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Boys of Snow

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“You’re such a tease.” Robb’s voice broke the silence between them as the two of them sat on the roof of the Stark house smoking knowing that neither Uncle Ned or Aunt Cat ever came up here. Taking the joint from his cousin's hand Snow took a long drag before raising a questioning eyebrow at him usually his partner in crime would say shit when they were smoking but nothing ever like this. Retrieving the now smaller joint from him the auburn haired guy pressed the rolled paper up against his lips as he inhaled then turning his attention back at him before exhaling. “Not knowing how pretty you are.” He responded as he gently placed his free hand on Jon's mid thigh as if this was supposed to be a hint or something.

Despite popular belief the raven haired boy wasn't as experienced as others would like to believe with either gender, it's just that he's never seen a reason to. But here he is with a boy his cousin no less, who wants to start something that he may regret later, but Robb Stark had called him a tease and pretty, but all he knew was the hunger that was swelling in his heart and his groin. Before any words had a chance of leaving the northern boy’s mouth one of his hands had reached over, grabbing the slightly stoned boy’s collar, pulling his mouth roughly against his own into a rough kiss as both sets of lips fought for dominance before eventually his own won the fight as Jon Snow claimed his prize.

With his free hand Snow began rubbing the partially erected groin through the pale jeans that Robb had been wearing that day as heat radiated through the material into his hand. As his groping became heated so did the make out session upstairs each of them moaning into the other's mouths. Just as Stark was close to his orgasm he broke away mid kiss, causing the boy with auburn hair to whine in disappointment as if he hadn't gotten enough attention or hunger from his companion. Taking whatever was left of the joint from the young wolf’s hand, he inhaled the last of it as his friend sat next to him in shock. “Always been good at teasing.”