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Name:Courtney Monae Jones

Ring Name:Minx

Gender: Female


Birth:October 13

Nick Name(s):CJ,Pixie,and Tinkerbell

Wrestling Nick Name(s):Voodoo Queen,Hot Mess Minx,Psycho,Black Hearted Vixen,Indie Darling, Haired Beauty,Queen of Chaos,Killer Queen and Cheshire Minx

Place of origin:New Orleans,Louisiana

Height:5'2 3/4

Weight:125 pounds

Bra Size:32C

Shoe size:4

Dress size:4

Body Measurements:32-24-33 inches 

Hair color: Brown but has it dyed

Hair length: About Little past Middle back

Appearance:She looks like Amanda Cerny and has her body type with a bigger butt.She has her hair dyed ombre with it going from black to dark purple.

Tone of Voice:Her voice would be like Madilyn Bailey's but she has a southern/Cajun accent that she hides

Eye color:Brown

Nationality:American but comes from Greek,Italian,Puerto rican,African,French,  German,and Irish descent

Hobbies:Reading,Singing,Dancing,Cooking,Playing Video Games,Drawing/Crafting,Watching Wrestling and Anime,Shopping,Playing Soccor and Baseball and Cheerleading

Tattoos:Upper Inner Left Arm,Back of Left shoulder,Right ankle,Left side of calf on right leg,and Right Arm

Skills: High Flyer,Striker,MMA Background,and contortionist like flexibility

Social Media:

Youtube-CJ The Pixie:A channel she started in 2010 where she uploads training sessions,gaming,cooking,fitness,cosplays, beauty,unboxings,host streams and podcast,diys,vlogs,and Q & A's.She collabs with her friends that's vary from celebrities to wrestlers to models. Subscribers:9,455,382

Twitter-@Pixie_Minx:She uploads fitness,cosplays,finished recipes,and Tweets about stuff going on. Followers:5,456,238 Merch and tells people about upcoming streams,podcast,and meet ups.Posts her recipes and fitness videos.People can post pictures of there finished recipes and them wearing merch.People can also play games and stream video games.

Wrestling Career:She started wrestling independently for multiple indie promotions like NJPW,ROH,CZW,DGJ,Shimmer,and other Indy circuits in and out of of the United States and started to dominate the indie circuit.She also had a one year stunt with TNA where she became the youngest knockout champion.In 2013, WWE reached out to her and offered a developmental contract but the catch was that she had to do there new TV show on E called Total Divas she agreed after alot of persuasion.

Other Career:She also has modeled in fashion and fitness magazines and also has done interviews for wrestling and fitness magazines for all the places she has worked at and has done some solo modeling and interviews in magazines as a part time fitness and victoria secret model.She also has done cameos and guest starred and starred on popular TV shows and movies.(Was a disney kid and barney kid)

Heel or Face:Tweener

Entrance Theme song:Hot mess by christy hemme

Entrance:She walks out and hits a twirl or two while slapping the fans hands down the ramp then walks up the steps to the middle of the ropes and hits a split then getting in the ring or does a split on the ropes then gets in the ring then walks to the turnbuckle and hits a pose with a rock and roll hand sign.(If she comes out first she waits on the ropes pose 1 & pose 2)

Finisher moves: Pixie Press Cajun Splash Curse Breaker-adopted from Melina

Submission: Louisiana Sunrise-adopted from Gail Kim MCH(Minx Choke Hold)

Trained by:Gail Kim,Cheerleader Melissa,Melina,AJ Styles,Finn Balor, and Wild Samoans Wrestling School