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Klaine Summer Challenge 2017

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Klaine Summer Challenge Day 9: Under The Boardwalk

We’ll be falling in love
Under the boardwalk, boardwalk

Under The Broadwalk - Drifters


Kurt is in panic. He’s hiding and he doesn’t know where to go. This day did not go as planned.

Stupid, stupid Rachel. Stupid, stupid Mercedes. Stupid, stupid Quinn and Santana and Brittany and Tina. Stupid, stupid everyone.

Why is Kurt to easy to persuade? He’s heard so many horror stories about blind dates. Sure, he’s lonely but he never expected to agree to go on a blind date, but the girls were getting to him, and he wanted them to back off.

Kurt was on his way to meet this faceless and nameless guy when he turned around and ran. And now, here he is. He’s hiding from someone he doesn’t even know under a boardwalk in Los Angeles.

The women keep texting him, but Kurt is not in the mood to open any of the messages. Maybe he shouldn’t have left New York and Adam to go to LA.

“Penny for your thoughts?” he hears and Kurt almost falls in the water.

A man is looking at him. He looks worried, but then again, not even LA naitives must see a panicked man under a boardwalk every day. Who the hell hides underneath a stupid boardwalk anyway?

“I have no cash on me,” Kurt lies, but honestly, he wants to be alone. The man is handsome and he hasn’t tried to mug Kurt yet, so normally he’d like to have him around, but not today.

Unfortunately for Kurt, the man sits next to him.

“I have a penny to spare, so spill,” he says, but Kurt’s just gaping at him.

“Is this a thing you do? You talk to random strangers?” Kurt asks and the man laughs.

“No, but this is my boardwalk and someone’s sitting underneath it. People don’t do that. A boardwalk is there for a reason: to avoid the water, not to get close to it.”

“Your boardwalk?” Kurt says, pretending to mock him, “Do you own it?”

“No, but usually, I’m the only one hiding underneath this thing,” the man laughs, “My name is Blaine, and this is my boardwalk.”


“Well Kurt, I wasn’t lying when I told you I have a penny to spare. When I sit here, something is troubling me. You seem a little bit in shock. Is there a reason you’re sitting here as well?”

Kurt’s not in the habit of talking to strangers, but who cares? Kurt thinks it over. This man isn’t going anywhere and he can tell him about his problems without the judgement the girls would throw at him.

So he tells Blaine everything, from Adam to mystery guy. During his talk, he can see that Santana’s calling him, but Kurt doesn’t pick up. Blaine has his full attention.

When Kurt’s done, he feels more defeated than ever.

“This is why Paris is the city of love,” Blaine says and Kurt shoots him a questioning look, so Blaine explains: “You’re not the only one out of luck in love today, Kurt. I had a date planned, but I cancelled as well. I didn’t even bother with going. I just cancelled the dinner reservation and that’s that. Let the people who set me up know what had happened and I ran to my boardwalk.”

“Los Angeles sucks,” Kurt says, even though he knows it’s not true. He’s just bitter.

“At least it’s sunny,” Blaine adds.

It falls silent, but it’s comfortable. After a while, they start to talk again. It’s not much or life changing, but it’s the usual ‘getting to know’ each other thing. They keep talking and Kurt notices how cute Blaine actually is. Maybe it’s a good thing he ran away from his date.

They don’t realise how much time has passed until Blaine’s stomach rumbles.

“Wow, we’ve been here for two hours,” he says, “I cancelled my dinner, so I definitely need to eat.”

Kurt realises he’s hungry as well.

“Let’s go somewhere to eat.”

Blaine helps Kurt off and they try to get rid of the sand on their clothes. They find a small restaurant and they continue their conversation over dinner. Kurt can’t really explain it, but there’s something about Blaine that makes everything feel right. Kurt’s pretty sure he wants to be more than Blaine’s friend.

When the bill arrives, Blaine insists on paying.

“I can’t let you do that!” Kurt protests.

Blaine seems to hesitate for a second, but then turns to Kurt. “Kurt, this might be a bit straight forward, but is it okay if I turn this into a date? They say a gentleman always pays the first date.”

Kurt can feel his stomach flip. “O-Only if I can pay the next one, since a gentleman also pays the second date. After all, I’d like to say I’m a gentleman as well.”

Blaine’s entire face lights up. “Of course.”

Blaine pays the bill and they leave together. When later that evening, Blaine kisses him goodbye, Kurt knows it for sure: it’s a good thing he bailed on the other guy.

Of course, he peace and happiness doesn’t last.

When he gets home, the sight of a lot of angry women greets him.

“Is there a reason you’re all standing at my apartment door?” Kurt asks.

“Kurt, where on Earth have you been? We’ve been texting and calling you!” Rachel runs to him when she sees him.

“I know, my phone’s been blowing up.”

“We’re sorry about your date, Kurt,” Tina says truthfully, “He’s a nice guy. We really hoped everything would work out.”

“Thanks Tina, but this was my own decision. It didn’t feel right, so I turned around and left,” Kurt says and he tries to unlock his door.

But Santana stops him.

“Say what now? You did what?” she asks.

“Like I said, I didn’t show up. I felt bad for bailing on him, but I couldn’t do it,” Kurt says and the others all exchange some confused looks.

“What?” Rachel is the first one to speak.

“Why are you all so surprised? You’ve been trying to contact me non-stop since the guy obviously told you that I was a no-show. Now, can I please enter my apartment. After all, I have had a lovely evening and I am not in the mood for this.”

Santana doesn’t move away.

“You’re telling me you bailed on him?” Mercedes asks in shock and Kurt really doesn’t get her reaction.

“Yes. You must’ve known because you sent most text messages.”

“Kurt, we were calling to tell you that he bailed on you,” Quinn says and the others nod, “At least, you left your apartment. Blaine called me to tell me what he’s done so we tried to call you and when you didn’t reply, we thought you must’ve found out yourself.”

“Yeah, well, I still had a nice evening and wait a second- did you just say Blaine?” Kurt stops trying to push Santana away.

“Quinn! I thought we weren’t going to tell Kurt his name,” Brittany says.

Quinn rolls her eyes. “Oh no, what a nightmare. Brittany, they both bailed on each other. I am pretty sure Kurt and Blaine won’t try blind dating again, so who cares about secret identities.”

“Again: did you say Blaine?”

Just then, Kurt feels his phone vibrate a couple of times in his pocket.

Hey, random question, but do you know a woman named Quinn? She also has two friends named Brittany and Santana.

This is Blaine by the way.

Sorry if this isn’t the first message you expected from me, but uhm, I just got home to find my phone filled with messages and missed calls from my friends who set me up on today’s blind date. And yes, it was a blind date.

And then another message.

Wait, didn’t you tell me you had a blind date as well, because Quinn and co. keeps talking about me bailing on a man named Kurt.


Oh holy shit. This can’t be real. This is unreal.

Kurt couldn’t have said it any better.

Rachel waves to get his attention. “Excuse me, we’re trying to have a conversation here and that doesn’t work when one’s on his phone the entire time!”

“Ladies,” Kurt says, smiling widely, “Today’s conversation is over, but I suggest you call Blaine to ask about his date with me.”

“We just told you he bailed on you before you even bailed on him, Kurt,” Santana says.

“That’s what you think,” Kurt says and he finally manages to push Santana away and to unlock his door, “Good night, ladies.”

Before anyone can say anything, he closes the door behind him and he dials Blaine’s number, because Blaine’s right, it’s unreal but that doesn’t mean it can’t be real.