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The sun reached its peak over the meadows of Hyrule, meaning it was fucking hot. You and your horse were drenched in sweat. Praising Hylia, you see a clear blue river not too far off. The horse got excited as well as it started to quicken its pace. When you arrived, you jumped off of your horse and dived into the clear water, enjoying the cool feeling that now surrounded you. “Hylia, I could get used to this.” Your now once hot body cooled off. You sighed and drank the sweet water, splashed around in it, and swam in it.

Then you noticed something red. With two golden eyes staring at you. “A shark!” you screamed and ran out of the water. However, the red object grabbed your ankle and lifted you. You hung upside down at the mercy of a tall red Zora. He was, for lack of a better word, terrifying. He broke into a smile, showing off pointed teeth. Your body wouldn’t move out of sheer terror.

“A Hylian! Perfect!”

His words snapped you out of your frozen state. You screamed and kicked and waved your fists. All to no avail as the Zora held you out in front of him to avoid the onslaught. His eyes showed concern. “Sorry sorry! I didn’t mean to frighten you! Please calm down!” You stopped trashing around. The red Zora flipped you around, holding you by your midsection. “You are indeed quite strong! Just what we need in Zora’s domain! Listen, I have a proposition for you! Come with me to Zora’s Domain. We need a Hylain to wield shock arrows to help defeat Van Ruta! Without that our Domain would be in ruin!” He looked for an answer in your face. When he saw nothing but fear, he set you down. “I apologize, this all must be so fast for you. Let me tell you about your compensation! You will spend your nights in my personal water bed!”

Your face turned beat red from both embarrassment and anger. “W..wait! You pick me up, throw me around, ask me to save your kingdom and as payment to be your personal whore?!” The red Zora nodded. “Yes, from all of these Hylian books I have collected I understand the culture of Hylian compensation quite well.” The Zora held up a book with a naked Hylian girl.

“That’s a porn magazine!” You shouted. The Zora’s face dropped into a state of horror. “I…I’m so sorry I didn’t know that was what this was! I thought it was instructions on how to deal with Hylians!” The Zora’s eyes darted from left to right and back. His face got as red as the rest of his body. He took a few steps back and then flipped into the water, swimming away shortly after.

At least he didn’t eat me…


You set up your tent on the side of the river.  No doubt tonight will be clear and peaceful. The thoughts of earlier have been swirling in your head for a couple hours now.

How can someone from any race think that t…that is an instruction manual?

You shake your head to try and rid the thoughts. However, the heat between your legs told of a slight hope that you would accept the proposal. You looked at your trusty steed. “Epona, have you ever wanted someone…even though you don’t know who they are?” The horse just made a puff of air come out of its snout. “You’re right, I’m being unrealistic…and quite provocative.”

“I guess my instruction manual did come in handy!”

You turned to look at the red Zora swimming in the water. “Sorry for startling you earlier and also for forgetting my manners!” He did a fist pump and smiled. “I am Sidon! The Zora Prince!”

You turned away from the Zora and continued on working on your tent. “Epona, maybe this isn’t the best place to sleep tonight. Somewhere far, far away should be safer.” Sidon walked out of the river and kneeled down beside you. “I couldn’t agree more! Let’s get going!” You looked at the Prince lacklusterly. “I meant away from creepy guys like you.”

Sidon was in shock. “My dear Hylian, I did not mean anything by that nature. I only intended to compensate you for your work.” You rolled your eyes at this. “No offence Prince but, why would I want to be someone’s whore as compensation?” Sidon put a hand up to his chin to think. “Well, I was under the impression that Hylians enjoy the act of mating. Especially with princes.” He opened up a page of the magazine. It showed a prince cupping a farmgirl’s cheek. He was bent over her and by the look of the picture, being quite rough.

“It’s a porn magazine. Those emotions aren’t real. Where did you get that anyway?”

“In the river.”

You sighed. There was no point in arguing with a prince. They all think they are right. “Well Sidon, I don’t think that arrangement will do. Sorry but find some other Hylian to help you out. Besides, I’m not that great of a warrior.”

Sidon threw his arms into the air. “Nonsense! I have a natural eye for talent being a prince and all! You are by far the strongest Hylian I have ever come across!” You raised an eyebrow at him. Sidon gave a fake cough. “How about I give you a taste of your compensation without any pressure of helping the Domain.”

You blushed. The Prince of the Zora was offering you sex no strings attached. “I…I’m not like that Prince Sidon. I don’t just open my legs for strangers.” The Zora looked a bit sad then gave a small smile. “Then how about a kiss? Will you try kissing me?” You felt like fainting. All the blood went from your head to your nether regions. “I…I can’t…I…” Sidon caressed your cheek. “S….Sidon….I…”Your thoughts were clouded and muscles weak at his touch. He tilted your head up to look into his golden eyes and brought your face up to his own, planting a kiss on your lips. His lips were soft and gentle. He only kissed you for a brief moment, then pulled back slightly. He left just enough space so that his lips weren’t touching yours.

You instinctually closed the gap once more, giving the Prince a second kiss. Your heart was leaping out of your chest and you didn’t want it to come back. You felt Sidon pulling away, causing you to give a slight moan of protest.

“Please…don’t stop…”

You saw a smirk on the Prince’s face. “A kiss is what was agreed upon. You have to work for the rest of it.”

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It was raining. So obviously it was wet. Shit, what is with all this rain? Can a metal machine make this much?

Prince Sidon was standing beside you as you gazed upon Van Ruta. “Now, according to our records, you need to hit those pink orbs with shock arrows. Great! Now, climb on!” You gave the Prince a confused look. “Oh how silly of me. I forgot to explain. I will swim close so you can get a better shot.” Sidon flashed his signature pose and smile. He then flipped and dove into the water. “Come now little minnow! We don’t have all day!” You tentatively jumped in the water and grabbed Sidon’s shoulders. “See, not such a scary shark now am I?” He rushed off at an incredible pace, almost flinging you off. “I am the fastest swimmer among all the Zora! Leave the speed to me, focus on hitting Ruta with those shock arrows!”

You aimed at one of the pink orbs, effectively hitting it upon release. “Great job! Three more!” Sidon was as fast in the water as Epona is on land. He sharply turned, causing you to grip him tighter with your legs. This earned a chuckle from the Prince. You aimed at the second orb and struck it. “That’s my little Hylian!” You aimed at the third, hit. The last one, hit.

“Easy.” You said with a smile. Sidon turned toward the dock. “Great job with stopping the water flow. Now my people can rest easy. Speaking of rest, it is almost nightfall. Let’s head back to the palace.” Sidon  darted towards the dam. “Sidon…what are you doing?” The only response he gave you was a laugh. “SIDON!” Sidon jumped over the dam and down into the water below. You gripped him tight as you screamed. The Zora dove into the water and resurfaced with a trembling Hylian on his back. “See, just trust me everything turns out fine.” “I hate you…I hate you so much…” You said between sobs.

The Prince wrapped you in his arms and walked out of the water. “My apologies little Hylian. I did not think it would be that traumatizing. Please forgive me.” He set you down on your shaky legs. You tried to take a few steps but started to fall. The Prince grabbed you and picked you up once more. “How about I carry you the rest of the way?” He entered the palace, bowed to by a few guards along the way. You were amazed by the palace walls. Carvings of old Zora battles and portraits of Zora kings and queens adorned the walls. Sidon opened a tall door and walked inside. The room was amazingly huge. Sidon set you down on his large water bed. The shakes stopped in your legs. This caused you to sigh a breath of relief. However, this was short lived.

“Now, in regards to your payment…” He pushed you down onto the bed. His mouth hovered over your ear. “Have you ever been with a Zora before? Are you familiar with our anatomy? I would hate to make you feel uncomfortable…to tell you the truth, I have always wanted to be with a Hylian. I’m glad my first is with you.” A blush brushed on your face. The Prince started to nibble at your neck, being careful with his sharp teeth. “S…Sidon…” “Hush now…you did such a great job today. I want to reward you.” The Prince slid a hand underneath your tunic and pulled it over your head. He cocked his head to the side, then lowered it. He licked a nipple tentatively. Then his tongue began to swirl around it. You let out a few breathless moans. You put your hands on his crest, gripping tightly. This earned a slight giggle from the Prince. He then sucked on one and massaged the other with his fingers. “My Hylian, you have such a beautiful body. I have never met such a creature like you.”

Sidon grabbed the waist of your pants and tugged them off along with your underwear, exposing you. You tried to cover yourself with your hands, but Sidon grabbed your wrists and pinned them above you with one hand. “Don’t do that to me. Let me see you. Let me see the hero of our people.” He gently laid a hand on your thigh, asking you to spread your legs. You did as the Prince commanded. He began to rub up and down your slit. This caused you to stir with pleasure. “Hylia…look at you…so beautiful…” He pushed and rubbed your bundle of nerves. “S…Sidon please…no…” you begged. You were trembling underneath the Prince’s touch. Sidon was handsome in every way. Even as a Hylian, you knew he was everything a girl could want. This even proved true when his cocks started to come out of his body.

You were in shock when you saw not one but two cocks. You instinctively pulled your legs back together. Sidon blushed. “S…so you really didn’t know our anatomy…you didn’t say anything so I assumed…” Sidon let go of your wrists and sat on his heels. “Please forgive me.” You shook your head. “N…no that’s not it. Well, it is but…” You sighed. You were at a loss for words and now the Prince is uncomfortable. You sat up and touched one of his cocks, causing his breath to hitch. “Wh…what…ahh.” The Prince couldn’t protest after the feeling you were giving him. You ran you hands up and down his lengths. Pushing them together, squeezing them tightly, and to top it all off, little licks at the top of them. Sidon put a hand on the back of your head. He threw his own back in ecstasy. “We…we don’t have this kind of…stimulation in the domain…Please…don’t stop!”

You licked the tip of just one before taking the length down your throat as far as you could go. This let out a deep moan from the Prince. When you started moving up and down, the breaths changed to short gasps. The Prince was trembling beneath your touch. “I’m not going to last much longer…no...” The Prince released a moan as his seed was spilling into your throat with one cock and on your cloths with the other. You drank the salty liquid, earning a lustful look from the Zora Prince.

Once the Prince was done. He turned his face away. “I was supposed to serve you tonight my Hylian.” You smiled and licked some of his seed off your hand. “S…Stop that…It’s embarrassing…” Sidon bashfully pleaded. You giggled and said. “Well, maybe tomorrow night.”

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Unfortunately, after just one day Vah Ruta started up again. Sidon looked discouraged but kept his positive demeanor. “We just try again! Hopefully this time it will shut off for a bit longer. However…” He grabbed your chin and tilted it upwards. “…if it means keeping you in my bed a little longer, I don’t mind.” A blush ran across your face. The Prince leaned down and kissed your cheek.

Once again you climbed on the Prince’s back and shot shock arrows at the metal elephant. Everything went as it did yesterday. As expected, Ruta stopped once again. “Well, hopefully she will be sated for a while…” you said. Sidon didn’t make a move for the dock. Instead, he kept swimming around. “Sidon, is something wrong?” you asked.

“I just…want to enjoy your company a bit longer.” You smiled and leaned against his shoulder. Sidon then picked you up and rotated his body so that you were now laying on his stomach. “Now I can get a good look at you.” You blushed.

“Why would you want to do that?” you retorted.

“Because I appreciate beauty.”

You averted your gaze. Your face started to burn with embarrassment. Sidon chuckled. “You know, I owe you for two days of work now. How about we get started?” He guided your body to lay on top of his. He brought his face dangerously close to yours. “S…Sidon…” He cut you off in a kiss. Gliding his hands up and down your sides, you felt yourself wanting the Zora Prince. Sidon broke the kiss and moaned. “I don’t understand why Hylians have these dressings. How can they mate at a moment’s notice?” He pulled off your trousers and underwear in one motion, leaving you exposed. “Tell me my little minnow, has any man taken you to bed before?” You flushed. You began to speak but Sidon brought his lips to the tip of your ear, causing a shiver to crawl up your spine. “After I am done with you, you shall not desire any other man besides me.” He cooed.

You didn’t notice that he swam to the edge of the lake until he picked you up and laid you down on the sand. The water was still touching your heels. The Zora towered over you. Two cocks visible and erect. “Don’t worry, I will only put the second one in when you beg for it.” He kissed your cheek and whispered in your ear, “That could be today…” He started rubbing between your legs. “…considering how wet you are.” The pleasure Sidon was giving caused you to moan.

The tip of his cock poked at your entrance. Your legs started to shake. “My minnow, I will be gentle.” Sidon promised. He began pushing inside you, stretching you with his girth. “Good girl, you are doing well. Take me…take me inside you. Pleasure yourself with my cock.” He kept pushing until he bottomed out, moaning. “You…you beautiful creature…” Sidon started to pick up his pace. The stretching and encouragement the Prince was giving you made your head swim in bliss. With each motion, water came up to wash away any mess that was dripping out of you.

“Am I to your liking my Hylian? Do you like being pleasured by a prince?” You tried to answer, but with the pace that was being set all you could muster was a moan and a nod. Sidon smiled. “I will take that as a yes.” Sidon started to nibble at your neck, leaving a trail of kisses all along it. Something about what he said lodged into the back of your thoughts. “Sidon…we…we can’t do this!” Sidon stopped his thrusting and pushed himself up to look into your eyes. “My Hylian, did I hurt you?” Tears started to well up in your eyes. “A prince shouldn’t be doing these things with a common girl like me…” Sidon gave a dry laugh. “Is that all?” He grabbed the small of your back and turned the both of you around. Sidon was now on the ground and you were on top, straddling him. Gravity took hold and pushed his cock deeper inside you, rubbing a spot that sent shocks of pleasure inside you. You started to tremble and moan. Sidon grabbed your hips and started his pace again, shoving himself deeper and harder with every thrust.

“S…Sidon stop it…” you pleaded. “I…I don’t deserve you!” Sidon gave a hard, almost painful thrust inside you. “And who am I fucking?” he growled. “Who is pleasuring me? Who is the one I think about, dream about, all the time? It’s you my goddess, my Hylian, my love.” Sidon increased his pace even more. You had to grab the hands on your hips to steady yourself. “I will fuck you everyday until you understand that. I will fill your belly with my seed until you understand. I will make you come as many times as necessary for you to understand that I want you.”

He flipped you back onto the ground. Covering your mouth with his own. His pace became erratic and hard. Pleasure started to coil inside your belly, preparing your orgasm. You let out moan after moan as Sidon was pounding into you. “S…Sidon…” you weakly pleaded. “I’m close…”

Then Sidon slowed down, denying you.

You began to hit his shoulders. “Sidon stop it!” you pleaded. He cooed in your ear, “What do you want my little minnow? You have to tell me.” Tears formed in your eyes. “I want them both!” you cried.  Sidon smiled against your ear. “Then you shall have me.” Sidon pulled out his cock and lined up the second one. Then he began to push them both in. The pain was immense as he stretched you beyond what you thought was possible. “If it is too much tell me my minnow. I don’t want to break my lover.” Once he bottomed out again, he began a slow pace. “Oh…oh Hylia…Is it possible to feel this good…” Sidon moaned. The pain slowly went away and replaced by an immense pleasure. Sidon’s cocks were twisting inside you. Each rubbing a different pleasure spot every time they entered you. Sidon was enjoying himself as well. His eyes were now almost completely black. His pupils have dilated, his tongue was hanging out, the prince, your prince was a complete mess. This gave you an odd sense of satisfaction. You were the one pleasuring the Prince of the Zora. You were the one that made him vow to fuck you until you understood that he wanted only you.

The coil of pleasure started to begin again in your belly. The twisting of his cocks, his pace, and the love you felt for him all built up pleasure inside of you, wanting to be released. You gripped Sidon’s shoulders tightly. “Sidon…Sidon…” you moaned. Sidon changed to a more pleasurable angle. “Come for me my Hylian. I want to watch you come undone. Come on my cocks. Please my little minnow, please come for your prince.” You arched your body and threw your head back as you let out one last cry of pleasure. Sidon quickened his pace through your orgasm and let out a moan as he spilled his cum inside you.

The small waves washed some of the Prince’s cum away. Sidon stayed inside you, unmoving for a while until he regained his senses. He kissed you passionately as he pulled out. You felt his seed flowing out of you. The cool waves and his warm cum made for a strange sensation. Sidon then collapsed in the sand next to you. He closed his eyes and looked as if he were sleeping. Sidon’s cocks began to recede in his slit.

His eyes fluttered open. They resumed their golden color. After a few breaths, he smiled. He began to run his fingers through your hair. “So beautiful.” He whispered.

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Sidon brought you back to the palace. You soon found out that the Zora can cook the tastiest delicacies you have ever put into your mouth. Whenever Sidon mentioned any kind of food your first instinct was to drool. Of course you held back, for this was only an urge. You both ate on the balcony of Sidon’s room everyday as it was more private. Sidon explained that Zora, especially the older ones, have a distaste towards Hylians.

A knock came to the door. Sidon met with the person and explained that he must leave to talk to his father for a few minutes. “We can discuss your payment for today’s work after I get back.” He sounded casual as to not tip off the guard. The Prince left with a wave and a wink.

You finished up another delicious meal provided by the royal cooks. Playing with your fork, you dreamed of what Sidon said to you earlier today. He said he love you. Is this possible? You thought. For a prince…to…to have feeling for me? This caused a blush to rush across your face.

Once you calmed down a bit, you looked around for something to do to occupy your time. You noticed Sidon’s ‘mannual’ on the nightstand. Curiously, you opened it.

Inside it, something shocked you.

A Hylian man was in positions eerily similar to what Sidon did last night. And saying things that were eerily similar to what Sidon said.

Who is pleasuring me? Who is the one I think about, dream about, all the time? It’s you my goddess, my peach, my love…

He didn’t…

He didn’t just take that from the book…

You threw the book down in frustration. “I have self-respect. I’m no one’s whore!” You opened the door and left the room. Like hell he is going to keep me here. Fuck this… You were storming out of the palace. A guard saw you leaving and bowed.

After reaching the outside of the domain, the memories came back of the afternoon. A wave of tears flowed down your cheeks. Your heart raced and you just felt like running. You ran and ran until you got tired of running. Knees gave out and sunk into the dirt.

Sidon, you jerk…

“My Hylian! Where are you running off to!” Sidon called from the river. “My guards said they saw you left. Is something the matter? Just ask, I will give you your heart’s desire!”



“Then stop lying to me about all this…all of that you said last night is a lie isn’t it! I saw your ‘manual.’ You really don’t love me! You probably don’t even like me!”

Sidon’s eyes when wide. “I…I didn’t mean any offence.”

“Just leave me alone!”

Sidon shifted his gaze. “P…please my Hylian…” He reached for your arm. You swapped it away without a thought.

“I’m not your Hylian! You don’t even know my name! You never even asked for it!”

Sidon didn’t respond to this. His eyes were being covered by the crest on his head. He faced away from you. “I have no excuse for my actions…but please…my people need your power…”

You stood up and continued walking down the path.

Sidon didn’t stop you. He couldn’t stop you because his own body was shaking from the anger at himself. Tears flowing down his Zora cheeks.

“Find another Hylian whore.”

“Don’t ever use that word for yourself again. You are not, nor were you ever were a whore.” He got out of the water and lifted your chin. “You are my precious little minnow. If you want to leave, do it. If you decide you don’t like me, leave. You steer your own ship.” His arms draped around you, pulling you in closer. “Those words I said earlier, I do mean them. I…I know this isn’t the right time…but…I have fallen for you.” His cheeks turned a shade of pink. “I prayed every night since I met you that somehow, someway, I would be able to tell you how I really feel. Without any ‘guidance.’ I don’t know much about Hylians, but I am willing to learn.”

You softened and nuzzled into his chest. He made a low moan of happiness. Sidon said “I used that because I didn’t know what to say. Whenever I look at you, I get nervous. I can’t find the words to describe how I feel. I apologize for any hurt I caused.

He put his lips next to your ear. “To atone, please, tie me to the bed tonight. Pleasure yourself with my body.” Your entire face went red.

Then, a devilish idea came to your mind.


You tied Sidon to the bed, just like he asked you to do. Sidon turned his head away from you. He was red with embarrassment. “P…please go ahead. I…I hope my body is to your liking…” You curiously trailed your hands up his thighs. Sidon began to tremble. You massaged the insides of his legs in an almost playful motion. His slit started to open. Twin cocks started to arise.

“Just from touching your legs you are already hard.” You teased.

Sidon made the cutest moan and closed his eyes. You giggled. The Prince of the Zora, so proud, so handsome, was sprawled out and hard just from a leg touch. You came up with two possible explanations. “Either you really like me, or…” Sidon was panting and twisting from the touched on his legs. “…you are one horny fish.” Sidon moaned again and retorted “I…ahhh…I am a shark thank you.”

You began to kiss the area all around his cocks. Sidon tried to angle his hips for you to give some stimulation to his shafts. However, you avoided this and continued to kiss everywhere except where he wanted to be touched. He pulled at his restraints. “P…please…” he begged.

You trailed your kisses up the side of his torso, stopping at his gills. You gave one a little kiss to see how he would react. Sidon responded with a pleasurable gasp. Seeing that you wouldn’t hurt him, you started to stroke his gills with your hands, earning more moans from the prince. You deduced that this was like touching him directly. You pulled back and smiled at the panting and wanting prince. He looked at you with pleading eyes. “Please, don’t stop…I’ll be good…please…” You shuffled back down between his legs. You gave one of his cocks a small lick, causing the Prince to arch his back and moan. “More…more…” he begged.

“Only on one condition…”

Sidon was desperate for any stimulation. He was thrashing his head back and forth. His body was hot and his breath heavy.  The little puddle of precum on his belly made him go crazy with want. “Anything! Anything! Say it and its yours!”

“What is my name?”

The Prince froze. Bringing up such an embarrassing thing. He made love to you before, fought a divine beast and fell for you. All before he knew your name. Now, it was catching up with him in the form of sexual torture.

“You…you’re my Hylian, my sweet little minnow, the one who I long for…” he choked out.

“What is my name Sidon?” You gave a few more kisses to his cock.

“You are the one I dream of fucking every minute of every day…”

“And my name is?” You gave small licks to the tip now.

“Please…please have mercy on your horny pathetic prince…” He moaned. “I don’t know…I forgot to ask you and I thought it would be rude to ask after making love to you. Please…please take care of your toy…”

Satisfied with a confession, you stopped your teasing before speaking. “(Y/N)…My name is (Y/N)…”

Sidon snapped the restraints holding him to the bed and pulled you in a kiss. “(Y/N)… my sweet minnow…(Y/N)…forgive me…”

He flipped you onto the bed and dove his head between your legs. He licked up and down your slit, paying special attention to your bundle of nerves. He snaked a hand down to his own hips and started stroking himself. “S…Sidon you told me to pleasure…myself…with…” Sidon came back up to kiss you.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” He panted.

He kissed the side of your neck, tilting your head down to look between your bodies. Sidon was furiously pumping himself while kissing you, giving his cocks a twist when he reached the ends. His eyes were hooded and full of lust. His caressing made the most erotic noises you have ever heard. “Please…let me put these inside you again…I have been hard since our last encounter…please…let your horny shark prince fuck his sweet minnow.”

You cautiously opened your legs slightly wider, inviting him in. Sidon put one of his cocks at your entrance. He then pushed his hips forward, forcing your tight self to spread to accommodate him. Sidon threw his head back in bliss. “Oh hylia…” he moaned. Once he bottomed out, he started to set a rough pace. “Fuck…Fuck…you tight Hylian…you know how to make your prince go crazy…” He looked directly into your eyes with each thrust. He grabbed the small of your back and lifted it, causing his cock to go deeper that you thought possible. Pleasure soon overcame any sense of pain or anger you had.

You grabbed onto the back of his neck and pulled him close, letting out moans next to his ear. “Those sweet little moans of yours is going to make me break…you are so erotic my catch.” Sidon picked up his pace even more. His other cock laid against your bundle of nerves, rubbing and giving stimulation with each thrust. Your legs started to quake and tremble from the pleasure.

You felt yourself slipping from Sidon’s neck. The pleasure caused from his love making has driven you completely weak. Somehow, you managed to catch your wrists before you fell completely out of this suspended state. Now you were looking into the golden eyes of the Zora Prince. “You are such a beautiful creature…” He panted. Sidon pulled you into a kiss.

The sensation of his thrusts, his cock rubbing against you, and the kiss all built up a fire in your belly, waiting and wanting to be released. You started to dig your fingers into the back of his neck. Sidon noticed this “Come my sweet little minnow. Come on your horny prince’s cock. I want you to feel good. I want you to release.” He started making small kisses on the side of your face. The pleasure soon became overwhelming. You arched your back and screamed his name. “That’s it my minnow, be in ecstasy. Use my body for your pleasure. Come undone in my arms.”

The tightness didn’t keep Sidon from thrusting. It only encouraged him. You looked up weakly into his eyes. “My…my prince…” Sidon seemed to become rigid from your words. He paused for a second. “Did…did I say something wrong?” you asked.

He then flipped you to sit on his lap, cock still inside. He then shoved you down further and thrusted harder. “Say it again! Say it again! A prince shouldn’t be doing these things with his subjects. I’m dirty…I’m horny…Say it! Say it!”

So, this is his kink

“My prince…please come inside me!” you cried. Apparently, those where some profound words as Sidon went absolutely wild with your body. Hard and fast thrusts shot inside you. Sidon was far gone now, as anything or anyone could walk in and he wouldn’t stop. “As your prince, I will serve you…pleasure my subject…” This was followed by many moans of desire. Soon, his pleasure was becoming overwhelming. Sidon cried “My minnow…I can’t hold out much longer…Your pathetic prince is going to fill you to the brim with his cum…Take it…take my seed…” Sidon threw his head back and let out an almost animalistic moan. His hot cum shot deep inside you, filling you. He pulled you tight into his chest until the last of his seed exited his body and entered your own. His other cock spewing cum between your bodies.

Once Sidon rode out his orgasm, he collapsed with you on top. His chest rose and fell.

“(Y/N)…I will remember that…”

Chapter Text

“Come now my angelfish, I want to treat you today!” Sidon said. You were getting supplies from the store when the Prince barged in and wanted to take you away.

“Come now! I have a surprise!” Sidon grabbed your wrist and pulled you along. “S…Sidon! I can’t keep up!” The Prince picked you up and ran towards the edge of the platform. He then dove down, with you in tow.

“You are going to love what I have in store for you! I would often see Zora girls do this, so I would like you to try!” Sidon was grinning like a naughty schoolboy.

You raised an eyebrow. With Sidon’s ‘payment’ lately, it seemed like he was getting the payment more than you. So, it took you a bit by surprise knowing that today was going to be only for you. Or, so you hoped.

Sidon soon reached a small waterfall and held out his hands in a grand display of pride. “Here we are my little minnow!” You were confused. “I..Is it supposed to do something?” you asked. Sidon nodded “Oh yes! But first we need to get rid of your dressings.” Sidon rubbed his hands along your sides. He then slipped them underneath your tunic, with a quick feel of your breasts, and pulled the cloth over your head. His tongue licked and sucked your chest as he gave your butt a squeeze. “S…Sidon…p…please…” The Prince then hooked a finger into your pants and pulled them down. “I need to get you prepped a little first.” His wet tongue slid along your slit to your most pleasurable area. There, he abused your little button until you started to lose your ability to stand. Sidon pulled back “There, you are ready my love.” He picked you up and brought you over underneath the waterfall. He had you lay with your back against his chest. “Open your legs for me. Trust me, this will feel so good for you.” You swallowed and tentatively opened them for your Prince.

The water rushed over the area where the Shark Prince just abused. Your swollen bud sent shocks of pleasure throughout your body. “S…Sidon!” You yelped. The Prince held you in place as the continuous stream of water pleasured you. Your breathing became heated and ragged. Sidon made a sound of amusement. “I hear about Zora girls coming up here all the time to release some tension. They call it ‘making love to the water.’ I can see why, seeing how much you seem to be enjoying yourself.” You writhed in his embrace. Sidon nuzzled his face against your own. “My dear, you look so good.” As the pleasure was building inside you, you leaned your head back and cried out “S…Sidon! I…I feel like I’m gonna break.” The Prince felt a tightening between his own legs. Seeing you writhe in pleasure on top of him was enough to encourage himself out of his sheath. He blushed. “I…I’m sorry my sweet little minnow…I know this is supposed to be for you but…” The Prince was rather embarrassed at his own needs. You brought your hands up to his crest and stroked it. With so much pleasure already given to you, you knew that the Zora would only add more. “My Prince…I want to be filled…” you begged. Sidon didn’t waste any time entering your body. His thick self stretched you. “Oh goddess!” he cried. “You are so wet my dear. I know it’s not just from the water!”

Being an aquatic race, Sidon must have a natural tendency to follow the pace of the water. His motions were simply heaven. “My darling hero, the pride of my people, how you entice me.” He turned your head, so he could place a passionate kiss on your lips. “Tell me, how does your prince feel?” You moaned loudly “Y…you feel so good…m…m….my Prince’s cock feels so good.” Sidon flashed a devilish grin. “How would you like another?” Your cheeks turned red. “Don’t worry my minnow, I will just slip right in.” Sidon cooed in your ear. He pulled all the way out only to push both back in. You were stretched to your limit, having only a tinge of pain with a lot more pleasure. “M…my Prince!” you cried. Sidon nibbled your ear and thrusted harder. “You know I like it when you call me that… Say it again…how does your prince feel inside you?” After a few more moans you cried out “It pushes me to my limit! My Prince I can’t hold out much longer!” Sidon answered by thrusting faster and harder inside of you. At once all the pleasure that built up over the past several minutes released. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed over you and onto you lover’s cocks.

After you finished, you put a hand over your abused and swollen bud, preventing the water from assisting with further stimulation. Sidon swam a bit outward in the pond. Once you calmed down a bit, you nodded towards the Prince, a sign to continue. Sidon started his pace slow, gentle. “My sweet minnow, you seem so tired. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Sidon lazily kept his slow and gentle rhythm for a minute or two. You kissed his cheek. “My Prince, you probably want more…It’s ok. I can handle you.” Sidon smiled. “How did I get so lucky?” Sidon guided you to the edge of the water were he put you on your hands and knees. He then increased his pace, pushing deep and fast into your tight hole. Sidon made deep manly moans as he enjoyed your body. “F…fuck my sweet minnow…you feel so good. My beautiful (Y/N) please, let me hear you.”

Even though your body was trembling from waves of pleasure, you encouraged the Prince with your words of affection. “M…my Prince, you feel so good inside me…stirring me up inside…you are so kind to be doing this with your subjects.” Sidon thrusted harder and deeper. You knew just how to make him aroused, wanting, needing you and only you. It mainly surrounds his kink: being a “good” prince who is doing naughty things to his subjects. A bit of stoking his ego in that is enough for him to go crazy with want. Now was the time to push him right to the edge, “My Prince, I need you cum…I need it inside of me…fill up this poor Hylian!” and like a charm, Sidon began to quiver. “(Y/N)…your Prince wants to please his subject… He’s going to fill you to the brim with his cum.” Sidon threw back his head, releasing a mix of a moan and roar. His cocks sputtered out the Prince’s promise of filling you up. No matter how many times he does it, you always feel a sort of love when he finishes inside you. Sweet, pressure in you womb and him grinding you deep. It was almost enough to bring you to tears.

His golden eyes shone at you. “Did you enjoy my surprise, my little minnow?” A smile graced your lips. “Of course, my Prince.”

Chapter Text

“S…Sidon. You are supposed to be entertaining your guests!” The Prince quickly hushed your protests with his lips. His hands trailing up your back, fondling your curves. He broke the kiss and brought his lips to your ear.

“My dear hero, I can’t resist you. You look so lovely in your dress. I just have to see what is underneath it.” He cooed in a playful tone.

“Y…you know what is underneath it!” You spat back, embarrassed at how hot he was already making you.

 Sidon guided your hands to the pillar behind you, bending you over and displaying your assets to him. “Stay just like that. Good girl…” He began stroking the curves of your butt before lifting your dress onto your back. Your cheeks darkened. In the traditional Hylian fashion, all you wore underneath was a garter belt and your lace stockings. The Prince made an amused sound. “My lady, I must admit, unlike your usual dressings, these entice me so.” He gave your ass a slight nibble and kiss.

“Sidon, what if someone comes!”

“Don’t worry my lady, no one will see you in such a compromising state. I can’t have anyone else fall for you. Although, you and Bazz were acting quite…luscious tonight. Don’t you think?” Sidon began nibbling on your sensitive ears and squeezing your butt.

“Y…you were busy and we were just talking.” You jumped at the feeling of his fingers pressing against your folds.

“Just talking? Really? Is that why he was touching your arm? He seemed more interested in what I am doing. Tell me my sweet little minnow, is that what you wanted? Another man playing with you down here?” Sidon began putting his fingers inside you body, stroking and teasing every pleasure point inside you.

“N…no! I only want you Sidon!”

“My lady, please keep your voice down. I merely stated what I saw.  Maybe…I should remind your body of why you love only me.”

He grabbed your hips and pulled you backwards, filling your hole with one of his sweet cocks. Goddess you couldn’t get enough of this feeling. Sidon made a grunt of approval. “My lady, you feel so good tonight…”

My lady, my lady. He never calls me that. Unless… You craned your neck to look at him. “We…we shouldn’t do this! What if we get caught!” Sidon thrusted hard into your body.

“I told you. No one will see you. I can’t risk having other men want you. If any man were to play inside you besides me…well…lets not ruin our rendezvous with those thoughts, shall we?” Sidon snaked a hand up your front to grab the flesh there, teasing your nipple with his fingers. “You are mine and mine alone.”

He wants a bit of forbidden love. “But...but…a…a gentleman shouldn’t be doing this to a lady underneath her skirts…”

This earned a wicked smile from the Prince. “You’re right. I’m a dirty, horny fish…look at your Prince…doing such dirty things to a beautiful lady…” He thrusted faster inside you, stirring you up. “Tell me my dear, how long were you thinking about me tonight? Did you put on your best dressings in hope that I would do such a thing as this?” He nibbled on the tip of your ear. “As you were putting on your dressings were you thinking of seducing your prince? Hoping that he would take you outside the party and punish you like the naughty girl you are?”

The Prince’s rough pace made it hard to think. His cock filled you completely and stretched you in all the right ways. “I…I wasn’t thinking anything like that! I swear!”

“Really? You weren’t thinking of all the ways I can stir up your insides? Of how you would bring your prince such pleasure? My naughty little catch…” Sidon cooed in your ear. “Maybe I should stop…”

Sidon slowed down his pace, earning a whimper from you. “You always tease me, my Prince.”

Sidon smiled at this and pulled out. He sat against the wall, holding out his hand for you to join him. In nearly a growl he said, “My lady, won’t you join me for a dance? Show me what that beautiful body is capable of…”

You straddled his hips and pushed yourself back onto his cock. Sidon closed the remainder of the distance by pulling down your hips, giving his own a trust upwards. After the wave of pleasure rushed over you, you began riding the Prince. Sidon’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. He sighed and smiled with his sharp teeth.

“Such a beautiful view. But you are hiding the best part. Lift up your skirts so I can watch my lovely lady enjoy herself with my cock.” You did as the Prince said. However, you couldn’t help but avoid your gaze. Sidon grabbed your chin to look at his face flooded with ecstasy. “No, look at me…” Every time you were with the Prince like this, his eyes filled with love. You would always feel like your heart touched his. “You are always so embarrassed when I gaze upon your beautiful form.”

Again, you tried to turn away, but his hand kept your chin firmly in place. His eyes were deep and commanding.

“Never be embarrassed. I am enjoying every inch of your body.” He started bucking his hips to match yours. “Goddess, your face is as red as my scales. But, that mouth is just begging for me…” He intertwined his tongue with yours. You moaned, earning the same from him. You broke the kiss for air.

“My Prince…” You wined. The cloud of sex would always make you say embarrassing things but what came out of your mouth shocked you. “H…harder…” Sidon grinned and pulled you onto his lap. His cock shoved deep inside you made you tremble.

“My lady, you are so naughty tonight…how can I not…satisfy your…n…needs.” Sidon found it hard to speak as the pleasure started to build beyond what he would have liked for tonight. The pressure inside his belly began to coil, ready to burst. He cradled your head, threading his fingers through your hair and bringing you close. His hot breath roared in your ear, his lips kissing the side of your face. Sidon kept up his hard and rough pace, trying desperately not to come too soon. However… “My lady…My lady!!!” he cried. Sidon arched his back, digging his head into the ground. His cocks sputtered his seed deep into your belly and on your dress. He pulled you deep onto his lap as he was riding his orgasm, rocking back and forth.

Once he came down from his high, he noticed that he failed to satisfy his lady. “Really, I am ok for tonight. I wouldn’t want to….ahh!” You made a small squeak as the Prince began playing with your clit. He rubbed in tight circles while thrusting his half hard cock inside you. His other hand had a firm grip on your hips, shoving you down onto his lap.

“I never leave a lady unsatisfied. Besides, I have to punish my haughty little minnow for teasing me so.” He smiled and played with your stockings. “Wearing such clothing got me so…aroused. No wonder I filled you up so quickly.” Sidon kept up his musings, bringing you to your tipping point. Playing with your clit, your dressings, and making you bare yourself to him by holding up your skirts was embarrassing but, so erotic. And, even though you never thought of it, his come made you so slick that Sidon was able to pound you harder, faster, making you feel every crevice of his cock. Your body felt like you were going to burst, to break all over your lover.

“My…my Prince!” you cried.

“Oh, my sweet little minnow, come for me. Your prince wants to see you in ecstasy. Like that, squeeze around me, pleasure yourself…” He cooed.

You let your dress fall and your hands to wrap around the Prince’s torso as you broke. Your thighs clenched around him as well. You buried your head in his chest to muffle the loud cries of pleasure that were spilling out of your mouth. Then it washed away, and a glow came to take its place. Tight holdings became gentle cuddles. You looked up at Sidon who had a gentle smile and who started playing with your hair.

You kept gasping for air. “S…Sidon…”

“Relax my lady. You still need to treat me to that dance you promised.”

You giggled “I think I did.”

Chapter Text

You were exhausted from today’s duties. First the royal guard wanted to test how strong you were. Second, Captain Bazz decided you needed extra training. Third, he gave you that extra training. Goddess above everything ached. You couldn’t wait to get into the warm bath to soothe your aching muscles.

As you entered the room, you were surprised to find that Sidon wasn’t at his desk. Maybe he is at a meeting. You thought. But, the sight of the warm bath soothed any sadness you had in your body as well as the aches and pains. You quickly shed your clothes and hopped in the bath. The warmth surrounded you and sunk deep into your flesh. The feeling was so good you lulled your head back on the edge of the pool to relax.

Once you were content with life, you opened your eyes. At first you were confused about how you got on the ceiling. But when you saw yourself you realized that it was a mirror. “Why would he put a mirror on the ceiling?”

The door to the room opened and the Zora Prince made an entrance. “Oh, (Y/N). I see you are preparing yourself. Excellent.”

“Preparing myself for what?” you inquired.

He put his hand to his chin. “Why, for tonight’s activities my sweet little one.” He then pointed towards the mirror. “I had them install this today for the occasion. I think you will like it.” Your face was aflame with embarrassment. What kind of thing are we doing tonight? The prince smiled at your bashfulness. “I will get myself ready in the shower. When you are done, would you mind getting on the bed for me?”

“Y…yah.” You could barely speak. Ideas started running through your head as you dried yourself off. Does he want to watch just me? Or will we be together like normal? As the last droplets of water were dried off, you climbed into the bed. Another wave of embarrassment rushed over you as you noticed the mirror that was attached to the headboard. This is some kinky shit…

The sound of the bathroom door opening made you jump. Sidon, in all of his splendor stalked over to the edge of the bed. His eyes fawning over every curve your body had to offer. He put both hands on the sides of your body and lowered his head to your neck. He began nibbleing and sucking on your soft flesh. While you were preoccupied with that, you didn’t notice his hand trailing down until he pressed his fingers against your slit. Shutters ran through your body. “S…Sidon!” He smiled against your neck.

“Look up my sweet little minnow. Look and see what I am doing to you.” You did as he commanded. You saw the edges of his lips morph around your skin as he sucked. But what made you almost come was that you could see how he was playing with you. He was using his long fingers to rub up and down while his thumb was preoccupied with your clit. You made a mixture of a gasp and a moan. Sidon stopped his musings to whisper in your ear. “I knew you would like this…” he cooed. “Come for me. Come while watching your prince pleasure you.” His words and erotic motions sent you over the edge. You gripped arm and screamed into his shoulder. “Good girl, just like that.” He kept up his abuse on your sensitive clit until you were a puddle in afterglow.

Sidon scooped you up into his arms and cuddled with you as you regained your composure. He shuffled around on the bed a bit, making sure not to stir you too much. He then placed a kiss on your cheek and sat up, revealing himself to you. The prince sensually slid a hand down his pecks, over his gills and abs, then to his cocks. He began stroking them, giving a slight twist at the end that made him moan. You retracted your legs and rubbed them together. Sidon gave a sly smile and leaned down against the bed, keeping you from watching him caressing those two pillars of pleasure you love so much. But, you looked at the headboard. Your eyes widened at the sight of his slit dripping onto the sheets and the thickest parts of his cocks protruding from there. But, you clenched your legs while watching the hiked-up part of his fins revealing his perfect ass. Sidon then trusted slightly into his hand, causing his ass to move in the most sensual way. Is…is that how it looks when he…?

“My minnow, are you imagining me taking you?” he cooed. Your ears burned red. “But,” He turned to the side of the bed. “you have to earn it from me. You did come first, pleasure your prince for a while.” You were entranced by him. Eager to please you nestled between his legs and took one of his pretty cocks in your mouth. The rest of his length you pleasured with your hands. “Oh God…dess…My minnow, look how much you are taking me.” You looked to the mirror. Sidon placed his hand on your head and gave a slight thrust. You could see his face and his smile, full of pleasure. Your tongue and mouth took him a bit harder now, trying to give as much pleasure to the prince as you could. His other cock dangled and wept between you. That couldn’t happen. So, you plucked your mouth off of the one and took in both. You couldn’t take as much in but your wet eyes looked up at your seducer as you were pleasing him. His breath stuttered. He kept petting your hair and looked straight at your eyes. “My minnow, if you keep looking at me like that, I might start ravishing your mouth.” He hooked his hand under your chin and lifted you off himself.

He placed his cheek against yours. “I would rather ravish you between your legs.” His hands guided you to face the mirror. He placed himself behind you. Dripping wet, you didn’t offer much resistance when the prince placed himself inside you. Once he bottomed out, he ground his hips against yours. You dropped your head to hide yourself from the faces you were making. “No, my minnow.” Sidon grabbed your chin and forced you to look at the mirror. “I want to see the faces you make while I take you.” He drew out of you, only to snap his hips forward. “Naughty girl, don’t make me punish you for looking away. Watch your prince. Watch me take you.” He began his rough pace inside you. His cock rubbed hard against your walls. The visual in front of you only heightened your feeling. You watched his hips slap your ass with every thrust, his hands digging into your hips in pleasure, and his gills flexing desperately to suck in more air. The coil of pleasure began in your belly, hot and ready for release. Sidon must have noticed this and slowed down. You whipped your head around in protest but he flipped on his back, having you on top facing the mirror on the ceiling. You blushed at your own vulnerability. Completely naked with a Zora cock inside you, the prince ground deep into you.  “Now, I believe I have waited long enough for my release. Moan nice and loud for me as I take you. Do that…” he moved his hand over your womb. “…and I will give you all of my cum in here.” Sidon sat up a bit to add his other neglected cock inside you. He looked in the mirror on the headboard as he slowly thrusted inside you. He grinned as he watched your hole stretching to accommodate his lengths. “Goddess above…” he sighed. He watched for a few more thrusts before lying back down and opting for the ceiling. He thrusted slow and deep. You mewled and moaned for him to go faster. “S…Sidon stop teasing me! I want it! I want it hard!” This caused the prince to chuckle.

“Patience, my hero. I’m enjoying the show. A little minnow fucked slowly by her Zora lover. Cocks splitting her open and she still begs for more.” You squirmed and clutched at the chest behind you. You had enough teasing, you needed to come.

You looked into the mirror straight at his eyes as he did the same. With pleading lips you nearly screamed “Bite me shark daddy!”

Sidon’s eyes darkened. He slowly sat up and moved so that his lips were grazing your ear. “My naughty little minnow. You don’t know what you ask. But, I see that I spoiled you too much.” He kneaded his hands at your hips. “I am going to fuck you so hard you can’t walk in the morning.” He slowly laid back down and got in position. He ground his hips so deep inside you, you could see stars. The prince trusted two more times then went wild. You thought you would break apart. His cocks twisted and contorted in your body giving each thrust a different angle of pleasure. So close, you were so close. But, those twisting cocks never gave you enough of a rhythm. Never enough of pleasure in one spot that you could release everything once more. You reached down to give you that pleasure, to touch that abused little bud. Sidon grinned and grabbed your hand. “Did you forget? I am punishing my spoiled little minnow.” Sidon had you in chains, forced to come only from the pleasure he is giving you.

Your eyes strayed once more to the mirror. Sidon smiled and bit his lip. “Please…please (Y/N)…entice me.” This tugged a smile from you. The prince is so dominating. Yet, he always has a soft spot for praise during sex.

“My prince…my prince…I need your cum! Pleasure your subject with your cocks! Fill her up like you promised!” Sidon arched his back and groaned as he filled you. You watched his face contort in pleasure, mouth open in a soundless cry. But, also from this angle you watched as the more cum he put inside you, the more spilled out onto the bed. Once Sidon came down from his high, he relaxed on the bed. He was blissed out. A smile graced his lips. He wrapped his arms around you and looked at you through the mirror. “Goddess above…I needed that. Today…was so hard.” He took you off his cocks and onto the bed next to him. Face to face, he nuzzled you making low, happy noises.

Yet, with all the cuddles you still weren’t satisfied. Sidon smiled at you and moved between your legs. “You aren’t going to last long…” Before you could retort, he dove down and used his wicked tongue against your bud. His headtail wagging away, allowing to shake his tongue even quicker. “S…SidonSidon I’mI’mI’m” You arched your back, screaming. Goddess what was this? Sidon kept up his barrage on you, never letting you down from this high. Once you thought you were coming down, Sidon would push harder, lick faster on your clit sending you right back up. You dug your fingers into his crest, desperate for anything to hold on to. You thought he would keep you like this forever but, he then let up slowly, letting you come down.

He wiped his face on the sheets before cuddling next to your exhausted body. He looked up at the mirror and you did the same. There you were, with your prince next to you. He nuzzled into you. “I think I will keep these.”

Chapter Text

By the insistence of the king, Prince Sidon was to take a few days off from his duties. His father said that he is overworking himself. Sure, it is tiering to put down Ruta every day. But, with that comes a little bit of fun…pleasure that he could give as well as receive. But now…how does one, ask for it?

The prince was thinking about this while desperately trying to write some sort of thank you card. After all, it has been a month since they have engaged in their relationship. The domain was now safer than ever. But why wasn’t his heart at ease?

The creaking of the door drew his attention away. (Y/N) came through the door and shut it behind her. She held a brown bag that was sagging at the bottom. “Can you believe it! They actually have Hateno Candy! I thought it would dissolve with the humidity here! But they have this bag that keeps the moisture out!” She pulled a round candy from the bag and held it up for Sidon. “Here, try one!” The prince opened his mouth to receive it. She popped it in his mouth. Earning a satisfactory hum from him. “Thank you. It is good." Her eyebrows pinched together. “Is…everything alright, my prince?” “Y…yes of course.”

A knock came at the door. “Lady (Y/N), Dunma would like to speak with you.” (Y/N)’s face lit up as she scurried out the door. Sidon was happy that she had made friends of her own. But, that made him alone…on his day off…with no one around.

Sidon pulled out his ‘manual’ that he uses for situations like this. When he needed to spice things up and keep her interested in his bedroom. He flipped open the pages and scrounged though them. But, one in particular caught his interest. She had done it to him before, but without the pain. Would she be into this sort of thing? The prince wondered. But, he shut the book, placed it back in his desk, and started preparations.


He laid down on the bed and sighed. Sidon didn’t know it would take her this long to return. What if she is losing interest in me…what if she is out with another man or… “What if her and Dunma are in some lesbian side relationship!”

“What the hell?” You said nonchalantly. Sidon shot up from the mattress. “If you have time to worry about me being in a lesbian relationship then you have time to do your princely work.” Sidon’s face fell into a pit of sadness.

“T…today…” He stammered. “I had the day off today.” You softened your stance.

“O…oh. I didn’t know. Sorry, I would have spent time with you today if I had known.” You sat next to him on the bed and put a hand on his thigh. “Is there any way I can make it up to you?” Sidon let out a deep and dark smile.

“Funny how you asked. I was thinking the same thing myself.” He grabbed your wrists and pinned them to the bed. He lowered himself above you. “Leaving me all alone…you need to be punished my dear.” He cooed in your ear. Sidon then reached from under the pillow to get something. “Just so you don’t go running off again.” He tied your wrists together using black silk. He then guided your body to flip over so you were on your stomach.

“S…Sidon…” you could tell you were dripping. Sidon was always so sweet and kind. But, today it seems like all of his ‘secret side’ is coming out. A dominant and aggressive lover who needs to punish his disobedient minnow. Sidon pulled down your pants and undergarments, leaving you exposed.

“How can you make it up to me, you asked?” Sidon squeezed and fondled your butt. “I think a bit of punishment would do you good.” He teased your slit as he cooed these words into your ear. You wiggled at the sparks of pleasure that was coursing through you. Sidon chuckled and took is fingers away. “If I give you pleasure now, you wouldn’t learn anything.” He rubbed circles on your butt with his palm. Goddess, you knew what he was going to do. “Naughty girl…” The palm of his hand slapped against your ass, earning a yip from you. “What do you say?”

“S…sorry…eeep!” He smacked your bent over form again.

“Sorry for what my dear? What naughty little thing did you do to get your prince so worked up?” He took another hit at your ass.

“Sorry for leaving you alone today!” Sidon seemed satisfied with your cry of retribution as he gently fondled where he hit.

The prince hummed in pleasure. “Good girl…looks like my little punishment worked. I guess we are done then.” He untied your hands and walked to the pool in his room. He slowly sank down into it and sighed when his body fully submerged.

However, your body was far from done. He got you so riled up and then just walked away! “U…umm Sidon.” The prince tilted his head to look at you. “Can we…continue? Our umm…payment, I mean.”

The prince once again hummed. “But you didn’t work today my sweet fishcake. So, there is no payment to be collected.”

Your face expressed extreme disappointment. “O…oh…”

Sidon extended a hand out to you. “Or, do you just simply want me?” His voice was smooth like the silk he used. With his words he bound your heartstrings to his waiting hand. “Don’t worry my water droplet, it’s normal for two adults to have sex.” Your legs clenched together as he rolled over that last word with his voice. Like a puppet, he pulled you towards him, having no will of your own. You fell to your knees once you were by the pool, allowing Sidon to grab your chin. Forcing you to gaze into his golden eyes. “Is that what you want? To have sex with me?” You nodded. Words failed to come out of your mouth. Your head was fuzzy, too drawn into his gaze.

He guided you into the pool. The cool water began to calm down your hot body. “S…Sidon…”

He simply smiled and petted your back. “Don’t worry. I shall cure all that ails you soon.” He nuzzled his crest against your forehead. “How should I bring about your fantasy? Slow and rhythmic to make your orgasm sneak up on you? Hard and wild to break you over and over?” You shivered at his last proposal. “Oh, that does make sense. I remember from a few days ago…you cried for me to bite you. What did you call me again, my little minnow?”

You buried your face into his chest, embarrassed at the memory. Sidon simply hummed and kneaded the back of your legs. Light kisses adorned your head. He wasn’t going to let this one go, was he? “S…shark…daddy.”

This pulled a cruel smile from the prince. “Ah, yes. ‘Bite me shark daddy.’ you cried. It did give me a bit of a rush.” He guided your legs to wrap around him and your hands to be laid on his forearm and chest. Your breath hitched when you felt a hard and girthy length being pressed against your opening. Slowly, he pushed inside you. Your eyes and mouth opened wide as he began claiming your body. Fully sheathed, he rocked your hips against him. Sparks began to pass through you as he pressed against that oh so good sweet spot. “My sweet fishcake. So venerable in the open waters. Is that why you are so submissive to me?” He thrusted deep inside you and brought his lips to your ear. “Or are you making up to me with your body?” He nipped your ear with his lips, causing you to tighten around him. In turn, he growled deep. “So venerable, I could just bite you here.” He kissed the base of your neck. “Or here,” He kissed your shoulder. “Or, maybe someplace more dangerous.” He moved back up to your neck and kissed underneath your jawline. He then gave a dark chuckle. “What would people do when they would see you with that? Knowing how you were knocked up by the prince, tossed around on his cocks.” He began his powerful thrusts inside you. You let out loud cries and moans of pleasure as he pushed in and pulled back over and over. “Hmmmm you feel so good. So divine.”

His teasing over the past several minutes began to become too much. Sidon’s foreplay only heightened the sensation, making you see your orgasm closer just from a few rough fucks. You snapped your head up to look at him and cried, “I can’t! I’m going to-! I….I…”

Sidon snatched your chin in his hand. “Is my sweet little minnow so naughty that she is going to come before me? The person she is supposed to make up to?” You broke and cried as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over you. “She is…oh my…” You dug your nails into his chest. It would no doubt leave a mark for a few minutes. He kept you there, forcing you to stare into his eyes as you came.

You leaned against his chest and began to settle down. Sidon slowed his pace for you. “S…sorry.” You apologized.

Sidon simply laughed and patted your head. “Not to worry. I did rile you up quite a bit, my darling. But,” he started palming at your lip. “I still need some…comfort for today’s trials.” He thrusted his hips upward to accentuate what he meant. “The only thing that can comfort my hurt soul is your soft,” He thrusted hard “delicate,” he trusted again. “beautiful body.”

Goddess, the pleasure he could rip from you was immense. His dirty talk and nibbles on your skin started the coil of pleasure all over again. All the while, Sidon, Prince of the Zora, would smile down at you, teasing you. You knew he had no intention of coming anytime soon. Your eyes were glazed over and the only sound coming from you was panting. He would be the end of you.

“What is the matter? Lost in thought? Or…are you drunk with my sex?” He rolled over the last word again. The sound of it ran shivers through your body, causing you to clench around him with arousal. He smiled into the side of your neck and allowed his fingers to scratch your back just enough to give you shivers. He then grabbed your hips and began setting a rigorous pace that your body tried to keep up with. Once again, moans and pleads were drawn out of your mouth by his cocks. You looked up to his face with your glazed eyes. He had a satisfied smile, one of knowing he had complete control.

Your lips began to tremble once more. “My prince…please come soon! I can’t…I’m going to…” Your pleads only made him thrust faster, pull you down harder into his lap. “My prince please!” You begged. How long could he last? The first orgasm you had left you a moaning mess. What will become of you after the second? The third? Goddess above what is he planning to do to you?

Sidon smiled. “Oh, my minnow, did you forget that this is a punishment?”

Your tongue hung out of your mouth, your face was flushed and eyes hazy. “My body will break!” you cried. Sidon simply smiled down at you. This was what he was wanting all along, total submission, complete surrender. You were his toy, his plaything. He was going to use this puddle of ecstasy in any way he desired.

“What do you want, my sweet…horny…selfish minnow?” He cooed in your ear.

“I want your come! I want it inside me!” you pleaded.

Sidon chuckled darkly. “Then give me what I want.” He nibbled your ear.

“My prince! Come inside your helpless subject! Coat her insides with your cum! My prince! My prince!” You threw your head back and cried out as you broke over him once again. Tears rushed out of your eyes as wave after painful wave of pleasure rushed over you. Your body shook violently, you wondered if you were going to black out.

But, it was just enough to send the prince to his own climax. He panted and whispered all sorts of dirty promises and taunts into your ears. Yet, none of them were heard. Everything was fuzzy, spinning. You didn’t even feel the prince’s cream fill your insides.

You were that far gone.

You were that drunk on his sex.

Chapter Text

“Lovely isn’t it? I had our best designers working on it for you, my prince.” Laflat held out her hand, showing off the room. “Now you won’t have to be in your room all the time!”

Sidon desperately was trying not to let his smile waver. How many times did he have to tell his royal record keeper that he does NOT want a separate room to work! Yes, it was a bit hard to focus sometimes when (Y/N) would nap. How could he not stare at her when she looked so cute? It was even harder when she would lounge about and her tunic would hike up just enough to see a small amount of skin, just enough to tease. He would just go over there and give a faint touch…

“My prince. Are you even listening to me?” Laflat put her hands on her hips.

“M…my apologies. I seem to have drifted off into a daydream.” Sidon blushed bashfully. But, it appears that Laflat took his flush to be something…different.

“My prince…I…didn’t know you felt that way about me…” Laflat began to invade the prince’s personal space. Sidon took a step back and another, until he was pinned between his royal record keeper and his newly placed desk.

“L…Laflat…I…don’t think we should…”

“I don’t believe you are due for any meetings today…so…we can take our time if you would like.” She began to trace her fingers along his royal sash.

“Hey Sidon, I heard you got a sweet new…office…” You popped her head in the doorway. Your smile washed into a curled lip. “S…sorry!” You scampered away.

The prince pushed past his record keeper and followed you. “Please, wait!” he cried. You didn’t want to hear it. You even slammed the door in his face as he tried to follow you into his room. “(Y/N), please, this is all a misunderstanding. Laflat was making advances on me…”

“You couldn’t have just told her to fuck off?” You spat back.

Sidon sighed. “Being royalty makes that a bit hard. Oh, my sweet little minnow. I’m so sorry you interpreted that as such. If I could tell her to um…have sexual relations with others forcefully…I would. But, I have to maintain appearances.” When you looked at him, you saw that his eyes were full of regret and remorse.

“F…fine…But if she keeps touching you I’m gonna fish fry her!” You promised.

Sidon chuckled. “Of course.”


You sighed on the bed. Ever since Sidon got that new office you have been quite lonely. The room was too quiet for your liking, the bed was too cold…everything was…boring. Looking around, there wasn’t even much to do in his bedroom besides…well…sleeping. And a few other activities, you guessed. But, those required two people. Your eyes eventually settled on his ‘manual’. Usually, you wanted nothing to do with it. It was a lot more fun to play in the scenes yourself than read about them beforehand.

But, there wasn’t really much else to do… Grabbing the manual and flopping on the bed, you began your decent into the provocative world of pornography. You flipped the pages and found familiar scenes that Sidon used as a basis. Mirrors, bondage, and stolen fucks in the dark were among the few of your favorites. Both in pictures and memory. But, there was one thing that caught your attention.  A woman on her knees was giving pleasure to a guy who was talking to a friend just on the other side of the wall. The friend had no idea of the pleasure his speaking partner was in. “I could use this…” you said to yourself.

You readied your hair, and headed out towards the office. One, two, three knocks you gave before you heard a “Come in!” from the prince, himself.  You popped your head into the office, noted that he was alone and shut the door behind you.

Sidon smiled up at you. “I’m glad to see you. But…umm…unfortunately you can’t stay long. I have to sit down and talk with Bazz about some plans to upgrade our armor.” You desperately were trying to hide your excitement. Slowly you swung your hips sensually up to your prince.

“Don’t worry…” you trailed your fingers along the edge of his desk as you were coming around. “It won’t take long.” You climbed into his lap, tracing your fingers up his chest muscles. Delicate fingers started to head lower on the prince’s body, causing him to blush. You then slid off of his lap and onto the floor, kneeling before him. Those same fingers pushed his thighs apart, begging for entrance. The prince complied, but hesitantly. “My minnow…we don’t have much time.” You simply smiled up at him and kissed his opening slit. Up and down your tongue lapped at him, causing both you and him to blush deeply. You never ate out a girl…but it might be a bit like this. Juices dribbled down your chin. When the tips of his sweet cocks began to emerge, you lapped at them too. But, apparently you got Sidon a bit too aroused, as they more or less sprang out from their sheath. You giggled at his eagerness, but began your work on him quickly.

A good person would never pick favorites. But, between these two boys, just for today, you could. Greedily, you took and stroke just one length in your mouth. You lavished it with kisses, licks and sucks. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the other one twitching and weeping. Yet, you kept your attention on just one of his thick cocks. Sidon was a panting and moaning mess above you. “My sweet…my sweet minnow, giving me such personal attention in my office…Ahhh…I have half a mind to throw you on my desk and ravish you…”

But, as he was lifting your chin off of his length, a knock came on the door. “Prince Sidon, I need to speak with you.” No doubt it was Laflat’s voice…perfect. You crawled under the desk and pulled his hips to sit forward.

“What are you thinking? We’re going to get…oh Laflat! What can I help you with?”

“I ummmm…wanted to talk about your employee, (Y/N).” Your lips curled into a devilish smile. Sensually, you ran your hands up his legs as your mouth came closer to your favorite weeping shaft. Sidon put a hand on your shoulder, keeping you from advancing. But you craned your neck to give sweet kitten licks onto the tip. Sidon’s toes curled in pleasure.

“What about her? Did she do something?” His grip on you loosened. So, you went back to attending that sweet cock of his. You took it as much in your mouth and rubbed up and down its length. For your efforts, you were rewarded with copious amounts of precum. Yet, oh, its poor twin…it was twitching and trashing about, begging for touch.

“Is what you are doing with her really becoming of a prince? Having such a…scandalous relationship…it’s unacceptable!” You began tracing your tongue up and down his shaft. Yes, scandalous enough for me to suck him off right in front of you.

“I believe, Laflat, that you don’t understand the predicament we are in. Ruta’s waterflow is endless. The dam was about to burst before she came along. And you must admit…” Sidon caressed the back of your head. “She is good at her work…” His fingers twirled and played in your hair. But then they turned into a grip. “Even if she does need a bit of redirection…” He moved your head forcefully onto his other cock. Once you received the other one, Sidon resumed his sweet rubs on your head, treading his fingers through your hair.

“I’m begging you, my prince. We need to find another solution. What about the royal line? You are ruining your chances with plenty of good females!”

Sidon hummed in amusement, or maybe pleasure. He worked his foot to move between your legs. “I assure you. I am working vary hard to make sure the royal line lives on.” To this, he began pressing his foot against your sex. In return, you began rutting against it, giving yourself a dull, but still present, sense of pleasure. Yes, he was trying. After every time you fought Ruta, he would try and try, spilling his seed deep inside you.

“I doubt that, my prince.”

“Is that all you wanted to talk to me about, Laflat?” There was a certain bite to his voice.

“Yes, sir.” Laflat bowed to her prince and took her leave. Once the door clicked shut, Sidon rolled back a bit to look at you.

“You naughty little harlot.” He said through gritted teeth. “Come here.” He grabbed your sides and hauled you up onto his lap, kissing your mouth. “Goddess above, what got into you today? You said Hylians don’t have heat cycles…”

You giggled. “I don’t have to be in heat to want to pleasure my prince.” You began to play again with the cocks trapped between your belly and his. Sidon continued to kiss you and moan against your mouth. Those hands went to work on his weeping shafts. Up and down they stroked. Sidon began to shake and had to break off your kiss to take in air.

“If you keep doing that, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.” He said breathlessly. You increased the pace of your strokes. Then, bent over to work on the tips again. Sidon lulled his head back in the chair. “(Y/N)…please, my minnow…just like that…lick me, suck me…use that pretty little mouth of yours…make me come…”

You popped your mouth off for just a second. “I want to pleasure my prince…to take his sweet cum in my mouth…won’t you do that for your subject? To bless her with your cum?” Your mouth went back to work, just in time for the prince to break in front of you. You had to fight his hand from pushing you down too far and choking you. His cum sputtered in your mouth and down your front. You lifted up your tunic just enough for it to catch the rest, preventing the spill onto the prince’s lap.

The prince’s hand released your head. “G…Goddess…” he whispered, completely blissed out. You would lie if you said he wasn’t even more attractive in his afterglow. The poor prince is always so stressed out. Even if the payment is supposed to be yours…you couldn’t help but give something back from time to time. Seeing him like this…made it all worth it.

Another knock came to the door. Sidon snapped out of his glow and shuffled you under his desk, separating you and himself in the process. “Coming in.” the voice beyond the door said.

“Oh, Bazz… that’s right.” The prince stuttered out.

“Did I catch you at a bad time, my prince?”

“ not at all. Just, forgot for a second. That’s all.”

You took off your tunic and wrapped it around to prevent the mess from getting everywhere. You sighed to yourself. Now, you were trapped under his desk until the meeting with Bazz was done. At least you got to be around Sidon. You leaned against his leg and wrapped your arms around it, giving it a hug. Sidon reached down and scratched your head. He had this magic about his fingers. It was tingly and pleasurable when he brushed them against your scalp. Not at all like the sharp rip of skin like you imagined.

The tickles continued on your scalp, you could coo and moan if his captain wasn’t there. You rubbed your face into his leg, showing your affection. You blushed, with his princely work, there was not much time you had together. Usually, when you did have time, it was spent romping around in the sheets together. So, having this time together was much needed.

“That is everything I need, thank you Si.”

The click of the door grabbed your attention. You looked up to see Sidon’s face smiling down at you. “Enjoying yourself?” You just snuggled against his leg in answer, prompting a chuckle from the prince. “Are you content with my leg? Or do you want to enjoy a bit more?” His hand wandered down to your bare chest, squeezing your breast lightly, enticing you to come up to him. You followed his command and rose from your knees. Caressing your curves, he lifted you onto his desk. “Beautiful, looks like I have a bit of work on my desk.” He kissed your neck. “I should take care of it right away.” He pushed you down with his kisses. His hands effortlessly pulling away your pants, discarding the useless item for the session.

You moaned when the prince spread your legs, exposing everything you felt since you walked into the room. The prince smiled and took his finger to poke and play with those feelings.

“So wet…” he growled. “So eager for my touch…” You turned your head away from him, embarrassed. He lowered his head down to your hips and let his tongue lap at the juices dripping from your sex. You tried to close your legs but his hands firmly held them open. You gained the courage to look back at him. The prince smiled at you with his eyes. Then, used his long tongue to dig into you. Head thrown back at the feeling, your hands desperately gripped the desk underneath you to regain your composure. His tongue prodded and pushed, stretched and threatened to make you come oh too quickly. Merciless, he was absolutely merciless with your body. Whines and mewls were the only coherent thing to come out of your mouth.

Sidon let up, replacing his tongue with his fingers. “Goddess above…you are so beautiful sprawled out on my desk like this. Blushing, moaning, squeezing around my fingers.” He lowered his head once more. His tongue lapped and pushed at your sensitive sweet spot. Goddess you were in heaven. The sensation from his tongue was mind-numbing enough…but having his fingers to squeeze around…it was too much. He was too much.

“Sidon…I…I…” and that was it. You lost it. Your fingers dug into the desk, legs closing together. Sidon flew a hand over your mouth before you screamed for him. You couldn’t think, only feel the sweet release that has been building up inside you for hours.

Once you came down from your high, Sidon scooped you up off his desk and placed you into his embrace. Head fuzzy, you could only nuzzle into his chest, causing the prince to chuckle. “My minnow…



…what if someone sees?”

Chapter Text

(Y/N) was so adorable, so cute. Sidon couldn’t help but be enamored with her. Especially when she was like this. Sprawled out on the bed, dressed in white lace with a vail adoring her beautiful hair. He could finally call her his wife.

“Please…” Her lips trembled, “Please Sidon… I need you…”

He towered over her pleading form and leaned down to pepper her sweet skin with kisses. Some of his royal court would say the prince was too affectionate towards the little Hylian. He had to keep it hidden, a secret. But now, unrestrained by anyone else’s options, he could mark her. Of course, he took advantage of this new revelation by suckling her neck and ear.

Yet, it wasn’t enough for his sweet wife. She began to whine and moan, grasping at his arms and fins. “P…please Sidon! I need you!” She said with more urgency. The prince trailed a hand down her body, between her legs, smiling at what he found.

“Have you been like this since the ceremony? Wasn’t me sneaking into your room last night enough?” (Y/N) simply moaned more, earning a laugh from her husband. “Don’t worry. I’m happy to oblige.” He slowly removed what covered her sex, appreciating the flesh underneath with laps and kisses. Tingles ran up her body, making her grip the sheets. Fibers threatened to rip underneath. He was at his limit, (Y/N)’s thrashing and songs of pleasure was enough to force his cocks out of their sheath. The first feeling of air against them was cold, but the warmth they sought kept pushing them out. “My minnow, I need to have you.” Sidon pried her legs open and took her greedily. He lost it, he lost control. Her whines and moans became too much for Sidon to think straight. Hot and forceful, he thundered his hips against her own. She gripped his arms to keep herself in place. “My minnow, my wife…I’m sorry but…I need you…I need to have you like this. Take my cocks like you do so well. Pleasure me like I’m going to die tomorrow!”


“What is….ahhh… my minnow?”

“I want…I want your guppies!”

Sidon felt his blood temperature rise. Cheeks flushed red, he slowed his pace inside her. There was no way she just said that. “My…minnow…did you just say…?”

“Knock me up! Please!” She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him into her. Sidon began his pace once again, high on her words. “I want…I want my prince’s guppies inside me! Please Sidon! Please!”

He couldn’t believe it…so soon into their marriage? But…he wanted to see her like this, fat with his children inside her. His mind went wild with dreams and buried, neglected fantasies. His hips thrusted harder, faster as he began to come undone. “My…my lovely wife. I will give you what you need. I will put my seed deep inside you, impregnating you. You’ll have all of them…you will bear all of my children. My sweet, little guppies swimming inside you.” Sidon kissed his bride as he felt himself nearing his end. “My wife…I’m going to…I’m going to spill it all inside you. I’m going to…I’m going to…”



Sidon’s eyes flashed open as he felt himself spill underneath his desk. He looked at his lap in absolute horror. He hasn’t done anything like this outside of mating season before. What was he thinking? Taking a nap while he was working was bad enough but…but…

“I want my prince’s guppies inside me!”

Goddess above, what…what is wrong with him? In the dream he made her want his guppies! What kind of prince is he?

A knock came at the door, throwing the prince into a panic. “D…Don’t come in! I’m busy!” he cried desperately. Still, the door opened.

You walked in after hearing what amounted to a panic attack through the door. You shut the door behind you and scurried to his side, desperate to help. “Are you alright? I heard gasping and…” You then noticed the mess between his legs. “Oh…I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were busy…”

Sidon’s arms flew out and grabbed your shoulders. “Wait!...umm…please wait. I…am just a bit shaken up is all.” He then retracted his arms once you turned around. Your eyebrows pinched in confusion. Sidon seemed…freaked out.

“Did…I do something to upset you?”

Sidon shook his head. “No…I just had a…strange dream.” You looked down at his cum covered legs. Then looked back at him, inquisitively. “I…don’t wish to tell you…”

Of course, your overthinking brain began filing through the list of possibilities. “Are you…falling in love…”

Sidon held his breath.

“…with someone else?” Sidon shook his head again.

“No! That’s not it…really…my minnow…I need to…figure some things out. We need to put down Ruta today, right? How about I clean up and we can get going.” He gave you his signature smile. You glared at him. By now, you knew that he never used that smile for you. It was fake, used to assure his subjects.

“Sidon.” You said calmly. “Please…”

His smile wavered. He sighed in defeat and picked you up, setting you down on his desk. This way, you were eye-level with him sitting down. “(Y/N), please forgive me. I feel rather ashamed of dreaming about you in such a manner…” His eyes were pleading with you. Begging you to not let him say anymore. But, when you stood your ground, he continued. “I dreamed of you pleading with me to…to…impregnate you.” A blush graced his scales.

You let out a bit of a chuckle. “Oh Sidon…” You cupped his cheek and urged him to look at you. “I know. You’ve dropped hints. When we are intimate your lips…become quite loose, if you know what I mean.” Sidon blushed harder and avoided your gaze. Your heart broke a little for the poor prince, giving you the courage to say something you wouldn’t normally. “If…If it would help. You can…let out your feelings…if you want to.” The prince shrunk in embarrassment.

“I can’t…I can’t ask you to do that.” Yet, that confidence held onto you like a vice. It allowed you to begin to shed your articles of clothing. Each layer exposing more of the prince’s lust for you. His breathing became ragged and rough. “Are you sure?”

You smiled back at him. “Of course. I can’t actually get pregnant. But, it can be nice to dream…right?” The prince gave you a kind and shy smile. “Now…come my prince.”

Sidon deepened his smile. “Well, maybe if I’m rough enough…you can be…” You blushed and began to close your legs, yet the prince held you open. “What happened to that confidence? You don’t wish to be bred by a Zora?” Sidon’s demeanor completely changed from a shy, embarrassed prince to one who takes what he wants.

“I’m just…delicate…is all!” Sidon pushed his cock slowly into you. It stretched you and slicked you up with his leftover cum. “Sidon…Sidon please be gentle!”

Sidon simply hummed in your ear. “Then why did you offer yourself to me, my minnow? Breeding and sex are different for the Zora. Breeding is a lot…how to put this…more intense than just sex for pleasure.” He snapped his hips forward into you. “Oh, how I love this new desk…I can just stand and mate you my little fish.” And so, it began. His rapid thrusts into your body, stirring you up. You whined and pleaded for him. Calling his name into the air over and over. “I want to impregnate you. Make you nice and fat with my guppies. Heh, I could chain you to the bed…breed you everyday until you are full.”

Goddess above, Sidon took your idea and ran with it. He was pleading his secret passions into your ear. Yet, you weren’t just some girl to breed. You grabbed his neck and pulled him close. You opened up your mouth and bit down onto his shoulder.

Sidon hummed amusingly. “Oh…now who has been reading up on mating rituals?” He took your mouth off of his shoulder and onto his lips. Once the kiss was broken, he panted in your ear, “Trying to mark your mate as he is still taking you. You are quite bold my dear.” He turned you over. Making your legs dangle off the desk. “I guess I will take that boldness as far as it will go.” Sidon slicked his fingers with his cum and pressed them against your butt.

Alarms began to ring off in your head. “W…wait we don’t use that for mating!” Yet his pressed his fingers inside your ass. “S…Sidon it…it feels weird! Goddess…goddess…” But, in no time he had you writing on both his fingers and his cock. You never felt this before. You felt…so full.

Sidon then took out his fingers and replaced them with his thick length. You felt like you were going to explode. You could fit both inside you but… “(Y/N) you are so tight! Feeling both of your walls tighten around me…Goddess above!” It was too much. This was too much! Being penetrated in both places by the same lover…his manual never prepared you for this…

“Sidon please…I’m so full…I can’t…I can’t…”

“You have to, my little mate. You need to fit my cum inside you if you want my guppies. Now beg for me. Beg for your prince to impregnate you.”

“My prince…I want your guppies inside me. I want you to breed me…My prince…Prince Sidon please!”

Sidon wrapped his jaw around your shoulder and bit down, hard. You winced at the pain of his teeth piercing your skin. Blood began trickling down your arm and onto the desk below. Your insides began to bloat with his cum. Straining, your lips found their mark on the side of his face. Kissing his cheek caused the prince to grip you tighter, love you just a bit more as he was sent to the pinnacle of bliss.

Yet, you were unaware of the thoughts swirling in his head. Ones of keeping you forever. Ones of starting a life together.


And ones…of marrying you.

Chapter Text

Apparently, just outside the domain has become extremely dangerous to travel in. Monsters were increasing in number, becoming more territorial, and stronger by the day. Sidon has been to so many late-night meetings that you have trouble remembering when the last time you fell asleep next to him.

Let alone have sex…

It could have been a week. It could have been two. But, either way, your body was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Although, you told your plight to him by saying you were…lonely at night.

Kilton seemed to get the gist of what you were saying. Apparently, he came across a strange Shikah artifact that would be able to help. It was made of something called rubber. A kind of fixable material that they would make into little “helpers of the night.” He handed you the box and hesitantly, you opened it. Knowing Kilton, you wouldn’t have been surprised if it was just another monster part. Yet, to your surprise the material didn’t seem organic. But, the shape certainly did. There, laying in the box, was something familiar, yet the shape was completely different. Instead of a sleek and smooth texture like Sidon’s, it had ridges and curves. You picked up the box to examine it further. While it wasn’t as big as long as Sidon, It seemed to have a bit more girth. “How much do I owe you for…”

The shop was gone. All that was left was a note on the ground. You picked it up and began to read the tiny print.



Have Fun!



The room was dark when you got back. No doubt Sidon was in another meeting. You flicked on the lights and sat on the bed with your box. You opened it again and took out the toy inside. It does look fun… You looked around the bedroom. No one would see…right? You took off your clothes and grabbed your new pleasure mate for the night.

You pointed it straight up on the bed. Apparently, the weight of the base kept it upright quite well. You looked around nervously once more before lowering yourself onto it. Intently, your eyes went wide with how much you had to take. It stretched you, giving you a dull but satisfactory pleasure. It was when those ridges gripped you as you came back up that had you writhing. “Goddess, yes…” you cried. It has been too long since you felt like this. You started to be a little harder, a little faster with yourself. 

But, you didn’t notice two golden eyes peering in the doorway that belonged to a disbelieving prince. He watched as his little minnow was enjoying herself on something other than him. The mirror showed all of her body in complete ecstasy. Her quiet little moans and pleas echoed into his ears. Sidon didn’t feel jealous or angry…simply, enamored.

You pushed down a bit father, just to see how much you could take and was rewarded with a deep pleasure. You lulled your head back and moaned. “S…Sidon please…” You snapped your hips up and back down, crying out once more. “Don’t be so rough…I…I can’t…” You did the same motion, now quicker. “Please…I’m so delicate…” and again and again and again. “You’re going to break me…”

Now the prince was a bit jealous. After all, why was the toy getting the pleasure? He was the one who worked so hard all day. So, he slipped through the door quietly and shut it behind him.

“Sidon…Sidon...” You cried.

“Yes, my precious little minnow?” Sidon said.

You whipped around to find the prince looking at you with deep seeded lust. Your cheeks burst aflame in red and pink. You curled up and buried your face in a pillow. “I’m sorry!”

You felt his hands prying you apart to examine the object still between your legs. He grabbed the base of it lightly and pulled it out slightly.

“Ahh!” you squeaked in pleasure. After your reaction registered with you, your hands held the pillow tighter against you. You heard Sidon make a satisfactory growl and pushed it back into you, causing your legs to shake.

“It must feel so good…pleasuring yourself after not having your prince for a week and a half.” He slowly teased the toy in and out of your body. “I must admit, seeing you like that got my blood rushing. I will have to have you preform for me with this little toy of yours. The way you bend and cry for me…I was about to play with myself.” He took the toy completely out of you and settled between your legs. “Stay under the pillow if you would like…but I need to have a toy too…don’t you think?” Sidon pushed both his lengths into your body. Deep and rich they felt their way up into you. Goddess, there was one thing that made the toy useless…it couldn’t talk. “I should feel honored. Even alone, you prefer the image of me fucking you. Tell me my fishcake, what was I doing to you in your dreams?”

You held the pillow tighter to your face and shook ‘no.’ To this, Sidon thrusted deeper and faster. “I see…so naughty that you refuse to even tell me. But, I know it was rough…deep…like this? Is this what you so desperately wanted to feel from your prince? His cocks thundering inside you?”

You whimpered a small “no” to the prince.

This caused a deep smile to set into his face. “Oh…Oh you naughty girl…I was taking you without your permission, wasn’t I?” He ripped the pillow from your face. You looked up to see a lust crazed prince. “Oh, I’ve always wanted to do this to you…”

Sidon grabbed you and forced you on your hands and knees. He began to thunder away at you before you could think. “Sidon…please no…I’m so embarrassed.” Yet his pace didn’t slow or waver in the slightest. Your wines only encouraged him. His hips slapped harder against yours, pushed harder against you. You felt like your back was going to snap in half. It wasn’t the fucking that got you hot, it was the restraint…and his words…Oh Hylia, his words.

“Where were we in your dreams? Was I here in this bed demanding that you please me? Were we at the river bank where I jumped out of the water and bred you like an animal? Tell me my minnow…tell me how I am taking you…”

You clenched around him and blushed at his words. Sidon smiled into the crook of your neck. “That’s not…I didn’t…” you moaned.

“You want a dark and evil prince, don’t you? One who demands sex from the cutest virgins in the Domain. So, how is it? How is getting your innocence ripped from you by the man who you admire so much?”

You shook your head and wined.

“Too late my minnow, you’re here now…In my bed, on my cocks. You will please your prince until he’s done with you.” He enunciated his words by pulling on your hear, making you whimper at the pain. He then moved his hand down to the scar on your shoulder. Humming in satisfaction of his own mark. “You are my favorite in the domain…always so eager to please your prince. Even if I do have to force you down. But, you are feeling pleasure…You are clenching around me so well…”

You knew he was right. Your body was tightening around him, ready to burst at any moment. Sidon flipped you on your back and continued his unsought on your body. He pinned your arms down onto the bed. Then, he slowed a bit and leaned down to your ear.

“I know you like it. You look at me with those shy eyes as I pass by you in the palace. How you just so happen to walk past my chambers late at night. Admit it, you love getting fucked by your prince.” He pushed you down onto his cocks and ground deep into you.

“No…please no…” you cried. Sidon snaked a hand down your body and rubbed your womb.

“You want my guppies in here don’t you. That’s why you want me to force you down and take you. You want to be bred.”

“Please…stop…” Your eyes unfocused and you swear drool was coming out of your mouth as he teased you to pieces.

Sidon hovered over your mouth as he began to lightly fuck you. “Beg for me…” he whispered. “Beg for your prince…”

“I don’t…ahhhh…ahhhh!” Sidon rubbed his thumb over your sensitive clit while fucking you slowly. “Sidon please…” It wasn’t enough…what he was giving you wasn’t enough and your body craved more. All embarrassment went out the window. You grabbed his face fin and pulled, bringing him closer. “Fuck me princey!” Sidon’s surprised expression turned to amusement as he wrapped his arms around your body and slammed into you.

“There she is…there is my woman! Yes…Goddess above…yes!” Sidon was screaming in pleasure every version of yes in his language. “I’ve been so pent up…please me! Please your prince! Oh goddess yes!” You were honestly worried if anyone could hear the prince’s loud cries of satisfaction. But, Sidon didn’t care, obviously. You grabbed his face and pulled him into a kiss to quiet him. He gladly returned it and thrusted faster and harder.

He rolled around and put you on top of him. “Ride me! Ride your slut of a prince…yes! Oh goddess yes!” You really didn’t have to do much as the force of his hips bucked you into the air and slammed you back down when he pulled on your legs. Sidon was long gone. His eyes were hazy and his tongue hung out of his mouth. “Yes…yes…goddess above…” he cried as his back started to arch. Well, that made two of you.

You were ready to burst, ready to come over his weeping cocks. “My prince…come in your subject…give her your cum!” Sidon thrusted as hard as he could. “Sidon come in me, now!” you shouted in lustful anger. He arched completely off the bed and sank his cocks in as far as they would go, giving you just enough to tip you over the edge. In tandem, you both cried and spilled your liquid on each other.

Then the high subsided. Sidon grabbed you and brought you into a side embrace on the bed. He breathlessly kissed your head. “I missed you so much. I’m so sorry I’m busy…I missed you…” You stroked his fins and looked into his eyes.

“I’m sorry I got embarrassed.” Your cheeks burned bright.

“I made you less embarrassed, my minnow. So, it’s all right.” He pressed his thumb to your cheek and stroked it. “I’m sorry I broke character halfway through. I…was lost in you…”

You smiled and kissed the pad of his thumb. “Well, I like my slut of a prince better anyways…”

Chapter Text

“U...umm are you sure about this?” Sidon asked.

“Positive. I’m normally a slave to your fetishes. It’s my turn.” You retorted.

Sidon turned his head in embarrassment. His cheeks flushed red as he continued to spread his legs wider for you. His eyes then fluttered back to the item in your hands. Sensually, you spread the lube all over the sex toy. No doubt, this was going to be fun. “Don’t worry. It will feel good, I promise.”

Shyly, Sidon replied, “I...I trust you my sweet minnow. But, out of all the things to do to me...why did it have to be this?”

You gave him a side smirk. “Come now, you did it to me a few days ago. Aren't we equals in the bedroom, my prince?” Sidon bit his bottom lip and begged you with his eyes.

“Please be gentle.” he cried.

You lined up the dildo to his hole. Since he was much larger than you, you figured there was no need to prepare him for such a small toy. If his cocks are proportional to his height, other playthings should be the same way. The coolness of the lube against his ass made Sidon jump. “Goddess above, out of all the trials I have as a prince, why can’t I get over this one?”

You sighed and rubbed his thigh. “Just relax, my prince. Your subject is going to fill you up and pleasure you more than you ever thought possible.” At hearing you use those magic words, Sidon relaxed in front of you.

“Pleasure your prince…” he moaned in a raw voice. You smirked and pushed the toy into the prince. His rim gave you some resistance but with a little more force, you pushed past that and entered the tip into his body. Sidon made a few moans of discomfort, followed by gasps of pleasure as you began to work his shafts. You licked from base to tip and back again. Then, pumped him with your hand and mouthed both of his sweet tips. The prince’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy. A bit more of the toy pushed into him, then back, then more until he was full of the rubber cock. “Ah! R...right there! My minnow...p...please!” You made small motions with the rubber cock that seemed to hit a pleasurable spot inside the prince. His tongue was now out of his mouth, his breaths were labored and shaky. “Fuck me...fuck your prince!” he commanded. You did as your precious prince pleaded for you to do. With your hand, you angled the toy to rub that sweet spot, giving your prince the pleasure he so desperately desired. With your mouth, you licked the sensitive, leaking tips of his cocks. With your other hand, you rubbed and pumped his dolphins.

A bit more of this and the Zora Prince would meet his end soon.

Sidon’s senses tingled but the stimulus slowed down. He wined and looked at you. You smiled, knowing how you slowed your pace to keep him from reaching his end. “Does my prince like to have a cock buried deep inside of him?” you teased. “Does he like being dominated by his subject? Oh my prince, I want to pleasure you...I want to show you how much your people love you…” The slow pace kept teasing Sidon into a whining mess.

“ sweet fish cake...I’m so close...please…” Yet, your pace did not increase. You kissed the tips of his cocks and kissed downwards until you got to the slit. Your lips mouthed the ones between his legs. Fluid leaked from his slit and blood pulsed through his cocks. The rim of his ass flexed around the toy. “(Y/N) please...please fuck your prince…”

You smiled at his comment. “Only if you ask me for yourself.” Sidon’s cheeks turned even darker. “F...fuck me…” he weakly cried. Your eyebrows raised up and you cocked your head cutely. “Sidon? I couldn’t hear you...tell me again, my love.” The prince trashed about and his legs trembled. After several breaths, he spoke from his trembling lips. “Fuck me... (Y/N) fuck me…” His eyes were watering, pleading. The emotion mirrored in his eyes weren’t ones of pleasure, but rather...humiliation? Finally, tears began to wet his cheeks. That is when you knew you took your playfulness a bit too far. You crawled up onto his chest and cupped his cheeks.

“Sidon…” You leaned in to kiss the loving prince, but he captured yours before you could capture his. Or maybe, it was how it was meant to be. Your eyes closed as you melted into him. Sidon moaned low and happy as he threaded his fingers through your hair. Your lips parted slightly. “I’m sorr-” Before you could even apologize, the prince captured your lips once more. His hands then found their way to his favorite assets. Sidon moved to nibble at your ear, “Relax, my fishcake… just take me. I’m so needy...I need you, my sweet minnow.” He kissed your cheeks lovingly. The shakes in his chest and sadness in his eyes were fading away. He nuzzled his crest against your forehead. “You should get back to work...before I lose all control.”

You gave him a slight chuckle. “Then you need to let go of my ass…” Sidon smirked at this and tugged at your pants.

“I have a better idea…” In a swift motion, Sidon removed your pants and flip you upside down on top of him. “Now, pleasure me (Y/N). No more games or...I will tease you too.” His long tongue took a lap at your sex. Hot embarrassment filled your cheeks along with a long drag of pleasure. As your mouth was opening in a cry, Sidon rolled his hips, pushing his cocks into your face. You greedly took them into your mouth and sucked. Salty precome lavished your tastebuds as you worked your prince.

Sidon kneaded your thighs as he kept you in place to pleasure you. His tongue kept up its barrage on your sensitive bud. Then, it would dip deep into your sex a few times, only to come back and start over.

This left you messy in your work. You could barely get a rhythm down. Not to mention trying to play with the toy still inside of him. Sidon was always like this, so good at everything he does. Naturally, it would apply to skill in the bedroom. You desperately tried to lick and lap at him, give him as much stimulation as you could. Yet, after a few more repeats of his motions, all you could do was cry out in pleasure. The red jerk, he always turned the tables on you like this. But, with the amount of pleasure you were in, you weren't one to complain.

Sidon noticed you stopped and once again rolled his hips to press his boys into your face. You sloppily took them into your mouth, hands rubbing them as much as you could. Your moans vibrated through his cocks, causing the prince himself to reciprocate a deep rumble in his own throat. You were close, so close. Sidon always did this, gained control by bringing you to the peak of pleasure. His hot tongue kept pushing you towards the edge. You reached as far as your hand could go for the little toy between his legs. You nudged it further inside and back out, causing the prince to bury his face into you.

Please, not this time...he always gets what he wants… you thought to yourself.

Some strength returned to your body. You rolled off of him, with a protest from the prince of course. “(Y/N)?” You settled between his legs and refocused on your work. Just once, you refused to let him dominate you.

You shoved the rubber dildo inside him. “Beg for me, my prince. Beg for your princess.” You commanded. Sidon’s blushed returned in full fury. Again, you shoved the cock inside him to demand and answer. After a gasp, the prince complied. “ princess...please...just like that I...I need to be fucked like this…” You rewarded him with a few deep sucks on his cocks.

You licked from the root of his cocks to the top of one. Sidon’s eyes were affixed to you, tensing up at anything he finds particularly arousing; he was doing this quite often. You kissed the top of his cocks and gazed into his eyes. “Touch your gills. I want to watch you pleasure yourself.” Sidon turned his face to the side to avoid more embarrassment and reached for his gills. He threaded his fingers through his slits. Gasps and wines came pouring out of his mouth with each stroke. You increased your own pace on his body, abusing the spot deep inside him. Goddess, hearing those broken moans and pleades to keep going were intoxicating to listen to. “Your princess is going to bring you to paradise. Beg for me...beg for your princess to take you there.”

“My princess, I can’t….My princess please...I’m going to...I’m…” cream sputtered out of both of his cocks. The prince let out more of a roar than his usual satisfactory moans. His back arched off the bed as his hands gripped the sheets underneath with enough force to tear them.

Sidon relaxed on the bed, spent and content. A light blush still adorned his cheeks. You smiled at him and moved to lay down in the crox of his arm. His eyes fluttered open and looked at you. “My minnow, ummm princess, I mean...did you have fun?” he said in almost a whisper. You smiled and nodded. “Good...ummm...I do have one request. If you would grant me it?” He shifted his legs.

“Of...of course.”

Sidon bashfully looked at you. “Can you take this toy out of me now?”

Chapter Text

Reader's POV

“Here, hold the spear up. Just like that. You are doing great.” Bazz complemented you as he was adjusting your form. He stood behind you and shifted your hands on your spear. “Take a look at the target, see your opening, and STRIKE!” He lunged you and the spear forward, hitting the target dead-center.

Your face lit up with glee. “I did it!” Bazz patted you on your head in congradulations. You leaned back and took another breath. Bazz stood back to give you room. “Spear up. Grip tight, but not too tight. Look at my target. Find an opening. And, “

“AHHHH!” Bazz screached. Causing you to lose your balance. Falling to the ground, you looked around, gripping your heart. You turned to look at the smug faced captain. “You are too focused on one target. What if there are other enemies around?” Your cheeks burned with a fury.

“It’s a fucking dummy! No one else is supposed to attack me! But if that is what you want!” You stood up and charged at the captain, tackling him to the ground. You flung your fists at him.

Yet, he expertly maneuvered himself to trap your arms above your head, pinning you to the ground. “Got you. Another thing, know who you are dealing with when picking a fight.”

A deeper voice echoed behind the captain. “I could say the same thing, Captain Bazz” Bazz stood up and bowed.

“My prince, to what do I owe the honor?” Sidon just brushed past his captain and grabbed your wrist.

“I need her to take down Ruta. She can finish her training with me later.” Sidon pulled hard on your wrist. Despite wines of protest, Sidon kept tugging you along. Maybe enough annoying wines got through to him because he picked you up and carried you. He then dove into the water and swam as fast as he could towards Ruta.

Once you finally found your grip as to not fall off, you yelled, “Sidon, what is going on?” The prince ignored you and kept rushing forward. “Sidon please just tell me.” Still he gave no answer. He began to swim around Ruta. “Sidon I didn’t even bring my shock arrows! Just tell me…” You whipped your head around to see a giant ice block no more than five feet away from you. “Look out!” you screeched. A sharp pain filled your head and light flashed behind your eyes before you inevitably passed out.


You opened your eyes to blue stones all around you. A comfy plush feeling was underneath you. Is this some sort of bed? I’ve never been in anything so fancy before. A large red creature rushed over to you, giving you a bit of a scare. But, you couldn’t move your body. It was so stiff.

“(Y/N), praise the goddess you’re awake. I’m so sorry...I got jealous and wasn’t paying attention to Ruta. Are you alright? How are you feeling?” You stared blankly at him.

“Who are you?” you stated.

The creature’s eyes widened in shock. “ don’t…” tears filled up his eyes. “You don’t know who I am?”

You pulled up the sheets to cover you a bit more. Anything to get between you and this scary entity. “Please don’t eat me.” you said in the smallest of voices. The monster’s eyes filled with concern and sadness.

“I would never...oh, (Y/N)...” He reached a hand for your hair but you shrunk down into the bed. So, he retracted it. “Please, get some more rest. I will talk to the doctors about your memory loss.” The red entity stood up and walked out the door. After he left, your senses relaxed. Apparently, he got you so worked up, it made you tired. So tired…

Sidon’s POV

“Oh Bazz, what do I do? She doesn't remember me! She’s scared of me!” The prince was pacing around Bazz’s room. “This never would have happened if you kept your hands off my woman!”

Bazz gave his prince a smug smile. “Oh, that’s what she is to you. I remember just a few days ago you said, ‘There is nothing between her and I. We are merely in a business relationship for the good of the Domain.’ I take it that was a lie?”

Sidon’s cheeks were aflame. “It...started out that way but...I quickly developed feelings for her. Even thinking so far as to...court her.”

Now, Bazz was blushing. “O...oh...I didn’t realize you felt that way. Sorry Si…” Sidon put his face in his hands. “Sidon, usually memory loss isn’t permanent. You need to just give her stimulus of familiar situations she was in.” Bazz broke out into a smile. “Apparently, you can just give her what you normally do.”

Sidon put his hands on his hips. “And how do you propose I go about doing that? She’s scared of me. There is no chance she would ever let me bed her.” Bazz tapped his finger on Sidon’s chest. “Not if she believes she has to.” His captain retorted. Bazz opened up a chest and handed a black and white frilly outfit to his prince. “Found it in the river…”

Reader’s POV

You stretched your body and walked around a large room. For some reason, there were mirrors everywhere. What kind of place is this? You wondered to yourself. Blue stone made up the rest of the room with beautiful artistic carvings covering it. Wherever you were, it was extremely fancy. He called me (Y/N). Is that my name?

The opening of the door made you jump. The red monster came back with something black in his hand. “Pardon me. Ummm...I should probably introduce myself...since you don’t remember me.” He sat down on the bed. When he noticed that you weren’t joining him, he said, “Please, come closer. I promise I won’t hurt you, my water lily.” You slowly approached him, studying him to see if he showed any signs of aggression. But, you ended up sitting in the bed next to him. The red thing smiled. “I am Sidon, The Prince of the Zora. You came into my care not long ago as my personal maid. Ummm… when we were out today, you hit your head and lost your memory.”

Your cheeks blushed. I am supposed to be serving him? You bowed your head. “I’m sorry if I offended you. I don’t remember…”

The prince waved it off. “Don’t worry about it. I am just glad you are alright.” He handed you the black and white lace outfit. “This is your uniform. I would appreciate it if you would put it on when you feel comfortable.” You nodded and took the uniform out of his hands and scurried off to the bathroom to put it on. You shut the door and began to take off your clothes. While unfolding the outfit, you soon realized that it didn’t cover much skin. You poked your head into the bedroom, hiding your body behind the door. “M...master?” Prince Sidon jumped and threw his hands between his legs.

“Y..y..yyyes?” he then grabbed a pillow and put it in front of him.

“The outfit doesn't cover enough. I think you got the wrong one.” You said in a sheepish voice.

The prince blushed and fondled the pillow. “That’s because...well...your duty...ummm... is to pleasure me...when I need it.” Your eyes began to well up with tears. “Oh...oh my fishcake, it’s not what you are thinking! If you don’t want to put it on, you don’t have to! Really, it’s ok!” You nodded, “I...didn’t realize I was a whore.”

The prince shook his head. “No, you are not . I know you don’t remember...but I didn’t hire you on the basis of that. It just...became a reason why I keep you around more than my other maids.” This drew your eyes down to between his legs. “I’m not...this isn’t…” The prince blushed.

You gave him a small smile. “A maid needs to take care of her master....right?” You ducked back into the bathroom and put on the outfit. The mirror reflected how skimpy your new clothes are. You tugged at the skirt but then your boobs popped out. But by pulling it back up, your butt showed. Ok...boobs or butt? You opted for butt. At least you could keep facing away. With a blush, you slowly walked out into the room. The prince was staring at you with wide eyes until you stopped in front of him. He reached out his hand and brushed your hair back. You saw him swallow. Those wide eyes continued to study you. His hand was scaly and a bit cold. But, if you were his maid, then he has every right to stare at you.

A slight gust of wind made a chill run up your spine. “Are you cold?” He asked in concern. You blushed, “A bit.” Gently, the prince rested his hands on your sides and picked you up, placing you on the bed and pulling the covers over you. He nuzzled his face into your hair. “I have to keep my maid warm.” Your heart beat in your chest a mile a minute.

“M...master? Is this really appropriate?” You squeaked out. Sidon pulled you into his chest. He hooked a finger under your chin and made you look up at him.

“Appropriateness has no place in the bedroom.” Prince Sidon leaned down to capture your lips in his own. His kiss was soft, loving, passionate. You couldn’t breathe, you didn’t want to. Once he broke the kiss you begged with your eyes for more. Please...Please it feels too good… Sidon shuffled you under his body. He suckled at your neck while fondleing you underneath the sheets. Prince Sidon then took your hand and moved it between his legs. “T...Two!” you squeaked. He gave a slight hum.

“Usually, just one isn’t enough for you. You like to ride both my to speak.” He added a slight giggle at the end of his sentence. You wrapped your fingers around just one of his cocks. They were large, hot and wet beings. Small, tentative strokes made your master moan in the back of his throat. He gave you reassuring kisses to the side of your head. “ little minnow, your prince wants you so…” He took your lips in his own once more. You fondled his cock more fiercely, spreading the precome all over it. “Will you take me? Will you take your prince?”

The lust that hung in the air made it difficult to breathe. You dared to look into his majesty's eyes. They were as dark as night, deep, pulling you in. “Of course, master.” you answered. His breath hitched at your answer. He squeezed and teased your thighs as his breath roared hot in your ear. He pushed them apart, settling in between. You felt his hot cock poke at your entrance. You swiftly grabbed his arms. He raised his head up in alarm. “Is it too much?” You shook your head. “, I am just nervous. You are...well, I don’t remember ever being intimate with a man.” His fingers stroked through your hair.

“Your master will take care of you. If there is anything that is too much, tell me.” Your eyes welled up with tears. “But, I’m supposed to serve you.” Prince Sidon smiled down at you.

“My wonderful are always so kind.” The prince leaned down to kiss you, distracting you from his descent into your body. His cock stretched you, but not beyond what you could handle. He pulled back out, only to push back in. “Then serve me...serve your master with your sweet body…” He moaned lewdly into your ear. His tongue licked your neck before he sucked on it. His thrusts became sloppy and wild. His lips popped off of your neck and began on your ear.

You moaned and gripped his arms tighter. “M...master! I don’t think you should be kissing me this much!” To this, the prince captured your lips once more. Prince Sidon grabbed your chin, tilting your head up to deepen his kiss. His tongue invaded your mouth, It was large and dwarfed your own. But, he demanded yours to intertwine with his. His thrusts slowed to refocus on your mouth. Deep moans rumbled in the back of his throat. He pulled back his tongue to let you breathe. Yet, it was short lived as he came back for more. You trailed your hands up his shoulders and to the back of his neck. The prince began wagging his headtail once you began stroking the base of it, cradling the space between his neck and his tail. He once again let you come up for air. “Master…” you breathlessly said. He kissed both of your cheeks lightly.

His hips rolled sensually into you. Then they moved a bit faster. He put his crest on your forehead and gazed into your eyes. “My with the other one a that!” Your small hand gave your master some stimulation every time he thrusted into you. Your swollen little bud was also getting stimulation.

“Just like that, please your master. Make him beg for you…” The prince’s tongue was hanging out of his mouth. Gasps and moans also flowed freely. “Such a sweet maid...letting your master fuck you in his bed...having your master’s cock buried deep inside turn me on so much…”

Your lip began to quiver. Shyly and quietly, you begged, “M...master...can...can I…?” Sidon brought his hand up to your cheek and began to lightly rub his thumb over your cheek. Through a kind smile he asked. “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you, my minnow?” Your head snapped up to look into his eyes. “Master please...can I come? I want to...I want to come!”

The prince kissed your lips once more. “Of course, my precious water lilly. Come on your master’s cock. It will be one of many if I have my way with you…” he groaned. The coil in your belly was hightening not just from the stimulation, but the promise of your master making you come multiple times from his cock. “Master...master! Fuck...fuck me master! Master! Master please! Mahhh-ahhh-ahh.” You broke in waves after waves on his cock. The prince gripped the pillows hard behind your head as he breathed deep and shook. Once your body settled down, so did his.

He gave you a weak smile. “You...really know how to get me going...I wasn’t ready to finish quite yet but...well..” He pulled his cock out of you. You felt his fluids drip out of your body. The prince kissed your forehead and began his barrage of kisses on your face. His shaky breath roared in your ear as he nibbled it. Prince Sidon rolled onto his side and pulled you close. His claws gave you a nice tingle as they ran across your scalp. You were so relaxed. And those tingles put you right into a relaxed sleep.

Chapter Text

“It’s ok, darling. Just try one more time. Here.” Sidon helped you hold the bow and aim your arrow. “Just like that. Now release.” You let go of the arrow. It flew through the air and landed in the target. “Yes! I hit one!” you exclaimed. Sidon forced a smile. “Yes but...the one you were supposed to hit is the one right in front of you. Not...umm...three targets over.”

Bazz gave his prince a scowl. “I can’t believe how a competent archer turned into someone-” Bazz stopped his rant at the sight of tears. “What I mean are we going to stop Ruta?”

Sidon sighed and pulled you into his chest. “We just need a bit more training. I believe in her.”

“She sucks, Sidon!” Bazz yelled behind him. “No amount of training is going to fix that in time.” His prince sighed in agreement. Sidon patted you on the head and smiled. “You will get your memories back in time, don’t worry.”

Yet, even with his encouragement you still felt saddened. “I’m sorry I failed you, master.” Bazz choked and gagged behind you. You turned to look at a captain desperately trying to pull himself together.

“M...master? Sidon, you have her calling you master?” Bazz gave him a sly smile. You blushed at your mistake. The prince explicitly told you not to call him that outside of the bedroom. Bazz began to laugh at the silence he gained from his prince. “What? Does she ask you if she can come too?” Bazz’s excited eyes looked for any sign of disagreement. When he got none, Bazz dropped to his knees, laughing.

“Ok, I think that’s enough training for one day. Oh, and Bazz...feel free to take the night shift tonight.” Sidon picked you up in his arms.

“W...wait, Sidon you’re joking right?” Yet, his prince turned to him. He pulled down the side of your collar revealing the bite mark on your shoulder. With a snide tone he answered, “Of course. I need someone to protect me when I am in a moment of weakness tonight.” Sidon kissed your shoulder. “Please ignore any noises in my room. This one likes to scream.” He waved and walked away, leaving his captain with a hot blush on his face. Well, that can make two of you.




“Alright my water lily, surely you remember how to swim.” Your brows furrowed as you strained to remember. You shrugged your shoulders, giving him a pitiful glance. He made small, reassuring circles on your arms. “Don’t worry. That’s why we are out here.” Sidon was kind enough to take you away from the Domain in case you didn’t know how. It made you blush sometimes how kind your prince was.

“You are always so kind to your subjects, my prince.” His grip on you tightened. He gave an obvious fake smile and exclaimed, “Ok, time to get into the water.” He hurried you along to the shore and dove in himself. You cocked your head at how he was swimming. “My prince, why are you neck deep? Don’t Zora usually have their chest-”

“This is how I like to swim! Hahaha! Neck deep is the best! Nothing to see but just my head! Yes! The best way to swim indeed!” You gave a bit of a chuckle at his enthusiasm.

He is a quirky prince, isn’t he?

For some reason, you felt like it was unusual for you to get your clothes wet. “Ummm….master? Do I normally take off my clothes to swim? I have a feeling I don’t like them wet.” This caused the prince to blush and sink in the water a bit more before nodding. You grabbed the hem of the shirt and pulled it over your head. Then your trousers, bra and panties. You glanced at the prince in the water. He looked as if he was a baby bird about to get a worm. All wide eyed and mouth agape. You covered yourself with your hands and looked away. “P...please stop staring…” Sidon whipped around, allotting you your privacy. “ apologies.” You tested the water with your toes before walking into the water. It wasn’t too cold, but cool enough that you needed to get acclimated. It took a bit, but once you were neck deep you pushed off of the shore below and into the open water.


Now what…

You flailed around in the water, screaming. But, Sidon picked you up out of the water, saving you. You wrapped your arms around him and sobbed. “I guess you don’t remember how to swim either. Oh dear…” He ran his hand up and down you back. “It’s ok, I’m here.” With a few sniffles, you settled down and relaxed, allowing your feet to dangle in the water. But, you shreaked again when something knocked against your foot. “It’s just the fish...yah...there are fish in here. They must like you, my water lily.” You strained your neck to look down in the water, but the prince grabbed your chin to refocus your eyes on him. “You can say hi to the fish after you learn how to swim.” He held you out in the water. “First thing, push your arms out and back in gently. Good, I am going to let go but I will be right here.” Your heart beat in your chest way too fast to think. Once his arms were gone you began to panic. “Relax, I’m right here. You are doing great. Look at you! Already a natural. Go on, move around.” You felt like you were flopping around but, with Sidon’s words of encouragement…

“I think I can swim!” You beamed. Sidon smiled and swam around you.

“You are swimming, my dear.”  You paddled around in circles before finding a more graceful movement. You spun around in the water, earning an amused laugh from the prince. Then, a naughty thought came to your mind. You pulled your arms back and splashed the prince. He blinked and sent the water right back at you. Once again, droplets fired at the prince. But the Zora ducked under the water and attacked you from underneath. Sidon shot out of the water and grabbed your middle, hoisting you up into the air. A smile tugged at his white lips. “I got you! Oh, you are so beautiful. I could just hunt you all day.” A blush came to your cheeks as you tentatively covered yourself. He brought you back down. “I don’t want to tire you out too quickly. Here, relax.” He put you on his back. The scales on the prince’s back were a little more rough that the ones on his front. Yet, they still brought you the same comfort. You wrapped your arms around his neck and humed in content. Sidon began to swim slowly around the pond. Goddess, the cool water on your feet and the warmth of the sun put you into paradise. Not to mention the handsome Zora you were laying on top of. A slight blush graced your cheeks as you felt his back muscles flex underneath your sensitive chest. As you rubbed your chest into them, those muscles suddenly got tense. “Ummm….my little maid? I think we should be done for today.” Sidon brought you to shore, but he himself stayed in the water. “I would like some time alone. If that is alright?” You eagerly nodded and began to put back on your clothes. Being on Sidon’s back allotted you to dry out a bit, so your clothes didn’t stick too much. The prince waved you off. You bowed and took your leave down the path, but stopped once the prince was just out of sight.

Is it really alright if I leave him? A maid is supposed to stay by her master’s side at all times. Maybe I should ask him…

You turned around and walked back. But, the prince was nowhere to be found. You scanned the area for anything unusual. Only the sound of panting could be heard. Sneakily, you made your way around the pond to get a better look at the person making the sound behind a rock. Through the bushes, you saw your prince reclining against the rock, hands busy with the two shafts between his legs.

The prince grabbed both of his cocks separately and tugged, playing with the head at the end of his stoke. His deep throated moans as he played with himself caused you to blush and clench your legs together. “Please...please (Y/N), play with me. don’t use your mouth like….ahhhh…”

You clasped your hands over your mouth to keep you from squeaking. If you were his pleasure maid...why would he go out of his way to just touch himself? Why wouldn’t he use you? This doesn't add up…

“ don’ little maid, we shouldn’t...not here, someone will see!” The prince lulled his head back. Hands moved faster, squeezed harder on his cocks.

He removed one of his hands from his cocks and moved it to his side. Confused, you wanted to see more. Of course, there was a rock in the way. You leaned a bit out of the bush to get a better view of the prince. Sidon was running his fingers along the slits in his side. Each time he would graze a particular spot, he shuddered. Yet, that spot was still covered by the rock. You leaned out just a bit more, a bit more to see.

You didn’t account for the twig underneath your hand to snap.

Allerted, the prince focused all his attention in the direction of the sound. His eyes got wide once he found the maid clumsy enough to alert him of her presence. The prince’s legs came up to cover his hot arousals. “My little maid! I thought you went back to the palace.”

You blushed at being caught. “I...I’m sorry, as your maid...I’m supposed to be by your side at all times. So, just turning me away like that...I came back to ask if that was really alright. Please forgive me, master.” Shameful tears wetted your cheeks.

Sidon sighed and waved for you to come closer. You knelt before him and bowed your head. His red fingers snatched your chin and forced your gaze to meet his. “I apologize as well. I didn’t want to overwhelm you and...well...I had some feelings I wanted to take care of. I never intended for you to find out and I worried if I did tell you, you would feel pressured to lay with me.” Your eyes fluttered at him as a blush rushed over your cheeks. “Oh…are...are you sure?” A small smile and fidgeting hands gave him all the permission he needed to kiss your soft lips. “Then, I must insist that you remove your dressings.” He released you and removed your clothes as quickly as possible. Once you were fully exposed, Sidon desperately grabbed at you and pulled you into his chest. His lips found their spot on the side of your neck as he moaned. His hands caressed your head and your ass as he poked his cock at your entrance. “My little maid, the way you were moving around today made me so hard. First you took off your clothes so sexily. Then, the way your body moved around in the water...I wanted to fuck you into the sand.” His cock was dripping as it played with your lower lips, slicking it up for its eventual decent. His fingers slipped between you and spread your lips apart enough to sink himself into you, earning a moan. Even though it’s your job, you couldn’t help but enjoy what he gave you a bit too much. Even deeper, you hoped that he felt a bit more than simply a business relationship.

You rocked your hips into him, earning a moan. “That’s it my in your master’s lap.” Sidon’s eyes were now glazed over with passion, blind to anything that wasn’t you. He took your mouth in his once more, sucking your bottom lip hard enough to leave a mark. “My sweet maid, your master wants you all to himself. I know it’s wrong to keep such a beauty to myself...” His hands ran along your curves, appreciating you. “But, I’m a selfish prince.” He took your lips once more.

Once the kiss was broken, you shook your head. “No, master, you are always so kind to your subjects. Even the ones in your service.” You froze at Sidon’s eyes getting wider. Did I say something wrong? “F...forgive mahhhh!” His hips pistoned away into your own. The tip of his cock buried deep enough to kiss your cervix. You cried out in ecstasy, “Master! Master! Ahhhh!”

“Oh, my sweet little maid! Say it again! Say I am so kind to you! Oh, a prince shouldn’t be dirtying himself in such illicit acts! But I do it...I do it for my sweet little maid. The one who dances into my dreams and makes me want to touch myself.” His face buried into the crook of your neck as he let out a flurry of moans.

“M...master you are so kind! put yourself inside me for my pleasure!” Your cheeks burned at the words coming out of your own mouth. When did you get so dirty? Where is this coming from?

The prince smiled at your words and kissed your lips once more as a reward. “My maid, I admit I am not kind to all my subjects. Goddess, I have half a mind to fuck you in front of your little crush. To make him know that you’re mine.” He gripped your hips harder and began thrusting his hips into you even harder.  “What would he do? Having his little love fucked in front of him by his prince. Seeing her beg for her master’s cocks.” The tips of your ears turned red.

“M...master it isn’t like that! I don’t remember doing anything with Captain Bazz!”

Sidon hummed in your ear. “I just get jealous when he looks at you with lustful gazes or gives you chaste touches when you are training. I can’t have my best friend steal away my precious little maid. Who knows what kind of things he would do to you? You wouldn’t come back my good little girl.” He nibbled the tip of your burning ear. In a low moan he whispered, “Good girls don’t have sex with strange men. Are you a good girl, my maid?”

You took refuge in his large chest. Hopefully, you didn’t have to answer if you hid. How could such a sweet prince say such dirty things to you? The embarrassment was almost too much to bear. Yet, Sidon nudge your face up with his own.

“Are you a good girl, wrapped around your master’s cock? Having it deep inside you? My sweet little maid, you must tell me.” He added addictive poison to his words by sucking hard into your neck, sure to leave bruises afterwards.

You lobbed your head back, nearly unable to think from the pleasure and sweet, sweet attention given to your neck. “I...I’m a good girl…” you managed to squeak out. The prince’s eyes begged for you to say more. A few more kisses to your lips had them talking. “I...I only want you. I only want to be to be fucked by my master!”

Sidon snapped inside. His fast thrusts soon became erratic, wild and high off your pleas. His long fingers tangled in your hair and pulled backwards, demanding your attention. His eyes were nearly black and teeth fully barred, like a beast about to take his mate. For the first time since you woke up, you feared him. But, it was a rush that pooled more heat between your legs. The nails on his other hand trailed gently down your back. Any more pressure and they would have torn your skin open. He was skilled, collected with his eyes entrapped on you, focusing on two chain-binding words.

“You’re mine.”

Air knocked out of your lungs as he rolled you onto the ground and towered above you. You got your bearings just seconds before he added his second cock into you. Your legs tried desperately to pull back together in vain. His lips covered your own to silence your wimpers.

His lovely thrusts pulled out lewd moans from your mouth, muffled only by your master’s. He broke the kiss to allow air into your chest. But you didn’t want it, you wanted him. On you, in you, anywhere he could put himself around your body you wanted. You grabbed and ran your hands all over him, desperate. They reached up for your prince, begging once again for that sweet suffocation of his kiss. After a few kisses to your jawline, the prince happily obliged. His hot tongue invaded your mouth, making you melt into him.

Sidon broke the kiss and moaned lewdly into your ear. “You’re mine...all mine...I love you...I love you so much (Y/N)...” Your eyes got comically wide. Your heart held fantasies of him wanting more. But, for him to actually think that way…

“Master…” you gripped him as tight as you could. Goddess, the knot deep inside you felt like it was about to explode. It was building with each stroke against your walls with both of his sweet cocks. Your eyes began to roll in the back of your head. Goddess...

“My good little girl. Taking both like you do... I don’t think I am able to last....Oh my sweet minnow please tell me you are close…I want to make you...oh...oh goddess!” The prince’s body contorted around your own, desperate to hold you as close as possible. His last thrust inside pushed in so deliciously deep, all the tension passed out of your body.

There, both of you screamed for one another, desperate for each other’s touch. A Zora morphed around a small, freshly fucked Hylian. His face was pressed desperately to yours, as if you would vanish right before him. Your legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him deeper into you as his seed poured out of his cocks. Goddess, the pressure in your womb was intoxicating. After your voice hitched, the high melted away.

Sidon’s ball of protection was slowly lifted off of you. His face was aflame in a blush. His eyes searched yours. A smile tugged on his lips. “I...I’m sorry for being so rough with you. I get jealous easily. Please, forgive me.”

You smiled and weakly caressed his feverish cheek. “I only serve you, master.”

Chapter Text

Sidon looked at you in worry when you stayed in bed. He brought his hand down and petted your back. “My minnow...are you alright?” He asked with the utmost concern.

You slowly opened your eyes. A blush appeared on your cheeks. “Yes...I’m...I’m just a little sore, is all…”

Sidon smiled sweetly at you. His claws dragging down your back gave you tingly pleasure. “Well, how about you get out from under those sheets and I can take care of you?”

You hid your face in the bed below. “M...master I don’t think more...more pleasure is what I need right now…”

Sidon blushed. “That’s not what I meant, my sweet minnow! I meant that I could relax your muscles! Here...” His hand moved the sheets to your hips. You brought in your arms to cover up the sides of your breasts. Sleeping naked next to him has become the new normal but, you would always get self conscious when he looked at you. The hands trailed to your lower back where he put a bit of pressure. Your eyes immediately rolled back and you sighed. “See...just like that. Relax now, my little minnow.” He pushed a bit farther down your back, causing you to release a moan. You could hear your master swallow hard behind you.

But, the sweet pressure kept its assault on your back. Heaven is what you would call it right now. The soreness was being melted away by his hands. His caress was tender yet firm. It felt as if you were a sweet gem, needing gentleness not to shatter, but enough pressure to hold you. Sidon’s thumbs then moved up your back. Another knot was released, causing you to moan once more. You swore you felt the prince shutter behind you. The prince leaned down and kissed between your shoulder blades. “You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.” Breathless sighs escaped his lips as he went back down for another kiss, then another on your sensitive skin.

He trailed his kisses up your back, to your neck, then stopped at the tip of your ear. “If I may,” He tugged at the sheets slightly. “I would like to relax your legs as well.” You shyly nodded at his request. Sidon’s hands ran down the small of your back, over your hips onto the sides of your legs. You blushed at Sidon purposefully missing your butt for your modesty. Once again, he used his strong hands to massage away at the pain in your legs.

“R...really, you don’t have to do this, master.”

Sidon lowered his head once more and kissed your calf, lightly grazing his teeth across it. “I do. It breaks my heart to have my minnow in so much pain. I forget my own strength sometimes and was quite rough with you yesterday…” He hit a spot again that made you moan with pleasure. You felt an increase in the prince’s breath on your skin. You leaned to look behind you.

The prince’s face was buried into your calf as his hands massaged it. Your eyes dared to look lower on his body. Sidon’s hips were gently rolling into the bed below. Combined with his hot breath on your skin, you quickly turned back around, piecing together what your master was feeling.

Sidon felt the sudden tension in your leg and looked up. “My minnow?”

You tentatively looked behind you once more. “R...really, master, you don’t have to do this for me. It seems to have a bit of unintended consequences.”

The prince blushed guiltily. “I...I’m so sorry...You’re beautiful. Please, I will control myself. Just, allow me to work out this tension.” He looked at you for approval. You slightly nodded. His hands went to your other leg and began their work. The prince gave a slight giggle before rubbing his cheek on your leg. “Your skin is so soft. I could just rub my face all over you!”

You looked at the prince and smiled. He was a grown adult but acted like a child around you. You knew you fascinated him. But, you also knew you were more than just a fascination.

‘You’re mine...all mine...I love you...I love you so much (Y/N)...’

He hasn’t expanded or explained what he meant when he said that. But, in your heart you knew that it would only be a matter of time before he said those words again.

Sidon kissed your leg over and over again, causing you to giggle with him. Headtail a wagging mess, the prince smiled up at you. “See, now you are more relaxed. Inside and out.” He kissed your calf again before sitting up slightly. Only to flop back on the bed. “Umm...I think I will stay like this for a while…”

You sat up and moved over to the prince. You traced your fingers along his red crest, earning a happy hum from him. “Thank you, my prince. You were so kind to do that for me.” Sidon groaned underneath you. “M...master? Did I do something wrong?”

Sidon lift his face to meet your gaze, only to look off to the side. “N...not in particular...I just…” a bit of pink appeared on his cheeks. “I just like to be told how kind I am...It’s selfish, I know...but, it arouses me, actually...when you say it.”

“O...oh...I didn’t know that. I mean I should have after yesterday but…” Sidon put his hands over yours.

“Relax, my little maid. I am just telling you so you know.” He took his claws and gently ran them along your scalp. Eyes rolled to the back of your head as you laid down on the bed and closed your eyes, silently begging for more. Sidon made a slight chuckle and obliged. The tingles that ran through you were so euphoric. Everything the prince did today was nothing short of pleasurable. Lips encased the tip of your ear. His gentle treatment had you melting next to him. “You are a puddle of ecstasy.” He gently whispered. “A beautiful flower basking in the sunlight.” He kissed your cheek lightly three times. Once on the outside, then in the middle, and finally at the corner of your mouth. You slowly opened your eyes to look into his own. “May I kiss you, my water lily?” You closed your eyes once more and fulfilled his request.

The kiss was so soft. Just a gentle brush of lips over each other that went in...then back to a slight brush, then another featherlight kiss. “Master…” you breathlessly whispered. The prince kissed you with a bit more force. “My minnow...your master wants more from your body…” He kissed your lips again. “I’m so selfish to ask this of you but...please, will you lie with me?” Your hand came up to cup his cheek and pull him into a deep kiss.

Sidon held you there as he grabbed the rest of your body to lay down in the middle of the bed, with him resting between your legs. He gently kissed you once more as he slid himself inside you. The prince slowly rolled his hips into you. His hot breath was unsteady and shallow against the top of your head. “G...goddess…” He brokenly cursed. His cock dug deep and loving into your tiny body.

“M...master…” Your legs quivered around him from being pleasured. Sidon brought his face back down to look at yours. His crest rested against your forehead and if eyes could embrace, this would be it. Goddess, have you ever been so intimate with him before? Was it like this all the time before you lost your memories? Before you realized what you were saying the words spilled out of your mouth.

"I lov-”

A sudden knock at the door tore the prince’s attention away. Sidon hung his head and sighed. “The prince is busy at the moment!” he called.

A familiar captain’s voice was muffled. “The council has been called to an emergency meeting. You need to be there, my prince.” The prince sat up, cocks receding slowly back into his body. “I will be out in a few minutes.”

He then turned back to you. “I’m sorry, my minnow.” You shook your head. “Don’t be! You have duties and you did so much for me! I will just miss you, is all...” Sidon patted your head and kissed your cheek.

“Hmmmm, Bazz was kind enough to come get me...should that loyalty be rewarded?” Sidon curled his words, causing you to blush. You pulled the covers over you and hid under the sheets. The prince gave a hearty laugh at your reaction. “That would never happen. After all,

You’re mine…”

Chapter Text

Sidon’s POV

“Well I for one can tell you your whole plan with that Hylian girl is an utter failure.”

“I agree. Ruta is now once again threatening our vary livelihood!”

“If you don’t find a way to fix this soon, we are cancelling your little project to find alternative means.”

Not in a 100 years has Sidon’s heart felt this heavy. He wish he could just walk away and crawl back in bed with his love. Or, at least pretend she is the one that he first met. Right now, he could use her warm arms and smile. ‘You can do it. You are so strong.’ He could hear her words now.

The council had their eyes all locked on him to answer their criticisms. Sidon took in a deep breath and gave them his answer. “I will look for another one. One that can shoot the shock arrows needed to quelm Ruta.” All of the old fish in the room groaned. “Now, I must start my search, have the council minutes be sent to my room for my return.” The prince bowed and took his leave out of the room.

He kept strong in the hallways. He balled his hands into fists and stared straight ahead. No bowing to servants or saying hello to the bookkeeper. Just a bit longer till he got back to his room. A few more steps and he opened the door and shut it behind him.

He shuttered and let those tears fall down his face. Sidon slumped against the door and curled into a ball as he gasped for breath between sobs. It was over. His agreement with his little minnow was done. He had to replace her for the good of the Domain, his people. As a prince, he had to sacrifice his own wellbeing. But, at this much of a cost? His heart couldn’t take much more.

The little pitter patter of feet caused his head to raise from his chest. “Master? Are you...alright?” Sidon managed to give her the fakest smile. “Of course, my little maid. I just had a rough day is all.” She gently placed her hands on his knee.

“Is there...anything I can do to make you feel better?” She asked with a blush.

Normally, Sidon wouldn’t turn something so sweet like this away. But… “I think that, for today...something like that would make matters worse.” Her eyes widened and before she could apologize for her actions, he pulled her into his chest. “I just…need a hug. If that is alright with you.” Tears began to flow down his face once more. Goddess above, why is the world so cruel…

“I’m sorry…” (Y/N) brokenly said. “All of this is my fault. If I just remembered how to use the stupid shock arrows you wouldn’t be in this much pain.” She looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. “As your maid, I have failed you, master.”

Sidon gave his maid a small smile and stroked his long fingers through her hair. “No, the blame lies entirely with me.” He put a finger to her soft lips before she could protest. “No more words…” (Y/N) wrapped her arms around his torso and snuggled her face into his chest. To this, he placed a hand on the back of her head and pulled her a bit closer, a bit deeper,

Loved her just a bit more…

Until she had to leave him…




The rain didn’t help his mood much. Yet, watching it run off of the tower did help with his boredom. His thoughts began to drift back towards his little minnow. Or rather, his maid.

She doesn't remember anything...How can I leave her out in the world with nothing? Giving her some rupees and sending her on her way is really the best thing I can do...Goddess above...

Sidon looked to the cloud-ridden sky. How much longer will it be before his guards found a suitable Hylian? Any Hylian? Although, what would a sane Hylian be doing out here in this weather?

“Hello? The Zora in the river said I should come see you. Are you Prince Sidon?”

The prince jumped from the tower and onto the land below to get a better look at the Hylian. He was young, strong looking with dirty blond hair and a blue tunic. Something about him...seems familiar…

“Ummm…” The Hylian began.

“Oh, where are my manners. Yes! I am Sidon! Prince of the Zora! What is your name?”

“Link.” He said plainly. Obviously put off by the prince’s enthusiasm.

Yet, Sidon kept faking it. “Link! A strong name! Yes! Exquisite! My people need your strength to tame Divine Beast Vah Ruta! Will you help us! Excellent! Have an elixir! IwillmeetyouattheDomainbye!” He flipped into the water and swam away as fast as he could.

Goddess, a man . It was bad enough that I have to offer my services to another, but a man ! I just hope he doesn't ask me to be on the bottom… Sidon’s cheeks turned dark while remembering how the rubber dildo felt inside him.

Reader’s POV

Your heart sank in your chest. No doubt the prince’s strife was all your fault. Your body couldn’t remember how to shoot arrows. All of the prince’s hope, once resting on you was now lost. Hopefully, he could find a better, stronger Hylian than you. You wiped the tears from your eyes. Yes, you had faith in your prince to find another to save everyone. Ok (Y/N)...Your prince is going to fix everything you had broken. Now, it’s up to you to support him!

A deafening roar from the Divine Beast drew you from your thoughts. You ran to the window to look outside. To your surprise…

“Link actually did it…”

You turned around to see the prince in shock. He gave you a slight smile. You smiled back and rushed over to him. “Isn’t it great! Now your people can be safe once and for all!” Your excitement quickly turned sour. “Master?”

Sidon bent down to be at your level. “My little water lily…” He ran his long fingers through your hair.

You gave half a laugh. “You look like I am going to leave you now that Ruta is” A sharp pain ran through your head. Your hands desperately grabbed it to try to make the pain stop. Sidon wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N) what’s wrong? How can I help you?” His words became faint and far away. All you could feel was being moved around like some sort of rag doll. Darkness encroached on your vision.


The familiar blue stone of the Domain came into focus. The feeling of Sidon’s soft and warm bed registered in your mind. What...happened last…


Oh dear…

Memories flooded through your mind of what transpired the past week. You sighed and looked out towards the balcony. Sure enough, Sidon was sitting out there, brooding. You slid out of bed and walked towards him. “Sidon?” you said weakly.

“O..oh (Y/N), you’re awake. Do you...remember?”

You managed half a smile and nodded. “Yah...and about this past week as well. A maid, really?” Sidon let out a weak laugh.

“I know...It was Bazz’s idea. I figured if I gave you enough sex you would...well, remember. I had to entice you somehow.”

“Quite shallow for a prince, don’t you think?” You punched him lightly in the arm. You sighed at his lack of engagement. “So, your proposition?”

“Is over, my little minnow. Ruta is once again the protector of the Domain. So, your services are no longer required.” Sidon turned towards you and smiled. “You are free to go.”

The weight in your stomach was nearly sickening. After all you have been through, it ends just like that? “Not still owe me because you lied to me.” Sidon’s eyes became deeper, wetter.

“Very well…” He knelt and wrapped his arms around you. “What will you have of me?” You weakly smiled and caressed his face. “I would like my sweet prince to have his way with me. ” To this, Sidon picked you up and rushed over to the bed. He desperately tried to remove your dressings.

He nibbled on your ear. “My minnow, my sweet water lily. I’m going to pleasure you beyond what you ever thought possible.” Once the last garment was off, he spread your legs and nestled in between them. Cocks hard and ready to play, he stuck both of them in at once.

You bit back a scream. He never started out with both before...but, the stretch...oh goddess did him stretching you feel good. Hands ran all over your body, soothing the slight bit of pain that came with so much pleasure. Once fully sheathed, the prince loomed over your body, bringing his face closer to yours. “So good for me…”

You weakly smiled up at him. “My prince…” Sidon let out a amused puff of air and put a finger to your lips. “For tonight, call me Sidon.” Your heart lightened a bit by his request. You ran your fingers along his crest and back down to the center of his face and onto his cheeks, taking your time to feel every scale. “Sidon…” Cheeks blushed brightly at your acceptance of his request.

Sidon leaned down to your neck to suck on your soft skin. His hot breath tickled your ear, making you wine and mewl in pleasure. Those sweet wet sounds were almost too much. Your body felt like it was on fire. Sidon gave a few sighs of his own when you tightened around him. He took it as encouragement to start a slow pace. His hips rocked deep into you, hitting that sweet spot. You tossed your head back in pleasure, gripping his arms. “S...Sidon…” The prince worked his way down to kiss along his mark on your body, thumbing it as he went along. Goosebumps appeared on your skin when he took his long tongue and dragged it over his claim. A small kiss ended his attention to your shoulder. “(Y/N)...I am quite sorry for how I have marked your beautiful skin. I wasn’t thinking about your future mate.” Your eyes widened slightly at his comment.

Of course...that’s what this is. A goodbye…

“I’m happy I have it. It has become a part of me. I never want to forget you Sidon.” The prince’s face became aflame. The white on his face was now indistinguishable from the red. His grip on your hips became tighter as tears threatened to fall from his eyes. He then pulled you into his lap and thundered into you. “Oh (Y/N)...My sweet (Y/N)...I’ll bite you again if that is what you desire! I’ll mark you up so that you always think of me if that is what you wish!” You smiled up at Sidon and pulled him down to you for a kiss. He took it greedily, barely letting you breathe in between kisses. The wet sounds of his hips slapping against you and the moans against your mouth made the coil of pleasure in your womb begin to tighten.

“S...Sidon I’m not gonna last…” Sidon covered your cries with a kiss. He pulled back up and looked dangerously into your eyes. “If you are all spent, I’m going to keep fucking you. If you are tired, I am going to still play inside you. I’m going to use your body to milk every last drop of cum I have.” You wrapped yourself around him and screamed. Sweat glistened your body as you shuttered and sent your juices down his thick lengths. As promised, Sidon didn’t falter in his pace, heightening your own release. “My sweet (Y/N) you look so good.” He brought his thumb up to your lips. In a daze, you opened your mouth and took in his thumb. “I’m going to miss the looks you give me after you come. Always begging for another release.”

He flipped you on top of him. Almost sliding off, he steadied you at your hips with his hands. The top of your body was supported by the smallest amount of strength you had left to grab his hands. His hips once again snapped up, sending his hot lengths into you. “I want to see you...I want to see how my cocks stretch that greedy little hole of yours.” You blushed and tightened around him at his words. Goddess, he knows how to get you going again.

Sidon’s eyes were asphyxiated to your sex. He would lick his lips after every few thrusts and growl in satisfaction. One of his hands wandered behind and gave your butt a nice squeeze. Your lips trembled and your hand tightened around his own on your hip. “S...Sidon...h...harder Sidon…” You looked up to see his eyes wide and his mouth agape in shock. You blushed and closed your eyes.

They were open again once your body felt Sidon put you on all fours. Sidon put his cocks back inside you, simply resting inside. He slowly leaned over you and whispered, “You really have no intention of sharing a bed with another man, do you? I’m going to ruin you.” Sidon thrusted, knocking you to the bed. He gently picked you backup and coaxed you into tilting your hips upwards. Sidon gripped your hips and slammed into you. Your head whipped back, mouth open in a silent cry. A satisfactory hum came from the prince’s lips before giving his writhing bedmate what she wanted. If the bed wasn’t attached to the wall, it would have went through it. The prince no longer cared for the wellbeing of his little minnow, only to seek his own pleasure. Yet, you enjoyed this animalistic side of his. He was dominating, and in complete control. His barrage against your walls made you see stars behind your eyes. And if the words spilling out of Sidon’s mouth were anything to go by, he was enjoying himself just as much.

“My little Hylian...begging for me to treat you like a hot little fucktoy. Goddess above, beg for me...beg for my cocks…” Sidon gave your hair a slight tug to incentivise you.

“Sidon...I feel so good...I...I can’t feel this way with anyone other than you! Goddess...goddess Sidon I’m going to…”

As you cried for your second release as Sidon stilled his hips against yours for his first. You saw his hand grip and pull down on the bed, tearing the sheets. The sweet pressure inside you kept you in your high. Goddess, he always had so much to give you... Sidon gasped for breath and rolled onto the bed next to you. His eyes were closed and his breath unsteady. You reached out a hand to check on him. He grabbed that hand and pulled you close to him. “I’m going to miss you.” he brokenly said.

“I’m going to miss you too.”


Sidon’s POV

He slowly opened his eyes to enjoy the last morning with his minnow. He leaned over to bring her into his chest, only to find that the other side of the bed was empty. His heart leapt out of his chest as he tore the sheets off the bed, irrationally thinking she was still there. His tear-filled eyes fell on a note left of the pillow. He tentatively opened it.

Hey Princy,

I’m sorry for leaving without giving you a goodbye. But, I’m afraid I would never leave if I had to say it. I want you to know that these past few months have been the best in my entire life. I had no idea when you grabbed my ankle that it would lead me to having a best friend as well as a lover. I know I should have told you in person. But, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you last night that I love you.

Sidon threw down the note and quickly put on his dressings. His fumbling hands weren't doing it for him. In frustration he muttered to himself, “Shoulder dressings and neckpiece are good enough!” The doors to his room flew outward as the prince dashed into the hallway.

Bazz jumped out of the way, avoiding the baralling prince. “Prince Sidon! Where are you going?”

“Out!” is the reply the captain got. He didn’t have time to explain anything. He needed to find her. He needed to tell her how he felt.

The prince dove down into the waters below and swam as fast as he could down the river. His eyes kept scanning the edge of the river in hopes he would see her. His heart was breaking as he neared the edge of the domain. But, in the bright light of the morning, she was there. The prince quickly grabbed some Swift Violets on the sides of the rock wall and swam towards her. He leaped out of the water in front of her. She jumped back in surprise. But, he was focused on shoving the flowers in front of her and saying,

“Marry Me!”

Reader’s POV

Sidon’s eyes were a pleading, wet mess. He was panting, desperately trying to catch his breath. Your eyes welled up with tears. Why did he come to get you? And...he said what? “S...Sidon...I…”

He grabbed your hands, put the flowers in them, and held them tight. “Ever since my sister died, I have been so lonely. When you...when you came along I started to see the world in color again! It wasn’t the times in my bed that made me fall in love with you. It was your bravery, kindness, and fuck it, you are fun to be around!” His long arm reached around you, bringing you closer to him. “So please, marry me.”

Tears flowed freely from your eyes as you nodded. “Y...yes…” The prince pulled you into his arms and gave you the most passionate kiss you have ever had.

Chapter Text

No matter how much you breathed, air seemed to never enter your lungs. Your feet thundered down the path next to the river as you ran, running from the monster in the water, the beast beneath the waves. Palms sweaty and heart about to explode, the sight of the Domain signaled sweet safety.

If only you didn’t trip on that rock.

Your hands scraped against the dirt on the ground, bringing with it fresh blood. It was only a matter of time before the monster would smell the sweet scent. You scampered to your feet, only to be knocked down again by a hand at your ankle.

You screamed, kicked, and pleaded. “No! Please! Let me go!” you begged. Yet, those red scaly hands pinned you to the beach. His form leaning over you, hungerly. The beast began ripping off your clothing. First, the shirt was removed. You desperately were trying to cover your breasts. But, once the beast caught an eyeful of your assets, he swatted your hands away, pinning them down by your head. He lapped at your form, suckling your breasts. You blushed and turned your head away. “No, not like this…” you whimpered. You were helpless, venerable…you lost... Tears began to well up in your eyes. “Please…please let me go!” The beast’s eyes widened at the teardrops falling down your face.

“My sweet minnow…is it becoming too much?” Sidon asked.

You shook your head. “N…no…I’m fine. Just acting. Our safe word is ‘fish’ remember?” Sidon smiled at that and kissed your cheek lightly.

“Of course. Pardon my rudeness then…”

He took one hand and swiftly removed your pants, leaving no coverings on your body. Sidon hummed and trailed one of his hands all over your body. He caressed your hip, glided up your curves to your breast, giving it a squeeze. Then it moved down your chest, over your stomach and between your legs. The prince growled lowly.

“You will do. A sweet little thing to carry my children.” You tried to retract your legs, but the prince snatched them and lifted your bottom half into the air. His lengths were now exposed, red and tapered at the ends, fully hard and ready to play. He laid them on top of your sex and began to slowly thrust. Your lips felt all the ridges and curves of his lengths as they glided between your legs.

Tears pricked your eyes as you knew what the monster was wanting to do to you. Your lips trembled. “P…please don’t…my husband won’t like it…” This tore a cruel smile from your captor.

“Well then, you are implying that you will like it?” Your eyes went wide with regret. “Tell me, my captured Hylian, your husband isn’t giving you the love you deserve, is he?” Your eyes darted to the side, trying to avoid the hungry gaze of the Zora. “You want this…you came down to the river hoping to be bred.”

“N…no I was picking berries, honest!”

Sidon smiled and fondled your hips. “That’s not the first time you used that excuse with me. How many times have I captured you now? Yet, you are still as careless around these waters as you were the first time I fucked you into the sand.”

You blushed. Your head empty of any excuse to tell the monster.

The red shark bent his toothy grin into a mocking sneer. He lazily thrusted his hips, causing his cocks to rub against your wet sex. You let out a few pitiful moans, causing his cocks to drip in anticipation. The droplets landed on your breasts and slid alongside your neck, and onto the ground below. The tiny shocks of pleasure his musings gave you began a tightening coil in your belly. “I must say, I do appreciate your forgetfulness…” he cooed.

You shook your head. “P…please…we can’t…let me go!”

“Not before I spill my seed inside you, my precious catch. Now, enough talk…” Sidon lowered your hips just enough to line himself up. You thrashed about, but his powerful hands held your hips still. His first length began its descent inside you, stretching you. Yet, your body happily accepted the intrusion. Sidon lulled back his head and sighed. “You’re so wet. You wanted this…you want me inside you.”

You shook your head. “No…please you’re too big! I can’t take all of you!” Once the monster was fully sheathed inside you, throbs of pleasure coursed through your body. Your mouth opened wide in a silent cry. Sidon ground his hips into yours, causing his cock to kiss your womb. “I…I can’t…” you pleaded, voice strained and raw.

The monster grabbed you and flipped you on top of him. He reclined against a rock to be eye level with you. His hands grabbed yours and held them behind your back. Once one of his hands was able to keep your wrists together, the other grabbed your hips. The monster’s own hips began rocking against his captive’s.

He began thrusting aimlessly into your body. His hungry gaze never leaving your form. This was it, you were going to be filled with his children by sunset. Your legs tightened around his body as his cock was overstimulating you. “Please…please don’t…” The monster just smiled and grabbed your chin, forcing you to look into his lustful eyes. The snap of his hips into you became harder, increasing in pace. Harder and faster his thrusts became, leaving you to gaze into the eyes of your hunter, completely at his mercy. You never felt so helpless, so whole, while being taken.

Sidon then captured your lips in his own. He moaned and held you close as he was kissing you. It was almost like a lover’s embrace…almost. His hands still bound yours behind your back. You wined against his lips and tugged at his bondage. Sidon smiled and broke the kiss. “Tell me you want this. Tell me you came to see me. Don’t lie, my little minnow.”

“I...I…” your breath came in bursts. What little thoughts passed through your mind gave in to the monster’s wishes. “I came to be fucked. I love it...I want it…”

The monster ticked his lips upward into a satisfied smile. “Hmmm I know you do. Your dear husband never pays enough attention to your needs. Look at you, whoring yourself out to some monster .” He snapped his hips against you. The deep ridges rubbing against your walls almost pushed you to the tipping point. “I always look forward to your carelessness. You are so fun to play with.” You blushed and moaned as the hand that trapped your hands came up to coddle your breast. “Tell me, do you want more ?”

“P...p...please. I want...I want it…” you could barely think. Sidon laid you down into the sand on all fours. Soon, more pressure and a greater stretch came from behind. Both of his thick lengths were inside of you, stirring you up. Your breath became ragged as a flurry of moans and pleas escaped your mouth.

“Good girl, take both of me.” His clawed hand grasped your hair and tugged it backwards. “Keep milking me...just like want my children inside you, right? Then make me cum.”

Your tongue hung out of your mouth. “Please...please breed me! I’m going to… Goddess Sidon I...ahhhh…” You couldn’t hang on any longer as wave after wave of pleasure ran over you. Yet, Sidon held on. He kept up his barrage on your walls.

“I knew you loved me...come now, milk me...Beg for your monster of a prince to breed you!”

In a daze you could barely get words out. The world was spinning and you were blissed out from coming so hard. “ prince...please...c...cum inside me…knock me up…” Limbs weak and trembling you barely had enough strength to hold his arm. Anything to grasp onto so he doesn't make you fly off to Rito Village.

“I’m going to...I’m going…” Sidon wrapped his body around yours tightly, giving everything he promised into you. He harshly pulled back on your hair, forcing you to face him as he locked his lips with your own. The prince moaned desperately into your mouth as he was letting out the last spurts of his cum inside you.

He slowly pulled out and rolled onto his side beside you. Your dreamy eyes looked at the prince’s kind smile. He blushed, “My sweet, sweet bride to be...coming down to the river to be fucked by monsters. You should know better.” He gave you slow, light kisses around your face. “I’m the only man you can breed with. Now that the beast has gone away. How about mating with your future husband?”

You gave him a snide smile and tapped a finger to his nose. “Fish.” You giggled.

Sidon ran his fingers through your hair. “Well, that won’t do...we’ll have to increase your stamina before our wedding night…

...I’m going to have my fill of you.”

Chapter Text

“On your knees, my subject.” Sidon commanded. A raging blush covered your cheeks. Sidon, your king, was sitting on his throne in the great room, legs apart with you between them. He reached down to grab your chin, forcing you to look into his commanding eyes. “My dearest subject, why have you come to see me today?”

Your lips trembled. Roleplay or not, seeing Sidon in his natural element had you a bit intimidated. “ king I...wanted to give you a gift.”

The king’s lips turned up into a mocking smile. “But my dear subject, you do not have anything on you...Unless…” He pulled you closer towards him by your chin. “You intend to please your king? I should have known with you looking at me with those luscious eyes.” King Sidon released your chin and leaned back in his throne. “Very well, please me…”

Your hands trailed up his thighs as your body settled closer to his slit. After giving it a chaste kiss, your tongue dragged along his opening. The king gave a low but satisfied growl. The smallest tips of his cocks began to show. Allowing you to kiss and suck him for the first time. His hands twisted in your hair. King Sidon pushed you further into him. It forced your mouth to be buried in his leaking juices. A gentle suffocation you could keep up for a few moments before he let go. “My king…” The call was a mix between a plea and a whine.

“How lucky I am to have such loyal subjects…” High on his words, you grabbed both of his emerging cocks, stroking them. While the tips were being pleasured by your mouth. As a reward, salty precome dripped from him. He liked it… The king liked having his cocks sucked by you… The deep blush returned from that thought.

Your eyes dared to look up at your king. His eyes were glazed over and blown black from the pleasure. Noticing your stare, he gave you a half smile and coddled your head. “My sweet subject…” he sighed. He nudged the back of your head to make you take a bit more of his lengths. “A bit more. I know you can do it...Yes...yes, please your king…” Sidon lulled his head back from the feeling. His fingers threaded through your hair, pushing you down as he bucked his hips was almost enough to make you gag. But you can’ needed to please him. Your darling king. The one you wanted to do this to since you saw him. But, you were afraid your little mouth couldn’t take it anymore, stretched to its limit. Unwillingly, you let out a bit of a whine.

Sidon looked down at his teary-eyed subject. He pulled you back and off his cocks. You flashed a look of concern and worry. Did he not like it? Sidon smiled and pulled you into his chest. “My sweet, sweet subject...would you mind indulging your king in a fantasy of his?” You nodded weakly. The king ran his hands over your hips and fondled with the fabric there. “Would you mind taking these off for me?” With a blush, you stepped onto the floor and removed your pants. Sidon made a pleased hum at your new state of dress. You pulled down your shirt a bit to cover your panties. “Take those off too. You can’t please your king in that state of dress.”

A small, daring smile crossed your lips. “Are you sure about that, my king?” Now, he smiled at your daring statement.

“Then show your king. Show me pleasure…” He cooed. You crawled on his lap and sensually looked up at him. Wiggling your butt to show your excitement. You trailed your hands up his torso and down his arms to his hands. Coaxing his hands to follow yours, you placed them on your butt. He gave it a light squeeze and hummed in approval. Next, you moved your lips to his side, his gills. The king's breath shuttered as he knew what you were planning.

Once your sweet lips ran across his slits, he groaned and squeezed your ass. “Goddess above…” he cursed. With your right hand, it helped you stimulate the slits under your mouth. With the other hand, even though it was a bit of a stretch, you reached for the gills on the left side. “F...for not being a Zora, you are pretty good at this…” You smiled against his gills at the praise.

“Your words grace me so, my king. I wish to please you more and hear more of them…” You went back to work with your tongue this time. Oh goddess, did the king like that. He practically screamed from the touch. “ darling subject...please me...please your king.”

You ran your tongue across his gills, pushing, prodding to allow Sidon to get the most amount of pleasure possible. Back and forth you ran your tongue along his slits. After a short while, you shifted your weight to stimulate the other side with your mouth. Sidon gave a groan of fresh satisfaction from your change.

It was a surprise when he harshly pulled on your hair and tugged you off. “ king?” Sidon was panting, swallowed hard, and resumed panting.

“I’m not about to come without a woman wrapped around my cocks...It’s a disgrace. Don’t you think?”

You blushed from his words. “O...of course. Whatever pleases my king, pleases me.” You took the hint and suffled your panties off and looked up at the throbbing, leaking cocks in front of you. Sidon leaned back on his throne and relaxed his arms on the sides of the chair. Confused by his actions you asked, “My king?”

Sidon took one hand off the chair and lifted your chin. “You do know how sex works, right? You aren't a virgin are you?”

“I am just unsure of what you want, my king…”

His lips curled up into a smile. “Ride me…” he cooed into your ear. A shudder ran through your body, causing your legs to press together. You trailed your hands up his chest to steady yourself over his throbbing cocks. Grabbing both of his heavy, playful boys, you put the tips at your wet entrance and pushed down. His sloppy and slick members stretched you completely. Giving you much needed pleasure. “Taking both are we? Such a daring girl...I like that.” Your ears burned red from his teasing.

Once you got acclimated you began lifting and dropping your hips. Goddess, it felt so good. His slick cocks stirring you up inside, those chaste touches on your back whenever you hit a good angle, but oh...oh his grunts and moans of satisfaction kept you going. Just a bit more, push him to the edge. “ king, you are so kind to let a lowly girl like me please you like this. have your cocks inside’s such an honor…”

Sidon lost his cool and control face, replacing it with desperation. His hands started to twitch on the arm rests, his hips threatened to buck. Yes, that look on his face...come undone, my Sidon… He wanted to let go. But, you knew he couldn’t hold back if you kept crying for him like this. “ king...please, ruin me. Ruin me for any other man with your cocks!”

Sidon grabbed your waist and pulled you off his cocks, turned you around and re-inserted himself in one swift motion. He rolled himself slowly into your hips. Lips nipping at your ear, he panted, “My sweet, sweet little subject...Your cries of pleasure are getting to me. Please, let your king give you what you desire so.”

You rested your head back on his chest as he took his pleasure. Goddess, this was heaven. You blushed when you looked at the messy display of love between your legs. Sidon’s cocks were always so pretty and perfect, deep red when painfully throbbing with blood, big and hard...and oh, oh so fun to play with. His cocks reached deep. It always reached a spot that had you seeing stars and today...he was abusing it like nothing else. Your legs began to shake as the tight coil in your womb was testing your endurance. All that foreplay must have got you more worked up than you thought. “ king...I don’t think...I can’t…” You grasped for him. A desperate attempt to get him to slow down at least.

“Come for me. Send your sweet juices down your king’s cocks.” Sidon began playing with your breasts. Squeezing ever so slightly, but so erotically. “Come for your king .” At that roll of his tongue, you lost it. His hand clasped over your mouth to soften the desperate screams coming from your mouth. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you squeezed and tightened around his cocks.  Your back arched so far that the top of your head touched the king’s chest. Goddess….goddess this felt good!

You leaned back into your king’s chest and gasped for air. “ king…” you whined.

Sidon made an amused chuckle. “As much as I would have liked to hear your screams echo in this room...we have to keep quiet, my dear. You don’t want to get caught in such a scandalous you?” Sidon chuckled again once he realized not a lot of his words were getting through to you. “All blissed out? Come still need to please your king…”

You tried to steady your breath, but that orgasm was just too much. “ whatever you want with me.” you panted out. Sidon smiled and started his rough pace once more. Your mind turned to mush as pleasure once again coursed through your body.

“My little subject, so good for me...pleasuring your him what he so desperately desires from you.” Goddess, this man can push you to the edge. Please...please you were going to break. Sidon only rubbed more salt into the wound when he reached a calw around your body and began stroking your clit. Your eyes went wide in shock. please… Your tongue hung out of your mouth as the coil began its second tightening. You couldn’t take much it was too much… Hurry Sidon just come inside me! You had to get him off and fast.

“My king...I just wanted to show you how much I love my king! I adore you my king...please...please cum inside me! Bless me with your cum! My king...My king...uhnnnnn…” You bit down on your lip hard as you reached your second peak with this man. Sidon slapped his hand over your mouth once again, just in case.

Your heat brought the prince to his end. “So tight...Your king...your king is going to….” With one last buck into your hips, Sidon squirted all of his seed inside you. His arms held you tight as he rode out his orgasm. His cocks throbbed and pulsed with the strongest orgasm you felt. Both of them bullying the other to spray cum in your womb. Gasps and moans echoed off the walls of the throne room. Then, he slacked against the chair.

After a moment, Sidon began running his claws through your hair. You lightly moved towards the source of the tingles and sighed. A featherlight kiss adorned your head as well as an ‘I love you.’ Goddess...

The sudden opening of the door alarmed both of you. Bazz smirked and raised what would be an eyebrow. “Your father is coming, my king .” He then ducked back out and shut the door.

A flush of embarrassment flew over the prince as he helped get you dressed before hurrying you off down a secret hallway. While he quickly washed off in the nearby pools before standing at attention when his father came in.

Chapter Text

Somewhere above Zora’s Domain

“Kilton! Why do I keep finding these disgusting things in the house! First it was this disgusting Hylian magazine. Then, a maid outfit that I wouldn’t even fit in! Now what is this? Some sort of special lube I take it?”

Kilton tried his best to soothe his angry wife. “No! My little Bokoblin horn...It is a new potion that I haven't tested yet! I don’t even know its effects yet!”

His wife gave him a scowl and looked at the window. The poor piece of glass has seen more repairs in the past month than its entire life. Kilton’s wallet also screamed in agony from the repairs. Unfortunately, his currancy can’t be turned into rupees. He had to sell his precious monster parts in order to keep the house shielded from the outside world.

Unfortunately, his wallet had to scream once more as Kilton’s wife threw the bottle through the window and into the river.


Reader’s POV

“Ouch!” you reeled your hand back from the prickly bush. After a few shakes of the hand, you reached back in to get the red berries that hung just out of your reach. The tips of your fingers nudged them off and they fell in your hands. “Got ya.” You plopped the last of the berries into your basket.

The Zora had some excellent food. But, unfortunately, they only bake fish flavored or infused cakes. For about a week now, you have been craving a pie. Luckily, the berries were in season. You turned to your husband to be and held up your basket. A blush ran across his face as his chewing stopped.

You slumped and gave him ‘The Look.’ “Sidon, you can’t eat all the berries right now. There will be none left for the pie!” You shook your basket, asking for the last few berries in his hand. Sidon looked at the basket and back at his handful of berries. He popped them into his mouth and swallowed them. “Sidon!”

“They just taste so good! I never realized we had such tasty treats just...growing in the domain. Although, the amount of work for said tasty treats is a lot.”

You frowned at him. “Yah, I know. That’s why I have been doing most of the work. Oh well, at least we have just enough for a pie.” You snatched the basket away as the prince went in to pick at your hard earned berries. You picked up one of the berries and held it out to the prince. “One more, then you have to wait until the pie is done.”

Sidon took it and popped it into his mouth. “Thank you, my love.” You blushed at his choice of words. The prince took notice and leaned down to get level with you. He brushed your hair behind your ear. “My love…” he cooed.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw him reaching for your basket. You pushed him away and stuck out your tongue. “Come on, I want to get back to the kitchen before the berries magically disappear.”

The prince’s eyes went wide. “They do that?” You looked back at him. “Only when there is a certain red prince around.” A blush appeared on his cheeks as he understood what you were insinuating. You giggled and continued along the path to the Domain. When you came to the river, Sidon jumped in for you to ride on his back. You obliged and lifted up your basket to keep the berries from falling out...and a certain prince from eating them.


Sidon dropped you off at the ledge that would take you to the palace kitchen. You waved goodbye and told him, much to his dismay, that the pie would be done in a few hours. Then scurried off to the kitchen.

The prince sighed at the end of his time with his love and on to princely duties. That is, until he found a bottle bobbing in the water. “Did this fall out of (Y/N)’s basket?” The bottle had no label on it, but was red just like the berries. Maybe it was flavoring for the pie? “Well then, if it is...just a taste wouldn’t hurt…”

The prince popped the cork off the bottle and put a few drops on his tongue. He immediately regretted it. “This doesn't taste at all like the berries. What kind of food is she trying to poison herself with?” The prince put the cork back on the bottle and headed off towards the kitchen. “Wait. Why are the stairs purple? Oh goddess...I don’t feel so good…”


You smiled as you put the top crust on the pie. “Sidon is going to love this…” You took a knife and cut six slits into the top to let the air out. Just looking at your creation made your mouth water.

The doors to the kitchen flew open, letting Bazz march through. “(Y/N), you need to come with me. The prince has taken ill.” Your eyes lit up in concern. Are berries poisonous to Zora? Goddess above, did I just poison the prince! You ran out the door with Bazz. Thankfully, your room wasn’t too far.

“Sidon! Sidon are you…” You trailed off your sentence as the prince lifted up his head out of a pile of blankets. You blinked a few times to make sure you weren't dreaming. A tiny, baby Sidon with pink, rosey cheeks and wide eyes stared back at you.

“He’s….so cute…” you said absentmindedly.

“Bwazz…” baby Sidon said, “Whose diss?” A little pain in your heart caused you to grab your chest.

Bazz looked at you and back to Sidon. “She...ummm...well…”

Without thinking, you blerted, “I am your caretaker. My name is (Y/N).”

Baby Sidon shook his head. “No, Mipha takes care of me….Where’s Mipha?” Tears welled up in the prince’s eyes. Bazz rubbed the back of his neck and looked at you.

You sat on the bed next to Sidon. “Mipha is far away right now. But, she entrusted me to take care of you.” After a short while, Sidon lifted his arms and made a grabbing motion. You smiled and picked him up. To your surprise, he was heavy. Maybe it was the long headtail that added all that weight. But, he was going to grow into it.

Bazz came over and put a hand on your shoulder. “The king would like to see this.”

Your heart began to race. Even though you met the king a few times. Telling him that razzberries made his son turn into a child...was going to be tough.


“Oh?” King Dorephan looked down at you. “Is that…”

“Daddy!” Sidon yelled. He wiggled out of your arms and rushed towards his father. But, his headtail got in front of his feet. Sidon plopped face first into the ground, quickly got up, and began running again.

The king smiled and lowered his hand for his son to climb into. He brought him up to his forehead to nuzzle it against his son’s. “Oh my dear boy. It has been a while since I saw you like this.” He turned to you and the captain. “What happened?”

You opened your mouth to say something, but Bazz stepped forward and held up a glass vile. “I found this in the prince’s hands. It must have floated down the river and he...ate it?”

You sighed. “It’s the same color as the razzberries. That’s probably why…”

The king’s advisor, Muzu, stepped forward. “I think we should have our doctor look at it.” Both you and Bazz nodded in agreement. You then bowed to the king and began to head out the door.

In a low mutter, Bazz said, “I can’t believe he was stupid enough to-” His eyes shifted downward to a small Sidon clinging to your leg. When did he…?

“No! You can’t have her!” Sidon exclaimed. Bazz tried his best to stifle a chuckle. The king let his all out. And you, were embarrassed beyond belief.

Bazz knelt down to get eye level with the prince. “Sire, I would never take her away from you. I am merely escorting her to the doctor.”

Sidon puffed his chubby cheeks out into a pout and gripped you tighter. “I will escort her!”

Bazz smiled and bowed. “Of course, my prince. Lead the way.”

Sidon puffed out his chest and walked to the top of the staircase. He turned his eyes up to you and held up his arms. His little legs can’t walk down the stairs. You smiled and picked up the small prince.

Bazz held out his arm for you to take as well. A good thing too, Holding such a heavy child needs something to counterbalance it. Needless to say, you wouldn’t want to go tumbling down all these stairs with the future king.

However, Sidon kept glaring at Bazz the whole way down. Bazz smiled slyly. “My prince, why must you look at me that way?” A deep crimson blush appeared on the pouty cheeks of the prince. He buried his face into your shoulder. “Very well…” Bazz answered.

As you walked, all eyes were on you. Even if it was a mishap, the whispers behind hands and questioning stares had you feel like all of this was your fault.

You opened the door to the doctor’s office. The whole lobby of it was full of jaw dropped Zora upon seeing their prince. The lead doctor ran out upon hearing the commotion. “Right this way.”


After explaining the story and handing over the vile, Bazz and you were instructed to take him outside away from prying eyes. According to him, stress is the last thing he needed to feel. Bazz was currently taking you towards the waterfall. It would be a nice, quiet place to swim for the little prince. That is, until you saw his fanclub stalk you to it.

Bazz put his hand on your shoulder and whispered into your ear, “I will take care of them.” He began walking back towards the domain to confront them. All the while you tried to keep the prince from fussing in your arms.

You let him down and gave him a slight nudge towards the water. With a few jumps and splashes in the water, he began to swim around the small lake. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as quiet as you hoped it would be.

“It’s not fair we don’t get to see him!”

“You are always keeping him from us!”

“You can’t stop all of us!”

A loud rumble of feet made you turn around. It was a wave of his fanclub rushing towards you. You tried to get to the side, but they pushed you along with them towards the small prince. Bodies pushed together and fighting to hold the now screaming child, they pushed you down into the water. Feet stomped and no matter how hard you tried to lift yourself out of the water, you were pushed back down. panicked and began to flail. Water sucked into your lungs as you cursed yourself for letting this happen. You cried out, a muffled, desperate cry as fear of drowning enveloped you.

A hand grabbed your wrist and hulled you out of the water. Bazz clutched you to chest as he began to yell at the girls. Your lungs were burning and tears dripping down your face. You coughed and coughed all of the water, dirt, everything you swallowed.

The noise settled down and you felt yourself gently laid in the grass. The couching still hadn't stopped. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Sidon’s tiny voice cried. “Are you ok!” He violently shook your arm.

“Sidon, she needs to stay still.” Bazz instructed. You felt his hand on your back, rubbing in circles. “(Y/N), can you talk? How are you feeling?”

“I’m...alive. Thanks Bazz…” You croaked.

Bazz sat you up, propped against his chest. “Damn fangirls….oops...child...sorry.” You chuckled slightly.

“I’m alright, really. I think I just need to rest here on the shore. Really, you two go play.” You tried to brush it off. Sidon’s big eyes stared up at you in concern. You petted the top of his head. “Go play Sidon. For me?”

The prince looked up at you in determination and nodded. He ran off into the water and splashed around. Bazz brought you closer to his body. “He takes playing seriously.”

You chuckled. “I do see why he is so concerned about you.” You looked up and down his body, noting how close he is to you. Bazz blushed and let you prop yourself up on your own arms. “I...umm...should probably see how the prince is doing…Will you be alright by yourself?” You nodded and watched him swim after the little prince.

You sighed as you saw them play together. Bazz was keeping his distance from Sidon, but still splashing him to make him mad. “Stop trying to bite me!”

Children are so much work. This caused a blush to run across your cheeks.

I want to impregnate you.

You want my children inside you, right? Then make me cum.

Scream...scream for me to breed you!

You sighed. Even though it is a fetish...does Sidon actually want to have children with you? And, even still, how could he have children with you? Goddess above….

Tiny footsteps brought you out of your thoughts. Sidon stood there, a determined look on his face with his tiny hands holding out a pearl. You smiled at him. “That sure is lovely.” Sidon moved his hands up in earnest. “Is it for me?” His feather bobbed about when he nodded. You took the pearl out of his hand. To which, Sidon jumped in the air and turned around to Bazz.

“She is going to marry me!”

Your face blanched. You quickly turned to look at Bazz who was laughing. “That’s how Zora propose to one another! You didn’t know that? How did he ask you to marry him the first time?”

Sidon quickly grabbed your side. “She is my wife now! You leave her alone!”

Bazz kept chuckling. “Of...heheh...of course my….mahahaha. My prince…”

Goddess why….

Sidon charged back into the water and swam after Bazz, earnestly trying to bite him. You chuckled as your nerves were being calmed one by one.


“Prince Sidon? Bazz?”

You turned to see the doctor come up the hill. Bazz waved him down. “Did you find a cure? I don’t think I can take much more of child-Sidon.”

The doctor nodded and urged you three to return to the clinic. Once again, you picked up Sidon for your travels to the Domain. The child snuggled into your shoulder and evened out his breath...slowly falling asleep.

Bazz chuckled at his prince. “Well, I guess I can take a bit more…” And, once again, he offered his arm to help with Sidon’s weight.

The way back was a bit less rushed. In part, it helped that Sidon was asleep, as no fangirl wanted to disturb the slumbering prince. Soon you were back in the office, readying the medicine to give to him.

The doctor poured it in a cup and handed it to you. “Fairy’s charm can reverse almost any curse. Mixed with a bit of Silent Princess and Fleet Seed to counterbalance the components in the potion he drank.”

You shook Sidon slightly. “Sidon, you need to wake up.” He made whines and buried his face further into your shoulder. So, you hoisted him off of you and sat him on the table, all to his agony. “Now, drink this…” You held up the cup to his lips. But, Sidon turned his head and whined.


Bazz cut in. “Here.” He took the cup from your hand. “Fishy fishy...get the fishy.” Sidon simply glared at him. “Fine. If you don’t drink it...I...will….ummm” He looked around. “I will make (Y/N) my bride.” He winked at you.

Sidon puffed out his cheeks and glared at him. “No! She is mine!”

Bazz nudged you with his elbow. “He is right Sidon. I can’t marry a man who can’t take his medicine. Doctor, can I have another cup with “medicine”?” With a smile, the doctor fulfilled your request. You handed the cup to Bazz who took a drink of the water. You lightly touched his arm. “Wow Bazz, you are such a man to drink all that medicine.”

Sidon whined and held out his hands. You gave him the cup. Without a second thought, he swallowed the liquid. He puffed out his chest. You played along. “Oh Sidon, that was so brave. Sorry Bazz, I have someone else.” You kissed one of Sidon’s adorable chubby cheeks. He giggled from your affection.

With a poof, Sidon tripled in size (probably more). He blinked twice. “W...what am I doing in here? Bazz am I sick? Oh, (Y/N) you are here too.”

You breathed a sigh of relief. “Praise Hylia.”


You shed your clothes for the night. As you were taking off your pants, you felt something in one of the pockets. You plucked the pearl and rolled it in your fingers. Sidon sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for you to join him. You cupped your hands together and sat next to him.

Sidon leaned down. “Is there something wrong?”

You blushed a deep crimson. “I...just don’t think I am ready to be a mother quite yet. Children...are quite needy and there is so much I need to learn about your culture, and traditions, and...and…”

Sidon put his hand on your own. “My precious pearl, I’m so sorry if I ever made you feel pressured to have my children. When you are ready we can talk about it again. I would be saddened if we were to never have children...but,”

You held up your hands. In it was the pearl he gave you earlier. “Maybe not now...but eventually.” Sidon blushed as he took the pearl from your hands. “You gave that to me today and proposed. I accepted, of course.”

Sidon broke out into a smile and kissed your lips. “I have been meaning to propose to you properly. But, I guess my younger self beat me to it.” He rubbed his forehead with your own. “Pearls are seen as a jewel egg. So proposing, is asking if you were to have children with them. The strict tradition is long gone. But, that’s why I proposed with flowers instead.”

You made a face at him. “You were simply in a rush. You didn’t have time to find a pearl.”

Sidon faced away. “…”

You giggled. Sidon lifted your head and moved his lips to your ear, “Besides, I have to marry you first before we even consider children. No worries my love.” You moved your head back to place a kiss on his lips.

You then placed you hand in his, covering the pearl. “Well, Sidon, Prince of the Zora...Will you marry me?”

A low chuckle came from the prince’s chest. “Well, I could answer with words...but, actions are better.” Sidon moved you to the center of the bed, kissing your neck. You giggled and playfully pushed back at him. With another quick kiss to your lips, you were off to a playful night.

Chapter Text

Your cheeks grew red as the group of men around you began to caress your body with light touches. Bazz wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close to his body. “Remember boys, I get first taste.”

“ gentle with her!” Sidon chirped from his position. The prince was cuffed to the wall, hands above his head. He tugged at his restraints as the bulge between his legs began to grow.

Bazz smiled at his prince. “If you cared so much, why did you place her as a bet?” The cooing in the captain’s voice caused Sidon to panic.

“Please! I’m sorry. I was drunk. Don’t do this to my sweet minnow…”

“You always made me keep my bets, my prince.” Bazz worked his hands under your shirt and coddled your breasts. You bit your lip to keep any moans from escaping. “Lift up your arms.” You did as you were told, even if your nerves made it hard to do so.

Bazz pulled down your bra, exposing your breasts for the ogling guards. The tips of your sensitive Hylian ears turned down in embarrassment. “I heard female Hylians store milk in their breasts.”

Two of the younger guards curiously squeezed your nipples slightly to test if any came out. One of them brought his face to your chest, sucking on the erect bud. You let out a slight moan of pleasure. The other guard did the same thing. A slight hum escaped both their mouths. The guard on the left began rubbing his hand around your breast. “She’s so soft…”

The gard on the right moaned. “Please don’t hold it in, princess.” His eyes turned up to yours. “I want to taste…” He returned his mouth to the lavished area and sucked with more force.

“D..don’t suck so hard.” you pleaded. “I...I don’t have milk in me unless I have a baby…”

Bazz kissed and nibbled your ear. “Well, I guess we will have to knock you up then…” A raging blush spread across your cheeks.

“No don’t. She’s not ready!” Sidon pleaded from across the room.

Bazz barely acknowledged his prince. He gave Sidon a slight glace as he worked his hand down to the hem of your pants. “Take these off for us. We only want to pleasure you.” He enticed you by nibbling at your ear again. Tentatively, you snapped open the button that held your pants on your hips. Along with your underwear, you removed the cloth requested of you. The guards grasped at your legs, opening you up. Sure enough, you felt yourself dripping in front of them.

Bazz lightly traced his hands around your waist, stopping at your sex.  Curiously, he brought his fingers to your dripping hole and dipped slightly inside it. You mewled as his two fingers moved and played inside you. Bazz slightly spread his two fingers at your entrance. The stretch left you begging for more. Breathing became pants as the other guards joined their captain in exploring. Once a finger traced over your sensitive clit, you gasped in response. In seeing how you reacted, he rolled his finger over your bud again, and again, and again. Cheeks flushed and hot tears welling in your eyes, the boys teased you to pieces.

The sound of handcuffs rattling caused you to look over. Sidon pulled his restraints to their limit, desperate to take you away from the curious Zora. Your eyes wandered to the two fully erect cocks between the prince’s legs. Bazz smiled against your ear. “We should have brought some of our female guards. Our poor prince is dripping.” Sidon folded in his legs to try and cover himself. Bazz turned his attention back to you. “Oh tightened around my fingers there. Would you have liked seeing that? Your handsome mate chained and fucked by the women who guard him.” You tried folding into yourself, tried to set yourself away from the filthy words the captain was spouting.

The left guard moved to your neck and began sucking against it. This tilted your neck downwards. The guard’s twin cocks were erect and throbbing. No doubt they would fill one hole or another by the end of the night. His hand reached down and gave himself a few strokes before lining up his cocks to your sex. Bazz extended his hand to stop him. “I said I was getting first taste.” He came around from your back and nestled between your legs. He gave you a coy smile while stroking himself. “Goddess you look so good. A little treat all sprawled out for me on the bed.” He gently pushed you to the bed. Now, spread legs and a dripping sex, Bazz began his descent into you. “Good girl...take me like that…” When he bottomed out, the captain let out a large groan. “Fuck! Sidon no wonder you didn’t want to share. She’s so warm and soft…” Bazz pulled back out, only to thrust back in. He started slowly for the first few fucks, but soon quickened his pace. You tried to keep quiet, but soon moaned with each pleasurable thrust inside. Goddess, Bazz’s thin hips allowed you to wrap your legs around him, pulling him deeper.

The other guards began stroking themselves at the show before them. One of them moved to a pace above your head. Instinctually, you opened your mouth and licked the bottom of his cocks. You could see the guard shiver from the pleasure. He then bent down to let you lick the base of his cocks as he pumped his tips. As much as you could, you licked around his slit, then back to his hot cocks. You repeated this motion until he grabbed your head and keeping it still in one place. You licked a certain area where his cocks merged together, much to his delight.

You felt something cool rush across your breasts. The second guard straddled across your midsection, placing his cocks between your breasts. Pushing them together, he began to thrust into a makeshift hole to pleasure himself. “H...Hylians...are so good…” He brokenly moaned.

Between Bazz’s forceful thrusts and the other guard’s erotic tasks, you felt the heat pooling in your womb about to explode. A blush ran across your face as you were sure you were going to come in front of all three of the guards. You tried to hold on, you tried so fucking hard. Bazz grabbed your legs a bit tighter to get your attention. “Let go, (Y/N). I feel you holding it in. Come for us. We want to see you in ecstasy. Come on my hard cocks (Y/N)!” Your head snapped back as your legs quivered around Bazz’s hips. Your mouth let out a loud cry as juices dripped down the captain’s cocks. “Just like that...good girl...Goddess, the guard is going to love dipping their cocks into you when you become queen. We will serve you in every way, pleasure you, dedicate our lives to you.”

Chains rattled as Sidon began pulling again, demanding the guards stop because you finished.

It’s as if the guards were deaf. All were too focused in their respective tasks to listen to the wishes of their prince. The hands holding your breasts together began to tremble. “Princess...I...I can’t...I’m going to dirty your beautiful chest!” Hot cum squirted out of his cocks an onto your neck and breasts. The guard above your face began grunting. He lifted off your tongue and poked the tips of his cocks into your mouth. “Drink me...swallow me...goddess princess please!” His seman dripped down the back of your throat. You gagged as too much was in your mouth. Cum sputtered down your cheeks and chin.

Bazz’s grip on your thighs tightened. “Fuck, you sweet temptress...I can’t hold it in...Fuck!” Bazz snapped back his head in ecstasy as his cum filled your sweet hole. The throbs of his cock sent you into a slight secondary orgasm. Hylia above, as Bazz pulled out of you, you twitched from sensitivity. “Our sweet princess. We dedicate our lives to you…”

“Our (Y/N)...”

“My sweet (Y/N)...”

You cracked your eyes open. Light filtered through the window. Wasn’t it nighttime? Sidon came into your vision. “My dear, you’re sweating. Is everything alright? Did you have a bad dream?”

Blood rushed to your cheeks. “W...well...n..not a bad dream per say…Just...eventful.”

Sidon fingers ran through your hair. “Well, in any case I am glad you are doing well. You were quite tired when you laid down for your nap. But, we do have that meeting with Bazz and the guard, remember?” Even more blood filtered into your cheeks.


Chapter Text

Training with the guard every other day? Really?

“A princess must be strong for her people.”

You sighed. You agreed to marry the prince because you loved him . Apparently, there was just more strings attached then you thought…

You entered the bathroom and shed your clothes. It felt good to peel away all those layers of sweat and grime from the training today. Turning on the water made the soothing sound of droplets hitting the slightly textured stone flooring. There was no need for a bathtub because, well, they sleep in water. You reached out your hand to touch the cascading droplets. It was the perfect temperature.


You stepped in the overly large shower and melted at the feeling. The cool water washed over your overheated form. You reached for the soap and washcloth. Fully lathered, you began to scrub away all the impurities from your skin.

“Would you like help washing your back?”

You nearly slipped as Sidon appeared behind the shower curtain. “You scared me!”

His face dropped from curious to concerned. “I didn’t intend to. Please allow me.” He held out his hand for you to give him the cloth. You laid the soapy fabric in his hand and turned around. Brushing your hair forward a bit to give him better access to your back. Sidon stepped inside the shower and pressed the cloth to your back gently. The prince trailed your back with the washcloth. “How was your first day of training?”

Your cheeks burned with embarrassment. You two were intimate. Way too intimate to be finding this situation embarrassing. But, there was something about it that was a little too personal. You were bathing after all. Trying to get yourself clean and pretty before he saw you. “F...fine…”

You heard the prince click his tongue behind you. “My sweet minnow, are you embarrassed? Come now, I am simply helping you bathe.” He trailed the cloth down the small of your back and over your butt.

“H...hey!” You felt him keeping the cloth, mostly his hand, around your butt.

Sidon nibbled the top of your ear as he gave your butt another slight squeeze. “The curvature of your back is intoxicating. And with the is so slick.” You were confused at his words until you felt two hot lengths on your back. Sidon rocked his hips, moving them up and down. He hummed in pleasure. “I may have to wash you again if I keep doing this.”

He...he was masturbating with your back!

“S...Sidon what are you doing?” you chirped.

An amused hum came from the prince. “I am only enjoying my future bride. Can a man not partake in the simple pleasures from his beloved?”

Your cheeks burned hot as he continued his motions on your back. “According to traditions, we aren't even supposed to partake in any pleasures before marriage!”

You could just feel the dark smile creeping across his face from behind you. “Ah yes, I did defile you, didn’t I?” He curled his words, making them as smooth as silk, buttery and lucious. His hands now rested on your shoulders, giving them a light squeeze. “Dirtied this beautiful, soft body of yours…”

Your hands came up to clutch your heart. This was too embarrassing!

“I just snatched you from the river and roughed you up in my bed.” Now the tips of your Hylian ears turned downward in embarrassment. The water hitting the top of your head didn’t make the situation any better. You felt like you were shrinking underneath his lustful gaze. “And all the while you were enjoying it. You were begging me to go deeper, to fuck you harder, to give all my lustful wants to you.”

His hand began to travel down your arm. Slowly he bent over you, stopping the shower from pouring its water over you. In an erotic growl, Sidon whispered, “You want me to defile you again. Don’t you, (Y/N)?” Sidon wrapped his fingers around your wrist. “Don’t you?”

Sidon hoisted you into the air by your arm, brought his other hand behind your back and cradled you in his hand. He then dropped your wrist and grabbed the top part of your back. Both hands holding you in the air, all while your legs straddled his hips. His hot lengths rested against your sex, but you knew they would soon play inside.

Sidon rocked his hips against you a few times. “S...Sidon!” you chirped. “W...we shouldn’t! The shower is no place to have sex!”

Sidon simply smiled down at you. “But my dear, you just look so good with the water dripping off of your skin. I simply must have a taste.” You grabbed his forearms in hope that he would stop this embarrassing encounter. Yet, the prince tested your entrance with the tips of his pulsing cocks. His hot boys stretched you open as they descended into your body.

You bent your head back and cried out as they reached their base. “S...Sidon no! Not like this!” He dragged out his thick cocks, only to push them back inside their warm sheath. “Please, Sidon it’s embarrassing!”

A small smile curled his lips. “I can’t help myself. You feel too good.” He picked up his pace, knocking out wines from your desperate lips. His cocks slipped and slid in and out of your throbbing sex. “Goddess, (Y/N)’re making me go crazy…” his voice was rough like gravel.

Your cheeks burned. Your body felt like you were going to burst. “W...why are you being so unreasonable today!” Sidon smiled darkly. He simply chuckled and snapped his hips harder into you. Goddess, suspended like this and forced to fuck your was too much for your little heart to take!

The feeling of his cocks stirring you up had you in pure ecstasy. Sidon was big, thick and large. He stretched you to your limit, but always had room to play deep inside you. He tilted your body up slightly, just enough so that it would hit a certain area. Your hands gripped his forearms even tighter. “Sidon no! No, no, no, no, ahhhh” You pleaded with him over and over as he abused the pleasurable angle he found.

“No,no,no she cries. Then why is your sweet sex gripping me? Pleading me to fill your womb with my cum…”

Your eyes pleaded with his. But, he was firm in ravishing you until one of you cried out in ecstasy. Your breath became labored from the sparks he was wracking through your body. “Sidon, it’s embarrassing!”

Still, the large Zora Prince kept up his ruthless abuse of your sweet spot. Your eyes unfocused from his beautiful eyes and wandered down his chest. Water streamed down the muscles of his white torso. Goddess, seeing them flex with every labored breath and every sweet thrust put you on the brink.

Cheeks flushed at the realization, your sex throbbed around his lengths and your toes began to curl. You begged for him to stop. This was too embarrassing to come here! “Sidon no! Please no, Sidon...Sidon I’m going to….” You screamed. You fucking SCREAMED at the top of your lungs as pleasure washed over your body. Every muscle tightened in the highest orgasm you have ever had. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you convulsed around his hard cocks.

Then you felt weak...Where you going to pass out?

The bathroom door slammed open. The curtain was drawn back. “(Y/N) are you…” Bazz blushed as he shut the curtain once more. “Dammit, you two...” he spat. The pitter patter of feet and the shutting of the door registered in your mind.

Sidon chuckled and brought you off of his cocks and to his chest. “My dear, where did that come from? Although, by the look on your face you clearly enjoyed it.” Sidon turned off the water and wrapped a towel around you. “Why don’t you get some rest? After did work hard today.”

Chapter Text

Your heart hammered in your chest as you followed the seamstress into the mirror room. When Sidon woke you up this morning, he casually mentioned that you had your wedding dress fitting today. Of course your head would spin and your heart beat out of control!

Doesn’t every girl dream of this day?

You wish you had more time to mentally prepare or, at least, research what kind of ceremonial dressings are to be worn for a royal wedding. Zora don’t normally wear clothes. Oh goddess, you didn’t have to parade around naked, would you?

“Oh relax princess-to-be. I know picking out the right dress can be stressful. But, I know a thing or two about what a girl likes.” The seamstress Zora basically sang her speech to you because she was so excited. To be honest, you were surprised they even had a seamstress at all. Granted a few things in the palace are made of cloth…

The Zora ducked behind a wall and pulled out a large bag. “Here we are! I have been working on this one for you since I heard of your engagement! White with blue sapphires adorning and accentuating the wonderful features! It mimics the flow of water, symbolizing the new wave of power flowing through the Domain!”

You blinked a few times at her. “...Great.” you managed to choke out, forcing a smile to match. Goddess you were nervous. But looking at the bag, there was a lot of fabric in there… Just breathe...everything will turn out fine.

The Zora undid the bag and handed you two pieces of underwear and some hosiery. You took them and walked over into a stall to change. Putting on the bra, you noticed the amount of lace and detailing that went into something that isn’t going to be seen. You doubt Sidon would even notice before ripping it off of you. Same could be said for the panties. It wasn’t quite a thong...but, your cheeks did pop out.


You then put on your ridiculously adorned garter belt and matching thigh-high, lacy as fuck stockings. Looking in the mirror, you admired yourself a bit too much by flaunting this way and that. After a bit, you scurried out to the main area where the seamstress waited patiently for your return.

A grand smile crept across her lips. “Oh the prince won’t get enough of you! Come now, let's not wait any longer!” You held out your arms as she wrapped a corset-esque object around your waist.


The Zora ran and grabbed the headpiece and adorned your hair with the object. You looked in the mirror with complete shock.

You had no coverings.

The corset and back train only accented the fact that you had lacy undergarments.


Politely, you managed a smile. “Ummm...I think there might be some mistake. You see...I need to be covered…”

The Zora cocked her head to one side. “Interesting, I simply followed the prince’s instructions.” A slight twitch of irritation pounded in your skull. The Zora walked over to a table and picked up...a magazine…

Sweet merciful Hylia…

She then flipped to a page and held it up for you to see. More’s a pinup magazine. You kept up your pathetic excuse for a smile in order to preserve the fragile feelings of your tailor. “A...Are they all like that?”

The sweet, ignorant Zora nodded. “I simply followed what my prince ordered.”

What the fuck, Sidon.

“Oh! I almost forgot! These gloves go with it as well. Is that why you are displeased? Oh for Hylia’s sake that is why you got so upset. Your arms are bare! Here, let me help you…” You didn’t have the heart to tell her you couldn’t wear the garment. Goddess, how long did she take making all of the details and the beadwork? “There, that’s better. Oh you look just like a proper princess!”

I have to tell her…

I have to…

I can not walk down the fucking isle like this!

“U...ummm...excuse me...Miss Seamstress? Yah, I…” Pools of tears began to form in her eyes. You held out your hands to try and calm her nerves.

“I don’t there something I missed? A stitch out of place? Would you like more bead work or adornments?”

A deeper voice echoed in the room. “I think she looks lovely.”

You turned around to see the prince thoughtfully admiring your body. The seamstress, however, flared up in anger. “My prince! You aren't supposed to see your bride before her wedding day! Out! Out with you!” She made large shooing motions with her hands.

“Come now, I couldn’t get a sneak peek?” Sidon began to reason.

Your cheeks fired up and your fists tightened at the sight of him. You gathered all your courage and frustration to speak your mind. “Miss Seamstress? I would like a moment alone with my….future husband.” You growled that last part. The sewing Zora understood it was not up for discussion as she quickly bowed and left the room.

You put your hands on your hips and gave him ‘The Look.’ Sidon smiled and kept looking over your features. “A feast for the eyes indeed. You look delicious, my dear.” You kept up your pouting. A strong face for the prince who makes women swoon just by being in their presence. No, you can’t give him that satisfaction. “Hmmmm….Everything looks in order. But, I’d much rather see pleasure on that pretty face of yours. It would match my fantasy so much more.”

“You expect me to walk down the aisle in my damn underwear?” You marched up to the red Zora and poked a finger into his belly. “If you want to parade me as some prize or to humiliate me, then this is seriously fucked up.”

The prince’s eyes widened at your accusation. “Oh my sweet little minnow… That’s not what this outfit is for.”

You blinked tears out of your confused eyes. A few hiccups accompanied by a “what?” came out of your throat.

Sidon bent his knee to get to your level. His smiling face reassured you as slightly damp hair was pushed away from your face. “We up our wedding night. This is supposed to be a special garment only to be seen by the husband. It’s white to represent sea foam as...well, the shore is where a first mating traditionally would take place so no one else would see. As the rest of the Zora would be in the water. Many poems were written about the beauty of women decorated with sea foam during their first mating. So, when the Zora moved here then thousand years ago, there was….a lack of it. A past queen made up the tradition. Since there is no sea foam,” Sidon ran his hands along your vial. “cloth was the substitute.”

You let out a sigh of relief as the weight of the situation was lifted off your shoulders. But, something bothered you. “If it is supposed to be for the wedding night, why did you come to see me?”

Sidon’s lips pressed into a straight line. His cheeks became a rosy red color. You knew this face. Sidon always made it when he did something he wasn’t supposed to do. “I...ummm...wanted to see...Our wedding night is still many months away and I couldn’t wait that long!” His eyes continued to linger on your scantily clad body. “Goddess, I can’t wait any longer!” Sidon cradled your back and pinned you to the ground.

“Sidon what are you-” He cut off your protest in a kiss. His hands began to wander over your breasts. They spilled out once the bra was pulled down. Sidon’s large hands played and fondled with them, rolling one nipple between two of his fingers. The sensation sent all the wrong signals between your legs. You pushed against his shoulders, desperate to push him off. Once your mouth was free from its passionate prison, you pleaded with him. “Sidon, get off. Not here!”

“But I need you…” he whined before placing his mouth in the crook of your neck.

“What is with you and having sex in places we shouldn’t!”

With a sweet pop off your skin, Sidon replied, “I find it...exciting.” Ahhh, that’s what it is. He’s a ‘good’ prince who does naughty things with his subjects. Really naughty things. “Please, my wife, let me have you.”

You heart skipped a beat. “W...what did you call me?”

“My wife please...Your husband is desperate for your touch.” Your cheeks flushed at his game. It only intensified when he rubbed his fingers against the lace covering your sex. Surely, they would be soaked through by now. Once Sidon dipped his fingers into his mouth, it confirmed it. “You are so sweet, my wife.” You tried to push your legs together to avoid further prodes and curiosities from touching you. Of course, Sidon would not be denied what he wanted.

Now, legs wide open, you saw the evidence of his passion full and erect in front of you. They were already dripping small puddles onto the floor. Your eyes flicked up to his golden and black eyes. Something in them...was different. His facial expression was passionate, but soft. It wasn’t a face that he would make when he ravishes you. Rather...when he makes sweet love to you. Appreciative, kind, and full of...full

That’s when it hit you. This man in front of you...was to be your husband. Your skin felt all of the fabric around your body. The vail that fell down your head, the gloves around your arms, the fancy lace hugging everywhere were in your wedding wear.

You were his bride.

And now, you finally looked the part.

You threw your arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. You were desperate, needy. He was your husband, your mate, your Sidon. And right now, you had to have him. The kiss was broken with a pop. “Fuck me.” you whispered.

Sidon kissed you once more before hulling you up and turning you to face the mirrors along the wall. The train of the dress was untied and thrown to the side while its sibling remained tight along your stomach. You had to admit. Looking in the mirror with all these adornments, you were quite sexually appealing.

Sidon rubbed his lengths along the lace covering your sex. With a slightly dissatisfied growl he grabbed the lace and ripped it off your body. “Much better.” Before you could say anything, his hot lengths pressed into your tight sex. You bit your lip to keep any moans from coming out. “So...tight…” Sidon growled in ecstasy.

The two hot lengths rubbed against your walls, causing your head to dip in pleasure. Like before, Sidon put his hand on your chin and guided it to face the mirror. You tightened as you watched your husband piston in and out of you, on his knees behind you so he could fuck you senseless while you were standing up.

“You’re so beautiful...I...I always dreamed of this day where I could take you like this. I wanted to see you like this since the day I first met you…I fell in love with you at first sight. Ahhh….ahhh...My bride you feel so good around me…”

Harder and harder he pounded into you. His slick cocks twisting and rubbing all the sweetest spots along your ridges. You bit your bottom lip to try and keep the moans in. Yet, they still spilled out of you as the prince’s passion ravished throughout your body. It also didn’t help that you saw every motion, every nip, kiss, and fuck he placed upon you. Sidon’s eyes were unfocused, yet drank the sight before him in like sweet spring water.

His lips trembled. “(Y/N) sweet (Y/N), I never want any other man to bed you! I’m going to claim you. Make you mine forever, here and now…” His words were desperate, needy.

And your words spilled out of your mouth before you could even think. “ prince! Claim me..c...claim your subject! Make me your bride! Sidon...Sidon…” The tightening in your stomach told of your end being near. “Harder...Harder...fuck me Sidon oh...oh goddess....” Your head whipped back as you let out choked-down cries into the air. Sidon didn’t relent his pistioning hips. His face twitched and growls emitted from his mouth.

Then, he bit down hard on your shoulder...

...and spilled everything into you.

Blood began to drip down your body, soaking into the white fabric that wrapped up the prince’s little bride. Your legs began to shake and threatened to buckle underneath you. Luckily, Sidon’s strong arms held you up in place. He guided you off of him and wrapped you into his arms. Small kisses peppered the top of your head and cheeks. Your eyes fluttered up at him. And just like that, you never wanted to look away again. Slowly, his lips met your own. Both of you let out a moan of satisfaction.

“My (Y/N)...”

“My Sidon…”

A knock came to the door. Before the prince could say anything, it opened. “My prince the council…” Bazz gave his prince a look. “I don’t get paid enough for this…” He marched over to his prince and pulled at one of the fins dangling beside his face. “We need to have a serious discussion on public etiquette!” He hulled the larger Zora out of the room.

Sidon pleaded all the way out. “ can’t do this...I am your prince!”

To which Bazz replied, “Yes I fucking can, you pervert!”

Your cheeks turned a hot shade of pink once the seamstress walked back into the room. Her face looked exasperated. “I’m glad I made more than one.” You looked at the shreds of the outfit she put you in. Now stained with blood and cum, it was just a sliver of its once former glory. “Come now dearie, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Chapter Text

It was that time of year again. You stayed up all night to put the finishing touches on your costume. You stayed up all night to finish baking the sweets you were giving out to the children. You stayed up all night to keep all of it a secret from the Zora you were desperately trying not to wake up as you slid back into bed.

After all, it was All Hallows Eve. And fuck anyone who would dare tell the prince about your sweet treats and costume. It was hard enough to keep him away from berries when you made that pie. You couldn’t imagine trying to keep him away from the pumpkin cookies you spent hours slaving away on. A small smile crept across your lips from the next thought. He would be so surprised at your costume this year. Each stitch of it was painfully sewn. Each metalwork put into its place once it was crafted. All so that you could be something scary…

Prince Sidon as a Hylian.

Oh he would be so surprised! Maybe even a little bit thrilled? He is always full of himself. Oh, you were going to milk this experience to its fullest.


Your eyes fluttered open as the afternoon sun filtered in through the windows. After a few minutes of cuddling the sheets and pillows, your feet hit the floor with resolve. You threw on a pair of pants and a shirt. Nothing too fancy. It was going to be removed anyway in a short while.

Feet scurrying along the polished stone floor, you made your way downstairs to put the finishing touches on the now cooled cookies. Opening the large door took a bit of muscle, but upon entering the room you were filled with relief. The cookies were still there, even among the presence of the cooks preparing today’s dinner. “Happy All Hallows Eve, everyone!” you said cheerfully. However, you didn’t get the reaction you were expecting. A few of them nodded, one even said the same thing back but...there was a lack of energy. Maybe they are just stressed with their own baking. After all, they probably have to make a lot more being a holiday. With a few shakes of your head, the smile you jumped out of bed with returned to your face.

Now at the counter, you began preparing the black icing to top off your pumpkin cookies. Jack-o-lantern pumpkin flavored cookies! Sure, it wasn’t your original idea...but who had to know? You put the icing into a bag, cut the tip...just a tad, and began your work on the faces of hundreds of cookies. Half of them you were sure would go to one trick or treater who would come back around the palace every two seconds. A giggle escaped your mouth. Would Sidon wear different clothes every time, attempting to fool you into thinking he was someone else? More chuckles were brought to life as you imagined the red Zora dressed as a scarecrow with straw stuck everywhere, him throwing a bed sheet over himself and saying he was a ghost, or maybe he would put on that vial you were given and say he was a bride left at the altar. But, never, never the prince of the Zora who came to take as much sweet treats from you as was possible.

Of course, it would be confusing if there were two princes walking around.

Hours passed by as the faces of your pumpkin cookies took form. Triangles for eyes and a jagged mouth that intended to scare away evil spirits appeared under those triangles. Although, you were pretty convinced that they scared the children more than spirits. Once done, you stepped back to admire the last of the drying mini spook-faces. True, you could have put orange icing on top of the cookies before making the faces to make it more orange...But, that would be more work than you could handle. They were going to be eaten anyway.

You began delicately placing the cookies into bins and containers...anything you could get your hands on that was clean. Once the final cookie was in place, you asked a servant to help you carry them all to the bedroom. And, when all was in place and ready for the children, you gave the servant the first cookie of the season. “May you have a year free from the evils of this world.” you stated with a smile. It was a typical line, yes, but the servant couldn’t be more thrilled to receive the sweet treat offered by you.

Now, time to get dressed. You slid on the white undershirt, red pants and jacket that had yellow and blue fabric around the shoulders. You placed the golden rope around your arm as well as placing the blue sash atop of the other shoulder. Lastly, you pulled your hair up into a ponytail and weaved the small, feathered crown into your hair so that it would stay in place. Your cheeks brimmed with pride as you put your boots on and looked into the mirror. You could date yourself…

You blinked a few times. Wow...that was a Sidon-like thought. Maybe the power did get to his head. You smiled in the mirror and chuckled darkly. “Bow before your prince, peasants.” You then threw yourself into a giggle fit. Obviously, he would never say that. But, you guessed he could have the potential with you, at least. A blush dusted your cheeks at the memory of servicing him in the throne room.

After a few more minutes of admiring yourself, you called another servant to help you carry your treats to the entrance. There wasn’t really a door, so you figured the entrance of the palace would have to do. Does the king give out treats too? Maybe this will be some good father-son bonding time.  You sat at the bottom of the steps as the last bits of light faded away, replaced by the soft glow of the luminous stones.

Your brows pinched after the first few moments of glee wore off. Upon looking at the passerby mothers and children, no one was in costume. You turned to the guard at his post who looked at you with questioning eyes. In a trembling voice, you asked, “It…it is All Hallows Eve…right? I don’t have the wrong day, right?” The guard simply cocked his head.

“What is that?”

Your heart dropped and your spirit shattered into a million cookie crumb-sized pieces. Tears brimmed in the bottom of your eyes, threatening to spill out. “O….oh...I...see.” You turned around to walk back inside, but you stopped. Big red legs stood in front of you. With a wobbly smile you looked up at Sidon. “H...hello.” you choked out.

The prince’s eyes turned quickly from curious to concerned. “ minnow are you alright? The guards told me you were out here dressed...well, as me. And...I…darling what happened?”

You tried to keep your smile as natural as possible. But, obviously it wasn’t working. “I….didn’t realize that the….the...the Zora didn’t celebrate All Hallows Eve.” Now your smile probably looked like the mouths of the cookies you made. “I...think I will go back inside now.” You walked around the stunned prince and headed for the room. Nobody knew...not only that, but you were dressed like a fool. The Zora probably thought you were mocking the prince, not dressing like him for a holiday they didn’t even celebrate! Damn it all.

You flopped into bed, buried your face into the pillows and let all your frustrations and humiliation into the feathers caressing your head.


It had to be at least nine when a knock woke you up from your miserable slumber. You walked over to the door, only taking a single glance at the cookies now sitting on the table next to the door. Sidon probably ordered them to be brought back here. No need now. They were useless things that were going to be discarded in the morning.

You wiped the dried tears from your face and curled your fingers around the handle of the door. With a bit of effort, you pulled the door open and looked up. Although, no one was there.

“Trick or treat!”

Your head shot down to the source of the small voices. Three tiny Zora held out bags. One was dressed as a Zora royal guard. The next was dressed as a Gerudo dancer with gold adorning her small body. The last was dressed as...of course...You laughed as you gave each of them a cookie in their bags. You wished them a year free from the evils of this world and sent them away laughing.

A ghost...classic.

You lifted your body from the door and turned to walk back into your room. But, a choir of small voices stopped you. “Trick or treat!” You blinked a few times and looked at the tiny Zora holding out their bags. A smile tickled your lips. The two twin Zora were dressed up as fish. Thoughts of how redundant that was rushed in your mind. But no matter. You handed both of them your sweet treats and gave your well wishes. And just as you were about to close the door, more children sang and held out their bags for you to put your sweet treats in.

And after that, more children came.

And more.

Soon the pile of sweet treats had dwindled down to nothing more than a plate. How could there even be that many children in the Domain? But, then no more shrieks of joy came. No more bags held out in anticipation. So, you closed the door behind you and sat down on the bed, brimming with happiness.

But, if the Zora don’t celebrate All Hallows Eve, why did all those children come to your door?

Another knock came to the door. You grabbed the last of the cookies and rushed to the door. You looked down, expecting to see more small Zora. But, your head kept raising up and up. Sidon smiled down at you once you reached his eyes. You blushed. He wasn’t wearing his normal princely attire. Instead of his normal crown, his crest was covered in gold armor. His chest and arm guards were of the same metal as well. He had a trident in his hand to match the rest of his splendor. “Trick or treat.” he cooed. You stumbled to grab a cookie and handed it up to him. Sidon tilted his head. “My prince, you honor me it really appropriate for you to give your knight something you worked so hard to make?” You blushed at his words. “My prince, are you feeling alright? Your face has turned awfully red. Here, let's lay you down on the bed.”

Sidon delicately took your hand and laid you on the sheets. His fingers brushed away a few stray hairs from your face. Goddess, he’s never looked at you like this before. Are...are you sure you weren’t born royalty? Because he sure as hell made you feel like it. “S...Sidon…” you choked out.

“My prince, your face is such a deep shade of red. Are need of my assistance?” Sidon brought his hand to your cheek, thumbing it affectionately. “You know you can ask anything of me, my prince. I’m forever at your service.” A warm and wet feeling bloomed between your legs. Your heart beat against your chest, threatening to burst from your body. “My prince…” Sidon’s lips crept closer to yours. “My prince, please...let me serve you.” His hands caged you in, allowing his body to curl around you. “Use me as you wish…”

His lips were so close to your own. Eyes hooded over, full of lust and adoration that trapped you to the bed. You closed the gap that kept your lips apart, pressing your lips against his smooth ones. A small hum came from Sidon. His hand reached down and pulled your pants and undergarments off your body, desperate to get rid of them as quickly as possible. He angled your hips up and wrapped your legs around his waist.

Two hot cocks pressed against your folds, causing you to moan. “My prince…” Sidon whined. “Please, allow me. Allow me to pleasure you in the most intimate of ways.” You couldn’t speak, couldn’t do anything to stop Sidon’s fantasy. A small nod was all that you managed before he plunged deep inside of you. He whipped his head back in pleasure. “ feel so good. You're a goddess, an angel.”

You let out moan after moan as he thrusted. Goddess above, you couldn’t think of anything but the feeling he was putting deep inside you. The stretch of his girth, the quickness of his pace...Goddess, he was ravishing you. And yet, it paled in comparison to the tiny whimpers that Sidon was spilling out of his mouth. Desperate, needy whimpers of a man who hasn’t been allowed the pleasure of a woman.

“My prince...use me to pleasure yourself! Fuck yourself with my body! I want to give you pleasure. I want to push you to the brink of ecstasy. Please my prince, shower me with those moans of yours so I know my duty is fulfilled. Take me inside of you so that I may be of use to you.” He grabbed your hips and lifted them off the bed in order to angle himself deeper inside you. “Let me show you how much your people love you!”

His words undid you. Goddess, he was at your mercy. He was pleading, needy for his prince to use him as she saw fit. Your eyes met his needy ones. Your lips trembled as you gave your first bid to him. “H...harder…”

Sidon was more than eager to please as the pace of his thrusts increased. The tips of his cocks kissed a place deep inside you that made you see stars. Much more of this and you would burst. Your hands wandered to his chest armor. His whole body trembled from your touch. The tips of your fingers gripped the ridges in his armor as the coil in your womb threatened to release. “S...Sidon...come...come with me!”

His eyes widened into something resembling fear. “My prince please, I can’t. I can’t soil you like this! I can’t dirty my beloved prince!” His breath became labored. His legs began to shake.

“Come with me.” you commanded him again. You couldn’t hold out much longer.

Sidon was nearly howling at this point with the amount of moans he was making. “ Please , I don’t want to ruin you for your husband! Ahhh….ahhh...My filthy cum can’t grace your walls...please...please my prince, I can’t…”

“My knight, cum inside me.” you commanded.

“My prince!” Sidon screamed as streams of warm cum flooded your womb. You tightened around him as you shattered in his arms. Tipping over the edge together, you locked eyes in pure ecstasy. Sidon placed his lips upon your own, kissing you deep and hard. Fuck just...fuck this was so hot. Your toes curled even more as your leg popped straight into the air just from the sheer tension ravaging your body. Cum overflowed and sputtered onto the bedsheets as you were too full to take any more.

As you came down from your high, so did Sidon. Both of you panted heavily in the afterglow of your love making. You looked up at your beloved knight. A bright blush of pink rested upon his cheeks. His eyes spoke of something his lips could not. You smoothed your hand against his breastplate. “My knight?” you asked.

His gold plated crest rested on your forehead. “It is blasphemy to even think the words I wish to speak to you. But, my heart begs me to. I….I have fallen for you, my prince. I love you.” You cradled his face in your hands, forcing his lips to meet yours. Not that he minded, no...he melted to your touch, your acceptance.

“Well, good thing I am only prince for one day.” you chuckled. Sidon smiled at you and kissed your cheek.

“Good thing indeed. Now...would you allow me to partake in those sweets that you made?”

You smiled cheekily at him. “Only if you say those three little words again.”

“Trick or treat.” he replied.

Chapter Text

“The these off.” He commanded.

You shrunk. You stopped breathing. You have never seen Sidon like this before. His eyes were absolutely farel and glared down at you. His lips curled back into a snarl, showing his teeth. “I said…” He grabbed the collar of your shirt and ripped the fabric off of your body. Then did the same for your pants. He wrestled you around and pushed your head into the mattress as he took his position.

“My prince...please stop!” you cried. Tears fell out of your eyes and into the plush mattress below. You pushed up to try and get away, but his hand pushed you back down, pinning you in place.

“Stop squirming!” he barked. “You like him too, don’t you? I need to remind you who you belong to!” His hand painfully pushed against your back. You could barely breathe as you felt the tips of his cocks press against you.

“Please stop, my prince. Please! It wasn’t what it looked like!” you begged. “He...he and I were just talking!” A hard smack crossed your ass. The prince pricked his claws into your back. “Say that again and it will be more painful next time. Tell the truth.” You buried your face into the sheets below. Another hit stung your ass. “Tell the truth, (Y/N). You liked him getting a little handsy with you. Tell me, did you become bored of me?” You strained your neck to look back at the prince. Your lips trembled, “I...I would never become bored of you, my prince!” This time he grasped your butt when he smacked it.

“Then why am I forced to believe that my hand wasn’t the only one touching your ass tonight? Tell me, was it to get me jealous? Hah, as if I could. No, I just remind those that belong to me that if they ever cross me-” he leaned down to your ear- “I bite back.” The prince grazed his sharp teeth against the tip of your Hylian ear. While you were distracted with the pain, you failed to notice the invasion approaching from below...until it was too late. Your eyes opened wide as your mouth failed to say any words from the sheer shock of it all. The prince’s lips curled into a deep smile. “What a luscious little subject you are. They slid right in…”

You clenched the sheets tighter. “My prince, please...I...I don’t want it!” Sidon bucked his hips hard against your own. “It doesn't matter what you want, subject . I am your prince and you will serve me as I see fit.” The prince thrusted hard and fast inside you. Your ass throbbing from both the hits before and the hits he occasionally threw your way.

“ prince...please stop!” Tears wetted your cheeks as you begged. Sidon chuckled behind you. “Your lips lie, my darling. Your slick sex is more truthful to how you really feel.” He grabbed your hips and now pulled you onto his cocks, nearly breaking you. “Pleasure your prince like the good little subject you are or I will chain you to this bed and fuck you until I’m satisfied.”

You cried so hard as he was having his way with your body. There was no way out. He was your prince and you had to do what he said. Then why...why was there a tightening in your stomach? Why...why was this what you wanted all along? The tiniest moan escaped your mouth from the pleasure. The prince chuckled behind you. “Ah, now my little subject is honest with herself.” More shameful, soft moans escaped your mouth. That tightening threatened to burt. You were so close to tipping over the edge.

Then the prince stopped.

You looked back at him with big, teary eyes. The prince returned your look with an amused one. “Tell me, did you want that, my subject?” Your jaw dropped at his game. “Did you want to experience bliss without letting your prince feel it first? How selfish of you.” Those tears that held up in your eyes finally spilled out of frustration. Sidon began moving slowly inside you once more. You mewled at his pace. Sidon chuckled in reaction, “You know how to get what you want. Beg for it. Beg for me to give you permission to come.”

You wiped your face on the wettend sheets below. “ prince...let...let me come…” Sidon groaned behind you in dissatisfaction. “You call that begging? BEG for me or you won’t come at all!” He began quickening his pace to entice you. Soon your high returned and you were so close. But, Sidon would pull away when your high became too close, you knew that. You had to do as your prince bid. “Please, let me come! I want to come! Please, my prince I want to!” With that, Sidon rapidly shot his cocks in and out of you until you climbed that high. Your legs clenched as did your whole body when you screamed in the prince’s bedroom.

Sidon still didn’t slow down, leaving you overstimulated and spent. “You are so adorable when you come, my pet. Now, do it again. I think I can make this a fun little game...How many do you think I can draw out of you? Two? Three? Oh, how about four? Yes, that will do nicely. No, no don’t you cry now. You begged me to let you experience bliss without me. I just feel gracious enough to give you more than what you asked for. How kind of me…”

You could barely breathe as his cocks rubbed deep against your walls. You bit your lip as you knew he wasn’t going to let up until you gave him what he wanted. The prince pulled your hair and growled into your ear, “Beg for me, my little minnow. Beg for me to let you come again.” Everything was thrown to the wall at this point. Fuck it...just fuck everything… “Please….pleasepleaseplease.” Throwing your face into the mattress below, you screamed every sexual frustration you had into the silken sheets.

Your body felt so limp and useless. You couldn’t even register that the prince was turning you around on the bed. Sidon placed his hand on the side of your face. Your lip was pulled downward by his prodding thumb, eager to see how much of a daze you really were in. A soft hum emanated from his throat. “So exhausted already? But you have two more to go.” The prince began his pace once again. Slow, this time, but just enough to make you grip his arms. He was so fuzzy. You couldn’t focus on anything but the overstimulation he was forcing upon you. “Did he ever do this to you? Did he ever let you come first as he fucked you quick in the halls of this palace? (Y/N).... my (Y/N), I never want to share you with anyone else. You’re mine .” Sidon slammed his hips without a care into your tiny body. Your grip tightened around his wrists as the smallest of waves washed over you. Just a spark of what used to be euphoric. The prince chuckled at how small your orgasm was. He threaded his fingers through your hair as he continued to play with you as he saw fit. “One more now, love-” You whined at his commitment- “I know, but I know you can do it. Here, allow me to...indulge you with my kindness again…” Your eyes snapped open and your back arched as he rubbed your clit while fucking you hard. Sparks shot through your legs as you tried to breathe. Goddess, he knows how to play with you. You let out whines and mewls. “P...please…” The prince ground deep inside of you.

“What was that?” His claws pricked painfully down your hip. “You dare let another man play with what is mine and you have the audacity to call me by my given name?”

Oh shit…

The prince slammed his hips into you while pressing his thumb against your swollen bud. You swore your heart was going to burst from all the tension and simulus ravaging your body. Tears flowed out of your eyes once more as the prince gave it to you hard. He glared down at you, making you feel small, meek. “What is my name?” he demanded. Your lips trembled as you couldn’t find the words to speak. “What is my name, (Y/N)!” You let out a few cries. They were pleas for forgiveness and retribution. Goddess above, help you. He ground deep into your body once more. “My name.” he ordered again.

“Prince Sidon!” you cried. You felt him tensing up below your thighs. The Zora leaned over you and smiled, “And who is going to make you come again?” “Prince Sidon!” you pleaded. You knew you were getting close with him. A few more deep digs of his cocks and you were done for. “And who do you belong to?” “Prince Sidon! Prince Sidon! P…” You threw your head back into the mattress as you tensed up around him. Cum shot deep inside you as the prince let his first orgasm flow out of him, inside you, and onto the tear-stained sheets. The prince gripped those sheets right above your head and tore them as his orgasm nearly became too much. His gills flared, mouth agape, and tears that dripped onto your breasts as he desperately tried to take in air. Then, he caught his breath and relaxed. His large hands pulled you up further onto the bed and over to the left as he flopped down on the right.

Sidon closed his eyes and panted, exhausted from the high he just came off from. Well, that could make two of you as you curled into the bed and forgot the world. Just…






“Hehe, my minnow. Wake up darling.”

You opened your eyes to see Sidon’s golden ones. For a second, you cast everything off as a dream until... “Ow!” you cried as you tried to move. Sidon’s face filled with a guilty concern upon seeing you examine your body. Fresh nail marks slid down your hips, your ass was a berry purple, shoulder had a fresh bite mark? When did he do that? Sidon tucked a fallen hair behind your bitten ear. “I’m sorry. I guess I got a bit carried away by the whole…’claiming’ thing. I didn’t mean to aggressive. But, the parameters you gave me about...well, being dominant…” He blushed to finish the rest of his sentence. You giggled and patted his head crest. He hummed at your affection. “I...well, we should get cleaned up. You’re covered in me, darling.”

Sidon picked you up and walked you over to the shower. He held you in his arm as he tested the temperature with his other hand. Once it was appropriate, he stepped into it and gently placed you on the ground. Your body groaned from the soreness and the water stung your wounds. Gently, Sidon began washing your body with soap. He moved delicately over your skin to clean off the dried blood, cum, and whatever else stuck to you in your two person orgy. He then worked lower on your shoulders and down your back, over your legs and feet until the only thing left to wash was… “Ahh!” you yelped in surprise when Sidon put a little too much pressure on your bud. “ didn’t like that?” he teased. “Still in love with...him?” The prince pouted at your unamused face. You gave him a look, “Aren't you...him ?” you accused. Sidon chuckled and blushed, “I guess you’re right. I am the kind gentleman who fucks you in the halls and grabs…” one of his hands brushed up against your butt. “Things that belong to me and not that selfish prince. Although, by the way you looked at me last night, you liked that selfish prince. Your...shark daddy.”

You frowned at his teasing smile. “I only said that once!” You crossed your arms and faced away from him, pouting. He gently wrapped his arms around you. “Sorry, my love. You are just too cute. Especially with my markings all over you.” He kissed your cheek and then resumed his height to begin washing himself off. It was interesting, Zora scales allowed the water to run right off. Even the lather from the soap had to be worked in a bit because the soap would run off as well. Sidon then looked over at you. “You like what you see?” You rolled your eyes at his comment. You walked up to his hips and took a slight lap with your tongue between his legs. Sidon shivered instantly. “Yes, those...need cleaning as well. I ah...ah...appreciate you helping me...with this task.” The twin cocks poked eagerly out of his body to welcome you. Sidon began stroking them with the soapy cloth to clean them. You kept your face a little too close to his hips as he completed his task. Maybe

Once Sidon rinsed them off he pinched them slightly to try and coax them back into their sheaths, you moved under them, stuck out your tongue, and licked from base to tip. “(Y/N)! W...what? Oh...ohhhh…” You kept up your onslaught of little kitten licks all around his playful boys. Sidon rested his hands up on the top of the bar holding up the shower curtain. “Didn’t...Didn’t we do enough…” he sighed. The two cocks throbbed for your attention. You placed your hands on the bases of them and kept up the pleasure. Sidon lulled back his head once you began sucking on the tips. “We...we shouldn’t have too much fun…” he begged. The corner of your mouth ticked up in a smile. With wide eyes you begged, “I just want to please you...shark daddy…” A red blush covered the prince’s cheeks. With a wicked smile, you continued, “Your little minnow wants to please you…” Now mouth agape, Sidon began stuttering all sorts of protests to try and convince you not to play this dangerous game. He choked once you began to swallow him as much as you could. Your tongue played with all the veins and curves of his cocks, much to the prince’s tortured delight. His breaths became faster as his cocks throbbed with pleasure. “(Y/N)...I’m...I’m going to…”

And then you pulled back.

Sidon looked at you in shock. “’re not…” He tried to reach down and finish himself. But, you kept his hands away. “(Y….(Y/N)!” You smiled again and resumed your work on him. Licks, sucks, and stokes from your hand brought the prince back up to his high. His cocks once again began to throb, breaths became labored, and backed off. Sidon ground his teeth together as a small spurt of cum shot out of his left cock and onto his stomach. You caught it with your mouth before it slid off his body. You opened your mouth again to show your prince and let it slide down your tongue and drip to the floor. Sidon whined desperately. “Please...please...let me come.”

You looked back at his throbbing cocks. They were so red and looked like they’re almost in pain. The poor prince. You then looked into his golden eyes, “I just wanted to play with my shark daddy a bit more.” Sidon faced away, “(Y/N)...s..stop it’s weird…”

You kissed and licked his cocks again. “But your little minnow only wants to please her shark daddy.” Sidon bit his lip. “Please, I just wanna play…”

“I’m sorry I teased you about that! Please, let me come. Let...goddess you are going to make me say it...make your shark daddy come…” he shoved his cocks deep into your mouth to make his cocks explode with passion. The prince’s legs quivered as he was finally granted his release. Fuck, you couldn’t believe the amount of cum exploding from his cock. He already came so hard today. Granted, it probably was an hour or two ago. But...still…

Sidon threw his back against the wall and slid down it. He was desperately panting, trying to regain any sense he had. “’t...fuck it, come here.” He grabbed the small of your back and pulled you into his chest. You bit your lip at the slight pain that came with it. But, you appreciated his affection and small kisses to the top of your head. “You had to admit, what nonsense that came out of those pretty lips of yours was...unconventional.”

You chuckled at his embarrassment. “It’s not that you had that page bookmarked or anything…”

Chapter Text

Sometimes, the business of the domain would get to you. Sidon was off in a rush to complete his royal duties, Dunma was on duty today as well as Bazz. So, that left you with not much to do. Relaxing sounded like a good option, but not in the bedroom. Goddess , you were there too much. Sidon had you face down, ass up for the past few nights. You swore he must be nearing heat or rut or….something. You were always up for a good time, but was excessive.

Walking towards the outskirts of the domain, the view of fresh green grass and trees that turned colors soothed your worries. The domain was beautiful, yes. But, it was crafted by Zora. The natural beauty called to you. Caressing your senses was the smell of autumn and the sound of rustling leaves.

You touched your throat to feel the strained vocal chords. Sidon had you begging at the top of your lungs for your prince to ravish you. And, unfortunately, you have been demoted from subject to commoner. Sidon got quite the rush to have a secret mistress that he only visits when he wants sex. You would have to talk to him about that. Or, maybe tie him to the bed and have his princess do whatever she wanted to him. A cruel smile came across your lips. You could get out your little toy again and tell him how he is such a good commoner to indulge in your fantasies. You could even pretend that the toy is one of your personal guards that’s fucking him for your enjoyment.

Oh, the possibilities.

You came to a small lake that soothed the roaring blood flow. Your thoughts may have gotten you a bit excited. But, seeing the pureness of nature made you snap back to reality. That’s when your eye caught a single blossoming lily in the water. It was autumn after all. What is a flower doing blooming at this time of the year? It wasn’t too far from the edge. You walked to the nearest rock to try and pick up the lily. Stretching far, your arm almost reached it. A little more… Your fingertips grazed the nearest petal before it floated just out of your reach. Your brow pinched in confusion as it moved back into its original place. No, it was slowly coming closer. You leaned over the flower as it touched the rock you were kneeling on. Cautiously, you reached down to pick up the flower. However, that plan was soon abandoned as the flower jumped into the air, along with a huge Zora. You fell onto your back as he landed on his hands. Both on either side of your head. The Zora must be as big as Sidon. However, his expression was far from anything Sidon would make. An amused mischievous grin is how you would describe it. But, it was inside that grin that made you nervous. Unlike most Zora, whos teeth was simply pointed at the end, this Zora had thin, pointed spears for teeth...and a lot of them.

“My, my. Look what I just caught. You must be my cousin’s bride-to-be.” He hooked his finger on your chin to lift it up to study you. “You are cuter than I imagined. My cousin’s so fucking horny that I thought he was marrying some common whore he picked up in a brothel. But, you are more of a high class whore, aren't you?”

Your cheeks burned red. The first time you were meeting Sidon’s cousin and he was...insulting you? “H...hey! I’m no whore!” You sat up and glared at him. Secretly, you were hoping he would back off from his position over you. But, he stayed there. Shit, now you did it. You were so close to his smug face that water from his crest dripped onto your blushing cheeks. After a few deep chuckles he sat back on his heels, allowing you the space you so desperately craved.

“You are a spunky one, I will give you that. Let me introduce myself. I am Razaar, Sidon’s better looking alternative. I was playing around in the ocean when a little fish told me about my cousin’s engagement. Knowing him, he would be making a bad decision putting his cocks wherever he pleases. But...I guess I had no need to worry. I like you, tiny Hylian.”

You didn’t know whether to be flattered or insulted. “ name is (Y/N).” He cocked his head in slight confusion. You shrunk back down slightly. “W...what?”

The Zora smiled curtly again and began to climb back over you. “Such a cute name. No wonder my cousin felt himself enamored with you. Tell me, ummm (Y/N) , was it? Has my idiot of a cousin been pleasing you enough? He hasn’t taken all the pleasure for himself, is he?” Now you were laying flat against the grass again with him over top of you. “He has had the bad habit of only pleasuring himself. Do you find yourself...craving for someone to focus on your needs?” His face was so close to your own right now that you could see the deepness of his pupils. His lips hovered right over your own as he began caressing the side of your head with his large hand. “Tell minnow…” he whispered onto your lips.


He focused his attention away from you and looked over at the red prince. Sidon stood there with what could only be intimidation on his face, a mix of fear and desperation. Razaar ticked up one side of his amused grin. “Ah, cousin. Your little fish here was helping me warm up. After all, the water is quite cold this time of year.”

Sidon blushed hotly and balled his hands into fists. “P…please release her. As you are aware, she is my bride.”

Razaar chuckled at his cousin’s retort. “You could have chosen any one of those fanclub girls you snuck into your chambers at night and you decide to chose this poor little Hylian who can’t even take the full force of a proper mating? You are quite cruel, cousin.” He lifted off of you, but pulled you into his chest. “But, I understand. She is sooo cute.”

Sidon took a few steps closer. “Razaar...please.” he begged. “Don’t...don’t touch her like that…” Sidon’s voice was shaky, desperate. But, it was also filled with fear. You were confused by how the prince was acting. He was always so powerful, strong, and courageous. This was the first time you have seen him...afraid of something.

Or someone...

You looked up at the large Zora holding you. “R...Razaar. Please. You are...quite wet and, being a Hylian, I could catch a cold if I am not careful.”

Razaar’s smile went from smug to caring. “Of course. Sorry about getting your clothes wet. We should go find you some dry ones.” He stood up to his full height and offered you a hand. You gently took it as he lifted you up on your feet. “Let us be off, tiny Hylian.”


What is going on? You began to walk back to the domain with Razaar on one side, and Sidon on the other. Nobody talked as the three of you traversed the wooded path. But, what was not said with words was definitely felt. much tension between the two Zora. Sidon, the caring hammerhead Zora was slightly cowerding from the presence of Razaar, the tiger shark Zora. You glanced up at the latter and noted his grey and white appearance with stripes here and there on the back and sides of his body. Those stripes interlaced with his scars. Being between the two men you could tell that indeed, Razaar was as big as Sidon. However, their body shapes were different. Sidon was slender and toned in contrast to Razaar’s bulky and muscular body. Both of them were quite handsome, in their own way.

To be honest, in your own mind of course, you wouldn’t protest too much if both boys jumped on top of you right now. Your cheeks blushed at the thought of them fighting each other around you, desperate to be the first one to cum inside you.

That illusion quickly was pushed back in your mind as you reached the bridge to the domain. But, something was different. Gaddison, the guard posted there, had a blush a mile wide on her cheeks. Her eyes kept flickering to Razaar who paid her no mind. If that wasn’t weird enough, Sidon’s group of fangirls were waiting where the bridge met the rest of the domain. They followed Sidon around, yes, but...they were all giggling and pointing to your group. What in Hylia’s name-

“It’s Razaar!” one of the girls screamed.

Razaar’s shoulders slumped. “I forgot how much I hate this place.” he growled under his breath. When they got close enough, Razaar was surrounded by gushing girls desperate to touch him. “Get off me, you harpies! Go fuck your prince or something!” Yet, his words only added to the fan-fire as girls cried out their propositions to sleep with him. You turned to Sidon who appeared a little bothered by the whole spectacle.

Is he...jealous?

Sidon felt your gaze and blushed. “W...we should go and find you some dry clothes.” He snatched your hand and hulled you away from the pile of screaming girls. And, Razaar. Your smaller legs could barely catch up as Sidon dragged you down the palace halls. You noticed that the palace was buzzing with an unusual amount of chatter today. Then, a few of those whispers and giggle reached your ears.

“Razaar? Prince Sidon’s cousin!”

“Oh my Goddess, I can’t believe he’s actually here.”

“He’s so handsome!”

Sidon’s grip tightened around your hand.

“He’s amazing!”

That grip tightened again.

“I wonder if he is as promiscuous as the prince once was…”

Now, almost searing pain ran through your hand as Sidon gave a near death grip to it. Praise Hylia he let you go once you were in your room. You rubbed your hand where he gripped it. Nothing broke began to see huge bruises.

You looked up at your fiance. “Sidon? Are you-” Sidon snatched you and threw you down onto the bed along with him. You wiggled your head up from his chest to look at him. The prince’s golden eyes were glazed over with tears. “Oh Sidon…”

“As you could...p...probably tell...Razaar and I aren't on the best terms.” You snuggled back into his chest to comfort him. “He would always push me around when we were little. We have never gotten along. But...dammit he always has had the hearts of my subjects!”

You raised an eyebrow at his last statement. “Razaar did mention something about...well…” your cheeks burned with a deep crimson blush. Your eyes pleaded with his. Hopefully, he could fill in the gaps himself.

Sidon sighed and looked to the side. “I...wasn’t the most...honorable youngling. Yes I...had relations with several of the girls in the domain prior to meeting you.” You nodded slightly under him. It crossed your mind once or twice that others might have shared the same bed as your prince. But for him to promiscuous really never crossed your mind. All the hints were there. He was as skilled as they come in the art of lovemaking. He had to learn it somewhere. “I...think I was trying to compensate for that lack of admiration they gave me.” Sidon nuzzled his face in your hair. “I’m sorry for...not talking about it with you. You of all people had the right to know.”

You nodded again. “It’s not okay for you to hide that from me...but, I’m glad you told me. Thank you, Sidon.” You stretched up to kiss him on his lips. Sidon giggled from your affection. You rubbed your forehead against his crest. “So, did I teach the wise master a thing or two about sex?”

Sidon smiled at your playful banter. “I...still have a few more things I could learn. Would you...teach your prince?” His hand slid under your shirt and pulled upwards. His claws gently trailed along your stomach as his eyes were devouring you alive.

“Nice room, cousin!”

Sidon flashed upright in bed and whipped around to face Razaar in the doorway. The tiger shark made a click in his mouth as his eyes trailed your exposed flesh. Sidon placed his body to block his view. “Can we help you?”

Razaar shrugged. “It’s been so long since I was last here. You could at least show me around.” He walked further into the room, giving fake curiosity to the objects placed around it. His hand then tugged on a drawer of his desk. It was that drawer. “You haven't changed at all, cousin. Still have all these naughty little pictures in your desk.” He pulled one out from it and flipped though it as if it were a normal book. “Circled and everything. Tell me, did you try these out with the little Hylian or did you sneak more girls in here while she was out?”

Sidon cheeks turned a dark red. You couldn’t be sure if it was out of anger or embarrassment. “P...please put that back.”

Razaar cocked his head to the side. “Why? You have so many of them. Surly, you can spare one for my time here. Besides…” He turned his attention to you. “I need to get ideas.”

Sidon stood up from the bed and puffed out his chest. “I would prefer if you wouldn’t touch my things!”

Razzar chuckled. “That’s not a nice thing to call your little Hylian.” Sidon took a step back. “Don’t worry cousin, I’m not like you. I don’t sleep around with anyone who gives me the time of day.”

“I’m not like that!” Sidon shouted.

“Really? I remember clearly that when I was interested in Tona, you were fucking her behind closed doors. Petty revenge because you can’t challenge me like a real man.”

Sidon took a few steps forward. “I do not wish to speak of that here.”

“And why not? Afraid your pet is going to run away? Afraid of being abandoned and having no one to sink your cocks into? Then do it...make me swallow my words.” Sidon relieved some distance between himself and his cousin. The red Zora tilted his head slightly away from Razaar who looked displeased. Razaar snarled, “Always the fucking coward.” He shoved past Sidon towards the door. Then, he turned back to you. “Come on.” Your brows pinched in confusion. Razaar rolled his eyes. “If you are going to be part of our psychotic family, I would at least like to get to know you better.” You glanced at Sidon who was still facing away from you. Since he made no move to protest, you followed Razaar out of the room.



To be honest, you had no idea where he was taking you. But, seeing how he handled the woman throwing themselves on him was...a sight to behold. “Fuck off.” “Go whore yourself out somewhere else.” “Dammit, if I have to tell you not to touch me one more time I will break your fucking legs!”

Instead of deterring the girls, however, they were only more encouraged. More and more girls surrounded you two as you were trying to travel to...someplace in the domain. Eventually, Razaar picked you up in his arms and began running down the various hallways of the palace. Soon the area you were in became unfamiliar. Razaar lost the girls following you and ducked into a room. “Fucking sluts...Anyway, here we are.” You looked around a small bedroom. It was so unlike anything Sidon had that you wondered if you were in the same place. The pool was so much smaller and there was no bed. It was just a desk and a few books on a shelf. “This is how the rest of us live.” Razaar placed you down onto the floor. “Not really Hylian friendly, but I think you can manage.” He jumped into the pool, spraying water around the room. When he resurfaced, he swam to the edge and beckoned you closer. You knelt by the pool’s edge and looked into Razaar’s criticizing eyes.

“What?” you asked. Razaar looked from side to side almost in disinterest.

“I just haven't been back in my room in a while.” You looked around again at the bare room. “Not much to come back to, I suppose,” you offered. Razaar chuckled at your comment. “True, I was usually in the training yard with the other cadets. Most of my ‘stuff’ was my armor and weapons.”

A thought picked at your mind. “Why did you leave?” Razaar smiled and relaxed back into the pool. “Did you not see the hoard of females trying to breed with me?” You gave him a dissatisfied frown. “You don’t strike me as the kind of man who would be chased off by girls,” you retorted.

Razaar grinned deeply and swam back over to the edge of the pool. “You really think highly of me, don’t you? True. I was actually...encouraged to leave for...well, mental stress on the prince.”

“Mental stress?”

Razaar grasped your chin, keeping it locked in place. His lips reached ever closer to your own. “You know...make him...unable to complete his duties.” His claw pushed on your bottom lip. “I would...take what was his. So to speak. The girls loved it. Having the prince wanting them but being fucked by his cousin instead. It only pushed Sidon to want them more.” Razaar slipped out of the pool and sat by your side. “Out of all the girls we ravished, are probably the only one I’ve been genuinely interested in.”

A shock rushed through your body as you understood why he brought you here. His bedroom...for privacy. Not to talk... Razaar smiled at your expression but, he let go of your chin. After a few chuckles, he regained his composure. “Your face was absolutely precious. I will remember that one for a long time.” Your brows furrowed together. “What? Did you want me to take you?” Razaar cooed. “Did you want to have a rush fucking someone else when you belong to the prince?”

“Stop it,” you ordered. “I understand you and Sidon aren’t on the best terms...But, that doesn't give you a reason to be mean to him!” He looked at you lacklusterly. Then, he gave you an intrigued glance. “W...what?” you stuttered.

Razaar leaned down to your level. “You are an intriguing one.” His hands began to wrap around your upper arms. “I could snap you like a twig-” He began putting slight pressure on your arms- “and you still have the courage to stand up to me. Goddess…” Razaar leaned into your personal space. “I want you…” Your heart dropped as he began folding your body into his own. “You are one hell of a woman. A true, strong woman to be by my side.” You pushed Razaar away.

“Stop! I...I don’t want to do this!” Tears formed in your eyes. “I am engaged to Sidon. I love him.

Razzar rolled his eyes at your comment. “You want a weakling. He is a weak man, a weak prince, and soon to be a weak king.” You stood up and walked towards the door. “Just know what you are getting yourself into, my perfect woman.” With an angered shove, you passed through his bedroom door.

Sidon’s not weak...right? He never gave you a reason to doubt before. So why now all of a sudden? Second thoughts began racing through your mind. Maybe...the whole thing of how your relationship got started...has been bothering you. If he was sleeping around with everyone, then you would have been no different.

You opened the bedroom door and slid inside. Sidon was laying on the bed and looked over at you with a small smile. Soon, that dropped when he noticed your demeanor. “Sidon, when did it become less of a fling and more of a relationship between us?”

The prince sighed and patted the bed next to him. You took his invitation and sat down beside him. “Well, I was umm...misinformed with that magazine. But, I never treated you as I would have with anyone else I have been with. I had no reason to gain your affection. And yet, I craved it.” He let out a slight chuckle. “I wanted you to want me. I wanted you to lust after me like I do you. What I mean is...I think I was in love with you since the beginning. When I kissed you on the riverbed, I felt something. It felt...right to be with you.” Sidon wrapped his hand around your own. “I never believed it before, was love at first sight.” Your cheeks turned a dark shade of red as you gazed into his sparkling eyes. Sidon gave a dry chuckle. “And...when did you fall for me, my minnow?”

You blushed at his question. Thinking back into your memories, you could think of one distinctive time you found out you loved him. “Remember when you got a new office? I...missed you so much. And...when I saw Laflat making her moves on you...I came to realise how much I wanted you to be mine and mine alone.” Your eyes widened at the sight of Sidon’s cheeks becoming wet with tears. “I..I’m sorry was I supposed to feel it earlier? I’m so sorry-” Sidon put a finger to your lips.

“No darling. I was just thinking that you decided to love me when I proposed. It has been...eating away at me for a little while now. I knew you liked me but...I didn’t know that you loved me that early into our relationship.” Sidon leaned down and kissed the top of your head. “My sweet little minnow…”

“Well isn’t this touching.” Razaar opened up the rest of the door and waltzed right in. “But, I’d rather you not be in the picture, cousin. Go and play somewhere else like the good little prince you are.” Razaar waved his hand absentmindedly towards the door.

You felt Sidon tighten his grip around you. His trembling form had you worried. But, this time it wasn’t out of fear, it was out of anger.


Razaar’s eyes widened and then refocused. “No? Did...did I hear you right?”

Sidon pulled you into his chest protectively and reiterated, “No. I’m not leaving.”

The tigershark took a few more steps towards you. “I don’t think you understand the situation, little prince . You are going to leave...or else...well, you know quite well what I do when I’m displeased.” Razaar flashed his spear like teeth.

Sidon released you from his grasp, causing Razaar’s lips to tick upwards in a smile. You grabbed onto Sidon’s arm as he stood up. Your wet eyes pleaded for him not to go. But, you let go when he returned your gaze. There in his eyes you saw the man you fell in love with, the prince everyone respects, the king he will become.

He had unquenchable resolve.

The prince turned to Razaar and gave him the same look, causing his cousin to snarl. “Stop putting on this act.” Sidon took slow, methodical steps towards the source of any fear he had. Once their chests were barely touching, Sidon said one word.


Razaar gave Sidon a look and tried to walk past him. But, Sidon stepped in front of him, blocking his path. The tips of the tiger shark's fingers twitched. Razaar snatched Sidon by his cravat and jammed a fist into his stomach. Sidon doubled over and hit the floor. “I don’t know where you suddenly gained this false confidence, but you are still that little boy who hides behind his sister’s leg. Maybe I’ll take the throne! Save the Domain from a weak ruler.”

Sidon sprang upwards into Razaar, knocking him off balance and pushed to the ground. The prince got two clean hits to his cousin’s face before Razaar flipped him on his back. The tiger shark pinned his arms down, leaving him defenseless. A dark smile crept across Razaar’s sharp face. “Little prince, you have really pissed me off this time… You’re a weakling who crossed a giant! First I’ll take your birthright, then your crown-” Razaar looked over to you- “and then take your queen.”

Sidon flipped Razaar back onto the ground. “I will fight you till my dying breath.”

“That may be sooner than expected!” Claws ripped through the prince’s scales on his back. Blood began to seep from the wounds as Sidon let out a terrible cry of pain. Even still, he managed to hit his elbow across Razaar’s face.

“You will not lay a single finger on her! She is to be my wife. Until my very soul ceases to exist I will protect her from the likes of you!” Sidon wrapped his hand around Razaar’s neck, pointing his claws inwards. “Don’t make me do this.”

Razaar closed his eyes and sighed. “That little Hylian has really changed you, huh… Fine, at least I can swallow bowing to you now.”

Sidon’s eyes searched Razaar, trying to find some sort of trick. “What?”

Razaar rolled his eyes, “More ballsy, but no less stupid. I’m saying I’ll back off and I have the thinnest sliver of respect for you. Though, you are testing that last part.” Sidon got off Razaar who resumed a sitting position. He tested his jaw which clicked back into position. “Never thought you could hit this hard either. Shit…”

“We should probably get to the healers soon if we don’t want any of this to scar.” Sidon offered. However, Razaar gave him a look.

“Pffft…pretty boys…”




You helped change the bandage on Sidon’s back before bed. Even in between whimpers and whines of pain, he still tried to act as tough around you as he was with Razaar. You chuckled to yourself as you were wrapping the bandage around his gills. Not over, but right beside it. You ‘accidentally’ grazed your fingers over his slits a few times. Sidon always moaned with pleasure, a blush would cover his cheeks, and he would curse the wounds for preventing him from ravishing you.

“You feeling alright?” you asked.

Sidon smiled at you. “Besides the wounds, I actually have never felt better. I conquered something today. A fear I didn’t know was present!”

You rubbed his arm, trying to calm down the swell of pride. “Calm down. We can’t have those wounds open back up because you got too excited.”

“Says the woman touching my gills.”

You snuggled in bed beside him and brushed the back of your fingers over his slits once more. “Oops.”

Chapter Text

His feet was stuck to the floor. No, they were fused to the floor. Sidon reached his hand out desperately for his little minnow. Razaar had her up against the wall, having her like she was his own. No matter how much he pleaded or cried for her, she didn’t hear him. The prince tugged and tugged at the floor to release his feet.

“Razaar, you are such a real man ...” (Y/N) cooed.

Sidon’s heart dropped. His body felt heavy as he began to sink into the floor. He clawed at the polished stone floor. He had to get up, he had to save her. “You are so much better than Sidon.” She looked up into Razaar’s luscious eyes. “Now, ravish me, my prince. You little subject wants to feel you inside her for weeks after.”

“No, (Y/N) please!” The weight of his heart pulled him down farther. “Please, (Y/N)!” Sidon called out.




“(Y/N)!” The prince nearly leaped out of bed. Sort of breath and ice cold, he looked all around his dark surroundings. His heart began to settle until tiny hands rested on his arm. He jumped back from them and fell off of the edge of the bed. His head bounced of of the floor, dazing him for a second.

“Sidon!” (Y/N) cried. He saw her concerned eyes look down at him. “Are you alright?” She reached a hand to help him up.

His little minnow…

He pushed himself off the floor and back onto the bed. His hands wrapped around her. Then, his body curled around her as he began to pull together his heart. “S...Sidon?”

“ wouldn’t go and...and have another guy, right?” pain cracked in his voice like shattering glass. Her wide and worried eyes wetted and spilled over.

“You think I’m cheating on you?”

Sidon blinked a few times. “ just, how to put this...I had a nightmare that you and Razaar…”

She reached up to caress his cheeks. “I would never do that to you. Like you said, it was a nightmare. Is this what has been bothering you? You’ve been closed off as of late. Not even wanting to be intimate...”

Sidon pulled his love closer into his chest. “Razaar is so much more than I am, though. He’s confident and strong…” Sidon sighed, “ He should be the prince. Everyone loves him more than me anyway…” “That’s not true” she protested.

“It is! He’s everything I’m not. He could care for you so much better than I ever could.” (Y/N) looked at him, unamused. “What?”

“I was going to wait till a better time to do this, looks like you need it now.” She pushed him to lay on his back. “Stay there…” With a small hop, she dashed over to the other side of the room and pulled out a box from her dresser.

Please Hylia, not the dildo…

(Y/N) crawled up and back onto the bed with the box in her hands. The color of it was so dark that it was nearly invisible with the lack of light in the room. She took off the lid and pulled out long strips of silk.

“ minnow, I see what you are getting at but...punishing me like this isn’t really the best thing.”

“I know.” She said flatly.

Sidon gave her pleading eyes. “Then...why are you-”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, of course but-”

“Raise your hands above your head.” Sidon did as she asked, although with a bit of hesitance. She tied his hands to the headboard of their bed. “Now, your feet.” The prince spread his legs so that she could tie both of his legs to the posts on the bottom of the bed. With a few more tugs, he was securely fastened to the bed. The prince’s cheeks flushed when she reached for the black box. But, to his surprise, she closed it.

What is she doing?

(Y/N) brought her face to his and took his mouth in her own. Her eyes fluttered when she pulled away. “I love you, so much.” She lowered her body on his own chest. There, she laid small kisses. “You are so kind,” *kiss* “sweet,” *kiss* “and so loving.” Her hands traveled over his scales. Sidon felt his heart begin to race under her kisses and caresses. “I couldn’t love any other man besides you.”

A blush came to the prince’s cheeks. “ could find anyone...I’m not as great as you say…”

In response, (Y/N) moved her hand to his right side and gently began massaging his gills. A tingle shocked through his body. The tips of his claws were buzzing and his legs pulled at the restraints from the pleasure. “No, I couldn’t. Because, you are the most wonderful man I have ever met.” She slid off of his chest and onto the bed beside him. She brought her mouth to the slits and began to kiss at them.

She...she’s teasing me! She can’t be serious about all this...

“You never give yourself enough credit.” *kiss* “You always play it down” *kiss* “when you deserve to be praised.” *kiss* “From saving the Domain to picking up some spilled papers,” *kiss* “you always give someone else praise.” *kiss* “We have a lot of catching up to do…” (Y/N) dug her tongue into his top gill. Sidon gasped for air as the pleasure coursed through his body. But pain soon took hold as his cocks were dropping faster than his slit was opening. He felt his twin cocks push and press against his pelvis, begging to spring free to mate. Finally, he cracked open and his cocks sprang out of his body to stand at full attention. (Y/N) must had noticed how fast he came out. He could feel her smiling against his side.

If I didn’t have these stupid ties…

Her tongue dragged along his side, giving him what he so desperately needed these past few days. His cocks twitched every time she lapped at him. “You are perfect the way you are, Sidon. No matter what anyone else says.”

“I’m not- ahhh!” (Y/N) pushed into his gills once more. Sidon tried to get his words out of his mouth. But, with the pleasure wrecking his body, he couldn’t utter more than a moan. He tugged at his restraints. Please, let me touch you…

(Y/N) came up from her deep dive. “You are perfect. You’re so kind and handsome...not to mention the best lover in the world.” Sidon blushed and avoided her eyes. “You are .”

“I’m not as good as Razaar...If you had him, then you wouldn’ wouldn’t want me anymore…” Tears began to run down his cheeks. A small bite to his side pulled his attention back to the woman working his gills.

“Stop it. I’m not going to let you self depreciate. I have another tie that would make the perfect gag if you keep spitting out lies.” Her eyes spoke of a deep seriousness. But she doesn't know…

“You don’ weren’t there when I was young…”

“That’s it…” (Y/N) opened the box once again and pulled out another silk tie. “Normally I’ll stop when you say stop, but this has gone too far!”

“(Y/N), please...I know what you are trying to do, but you don’t know. Razaar is so much mhmmmmph..” She tugged the tie around his head and through his mouth. Tears fell out of his eyes. Why won’t she listen to me?

His minnow kissed his cheeks before she swam down between his legs. With those soft hands of hers, she began touching his cocks lightly. “You are so big, Sidon.” She pushed his cocks together and she dragged her tongue in the divot between them. He moaned through his gag at the pleasure.

But Razaar is...Razaar would be more…

His mind became hazy with each lick she put on his cock. From the tips of his fingers to his feet, the rush of pleasure ran through him. “You are worth it, Sidon. You are worth everything I am. I love you so much. Goddess, I love you so much.”

But he could give you so much more…

“You’re still doubting, aren’t you?” (Y/N) sorrowful eyes looked up at him. Sidon avoided her gaze, but only for a second before the wetness of her mouth engulfed him. The prince let out a loud and muffled moan through his gag. She took one of his cocks deep down her throat and came up coughing. “You’re so big, you’re choking me…”

Goddess, she’s so hot…

“I wish I could just pleasure you forever...No royal duties or late nights working. Just, constant pleasure with the man I love.” She went down on the other cock as far as she could go and came back up with the same gasping expression that made him melt. If only he wasn’t tied…

I would make a mess of you…

She kissed the bottom of his cocks before dragging her tongue up them and to the tips. “But, we can’t. Your people need their prince. The kind, gentle prince we all love so much.” She took just the tips and began swirling them in her mouth. Sidon found that his legs ached to reel into his body. His ankles were sore with tugging so hard. But, it still didn’t distract him too much from the part of him inside that quivered.

Sidon let out a few muffles gasps and moans through his gag. I’m going to come. I’m going to come. Hylia above, yes.

But, (Y/N) stopped touching him entirely. Sidon looked down at her and pleaded the best he could. His legs pulled, trying to nudge her back towards his cocks. His mouth let out all sorts of lewd sounds. His hips bucked, trying to find the last bit of stimulation that would tip him over the edge.

But, (Y/N) climbed over him. She’s going to fuck me like this? She knows I can’t last long… She simply smiled at him and reached for the gag. With a few tugs, she freed his words. “You’re so cruel…” he whined.

“I just need to hear a few words first before….well, we will see what your body does.” (Y/N) climbed back down between his legs before Sidon could protest. “Sidon...My prince, my love, my everything...Tell me you are the most beloved Zora in the Domain. I want to hear it…”

Sidon groaned and tugged at his restraints. “I...I can’t lie to y..ah..ah..ahhh.” With a few laps to his tips, the prince found himself unable to continue his previous argument. (Y/N) smiled up at him.

“You’re are my prince . Your people love you. I love you. Now, let us try again. Tell me you are deserving of every lap, kiss, and suck I put on these delicious cocks of yours.” She finished her sentence with a few quick kisses up and down both of his cocks that had the prince gasping for breath. I’m not...I don’t deserve it...Why are you even in bed with me?

“R...Razaar could take care of you so much be..ahh..ahh..please..stop..ahh..” Now she was kissing and licking the edges of his slit? How far is she willing to go for this… Her eyes locked onto his whenever she moved. She was expectant, but patient in the pleasure she gave him.

“You are all I need. Sidon, you are all I want. A strong, handsome man. Hmmmm a handsome prince. I just don’t understand why you can’t see it the way I do. Goddess, up until a few weeks ago, you had me face down, ass up crying out for my prince to ravish his little subject.” (Y/N)’s lips twitched into a small smile. “Sidon…tell me, tell me that you are my prince.”

Sidon’s heart wrenched at her words. Sure he was her prince. But, to him, that meant so much more than just a ruler-subject relationship. He was her friend, protector...soon to be husband. His mind rolled back to all those late night talks, picnics on the lakeshore, and quiet cries in the bedroom when life became too much. My little minnow…

A smile graced his lips. “I’m your prince...and I love you so much.”

“Such a kind prince to grace me with the words I wanted to hear…” (Y/N) placed her mouth back on his shafts as her hands began pumping them. Yes...yes… Sidon’s toes curled from pleasure. I’m going...I’m… “(Y/N) I’m going to come!” Sidon pulled on his restraints and bucked his hips as he spilled into her mouth. The prince became so lightheaded that he was sure he was going to pass out halfway through his orgasm. Finally, the shakes and quakes died down to a few twitches.

(Y/N) wiped her mouth and chest on the bed sheets before crawling into the crook of his arm. “I love you so much” she cooed to him. “You are the sweetest, kindest, most loving man in Hyrule.” Sidon cuddled her closer to himself.

“Well, maybe not the sweetest person in Hyrule.” (Y/N) opened her mouth to protest, but Sidon put a finger to her lips. “That would be you .” A blush dusted her cheeks as he pulled her in for a kiss. Then, he realized he could see that faint blush. Sidon looked out the window at the sliver of light cresting the Domain. “(Y/N), would you like to be the sweetest, kindest, most amazing prince today while I take a nap?”

After a giggle, she responded. “Oh, no. I could never replace the great Prince Sidon. But, I can help you do some paperwork today, if you would like.” The prince nuzzled his crest against the top of her head.

“Thank you. For that and...for tonight.”

Chapter Text

You fiddled with the fabric of your dress as you faced the princess of Hyrule. Even though she was supposed to be an ally, a part of you felt like she wanted something. Sidon was happily exchanging pleasantries and welcomes as you squirmed like a newly born guppy. Mentally, of course.

Maybe it was just your first political job as his mate or the pressure of doing it perfectly that made you nervous. Regardless, if there was an option to leave you would take it without hesitation.

Princess Zelda then extended her hand to you. You took it and kissed it, a rather strange gesture that Sidon insisted you do. She smiled and bid you to rise before saying, “Now that we have formalities out of the way, why don’t we settle down somewhere. The ride was rather tiring, if I do say so myself.”

Sidon offered his hand. “Of course, I have the parlor prepared for your arrival. Let’s head there and have some tea.” Princess Zelda took Sidon’s hand and walked alongside him, leaving you to take stride with her guards. Your cheeks blushed as your jealousy got the better of you. Seeing Sidon happy and laughing while having another woman on his arms had you nearly pouting. It was all for show, of course.

Still, you could give him a hard time later. Maybe tie him to the bed again and praise you as you rode him. His blushing cheeks was always your favorite part of those fantasies. How could one man be so cute?

“Eeep!” you squealed when you felt a hand touch your butt. You turned around to see the guards smiling and giggling to one another. You then looked to your prince for protection, but he was preoccupied with the princess. Your heart thumped in your chest. This was a political alliance, things had to be perfect. You couldn’t just shout that someone just sexually harassed you. What would Sidon make of your accusations if the princess would take their side-

Tears threatened to fall as another guard felt you up as well. What could you do? You wanted to run away and cry, but that would make a scene.

Another hand now smacked against your ass. Small tears did trickle out of your eyes. Hylia above, is this what Hyrule relies on for protection?

“Oh dear, it looks like the little Hylian is tired. How about I carry you the rest of the way…” Large hands picked you up and cradled you in muscular arms. Razzar smiled down at your tear streaked face. “It isn’t that much farther, but I’d rather my future princess to not overwork herself.” Your eyes glistened with happiness. He wasn’t directing any of his sentences to you. Rather, to the guys who were touching you.

But, it did create a different problem. The girls of the domain looked at you with murderous intent. There is no way that anyone will talk to you for the next week. Still, it is a better alternative than to be poked and harassed by the people supposed to be protecting the kingdom. Even if you technically weren’t part of Hyrule anymore, it still felt personal that the Hylians were entrusting them to fend of monsters and the like.

Razaar didn’t seem to mind the glares, even the ones that Sidon threw back at him a few times. The tiger shark kept his hands in modest places and treated you like he would a precious item. But, what surprised you the most was his lack of words. Normally he would be boasting the house down or talk about his accomplishments. And yet, he was completely silent.

Once you arrived at the room, Razaar gently placed you down on the chair before turning to Sidon. He grabbed the prince’s shoulder and leaned in to his ear. Sidon’s eyes widened, turned to the guards, then back to you. You shrunk into your chair a bit at his gaze. You caught Sidon mouthing “Thank you.” to Razaar.

The tiger shark stretched and walked over to the now-intimidated Hylian guards. “I think I want to see what the Hylian Knights are like. Come on, to the training ground with all of you!” You laughed as Razaar pushed all of them out of the room, much to their dismay.

The room soon fell silent until the princess clapped her hands together. “Now, to business. There is a good reason why I came here today. Our scientists found a new rune in the Sheikah Slate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone with the time or interest to be able to try it out. However, I did hear about your recent engagement to a Hylian, Prince Sidon, and I think she would be the perfect test subject.”

Your cheeks flushed as she pointed the slate at you. “W...what does it do?” you asked. Princess Zelda smiled and leaned back in her chair. “It is a rune that makes whoever uses it have all the signs of pregnancy.”

Sidon swallowed hard. “S...should she really-”

Princess Zelda held up her hand to the prince. “I would really like this to be tested, (Y/N). Think of all the possibilities that this could bring! Oh, I am so excited to get started. I brought all of my data sheets and instruments. Of course, you would have to undergo a bit of stress as well. I will be counting on Prince Sidon to take care of that part. Make sure you remember how you feel through all of this.”

The princess walked over to you and gave you the slate. It was heavier than you anticipated. But, amazing to look at. The surface was flat, but there were things inside it! Did you have to pull it out somehow? Is it one of those magic mirrors you heard about as a child? Princess Zelda took your finger and pressed it on a pink square. Even though you couldn’t reach the square because of the glass, it somehow reacted to you and lit up! “Wow…” you said before you looked down at your stomach. Blood left your face. You felt like fainting as you stared at the bump that used to be your stomach.

“It worked!” Princess Zelda exclaimed as she began measuring you. “Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating!” Sidon came over to you and held your hand.

“ many eggs did you put inside her?!” he said with worry.

The princess laughed. “No eggs, just one baby.”

“You made her eat a baby!” Sidon was nearly in tears at this point. However, you couldn’t respond in your state of shock and lack of blood in your head. “Princess, how could you!”

“Stop it, Prince Sidon. This is how Hylians reproduce. We don’t hatch. We come out as a whole person at birth. Now, how are you feeling? Any side effects?”

“…” you said quietly.

“Excellent! Oh… I think I just felt the baby kick! Oh how splendid!” Princess Zelda alternated between feeling all over you belly and writing down notes. Sidon knelt in front of you and began feeling your stomach as well. You felt a small kick to your belly, as did Sidon. His eyes became wide and more curious.

“So, she’s pregnant? Wait. With whose-”

“Nobody’s. It is actually an energy entity created by the slate. It just simulates a pregnancy. She’s not actually pregnant. But, how fascinating it is to have this technology! I wonder what its original purpose was?” The princess continued to write down more and more notes as Sidon explored your tummy. Whenever a kick or pressure was felt, Sidon’s face got closer to your stomach. He was enthralled in the aspects of Hylian pregnancy. He looked like a child, himself.

“Now, we need to put your body through a bit of stress.” The princess said. “This is where you come in, Prince Sidon. I need you to put her body through a bit of stress to see if there is any ill side effects of what happened to her. I will be here upon your return.”

Sidon blushed at what the princess was requesting of the two of you. Then quickly picked you up and dashed out of the room. He skirted down the hall to your room where he closed the door and laid you out on the bed. “S...Sidon?” you squeaked.

The prince’s cheeks was a ruby red color that you barely caught a glimpse of as he began to kiss all over your face. “My sweet little minnow...Can we pretend? Please, my love...let me pretend you are bearing my child!” The poor shark was now an absolute mess. His eyes were blown black with lust, his cocks now out and throbbing, even his kisses became sloppy.

You forgot this was one of his kinks...and a neglected kink at that…

“ need to be gentle with me though...I...I’m still not used to having this...umm...big of a belly.” Sidon nuzzled his crest with your forehead.

“Of course, I wouldn’t want to hurt you or...our child.” His hand ran over the curvature of your tummy. “You are so beautiful like this…” His black eyes drank in your entire body. His hands drank even more as he laid down beside you, pressing his chest to your back. Those wet and wanting cocks of his poked and begged you for entrance inside your sex through your clothes. Sidon grabbed the hem of your pants and pulled them down. Wasting no time, he held your leg up into the air and slipped his cocks inside you. “My minnow…” he moaned. “Mother of my child…” Sidon began rolling his hips to drag his cocks in and out of your now round form. His hand rested on your pregnant stomach, appreciating everything he felt. “I...I want to put so many more of my children inside you.” His sweet lips kissed the top of your head. “Granted, I will have to sneak out of many meetings to make sure my sweet wife is full. I would do it, though. I would do anything for you. My sweet princess, my pregnant wife, goddess above how you clench me is going to drive me insane.”

Sidon came around from behind you to now nestle in between your legs. His cocks speared into you again, forcing you to nearly break your back in ecstasy. “I want to breed you again and again, my precious mate. I want this belly to be full of my seed. I want to hear your screams for me echo in these chambers every night.” Sidon now fucked you a bit faster. “I want you coming over and over again on my cocks. Please, my darling, my minnow, my mate...please...please allow your prince to indulge in these perverted fantasies of violating you to your very core.” Sidon’s tongue now hung out of his mouth as he panted unevenly while thrusting. “I’m filthy, I’m dirty, and I can’t seem to stop this enraged lust I have for you.”

The prince was so far gone now. His eyes were unfocused as he was torn between fucking you senseless or keeping his promise to be gentle. Though, that last part was a stretch. He was thrusting in you a lot harder than his ‘love fucks’ as he called them. Sweet, gentle thrusts that would just inch you to orgasm. “S...Sidon…” you mewled at him. Just a sweet call to get him to see you once again. His eyes started to deepen and wet. Sidon’s gentle hand came to once again caress the bulge that now was your stomach. “ prince…” you began to tug on those kink strings he had. “’s such an honor carrying your child. P...please breed me more…” And that had the red fish wrapped around your finger. You took his heartstrings and tugged on them hard .

“I will” he promised. “I’ll give you as many children of mine as you can possibly birth. I’ll keep you fat and full of me until I run out of my precious nectar.” Sidon’s white lips trembled. “I will keep you safe. I will provide for you and love you for the rest of eternity. My sweet (Y/N) I can’t hold on much longer. Your squeezing around me has pushed me to the edge quicker than I….oh goddess (Y/N), my minnow I’m going to…”

The Zora stilled his hips against your own and gasped as he desperately tried to suck in his breath. You felt the flow of his cum run out of you and onto the sheets below. Loud and pleasure-filled moans escaped his mouth between gasping and draining his seed into you. His arms trembled, his legs trembled as you swear he was about to pass out and crush you from the lack of blood in his head because it was all focused on squeezing every last drop out of his cocks.

When his rush was over, you quickly shimmied to the side so the large Zora could flop down onto the bed. His back rose and fell in time with his still labored breathing. It was quite amusing actually, he was so out of it and drained from an activity you both were skilled at. But, of course the worry settled in. There was indeed a reason why you weren't comfortable with his breeding kink. True, it was all pretend and sexy, but underneath that layer, Sidon really wanted to become a father.

And like a moth to a flame, Sidon’s hand reached not for you belly, but for your cheek. “Relax, my minnow. I love you and won’t force you to do anything you are not comfortable with. Even if others claim you should. You are mine and mine alone.” You nodded, but still was hung up about it all. Sidon could tell and sighed. “You know I’m the type of guy who will play with my cum inside you, right?”

Before you could catch on with his games, he had his fingers dipping into your sex. “S...Sidon!” you squealed before he turned those wondrous fingers upward to rub that spot deep inside you.

“That’s it. Good girl.” Sidon swirled his fingers around and pressed your walls. Then, oh that cheater, he spread his fingers a bit apart, stretching your abused entrance. “You like when I play here...I know you always enjoy that first stretch from my cocks. Such a cute hole you have. It’s so fun to play with.” He took his fingers out of you and held up his hand. “Oh my, I made such a mess. We can’t have you go back down to see the princess like this.” The prince shimmed down between your legs. You couldn’t see him with this large baby bump in the way. Confused until proven otherwise, you tilted your head around to try and catch a glimpse at what he was doing. It wasn’t until you felt a long tongue slide up your slit that you understood what he meant.

“Sidon! I’m...I’m fine r...really...a.ah...ah…” Despite your protesting, the prince continued his lavishing of your folds and your oh so sensitive clit. “’re not playing fair...ah..ah…” Then, after a slight chuckle, the prince really cheated. He placed his lovely fingers back inside your sex and began stroking. With his tongue lavishing your bud and his fingers stroking deep and methodically, you felt yourself tipping. You grabbed the pillow by your head and screamed.




You have never experienced an orgasm as intense and pleasurable before. Was it because something was in your womb? You didn’t know and you didn’t care as Sidon kept lavishing you. Great Hylia above, he knew how to work you. Your body tensed up so much from the pleasure that it started to hurt. You waved your hand to get the prince to let up, and he did. With cum dripping from his chin and a cocky smile, he chuckled at your blissed out state. “Well now, look at you. That was an intense orgasm.”

You stuck your tongue out at the teasing prince. Sidon simply smiled and picked you up off the bed. “Why don’t we freshen up and head back down to the princess? I do like seeing you like this, but it’s not my child wiggling inside you. Besides, you still need to finish your training before you are with child.” You sunk at his suggestion. You hated training with those soldier boys. They always teased you about your height. “Now, now, let’s not think of such things after our blissful encounter.” He opened up the curtain and tested the water like before. “Also, please refrain from placing your mouth on my most intimate parts this time. I doubt that I have any cum left to give you.” You smiled as he placed you down on the floor of the shower.




“Finally! I thought you two disappeared into another dimension. Come here.” The princess took the measuring tape and sized you up, sideways, and around. “Hmmm. I thought it would have had some sort of impact on your physical form. Strange… Oh well, at least we know that this can undergo some pretty serious strain. It was serious, right? He made you run up and down the stairs of carry something heavy.” Your face flushed at what she wanted you to do vs. what you actually did.

“Y...yah I carried books from the study to the library.” The princess nodded at your answer. She then held up that strange rock with glass and had you touch it to activate the rune a second time. You felt a little queasy as your stomach returned to normal. But, otherwise fine. You shook your head and rubbed your hands over your normal body and sighed.

You had enough excitement for one day.

Chapter Text


You held your spear above your head, blocking the blow. Arms began to tremble as Razzar pushed down harder. Breathing became labored and your knees began to buckle beneath you. There has to be a weakness...a way out…

“Come on fishcake. I thought you would be more of a challenge. I guess you are just as weak and shrimpy as I thought.” Razaar sneered at you.

You were seriously considering challenging him. But after how he made all those height comments, you had to do something! Just one shot. Letting Razaar have the upperhand, you released the pressure you were putting on his spear. You pushed yourself forward and shot up a right hand to hit the underside of his jaw. However, what you thought would at least stun him turned out to be just a tickle….or so his smile said so.

Razaar took his hand and pushed your chest, effectively pinning you to the ground. His massive form loomed over you as he showed off his wicked teeth. You grabbed his wrist and tried to wiggle out underneath him, but to no avail. “I give…” you said through clenched teeth.

Yet, Razaar continued to pin you down. “I know. But, you look so good underneath me...don’t you think?”

Your eyes shone as a wicked smile curled your lips. In the most lewd voice you could muster you shouted, “Nahhhh Razzar...d...d...don’t touch me there~!!!” You swerved your hips and lewdly wiggled underneath his palm.

Everyone in the training yard looked over to your sparing pair. Razaar blushed and jumped back from you, hands in the air. Bazz was the only one looking physically upset. The others...slowly turned away once their captain approached the tiger shark. Bazz gave him a harsh look. “C..Captain I didn’t do anything she...she just…”

Bazz turned to you and knelt down. “(Y/N) know you can only pull that once, right?” You chuckled. “It took weeks for me to dispel any rumors when you did it to me. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if that actually happened with Razaar…” The tiger shark rolled his eyes and faced away from you and the captain. “Regardless, let's get you off the ground.” Bazz extended his hand which you took.

Yet only a millisecond later, you regret your decision.

You screamed a high pitch, ear splitting, blood moon cry. The pain in your chest felt like you were being shot with a million arrows. Bazz laid you back down as you clutched part of your lower ribs. Tears blurred your vision as you swear you were going to pass out. “I need you to relax!” You heard Bazz command. Yet, the fuzziness in your ears made you unsure if that is what he intended to say.

Once the initial wave of pain passed, you opened your watery eyes to see Bazz coddling you with one arm. The other was healing your stomach. Tears still flowed out of your eyes as you looked into his golden ones. “It seems that he bruised a muscle or two when he pushed down on you. Just hold on a bit longer and you will be fine.”

You smiled at him and gave him your thanks. In return, a faint color bloomed into his cheeks. His eyes shyly refocused on where he was healing, being the bashful Zora that he is. The coolness of his hand made you look down to see his healing. Your cheeks then colored when you noted your state of dress. Your shirt was pulled up to just below your breasts so his hands could work on bare flesh. And his hands worked . He caressed and pressed his fingers into your stomach and ribs and just below your breasts. It was almost like kneading dough. He just... grabbed at you. Your mind rushed to what he would have done if you had been bruised anywhere else. You could always say your ass needed healing. You did fall to the ground...right?

Razaar made a huff before turning away once again, obviously put off by the eyes and blushes you were exchanging. His head then snapped to a direction before he lifted his hand to his mouth. “Hey cousin! Your captain is fondling your mate!” Bazz bared his teeth at Razaar who in turn gave him a smug smile.

Before you could say ‘Zora’, Prince Sidon rounded the corner to stare at you and your healer. His cheeks brimmed a ruby red at seeing you in your state. “W...what are you doing, Bazz?”

“Healing her, dumbass. I’m not your cousin. Though, it is his fault she got hurt.” Only Bazz could ever get away with calling the prince anything less than his given title. But, he did catch himself a bit once the other Zora flinched when Bazz said his crude nickname. Bazz continued concentrating on healing you as the prince was scolding his cousin. Whether or not Razaar cared...was a different story.

Sidon then knelt down beside you and tucked a fallen piece of hair behind your ear. “You alright, love?” You nodded at your prince.

“Just a bit bruised. Bazz is healing me up nicely.” The prince’s face relaxed at your smiling face. Your smile deepend with his. His wounded warrior, the maiden who gave herself for his cause...all to protect the man she loved. It was a fantasy, yes...but when did you not pretend with your prince?

“Oh he’s giving her the ‘fuck me’ eyes.” Razaar frowned at the huddle on the ground. “She’s going to eye-fuck half the kingdom at this rate.”

Don’t say it….Don’t say it… “You sound jealous,” you shot back. Razaar’s cheeks flared up bright red. His hands balled into fists as he stomped away. One Zora dared asked him what was wrong on his way out. He shoved them out of his way. You knew you overdid it, couldn’t help but feel a sick satisfaction getting under his scales like that.

“(Y/N)...” Sidon sighed. “That was a bit much, even for someone like Razaar.”

You shrunk down in Bazz’s arms. Ears turned down, face red felt like a scolded child. You tried burying your face into your healer’s chest, but he pulled back from you. “Don’t think you can run to me.”

Eyes turned down and embarrassed, you tried to make yourself as small as possible. “Is she all heald?” Sidon asked. Bazz gave him a nod. “Good. Come along now my sharp tongued minnow. I think you had enough excitement for one day.” He grabbed your hand and hauled you to your feet. You kept your eyes on the ground, afraid of what you’ll see when you turn them upward.

His hand led you out of the training grounds, across the plaza, and into the palace. Your eyes caught the faces of passing servants whose reflections shone in the palace floors. All eyes looked to the prince, then you, then away from you both. You wondered how he was presenting himself.

Soon enough, you walked through the bedroom doors and towards the bed. Sidon sat you down on it. “Look at me,” he ordered. You did as he asked, though reluctantly. His face was at rest but his hands were slowly stripping you of your clothing. “Now, what should I do? I need to correct this behavior of yours. After all, it isn’t the first complaint I’ve had this week. Switching the floor shiner for soap, convincing the children that Muzu lost the end of his tail, and filling the top of the waterfall with red dye to convince travelers that the Zora eat our visitors...just to name a few.” You turned your head to the side and covered your now naked body with your hands. Sidon made a disgruntled grunt. His lips pressed against the exposed part of your neck. “What’s going on, my minnow? This isn’t like you.”

Tears began spilling out onto the white sheets. You pulled your body in closer to yourself. The prince’s large hand got under your head and turned it so that your eyes locked. His face was set, at rest. More shameful tears poured out of your eyes. Usually, Sidon would look at you with those pity eyes and everything would be alright. He was expecting an answer….and he wanted one now. Your lips trembled as tiny words formed. “You have been quite busy lately and…” You closed your eyes, trying to shut him out.

“You tried to get my attention…” To that, you nodded. The prince sighed. “Well, you aren't going to learn if I let this slide…” Your ears turned down, face cherry red. Then, they flicked up as you remembered that he removed your clothes. Sidon slyly smiled and turned your body over. “My naughty little fiance…Making more work for me...How are you going to make it up to me?” His hand gave your butt a slight squeeze.

You buried your face into the mattress. “I...I don’t know…”

The prince made a dissatisfied sound. “Oh dear, sounds like you need to learn before you make it up to me.” You turned your head around to look back at him when a harsh sting hit your ass. “What to do with you? How will you make it up to your dear...” He leaned in close. Nibbling the shell of your ear, he whispered, “... prince .” He lobbed another hit against your ass.

Oh goddess, not this again… Though, a smack made you rethink.“H….have your way with m….me....” your voice trembled.  Another smack reminded you of his little game. “….prince…”

A deep chuckle rumbled behind you. “But, I’m soooo tired. I don’t think I even have the strength to enjoy myself. Somehow, I have been having to talk to others for long hours and calm them down. It has taken time out of my day” Another hit. “Salt in place of sugar,” *smack* “books placed in a way that they make crude sentences,” *smack* “and not to mention having my council notes conveniently moved from my office to my room so I would have to come back for them.” *smack* “ Such a tiring week.”

Sidon then lifted off of you and sprawled out on the bed. His arms folded above his head, giving him a relaxed, yet expecting vibe. You crawled over beside him and laid your head against his chest. “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want to hear your words, my pet. I want you to show me how sorry you are.” Sidon’s cocks were already out of their sheath and ready to fuck. With a blush, you crawled on top of his hips and sprawled out for him. Shifting your hips back, you put the tips of both of his cocks inside you. Sidon made a deep and delighted sound as a smug smile draped across his beautiful face. “Just like that, my minnow. But come now, I know you can take more than just the tips,” he taunted.

With an embarrassed flush, you pushed your hips back to fill yourself with his cocks. That smile and sigh deepened with every inch pressed into you until you couldn’t take anymore. Goddess, how much more could you take of this humiliation. His expression wasn’t that of pleasure, but rather...amusement. He looked like fucking Razaar like this. Damn family resemblance. Sidon cupped your cheek and locked eyes with you. “Come now, move little one. You have been waiting to play with your master for a while now, no? have been helping yourself in my absence?”More blood pooled into your cheeks. “(Y/N)?”

“A...a bit…” you admitted. Sidon cocked his head to one side and let out a slight hum.

“Naughty little thing…” You continued to thrust yourself on top of him. The whole situation was embarrassing. His gazes and his words made you feel like he was expecting this…

“You’ve planned this.” Your cheeks puffed into a pout. Sidon gave you another smile and cupped your cheek with his hand.

“Well, between meetings and other work, I have been dreaming of what to do with you. My mind often wanders to you...Can you blame me? I love you, after all.” Blood pooled in your pouty cheeks as you continued to ride the cocky prince. Your fingers began to curl, digging at his chest as pleasure filled you. Maybe you wouldn’t admit it, but your body certainly gave away how much you missed intimacy. Your eyes became hooded as the lust curled itself around your mind, fogging your thoughts. “That’s my pet. Pleasure yourself with my cocks.” One of his hands traveled to your hip, making you rock with him. His other hand continued to cup your cheek, even going so far as to press his thumb to your lips. You took it into your mouth and began wrapping your tongue around it. The wet and erotic dance in your mouth entranced the red Zora. Sidon thrused up, fucking you deep. A moan vibrated around his thumb, causing him to smile. You opened your mouth to gasp, letting his thumb escape. “Here, let me flip you over.”

Sidon placed you on your hands and knees, facing the headboard. Of course he put that back up. You were staring at a reflection of yourself. Although now, you could see that your blush wasn’t just on your cheeks, it crawled to the tips of your ears and down to your chest. You looked up to Sidon. He tilted his head as he fondled your ass. ‘Beg for it,’ he said wordlessly. You bit your lip. “F...fuck me…” you said in the smallest of voices. He stayed still behind you. Your wet eyes traveled to his in the mirror. With cute puppy eyes you begged him. “Please fuck me….master.”

Sidon visibly shivered. His eyes widened and he gripped your hips tighter.  Judging from his reaction, you were half surprised he didn’t come. “Oh my little minnow…” Sidon pushed deep into you. His head whipped back in ecstasy as you fed him those pleasurable moans he so desperately craved. “My sweet pet…” Air seemed to escape from him as he tried to suck in more and more air. But, he was able to gain some composure as he began to thrust deep inside you. “My sweet pet. My sweet, disobedient pet,” he cooed. “Your master has been neglecting your needs. I’ll make it better. I’ll give my sweet minnow what she wants and more.” He stilled against your butt for a second. You looked at his face once more and saw it twist, his eyes rolled back before shutting again. “I’m trying not to come so soon. Hylia, I can’t last much longer… You’re so cruel to take care of yourself and not...ah...ahhh...shit…

I’m so sensitive…” His voice hitched in the most adorable way. He was begging and pleading, trying to convince himself to settle down, only to fail. His mouth hung open as shaky cries exited his mouth.

You pushed forward with your hands to thrust your hips back. “ (Y/N) don’t I’ll-”

“Come in me…” you begged.

“Sidon...JUST FUCK ME AND COME!” you cried.

The prince pulled your hips back onto his cocks and slammed inside you. His face was now covered by his crest as he loomed over you, focusing on taking you. His cocks rubbed deep inside. They hit more and more places as they began to twitch. “My minnow…” the prince chanted over and over until he stilled against you. The prince choked back the cries he wanted to let out. Only bits and pieces reached your ears.

Sidon then placed his hands above you to steady himself. You gave him a small smile. “Well, that certainly was something.” The prince chuckled and rocked himself into you a few times.

“I guess I was in need of my dear minnow.” He pulled out, allowing his seed to flow freely out of you. Sidon spred you apart to get a better look. After getting a good eyeful, he stood up and began walking towards the bathroom. “I’m going to get clean, you can do the same after I am done.” Your brows pinched in confusion. To which, he chuckled. “A true punishment indeed. Lets see how long you can hold out before throwing yourself at the guards.”

You blushed and pouted. All riled up and no intention of letting you finish, the prince is a cruel master.

Chapter Text

Reader's POV

You snuggled into the bed, content with getting a few more minutes of sleep. But, a pain in your abdomen kept you awake. You curled up into a ball, hands pushing on your tummy to get the pain to subside. A feeling of something slipping out of you caused your eyes to snap open in alarm. You pushed the sheets out of the way to see blood between your legs. You blushed, how much did these fancy silk sheets cost? And now you stained them...great…

You got up and ran over to the washroom to grab a washcloth and wet it. You twisted out the extra water and began the journey back to the bed. But, a certain fish prince caused you to stop halfway. Sidon looked down at the spot in complete horror. “D...Darling? I...wasn’t too rough last night...was I?” Your face lit up with red from him acknowledging the stain.

“ it isn’t that…it’s-” But, before you could get the rest of your sentence out, Sidon already blot out the door with you in his arms. “S...Sidon!”

“Don’t worry! We’ll get you to the doctor! He will fix you!” “But Sidon…” You will be ok! He can help!” You sprawled a hand on his chest to try and get his attention. “Sidon!” “Everything will be fine!” The obvious panic in his voice and face made you feel like you were, indeed, dying.

The prince nearly tore off the door to get into the office of the doctor. “Doctor! Please help! She’s dying!” A Zora in a white lab coat stood up and shuffled the prince to put his ‘dying’ fiance down on a small hospital bed. “She’s bleeding between her legs and she is hurting in her womb...I...I must have done something wrong! I...Oh, Hylia I am so sorry my minnow!”

“I AM JUST ON MY PERIOD!” Your cheeks burned red at the admittance of such an embarrassing thing. The doctor nodded his head.

“A typical monthly occurrence for a Hylian. Do you need any ummm...medical supplies, Lady (Y/N)?” The doctor’s calm voice soothed your frantic mind. You nodded weakly at his offer. The doctor grabbed some supplies from his cabinets and handed them to you in a cloth bag.

“Prince Sidon, while the miss is getting situated, I would like to explain some of what transpired to you. Come along.” The doctor nodded to you as he shut the door. Goddess above, what a morning.


Sidon’s POV

His poor little minnow. How can something that fragrant be so painful? The prince put a hand to his chin, thinking. Is it really normal for someone to bleed out like that?

“Yes, it is perfectly normal. And no, you did nothing to cause it, my prince.”

Sidon breathed a sigh of relief. “Is there anything we can do about the pain? Before she woke up she was curled into a ball...and...and...”  

The doctor gave him a slight chuckle. “That’s the easy part. Keeping her happy, not so much.” With a confused look given to him by his prince, he continued. “She will be quite...oh, how to put this...emotional. So tears are normal as well as an extreme craving for sweet things. Mainly, chocolate.”

“Why chocolate?” Sidon asked in concern.

The doctor shrugged. “Nobody knows….Oh, one more thing. How are your senses doing?” The prince blushed at his doctor. “Well, just keep your….emotions in check. Now, she should be about done. How about you carry her back to bed?” Sidon nodded and gave him a small smile.




Sidon laid his bride to be on the bed. The poor thing curled up in the sheets and whimpered. “My dear, I have something to help with the pain…” He gently peeled back the fabric to reveal her saddened eyes.

“I wish I was dead…” she whimpered.

“Oh my sweet minnow… Here, bite down on this. The doctor said it would help numb the pain.” She took the herb from his hand and chewed on it. She looked like a small kitten suckling a pice of grass. Even in pain, she always found a way to be adorable.

Sidon crawled into bed behind her, snuggling her back. The large Zora smiled and began to play with her hair. Claws traced her scalp, causing her to hum in pleasure. Anything, he would do anything to help his darling (Y/N) to feel better. “Darling, is there anything more I can do for you? Get you something sweet, chocolate perhaps?” Tears welled up in her eyes. She began to quietly sob. “Oh! Oh darling, what is it? I didn’t hurt you did I?” The prince parted her hair, looking for any evidence of scratching too hard.

“I...I want…” She hiccuped a few times. “I wanted pie…” Now the tears flowed. “I just wanted pie and it was gone, and your dad ate it! Now it’s gone!”

Ah, yes. Once she found out about his father eating her pie she was quite disappointed. But, wasn’t that months ago? How did it matter now? After he explained it to her the first time, she simply brushed it off. Why is she acting like it was the end of the world? Like someone died? “D...don’t worry (Y/N). When the berries come back in season then we will make a pie.”

“But, I want it now!” she sobbed.

Sidon looked around his room. Anything to try and help his little minnow. His eyes fell on his hand, his scales. “I’m not as sweet as a razzberry but, if you would like to have a taste of me...I will let you do whatever you want.”

She wasn’t having it.

“Yes...ummm how about I go and look in the kitchen for those sweet treats?” The prince patted his love’s head. “But, I need to visit the washroom first.” He scurried to the bathroom before his minnow could say much more.

The prince nearly broke the sink with how hard he was gripping it. His slit completely opened, popping out his twin cocks. No hesitation, he began stroking himself to recompense some of his sanity. “ can her blood smell so sweet to me?” The prince’s knees buckled underneath him. “I want her….my wounded little catch, I want to ravish her.” He could feel it. He barely got started and he could feel it! “(Y/N)...” he whimpered. “(Y/N)...(Y/N)..(Y/N)(Y/N)(Y/N)(Y/N)(Y/N)!” Cum sputtered out of his cocks into his hand.

Sidon’s eyes widened at the mess. “I’m….in heat…” His heart dropped as tears welled in his eyes. He felt dirty, wrong. His little minnow is in so much pain and all he can think about is jacking off to her sent. He already did and now his cocks were nearly hard enough to begin again!


Reader’s POV

Someone was stabbing you, you were sure of it. The herb did help numb the pain...a bit. Still, it hurt like hell. And what was your mate doing? just wanted pie...

Tears pricked at your eyes as you felt the overwhelming sensation of sorrow. Why was everything so hard today?

A knock came to the door. “Nhmmmmmnnnnn!” You whined as you pulled the covers back over your head. Footsteps came to your bedside and the covers were lifted off of you. You looked up to see the captain staring at you.

“(Y/N) you missed practice today. Are you feeling ill?” You pouted and nodded. Bazz cracked a smile at you. “Poor thing. I also came to collect Sidon. He is needed at a….a….a….a..a.a...a…” The captain kept blinking and repeating that same chord that flowed into a long pause of silence. His yellow eyes stared at you. Or rather, in your direction, but not seeing. His pupils began to dilate.

“Bazz, what are you doing here?” Sidon must have come out when you were having your staring contest. The captain then turned his head to look at his prince. Sidon flinched and grabbed Bazz to haul him out of the room.

“Don’t leave me!” you began to cry.


Sidon’s POV

Bazz slammed his own back against the wall. “Sidon, what the fuck was that?” The prince was trying to catch his own breath. “Sidon! What. The. Fuck. Was. Th-”

“It’s some Hylian thing!” Sidon confessed. “They bleed somehow and it’s normal...apparently…”

Bazz gave his prince an incredulous look. “And how are Zora equipped to deal with that? Her scent is like a damn sirin.”

“I know...I’m in heat because of it…”

Bazz took a few steps back from his prince. “Whatever you do, do not involve me. I have too much to do to be thrust into heat. Let alone find myself infatuated with your mate.”

“And what do you want me to do about it? I can’t just make her stop!”

Bazz poked a finger at his prince. “Well, make sure you do something about it before the entirety of the Domain is having an orgy in your room!” Sidon’s cheeks turned red as a servant girl quickly turned away and scurried down the hall. Bazz rubbed the back of his neck. “Just...don’t cause more trouble for me…” he sighed.





Sidon made his way into the kitchen. The cooks bowed to him and greeted him. The prince was about to say something before a white tiger shark caught his eye. Razaar held half a turtle like a sandwich and bit down, shell and all. Sidon’s stomach lurched. Once he noticed he was spotted, Razaar waved over to his cousin. “You want some?” The bloodied half turtle was extended to him.

“No, thank you. I never understood how you could eat...non...common food.”

Razaar simply shrugged and continued eating the turtle sandwich. The crack of the shell made the prince cringe. “More for me. What are you doing down here anyway? Getting something for your bleeding bride?” Sidon jumped out of his scales. A smug smile wormed its way across his face. “You know I smell better than you. Plus-” he took another bite- “I’ve had Hylian lovers before. Gotta say, it tastes quite good.”

“You ate them?”

Razaar frowned at his cousin. “You are a special kind of stupid. No, I ate what they were...dripping. Hylian women were always so horny during this time and had no problem being licked between their legs. Hehe, even the ones that were married.” He placed the last bit of the turtle in his mouth. “Is that why you are down here? Need my assistance?”

“Like hell.” Sidon cursed, earning quite a few looks from the cooks. Obviously, they weren’t used to their ‘posh’ prince being so vulgar. Razaar certainly had a way of unraveling him. “I came to get some chocolate for my bride-to-be.”

One of the cooks stood beside the prince, prompting Sidon to look down. “My prince,” he began “We do not have such a thing in the domain at the moment. As you know, your father has quite the sweet tooth.” Of course… “We do have some cream puffs already made for tonight’s dinner. Would you like some of those?” Sidon nodded, allowing the cook to leave from his place to fetch the sweets.

Razaar had a cocky smile. “Ah, the best thing for a little minnow to...lick up. It will be quite the show when she licks any loose cream from her fingers.” Razaar extended his index finger and ran his sharp tongue across it.

Sidon rolled his eyes and followed after the cook. He had enough of his cousin for one day.





Sidon returned to the room. The fragrance now hung in the room like a fog. His senses were going absolutely wild with need. And with her little ass up in the air, he could hardly think.


Reader’s POV

The fuck fucking pain was so fucking painful. You grabbed as many pillows as you could and stuffed them under your stomach. Now with your butt in the air and pressure on your womb, the pain was a bit more bearable.

The door opened and in walked Sidon with a plate of cream puffs. Tears welled in your eyes at the sight. You opened your mouth wide to receive one. However, Sidon merely stared at his baby bird. Tentatively, he slowly moved his hand to grab one puff off the plate...then to your mouth. You took the whole thing in your mouth as well as the tips of his fingers. His tense fingers slowly exited your mouth, leaving you to chew your food.

But, those dark eyes and opening slit made you stop and swallow. “Sidon?” you meekly said. He sprang up onto the bed and dragged you into his arms. Mouth to mouth he threw you back under him and began stripping you. Even with all the whimpers of protest, the prince continued his needy assault on your Hylian body.

Sidon popped his mouth off of your own. “I’ve wanted you all day. Now, give me what threw me into heat!” Sidon reclined on the headboard and threw your legs over his shoulders. You blushed as his long tongue dipped into your bleeding sex.

“S...Sidon! Stop! What are you doing? It’s weird!” Despite the good, great, amazing was embarrassing to have Sidon drinking your blood. The prince flicked his tongue over your clit several times until you submitted. Granted, it was several times of constant protesting, wiggling, and nearly crying before letting him have what he wanted. Now, those cries were of your desires being sated.

Your head hung upside down on his stomach as you cried out. And, of course, the tips of his cocks were in reach of your own tongue. Fuck it. You began suckling one of his cocks, causing Sidon to moan loudly against your sex. “Yes...yes (Y/N)...suck me...suck off your prince!” You took as much in your mouth as you possibly could. His slick and hot dick had you blushing. Sidon was never this provocative. Out of all the things he did, he never just outright ravished you! He said he was in heat...when did he- Your mouth was filled with the prince’s cum. You let most of it cascade down his member, leaving but a taste in your mouth. Shit...he just came without warning!

“S...Sidon!” you yipped as his cruel tongue dug deep inside you. It twisted and rubbed your sensitive walls. “’t…” This was too much! He came so quickly...he's licking your bloodied cunt...and worst of all, he's turned on by all this! You couldn't even argue as his strong hands forced such delicious pleasure on you. The pain was gone and replaced by his wicked tongue. And goddess did that tongue rub you the right way. Every second pushed you further and finally, the tightening in your womb signaled the end of it all. “Sidon stop or I’ll….I’ll…” Your body curled up and you held on to his crest for dear life as everything unwound within you. Sidon kept up his work, licking all the blood and clear cum that squeezed out of you.

With gentleness, Sidon put you down on the bed. You twitched and whined as your afterglow took hold. A hand patting your head made you look up. Blood smeared all over the prince’s chin and cheeks. You could say the same for your own cheeks; though, the blood was rushing, not smeared. “ little minnow...” Between the prince’s legs rested his hard and heavy cocks. No way… It was like he never came. Sidon began stroking the cocks, lubed with his own cum. He stared hungrily as he jerked himself off next to you. “My minnow...I’m in heat...I need...I’m so hot...Goddess! Goddess, (Y/N)!” Sidon’s head snapped back as more cum came gushing out of his cocks.

Yet, he didn’t stop. You were in absolute disbelief. How could he cum twice in nearly five minutes! Let alone begging for another one… “S..Sidon?” you looked at him in pity.

“I’m in minnow. My body wants me to breed...y..yy...your blood tripped it. It smelled so good. A little wounded thing, bleeding and helpless. Just...Just so easy to attack and fill up…” Sidon now looked away in shame as his hand moved faster on his shafts. “I’m such a pathetic prince...allowing your sent to degrade me in such a way. Needing to stroke myself in front of you, imagining that I’m spilling my seed inside you. Imagining...Imagining I’m breeding my little minnow. Fucking her in front of every guy who wants her...showing them who she belongs to…” Sidon grabbed your shoulder and thumbed his mark as his seed spilled into the sheets. Sidon cried out in pleasure.

His breath wavered. He gasped and shivered as he came down from his high. Once black eyes turned golden again. “I’m….so sorry (Y/N)...I get crazy for sex when I...I’m in heat.” You blushed at his bashfulness.

“It’s ok...I was just...surprised. And...a tad weirded out that you...licked me...there...on my period.” Now cherry red, you turned your face up to look at your mate.

Sidon wiped his bloodied chin with part of the sheets. “You actually tasted grand, my minnow.” You buried your face into the mattress. “I mean that in a good way!...Us know we are predatory by matter how soft I may be. And that you are exuding a lot of mating pheromones....I just had to have you. In my mouth or...otherwise.”

“It’s still a bit embarrassing…” you admitted.

Sidon smiled. “I figured that...sorry.” He turned towards the nightstand. “Here, there is still some cream puffs left. Have one.” You took the pastry in your hands and took a bite out of it. Not only were you happy of the sweetness it left on your tongue, but also how it washed Sidon’s bitter essence away. But, part of it caught on the outside of your mouth. You licked the missing cream off and looked at Sidon, embarrassed that he saw how messy of an eater you were.

Oh dear…

Sidon stared deeply at your action. His breath quickened as his cocks began to firm up once more. “My minnow...can you...can you have sex in your current state?”

Chapter Text

Razaar's POV

How many stupid missions could his uncle put him on? First it was delivering a package to Lurelin Village. Then, it was some pansy mission asking his squad to take out a monster encampment. ONE encampment! With bokoblins at that…

And don’t get him started on his “squad.” For each mission somehow they all got swapped out for new members...except him. How convenient must it be that he is always out of the Domain. Praise Hylia, Sidon won’t have to see the dozens of horny woman throwing themselves at him. I don’t even know why they do it...Uhhh. probably because they heard I am more endowed than their beloved prince....Sometimes I think that fucking Tula was the worst decision I ever made. Sure, he got to best his cousin at something. But at the cost of his comfort at home? No thanks.

However, now he is here on another mission to send yet another message to the tiny town of Hetano. Seriously, why couldn’t they used the Hylian messengers?. Or better yet, he could just let it float down the river and the job would be done.

‘It’s too sensitive to be trusted by mere messengers.’ King Dorephan said.

Yeah fucking right. He knew it was just something to keep him busy. Regardless, here he is in the village. “Let's just get this over with…” he said to himself. He kind of...left his squad behind to make the trip faster.

Razaar walked through the village of gawking Hylians. Children scattered and hid behind their mother’s skirts. Shop keepers ducked behind their stalls. Racist bastards… Razaar nodded to the town mayor and handed him the sealed letter. It was written on water resistant parchment, of course. So there was no need to worry about it during the swim over.

The mayor broke the seal of the letter and scanned over it. His fingers flexed around the parchment at multiple points. Could this have been important? Like, actually important and not another tally of this week’s trade? Razaar’s golden eyes locked onto movement behind the contemplating man. A young woman peeked out behind the doorway. He noted that her eyes lingered on him. Well, until she realized he was looking at her. She ducked back inside as quickly as she came.

Was she checking me out?

A cough from the mayor refocused his attention. “Thank you, Lord Razaar. I will quickly write a response to your king. If you would be so kind as to wait until I return. I promise you it will only take a few minutes.” Razaar nodded his head in agreement and encouragement to get the old man to begin writing.

Since Razaar couldn’t go into the house, considering his size, he opted to sit on a patch of grass under a tree. He sighed and reclined onto the tree’s bark. Razaar looked up at the dancing leaves. Summer was such a beautiful month. It was warm, green, and food was so bountiful. With that last thought, his stomach began to growl. “Shit,” he cursed. The tiger shark looked around. That stick wouldn’t be too bad… He picked up the stick and brought it to his mouth.

He froze when he noticed the girl standing in front of him.

Razaar flicked the stick away and tried to explain himself. “I...I...I was umm...testing the health of this tree…Zora can do that…”

She chuckled and held up the basket she was holding. “My father would like to apologize for making you wait longer than intended. He asked me to bring you some freshly baked bread. I hope it would be more appetizing than your...stick.” She pulled back the fabric covering the steaming hot bread loaves and handed the basket to him. Razaar coddled the basket with a single hand and took a loaf. (Though to him it would be more of a bun.)

“I’m Finly, by the way.”

Razaar stopped his chewing to answer. But, Finly held up her hand. “You are Lord Razaar, I know...I have always wanted to properly introduce myself, but… father is quite cautious of new people meeting me. He says he’s trying to protect me…” She waved her hand, dismissing her father’s intentions.

“You can just call me Razaar…” he said, amt bashfully. Wait, why was he feeling so bashful? What is this nervousness?

She smiled sweetly at him. Goddess, his heart couldn’t take it. What is happening to me? Indigestion? Did that stick have any strange fungus on it? Finly took a few steps closer to him. “Father won’t let me out of his sight either. So...if you would be so kind...would you tell me a story or two about your adventures?” Her eyes sparkled with an innocent luster that even Razaar couldn’t deny anything of.

“S...sure.” What the hell... “What do you want to hear...exactly?”

She took a few steps closer and laid her hands on his. “Anything! Everything! I want to know all there is to know about the world! What about Zora’s Domain? I heard the water there sparkles!” Her enthusiasm rivaled Sidon’s. Razaar was nearly in shock. Though, what his cousin gives off was annoying. comes off as...cute…

“W...well it doesn't sparkle. But, it is the cleanest, clearest, and most breathable water in Hyrule.”

“Breathable?” she questioned.

“Y...yes, of course. Zora can breathe underwater. Our gills allow us to-” His sentence got cut off by his embarrassment. She was staring so intently at his gills. She was curious, yes...but, it would be the same as staring at his pelvis. Finly reached her hand up to touch them. Razaar placed his hand over her wandering one. “ don’t know much about you?” She shook her head. “Our gills are a rather...intimate part of ourselves.”

Finly’s cheeks bloomed red. “I...I’m so sorry! I didn’t know!....ummm….uhhhh…...hh….Here!” She pulled the collar of her dress down, exposing her breasts to him. “ we are even!” She pulled her dress back up.

Who the fuck is this girl?

Razaar blinked emptily at her. What could he do? She just...bore herself to him to save him from humiliation! What a woman…

She blushed and kept her eyes from him as she covered her chest with her hands. Razaar’s own face felt a bit hot as she kept like that for several minutes, waiting for him to break the ice.

“Lord Razaar!”

The tiger shark turned to the mayor. “Ah, I see you met my daughter, Finly. Well, here is the letter. Please give it to the king and graciously ask if I could receive a response.” Razaar nodded and took the letter. He stood up, resuming his towering statue above the two Hylians. One to his dismay and the other...her delight?

Razaar bowed and took his leave.


He prepared to jump into the river when a small call made him turn around. Finly rushed up to him, almost out of breath. “R...Razaar… Would...would you be able to bring something back from the domain?”

Though thoroughly confused, he answered, “S..sure. What is it?”

“Anything! I just...want to see what the Domain is like. I can’t leave the village so...would you be able to show me it? Through things?”

Razaar nodded. “Sure. I will try to think of something…”

Finly grinned from ear to ear. “Thank you!” She took his hand and kissed his fingers. “I will eagerly await your return!” With a giggle, she headed back to the village.

Hylians are so strange…






Razaar clutched the paper and knife in his hand. The Zora are known for their beautiful weaponry. A knife was both functional for everyday life and beautiful to look at for its craftsmanship. But, was this a present?

WAIT! She’s a girl! Oh, fuck, why did he think a knife would be a good idea? He could have gotten her a small necklace or ornament or….something other than an instrument of death! Razaar clutched his mistake harder in his hands. He couldn’t get rid of it now! He had to bring her something from the domain.

He tensed up as he saw her waiving him down by the river. Her smile was as bright as the last time he was here. He resurfaced by her and walked out onto the shore. Finly ran up and grabbed his hand. “I waited and I knew you would come this way! How are you? The trip wasn’t too tiring? Do you need to rest before you…” she stopped when Razaar held up his other hand. “R..Right, I’m babbling. Here, let's sit for a bit.” She lead him by his hand to a nearby apple tree. Basically, she pushed him down to sit. “, how are you?”

Razaar smiled at his eager little Hylian. “I am doing well. Well, as far as a glorified messenger can be.” Finly tilted her head in confusion. Razaar rubbed behind his neck. “Well, I’ve kind of pissed off the prince and now I’m more often out of the Domain than in it. Oh, speaking of which…” Razaar opened up his palm to reveal a small silver knife. “I know it’s not the best first image of the Domain, but I wanted you to see some of our craftsmanship.”

Her eyes lit up as she placed her hands around the knife’s hilt. “It’s so beautiful! Wow… it’s like your armor and wrist cuffs. Your spear as well. Amazing…” She tilted the knife around to view it at every angle. Her small fingers traced the carvings and accents along the hilt. Then, she ran those fingers down the flat side of the blade. Entranced, she was captivated by the object he’d given to her. Then, she looked up at him. “Thank you for showing me-  Razaar!” she shrieked.

The tiger shark felt searing pain down his back. He turned around to see a moblin with a bloodied claymore. His blood, he knew. He pulled his spear to his side and stood up. His body ached for him to rest. But, the moblin drew his claymore into the air to slash down on the hunched Zora. Razaar held his spear perpendicular to his body to block the attack. Blood sputtered out of his wound as pain made him scream in agony.

Razaar gathered enough strength to push the moblin off of him. But, it only took another second for the moblin to raise his blade above him once more. Razaar held his spear above him again and blocked the second strike. He couldn’t keep this up! But, he wasn’t fast enough for a counter attack. Once again he held up is spear to block as the moblin crashed his blade over Razaar’s head. The Zora turned around to tell the Hylian to run, but she wasn’t there. Refocusing on the enemy, he understood why she wasn’t behind him.

There, buried deep in the moblin’s stomach was the knife he just gave her. The moblin shrieked and writhed before turning into a cloud of purple smoke.

“Hylia! Razaar!” She laid her hands gently on his arm and cheek. “Can you walk? If we can get to the village, then I know we can get you better! Come, hurry!” With as much help as she could muster, Razaar stood up and held onto his spear. He used it like a walking stick to inch slowly back to the village. Finly encouraged him all the way there.

Razaar’s vision blurred more with every step. But, it wasn’t until he laid down on something soft that he closed his eyes.


Razaar woke from his dissilluionary dreams. Above him was wooden beams pointed towards the sky. Those pillars flickered with a dim orange light. Where am I?

A gentle touch to his arm made him turn his head. Finly rested her hands on him. “Are you alright?”

Razaar smiled at the now-teary Hylian. “Yah. I’m alive.”

“I...I’m so sorry…” Finly brought her hands to her face. “You got hurt because of me...If...If I didn’t suggest we sit there, then...then…” Her voice cracked as she cried. She desperately tried to wipe the tears from her face as more flowed down.

Razaar lifted his hand and cupped the side of her head. She clung onto it and buried her face in his scales. “It’s not your fault, Finly. In fact, you saved me.” He let out a weak chuckle. “I didn’t ever think you would be the type of woman to help face off against a monster.”

She shook her head. “I...I’m not. I’ve never even seen a monster besides pictures and tales. But, when you turned your back to protect me...I saw your wound...and….I….I just couldn’t let you fight it alone…” Razaar blushed at her resolve. Hylians were stronger than he thought. She stroked his hand with her own. “The healers did everything they could. Apparently, normal potions don’t work effectively on Zora. But, they did manage to close your wound. We sent word to fetch a Zora magician to come and heal you.”

Razaar gave her a confused look. “Magician?”

She nodded in earnest. “Yes, they emit a green glow from their hands and anything under it gets healed, like magic.”

Razaar chuckled a bit. “Those are just healers, my sheltered Hylian.” To this, she turned her face inward towards his palm and buried it there in embarrassment. “Well, I guess this time I’m bringing two interesting things from the Domain. A knife and a wizard.”

Though muffled, Razaar could hear the faintest coo of  ‘magician’ coming from her buried face. After a few more crackles of the candles, she lifted her head. Finly cheeks were rosy red and her eyes like sea glass. Razaar felt his heart jump as he knew ever too well what this look ment.

She wanted him.

Finly massaged her hands into Razaar’s. “There...There is a legend that a man will heal quicker if...if a woman gives him proper treatment.” She let go of his hand and moved towards his hips. “ do Zora…”

Razaar swallowed. “Uh...uhhh well...when we...males get...excited we open up...down there and our….manhoods...come out.” Finly blushed at Razaar’s explanation. What’s wrong with me? Why the fuck am I being so shy? Normally I would have bent her over by now and had her screaming to the whole town how much she loves it.

Finly hiked up her dress and pulled it over her head. Razaar blushed at her lack of underthings. Well this is one thing I didn’t expect. Subconsciously, his eyes drifted along her curves. Razaar has never been one to enjoy those fleshy attachments to a woman’s chest, but…”Wow.” Finly blushed again and looked away in embarrassment.

“Do what you see?” she whispered. Any softer and Razaar would have missed it. Fuck, she was adorable.

She crawled beside his hips and leaned over them. And then...oh goddess...then she licked at his slightly exposed slit. Her wet tongue trailed along it, making it open even more.

His twin cocks began to descend out of his body. She then perked up and looked at his face in shock. “ have...t...two!” Razaar gave her a bit of a smug smile.

“Yah, it’s a Zora thing.”

Finly turned back down to his hips. With a blush, she opened her mouth and sucked one of the tips. Razaar tilted his head back and hummed in pleasure. “I...I have always heard about Hylians doing this really is as good as they say.” Her tongue wrapped around him, sending shocks of pleasure down his legs. What little blood he had left in his body was rushing down to his cocks, making him lightheaded. “I was born the wrong race if this is how Hylians heal each other.”

Razaar let out a moan, just enough of one that Finly took as a cue. She climbed over his hips and grabbed one of his cocks and put it at her hole. With a slight rock, she pushed onto his tip. The cutest moan came from her mouth. “I...I haven't been fucked in a while.”

“Surprised you have been fucked at all. Messing around with the stable boys?” he teased.

She smiled at him and pushed more into herself. “The baker’s son, if you must know.” She tensed up as his cock was about a third inside her. “You...are a bit bigger though...”

Oh Razaar loved hearing that. A sharp, toothy smile spread across his face. His cock twitched in happiness. “A bit bigger, a bit thicker. Tell me my dear sweet, little Hylian, did he come inside you?”

She blushed and shook her head. Innocence filled those wide, curious eyes of hers. “I wouldn’t want to get pregnant. Everyone knows…”

She stopped as Razaar grabbed her hips and rocked her onto one of his cocks. “You want to know what it feels like? You want to feel that hot cream being released-” he shoved her further onto his cock, causing her to let out a small cry- “deep inside you?” With a small chuckle, Razaar tucked a fallen piece of hair behind her ear. “We are...incompatible species. I could come in you for days and you won’t bear my children.”

Her Hylian ears turned downward as she rocked faster and deeper onto his cock. “R...Razaar…” she whined. Her eyes shut as she focused on her task. Goddess, one little curiosity and she fell deep in lust.

“Oh, you want that? You want my cum?” Now buried all the way inside her small body, he began thrusting his hips into hers. She bent backwards in pleasure. What a kink...wanting to be filled with cum. “Work me then. Make me feel good with your sweet body.”

Though, Razaar was sure his words were lost. Finly’s eyes were glazed over. Her tongue hung out of her mouth. Fuck, this girl knew how to be sexy (even if she didn’t mean to). He snapped his hips harder into her, chasing his own sensation. He moaned at the sight of her, bouncing on his hips. Well, she wasn’t the only thing that was bouncing. Her fleshy little attachments to her chest were bouncing up and down with each snap of his hips. Oddly enough, the Zora found this attractive. He even fucked in different patterns to see how they would giggle. A hard snap followed by two soft ones and back to a hard one. Three hard ones in a row sent those things bouncing .

He was so entranced by her tits, that he barely noticed her heightening moans. “R...Razaar...I...I can’t...I can’t hold on…” The tiger shark lifted one of his hands from her hips and offered it by her head. She grabbed a hold of it and buried her screaming mouth in it. She clenched around his cock so tightly that Razaar almost lost it. Goddess, he was getting closer to the edge as well.

Finly relaxed and Razaar slowed down. “I...I’m sorry for coming so quickly...You just...just felt amazing.” She smiled and rubbed her face onto his hand. “You sure know how to treat a girl.”

Razaar simply gave her a smile. “Finly, aren't you forgetting something? You need to take care of your patient.” Her wide eyes shook with embarrassment and excitement. Then, she began grinding on him. Razaar’s legs curled up a bit from the pleasure. He couldn’t think straight. Her hands laid on his stomach as her hips dropped onto his own, ground hard , and came back up. Her blush crept from her cheeks and now bloomed onto her collarbone.

“I…” She began to shake over him. Razaar took this chance to regain control. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her once more.

But, he felt himself nearing his end. What a woman... “You want my cum?”

“Y...yes…” she cried.

“Where...where do you want my cum?”

She grabbed his hands on her hips. “I...Inside me! Razaar...I...I want it inside me...Please, give it to me...Razaar...Razaar...Ra...a...ahhhh” She shook around him as her second orgasm washed through her.

And that was just enough for Razaar to do the same. He pressed himself deep inside her, shooting everything he had her beg for inside her womb. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as she felt that warm sensation drip out of her.

Finly laid down on his chest. He gently pulled her further up on his chest and off of his cock. The poor thing looked blissed out. Eyes closed and breathing almost steady, he could have mistook that she was asleep.

They laid there in the dim candlelight for several minutes until she pushed herself up. “I...I should get us some warm water and some towels. I will be back momentarily.” She hopped off and scurried her naked body over to the kitchen area. Razaar didn’t notice before, but he was in some sort of main room. Good thing we weren't too loud….even still…

Finly walked over and placed a wet towel on his thigh and began to wipe the mess away. She must have already cleaned herself up. Otherwise she would be dripping all over the floorboards. Damn, that thought could tease him into hardness. Good thing he wasn’t in heat. She moved to the other thigh now. But, her eyes were locked onto his receding cocks. Razaar chuckled, prompting her to snap her eyes back to her work. She then ran the cloth over his hips, though there wasn’t much to wipe up now that his boys were put away. The cum would just be absorbed back into his body if it resided with them. “There, I think that is it.”

“Well, thank you so much for your healing abilities. I feel better already.” Razaar pulled her into the crook of his arm. She sighed happily and snuggled into his side.

And then…

Well, who knows? As the tiger shark fell asleep.


Razaar smiled as the healer finished up his work. But, frowned at his new orders. Another message run...really? He waved and plucked the paper from the healer’s hands. This one was going to be extensive. Lurelin Village? That far? He caught Finly peeking out from a corner. Now he understood why she did it. It’s not that she’s shy, it’s because she doesn't want her father knowing who she might be friends with. Or, lovers with.

Razaar tried to keep his face cool as memories of last night threatened to bloom a new heat into his cheeks...and his manhoods. However, the slight pain in his heart kept him from feeling any sort of wanting. Both him and the healer bowed to the mayor to take their leave. And the one last look he got from Finly broke his heart, she was crying and extended her hand ever so slightly.

‘Please don’t go…’ she wordlessly cried.

The only thing he could do was shoot her a look, ‘ I’ll be back.’










“Finally!” Razaar yelled at Captain Bazz. He snatched the paper from his captain’s hands and dove right off of the ledge of the Domain. It has been two weeks since he had a letter ordered to Hateno Village. He usually went there every week. Apparently, the mayor didn’t need assistance. When doesn't he need fucking assistance? But, he needed something from the Domain now. And Razaar was happy to give it to him.

He clung to the paper and swam as fast as his fins could flap. Every night since he saw Finly, he couldn’t think of anything else. He spent night after night thinking about her warm body own his own as cold rain, snow, even hail poured down on him during his other jobs. But, now…

“Fuck yes!” he screamed to the heavens.




He reached the bank, hoping to see his little Hylian. But, that’s when his heart stopped. He forgot to bring a new trinket from the Domain. “Shit…” He looked around and on his person, but couldn’t think of anything to give. Although, I could just give her a little more...Zora… He smirked to himself as he walked out onto the grass.

After a few minutes, he came to the small town. As always, the villagers hid, children cried, yahda, yahda, yahda, where’s Finly?

The mayor came out and greeted Razaar like always. The Zora handed him the parchment and waited as he read. Razaar’s eyes scanned the nearby sign of her.

“Well, could you wait a moment and I can write a response?”

Razaar nodded and sat under the tree. After a minute, he settled down. After two, he got impatient. And after three, he gave up hope. “Don’t tell me it was all in my head…”


He whipped around to see Finly hiding in the bushes. She had her finger up to her lips. ‘ Quiet’

“What are you doing in there?” he whispered. Tears spilled out of her eyes as she bowed her head low to the ground. “W..what? Finly what’s going on?”

Through small hiccups and cries she managed to say, “I got married.”

Razaar’s heart dropped. Knives must have cut through him. Otherwise, how could he be experiencing so much pain? He was bleeding out with no blood. “What…why? I thought…”

“My father made me. I told him I didn’t want to...but, he made me.” She covered her face with her hands.

“W...we can leave. I can take you back to the Domain and-”

“I can’t...I can’t just leave father…”

Razaar felt seething anger bubble up inside him. “After what he did to you? Finly, you obviously aren't happy. Come with me, please.”

Finly shook her head. “I belong here. Remember, I’m a Hylian...I don’t belong where the Zora are.”

“Neither do I. Finly, I can stay here and…” The sorrow in her eyes made him trail off. Of course her people wouldn’t accept him. They couldn’t even stand him.

Razaar stood up and knelt down by the bush. He took his claws and pinched one scale by his heart. He plucked it. The slight pain subsided and he handed his scale to her. “I promised you that I would bring you something to show what the Domain is like. So is my heart…”

Finly took the scale and pressed her face to his hand. “I love you…” she cried. “I will always love you.”




“And that’s the story of the only woman I ever truly loved.” Razaar stated. Though, he was a bit put off by his audience’s reaction.

(Y/N) was bawling into her pillow. Spitting all kinds of nonsense of how sad it was. Goddess, he never knew someone could make that many tears.

Sidon asked him to keep her company since he was the only one who could stand being around her when she was bleeding. Of course, the prince would pop in every now and then to make sure he wasn’t fucking her brains out. But, at this point he wouldn't even want to. She was just so...emotional.

“Hey, it’s not all bad. I saw her again when she was doing laundry in the river. Like I told Sidon, I had Hylian lovers who bleed and I got used to it. You didn’t think I would let her husband have all the fun, did you?”

(Y/N) looked up with her teary eyes. “ you still see her?”

“Every now and then, yes.”

And of course, it was the five minute ‘ are you fucking my fiance?’ checkup. Sidon’s head came through the doorway and glared at him. Then, smiled at (Y/N). Then, frowned at (Y/N). “Oh my dear, are you alright? Has Razaar made you uncomfortable? Do you….do you need some assistance? Are you having feelings? Would you like to have se-”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m out of here.” Razaar stood up from his chair and crossed the room. “Oh, (Y/N)?”

She looked up at him.

...Make sure your story is better.”

And with that, he closed the door.

Chapter Text

You shivered under their gaze. A flush of embarrassment spread across your cheeks as the boys began to pet at your naked body. Bazz gave you a quick kiss on your cheek as his fingers cupped your breast and tweaked your nipple. Razaar did the much of the same, though, a bit more rough. And the prince,


he began playing with your folds. His fingers dipped into your slick and rubbed your clit with it. Sidon’s smile was of pure amusement. Though, that seemed to be the general tone of the three men. They wanted to play. And you...were their toy.

Sidon dipped his fingers deeper inside you and curled them inwards. The pleasure he drew out of you caused you to cry out. The men chuckled at your reaction as they kept up their assault on your body. Razaar smiled at his cousin. “Don’t spoil her too much, Sidon. She has to get through all three of us tonight. Can’t have her spent before even one of us ravishes her little cunt.”

You tried to close your legs at his statement, but Razaar and Bazz held them open with their other hands. “Don’t think you can get out of this one,” Bazz said plainly. “You can’t just make us want you and then leave us. Sidon, move over.” Bazz and Sidon swapped places. You pleaded with your fiance, giving him hopeless eyes. He returned your look with a cocky smile. You opened your mouth to talk, but it was filled with cries as Bazz pushed himself inside you. His cocks stretched you so pleasurable. Goddess, he was violating your body and making you like it! Bazz grunted and growled as he slammed his cocks in you.

“Fuck her like you mean it, captain. Rip her apart if you have to.” Razaar glared at you, highly amused by the moans spilling out of your mouth.

“Just not too much, leave something for me to fuck.” Sidon kissed the side of your face and moved up to the tips of your ears. “She needs to be handled properly by her mate at the end of all this.” His hand rolled over the tips of his engorged cocks.

“Shut up, both of you.” Bazz leaned over your body and grabbed your chin. He forced you to look into his eyes. “Focus on the one whose cocks are inside you.” Bazz was eating you up with his eyes. A blush spread across your face as he was making this little game of theirs more intimate than what you thought was going to happen. He leaned over you even more to put his crest against your forehead. “You don’t need those two anyway. I’m going to ruin you, my little slut." He kissed your lips. "Oh, you clenched around me there...You like that? You like being fucked by me, hmm? Want me to put my cum inside you, my little slut?” Bazz’s words teased you to pieces as his cocks sent you to the edge. Your legs began to tremble as that coil in your stomach tightened.

Sidon snuggled his face against the side of your head. “Oh, you like my captain? My love, I am shocked that you’re about to come on another man’s cocks…” Sidon faked a pout as he kissed your face.

You couldn’t help it! Bazz angled his hips to really pleasure you. Everything burst into a million and one pieces as you cried out in ecstasy. You clenched around the captain’s cocks as he sputtered inside your walls.

Bazz thrusted twice more before he let you collapse on the bed. Everything was fuzzy. You tried fluttering your eyes open to see above you, but you realized you were looking below you. The soft silken sheets called out to you as your body ached to be put back down. Large hands held up your hips as a larger intrusion prodded at your hole. “Little dare you come for another man.” Razaar thrusted his hips against you. “I’ll show you how you wasted that orgasm.” Thick cocks stretched you even farther as prickly shockwaves ran through your body.

“I...I’m sensitive!” you cried. Yet, the tiger shark refused to let up his rough treatment. “Razaar! Stop! Stop!” Those over stimulating tingles were going to make you do something embarrassing! Yet, the Zora thrusted faster and smacked your ass.

Razaar ground deep into your sensitive pussy. Your eyes blew wide in shock as something flowed out of you. “Hylia above, I’m making her squirt.” Razaar laughed and continued to pound away inside you. A shameful blush ran across your cheeks as the other two Zora looked upon you in intrigue. You couldn’t help it! He was overstimulating you!

Sidon smiled cruelly at you. “You never have done that for me before...I feel jealous.”

“ that’s not it...ahh..ahhh…” you tried to keep talking, but Razaar was making it hard by how rough he was taking you.

Razaar smacked your ass and tugged your hair. “Such a little whore you are. You haven't done that for your fiance? Maybe we should drag you down to the barracks and have the guards play with you as well until you beg for your darling prince to come fuck you.” He took another tug on your hair.

Bazz thumbed your cheek and wiped away a tear. “I think my boys will enjoy making her learn a lesson. Although, if she can’t even take two of is she going to be able to fuck the entire guard?”

Sidon tilted his head to the side. “We could chain her up against that pillar and have the men take her at their pleasure. I, personally, would enjoy watching such a spectacle.” The prince took his two hardened cocks in his hand and began stroking himself. “Having my darling fiance taken as I am pleasuring myself.”

You tried to keep your cries down, but the Zora behind you was contorting your body to his specifications. It was to keep you in bliss, of course. Cries and moans were ripped from your throat as Razaar worked you, smacking your ass and tugging your hair as he saw fit. “You like it rough, don’t little Hylian. You like being used , treated like a toy for us boys to fuck .”

Your heart beat a mile a minute. That familiar coil began to overwhelm you. No….no….godess you were going to...not on him!

You practically screamed as you came undone on Razaar’s cocks. Through muffled ears, you could hear the tiger shark laugh as he shoved himself deep inside you. “I’m gonna come in you, my little slut.” He slammed inside twice more before warmth spread deep inside you.

Razaar pulled you off of him and flopped you down on the bed. “She’s all yours. Well, what’s left of her, anyway.”

You opened your teary eyes to see your prince scoop you up into his arms. He smiled his kind smile and kissed away your tears. “My dear, broken bride-to-be. These boys certainly don’t know how to fuck you properly. I guess I will have to show them…” Sidon flipped you around so that your back was against his chest. He was showing off your little, cum filled cunt to his captain and cousin. More cum dripped out of you and onto the sheets. “You’re so messy...what did they do to my sweet girl, I wonder…”

Sidon lined up his cocks against your visible hole. “Did they put themselves inside you? Such naughty boys they must be. But, I’m worse.” He slipped himself inside you. You had a moment of relief as the familiar feeling of his cocks filled you.

“My prince…” you said out loud.

Sidon growled and nuzzled your hair. “Yes, that’s right...I am your prince. Your naughty prince who puts you underneath him every night. My dear, I fuck you every day and you still get thrown underneath other men?” Sidon’s long tongue dragged along his mark on your shoulder. “I guess I will have to remind you who you belong to.” Sidon snapped his hips, thrusting his cocks inside you.

“Wow. Even after us, she still wants more.” Bazz chuckled as he began playing with himself.

Sidon smiled against your ear. “Either that...or you two don’t know how she likes it. Neither of you played with…” You clenched as Sidon’s finger rubbed circles around your clit.

“S...Sidon!” you yipped. The sparks of pleasure ran through you. You felt so weak, yet another orgasm was just about to break over you.

“Are you going to come for me? You are going to give your mate what he likes? Oh my sweet, little (Y/N) what do you want?” Sidon pressed harder, moved faster, and began biting your shoulder.

“I want your cum!” you screamed. “I want to be bred! Fill me with your children! Goddess, Sidon just fuck me!” The coil unwound as you pressed into his chest to keep you from shattering. The prince brought one arm around your body to hold you tightly to him. He kissed the top of your head as you completely broke, crying and all.

It was all too much

Being passed around three different guys and being fucked until you came on each one of them just broke you.



“Goddess (Y/N)... my love, wake up…”


You opened your wet eyes to see Sidon leaning above you. He took his finger to wipe away some tears. “S...Sorry…I didn’t mean to wake you,” you sobbed.

“My dear, there is no need to be sorry. You had a bad dream. I was simply worried about you.” The prince snuggled up beside you in your shared bed. “Want to talk about it?”

You shook your head. A hot blush caressed your cheeks. What in the hell did I dream about? You looked up at Sidon’s concerned face. The heat between your legs bloomed even more from seeing the real Sidon. Damn he is cute... “C...can you take me? Gently?”

The prince smiled and leaned up in the bed. “How can I deny you? Besides...I think I need to control those little dreams of yours…” Your eyebrows pinched in confusion, but your eyes widened in shock. “I heard you moan in your sleep. Bazz, Razaar...and me...Tell me, my minnow, what ever did you dream about to get you so...wet?” The prince trailed his finger along your slit.

Your hands flew up to cover your face as Sidon settled between your legs. “So shy…what naughty little things did you dream about? Though, I can guess a few…” His cocks found their familiar spot and dove in.

“Oh...oh...ahhh…” Sidon sighed. “So wet…” He grabbed your hips and angled them to better fuck you. “Don’t tell me those two ganged up on you?” You shook your head as his cocks slowly rocked in and out of you. “Ah, so it was three of us. Did we pass you around like a toy? Or did we all find a certain spot to get off on your body?”

Sidon was saying all this in a slightly teasing manner. However, most of his tone was pure curiosity. “L...l..l..”

“Like a toy? Oh, my know I would never let those vulgar boys touch you. Only I...hnnnn...ahhh...only I can have you like this. My (Y/N)... my minnow, my love, my princess...only my cocks will be buried in this tight sex of yours. I’m the only one who can breed you like this.” Sidon’s hips began to snap faster. “I won’t let any other man touch you. I will give you everything that I am to keep you satisfied. I love you...I love you...h...h….Hylia....”

Sidon began to shake. He was slamming into you now, seeking his own release. “I promised I would be gentle...but, I can’t...I can’t, my love.” He leaned down to kiss all over your face. “I can’t control myself when I’m inside you. I’m such a pathetic prince. I’m so horny and dirty to fuck my subject like this. You deserve to be taken gently and I’m fucking you like an animal in rut. Hylia….Hylia….(Y/N)....please tell me you’re close....”

You were close. After all, you dreamed  that you came. You were so wet and horny that Sidon’s treatment was pure bliss. His eyes locked with yours. “I love you…” you gasped. “You’re gonna make me...Sidon…”

Sidon captured your lips in his as both of you cried out. Your legs wrapped around his hips and pulled him in deep. Your fingers dug into his back as the pleasure shattered you in his arms. Goddess above, Sidon was perfection in its finest form.

Your cheeks felt hot as Sidon felt all of you in his afterglow. Tons of cum swished around inside you as Sidon gave you soft love-fucks. “Mmmmm my minnow, I’m not sure if I can ever leave this bed when you’re in it.”


A knock on the door drew the prince’s attention away. “Hylia, it’s the middle of the night.” He rolled off of you and threw the covers over your bodies. “Come in.”

Bazz and Razaar marched in looking none too happy. Oh shit…

Bazz tried to state their business cordially, but Razaar cut him off and pointed a finger at you. “This bitch switched out my toothpaste for fucking fish guts!” He hunched up his shoulders, flashed his teeth and crossed the room. Sidon got in between his cousin and you. “Don’t you dare stand up for her! She has been nothing but trouble for the past month! Pranks, bleeding, and spreading rumors that I eat babies!”

Sidon looked at you. You avoided his gaze but twiddled your fingers. “I...thought it would be funny.” A smile cracked from your face.

However, Sidon and the other two Zora didn’t look pleased. Sidon sighed and apologized to the both of them. Bazz seemed content, but Razaar…

“You always let her get away with this kind of shit!” Razaar looked like he was going to eat you !

Sidon sighed and looked at you. “Maybe passing you around like a toy would do you some good.” he turned to his guardsmen. “My little minnow here just had a most erotic dream about you two. Maybe that’s the only way to correct her...behavior.”

Tears welled in your eyes and you began to shake. He just said he wouldn’t let them!

Razaar blushed and faced away. “I...I don’t think that’s going to help something!” The prince’s cousin stormed out of the room.

Bazz grinned and walked over to your bed to tilt up your chin. “Do be careful from now on, Miss (Y/N). I would hate to...chain you up in the prisons below. There are certain red Zora that would take hard advantage of the situation.” He erotically took his hand away and headed for the door.

Sidon laid back down in bed and closed his eyes. “Goodnight, my minnow. I would get some sleep too, if I were you.”

You pulled the covers over your head and tried to get some sleep.


Chapter Text

You pouted as you placed just one of the mountain of books back in its proper place. You sighed and leaned your head against the library bookshelf. “Putting back all these books sucks…” The boredom is what really got you. Repeating the monotonous task of putting away books was so boring! Pick up book, see number on book, find shelf to put book, put back book, and pick up another book. Then, the whole process was repeated.

No matter what kind of eyes you gave your fiance, he was quite adamant about this. Just yesterday he pulled you into his office to tell you.

(Y/N), I am being quite serious. These little attention grabbing pranks of yours is getting out of hand. So, you are going to keep those devilish hands busy.

You were thinking of something else when he said that. You had no idea it would land you here. Stupid books. The next one had a velvet cover on it. You picked it up and felt its soft texture. “How luxurious…” you said to yourself. You flipped it to its spine. “RS 124? I’ve been all over this library and there is no such thing as an RS shelf. Did someone put this in here to mess with me?”

An older Zora, Muzu if you remembered correctly, stopped and turned to you. “RS stands for the Royal Study, Miss (Y/N). It’s over there.” He pointed to a far corner of the library. “Normally, only the royal family may access it. But, seeing as you are engaged to the prince, I assume it will be alright.” With a flick of his hand as a dismissal, he continued on his way.

You pushed your little cart towards where he pointed. Sidon’s never mentioned having a royal study. Is it that top secret? You came upon the door and marveled at its artistic flare. It was made of the same solid rock as the rest of the Domain. But, it was carved with the most ornate detail you have ever seen. Fish were swimming around water lilies that curved around the edge of the door frame. You were nervous to even touch the handle of the thing! Some details of the door were so thin you swore the slightest bump would break it off.

You picked up the velvet covered book and rested your hand against the vertical door handle. Gently and slowly, you pulled on it. To your surprise, the door opened. Shouldn’t something like this be locked? Still, you continued onward. Leaving the cart behind, you ducked inside a surprisingly large room. Makes sense, considering the king’s size. The luminous stones that were placed along the walls lit the room with a dim green glow. Yet, the ceiling was so high that the light faded eerily into blackness above. The darkness seemed to swallow you whole.

You frowned at that last part. Luminous stones were not like candles. People can’t just light them up and go. You have seen Zora change the brightness in the past, but never bothered to ask how they did it. Magic, maybe? There was no way of making the room brighter, so you continued onward as is.

That’s when a slight shuffle made you jump. The book nearly flew out of your grip at this astonishment. But, you quickly settled down upon seeing the source of the sound. Sidon was curled up in a mound of cushions fast asleep. A large book was at his side. No doubt he dozed off while reading it. You placed your own book on a small table before walking over to him.

“Nnnnahhh…” Sidon moaned.

He moaned .

Your cheeks lit up at the sound. Because of the light you couldn’t see it before, but his arousal was put on display between his legs. Those thick cocks of his twitched a few times before he moaned once again.

Should you?

Probably not…

But are you going to?

Of course…

You knelt beside his hip and smiled. A featherlight kiss graced one of the prince’s cocks. A slight twitch was the favor it gave back. Then, a little lick touched the tip. Beads of precum began dripping out of the slit at the top of his cock. You tasted that too. Its saltiness was a bit off putting, but not enough to stop. More generous laps from your tongue encircled one of the prince’s cocks. Another moan escaped the prince’s mouth, leaving you dripping.


You looked up to check if he was awake. Luckily, his eyes were still closed and body limp. Your heart beat fast as the tip slipped past your lips. Gently though, you didn’t want to wake the sleeping prince. As you were sucking his cock, the other one dripped lavishly on your cheek. With a small pop, you moved off and onto his other, unattended cock. The process started all over again with wet licks and flowery kisses. Then you dove in to suckle more of him.

“ minnow…w...what?”

Sidon’s eyes snapped wide open. He leaned up on his elbows to get a look at the small Hylian currently blowing him. “W...what in Hylia’s name are you doing?” Even though his words were full of surprise, he made no move to push you off. You took this opportunity to bring both of his boys together and suck. The shark moaned at the feeling. “P...provocative little thing...taking advantage of me when I’m so venerable.”

You pulled back and pouted at your prince. On the fringe of sarcasm, you erotically touched his leg and said, “I’m sorry. You seemed in need, my prince. I only wished to attend you.”

Sidon’s eyes widened as a blush spread across his cheeks. He looked towards the door and then back at you. With a deep smile, the tense air he held melted away. “Well then, attend me.” The prince reclined in the cushions. It was enough to relax, but not enough to lose sight of you. His large hand threaded through your hair. The rush of tingles it gave you sent a shiver reverberating throughout your body. Mouth wide open, his cocks reentered their favorite place. His hand then fisted your hair and pulled you forward. You wined slightly at the rather rough treatment. Sidon laughed. “Oh, my little subject, don’t forget you are attending my needs. Your own personal comfort comes second.” He let you back off his cocks.

Coughing and gasping, you tried to settle yourself down before he pulled you back in. With wet and pleading eyes, you silently begged for him to let up at least a little bit. He granted your wish, but not without payment. “Keep sucking the tips. Tease me, my minnow. that.” Sidon’s toes curled with pleasure. You guessed that’s one of the perks of a long term relationship, you know just how the other likes it. And this shark likes the underside licked, the tips swirled around the head, then back to the underside. You repeated this as the prince’s moans got dangerously loud. You were about to ask when he pulled you off.

“Strip,” the prince commanded. “Now.”

You quickly removed your outer clothes in front of the impatient Zora. Still, even as you nearly flashed out of your clothes, he still found time to feel your breasts and grope your ass. “S...Sidon!”

His eyes were glazed with harshness. You were thrown into the pillows underneath him. His mouth quickly covered your own mouth in a haughey kiss. The prince was powerful, dominating with his affection. He mewled wines and moans onto your lips. Ahhh, he’s needy but part of the punishment is depriving me of pleasure. “On your knees, I’m going to fuck that disrespectful little body.” He wrenched your body around, grabbed your hair and pulled back as his cocks entered you. His hand covered your screaming mouth. “You need harsh treatment to learn your lesson, right? I’ll give it to you.” Yes please… His hips snapped hard into your butt. There wasn’t any need for him to spank you as his hips gave enough force to strike your ass red. “Taking advantage of a man’s dreams. Have you learned nothing from your little book punishment? Maybe I’ll be cruel enough to make you do it again naked .”

Your cheeks turned bright red. Goddess, what is with him today? Fuck, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it. It was nearly a week since you’ve been touched. And when he’s like this...Goddess, there was just something about him feeling powerful that turned you on. A large Zora that made you take him whether you wanted to or not. And oh, that large Zora has some large cocks.

“S...stop enjoying it so much...ahh...ahh…” The prince’s voice began to hitch. Between that and the curses he tries to muddle under his breath, you figured that the prince was breaking out of his act. No matter how much he tries to hide it, that giddy little fuckboy is always crawling underneath his skin.

And how you loved to play with him.

“ prince!” you cried out. It’s been a week for you...But, it also has been a week since the prince has been touched as well. There was desperation in his touches and thrusts. A needy desire was woven into all of his actions. His hand slid down your side to cup your hip. The skin underneath his touch lit on fire.

Sidon hunched over you and began nibbling at your ear. “I...I love you… naughty little siren, I love you so much…” Hot heat rolled off his body into your back. “Would you just behave? Do you know how much torture you put me through? Ah….ah….Seeing your curves at night. Teasing me by swaying your hips when you walk in front of me. Ahh….ahhh...purposefully wearing skirts when you are putting books away so when I look up I see your sex! You even refuse to wear your damn undergarments!” Sidon began nibbling at your neck, pricking it gently with his sharp teeth. “I’m frustrated...I’m so damn frustrated…” He picked up his pace, seemingly intent on ripping you apart. “You’re going to bear the brunt of it...All of this frustration, I’m going to fuck it into you…”

Each nip and thrust sent you further and further to the edge. Goddess above, he hasn’t been like this since the riverbank. He was ripping your orgasm out of you. Not only that, he took tears from your eyes as well. Your heart was swelling and beating so fast. It was nearly too much and yet, Sidon held you together with his large hands. His claws pricking your skin with an iron grip to keep you in place. Sidon released his lips from your ear and growled. “Good girl. Go ahead. I know you want to. Come on my cocks. You like me don’t you? You like my cocks inside you, playing with you?  Ohhh yes...just like that my sweet minnow. Come for me...”

You screamed as you shattered in his arms. Everything burst, unwound, exploded inside your tiny Hylian body. The prince wrapped his arms around you, holding you to his chest. His teeth sank into your shoulder as he pinned you to the pillows. The loud creak of the door caught your attention. You looked up to see Bazz staring at you in shock. But, Sidon didn’t stop, didn’t slow down. The captain took one look into the prince's eyes, blushed, and ran back out of the room.

“S...Sidon...B...Bazz he...”

Through sheathed teeth, he was able to growl, “I don’t care.” His jaw snapped back his bite to reposition his lips by your ear once more. “I’ll let the whole kingdom know what I am doing to you, breeding my little slut of a wife!” The prince once again attacked your venerable neck and sucking it. You were sure it was going to make a mark that would last a week! His breath started to come out in puffs, his claws were digging into your hips.

Sidon clamped his sharp mouth into one of the pillows by your head as he ground his hips into you. A loud and feral roar escaped the prince’s mouth, only barely muffled by the pillow he was biting on. His fingers squeezed your hips tighter and tighter, burring nearly all of his claws into your flesh. Cum spurted out of your sex and onto the pillows under you. The pressure from that alone made you feel nauseous.

Sidon then relaxed his grip and rolled onto his side. Air was sharply entering his lungs as curses and sighs escaped his mouth.

You laid there, basking in the stillness of your body. Out of the corner of your eye, you noted your shoulder… That’s...a lot of blood… That corner became shrouded in black. Ringing sounded in your ear. It became louder as the darkness coated your eyes.

“Holy Fuck Sidon!” The booming voice of a large Zora sounded in the room.

You couldn’t see, you couldn’t hear.

Because, you passed out.

Chapter Text


You slowly opened up your eyes to see the Zora Prince stare down at you. A sad smile accompanied by tears portrayed his feelings. He tucked a stray hair behind your ear. “I’m glad you’re awake. How are you feeling?”

You slowly sat up in bed. Sidon gently guided you along with his hands and placing pillows behind your back to support you. Resting back on the pillows, you basked in the amount of energy and effort you had to put in for a simple task. “I think I’m fine. Just...exhausted.”

“Well that’s a relief, thought he nearly killed you.” Razaar stood beside his cousin, arms crossed. He bore a disappointed frown directed at Sidon. To this, the prince shrunk inward. Turning his attention back to you, Razaar extended his hand and patted the top of your head. “Glad to see that you are alright.”

Sidon sighed and cast his gaze downward. Picking up on the prince’s jealousy, you held up your hand, signaling Razaar to stop. You then took the prince’s hand in your own. “Sidon it’s alright. I’m alright.”

“No you’re not! I...I...hurt you...You didn’t see the looks of the healers when they took you in. You didn’t see… You didn’t see...You don’t know…” You squeezed his hand. “I forgot...You’re just so small and delicate...I lost myself...I hurt you…”

You smiled, trying desperately to erase his worries. “It probably wasn’t that bad. I was just roughed up a bit, that’s all.”

Razaar scoffed at your sentiment. “He nearly bit your fucking shoulder off! Not only that, now the council is saying that you’re-”

“Razaar!” Sidon cut off the tiger shark’s sentence. The room fell into an uncomfortable silence.

“What about the council?” you asked. Sidon avoided eye contact with you. He shook his head, “It’s nothing you need to be concerned with. Just old men thinking they know best. Let me handle it.” The prince delicately squeezed your hand. It wasn’t out of affirmation, but fear. You knew him enough by now to pick up on the small details. You brought your other hand to wrap both of yours around his large one. “Sidon…” Your eyes filled in the unspoken question.

The prince looked to his cousin and then to the captain who just entered the room. Bazz quickly looked to both men and then to you before sighing. He took his position on the opposite side of your bed. Now, Sidon and his cousin was on your right and Bazz to your left. “Did I come in at a bad time?”

Sidon shook his head. “No, I was...just about to tell her.”

Your brows pinched together. “Tell me what?” Trembles ran up your arms. The pace of your heart quickened.

The prince’s lips trembled. “The council…” Sidon bowed his head and placed it in your lap. You took one of your hands and ran it down his headtail. After a few pets, he shook his head in dismissal.

Bazz clasped his hand over one of the prince’s shoulders. The captain’s golden eyes turned to you. “The council thinks you can’t handle Sidon. There’s no purpose of having a princess who can’t mate.”

Your cheeks flushed hot. “But...But I can take him. Do you know how many times I’ve fucked him! I’ve-”

Sidon smiled and held a finger to your lips. “No need to get into the details… But, Bazz is right. I can’t marry you if I don’t have the council’s permission.” Sidon leaned up and sighed. “They’ve...come up with a solution…” He swallowed and breathed deeply. “They...they want you to….to...The council has decided….that...ummm...They think that you can prove yourself by….by…”

Razaar leaned over his cousin to enter your personal space. “The council wants to see if you can take it by fucking the both of us.”

“B...both….you and Sidon?” Your face turned a hot red.

Bazz took a half step closer. “Not exactly. It’s...Razaar and I…”

You were at a loss for words. What could you even say in a situation like this? Your eyes kept flicking from Bazz to Razaar. The tiger shark had a small hint of a smile on his lips while the captain looked upon you and your mate in pity. Even in this situation, it amazed you how different all three boys are. “ the elders want watch you two…with me...” Tears pricked at your eyes. Oh dear, what a predicament you were in.

One of the nurses walked into the room. Bazz moved out of the way so she could get close to the bed. She was an older Zora with a few wrinkles that creased her face in a friendly way. Her scales were dingy purple but her golden eyes were fixated on the bomb-dropping Zora. Razaar kept avoiding eye contact as the nurse was checking various places that were healed. She squeezed your shoulder slightly and asked if there was any discomfort. To which, you said no. She gave a satisfactory hum and nodded. “Well, if you need anything or…” her eyes flicked to the tiger shark, “...any more healing, let me know.” With a flick of the fins, she headed back out as quickly as she came.

Razaar groaned. “I really hate this place. I’m starting to think that the elders don’t care about (Y/N) and only want to see me have sex. Fucking old perverts…”

Sidon placed his head in your lap as he whispered out his regrets. You continued to pet him to distract yourself from the two other men looking at you. The looming tension in the air paired with the heavy heart of Sidon seemed to pull you down into the mattress. The unspoken question that hung in your mind, struggled to come out of your throat. Your lips quivered and shook. “When?” was all you could get out.

Bazz shifted his weight and looked at Razaar, then back to you. “It can be whenever. Personally, I would prefer you to be fully healed before we try anything.”

Your brows pinched together. “Try?” you echoed.

Razaar tilted his head to the side. “Well you need to get...used to us before the...uhhh...event. We can’t have you breaking in front of the old pervs.” Razaar studied your face before continuing. “Different men are different in bed too. We wouldn’t want you to be out of sync with us during their little test. So, we need to practice before we go into battle.”

Bazz coughed to get your attention. “Sidon will be there to make sure certain Zora won’t take more liberty than they should.” He gave a small reassuring smile. “We want to make you as comfortable as possible during this.”

You looked up and into Captain Bazz’s eyes. “And you’re alright with this?” He blushed fiercely.

“I...I don’t wish for this to happen...If...if that is what you are implying. I respect you too much, (Y/N). I-”

Razaar lowered himself and cut the captain off. “I’m just surprised you’re not chomping at the bit after seeing her fucked so many times. How are your dreams, by the way?” He gave a mocking sneer to Bazz who was nearly on fire at this point.

“Enough…” Sidon sighed. “Let her get some rest. We can talk about this later when she’s healed.”





You barely slept these past few nights. Not only did you have this “trial” weighing over you, your main supporter didn’t even touch you and he refused to look at you most of the time. You knew it was his own self guilt, but...even still… needed him.

Your heart felt like it was about to burst out of your chest as the time drew closer to when the boys would arrive. Goddess, never in your life have you ever planned to have sex...with two boys! The goddess must love her cruel jokes. At one point in your life, you would have been fine with being tossed around and fawned over by two, three, sometimes four men. It was all in your dreams, of course. But now, seeing how much it hurt Sidon, you were less excited about these endeavors. The poor prince has always felt jealous of his cousin. He always had to excel at everything and sex was something that Razaar could beat him at without question.

And now he had to hand you over to him.

Sidon kept to his spot of staring out the balcony window. Every once in a while he would shuffle a bit. But, other than that, he stayed in one place. You didn’t know what else to do. You’ve tried nearly everything you could think of to get him to talk to you. Well, the “proper” stuff. Maybe running over there and climbing up his body to stare right into his face was a more realistic option than just cooing over to him.

But, as you were formulating your plan, the door opened. Razaar strutted in with Bazz, the upset captain, behind him. “Not even a knock? Really Razaar?”

The tiger shark rolled his eyes. “I’m an impatient Zora.” He then turned his eyes towards you. “Hey, you ready?” Your cheeks burst a flame at the callousness of his words. He tilted his head. “Obviously not… Sidon did you even prepare her like we planned?”

The prince shyly shook his head. “No...I...I didn’t.”

Something shifted in Razaar’s eager demeanor. “That’s...fine.” He turned around. Now the room was an icy chill of uncertainty. It seemed neither cousin wanted to move. Razaar really does have more respect for Sidon after all.

Bazz came and sat on the bed next to you. In a soft whisper Bazz mumbled, “What a cheery bunch we are.” The captain reached up to his helmet and pushed upwards on the brim. With a pop, it came off.

You were floored, amazed. “H..How did you do that? They just...pop off like that?” Bazz looked at you in shock, but you kept getting closer. “Is it glue? Or do you have something it attaches to?” Now on your knees, you inspected Bazz’s crest with intrigue.

“W...we have it designed so that it will just...stay on. Sidon never took off his dressings in front of you?” You shook your head in a silent “no.” Bazz offered his shoulder to you. The silver reflected your pink blush like a mirror. You hooked your fingers underneath the lip of his shoulder guard and pulled up. With a pop, it came off! You must have looked like a child with how much your eyes gleamed and looked at his other shoulder guard. The captain offered it to you again. “This is probably the most wholesome strip tease I’ve ever experienced,” Bazz jokes.

A small realization came to you. Gently, you took Bazz’s hands in your own and placed them at the base of your shirt. Picking up on your cue, the captain pulled it upwards. The neckhole caught on your chin. You tried to wiggle loose, but it was stuck. Bazz chuckled and brought his hands back down to your sides and brushed his fingers against your skin. The sensation was too much of a tickle and sent you giggling. The captain continued to repeat this motion until you popped out of your shirt and playfully pushed him away.

“Oh my goddess, you two are gross.” Razaar crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. Yet, Bazz leaned on top of you and held you in his arms.

“I think you are just jealous that she is enjoying me more than you. I don’t blame her, a beauty needs as much attention as she can get.” Bazz took a quick kiss to your cheek.

“I...I never said she wasn't beautiful! I giving her some space!” Razaar’s cheeks burned a fiery red. And, looking at the other red thing in the room, Sidon was chuckling behind his hand. Bazz chuckled in your ear as well.

Nipping the outer shell of your ear, Bazz cooed into it, “Must be a family thing… Both of them are too proud to make a move.” He pulled back and studied your face. “You are really pretty.” A powerful flush ran throughout your face. “T...thank you,” you chirped in the smallest of voices. Bazz kissed your cheek once again. “And adorable as well. Sidon is a lucky man.”

Razaar groaned. “Enough of this fluffy kissy shit. Are you going to fuck her or not?”

Bazz grinned from fin to fin. “I am starting to think you are jealous that I’m doing said fluffy kissy shit. Worried that I will steal her heart from you? Worried that when you finally climb on top of her, all she can think of is me?”

The tiger shark balled his fists and glared at his captain. You quickly looked to your fiance to pick up any cues. Unfortunately, all you got was the prince laughing his ass off. He’s looking more lively now than he has the past few days… The two best friends exchanged smiles and humor at Razaar’s expense.

“You know what, if you don’t want my help that’s fine with me! Go get some other guy to fuck the bitch!” Razaar turned on his heel and walked lead-footed towards the door. The metal groaned underneath his powerful grip when he turned the doorknob.

“Razaar, wait!” You held out your hand. “I…” What am I supposed to say in this situation?

The shark shook his head. “Sidon will find someone else.”

You hopped out of Bazz’s arms- much to his dismay- and grabbed Razaar’s large hand. “Please don’t go…”

Razaar appeared shocked at first before he smiled. “You’re sweet. I see why Sidon likes you. Don’t worry about me, I’m a big boy and can handle rejection.” He took your hands off his own and patted your head. A tinge of guilt still ran through you. Razaar looked to his cousin. “Sometimes, I wonder which one of us is the real jerk.” With that, the tiger shark pulled open the door and stepped out.

You stood and looked at the closed door for a few moments before heading back to the bed. Goddess, what even is this? You grabbed your shirt and put it back over your torso. “I...don’t think I’m in the mood for this today.” With just that short of an explanation, you scurried out of the room before the two boys could say much more. He couldn’t have wandered too far. The hallways were rather empty due to it being evening. Still, there were enough that you could ask if they saw Razaar. After a few conversations, you surmised that he headed off towards the water gardens.

Sure enough, he was leaning on the railing that marked the edge of the Domain’s elevated state. His head slumped over his shoulders as he looked to the water below. Slowly, your feet took you to him. “Razaar?” The tiger shark jumped slightly before turning around. You held your hands to your chest, eager for his reply.

He smiled slightly, almost pitifully. “What are you doing here? Come on, I told you that Sidon will find someone else.”

You shook your head. “It wasn’t just that. I was worried...well...about you. Bazz and Sidon teased you...a bit too much, in my opinion.”

Razaar flashed his sharp teeth in a smile. “Coming from the girl who put fish guts in my toothpaste.” You blushed at his comment. “Go on, run back to your prince.” He tried to shake you off by ‘shooing you’ away.

Still, you stayed where you were. Actually, you took a spot on the railing next to him. “You never struck me as a guy who would leave after that level of teasing. So, I am just worried about you.”

Razaar rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, I’m not. It’s just...well…I want Sidon to like me.” Your eyes nearly popped out of your head. “Not like that, you idiot! I mean...I want to move past everything. I’ve always felt inferior to him. He was the ‘handsome prince’ that everyone was in love with. No matter what I was never enough compared to what Sidon could do. I can swim faster, hit harder, and even can transcribe ancient texts better than he can! Even still it was always, ‘Ohhh look at Prince Sidon’ and ‘Razaar won, but did you see Prince Sidon? He was amazing!’ I only stole his girls that I could just...have a taste of what it was like to be truly better at something.” The tiger shark fully leaned on the railing. “I never knew that only being lusted after...would be so lonely.” Razaar turned his face away from you. “He was always the better one.”

A small smile came to your lips. “You know, Sidon is jealous of you too.”

Razaar rolled his eyes. “Because I have his lady subjects’ attention? That’s what I’ve been trying to-”

“Not that.” You interjected. “He...told me he admires your confidence.”

Razaar blushed at your comment. “Oh...oh...W...well, really?” You nodded in affirmation. With a slightly renewed vigor, he lifted his head. “Confidence, huh?” A smile spread across your face at the new positive energy that surrounded you.

Yet, it faded as fast as it came. “Why are the elders so insistent on this?”

Razaar patted the top of your head. “I don’t know. Couple of old pervs, if you ask me. Trust me, I don’t agree with it either. We didn’t tell you, but...Sidon didn’t pick me, they did.” You looked at the tiger shark with wide eyes. Yet, Razaar looked away. “They said because our comparable size. To be honest, I think they want to see you whore yourself out. And because I am notorious for taking Sidon’s girls, I would be the perfect person.

I’m just tired of Zora seeing me as a…a...”

“A fuckboy?” you finished for him.

Razaar turned his unamused face towards you. “ that really what you Hylians call it?” You nodded. “Sheesh...I thought carp was bad. That really gets to the point.” Noting your still curious eyes he elaborated, “Oh, carp is a type a fish that eats stuff at the bottom of a pond or river. So, it’s like you will just take anything and everything to bed.”

“You look more like a shark than a carp.” You gave him a cheeky smile.

Razaar gave you one back. “You know-” He took a step forward- “sharks are predators in the water.”

You smiled and puffed up a bit. “Good thing we are on land.”

Razaar leaned down to your face and flashed his sharp teeth in a smile. “Then good thing I’m a Zora!” He picked you up and swing you around, causing you to squeal. Razaar sat you in the crook of his arm like a doll. “You do know how to make a guy feel like a king, don’t you?”

“She does…”

You turned your head to see Sidon and Bazz standing there, both with their arms crossed. Razaar instantly tensed up and nearly dropped you on the ground. “Sidon, it wasn’t-”

“I know.” The prince let out a breath. “I’m...sorry...for treating you like I have. I’m just...upset at this whole situation.”

Razaar relaxed and closed the distance between the two. “I know. I hate that the elders chose me. Really, Sidon I don’t want to come between you and (Y/N).” Sidon nodded somberly.

“The elders are wanting to make a mess of things, I know.” Sidon then turned his attention to you. “And I’m sorry to you too. I...I haven't been the man you needed. I’ve been so ashamed because I hurt you...and this...It is completely unbecoming of a prince.” He took your hand and kissed it. “Please, forgive me.”

You smiled and held his hand to your own lips. “Of course, anything for my prince to ravish me again.” Sidon broke out in a feverous blush. Even after knowing you for so long, he still doesn't expect you catching him off guard. You kissed his hand again before whispering, “I love you.”

The prince picked you up in his arms. “Well, why don’t we head back? It’s getting quite cold.”




“You….you want to...what?”

“I said, we should all be in this together. Instead of it being individual, we are all going to have you at once. And I, for one, do not doubt the abilities of my future bride to provide us boys...suitable pleasure.” Your face was a hellstorm of red.

“ I..I-I-I-I I can’t! I-whahhh!” Sidon began plucking your clothes off one by one until you were bare before the three boys. He pulled you into his chest and covered your ass with his hand. A subtle gesture of modesty, for what it was worth.

“Now, my dear, I know you are mine and mine alone. I trust you to guard my heart. So, feel free to enjoy yourself tonight. I know you will guard my heart.” Sidon kissed your cheek and rearranged your body so that you were now on your knees. The mattress sank behind you. Large, strong hands grabbed your hips and pulled you back until your ass met something hard. A blush spread across your face as your eyes pleaded for your mate to not stray too far. Sidon brushed your hair out of your face. “Are you nervous, my minnow?” You nodded shyly. “Ok, I can stay a bit longer.” His golden eyes flicked upwards as he nodded. Then, his lips gently kissed your own. It settled your heart slightly as the large cock poked at your entrance. You whined against Sidon’s lips as the first part of Razaar entered you. Sidon quickly grabbed your hand for emotional support. The boys were right, he did feel different. A bit bigger...but it wasn’t that. It was the rough hold on you, the angle, and the pace that made this different. And that made you nervous.

“Not as good as my other little Hylian, I have to admit.” Razaar cheekly said as the last inch of him entered.

You broke your kiss from your prince and glared back at the tiger shark. “Your commentary isn’t necessary.” To this, Razaar bucked into you, forcing your body to snap backwards. He ran his hand down the small of your back, up your spine, and to your shoulder. He kept holding your hip with his other hand. Now with his new found leverage, he began properly fucking you.

Though you didn’t want to admit it, he did give you a certain pleasure that was new. He was cocky and rough with his thrusts. Even in play, Sidon held you up and supported you. With Razaar, he was contorting your body to his specifications, comfortable or not. Small whines escaped from your mouth as your body finally adjusted to his length.

Razaar made a satisfied hum at your small inclings of pleasure. You slowly looked to the headboard with that blasted mirror the prince put up months before. Your hands gripped the sheets as your gaze connected. Razaar’s stoic face turned soft as his eyes began to glitter and his cheeks began to blush. But, the gaze left as quickly as it came.

The tiger shark instead turned to the smallest of the Zora in the room. “Come on, captain. You just going to watch me fuck her?” Razaar coyly smiled over to Bazz. The captain shrunk down slightly as his eyes traveled to where your bodies connected. The poor Zora looked like a scared and embarrassed squirrel.

Sidon pushed gently on his friend’s back. “Go ahead.” Bazz looked to Sidon in worry and dismay. Finally with one more push, he crawled over in front of you and opened his legs. His two cocks were already hot, erect, and leaking sweet, clear fluid from the tips. A bead of precome dripped down the one of the undersides of his cocks. And that is when you noticed, he was a lot smaller than both Sidon and Razaar. Bazz flushed hot and looked away. “I...I know I don’t have much to offer…”

An abnormal buck made you look back at the lazily fucking Zora. Razaar looked at you and jerked his head towards Bazz. Getting the hit, you leaned down and took that bead of precome on your tounge. Then, you licked one of his shafts from bottom to top.

...and that had the Zora howling . Bazz’s hands flashed to the pillow behind him as breath seemed to never fill his lungs. Razaar and Sidon both chuckled at the captain’s reaction, much to his embarrassment. Sidon leaned into your vision. The prince bore a cheeky smile, much like his cousin, and proceeded to taunt him. “When was the last time you…”

“T..That’s none of your business! I’m not like you where I just fuck whenever and wherever I want!” Bazz snapped back

Razaar carelessly paced himself. Almost as nonchalantly he said, “So is that like a year...?” Bazz glared at his subordinate. “I don’t have to tell you,” he cursed through gritted teeth.

Razaar smiled deeply. “So confident before. What happened? You embarrassed about your tiny-”

“-well I like them,” you cut in. Even though embarrassed at the whole situation, you had enough teasing and dick measuring for one day. No wonder the orgies in those magazines only had one guy. If there were more it would end up like this. Less fucking and more arguing about whose dicks are bigger and who had more sex. Razaar looked down on you in a bit of shock. To stop any retaliation from him, you quickly filled your mouth with the captain’s cocks.

Bazz’s legs curled up sharply as he called out into the air. His body arched off of the bed as it began to start shaking. “ s...stopstopstop I’m gonna!” Bazz practically screamed as his hot cum flowed into your mouth. Razaar completely stopped his movements and stared in disbelief as his captain finished out his high. Well, both cousins to be exact. Sidon was the first to break his gaze and look at Razaar for confirmation. However, the tiger shark was at a loss for words as well.

Bazz relaxed in a cloud of ecstasy. You swallowed as much as you could of him before wiping the rest off with your hand. The captain’s eyes blew wide and his cocks twitched at the sight of you acting so lewdly. “’re swallowing it? Don’t, (Y/N) it’s dirty.” Still you opened your mouth to show the lack of white cream that was there a few moments prior. Though, you didn’t expect his reaction to be pure mortification.

Razaar looked back to Sidon. Both didn’t know what to do in this situation. Their little captain was embarrassed, traumatized… Bazz kept a brave face on, but the other three people in the room saw the tears he was holding back. You gently placed a hand on his thigh while giving him a sweet, yet understanding smile. “Was I that good?” Bazz slightly nodded. You deepened your smile. “Well that’s a relief. Sidon was holding out longer and longer...So, I was almost certain I was getting worse.”

Bazz quickly put a hand over your own. “N..Not at all! You were wonderful. I...I just didn’t want to dirty my future princess.” His blush darkened his cheeks to a ruby red. “As the captain of the Royal Guard...I’m supposed to protect all things.” His thighs unconsciously bent inwards. There was some magic between you two. A loving respect so thick you were practically drowning. And maybe, it was due to the captain’s unrequited lust for you. Sidon hinted at Bazz’s affections before. But now, with being given full access to your body, the man was struggling to keep his mind and affections from wandering too far. He must be trying not to fall in love with you. Well, even more so.

Razaar looked over to his cousin. “Why do I feel so inadequate?” Sidon shrugged his shoulders, “You think I know what’s going on?” Razaar sighed and pulled you back into his hips, grinding you in a way that drew your attention back to him. “If you don’t start paying attention to me, I’m just going to get off on your body.” His words made your Hylian ears turn downwards and your cunt clench. Razaar gasped and hunched over from the sudden heat and pressure cuddling around his cock. “W...why the fuck did that turn you on? I don’t wanna use you like a toy, you know nnnahhhh….” The erotic feelings in your body turned it into a vice. Razaar was panting and trembling against your ass. “You kinky little thing...Fuck...fuck...fine!” He pulled you a bit underneath him and pressed into you. A loud gasp mixed with a moan escaped from your throat. Razaar bent down and kissed the tip of your ear. “I’ll play your little game,” he whispered.

He began slamming hard and fast into your tiny body. The size of his cock made the thrusts nearly painful as they hit your cervix. “R...Razaar! S...slow down!” You pleaded and yipped as the tiger shark had his way with you.

“I told you I’m not your prince. I’m not going to give you a sweet loving fuck like he would.” Razaar took a fist full of hair and pulled your head back. The pain caused you to cry out. “You are my little toy for tonight. I’ll give you back to your prince broken and shattered.”

Your eyes cracked open upon seeing slight movement in front of you. Bazz leaned up and glared at Razaar. “Stop it. You’re hurting her!” A deep and cruel chuckle echoed behind you.

The thrusts slowed and a hand felt up your chest until they copped a feel. “You obviously don’t know Hylians all that well, Captain. Female Hylians love feeling helpless-” he thrusted deep and grunted- “and trapped. We are so much larger than them and can just have our way with them if we want to.” Razaar now resumed his rough pace. “Even if she wanted me to stop, she couldn’t get out of my grasp.” You tried to wiggle away, pull your arms from him, any sort of freedom his chains. “Like that. Until I’m done with her, she is going to stay under me, pleasuring me with her tight little cunt until my seed is thoroughly pumped inside of her.” You blushed as his words sent a powerful and pleasure-filled shock though your body that made you nearly tip over the edge.

Then, unexpectedly, Sidon came into your vision. His cocks were fully erect and now dangling in front of your mouth. His fingers curled around your hair and grabbed the back of your head. Your once empty mouth was now full of cock as Sidon thrusted his hips forward. A whine came from your throat as your wet eyes pleaded with him to let go. But, Sidon was smiling. He was smiling ! “My dear little whore of a mate. You just like being used don’t you? Well then, how can I resist such a temptation?” You moaned against his leaking cock as he caressed your head more gently. His thumbs rubbed those sweet spots on your ear. Goddess, never have you had to be fucked and blow a guy.

“Just couldn’t keep your hands off of her…” Razaar gently criticized. Sidon chuckled. “Well, you would do the same if it was your own little Hylian. She just looked so good. How could I just watch when I can play in her beautiful mouth?”

Razaar gave a pleasured hum from you tightening around him. “She’s going to cum if you keep talking like that, Sidon.”

“Well, it’s not like you’re going to stop if she does. Bazz, come here.” Sidon reached behind him to grab his captain’s arm. “Sit there, yes.” His iron grip then came to your wrist as he placed your hand on the re-erected cocks of his captain. You whined against the prince’s flesh. “Pump him, my sweet minnow.” You did as he asked, much to the embarrassed delight of Bazz. He groaned and then moaned as your hand slid up and down one of his slick lengths.

That’s when the knot in your belly teetered on the edge of becoming undone. Fuck, three different guys were using you to get off. It felt good, you weren’t going to lie. Some deep breaths and refocusing on the task at hand held off your high. Finally, you thought you got a raign in from your inevitable end when you heard a chuckle from Razaar. His hand erotically slid around your hip to the top of your slit. Oh shit… His claw ever so gently pulled up your clit and pushed it back down. No...nonononono You whined against Sidon’s cock as your body thrashed around, trying to get away from Razaar’s teasing finger. But, he kept up the abuse on your little bud until the pleasure became too much.

You screamed with your mouth full as Razaar pushed you over the edge. The tiger shark kept up his movements to give you to full range of his pleasure. Sidon gently rubbed your head and cheeks. Bazz placed his hand over yours to give you some encouragement as well. Your orgasm was so pleasurable and so intense you could pass out. It wasn’t until Razaar slowed down his antics did you refocus.

Sidon let you off his cocks for a brief bit of air and some light petting. “You are doing so well, my love.” His fingers brushed away your tears and sweat. Goddess, he was so caring.

Razaar rubbed your hip affectionately. “Don’t worry (Y/N), I won’t last much longer. I promise you that before this test that I won’t even touch myself. I will come when you need me to come.” You nodded lazaly, much to the men’s amusement. “I’m almost there, princess. Give me your body just once more.”

You blushed at his sentiment. Sidon smiled at your reaction before opening his mouth. “Ahhh,” he mocked. You opened your mouth and began sucking his thick cocks once more. Bazz began to whimper at the resumeing movement as well. Soon enough, you too began to feel kinky once more.

Razaar now angled his hips to pleasure himself better. He began groaning and gasping, signaling his end. Sidon too began to moan. The prince grasped your head and began thrusting hard. “Tighten yourself, (Y/N). Make him feel what I get to dip into every night. Nhhmmmm make him jealous that you are mine .” You did as your prince asked. Razaar blushed and pumped faster into you. His thrusts became sloppy as his legs quivered. Sidon’s eyes became hooded and unfocused. “You dreamt of him having you like this, you know. There his is. He’s going to dump his cum in you and breed you like his own.”

You didn’t even notice your own pleasure until it became too late. Your pussy clenched around the tiger shark as you moaned on your own hammerhead. Hylia, this was your second orgasm between these three boys. Sidon began to moan higher and higher as Razaar slammed into your body. “Keep tight….keep tight...fuck…” Razaar shouted loudly as a warmth spread in between your legs. Sidon’s head snapped back as his own cum flowed down your throat. Even Bazz pressed his own hand tighter around your own and called out his high.

Now with each boy gasping, they pulled off of you. The bed now a messy pool of cum and sweat with you in its center. You trembled as all of the pressure and strain on your body finally left. The cum on your body made you feel sticky. It was between your legs and over your back. Not to mention the prince’s own cum around your face. You squeezed an eye shut as a bit of his cum began to drip onto it.

Razaar sighed behind you. “Goddess, she looks good.” A hand began threading its fingers through your hair. “She needs to be cleaned up. Poor thing looks like a drowned mouse.” Sidon picked you up in his arms. The world was so fuzzy and aloof to argue much. You were just so tired.

“You did well, my minnow.”

Chapter Text

You clutch your beating heart. Hylia, you could never be ready for this. The walls seemed to be creeping closer towards you. Air could not fill your lungs quick enough. Faster you breathed in, never letting much air out. Trembles shook throughout your body. You grabbed the collar of your white silk robe and pulled it tighter. You couldn’t breathe...

Razaar leaned down to your level. “(Y/N)? Hey. Hey, look at me.” His hands wrapped around your shoulders. On your back, his fingers nearly interlocked with one another. “Relax,” he said once more. “It’s just like we practiced. Just focus on us.” Your teary eyes looked up into his.

Another hand was placed on your lower back. The Captain of the Royal Guard pulled you into his side. “We won’t let anything happen to you, (Y/N).” Your breathing began to even out but just barely. Bazz noted this, and turned your head to focus on him. “It will be over before you know it.”

You leaned into his shoulder and shook. Eyes squeezed shut, you didn’t even see the prince close in until his buttery voice echoed in the hall. “My minnow.” You leaned into the hand that touched your face. “I won’t be far. I know you can do this.” Your eyes opened to look into the golden irises of the prince. Pitty dripped from them, almost drowning you. “Stay strong for a bit longer.” You nodded at him. Now with your breath nearly being even, he kissed you deeply. “I refuse to let this be the end of us. I know I keep asking for more than I should, but would you be opposed to letting them kiss you?” You broke out in a blush. Though, you really didn’t know why. I already ...well...fucked them. Why am I so embarrassed with having them kiss me?

Still, you nodded. Bazz, who was the closest to you blushed as well. “I...I…”

Razaar rolled his eyes. “Are you going to kiss her or not?”

Bazz snapped his face towards his subordinate. “Not now, Razaar. I...have just decided to save it for later.” Now the captain was avoiding everyone’s eyes. For the first time today, you smiled. The butterflies settled but in a pleasant way. And Bazz’s mouth dropped when you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“That was a freebie,” you said to quell any worries.

But, your attention was then turned to Sidon glaring at his cousin. “You’re jealous, really?” The tiger shark held up his hands. “A kiss on the cheek is better than sex in my book.” Sidon gave him an incredulous look in response. Yet, it didn’t seem to bother Razaar. “I would rather have earned a kiss for being valiant than sex for being a….a fuck boy.” His choice of words earned a chuckle out of you.

But that’s where the jokes ended. The door opened, having an older lady gesturing you to come inside. Here we go.

Sidon took your hand and gallantly lead you down the isle of onlookers. If there was one thing he refused to let happen today, it was damaging his pride. Both in himself and you. Though, the onlookers bothered you quite a bit. Old men and women you passed by on occasion filled the room in a group of around ten. Two of whom you instantly recognized. Muzu, the king’s adviser, and Seggin, Bazz’s father. Seggin looked from you to his son and scoffed. Your heart began to sink until Sidon gripped your hand tighter, letting his confidence flow into you.

Sidon helped you up on the small stage before taking his own seat. Razaar and Bazz stood to either side of you. Muzu stood up and cleared his throat. But, Razaar interrupted. “Why are we even doing this?”

Muzu flinched from his sudden outburst. He blinked a few times before resuming his usual cocky posture. “ That is not knowledge you need to acquire. Or are you refusing?”

Razaar ground his teeth and stepped back. If it was one thing you found out about Razaar, it was that he hates being told what to do. His eyes nearly bled with murderous intent towards the old man.

Muzu scowled at the on-stage group. “Well, proceed.” He took his seat and folded his webbed hands.

Both boys hesitated for a moment before kneeling beside you. Here we go-

Razaar pulled you away from Bazz and into his chest. The shark pulled the back part of your robe down, showing off your shoulders. Before you could even blink, a mouth began kissing up your back, causing a shiver. Black and white hands ran down your arms to hold your hands. Razaar made an disapproving sound. “Would you behave?” he sharply whispered.

Bazz smiled against your back. “Maybe I won’t. After all, I can’t get enough of our princess.” You blushed at his words. “This is the last time I can have her.” Now your ears turned down in embarrassment.

“So selfish…” Razaar sighed. He took the other side of your neck and began sucking away while letting his hands explore around your hips. “You aren't the only one who wants to show your devotion.” Now he made slight pecks on your collar bone as the robe slid further down your body. Those kisses sent all the wrong signals between your legs. They involuntarily squeezed together around Razaar’s hips, causing him to moan against your skin.

The robe slid down even farther, exposing your chest. Bazz took advantage of this to cup his hands around them. “I won’t let them see your beautiful assets, princess.” He massaged his hands into them. “I won’t let them see…” Your cheeks were fiery red. When you ‘practiced’, both of them would barely touch you. Now, both of them were so...handsy.

Something hard and slick pressed against your clit. You look down towards the mouthing Razaar. He was so enamored with kissing your shoulder, that he failed to notice your gaze. When he opened his eyes, they only became deeper. He moved to your ear and took a few nibbles at it before whispering, “It’s shameful for a knight to feel this way about his princess. But I can’t let you be this wet without care.” Razaar moved your hips over his and set you on one of his cocks. “Allow me to take care of my princess.”

Your breath and body shuddered at the feeling. Goddess, no matter the situation it still felt strange to be taken by anyone other than Sidon. Bazz tilted your head back to face him. His lips covered your own as he continued to touch the sensitive flesh of your chest. You moaned against his mouth, causing his headtail to wag a bit. Forced or not, the boys genuinely liked what they were doing to you. And, what you were doing to them.

To be honest, you liked it as well. They were gentle, patient. It was a complete turn around from the hard fucks of Razaar and the shyness of Bazz. For right now, they were both yours. They wanted to both be yours.

You kissed Bazz with a little more force that had him moaning. He broke the kiss and pressed his face into your hair. “I need you,” he whined. “I...I’m so hard…” You took one hand and reached behind you to grab one of Bazz’s cocks. He nearly jumped out of his scales at the touch, but soon began to rut into it. “You’re too kind, princess. To be doing something like this to your captain...ahh...ahhhh….it’s the best reward I could ask for.”

Your sensitive Hylian ears turned down at his dirty words. Sometimes you could curse how well you could hear. You caught every breath the boys were making. Every little gasp and grunt, no matter how small, sent shivers down your spine. Razaar let out a flurry of “Oh fuck” and “you’re so tight.” While Bazz was a little more cordial. He kept his face pressed against your hair, presumably in embarrassment. “Like that, princess. Please, stroke me faster, reward me more.”

“See, my prince, she would be happy with any Zora.”

Your ears flicked up and your head moved to turn towards the elders before Razaar caught you with his hand. Tears began to form in your eyes as you looked at him. He covered your face enough with his large hand so that the audience couldn’t see your expression. Razaar pressed his crest to your forehead. “Ignore them,” he whispered. Your body tried to squirm away. You were no whore. You only wanted Sidon! couldn’t do this!

Razaar placed his mouth over your own and kissed your deeply. It was dominating, yet pleading. He wanted you to calm down. With each small moan he gave you, you settled more into his lap. Pleasure soon overtook your thoughts as he began to fuck you a bit harder. Bazz nibbled the ear facing away from the audience. “It’s just us, (Y/N). Nothing else matters.” His hand covered your own on his cock. He guided you to touch him faster, fiercer.

“She looks so experienced. Probably some whore off the street.”

You once again squirmed much to the dismay of the boys. I’m not….I’m not… Razaar pressed his cock deep into you and held you there by your hips. “If you don’t calm down, I am going to rip the rest of this cloth off of you and fuck you until you become pregnant with my children.” Your legs squeezed around his hips as a blush bloomed across your face. Bazz frowned at the tiger shark. “Razaar, stop it. We need to keep her calm. Stick to the plan.”

“W..what plan?” you whispered.

Razaar growled. “Now you fucked it up, captain .” Bazz ground his teeth. “Well if you weren’t so impatient, she would be fine!” Razaar leaned over you to look at the Zora behind your back. “If you weren’t so insecure we wouldn’t have to come up with a plan.” The angry whispers did not go unnoticed by the council, as they started to chat to one another.

“Those boys…”

“I guess she can’t even keep the famous Razaar interested.”

“She’s completely incompetent. Obviously, the prince needs more experiences with Zora women. He probably doesn't even know what he’s missing!”

A loud bang echoed throughout the room. Your whole pod turned to the source of the sound. Sidon stood there, fists clenched with a fallen and broken chair behind him. The back of the chair was snapped and now laid a few feet away from its proper place.

Each of the elders stayed where they were. You scanned around the room. Some Zora made faces of utter shock. Others glared at their future king. Muzu reached his hand up to wave his prince back to his proper spot.

Sidon marched forward before he could be bothered. His eyes were fixated on you between the two frozen boys. He stopped when he was towering over your little threesome. Those piercing yellow eyes bored into your psyche, making you tremble. Have you displeased him somehow?

He grabbed the hand that was resting on Razaar’s bicep and pulled you up into his chest. Flushed against him, you could feel his rapidly beating heart on your cheek. “S...Sidon?” you squeaked. He kissed the top of your head. “Just hang on a bit longer”

You heard Muzu’s nagging voice on the other side of your protector. “Prince Sidon! This is completely out of the realms of proper etiquette!”

And that is when you felt it. You looked up just to be sure. But just the energy coming off of him could be nothing else. He was, in fact, smiling. It was not a regular smile, oh no. This was that evil smile he gave when he is going to do something to spite someone.

Oh Goddess…

Sidon flipped you on the stage and crawled over you. “S...Sidon!” you yipped. The last of the robe was ripped off your body. He captured your lips in his own as he began spreading your legs apart. He...he really doesn't intend to take me here. Right? Though, that answer was given to you along with both his cocks. Sidon separated your mouths and looked down at your disbelieving eyes. Though faint, you could hear his command, ‘Serve your prince.’ His hands grabbed your hips and pulled you deeper on him. A cry escaped your mouth as he ground his cocks inside you. Fuck!

“P...Prince Sidon, what are you doing? can’t do that here!” Seggin pointed at him in a scolding motion. Sidon just smiled as he continued fucking you. He eventually turned to the former captain. “You wanted to know if she could take me. Well, she can and you are going to see it.” Sidon picked up his pace and refocused his attention. “Right my dear? You can take your prince’s big, thick cocks?” He snapped his hips forward to get a peep out of you. Sidon chuckled at your reaction. “Come now, (Y/N). Usually you are more vocal when we fuck…”

A gasp ran over the crowd. Was it what he said or that he used the word-

“F...Fuck!” you yipped. Sidon knelt in front of you and began to pull your legs over his hips. The top of your back rested on the ground while your lower half was dangling in the air. His cocks now rubbed and pushed a lovely place inside of you. Sidon gave you a wicked smile. Oh Goddess, what now?

“How does your prince feel? Do you like his cocks inside you?” He took a hand and aggressively grabbed one of your breasts. You blushed at what he was making you do. The whole crowd of perverted old people are going to hear your begs of how much you liked being fucked! “Y...yes...I...I like it.” You couldn’t get into this.

Your head turned to look at the group until Sidon’s hand grabbed your hair and twisted your head back to face him. “Look at me and tell me how much you like your prince fucking you like his own little sex toy!” His words bit at you, considering the situation. But, the look in his eyes told you why he was doing it.

He wants to make himself look un-princely in bed…

Sidon pulled you up in his lap and began bouncing you up and down. You grabbed onto his chest to keep some sort of your sanity. But, he didn’t want that. He wanted you to drown with him in this delusion. To ignore everything around the both of you and have him take you like the sweet little subject you are.

“I...I love it. I love my prince taking me. Please...h...harder. I want it harder! Take me my prince. Ruin me!” Sidon set a near-maddening pace inside you. His hands wandered your body, his eyes ate you up. Hylia, you fucking love this man!

Sidon flashed his sharp teeth in a smile. “That’s right. You love it when I ravish you. You love it when I hunt you down just to have you like this. You love me breeding you like the needy little subject you are. And why? Because I am your prince! You exist to serve me and every little sexual desire I have.” He grabbed your chin and made you look at him. “And every drop of cum that ever comes out of these cocks is going into your tiny little body...and you will love it.”

You grabbed at his chest with your soft Hylian fingers. “I will. I love it. My prince….my prince I can’t!” Sidon pulled your hair sharply. You cried out in pain before Sidon brought his face close to yours. “You won’t cum until I say you can, got it?” Tears fell out of your eyes at his rough treatment. And yet,

None of these old people would ever let their granddaughter marry the prince if it meant this…

Sidon re-angled his hips so that it would pleasure you more. “ please! My prince!” You buried your face in his chest as you screamed. Everything burst out of you as your cunt clamped down on his sweet cocks. Your breaths turned to gasps as the high subsided. However, it was too little too late when you noticed that Sidon stopped moving.


Sidon shoved you on your knees facing away from him. “Didn’t I tell you not to come?” A sharp pain ran through you as his palm struck your ass. You yipped as the pain registered in your brain. “Then why did you come? How dare you disobey your prince!” He took another hard hit against the other cheek. Then, two quick ones in succession.

“I’m sorry!” you cried out. Three more hits followed. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me!” Another large hit left you in tears. After a had squeeze of your ass, you were picked up and brought back onto the prince’s cocks. Tears ran down your cheeks as he began his pace again. Your butt hit repeatedly on his thrusting hips. Through the tears, you saw Sidon begin to waver. He must be so close... “Please, please my prince come inside me! I want my prince’s cum!” you cried and pleaded while looking desperately into his eyes.

Sidon looked disapprovingly at you. And before you knew what he was up to, he took you off his cocks and stuck his boys in your mouth. Holy fuck are you serious! Yet, the prince’s grunts became more frequent as he continued to thrust. “Drink me. Drink every last drop of my cum. I will make you lick it off the floor if you miss even a drop! N...Nhmnnnnn!” Sidon spilled into your mouth. You tried desperately to drink it, but it was too much and spilled over onto the floor.

You popped off his cocks and coughed from lack of air. Shyly, you looked to your prince for guidance. He wasn’t really going to humiliate you like this, is he? “Clean it up,” he ordered. You bent down to the drops of cooling cum and began to clean the floor with your tongue.

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see how pale the audience has become. One held her hand up to her mouth and began to run out of the room. Sidon turned to the group. “Actually, I’m getting rather bored with her, do any of you have single grandchildren?”

Muzu coughed and hacked at his prince’s words. “ we do not. know what, I think she has shown the vigor and hardiness to be a princess. Right everyone?” An uncomfortable mumbling in agreement was soon followed by a quick procession outwards.

Sidon gently grabbed your chin and tilted it upwards. “ can stop, love.” He pulled you into his chest and held you tightly. “I’m so sorry. Goddess above, I’m sorry. Are you hurt? I didn’t hit you too hard right? Dearie look at your face. I feel so bad. Oh my minnow you cried so much. I...I didn’t get cum in your eye, right? Oh dear, oh dear-”

“Sidon, calm the fuck down.” Razaar knelt next to his cousin, away from the cum of course. He sighed and turned his attention to you. “Kinky little thing. Is that a Hylian trait?” You smiled at his attempt to turn the conversation. “Only with someone you love,” you answered. The tiger shark rolled his eyes.

Bazz sat next to him and looked at you with concerning eyes. “Are you sure you are alright? I was going to stop it until Razaar held me back.”

You nodded. “I’m fine. A bit sore, but fine.”

Sidon stood up and began to walk out of the room. But, you motioned for the prince stand next to Razaar. Though confused, Sidon complied with your request. The tiger shark also gave you a look of mild confusion. You touched Razaar’s chin and made him turn his cheek. To which, he didn’t make much of a fuss. There, you planted a firm, wet kiss.

Razaar smiled until he touched the place where the kiss was left. “This is cum, isn’t it! You bitch!”

Chapter Text

You finished up the last of the thank you letters. There were only two, but you put in a lot of time and effort into each of them. To be honest, you did feel a little naughty. In the letters, there was a section about what you liked most about them. Maybe in the future you could be some sort of erotica author. Though, what would be your premise? A king falling in love with a servant girl? Or a bandit who captures a noble woman and forces her to have sex with him until she likes it? Wow that one went a little dark. Though all of the rope tying would be quite sexy. He would tie her in intricate ways to show his appreciation for her body…


Your eyes looked down to the letter you wrote to Bazz. Maybe I did put too much detail in there…

...for always being so nice and kind during this encounter.

Even though you were shy, it made me feel comfortable. I didn’t feel as alone when we had to practice. I was nervous too and seeing how you felt the same way soothed my worries. Your blush was by far the most charming thing I have seen in awhile. I do hope you enjoyed our time together and I didn’t hurt you. It made me slightly nervous to see how big you were. I even had to be careful of my teeth. While they are dull, they don’t feel too good during oral sex.

Was...was Razaar’s any better?

At first I was nervous by the way you held down my body. But, you made sure that I wasn’t in any pain. For someone who acts all big and tough, you are really sweet when it comes to lovemaking. Though you like to do it rough, you played into my fantasies to keep my thoughts away from embarrassment. You are also quite the good kisser. 

“Why do I overshare my feelings!!!!!!!!!!” You grabbed your head and shouted to the ceiling. Maybe this thank-you-note thing isn’t what you needed to do to show your gratitude. Maybe you could bake them something! Like a cake! You could even decorate it yourself! 

Thank you for fucking me

“What is wrong with me?” you asked yourself. Sidon’s perviness definitely rubbed off on you. That’s probably why he asked for you to have some space away from the men. No need to have more fuel for your fantasies.

A knock came to the door. You ran over to it and opened it to reveal Captain Bazz. Your cheeks lit up a bright red at the sight of him again. “I...I know we are supposed to have some time apart. But, we need to talk.” Oh no, was he going to finally confess his love? Right now? He motioned to the room with his head. “May I come in?”

You nodded and let him into the prince’s room. What is he going to do? Your mind ran with all sorts of situations…

Bazz threw you on the bed and covered your mouth with his own. His hands began ripping off your clothes as kisses peppered your skin. “It’s not fair! Both of them got a turn to be inside you...what about me? Haven't I been good? I can’t help it...I need you now!” He pushed your legs apart and forced himself inside you. You cried out in pleasure at his thickness. “I love you. I’ve always loved you. I’m going to fuck you until you feel the same for me!”

“(Y/N)?” Bazz waved a hand in front of your face. “Are you alright? You aren't getting a fever, are you?” You nearly jumped out of your skin.

“I..I...I’m fine. I just...H..Here! This is for you!” You quickly snatched the paper off the table and handed it to Bazz. The captain slowly took the letter and looked at it. After a few moments, his cheeks began to turn bright red. “I...didn’t know you felt this way about Razaar.” You snatched the paper away and replaced it with the other one on the desk. Bazz took this one a bit more tentatively. His face bloomed crimson upon looking at the sheet. He quickly put it down in front of his hips. His shy and glistening eyes looked at you. “T...thank you...for...your kind words. I will read the rest of it later.” Shit… You nodded in embarrassment. Why are you so awkward? “Maybe the elders were right. I’m not princess material.” 

Bazz perked up and placed his hands on your shoulders. “No, they were not right. They are not right. I just...Look. I’ve come here to tell you something and then I’ll go.” Your heart skipped a beat. He was looking at you so intently. A hard grasp on your shoulders kept you from moving anywhere. He wanted you to stay...right here...and listen. 

You had to do it. You had to tell him! “I’m sorry Bazz...I...just don’t feel that way for you.”

His eyes widened in shock and confusion. “N..No! That’s not- W...Fuck it. The king said to take you and Sidon on a trip to the beach. He got word of what happened and he needs some time to reign in the council. Razaar and I would be escorting you but...I can see if there is someone else if...if that would make you more comfortable after yesterday.” The captain averted his eyes and blushed.

You did the same. Goddess, this was awkward. “Are you asking me or...are you not wanting to come?” 

Bazz’s blush became brighter in his cheeks. “I am sworn to protect the royal family. If it is called upon me, I will do it.” Your brows bent upward in concern. The eye connection still had yet to be restored. And now, you weren’t sure if you wanted it to. The poor Zora was caught between his duty and his emotions about the situation. That’s when you understood. This situation didn’t just hurt you, it also affected Bazz. The man always worked so hard, enough that he couldn’t...wouldn’t be able to keep a stable relationship. Well, even a fling for that matter. The bags under his eyes and his heightening temper as of late told how much sleep he got these past few weeks. 

So, logically, he would become attached to someone he was intimate with, you.

Maybe it wasn’t love. But, judging by how his body reacted during practice, it was a desire he didn’t want to admit. “Bazz…” -you looked up at him and he reestablished your gaze- “I would love for you to come with us. You need some relaxation too.” His eyes flickered back and forth. 

“I...I would still be working. It would probably be more stressful because we would be in an unknown environment and…” His words died once he realized that his hand was being held. 

“You mean you would be doing paperwork the entire day and night if you were to stay here. It’s alright to relax a bit too.” A small smile from him gave all the reassurance you needed. But, that smile dropped as his gaze landed on the crowned prince who looked none too happy with your current position. “Bazz, why are you having an intimate moment with my future bride?” Sidon aggressively walked towards Bazz who dropped your hand like a rock and backed away. “I have half a mind to rip your tail off you perverted son of a-”

“Sidon!” You chirped. The prince’s dead eyes turned to you. Your bladder nearly gave out at the sight. If looks could kill... “He was holding my hand because I was trying to convince him to come with us on our vacation!” You could see his heart shatter. “’s not like that! Not that kind of convincing!”

Before the prince could jump to conclusions, Bazz stepped in. “Your father wants you to take a vacation to the beach and asked if Razzar and I would be able to escort and guard you. I came in asking her if she would be comfortable with that.”

Sidon put a hand to his face. “Bazz, you know I can’t take a day off. There is so much to do in the Domain. The wedding is getting closer, summer is just around the corner so traders are coming in, more work needs to be done on-”

“Sidon.” You placed your hands on one of his. “I would love to go to the beach.” You have never seen your mate blush like he did. Pulling twice on his arm, he leaned down and offered his ear. You covered your mouth so Bazz could not see the dirty words you were forming. “You can also fuck me in the seafoam.”

“We are going to the beach!” the prince declared. 

And that is how you went from stressy depressy to beach bum. Well...there still was some stress with Razaar and Bazz around. Sidon didn’t like inviting the two, insisting he could protect you. But, the king would not allow it. And, Sidon didn’t trust just any guard around you. So, here you were. 

The blue waves of the ocean crashed upon the white shoreline. Even little crabs ran this way and that between some large rocks. The saltiness in the air and the warm sand beneath your toes nearly blocked out the ear splitting arguing behind you. Bazz puffed out his chest at the tiger shark. “The best way to guard them is by having a strict route that we both swim! The sandbar out to the left is a perfect place for something to lerk under the wa-” 

“And I’m saying that being next to them will save time to get to them if they are attacked!” Razaar leaned over his smaller captain.

“They won’t be attacked if we guard them from farther away!” Bazz screeched.

“They will be if something slips through the gaps between us!”

Can’t you enjoy the view for five minutes?

Sidon placed a hand on your shoulder and pulled you in close. You sighed and snuggled your face into his hip. The prince chuckled and began to play with your hair. “A whole three days off. What am I going to do with myself?” You giggled and grabbed the back of his thigh. “Probably what you normally do whenever you get a moment to yourself.” Those naughty fingers of yours trailed up his legs and under his backfins to grab some delicious Zora assets. (Emphasis on ass.) The prince jumped a little in response, but soon made suggestive circles on your head. “Behave my minnow. I will have you soon enough when the boys are not around.”

You moved your lewd hand to his hip instead. “You make it sound like they are our children.” Sidon smiled down at you. Turning back to see further up-shore, Bazz was now waving his hands and Razaar was covering his ears. “Well, I guess there is some truth to that,” you admitted. Sighing, the option of ignoring the arguing appeared to be the only option. You grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. Not to worry though, you had a beautiful purple bikini top to cover...just enough. Naturally, Sidon had to pick out the most skimpy swimsuit available. Praise Hylia the beach was deserted, save for your group. Down came the pants, showing off the even more risque bottom. It was basically some strings with a tiny bit of fabric to cover just enough. You frowned. It was a thong. Plain and simple. It was probably designed to attract boys or something. And attract it did. The only sound on the beach was the waves hitting the shore. You turned around at the lack of arguing to see Razaar and Bazz quickly dart their eyes away from you. Where they…

“Let's go swimming, my minnow!” Sidon picked you up in his arms and ran towards the water. The Zora jumped high into the air and came down into the deeper parts of the water. You quickly resurfaced and wiped your eyes from any excess water. Sidon laughed at your need to do such a thing. After all, Zora can see underwater and resurface any amount of times. “I just realized-” Sidon tucked a stray hair behind your ear- “we never have properly gone swimming before. I mean we’ve gone swimming , but not like this.” A smile came to your lips as all of those memories flooded through your head. On the beach next to Ruta, by a waterfall, even in his hardly-used sleeping pool. His gaze nearly broke you, as it was filled with enough love that could drown even a Zora. “I guess I have been a really naughty prince. To keep a lady from swimming and instead, have me swim in her...My my, I do apologize.” His hands cradled you in the water. “I’m such a naughty prince…” he whispered. “As I have no problem with distracting you again.” Your blush made your ears turn down slightly as his touches became more erotic. “Sidon…” you whined. 

Bazz’s head breached the surface right next to you. “Sir, the area has been surveyed, nothing to report.” Sidon’s expression turned sour. It was his unamused face or a ‘really?’ face as some would call it. Sidon grabbed the top of his captain’s head and made him face away. “Thank you for your report, captain.” He took his hand off. When Bazz made no movement, he sighed. “We are on vacation, Bazz. I don’t have to dismiss you.” You swore you saw a flinch which was followed by a “Yes, sir.” Bazz dove back under the water to go to...well...wherever he was going to be.

“Now, where were we?” Sidon turned his voice into a sexual growl as he curled those words into buttery endings. You gave him a teasing smile. “We were talking about how we never actually went swimming.” You pushed away from your love and began swimming a circle around him. “Every time we do, you somehow have me playing with fish.” You trailed a hand down his back, then kept swimming. Sidon caught on to your playfulness.

“How was the fish? As fun as looking at those books I keep hidden in my desk?” Sidon began showing you a little of his teeth. “Even though they are quite aggressive?” You circled back around to his front and touched his chest. Your fingers trailed down his impressively carved muscles to right above his stomach. “They can be sweet sometimes. Well, when they aren't hunting .” That little uptick had the Zora’s blood rushing. His pupils began to dilate. 

Sidon dove under the surface. You quickly looked below you, but saw nothing. Your eye caught movement to your left. Then, it was to your right. Where is he-  You screeched as Sidon hoisted you up in the air. He held you by your midsection as you began to flail around. All you could hear under you was the sweet sound of the prince’s laughter. He brought you back down to the water. You took your hand and hit the top of the water to splash him. The prince simply laughed at your joke and brought you in for a kiss.

“Sidon, are you alright? I heard screaming!” Bazz frantically looked back and forth between the two of you before slumping in the water. “ apologies.” The captain then dove back under the waves.

That jovial and happy moment was now lost, replaced by stress. Sidon shook his head and sighed. “You must be getting tired. Why don’t we head back to the shore?” He gave you one of those fake smiles again. Think (Y/N)...something that would make him happy. “I will race you!” you cheered. Sidon was a bit taken aback by your proposal. But, that sly smile told of something different, mischievous maybe. “Alright, you have yourself a race.” Sidon swam next to you. The air turned back into a playful and fun whispiness. 

“Let’s make this more interesting,” you proposed. “Loser has to be the bottom.” Sidon’s eyes flared in excitement. “Ready? And...go!” 

Sidon shot off faster than you thought possible. In a few seconds, he was laying on the beach, beckoning you to come closer with his finger. You pouted at him. He could of at least went a bit slower. Heck, even swimming circles around me would be more fun. You made your way to the shoreline, though not nearly as fast. “You enjoying my swim of shame?” you called. 

Sidon laughed. “I would much rather enjoy my prize. Come, my minnow, swim faster!” You continued to swim towards the shore. Now the waves began to push you, so it wasn’t long till you were walking on the sand towards your prince. His eyes slowly looked you up before getting to your eyes. “A beautiful woman from the sea comes out onto land just to pleasure me? How lucky am I?” You rolled your eyes before the prince snatched you in his arms. He placed you underneath him, your back against the sand. He kissed your lips. “Or maybe, I came to shore to have my fill of a beautiful creature from the land. She’s simply so stunning that ever since I first caught a glimpse of her, my fate was sealed.” His fingers ran along your arm as his lips ghosted over your own. “My beautiful Hylian…” Salty lips pressed against your own, turning your cheeks pink. Your heart began to race at how delicately he was treating you. He moved his lips to nibble on your ear. “My sweet (Y/N) make me so happy.” With one more little nibble, he moved back to face you. Those golden eyes looked over your entire body with a luscious hunger. His hand gently moved from your shoulder and over your breast. He leaned down to kiss you once more as his hand moved to the side and caressed your curves, until those fingers reached the string on your hip. They slipped under the string and began to play with it. Well, teasing you was more accurate.

He lifted his lips from your own to look lovingly into your eyes. “Never in a thousand years would I have thought that love could be this sweet. Maybe the sea has had an effect on me, but how have I not spilled my entire heart to you before? Hylia, I love you.” The prince pushed you into the sand with a desperate kiss. For a second, the thought of dying from happiness crossed your mind. Love was sickeningly sweet with him. No thoughts of pleasing anyone, no judgement...he took you as you were.

And took you he did. The prince pulled away the little bit of fabric that covered his goal. Those sweet, hot cocks pressed into you, filling you to deep bliss. He broke apart your embracing lips for you to draw breath. Those hands of his preoccupied the prince by playing with your top. His fingers pinched the strings by your neck to slowly move down to the fabric covering your breasts. Sidon moved the fabric underneath your womanly chest and it was more than happy to oblige. Your breasts spilled out in front of the prince. “Beautiful…” he sighed. One of his hands matched against your chest. A small whine came from your mouth as he not only grabbed you, but began fucking you as well. “My beautiful princess of the land...ahhh...ahhh...I simply can’t stay under the waves when you’re around. I can’t be that good prince everyone wants me to be when you’re around. Ahhh...nnnngnn….” 

You ran your hands up his arms to about his elbow before running down the fins protruding from his arms. Those blue and yellow fins flickered a bit from your touch, but their owner simply blushed and smiled from your exploration. “Touch me as much as you like. I’m yours, after all.” Somehow, that made your cheeks hot. Your fingers continued to play with his smooth fins. They were stiff, contrary to them being thin and translucent. Even though you have been with him for a long time, there still was a bit of an unspoken hesitancy on touching his more Zora parts. Not that he was ever not willing, but rather you were worried that you would do something wrong. However, here, now, you could do no wrong. So, you continued to explore the lazily fucking shark.

“I like it when you touch me,” he moaned. You smiled and moved your hands to his sides. With a gentle touch, you ran your fingers through the slits in his side. They flexed outwards and back in, grabbing your fingers slightly. The growl that came from your prince though, was possessive. “I give you permission to touch me and the first thing you go for is my gills. What a naughty girl you are. Not that I mind, oh no. Please have your way with me, (Y/N).” His pace increased, desperate for you to join him in his chase. The warm sensual feeling of tipping over the edge with each other, the pure starlight that flashes behind your eyes...You began stroking his gills faster in sheer desperation. 

In turn, he reached a hand between your legs and pressed down on your sensitive clit. Your eyes blew wide as your legs twitched from near over-stimulation. Goddess, this man knew how to work your body. In embarrassment, your Hylian ears turned slightly down. There should be no reason why you were so close. You made love to him countless times and each one he still made you melt, still made you that desperate, needy slut you were for him. Sidon was good. And by the smile he was giving you, he knew it. Your eyes began to water as the pleasure was starting to become too much. “S...Sidon…” The prince lowered his body so that his lips could nibble and whisper shivers into you. 

“Me too, love. Goddess (Y/N), give me something to dream about tonight, so that I won’t go crazy when you sleep beside me. Come for me. My sweet princess, come for your prince!” You screamed out his name as everything unwound. Sidon stilled himself inside you as he began to pump his seed into your body. His mouth crashed against your own as kisses came like waves against the shore. 

Once the high turned into a soft glow, the prince stopped his kisses to look at you. “I love you.” Those words were breathy, nearly in disbelief. “How is it possible to feel so deeply? I feel like my heart is breaking from how much I love you. It’s an anguish I will gladly bear for the rest of my life.” He lowered his lips to take yours once more. “I can’t wait to have that honor bestowed upon me.” And with that, he cradled your face to place his affections on your lips once more.

Chapter Text

You patted the sand into a wall like shape. It was the final construction on your magnificent sand castle. Sidon began placing the small shells you collected on top of the wall. Each wall of the castle now adorned the sea’s gems like a prince wears a crown. The whole thing practically sparkled in the beaming sunlight. Well, the castle and your extremely happy prince. He looked down at you and smiled in admiration. “We make a good team, you and I.” Your cheeks flushed pink at his words. Maybe, it wasn’t just the words at the surface…

The thought rolled around in your head for a second before it tumbled out. “Would...would I make a good queen?” you asked. Sidon’s face reeled back in shock. You waved your arms in front of him. “Of the sand castle! Yes… The ...sand castle.” Sidon gave you a deep throated laugh. Goddess, this was embarrassing. 

“To be honest, no.” Your heart sunk. “I believe you need a bigger castle. This one...well, you can’t even put your foot in it.” You put out your lip in an annoyed pout.

“True, I need more room for your big ego.” Now, Sidon was the one to make a face. But, that quickly turned mischievous. He placed his hands on either side of you and slowly lowered himself. To avoid him, you sunk your own body into the sand. Now, trapped between the prince and the sand, he nibbled your ear. Softly, dangerously he growled. “Then how about a real castle? You might be able to fit your own in there.” 

Your mouth dropped in shock. “You!” Tiny Hylian fists began to beat on the chuckling chest of the Zora Prince. “Dumb, stupid, meenie!” Sidon’s laughter was nearly booming as tears fell out of his eyes. He finally lifted himself off of you and sat on his heels. His eyes flashed to the side and your gaze followed. Bazz stood there, cheeks bright red and eyes averted. 

Sidon’s eyes bowed up in a questioning gaze. “You need something, Bazz?” The captain slowly moved his eyes to his prince. “It’s...going to get dark soon...I think it would be best if we...went to the village for the night.” The poor captain was so embarrassed. After his first few encounters when he thought you were being attacked, he never came back. Though, you would be lying if you didn’t admit to yourself that him fumbling with his spear, flushed cheeks, and an unsure posture wasn’t the most adorable thing you’ve seen in a while. No wonder you got the wrong idea when he came to tell you about this trip. He looks like he is trying to confess his love to Sidon.

The prince nodded and picked you up from the ground. Now in his arms, your heart beat a bit faster. “Shall we go?” he asked. You nodded in response.


Lurelin Village was a quaint town. Tucked away on the seashore, it was a popular tourist destination for people seeking the waves or a bit of a romantic getaway. In your case, the perfect place for you and your prince. The town was now illuminated with the orange glow of torches that cast dancing shadows whenever something passed by. You have been here once or twice on your adventures before meeting Sidon and the villagers were still as wonderful as you remember. Though, you were happy that the swimsuit wasn’t all you had. The pants that covered the thong-like underpiece was such a blessing, because the locals happened to be a bit more...flirty...than you remember?

“You are so tall!”

“May I touch your fins?”

“You really are the prince?”

Sidon smiled gently at the group of women. “Well, ladies, I wouldn’t want you to waste any more of your precious time on me. Though the night is young, I desire to spend it with my fiance.” That last word was like throwing a pebble in a lake, audible and pushed ripples outwards. The ladies moved back to whatever they were doing, leaving your group of three alone. Sidon then focused all of his attention on you. “What would you like to do, my minnow?”

Your cheeks lit up as all three men looked down at you. Your body instantly responded what it wanted to do. However, your head knew better. “I am fine with anything. Please, I would like everyone to enjoy themselves tonight.” The men looked a bit confused. But, Razaar smiled deeply. 

“Drinks, anyone?” he sung.

You smiled at his offer. When was the last time you even had a drink? “I think that’s great!” You were so caught up in your own happiness, that you failed to notice the dreaded look on Sidon and Bazz’s faces. “Shall we be off?” you asked. Goddess, your body was practically bursting from happiness. Finally, a thing we can do together! Sidon and Razaar can become closer. You imagined the two Zora hugging. ‘I love you cousin!’ they both would say. Such a far fetched idea could become possible. All we needed was just a little vacation!

Razaar sat down at a table outside of a building filled with laughter and the smell of beer. You joined him and swung your legs from happiness. Razaar chuckled and patted the top of your head. “You are adorable. Wonder what you’re like drunk.” That earned a glare from the prince who ran his foot up your leg. Sidon then batted his eyes at you and smiled. With words that seemed to float, he said, “Have as much fun as you like. I will be here to protect you.” A dust of red graced your cheeks.

A cute waitress scurried up to the table and bowed. “Nice to meet you. My name is Skyla. Is there anything I can get you right now?” Razaar looked over her body and leaned over the edge of the table towards her. She backed up slightly in what could be seen as a tinge of fear. Razaar noted this and leaned back.

He waved her off. “Get us a keg of whatever is good.” Skyla turned to leave, but stopped when Razaar called again. “Oh, and uhhhh...get the lady an Island Memory, please.” She nodded and hurried off. You looked up towards the tiger shark in confusion. “You’ll see” is how he replied. Though still befuddled, you nodded. Razaar then turned his attention to the captain who was preoccupied with surveying the area. “Relax, Bazz.”

The smaller Zora immediately snapped his head to Razaar. “What did you just call me?” Razaar put his arms on the table. Lips parted back to show a field of sharp white teeth. “Bazz,” he stated once more. The captain’s face turned red with anger. Through a clamped jaw, Bazz harshly whispered, “I am your Captain . Address me as such.” 

Razaar simply rolled his eyes at his superior. “Come on, we are on vacation.” 

“We are on duty.

Your heart sunk. This wasn’t at all like you had hoped. Not even two minutes in and the boys were already fighting. You sighed. I shouldn’t have suggested this… Like Hylia herself answered your plea, Skyla came back and handed you a colorful drink. You thanked her and continued to examine the beverage. It was blue, but had swirls of yellow in it. The whole constancy was thick, a bit more than juice. You put your lips to the edge and took a sip. 




Razaar smiled at your reaction. “Glad you like it. I figure you won’t like the more manly taste of beer. So, I got you something a bit more...uhh...girly.” Your brows bent up at his wording. What did being a girl have to do with having heaven’s nectar. And that nectar is referring to this drink. You took more sips...then more...and soon, it was all gone. Razaar came into your now blurry vision. “Wow, you downed that. Hey, waitress, another for the miss!” What was he talking about? Who was this miss? there is another drink… You remember taking the cup in your hand…

Your head felt like it was being hit with a stone. Sunlight stung your eyes as you tried to open them. “Fuuuuck…” you groaned. Green filled your vision as you rolled over. Then, something tugged on your shit. Or rather, tried to eat your shirt. Your head barely worked with you as you tried to figure out what was going on. 

“Baaaaaaa” said the sheep.

You stared at it blankly for a second before taking in your surroundings. You were in a pasture surrounded by fluffy land-clouds. The sheep then tried to take a nibble at you again before you pushed it away, earning an unpleasant baa. “Shit...what happened?” you mumbled.

“There you are!” Sidon’s loud and cheerful voice panged in your head. He jumped the fence and scurried over to where you were. Hooking his arms under you, he pulled you into his chest. “Goddess, I was worried about you. I woke up and couldn't find you.” You rubbed your head into his chest. “What happened? Why am I out here?”

A small chuckle ran through the prince. “Well, you did have a lot to drink last night…”

Oh yah…



Last night…

You downed another one of the blue drinks. The look on Sidon’s face was precious. The Zora was concerned about you. So much so, that he placed his hands on your own. “Darling, are you alright? We can turn in for the night if you are not feeling well…”

You grinned with great pride. “I am fine!” Though, Sidon was convinced otherwise. The barrel of beer was finally brought to the table by a large burly man. “Sorry bout dat. Had to go wayyy down in the cellar to get a full one. Enjoy.” Skyla handed each man a Zora-sized mug. Each one being polite and saying thank you.

Razaar opened up the keg and began pouring drinks. Once done, he gave his mug a slight toast and began to drink. But, he stopped when something attached itself to his arm. The Zora looked down to see you holding it to your chest and staring...rather aggressively at him. “Uhhh (Y/N), your mate is over there.” He pointed to Sidon with his mug.

You smiled up at him. “Nonsense! I am the princess of the Zora! And I demand your arm for snuggling!” The shark burst out laughing, spitting out his drink. 

“w...What the fuck?” Razaar patted you on the head. “Well, if it makes you feel safe, than have at it, princess .” Sidon’s cheeks lit red with jealousy. To this, Razaar smiled and toasted him in mockery.

“Razaar, it is out of conduct.” Bazz frowned at the one-armed Zora. Razaar rolled his eyes. “Bazz, we are on vacation. I know we are protecting the royals...but, the princess herself decreed for us to have fun. So, I’m having fun.”

The captain growled low. “You are really getting out of hand. There’s a reason why I put you on messenger missions.” Razaar lowered his drink and glared at his captain.

“So you finally admit it, huh?” Razaar bit. Bazz realized his error and shrunk down slightly. The captain then shook his head. “I’m going to scout the area.”

But, something around his leg made him stop. Bazz looked down to see (Y/N) attached to his leg. “(Y…(Y/N), really, I’m fine.”

She glared at him. “How dare you insult me. I am you princess and I have decreed that you will have fun. So, sit down and have some fucking fun, dammit!” Bazz was speechless. The captain slowly sat back down on his spot on the bench. She then crawled up into Sidon’s lap. “Husband, I wish for a kiss.” (Y/N) pursed her lips. To which, Sidon smiled and complied. Once he satisfied his love’s desires, he said, “Of course, my princess. Anything else your heart desires?” The prince used his usual seductive voice. Razaar gagged and looked away. Bazz did the same for their privacy. (Y/N) began to stare and then nodded. “I want some of your drink.” The prince was hesitant, but helped her take a couple sips of his drink. She smiled and beamed up at him with her smile. “How did it taste?”

She cocked her head to one side, then the other. “It was alright.” Sidon patted her head. 

But, it was time for Razaar’s unasked for comments. The tiger shark looked over and smiled. “I told you that you wouldn’t like it. That’s why I got you a girly drink instead of one we men drink.” Her smile dropped. She slowly turned her head to Razaar. 

“Wanna say that again, bitch?”

Razaar put his second mug of beer down. His eyes flicked from his cousin’s shocked ones to his aggressor’s. “It’s just that usually, girls don’ of….drink.” Each word that Razaar spoke became more and more unsure as (Y/N) climbed the table. 

“Are you saying that I can’t drink it, because it is a maaaaaaan’s drink?” She was now merely inches away from his face. 

Razaar put his hands up. “(Y/N), you are extremely intoxicated right now. Why don’t you get off the tabl-” His line was cut short as a fist connected to his jaw. “What the fuck?”

“You wanna go fishman? Well then come at me bitch! I’ll down this whole keg and make you watch me! Man’s drink? HA! Let me show you that anyone can drink! Sidon?” The prince perked up at his name. “You brought my fun money, right?” 

Sidon looked confused but nodded. (Y/N) glared at Razaar with a wicked grin, took her left over glass and held it in the air. “Bartender, get me another keg! I am feeling thirsty tonight!” She turned back to the price’s cousin. “We are going to have a little drinking contest.” Razaar held up a hand.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry. What I said was wrong. Let’s just get you off of the table.” Razaar offered his hand to her. (Y/N) growled at it and flashed an aggressive look towards the pitiful Zora. 

“The only way I’m getting off this table is if you drink a ‘girly drink’ in order to make it up to me.” (Y/N) crossed her arms and frowned. Razaar sighed and nodded before helping the drunk off the table and into her seat. Skyla came back and looked at the princess, concerned. 

“I heard shouting. Is everything alright over here?” She hesitated once the intoxicated girl looked her up.

“I need another of Hylia’s blue nectar. A Zora-sized one for this bitch.” (Y/N) pointed to Razaar who rolled his eyes. Though confused, Skyla nodded and left the table once more to fetch the requested liquor. The three men looked down at the accomplished girl. Her smile radiated confidence as her eyes trailed up the muscular body of her prince. A bit of a blush came to Sidon’s face. “Is...something the matter, my minnow?” (Y/N) stood up from the table and walked around to him. 

“I wish to go on a walk.”

Sidon smiled and stood up from the table. The drunken princess lazily turned her head. “ Both of you have fun tonight.” She ended her sentence with a wink, making Razaar smile and Bazz frown. The two amorous individuals began to walk down the beach, leaving them.


Sidon picked her up and held her tightly in his arms. He walked along the edge of the water, away from the noise of the nightlife. The sound of the crashing waves filled (Y/N)’s ears and called out, urging her to rest. But, the way the moonlight caught the prince’s scales was too alluring to shut anyone’s eyes. In fact, it drew her in. “Sidon?” she said. The prince looked down at her, golden eyes shining like gems. “Yes, my love?” Her hands sprawled on his chest. “I want you,” she whispered. The prince felt his heart leap out of his chest. Should he? There was no one around...and the sea foam was right there…

Sidon set her down on the beach. She immediately began shedding the layers of that tortuous fabric. Each piece was carelessly laid out on the sand. Something about (Y/N)’s posture, though beautiful, made him uneasy. “Are you alright? We don’t have to-”


The prince blinked and his cheeks burned hot. “(Y/N)...I don’t need to take off my silver dressings to-”

“Strip. Take them off. Your princess commands you.”

Sidon’s heart beat incredibly fast. She was treating him subject. Oh goddess, this turned him on. “Yes, my princess.” He knelt before her and began with his shoulder pads, laying them onto the sand, then his neck piece. Each item removed had the Zora more flustered until he was red all over. There was a sort of humility in this act. It was the complete surrender of will had his head spinning. At last, he removed his crown and set it beside everything else. The final ornament was placed on the white sand, signifying his obedience and relinquishing his title. Goddess, this got his blood flowing. 

(Y/N) walked over to him, swaying her hips in an alluring fashion. Her hand pressed against his chest and guided him onto his back. Hylia above, was this real? He didn’t have too much to drink, right? With a hard swallow, he gazed upon his perched love. Her hand ran over the bulge between his legs. The skin that held his cocks in refused to split apart any faster. Yet, the slit that was there that (Y/N) used to her delight. One finger slid up and down his parting, lavishing him with erotic attention. Finally, his cocks were set free from their prison and into the chains of his princess. (Y/N) gently stroked the cocks behind her, keeping her eyes locked onto him. Sidon’s lips trembled. “(Y/…)” His voice stopped with one harsh look. “My princess,” he continued. “ honor me…”

A small smile graced her lips. “How about I honor you more?”

Sidon’s eyes rolled back as she pushed his cocks inside of her. Ringing filled his ears as the blood rushed between his legs. The Zora couldn’t think, couldn’t respond to the wet sounds and moans that fill the night air. Soon, his own moans wrapped desperately around hers. Luckily, the waves provided a blanket of sound for them to hide under. No one would hear what his princess was doing to him. “Yes…” he cried. “Use me, my princess. Please...use me…” His hands clenched in fists above his head. He dare not touch her. He was only here as a toy for her . Oh, how the Zora learned so much about his fantasies this night.

She ran her hands up and down his chest, teasing him about this one way relationship. “Such a good little subject you are.” Sidon groaned as his cheeks lit with red. “Oh, you like that? Such a good, sweet subject.”

Sidon looked up at her with pitiful eyes. “I...I only do what my princess asks of me.” He swallowed once more at the sight of her lewdly dragging her tongue over her top lip. With each rock of her hips he became more undone. Breaths turned to gasps, deep moans became short cries, and his head was filled with so much fuzz that he couldn’t comprehend what was happening. All he could think about was how good he felt. She was so tight around him, practically strangling him with her cunt.

She smiled deeply. “Aren't you the one who should me feel good?”

“I...I can’t help feel so good.” With an embarrassed flush, he gave the air more of his cries. “ princess feels so good.” And before he knew it, his body threatened to burst. “Princess...I’m going to…”

She nipped at his face fins. “Is my sweet little subject going to dirty his princess? How naughty…” Sidon tried to hold it in. Yet her sweet cries and movements was a sirin’s call to the edge. (Y/N) smiled darkly at him or, what he could see of it now that his eyes were filled with wet tears. “What will my subjects think of me, being knocked up by such a vulgar man?” Sidon could feel it coming. But, she didn’t come first. She needed to come first. Her body lowered onto his chest, hands gently grabbing at his scales. With a slight blush on her face, she whined, “What will they think when...your guppies are inside me?” Sidon called out into the night as his seed filled his teasing princess. Stars passed through his vision as his high took hold. 

Then...he was so relaxed, so comfortable on the sand. He must have fallen asleep soon after seeing that the sea foam wrapped around him.

Chapter Text

Razaar frowned at his cousin walking away. (Y/N)’s swaying feet dangled over Sidon’s arm. A ping of jealousy took small bites out of the tiger shark’s heart. His cousin was always the one to enjoy a happy ending. Scratch that, the prince was always the one to enjoy a happy ending. He was the one that fate favored. Everything always turned out alright for him

The duty of a prince is to continue the royal line. Why, out of all people, was he allowed to have his Hylian romance? Razaar’s claws dug into the wooden table. His chest squeezed as the pain he worked so hard to bury came back. His little Hylian was taken away and all he could do was watch. Razaar saw her “husband” once.

What he would do to have that man’s heart in his hands.

Bazz sipped on his alcohol as a blue and yellow swirled one was presented to Razaar. Skyla nodded and surried away before anything more could be said. With a dismayed sigh, he began drinking the liquid. Why did the prince’s drunken mate order this for him? It was bad enough that he was thinking of his lost love.

Now he had her favorite drink.

She always dreamed of coming to Lurelin Village. She always told him of the stories she had heard. White beaches and romantic sunsets. She would often talk about collecting shells and making a necklace out of them. Maybe he should make one for her.


Bazz was never one to start up a conversation with Razaar. Years of keeping the two larger Zoras from killing each other tended to make one pick a side. Sidon was the obvious choice. Razaar was brash, unrefined, and borderline stupid when it came to certain things. Yet, who else was he going to talk to? Would he rather stay silent for the rest of the night?

A chill ran down his spine as the tiger shark looked at him. His golden eyes were wet and filled with longing. “W...what?” Bazz managed to stumble. Razaar blinked out his thoughts and turned his attention back to the drink. Bazz’s heart began to beat fast. Why would Razaar ever look at him like that? The tiger shark took a long sip before exhaling in an over the top fashion. Razaar then caged the man with his eyes once more before speaking. “Have you ever found yourself loving someone you aren't supposed to?”

The captain blushed and shrunk a little in his seat. How was he supposed to deal with this? He never received a confession of love, let alone from Razaar . “Ah...ummm…” Bazz was bumbling out his words. Then, when Razaar looked at him in a condescending manner, he understood. That look of longing was for (Y/N), not him. Oh no, did he find out about his forbidden feelings? There’s now way he could pick up on that. I’ve been nothing but professional to her. “(Y…(Y/N) is Prince Sidon’s mate. Keep that in mind.” Yes, keep it professional…

“Really, is that why do you give her those lustful gazes whenever Sidon’s not looking? Or give her those close touches during training?” Razaar gave his captain a cruel smile. Bazz felt his face become hot. Just the alcohol…  

“I am training her like everyone else.” 

Razaar let out a deep throated laugh. “Oh, really? Then will you hold me as you are correcting my movements? Will you smile at me whenever I do something right?” The screeching from Bazz’s claws on the table made a few Hylians turn around. With a deep breath, he stopped. 

“Razaar, drop it. It’s not like you are completely innocent. I saw that longing gaze as the prince was walking away.” Bazz triumphantly smiled. This will get him to shut up.

The reaction Razaar gave was not expected. The Zora dropped his head and sighed. “I wasn’t thinking about (Y/N).”

Bazz’s eyes flashed open. “R...Razaar that’s not- Sidon and you can’t-”

“You sick fuck. You’re a special kind of stupid if you think I have the hots for my cousin. I was thinking about Finly. That girl in Hateno Village whom I was in love with. Well...still, I guess.” Razaar buried his face in his hands. The pain felt like there was a snake squeezing his heart. Out of all the times… “Let’s just drop it. Forget that I even spoke a word.”

The two boys sipped on their drinks. Bazz put his down and looked off to the side. Razaar finished a long draw before setting the glass on the table and looked the other way. Bazz took a deep breath before taking another sip. Razaar knocked back as much as he could before placing his down once more. Bazz shifted in his seat slightly. Under his scales was a slight irritation, one he quickly scratched out before tapping on the table. Then, he took another sip. Razaar stole a quick glance at the captain’s tapping.

“That’s annoying,” he commented.

“Oh, sorry.” Bazz ceased his tapping and took another drink. Razaar looked at his captain once again, accidentally making eye contact. The tiger shark quickly looked away in a random direction. He took another long swig of his beverage. Maybe it was the alcohol getting to him. But he felt his lips loosen up. “Well this is awkward as fuck.” 

Bazz shot a scolding gaze at his underling. “Why must you always be so vulgar?” Razaar shrugged his shoulders. “I’ll keep that in mind when I’m not trying to drink away my pain.” Bazz shook his head in defeat. “Alcohol is not a method of coping.”

Razaar could feel the fight swelling inside him. One more nagging, nonsensical word out of the captain’s mouth and he would be on trial for murder by morning. Bazz challenged him with his eyes. “It’s not healthy.”

The tiger shark snapped. “You wouldn’t understand, Captain . You’ve never been in love with someone, only to have them taken away from you and given to a no good, neglectful, abusive man, with the only basis is that he has one cock instead of two.” Blood could pour from his eyes. The drink made him feel things Razaar had been hiding for months. His gills began flexing as primal instincts clouded his sense of judgement. 

He could kill right now.

He could throw this table into the ocean.

A small hand rested on his arm. Razaar’s attention whirled to the person as his claws wrapped around their neck. How dare someone touch him! How dare-

A pair of wide, innocent eyes stared up at him. (Y/N)?

She smiled, showing off her dull teeth. Razaar quickly retracted his grip. “Fuck, (Y/N)...I…” He leaned in closer to inspect her neck. No blood… She surprised him by placing a quick kiss on his crest. “The red mountain has been climbed.” Razaar’s mouth dropped. Obviously, she was still drunk off her ass, but what could he say to that?

“Great…” Razaar tried to smile as his word reached her pointed ears. However, his worry soon showed through.

The captain stood up and knelt by his future princess, inspecting the wound as well. “Princess, where is Pri...Where is Sidon?” She tilted her body left, then right, assumedly thinking. 

“In the water, silly. That’s where Zora live.” She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and snuggled into his chest. Bazz felt his cheeks pool with blood. (Y/N) then lightly nibbled on one of his face fins. Now the blood was rushing somewhere else. The captain took a breath to regain composure. “Razaar, go find Sidon. I think it’s time for everyone to head to bed.” Razaar made no move to answer his captain. His eyes were glazed over and staring at his open palms. “Razaar,” Bazz stated again. The tiger shark looked up and nodded.

Once Bazz knew that his underling was out of ear shot, he turned his attention back to his princess. She was staring intently at him. “Is...Is something wrong?” Her cheeks puffed and lips plumped in a pout. “I do not wish to retire for the night. Come, we are going to have more fun.”  The captain was at a loss for words. Goddess, this girl is going to be the death of him. She quickly scanned the surrounding area. There in the distance, between the hold of the bar and brightly lit torches, was a group of people surrounding a strung up and brightly colored effigy of an animal. (Y/N) quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him towards it. Even after a few steps, his back was disagreeing with this. (Y/N) was shorter than him so he had to bend down to accommodate her wishes; as for running, it made it worse. When they were a few yards away, a feeling of fear flashed through him as his captain instincts kicked in. This was no social gathering. It was a cult ritual.

The participants took turns blindfolding each other and forcing them to hit the pretend animal with a stick. “(Y/N), we should turn back. This...this doesn't look safe.” His princess pouted and continued pulling on his arm. 

“Hey, want a turn?” One large man held up a blindfold in front of (Y/N). She jumped out of his grip and joined the circle of onlookers. The captain’s heart dropped as she was blindfolded and given the ritual stick. What should he do? It would make a scene if he just ran off with her. We will just keep low for now.  

(Y/N) was spun around a few times before they moved her towards the fake animal. With a powerful swing she hit the animal so hard it broke in two. Small pieces, almost like beads dropped out of the part that was still strung up and onto the sand below. Bazz moved quickly to try and get her, but the onlookers charged at her. But, they bowed before her. Was this a chief ritual? Hylia help us...  

But upon closer inspection, the people were picking up the beads off the ground. Well, them and his drunken princess. Upon feeling his stare, she looked at him, smiled, and hopped over with a single bead. She smiled and popped it in her mouth. “It’s candy. I only got one, though. I think I am slower when drunk.”

Bazz didn’t know what was going on. Why would people put candy in a fake animal and hit it with a stick? Hylians were strange creatures to be sure. (Y/N) pulled on his arm towards the beach. Whatever the reason for doing so, he was glad to be heading away from the ritualists. 

(Y/N) made happy humming noises and would touch her cheeks. Soon, she stopped pulling him down and brought her hand to his, intertwining her fingers with his webbed ones. Bazz’s heart leapt at this. It was as if they were taking a romantic stroll down the beach. That thought alone made his cheeks hot. 

They stopped at the water’s edge and looked out to the ocean. The waters blackened by the night and only reflected the small light from the moon. Bazz slightly squeezed the hand holding his. It squeezed back in a more...suggestive way. He flushed at her action. Closing his eyes, he focused his energy on keeping his slit closed. Why did she always have a way of turning him on through the slightest touch? He felt a tug on his arm, causing him to look down. With a few more powerful tugs, he knelt down to be at eye level with her.

(Y/N) smiled. “You want to try some of the candy?” Bazz really didn’t know what she was up to, but it would be futile to refuse her in her current condition. He nodded slowly. She cupped his cheeks with her hands as she placed a kiss on his mouth. Bazz stilled as her tongue entered his mouth, bringing the candy along with it. The sweet treat rolled off her tongue and onto his own. (Y/N) then retracted her mouth from his own, leaving him breathless. She really kissed him? His slit threatened to open up to leak his juices onto the sand. How could this be real? Those late night sessions with himself always had her at the center. He always felt horrible for touching himself to his prince’s mate. But, he couldn’t stop this raging feeling for her.

“Is it good?”

“Yes” he answered. She’s right here in front of him. She kissed him . His hands wandered around her body, settling on the small of her back and pulling her ever so close. She gleamed up at him and said, “Can I have it back now?” The captain took no time in closing the gap between their lips as he passionately kissed the one person he swore to never touch. His body revelled in this suppressed desire coming to life. The candy passed from his tongue to hers, intertwining their tongues for a split second.

“And you worried about me doing something uncouth.”

Bazz pulled back and turned to the tiger shark. “R...Razaar…” His stomach sank, his eyes widened in fear. “It...It’s not what it looks like! I….I can explain!” However, despite the captain’s persistent cries, Razzar grinned with his razor sharp teeth. 

“Oh don’t worry captain . I would never tell my cousin about how his little minnow was kissed by his most trusted friend. And I would definitely never tell his underlings about how their captain was opening up when kissing said minnow.” The sarcasm dripping off Razaar’s tongue made Bazz freeze in fear.

The tiger shark shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. “I think it is time for everyone to turn in anyways. (Y/N)?” The princess turned her head to look at the tall Zora. “Do you think you will remember anything from tonight?”

Her smile bloomed with a fury. “Nope!” she chirped. Razaar patted her head before picking her up like a doll. Not that she minded. Even sober she liked being carried around the palace. It was always a safe place in the arms of such a strong Zora. Usually it was her mate, but Razaar had a few occasions to hold this cherished person. He smiled deeply as the princess snuggled in his chest. “You’re so cute,” he whispered. 

Bazz’s legs were glued to the sand. He couldn’t move...what did he do? Razaar turned back around and nodded his head in the direction of their lodging. Reluctantly, he followed the two back to the cabin. 

Surely he would be dead by morning...

Chapter Text

The distant calls of sheep nearly drove you insane. You snuggle your face harder into the prince’s chest, desperate to try and block the burning sunlight from reaching your eyes. When was the last time you had a hangover like this? Everything was too bright, too loud, and not to mention the weird feeling all over your body. “I wanna die,” you groaned.

Sidon chuckled and patted your head. “Oh my minnow. My sweet minnow.” Bless this gentle shark man. Sidon always understood your pain without judgement, even though sometimes that pain is from your own stupidity. Still, Sidon was the sweetest Zora in the ocean. A smile graced your hidden face thinking about him. It only got wider when you realized that he promised himself to you. 

The light dimmed slightly, a result of moving indoors. One eye tested the amount of light, then the other. You looked at Razaar sitting on the floor eating...something. Does he ever eat anything normal? The tiger shark looked up to you and smiled. “See, she couldn’t have gone far. I told you. Yo, captain. The princess is back. Seriously, you were spazzing out last night. I can’t think of a single thing that would keep you from looking for her this morning.” He took another bite of that a puffer fish? You wouldn’t put it past him. Your head was too fuzzy to think anyway. If he wants to eat strange creatures...whatever. What you were more concerned with was the Zora bundled up in a blanket. Bazz was completely covered, headtail and all.

Sidon walked over to the bundle. Well, you did too as he was still carrying you. “Bazz, my friend, are you alright?” The blanket shifted and groaned before stilling. “Did you have too much to drink? Haha I think we all did. Come out and suffer with the rest of us.” Sidon reached for the blanket, only to hear a strong “NO!” Sidon jumped back. 

“B...Bazz…” Sidon went in for a second attempt, but stopped and retracted his hand. Your eyes turned to Razaar. His smile was dark, predatory. What happened last night? Sidon moved again to the other side of the small cabain. Obviously, it was a good size shelter, but not for a Zora and two over sized ones. Surprisingly, there was a sleeping pool on one end that took up half of the hut. Sidon dipped down into it and rested you on the side. “Care to join? You look like you could use a pool.” You chuckled at the niceness of his words. There was no sugarcoating it, you probably looked as crappy as you felt. Though, the last thing you wanted to do was throw up in said pool.

“I think I just need to lie down for a bit more. Well, in a bed.” You blushed at the thought of sleeping in a field of sheep. Thinking of sheep helped a lot of Hylians sleep, but that was taking it to the extreme. How did you even get there? You laid down on a thin mattress that was held up by the floor alone. Not the grand bed of the prince’s chambers, but it was just as welcoming after a night of drinking. The pool was nearly an inch away, so Sidon helped place a blanket over you before kissing your head.

He really was the greatest man in the world.





Something poked you in the side. You moaned and tried to roll over. Unfortunately, the floorboards of the hut continued to grind into your side. Didn’t you sleep on the mattress? The second poke was a little harder now. A voice, deep and full of content, whispered into your ear. “So, how are you going to keep Sidon from finding out?” 

You opened your eyes to see Razaar laying next to you, grinning in the most mischievous of ways. Through the haze of wake you managed to reply. “W..what are you talking about?” Razaar let out a few chuckles and pressed his finger to your lips. 

“I’m talking about how you made out with the prince’s mate. Don’t worry, I haven't told him yet. But then again, who is to say I will stay quiet forever? I’ll make you a deal. I want free reign over my jobs. No more meager message sending, no more late night shifts in outcast places. For once, I will have a regular, easy daytime job. What do you say? Sounds like a good deal to me for keeping your friendship intact.” Razaar took his finger off of your lips and waited for your reply. His eyes were sparkling with eagerness and the thrill of holding something over you.

But what was he talking about?

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about Razaar. If it is shift changes, take it up with Bazz. I’m going back to sleep.” Before closing your eyes once more, Razaar caught your face in between his hands. His once-proud eyes were now filled with confusion and anger. 

“I don’t like to be messed with, captain .” 

You frowned at his foolishness. Was he still drunk from last night or did he get another drink this morning? “Like I said, go talk to Bazz about this. Now please let me go back to sleep. I got blackout drunk last night and I feel bad and want to take a nap.” You let out a sigh. “If it is also not too much trouble, can you put me back on the bed? I must have rolled off.”

Razaar looked at you with wide, shocked eyes. “Tell me...j...just so I am clear about...this….what is your name?” What kind of stupid idiotic… “Please…” he whispered once more.

“(Y/N) of the kingdom of let-me-go-back-to-sleep.” Razaar seemed to lose color in his face. He turned around and waved his hand. Splashes of water could be heard from behind the tiger shark. A red crested prince made his way over to you. “Is everything alright, Bazz?” The prince had a very convincing act. His face was nearly perfect with the amount of concern he would show anyone who would be hurt. 

Gosh what is with these two? “Is this some sort of cousin joke or prank or something. I don’t get it.” Sidon’s face twisted in confusion and turned to Razaar for confirmation.

Razaar shrugged his shoulders. “He thinks he’s (Y/N).”

“That’s because I am (Y/N). Now put me back in the bed and let me go back to sleep!” Now you were just pissed off. Who in their right mind would prank a poor hungover girl after treating her so kindly before! “Fuck it.” You balled your body up and faced away from the two men. The floorboards creaked under your face. One of them left your side. Now you just needed to get the other to do the same.

Quietly and father away you heard your fiance’s voice. “(Y/N)? Darling I just need to check up on you.” There was a loud moan and rustling of blankets. 

“Please, Sidon...just leave me alone. I don’t deserve you.” An even louder rustling of blankets followed. “S..Sidon! D...don’t touch me there! What are you- hmmmphhh! Mmmmm!” Was Sidon kissing him?

You sat up and saw Sidon lean over someone. Their Hylian arms were pushing on his shoulders. Anger and hatred filled your stomach. “You two timing-” your voice was cut off at the sight of your own face. You were the one under him. “Don’t tell me I did drugs last night…” The you in the bed began to shiver and shake in fear.

“Why is my body over there?”

You looked down at your own hands. Black scales covered them that flowed into five webbed fingers that ended in yellow claws. You screamed and waved your arms. The fins attached to your new arms opened and closed like fans. Razaar quickly held your arms and then your body to get you to calm down. Glancing over at Sidon, that is exactly what he was doing as well to your...Hylian body.

Razaar relaxed his grip on you slightly. “Just so we are all clear, (Y/N) is currently in Bazz’s body and Bazz is in (Y/N)’s. Right?” You nodded in agreement as did your counterpart. Tears flowed out of your eyes as you glanced down between your legs. A noticeable bulge was beginning to form. “I’m...I’m a boy…” you choked out. Razaar gave you a strange look.

“You are more concerned with being a man than switching bodies? Goddess above….Don’t worry, I can teach you how to fuck if that’s what is bothering you.” You straightened up your posture and shifted away from Razaar. At first, he looked rather shocked. Then...intrigued? Oh goddess, was there anything that Razaar wasn’t into? 

Sidon noted his cousin’s behavior and tried to let go of the Bazz in your body to get to you in his body. Yet, the captain clung to the prince like a lifeline. Little Hylian arms wrapped tightly around the prince’s. Wide, fearful eyes told Sidon all he needed to know. The prince gave him a gentle smile. “Don’t worry Bazz, we will fix this. Was it that drink last night?” 

“It can’t be. I drank some too and as you can see…” Razaar showed his body off with his hand. “I am still as handsome as I was yesterday. Well, maybe even more.” Everyone else in the room rolled their eyes at Razaar’s statement, much to his dismay.

Sidon put his chin between his thumb and forefinger, pondering the situation. “I will go talk to the people of this town and see if I can find out something about our,” he looked to you and back to your body, “situation.” Razaar stood up and stretched as much as the ceiling would allow. “I’ll go with you. I have more history in dealing with Hylians. Besides, I think they need to talk.” Razaar added a cruel wink to the Hylian in the bed. Sidon looked at his cousin suspiciously before standing up himself.

Sidon turned to you and smiled. You could feel the blood rushing to your cheeks. You pulled the blanket up and in front of your chest as if you were naked. How did he always manage to make you feel so vulnerable? His gaze became one of intrigue as his eyes lowered. “I guess I better get going, if that is starting to happen.” You looked down to where he was staring at. The blanket popped forward in your lap.

You placed as much blanket in front of your lap as possible. “I...I can’t control it! I….I…” Now you started to cry. How embarrassing was this situation? Getting a hard-on in front of everyone in a body that wasn’t yours…

Sidon chuckled and headed out the door. Razaar made a few faces towards Bazz that you couldn’t see fully. However, you had a few ideas. 

After several silent moments, you looked up to Bazz. Apology filled his eyes as an unspoken regret sat on his lips. It tried to make its way out, only to fail. So Bazz just became silent again, with you now debating if talking would simply worsen the situation.

And so several silent moments passed.

Nothing would change if the sound of the waves was the only noise filling your ears. A small smile came to your Zora lips. “What a vacation…” you said. Hopefully, it would be enough to break the tension. 

Bazz shrunk down. His Hylian ears giving away how uncomfortable he was inside. Oh Bazz...What happened last night? Tears began to trail their way down incredibly red cheeks. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N). This never would have happened if I...If I didn’t…” The rest of his words blocked his throat. Hiccups ensued paired with more tears. You stood up to walk over to your sobbing body. Though, you fell back fell forward when your legs refused to take a bigger step. Thankfully, you caught your balance, only to throw it backwards with your headtail. 

You winced as the floorboards connected with various parts of your body. “You have...different proportions…” Zora legs were indeed shorter, but they had longer torsos. The headtail, understood why they wore silver bracers on their necks. The weight of their tails must be a serious cause of neck pain for some. Seeing as though it wouldn’t be worth it to try again for fear of making Bazz more upset, you crawled over to the bed. It wasn’t far, as you too were bigger. “Bazz, please. What happened last night? Why are we in each other’s bodies?” 

Bazz faced away from you. 

It was beyond strange to watch your own face flush with embarrassment. You dropped your gaze and stared at the black scales covering your legs. You did feel different in them compared to skin. You were sensitive. Poor Bazz, going from scales to a body made of nerves...Maybe the blankets were overstimulating to him? 

Your own Hylian eyes turned to you, causing you to look up. Bazz hiccuped twice. “I...I kissed you.” That caused a small chuckle to come out of your mouth. “W...Why are you laughing? I...I did something horrible!”

“Bazz, we kissed before. And is not like I haven't noticed those looks you give me.” Bazz turned away, embarrassed. This caused a little flitter of happiness in your belly. “I really am cute, aren't I?” Apparently, the captain couldn’t take much more as he threw the blankets over himself. 

“Please stop…” he whined. The blankets tucked inwards, forming a ball of blanket with a Hylian underneath. “I really did something horrible, (Y/N).” The blanket was pulled even tighter around him. “ feel...that I’m…” His words trailed off as tears and sobs overcame the captain. 

Hylia above. If you knew that all Zora found you attractive, you would have went there ages ago. If only you could marry them all. Though, you could never walk again with how much sex you would have. Sidon alone is the most thirsty man you have ever met. Only second to Razaar, it seemed. 

No, that would not be a good idea. You looked back to the upset pile of blankets. Come on Sidon...hurry back and fix this mess…

The door swung open, bringing in an overly cheery Razaar and an…annoyed Sidon? Hylia this can’t be good. “Heyyyyy captain!” Razaar sat beside you and began poking at the pile of blankets. “You got the special candy! Apparently, it’s a joke that is played here in the village to find out if the kids are being naughty. Were you a naughty kid, captain? I think so-”

“Razaar-” you cut in, “-please stop. I’m like this too, you know.” The tiger shark’s cheeks turned a bright pink. “S..sorry.” Razaar nodded and looked away, obviously embarrassed at his previous outburst. Sidon sat at the other side of you. “All you two need to do is kiss and you should be back to normal within six hours.” You smiled at your husband-to-be. Sidon gave you a confused look, then a small smile. “Forgot it was you for a second. Come on captain, I want my water lily back in her own body.”

Bazz slowly pulled down the blanket just enough for his eyes to peek out. You chuckled and pulled the blanket down from his face. Or, your face. Man, this was going to be awkward kissing yourself. If it was Sidon, he would enjoy this way too much. You were the first person in his heart. The second...was himself. And if he had a chance to kiss his own face, damn it he would be over the moon.

But, it was Bazz under the blankets and you in this body. A small smile graced your lips in hope to negate any anxiety the captain was having. “Sidon, Razaar...would you please turn around?” Both men whose names were called turned hesitantly away at your command. You placed a hand on your own body. Slowly, you leaned in and kissed your own lips. It was awkward as heck, but it got the job done. 

When you pulled away, pitiful Hylian eyes dripped out their guilt. “I’m so sorry,” Bazz whispered brokenly. You pulled in that head and placed a kiss on the crown of it. You held your Zora lips against skin for a while. “We are just a fucked up bunch, aren't we?” You chuckled at your own joke. This seemed to alleviate the tension between you.

Sidon tugged gently at your headtail. “If we do have some more time while you are like this, I would love to go swimming. I want you to know what it’s like breathing underwater.” You turned to your prince and nodded. He extended a hand which you gladly took. 


And well, now you were in the ocean


This was the most surreal experience of your life. You could breathe underwater! Rays of sunlight cut the ocean into a curtain of light and shadow. Fish swam around you to hide in the dancing kelp covering the ocean floor. Far enough down, the water was nearly still, a stark contrast to the roaring waves above. 

A quick motion caused you to turn. Sidon was now next to you swimming ever too close to you. Your cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “ are quite close.” The prince smiled deeply and brushed the back of his hand against your own. “S..Sidon, this isn’t my body.” He swam around your body, again, ever too close. “My dearest captain is in my debt. Thinking he can get away with kissing my minnow…” His eyes trailed to your hips. You followed his gaze and placed your hands over the growing hardness that was showing. “I think you rather like entertaining that thought. No need to be shy, my minnow. In any form you take, I will be more than willing to assist your most primal urges.” Sidon pressed his chest against your back. His hand lightly touched your collarbone, down your flat chest, and right above your arousals. Lips softened sharp teeth as they nipped your left face fin. A deep and possessive growl filled your ear as that low hand grabbed your sensitive flesh. It was instinct to thrash to try and escape the prince’s touches, but he held you to his chest. “Relax, my minnow. It’s not as if these never get used. I bet my captain plays with these while he is dreaming about what is mine. I am half inclined to give his body a lesson in such pleasures.” Your cheeks were burning with embarrassment and pleasure. The prince’s fingers played with you so well that you began to feel faint. All your blood seemed to pool where he was touching. 

Thoughts flooded and passed through your mind, then flowed out. Not one thing could stick to your mind for more than a second.“’re such a pervert!” The prince chuckled darkly at your crass insult before returning to his task with a new vigor. Shocks of pleasure worked through your body. More and more water filtered through your gills as your “breathing” became labored. Sidon slid one finger between both of your cocks, giving them a new found sense of pleasure. It did make you wonder how he learned all of these dirty tricks. A picture of Sidon playing with himself came to mind. His hands working himself in the same way he was doing to you. A moan left your throat as something was building. “Sidon…” you whined. 

Then, the feeling was gone. 

Sidon let go of your arousals as you spasmed in denial. The safety of his chest left your back as the shark swam in front of you. A kiss was placed on your sensitive crest before a spasm of pleasure coursed through you. Sidon knocked his own cocks up against yours before stroking the four together in his large hand. The tips of his fingers didn’t completely circle around the collection of shafts. So, you placed your own hand in the absence of stimulation. Your prince moaned at the feeling. His eyes hooded as he pressed his crest against your own.

Your cheeks blushed as your lips trembled. “p..pervert…” you moaned. The prince simply chuckled. His lips ghosted over your own before taking them. The heart in your loaned-body skipped a beat. Here you were, suspended in the ocean and kissing your prince. If only you had gills normally. This is a sort of intimacy, a Zora intimacy, that you didn’t know you were missing. Sidon mentioned that Zora typically mate underwater. Was he missing that as well? Was this something that he was missing in your relationship?

Sidon broke the kiss. “Don’t even think about it.”

You blinked away tears you failed to notice. Sidon slowed down his pace to focus on you. “I know what you’re thinking, (Y/N). This isn’t some empty void in our relationship.” He kissed your crest before kissing your cheek and settling his face beside yours. “(Y/N), I would never give back the love that we have. And yes, that includes every fuck and every orgasm I ripped out of that tiny Hylian body.” The prince was nearly growling in your ear. His teeth grazed your facefin as the grip on your touching cocks tightened. He put you in foggy bliss with every touch and kiss he placed with artistic eroticism. “You’re starting to twitch. Go ahead, (Y/N) I have you. Come in my hand, make a mess.” His eyes ate you alive as yours did to him. “I...I’m going to join you too.” He took your lips on his own as you both moaned and dirtied the water around you. You felt so good with your prince.

You opened your mouth and took in a breath of air.


You blinked a few times to get your vision to clear. The blue and white waves above were replaced with a wooden ceiling. “Hylia!” You practically screamed. Razaar rushed to your side and placed his hand on your lap, giving something to ground your flying emotions. You sat up and grabbed his Zora hand with your Hylian one. 

The door flew open and an angry Bazz stormed in. Sidon was close behind. “Bazz, I thought we had more time. How was I supposed to know it would only take an hour to change back?”

The captain’s face was bright red. “That’s not the point you perverted prince! I may have fucked up, but that is no reason to use my body as your personal masturbation toy!” 

Sidon placed his hands on his hips. “It wasn’t masturbating, (Y/N) was in your body so it is-”

“Fuck off!” Bazz stomped over to the pile of blankets and wrapped them around his body. 

The prince sighed and looked over to you and the Zora who currently had his hand on your lap. One frown made Razaar take his hand off you. But not to be outdone, he smiled suggestively. “Perverted prince? You couldn’t keep it in your body, huh? Can’t go two hours without ravishing the lady?”

Sidon chose to ignore him and instead pick you up, lay on the bed, and cuddle around you. There was just enough room for his large Zora body. “I’m taking a nap.” Sidon announced.

A grunt and the sound of a door opening and closing were just barely audible under the arms of your prince. No more alcohol on this trip. You promised to yourself.

Chapter Text

Razaar stormed out of the hut their party was staying at. Hot smoke was puffing from his ears, he could feel it. If Razaar was swimming, he was sure the water would boil from his anger. Well, it was not necessarily anger he felt. Rather, frustration.

Out of all the things to happen…

Razaar felt a positive shift in his relationship with Sidon ever since he returned to the Domain. However, that seemed to evaporate when the elders wanted to fuck around. Well, have him fuck around. Now, Sidon won’t even look at him.

Razaar stopped on the shoreline, looking across the ocean. It wasn’t fair. Bazz took liberties with (Y/N) and he simply laughed it off. But with him, who kept in check, never touched her more than necessary, and never kissed her, Sidon still treated him like he would ravish her if given the chance. The tiger shark kicked the sand, sending particles flying into the wind. Why was he always the bad guy?

“Why was I born semi-royalty?” Those words cut his tongue and pierced his heart. He was too high class to act brash , but not enough to enjoy the comforts that come with it. Never welcome, never wanted. Never truly wanted. Razaar brought a hand to his crest and pressed. The headache these thoughts caused was worse than his hangover. Then, his thoughts curled around memories of a Hylian with a smile like the sun….Finly. She cared for him. 

Razaar would act out and be uninterested in others' opinions. He would do whatever his heart pleased because he was never good enough anyway. It never bothered him. Never occurred to him that there might be something more to life than being a disappointment. 

That all changed when someone finally cared.

The shark’s lip twitched as his heart squeezed. Was it so wrong to want to be wanted? The universe says yes. Obstacles always came when he wanted something. Wanting to be better than his cousin resulted in his exile. Wanting to be loved by another resulted in her being married to another man. Wanting to have his cousin’s affection resulted in taking his mate to bed and then having any progress thrown away.

Nothing worked out for him….and he was sick of it.

Maybe he should just leave.

Razaar turned to the quiet town that roared with life the night before. He has been to this town more times that he could count. And still, he felt no love from this place, or any he traveled to. He was told to wander Hyrule, his heart must have done the same. When will he ever feel at home-

Razaar blinked a few times to clear his vision. There was no possible way a Hylian with Finly’s exact shade of hair could be walking on the boardwalk. The girl turned around, showing off her adorable freckles before returning her attention to the ocean. She walked further and further out on the dock that jetted into the ocean. Once at the end, she leaned against the railing. 

“It can’t be her…” Razaar looked around to see if her husband was close behind. Not that he would, because it wasn’t Finly. It couldn’t be Finly. Razaar’s mind wound around the idea until it strangled him. He had to know.

The tiger shark leaped into the water and swam close to the sea floor. This was when he was glad of his markings. The stripes on his back mimicked the shadows and highlights of the sun’s rays in the water, making him hard to see. Hylians are naturally terrified of Zora anyway. No need to scare an innocent Hylian that was definitely not Finly. Grains of sand were sent swirling underneath him as he swam along the seafloor. Razaar slowed down his pace as he neared the dock. His yellow eyes adjusting to the bright beach light.

It was her.

What should he do? Razaar never contemplated what he would do if it was her. Decisions were weighed and tossed around inside his Zora head. As these options became a roaring storm inside his mind, he just...stared. It hasn’t been too long since he’s seen her last. Why was he acting like a young minnow? 

She hasn’t noticed him. Her eyes were glued to the horizon, allowing Razaar safety below her line of vision. Goddess, she was as beautiful as ever. Her hair flowed with the gentle breeze around her soft facial features. The sun allowed its light to gently kiss her skin in the form of freckles. And her soft, plump lips were as kissable as always. Yet, Razaar’s heart dropped as he noticed those perfect lips bowed into a frown. Finly always mentioned wanting to see the ocean. Shouldn’t she be happy?

His curiosity began pulling him to the surface. An unknown force in his heart magnetized his body to hers. He hovered there for a second more, nervousness making him hesitate. The shark was helpless when it came to her, but now he couldn’t resist hiding any longer. Razaar breached the water with his crest, making enough noise to alert the Hylian looking beyond. Finly dropped her gaze to the Zora. 

“Razaar?” Her face lit up, a smile broke the sorrow from earlier. There was his happy minnow. Finly dropped to her knees and leaned over the dock. “What are you doing here? I mean..I’m happy you’re here,” Her excitement bubbled over, making talking a struggle. Razaar swam closer to put his hands over hers. That wonderful warmth banishing every strife from his thoughts.

“I’m guarding the prince and his mate. Goddess, how are you here? It’s been too long, my sweet minnow.” Razaar pressed his crest upward to her forehead, which she nuzzled him in reply. His heart was completely entranced by her gaze. Touching gently was not enough. Intimacy, kissing, fucking, everything….he wanted it all. He wanted her .

“Hey, Finly!” A gruff call came from down the dock. Razaar shot down into the water and swam under the dock to avoid being spotted. Of course he was here. Razaar swam under Finly as she made her way to her husband. Razaar followed underneath her, stealthily guarding and ready to pounce, if need be.

She stopped, as did Razaar. The tiger shark glared at the man through the cracks between the dock boards. That low voice of her husband pissed him off. “I told you not to run off. The water is a dangerous place to be for a woman. Who knows what could be down there.” More than you know. The anger in him triggered his fighting response, claws extended, gills flexed, teeth bared. “The only reason we are here is because the doctor said you needed some place to relax in order to become pregnant. It’s been nearly a year and you still haven't bore me any sons. So, we don’t need you to be in a dangerous situation that might make things harder, understood?”

Finly dropped her head and nodded. “Yes sir.” 

Finly let a ghost of a smile show when she made eye contact with him through the cracks. Unfortunately, her husband got the wrong idea. The man grabbed her shirt collar and shook. Razaar moved to leap up, but stopped when Finly held out her hand. His blood was raging. This bastard! The man snarled in Finly’s face. “You think this is funny? Do you know how embarrassing it is to have a broken wife? All of the other men my age have at least one lad to raise and you can’t even give me that ? If your father wasn’t so powerful, I would have had someone take care of you so I could move on with my life! Maybe I should give you to that Zora and see him eat you alive!” 

Not if I kill you first! 

Finly kept her face neutral and calm as her verbal lashings were dealt out. Anything she would say wouldn’t matter. Nothing mattered to this man except his own self image. Calling him a man is even insulting! Once he settled down, he grabbed Finly’s wrist and hauled her back into town. Razaar wanted to go. He wanted to be there in case she needed him. But, nobody must know.

That’s what she told him the first time they had their love affair. No matter what, he had to respect her wishes. Even if it killed him to do so.

Razaar dove back into the water and began the short swim to the cottage. His heart seemed to weigh him down though. Sand soon surrounded him as he laid down on the ocean floor. Small minnows swam past his face. Minnows... his minnow...Feelings of loneliness, and hurt bubbled over in his heart. Tears blurred his vision. And for the first time in a long time, he started to cry.

Reader's POV

You kicked and punched your mate to get him off of you. Damn it was fine when there was a big enough bed, but with such little room he rolled right on top of you. He’s so heavy! Sidon cracked his eyes open before lifting himself up. “Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I didn’t crush you, did I?” You shake your head as you began to stretch out. “Oh good. We’ve had enough adventures for a good while. No need to add a doctor’s visit to the list. Speaking of…” Sidon looked over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of the captain. 

Bazz was still curled up in a ball. But, you could see his sweet, sleeping face. Has the captain ever been so relaxed? There was not a touch of stress in his posture. Sidon chuckled and leaned down to your ear. “Maybe we fucked him tired.” Your cheeks glowed red at the mention of your naughty antics. 

You gave him a snide frown and stood up. “Why don’t we go swimming? Like actually swimming? No sex.” Sidon opened his mouth wide in mocking-shock. I would never! To which, you rolled your eyes. Kneeling in front of your bag, you shuffled through the various articles of clothing. The secret plan was in the bottom of the pile. The swimsuit material felt wonderful in your hand. It was an actual swimsuit with plenty of fabric to cover your ass and other voluptuous parts that Sidon loved to grope. 

You held up your prize to the prince. The corners of his crest bent down in disappointment. How could he lewd you in such conservative clothing? Sidon would just have to flow, like always. Just flow right underneath that swimsuit. Is what you thought. That slight smirk of his...goddess, he is just a perverted prince. You looked over to Bazz to make sure he was asleep before taking off your shirt. That caused Sidon to groan with need. A slight lub-dub of your heart had adrenaline pumping. You turned to him and put your thumbs in the waistband of your pants. Slowly, sensually those pants came down to the delight of your audience. Then, the panties came down in a similar fashion. Sidon’s slit opened up at the show. His hand began to wander south towards it. 

You smiled and began pulling up your swimsuit. The prince made a whine of disappointment. Your arms found the loops of the swimsuit and ta-da it was on. With a slight flick of your hip, you began to walk out of the hut. Oh, that felt good. You weren't just a fucktoy. A small victory for your ego. A reminder that you had control over his antics. 

The bright sun greeted you outside. Finally, something normal, just a nice swim in the ocean. 

Your eyebrows bowed up when you saw Razaar sit on the shore, allowing the waves to wash up to his hips. The tiger shark was hunched over, playing with the sand in between his legs. He hasn’t noticed me yet… You quietly snuck across the sand, avoiding shells and sticks that would make noise if stepped on. Five paces in front of you, four, three, bend your knees for the pounce-

“Hi.” Razaar’s voice was dry and devoid of emotion.

You stood back up and rounded into his vision. “How did you know? You never looked at me.” Razaar’s unfocused eyes looked up at you, then back to the sand in front of him.


Blood rushed to your cheeks in embarrassment. “A...g...good smell?” you hoped. Razaar shrugged his shoulders, “Sure.”

You twiddled your thumbs and looked around. Razaar was many things, awkward was not one of them. Charm ran in the royal family as far as you could tell. “Is...something wrong?” An answer wasn’t needed for the question. But, the subtext is what you really wanted to know. 

A few waves ebbed over the shark’s toes before he sighed. Nothing more. Just one, small sigh. His fingers picked up some wet sand and let the droplets drip back onto the beach. One, two, three, four, and so on until they made a small tower. A wave gently washed over his creation, pulling it back into the sea, smoothing his canvas. Again, he took more sand in between his fingers and let it drip onto the beach. 

He had no intention of talking. You sat beside him on the white sand. Broken shells and small shells were mixed in with the crystal-like sand grains. You dug your hand down into the sand to flip it over, revealing the hidden underside. A small, pink shell caught your eye. Gently, you pinched it between your thumb and finger and rinsed off the grains of sand in the next wave that came to you. With the shell now clean, you placed it atop Razaar’s thigh. The Zora made no move to even look. He was too far gone, lost in thought. You left the tiny treasure there and moved back to sift through more sand. 

A small purple shell was found next. It was formed in a spiral that ended with a pointy tip. You took it, washed it, and set the shell next to its pink counterpart atop Razaar’s leg. This process is repeated until a small line of shells trailed down the middle of his thigh. From hip to knee, your collection of curious shells was on display. The luster of his scales reflected the light of the sun, giving your collection a ethereal glow. 

You looked up from your art piece to the face of Razaar. A sinking feeling filled your heart. Even after ten minutes of finding these shells, he still hasn’t snapped out of his dazed state. With a delicate touch, you lay your hand on his thigh, knocking off some of your collection. “Razaar, you can talk to me.” A slight glint of liveliness passed through his eyes. “Please…”

He finally looked at you. “Finly…” His voice was rubbed completely raw. “I saw her and her husband.” The pain in his words was enough to twist your heart. Razaar… “I hate how he treats her.” The Zora’s body tensed under the pressure of his feelings. More and more shells fell from his leg as anger turned to a fiery rage that shook his body.

You moved your hand up his leg and back down in a slow, soothing dance. With each stroke, the tiger shark became less tense. That fiery rage turned to a slow simmer. And with two pats, he looked over to you. It took everything you had to keep your heart from breaking. His golden eyes overflowed with regret and remorse. They sparkled with a sorrowful luster that told of his helplessness. 

A plan began to formulate in your mind. You didn’t know how Razaar would feel about it though. Either screaming in your face, stomping off, or...maybe he would take you up on it. “I can distract her husband for a night. So you two can talk.” 

Razaar’s face was unreadable, then turned to worry. “I can’t have you sleeping with him. He’s taken so much, I can’t let him have you too-” 

“That’s not what I had in mind. A few drinks and he’ll be drunk enough to forget where he is. Then, you can sneak her away and...well... talk .” You winked. The tiger shark looked into your eyes a small blush covered his cheeks. 

“You would do that? For me?” Razaar was in a state of shock and hesitancy. You patted his thigh and nodded. “Alright then, tell her I will be waiting at the dock. She will know which one.” The Zora faced away from you. A small chuckle bubbled in your throat. He’s smiling like a fool. A love struck fool.




You held the hand of one begrudging prince. Sidon didn’t like the idea once you told him. Bazz even more. Which explains why both men were nearly crushing you from their intense gazes. Oh Hylia, give you strength to live through this night. 

The lights of the town covered you with their orange glow. A small glint caught your attention. The candlelight flickered on Sidon’s red scales, making the image of him on fire with rage quite palpable. You just hoped that he truly didn’t feel as angry as he appeared to be. 

And there he was, about thirty paces from you was the man you were supposed to distract. Your eyes flicked to the girl next to him. A small heat began to bloom on your cheeks. She was as beautiful as Razaar described her to be. Finly’s bouncy curls, beautiful skin, and rather nice breasts made you a bit self conscious. How were you going to distract a man who was married to such a beautiful woman? You subconsciously began to touch your hair. 

Sidon touched your back lightly. “Alright love, Bazz and I are going to be near in case he tries something.” You bobbed your head in a nod as the boys took their seats across the way from your destination. Alright (Y/N) you can do this… The closer you got, the hotter your cheeks burned. You tried not to think it, you really did. However, your head showed you the picture of Razaar behind you, having you. 

Not as good as my other little Hylian, I have to admit.

Of all the times your self consciousness kicked in, it had to be now. You felt small, unworthy of approaching someone that is held in such high regard by Razaar. The pace of your feet began to slow. Did you even feel good to him? Or was the real reason he left the room that night was because he didn’t find you attractive? Now, you stopped. They haven't noticed you yet. Maybe if you walked back the way you came-

Finly looked over to you and gave a half-hearted smile. You smiled awkwardly back and continued over to where they were sitting. “Umm, excuse me. Hi...I ummm…” What was I going to say?

A mental image of Razaar popped into your head. He put one hand on his hip and scoffed. That ‘man’ of hers is only interested in his own image. Damn bastard…

That was it! “I’m the fiance of Prince Sidon. I overheard that you were in town and was hoping to get to know you better for the betterment of our people.” That seemed to grab the attention of the man beside her. Well, that and the widened eyes of Finly nearly looked like they were about to fall out of her head. 

“Well-” the man cut in- “ I am Morro of Hetano Village. The next chieftain, if you would prefer formal titles.” No I would not. “I and my lovely wife are on vacation for a second honeymoon of sorts. But, I can always make time for excellent conversation. How about I go and fetch us some drinks. Well, except for my honey. As she is expecting a child soon.” The cheesy smile he was radiating made your stomach turn. That and how he walked so poshly into the bar.

“I’m Finly. It’s an honor to meet you, future princess of the Zora.” You turned your attention back to the person with the sweet voice. She sounded like a songbird.

“N...N...No the honor is mine! Razaar mentioned you and-”

“Razaar? He….” Her bright honey green eyes were watering over. “He talks about me?” You were stunned. She seemed stunned. Was it that much of a secret? Were you not supposed to know? Finly’s smile turned from sorrowful to gracious. “I thought I was just one of many, to be honest. I’ve heard stories…”

You shake your head. “Not at all! He is like so in love with you! I couldn’t even get him to talk because all he wanted to do was be with you! He-” You noticed that Morrow was returning from the counter. “Say you are going to the bathroom. Razaar is waiting for you at the dock. I will cover for you. Now go.” 

Finly, though shocked, nodded her head and quickly stood up and headed for the building. After a quick exchange of words, her husband nodded and focused his attention on you. It worked!

Razaar’s POV

Razaar’s heart pounded hard in his chest. It was nearly enough to hurt. Had (Y/N) succeeded? Was Finly distrustful of her? Goddess above, this was a terrible idea. 

Anxiety was beginning to take hold. Razaar wrapped his arms around himself in desperation. He couldn’t shatter now. No matter what terrible thoughts passed through his mind, he had to be in one piece for whoever came. Whether (Y/N) in failure or Finly, with her kind, green eyes in success. A gentle stroke to his crest shocked him out of his thoughts. The water splashed around in response to his jolt. 

“Thinking too much again?” 

Razaar looked up towards the dock. Finly smiled gently at him as she continued to stroke his crest and headtail. “You always think too much.” Tears outlined Razaar’s vision. Why was she always like this? She smiled despite being miserable. It’s not like she’s married to the worst man in all of Hyrule. Finly wiped away a fallen tear on his cheek. “Relax, Razaar. I’m here.”

Everything shattered in his heart. He couldn’t control it. His hands cupped her cheeks as he pulled her down into a desperate kiss. Finly was going to vanish, she was going to leave him if he didn’t keep kissing her sweet mouth. Tears freely flowed down his face as his fingers felt the few lumps on the sides of her head.

Razaar pulled back and pressed his crest to her forehead. “Finly...please don’t tell me he-”

“Not now, my love. Please, I just want to live in this moment…” She sealed her words with a kiss. Those soft, plump lips softened his anger and pulled him further into the head-space that Finly so desperately wanted him to join. Yet, he sharply pulled away.

Razaar placed one hand behind her head and the other on the small of her back. “I don’t think either of us is satisfied with just kisses.” Finly smiled. “Then what does my love propose?” Razaar moved to her ear. Small nips and nibbles tickled the outer shell, sending pleasurable shivers down Finly’s spine. “What I do best, fucking you into the sand.” Razaar pulled Finly off the dock and into the water with him. He kissed her twice more, feeling up her body, hair and assets. Perfect, as always.

He began swimming away from the dock towards a spot he picked out ahead of time. It was a secluded spot along the shore with soft sand and a beautiful view of the moon, not too far from the small cabin their party was staying at. This would be perfect. Tonight, she is his. Razaar smiled like a fool at Finly’s confused face. “I love you.” A dark blush covered her cheeks, barely visible in the moonlight. Razaar chuckled. “I do. Why are you always so embarrassed to hear me say it?”

Finly buried her face into his chest. “It’s embarrassing.” Razaar stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. 

“I wonder how long that embarrassment lasts.” Razaar swam to the shore, stripping her of her dressings along the way. The waves swept them away in a fluttering dance into the darkness. Goddess, she was everything right with this world. Razaar pressed his crest against her forehead. “Your eyes glitter like sunlight on a waterfall” -He ran his fingers up the back of her neck into her red locks- “Soft as a water lily, but as fiery as the day’s last light. I can’t imagine loving anyone else than this beautiful woman in my arms.”

Her lips found his own as those curious hands felt their way down his chest. The first wave of pleasure hit him as he laid his angelfish upon the sand. Yes, this was how it was supposed to be. Scales on skin, breath ragged as bodies fit together. Sweet songs of pleasure mixed with the crashing waves to create a symphony that Razaar wanted to play forever. Razaar pushed into his sweet little Hylian. His cheeks began to flush as she squeezed around one of his cocks. “How are you always so tight? perfect.” The tiger shark pulled himself out only to reinsert himself a second later. Damn, Hylia truly put everything she had into this one woman. 

He smiled when her hand traveled over her stomach to the top of her slit. Two of her fingers began to swirl around her swollen clit. And her reaction, oh goddess her reaction, was delicious beyond compare. Finly arched her back and gripped him like a vice. “R...Razaar!” 

Razaar would cut off his left fin to see her everyday like this, filled with pleasure. (And himself.) “My sweet minnow...touch yourself. Yes…” He was going to go crazy if Finly continued to- “Hahhhahhh...mmmm…” Now this was cheating. She only needed one hand to touch herself, which meant the other one could play with his second cock. Velvet touches that swirled and caressed his member pushed him closer to the edge. Razaar was breathless, devoid of anything besides the little Hylian being pounded underneath him. The moonlight outlined her body among the sand, among all impurities. She was truly a goddess to him. One that he would gladly worship until the day he would return to the sea. 

If he had more time, he would make this last, take his time to kiss and touch every inch of her perfect body. The universe must know how precious a creature she is. Yet, nothing can make her feel more loved than what Razaar was whispering. “My beautiful Hylian. My precious, gorgeous Hylian. It heart is about to burst from how much I adore you. have you on the the ocean waves...underneath’s every Zora boy’s dream. I’ve romanticized this scene over and over. It...It pales in comparison to reality.” Razaar’s hot cheeks were burning with embarrassment. Every ounce of composure was being stripped away, leaving a desperate mess of a man. 

Finly’s lips trembled. They haven't even been at it for three minutes and she was already close! Every place Razaar touched burned with pleasure. There wasn’t anything this man didn’t appreciate about her form. He kissed the sweet spot of her neck as he coddled her breasts. Shit, how can someone be so well versed? To know her enough to give her exactly what she wants. Razaar quickened his pace. Now Finly’s vision began to fuzz. The tips of her toes began to go numb and curl in. 

“Come for me.” Razaar whispered into her ear.

She shook her head. “’s too early-...we just-...Razaar…” The woman buried her face into his chest, desperately trying to keep herself intact until the time was right. Yet, Razaar, being the gentleshark, nibbled at her ears again to whisper praises. Soft, loving words of adoration and encouragement that cradled her in safety. A place to be vulnerable, open, selfish.

Finly threw her head back into the sand and cried. A shattered whole, a deconstructed woman in the arms of her seraphim. Razaar’s hands held her curves and head as the waves of absolute ecstasy wracked her body. Hot tears fell in droplets onto the sand below as every worry and hurt was tossed to the wayside for one moment. Just one moment of heaven that kept her from breaking under the pressure. A taste she waits months for.

As the high began to subside, Razaar quickened his pace inside her. Finly’s hands flashed to his biceps as the pleasure was being re-heightened. He loved this part, unfocused eyes and mouth agape. “You feel so good, my minnow. Yes….yes…” Goddess above, the pressure in his belly was about to burst forth. He looked down at his beautiful Hylian. “So small and fragile underneath me, yet strong and wonderful. Fuck...Finly, you look so good, spread open and taking my cock, my love, my seed .” That final tick of his voice gave what he needed. A final squeeze around him had the Zora pouring into his little fish. 

He felt like he could fly. This is all he ever wanted in life, someone to love him as he loved them. This moment was perfection. One that he would certainly cherish till the end of his days.

Razaar kissed his minnow lightly on the lips. His mouth was open to say something. But, before he could even get a word in, the sweet notes of his love graced his ears. Three little words that made him nearly melt in pure happiness.

“I love you.”

Chapter Text


You skipped down the hallway of the Zora Royal Palace. After all, today was a big day! A celebration of thanks and fellowship. The palace was bustling more than normal for the big feast to happen. Servants ran this way and that, carrying all sorts of brocade tapestries to lay on tables or hang on walls. It was just the morning and already the place became golden with cloth. Truly, the feast was going to be grand.

However, it was the last thing on your mind. Or at least, not that feast. 

Sidon contemplated the true meaning of this holiday into the dark hours of the night. As the good natured prince, he wanted to do something special for everyone he knew. The Zora made list upon list of gifts and acts of thanks to do for well over a hundred people! Finally, he heard you out. If he could have one person feel truly appreciated, his job is done. Unfortunately, the “appreciation” the prince was thinking of was probably what he would like done for him.

Poor Bazz.

You opened and closed the door to the prince’s chambers. As expected, Sidon already invited the captain in. Bazz took note of you and bowed. “If (Y/N)’s here, then I shall take my leave. If you need anything I will be outside.” The captain took just two steps before the prince caught his arm. Bazz cocked his head in confusion. “Is there something wrong, my prince?” Bazz asked. You smirked as the Zora became a bit more panicked. “Seriously, Sidon. What’s wron-”

The prince threw his captain on the overly-large Zora waterbed. Bazz squirmed around, forcing Sidon to climb on top of the man to cage him in. Finally, Sidon spoke, “I want to show you how much we appreciate our captain guarding us. You work so hard Bazz. We just want to do something to pay you back.”

Bazz frowned at his prince. “How does throwing me on the vary bed that I hear you two fuck everynight ‘pay me back?’” Sidon simply let the captain’s own words sink in. Then, the connection was made. A blush covered the Zora’s proud cheeks. Sidon smiled down at his flushed captain. “You have been lonely as of late, right? Allow us to tend to you.” 

Finally, you crawled on the bed next to your prince. Bazz’s face looked like he was going to deny your proposition. However, he couldn’t just leave the room with an opening, leaking slit. The captain’s knees bent inward as he felt you staring. A vain attempt at covering up his arousal.

Sidon placed a gentle hand on one of those knees. “Come now, it isn’t like I haven't licked your cocks before.” Bazz hid his face by turning it to the side. “W...we were young and stupid…” he retorted. But, Sidon wasn’t one to be put off by a bit of shyness. He groped the captain between his legs, causing two cocks to pop out of the opening. With the first feeling of pleasure, Bazz threw his head back into the mountain of pillows. “Si...s..stop.” The prince buried his face into the crook of his friend’s neck, giving it a light kiss as his hand began to stroke the captain’s engorged cocks. One, two gasps came before a moan of pleasure. 

Now your face burst aflame. Your boyfriend was completely enamored with his captain, ignoring any plan you agreed to. It was as if he just invited you to come watch this erotic display of grattitude. Sidon brought his face to his captain’s. The small nuzzles of crests had the captain whining. The prince kept his eyes on the loyal captain. “Don’t tell me the last bedding you had was with me?”

If you thought your face was hot before, it was melting now. Sidon mentioned before that they had a go at each other. However, by the luscious looks and small kisses that peppered Bazz’s skin, you began to wonder if it was a bit more than “a go” with each other. That thought didn’t have much time to dwell, as you were pulled into Sidon’s side. Claws tickled up your back to your scalp. A small, pleasurable shiver ran down your spine. The wonderful feeling had you loose and movable. It was the perfect opportunity for your prince to guide your mouth to where he wanted it.

Bazz yipped as the first lap of your tongue sent sparks up one of his cocks. “ please. (Y/N), don’t dirty yourself!” He tossed his head backwards as his claws threatened to tear the sheets apart. And if your kitten licks didn’t pleasure the captain enough, Sidon lowered his head to join you as well. Wild, disbelieving eyes stared at you and Sidon licking his twin cocks. Two of the people who were above him were now below him, giving his fish sweet pleasure. Each member having their own personal attendant. 

You were quite surprised at how much Sidon was enjoying this act. He dragged his tongue up to the tip and then back down to the base. Slow, long licks that entranced Bazz as much as it did you. 

You gave small, quick licks with the occasional long one to try and pull more attention to yourself. Even still, Bazz had his eyes locked on the prince. Apparently, he was giving the captain more pleasure than you. A slight blush of shame and jealousy tinted your cheeks red. Sidon was always better at everything. Sometimes you hated him for that. Being well over one hundred years old gives you a lot of experience in all things. 

Dick licking needed experience too?

That’s when it hit you. One thing that Zoras can’t do. One thing that drove Sidon crazy. That one thing that had the prince begging for you to do to him for weeks afterwards ...a blowjob.

You swallowed the tip of Bazz’s cock, causing him to freeze in alarm. Though after a few more sucks, that tension melted away. The captain’s attention turned from Sidon to you. You, the sweet maiden who took more of him in her mouth until she nearly choked. For show, you took a bit too much of him and gagged, forcing yourself to come up for air. Bazz covered his mouth, trying to stifle a moan. “D..don’t force yourself,” he pleaded. You went back down, sucking him a few seconds before doing the same thing again. “’re so big...I can’t...I can’t fit all of you in my mouth.” Oh that made the Zora captain go wild. Salty clear liquid began beading out of the tip of his cock. You lapped up the pearl before going in again, giving Bazz mind-numbing pleasure.

A small pout rested on the prince’s lip now that the attention was off him. Not to be outdone,  he pressed his finger against the rim of Bazz’s ass. A gasp was ripped from the captain as his prince began stretching his tight opening. “S...Sidon! What are you doing?” An evil look was painted on the prince’s face. “What ever is the matter? I’m only thanking you for how well you protect us. If I remember correctly, you loved it when I flipped you over and took you from behind.”

Well, apparently you are learning more about your boyfriend than you bargained for today.

Bazz’s face turned to pure mortification as his eyes turned to you, then back to his prince. “You said you wouldn’t bring that up!” But the insertion of a finger had the poor man throwing his head back, crying out in ecstasy. “Sidon...not in front of her. Don’t let her see me this…” The prince simply smiled and continued the long licks that lavished Bazz’s dripping and twitching boys. More of Sidon’s finger entered into his ass, leaving the poor man breathless. 

Sidon gave a few small bites to the inside of his thigh. “When I first took you, even though embarrassed, you came back to my bed for several nights after. All those dirty words you spoke to me...Oh, don’t be ashamed about it. A few secrets told tonight won’t take away the ecstasy my tongue and finger is giving you.” Sidon dragged his tongue along the length of Bazz’s cock. “My knight...let her see you like this. Watch us serve you tonight in pleasure.” 

Bazz shut his eyes and turned his face away. Moans upon moans flowed out of his mouth. A symphony of pleasure fell from his tongue. Each fuck from Sidon’s finger made Bazz’s legs shake. And through all this, you still sucked on his cock like the good girl you were, even if you did feel a bit left out. 

Yet, even with all the pleasurable distractions, claws began tickling your scalp. You turned your doe eyes up to the captain who smiled down at you. Small shocks of pleasure ran their course from his fingers. You could feel your cunt clenching. Seeing your prince doing such luscious things to a man. Having you do luscious things to that same man. Sweat began to glisten from your body in an attempt to cool you off from the hottest thing you have ever been a part of. And Bazz’s eyes, goddess his fucking eyes, they were deep and wet with want. A want to release into your pretty mouth and onto Sidon’s gorgeous face. Moans became more frequent and higher in pitch. His body began shaking as the pleasure was soon to become too much.

That once tickling sensation became a slight push away. Bazz was trying to pull back into the upper parts of the bed. Your mouth popped off his twitching cock as the captain desperately tried to put his near-orgasmic body back into a state of control. Of course, Sidon wouldn’t have it. He grabbed the captain’s ankle and pulled him back down to his previous position to take a long lick down his shaft. “Sidon, stop! Not..please don’t…I can’t...I’m going to make a mess.”

The captain continued to protest as Sidon guided you to continue your blowjob. Bazz kicked and whined at the overwhelming pleasure. That is, until his prince began petting a certain spot inside him. Sidon continued to fuck him with his finger, abusing his pleasurable spot. “It’s fine, come on my face, my darling captain. And, well, come in (Y/N)’s mouth too. She would love to drink every drop you give her.”

Bazz cried out as one, two, three more strokes of his prostate sent him over the edge. Your cheeks filled with his seed as the other coated the prince’s cheeks with white, sticky puddles. Goddess, the Zora looked a hot mess. 

Sidon smiled up, facial and all, at his dear captain who was completely in euphoria. “Thank you, my dear captain, for protecting us-” he licked some white cream off his cheek- “and your cum.”