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Go Beyond

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Chapter 1


The day Midoriya Izuku found out he was quirkless felt like the day he lost hope. His heart shattered and his mother cried with her arms wrapped around his small frame while he sat in the chair in front of the computer screen.


He was six years old that day, he wouldn’t have a quirk like the rest of his classmates. He would be forever quirkless. He would never be as great as his best friend, he would never be as great as his idol, All Might.


He whimpered, he was now seven years old. He was now starting first grade, it was now a new school year for him, but he wasn’t at all excited like he usually was. Little Izuku wanted to curl in a ball in the corner.


His mother dropped him off to the teacher, a worried look on her face and ruffled his hair. Then she left.


Izuku hid the rest of the day.


No one seemed to care, or it was probably because he had an excellent hiding place and no one thought to look where he was. He was a bit thankful. He sniffled and rested his chin on his knees and he closed his eyes, maybe he could just hide here for the rest of the school year.


Apparently, that wasn’t going to happen because the door to his hiding spot was opened, or maybe removed was a better thing to say since he was sitting in the air vent.


A recognizable head of blonde hair popped in and red eyes bored into his. Izuku made a yelp which echoed.


“Found ‘im! Where’s my treat sensei! You said we would get a prize!” Katsuki yelled while turning away. Izuku could hear hurried footsteps approaching and he begins to crawl backward, further in.


“Oi Deku! Get out here it’s time to go home!”


“I-I don’t wanna Kacchan!”


“Why the heck not! It smells like butt in here!” The blonde exclaimed, his nose scrunching up. He was moved to the side and his mother appeared in the entrance now. Tears nearly falling out her eyes as she tried to keep her composure.


“Izuku! There you are! The teachers were worried and everyone was looking for you!” She was practically crying by the end of the sentence as she tried to reach him but she wasn’t small enough. Izuku felt like bursting into tears at seeing his mother like this. He didn’t mean to make her sad! He just didn’t want to get in the way!”


“Deku! If you don’t get out here I’ll drag you out myself!” The blonde yelled. He didn’t even give Izuku time to respond as he managed to squeeze past his mother. Izuku could see the tiny sparks in the other boy’s hand as he crawled closer.


“The heck are you crying about!?” Kacchan yelled as Izuku bawled. He grabbed Izuku by the front of his shirt and started to pull him forward. “You’re so useless Deku! First, you go missing! Then the teachers get scared and call the police and our parents! Now we’re in a dust vent- Stop crying and being useless!” He snapped and pulled the boy out the opening. The little boy’s mother immediately scooped him up.


“I’m sorry Kacchan, I know I’m useless!”


Katsuki seemed to stop then snorted. “Yeah, you are Deku. You’re quirkless and stupid!”


“Katsuki!” The blonde’s mother snapped and hit the boy in the head. “That’s not a nice thing to say!”


“So what? It’s true!”


“Enough!” The teacher snapped before the bickering could continue on. “He’s safe.” The teacher turned toward Inko. “I am so sorry, we didn’t know where he was and we panicked because after lunch he just disappeared-”


“I-It’s fine,” Inko says while rubbing her son’s back. “Thank you for searching for him. We didn’t mean to cause so much trouble!”


Izuku sniffled.


The next day he didn’t go to school. He went the next week, reluctantly.


Of course, he was still scared and nervous. The teacher made sure he sat up front just so he could always know where the little boy was and if he wandered off.


The students picked on him and it grew worse.


Kacchan would just verbally insult him, however, when the other students found out he was quirkless they didn’t hold back.


They would push and shove him around, call him names and such behind the teacher's back.


It was worse during recess.


Izuku would come home with bruises and Inko would call the school. Izuku never said anything but she still made a fuss.


The third time it happened, Kacchan was there.


After lunch, the teacher would tell them to go outside for recess. Izuku hated it but he went anyway. He would always try to find a good hiding spot. Sadly, today wasn’t the day for him because he couldn’t find one fast enough.


“Hey Deku!” The main one, a boy with a quirk that gave him claws said his nickname in a sickly manner. Izuku whined, he already knew what was gonna happen and closed his eyes.


Except nothing happened.


There was a shout, followed the all too familiar yell of Kacchan. He snapped his eyes open and lo and behold the blonde somehow manage to tackle all three of his bullies and was currently strangling them on the ground while making small explosions.


“K-Kacchan! S-stop!” He went to grab the blonde because Kacchan would get in trouble if he were to get caught. Katsuki only snarled and pushed him away. “Shut up Deku! I saw what they did yesterday! I’ll kill them!”






That was how both of them ended up in the principal's office.


Izuku had a few bandages on his arms and one on his cheek where Katsuki scratched him. Katsuki didn’t have any and the other three boys were currently in the nurse’s office.


Izuku sniffed and wiped his eyes for the fifth time. Katsuki held his arms crossed a small scowl on his face, in reality, it just looked like an angry pout on the six-year old’s face.


Katsuki’s mother was the first to barge in the room, her face twisted into a frown, a worried Inko behind her.


“What the hell did the brat do this time?” She growled out and Katsuki seemed to repeat the action as his mother stood beside his chair. Inko seemed to look Izuku over while shooting concerning questions at him a mile a minute.


“Bakugou-san, Midoriya-san, your children were brought in because they were caught fighting.”




“The hell you say?!”


The principle seemed to ignore the bad language. “Actually it was Bakugou-kun that was doing the fighting. He was using his quirk to, and I quote: “Put those stupid dicks in their place.” The principal read the write-up slip the teacher gave him. Inko seemed to flush and Katsuki’s mother seemed unfazed.


“Midoriya-kun was trying to get him off the other three boys.” He motions to the freckled hair boy.


Katsuki’s mother turned toward him. “Oi, lil shit, why were you fighting!?”


Kacchan seemed to growl, “Those idiots were teaming up on Deku, old hag. I saw what they did yesterday! I should’ve killed them!”




“Shut up! ” The blonde snapped. “Even I don’t hit you and seeing those idiots made me mad. Quit crying Deku you’re so useless, I already beat them up!” The blonde looked at the principle. “Sensei saw it finna happen and didn’t do anything!”


“Really now?” Katsuki’s mother said with a dark tone. Inko seemed to go stiff and even though she had small tears in the corner of her eyes she gave the principle a sharp look.


“I was unaware.”


“Riiight. ” Katsuki’s mom said sarcastically, then stood up. “Inko, come over to my house so we can talk. I’m taking Katsuki out of this school.”


“You can’t just leave! There are still things to discuss.”


“We’ve heard enough,” Inko says quietly.




The next few days, Izuku and Katsuki didn’t go to school. Instead, Izuku and Inko spent most of their time at the Bakugou’s. The two mother’s filling out paperwork while Katsuki’s father watched the two boys.


“Are we in trouble?” Izuku timidly asked. Katsuki’s father shook his head while pushing up his glasses. “Of course not Izuku-kun.”


“Th-Then why aren’t we in school.”


“Seriously Deku!” Kacchan lightly hit his head. “Shut up and watch TV.” Izuku quickly turned his head to the television as Katsuki plopped down on the floor next to him, a fruit cup in hand. “You worry too much.” The little blonde grumbled.


In the kitchen, Inko seemed to look over the papers a third time, to make sure she didn’t miss anything before she spoke.


“I was thinking about letting Izu see a therapist. ” She spoke softly. Mitsuki turned sharply toward the woman.


“What for?”


“He’s quirkless, and he does have self-esteem problems... Along with the bullying.”


Mitsuki made a face.”Damn kids.” She muttered. “I think it would help.”


“Do you happen to know anyone?”


“Not a clue. Masaru might know. OI! MASARU, GET IN HERE!” She yelled for her husband and Inko jumped at the sudden outburst. She wasn’t prepared for it at all.


Katsuki’s father strolled in, not at all fazed. “Yes?”


“You know any counselors or therapists? Inko needs it for Izuku.” Quick to chase. Inko seemed to bite her lip, maybe this was a good idea.


“I know one from some friends. I have the number. They told me he’s great with people with and without quirks.”


Inko lets out the breath she was holding. “Thank you Masaru-san.” Masaru only shook his head while waving the thanks off. He took the pen from the table and wrote the number on a discarded piece of paper. “ I was thinking about taking Katsuki..”


“What the hell does our son need to go for?”


“He’s only six and he has enough rage to rival you. I am being cautious.” He deadpanned. Mitsuki only scoffs. “Whatever.”


“Here you are.” Masaru hands the number over to the woman. “When are those two starting school?”


“Next week,” Inko answered. Both women decided to make the boys go to school together and to another primary school for a fresh start.


“Alright.” With that, Masaru went back into the living room where the two boys were. Izuku was currently leaning against Katsuki’s shoulder as they watched what looked like a movie with singing animals.


The phone rang twice before there was a click. “Hello! This is Dr.Yagi speaking! How may I help?”


Inko nearly jumped because she was not expecting the deep voice on the other line.




“U-Um!” Inko flushed as she stuttered. “I’d like to schedule an appointment.”


“Ah, you’re supposed to contact the front desk for the ma’am, but this seems like your first time calling so I’ll let it slide.”


“Oh! I didn’t know!”


A chuckle was her response. “It’s fine ma’am, I’ll give you the number for the front desk afterward. Now, do you know where the office is located and I’ll need a few details? Like the patient's name, age and so on.”


“I’m scheduling it for my son. Midoriya Izuku, he’s six.”


“Six? My goodness, they start off young. What time is convenient?”


“He doesn't start school until next week so anytime this week.”


“Hm, I have a slot open after lunch around 12:45 to 13:45, is that alright?” The man didn’t question why her child was in school. She didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.


“That’s perfect actually.” She didn’t have to work tomorrow.


“Ah, great. Don’t be afraid to come early, most of my patients do.” Another chuckle. “Now I’ll give you the address and the front desk number.”


After receiving the information she thanked him and hung up with a sigh.