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A Beloved Or A Friend

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They were seated at a bar drinking. The tension was high in the air for an odd reason. Ivo was sure that something had happened between his brother and Dennis but both said that they were fine. He was sitting in between the two and watched how they both knocked back drinks. They were both quiet which was weird because he was usually the silent one while the other two chatted away. He knew his brother too well to believe him and Dennis was acting way out of character to be believed either. So, he just sat there and ought to not open the subject.

“So what are the plans for tomorrow?” He asked in the hope of getting the other two talking.

“I don’t know. You should probably ask him!” Dennis said spitefully eyeing Clemens across the table. Clemens roused his head and gave him a soulless look,

“We’ll be at the studio.” He said in a stern voice.

“Maybe I don’t wanna work tomorrow?” Dennis said challengingly.

“Then don’t show up. We’ll work by ourselves!” Clemens said harshly.

Dennis rose so suddenly he almost tipped the table off,

“You’re so full of shit you know! I’m not gonna show up tomorrow or ever! Find yourself another bitch. Oh wait, you already have!” He yelled and stomped out of the bar heads turning at the outburst.

The brothers were stunned for a second or two before Clemens rose to go after the angry singer. Ivo grabbed his arm before he was able to move past the table,

“What the fuck is going on?” He asked trying to grasp the problem. He was pissed himself, they kept him in the dark and caused a scene, what the hell was Dennis talking about anyway?

“I’ll tell you later. Now let go and pay, will you?” With that his brother rushed out of the door.

“The show is over!” He yelled at the nosey spectators, paid the bill and went out of the bar in search of his bandmates, maybe he would understand what was going on.

He heard angry voices from the ally next to the bar and saw them there fighting. He couldn’t make out the words. So, he decided to wait out a little before interfering and just stood by and watched. Suddenly, his brother grabbed both of Dennis’s forearms hard and pushed him against the wall, crashing their lips together. Ivo was stunned, he still couldn’t understand what was going on, was his brother forcing himself on the singer? Or were they lovers? Dennis seemed to melt into his brother’s touch then just as suddenly he pushed him away screaming “Don’t touch me.” And took off running into Ivo’s direction. Ivo didn’t know why he just reached out and grabbed the running singer. Dennis was dazed at the sudden collide and just looked up at him confused. Ivo could see tears in his green eyes, and that’s where something inside him broke.

It was probably the first time he had ever seen Dennis in tears. The look of confusion and pain on his features made things twist inside him. He looked up and saw his brother heading towards them.

“Let me go Ivo, please!” Dennis’s voice cracked and his heart soared, he was angry at his brother for whatever he did to the man.

“Ivo, release him to me, will you?” His brother asked. He was standing behind Dennis now.

“I don’t think so!” With that he walked Dennis to the car and got him inside.

“Ivo” his brother called after him,


“I don’t wanna talk to him, please.” Dennis pleaded. So, he turned to face his brother,

“He’s obviously upset and doesn’t wanna talk to you. So, how about you let me take him home to calm down then you can see him.”

“Ivo, you don’t know what’s going on. Stay out of it!” Clemens said visibly angry.

“Whose fault is that? Just back off for once.” He retorted and climbed into the car.


He heard his brother screaming as he pulled out and drove in the direction of Dennis’s house. The drive was silent, both men lost in their own thoughts. When he got to the house he parked and went out with the other man. Dennis unlocked to door and went inside leaving it open in invitation for Ivo to follow him.

Dennis stood in the middle of the living room hugging himself. Ivo saw how vulnerable the man was at that particular moment and moved on instinct. He walked towards him and enveloped him in his arms. He felt him tense up then sag against him. He was surprised at the sob and the hands that clenched the back of his shirt desperately. He only hugged the sobbing man tighter, running his hand in soothing circles upon his back. He was stunned to say the least, the man must have been quite hurt for him to cry this openly in his arms.

After a while, Dennis broke apart from him wiping at his face,

“I’m sorry.” He whispered.

“Don’t be.” Ivo assured.

Dennis gave him a small smile and moved to the couch. He slumped upon it and lightened up a cigarette still sniffling. Ivo moved to settle next to him on the couch,

“Do you feel better?” he asked concerned.

“Yes, a little. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. What are friends for?” He gave the singer a smile.

“You probably want to know what’s going on” Dennis said staring at him from under red rimmed eyes “but I believe Clemens should be the one to tell you.” He looked away when he said his brother’s name.

Ivo contemplated the words for a few moments,

“I do want to know, but I don’t wanna bother you anymore than you already are. If you believe Clemens should tell me then I will ask him.”

“I believe so, yes. He’s your big brother, your family. He comes first. Thank you again for helping me out, but I don’t wanna get you in trouble with him.”
Ivo scoffed at that,

“It was obvious how distressed you were. If I haven’t done anything, things might have ended a lot worse. You know you are like family to us as well, right?”
Dennis smiled sadly and gave him a small nod.

“I’m so tired. I guess I will head to bed.” He got up and Ivo did too.

They walked together towards the door and Ivo went out while Dennis leaned on the post,

“You sure you don’t need anything more?” He asked the other man and Dennis only shook his head,

“What you’ve done is more than enough.” With that he gave him a hug. “Drive safely.” He only closed the door when Ivo climbed into the car and started it.

This whole situation was weird and Ivo was determined to get to the bottom of it from his brother once he reaches home.