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Take a little piece of my heart (and keep it for yourself)

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"Finally!" Thea declared, reaching over to press a hand to Felicity’s stomach. "I was beginning to think you were never going to show.” She rubbed her hand in circles. “What’s up, little niece or nephew?” 

Felicity frowned looking down at her stomach. “Show? Thea, I’m not pregnant! Are you calling me fat?” 

Thea stepped back. “Wait, what?” Her brows hiked. “But there were pictures, of you and Ollie buying baby clothes! And he’s always touching your stomach and… I mean, I know you shouldn’t trust tabloids, but they had some pretty strong evidence.”

"Those clothes were for Lyla! She and Digg are having a baby." She pressed her hands to her stomach. "Does it really look like I’m pregnant? I know I spend a lot of time sitting down… I mean, I should probably work out more, and eat out less, but I didn’t think it was that obvious."

Thea wrung her hands. “Oh my god. I’m sorry! Really. You don’t look fat at all. I mean, you’ve always been curvy and maybe it was the way you were standing or your shirt or something. You look great, really!”

Felicity tugged on her blouse. “It does feel a little tight… I haven’t worn it in a while, so I just thought it was that, but…”

The office door swung open then and Oliver stepped through to see his sister and EA together. He grinned at his two favorite ladies. “Hey.”

Felicity turned to him. “Oliver, do I look fat in this blouse?”

His face went blank “What?” He looked to his sister.

She winced. “Sorry,” she mouthed.

"Felicity…" He sighed, walking toward her and rubbing her arms. "Hey, you look beautiful. You always do." He glared at his sister. "What brought this on?" 

She…” Felicity pointed at Thea, “thought I was pregnant and showing!

Thea shook her head and threw her hands up in defense. “Seriously, there were pictures all over the place of you guys looking at cribs and baby clothes and you’re always touching her stomach. What else was I supposed to think?”

"I’ve heard asking is common,” Oliver said, before looking back at his girlfriend.

"Well, what’s with the stomach touching?" Thea harrumphed, crossing her arms. 

"He’s just affectionate!" Felicity replied, throwing her hands up. "I need coffee…" Leaving behind the two Queens, she gathered up her purse and jacket, muttering under her breath as she went, and started for the elevator. "And then I’m getting chocolate, because I don’t care if I put on a few pounds. I’m still the smartest person in this building and my worth is not equal to my weight!” 

As the elevator doors closed behind her, Oliver sighed, turning to his sister.

"You know, this really isn’t my fault… If you’d just knock her up already, we would not be having this argument." 


"Listen…" She reached over and squeezed his shoulders. "Yes, I just accidentally insulted your girlfriend, but let’s focus on the positive… I thought you were having a child, I totally approved, and I was excited it was with Felicity. Bonus, she didn’ttechnically freak out about the pregnancy thing. So, you know, maybe you should think about putting a ring on it and a bun in it.” She winked at him and then turned on her heel. “Now… I’m thinking a spa day together, that should make her feel better, right? We can get manis and pedis and I’ll not so subtly suggest what cute blonde little babies you’d make.” Grinning, she sauntered off toward the elevator. 

Blinking as he watched her go, he frowned and muttered to himself, “She’s not actually a natural blond…”