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The sun reached its peak over the meadows of Hyrule, meaning it was fucking hot. You and your horse were drenched in sweat. Praising Hylia, you see a clear blue river not too far off. The horse got excited as well as it started to quicken its pace. When you arrived, you jumped off of your horse and dived into the clear water, enjoying the cool feeling that now surrounded you. “Hylia, I could get used to this.” Your now once hot body cooled off. You sighed and drank the sweet water, splashed around in it, and swam in it.

Then you noticed something red. With two golden eyes staring at you. “A shark!” you screamed and ran out of the water. However, the red object grabbed your ankle and lifted you. You hung upside down at the mercy of a tall red Zora. He was, for lack of a better word, terrifying. He broke into a smile, showing off pointed teeth. Your body wouldn’t move out of sheer terror.

“A Hylian! Perfect!”

His words snapped you out of your frozen state. You screamed and kicked and waved your fists. All to no avail as the Zora held you out in front of him to avoid the onslaught. His eyes showed concern. “Sorry sorry! I didn’t mean to frighten you! Please calm down!” You stopped trashing around. The red Zora flipped you around, holding you by your midsection. “You are indeed quite strong! Just what we need in Zora’s domain! Listen, I have a proposition for you! Come with me to Zora’s Domain. We need a Hylain to wield shock arrows to help defeat Van Ruta! Without that our Domain would be in ruin!” He looked for an answer in your face. When he saw nothing but fear, he set you down. “I apologize, this all must be so fast for you. Let me tell you about your compensation! You will spend your nights in my personal water bed!”

Your face turned beat red from both embarrassment and anger. “W..wait! You pick me up, throw me around, ask me to save your kingdom and as payment to be your personal whore?!” The red Zora nodded. “Yes, from all of these Hylian books I have collected I understand the culture of Hylian compensation quite well.” The Zora held up a book with a naked Hylian girl.

“That’s a porn magazine!” You shouted. The Zora’s face dropped into a state of horror. “I…I’m so sorry I didn’t know that was what this was! I thought it was instructions on how to deal with Hylians!” The Zora’s eyes darted from left to right and back. His face got as red as the rest of his body. He took a few steps back and then flipped into the water, swimming away shortly after.

At least he didn’t eat me…


You set up your tent on the side of the river.  No doubt tonight will be clear and peaceful. The thoughts of earlier have been swirling in your head for a couple hours now.

How can someone from any race think that t…that is an instruction manual?

You shake your head to try and rid the thoughts. However, the heat between your legs told of a slight hope that you would accept the proposal. You looked at your trusty steed. “Epona, have you ever wanted someone…even though you don’t know who they are?” The horse just made a puff of air come out of its snout. “You’re right, I’m being unrealistic…and quite provocative.”

“I guess my instruction manual did come in handy!”

You turned to look at the red Zora swimming in the water. “Sorry for startling you earlier and also for forgetting my manners!” He did a fist pump and smiled. “I am Sidon! The Zora Prince!”

You turned away from the Zora and continued on working on your tent. “Epona, maybe this isn’t the best place to sleep tonight. Somewhere far, far away should be safer.” Sidon walked out of the river and kneeled down beside you. “I couldn’t agree more! Let’s get going!” You looked at the Prince lacklusterly. “I meant away from creepy guys like you.”

Sidon was in shock. “My dear Hylian, I did not mean anything by that nature. I only intended to compensate you for your work.” You rolled your eyes at this. “No offence Prince but, why would I want to be someone’s whore as compensation?” Sidon put a hand up to his chin to think. “Well, I was under the impression that Hylians enjoy the act of mating. Especially with princes.” He opened up a page of the magazine. It showed a prince cupping a farmgirl’s cheek. He was bent over her and by the look of the picture, being quite rough.

“It’s a porn magazine. Those emotions aren’t real. Where did you get that anyway?”

“In the river.”

You sighed. There was no point in arguing with a prince. They all think they are right. “Well Sidon, I don’t think that arrangement will do. Sorry but find some other Hylian to help you out. Besides, I’m not that great of a warrior.”

Sidon threw his arms into the air. “Nonsense! I have a natural eye for talent being a prince and all! You are by far the strongest Hylian I have ever come across!” You raised an eyebrow at him. Sidon gave a fake cough. “How about I give you a taste of your compensation without any pressure of helping the Domain.”

You blushed. The Prince of the Zora was offering you sex no strings attached. “I…I’m not like that Prince Sidon. I don’t just open my legs for strangers.” The Zora looked a bit sad then gave a small smile. “Then how about a kiss? Will you try kissing me?” You felt like fainting. All the blood went from your head to your nether regions. “I…I can’t…I…” Sidon caressed your cheek. “S….Sidon….I…”Your thoughts were clouded and muscles weak at his touch. He tilted your head up to look into his golden eyes and brought your face up to his own, planting a kiss on your lips. His lips were soft and gentle. He only kissed you for a brief moment, then pulled back slightly. He left just enough space so that his lips weren’t touching yours.

You instinctually closed the gap once more, giving the Prince a second kiss. Your heart was leaping out of your chest and you didn’t want it to come back. You felt Sidon pulling away, causing you to give a slight moan of protest.

“Please…don’t stop…”

You saw a smirk on the Prince’s face. “A kiss is what was agreed upon. You have to work for the rest of it.”