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Prospit Nights

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Travis, Alex, and Vmsdfx are all together doing things in Detriot and Travis talks to Vmsdfx and aks him "wow that's a really cool gotee!!!!!" But Alex says "I wonder how he has such good face hair when he is going to die does he have nurses help that and do you have cancer or aids? (just like my favorite character lol)."

Vmsdfx was about to reveal the sercet behind his powerful facial hairs when SUDDENLY THE BIG BAD GUY APPEARS.

Alex says "Shit oh no the guy behind everything who ruins the future!!! His name is Seigneur Français and he is a demon!" Travis and Vmsdfx were surprised of course because demon in the room who was the big bad guy! They get all psyched to kill the demon but he WAS WAY TOO STRONG!!! and he killed them all with demon powers. Alex and Travis cry when they die but that's not being a pussy that's being manly because they knew that life was good and they didnt whant to lose it but of course Vmsdfx was too manly too cry.

Meanwhile Trudy (omfg the best character <3) wonders about things by herself nearby. She says "why are my powers so strong? It is such a curse being so much power, becuase it makes my friends jealous!" And it was true. But then Seigneur Français attacked! He came in with his big powers and he said "I'm going to show you about your troll friends!" Then he made a big laugh while Trudy cried about her friends which dOESN'T MAKE HER WEAK IT MEANS SHE'S STRONG AND CAPABLE OF SHOWING FEELINGS YOU GAY FUCKS.

And that's how Trudy was shown how Reno (the guy behind everything) sneak up on Lilith (best character!!1)! And Trudy cries out but only Seigneur Français can hear him because he is using magic to show her the scene. So she has to watch and cry while Reno says "royal flush sneak attack!" and kills Lilith :( I know people will be sad about that but it has to happen for the story!! But of course Axel who is the hero sneaks up behind RENO and KILLS HIM while saying "But I have four of a kind" and also swears a lot because he's a cool hero.  But Lilith (<3) says "but the power of psychic is better then cards!" and kills Reno really dead, because she's a BETTER hero. <3<3<3

Meanwhile Trudy is really really surprised and shocked! And she has a gun so she tries to shoot herself. But Trudy is really powerful and when she is about to do it her powers tell her about Blasto! Blasto's ghost is really heroic and likes Trudy (NOT IN THAT WAY HE'S AN ALIEN) and so he reminds her about the crucial fact of life "Pimps don't commit suicide" and it was true.

Meanwhile Andrew hussey and Troll Bruce Campbell are in a Delorean to travel through time! And they talk while in the TARDIS and stuff. "But Bruce how can you talk about reality when objectivity is subjective?" And Bruce wasn't stumped because he was Troll Bruce Campbell. "Because subjectivity in reality is objectivity in America!" And of course Andrew wasn't stumped by that and they both rubbed their chins and realized how smart they were <3<3<3. then Troll Campbell asks why they are in a time machine? And Hussey says that "your name sounds like soup but i'll still answer you because you're my favorite troll actor." Then andrew presses a lot of buttons and says "TO BEGIN AT THE END, WE MUST FIRST END AT THE BEGINNING!" and it was true! BUT SOMETHING GOES WRONG AND THEIR TIME MACHINE EXPLODES!!! and no one knows if they survived. :( Keep reading to find out.