly at the way Jeongguk's back bows and he groans out Taehyung's name. "Fuck- fuck me like you mean it, you dick- oh, do that again."

Taehyung likes to complain that Jeongguk's too mouthy in bed but he doesn't complain when he's got three fingers buried in Jeongguk's ass, thrusting them in a little too fast but Jeongguk's still asking for more, clinging to Taehyung's shoulders.

Jeongguk moans when Taehyung leans down to take his dick into his mouth, sucking his length between his lips easily. Jeongguk's almost fucking insulted at how easily sucking dick comes to Taehyung, but Taehyung shares his secrets, so he doesn't care that much.

It's too good, Jeongguk thinks, squirming against the hand Taehyung has on his hip to keep him in place. He tries to buck into Taehyung's mouth, which only earns another jab against his prostate and he cries out, hands curled into Taehyung's hair. It's all too good and Jeongguk's body is shaking, his orgasm looming over his head because Taehyung's always been good at making Jeongguk come too fast, especially when he does way too much.

"C-close," Jeongguk whimpers, the word cutting off into another moan. Taehyung and his stupidly good fingers and his stupidly good mouth, a mouth Jeongguk's about to come in if Taehyung doesn't pull off.

Taehyung pulls back at the last second, massaging Jeongguk's inner walls as he cums all over his belly, crying out brokenly as his body tenses. Taehyung scissors his fingers again, Jeongguk wiggling a little in slight discomfort, but Taehyung doesn't stop and Jeongguk doesn't ask him to, his cock slowly hardening again against his thigh.

"Get on your hands and knees," Taehyung orders, his voice a little wrecked. Jeongguk shivers at the tone but hurries to comply, some part of his head needing to be good in this moment, an irrational fear that Taehyung will leave him hanging here like this. "Who do you think you are? Barging into my room, demanding I fuck you like the little cock slut you are." Jeongguk whines, back arching at the press of Taehyung's palms against his skin. "Oh? I'm right, aren't I? Baby boy Gukie, always so desperate for a cock in your ass. Guess you're lucky I'm in such a giving mood today."

"T-Tae," Jeongguk shivers, tries to grind back on the fingers Taehyung has teasing at his hole.


"Slap me? M-my ass?"

Taehyung falters. "What?"


He's hesitant but always so giving, always willing to give Jeongguk something he asks for. Taehyung may love dragging on foreplay, withholding what Jeongguk needs and wants just to watch the way Jeongguk's eyes well up with frustrated tears, until Jeongguk's cursing Taehyung's entire family and threatening to fuck himself on one of Taehyung's toys before Taehyung finally gives in and fucks him.

But slow and steady won't win this race, and Taehyung seems to realize that. Without another word, Taehyung spanks him, palm against the meatiest part of Jeongguk's ass. Jeongguk gasps, his entire body jerking forward with a strangled moan.


Taehyung spanks him again, on the other cheek this time, and again when Jeongguk gasps out another request. He kneads Jeongguk's cheeks with both hands, murmurs, "Looks so pretty, baby."

Jeongguk whines, pushing his face into the mattress and his ass back in Taehyung's hands. "Once more?"

Taehyung does, of course he does. Slaps him one more time, harder than the first few, and runs the pads of his fingers against the heated flesh and Jeongguk sobs out at the light pressure.

"Fuck," Taehyung groans. "You look so fucking good with my hand print on your ass."

"Fuck me, hyung. Come on, wanna feel your thick cock fucking me open."

Taehyung groans. "Gonna be the death of me, Guk." He reaches over Jeongguk's body for a condom but Jeongguk stops him with an unhappy noise. "What?"

"Don't- don't use one. I'm clean."


"You are too, right?"

"Well, yeah, but-"

"What's the problem?"

"I've never," Taehyung adjusts his position behind Jeongguk, jostles his hips a little more and dips his thumb into Jeongguk's wet, puffy hole. "Never gone without."

"Me neither. Who fucking cares, just wanna feel your fat cock in my goddam throat."

"You're fucking filthy."

Taehyung pushes in without warning, cutting off Jeongguk's next sly remark with a broken sob as he's finally filled, and this, this is what Jeongguk needed. He needed Taehyung thrusting deep into his ass before he's really ready, fucking him hard and fast, bony hips slamming against the back of Jeongguk's thighs. Jeongguk can't even think to stay quiet, babbling and crying out, demanding Taehyung move even faster as he moans into the pillow by his teeth.

"Feels- feels so good, Taehyung-" Jeongguk's crying out, fisting both hands in the blankets by his face, lets his weight drop completely and lets Taehyung support his weight. Or not. Jeongguk doesn't fucking care so long as Taehyung keeps fucking him so well.

"So tight," Taehyung growls into Jeongguk's ear, adjusting his angle until he's brushing against Jeongguk's prostate with every thrust and Jeongguk's all but sobbing into the mattress. "Fucking made for this, princess."

"Don't-don't fucking call me that," Jeongguk spits, even as his hole clenches and a shiver hits his spine.

"No?" Taehyung chuckles, the sound making Jeongguk whine. "Seems to me that you like it. Like being my little princess? Like it when I fuck your slutty hole open like this? Take it so well, Gukie, ass fucking made for taking my cock. Looks almost as good as your mouth around me."

Taehyung winds a hand into Jeongguk's hair and pulls, and Jeongguk moans so loudly that Taehyung's pace falters. He doesn't move for a long moment, making Jeongguk squirm in impatience. He has an idea what Taehyung is thinking. "Fuck off, keep going."

"You're so- fucking sexy, Jeongguk. Princess. My baby boy." Taehyung pulls on Jeongguk's hair again, another high-pitched moan falling from Jeongguk's lips before he can think to stop it.

Taehyung grips tightly onto Jeongguk's hips, forcing Jeongguk to take everything that he wants to give. And Jeongguk loves it. Loves Taehyung's big palms on his waist, loves Taehyung leaning his body over Jeongguk's as he thrusts harshly, muttering filth into Jeongguk's ear and letting Jeongguk moan and cry out and ask for it faster all he wants.

Jeongguk's not going to last, not with Taehyung's hand twisting back into his hair to give another experimental tug, then he bites at Jeongguk's ear and Jeongguk hadn't even realized he was that close until suddenly Jeongguk's entire body tenses as he cums, a surprised moan falling from his lips as he spills all over the sheets.

"So good, princess." Taehyung whispers into his ear. "My good boy, Gukie."

Taehyung follows quickly, thrusting hesitantly into Jeongguk as he chases his own orgasm, and Jeongguk hums contently, body loose limbed. "Cum inside me. Hyung. I want you to."

Taehyung cums with a strangled groan, deep in Jeongguk's ass before pulling out gently. He helps Jeongguk onto his back and doesn't even bother putting out his hand for rock paper scissors to decide who has to clean up. Instead, he coaxes Jeongguk to his feet and into the bathroom across the hall, not without making a sly comment about killing Jeongguk if he gets any cum on the carpet.

"Hyung?" Jeongguk blinks sleepily, watching as Taehyung starts the shower. He can feel cum and lube drying on his inner thighs, not to mention the dried cum still on his stomach, and he scowls, shifting his weight. In the mirror he can see a violent purple hickey nestled in the base of his throat. It stings when he presses his fingers against it, hissing quietly.

Taehyung notices. "Sorry, I went kinda hard-"

Jeongguk murmurs, "I like it,” and he swears it looks like Taehyung’s about to pass out from that statement alone.


When they're done in the shower, Taehyung having taken charge to wash Jeongguk's hair and get the cum out of his ass, he offers Jeongguk sweats and his favorite hoodie and snuggles up against Jeongguk's back in bed. And it's quiet for a while, Jeongguk content and warm and sore, ready to ignore his summer homework in favor of falling asleep and forgetting-

"Wanna tell me what had you all worked up?" Taehyung holds his weight behind Jeongguk with his elbow, staring at Jeongguk's cheek as Jeongguk stares resolutely at the wall.

"No. Nothing. Shut up and go to sleep."

"So you like being called princess, huh?"

Jeongguk groans, picking his battle for the night. "I'm a fucking piece of shit."

"Hey," Taehyung frowns, nudges Jeongguk until he's lying on his back and Taehyung can prop his chin on Jeongguk's chest. "Only I'm allowed to call you that. What happened?"

"I'm horrible at basketball. I'm going to quit."

"No you're not."

"Fuck off. Yes, I am."


"I keep making stupid mistakes," Jeongguk sighs, links his hands on the small of Taehyung's back. Taehyung's hand feels good in his hair. "Like. Mistakes that can cost me the captain position next year."

"So you had a bad week, who cares? You're still a good player."


Taehyung pokes his cheek. "You're good, Jeon. Real good. Almost as good as your body."

"Thanks, I think." Jeongguk turns back onto his side, quietly asking for something and of course Taehyung gets it, spoons against Jeongguk's back without a word.

Taehyung grabs the remote and turns on the TV. "Oh nice, Cake Boss is on."

"Really?" Jeongguk asks sleepily, winding his fingers between Taehyung's on his stomach without thinking of any consequences. "Oh, I think this is the episode where they build an Iron Man cake."

"Of course you'd know that." Taehyung pauses. "You could choke me you know."

Jeongguk's eyes snap open. "What?"

"You heard me. During sex."

"But you were topping."

"Topping, bottoming, doesn't fuckin' matter to me. Try it next time."

"Maybe. Shut the fuck up."

"You got it, princess."

That summer, Taehyung uses all of his newfound knowledge to his advantage. Jeongguk will never be as outright about his kinks as Taehyung is, preferring the muted feeling of excited embarrassment that comes with discovering a new one by Taehyung's hand. And Taehyung is all too willing to comply, curling his fingers around Jeongguk’s throat with a muttered, “This would be so much easier if you just told me the nasty shit you like.”

But Jeongguk’s nothing if he’s not stubborn.

It stopped being about teaching Jeongguk how to get fucked a long time ago, but neither of them really cares. Jeongguk's too lazy to go searching for hookups half the time, and knows through experience that a text of his hard dick will get Taehyung to his house in less than five minutes. He does use some of the things he learns on the girls and guys he picks up around town, but there are only so many of Taehyung's weird fucking fetishes that Jeongguk can propose to someone he wants to put his dick inside. Or vice versa.

"Hey." Taehyung knocks at Jeongguk's window. It's fucking unnecessary. Jeongguk's parents are on vacation for the week, but Taehyung's been climbing in his window lately. Trying to bring the romance back or some bullshit. "Jeon, open your window."

"No, go away."

"Fuck you, man. I'll get off without you."

"Nice. Less work for me."

"Piece of shit-"

But Jeongguk does reach behind his bed to unlock the window for Taehyung, who topples in gracelessly. "Don't get dirt on my bed."

"Pansy ass shit-" Taehyung kicks off his shoes, lets them land somewhere on the mess that is Jeongguk's floor. "I got you a going away present. And birthday present."

"Really?" That gets Jeongguk's attention, and he looks up from his game of Piano Tiles to face his friend. Taehyung isn't even going anywhere, just finally moving into his apartment a little bit closer to his school. "What is it?"

"I'm going to teach you how to top."

Jeongguk pouts. "But I like bottoming."

"And you're good at it, but you should know how to top in case a partner wants it. Now take your shirt off and come here."

With a sigh, Jeongguk complies and chucks his tank top off, maybe stares a little too long at Taehyung’s elegant frame as he strips, and lets Taehyung guide Jeongguk over his naked body with sure hands on his hips. "Do I have to kiss you?"

"If you want." Taehyung leans back and Jeongguk straddles his thighs. "You already know the shit I like, but for your sake I left the anal beads at home."

"I fucking hate you-"

"I'm kidding. Sort of. Take your time with your partner, work them up a little before you really get to it."

Jeongguk does, dropping a quick kiss to Taehyung's lips before moving along to his neck. He knows what he likes, the stuff that Taehyung does that gets him really hot under the collar and tries to replicate that, nipping along the smooth skin of Taehyung's throat. He doesn't have as visceral a reaction when Jeongguk bites at his ear and he pouts, but Taehyung assures him that he's doing well, that he can move down his body.

So Jeongguk does, paying attention to which spots make Taehyung moan and sigh and which ones get him tense beneath Jeongguk's palms. He takes his time, kissing everywhere he can reach, a thigh wedged between Taehyung's legs and he can feel Taehyung getting hard against his thigh.

"Good?" Jeongguk asks, because he needs that reassurance from Taehyung. Especially now.

"Real good, Guk. You don't have to blow me."

But Jeongguk wants to, so he licks from the base of Taehyung's cock to the tip, taking time to dig his tongue into the slit at the tip because he knows that's something that Taehyung likes. Jeongguk takes Taehyung's cock between his lips, moaning at the feel of him, hot and heavy, on his tongue, hollows his cheeks to take Taehyung even deeper until his tip hits the back of Jeongguk's throat. Taehyung sighs in pleasure, his hand a nice weight on the back of Jeongguk's head. Normally, Jeongguk would back off a little and let Taehyung fuck his face before moving on to prep, but this isn't a normal afternoon and it's not Jeongguk's ass today.

“Your cock is my fucking favorite,” Taehyung sighs, eyes closed in pleasure. Jeongguk doesn’t think much of it; could say the same thing about Taehyung’s dick.

"I'm gonna prep you now," Jeongguk says, pulling off Taehyung's cock with a slick pop.

"So soon? Where did the romance go, Gukie?"

"Shove it."

The lube's on the floor from Jeongguk's hookup the night before, a college boy taller than Jeongguk with big hands and nice hair and really nice fingers, and he grabs it quickly. He's afraid of hurting Taehyung, honestly, even though he knows that Taehyung has done this more than him, so he pours extra lube onto his fingers and then onto Taehyung's crack, watches as it runs between his cheeks.

"Cold," Taehyung hisses, and Jeongguk smiles a little because that's something Taehyung always does to him.

Jeongguk jostles Taehyung's hips a little to prop him against his thighs, pushing his finger and nearly choking at the tight heat, imagining that around his cock. "Okay, good," Taehyung sighs, body taut and Jeongguk feels a little pride at the marks already darkening his skin. "Good. Wiggle it around a little. Don't go for the prostate right away, better to wait for two fingers."

He pushes another finger in when he thinks Taehyung is ready and is rewarded with a gorgeous little moan. "Like this?"

"Good. Now crook your fingers in a kinda come hither motion, you'll know when you hit it because-" Taehyung's words are broken off in a loud groan as Jeongguk's fingers press into the gland. He scissors his fingers and presses them into Taehyung's prostate again, loving the way Taehyung moans and loving the delicate curve of his waist when he squirms. Call him mean, but Jeongguk plays with Taehyung's prostate for a little too long, especially after he's got three fingers buried in Taehyung's ass.

"You like that, huh?" Jeongguk asks, doing it again.

"Y-yeah." Taehyung sighs, grinding down against Jeongguk's fingers. "Told- I told you it's fun to play with. Quit it, though. I'm gonna cum. Now c'mon, I'm ready. Want your big fat cock, baby boy."

Jeongguk fixes him with an unamused look. "Can't you let me win just once?"


Jeongguk kicks off his jeans and reaches for a condom because Taehyung says he's not dealing with Jeongguk's come in his ass, he doesn't have time for that shit. Jeongguk doesn't care; his cock is hard and heavy and hurting, curving against his stomach and flushed. His hips jump when he rolls the condom on and again as he lubes up. Jeongguk flushes at the way Taehyung laughs at him, but Taehyung gets quiet real quick when Jeongguk lines up at his hole and pushes in slowly.

And fuck, Jeongguk's already intoxicated as fuck. Taehyung's so tight and warm and wet, and it takes every ounce of Jeongguk's stamina not to blow his fucking load the second he's inside Taehyung. It takes a minute to bottom out, Jeongguk moving slow for his own wellbeing and so as not to hurt Taehyung.

He shakes a little once his entire length is buried in Taehyung's ass, face in Taehyung's shoulder and hands curled in the sheets. Taehyung presses a kiss to Jeongguk's cheek and runs his hands over the expanse of Jeongguk’s skin. "You can move, baby. Feel so good, so big inside of me." Jeongguk shakes his head. "Gonna cum?" Jeongguk nods and Taehyung's laughing, running his fingers through Jeongguk's hair. "It's fine if you do, but then ya gotta eat my ass."

"M'fine," Jeongguk mutters, body tense above Taehyung. He waits for a few more minutes, catching his breath slowly. Hesitantly, he moves, and both he and Taehyung moan out loud.

"God, your cock's so good." Taehyung hums, "if only you knew how to use it better."

The quick instance of praise is almost enough to make up for Taehyung's snark, Jeongguk decides with a roll of his eyes. When he's sure he's not going to nut in that instant, Jeongguk thrusts harder, pulling out only to slam his hips back against Taehyung. "Hyung-"

"Good, real good, Guk." Taehyung's nails scrape against Jeongguk's shoulders and he finds that he likes it. Likes it a lot. "Angle- oh, fuck- angle your hips a little, aim for the prostate again-" Jeongguk does, bangs sweaty in his eyes as he fucks into Taehyung a little harder, and he grins when Taehyung lets out a shout of pleasure when Jeongguk hits his mark. "Fuck, Jeon. Mark up my neck."

Biting hickeys into Taehyung's neck, Jeongguk thrusts even harder, lets some of his earlier worry melt away. One of his hands moves from the sheets, gripping Taehyung's ass harshly and tugging his thigh higher on Jeongguk's waist.

"Feel so good, Tae." Jeongguk whispers to his neck, sucking another dark hickey into the skin there. "Please tell me you're close."

Taehyung chuckles. "Not yet. Will be if you touch my cock, though."

Jeongguk jerks him off a little sloppily, his hips snapping against Taehyung's ass because he's real fucking close and doesn't want to be that asshole who cums way before his partner. Taehyung sighs in his ear, whispers that he's doing so well, and when Jeongguk swipes his finger along the tip of Taehyung's dick, he tenses around Jeongguk and cum with a gorgeous moan, the sudden tightness around his cock making Jeongguk finish before he realizes.

"That was good, Jeon," Taehyung says, once they've both caught their breath and Jeongguk's lost at rock paper scissors. Jeongguk finds a shirt on the floor to clean the cum from their bellies with. "Usually I can cum just from a dick in my ass-"

"Wow, thanks for the fucking confidence," he mutters. Jeongguk's not pouting, not one bit as Taehyung giggles and cups his cheeks to press a wet kiss to Jeongguk's nose.

"But, if you work harder you'll get there. Kudos on not blowing right when you got in me, though. I totally thought you were gonna bust it."

"Jeon Jeongguk does not bust early."

"Mhm. We’ll work on it." Taehyung grabs one of Jeongguk's shirts and pulls his sweats back on, always still full of energy even after sex. Jeongguk stays naked and sated on his bed. "Get up, lazy ass. We're going to get milkshakes."

"Ugh. Why?"

"It's our thing now. Milkshakes after sex."

"We've been having sex for months now."

"Which means we have months worth of milkshakes to drink."

Taehyung makes Jeongguk drive to the diner, complains that his ass hurts like a bitch and Jeongguk would be lying through his teeth if he said that didn't stroke his ego just the tiniest bit. Taehyung orders one vanilla milkshake with two straws and, "The largest plate of fries you have, my good waiter. We're celebrating tonight."

"Oh?" The waiter laughs and Jeongguk tries to fucking hide under the table. "What's the special occasion?"

"My baby boy just fucked a dude."

"Great," Jeongguk says, watching the waiter walk away with bright red cheeks. "You just ruined his life."

"Another victim to add to the list."

The food comes, wings and fries and burgers and a milkshake, and Jeongguk could cry at smelling all of the greasy food. He'll have to double his workout tomorrow, but he thinks it's worth it to watch Taehyung's lips around a straw.

"You know what else is this white?" Taehyung swipes his finger through a glob of whipped cream.

"Don't, hyung-"

"Cum. My cum. Bet it doesn't taste as good, though."

Jeongguk leans forward, drinking from the milkshake without looking away from Taehyung. He smacks his lips. "You're right. It tastes better."

"Yeah? What's it taste like."

"Your mom last night."

"I'm going to kick your ass, Jeon-"

Jeongguk shoves a few fries in Taehyung's mouth, laughing too loudly for this small diner this late in the afternoon. Taehyung gives up on his idea to murder Jeongguk, but he does steal the rest of Jeongguk's burger.

Someone taps Jeongguk on the shoulder. It's a middle-aged woman sitting in the booth behind them, she and her husband sharing a brownie sundae. She points at Taehyung in distaste. "He does realize he's in public, right? How can he just say those things?"

"He knows," Jeongguk says, too fondly. "He just doesn't care."

"I'm bored."

"So do your homework."

"What the fuck." Taehyung looks genuinely offended by the suggestion. "No. I was thinking we'd have another threesome."

Jeongguk grimaces. "Dunno if that's a good idea, man. You laughed so hard during our first one I swear I went a little soft. Plus you told her about the... the thing."

Taehyung takes a long drink from his soda, taking care to drip some condensation onto his textbook. He's had one of his books for his photography class open for the three hours he's been in the diner with Jeongguk, both of them pretending they're actually giving a shit. It's too cold to entertain walking to the library. Wherever the hell that is. "Your daddy kink? You just looked so cute trying to dominate Jiwoo, Jeon. And uncomfortable every time she called you daddy. She really had no clue you like to be called a slut."

"I don't have a daddy kink."

"I have a reminder on Facebook that says the exact opposite."

Jeongguk wants to die. It was an accident. A fucking accident. "Keep your voice down."

"My precious little princess slut."

"Hyung. I'll kill you."

"Whatever." The waiter, another scandalized college student, passes by and Taehyung orders himself a chocolate milkshake. "I don't think we should bring another dude in the bedroom, at least not for a while. You came way too fast."

Jeongguk flushes and tries to hide it in his math homework. It doesn't work. It never does, and Taehyung's laughing so hard he chokes on his soda. "He had bomb dick game, how the fuck is that my fault?"

"Oh?" Taehyung leans closer, grins that greasy grin that Jeongguk knows far too well. "So it had nothing to do with me whispering in your ear? Calling you a slut, saying how good you look getting fucked-?"

"Dude-" Jeongguk shoves his hand in Taehyung's face, can feel his dick plumping up against his thigh and he fucking hates Kim Taehyung. He really does. "Shut up. I mean it."

"Okay, okay. Jeez." Taehyung sneaks a couple of Jeongguk's fries, still grinning like the piece of shit he is. "We'll save the threesome talk for my birthday. Besides, I really think I like watching you get railed. Something really hot about watching someone else shove your face in the mattress."

"No." Jeongguk feels his stomach drop because he can recognize that look in Taehyung's eyes anywhere. It's the same look from the first time he got Jeongguk to try the anal beads or take two dicks at once. "No way, hyung. That can't be another kink."

"How dare you kink shame me. In front of my own salad."

"That's gotta be, like, your tenth kink."

"Twelfth. I think."

"Jesus- fuck."

"Hey, I didn't say anything when you asked me to slap you."

"Because I choked you after!"

"Damn." Taehyung says very seriously, ignoring the scandalized look that a couple across the diner is throwing them. "We have tried so much shit."

"Warrants a break, right?"

"In your fucking dreams, Jeon."

The afternoon passes like that, Taehyung answering homework questions between orders of food and Jeongguk chugging away at his calculus homework. He hates it, always has, but it's whatever. What he's got to do. They spend their hours ranking the guys and girls who come into the diner, suggesting them as possible threesome partners but ultimately getting nowhere because they can't fucking agree on a person.

"What about her?"

"I have history with her this year. Don't need that being awkward. What about him?"

"He looks bigger than you, looks like he can't take beads. I want your dick to be the biggest I choke on."

"Fuck off, hyung. Her?"

"Weird boobs. Probably sucks at giving head."

"Can't be as bad as your mom."

"You shit-"

Taehyung chases him out of the diner, but not before throwing a few bills on the table to cover their meals. He shoves Jeongguk into a nearby snowbank, laughs so hard he has to clutch his knees to catch his breath and presents a perfect target for Jeongguk to push him into a pile of snow on the side of the road.

When he offers a hand to Taehyung- because he's not an asshole, okay?- Taehyung uses the leverage to drop a frosty kiss on Jeongguk's lips, then leaves him reeling as he walks to the car. Jeongguk goes back to the diner for their books, avoiding the looks the other customers are giving them.

"Wanna come to my place and drink? My roommate's out."

Jeongguk snuggles into his coat. The heater in Taehyung's car is starting to go. "Sure. You're buying though."

"Duh. What kind of a hyung would I be if I didn't get the beer?"

("Here, Jeonggukie, drink this beer."

It's New Year's and Jeongguk's over at Taehyung's family's house for a party. Taehyung came back for the night, family and friends mingling around as Taehyung hands him a glass of something piss colored. He's already had a couple glasses of champagne and cut himself off. The last thing Jeongguk needs is to throw up on someone's shoes. "Thanks?"

"Just don't tell your mom I'm letting you drink."

Jeongguk scowls. "I'm nineteen, hyung. Not ten."

"Did I fucking stutter?"

"Can't wait until I'm old enough to buy this shit on my own," Jeongguk mutters, drinks the beer because Taehyung brought him the good shit his parents only buy for holidays.

"It loses its novelty once you're of age. Trust me."

They end up leaving the party early, sneaking up to Taehyung's old room where Taehyung blows Jeongguk on the bed. Jeongguk's just passed tipsy and can't muster up the energy to get on his knees, so he lets Taehyung do what he wants with his mouth, giggling every time Taehyung pulls back enough to let him breathe.

The countdown finds both of them wrapped in one blanket on Taehyung's bed, wearing pants because they're not trying to make it gay. Jeongguk rests his head on Taehyung's shoulder, and smiles to himself.

"Thanks, Tae."

"Of course. All in a day's work as the best hyung in the world.")

Heartache looks different on everyone, but Jeongguk thinks he hates the way it looks on Taehyung. It's not heartbreak, not at that level yet because Taehyung didn't have his heart broken, just stepped on a little, and now his favorite milkshake isn't even bringing a smile to his face.

Jeongguk doesn't know what to say because he's never had his heart stepped on. His longest relationship was a month in his freshman year, a relationship that ended amicably because neither of them really liked each other anymore.

"Hyung, at least turn the Evanescence off. People are staring."

Taehyung doesn't lift his head off of the table but he does fumble around for his phone before finally shutting off the embarrassing music. "I miss Eunji."

"You dated her for three weeks."

"Fuck off. She was great. Great in bed. Just. Really great."

Jeongguk slides into the seat next to Taehyung, wraps an arm around his back because it's really all he knows how to do. "She had really nice tits, too. I'd put my cock between them."

That, at least, gets Taehyung to chuckle weakly. "She broke up with me an hour ago, Jeon. Can you not."

Jeongguk works his fingers through Taehyung's hair, lets Taehyung shift until he's shoving his face against Jeongguk's shoulder and not the table. "You'll find someone else, Tae. Someone even wilder in bed."

"Think so?"

"Maybe. You're kind of a freak."

Taehyung laughs quietly. "That's your only free kink shame."

"Fuck- and you let me waste it?"

They fall silent for a while, the air conditioning cold on their bare arms and Jeongguk's arm is starting to fall asleep from the angle, but he keeps those thoughts to himself. He lets Taehyung mope, lets him mope against his neck because Taehyung isn't crying. He wasn't hurt badly enough to be crying, and Jeongguk counts that as a little victory.



"Can we go back to your place?"

"Yeah." Jeongguk drops a quick kiss to the top of Taehyung's head. "Yeah, of course. I'll even let you use that fleshlight you bought on me."

Taehyung perks up a little, still very little color on his cheeks. "Really?"

"One time offer."

"What the hell are we still doing here, then? I'll drive." Taehyung pauses outside at the driver's side of the car, staring at Jeongguk over the roof of the car with that twinkle in his eye that Jeongguk really had missed. "Oh, and Jeongguk?"


"Thanks, man."

Jeongguk smiles, soft and small. "Don't mention it."

Jeongguk really fucking hates Taehyung. He says that a lot but this time, with his hands cuffed to the top of Taehyung's bed and a vibrator shoved up his ass, Jeongguk really means it. He's squirming, damn near about to break and beg because the cock ring on his dick is keeping Jeongguk from cumming and he wants to die.

"Hyung-" Jeongguk gasps, arching his back when Taehyung turns the vibrator up another level. Taehyung wasn't even using Jeongguk's favorite handcuffs, no, he was using the pink fluffy ones because he thinks he's funny. "Hyung, fuck- fuck you- let me, shit-"

Taehyung only hums, lying on the other side of his bed and scrolling through his phone. He's not even looking at Jeongguk, tied up and high-strung, pretty flushed skin glistening. "What's wrong?"

"You fucking know what's wrong, you fucking piece of shit- fuck!"

Taehyung turns the vibrator up again and Jeongguk fucking wails. He can't quite remember how he got into this position, how the fuck he agreed to let Taehyung tie him up like this the night before he's to begin his last year of high school. Maybe there was a promise, maybe something else, Jeongguk doesn't care- his dick hurts.

"Hyung," Jeongguk sobs, kicking his legs out for some kind of relief but there isn't any. He can't remember how many settings this vibrator has. "Please- Tae, please please please touch me. Let me cum, Tae, please!"

"Gotta do that thing I like, baby boy."

Jeongguk curses, the last of it cutting off into another cry of pleasure when Taehyung jacks up the vibrator again. Above all else, Jeongguk really just wants Taehyung to look at him. Because Taehyung isn't shy with his affection when it comes to sex and Jeongguk really wants that affection right now.

"I'm not-" Jeongguk whimpers. "Calling you that."

"Then I guess you're not cumming."

Jeongguk could fucking cry. He swears in that moment that he's finding a new best friend once he gets out of these cuffs. He's tired of Taehyung and his stupid everything. Jeongguk has a lot of pride but Taehyung's really good at knocking him down a few pegs. Giggling when Jeongguk's trying to dom a girl. Talking his way out of the cuffs Jeongguk puts him in with promises to let Jeongguk fuck him against the wall, only for Jeongguk to be the one with his face pushed into the couch cushions as Taehyung ruins him. Showing no signs of discomfort when Jeongguk leaves him tied up to make pancakes instead. Or, Jeongguk's personal favorite: Taehyung breaking down into tears of laughter when their threesomes turn into competitions and Jeongguk's got a girl on his lap calling him daddy.

Jeongguk has a lot of pride but Taehyung's just better. And he knows it. But Jeongguk will never say it. At least not right now.

Writhing again, Jeongguk turns his face to Taehyung with a pout on his slick lips, bitten red from Jeongguk's initial attempt at holding back his noises. "D-daddy," Jeongguk whines and watches the way Taehyung's lips turn up at the corner. "Please let me cum."

"All you had to do was ask."

Then Taehyung's tossing his phone to the side, focusing all of his attention on Jeongguk and he preens with a happy little noise, body tensing as Taehyung gets between his thighs. Taehyung isn't even naked, still sitting in his sweats and graphic t-shirt that says, I just want all the dogs, and it's so not sexy Jeongguk resents that he's a literal mess on Taehyung's bed while the other just looks so sloppy.

But he's got that attention back on him and Jeongguk doesn't care about anything else right now, focuses only on Taehyung pulling the vibrator out of Jeongguk's ass without warning, lifting until Jeongguk's got his thighs on Taehyung's shoulders and he can hold Jeongguk's cheeks in his hand, dipping his tongue into Jeongguk's abused hole.

"Fuck-" Jeongguk all but sobs, his back arching and pushing his ass further against Taehyung's face. Drunken Taehyung will tell anyone who'll listen that Jeongguk's a God at eating ass but he doesn't think he holds a candle to Taehyung. "So good, Tae- shit- right there-!"

Jeongguk's got tears in his eyes when he's finally getting what he wanted, Taehyung's tongue fucking into his hole rapidly, Taehyung's hands squeezing his ass and gripping his thigh right at the curve of his backside, fitting so nicely that Jeongguk really thinks Taehyung was made to hold his ass. He thinks he says this, babbling something about Taehyung and Taehyung's hands and how close he is, having been kept on edge for so long.

Taehyung's grinding down against the mattress, fucking into Jeongguk with his tongue even harder as Jeongguk cries out again, feels the first tear slip down his cheek.

"D-daddy, the ring," Jeongguk moans, arms tense and sore above his head. "The ring, Tae, you shithead- let me cum, fuck-"

Taehyung finally, blessedly, removes the cock ring, and as he shoves a finger into Jeongguk's ass to press against his prostate Jeongguk cums hard untouched, nearly screaming as he finally finds his release and paints his belly white. Taehyung keeps going, licking into Jeongguk's rim until he's shaking, oversensitive and hard again, forcing a second orgasm out of Jeongguk while he shakes and twists in Taehyung’s strong hold. When Taehyung lets his body back onto the bed softly, Jeongguk swears he’s floating.

"Good?" Taehyung asks, kneeling by Jeongguk's shoulders to undo the cuffs. Jeongguk just sags onto the bed, lets his entire body mold into the mattress with a pleased sigh. "My little bitch, always so good to me."

"Fuck off," Jeongguk mutters. But there's no real bite to it, he's biting back a smile at the backwards complement. Taehyung takes a quick minute to rub the kinks out of Jeongguk's shoulders before grabbing Jeongguk's hand for rock paper scissors. Jeongguk loses, but refuses to move to clean himself, so Taehyung lowers his head to Jeongguk's belly and fucking licks the cum clean, reaches his body over Jeongguk's to kiss him, pushing his cum back onto Jeongguk's tongue until Jeongguk shoves him away with a hand on his neck. "Fuck. Why the fuck do we swallow."

"Some of that Freudian nature versus nurture shit."

"That is entirely incorrect." Jeongguk's eyes close sleepily. A long day of basketball practice and getting the life fucked out of him is tiring. "Hyung, you didn't cum so you can fuck my face."

"Uh, actually I'm good."

"Really?" Jeongguk snorts, reaches blindly for Taehyung's thigh and palms at his soft cock, at the wetness staining the front of his sweats. "Never letting you live that down."

"You literally didn't get off with your last hookup unless she put a finger up your ass."

"She was shitty in bed!"

"Whatever. How's your head?"

Jeongguk frowns, blinking up at Taehyung, who's staring at him with an expression Jeongguk can't quite read. "Fine? I'm taking a shower."

"Use the lavender soap, it makes you smell pretty."

"Fuck all the way off, hyung."

Jeongguk does use the lavender soap anyway, uses up all of Taehyung's hot water because he's not afraid to admit he's petty like that. When he leaves the bathroom, only a towel on his wet hair, Taehyung is sitting on his bed flipping through his stack of take out menus.

Taehyung doesn't even look up as Jeongguk rifles through his clothes for something to wear, finds a couple of his shirts he thought his mom had thrown away. "Your parents know you're staying over, right? I ordered chicken and beer."

"Hyung, your apartment isn't even that far from my place."

"I know, but you're a dumbass who left his school books at home. Maybe your mom wants you to come home and get them, or wants this dick. Either or."

Jeongguk dresses in Taehyung's baggiest sweats and hoodie, thanks any deity that will listen that Taehyung remembered to pay his electricity bill this month. "Stay away from my family."

"Sure thing."

Taehyung lies back in bed and smiles when Jeongguk launches himself back into the bed, using Taehyung's arm as a pillow and hooking their legs together. "My ass fucking hurts."

"Well, that's what you get for being a bitch for half an hour. Would have been over much faster if you just said it."

"I resent drunk me for calling you that last year. It was an accident." Jeongguk groans. "It has to have been longer."

"It wasn't." There's that look in Taehyung's eyes again, the evil twinkle Jeongguk can never be sure if he wants to hate or love. "But we can try to break that record next time."

It's fucking freezing outside but the club is warm, too many bodies packed together in such a small area. College students are home for the holidays, making the most of their weeks off before the grind kicks back in. This was Taehyung's "Christmas present" for Jeongguk; going to a club and picking up girls.

Except something's wrong. Jeongguk was a little too tipsy, grinding against a girl somewhere on the dance floor with a boy on his back, sharing kisses between the two and wondering if this would be the first threesome he had without Taehyung, until his tipsy self decides to open his mouth.

Open his mouth and mention how badly he wants to get fucked, too used to it thanks to Taehyung that he asks the girl if he can fuck her in the ass. She looks at him weird, says she'll only agree if she can fuck him after, and Jeongguk fucking agrees.

Which only opens the conversation to more shit, wherein the boy behind Jeongguk is laughing as he sucks a hickey onto Jeongguk's neck while Jeongguk's using a pickup line Taehyung told him about and suddenly-

"Hyung." Jeongguk finds Taehyung at the bar; drinking a fucking martini like the gay fucker he is with a few girls. He stops laughing when Jeongguk runs up in a panic, eyes wide and cheeks flushed. "Hyung, help. I used one of your lines on the wrong gender and now a girl wants me to fist her, what do I do?"

Taehyung laughs like this isn't the worst fucking thing in the world. "Just do it like I taught you."

"No- what the fuck, hyung? Didn't you hear me?"

"I did, need a fucking fisting refresher?"

"No-" Jeongguk can hear the girl calling his name, getting closer to the bar. "Fuckin-" He grabs Taehyung's cheeks in his hands, dragging him into a messy kiss and swallowing Taehyung's noise of surprise. Taehyung catches on- already knew- and slips his hands into the pockets of Jeongguk's jeans, squeezing his ass to drag him closer.

The girl spots them, Jeongguk knows because he has one of his eyes open in the dark of the club, pouting when she sees he's a little tied up in Taehyung's tongue, and thankfully walks away. Jeongguk sighs, breaking the kiss and resting his forehead against the hollow of Taehyung's neck.

"Damn, who taught you to kiss like that?" Taehyung snickers, still squeezing Jeongguk's ass.

"You," Jeongguk says truthfully. Maybe that last shot was a bit of a mistake.

"I'm so fucking good. Wanna dance?"

They came here to find hookups, for Jeongguk to get a little more college hookup exposure before his senior year ends, but of course they end up wrapped around each other on the dance floor. Taehyung keeps him close as they dance, hips flush, scowls a little when he notices the hickey some guy left on Jeongguk's neck and dips his head to make a bigger one on the other side.

And Jeongguk's intoxicated. Partly on the vodka but mostly on Taehyung, grinding his hardening cock against Taehyung's with a little whimper. And this wasn't supposed to happen, the two of them getting off on the disco lights and on each other, but things have a funny way of never working out in Jeongguk's favor.

Taehyung keeps his lips on Jeongguk's neck, listens to every breathy whine that Jeongguk makes, takes note of every time his breathing catches or his pace falters, lets Jeongguk do most of the work because he likes the way Jeongguk looks when he's all worked up, flushed and sweaty and just about to break. When he whines against Taehyung's neck, Taehyung bites at the helix in Jeongguk's ear and Jeongguk's hips stutter as he groans, body tense while he cums.

"Fuck," Jeongguk whispers, the embarrassment catching up with him. Taehyung adores this- the embarrassed color that Jeongguk's cheeks get when they discover a new kink or Jeongguk likes something a lot and doesn't want to admit it. They're in the middle of a fucking club, bodies packed on every side and he just came in his pants like a damn middle school kid. "Taehyung, fuck you."

"Later. Let's get out of here."

"I'll blow you in the car, if you want," Jeongguk murmurs, his body flushed against Taehyung's back as they walk in an attempt to hide the wet spot in his jeans. Really, he just makes it more obvious.

Jeongguk doesn't blow him in the car, only because Taehyung says he wants to fuck Jeongguk when they get back to his apartment. Jeongguk whines the entire ride home, squirming against the feeling of the cum cooling in his boxers, sticky and gross, but he shuts up real quick when Taehyung slips his hand into his pants, palming him until he's hard again, slumped against the window and panting.

Jeongguk's high school graduation comes and it's as much an endeavor as Taehyung's was. Only this time it's Taehyung wearing Jeongguk's cap for the pictures, but they still go out with their families to the same restaurant to eat afterwards, after Taehyung brought a megaphone to scream into to make sure Jeongguk heard him as he crossed the stage for his diploma.

Jeongguk never had as many friends in high school and he opts to nix the graduation party, knows it'll just be awkward making small talk with all the kids he went to school with. Especially with those unfortunate few who heard Taehyung fucking him in various bathrooms over that one year.

Instead, he and Taehyung go back to the water tower. They don't come here as often since Taehyung got his own place, but it's a nice throw back and Taehyung brings beer, and he's absolutely correct in that drinking loses its novelty once Jeongguk's of age.

"Hey, you never said where you're going to college." Taehyung says, tossing his first can off the water tower. He's got his arm around Jeongguk's shoulders because Jeongguk asked for it. He's a little sad about graduating and a lot needy; sue him.

"The main Uni across town. Same one as you."

"Oh nice." Taehyung pauses, and Jeongguk knows that's not all of it.

"What, hyung?"

"It's just." Jeongguk's still in his gown because Taehyung said he looks nice in it. The entire town is in front of them, a pretty skyline that Jeongguk would willingly admit to being gay for, but Jeongguk's staring at the curve of Taehyung's delicate eyelashes. "I'm moving to Seoul, Jeongguk."



"No, you can't fucking leave me."

Jeongguk's irrationally mad, he knows he is, but this isn't how it's supposed to go. He hadn't even been scared this time around because he thought he'd have Taehyung at his side. Jeongguk shakes off Taehyung's arm, moves farther away on the tower and draws his knees up to his chest, looking away from Taehyung.

"Don't do this, Jeongguk." Taehyung says, following to stay at Jeongguk's side. "Please, babe. Jeon. It was hard enough applying to school out there."

"So, why do it?" Jeongguk bites, tucks his face against his knees because if he looks at Taehyung now he might do something stupid. "What happened to getting run out of town by pitchforks?"

"Gukie, please." Taehyung's fingers are in his hair and Jeongguk kind of wants to scream. "It's a better school, you could apply there and come with me."

"Can't," he mutters. "Can't afford it."

"Right." In that moment Taehyung gives up on subtlety, throws his arms around Jeongguk's frame and rests his forehead on Jeongguk's neck. "There's a department store opening nearby my school. Well, not really, but I know someone who's gonna be working there and he said he'd put in a good word for me. Better salary, so I can keep buying your ass all the chicken you can eat."

"Can't buy me chicken when you live on the other side of the country."

"Bet? They take delivery orders over the phone, Jeon."

Jeongguk sighs, his entire body tensing before he gives up and tucks his body into the curve of Taehyung's. "What am I supposed to do without you?"

"Suck some pretty girl's fingers. I know you prefer mine, but they'll have to do." Jeongguk can feel Taehyung's smile on his forehead when he chuckles. "I'll come visit on any break I have, remind you who's dick is best. We can FaceTime every day, it'll be fine, Guk."

"Making it gay, Tae."

"We're a little past gay, babe."

"Yeah," Jeongguk sighs, feels Taehyung press a feather light kiss to the top of his head. "When do you leave?" He still isn't happy about this; probably won't ever be and is more than ready to lock himself in his bedroom with Taehyung's When the Dick Ain't Good :( playlist, but when Taehyung makes up his mind there's no talking him out of anything.

"Four weeks."

Jeongguk spends every day at Taehyung's place in those four weeks, making the most of Taehyung's dick and Taehyung's new goldfish- which he demands Jeongguk keep- and getting himself ready for university while resolutely refusing to help Taehyung pack up his apartment. Sometimes he's the one who orders the chicken and beer, both of them drinking a little too much and looking through an old yearbook with laughter that doesn't quite hit the mark.

He drives Taehyung to the train station the morning he has to leave, ass sore from how many times Taehyung fucked him the night before. He didn't even call Jeongguk a slut, kept it a little too vanilla and gay for both of them, but they'd stayed up most of the night tangled in the sheets and Jeongguk's not feeling any better, but at least Taehyung's leaving with a bang.

"Call me when you get to Seoul," Jeongguk mutters, finger curled into Taehyung's belt loop as they stand by the train. There are only a few minutes before it's set to leave.

"Will do, princess." Taehyung straightens his collar, tries to hide his excitement for Jeongguk's sake but it's okay. Jeongguk likes the color of excitement on Taehyung's cheeks. "Make friends, okay? If you drunk call me more than once whining about being lonely I'm gonna pay people to hang out with you."

Jeongguk deadpans, "Your faith in me is astounding."

"And if you need anything, Jeon, anything at all, you know where I live."

Taehyung doesn't kiss him but he does nuzzle Jeongguk's cheek, nips at Jeongguk's ear in farewell- not a goodbye, Taehyung had insisted- and Jeongguk stands on the platform as Taehyung finds his seat. He stands on the platform as the train pulls away, Taehyung making an ugly face against the glass, and Jeongguk's never wanted to get out of town more.

Jeongguk's first year of university is as stupid as he anticipates it to be. Without Taehyung around he throws himself into the experience- not into the studies and schoolwork but into the parties and drinking, staying over at fraternities more than his own house and waking up with girls he can't recognize draped on various parts of his body.

He likes the mornings he wakes up in boy's beds better because boys aren't as weird about spooning Jeongguk afterwards- well, except for the ones trying to convince Jeongguk they're not gay. He doesn't care; he just wants his dick touched.

Taehyung makes good on his promise to FaceTime often and come back on weekends and holidays but it's just not the same when Jeongguk can't hop on a subway and get to Taehyung's apartment when he's in the mood for a submissive snuggle. Jeongguk tells about each of his successful hookups and watches the way Taehyung’s face lights up, proud and beautiful. Taehyung tells him about the girl he met and a few weeks later he's bringing her home to Jeongguk to introduce her as his girlfriend, so they stop having sex whenever Taehyung comes back to visit. It's okay, though. Jeongguk found a regular FWB at the university who'll choke him when he's topping.

"Hyung," Jeongguk calls Taehyung in the middle of the night one week, sneaking out of a frat house because he's not in the mood to wake up and clean a house he doesn't even live in. He woke Taehyung up, his eyes puffy and red from lack of sleep, but Taehyung looks so excited to see his face that Jeongguk doesn't feel bad.

"What's up, Gukie?"

"Remember that weird thing I yelled at you for doing in bed that one night?" Taehyung hums in remembrance. "They fucking hated it. You've literally ruined my entire life. I can't do half the shit I like with other people, why even try when I have you?"

Taehyung grins sleepily. "That was my plan all along, Guk." Someone makes a confused noise on Taehyung's end, and he shushes his girlfriend quietly. Love and adoration look especially beautiful on Taehyung. "You won't find anyone like me, Jeon. But kudos for trying."

"My life is over."


"Hey, go to sleep," Jeongguk says, walking through town in the dark quiet. Taehyung's trailed off on his last three stories, his eyes drooping, and he moans unhappily at the thought of saying goodbye. "It's fine, hyung, really. Call me when you wake up, yeah?"

"'Kay. Love you, princess."

"Don't make it homo."

Taehyung snorts softly, and falls asleep before Jeongguk can end the call.

His second year of university is harder than the first, or so Jeongguk assumes when he's skipping half of his classes and passing on sheer luck and the influence of weed. He'd spent his entire summer in Seoul with Taehyung, staying in the spare room in the apartment because Taehyung's girlfriend had moved in. Taehyung doesn't have a roommate at the moment, but he makes just enough at the jewelry counter of the department store to cover the rent.

Taehyung doesn't really show him around Seoul, the two of them playing video games on the couch instead. His girlfriend interns at a music company, coupled with her studies, and is only really home in the mornings and evenings. She's pretty, and Jeongguk can see how far and fast Taehyung's falling.

"Never thought you'd be the first to get a girlfriend, hyung," Jeongguk says honestly after a couple of beers and hours of playing Overwatch with Taehyung. "Honestly. You're so fucking gay for everything."

"You should try it," Taehyung shrugs. "Relationships aren't really that bad. We've been together almost a year and it's been pretty awesome."

"Don't miss hookups?" Jeongguk asks. They both can hear the unspoken question; do you miss me?

Taehyung admits, "Sometimes. But there's something cool about stability, y'know? Not kidding, Jeon. Let me know if you snag yourself a cutie."

Jeongguk takes Taehyung's advice that year by accident. He hooks up with the same girl at a few parties, gets used to her presence in his bed and even starts meeting her for dinner or coffee. He cuts back on the number of strangers, stays at Eunhye's side at parties and lets her drag his arm around her shoulders, smiles against her mouth when she leads him into an empty bathroom with a hand curled into his waistband.

Then, one morning she sits up in Jeongguk's bed and straddles his thighs, shivers a little beneath his palms on her slender waist. His shirt from the night before hangs off her collarbones when she asks, "Are we dating?"

Jeongguk pauses. He hadn't considered it. "I don't know. We could try, if that's something you want?"

"I think I'd like that."


(Taehyung smiles so widely when Jeongguk breaks the news, waiting until things are a little more official and Taehyung's visiting from Seoul to reveal everything. Taehyung insists on buying Jeongguk's drinks that night, slaps him a little too hard on the back in congratulations and maybe kisses his ear one too many times, but neither of them mention that last bit.)

It's good, Jeongguk thinks, to have a girl by his side. Eunhye is sweet and she's shorter than him, a nice contrast from Taehyung, he thinks. She fits into his life in a way he hadn't expected, the honeymoon period lasting for quite a while. They do fight a little when Jeongguk brings her home to meet his parents, but it's over something stupid and Jeongguk makes up for it with shower sex at her place.

Maybe that was a warning sign, making up for everything with sex, but Jeongguk tries not to think about it too much.

During the holidays, Eunhye puts a pause on their relationship to go home for break. "You can see other people while I'm gone," she says, buttoning her shirt while Jeongguk lazes in her bed in the dorm room. "My ex will be in town so I might suck his dick, just a fair warning."


Jeongguk doesn't have much to do during the break, spends his time divided between his part time job at a mechanic shop and sleeping. Taehyung doesn't call much, and when Jeongguk asks his parents they say he didn't mention coming back to Busan this time. Jeongguk calls every day, several times, and each time Taehyung doesn't answer he feels something weird tighten in the pit of his stomach.

Until one day Jeongguk's scrolling through his phone on his bed, his parents gone for the day, and Taehyung comes barging into Jeongguk's room with red eyes and a very obvious lack of baggage.

"Tae?" Jeongguk says, unnecessarily. He drops his phone, watches the way Taehyung kicks off his shoes and climbs into bed with Jeongguk. "You're here? Your parents said-"

Taehyung shuts him up with an aggressive kiss, plants his weight right on Jeongguk's lap, and doesn't give Jeongguk a chance to breathe or post a question as he kisses harshly, licking into Jeongguk's mouth and tilting his head with a hand in his hair.

When he breaks away, there are new tears in his eyes and Jeongguk learns what heartbreak looks like. "She was cheating on me," he whispers against Jeongguk's lips, his voice breaking. "The entire fucking time. You know I bought her expensive ass panties at the department store? She wore those with him, never once used them with me. I found them fucking on our bed, Jeon."

"Tae," Jeongguk's voice breaks, too, because he really fucking hates the way sadness looks dulling the usual twinkle of Taehyung's eyes. "I'm so sorry, Taehyung-"

"I know." Taehyung kisses him again, grinds down against Jeongguk's lap. "Come on, please, man."

"I don't know if it's a good idea," Jeongguk says truthfully.

"I don't fucking care. I need to feel something again."

Jeongguk curses his vice and complies, tilting Taehyung's chin up to kiss him slowly. Taehyung doesn't appreciate it, tries to take control of the kiss and grind harshly onto Jeongguk's dick but Jeongguk's started going to the gym a lot more in university, and he fits his hands against Taehyung's thighs and keeps him still.

Taehyung makes an unhappy noise into the kiss. Briefly, they break apart when Jeongguk flips their positions, hovering over Taehyung's body and kissing lightly at his neck. He takes his time to undo the buttons on Taehyung's flannel, presses kisses into every inch of skin and ignores the way Taehyung curses at him to go faster. Jeongguk doesn't listen, removes Taehyung's clothes with slow, steady hands.

"Missed you, hyung," Jeongguk whispers as he's sucking a hickey onto Taehyung's hip.

"You, too. Now can you hurry the hell up and fuck me?"

Jeongguk doesn't get all of his clothes off before he's slicking up his fingers, letting the lube warm because he's a nice partner, even when Taehyung's threatening to chop his dick off if he doesn't move faster. He kisses Taehyung through one and two fingers, moves his lips to Taehyung's neck when he brushes against the other's prostate and Taehyung whines loudly.

When Jeongguk pushes inside, Taehyung's legs hiked around his waist, Taehyung draws his nails harshly down Jeongguk's back, the sting making him hiss. "Fuck me like you mean it, Jeon."

Jeongguk takes it slow, thrusts into Taehyung's shaking body with even, deep movements. Taehyung curses his entire family to hell while Jeongguk's trailing his lips all along Taehyung's chest, kissing away the tears that have nothing to do with the sex. The threats don't work, Taehyung finally realizes, and it's with a broken little sob that Taehyung curls his arms around Jeongguk's shoulders and holds him close as Jeongguk fucks into him, whispering words of praise he knows work well for him.

"It's okay, angel," Jeongguk murmurs into Taehyung's ear, earning a whimper and another moan of his name. Taehyung clenches around his cock, bare because Taehyung insisted and they've never gone without a condom with anyone else, and Jeongguk chokes back a groan.

"Jeongguk-" Taehyung's words cut off when Jeongguk reaches down to jerk him off gently, still thrusting too slow into his ass, wet with lube until Taehyung cum, shaking apart in Jeongguk's arms and face tucked into Jeongguk's neck.

He's quick to follow, cumming deep in Taehyung's ass while whispering, "Good boy, Taehyung. My angel. It's okay, fall apart for me."

Taehyung stays hidden in Jeongguk's chest even after Jeongguk has pulled out, doesn't open his eyes when Jeongguk gets the cum out of his ass and sacrifices his sheets for the greater good. There are still tears shining on Taehyung's cheeks but no fresh ones. Jeongguk considers that to be a victory.

Jeongguk pulls a sweatshirt over Taehyung's pliant frame and lies at Taehyung's side, stroking his hand along Taehyung's smooth skin.

"Thanks." Taehyung whispers, after a few long minutes.

"Don't mention it, angel."

A tiny quirk of Taehyung's lips. "Ugh."

"How did I not know you liked to be called that?"

"Same way we didn't know you liked my fist up your ass until last year."

Jeongguk smiles. "Got me there."

Taehyung's eyes snap open, and he scrambles to grab Jeongguk's hand. "Fuck, Jeon- Eunhye. You're still with her, right? Fuck, I'm as bad as my ex-"

"Relax." Jeongguk urges him back into bed with gentle hands on his shoulders. "We're on a break while she's visiting family in Ilsan. Mentioned she'd probably be sucking her old boyfriend’s dick. You're nothing like your ex."

"Oh." Taehyung doesn't look very relieved, but curls his fingers between Jeongguk's on his belly nonetheless. "That's kinda shitty, the break so she can hookup with someone else thing."

Jeongguk shrugs, and Taehyung seems to give up on the idea of conversation, turns onto his side and leaves room for Jeongguk to curve his chest against Taehyung's back, holding him extra tight. Jeongguk doesn't comment that by fucking Taehyung, it would make him just as shitty as Eunhye; that remains unsaid between the two of them. It's still early in the afternoon, the sun bleeding through the curtains at Jeongguk's window, but neither of them makes a move for the remote nor entertains the idea of leaving bed today.

"Do your parents know you're home?" Taehyung shakes his head. "You wanna stay the night?" This time he nods. "Cool. Mom'll make you chocolate chip pancakes if you ask real nicely."



"Thank you."

Taehyung goes back to Seoul the next afternoon and Jeongguk's routine returns to normal. Eunhye kisses him when he mentions hooking up with Taehyung, says that she ended up fucking her ex in the backseat of his car anyway, and then they both get high in the middle of the frat party and go back to solving petty squabbles with too much sex.

It's in the second half of Jeongguk's third year in university when things begin to change. The signs were always there, but Jeongguk refused to see them. Eunhye starts going through his phone, starts complaining every time Jeongguk calls Taehyung that he starts cutting back on the number of times he calls each week. She follows him home, accuses him of cheating on her with his damn mother and taps at his window one night with a picture of him that she'd taken while he was asleep one night they didn't spend together.

Jeongguk breaks it off after a month of the creepy stalker activity. He'd confronted her about it and she'd laughed, said she'd bagged such a hot catch she wanted to make sure he never got away. For a while, things went back to normal, but then Eunhye starts talking about marriage. Says they'll be together until the day they die and announces that she's already picked the church for them to be married in. She won't leave his side, clutching his arm in the hallways and skipping her classes to come with Jeongguk to his.

He tries to make it work for those few weeks, thinks that this might just be a normal part of relationships because that's what Eunhye tells him. Jeongguk's never been in love before, thinks he might be feeling it now with their fifteen month anniversary coming up, but then he catches Eunhye deleting Taehyung's texts from his phone before Jeongguk can read them, the layer of increasing concern in each of Taehyung's messages providing the clarity Jeongguk needed.

Maybe he was in love, or close to it at one point, but that all goes to shit the day Eunhye screams at him in the subway station for returning a dropped wallet to the girl walking in front of them. Jeongguk looks at her face, bright red, as she screams at him with her fingers clutching his wrist while she screeches, "you're mine! my boyfriend! you'll be my husband soon! you don't get to keep talking to all of these other girls!" And he tells her it's over in front of the small crowd of people pretending not to watch the scene.

Except it doesn't end there. Eunhye pretends the exchange never happened and sits herself on Jeongguk's lap at the next party he goes to. Insists she's still his girlfriend, says she would never do anything to lose a guy so good in the sack. Slaps at his arms and chest when he not so gently reminds her that he dumped her ass.

Taehyung's advice is to fucking arrest her and Jeongguk's parents are extra worried when she hides in the bushes in front of Jeongguk's house three nights in a row. She breaks the restraining order that Jeongguk manages to get. One afternoon she's in the damn car when Jeongguk goes to drive to the market.

And he's had enough.

Jeongguk swears off relationships one brutally hot afternoon, his phone ringing on his bed. It's not Taehyung because Taehyung's in class, which means it's a new number Eunhye got to keep calling him. He packs as much as will fit in his duffel bag, throwing some clothes and money and necessities inside and he doesn't tell his parents when he takes the subway to the train station, a cap and mask on to hide.

He swears he can see Eunhye in the shadows, walking on the other side of the sidewalk, or sitting in one of the subway cars but Jeongguk doesn't hear from her. As he's standing in line to buy his ticket Jeongguk smells her perfume and has to resist the urge to vomit. But despite seeing what he thinks to be her reflection on the glass of the escalator, he gets on the train alone. He throws his phone out the window alone and Jeongguk arrives in Seoul fucking alone.

Taehyung doesn't look surprised when Jeongguk knocks on his door, only pulls into a tight hug and lets Jeongguk cry out his frustration curled up at his side on the couch.

(Taehyung does call Jeongguk's parents, though. Calls to let them know that Jeongguk's alright, but that he probably won't be coming home anytime soon. Jeongguk's parents thank him and offer to send some money to help both boys out but Taehyung takes one look at Jeongguk, wrapped up in a blanket after falling asleep on the couch, looking small and more than a little lost, and politely denies the offer. He sleeps curled around Jeongguk's back that night and they stay that way for most of the next day.)

"I found an apartment, hyung. Kinda across town."

"Oh?" Taehyung's sitting upside down on the couch, eating cereal that expired three days ago because he's too fucking lazy to buy more. "Thought you'd given up and just moved in. We haven't tried being roommates before this year."

Jeongguk frowns, staring at the apartment listing in the newspaper. It's not the nicest place but it has potential, and if he gets a roommate then he can start paying Taehyung back for everything. "Has it been a year? Fuck, Tae, I'm so sorry. I said I'd be out of your hair after a week."

Taehyung stands and dumps his cereal in the sink, circling the tiny island in the kitchen to sit at Jeongguk's side. He doesn't look very happy, a look on his face that Jeongguk can't decipher. "You're not a fucking bother, Jeon. You know that. You dealt with shit and needed an out. I told you, you're welcome here for anything. Anytime."

"I know." Jeongguk leans into the arm Taehyung wraps around his shoulders. Kind of wants to get on his knees right then and there because he's feeling more than a little sentimental. Not that he'd ever let Taehyung know that. "Thank you."

Taehyung takes Jeongguk's latest helix- recently healed; Taehyung had thrown such a whiny fit when Jeongguk came home with a new piercing because he had to back off Jeongguk's ear, but that only meant Jeongguk's neck and collarbones had suffered instead- between his teeth and nibbles on Jeongguk's lobe and he's seriously considering letting Taehyung fuck him on the island again. "You don't have to keep thanking me, Gukie."

Jeongguk knows that, of course. But since he left Busan he's been working odd jobs and spending too much time on Taehyung's couch. He felt like he owed something to Taehyung. "I'll let you use the beads tonight."

"Quit acting like you're making up for something," Taehyung scolds. He stands then, and Jeongguk immediately misses the heat of Taehyung's body against his. He disappears into his bedroom for a few long moments- Jeongguk had unpacked in the guest room before they both promptly gave up on the idea of separation- and when he returns he's dressed in his sort of formal wear for work. "Did you decide whether or not you're gonna go back to school?"

Ugh. Taehyung must have been talking to Jeongguk's mom. Again. "Dunno, hyung. The universities here are a little out of my budget." Or whatever budget Jeongguk had on a delivery boy's salary, when Taehyung was the one buying the food and most of Jeongguk's shirts, recently bought him fucking Tiffany earrings when Jeongguk had accidentally called him daddy again. (It was becoming much less of an accident lately.)

"I can put in a good word for you at the department store."

Jeongguk scoffs, reaching for an Oreo on from the jar. One thing he hadn't protested Taehyung paying for was a gym membership. "The day I work retail for some capitalism dick sucker is the day I lay myself in the ground to rot."

"Damn, son. You seem to forget it's the department store that keeps you looking so pretty."

Jeongguk flushes furiously and tucks the Graff necklace around his neck beneath his t-shirt. Or it's Taehyung's shirt. Neither of them knows anymore. The first time Taehyung had brought home an expensive piece of jewelry home for Jeongguk he had protested for days, said it was fucking pointless to spend that much on a few stones, but then Taehyung said it was a reward for letting him fuck Jeongguk on the balcony the night before, which had only opened a can of worms and awakened the stupid praise thing that Jeongguk had forgotten about while he was with her.

"Shut up."

"Want to grill meat tonight for dinner?" Taehyung loops his tie in the reflection of the toaster. Jeongguk swallows thickly, never quite used to the sight of Taehyung fixing himself up for his job. "We can go to that good place in Gangnam."

"Gangnam? Are you trying to go into debt?"

"Fuck off, you're worth it." Jeongguk holds up the t-money card Taehyung's looking for. "Whatever. Be good, baby boy. I'm closing tonight so if you get hungry before dinner go ahead and order something."

Taehyung drops a quick kiss to Jeongguk's ear. Why couldn't Taehyung just choose forehead or cheek kisses? It would be so much easier on Jeongguk. He drops his eyes back to the newspaper, reads about job openings because he honestly might drive himself into Han River if he has to spend another week at his dead end job. Jeongguk can hear Taehyung packing up his things by the door, says a quick, "Thanks, daddy," and flips the newspaper.

Taehyung goes silent. "Did you just-?"

"No," Jeongguk spits, knows quite well that he did. God, fuck that was the one thing Jeongguk was winning at. His cheeks are hot and his teeth hurt from how hard he's clenching his jaw. "No, fuck you, go have fun licking hairy ball sacks for cash."

But Taehyung's smiling by the front door, looking so unbelievably fond. "I'll see you later, Jeonny boy."

"Fuck all the way off."

Jeongguk starts packing up his things a few days later, having secured the apartment across town. Taehyung complains the entire time, says he doesn't like the idea of having to take a subway to get to Jeongguk when he's hard and bored, but Jeongguk doesn't budge on his decision. He's irrational and doesn't think everything through- his decision to leave Busan and drop out of school were perfect examples- but he sees things through. Taehyung's been taking care of him for too long. Now, Jeongguk could give something back.

Hell, Taehyung hadn't even let Jeongguk help pay the rent.

Taehyung helps Jeongguk move his meager belongings to his new place and promptly frowns at the interior design. The owners had left their furniture and Jeongguk had been glad he wouldn't have to buy something to sit on, ("No, hyung, your dick can not be my only chair in this place") but Taehyung was obviously displeased. Even if he didn't say it, the fact that Taehyung disappears that afternoon and comes back directing some workers on where to place a new leather couch is more than enough evidence.

He does end up going back to school at the start of the next semester, at a campus that was actually closer to Taehyung's place, only because he gets a job that pays a little better. Still not anywhere near Taehyung's salary, so Taehyung's still buying most of their meals, but Jeongguk's learning not to feel bad every time Taehyung tells him that if he protests an expensive meal again he'll be spanked right there in the middle of the restaurant.

Taehyung has not been quiet about his happiness at having Jeongguk so close again, if their week spent together in bed last year was anything to go from. Taehyung's no less wild than Jeongguk remembers, goes and actually buys a damn whip one afternoon and Jeongguk lets him use it and that night was the first time Taehyung explicitly ordered Jeongguk to cum.

Since then Jeongguk's starting to notice something as the year moves on and Jeongguk's college graduation approaches. It's that Jeongguk can't seem to cum with someone who isn't Taehyung. It makes hookups incredibly inconvenient, and Jeongguk's had to sneak out of someone's room more than once to call Taehyung in the middle of the night to ask for permission. The daddy thing slips in too much until Jeongguk barely realizes it anymore. He tries to tamper it down when Taehyung declares that he will, one day, get Jeongguk to call him that while they're out in public.

Taehyung has always been so good at riling Jeongguk up and that doesn't change at all with their new location. Jeongguk lets Taehyung dress him up in a fancy suit one night during the holidays and fuck his mouth so roughly that he's crying and drooling, trying his best not to come in his slacks because, "Daddy spent a lot to make you look so nice, baby. I'm going to be very upset if you ruin your pretty suit."

It's Taehyung that sneaks a picture of Jeongguk while he's sucking Taehyung's dick- Taehyung has such a thing for Jeongguk's eyes when he's sucking him off. Even if he never says it outright, Jeongguk can see that he gets a little more desperate on those nights, fucks Jeongguk that much harder- but it's Jeongguk who shyly brings Taehyung into his bedroom one afternoon to show him the amateur tripod he set up, asking in a whisper if they can use it while Taehyung looks so damn excited like he's about to bust a nut right then and there.

When Taehyung goes to visit his family in Busan, Jeongguk tries to find relief in clubs and at the fraternities on his campus, but he still ends up calling Taehyung to cum. That is, until about three days before Taehyung's to get back, Jeongguk standing in the bathroom of a pretty mediocre fuck and saying,

"Hyung, tell me I can cum."

It sounds like he'd woken Taehyung up, a tired and quiet groan serving as Taehyung's greeting. "You know what? No. I'm home in a couple days, you can wait until then for daddy's cock."

Jeongguk whines, staring down at his hard and leaking cock. "Tae- please."

"Good night, Gukie."

But not even all of the dick pics Jeongguk sends or the voice messages of him begging get Taehyung to change his mind. And though Jeongguk's so fucking tempted he holds himself back until Taehyung shows up at his apartment three days later with a pleasant greeting.

"You fucking asswipe, take your pants off," is all Jeongguk says as he opens the door, already fisting his hand in the front of Taehyung's shirt.

They don't even make it into the apartment for the first round. Don't even get to the bedroom until Jeongguk's already cum three times.

Jeongguk's family comes up to Seoul for his graduation and Jeongguk Does Not Cry, thank you very much. There's grass in his eye and that's why he can't lift his head up from his mother's shoulder. It's been so long, and that night Taehyung fucks Jeongguk slow and deep, half a chocolate cake and a couple expensive bottles of Soju on the coffee table next to them.

"You need a better job," Taehyung says some time later.

"Easy for you to say, jewelry boy."

Taehyung snorts and plays with the diamond sitting nicely in Jeongguk's tragus. "Jimin called me your sugar daddy today."

Jeongguk scowls at the TV. This Cupcake Wars episode hadn't had nearly enough small kitchen fires. "Why the fuck's this Jimin dude know about me? Isn't he the guy who's left half the store unsatisfied?"

"Hm. He was enough for me."

"That's 'cause you're easy."

"You'd know."

Jeongguk contemplates asking to go out to a BBQ place, make Taehyung drive around to find a twenty-four hour place just because he knows Taehyung would do it for him. "I'm getting a roommate."

"What the fuck?" Taehyung looks at him, fingers stilling on his ear. "Why?"

"To help with rent? What the fuck's it matter to you."

"I can't fuck you on the floor when you've got a roommate!"

Jeongguk just sighs. "I met this guy in uni. He's almost as sexually active as me, unfortunately. I might walk in on him doing it on the floor."

"You should join. Then call me so I can give you pointers on your form." With an embarrassed squeak, Jeongguk shoves Taehyung off of the couch and pouts as Taehyung just laughs, unperturbed. Taehyung sits back on the floor, his long hair flopping into his eyes. He needed a haircut, but Jeongguk really like the fluffy look to Taehyung's hair. "Okay, game plan. Your place is for the vanilla bed sex. Mine's where the kinky shit happens."

"Permission to kink shame."

"Denied. Think of my salad."

"Ugh. Whatever. Can we order another pizza?"

They do, and the fucking three pizzas that Taehyung orders arrive a few minutes later. Taehyung sits behind him on the couch, legs spread wide to accommodate Jeongguk's body between them. He can hear Taehyung chewing in his ear and it's pretty fucking gross, if he's being honest, but that doesn't stop Jeongguk from feeding him bites from his own pizza, until,

"What do you say?"

Jeongguk frowns, looking away from the movie. "What?"

"Daddy bought you this pizza, what do you say?"

"Hyung, don't-" Jeongguk sighs, but Taehyung's not even looking at him like he expects anything. He's smiling softly and Jeongguk's squirming a little in his lap and honestly Jeongguk regrets everything about his life. "Thank you daddy for this meal so that I am not to go hungry and wither away from lack of nutrients while starving."

Taehyung laughs, nuzzling at Jeongguk's ear. "We'll work on it."

And Jeongguk's favorite nights are the ones where Taehyung fucks him hard and fast, takes Jeongguk over his knee when he's being a little too mouthy, makes Jeongguk thank him for every spank against his sore ass while Jeongguk's sobbing into the sheets. Taehyung slowly gets Jeongguk to thank him for every spank and every slap, each finger he gets, babbling when he gets to come and blinking through tears when Taehyung comes on his face. Or when Taehyung's calling him the filthiest things they can think of, denying Jeongguk his release until he admits that he's a slut for Taehyung.

Taehyung likes those nights too, but he likes it even more when he goads Jeongguk, when he gets Jeongguk to top and hold him down onto the bed with whispers of, “Yeah, baby boy. Gonna fuck me so well? Love your cock in me.” Jeongguk always prefers to bottom- still so fucking lazy- but he has to say he does like the way Taehyung’s eyes close in pleasure when he falls apart on Jeongguk’s cock.

(“Your neighbors must hate us,” Jeongguk says after a particularly rough night. He doesn’t think the headboard stopped banging against the wall once.

“They do. Real old folks. They would probably die if they tried to have sex. Filed a few complaints already.”

“Please don’t talk about old people sex.”

“Your neighbor high-fives me every morning I leave.”

Jeongguk scowls, suddenly hating the university student living across the hall from him. “Fuck both of you.”)

Taehyung especially likes dragging Jeongguk into the shower afterwards just a little bit more. Running a bath when Jeongguk's legs are a little too shaky, rubbing oils into Jeongguk's tired back and shoulders while Jeongguk tries to fight him off with weak protests but eventually gives in and lets Taehyung glide his hands over each of the stress points on his body. He's kept up with the lavender soap and the scent is so familiar that Jeongguk blows Taehyung right there in the bath.

One day Jeongguk's protests fall a little flat and he's melting against Taehyung's chest in the bath and suddenly Taehyung's hands freeze from where they've been massaging shampoo into Jeongguk's hair. "You little bastard, you're enjoying this aren't you?"

Jeongguk squirms, mumbles, "Isn't that the point?"

Which only earns him a whole cuddling session while Taehyung pinches at his cheeks and coos that, "My baby boy is so cute," and Jeongguk kind of wants to die but he also really might like it.

And then there are the nights they spend at each other's apartments, the nights when Taehyung nips at Jeongguk's ear until he wakes up at an ungodly hour just because Taehyung is hard. And Jeongguk's so stupidly pliant when he's sleepy, agrees to let Taehyung do things that wide awake Jeongguk would think twice about, sleepy hand jobs without opening their eyes just because it feels good. When Jeongguk tries to mumble half-hearted complaints about falling back asleep with cum cooling on his belly, Taehyung just laughs and says he would have woken him up with dick pics, anyway.

Jeongguk tries to withhold sex for a week after a girl turned him down in the club thanks to Taehyung, who'd walked right up to his side to kiss him loud and messy. Taehyung had protested and cited drunkenness, but Jeongguk wasn't hearing it because she had been hot and if her super expensive earrings, (the same fucking Givenchy ones in the catalogue that Jeongguk secretly wants and refuses to mention to Taehyung,) are anything to go by, he could have gotten them some nicer handcuffs.

(Jeongguk's the one who breaks first, walking to Taehyung's apartment with his head held down because he hadn't even made it three days before he was coming back for sex. Taehyung can read it on his face the second he shows up, doesn't say a word but smirks that stupid smirk that makes Jeongguk hot all over.)

On one summer afternoon, Jeongguk heads over to Taehyung's with no intention of sex. Doesn't mean that things will stay that way for very long, he has very weak resolve when it comes to Taehyung, but his intentions are good.

They're sharing chicken on the floor of Taehyung's kitchen, too lazy to move to the living room or grab chopsticks, and Jeongguk waits until he's had a few shots of Soju to say,

"Is that department store offer still on the table?"

Taehyung's face lights up and he drops a wet, messy kiss right onto Jeongguk's mouth. Climbs into Jeongguk's lap and starts working at the waistband of his jeans without a word. "You're adorable and also in luck. Position just opened up in the jewelry department." Taehyung nudges Jeongguk to sit back as he settles himself between Jeongguk's thighs, tugging his half hard cock out of his jeans and toward his lips. "I'll call Namjoon as soon as we're done here, baby."

"And these are the Armani suits I'll fuck you in one day."


"This is the bathroom section, no those soaps shaped like candy are not candy. Don't ask, but I've cleaned up after one too many children trying to eat them."

Taehyung was giving Jeongguk a tour of the department store on his first day, his hair styled with gel for the first time in maybe ten years and one of Taehyung's old suits fitting poorly on his frame. But he didn't have enough money yet to buy his own.

"Shouldn't you be showing me our station, Tae?"

"It's easy as shit. Overpriced diamonds and cougars who want to pick you up while looking at them."

"You've bought me some of those diamonds."

"Quit calling me a cougar." Taehyung leads him further into the store, pointing out the kitchen supplies and bedroom section. Tells Jeongguk there's a bed in the back that's just outside the view of the cam, and if they time it right there won't be anyone nearby for a quick fuck. "This is the break room where I'll give you hand jobs whenever we get a third guy. Or blowjobs if I'm feeling particularly freaky."

"Which is always, you freak."

"I do not recall giving you a free Kink Shame card." Taehyung points to his right. "Men's department. Namjoon will suggest you buy a suit from here, which I'd actually recommend, too. Employee discount and all that jazz. I'll buy your first one since mine actually looks bad on you. Who'd ever imagine that something would look bad on the sexiest man alive?"

Jeongguk flushes and bites back the word that was about to follow his quiet, "Thanks."

"Woman's department. Teenage department because Namjoon's a closet emo. Elevators. Not a good place to get it on but the bathroom at the end of the hall doesn't have a camera." Taehyung gestures around Jeongguk. "Lingerie department where I'll be buying you panties for your birthday."

Jeongguk shoves Taehyung into a display and watches in horror as a ton of pretty panties flutter slowly to the ground. A pretty woman doesn't even look up from her register, "Quit breaking things, Taehyung!"

"I'll clean it up, Somin!" Taehyung calls over his shoulder as he wraps a hand around Jeongguk's wrist and leads him away. "I never do. She's got like, three underlings to clean everything up. Why do we even need that many girls working with panties."

"She's hot."


"Uh, Somin?"

"Oh. Park Jimin says she's good in bed."

"Why do you keep mentioning him? Gonna leave me for him?"

Taehyung snorts. "Please. Your broke ass would be lost without everything that I do for it."

"Speaking of," Jeongguk mutters. "I'm still sore from the fucking beads. I hate those things."

"Literally not what you were saying last night, but sure. You slut."

Jeongguk looks around frantically, but luckily there were no customers around. "Not at work, hyung. Please."

"Maybe. Anyway this is our counter, the stupid watches that literally never show the correct time. Uh, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings. Some customers like when you model the stuff so I hope you've moisturized your ankles."

"I hate you."

Taehyung's grinning. "Namjoon will explain more to you. Just don't break anything or let anything get stolen and you'll be fine."

Across the room, Jeongguk looks up and makes eye contact with a pretty girl standing behind the counter at the women's department, folding some dresses for a customer. She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear and looks away shyly, only to look back up and over Jeongguk's entire body.

"I think I'll be just fine here."

Taehyung makes a gagging noise, kneels down to unlock a display case lined with big necklaces and earrings to pull out one of the three fucking tiaras that lay there. "Put this on."

"What the fuck. No."

"Please, baby boy? For me?"

Jeongguk puts the tiara on with a sigh, lets Taehyung put a few rings on him and a necklace to complete the look. "Why am I doing this?"

Taehyung doesn't answer for the longest moment, then he sighs longingly and leans against the counter. "I was right, that is something I like to see. One day I'm gonna fuck you like the royalty that you are."

Flushing passionately, Jeongguk all but rips each piece of jewelry off. The last thing either of them need is for Taehyung to get turned on during Jeongguk's first day. "Shut up."

A woman walks by as Jeongguk's trying to get each of the ill fitting rings off his fingers and asks about them. She stares at Jeongguk's face instead of the rings as Jeongguk's reciting all of the fucking bullshit from the cheat sheet Taehyung had given him and smiles brightly when she decides to buy the ring Jeongguk was modeling on his pinky.

Taehyung shows him how to ring up sales, mark them, and properly close the sale. He claps Jeongguk on the shoulder, takes one too hasty look around and kisses Jeongguk's ear. "I think you'll be just fine here."

"I don't like Namjoon."

"You're not the only one."

"Fuckin' capitalist dick sucking know it all-"

Taehyung pushes the beer bottle closer to Jeongguk's mouth. "Shut up and drink, Socrates."


But Jeongguk likes working at the department store. There's more places than either of them had expected to fuck or get some quick hand jobs in when they can risk being away from the counter at the same time. Jeongguk meets Park Jimin and is woefully underwhelmed. He hooks up with the pretty girl from the women's section and the rumors spread quickly.

They go out for company lunches or more low-key endeavors with just a few people, Taehyung's foot on Jeongguk's crotch while Jeongguk tries very hard not to call him daddy in the middle of the restaurant and hold onto his wits- he refuses to walk out of there with wet slacks.

Jeongguk hooks up with Jimin while drunk during the Christmas party and understands why he's got the title as the Most Unsatisfying Person in the store, reminds Jeongguk with startling horror why he hates topping. He ends up walking to Taehyung's place after that hookup and even though Taehyung's got a girl sleeping in his bed, he still blows Jeongguk in the hallway because neither of them wants to deal with a mess.

It's a nice routine to fall into, Jeongguk thinks, even if it does get kind of boring standing behind the counter and dealing with the people who think they're being subtle with their flirting. Namjoon gets them ear pieces to use when they both can't be at the counter at the same time, and Taehyung starts talking so dirty into Jeongguk's ear whenever he goes into the back, Jeongguk slumping against the counter and trying hard not to come behind the clear glass of the display cases.

Taehyung laughs about it, pushes the limits by getting vibrators into Jeongguk before work starts, lets Jeongguk walk away to the bathroom to jerk off and whispering permission into Jeongguk's ear. Or, if Taehyung's too distracted with a customer, Jeongguk pulling the daddy card and making his voice as whiny as possible. It gets to the point that Jeongguk wears it during some hookups, Taehyung's voice from the department store in his ear.

"This is our newest piece from the Bvlgari collection," Taehyung's saying, showing a man some pieces so he can choose what to buy for his wife. In his ear, Jeongguk's groaning in his bed. His hookup sounds pretty good, at least. Then Taehyung turns away while the man is distracted to whisper into his lapel, "Come for daddy, you little cock slut."

"What was that?"

"Inventory question," Taehyung lies smoothly, smiling at the customer. Jeongguk's choking on his cumming moan in Taehyung's ear. "Will that be credit or debit?"

("Bet Namjoon would have a stroke if he saw how we were using his precious earpieces."

"Please don't talk about Namjoon when I have my fist up your ass, Jeon.")

They haven't had a threesome in a while but Jeongguk turns it down when Taehyung suggests it. He doesn't think he can handle trying not to cringe after Taehyung tells his secret and then he's got a girl in his lap calling him daddy while Taehyung sits comfortably on the other side of bed, doing a very poor job of hiding his laughter.

Taehyung complains quite a bit now that they're making the same salary but it's genuinely not Jeongguk's fault that Taehyung insists on spoiling him. Still, that doesn't stop Taehyung from ranting about money sometimes when the jewelry section is particularly slow.

"All I'm saying," Taehyung's saying, taking note of all of the rings while Jeongguk's sitting on the floor just out of the view of the camera. Taehyung had given Jeongguk his phone to entertain himself with. "We make the same amount of money now, but I'm spending so much on you. It wouldn't kill you to pay for the pizza every now and again."

Jeongguk pouts up at Taehyung, looks at him through his fringe because he knows just how much Taehyung loves that. He whines, "But daddy-"

"Shit, fuck, shut the fuck up, Jeon. Don't look." But Jeongguk looks anyway, grinning to himself while Taehyung buys a ring that Jeongguk will find in his palm later this evening.

And things are really good.

Jeongguk doesn't think he's been this happy in years. Taehyung still fucks him into the mattress and tries to talk dirty in public, Jeongguk getting embarrassed and slightly turned on no matter what, no matter who's around. Jeongguk gets it on with quite a few people but he somehow ends up going back to the same girl a few times because Somin's good. She can get him off half the time so that Jeongguk isn't walking over to Taehyung's with a defeated look every time he fucks her.

Maybe it's a problem that he keeps coming back to her, taking you to the dressing rooms and bathrooms that Taehyung had told him had the least amount of foot traffic in the place, but he has fun with Somin. Jeongguk makes it clear from the beginning he's only in it for sex- really doesn't need a repeat of what happened in Busan- and is pleased when he's met with no issues from her.

Taehyung isn't displeased, but he does watch all of Jeongguk's interactions with Somin with a critical eye. Jeongguk doesn't give a shit. He's having fun and living his life and getting his soul sucked out of his dick most days of the week, if Taehyung wants to suddenly be a moody bastard, then that was his own problem.

"You know what you're doing right?" Taehyung's asking, two glasses of milkshakes on the table. He's re-instated their milkshake thing after so long, had bought a fancy fucking blender for each of their apartments. "Like. You're being careful?"

Jeongguk frowns. There's a line of whipped cream above Taehyung's upper lip and Jeongguk wants to lick it off. "With my life? You know I have no idea what I'm doing."

"No," Taehyung sighs, his lips pressed together. He brings a hand up to wipe at his face. "With Somin. I haven't seen you stick with the same person for so long before."

"I've stuck with you."

"I don't count." Taehyung takes another sip of his milkshake. "I'm only asking. We both remember what happened last time, and I don't want to see you get hurt-"

"Somin knows this is just sex."

Taehyung fixes him with a flat look. "Does she? Last I recall, Eunhye started out as just sex."

"Don't fucking say her name to me."


"No, fuck you, Tae." Jeongguk stands up, collecting their unfinished milkshakes and dumping them into the sink. "I don't do relationships, you fucking know this. I told her what I was in this for, and she agreed. You literally just had a vibrator up my ass half an hour ago. Do you think I'd be doing that shit if I were dating her?"

"Jeon, just listen to me-"

"Why should I? You still think of me as a fucking kid, don't you?" Jeongguk laughs humorously, turns around to face Taehyung again. "You saw what fucking happened in Busan. I'm not going to let that happen again."

"And what happens if Somin gets attached? You're going to fucking run away again?"

Jeongguk feels that one on his heart. Something evil and prickly pokes at Jeongguk's eyes, and he looks at the floor instead of at Taehyung. Because really, when they get down to it, that's all Jeongguk is. A piece of shit with piece of shit feelings who runs away as soon as things get bad. But with her, with the ex, he'd really had no other way out. Taehyung knows that. Fuck, Taehyung was the one who spent months convincing Jeongguk that he had done the right thing, that he'd done what would help him the most in the long run.

Taehyung knew how hard those months were on Jeongguk.

Yet here Taehyung was, throwing each day Jeongguk had spent curled in on himself on the floor right back at Jeongguk's face.

"You know what, hyung? I think you're jealous."

Taehyung barks out a humorless laugh. "What the ever-loving fuck do I have to be jealous of?"

Jeongguk presses on, "You're jealous that you're not my only fuck anymore-"

"I've never been your only fuck," Taehyung interrupts, staring at Jeongguk like he doesn't know the ins and outs of Jeongguk's mind and body. Like Jeongguk is a stranger to him. "And same goes for you-"

"Then what is it? Jealous I'm spending as much time with her as I am with you?"

That gets Taehyung's expression to harden, the usual bright, soft light of his eyes changing to something colder. "That's fucking laughable, Jeon. Especially considering you've come to me begging me to eat your ass after she wasn't good enough."

Blushing red, Jeongguk presses on. He doesn't know where the fuck this energy to fight came from, can't even remember his original point anymore, but he'll be damned if he loses. "Maybe that's the problem then. I always come back to you, hyung. I don't fucking know why. You treat me like I'm a kid, hell, you make me rate my fucking hookups!"

"I don't make you do anything, Jeon." Taehyung's fists hang loose at his sides. Jeongguk wants him to use them, wants to feel justified about this burning anger he's got coursing through his blood. "We started that fucking system so I'd know how to take care of you after a bad hookup-"

"There it is again! Saying you take care of me, like I'm a fucking obligation! I don't fucking need you to take care of me, Kim."

Taehyung is silent for too long. Jeongguk can physically feel the fight draining out of his body, sags against the counter until the only thing keeping him on his feet is the ironclad grip he has on the edge of the sink. "Is that what you think, Jeongguk? That I've only... kept you around out of some feelings of obligation?"

"I think you should leave." The words surprise even Jeongguk.

The anger melts right off of Taehyung's face. "I didn't mean-"

"I don't care. Go away. We're done, Taehyung-hyung."

"Jeongguk, I'm just trying to look out-"

"Get out!"

Jeongguk wrenches his eyes shut and doesn't watch as Taehyung leaves. The only evidence that Taehyung had been in the apartment at all that afternoon was the Chopard bracelet sitting on the table where Taehyung had been some minutes before.

Jeongguk slips down the cabinet, throws his arms over the back of his head with his head buried against his knees, and doesn't move for the rest of the evening.

Jeongguk approaches Namjoon with a bullshit story about how the jewelry counter doesn't need two people at all times during the slow season and convinces Namjoon to put him on the afternoon shift. It's easier for Taehyung to wake up in the mornings, after all.

In truth, it just hurt Jeongguk too much to have to work at Taehyung's side after his fight. One quick look at Taehyung's face, shadowed and tight with red eyes like he hadn't slept at all the night before, nearly had Jeongguk dropping to his knees to beg for forgiveness. But he was still mad. Taehyung treated him like a kid, didn't believe him when he said he knew what the hell he was doing with you, and Jeongguk didn't need that kind of negativity in his life.

After just two days of working with each other, jumping away when their hands got too close and in complete silence, because what does he say to someone who knew him better than he's ever known himself, Jeongguk's rearranging his schedule. Now he doesn't work with Taehyung anymore and his work days have never been worse.

"Are you drunk?" Jeongguk's fixing his jeans in the alleyway of some shitty club, staring at the girl in front of him with dull eyes. They're coworkers, had run into each other at the bar, and she'd been the one to suggest the fuck.

Jeongguk's confused. He's not drunk, unfortunately. Last time he'd done a drunk hookup he cried for Taehyung halfway through. He doesn't to endure that embarrassment again. "What?"

"You're just. A lot quieter than I remember you being at work."

Oh yeah, she'd left the store a while ago. "Yeah," Jeongguk lies, kisses her forehead in goodbye because he's not a dick. "I'm drunk."

Jeongguk's best friend becomes the cheap wine bottles Taehyung had always scoffed at, but he knows his limit and remembers to stay far away from that. His roommate high-fives him every morning after a girl's stumbled out of Jeongguk's room, grinning at him over the island in the kitchen. Jeongguk hasn't been with a guy in a while. Finds that he can't find one he wants to mess around with at all.

He laughs with Somin, though, which Jeongguk considers to be a blessing. Sex with her is good, and Jeongguk can get lost in her moans in the cramped fitting rooms, can forget for a second all of the terrible things he's said to his best friend.

And Jeongguk doesn't think much when he starts getting lunch or dinner with Somin because most of the time it ends with sex in the back of the car, or sharing lunch in the break room with his hands down her skirt. Taco Tuesdays don't always end in sex but that's Jeongguk's fault- he got a Tinder match and left early.

Another thing Taehyung had laughed at. Tinder. If only he could see what Jeongguk was doing now.

"You shine less." Somin says one afternoon, fixing her skirt and hair in the bathroom in the corner of the department store. It's been almost four months and she hasn't even looked to be contemplating a relationship with Jeongguk. He's glad. There's one person he wants to brag to but knows he never will.

"What?" Jeongguk's still sitting on the sink, his slacks around his ankles from the blowjob and he’s considering leaving Sangwoo alone at the counter so he doesn't have to go back to work.

"Like," she gestures to Jeongguk's body before trying to tame her hair. "Your neck? I guess. I'm so used to seeing you decked out in diamonds, Jeon. I don't think I've ever seen you without earrings."

Subconsciously, Jeongguk's hand flies to his ear and misses the touch of the diamonds that used to line the entire lobe; empty now except for the one black stud he's worn since high school. He'd gotten the entire thing pierced over the course of a few months to try and have the upper hand over Tae. It hadn't worked.

"Oh." Jeongguk finally stands to pull up his slacks. He's going to need a few good drinks tonight. He fixes his expression into the smirk he wears around work, around the girls he wants to touch. "Guess I got tired of shining more than you, baby."

"Go to hell, Jeon."

Jeongguk only speaks to Taehyung once in those terrible six months, three weeks after the fight and only through text:

To: Taetae
i need my cash it's under your mattress.

From: Taetae
why is ur money under my fuckin mattress

But Taehyung says when he'll be out and Jeongguk leaves his spare key on the hook inside the apartment after getting his cash, darting in and out of the place because some of his clothes are still thrown on the floor and he accidentally catches sight of a pair of diamond hoops while hanging up his key, has to bite back the urge to vomit while driving home that afternoon.

Ideally, Jeongguk would throw himself into his work. Become the model employee Namjoon says he could be every time they have a meeting together, focus on his sales instead of what underwear you're wearing today. Ideally, Jeongguk wouldn't be looking over his high school yearbook, one of the few things he'd brought when he ran away, with a half finished bottle of wine at his side and staring at Taehyung's smile. There's one picture in the book that Jeongguk can't move on from. It was taken during Taehyung's senior year, a picture of him laughing so vividly that Jeongguk can hear it in his mind. He's got his arm thrown around Jeongguk's shoulders, one of the few pictures of Jeongguk that exist in the yearbooks, leaning his head against Jeongguk's because he used to be so much taller back when Jeongguk was still scrawny and unsure of himself.

Jeongguk doesn't hook up with anyone that night.

It's almost like a shitty cliche, Jeongguk thinks over the course of those six months. There was no returning of their belongings or drunk i miss you's sent to either of them, but Jeongguk feels every day like a large hole in his chest. Can't anyone see it? Right there, it's spilling his heart right onto the pavement.

But he chases the feeling away with pretty girls and a few too many rounds with Somin in the department store because he's not gay and he's not in love, doesn't need Taehyung in his life. Even if he hasn't bought new clothes or gone on a vacation or eaten a decent meal in a while. He's an adult. A shitty one, but no adult in their twenties actually has their life together.

Jeongguk flirts with customers and smiles a little too long while modeling the rings, stares a little too pointedly. He calls his parents because he knows Taehyung won't have any updates to give on him, goes out on an actual date for the first time in years when a girl insists she doesn't sleep with someone she doesn't know well.

(She does. Jeongguk doesn't feel bad about it when he doesn't call her the next day.)

Somin's a good distraction, but lately there's nothing that can keep Jeongguk's thoughts away from Taehyung, and he's beginning to worry that it's more than just sex that Jeongguk is missing. Maybe it's the gifts, or that Taehyung is the only tie he has to his life in Busan, or the late nights watching shitty TV when Jeongguk's ass hurts too badly to sleep. The dinners together. Taehyung's fingers in his hair, the softest alarm clock, when Jeongguk sleeps over at his place.

Jeongguk's not in love, has no fucking clue what that emotion even is, but he knows he can't do this shitty adult thing without Taehyung at his side. He likes Taehyung taking care of him, likes that he has somewhere to go when his days are hard or he's not feeling too hot, really likes it when all he has to do is walk through Taehyung's door and Taehyung just knows, dropping whatever he's doing to open his arms for Jeongguk and invite him into a hug, holding him together when it's too difficult for Jeongguk to do on his own.

"Inventory this week." Somin says into the long silence. Jeongguk's at the lingerie department again, messing with one of the displays because he likes the way Somin look when she's annoyed. She's fixing the display, knocking Jeongguk's hand away every time he reaches for it. "Know which departments are tonight?"

"Mh, I'm sure you'll let me know."

Somin rolls your eyes, and Jeongguk reaches forward to brush the hair falling into her face behind her ear. "Jewelry and lingerie."


"Yeah." Now there's a sly grin on her face and it matches the one Jeongguk grins, the one Taehyung said is thanks to his tutelage. "Only one camera in the inventory rooms."

"You had me at aggressive blowjobs."

Jeongguk fucks her in the inventory room that evening, a few hours before the store is to close. Anyone could walk in at any moment, their turn to check their inventories could end while Jeongguk has his face buried between her thighs, but for all the times Taehyung has fucked him on the balcony, Jeongguk feels like he's invincible. Starts thinking about Namjoon's office with Somin's hair twisted between his fingers, but he shakes those thoughts away and goes back to chasing his emotions away with shallow thrusts into her mouth.

But as he's leaving that night Jeongguk stops by the jewelry counter before he goes. The light is still on, and before he shuts it off Jeongguk unlocks the display of their most expensive pieces and pulls out the pair of Givenchy earrings he's had a boner for ever since before he started working here.

They're ridiculously priced, the diamonds small and numerous and so incredibly clean, so expensive that not even their richest client has asked to look at them. Jeongguk runs his fingers over the velvet of the case, nowhere near the actual jewelry, and knows he can't keep walking away from the things he wants.

The drive isn't long, but nervous anticipation plays the drums with Jeongguk's insides. It's been so long. There's no way Taehyung will want to see him again, no way he'll want to deal with Jeongguk's needy ass or his stupidity and Jeongguk prepares himself for a door slammed in his face.

When Jeongguk knocks, there's no immediate answer, and Jeongguk's body deflates. Taehyung must have seen him through the peephole, and that's how Jeongguk knows it's over. His own stupid emotions destroyed the best friendship he's ever had, and now he has to figure out a way to rebuild his life without Taehyung's hand in his back pocket.


Jeongguk jumps, ripping his forehead away from where it had fallen against the door. Taehyung stands at the other side of the hallway, a few bags of groceries hanging from his fingers and that's what Jeongguk's been forgetting to do over the past few weeks.

His throat is dry and tight, but he manages a shaky smile. "Hi, Tae."

Taehyung doesn't say anything as he approaches, his eyes wide as he stares at Jeongguk. His expression is schooled carefully, but if Jeongguk's not projecting then maybe that's hope twinkling in his eyes. "Did you forget something else here?"

My soul. "Uh, no, hyung. I- uh, I was hoping. M-maybe, we-we, if you're not b-b-"

"Jeon," Taehyung says very quietly. "Don't stutter."

Jeongguk wasn't in high school anymore. He could fucking do this. He stands up a little straighter and looks at the ugly painting over Taehyung's shoulder. "I was hoping we could talk."


Jeongguk falter a little at the quick agreement, but his nerves spike again because Taehyung's still using that detached voice that he's never used with Jeongguk before. He steps back as Taehyung moves to unlock the door, gesturing for Jeongguk to enter before he follows. Everything looks the same, familiar and beautiful and looking more like home than Jeongguk's own apartment, except Jeongguk can see that there's no clothes on the floor and no hoop earrings on the island.

"What did you want to talk about?" Taehyung toes off his shoes and places the plastic bags onto the table.

Jeongguk feels everything rush up his throat at the same time, the words fighting each other for the proper thing to say. But everything sounds wrong to Jeongguk in that moment, like there are no words for Jeongguk to use to properly explain himself, explain everything that Jeongguk's feeling.

So he steps forward. He can't ruin things any more than he already has.

Fingers twisted into the front of Taehyung's dress shirt, Jeongguk closes his eyes against Taehyung's look of shock and pulls him into a bruising kiss, the intensity of Taehyung's kisses hitting him all at once. Taehyung takes charge of the kiss like he always has, yanks Jeongguk closer by the waistband of his slacks and licks roughly behind Jeongguk's teeth. He kisses the air out of Jeongguk's chest and the pain of the last six months out of his mind, kisses Jeongguk like he missed this just as desperately.

Jeongguk leads Taehyung out of the kitchen, forgetting the layout briefly in his haze and feels his back slam harshly into the wall, Taehyung following to cage his body against the wall. He's given only the briefest second to catch his breath before Taehyung is kissing him again, growling at the frantic little whine that leaves Jeongguk's lips.

"I'm sorry," Jeongguk gasps, his hand against Taehyung's chest to give their kissing a pause. He looks up at Taehyung, eyes blown wide, and bites back his sudden urge to cry. "I'm sorry, Tae. Hyung. I'm so sorry. I miss you."

Taehyung strokes away the tear with his thumb. "I miss you, too, Gukie. More than you know."

With Taehyung's lips on Jeongguk's neck, he guides Jeongguk to the bedroom with a desperation that leaves the both of them reeling. Taehyung gets Jeongguk's clothes off before they even get to his bedroom, pushing Jeongguk onto the mattress and starts unbuttoning his shirt. But there's too many buttons and Jeongguk's body is hot all over, his cheeks bright red and his head spinning. He missed this too much for any sort of waiting.

Jeongguk gets his fingers into Taehyung's belt loops and tugs his body roughly on top of his own, licking against Taehyung's neck as he ruts against Taehyung's thigh. He's getting hard already, just at the thought of how good Taehyung always makes him feel.

"Hurry up, Tae," Jeongguk growls, can feel Taehyung's own erection against his leg.

Taehyung flattens a palm to Jeongguk's bare belly, but it does nothing to quell the fire he's burning. "Relax, baby. We have time-"

"Don't care. Need to feel you. Hyung. Please."

When Taehyung kisses him this time his teeth knock into Jeongguk's, dragging another whimper from Jeongguk's lips. He bites Jeongguk's bottom lip and sucks it into his own mouth, watching the way it pops back with a soft, wet noise. His lube is buried deep in the side table and if Jeongguk weren't so overwhelmed already he'd make a comment about that.

"Get on your hands and knees for me?"

Jeongguk does, dropping his weight onto his forearms and his forehead into the sheets at the first press of Taehyung's slick finger to his hole. He hisses, entire body tensing at the intrusion, and he can practically hear Taehyung's frown behind him. "Hurry up, Tae. Fuck- come on-"

Taehyung slaps his ass very gently when Jeongguk tries to grind against his finger. Jeongguk whimpers, his body relaxing a little bit more. It's been so long since he's gotten spanked. "How long's it been since you've been with a guy?"

Jeongguk feels his cheeks flush and mutters into the sheets, "Haven't been. Not since you."

"Fuck, Gukie."

Taehyung takes his time fingering Jeongguk open, spends too long with one finger and pours warm lube right onto his crack before pushing two fingers in. He doesn't budge when Jeongguk curses at him, spits insults into the pillow because he didn't come here for hand holding, he came here to get fucked hard and he's not getting fucked hard. But no matter how many times Jeongguk threatens to get himself off if Taehyung doesn't hurry up, Taehyung doesn't break his pace, scissoring his fingers carefully in Jeongguk's hole.

His cock hangs hard and heavy between his legs, and for a brief second Jeongguk considers making himself cum, knows he can cum more than once but he doesn't want to do that. It never feels as good when it's not Taehyung pushing him over the edge each time.

By the time Taehyung's finally got three fingers inside of him, pressing repeatedly into Jeongguk's prostate, Jeongguk's nearly crying into the sheets, so ridiculously on edge and desperate to feel Taehyung inside of him, to be filled for the first time in months. He whimpers when Taehyung pulls his fingers out, his hole clenching to try and keep them in, but the sound of Taehyung unzipping his pants has Jeongguk shivering in excitement.

"Don't-" Jeongguk reaches for Taehyung's arm with a shaky hand. He'd been aiming for the condom between Taehyung's fingers but his vision is a little blurry and he uses the hold on Taehyung's arm to attempt to ground himself. "Don't. I haven't gone without."

Taehyung hesitates, carefully prying Jeongguk's fingers off of his arm. "I haven't been tested since my last one," he murmurs, sounding regretful.

Jeongguk feels that stab his chest. It's stupid. Taehyung can choose not to use a condom with whomever he wants. He'd just always thought-

"Whatever," Jeongguk spits, wiggles his ass to try and get closer to Taehyung. "Fuck me, hyung. Come on, need your fat cock in me. Need it so bad!"

"Up." Taehyung taps Jeongguk's hip, maneuvers his body so Jeongguk's front is pressed against the wall, Taehyung's body lined up behind him. When he feels Taehyung's tip at his hole Jeongguk tries to sink onto his cock, needing to be filled in that moment before he loses it, but Teahyung keeps strong hands on Jeongguk's hips to keep his pace slow, cursing. "Fucking- stop it, Jeon. I don't want to hurt you-"

"I don't care." Jeongguk cries out, the stretch deliciously torturous as he finally gets something inside of him. His head spins, falling back to rest on Taehyung's shoulder as he slowly bottoms out. "Don't care, please. Hurt me. Ruin me, choke me until I can't breathe, hyung, just fuck me!"

But Taehyung's always had more self-control and Jeongguk curses that fact in that moment. Taehyung waits, hips flush against Jeongguk's ass, until Jeongguk's begging, a mantra of I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready falling from his lips to finally move. When he pulls out and slams back into Jeongguk, Jeongguk sobs, hiccuping on each thrust. He feels it when Taehyung starts to lose that self-control, his thrusts rougher and his hands gripping Jeongguk's hips tight enough to bruise.

He scrambles for something to hold onto but the wall offers nothing, his hands slipping as Taehyung fucks him roughly. Jeongguk's head is lolling, moans spilling from his lips, and he all but sobs when Taehyung nibbles on his neck, biting hickeys in all of his favorite spots.

"So good-" Jeongguk's crying out, brings one hand away from the wall to curl it into Taehyung's hair. His entire body is warm and sensitive, jostling each time Taehyung slams his hips back against Jeongguk's ass, and Jeongguk swears he's fucking floating, his dick leaking an obscene amount on his belly. "You're so- I feel you, Tae-" He touches his own neck. "Feel you- oh shit- here-"

"Yeah?" Taehyung murmurs in Jeongguk's ear, a shiver wracking down his body. "My baby boy, always so needy for a good cock in his ass, right?" Jeongguk nods, having missed this dirty talk more than he'll ever be willing to admit. Taehyung pinches his hip and Jeongguk positively mewls. "Answer me, baby."

"Y-yeah-" Jeongguk's voice breaks on another sob and he's about to fucking cum untouched just from how well Taehyung's fucking him. "Yes! I love it! Love the way you- God- fuck me-!"

"Close already?" Taehyung's lips are turned up against Jeongguk's ear. "Go on, cum all over yourself like the dirty little slut you are. My fucking slut."

Taehyung takes Jeongguk's lobe between his teeth and Jeongguk cums hard, his entire body tensing up as he cums all over his belly, crying Taehyung's name as he does. His eyes screw shut as Taehyung stops thrusting to let Jeongguk work through his orgasm on his own, shaking and slumping into Taehyung's arms.

His voice is already wrecked. "H-hyung..." Jeongguk drags a finger through the cum cooling on his belly, dizzy and a little delirious with pleasure. He shifts and can feel Taehyung's hard cock still buried in his ass. "Tae?"

Taehyung laughs, low and quiet in Jeongguk's ear. "I'm not done with you yet, baby boy."

He uses the hands he still has on Jeongguk's hips to move Jeongguk back onto the bed, on his stomach. Taehyung tugs Jeongguk's hips up, forces him to support his weight on his forearms before he thrusts his cock back into Jeongguk's loose hole. The overstimulation stings and then the pain fades, Jeongguk letting more of his weight drop as Taehyung fucks into him hard, turns his head to the side to watch Taehyung's face.

"Fuck," Jeongguk moans, grips the sheets too tightly. The pillows are on the other side of the bed, too far away for him to bite into to try and quell his noises.

Taehyung slows his pace and Jeongguk wants to cry. He's hard again, wants to cum and wants to feel Taehyung cum inside of him, on him, wants to feel Taehyung everywhere. Taehyung drapes himself over Jeongguk's back, runs a hand across his chest to twist one of his nipples and Jeongguk chokes out a sob. He drags those fingers across Jeongguk's throat, pushing them so far between Jeongguk's lips that he gags around the intrusion.

"My dirty little bitch," Taehyung murmurs in his ear. "Couldn't find anyone else to fuck you as well as I do? Fuck your little hole open, ruin you so well?" Jeongguk shakes his head and Taehyung snarls. Jeongguk's vision is so hazy, but he tries to focus on the fire burning in Taehyung's eyes, his body pliant to any and all of Taehyung's touches and thrusts. "God, baby, I want to fill your slutty hole so badly. Watch you try to stand with my cum dripping out of your ass."

Jeongguk whines at the loss of Taehyung's fingers in his mouth, but then Taehyung's placing a well-aimed slap against his ass that Jeongguk's whining again and pushing his ass back into Taehyung's hand. Taehyung spanks him again, harder this time, jostling Jeongguk's body on the mattress.

"Again," Jeongguk gasps, back arching at the sting on his ass. "Hyung- again, please-"

"What do you say?"

"Thank you!" Taehyung smacks his ass again, right at the curve where his ass meets his thigh and Jeongguk's legs threaten to give out. "Thank you." He gets spanked again, Taehyung dropping several smacks all over Jeongguk's ass, then twice in the spot that gets a particularly desperate moan out of Jeongguk. He babbles out a thank you every time, his mind blanking when Taehyung grips his ass with both hands, kneading the raw flesh with practiced strength.

"More?" Jeongguk asks weakly. There's drool and tears wetting the sheets beneath his face, lube dripping down the insides of his thighs as Taehyung's pace becomes a little more frantic.

Taehyung adjusts his angle to nudge Jeongguk's prostate with every thrust, curls his fingers into Jeongguk's hair and pulls harshly, and Jeongguk screams. "Don't be greedy, pet."

When his legs give out Taehyung just yanks his lower half back up, his hips snapping painfully against Jeongguk's ass and he knows that Taehyung is close.

He lets himself be used, lets Taehyung fuck him so well that his mind blanks, until all he can think about and all he can imagine is Taehyung. "D-daddy," Jeongguk sobs, tears flowing freely now because it's all too good and it's all too much. "Daddy, please- I wanna cum!"

"You want to cum that badly?" Taehyung snarls, nudges Jeongguk's legs wider apart to sink into him that much deeper. "Do it yourself."

Jeongguk shakes his head, sweaty hair falling into his eyes. "Want- fuck- want daddy's hand. Please-"

"Greedy slut-"

Taehyung takes Jeongguk's cock in his hand, stroking him hard and fast and Jeongguk's about to lose his damn mind. He's too close, torn between wanting Taehyung to cum first and coming so hard that he blacks out, but Taehyung makes the decision for him, twisting his wrist in the way he knows Jeongguk loves and stroking his thumb under the tip, letting Jeongguk try to fuck down into his hand before Jeongguk finally cums, sobbing loudly as he spills onto the sheets and all over Taehyung's hand, Taehyung whispering words of praise over the ringing in his ears.

"There you go, baby boy. So pretty. Always look so pretty when you cum."

Jeongguk blinks through the tears, looks up at Taehyung and sniffles quietly. "Want you to cum in me, daddy."

"Not- not this time, baby."

Taehyung pulls his cock from Jeongguk's abused hole, yanking the condom from his length and jerking off furiously until he finally cums, painting the small of Jeongguk's back and the tops of his thighs white. Jeongguk moans through it, almost crying from the sensation; he'd really fucking missed it when Taehyung came on him- anywhere.

Jeongguk slumps onto the bed, unable to even think about supporting himself anymore as he catches his breath, head spinning pleasantly. He can feel Taehyung, still breathing heavy, pressing soft kisses up the length of his back, then a kiss to Jeongguk's cheek and another to the lobe of his ear. Jeongguk reaches blindly for Taehyung's hand, licks the cum from his palm once he finds it. Taehyung curses in his ear.

"Come on, Jeon. Let's get you cleaned up."

"Mmmn, no." Jeongguk snuggles into the wet sheets, doesn't even give a fuck because they smell like Taehyung. "Don't wanna move."

Taehyung sighs, but there's a smile pressed against Jeongguk's neck. "I know, baby. But you're covered in cum."

"I like it. I like your cum."

"You scare me when you're this honest."

Taehyung coaxes Jeongguk to his feet and works Jeongguk's arm around his shoulder when Jeongguk's legs give out as he stands. He rests his weight against the sink as Taehyung draws a bath, cringing at all of the cum drying on his stomach and thighs, still really wishes he'd been able to feel Taehyung bare within him.

"This is unnecessary," Jeongguk mutters as Taehyung settles behind him in the bath, soapy water warm on their skin.

Taehyung goes still behind him, then he wraps his arms around Jeongguk's waist and rests his forehead on the back of his neck. "I called you a lot of shit tonight."

Jeongguk feels his cheeks warm. "I asked for it."

"Let me do this for you."

So Jeongguk relaxes into Taehyung's embrace, passes the shampoos and lotions that Taehyung asks for, but mostly he closes his eyes and revels in the familiarity of the situation. Taehyung's hands are soft in his hair and even softer on his neck and thighs, cleaning the cum from his skin with a washcloth. They stay in the bath until the water begins to cool and then Taehyung urges him to his feet to rinse off under the showerhead.

Jeongguk's head is pleasantly fuzzy as Taehyung pats his body dry with his biggest, fluffiest towel, taking his hand between both of his to massage lotion onto his skin. He pulls the drain for the bath, tugs the towel to hang over Jeongguk's head the way he likes, and leads Jeongguk back to the bed with a loose hand curled around his wrist.

"Here." Taehyung hands him a pair of warm sweats and a hoodie, lets Jeongguk get dressed while he tugs the soiled sheets from the bed and replaces them with his extra duvet. "Lie on your belly for me, baby."

He does, shivering a little when Taehyung pulls the sweats down to his thighs to rub aloe on his raw ass and thighs, pulling them back up after pressing a kiss to the small of Jeongguk's back.

"Thanks, daddy."

Taehyung disappears for a second and Jeongguk hears him rifling through his drawers before the sheets lift at his side and Taehyung slips into bed beside him with a soft exhale.

Jeongguk shoves his face into Taehyung's neck, hugging him close and nearly crying when he's finally got Taehyung's arms around him again. Taehyung trails his fingers below Jeongguk's hoodie, over his arm, and up to Jeongguk's ear to play with the lobe.

"How're you feeling, Guk?"


"Yeah?" Jeongguk pulls back a little to stare at Taehyung's face, still just as devastatingly beautiful. He wants to kiss all over Taehyung's face, so he does. "You're still calling me daddy."

"It feels right."

"You're not wearing any earrings?" There's a fine layer of disappointment in Taehyung's voice. Not disappointment with Jeongguk, but with the lack of jewelry adorning his body.

Jeongguk mumbles, "They reminded me too much of you," and Taehyung dips his head to kiss Jeongguk slow and deep, taking his time to lick behind each of Jeongguk's teeth.

"I'm sorry," Taehyung whispers, trailing his thumb over Jeongguk's bottom lip. "I'm sorry for what I said."

He shakes his head, pulling Taehyung closer with an arm around his waist. "I'm sorry for accusing you of all of that shit. For... for saying you treated me like I was a kid you were obligated to care for. You were just looking out for me. I know that."

Taehyung's smile is still sad. Jeongguk presses his finger to the corner of Taehyung's lips and tries to curve it into a happier smile. "Yeah. Still, what I said was out of line. You're not a flighty coward."

He kind of was. "And you don't make me do anything I don't want to do."

"You're an adult. You can live your life however you want, baby."

"Even if I'm being stupid about it?"

"Especially then."

Jeongguk leans forward to kiss Taehyung's nose and then his mouth, Taehyung pulling away after a few minutes to reach behind him and rifle through his side table for a minute. He's holding a small velvet box, and he nudges it into Jeongguk's palm.


Taehyung nods, and this time his smile reaches his eyes. He nuzzles a little further into his pillow, staring fondly at Jeongguk. "Go ahead. I'd planned the circumstance to be better but I don't like seeing you so bare."

It's the diamond hoop earrings Jeongguk had seen on the island in the kitchen, pretty and sparkling in his hand. Jeongguk swallows the lump in his throat and carefully slips the earrings into his double helix, turning into the hand Taehyung lays over his cheek to play with the hoops.

Jeongguk chokes when he tries to speak. "Thank you, daddy."

"Stay the night?" Taehyung asks, whispers it carefully like he's afraid of Jeongguk's answer. Instead of answering- because it's obvious to him- Jeongguk hooks his leg over Taehyung's hip and pulls himself closer, burying his face in Taehyung's neck and breathing in deep, scattering kisses along the skin he can reach without moving much. "Want to watch Iron Man?"

"Fuck yeah."

Jeongguk can't even see the TV from this angle but it was never about actually watching the movie. Taehyung keeps his hands under Jeongguk's hoodie, stroking the skin and keeping him as close as possible while Jeongguk holds on like this is the last chance he'll have to do so.

"Are you still hooking up with Somin?"

Jeongguk nods. "Sangwoo got fired."

"Damn, Namjoon really did that right before the busy season?"

"Yeah." Jeongguk does feel bad about the dude losing his job, but that just meant- "Guess we're gonna be working together again."

"Good." Taehyung kisses his ear, takes a moment just to rest his weight on Jeongguk. "I've got so many pranks planned, baby. Hope you're not scared to sneak into the boss' office."

It's ridiculously late already, and coupled with how hard Jeongguk got fucked that night he can feel himself starting to drift off already, warm and satisfied in Taehyung's arms. There was a more than good chance that Taehyung will wake him up in a few hours with a boner and they'll both be tired stumbling into the department store in the morning, (or hobbling, depending on if Jeongguk can talk him into a quickie in the back of the car,) and Jeongguk doesn't mind one bit.

"Tae?" Jeongguk mumbles, his voice heavy with sleep. The movie is white noise in his ears, Taehyung's breathing steady and warm against Jeongguk's cheek.

"You should sleep, baby." Taehyung strokes Jeongguk's lower back; slow like he's only doing it to stay awake to hear what Jeongguk has to say.

"We'll be okay, right?"

Taehyung kisses his forehead, soft and lingering. "Fuck yeah. We’ll be just peachy. Can't do this shit without you, Jeon."

Jeongguk celebrates his birthday by going bowling, drags along his friends and coworkers because Taehyung said he could do anything for his birthday and Jeongguk wanted to fucking bowl. Except he was competitive as fuck and often forgot that most normal people were not.

So it ends up that Jeongguk bowls a near perfect round the first time, Somin, Jimin, Taehyung, and a few others from the department store sitting on the chairs with him. His closest competition is Somin, and because of this Jeongguk isn't drinking. He can't lose his focus and lose to anyone. Plus Taehyung, once he realized Jeongguk was serious about going to bowl, had decided they'd go get shit-faced at the bar tomorrow evening.

"Your ass looks great tonight, Somin," Jeongguk says, just before she walks up to take her shot. Taehyung snorts from where he sits at the computer. He gave up on playing after round three, and now just gave everyone stupid nicknames for each round, sitting at the old, dirty computer with a cup of beer.

"I'll be sure to thank it when I beat you," she says, without turning around.

"Damn, you wish."

She scoffs. "This is the thanks I get for blowing you behind the register."

Jeongguk shrugs, leaning back in his seat and watching Somin fuck up her spare. He was ahead. If he got a strike, then he'd win this round, too. He grabs his lucky ball and takes his place at the line, winking when Somin throws him a dirty look. He's about to go through the motions when,

"Wait, Jeon." Taehyung walks up behind him, stands at an angle so no one can see the way he sucks Jeongguk's piercings between his teeth. He pats at the front of Jeongguk's jeans, putting nothing there. "You forgot this."

Jeongguk misses the shot.

Somin laughs wildly at the way Jeongguk's cheeks burn red as he sits back down, leaning over to high-five Taehyung over Jeongguk's lap. Jeongguk pouts, watches as Jimin's decent turn puts him just above Jeongguk's score. He's never come in last.

"You're all the worst," Jeongguk mutters, takes Taehyung's lukewarm beer and finishes it off.

They play another few rounds, Jeongguk blocking out the teasing to win each of them, and then the bowling alley is closing and Taehyung's shoving half a chocolate cupcake- where the fuck did he find it- in Jeongguk's face only to lick the frosting right off of Jeongguk's cheek. Everyone says goodnight in the parking lot, singing around a lighter that Jimin produces from his back pocket as Jeongguk’s cheeks burn.

Jeongguk follows Taehyung back to Taehyung's place, kicking off his shoes and his jacket as soon as they're inside. He spins to try and kiss Taehyung, intent on the birthday sex he's heard that song brag about so many times, but Taehyung puts a finger to his lips and denies him the kiss.

"Tae," Jeongguk whines, hands on Taehyung's hips.

"Hush, you needy baby. I still haven't given you my gift."

Jeongguk frowns, letting Taehyung lead him to the couch and sitting on the cushion. "I said no presents this year."

"And I heard, 'give me all of the presents, daddy.' Now, close your eyes." With a dramatic sigh Jeongguk follows the order, listening as Taehyung leaves the room and it sounds like he's rummaging through the desk he never uses in his bedroom. When he gets back, Taehyung places something small and light in Jeongguk's palm and sits across from him in the plush armchair. "Okay. Open your eyes."

In his hands sits a poorly wrapped, very familiarly shaped box, and Jeongguk breathes a sigh of relief. Jewelry meant that Taehyung didn't go overboard, and he'd been looking for a reason to change a couple of his earrings or add a charm to his bracelet for a while now. Taehyung stares at him with poorly concealed excitement as Jeongguk quickly rips off the paper and opens the box to reveal the Givenchy earrings that Jeongguk's wanted for the longest time.

Jeongguk's breath catches as he stares at them, eyes wide and mind not quite comprehending what he was looking at. Jeongguk had been fucking devastated a week ago when he'd gotten into work to see that the earrings had been bought, pouting through his shift and even turning down Taehyung's offer to blow him in the break room.

"Tae- how-?"

"Think I didn't see the way you've been drooling over them for years?" Taehyung teases, looks like he's about to bounce out of his seat in excitement. "Do you like them?"

"This is too expensive, hyung."

"Hush. You know I don't give a shit when it comes to you."

Jeongguk's heart is threatening to jump right out of his chest. "Thank you," he whispers, strokes gently over the earrings and he feels the dumbest urge to cry. Or swallow down Taehyung's cock at that very moment. Either or will do. “I love them.”

Taehyung laughs quietly, standing from the armchair to sit next to Jeongguk on the couch. "What are you waiting for, Jeon? Put them on!"

Jeongguk does, removing the studs he has in his first holes on each ear to put the new, ridiculously fucking expensive, ones there. He's going to have a fucking heart attack and then dig out every piece of jewelry Taehyung has ever bought him so Taehyung can fuck him on a sparkling bed.

In that order.

Taehyung immediately goes to play with them, and Jeongguk melts into his side, sighing, "My daddy's the best daddy in the world."

"You got that right," Taehyung agrees, pressing a kiss to Jeongguk's cheek.

Jeongguk curls his hand into the collar of Taehyung's shirt and shifts so that he's straddling Taehyung's waist, settles his weight over Taehyung’s crotch and speaks with their lips brushing, "Fuck me in them?"

Hands curved on Jeongguk's waist, Taehyung grins up at him with wicked intent. "Don't have to ask me twice."