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My name is Bryanna Kelsey Orton. Sounds familiar? Well it should. I am the younger sister of well known WWE Superstar, Randy Orton. I have always been compared to my brother. Don't get me wrong I love him to death but I want to be my own person, not always compared to him. I want to show the world...and my family that I can be just as good, if not better. That's why I am making moves to join WWE. Right now I am just behind the scenes...but after my talk with Stephanie everything will change. I will make my mark...maybe not as quick as Randy but damn sure as permanent. I will show the world what I can accomplish.

Bryanna's POV

1...2...3! Ding Ding Ding
"Here is your winner, by pin fall and your new WWE Champion, Randy Orton!" The crowd cheered as his music played. He stumbled out the ring to backstage.
"Randy, you did it!" I cheered.
"Yeah. I did, didn't I?" He chuckled. I smacked his arm and snatched the belt admiring it.
"Cocky much?"
"Whatever. I'm happy you got what you deserved though."
"Thanks." I followed him to the locker room since it was empty. "Anyway, have you talked to Stephanie and Paul yet?"
"No...I was waiting for my big brother to take me to them." I answered slowly.
"Couldn't do it yourself?" He asked changing.
"Hell no. They are too intimidating. I don't want to make the wrong move and end up on the wrong side before I even become apart of WWE." I said defensively. He chuckled.
"They aren't that bad." He says as his slips on a T-shirt. "We'll go right now."
"Now? But im not ready."
"You've been here for a week, Kel. You're ready. Come on." He clips the belt around his waist and walks out the locker room. I drag my feet and follow him.
"Are you gonna stay?" I asked hoping he'd say yes.
"Of course." I sighed in relief. "I just want to see you embarrass yourself."
"I'm only kidding, Kel. You'll do perfect." He says as we approach Stephanie and Paul's office. He knocked three times. In less than five seconds later the door flung open. An angry Alicia Fox pushed pass me and out of sight. I bit my lip as I turned back around. Stephanie was smiling at me.
"You must be Bryanna. Please come in and sit." I glances at Randy and I slowly sat.
"I apologize for the absence of my husband. Anyway, I hear you want to be a diva."
"Uhm, yes. All I've ever dreamed about." She nods at my answer.
"Randy, would you give us a few minutes? I would like to speak to her alone." He hesitated but began walking out.
"I'll wait outside." I began to panic on the inside as the door closed. I hid it as I turned back to Stephanie and hoped for the best.

Jon's POV

"Colby! Where the hell have you been, man? Our match is in twenty minutes." I half talked, half yelled.
"That's none of your concern. At least im here now." He snapped even a sly smirk could be seen. Apparently Joe notice it too.
"What are you so happy about?" He asked.
"What? Can't a guy just be happy?" He looked between us.
"Yeah, just not you." I threw at him.
"I can too. Just...just forget about it." He walked out. I looked over at Joe who only shrugged and walked out. I followed.
"So who are we up against tonight?" I asked.
"3MB. An easy win." He replied.
"I hate easy. I'd rather fight for something harder to get. Makes it worth more when you get it." I stated. As we continued walking I spotted Orton standing with his back against the wall. "Orton, my man." He looked up. kindness nowhere in his eyes.
"What do you want?"
"That title." I stated plainly. He smirked.
"Like that'll ever happen. You cant beat me. You shouldn't even try. You a-" Stephanie's office door opens. Out comes a girl with the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen...she damn sexy!

Bryanna's POV

"So, how'd it go?" Randy asked.
"Uh, good....I think." I say skeptically. "She wants me to start off by being the cheerleader of...Jon, Colby and Joe? I've never heard of them though. Do you know who they are?" He face goes red with anger.
"He does actually, Doll." I turn towards the voice only to become face to face with The Shield. "I'm Jon. That's Colby and Joe." I turn back to Randy to see if this was a prank or something. Based off of his facial expression I could tell it wasn't. Which meant....I was the official cheerleader of....The Shield.