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Pedal chat, or alternatively, a Mistake

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CycleLover2 has created chat Sohoku Cycle Club

CycleLover2 has added CycleLover1TheFastestManLoveHimeTea2QuietSenpai and TheBest to the chat

CycleLover2: I made this group so that it's easier to communicate about inter high information, now that we have more members this will the most effective way :)
TheFastestMan: Woohoo, a group chat!
Tea2: Thanks kanzaki, this'll be a great help
QuietSenpai: ...
Tea2: Don't worry so much!
TheBest: Who're you talking to?
QuietSenpai: !
Tea2: Aoyagi of course
CycleLover2: I don't think you'll understand kaburagi, so just accept it and move on


TheFastestMan: I just realized, what gives kaburagi the right to call himself the best?
TheBest: You can call yourself the fastest but I can't call myself the best?

CycleLover1 changed TheBest to TheTeamAnnoyance

TheTeamAnnoyance: Kanzaki-san?
LoveHime: Uh, No, that's imaizumi-kun
TheFastestMan: Wth! Hotshot's matching with her?

CycleLover1 changed TheFastestMan to TheRedAnnoyance

TheRedAnnoyance: Oi, Don't make me match with Him!
TheTeamAnnoyance: Dontvrefer to me like that!
CycleLover1: Seems like I was right, you two don't know how to change you names
TheRedAnnoyance: Shut up, of coyrse I do!
CycleLover1: Then why don't you?
TheTeamAnnoyance: I'll ask Onoda-senpai!

Private Chat

CycleLover1: Sakamichi
LoveHime: Tge names are kindof meqn though
CycleLover1: I'll change them soon
LoveHime: Alright...

Sohoku Cycle Club

LoveHime: Sorry...
TheRedAnnoyance: Ah dammit. Hotshot, relinquish your mind control of him this instance right now!
QuietSenpai: ..:.


TheTeamAnnoyance: I just saw Onoda-senpai kiss someone from hakone!
Tea2: Ah, That must've been manami
TheTeamAnnoyance: But I thought he was dating Imaizumi?
CycleLover2: He is^^
TheTeamAnnoyance: So he's dating two people?
TheRedAnnoyance: You got a problem?
TheTeamAnnoyance: No! Not at all! Just, i guess, processing it?
QuietSenpai: ..!:'.""+-_
Tea2: Aoyagi is saying it's alright to take time in processing it, but don't you dare be rude to them
TheTeamAnnoyance: You know what? Onoda-senpai dating two ppl is easier to process than teshima-san and Aoyagi-san's telepathy


LoveHime: Toudou-san got a postcard from England! He's very happy about it, started crying on the phone after he called me!
TheRedAnnoyance: No way, makishima san sent it?
LoveHime: No, their brother did, but makishima-san chose it
TheTeamAnnoyance: You know, it feels weird when you guys talk about your Senpai, cos I have no idea what kind of people they were?
TheRedAnnoyance: Then let's add them! I've got the old man's number, you can add makishima san and one of them can add kinjou san

LoveHime has added SpiderWeb

TheRedAnnoyance has added BulletTrain

TheRedAnnoyance: Oi, old man, add kinjou san
BulletTrain: Why you red bean soup

BulletTrain has added spectACE

spectACE: What is this?
Tea2: Tadokoro San!
QuietSenpai: ..!!!!!!..!!!.!
TheRedAnnoyance: Well, it was a club group, now idk
TheTeamAnnoyance: Um, hello! Im kaburagi Issa and I joined this year.
spectACE: Nice to meet you. I am kinjou, I was the captain last year.
BulletTrain: Hows your training going Teshima, aoyagr?
Tea2: It's going good sir!
QuietSenpai: !!!!.!!!
TheTeamAnnoyance: He can understand Aoyagi san too...
LoveHime: Makishima-san isnt online...
spectACE: It's the time difference.
BulletTrain: Hes horrible at keeping in touch, he'll come online sonedtime
LoveHime: hmm
CycleLover2: if we've added them, maybe we can add other members of the club too?
spectACE: Go ahead, it will be nice to talk to the new members

CycleLover2 has added ExperiencedChatter And BestFriend'sKeeper

ExperiencedChatter: Thank you for adding me!
CycleLover1: Hello
spectACE: Hello Sugimoto, Imaizumi, how is training going?
CycleLover1: Very well, thank you for asking
ExperiencedChatter: Same here
CycleLover2: While im sure you all feel like you have to converse right now, I'm also sure you're all busy, so we can talk layer^^

SpiderWeb: Why