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Stars In The Night Sky

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The cave was cold, even with the small fire they had going it still felt like she was freezing. Emma curled her knees to her chest and tried once again to sleep, but once again it wasn't going to happen. She sighed softly as she got up and tip toed to the mouth of the cave, “At least the sky is clear.” she mumbled to herself as she sat on the ground staring up at the stars. The tears that started to stream down her cheeks were no surprise, this happened every night.

“Are you alright Emma?” there was no reply, “Emma?”

A hand landed on her shoulder causing her to jump, “Oh Aurora! Jeeze, you scared the crap out of me!”

“I'm sorry, I called out to you, twice, but you seemed to be off in thought.” Aurora apologized taking a seat beside Emma.

“It's fine, I guess I got a lot on my mind.” Remembering her tear stained face she rubbed her cheeks trying to get rid of the evidence she was crying.

“You miss her.” it wasn't a question, it was a statement.

“I miss her.” Emma agreed sadly, “Whenever I couldn't sleep at home I would come outside and look up at the stars and just hope that maybe she was looking up at the stars too. And that would connect us somehow, it was comforting. But being here.. Looking up at these stars.. That sense of comfort, it just, it's not here. Cause I know that she can't be looking up at these stars with me. And it just, sucks, it really sucks.”

Aurora took Emma's hands in her own, gently stroking the back of them with her thumb, “We'll get you home, and then you will be able to see her again, and tell her how you feel.” Emma nodded sniffling, she knew she couldn't tell the dark haired women how she felt about her, but being home again with her own stars was a comforting thought in itself. “I couldn't imagine not being able to see the one you love anymore, and to have never been able to build up the courage to tell them before that happened..”

“Does that mean you're gonna tell Mulan?” Their eyes locked.

Aurora looked over at her sleeping friend, “I will, but for now we should sleep. They will be waking us in a few hours.”

“I'm not sure I can sleep.” tears threatened to spill from her eyes again.

“Neither am I.” Aurora whispered softly as she pulled Emma against her body, she felt the women crumple against her and just held her tight rubbing her back lightly.


“Can I get another please?” she pushed her empty glass away from her.

Ruby sighed taking the glass, “That's your sixth Apple Martini Regina.”

“Your point?”

“Is something bothering you? Do you want to talk? I can listen, I'm a great listener.” Ruby offered trying to be nice.

“Just pour me another drink.” Regina said lowering her head onto the counter, “Please.” she added softly, almost inaudibly.

Ruby nodded sadly and made another Apple Martini for the women, “My offer still stands though if you want to.” Regina grumbled her thanks and started to sip on her now refilled glass, “Is this about Emma and Snow? You've been in here every night since they left. I think-”

“You know if I wanted your thoughts i would have asked for them! So why don't you just keep them to yourself for once!” Regina threw down some money, “Keep the change.” she spat as she marched out the door.

“Regina, Regina wait!” Ruby closed her eyes sighing as the women left, she looked down at the counter and pocketed the money before she too ran out the door, “Regina! Please wait Regina!”

“God what is with you! You're like a puppy that likes getting kicked!” Regina instantly regretted her choice of words when she saw the hurt look on the taller woman's face, “Ruby, I'm, I'm sorry. That was uncalled for and inappropriate. I am sorry.”

“It's alright.” Ruby took in the fragile drunk state Regina was in, she decided to try to push her to talk once more for the night, “It is about Emma and Snow isn't it?” she said softly.

Regina let out a small sob as she stared up at the stars in the sky, “When I can't sleep at night I look up at the stars, letting myself believe that she too is looking up at the stars. And because we both are looking at them it some how connects us. And that thought is enough to put a small smile on my face. But knowing she isn't here anymore, the stars don't help now. These aren't the ones she can see. This isn't the same world sky she's starring up at.”

Ruby tentatively put her hand on Regina's shoulder and when the woman didn't pull away she gave it a small squeeze letting her know she was there, trying to give her some small amount of comfort, “Oh Regina..”

“I'm sorry to be bothering you with this, I think I have had too much to drink for the night.” she apologized feeling embarrassed.

Ruby gave her a small smile, “It's not a bother at all, honest, I offered to listen and I meant it. We'll get them back ya know. I know we will.”

“Doesn't matter, Emma will never feel the way I do about her.” Regina said sadly as she began to walk away.

Ruby wondered if Regina realized she had just told her she liked Emma but decided against bringing it up, “Hey maybe you could enchant your bedroom ceiling to look like fairy tale land's sky? I won't tell anyone about the use of magic if you do. I think maybe it will help you cope with her being gone.”

Regina stopped and turned around, “Thank you about tonight though Ruby, it was nice to talk to someone after all. I will think about it.”

“You're welcome Regina.” Ruby headed back inside to finish her shift leaving Regina to her thoughts.

“The stars of home..” she mumbled as she started the walk back to her house, a tiny smile started to form at the corners of her mouth, “I can do that.”