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One Day the Lumberjacks Came Into The Forest And Looked Around (podfic)

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Reader: aunt_zelda
Fandom: The Social Network/Wristcutters: A Love Story
Summary: Eduardo is just trying to get home, Zia is trying to find his girl, and Eugene doesn’t have anything better to do. Also there are miracles, a red hoody, and Tom Waits as an angel.
Reader's Notes: Highly recommended you watch both movies first, to understand what's going on. Especially Wristcutters, because this fic spoils the movie in very big ways.
Got myself a shiny (cheap!) microphone and a pop filter, couldn't wait to try it out. There was a bit of a rain/snow storm going on, there might be some odd faint noises in the background, but I think I cleared most of them out.