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my dearest, darlingest

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to put it simply

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◤ reader quirk : liquify : make anything the user chooses to turn into a scalding or freezing liquid with a single touch ◢


Oh so dreamy. That's what Todoroki Shōto was in the eyes of (Y/N). His aloof personality, emotionless gaze and charming voice; it was all absolutely mesmerising. His eyes, the way he walked; it was like he was a blessing from the heavens.

He didn't know them.

(Y/N) wasn't anyone in particular to Todoroki. He was a hero in training, while they were a baker-in-the-making. Would they ever be recognised by him, they were only there to serve him when he arrived for something that they hadn't bothered to remember. But they watched him. He'd take his seat by the window after he had returned from wherever, drink his iced coffee. They could only smile as they watched him calmly enjoy his beverage and look out onto the quiet and pleasant street.

That's all that (Y/N) could really do. A hero trainee wouldn't have time for a nobody. Besides, he was the son of a pro hero; they were a useless baker working in their parent's cafe as a part time job.

Oh how the world played favourites.

Today wasn't any different. (Y/N) fiddled with a fork in their left hand, leaning against the counter with a content expression. Normally Shōto would come around this time and order something. They leisurely gazed at the door, querying as to when he'd make his appearance. Their eyes were fixated on the glass windows looking out onto the street, the autumn leaves whisking onto the path in the wind. Customers trickled inside the cafe, adorning coats and scarves to fight against the crisp and cold air. Even as they took orders, their eyes repeatedly gazed back at the window, expecting to see the boy with snow white and crimson hair at any moment.

"Sir/Miss? A-are you alright there?" The old, kind man before them questioned with a concerned look. In a split second a burning sensation was felt running down (Y/N)'s hand. A glance and they realised that the pen they were holding had now melted in their grasp. Blue ink was dripping from their palm onto the register and their fingers were red from the scalding heat. (Y/N) let out a yelp, dropping the notepad that was in their right hand. They could only hold their wrist in agony at the utterly idiotic mistake. It'd be mortifying if Todoroki walked in to see this scene.

The bell jingled as the door opened. There Shōto stood, eyes a sliver wider than normal at the sight of the cashier's stained hand. The melted plastic of the pen running down their forearm as (Y/N)'s eyes squinted in pain, tears threatening to fall from the corners. What was he supposed to do? Any good hero would help, despite it being a small and perhaps meaningless situation.

(Y/N) was embarrassed beyond the word when they saw Todoroki standing at the door, watching in confusion and concern. At least he was concerned. That was comforting to some extent. The little old man before them was attempting to help the scalding liquid from burning them anymore, but poor man wasn't sure how. (Y/N) merely tried to cool their hand down so that the liquid that ran down their arm wouldn't burn them anymore.

The next act had taken the baker in training completely by surprise. Their eyes stared at the dual colour haired teenager in front of them, his right hand grasping their left. His hand was cold; soothing against the burn and scalding liquid.

"Do you mind?" His calm demeanour was enthralling, as if lulling them into an embrace that wasn't there. His voice enrapturing as asking for confirmation that he was allowed to help soothe the pain. The only response that (Y/N) could give was a meek nod, watching his eyes move from their's to their hand. A cold, icy sheen was sent up their arm. It wasn't painful. It was soothing; relieving for them.

A sigh of repose escaped from (Y/N)'s lips, their body releasing tension and closing their eyes the cold yet comforting feeling.

But a wave of realisation hit them as they realised who was before them and what they had done.

"Th-thank you Todoroki-san!" They blurted out, bowing lowly to show their gratitude. Flushed cheeks and all, Shōto was a little bit stumped on how to react.

"It's no issue. You needed help, so I did what I could." Even though his voice didn't hold much emotion at all, (Y/N) was blushing wildly.

"I-I need to g-go-" They nodded respectfully, before attempting to remove themselves of his grasp. But to their surprise, their attempts were futile. Patrons were staring; watching as the hero's son refused to let go of the now crimson cashier.

"Does it hurt?" He gazed down at their arm, gently touching the icy sheen with his left hand. (Y/N) fumbled over their words, unsure of how to respond to his concern for them. The only reaction that they could give was a surprised glance into his eyes and incoherent mumbling. 

"N-not anymore... Thank you," (Y/N) responded with a smile, nervously shaking at the gentle touch that the two shared, "If I may ask... Wh-why did you help me? You could've easily left..."

"It'd be a shame for my favourite barista to end up in the hospital, wouldn't it? Besides, a hero should be capable of even small good deeds,"

Favourite barista? Favourite?! (Y/N)'s eyes widened as they finally yanked their wrist away from Shōto. They both watched the icy sheen slowly evaporate into nothingness, a burn mark left in it's place. Not permanent, but still obvious.

How were they supposed to react to that!? Was it flirting!? No... Todoroki wasn't showing any signs of fondness. His gaze was stone cold as ever. Nothing  was abnormal. It was all... ordinary. Despite the two finally having a conversation that wasn't about Shōto's order.

"Could I possibly order too? Seeing as you're alright I suppose," A small smile appeared on his face, making (Y/N) flush an even brighter red than before.

Oddly enough, Shōto did know them. 

He was perfectly familiar with the kind and gentle barista, or baker-in-training as he had come to understand. They warmed his heart, made him feel like he wasn't just created for his father's selfish gain. Shōto admired them from afar, watching them just as much as they watched him. They made him smile genuinely; happily. Perhaps they had a chance.

Perhaps he could be who be the one that made (Y/N) smile.

But for now, let us just get to know each other.


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◤ reader quirk : mental projection : the ability to project anything that the user thinks onto any surface, like a projector. this works through a small diamond marking on the user's forehead ◢



That's what it was.

One of the most energetic, joyous students in the entirety of UA was chasing one of the most hotheaded, aggressive students. Of course, not literally. But for his heart.

A lively, wildly animated and bright student in the first year support course was almost always daydreaming about the one and only Bakugō Katsuki. His temper was endearing somehow; his booming voice was music to their ears. (Y/N) only smiled at the thought of the easily-irritated, anger-issues Bakugō. How and why on earth they thought that Katsuki was a dreamy man would forever remain a mystery to the other students. They were always a little odd. But when (Y/N) had so openly admitted to having feelings for the explosive hero-in-training. With a flushed, dreamy face in addition. They went on and on about him. His dreamy yet intimidating eyes, hair that could not be tamed, his powerful and intense fighting style; they admired everything about him.

It was surprising to say the least.

Students under the hero course were currently working to develop special moves. Everyone was rather familiar with this fact. Particularly (Y/N).

If you merely walked into their room, you'd see piles upon piles of machinery. Some of which looked completely crazy, while others looked like something you'd see made by a professional. It was a strange sight to behold, even stranger when you consider that most of the devices were made for Kacchan. All of which were conjured up in the brain of (Y/N).

Each one of his abilities they had carefully taken note during the sports festival. Since then, there was mountains of support items that they had created to enhance his physique and less powerful traits. Many claim that they're obsessed.

With their feet resting on a desk, (Y/N) sat with a glove on their lap and a tool box right in front of them. A smile stretched across their face, carefully looking at the prototype. Their face was dirtied from digging around their room for spare parts to complete their masterpiece, they wore a tank top and shorts to fight against the sweaty atmosphere of their room.

Their eyes scanned the glove. Like mostly everything else in the room, it had been created for Katsuki.

But this was a favourite that he could easily use to his advantage. His special move was similar, but with this device beneath his gauntlets Bakugō could easily and quickly fire a concentrated explosion. Much faster than before. But also many more at a time!

How (Y/N) knew of his AP shot came to exist through plentiful amounts of spying on class 1-A.

"DONE!" A loud slam rang through their room as their feet suddenly came into contact with the ground. Their eyes shone with joy as they finally finished the glove. A glove that could gather the nitroglycerine-like sweat of Katsuki's at the fingertips and fire concentrated blasts!

Now all they had to do was find him and get him to test out this device.

If finding lost keys was hard, then finding Katsuki was harder. It was almost impossible to find that human bomb! Ever since the dorm system came to be, it was thought that it'd be easier to find other students. Unfortunately, (Y/N) was having a much more difficult time finding Katsuki. It'd make sense to merely go to the 1-A dorms, as it wasn't past curfew yet. But were students outside the class allowed inside dorms?

(Y/N) wasn't particularly concerned.

Instead of asking a teacher or at least waiting until lunch the following day, (Y/N) went and decided to sneak around the heights alliance. If they didn't get caught, they would easily sneak onto Katsuki's veranda.

The 1-A dorms were very obvious. There was a bit of yelling coming from inside, but it wasn't likely that Bakugō was to be joining in on doing stuff with his classmates. He was probably alone, doing whatever he did on his lonesome, in his room.

(Y/N) was determined to give him the prototype. They'd do anything to give it to him.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND HOW IN THE FUCKING HELL DID YOU GET HERE!?" It sounded more like he was threatening them into leaving. Which was likely, as Bakugō did look like he was close to blowing (Y/N)'s brains out.

They were draped over the railing of the veranda, grinning like an idiot at Katsuki's enraged facial features. Obviously he wasn't happy to see a boy/girl leaning over his veranda holding a dark glove high up as if it were a prize.

"I have my ways dear Katsu-kun~ But I have only one reason to be here on your veranda!" (Y/N) beamed, climbing over the railing much to Katsuki's displeasure. Who did they think that they were? Suddenly appearing out of the blue and interrupting his precious alone time.

"GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE A BLAST YOU TO BITS!!!" His fury was evident, yet the boy/girl from the support class wasn't bothered in any possible way. Even when Katsuki was very loyal to his claims of 'blowing them to bits', (Y/N) was not in any way intimidated. In actuality, they were mesmerised. Seeing Bakugō's fiery emotions so close up? What an honour!

"You can do that later! First I want you to test this glove! I made it specially for you!" (Y/N) grinned proudly, flexing their right arm, "It'll make your concentrated attacks quicker to pull off! You can also fire more than one at the same time!" They bounced joyously, Katsuki only glaring as if they'd turn to ashes just from his gaze. To (Y/N), it really felt like that the glares would. Yet once again, they weren't bothered. Their pure sunshine like demeanour and zaniness prevented such a thing from happening.


"Blast me to bits! Right? Right?" They finished gleefully, jumping in their spot.


"Honestly Katsu-kun! You need to quiet down, I wanna show you how it works!" (Y/N) tapped Bakugō's nose playfully, almost getting bitten before they quickly retracted their hand and waltzed into his bedroom.


"Nobody said I couldn't!" They responded, smiling back at the human bomb innocently.

Turning away, (Y/N) stared at a wall that was mostly blank. It was obviously a shock to Katsuki seeing a projection on the wall. Particularly a projection displaying a blueprint of the glove design. (Y/N) began to point the details of the glove out.

"Well first things first, when you wear the glove I designed it so that it forces you to produce more sweat! So simply, some of the extra sweat is led to gather at the fingertips! Then you are able to fire at will a concentrated explosion! I even added the little detail that it gathers at your middle finger first! Then the rest! So if you want to flip someone off while you blast there you have it! There's a little buzz whenever all the banks in the fingertips are loaded or one is fully loaded, so you know when to blast fully!" They explained to a infuriated Bakugō very enthusiastically, "Well I'll take my leave now! Feel free to test the glove! Also let me know if you need more!"

With that, (Y/N) had exited the room with a successful grin, jumping off the veranda and onto the ground to return back to their own dorm.

Katsuki only watched in fascination, annoyance and confusion. They didn't even tell him their name!

"Stupid nobody. I'll keep the damned glove if it works."  Katsuki growled under his breath, attempting to deny the rising heat in his cheeks.

What an zany person he'd just realised was really damn attractive. 

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◤ reader quirk : quirkless ◢


Being quirkless in this day and age was almost unheard of.

A majority of the population had some sort of ability. Those without a quirk were considered to be...

Out of place.

If you were unfortunate enough to be born a regular human, what was waiting for you? Who would find you interesting? How could you achieve something big without some sort of flashy quirk?

How could you be a hero?

(Y/N) wasn't anyone special. They were part of the minority. Still, they were determined to gain the one thing that they wanted. They only wanted to have one thing; be one thing. They wanted to be like their father. But he wasn't a hero. No, he was a detective. (Y/N) wanted, oh so desperately, to be a private investigator like their father. They were determined to help people, even without a quirk. Even when people told them that they were useless.

Their father's current case. The case of 'Deku' a villain so difficult to track; so difficult even to get a glimpse of. (Y/N) was going to find him. Even when their father told them that it was dangerous; that this villain was dangerous. They had to find this hero killer. This hero collector. A detail that nobody could ignore. The hero collector is what some called him. Cheesy as it may sound, it was the reality of the situation. This 'Deku' left only the bodies of heroes at crime scenes. Their heads were gone. Like he collected them for his own amusement.

(Y/N), despite what anyone would tell them, was determined. They were going to find this man, bring him to justice. Even without a quirk. Killing innocent people and heroes was inexcusable. 

There was no way that they would let this 'Deku' get away with this criminal activity.

Thus leading them to this situation.

It was 2:00AM. The street lights the only thing illuminating the street as (Y/N) walked down it. They had decided to sneak out, look for this villain themselves. When their parents tried to tell them no, they went out anyway. There was no stopping such a persistent person.

Recently the villain had been around this place, a busy area in Musutafu. Or at least during the day. Currently there was not a single person around. Just passing by an alleyway was enough to send shivers down (Y/N)'s spine. It was disgusting, but they had to find this man. The one that was oh so determined to collect heroes as mantelpieces. It was absolutely horrific to think about how this person managed to gain pleasure from killing those that protected cities and towns across the world.

Like before, just passing by an alley was bone chilling.

"Where are you 'Deku'...?" (Y/N) whispered to themselves as quietly as possible, glancing around the empty street after halting in their tracks. He had to be here. There was no doubt that he was.

A quiet crack was heard, followed by a sickening gurgling sound. (Y/N) could only cover their mouth and press themselves against a building wall, attempting not to breath. They hadn't thought this far. What were they supposed to do against this. Obviously someone had been killed. They prayed that both was and wasn't this 'Deku'. If he found them then they'd be murdered. Their parents would only be crying messes. This man was going to find them, so the best option was to run. But why weren't their feet moving? This entire escapade was a mistake. They should've listened to their parents.

"Is someone the~re~?" The voice was coming from the next alley over. It was crazed, sickeningly sweet and blood curdling. (Y/N) held their breath, hoping to god that they would not be found by this maniac.

Slow clicking sounds were heard against the concrete; this person was walking. It had to be 'Deku'. It had to be.

"Why didn't you answer me~?" That voice; that stomach churning voice. It was right beside them, whispering into their ear. Fear struck (Y/N) like had never done before, paralysing them in their spot. Their stiffness allowed this criminal to wrap their - it's - arms around their shoulders. They were being held closely, tightly. It was petrifying. Their eyes were wide with terror feeling a cold, metallic scented liquid dripping down their arm.


"Why are you so quiet?" Their voice was darker, less lilted and sweet, "Did heroes get you to look for me?"

(Y/N) could only shake their head slowly in fear of what this person would do.

"Then I'll tell you, my name is Izuku - my friends call me 'Deku'~" It was him. Oh god it was him.

"What about you?" (Y/N) couldn't speak. Nothing came out.

"Well? Why won't you tell me your name?" Izuku's right hand slowly travelled to (Y/N)'s neck, "And how can I be sure that you're not with the heroes?"

(Y/N) only gasped as his hand gripped their neck tightly, almost cutting off their breathing.

"How about I take you with me? Sensei will be so proud of me~" They could feel his crazed smile against their temple as he leaned on them. No response came from (Y/N) as Izuku tightly hugged them against him, smiling proudly to himself. Even when the two began to faze into a dark portal-like thing,  they couldn't respond. This was too easy. They were passed out in a second just after Izuku had laid a peck on their temple.

Sensei was so generous. Now he had a quirk!

But sadly, Izuku was corrupt.

(Y/N) awoke to the sound of quiet voices. Their arms taped together behind them, their legs bound to the chair they sat in. Even after comprehending this, there was no way that they were going to move. It was like their body was too fatigued to move. Had... Izuku gotten to them? What else could've happened. Why did this have to happen? Why did they think this was a good idea? They should've listened to their parents.

"You're awake~ Finally~! I was wondering how long it'd take~" There it was again, behind them. That sweet voice that made (Y/N)'s skin crawl in terror.

"Wh-why did you take m-me?"

"They speak~!" Footsteps were heard walking closer and finally, his face was seen. Big green eyes, crazed. Freckles and wild, untamed dark hair. He was pale, with a dark look in his eye. Like he wanted something along the lines of revenge. A knife in his bloody hand. (Y/N) pursed their lips in fear, turning their head away. It felt like if they looked into his eyes for any longer, they'd become just as deranged as him.

"You're quirkless aren't you?" How he knew that scared (Y/N) beyond words. How were they supposed to respond to that. The only thing that they could do was nod in fear of being murdered.

"Ah~ I knew it~! Y'know, I was quirkless too once! But sensei gave me a quirk! I put you right to sleep~" Izuku chuckled darkly, moving closer and grabbing (Y/N)'s chin to force them to look up at him.

"Sensei can give you a quirk~! Don't you want to just crush everyone that didn't believe you could do anything just because you weren't gifted with something that everyone else got!? Wouldn't that be so relieving!? I'm sure that you want to do just that!! Like me!!! Right!?" He grinned maniacally and (Y/N) could only stare in both terror and shock at this villain.

"I could never be a hero, that's what they told me! What did they tell you!? How did they crush your dreams?!" They were always told that someone without a quirk would be useless on a crime scene. They wouldn't do anything for a case. 

They wouldn't do anything for a case like Izuku's.

They said nothing.

"Sensei can get you any quirk you want!! You can show them that they were wrong!!! Sensei showed me the light and he can show you too!!! All you have to do is join us! Please!!! You can show all those that told you it was impossible!" His green eyes bored into (Y/N)'s, making them question their own judgement. His dark green hair bounced as he moved, his face became progressively more and more insane looking as he spoke. What was he? This boy; this teenage boy was somehow forcing his ideals into their brain, attempting to make them turn to his side.


And it was working.

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◤ reader quirk : quirkless ◢


Being quirkless was...

A burden.

Nobody wanted to be someone without a quirk. There was nothing waiting for them that would make them praised. Who praised the quirkless? Nobody that (Y/N) knew of. Their parents were proud of them, but who else really?

They weren't anything special.

The offering of a quirk; a quirk of your choice. How could you pass the opportunity up? A sudden blessing from the heavens.

You'd be insane to refuse it. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Besides... if you didn't take up such an offer it'd likely end right then and there. (Y/N) was in that situation. Yet somehow, this boy that was strangely looked their age, was getting to them. Somehow he was worming his villainous ideas into their head. How would remain a mystery to them. Izuku would likely remain a mystery to them even if they joined his cause. Was it the quirk? Was it that simple offering that changed their mind? They were known to be loyal but... this was too good to pass up.

And that was it.

The deepest, darkest desire of (Y/N) was to have a quirk. Being deprived of something so common took a toll on them. That desire ate away at their common sense. They forgot about how their family would feel. They forgot about how their friends would feel. They forgot that there were people who did care. They chose to forget all of that.

Because a quirk was so close yet so far from their touch.

"I-if I get a quirk then I'll join you!" (Y/N) spoke again, lurching forward almost in desperation. The chair they sat in skid against the cold floor as they leaned forward. Izuku didn't flinch. He merely smirked down at the quirkless boy/girl. It was exactly what he wanted.

"Perfect~ Sensei can easily give you a quirk! Just name the kind you want! I'll make sure he knows~" He was obviously happy with their choice, staring into their eyes with such an intensity that they shivered. (Y/N) tore their gaze away once again.

"C-can I ask something...?"

"And what's that?" His voice had suddenly become darker after hearing that.

"Wh... what quirk did 'sensei' give you..?" They asked, a cold sweat running down their neck when they saw felt the atmosphere darken. Was he unhappy with the quirk? Or was he...

"I can draw out the strength and energy from any human being~ Like I did with you~ Why do you think you can't move? Cool isn't it!?" Izuku's smile stretched wider as he fell to his knees and let the knife in his hands fall to the floor. (Y/N) looked down at his form, his head looking up at them with the same grin. His head moved to their lap, resting his head on their thighs while he stared with an unidentifiable look in his eye.

"I might just keep you to myself. I'm sure sensei wouldn't mind," He mumbled to himself. His bloody hand reached up and his smile fell. His face was emotionless. Blood was smeared on (Y/N)'s cheek and the smile on Izuku's face returned.


"Why of course! A pretty specimen such as yourself should be kept safe! I'd hate if something happened to you... So I'll keep you under my watch!" Izuku stood again, quickly, and grabbed (Y/N)'s face with his bloodied hands. He roughly gripped at their cheeks, the red life substance now all over their cheeks.

"You look so cute like this... Blood all over you... like you just murdered someone! I can't wait until you do~ You're with villains now so you'll have to at some point!" (Y/N) only looked up at Izuku with a slight look of fear in their eye. Still, they were not throwing away this chance for a quirk.

"I... I'll do anything, okay? I just... need a quirk." They rasped out, feeling the energy slowly seeping from them. Was he making sure they were immobile? Did he think they'd escape?

"How precious... I'll make sure that you're taken perfect care of~" Izuku hummed and let (Y/N)'s face go, backing up. He grabbed the knife from the ground and holding it up high. His grin was manic and terrifying; watching him walk over with that bloody knife was not in any way reassuring. Watching the dark green haired teen bring the knife to his lips and lap up the red liquid with such a sinister grin - it was unnerving to say the least.

"I'm just unbinding you! No need to start freaking out!" Izuku giggled, sauntering behind (Y/N) again. They first heard a tearing sound, following by a stinging sensation at their wrists. Bringing their hands to their chest while hissing in pain, Izuku frowned down from behind them. (Y/N) hadn't noticed. Even such a small movement took so much of the little energy they had.

"Lovely..." They heard him mumble before he wrapped his arms around them like back on the street. His chin rest on their head as he looked down at their bleeding wrist from behind them.

Without warning, Izuku snatched up (Y/N)'s wrists in a tight grip. Their blood smeared across Izuku's hands and their forearms. They stared in horror as the teenage villain brought their hands up above their head and to his face. The feeling of his tongue licking at the wounds was absolutely disgusting. But they had no strength to do anything in their defence. They couldn't drag their hands away, they couldn't kick and scream. It seemed he truly had drained their power from them. Even as he kissed at the cuts with such a soft touch. It was stomach churning and (Y/N) wanted to throw up.

But anything for a quirk.

(Y/N) was living by that, without even realising it beforehand.

"Aw... Don't be like that! I cleaned your wound, didn't I?" Izuku chuckled as he let their arms drop back into their lap, "Now that I'm taking care of you, this'll be my payment! Alright?"

"A-are you...-"

"Serious? A vampire? I'm only one of those two things and that's 'serious'. You're in my care, so you have to pay me for it~ Besides it's the easiest way to take all that useless energy from you~" Izuku smiled as he nuzzled his face into (Y/N)'s hair. He was affectionate, clearly. Like a fanboy. A crazy, demented one. (Y/N) wanted to just slap him. But they couldn't risk the quirk. They couldn't gather enough energy to move and do something so rash anyway. 

"I know you don't like me like I like you, but trust me! You'll learn to embrace it!" He continued to encourage them with a grin, walking back in front of them with a villainous smile. He was corrupt, clearly. (Y/N) was truly no different.

He'd bring out the worst in them; they'd bring out the best in him. He won either way. But at least (Y/N) would get their quirk. They'd deal with this maniac for an eternity if it meant that they could have that quirk. They were just as corrupted as him. Hell bent on having power for themselves, (Y/N) was truly no better than the villain 'Deku'.

Just had a bit of sanity remaining.

A little bit.

"I..." (Y/N) began, staring right back at Izuku with an unwavering gaze and dead looking eyes. All the energy from them was gone, now Izuku's. He continued to take and take their strength whenever it showed signs of returning. This man was ruthless. He honestly couldn't seem to hold back against an already helpless boy/girl. It was unlikely he'd do such a thing against anyone.

"I... u-uhm..." They sighed, gazing down at the cold floor and going almost completely limp. It was hard to speak now. Izuku's greed was taking every last ounce of power that they had left.

"You what~? You can tell me! The best way to get someone you like to return those feelings is to get them to trust you, right? So trust me!" Izuku encouraged (Y/N) to finish their sentence, standing before them with a sickening smirk. As if he already knew what they were going to tell him.

"I-I will..."

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◤ reader quirk : plant fertilisation : allows the user to grow any sort of plant just by coming into contact with soil ◢


The pitter patter of rain against an umbrella and the quiet sound of puddles being stepped in. It could bring a smile to the face of one who enjoyed the rainy weather.

The greenery was lush, fresh; the plants were swaying under the water droplets as if basking in the refreshing feeling of it all.

A whistle echoed through the afternoon and tapping of rubber boots on the concrete was all that could be heard in this heavy shower of rain. Two legs moved gracefully; step after step.

(Y/N) smiled beneath the droplets of rain pouring onto them, their feet moving by themselves almost while they danced in the afternoon rain. Their umbrella twirled in their hand, flinging water all around them. There was no music, only the melody of the rain against the plants, their umbrella and the concrete. They danced in the rain with a content smile, humming and whistling in accompaniment with the shower of water from the clouds above. Their yellow raincoat was dripping from all the excess water. Even so, the smile never left their face as they twirled underneath the grey clouds and the faint glow that shone through them.

Even after lowering the umbrella and slowing to a stop, the smile remained.

Even after their 'manly' neighbour seemed gone for good, they smiled continuously.

It wasn't even a faux smile. Genuinely. But they weren't pleased that the red-headed, wild teen was gone. In fact, (Y/N) was miserable. Without seeing him each day before school began, it felt like their life had become so much more dull. Why was a mystery to even themselves. But perhaps it was his confidence, kindness and out-going demeanour.

In the end, (Y/N) was absolutely head over heels for their neighbour.

Or what used to be their neighbour.

It was that one morning that shocked them beyond what they could believe. Sure, they had known that the boisterous red-head attended UA academy. But why on earth did he require so many boxes...?

Unfortunately denial had gotten the best of them, they already knew and understood what was going on.

That strange neighbour of theirs was moving out, obviously to dorm at UA academy.

Obviously (Y/N) was disappointed. They hadn't even spoken before, so why were they so upset? Well, maybe now they wouldn't get the chance to speak with the stranger. At least not until they returned for some odd reason.

In any case, they weren't exactly happy with their actions.

Nevertheless, there was no going back. One could only hope that the boy would come back for some family event and they could strike up a conversation. That's the issue being shy though. It was difficult to approach someone with ease and confidence. It was awkward, strange and absolutely mortifying.

If only (Y/N) had enough confidence... like the boy.

Their smile fell and they stood motionless, kicking halfheartedly at the soil. What were they going to do now? Admittedly, they had fallen for their neighbour, hard. It was difficult to comprehend. The shy and foolish boy/girl had fallen absolutely head over heels for the idiot with the wild red hair. Unfortunately they were nobody to him. They could bet that he didn't even realise that he had a neighbour his age. It was sad, actually.

Slowly, (Y/N) dropped to their knees, becoming dirty from the muddy dirt that they knelt on. Even with just their bare knees making contact with the wet soil, a large flower rapidly sprout, blooming in the rain in a majestic and twirly fashion. Oddly enough it resembled that boy. (Y/N) tapped their chin, staring at the red, sharp-petalled flower with interest and adoration. A smaller flower, this time (F/C) coloured, bloomed before them. It made sense though, didn't it? A large, obvious flower that many would notice and a smaller, duller flower that was hidden by the red flower beside them.

(Y/N) sighed.

Somebody else gasped in amazement from besides them.

(Y/N) had turned their head so quickly it almost snapped. They found themselves staring at a smiling, red-headed boy with a tiny scar just at his right eyelid that stood on the other side of the fence. Their face flushed seeing the grin stretched across his face. There was no way that he could have been fascinated by them could there? Or was it their quirk?

"How'd you do that??? That's amazing!" His voice, directed toward them for the first time. It was music to their ears and they couldn't help but smile a little bit when hearing him talk to them.

"Wait, it's your quirk isn't it?" (Y/N) nodded shyly, not saying a word, "Aha! I should'a known it from the start!"

(Y/N) shrugged with a crimson face, picking gently at the large red flower's petals. They weren't sure what to say, being so quiet naturally and all. Besides, such a cute guy was going ahead and talking to them, after so many years?

"Did you move in next door recently? I haven't seen you before! I'm Kirishima! Kirishima Eijirō!" His voice was gallant, fit for a hero. (Y/N) understood why UA had accepted him. But that couldn't be it...

"What about you? What's your name?" (Y/N) blinked in surprise, many tiny pink flowers sprouting around where they sat. A little reflex when they were flustered or smitten.

"(Y-Y/N)..." They mumbled, pushing some hair behind their ear with a shy smile. Some larger, yellow flowers began to slowly bloom around the in addition to the pink bunches of petals. They were beginning to get embarrassed. Their quirk did work with their emotions, so if they were touching the dirt and suddenly felt strong feelings, flowers would grow around them in a particular colour. 

"Wha! My quirk isn't as cool as yours! I'm surprised you aren't at UA!" Eijirō responded with enthusiasm as he climbed over the fence while still staring in amazement. (Y/N) was a bit surprised to see his skin become sharper, more rugged. Was that his quirk? Impressive! Much cooler than growing plants. 

"See what I mean? You can make flowers just sprout out of the ground! I can only make my body sharper and harder," Eijirō huffed, his lips and eyes still smiling brightly in contrast. The rain dampened his clothes and hair, the normally spiky style now beginning to droop and his t-shirt sticking to his torso. (Y/N), being concerned for him and his health quickly stood shakily. They rushed over, umbrella in hand as they stumbled in the mud and held out their only protection from the rain to their neighbour. Their cheeks were flushed, nervously avoiding his gaze as they held out the umbrella generously to him.

"A-actually you're quirk is.. r-really cool," They added, stuttering and fumbling with their words. The umbrella protected both from the constant shower of rain, both wore pink cheeks. Even with the cold rain hitting both of their backs, they both felt warm from the blood rushing to their faces. (Y/N) began to stumble over their words while Eijirō remained silent, not as obviously flustered.

It was magical in a sense. Like some sort of romantic meeting in a movie. Both parties were flushing, nervous as to what the other may do. The dirt on (Y/N)'s knees had begun to sprout daisies and Eijirō's hands had become clammy. His next words were a shock to both of them, the volume had made (Y/N) yelp in surprise. But his proposal was surprising enough.


Their face became as red as the flower nearby.


The only reaction that (Y/N) could give was a speedy and happy nod, their face breaking into a grin at this. Eijirō flushed red himself, but didn't refute his words.

"P-please take care of me!!"

Chapter Text

◤ reader quirk : spider : this allows the user to possess the abilities of a spider. for example, climbing walls, firing webs, jumping exceedingly far, venom and extremely sensitive body hairs that perceive low-level vibrations ◢


One of the top students from the one and only UA.

One of the top students from the one and only Shiketsu.

Both first years, both incredibly powerful in their own respect. Both troubled in their own way too.

One was considered a successful experiment; a specimen. And by his own father. Many considered it heart rending.

But on the other hand. There was (Y/N). A tough, explosive and excitable girl that was always throwing herself in harms way. One word to describe her most definitely troubled. Almost as much as her rival, Todoroki Shōto. Being the daughter of two criminals wasn't exactly ideal for a hero-in-training. It wasn't so much of a cliche though. Those two evil doers hadn't even parented her, it was her grandparents that had done that. But nevertheless. Knowing that she was the child of two wretched criminals that intended her to be a part of their villainous legacy was so infuriating!

Yet that still begs the question concerning the rivalry between the two students. How had it come into the limelight between the students of Shiketsu? How were those in Shōto's class not aware of their fued? When did it all begin?

Even (Y/N) had unanswered questions.

But Shōto probably had more.

The rivalry began after the Hero Licence Exam. It was sudden and neither could remember much from it, though it involved a fair amount of yelling on (Y/N)'s part and annoyed glares from Todoroki. It had seemed that both had foiled the other's plans during the second half of the exam. (Y/N) was screeching at icy-hot in absolute fury while he brushed her off without a second glance. Or so she thought.

That say throughout the exam, he was watching that strange spider girl and the guy from the UA entrance exam. The one that was loud and kind of obnoxious. Inasa, he believed. To be quite frank, Todoroki wasn't pleased with seeing their close friendship and teamwork. Both had fiery and explosive personalities. They got along perfectly. In addition with their suddenly discovered dislike toward the dual-hair-coloured first year.

Honestly Shōto was oddly attracted to the wild spider-like girl. The way that she flung around the grounds with ease, grinning victoriously as she managed to save many "civilians" swiftly. Her four eyes and the whites of them being oddly black didn't even bother him. In fact, he really liked that little unique trait of hers. (Y/N) was from then on a bit of a mystery. Somehow they had kept in contact, (Y/N)'s reasoning being so that she could annihilate him later. That's what she had claimed at least. Shōto was amused by her vigour, messaging her occasionally though still only receiving anger filled responses.

To conclude, he was madly in love with this spider-esque girl with the rather vehement personality.

Even after only a few brief encounters, Todoroki Shōto had begun to fantasise even. He was head over heels, mad for this girl that wished to be a hero like him. It was odd though. He wasn't sure how to process the information and feelings that his brain and heart were relaying to him. Nevertheless Shōto was feeling strong emotions towards this fiery female. Good ones. He wanted to make her smile happily.

Uncharacteristic, but the truth.

"Oi. Todoroki-kun you little shit!" There she was, strutting over from the other end of the street, glaring with her four eyes.

"Ah. (Y/N)-san. I'm glad you could make it." He responded coolly, not making his emotions and nervousness obvious to the spider-like girl who looked like she was about to attack him. She likely would.

"I didn't come around so that I could listen to you fawn about how happy you are to see me. You told me you were taking me to some sorta carnival so I fucking expect a damn carnival!" Shōto smiled a rare smile with his back turned to the unsurprisingly livid girl, finding her demeanour attractive for some weird reason. Still.

"You can still expect that, so stop holding us up and let's get going." He began to walk away.

"Todoroki-kun you little shit!! I will beat your ass!!! HOW DARE YOU!?" Her fury was evident in her volume and tone. She stormed after the taller male, huffing and grumbling, "Why did I even decide to hang out with you? Tch, you're not even fun. All you do is wear that stupid expressionless expression and talk with such a bored tone!"

(Y/N) complained, halfheartedly. Her cheeks flushed from speaking without taking a breath. Todoroki found it amusing to see the small girl fuming with rage that wasn't even completely genuine. Her 'tch' was adorable in Shōto's opinion. The two walked side by side, (Y/N) bumping into him purposefully, multiple times. Obviously she was just being petty and salty, as per usual. Todoroki wasn't bothered in the slightest by her behaviour. It was normal. And it was... cute.

The carnival was in full swing. The two frenemies stood beside one another, staring at the crowd and couples occupying the large area.

"Oh you have to be shitting me..."

"Well unfortunately, no I'm not. Let's try to enjoy ourselves nonetheless." (Y/N)'s wrist was suddenly taken by Shōto's larger hand and she was beginning to get dragged along with him. She attempted to deny the blush rising to her face with a scowl, glaring at the back of icy-hot's head. Though the main surprise came to her when her heart began to thump at an unusually fast rate. Honestly, it'd been doing that recently. But only around Todoroki.

(Y/N) didn't exactly know what it was.

Until her close friend at Shiketsu had made her aware of it.

'Your in love (Y/N)-chan!' She shuddered at those words that repeatedly kept bouncing around in her head. Even as they weaved through the crowd, she stayed oddly silent and merely stomped after the taller male that was supposedly her rival to the end.

"Where are you taking me anyway!?"

"I wanted to win you some prizes. That's what Izuku told me to do at least..." 

"W-WELL - UH - I-I CAN WIN MY OWN PRIZES THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I-IN FACT I'LL WIN YOU SOME!!" Todoroki simply hummed and shrugged, as if it was normal for someone to decline that sort of offer. Then again, he wasn't so sure about how he was supposed to make a girl fall for him, one that wasn't particularly interested in him or romance particularly. But of course there was another side to the story.

(Y/N) stood at a game, selling some gigantic snow white teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Tin cans were lined up in pyramids of three, two realistic looking toy guns at the front of the stand and the sleazy operator running the dodgy establishment right beside them. Obviously it was a scam. None of the toys had been sold. But (Y/N) was determined to win the cold boy his prize. Funny how she managed to reverse the gender roles for this situation. Nevertheless, that damned teddy bear was hers - or more accurately Shōto's.

"Hey lil' lady - why don't ya' get yer' boyfriend ta' play for ya'?" The operator asked, cigarette hanging from his mouth as he smirked down at her mockingly.


"Awright, awright geez. 1000 yen for three plays, lil' lady." (Y/N) chucked the money at him, grabbing the toy gun firmly and aimed said gun at the tin cans. Todoroki watched in amusement, leaning casually as (Y/N) effortlessly fired a shot yet failed to knock any tins down. Her fist slammed on the counter in anger, preparing for her next shot. This shot managed to knock down an entire pyramid of tins, earning her the teddy bear.

The pair walked away from the booth, ignoring the surprised old operator to his own devices. Shōto hugged the bear loosely, staring ahead with no readable expression, yet a flush of pink prominent on his cheeks.

"You cheated, didn't you?" He finally spoke, a small smile gracing his features as he heard (Y/N) gasp.

"A-AND SO WHAT IF I DID!? I GOT YOU THE TEDDY BEAR!!!" Todoroki chuckled quietly, suddenly leaning down to the small spider-esque girl. His lips gently and slowly made contact with hers, leaving her dumbfounded at the strange turn of events.

"I don't mind at all actually. I love you regardless."

Chapter Text

◤ reader quirk : reanimate : the user can make any inanimate object animate for around an hour max and control what the said object does. the user can deanimate the select object at will ◢

◤ profanity warning for a single short moment with copious amounts of sudden cursing ◢


One word.


(Y/N) was universally known as the sweetie and one of the most well liked students amongst the first years at UA. In the hero course, class 1-B. They were happy-go-lucky, attending hero classes with a smile. Honestly, concerning almost everything, their attitude was very All Might-ish. No one was complaining though. They were kind, fun and to be frank, a heartthrob.

But also, probably insane at the same time.

Hearing that the most precious person was crushing, hard, on a walking grenade probably made others think that they were dreaming. Bakugō Katsuki. Everyone was absolutely shocked and somehow, the man himself wasn't aware. He hadn't realised that the student trailing behind him at every spare moment was completely and utterly in love with him. Yet he was completely aware that they were skipping behind him, smiling like an idiot. Obviously he was beyond annoyed.

But even after so many phrases had been spewed at (Y/N), they still followed the explosive blonde.

One thing should be established here though. (Y/N) was happy-go-lucky, sure, but many that were close to them would have discovered that they could be very... obsessive and possessive. To the point that their joyous and gallant demeanour was but a distant memory. Or at least to the person that managed to push beyond what was deemed as the sacrificial boundary.

When one flirts, makes fun of or does wrong toward anyone that (Y/N) is interested in, then best prepare yourself.

Currently, they sat with their friends at a lunch table. Fuming.

"(Y/N)-chan? What - Oh don't tell me you're staring at that ticking time-bomb from class A again!!" Neito Monoma. A close friend and also enemy of (Y/N)'s. Many also wondered how someone that probably needed some help with his... superiority issues - managed to become so close with such a sweetie. It was complicated.

"Stop talking before I throw you out the window and sodomise you with a stick."

"Okay calm yourself no need to propose something so unheroic!"

"Oh you're right! I shouldn't say those things! I promise I'll stop after you shut the fuck up and accept that Bakugō Katsuki is superior to your whiny ass."

"(Y/N)-san please don't use such language. You're beginning to draw attention." Itsuka finally spoke up, looking over at the two in concern. What would she do with them? The two usually got into disputes, but when it came to Katsuki it was worse. (Y/N) was so possessive over the blonde that they began to act completely different than themselves.

"My apologies Kendō-chan! I should really stop getting so angry! But can you blame me? Katsuki-kun is a real heartthrob! I just love a man that can take charge..." They rest their head on the table, staring at Bakugō scarfing down his food with a dreamy gaze. Neito merely looked down at his classmate with disgust. Katsuki? Really? There were much classier guys that were available. For example himself. What could such a sweet and kinda (mostly) boy/girl see in a... brute like him? He probably killed someone without realising it for God's sake!

"Sure he can be a bit rash and violent but I can tell he can be a real-" Both of the first years next to them noticed (Y/N) pause suddenly, their content expression oh so slowly looking more and more sinister.

"Uh... (Y/N)-san are you - okay the table is moving - please deactivate your quirk!!" Kendō attempted to restrain the now moving table using her now enlarged hands, looking down at her friend in frustration and slight nervousness.

"Do you see that... girl talking with Katsuki-kun over there?" (Y/N) slammed their hand on the table, causing it to stop moving. Their hand hand similar pads to Ochako's, though these caused any object to become animate. Their two friends flinched at the sudden change once again.

"Oh dear."

"Who does she think that she is?! Oh- you see that!? She even changed her damn body to be more "appealing"!! What is her body made of clay!?"

"(Y/N) calm down this is not the time-" 

"Calm down!? Calm DOWN!?!? This is a serious matter!? This goddamn ape is attempting to flirt with Bakugō Katsuki!!! The one that I have been after since I got here!!" (Y/N) yelled, resulting in them being wrapped in Itsuka's large hands. Mouth included.

"I told you (Y/N) it's very rude and unlike you!" At this point people were staring, including Katsuki and this unfamiliar second year girl. Kendō was beginning to flush from embarrassment while Monoma had left already, not wanting to deal with a jealous (Y/N). Not even for the chance to insult anyone from 1-A. That was way too risky.

It was an anomaly that (Y/N) managed to break their face free from Itsuka's iron grip and began to cuss out the random student standing before Bakugō. It was unforeseen, nobody was expecting for the most agreeable and sweet student to begin cursing out one of their seniors.

"LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE COCK SUCKER, I WILL ABSOLUTELY DESTROY YOUR ASS YOU HEAR ME!? I'LL TURN YOU INTO AN ACCIDENT IN THE BOTTOM OF A DITCH YOU SHIT-FOR-BRAINS." (Y/N) began to yell at the stranger, with no shame. Many stared in wonder and fear at the normally sweet angelic student cuss out a senior for asking for Bakugō's number. 


(Y/N) breathed heavily, seething with anger. Their hair was dishevelled, face flushed as the entire cafeteria stared in disbelief. (Y/N), an angelic and 'never-do-any-wrong' person was just done threatening a senior of theirs. Needless to say, when they had finally recollected on the entire situation. Their face was now flushing in absolute mortification. Why did they let their anger out and lash out at someone.

"I- uh.... Sorry...?" That's all they managed to muster up in the moment. Bakugō stared them down, an intense emotion evident in his pupils. When (Y/N) looked into them she saw it. Oh no. Was he interested in that stupid second year!? Did they ruin their chanced even more!? Their eyes widened and they looked away, slowly beginning to inch out of the large room. Silence remained as they left, replaying the events prior over and over again in their head. They were ashamed, clearly. They had said such mean stuff towards someone. Were they even accurate in their perception? Maybe that girl was looking for someone and was asking around?

"Oh you idiot!" Nobody was around, or so it seemed. (Y/N) almost fell over at the sound of an all too familiar voice.

"That was fucking uncalled for." They sighed, knowing it was Katsuki. They had really botched it, hadn't they?

"Y-yeah I know. I probably upset you a-"

"Let me fucking finish next time would ya'? Ugh, shit. Um.. Er... Hm..." Bakugō Katsuki, stuttering. Fumbling over his words. Flustered. It was unheard of. Almost as unheard of as (Y/N)'s outburst. Maybe today would be filled with surprises.

"Fuck it! That was actually damn cool and really amazing to see you do that. In all honestly I'm not interested in anyone. Or. Well you could say I'd probably date you - ACTUALLY NO. I DON'T LIKE YOU. I HATE YOU, GO DIE ALONE." (Y/N) smiled, knowing already before turning around and with some regained confidence, planted a tiny quick peck on Katsuki's lips. His face looked both flustered and angry at the same time.

"Sure you don't like anyone."


Chapter Text

◤ reader quirk : unnecessary for this oneshot ◢


Reason one. It was an unfamiliar feeling that was exceedingly difficult to get used to.

Falling in love with someone was risky in and of itself. The feeling was strange and the reactions that accompanied the emotion were hassling. When cheeks flush and hearts race it’s a clear indicator of one simple and frankly very worrying fact.

Someone is in love.

Whether it be you, the person next to you, there’s no denying it. Love is a crazy thing and plenty will attempt to push away their feelings. It will do no good. Even though it may feel strange, odd and nerve-wracking, attempting to fight against and not with those feelings will ultimately end in shambles. It’s as if rain was falling. You either dance with the water drops or block them out. That’s what love is like. If you dance, you’ll be soaked in the joys and affectionate feeling of love. If you don’t, you’re left dry and untouched by such comforting feelings.

Hitoshi had made the choice to put up his umbrella and block any affection out of his life. The affection that was thrown at him he attempted to remove from his life. One specific person had offered their love to him, yet Shinsō pushed them away. He believed that it was all a rouse. Nothing more than a practical joke that was created to humiliate him. Unfortunately, he was very wrong with his accusations.

(Y/N) had been in love with Shinsō since the beginning of middle school. They confessed in their final year and was rejected. It was heartbreaking, but they knew there was no use getting hung up over it.

The two ended up in UA together. One in the hero course, the other in general studies.

Reason two. Eventually, they'll get over you and you don't get over them.

Watching from afar and silently observing. After a while of pushing back feelings, that can begin to hurt. Watching the one that you love, yet refused affection from can truly hurt. Regret washes over oneself when you realise that they're moving on. Seeing them happily go on as if the entire exchange didn't take place, it was heart-wrenching. Of course one would not want to watch them suffer. Of course not. It would be even worse to see them breaking down, their life in shambles. Yet the fact they act like nothing happened. That always manages to nudge at one's thoughts.

It ripped at Hitoshi's conscience, making him almost completely incapable of even looking at them. They happily went along with their life. As if the two had never had a thing to do with one another. It tore at his heart, yet he still attempted to push away those dark and depressing notions that his mind was plugging into him. It disgusted him - (Y/N) disgusted him.

Just looking at them happily go after someone else was heart rending. Watching (Y/N) brush it off with ease was difficult to handle and comprehend itself. It made Shinsō wonder if they ever truly felt those feelings toward him. It made him scowl and glare in their general direction. they never managed to catch a glimpse of his stare, both filled with resentment and adoration.

Knowing that you only just let someone you love slip from your grip was something to regret forever.

Reason three. In the end, you'll never get them back and they'll be someone else's.

When the one that you love chooses another. Particularly, someone that has never settled well with you. Well, how was Hitoshi supposed to react? Bakugō had somehow managed to steal (Y/N) with such ease, somehow treating them with so much more appreciation than he ever displayed for anyone else. A single occurrence had set him off.

Shinsō was minding his own business that day. He surely wasn't expecting to run into a lovely little couple having a sweet little exchange. But seeing it was (Y/N) with Katsuki, teasing his blushing and flustered face with a grin. It made him furious. But he knew that he shouldn't do anything. If he attempted to interfere only because of selfish desires, he'd be nothing more than the villain everyone believed that he would be. 

Watching the couple for days after; weeks after. It hurt but Hitoshi couldn't look away. Somehow this... thing was forcing tears out of his eyes at night, alone in his room. There was no single solitary person that was there to comfort his slowly crumbling form. Shinsō Hitoshi was madly in love, but realised and accepted such a fact much too late. They were gone; or more accurately, someone else's now. There was not even a sliver of a chance that (Y/N) would reconsider and leave Katsuki for him. They'd already been rejected by him and they looked happy with that... walking grenade.

Hitoshi would hug himself tightly, attempting to relieve the churning feeling in his stomach. Silence would engulf him and all he'd be able to hear were his own quiet sobs echoing throughout his mind. Repeatedly. (Y/N)'s voice haunted him and he lost sleep to the thought of their sparkling (E/C) eyes staring up at him like the day that they confessed. If only he hadn't been so selfish and rejected his own feelings, maybe now it wouldn't be the case. Perhaps now they'd be seated together, watching the stars glittering in the night sky. Maybe they'd be together, aiming to be heroes beside one another. But no, it was Bakugō Katsuki that had stolen their liberating smile. Hitoshi was jealous you might say.

A better word was longing.

He wished that they were his, like they were before. Or was that all a figment of his imagination? They confessed, but after rejection, didn't bat another lash at him. It was like they didn't know one another.

But they both knew one another too well,  watching with concern for the other from the sidelines of their lives. Who was the side character? Who was the protagonist? It was likely that nobody would ever understand or know who was suffering more or less. Was (Y/N) looking at Shinsō with that same desire and longing? 

'H-hey Sh-Shinsō-san?' That voice invaded his thoughts when he was doing homework, during lessons, during his free time. They didn't leave. After so long, such a long time of pushing down the emotions. They were now all exploding from such a long time from being pent up. How was he supposed to deal with it now?!

'I-I really like you! P-please go out with me!' That statement haunted him and his thoughts. 

'Sorry. I'm not interested in you.' The regret and guilt that filled Hitoshi was phenomenal. His response was anything but gentlemanly or polite. But he wished that he said yes, that he accepted their feelings and allowed them into his life. But because such a thing was so unfamiliar and scary, Hitoshi rejected (Y/N), refused to accept their feelings and the only positive and wholesome reaction that anyone had given him with no relation to his quirk in so many years.

They looked so crestfallen once those words came out from his lips. They didn't make eye contact and simply nodded, walking away while doing their best to remain strong. Breaking down wouldn't have looked good though, right?

Still, Hitoshi regretted that day; hell, even just meeting (Y/N) in the first place. Everything would've been alright if they just hadn't come into contact. None of this would've happened.

It was uncharacteristic of Hitoshi to be so emotional. But this person would not, for a long time, escape his brain.

And even after asking them one last time, he was faced with that heart-aching answer. The one he so dreaded.

'Sorry. I'm not interested in you.'


Chapter Text

◤ reader quirk : quirkless ◢

◤ warning : violence, torture ( mental and physical ), gore ◢ 


A light pitter patter on metal was all that could be heard in the empty, cold, damp room. There was nobody but one, silently seated with no expression. They were almost dead; both mentally and physically, dried blood at their lip and agonising burn scars on their sides, face and limbs. No sparkle in their eyes, nothing. At that point, they were just a body - one that was barely alive for the matter. A shell of their former self. They were cold and lifeless, waiting for the sweet release of death. There wasn't anything else they could do anyway.

They were a quirkless runt anyway.

That's what he told them at the beginning.

(Y/N) was living a distorted life, or at least for many months they had. They weren't sure what was when and why. The year was insignificant and they had lost track long ago. Besides, what was the use in remembering the date? It surely wouldn't assist them in living on without a care in the world. That's all that (Y/N) ever wanted; to live happily amongst their friends and family. Peacefully. But no, of course fate had other plans. Now they were the victim and obsession of a so called "hero". Or at least that's what he referred to himself as. What hero would do something like this? Make the person he had fallen so deeply in love with suffer and at his own hands too?

It was despicable.


(Y/N) wanted nothing more than to leave; whether it be escaping his man-made nightmare or succumbing to death. They weren't sure which they'd prefer. But they knew that he wouldn't want either. And yet he was pushing them to death with brutal acts of torture. It was his own fault. But he'd never admit something like that. It'd ruin his reputation on so many levels. A dry and silent chuckle escaped from (Y/N)'s chapped lips, their tired and dead looking eyes staring at the metal door. Their hands and feet were shackled to the wall, the cold metal making them hiss occasionally. Even that sort of reaction took too much energy. Their head hung low and their back hunched over. 

It was happening again, their body was moving on it's own. Shackles clinking loudly and strained yells tearing from their throat in attempt to break the chains restraining them and abusing them. The metal scratched at their skin, bruised their skin, leaving them a panting mess, hugging themselves as they sat back against the wall. (Y/N)'s breath was unsteady and they only began to breathe shorter and faster breaths when hearing a clicking of heels. They couldn't move, only hug themself in absolute terror of what would happen next.

The creaking of the door made (Y/N) hide their head and face in their hands, tears dampening their palms hearing his footsteps getting closer and closer.

"You were trying to get out again, weren't you? Quirkless fucking runt?" Their blood ran cold and the footsteps stopped. They could feel heat radiating near them. He was going to hurt them again, wasn't he?

"You're lucky that I love your pathetic ass," His voice cut deep into their head, forcing them to choke back sobs of fear and horror. The heat began to get closer and (Y/N) unintentionally inched away. By that point they knew better than to resist what Katsuki wanted.

A scalding object was slashed across their arm, leaving them a crying and screaming mess. It burned and stung all at the same time, making them quickly move their hand to their face. Their eyes opened, seeing his love-sick face right before theirs once again. His messy blonde hair was stained in the slightest with the blood of who even knows. Crimson eyes bored into (Y/N)'s, making them shiver. They saw their reflection in those crimson irises, a large gnash on their air oozing their red life liquid. He has brought in a towel, bandages, water, scissors, two onigiri and - of course - the hot knife that he used to cut their arm.

(Y/N) so desperately wanted to throw up. He was going to hurt them all along. But really, why was that a surprise anymore.

"Go on, thank me for having fallen for your quirkless self. You can't even protect yourself against the world so I have to do that for you. You're worse than Deku." Katsuki seethed, grabbing (Y/N)'s jaw roughly and pressing his cold lips to their chapped ones. It wasn't a pleasant kiss, it was only him "marking his territory". It was forceful and uncomfortable for (Y/N). But they could bet Bakugō was enjoying himself.

Finally he broke away, hand tightly gripping the wound on their forearm. They hissed in pain and attempted to recoil, only to be yanked back into Katsuki's built chest. Before this event, they'd blush and get flustered, but no. Not now. He gently stroked their hair, running his fingers through the strands and lovingly admiring it. Though, like he'd do every few months, snatched up the scissors and without hesitation slashed at the greasy, dirty and tangled hair. (Y/N) wanted to throw up, covering their mouth not to do so.

"Didn't I tell you to thank me? Go ahead. I won't be leaving until you do. You're so fucking worthless that you can't even spit out two simple words. Yet I still love you so much. I can't let you go and hurt yourself, quirkless idiot. You'll be staying here for as long as we both live." Katsuki's grip on them tightened, his arms wrapped around them so tightly that they were beginning to have difficulty breathing. The wound on their arm was bleeding onto the white cloth of his shirt, staining it in the brilliant red.


"Fucking say it,"

"Th-thank you..."

"And you stutter? Tch. Just cause I love you, so I'll let it slide," He spoke coldly, snatching up the bandages he brought with him and grabbing their arm roughly, tightly wrapping the wound up. Soon, a glass was being held to their lips. Katsuki signalled for them to drink the water with a dark, horrifying gaze. Without a second thought, (Y/N) gulped down the water. The soothing liquid relieved their dry, parched throat, making them sigh in slight happiness.

"Eat." He held the onigiri up to them, forcing the rice ball into their mouth. (Y/N) began to eat it greedily, coughing as they tried to swallow the entirety of the rice ball.

"Good girl/boy." (Y/N) gasped and spluttered, looking up at Katsuki with terror being the only expression on their face. There was a sickening smile on his face, watching them begin coughing up that crimson liquid he had already torn from beneath their skin so many times. They coughed and wheezed and screamed in agony as it felt like something was clawing at their insides.

"Wh-what..?" They managed to squeeze out, clutching their belly in horrific pain, writhing and straining to keep breathing steadily. Their breaths were shaky and their whole body shook along with them. They were practically swimming in a cold sweat, hugging themselves. But then they realised.

They were dying.

A small smile cracked on their face, even through the agonising pain. Finally.

"Poison. You're lucky I love you, quirkless. But I know... I know. You really don't think I'm fucking stupid, do you?" Katsuki spat, making (Y/N) clutch their chest in both terror and shock, "It's Deku isn't it? That quirkless piece of shit! Why is it that you love him so much and not me, huh? HUH?!" They were lost, what was he on about? Bakugō merely chuckled darkly, sadly even. Tears of his own streamed down his face. It was uncharacteristic. 

"If you love Deku so fucking much then why don't you join the shit head?"

With one last choke and one last sob, finally, they were gone. Their lifeless body, Bakugō held it in his arms, face buried in their hair while letting the sadistic, sick smile remained.

They were supposed to love him, not Deku.

"Did you ever love me?"

Chapter Text

◤ reader quirk : perfume : the user can secrete different scents at will, changing the mood of those around them depending on which scent ◢


"Is there anything I might be able to do to help you feel better, Shinsō-kun?"


Hitoshi was not particularly well received by many people. He was untrustworthy, rude and someone to be wary of. All that the boy wanted was to be accepted, freed from the constant ridicule and taunting of those around him. Whether it be intentional or not on their part. Hitoshi was a rather old soul; he wanted things to last. He wasn't a fan of short lived bursts of kindness, then the other party realising the potential villain that he could be. It was truly a sad reality that seemed absolutely inescapable. Perhaps being a hero could change that? Maybe Shinsō could change the way people saw him; save civilians from danger and help create a happier world for not only him but those surrounding him.

That seemed so out of reach. The thought of being a great hero with a quirk like Hitoshi's - it was laughable to think that he could save and help people with it.

Many saw quirks as blessings upon them; but frankly, it seemed as if Hitoshi's ability to control the minds of people around him was nothing more than a stupid curse. Sure his parents loved him, he had friends - but what was it all? Were they scared of him? Was it that they feared what he could make them do? Trust issues were a fabulous thing, weren't they?

Spring was sunny, filled with joy, children playing with their families and couples kissing in the warm weather. Hitoshi wasn't in any of that. Yet he so desired to have that connection so many others did.

The river beneath him, on the bridge, was mesmerising. But no, he was not there to take his own life. That wouldn't be worth it. All that the young man was there to do was admire the scenery, the bright colours that littered the park and distant sounds of laughter. It truly brought light into his life, even making him smile. Nobody knew him, they didn't think anything of his odd appearance as there was already plenty of strange appearances in this day and age. No, no single person worried for what he might do to them. It was comforting. It made him feel normal for while he was there.

The river rushed calmly, splashing against the banks and rocks. Some kids jumped over the water instead of crossing the bridge, laughing joyously with one another. Hitoshi craved for that sort of companionship - to have the ability to laugh with those close to him. Yet, in spite of his yearning, he still smiled. He felt glad for those children, who needn't worry about being feared by others. They were lucky souls that had opportunities. Unlike the poor soul of he.

Fragrances of flowers, newly mowed grass and light sprinkle of rain filled his senses as he leaned on the railing of the bridge, staring down at the water and the gardens surrounding it. Truly a magnificent sight to behold in Shinsō's opinion. Pure, elegant and so unlike him in his demeanour. Yet here he was, the teenager with trouble sleeping and villainous quirk. Indulging in the colours, the beauty and the scent of his surroundings. He felt at peace, seeing the calmness in the separated groups of people. Families having picnics, couples on romantic walks and kids playing with one another by the river bank. He hoped that they were grateful for the freedom that they had been so generously gifted by some greater power. Whether it be God, fate or something completely different. Hitoshi hoped that they relished being so free from ridicule all the time.

"Shinsō-kun?" A voice spoke up from nearby, followed by footsteps on the small wooden bridge. Hitoshi was familiar with that voice, sweet and calming. They were in the business course at UA, (Y/N). On multiple occasions they had attempted to get close to him. They knew he was stubborn when it came to trusting people. Though somehow, they weren't discouraged in the slightest. The duo seemed to get along rather well in fact.

"(Y/N)-san, I wasn't expecting to see you here today," the pale boy responded nonchalantly, glancing over at the perky individual that was bouncing their way over with a joyous grin. How was it that they always seemed to hold such a peppy attitude, even with a virtually useless quirk? Did they use it on themselves from time to time?

"Well I wasn't expecting to see my best bud here today either!" the teenager chuckled, suddenly draping their arm over Hitoshi's shoulders, "So then Shinsō-kun, I wasn't aware you liked this sort of scenery. Do you like the smell of flowers too?"

A dry laugh escaped Hitoshi's lips, seeing the idiotic smile on (Y/N)'s face. It was amusing. And being called their best friend it... it did make his day.

"I do in fact. It's serene and calming. Life certainly isn't that way." The young man rest his cheek in his palm, returning to staring out at the mesmerising view before him. It wasn't until the scent of gardenias and lilacs mixed with sweet, rich chocolate filled his senses that he smiled to himself. The pleasant, even happy look in his eyes didn't stay for long before he wafted the fragrance away quickly, returning to his resting face and glaring at (Y/N), who wore a cheeky grin on their face.

"Please don't do tha-"

"You should really smile more Shinsō, it's a nice look for you." Hitoshi paused at their statement, staring over at them in wonder. They didn't in any way look insincere. That enough was comforting in ways that nothing really ever had been before.

"I- thank you?" His voice was unsure, but nevertheless grateful for the kind compliment that they gave him. (Y/N) merely laughed at his demeanour. It was as if a sudden, majestic being made them all the more entrancing. Their hair moved with the gentle breeze and their comforting smile enthralled Hitoshi beyond what he could comprehend. Maybe it was because they were so blatantly earnest and genuine that it baffled him.

"You sound so sceptical Shinsō-kun! But seriously, I get that you have trust issues,"


"Well that's it, really. You have trust issues. I'm not going to add something to try and make it seem like you should just suddenly start trusting me. I know well enough that your quirk has caused you trouble. But I do intend to get you to understand eventually that I don't think of you any differently because of your quirk!"

Their smile was radiant, Hitoshi almost couldn't comprehend what they were saying. It was all a big jumble, bouncing around in his head as he attempted to collect everything.

"In fact, I really like you Shinsō-kun!"

That sentence there really caught Hitoshi off guard. What on earth were they trying make him feel? All he could do was flush in response to their forwardness and turn back to the scenery before them. Neither spoke for a while after that. But it wasn't awkward. It was calm and serene, not tense like one may imagine. Shinsō was lost in his own thoughts, attempting to piece together everything he had been told. This person was understanding of his issues to an extent even he wasn't completely aware of. At the same time as admitting this, they also confessed their feelings for him with an unwavering gaze? Their boldness was incomparable. It, unsurprisingly, took a generous amount of courage and overthinking to spit out a response to their confession.

"I suppose that... I like you too, (Y/N)-san"