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kiss me at midnight

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in christian's humble (and correct) opinion, keanu has always been the attractive one. at least, that's what everyone else seems to think, too. everyone thinks keanu is attractive. he's the kind of attractive that gets him winks and catcalls and sweet compliments from old ladies. the compliments are the only part that both keanu and christian can stand– because who in their right mind enjoys being catcalled?
keanu's the one who was super cute through preschool, elementary school, and middle school. by the time eighth grade rolled around, he had a girlfriend. over the summer between eighth grade and freshman year, he and his girlfriend broke up. he went back to school with a boyfriend, and oh, how christian wished that he could claim that title. unfortunately, he feared he was doomed to never be the object of keanu's affections.
but now it was their senior year, and keanu had long since broken it off with his boyfriend. he was single, and they'd be graduating soon and moving on with their lives, and christian had convinced himself that if he didn't act now and tell keanu how he felt, he never would.
but try as he might, christian can never find the right time to tell keanu how he feels. there are a million opportunities, none of them are right. but it's okay, christian keeps telling himself that's it's fine, because keanu will get to know eventually. just as soon as christian works up the courage.