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UnderTale Poetry Collection

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Knick Knacks paddy wack


gee, give this old dog a bone,


Another customer!


Business is booming


Today a small child came and


bought alot and asked


For information


which of course I gladly gave,


for if the other angel came


Try attack they would


But for the information I give


I live


My knowledge is key


So I know they can't touch me I go


To get more precious junk


from the never ending cycle


My never

Ending cycle


under these pseudo stars


Used to be known as


Gerson the hammer of Justice




now I'm just hero to her


and now she's the hero


but I love it


I wouldn't have it any other way


Just me and my junk


waiting to see up there with the help of the angel from prophesy


This old turtle

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Has been nursing this tree
For as long as I can remember.
In spite of the drought,
In spite of lack of hope,
Because of ma's stubborn care,
These trees are
Thick with blossoms
Delicate and
Dark-crimson leaflet.

My eyes couldn't get enough of the sight of them
I stand under the trees
And let the petioles
Fall into my hair
A blizzard
Every fall,
Of sacchariferous scented foliage

The tree placed there in the front yard by ma
Before I was born,
Now part of our home
Took care

By my stubborn, caring ma





But what happens
When ma stops caring? Overcome with
From those times.
Of dastardly buttercups
And the ghostly sounds of children's haunting laughter

When it dies,
Charcoaled bark
Pitch wood, blowing in the silent cyclone of heartbreak
Without the care of my