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Mix-it Up

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For the first time in his life, Hojo felt fear. He was a logical man, never one to be ruled by emotions. There was a first time for everything in a man's life. The scientist was cowering underneath his desk, behind the locked, reinforced steel door of his personal office.

He had a really good reason to fear. He was terrified of the subject of one his many experiments with unstable and enhanced mako. The mad Scientist had managed to achieve something that threatened the balance of the universe. He had every reason to fear for his life. He should have never meddle where gods fear to tread.

"Hojo!!!!" roared the less than bass voice of the changed Dark General. Angeal stormed, well, tried to storm into Hojo's office without tripping over the loose and long legged pants of his standard 1st Class Soldier uniform.

Hojo had dealt him a mighty blow. The mad scientist took away his manliness. Angeal was no longer a manly man's man. He was longer the broad build, 6'5", deep voiced, 1st Class Soldier, General that many looked up to(literally).

Angeal had lost his height. He was now the unheard height of 5'5". He never been 5'5" before in his life. As soon as he hit puberty, he shot up to his normal height of 6'5". He lost lost his broad muscular body. He now had a slender, borderline feminine body with subtle curves no male body should have. His ass was now plush and pert. He could no longer bounce a Gil off his ass any more. his face was no longer manly, his skin no longer rough with stubble. His face was now rounded, smooth skinned, and blemish free. His eyes were no longer narrow and fierce. They were large, almost chibi-ish, uke-eyes. Large innocent looking eyes that begged for someone larger and manlier to protect him.

He had a cute button nose, damnit all to Hel's underworld! He was petit and girly-looking now! Angeal nearly broke down in tears over his loss of his manly man-ness.

Shiva take it all. They were going to revoke his membership to the manly of the manliest club!



Cloud stood in front of the full-length mirror in the lab's recovery room. It never once crossed his mind to wonder why there was a full-length mirror in the room. He also ignored the unconscious and drooling nurse, who had collapsed on the floor when the nurse came to check on the cadet.

The Nibelhelmian had changed, drastically. He was rugged, broad, and muscular. He even had facial hair. Cloud was manly!

Formly, 5'3" and 1/2 (yes, that 1/2 was important), he was now an awesome height of 6 feet and 8 inches. His body was broad shouldered and muscular. His ass was hard, firm, and someone could bounce a Gil of it. His thighs were muscular and showed through the burst seams of his cadet issue uniform pants. His pants were now tattered shorts. His shirt couldn't take the strain and contain his godlike chiseled chest. His face was angular, no longer rounded, and his chin was covered in stubble. His skin was no longer smoother then a baby's bottom. He was a manly man's man. He had facial hair!

If it had been considered manly, Cloud would have squeed in utter joygasm!

Manly Cloud hummed as he admired his manly body. Having such a body made him want to hug Hojo; then kill the scientist because the mad man experimented on him. His Ma always told him to thank the man who unknowingly done him a favor, then eliminate the possibility of that same man asking for a favor in returned. One experimentation was one too many for Cloud T. Strife. Yes, Hojo had to be put out of commission... permanently.

It wasn't personal, just good business. His Ma had great rules to follow in his every day life; especially now that he was in Midgar.

A feral, bloodthirsty grin stretched across his rugged face. It was hunting time.

Cloud turned away from the mirror. Once again ignoring the unconscious nurse, he stepped over her body. She wasn't important to him or his personal mission. She was just a tool, an instrument used by Hojo.

Whistling a happy little diddy, Cloud followed the shouting of his fellow involuntary participant of Hojo's newest experimentation. The Nibelhelm native felt a little sorry for Angeal. But Cloud felt that the Dark General had something to learn from his body's change. If only Zack could learn that lesson.

Finding his way to Hojo's lab was easy enough. All he had to do was follow Angeal's shouting and the disturbed paintings that lined the walls. On the way, he passed Sephiroth. Well, he assumed that it was the Silver General. All he saw was cat-like, mako enhanced green eyes glowing from the dark shadows of doorway near Hojo's office.

Barely keeping his hero worship in check, Cloud nodded to Sephiroth as he walked pass. He had business to attend to. He was manly man now, he couldn't give into his gooshy-fanguyish feelings. There was no time to be stuttering and fainting like a silly-ninny. Reaching the uke-ish Angeal, the blond grabbed the older man before he could charge the Soldier resistant door.

Or was it a regular reinforced steel door, and Angeal couldn't get enough leverage? The Dark General was losing a battle of keep his oversized clothes on. Angeal was drowning in his standard 1st class Soldier uniform.

Cloud had to restrain himself from cooing at the smaller man in his arms. The blond found the older man to be so cute. He wanted to take the General somewhere hidden and private just so he could examine the changes closely, and thoroughly. Yes, Angeal's changes needed a close, a very close examination.

Feeling the man in his arms struggle, Cloud snapped out of his pleasant, yet, important thoughts. The blond tightened his hold on the man. He quickly found out that his strength had been greatly augmented to his new body. Angeal still had his 1st class strength. Cloud's strength matched and surpassed Angeal's strength. He barely felt the strain of holding against the spitfire's struggles.

Cloud was going to make Hojo's death painless due to the man's pure insane genius-ness.

"Let me go!" yowled Angeal as he tried to escape from those strong muscular arms that reminded him of what was taken away from him. "HOJO!!!"

"Calm down, Angeal!" came a deeper rumble of a familiar voice.

"Cloud?!?" The Dark General shrieked in surprise. He stopped struggling against the changed cadet. He was afraid to turn around to confirm his fears.

"Yessir." Cloud's new voice rumbled deep from his chest, vibrating against Angeal's back.

"Hojo got to you as well..."


What Angeal spat out next was not for anyone's ears. Such language would have made a sailor blush deep red and want to wash Angeal's mouth out with soap.

Cloud dropped the still cursing General. He walked around the foul mouthed man so he could examine Hojo's office door.

Sweatdrop 'And I'm the blond one..." Cloud thought to himself as he reached for the doorknob. The door wasn't a card key, password protected mechanical sliding door. It was an old fashion turn knob door. Honestly, technology truly spoiled people. But then again, Cloud didn't think that Angeal was thinking at an intelligent entity level.

The man was burning with rage. The anger ruled him and rode him hard.

The blond cadet went inside the office, leaving the cursing older man. Quietly closing and locking the door behind him, Cloud wickedly grinned. He could smell Hojo's fear.

"Oh, Doctor!" Cloud rumbled cheerfully, "It's time for your next appointment. I won't allow you to miss it!"