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Weiss' Trip to Menagerie

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To: Father

From: Weiss

I’m writing this e-mail as the reception is getting worse and those Faunus in Menagerie only have the very basic CCT technology, so we can’t make calls, just the standard e-mails. Those savages, what were they thinking?! Do they even think at all?!

           Anyway, things are going according to plan. Those PR campaigns we launched did an excellent job of fooling those filthy Faunus into actually thinking we cared for their well-being. They have no idea that they were just hired actors!

As a result, the daughter of the chieftain of Menagerie, a Blake Belladonna, has contacted us that they are willing to negotiate regarding the largest dust mine that our spies have discovered in Menagerie.

I am sorry that I did not let you accompany me during the negotiations. Ms. Belladonna was adamant that for the negotiations to work, I have to abide to the conditions in the invitation. The message was:

“In light of the recent campaigns the Schnee Dust Company has established for the advancement of Faunus kind. Ms. Weiss Schnee is invited for a meeting with the Faunus Chieftain in Menagerie. The meeting will be held to negotiate a partnership between the SDC and the people of Menagerie for access to the natural deposit of Dust in the region. In the spirit of cooperation, we would like to request Ms. Weiss Schnee be accompanied by a single security personnel, and a pilot, both preferably Faunus, as to put the minds of the Faunus living in Menagerie at ease. Furthermore, Ms. Schnee must abide to the laws of Menagerie, as to experience the order and harmony the Faunus are capable of.”

Partnership. PARTNESHIP?! What a joke! As soon as we establish the mine, we’ll just have to “convince” those Faunus to work with minimum pay, we’ll just tell them that “they are doing this for Faunuskind” or some nonsense like that.

Do not worry about me, Father. I brought both of our best Faunus security personnel and Faunus pilot/driver, a Yang Xiao Long and a Ruby Rose, respectively. I think they are half-sisters? I don’t know. Who cares?

So, I am going to sleep, and the pilot said that it would be about 10 more hours before we arrive in Menagerie. That will give me plenty of time to rest and come up with plans to outsmart that chieftain.

How hard can that be?


“Hey, Yang?” Ruby, in the cockpit, asked Yang.

“Yeah, Rubes?” Yang answered, ogling the sleeping heiress with lust.

“Is Ms. Schnee asleep?” asked Ruby, switching the plane into autopilot.

“Yep.” Yang answered, eyeing the cockpit, as Ruby came out and walked in front to Weiss’ sleeping form.

“Did she drink her coffee?” Ruby glanced as Yang stood up from her chair, walking right beside her.

“The one with the drug? Yep.” Yang answered, fishing out her thick 10-inch cock.

“Do you think she suspects a thing?” Ruby mirroring Yang, taking out her own 8-inch cock.

“Nope.” Both of them stroking their cocks to full mast.

“I can’t wait to fuck this bitch~” Ruby stroking her dick, ogling at Weiss’ cute cleavage.

“Patience, Rubes. You know what they said, ‘Do not touch her pussy and ass.’” Yang also stroking her dick, lifting up Weiss’ dress to see her white lace panties.

“They didn’t say anything about her mouth~” Ruby hinted, moving to straddle Weiss while opening the heiress’ mouth.

“Oooh yeah! Nice one Rubes!” Yang exclaimed, using Weiss’ soft hands to give herself a handjob.

Sticking her dick into Weiss’ mouth, just enough for the head to fit, Ruby whispered, “Here, ice queen, take it all!” unleashing a torrent of viscous cum, with the sleeping Weiss unconsciously drinking it all, slightly distending Weiss’ belly, and then finishing with a soft burp. “Hey, no fair, I was gonna do that!” Yang argued. “Here, you can do it too!” Annoyed, Ruby hanged back while her sister takes her place in Weiss’ mouth. Yang’s cock just entered Weiss’s mouth, when suddenly….


Yang suddenly felt Weiss’ throat clamping down at her cock. Unprepared for the heavenly deepthroat, Yang’s cock erupted, sending wave after wave of cum straight to the heiress’ stomach. Meanwhile, Ruby saw her sister arching her back, her sister’s cock deep into Weiss’ throat while the heiress’ stomach began to slowly inflate. Yang, done with her orgasm, whispered “Oh, shit.” Panting, Ruby asked “What?” “Look at her belly, Rubes! She’s like a few months pregnant! What are we going to do?!” Yang panicked. Calm and collected, Ruby coolly replied “Relax, Yang. She’ll probably think she’s getting fat.” “I hope you’re right.”

Six hours later….

“Hey, Rubes?” Yang, asked her sister, while watching porn on her scroll.

“Yeah, Yang?” Ruby answered, reading smut on her scroll. Standing up and stretching after hours of sitting in her very comfortable chair, asked “Where’s the coffee machine? I need a cup of coffee and queen bitch here gets extra cranky without her coffee.” Without looking away from her scroll, she pointed her thumb, “it’s in the cupboard, near the cockpit.” The blonde seized the opportunity.

“Ooooh, I can’t wait to stick my cock into Weiss’ cockpit.”

“Goddammit Yang!”

Yang’s response was to laugh at her own pun, until, “Hey, Rubes, we’re out of coffee cream.”

“Huh?” muttered Ruby.

“We. Are. Out. Of. Milk.”

So?” Ruby, annoyed, looked up from her scroll, cocking an eyebrow to her sister. The blonde pointed at Weiss, “Queen Bitch here like extra milk in her coffee.” Suddenly, the redhead lowered her scroll and gave her sister a devious smile. “You thought of something, didn’t you?” quipped Yang. Ruby replied, “Yep! Are your balls empty yet?” Yang, finally realizing Ruby’s plan, started brewing coffee. “You’re a very bad girl, Ruby Rose.” Yang teased her younger sister, who responded with “Says the one that knocked up an entire brothel~” The blonde just shrugged “They begged for it~.”

With the coffee brewed, Yang took the coffee pot and laid it down next to Weiss. Pulling out their cocks, the sisters began jerking off, thinking what they would do if they can have their way with her.

Weiss would wake up in her seat, the first thing she would see is Ruby plunging her thick cock down her throat. Weiss would have definitely kicked her off of her, if not for Yang holding down her legs, savagely pounding her pussy with her large cock. Panicking, she accidental brushed over her bloated stomach. “Get used to that big belly, Schnee,” said Yang, not even stopping her relentless thrusts, “we’re never going to let this pussy empty ever again!” “Yeah,” Ruby continued, “you’re going to spend the rest of your life becoming a brood for our kids!” Sensing their imminent orgasms, the sisters hilted their cock to the heiress’ holes. Silver eyes meeting blue eyes, with blue eyes rolling up as the heiress was forced to swallow gallons of cum straight to her already full stomach. While Yang, her hilted cock breaching the heiress’ cervix, unloaded a ton of cum on her own, enough to rip apart the heiress’ blue dress. Done with cumming down Weiss’ throat, Ruby pulled out her cock and went to stand next to Yang. Weiss looked down, and immediately regretted it. Apart from the torn remains of her thousand-lien dress, her belly was huge! Horrified, the heiress touched her belly, feeling the large amounts of cum her bodyguard and pilot have pumped into her. Noticing the heiress’ horrified expression, Yang announced “Hey, ice bitch, check this out!”

Yang Xiao Long, being a dragon Faunus, has some advantages over the other Faunus types. Dragon Faunus are the strongest types, easily overpowering other Faunus types. They also have more control over the body, making them more inclined to violence. Due to them being descendants of dragons, they are also very protective, fiercely guarding over any property they own. When angered, they will be consumed by a “berserk rage,” pushing their already impressive strength further.

Yang, with a grunt, flexed her cock. Ruby, standing beside Yang, saw the outline of Weiss’ uterus. Ruby was impressed, actually witnessing her sister lift the heiress using only her cock. Weiss screamed as the sensation of her body being lifted up by the cock deep inside her pussy, pushed her into an orgasm after orgasm. Finally lifting the heiress for their breast to touch, Yang wrapped her arms around Weiss, only to continue pounding the heiress’ abused cunt.

“Wow!” exclaimed Ruby, never believing that she actually saw what Yang’s partners went through to become bloated, broken, cum-soaked whores. Yang replied “I know, right?” Ruby, seeing the heiress back door available decided to indulge herself. Without mercy, she suddenly thrusted her cock into Weiss’ ass, inciting a cry and another orgasm from the heiress. Weiss’ mind was being flayed by the pleasure of two huge cocks pounding her ass and pussy, unconsciously licking Yang’s face, with Yang graciously catching her tongue. With another orgasm on the way, the sister pushed their cocks further into Weiss’ orifices. In unison, the three of them orgasmed, with Weiss’ legs spasming out of control, and the sisters pumping another huge load into the heiress. Weiss stomach bloated even more, enough to push against Weiss’ body against Yang’s, threatening to pull them apart, if not for the iron grip the blonde possess.

Finishing their fantasy fuckfest, Ruby warned, “Yang, we have to put just the right amount of cum into the pot.” In response, Yang quickly ran back to the countertop and grabbed every container she found. Going back to Ruby with a number of containers, Yang asked, “Will these be enough?” “It’ll do.” Ruby answered, both sisters going back to jerking their cocks. Reaching their climax, the sisters aimed their cock to the coffee pot, watching as the its black color mix with the thick cum, turning it into a creamy brown. The sisters then gathered their excess cum in the various containers. “What should I do with it?” asked Yang, finishing her load in her container. “Just put them in the fridge.” Not bothering to ask why, Yang followed.

Two hours later…

Waking up from her slumber, Weiss groggily rubbed her eyes. She was greeted with the sight of her servants, seated and reading magazines. Suddenly, she noticed two things; first, she tastes something sweet in her mouth, and second; her stomach felt full. Patting her belly softly, she also noticed that her stomach felt bigger than it was last night, but she dismissed the thought, “Might be the scallops, I suppose.” Yang, noticing that Weiss woke up, “Good morning, ma’am. Would you like some breakfast?” “No,” Weiss denied, “just some coffee will do.” Fetching the coffee pot and a cup, Yang gave Ruby a worried glance, prompting a wink from the redhead. Handing Weiss a cup of their “organic” coffee, the sisters cautiously watched the heiress as she takes a sip. All of a sudden, the heiress asked, “this isn’t my usual brew…” “Umm” was all Yang can utter. Eyeing her bodyguard suspiciously, Weiss asked “What did you put in it?” “Shortly before you arrive, ma’am, Ruby discovered that we ran out of Atlas Quality Milk. Luckily, we have some…home-grown, organic, all-natural milk that we always use.” Yang answered. As she was listening to Yang’s not-totally-fake excuse, the heiress eyed Ruby, who gave back a sheepish smile. “Well then, I want you to give me more.” Weiss suddenly requested.

Upon hearing the heiress’ request, both sisters can’t help that their pants get a little tighter, prompting them to shift their legs slightly. “You want us to give you more?” Ruby asked Weiss, still not believing her ears. Weiss, annoyed, declared “Yes, I want more of your milk. I want to drink it with my coffee every morning.” Yang, noticing her pants becoming tented tighter after hearing the heiress’ unintentional entendre, quickly excused herself. Ruby, on the other hand, was able to hide her erection. Ruby sighed, this flight is going to feel longer than she thought.