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First Impressions

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Today had been one hell of a day Cassie thought as she laid down on her bed hoping sleep would come easily for once; she was wrong. Cassie tossed and turned trying to find a comfy spot but just nothing was working, she laid on her back staring up at her starry ceiling as thoughts from the day wandered back into her mind.


Cassie was fighting with her locker unable to get it open, 'I swear if that guy doesn't stop staring at me I am going to go over there and make him!' she glanced over at the boy across the hall as he looked away, closed his locker and walked away, 'Finally, thank god!' Cassie thought.

"So you're the new girl." A brunette said while looking Cassie over.

'Wait, did she just check me out?' Cassie was stunned briefly before she quickly put a smile on, "Ah yeah, that's me."

"You're very pretty." she said smirking at the blonde.

Cassie's smile fell, 'Did she just-'

The dark haired girl looked down at Cassie's lock, "Try it again." she said as she walked away.

Cassie was stunned speechless, she looked over her shoulder as the girl walked turned the corner, 'What in the world?' she sighed and tried her lock once again, but to her surprise this time it opened.

"That's Faye, resident bad girl." a voice said from behind her.

Cassie turned around, "Hmm, she's convincing."

"Hi, I'm Diana." the girl introduced herself.

"I'm Cassie-"

"Cassie Blake, I know your grandmother, it's a really small town." the bell for class rang causing a brief awkward moment between the two girls, "I gotta run but everybody hangs out at the Boathouse after school, it's right on the water front you can't miss. So stop by and I'll show you around."

The offer had surprised her and she smiled a little to show her thanks as Diana walked off to class. She turned and watched Diana leave letting a real smile form on her lips, maybe this place wasn't so bad after all.


Cassie looked carefully at the stars on her ceiling. Being told her and this Adam guy were written in the stars had definitely thrown her for a loop, and she decided to see what her ceiling thought about the matter. And yes she knew she had probably lost her mind, looking at her ceiling for help, but with the day she had had today maybe this didn't seem so insane after all. She watched as the stars on her ceiling started to shine and shift, making it look like she was looking at the real night sky. Cassie smiled at the beautiful sight momentarily forgetting what she was supposed to be looking for. 'Adam.. Adam..' she scanned the stars carefully, 'Nope don't see anything about an Adam.' Cassie felt a wave of relief wash over her, 'I knew it wasn't true.' she closed her eyes as another memory from the day filled her head.


Cassie glanced around the Boathouse, the placed seemed nice, but before she could give it anymore thought, two girls had slid into the booth with her. Cassie recognized both of them from school, and thanks to Diana she knew one of their names was Faye. Though she didn't need Faye's name to remember her, she had definitely made an unforgettable impression, 'What is she doing now?' Cassie suddenly felt butterflies in her stomach as she looked down at the table nervously.

Faye got comfy in the booth, "Adam's a hottie. You should make a play, you're totally his type."

Cassie tried not to show any emotion to Faye's words, 'Yeah well he's not exactly mine.'

"Stop it Faye." the other girl looked at her friend.

"What?" Faye looked back at her almost insulted that she was interrupted, "It's true." she looked back at Cassie smiling.

"I'm Melissa, it's nice to meet you." she smiled as she extended her hand to the blonde. Cassie shook it and returned a small smile not completely sure what was going on.

"And I'm Faye Chamberlain."

"Yeah we met, ah, sort of." their brief meeting at her locker flashed through Cassie's mind.

"Now it's official" Faye said with a shrug and a grin which just added to the confusion Cassie was already feeling inside of her.

"Hey sorry to hear about your mom." Melissa said looking genuinely sorry.

Still the words had caught Cassie off guard, she opened her mouth to say something but no words came out. She took a second and tried again, "Thanks."

"And your father? Where's he?" Faye asked not giving Cassie a chance to linger on Melissa's earlier statement.

"Well he died just after I was born." Cassie didn't understand why the two girls had brought up her family, she was used to the I'm sorries, but this felt more like an interrogation.

A flicker of emotion ran through Faye's eyes, "My father's dead too. I still have my mother though."

"You probably met her, she's the principal." Melissa piped in.

"Do not let her smile fool you, she can be bitchy." Faye smirked causing Cassie to look away letting out a small chuckle.

Faye looked over at the counter before she turned her gaze back to Cassie, "Adam's cute don't you think?"

Cassie looked over at Adam taking a moment to try to organize her thoughts, 'This girl is confusing the life out of me! It's like one moment she's flirting with me and the next she's trying to set me up with Adam! I am so confused by her. What is it exactly she wants?'

"And he really does go for the sad delicate types." Faye looked Cassie over slowly, stopping just for a second to long in places for it be purely friendly.

Cassie had had enough of the games for the moment though and the anger was bubbling up inside her from Faye's comment, "You know, I'm not feeling all that delicate right now so, I think I'm gonna go, you two have fun." she got up and walked out of the Boathouse leaving Faye speechless for the first time since she had met the brunette.


Cassie let out a long breath and rolled onto her side placing her hands under had head as a pillow. There were definitely some feelings forming inside of her for the brunette, feelings that she was scared of. Her mother had only died a month ago and she had just moved into Chance Harbor, the last thing she wanted was a crush on the 'resident bad girl' on the town. Mad at herself for developing feelings so easily for Faye she got out of bed and paced around in her room, 'No no no no no, this can not happen. I need to get my life back together. I need to just focus on school and do well in my classes. I can not be..' Cassie sighed as she collapsed onto her bed on her stomach, 'Can't be what Cassie? I'm not even sure there's anything actually between us..' she rolled onto her back and looked up at the stars once again, they always seemed to help calm her down. She felt her eyes start to close and was grateful sleep was finally taking over. She suddenly opened her eyes wide and stared at her ceiling with her mouth slightly open in shock. She could not believe what she was seeing, there written in the stars was 'Faye'. Maybe it was the stress of the day, being locked in an on fire car does do things to you, or maybe it was the sleep deprivation, but either way Cassie was sure the name 'Faye' was right there in front of her. Relaxing from her sudden discovery she felt sleep slowly start to creep up on her again. She closed her eyes letting it wash over her. Whatever this was with Faye she would have to figure out tomorrow.