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Kaboom and zero gravity

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Normal days were never quiet in the Bakugou household, no matter how happy Katsuki was. He always managed to scream obscene and vile things for something as insignificant as a dirty plate. Ochako had half a mind to put a shock collar on him, but she knew that would only worsen his bad habit. She'd grown used to it over the years of being with him though, at least. There was no stopping him, so she figured that swearing and Katsuki were a package deal.

But as of recently, she's beginning to change her opinion on the matter. After all, a future father shouldn't be spewing profanities every day... right?

"Shit! 'Chako! Get your ass in here! The microwave is busted!"

And speak of the devil...

Before walking into the other room, the brunette sighed, mentally preparing herself for whatever chaos she'd see. And, as usual, the object of Katsuki's anger was on fire. "I told you last night the buttons were broken. Izu-kun said he'd bring over one of his extra ones for us."

The blonde grumbled and took his still-cold leftover dinner to the the small island in the kitchen.

"Anyways, Katsuki, I hear you and Kirishima-kun are going to be partners for the next few weeks."

He grunted out an affirmative and then looked over his bowl at her. "And who're you stuck with this time?"

"Tokoyami. But we're not really going to be patrolling all that much. We're just doing routine press conferences. There is one day we'll be visiting an elementary class though!" She could tell her husband acknowledged her words, but the fact he was still stuffing his face with udon made him look otherwise. So she trudged around the table with a small pout and hugged him from behind.

"I can't wait to make Tokoyami fly around the room like an actual bird."

In between gulps of noodles, the blonde spat, "Better him than Deku. At least bird-brain could look cool while flying. Those damn kids will be lucky two top notch heroes are in their classroom."

While the comment was a bit out-of-character for him, Ochako decided it was a good lead-up to what she'd been planning on telling him.

"Say... Katsuki... Do you ever imagine having one of our own?"

It was clear the question caught him off guard. He tensed up so badly that his fork fell back into his bowl. Frightened by this reaction, Ochako hugged him tighter and hoped he wouldn't turn around.

"What the hell made you ask me that? Don't tell me it was Invisa-chick's idea..."

The heroine cursed herself for thinking the man wouldn't question her motives. "Hagakure didn't-... I mean, yeah, sure, she talked me into asking, but-"

"Just because she's expecting a little monster doesn't mean I have to babysit for her when it's born." He growled.

Ochako sighed in both relief and exasperation. Her husband might be intelligent and observant, but he's clearly gotten to the wrong conclusion. "Katsuki, she doesn't really have anything to do with this. All she did was help me plan on how to break the news to you." The brunette held onto the front of his shirt as if her life depended on it.  "Apparently, that plan failed."

"...Huh?" The small grunt came from him. "Break... whah?" No doubt, if Ochako were looking at his face, she'd see the gears turning in his head. She could imagine the dot-to-dot his thoughts were creating. From her topic of babies, to her body language, all the way back to her minor flu weeks ago, which, as it turned out, wasn't a flu at all. The woman snuck a glance over his bicep at his hands. She could even pinpoint the moment he realized what she'd been ready to tell him. Both hands tensed, becoming claw-like appendages, ready to blow up anything in sight.

"K-Katsuki?" She whimpered, fearing his response.

"How long have you known?"

Under the gruff, slight accusatory tone, Ochako flinched. "A few weeks. I-..." She turned her head to muffle into his shoulder, "I didn't know how you'd take it, so I just... didn't tell you."

His silence was more nerve-racking than she'd thought possible. But as seconds turned to minutes, the brunette felt the body in front of her hiccup.

"Damn it."

Oh. She thought. They weren't hiccups, he was crying. Katsuki bit his tongue to keep his mouth from making any embarrassing sounds.

“Don’t say a word about this to anyone.”

She just hugged him tighter and pretended she never heard him.